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Times Six

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Jungkook’s knees hit the floor, body automatically abdicating to the man in front of him just as his mind did. It was overwhelming, the control the clone had over him with just well-placed words and his sole, domineering presence. Jungkook tried to convince himself that he wished he would not have stepped into this room, never even went out to go and look for them when the wicked look in Jimin’s eyes had been so obvious, as if he had known what was going to happen.

As much as he did not want to believe it, Jimin had surely planned all of this. Jungkook put one plus one together in his mind and it just made sense. How the scientist had acted around the table, how the only seat available was right beside 003, whom Jimin knew very well Jungkook had had a tough first encounter with, and how he had proposed for Jungkook, not anyone else, to find the pair.

Jungkook cursed the alcohol blurring his usually sharp mind, knowing he could have avoided such a situation. Everything felt so weird, as if he was but a pawn in a bigger game he had no idea of, and he suddenly felt a little powerless as it all washed over him. He felt uneasy, watched, and regretted not slamming the door shut again when he had first caught a glimpse of the scene.

Despite all that... did he truly regret it? Or was he simply acting like it to stave off the self-disgust and shame he felt towards his darker, deeper desires? Towards the unquestionable attraction he felt towards the clones?

Now was not the time to think of such schemes, to reflect on everything he could have said and what he had done, especially not with 003 looking down at him with such a spine-tingling expression etched in his traits.

Jungkook’s puzzled thoughts quickly dissipated into thin air when 003 forcefully took a hold of his hair, pulling his head back and stretching his neck as far as he could. Jungkook only whined, breaths becoming shorter, more erratic as he felt everything switch instantly in his mind, as he felt the want to be controlled blossom and only grow rapidly within himself. All that was left in his mind was 003’s presence, the only thing that mattered at that moment.

Jungkook’s eyes desperately clung to 003’s, waiting for another order, already panting.


Jungkook blinked. “H-huh?”

“Choose one.”

“U-uh…” Jungkook’s mind searched far and wide through his weakened mind for a word, a single word that stood out from the rest, but settled for the obvious choice. “Red.”

“Good. Up.”

Jungkook winced when 003 pulled him up by his hair, forcing him to stand up on his weakened legs before immediately throwing him down on top of the bed. Jungkook landed next to 005, head facing the younger clone’s broken down, lust-filled expression, eyes barely able to stay open and drool still seeping from the sides of the black ball gag stuffing his mouth.

“Shirt. Off.”

Jungkook did not even look back or hesitate for a second, trembling arms pushing himself up on his knees before peeling off the shirt that stuck to his lightly dampened back and throwing it to the side. The deafening beat of his heart echoed loudly in his head, adrenaline coursing through his veins with the excitement that accompanied being ordered around, not questioning the clone’s words nor even thinking of speaking back.

“Lie down on your stomach.”

As soon as his chest was pressed against the bed, Jungkook felt fingers slip underneath the hem of both his pants and underwear and a strong, harsh pull downwards. The button of his slacks popped off and he raised his ass to help 003 undress him, cock already half-hard and twitching against the velvety blanket beneath it.

A strong shiver ran up his spine when he felt 003’s fingers graze down his legs as he pulled his pants and underwear down, a faint whimper rolling off his tongue. He felt so exposed, so vulnerable, and he could not even begin to imagine how he would feel like when tied up just like 005 was.

“Hands behind your back.”

He obeyed and then felt 003 get on the bed, the movement making Jungkook’s body shift from side to side as the clone placed himself atop of him, straddling his hips. Jungkook caught the shadow of a smile crossing 005’s spread lips, and he twisted his head as much as he could to at least get a glimpse of what was going on behind his back.

003 was holding a long, crimson rope between his hands, intently staring down at it as he ran the length between his fingers, wrapping it around and off his digits and wrists with lips parted in interest, apprehension.

Jungkook swallowed, settling his head back on the bed and trying not to stare too much at 005 that seemed on the brink of unconsciousness, eyelids drooping heavily and breaths becoming longer, deeper. The smell of come and sweat was thick in the air, and it only made Jungkook’s arousal grow, made his cock throb and mind turn even hazier.

It felt like a dream, just like his encounter with 006 had. On a cloud, separated from reality, delving into the fantasies he only could have dreamt of realizing. Always deeper in the pits of his repressed, obscene imagination that had successfully been buried up until then.

Up until Jungkook had first set foot in the facility, two days ago.

