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I'm always watching you out of the corner of my eye

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Robb smiled at Margaery and took her hand in his, leaning to kiss it softly before he let it go. He glanced at his mother and from the pleased smile on her face he knew that he was fooling his parents well enough. He had brought Margaery over to spend the weekend with his family and had introduced her as his girlfriend. And she certainly wasn't his girlfriend. Not even close. Sure, they had slept together once or twice or a couple of times but that was a long time ago. Whoever have said that friends with benefits never work didn't know anything. It has worked well enough for him at some point with Margaery. None of them wanted anything more to happen between them. It was as easy as that, no complications, no feelings, just some good time when they wanted it. Margaery had decided she didn't need a boyfriend right now because she was too busy with her career and the only men she could tolerate were her brother Loras and his boyfriend Renly. And Robb, occasionally. Robb had told her that he simply didn't want to deal with a relationship. The truth, however, was a little bit different but he couldn't just explain it to her. Even she, free thinking and open to everything, would find it disturbing so he saved it to himself. As he has always done.

His mother has just asked Margaery how the two of them had met and the girl was telling a cute story about how they have met in a bookstore when in fact they had met in a club but that didn't sound good enough for a family story to her so she had warned him that she's changing it along with other things. That was fine with him. After all he wanted his parents to believe that he's dating Margaery and they're extremely happy. That was the only way he could get his mother off his back. He loved her deeply, of course, and he knew that she was just looking after him but for the love of God, he was 25 and living alone in another town even and his mother still somehow continued terrorizing him about finding a girlfriend. So after a long mumbling from her about him not having one he had just objected that he actually do have a girlfriend and he was thinking about bringing her home the next time he came back for the summer. Then his plan was to tell her that the two of them had broken up so the family wouldn't be meeting her after all but his mother was so excited and all and he knew that the only way to really get her to relax and back out a bit was to bring a girl home. No one better than his occasional one night stand Margaery. She was gorgeous, fun, kind, smart and bonus - parents and kids adored her. He was pretty sure that if he was looking for a relationship with someone he'd be really into her but well he wasn't. Not with her.

He had someone else in mind. Someone who was currently sitting across from him, talking to Arya and Bran. She laughed softly at something Bran had said and then pushed her red hair out of her face and Robb let out a quiet breath before he looked away. Feeling like he was getting drunk on simply the sight of her he reminded sane enough to remember that he shouldn’t be caught staring at his sister for too long. Yes, he was talking about his sister. The sister he couldn't wait to do some not very brotherly things to. He knew that it was wrong but he simply didn't care. He certainly did once. Before he had ever touched her or kissed her, long time ago when they were simply kids, teenagers really, he knew that he shouldn't be feeling that way and he did everything to convince himself that Sansa was just a sister for him and he wanted to kiss her just because it was forbidden and that made it all the more exciting. Then he tried to convince himself that it was just lust, totally his hormones noticing that his sister was gorgeous. But then everything had changed when he had finally kissed her. The moment their lips have touched he didn't care about anything else anymore. He didn't care if it was wrong, he didn't care if he was supposed to be the big brother, who's looking after her in a simply brotherly way. Their first kiss had settled the fire in him free and after that he couldn't help himself but go back to her room every night to steal passionate kisses and touches, he couldn't help but always try to steal sweet kisses whenever they got a couple of minutes alone, he couldn't help but want her and if he was honest with himself he didn't want to.

Robb had spent a good part of his life, knowing that what he was feeling for Sansa wasn't what a brother should feel for his sister. What he felt for Arya was a brotherly love. What he felt for Sansa...That was something entirely different, it wasn't just love, it was being in love with her, adoring her, lusting after her. And he had hidden it, he had tried to get over it so bad and for so long. Then when he had found that that she was feeling the same way, he had stopped trying to push his feelings aside. Of course, they weren't stupid enough to get caught or anything. They were always careful. Getting caught by their parents or siblings would be really bad and they knew that. So Robb didn't have to hide his feelings from Sansa anymore but he still had to hide them from the rest of the world. And right now it looked like that really annoyed his sister.

"So Robb, are you thinking of moving in together?" Sansa asked, raising an eyebrow at him from across the table before she took another bite from her food. She knew very well that there would be no moving in or even a real relationship. She knew that very well. But she didn't exactly like Margaery, which was understandable. There was a bit of history there.

