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The Forest

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My name is Autumn Irvine. I am a Virgo and I am the oldest of four siblings (26). Two younger brothers and a younger sister. I am a journalist for The Oakland Daily in Apple Canyon Lake, Oregon. This is my story.


It all started when my editor Alison came to my office that fateful morning. I was not expecting to go on any sort of adventure if anything I thought I was about to lose my job. I had never done anything of import in this job ever. The only thing I ever did was rewrite peoples articles and clean them up. I couldn’t ever go out and find a story the few times I had, well they had not been pretty. So, I was pretty terrified.

“Alrighty, Ash. Your name is Ash right?” I looked up from editing Toby’s piece on how we need to start to explore the Forests that cover more than 80% of the world. “Eh who cares I need you for a project. Its called R.E.E.F. Radical Exploration of Earth’s Forests.
The project consists of going from either The English Forest, Pacific Forest, or Ice Forest to a separate country for the English forest it would be from Miami to Galway. For the Pacific Forest, it would be from San Francisco to Tokyo. For The Ice Forest from Cartwright, Newfoundland to Nuuk (Nuke), Greenland.

You can pick 10 people including yourself to assist the team that the government will send. It will be around 15 people all together I’ll give you until tomorrow to make a decision.” She patted my desk and left. Probably to compliment Toby on his latest article on conserving freshwater that was actually mostly my work.

My friend and fellow coworker, Marlee Watkins, started to walk towards me. “What did Alison want this time? You to rewrite another one of Toby’s pieces of trash? Ooo or for you to start doing field work? Oh please be that one!” She giggled out.
I rolled my eyes at her. “No, She wanted to know if I wanted to take on a project called R.E.E.F. Radical Exploration of Earth’s Forests or something like that. It would consist of me and 14 others traveling through a large forest of my choosing to a different country. Or something like that.” I told her packing up my laptop so we could go to lunch. “Isn’t that dangerous?” She questioned me.
Everyone knew that the Forests were filled with creatures that wouldn’t hesitate to kill you. Anyone who had tried to go through a Forest never came out. Well alive at least. Just in the past year, almost 50 skeletons had been discovered. And that’s only in the around 50 miles that are considered ‘safe’.

In the first 50 miles are the normal forest creatures, deer, rabbits, beads, mountain lions, and birds. But after those first 50 miles very little is known, and what is know about it is horrifying. From what we know there are almost humanoid creatures we call the Winged. They look as though someone took a human and fused wings to them. Bat wings, bird wings, bug wings. Any kind of wing there one of them have it.
Everything was in these forests. Anything from your nightmares really. And I was being offered to go through one.