Fingers wrapped around his throat, pulling his head back, and he felt the thick rope slip underneath his chest that had slightly risen from the bed. From then on Jungkook let himself be handled, pushed and pulled, twisted and tied. The room was silent save his own harsh breathing, always elevating with the tightness of the ropes digging into his skin, with the ever-present weight of 003 on his ass. He focused on the faint sound of the rope, every loop and knot only fastening the solid restraint behind his back.

After what seemed like mere minutes but must have been much longer, Jungkook’s upper body was perfectly tied, upper arms stuck to his sides and forearms above one another behind his back. 003 got off his ass and moved to his right side, to which Jungkook turned his head around to get a good view of him. The clone’s cock had gone soft, the man too concentrated on his task and the other set of rope in his hands.

Out of curiosity, Jungkook tried to move. He wriggled a little in his restraints, testing the solidity of them, an unintentional whimper rolling off his tongue when he realized he could absolutely not move his arms. They were perfectly locked in place.

003 raised his hand over Jungkook’s ass. “Stop moving.” When he slammed it back down, Jungkook yelped and fussed, making a slight smirk grow on the clone’s lips. “Don’t worry, I’ll fuck your ass soon enough.” Jungkook’s hips rolled into the mattress at the thought, cheeks flushing a deep shade of red as he recalled just how violently the clone had been fucking 005 earlier. “So stop moving and behave while I tie your legs.”

Jungkook nodded, asscheek stinging and chest heaving with excitement. The deep warmth in his groin spread through his legs that 003 was now handling, placing his calves against the back of his thighs.

Goosebumps scattered across his skin when the rope slid against it once again, a feeling he had grown to enjoy quite a lot. It was rough and hard, but especially controlling and restricting. Jungkook watched as 003 worked the rope around his legs, passing it through loops and deftly tying knots. The muscles and ligaments in his toned arms kept poking out from under his skin and Jungkook could only stare, eager to feel those strong arms all over him, those veiny hands and thick fingers digging into his flesh.

003 was quickly done with his first leg and leaned over Jungkook’s immobile but trembling body to handle the other. Jungkook moved the toes of his right foot, making sure he could still feel them. The rope felt so tight and constricting yet he lost no circulation, and he assumed it must have been thanks to the clone’s experience. How many times had he done this before?

To whom?

Jungkook was snapped out of his curious thoughts with a palm slapping his ass harshly, making him yelp and squirm in his bindings. At that very moment, he realized there was absolutely no way for him to move except try and wriggle himself away, that he was completely at that man’s mercy, and it made the heat in his body spark into a bonfire. Every nerve ending in his skin felt electrified, sensing the soft touch from 003’s fingertips trailing across the width of his sensitive ass.

It was too gentle. Not like him at all. Jungkook closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, waiting for the next blow.

Even if he had been mentally prepared, he still screamed out, the hit having been twice as hard as the previous ones. He whined against the blankets, desperately rutting his throbbing cock against the bed, hoping for a minimum of pleasure to mix in with the burning pain.
It hurt so much but weirdly felt so good, too.

“You were a bad boy, Jungkook.”

The voice was farther into the room. Jungkook sniffled and looked behind him as much as he could, twisting his neck and wriggling around to find where the clone had gone to. When his eyes finally did, he swallowed hard and his heart beat even louder, dilated irises fixated on the studded leather crop 003 held between his hands.

“W-what do you mean-”

“You made me look like a fool in front of Jimin.”

Jungkook frowned, confused, the tremble in his legs becoming stronger with every step the clone took closer to the bed. He glanced back down, desperately trying to remember when he could have done something of the sort, until the memory of what 003 had confessed to during their first meeting finally hit him. “I-I didn’t-”

The hit was hard. Hard enough for Jungkook to cry out and bury his face in the bedsheets, a single tear rolling out of his eye. His fingers and toes curled and uncurled, body desperate to move, but only making the rope dig deeper into his skin.

“You did it on purpose. Got me angry so I’d confess.” A sharp scoff escaped the clone’s lips and Jungkook cowered into the bed, confused and slightly anxious at the turn in situation. “I’m not dumb, Jungkook.”

“I-I never said you w-were- fuck!

The blow was harder, way harder, and Jungkook’s teeth took a hold of the bed sheets under him not to scream out at the top of his lungs. His mind was a complete mess, going from confusion to fear to arousal, all thoughts crashing into the other chaotically.

Another tear rolled down his cheek.

“You don’t know what he said to me that night, what he did.”