Sansa and Robb had started being more of a brother and sister when they were still both in high school. After that first kiss they have shared there were many more to come and everything seemed like a dream. And of course, just like a dream there was a time to wake up. This time was when Robb left to go to college. He had stayed close to home as close as possible so he could come back home as often as possible to be with her and his family, of course. They were important too. Just...not as important as Sansa. However, Sansa wasn't all too happy with this long distance relationship and Robb was getting frustrated with seeing her only from time to time and barely having time to touch her when he was back because his family was always around. This led to a lot of fights at some point and a lot of irritation from both of them so they decided that they should just go back to being siblings. Like it was so easy to do that, yeah.

Then Robb had come back home for Christmas and imagine his surprise when he found out that his sister had a boyfriend and he was bringing him over for dinner. And fine, the boy seemed nice and kind and all but Robb hated him with all he had. He couldn't stand him and the way he looked at Sansa, the way he touched her arm and kissed her lightly. So after somehow managing not to kick his ass he decided that he needs to move on. And he had tried. Okay, almost tried. That's when he had met Margaery and they had agreed to be just friends who have sex. It wasn't getting over Sansa but he knew that he'll never get over her, not truly so it was good enough. Then when he went back home she had dumped the boyfriend and they finally made up.

He knew that she wouldn't like the whole story with Margaery but he had to tell her because he knew that if she finds out somehow she's going to be pissed that he have hidden it. And she definitely wasn't happy with it but she knew that she can't be mad, she had a boyfriend at the time so...It still didn't made her happy that from time to time Robb grabbed coffee with Margaery still. Sansa was a bit of the jealous type even if she wasn't ever going to admit it. And that's why she was so irritated with him right now. She was ever since he had told her that he's bringing Margaery over as his girlfriend. And she knew very well why he's doing it but it still annoyed her how Margaery's hand was on top on Robb's right now.

"Um...I think that it's a little bit early for that. We've been dating for just a while." Robb pointed out.

Margaery nodded with a smile. "Yes, it's going great as it is. We prefer to take things slow, we don't want to rush into anything." she said.

"That's very nice. Today kids like to rush into everything. I'm glad that you two are taking things slow, enjoying what you have." Ned smiled at them.

"Still, you've been seeing each other for a...How long was it, Robb?" Sansa asked, looking at her brother.

Robb gave her a look and even thought he wasn't 100% sure what Margaery have said earlier when his mother have asked how long it has been since they have actually started dating, (because yes, again he wasn't listening because he was thinking about Sansa), he answered anyways "3 months, San."

"Wasn't it...4?" Catelyn asked, frowning a bit.

Margaery smiled nervously and looked at Robb. "Honey, your mother is right. It's been 4 months already." she said sweetly but kicked him under the table.

Robb looked at her and gave her a smile after letting out a small 'ough' at the kick. "Oh, yeah, of course. Just time passed by so quickly when we're together." he smiled and leaned to kiss Margaery on the cheek.

"Ugh, can you two stop being all romantic?" Arya sighed loudly. "It's honestly making me sick."

"Arya!" Catelyn said quickly.

"What? Robb knows that I still love him." she grinned at his brother, who chuckled, shaking his head a bit.

"Four months is not such a short time." Sansa said and took a sip of her wine, looking at Robb. "I mean some people marry after knowing each other for just a couple of weeks." she added.

"Your brother is still young, Sansa. There's time for him to get married." Catelyn said.

"No talk about the future then? Interesting." Sansa said nonchalantly.

Robb almost had the urge to kick her under the table. Gently, of course. He'd never actually hurt her. He just needed this to seem real in front of his parents and she wasn't helping with her attitude. He knew that she was upset but now she was just being mean. He didn't know what had gotten into her. Sure, she wasn't thrilled at the beginning of this dinner either but she was acting a little better. However, the longer they stayed here, the worst her mood was getting as it seemed. He almost wanted to groan out loud. He wanted to have fun with her tonight and if things were going this way...He was sure he wasn't going to get laid and he had really missed her.

"Oh, but we've talked about it." Margaery said as she put her hand on Robb's arm and smiled at him as she started telling something about eventual marriage and such. Again, he couldn't focus on her words as he noticed a look on Sansa's face. She was getting irritated. "Right, love?" he heard Margaery sing sang voice ask him.

"Mhmm." he said and smiled at her. He needed to play it together. Margaery smiled at him and told him that she loves him before she leaned to kiss him gently. Robb said his 'I love you' back after their broke apart. It was just a chaste kiss, totally proper for a family dinner but still when he looked at Sansa jealousy was all over her face. He almost sighed. This dinner was getting worse with every minute. He still made a mental note to himself to thank Margaery for agreeing to this dinner later, she was really selling this story. And he probably had to apologize for Sansa's behavior. Margaery didn't know that there was something going on between him and Sansa so she probably didn't know why Sansa was rude to her, which she was okay.

