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Birthday Surprise

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Kaya was excited as she looked down at the pregnancy test in her hand, showing the clear plus sign in the small window. Many questions came to mind at that moment.

How far along was she?

Was she ready to be a mom? Of course she was

….Was Eijirou ready to be a father?

The last one made her pause in her excitement…what if her hero husband wasn’t ready to be a father? They never really talked about having children so soon in the marriage. They were only married for just under a year after all. She knew how she felt, she was happy hell even excited to tell her friends and father about the announcement as soon as she had just found out, but she needed to know how Eijirou would feel. She was certain he wouldn’t divorce her and leave to fend for herself, that wasn’t in his character, but she still was anxious. Would he say they couldn’t afford it? Doubtful, but her nerves her getting the best of her. She decided to take a deep breath and try to remember when they could have possibly conceived their precious child in the recent months. Her face reddens immediately at the thought of her 23rd birthday a month and a half ago…


Kaya was coming from a long shift at work. She had spent the first 8 hours of her shift healing minor injuries of the hero’s coming in from their own missions at her agency, but an emergency call came in requesting all heroes with healing quirks in the surrounding agencies to assist in a major car accident. It had taken an additional 4 hours before she was able to head home. She had sent a text to her husband that she would be running a little late to her birthday dinner and to expect her later that evening. She had felt bad for staying behind so late since they had made a reservation at her favorite restaurant but Eijirou had reassured her that it was fine.
He had taken the day off to make her birthday very special after all and this wouldn't put a damper in his plans at all. Finally at the front of her door she was just happy to be able to spend time with her love. As she opened the door she noticed sounds coming from the kitchen. As she slipped off her shoes and entered the kitchen she noticed her red headed husband setting up take out from her favorite restaurant on plates with candles lit on the table. Eijirou looked over hearing the footsteps, a smile appears on his face realizing who it is


“Happy birthday babe, I hope you like takeout”


he says with a shark like grin. Kaya looks at him with love in her eyes, happy to spend her birthday with just him. Once dinner was done they tag teamed the little dishes they had used. Kaya was about to head to the living room when Eijirou grabbed her hand and pulled her close to chest


“I have your present in our room, would like to see it?”


he whispers in her ear in a sultry voice. Kaya nodded her head with a blush gracing her face. Eijirou led her to the room, closing the door behind them. Kaya noticing the petals around the bed realized what her present would be immediately. Her breath hitched as she felt Eijirou behind her, moving her hair out of the way before kissing her neck gently, hands reaching down, delving into her shirt before slowly riding it up so he could cup her covered breasts. Kaya leaned her head to the side to give him better access to what he wanted. He pulled away for a moment just to pull her shirt off before going back for more. Eijirou knew how much Kaya enjoyed kisses especially ones that would be evident to him in the privacy on their bedroom. After leaving a trail of very noticeable hickies and removing Kaya’s bra to get better access, he turned her around before gently leading her to the bed. Kaya feeling very flustered at seeing Eijirou still fully clothed while she was already half naked gave him a knowing look.
He chuckled at her before quickly undressing himself and her the rest of the way, leaving them both naked for their own eyes to see. No matter how many times Kaya has seen him naked she would always redden, wondering how the hell she got this lucky to have him for herself. He crawls on the bed towards her, kissing up her body slowly before he stops at her breasts. Teasing them, turning her nipples into hard nubs while his hand is busy teasing her lower lips, feeling how wet they were getting. Kaya was a moaning mess by the time she was ready to have him, she was almost to the point of begging him before he pulled his fingers out and replaced it with the head of the cock.


“You ready for your present baby?”


Eijirou had asked in a husky voice, seemingly trying to control what little restraint he had from just shoving him himself completely into her. Kaya couldn’t have nodded yes any faster before Eijirou pushes himself all the way into her in one go.