The grip of Jungkook’s teeth loosened, the sting and burn of his ass momentarily forgotten as he clung to the words the clone had just spoken. “W-what are you t-talking about? What d-did he-”

“I’ll show you what he did to me.”

003 moved quickly, letting the crop fall on top of the bed and placing himself between Jungkook’s spread legs. After only a second, the clone was leaning down on top of him, hand pressing Jungkook’s head firmly into the mattress, fingertips digging into his scalp. 003’s other hand reached into his mouth, forcing his fingers in between his lips and pushing them deep. Jungkook choked and coughed around them, drool seeping out from the sides and splattering over the clone’s knuckles, eyes darting to the right to look at 003’s face that was inches away from his ear.

In his eyes he saw anger. A fire like no other. Lust and hunger.

The clone took his fingers out and they disappeared for a moment until he felt something warm and wet against his asshole. His entire body clenched in response, aching cock leaking precome with every swirl of 003’s fingers around the sensitive ring of muscle.

“First he did this.”

003 pushed his middle finger in and Jungkook mewled, neck stretched and eyes rolling back, a hitched breath climbing its way up his throat. He clenched around the clone’s fingers, pulling a deep groan out of him. The sensation was a lot, so intense after all this tension and teasing, but the clone’s words lingered in his mind, making Jungkook imagine Jimin doing this to him instead of 003. He could barely do so, could not even think about the gleamy-eyed scientist doing such obscene things.

It must have been a lie. There was no way he could have had. The clone was trying to get into his head as revenge.

“J-Jimin didn’t-”

“Oh but he did.” 003 licked Jungkook’s ear from the lobe up, making the hair at the nape of his neck rise in thrill. “Except with me, he didn’t even bother using lube.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened at the revelation and the clone pushed another finger inside, stretching him up completely, a deep burn spreading in his ass. Moan after moan rolled off his tongue when 003 moved his digits inside, pulling out and pushing in, curling his fingers down to stimulate his prostate. Jungkook’s cock was aching so much it felt like it would burst, and he moved his hips in hopes of getting himself off, knowing all too well it would stay untouched.

“Don’t think my cock’ll fit in there.” Jungkook shook his head, sure that it would not, whining loudly against the bed sheets and blinking off the tears that threatened to spill. “You’re so fucking tight… did you ever put anything up your ass?”

“Muh-m-my f-finger-”

“Just one?”


“Never got a dick in your ass?”

Jungkook shook his head once more, unable to formulate a proper sentence with the feeling of 003’s fingers moving inside of him, stretching him beyond what he thought he could reach.

“A virgin ass for me? Fuck, I wonder why Jimin didn’t make you his bitch first.”

Wait, what?

There was a faint whimper coming from their left, and the pair both turned to look towards it. 005 was trying to say something, eyebrows furrowed and eyes urgent, teeth biting down on the ball gag. Jungkook just blinked at him, as he had forgotten the man was even there in the first place, too deep in his moment with 003 and disturbed by the statements the clone so indignantly disclosed to notice.

All he could think about was how Jimin had fucked a clone and not just any clone, but the dominant, intimidating 003 at that.

What the fuck was going on in this facility? What else had happened between these walls?

And with that thought 003 pulled his fingers out of Jungkook’s ass with a loud squelch, remnants of drool dripping down and tickling his perineum. Jungkook’s stretched asshole clenched around nothing, the empty feeling making him grumble in annoyance and neediness. The clone moved to undo the back of the ball gag, 005 taking a deep breath and then licking off the saliva that had accumulated on the sides of his mouth. “U-untie me, Daddy.”

“Not just yet, baby boy, I’m gonna fuck Jungkook and make you watch.” 005 bit down on his lip and smiled, whereas Jungkook simply stared, mouth turning dry. “Bet he’s gonna look so pretty, don’t you think?”

“Y-yes Daddy.”

“Good boy. If you behave, you’ll get another reward.”

A wide, cheerful smile spread on 005’s lips and Jungkook could not help but glance at the two, especially at 003’s traits that had softened just by talking with the younger clone. Their relationship seemed to be more than just fuck buddies, much deeper than that, but Jungkook was pulled out of his short-lived analysis of it when 003 moved away from his back, but not from in between his legs.

“You’ll see,” 005 started, glancing down at 003 behind Jungkook with a mischievous smirk, “Daddy fucks like no other. He’s the best out of all of us. Learned well.”

