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January Without Snow

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It had been a long three years. Blue fiddled with the pull tab on his hoodie. There was a dull spot halfway down, marring its sleek finish. Instead of the shiny silver it should have been, it looked more like bronze, he noted as he zipped it all the way up to scrutinize it more clearly.

Of course they had kept in contact, with a myriad of apps and programs and sheer technology at their disposal, it was almost too easy. Of course, their schedules so rarely lined up it had actually been rather difficult to maintain true contact. Looking more closely, the pull tab was riddled with tiny scratches. He idly wondered how that happened as he tugged the zipper back down to a more comfortable height.

When Edge had decided to go abroad to study cooking, Blue had supported him wholeheartedly. While Blue had a passion for cooking, he was able to admit his own limitations, his palete unable to pick up on the subtle nuances between different spices and ingredients. With practice, he had definitely improved, but he couldn’t see himself somehow becoming a chef of any sort. Though he was told he made the best taco north of the equator. Edge though…Blue glanced down the arrival gate hall, pulling his hands into the overlong sleeves. The fuzzy lining of this particular hoodie was his favorite, warm and soft against his bones. Rubbing at the worn lining, a stray thread wrapped itself around one of his phalanges. Huffing slightly, he pulled it to his face for inspection.

Edge had a true talent for balancing flavors and textures, an almost omniscient understanding of spices and sauces, and an impeccable sense of visual aesthetic and presentation. Like King Midas, every dish Edge touched turned to gold in Blue’s personal opinion. But that hadn’t satisfied his tall lover. Edge strove for more than his, quote unquote, merely acceptable quality dishes. So without hesitation, Blue had suggested seriously studying cooking. Edge had been taking classes at the local community center, but he had far surpassed even the teacher, often instead assisting or even teaching if the normal teacher was unavailable. Blue tugged gently at the loose string. It didn’t seem like it would cause any damage should he pull on it. With a quick glance to make sure no one was looking, he slid the thread between his teeth and bit down. Working the material between his hands, the now shorter thread disappeared amongst the fibers.

But three years passed so much more slowly than he had anticipated. It had been easy at first, but once Edge had settled in, contact became difficult. Blue gladly woke up at four-thirty in the morning every other Friday to speak with his love, even just for the short twenty minutes before Edge had to go, a brief opening between lessons and working. Blue studied the hoodie sleeve, no hint of the frayed thread visible. He sent another glance down the arrival hall as an announcement spoke of a different flight being delayed. A glance at his watch—a lovely Valentine’s Day gift from Edge last year—told him Edge should arrive at any moment. He paced back and forth for a moment. Should he sit down? The moment he sat down, Edge would probably come out, but would he look too…desperate if he stayed standing in the middle of the arrival gate?
He felt perspiration prickling on the back of his neck as people continued to walk past him, greeting others who had been waiting. But still no Edge. A gentle pat and a reassuring smile from an elderly human brought him out of his rapidly spiraling thoughts. Blue felt tears beading in his eye sockets even as his perpetual grin softened to something more relaxed. With another soft pat, the human toddled off, soon greeted by another, younger human before both made their way through the airport. Blue sighed and turned back to look down the arrival hall one more time before sitting down.

“…Edge?” The word was hardly a burst of air as he spotted a tall skeleton in the distance. The skeleton seemed distracted, trying to juggle two suitcases (one big and one small), a bag, a coat, and some papers.

“EDGE!” His call echoed through the cavernous space of the airport, humans and monsters alike turning to look, one security guard even jumping up from his seat. The approaching skeleton also looked up, sockets widening farther upon seeing the small skeleton at the end of the hall. His pace quickened minutely, bag already starting to slide down his arm.

Blue had no such qualms and broke into a run, neatly launching himself across the waiting area. Edge was wearing the sweater he had given to him his first Gyftmas away from home. It looked even better on him in person than over video calls. Before his mind could compute what he was doing, he had already jumped, propelling himself into Edge’s not-so-ready arms. Edge’s bag and coat landed in a pile on the floor, his papers (his passport and boarding pass as well as his International Consent of Transit papers) scattered across the floor as he plucked his tiny boyfriend out of the air, suitcases forgotten.

“EDGE!” Edge pulled Blue in close, Blue immediately latching his arms around the tallers’ neck, nuzzling into the soft red sweater, relishing the scrape of Edge’s mandible against his skull.

“I’m back,” Edge whispered against his skull before catching his chin and pulling him off his sweater. Blue blinked harshly, the beaded tears finally falling as he leaned up, planting a chaste kiss against Edge’s teeth. As he made to pull back, Edge pulled him forward again, deepening the kiss. They ignored the few catcalls echoing around them as they briefly got lost in their own, private world. Finally, they separated, eyes locked for another long moment before Blue buried his face in the others’ sweater once again.

“W-WELCOME BAck,” Voice hitching, he let his tears flow, “H-HOW WAS THE FLIGHT?”

“Abysmal. A moldsmal could have flown better than that poor excuse for a pilot. But that is neither here nor there,” Edge pulled his face out of his sweater again, his eye lights glowing warmly as he wiped away Blue’s tears, “Come now, tears don’t suit you, love. Let’s go home. You said you were working on a new recipe, I would like to try it, if you feel up to cooking tonight,” Blue scrubbed the rest of his tears away, nodding vigorously.

“YES! YES, I WOULD LOVE TO! LET’S GO! OH! WE’LL NEED TO STOP AT THE GROCERY STORE, I WASN’T PREPARED TO…” Blue babbled happily as he was set down. He chattered away as he helped Edge gather up his fallen belongings before unzipping his hoodie, suddenly overflowing with warmth. He laced his fingers with Edge’s, planting a small kiss on the bigger hand and with a cheeky grin, took off, dragging the edgy skeleton along behind him.