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How is this team building?!

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Aizawa walked into his homeroom, class 1-A, today he came in with an interesting agenda, one he had marked as a surprise for those who actually looked at the student class schedule. He had a smug look on his face, knowing it would scare the crap out of his students which only caused it to grow more. It was unsettling since he never showed any emotion even if he was proud of his students when they achieved something. It simply didn't look right on him. It was.. bizarre.

“What the hell's got you so giddy?” Aizawa's top student, Bakugou Katsuki barked.

“Bakugou! That kind of language should never be addressed to your teachers nor should you be speaking that way!” Iida tried to quiet Bakugou but was not helping the situation.

“Hah!? What you yapping about four-eyes!” Bakugou slammed his hand on his desk causing Midoriya to flinch, “You asking for a fight!?” he glared.

Normally after Iida’s statement, Aizawa would silence them all but instead, he just stood quietly with his hysterical smile still on his face. A sea of paired eyes all glanced at the insomniac man waiting for him to break up the argument but it never came. Which made the yelling only quiet down when they realised it too. It was.. scary!
Humming and a tap of fingers soon filled the room, Aizawa was bobbing his head side to side as he cheerfully waited for someone to break out again. When it didn't come he continued with his usual routine.

“Good morning class.”

Iida quickly got up, sputtering useless apologies before announcing the class to get up. A burst of ‘Hello, Good Morning Aizawa-Sensei’ was shouted at him. After they all settled in their seats he began class.

“Now that I have all of your attention I'd like to tell you I have a surprise lesson for today. It's,” he paused to take note of how much he relished in the sight of his fidgety student, “it's something that will continue on past today, like a team-building exercise,” a wave of mixed groans, sighed reliefs, and excited murmurs filled the class, “let me finish,” he said firmly making everyone tense up again, “You'll have to take this seriously. It's not something you should take lightly.”

He paused again to build up a suspension. Oh, how he loved toying with his students' emotions, especially this year's class. He heard a murmur of 'get on with it already’, assuming it was Bakugou he shot him a glance making the teen stiffen.

“The assignment is where each week I will pick two to five students. So depending on how your interactions are during the previous week, I will take into consideration on how you get paired. Varying in the number of people in your group you'll each get a role, either chosen by me or amongst yourselves. So say there are only two people in the group, one of you will be the responsible one and the other will have a less stressful job.”

The homeroom teacher received a wave of confused looks. Perfect. They're still in the dark.

“And if you're in a group of four or five, again I or yourselves will choose your roles, but if you're more than three there needs to be at least two people with responsible roles. As for a group of three, this can vary if you want two to be responsible or not. Unless stated otherwise. Does everyone understand?”

Kirishima was the first to raise his hand before the others did as well.

“Kirishima what is your question?”

“Uh you're making this sound like one of those assignments where you pair of two people to raise a fake baby or egg-” he was caught off by the glint in Aizawa's eyes.

“That's exactly what this is except it's going to last the whole year and you'll be paired up with your classmates.”

“Huh!?” Everyone went bug-eyed at Aizawa's statement. Just unbelievably floored with what they were going to be assigned to do. Half of the class was embarrassed while the rest were debating if their teacher had lost his mind.

“Is something the matter?” he asked, quirk activating as his hair stood up and eyes turning dangerously more red than Bakugou’s own.

He received furious head shakes of no.

“Good. The first pair for the week is Bakugou and Midoriya,” Aizawa smirked.