Robb moved his foot across the table to gently bump it in Sansa's as a reassurance that he was just playing pretend, only to get his foot kicked away harder than necessary if you ask him. He grunted quietly and then quickly cleared his throat as everyone looked at him.

"Are you okay?" Margaery asked him as she cupped his cheek. Okay, great effort on her side to make this look real and he knew that she was doing it all for him but gosh, couldn't she tone it down a bit before Sansa claws his eyes out.

He hummed and nodded before he took a big sip of his wine. He needed another glass. Or the whole bottle. Maybe two bottles...he shook his head a bit and got up. "I'm going to get another bottle." he announced.

"Sansa, dear, would you help your brother with the wine?" Ned asked and Robb smiled. Finally, he could get some alone time with her even if it was for just a moment. His father din't even know what a big favour he was doing him.

"I'm sure he can find the wine himself." Sansa snorted. Typical Sansa when she was mad. She was going to make him work for his forgiveness, not that he had done something wrong but..That's what you get when you're sister is the jealous type.

"Sansa." Catelyn sighed. "Don't be difficult. You're an adult, not a child."

Sansa waved her hand and got up. "Going." she sighed. She wasn't in the mood for that so she preferred to just help Robb with the stupid wine.

"I can go.." Jon offered with a small smile. He was always the sweetheart of the family, always wanting to help and have his siblings get along perfectly fine.

"I got it." Sansa said and walked out of the room, without looking at him.

Could she make it more obvious that she was mad at him? Her parents may get suspicious as to why she was mad at him out of the blue when last time he visited everything was normal between them. Okay, he knew that his family won't look so much into it but still she had to know better than that to behave like an adult.

He followed her and let his eyes travel down her body, licking his lips. Why was she wearing that short delicious skirt, it made him want to just push it up and...His eyes snapped up to hers when he heard his name leave her lips. She snorted, looking annoyed at him.

"Hmm?" He asked, running a hand through his curls. "Sorry."

"I asked if you'd open it or I should do everything alone." Sansa said as she put two bottles of wine on the counter.

"I will, of course." Robb said and walked to her, almost making a comment about her being a little bit overdramatic but decided against it. He didn't want to get into a fight with her, quite the opposite.

Sansa nodded and passed him, ready to leave the room when he caught her wrist and pulled her back, spinning her around and pulling her in his arms.

"Robb." She said, glancing toward the door. "What are you doing? Someone may walk in." she murmured.

"You're acting as if I'm doing something inappropriate. I'm simply hugging my sister." He shrugged, running one down her arm as he held the other on her lower back.

Sansa rolled her eyes and put her hands on her chest, ready to push him away but he pulled her even closer. "San..." he sighed. "Don't be like that."

"Like what?" she snorted, raising an eyebrow at him.

"You know like what. You know that Margaery is just doing me a favour." Robb sighed as he reached to run a hand through her hair.

Sansa snorted and looked away. "Oh, we can all see what she's doing." she murmured.

Robb cupped her cheeks and made her look at him. "San, you know that she's just pretending so Mother and Father would leave me alone about not having a girlfriend. It's just a pretend. There's nothing going on between us. I've eyes only for you." he said and smiled a bit when he saw a smile tug at the corners of her mouth but she bit her bottom lip to stop it.

"Does she know that? That it's just pretend I mean? She obviously doesn't know about us." Sansa said, taking a step away from him.

Robb raised an eyebrow at her. "Of course that she does. Trust me, she's not looking for a relationship with me." he said.

"If you say so." Sansa murmured, clearly not convinced at all that it was true. He had to admit that it was a bit hot when she was jealous but at the same time she had kicked him under the table so...not that hot.

"San, she's not into me. She's simply helping me. And even if she was, which again she is not..I've eyes only for you." he said softly, taking a step toward her and after a glance toward the door to make sure that no one was there he leaned to kiss her softly.

"Robb!" Sansa whispered loudly as she pulled away. "Someone may really walk in." she said.

"Well I don't care. All I can think about all night is you and the last thing I want is for you to be mad at me." Robb said as he pulled her back in his arms and leaned to kiss her again. Okay, he knew that he shouldn’t be doing that because he knew that someone may come in but he really had to remind her that he wanted only her so she can calm down and stop acting suspiciously jealous.

"I love you." he whispered against her lips. "Only you. I've spent the whole night watching you, not her." he said as he got her hand in his and squeezed it. "Only because I smiled at her and kissed her hand and cheek a couple of times doesn't mean my full attention is not on you. It always is. I'm always watching you out of the corner of my eye." he said.

