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Nights in the city were always enchanting to Enid. She hated to be so sappy, but the lights and buzz of everything around her was a nice change of pace from her usual environment. Her favorite part about the night scene were the raves. The alluring darkness, the flashing lights, and the pulsing music were enough to draw her to the surface every time. She even took up DJing some of the raves because of her love for them. Wherever she came to the surface outside of her real job, she would lay relatively low as to not draw attention to herself. That was another reason she liked raves so much. In the event that some less than human features were accidentally exposed, either no one saw them, or people thought she was just wearing a costume. Despite these rare moments, Enid thought she had been pretty careful with her identities around humans.

She had found a quiet alley to light her joint in when she noticed an incessant clicking somewhere deeper in the alley. She tried to ignore it at first, but it continued to get closer. She really had not felt like being approached by another prostitute that mistook for an a Joe looking for a good time. When she turned to see exactly what she was looking at, she only saw a woman in a slightly scandalous and puff pink dress heading towards her. With an annoyed sigh, Enid took one last puff before lowering it to confront the woman.

“Whatever you’re offering, I don’t want it,” Enid snarled dismissively she returned to her blunt. When she got no answer and the heels continued to click, she assumed she got her message and would just walk past her and out onto the street. It was only when the clicking stopped that Enid let out a groan of annoyance and she finally put the mostly used up blunt out.

“Go away, damn it,” She growled at the woman. She knew for a fact that it was only her and her unwanted company in the alley, so there was no reason for the other woman to stay. She pushed herself off the brick wall she’d been leaning on and stood to face her head on.

Once again, the woman remained silent. Her face was set in a stony stare. The more Enid looked, the less she looked like a prostitute. Her short, blonde hair was well done, but not overly so. The dress she wore was much more intricate and refined than anything she had ever seen a human prostitute wear. Her heels, though loud, were not as high as she was used to some of the street walkers wearing. If she hadn’t been so annoying in that moment, Enid might have called her cute. However, she was indeed wearing at Enid’s patience. The demon nervously adjusted her purple beanie to keep her horns hidden as she stood in front of the mysterious woman.

“What do you wa-,” Before she could finished yelling at her, the blonde pulled a bow and arrow from what seemed like thin air and expertly shot it. Enid would have been impressed if it hadn’t gone straight into her stomach.

The moment Enid realized that she was dealing with a Huntress, she made a run for it. She had not been expecting conflict that night as was surely not prepared for it with her senses as numbed as they were. The click of heels steadily pursuing her filled her ears. As she ran, she could already feel her disguise starting to fade as she started to panic. By the time she made it to a quiet alley to hopefully recuperate. Though she was sure she had lost the Huntress, Enid swore to herself that that would not be there last encounter. She would come back for the girl with a vengeance.

Enid looked down at her injury and let out a less than human growl, exposing her large, white fangs in the process. The arrowhead was buried deep in her abdomen while the lower half of the shaft and the fletching stuck out. She gripped the pink arrow with both of her hands, which were getting larger and rougher by the minute, and violently ripped the arrow out with little more than a grunt of discomfort.

She held it in her hand and examined it. It looked a little frilly to belong to a Huntress. The head and shaft looked to be glowing with magic. “This must be why it hurt so much,” Enid though as she held the arrow up to the moon light. When she did, the arrow stopped glowing and turned black. In the same moment, she could feel her wound start to heal abnormally slowly.

“It was magic, damn it.” Enid threw the arrow on the ground and leaned against the walk. She was undoubtedly smearing blood on it. By this time, her black hoodie was thoroughly soaked with equally black blood. That was her favorite hoodie. She would definitely be coming back for the blonde. Despite not knowing anything about her, Enid was confident that she could track her down if she wanted to. The girl had a particular scent to her that reminded her of the color pink. She shuddered at the thought of having been taken down by someone who seemed so harmless.

