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The Rich are Always Respectable [Podfic]

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The Rich are Always Respectable cover: exterior of a fancy brick house with a formal garden and a tree-lined path in the sun. Text is fic title, author, and reader

Title: The Rich are Always Respectable
Author: AMarguerite
Reader: lattice_frames
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Fandom: Temeraire, Works of Jane Austen
Pairing/Characters: Tenzing Tharkay
Warnings: None
Length: 0:42:01
Summary: For the Temeraire Exchange. Tharkay inherits and is forced to become respectable, with mixed results. Featuring more Jane Austen characters than you can shake a parasol at, because the prompt included a request for a ball, and what's a ball without a horde of Bennets in attendance?
Download: right click and save as an mp3 and as a podbook compiled by bessyboo