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Kick my nightmares away

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He couldn’t sleep again. The nightmares were hunting him, they were never giving him peace and his only escape was not there. He will never be there again. Sanji curled and started crying. Ace will never help him, will never kiss him and say that everything will be ok, that they were just nightmares and they couldn’t hurt him. Ace was … Ace was not there anymore and all he could do was cry. It was the third month since Ace left him, it was the third month since he slept just 1 or 2 hours a night and he was slowly but certainly going insane. But he couldn’t blame Ace, because it was his entire fault, because he was weak and he didn’t deserve someone so good as Ace, he knew that everything good in his life was just temporary, but he couldn’t stop loving Ace. The boy entered his life like a hurricane, with his big smile and his joyfulness and Sanji wanted to say no, he really tried but after six months of knowing the boy he just got swept off his feet. It was one of those nights that he couldn’t sleep and all he could do was bake. It was 3 in the morning and he was already at his third recipe but it wasn’t helping. His mind kept going aloof, he was hearing that voice, the voice that was telling him that he wasn’t needed in this world, that he was useless and he could disappear and no one would miss him. So he was crying and backing and trying to not do something stupid. He tried to think at something else. His friends loved him, no? Yes, Usop was his friend since kindergarten and even though they were now in different cities they kept in touch. The boy was calling him and telling him the most unheard lies but he liked that because the boy knew him and tried to make him laugh. But Usop was head over heels with the beautiful Kaya, and when he will have the courage to confess to the blond little medicine student he will have no more time for him because Kaya will surely say yes. And then he will be all alone. Sanji then dropped on his knees, the knife in his hand falling on the floor near him. What if … And in that moment the phone called. It was Ace. The boy was bugging him for six months already and was not taking no for an answer. He liked Ace but he didn’t want him to be engrossed by him, he didn’t want to allow another person in his life because certainly he would leave as fast as the wind. So he wasn’t going to answer the phone, he was going to ignore it until he heard someone was at his door.
“Come on Sanji I know you are there! I can hear the ringtone you have just for me ( the snicker in his voice was loud and clear because Sanji had Nightcore – Feisty just for him ). Open the door.”
Wiping his eyes and trying to putt on an annoying face he opened the door just a little.
“What do you want at this hour?”
It was a big mistake, Ace sensed that something was wrong, looked at him and smashed the door open.
“What is wrong?”
Silence … Sanji just closed the door. He was busted and Ace will see the real him and will be disgusted. He will never want to speak to him, and even though he tried to keep the boy at arm’s length he didn’t he didn’t dislike his flirting. But now everything will end. What a shame …
“Sanji? Why were you crying? Why are you in the kitchen at this hour?”
“Why are you here Ace?” The boy asked not wanting to answer.
“I was out in town with my coworkers, having fun and drinking sake until one of the guys said he is in the mood of wine, a good wine and that was the moment that I remembered you also like wine and so I ordered the same brand and came to see if I can wake you up to have a drink with me. And now I really am glad that I came. What’s wrong Sanji?”
“You shouldn’t have come.”
“Maybe, but here I am now so please don’t make me go away. You can trust me, you know.” Sanji said nothing but gone to the kitchen and got two glasses.
“I don’t want to talk about it, but you are here and I am sure I won’t be able to throw you out so let’s not waste the wine you brought. Come with me in the living room and drink but after we finish you will have to go. That is my condition, take it or leave it!” Sanji was really trying to be in control so that the raven hair boy will forget what he saw.
“Ok, I will accept it.!”
So they started drinking and talking about jobs and friends, their common friend and brother being Luffy, the biggest eater Sanji ever knew. All went well until Sanji knew he had to get rid of the other boy, he had to get rid of the flirtatious person in front of him because we won’t be able to resist him anymore because he was a light drinker and after his third glass he was feeling gloomy. As if Ace was feeling something in the atmosphere changed he put his glass on the table and approached Sanji slowly. “Ace what are you …?” but it was too late. Ace embraced him, slowly taking Sanji’s glass and getting rid of him also, while getting his other hand in the blonde’s hair, slowly massaging him. “Sanji! Stop refusing me! I want to have you! I want you to be mine! Will you accept me?” Ace slowly whispered in his ear. High from his drink and sleep deprivation all Sanji wanted was let go of his body and mind and let the other boy take care of everything. He wanted to be loved because he haven’t allowed anyone to be close to him for such a long time but something kept telling him not to. The voice in his head was trying to make him feel bad about himself again, saying that he will be just another bitch for the boy, he will fuck him then laugh and leave. “No, Ace… “ “Sanji please!” He had to close his eyes because Ace was very convincing and he felt hot lips on his eyes, his cheeks, the corners of his mouth. The temptation was too big and all he had to do was give up. All he need was a little push and it came from Ace whispering in his ear slowly and sensually “I’ve been wanting you for so long Sanji! You are so beautiful and you got me all hot just thinking about you! Look at you blonde with those gorgeous blue eyes, long kissable neck. I love how good you look with those pretentious costumes all the time but damn would I do anything to undress you and touch your beautiful long legs! Sanji! Do something please, tell me you will be mine this morning. I want you so bad and I am so hard right now all because of you!”
He couldn’t handle it anymore, so he did what his body wanted, opened his eyes, looked at the boy in front of him and kiss him hard.