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Liam Dunbar: Master of Seduction

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“Dude, the pining is getting ridiculous.” Mason says from across the lunch table. Alec makes a grunt of agreement as he chomps into his sandwich.

“We should do something about it.” Nolan agrees determinedly, pasta sauce dripping off his spoon. Mason points his fork at him in a decidedly stupid gesture.

“You read my mind.” He says solemnly. Next to him, Corey chokes on his french fries.

“Guys, really?” He says, eyebrows furrowed, “It’s not up to us—”

“Babe, I love you, but I’m going to have to ignore you said that.” Mason says diplomatically.

Liam’s eye twitches.

“You guys know I’m right here, don’t you?” He asks, voice dangerously soft.

Mason shrugs, but Alec answers for him.

“We know.” The curly-haired boy says easily, plucking out some stray lettuce, “We just chose to ignore you.”

“You little—” Liam wants to jump over the table and go at it right there, but he feels like that probably won’t be the best course of action. Especially not if he values his enrollment, and if Alec values his face.

He ignores Nolan and Corey’s apologetic expressions. He isn’t backing down; not here, not now.

“Look, Liam.” Mason says, and Liam looks at him begrudgingly. “You’ve been pretty hung up on Theo since the end of summer.”

“No I haven’t.” Liam denies, though he totally has, “I don’t know what you’re talking about—”

Theo’s really good at physics.” Mason mimics and, grinning, Alec joins in, “Sour worms are Theo’s favorites.

“He makes fun of me all the time too, just like this.” Liam says, misery slipping out on instinct and making Mason and Alec exchange alarmed glances.

“Corey, he’s doing it again.” Mason speaks to his boyfriend, making him sigh. Now that they’ve brought up Theo again though, Liam’s mind can’t stray from him.

The chimera has never stuck around Beacon Hills for the most part, though he’s kept coming back occasionally to annoy Liam. Well, officially, to ‘consult with the Pack’, but the shit-eating grin on his face every time he manages to piss Liam off belies his true intentions. Liam knows. Yet, there’s something about Theo that makes Liam crave his presence.

He’s still not pining, though. Theo’s just… he’s just Theo.

“Mason, I don’t support this.” Corey repeats himself more firmly this time, and Liam internally sings his praises. “But, Liam, they have got a point.”

Okay, never mind. Corey can go join the other two in a ditch.

“You’re letting this thing in too deep.” Nolan offers his (unwanted, unnecessary) two cents, “Just…I dunno, get it out of your system?”

Leave it to Nolan to suggest something like an actual question.

“Okay.” Liam says, deciding to humor these fools. “And how am I supposed to do that?”

“Confess.” Corey says, and Liam finally finds himself on the same page as Mason and Alec as the three of them gape incredulously at him.

Confess?!” Mason screeches as quietly as he can, “Are you insane?”

Corey looks at him weirdly. “No?”

Alec’s shaking his head.

“Look, Liam.” He starts carefully—which is funny, he usually has zero tact—as he looks Liam in the eye. “You might have to do that eventually, I’m not gonna deny it. But, we need to make sure there’s no way he’ll reject you.”

Nolan’s frowning, looking like he doesn’t like where this is going. Liam’s honestly on the same page.

“Oh my god.” Mason looks happy, which sends alarm bells ringing in Liam’s head. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Alec nods, and Corey groans when he finally gets what they’re talking about. Liam’s just confused, honestly.

“You’re going to seduce the shit out of him.” Alec announces cheerfully.

Liam’s heart drops. There’s no way this is a good idea.