“Holy shit”


Eijirou says almost wanting to cum right the and there hearing Kaya moaning loudly as he entered her and feeling how hot she is surrounding him. He slowly pulls out testing the feeling of it, looking to Kaya to make sure she’s comfortable before proceeding. With Kaya telling him its ok he sets an easy pace for the both of them. While he’s thrusting back and forth into her Kaya’s moans get louder and more prominent, he can hear his name in between the moaning, spurring him to go faster and harder into her. He finally hits that spot inside that makes her go crazy. She gabs the back of his head and bring him down into a messy kisses, teeth and tongue being used. Eijirou groans into the kiss feeling how close he is, he tries to hold himself back for as long as he can just so he can see Kaya snap from the pleasure before he does. Within moments Kaya cums, moaning Eijirou’s name in the process. Eijirou feeling her contract around him follows right behind her, releasing himself into her, trying to catch his breath after the exertion.


“Well Kaya how was that? Did you like your present?”


He says in a breathless tone.


“It was a great birthday present indeed”


Kaya thought to herself. Thinking on it some more she doesn’t recall Eijirou putting on a condom or if she even took her birth control for that day. As she figures when she had conceived she hears the front door open with her husband calling out her name. She took a deep breath before walking out to greet him holding the pregnancy test behind her back. They gave each other a chaste kiss before Eijirou questioned if she was feeling any better today. He had noticed she had been feeling sick in the mornings and had a sensitive nose to certain foods she use to never complain about smelling weird. He figured it was a really bad flu though in the span of knowing her for the past years he never noticed her have more than maybe a sore throat from maybe yelling too much at her past classmates or being over exhausted from using her quirk too much. Well there was a first for everything right? Kaya had suddenly gotten very quiet at his question and he began to worry she found out why she was sick and that maybe it was worse than he thought.


“Kaya what’s wrong? It can’t be that bad right?”


he said in hopes to encourage her to speak.


“You might want to sit down Eiji”


she says in a nervous tone. Now he was really concerned. What could be so bad that he. Eijirou Kirishima, had to sit down to hear some news. He obliges and goes to sit down on the couch while she moves in front of him. She suddenly pushes something into his hands before she takes a small step back, fidgeting with her fingers now that they weren’t holding anything. Eijirou looks down at his hands wondering what his nervous wife had given him.
He immediately notices it’s a pregnancy test. His eyes widen as he looks up at her before looking back down to the test, now noticing it’s a positive pregnancy test. Now he understands why she’s so nervous. He’s quiet nervous at the fact he’s going to be a father


“Holy shit I’m going to be a dad”


he thinks before a bubble of excitement enters his body. He quickly gets up from the couch and gives Kaya a hug and kisses her forehead, dispelling all her worries. She releases a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. She hugs him back with as much energy as he was giving.


“I was so nervous about telling you I wasn’t sure how you would react”


she finally says now that the worst seemed to be over.


“I can see why you would be nervous. A kid is a big step in our life…but I think we can handle it. Besides it wouldn’t be manly of me to leave two alone right?”


he says with a smile before kissing her on the lips, expressing his love and adoration. She kisses him back,


“He’s right we can handle this. We are ready for this”


she thinks before separating from Eijirou ready to have a long phone call with her father and her best friend Ochaco right after.

~Time Skip~

Kaya was awoken by the wailing coming from the baby monitor on her bed stand. She quickly lowers the volume as to not wake up her husband before he needed to get up for work. She quietly leaves their shared room and heads down the hall her daughter’s rooms…yes daughters. Eijirou and Kaya are the parents of twin daughters, fraternal twins. When they had found out they were going to have two kids Eijirou paled realizing how much trouble they could get into together as they would grew older. For now though they were still very small and the only trouble they would get into is crying, being only 4 months old each.
Walking into their rooms the girls immediately lowered their cries to soft whimpers. Looking to her oldest daughter (by 3 minutes) Hanabi, with her black hair just like both her parents and watering green eyes just like her own, she goes to pick her up and puts her on one side of her hip before she goes to pick up her other daughter Kinko, a carbon copy of herself tho she did have her skin tone similar to her father, she settles into the rocking chair set up in the room and begins to quietly hum a familiar lullaby to them both as they snuggle into her. She looks down to their sleepy faces, knowing she was willing to do everything and anything for her beautiful girls.