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little loves

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Yoongi realises as he wakes up, with two small bundles of warmth pressed on either side of him, that the bed holds more occupants this morning than there were when he fell asleep in it last night. He sighs, glancing blearily over to his right to see if his husband is awake.

He isn't, but the corners of Yoongi's lips turn up into a soft smile as he eyes the other man. He's heard that people are meant to look cute, innocent even - soft and vulnerable - when they sleep, and while Hoseok certainly doesn't look the opposite by any means, it's not quite what Yoongi thinks is the conventional definition of cute.

On the contrary, just as he had when he was a teenager, he still sleeps with his limbs splayed out. His mouth more often than not remains open as he sleeps, and his eyebrow always twitches every few minutes or so - it's an endless source of amusement for the twins.

Speaking of said twins, one of them shifts against his side - Taehyung, always the lighter sleeper - before rolling over and nestling into Hoseok instead, settling down once more. Jimin merely sighs, little leg thrown across Yoongi's stomach and small thumb pressed firmly into his mouth. Amused, he eases it out, carefully closing his mouth, and Jimin smacks his lips in his sleep, making a face before it smooths out once more.

He stays put for a while, one hand rubbing the little calf resting across his abdomen as he checks his phone for important emails and taking care of small tasks like checking the weather for the day. The sun is up, days lengthening as they quickly approach the heat of summer and, come fall, the twins' admission into preschool. More than once he's had to stop himself in his tracks as he thinks about how big his babies have gotten - helping dress themselves, zooming around on their tricycles like they're possessed, eating on their own. Yoongi never thought he'd say he misses all the messes that come with babyhood, but he does.

"What're you thinking about?" He turns to see Hoseok, sitting up and rubbing sleep out of his eyes before tucking the sheets around Taehyung again. He estimates they have around five or so minutes before the disturbance wakes Taehyung up, and with that, there’s no chance Jimin will stay asleep. Hoseok is watching the twins quietly now, and Yoongi can't help but ask him the same thing.

Yoongi sees Hoseok's lips turn downward, disgruntled, into what can only be called a pout that he thinks is pretty damn adorable. He still can't quite believe the catch that is his husband.

"They're going to start school."

"They are."

"They're going to grow."

"True." Yoongi is amused now, well-travelled down this conversational path.

"They're going to make friends, Yoongi. They'll grow and then they'll be teenagers. They'll want cars. And then there's college. They'll date. And they won't want their dads around anymore." The pout deepens, and Yoongi has to carefully - very carefully - lean across their children the rumpled sheets to kiss it away.

"I don't know about you, but considering Jimin can only count to five and Taehyung knows four colours of the rainbow, we don't need to worry about college entrance just yet." The smack he receives on his shoulder is worth it, but at least he's served his purpose - no sense in letting his husband get sentimental this early in the morning. As it turns out, however, the movement is enough to wake Taehyung up with a soft whine.

Hoseok immediately tucks him closer into his side in an attempt to lull him back to sleep but it's futile, and sleep-blurred eyes blink open before scrunching against the sunlight. He sighs and closes his eyes again, but both parents know he's awake for the day now.

"Good morning, Taehyung," Yoongi says, rubbing his side. His shirt has risen up and he smooths it down absently, leaning over to kiss his cheek. Jimin's foot nudges his stomach in protest.

"Appa, no."

Hoseok snickers. "It's not a good morning then? But I thought you and Jiminie wanted pancakes today. Chocolate chip. That makes it a good morning, right?" One eye opens, giving the man a look of suspicion. "Syrup?" The man laughs, lifting him up into his lap. "With syrup, I promise. And fruit if you want."

The commotion has the little person against Yoongi's side shifting, and before long there's another pair of eyes blinking up at him, and then Jimin rolls over to make sure Taehyung and Hoseok are still bed before promptly snuggling under the blankets once more. The fathers share a fond look at each other over their heads, before Hoseok's hand reaches over to run through Jimin's hair.

"No one wants to get out of bed, hm? I guess we'll just have to tell Jin-hyung and Namjoon to not bring Kookie over today." No sooner do the words leave his mouth than he has a wriggling bundle of excitement in his arms and another one sitting on his legs. He grunts.

"Daddy, the baby's coming!"

"I, no, that's not what you're supposed to—" The twins, in said excitement, take the time to wriggle out the bed and out the door. "— Say."

Yoongi shrugs. "Well, they're not wrong. He's a baby. And he's coming here." He’s met with a fixed glare and then a soft sigh as Hoseok stretches, finally swinging his legs off the side of the bed.

“I’ll go catch them before they decide the living room wall is a canvas. Wash up and come down?”

Yoongi nods, but the minute Hoseok is out the room, he snuggles back down in bed quite happily, hearing the sounds from his family pick up downstairs.

He smiles. There are all sorts of ups and downs and lefts and rights in parenthood, but moments like this make everything worth it and then some.

Yeah, I think we can do this.