Enid slid down the wall to sit down and wait for herself to fully heal. Her vision of the world changed to include heat signatures and a sharper view of the dark alley. Her pupils took on a glowing purple hue while the whites of her eyes turned black. She had to get out of there before someone happened to walk by and see her slipping her disguise.

Once she felt well enough to do so, Enid stood back up. The wound had closed and the blood had dried. After looking around to make sure the coast was clear, she softly chanted an ancient incantation. The ground rumbled softly and the ground in front of her seemed to sink down into itself to reveal a burning red portal. Enid shoved her hands in her pockets and leaped in. The portal closed soon after.

The alley was left quiet and still in the early morning.

Elodie looked down at the now empty alleyway in disgust. She had been too late. It took her half an hour to track down the monster after she initially shot her, but she was too late to finish the job. To keep from being seen, she had taken to the rooftops as she gave chase. After years of hunting, she was in peak physical condition. Her lean but strong body could easily keep up with even the most dangerous of demons in a fight. Though heavy, her bow felt comfortable and natural as it rested across her shoulder and down her front. She was the perfect example of a Huntress. Strong and lean in a fight, but attractive and charming when she needed to be.

Elodie reached into a hidden pocket in her dress and pulled out her phone. The time of it indicated that it was a little past four in the morning. Elodie decided that she should just head home for the night and gain her bearings. She would go back the next night to see if the demon returned. She had been tracking this one for a few months now, but knew almost nothing about her. All the gathered from her observations was that she liked to come out at night, was a habitual party-goer, and occasionally DJed at raves held at the same abandoned warehouse every other Saturday morning. If Elodie were being honest with herself, she would have admitted that the demon, Enid if she remembered correctly from one of many eavesdropped conversations, had caught her interest. She wanted to learn more about the mysterious demon. No matter what she wanted, though, she knew was the task was and did not intend to fail it.

With a sigh of resignation, Elodie was about to put her phone back in her pocket when it started to ring. The caller ID read “P.O.I.N.T.” in clear letters on her screen. Elodie’s face hardened and she immediately answered her phone.

“Elodie reporting in,” She answered with a practiced impartial tone. She knew that anyone calling from the main phone of P.O.I.N.T. was a superior and was to be treated with the highest respect. That was what she was taught and that was what she did.

“Elodie, what is the status of your latest pursuit?” The deep male voice on the other side of the phone sounded just as emotionless as Elodie did and, deep down, she hated it. That was all hunting was at that point. After she had taken so many lives, which she were taught early on weren’t real lives, she had become numb inside. Sure, she would put up a pleasing and cheerful facade when she was in the public eye, but that was all it was. A facade. That was how Hunters were supposed to be. Public reputation was the most important thing, but as they killed demons, they could be as ruthless as they wanted.

“Elodie, respond immediately or I will send backup,” The man sounded more annoyed than concerned and that fact did not escape Elodie.

“The pursuit was unsuccessful, sir. “ Elodie resisted the urge to make a snide comment, but she was quickly losing her patience. “I managed to wound her, but she escaped before I could finish the job. I-,” Before she could continue to further explain herself, the man interrupted her.

“She,” The question was asked dangerously lowly and the tone of the man’s voice darkened considerably. Elodie was quick to correct herself.

“It, sir. It got away,” She said quickly as to not anger the man anymore than she probably already had. She would no doubt get a firm speech about how demons did not deserve such titles, but for now a simple grunt was the only answer she got.

“I am disappointed. Come back to headquarters now.” The line went dead before Elodie could give a proper response. She sighed wearily and put her phone away. Instead of directly following orders like she would usually do, she took a seat on the edge of the building she rested on and stared at the spot the demon had summoned the portal and disappeared in.

“She’s quite interesting if I do say so myself.” She mindlessly muttered to herself before standing up to leave. “We shall meet again, Enid,” Elodie declared with a small smirk that threatened to cross into the territory of a small smile. Butterflies went off in the Huntress’s stomach at the thought, but she pushed them down and tried her best to convince herself that it was just the excitement of making another kill.

She wasn’t sure if she believed herself or not.