Sansa smiled at last and leaned to peck his lips. he knew her so well. He knew just what to say to make her forgive him everything. "I love you too...And I..I'm sorry for acting that way. It's just..." she sighed.

"I know. I know. I've watched you with your boyfriend. Your actual boyfriend need to explain it to me." Robb murmured as he remembered watching someone else touch his sister.

Sansa bit on her bottom lip and leaned to whisper in his ear to distract him and get him back in his good mood. "I can't wait till everyone go to sleep so you can get to my room and fuck me into the mattress." she smirked and licked on his earlobe.

Robb groaned quietly as he gripped the edge of the counter at her words. He actually wondered at his own self control for not getting his hands on her right there and then. He' want nothing more than to rip her annoying clothes off and take her on the counter right now but he had to remind himself that his family was in the next room, having dinner and probably waiting for the wine. "I hate you." he murmured but then smiled at her.

"Mmm, love you too, dear brother." Sansa said and walked toward the door, swaying her hips a bit too much just to tease him. Robb took a deep breath, telling his body that now wasn't the time and opened the bottles before he walked back toward the others. He sat back down in his place and put his hand on Margaery's chair, smiling at her when she leaned into his arm before he looked at Sansa and relaxing when he found her face relaxed. Looks like talking to her had helped.

He reached for his glass of wine and took a sip as he listened to Margaery going on and on with more cute stories. Lies. Every last word. He smirked and took a sip of his drink, almost choking on it when he felt someone's toes running up the side of his leg. He looked at Margaery and raised an eyebrow when she looked at him. It wasn't like her to do that, not when they were having dinner with his family at least. She gave him a questioning look and he just shook his head in response a bit. So it wasn't her. His eyes quickly snapped to Sansa, she was not even looking at him, she was looking down at her plate as she cut a piece of her food and ate it. She looked perfectly innocent. Like always. No matter what she was doing Sansa always managed to look like an Angel. That angelic facade was working on everyone in the family, everyone expect him. He knew better. He had seen better. She finally looked up at him and gave him a small smile when he cocked his eyebrow at her. He pretended to drop his napkin to the floor. When he got down to get it, he grabbed her ankle and kissed her calf softly before he pulled away and sat on his chair again.

Now it was her turn to roll her eyes at him, shaking her head a bit before she took a sip of her own wine. Robb smiled a bit and looked at Margaery when he heard his name, mentioned in another ridiculous story. He hummed and pretended to be listening to the story but instead he was wondering when dinner will finally be over. Family dinner were nice, sure, he loved his family and all but he needed to touch her so bad. It's been too long since the last time he got his hands on her, his lips...Okay, it was seconds ago, true but not in the way he had wanted. He looked at her gorgeous blue eyes and tilted his head to the side a little, almost chuckling when he noticed that she was blushing a bit. Like she knew exactly what he was thinking. Then again, sometimes he felt like she did. She was his sister after all.

Not even a minute has passed by when he felt her foot on his again and he glanced at her. She had a small smirk on her face and a shiver run down his back. Something about that smirk told him that she had a terrible idea. Terrible and maybe wonderful but mostly terrible. He was proved that it was definitely more terrible when she put her bare foot in his lap and tilting her head to the side with a look of pure determisation on her face, pressed her foot closer to his cock. He quickly reached with one hand and grabbed her ankle as he felt himself getting hard. She was the worst. She smirked and just pressed more firmly, causing his cock to jump in attention. Gosh, now he wasn't sure if he didn't prefer her being mad at him and glaring at him than doing this. She had to stop. He was definitely not going to cum while having dinner with his family. He squeezed her foot in warning and glanced at her, only to see her smirking at him. She was gently rubbing him now and he just wanted to crawl under the table and take her right there. He shook his head a bit, trying not to think about that, it definitely wasn't helping his erection go away. Not that it could go away with Sansa rubbing it gently.

Robb closed his eyes for a moment, glad that right now no one seemed to play him any attention, everyone listening to another brilliantly fictional story that Margaery was telling. Gosh, he was even getting close. He looked at Sansa, his eyes widening and he didn't know if she took pity on him or it was simply her plan all along but she stopped moving her foot and simply let it rest in his lap for now. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down his body. Oh, how she was going to regret playing with him later.

"You'll pay for that." he mouthed to her and he was sure that she knew exactly what he was saying because she smirked at him from across the table.

"Promises, promises." she mouthed back and then took a sip of her wine.