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Hub World

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The holo flashes to life as the vid stick engages. A student sits back to watch, their daemon curled in their lap in the shape of a small black-brown feline.

POV: Security Camera

{Footage is fuzzy and indistinct, audio muffled and distorted due to engine noise and the limitations of the camera. It is shot at a slightly downward angle in front of the vehicle, looking towards the college. The top of the car and a bit of the windshield can be seen, but what is inside is too much in shadow to be clearly discerned.}

In the busy parking lot of Riverside College, a young woman of average height is moving quickly, keeping an eye out for passing cars. She stops next to a white sedan and opens the passenger door to deposit her backpack. In the driver's seat, someone waits for her, engine already running.

DRIVER: Hannah, hurry up. I'm not going to class today.
HANNAH: Is something wrong?
DRIVER: Mom's got a bug up her ass about something she saw on the news, she says we have to come home right now.

Hannah moves some things off of the passenger seat so she can get in.

HANNAH: Did she say what?
DRIVER: Please. The entire conversation basically consisted of her yelling “Emily Harris, you get your sister and get home right now!” and hanging up.
HANNAH: If it's something stupid, can I shoot her?
EMILY: Be my guest. Hurry up and get in. Let's get this over with.

Hannah's about to climb into the car when she seems to be jerked backwards and then – she disappears.
The footage continues for a few moments as Emily scrambles out of the car and frantically searches the area, panicked, calling Hannah's name.

Footage freezes.

Narrator: This is last footage ever recorded of young Hannah Harris, aged 23.