The sound of a bottle cap popping open echoed in the room but Jungkook chose to ignore it, eyes fixed on 005, disbelief clouding his mind. “What do you mean learned w-woah o-oh-oh-”

He felt thick drops drip onto his stretched asshole, some slipping inside and others dripping down onto the bed sheets. When his ass was wet with the liquid, he heard and felt 003 shift in his spot, and there was a short moment when all he could hear were successive faint squelches and moans.

“Daddy, you look so hot like that~ your cock is so big~”

Jungkook’s ass instinctively clenched, now understanding that 003 was pumping himself hard and that he would be fucked in the coming seconds. He recalled how thick the clone’s cock had seemed when he had first entered the room. Not too long, thankfully, but the girth of it had been intimidating enough.

He felt the tip press against his puckered asshole and inhaled sharply, hopelessly trying to relax his tense limbs only pushing against the restraints, as if trying to move away from 003. A chilling feeling ran up his back when the clone pushed himself in, the tip already too big for Jungkook, making the man whimper and whine loudly, trying to wriggle himself off.

“Oh, stop whining, Jimin would have been much more rough with you.”

Jungkook shook his head fervently as 003 slowly thrust deeper, stretching him so much it was unbearable, the burn growing to a new intensity and fogging his brain turned to mush. His asshole was properly sucking him in even though his mind wanted him out, and he cried out when 003’s hips met with his ass, completely filled with his cock.

“O-out- t-t-too b-big-”

“Relax, baby, you’ll get used to it.”

003’s hands ran across his lower back reassuringly, kneading the sides of Jungkook’s spine with his thumbs. Jungkook’s fingers stretched out, desperate to grab a hold of something to ground himself. The clone started pulling out haltingly and Jungkook sobbed, only for 003 to take hold of his outstretched hand with his own. The grip was comforting, just what Jungkook needed to focus, recenter himself, and he exhaled loudly when his mind concentrated on the overwhelming pleasure of 003’s cock rubbing against his inner walls instead of the burn.

When he was almost out, he pushed back in, and Jungkook moaned loudly, hips raising to get a better angle and feel 003’s thick cock even more.

“Daddy, you were right, he looks so pretty~”

“Look at him, ass up like that, he loves it so much.”

Jungkook nodded, breathing heavily in harmony with 003’s slow, torturous pace. Every inch moving inside of him sent chills and shivers coursing through his veins, made the heat in his groin boil and his limbs turn numb. After only seconds of it he was drooling, eyes barely able to stay open, jaw hanging low.

He gasped when 003’s hand moved from his own and gravitated towards his hair, fingers curling around a handful and pulling him back. Jungkook winced from the stinging pull but followed the movement, arching his back as best as he could for the nape of his neck to rest on 003’s shoulder.

The clone was strong, really strong, and it made Jungkook’s cock twitch.

003 pressed his lips against Jungkook’s damp neck, sucking on a patch of skin before growling and heavily breathing into his ear.

“You can’t even begin to imagine all the things he did to m-me.”

Jungkook swallowed as his eyes rolled back, too overwhelmed by 003’s cock filling him up completely to register the clone’s words, his hole now used to the stretch and only a rush of pleasure coursing through his body with every slow hip roll.

“Y-you don’t know Jimin like we do.”

Jungkook mewled, a drop of saliva rolling down his mouth and onto his cheek. It felt so good, so unbelievably good, and the growing tightness in his groin indicating he was close to his release made him whine out loudly.

“Like I do.”

003 lift him up and off his cock, handling Jungkook to let him fall onto his back. “Keep your legs spread.”

Jungkook obliged, blinking away the tears that had accumulated in his eyes and breathing heavily as he watched 003 wipe the drops of sweat off his forehead and chin with the back of his hand. Having his hands tied behind his back made the position a little uncomfortable, but he kept his mouth shut, too buzzed from his arousal to bother.

“Baby, do you want to play with Jungkook, too?”

005 nodded enthusiastically and 003 quickly moved to untie him, easily undoing the knots and slipping the rope that left indents all over the younger clone’s skin off. 005 stretched each of his limbs, turning his wrists, ankles, and neck with a smile etched on his face. He ran his fingers across the rope marks, biting down on his lip before looking up at 003 that stood on his knees, waiting.

“You were such a good boy, I think you deserve to feel how tight his ass is, too.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened when he saw 005 move his hand to stroke himself, moving up on his knees and towards 003.

“I want to fuck him from the back, Daddy.”

