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Yuzuko Okogi was a drifter, for less of a better term. Her mother found jobs anywhere she could to keep them floating, her father died when she was young, she didn’t stay in one place for long and never really kept any contact with the far and few “friends” she made; The usual tragic backstory stuff, y’know? But she wasn’t like every other greaser who wanted to leave every other deadbeat town, no she wasn’t; She was dubbed “Sunshine” by her gruff and tuff counterparts of the same label, somehow avoiding the aloof stereotype entirely.

She wore the beat up leather
And the construction boots
And the Levi’s
And standing at 5’4, she sure as hell looked like a blonde bombshell coming into a school and mysteriously leaving within the month

But she was a ball of sunshine with a neverending shipment of warm smiles supplied by a soft voice; the problem is the flame in her alias matched the rest of her fiery demeanor, making her a little intimidating when it came down to it.

(She’ll swear up and down “It’s just the bitchface!” she doesn’t have)

So when received news that her mom got married to a man of prestigious background, she was a touch floored at the chance of permanence. (“Never woulda thought he was so rich, he sure didn’t look like the heir to an industry with the laundry he called clothes”)

“Hey, Mom?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“So, this means... no more week long roadtrips every few months, right?”

“Yes, sweetie”

“No more having to pack two weeks after settling?”

“That’s right”

“No more having to pay extra to get our mail because our address didn’t update fast enough!?”



She’d yelled, she’d whooped, she’d danced and so did her mother. After a very long time they were finally going to have a home. More than anything she’d finally have time to worry about teen stuff, like fitting into a crowd and prom and dates and math; she’d stop being the new girl and live to have school inside jokes.

That was... until she found out that she had a stepsister.
Who happened to be the Student Council President
of the most uptight, strict and “illustrious” academy in all of their prefecture.

A sister who she found out by means of Dress code violation...


The first day of school came quickly after their initial unpacking. She neared the open gates, ornate and grandiose. Inside of the school was worse, it was filled with aesthetic and high-end technology of the decade flourished with an Elizabethan era theme. She didn’t feel worthy stepping into the school, in fact she felt choked with the shame of having no face value. Not even one step into this flashy joint, Yuzu was already in trouble. She heard the irritated but polite throat clear of a young woman behind her, one with an... armband?

“Wait, I’m violating the dress-code?”

“Yes. The jacket must go or we will confiscate it.” Her voice was light, like a wagtail, and she carried herself with an insecure refinement.

“Listen lady, this old thing is not coming off, okay? Besides I’m already wearing whatever the dress-code is-“

“Underneath that jacket. The full uniform must be visible at all times within school grounds or we will confiscate or replace whatever you’re wearing to match model academy apparel.”

“Whatever, Peepers. You’re gonna have to rip this jacket off my dead carcass, I’d rather escort this thing home than leave it in some office so if you excuse me,”

With a shove, she left the spectacle-clad girl in a daze; She wasn’t joking. Now stomping towards the pompous gate, Yuzu made clear that the mangy old jacket on her shoulders was a treasure she did not intend to hand over. Halfway near the exit, she heard a hush come from the crowd,

“Halt.” rung throughout the flock.
Now, this voice was authoritative, harsh, cold. Nothing like the girl with spectacles.

“I understand you’ve just enrolled but you realize, once you’ve entered the school you cannot leave until the end of the work day.”
Okay this one was different. The blonde was not going to get away as easy as before.
With her Obsidian tresses, the cruel-eyed young woman stared her up and down, as if she was mulch.
That armband glared at her and so did raven-eyes.
Yuzu was weary of the way she stared, but opposed biting her tongue, none the less.

“Listen Missy, all I ask is for one break and I’ll never ask for another one again? Alright?”

“It seems unprofessional to call your Student Council President “Missie” now is it? Now please, cooperate with out rules, you’ve made a big enough mess,”

Yuzu froze. She scratched the back of her neck and found no avail to the awkward situation she’s placed herself in.

“Oh. Ahh. I’m awful sorry Ma’am, listen-“

“I’ve done enough listening. I’ll pardon the ruckus you’ve made but in turn you’ll have to give me your jacket.”

“Well, see, No.”

“My apologies. But what did you say again?”

“I said no. I’ll tell you what I told your other Armband Dandy over there - you’re prying this thing off my cold dead back.”

“Very well. You’ll serve three hours of after school detention. Immediately after class.”

For the first time in ever, the President saw someone laugh at her authority. The blonde in front of her shrugged and scratched her neck in a ‘that’s it?’ sort of attitude, “Sounds fine to me.”

Mei nearly lost her steel at this nitwit’s nonchalance. “Sounds like a complete lack of remorse for idiotic musings.”

Yuzu chuckled a little harder at her seriousness, “This’an old hat to me, doll. No big fussy language’s gonna swerve me anywhere.”

“The audacity!” Another new voice, another bark. This one was scratchy, high, prude. Behind the lithe figure of the President came the spittings of a tiny drill-haired ‘armband dandy’

“Oh bite it,” Growled the blonde. She’s been chastised by two of the dictators already and she was not about to get lectured by a third.

“I’ve got enough flies buzzing around my hair today, I’m full with two.” She barked, a little more light-hearted than its meaning.

Slack-jawed in awe, Drills nearly dropped her clipboard and slunk behind the president like one of those trap-door tarantulas.

“I’ll ice my gourd the rest of the day, alright, Heart? See you when I will.” In an unmeaningly cool manner, Yuzu waved her goodbyes to what she now could guess was the Student Council.

“Hold it.” said that little screw-driver’s voice. “Did you think you could leave without the detention slip?” She marched on up to the blonde and handed her a pink slip.

“Oh I never would’ve dreamed of it,” she retorted, velvet and sweet, “Hey, thanks Gumshoe, I’ll think’f you when I rip this thing in half at the end of my sentence.” There was a snicker at the tail end of that. Immediately afterwards, she continued her route forward, dismissing any insults hurled her way by that little Turn-screw.

Halfway to her first class, she heard someone tromp up behind her, moments before a hand landed on her shoulder.

“Tuff shit, Bearcat!” This voice was carefree and boisterous but by god, who the hell was it this time.

“Ain’t in the mood, Cat. Beat it,”

“Awe c’mon now! You really made the Prez work for her salary now’idn’t ya?”

“Guess I did,” Yuzu was grinning now,

“What’ser handle, sweet pea?”

“Yuzu. Like the fruit,”

“Apple pie it is, name’s Harumi. You, on the other hand, can call me Harumin.”

“Alright, deal.”

“Y’know Yuzucchi? I think we’re gonna make great friends. For gosh’s sake, you swindled the Prez to keep some old leather on your hide, what else can you do?” She tried to reach out towards the old red-brown threads, but made it halfway before the blonde beside her jerked backwards.

“Hey, this is my old man’s jacket, just grew into it. Don’t push your luck, Slick. What are you anyway?”

“What’re you on about? I’m human, female, and a teen!” She tittered, more to herself than anything.

“I mean what’s you click, Sally,” Yuzu huffed, amused none the less.

“Ahhhh, I see where you’re coming from. Little old me’s a closet Greaser! Very much the opposite of you,”

“Greaser my ass, ants, you’re a Grade A Soc!”

“Ah but a Cat can appreciate the struggles, can’t she? Plus, from me to you, the Greaser boys? Much cuter than these Tennis pushers.”

Yuzu bust out laughing, and everyone within a five-foot radius stopped to ogle.