Before he could even blink, 003 pulled him up by his bindings and easily turned him around, making him rest on his knees. Jungkook’s cheek pressed against the bed and he felt two hands rest on his ass, softer than 003’s, and he guessed it was the older clone moving beside him.

Once more, he was pulled up by his hair, but it was not the slight pain that roused him to most, rather the fact that 003 was placing himself in front of him, sitting down, back resting against the bed’s headboard.

Behind him, 005 pulled on the restraints of his arms, lifting him up enough for his mouth to hover over 003’s length, and that was when Jungkook realized what was going on.

At the same time that 005 thrust into him, 003 pushed down on his head.

Jungkook moaned and wrapped his lips around 003’s cock, sucking on it with difficulty as 005’s slammed into him relentlessly, not giving him a second to adjust. All he could do was whine loudly, mouth unmoving around 003’s cock, eyes watering with how deep the clone was pushing his cock in.


And he did. With the last glimpse of sanity left in his mind, he concentrated on sucking the clone’s dick, slowly moving up and down with the help of his grip on his hair. Every hit from 005’s hips against his ass, hitting a deeper point inside of him with his longer cock, made him sob around the length of the other clone’s shaft. Tears rolled down his cheeks but he kept on sucking, kept on enduring all the rough thrusts from the younger clone, letting the pleasure build up to overwhelming heights in his groin.

With a loud squelch, 003 pulled Jungkook’s mouth off from his cock, exhaling loudly and biting down on his bottom lip. His other hand reached down to curl his fingers around Jungkook’s throat and he pushed him up, fingers digging into the wet skin, feeling Jungkook’s erratic heartbeat pulsing under his grip.

“I think you can take a little more than that. If Jimin's gonna have his way with you, you'll have to toughen up.”

Jungkook did not even respond, only blinked back slowly, glazed eyes barely able to stay open.

“Help me move him on top of me.”

Again, he was turned around, moved like a ragdoll until his bound forearms rested against 003’s chest. The older clone was laying on the bed and Jungkook was in the same position but on top of him, legs spread to the side naturally.

003 took a hold of Jungkook’s hips and lifted him ever so slightly, tilting them so the tip of his cock could press against his stretched hole, slowly pushing himself in and letting out a groan when he slipped inside completely.

“G-get the lube.”

Jungkook did not even register the words, only focused on how good 003’s thick cock felt buried deep in his ass. He clenched around the length, pulling out a low groan out of the clone underneath him, moaning in satisfaction when he thrust upwards sharply in response. His head fell back and he let himself be fucked roughly, quickly, giving up completely and just abdicating to the pleasure that continuously shot up his spine and pooled in the pit of his stomach.

Something else pressed against his filled entrance, wet and warm, and his head shot up.

005 was between 003’s legs, holding his cock and staring at 003’s dick that suddenly slowed down his pace.

“W-w-w-wait- n-n-no-”

“It’ll fit, don’t worry, you stretch well.”

Jungkook shook his head and stared with wide eyes as 005 pressed the tip harder, stretching him an inch more.

An inch too much.

“I-i-i-it w-won’t f-fi-fit-”

Yet, contrary to Jungkook’s belief, the tip of 005’s cock slipped right in, his hole sucking him in no matter the stinging stretch. He inhaled sharply, body turning limp as 005 haltingly pushed himself in, stretched him beyond his limits, beyond what he ever thought he was capable of taking.

When 005 was in completely, both he and 003 slowly pulled out, in sync. Jungkook took deep breaths, desperately trying to calm down the alarming speed of his heartbeat, suddenly feeling very lightheaded and weak, glazed eyes watching as 005’s hands made their way to his hips and dug his fingers in the flesh.

They slammed back in, at the same time, and Jungkook lost it.

“F-f-f-uck- n-n-no-”

The two clones thrust into him without pause, mercilessly pounding and thrusting up into him like he was but an object to be fucked, ignoring his desperate cries and pleads and focusing on the rapid roll of their hips. Jungkook sobbed and mewled and even yelled, but it was to no avail. The duo only went harder, grabbing onto his tied limbs and digging their digits into his wet skin, piercing the surface with their clawing nails.

003 pressed his lips against Jungkook’s ear. “Jimin broke all of us. He’ll do the same to you.”

It all quickly became too much. Way too much. Jungkook could feel himself slipping, could feel his body starting to shut down, and only one word kept flashing in his mind.

“R-r-re-red-,” and with that, Jungkook blacked out.