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big boys don't cry (but sometimes the little ones do)

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Jeongguk will be the first to admit how easy it is for him to fall into his little headspace, especially when it comes to specific items of clothing. By the time he’s tugged his baby blue dungarees on he’s already struggling with the buttons on the sides, tongue poking out of his mouth as he grows more and more frustrated with them. He wishes Namjoon was here to help, his Daddy is the best at doing things Jeongguk can’t do in his headspace.                                

His eyes light up when he finally manages to push the last button through, giving himself a light pat on the head since his Daddy isn’t there to do it. “Good job, Gukkie.” 

He pads out of his room quickly, suddenly feeling a wave of loneliness from being on his own, immediately making his way towards Taehyung’s room. He wants nothing more than to be cuddled and praised right now, and Taehyung is the next best person to do it.

“TaeTae…?” He opens the door slowly, hearing a groan from the bundle under the duvet at the other side of the room. Jeongguk tries again, bundling his hands into little fists and practically hopping over to Taehyung’s bed, shaking him through the covers. He knows he’s being a little bratty by waking Taehyung up, but cuddles are much more important than sleep. “TaeTae, wake up~” 


Finally, Taehyung pulls the duvet down past his shoulders, gazing up at Jeongguk with a half-lidded gaze. Jeongguk just crosses his arms, bottom lip jutting out as he pouts. “Cuddles.”

He watches Taehyung’s expression change at the sight of him in his dungarees frowning cutely above him, his eyes softening as he holds out his arms to Jeongguk. “Good thing I’m the best at cuddles.” 

“Second best after Daddy…” Jeongguk mumbles as he eagerly climbs into bed next to Taehyung, sighing happily as he feels Taehyung’s warm body against him, arms around his waist and face tucked into the crook of his neck. He brings his thumb up to his mouth on instinct, wrapping his lips around the digit and letting his eyes flutter closed as he begins to suckle.

They stay like that for what feels like a long time, and Jeongguk begins to wonder if Taehyung has fallen asleep from the feeling of his breath against his neck. He quickly finds out he’s wrong when Taehyung nuzzles against his jaw, strands of hair tickling Jeongguk’s throat.

 “TaeTae, tickles…!” He squeals, kicking his legs as Taehyung climbs on top of him with a grin, straddling his hips. Jeongguk stares up at him with big eyes, laughing when Taehyung leans down to lick his cheek. “Is puppy TaeTae here?” 

All he gets in response is another lick to the face, Taehyung’s eyes sparkling as his tongue hangs languidly out of his mouth. Taehyung in puppy space is even more excitable than Taehyung normally, and Jeongguk thinks that he must be the cutest and best puppy in the world.

Taehyung moves to his neck this time, licking one firm stripe up to his ear that makes Jeongguk wriggle underneath him. Then he lifts himself onto all fours, butt wiggling in the air where his tail would be, fingers tucked into his palms as he kneads at Jeongguk’s shirt enthusiastically with a small yap.

“Cute puppy~” Jeongguk giggles, reaching up to Taehyung with grabbing hands and tugging him down into a kiss. It starts off innocent enough as Jeongguk pecks at the corners of Taehyung’s lips, but eventually he feels the wetness of a tongue running across his bottom lip and opens his mouth gladly. His hands tangle into Taehyung’s hair as the boy continues kissing him messily, eliciting tiny whines from Jeongguk as Taehyung pants into his mouth.

He vaguely feels the friction against his thigh, but his attention is quickly diverted when Taehyung’s kneading paws press down against his nipples. Jeongguk gasps against his lips, hips bucking up on instinct because of how sensitive he is there. He feels the vibrations in his mouth when Taehyung whines in response, drool running down from the corner of Jeongguk’s lips onto the pillow.

Taehyung pulls back as the grip on his hair is loosened, and Jeongguk bites his lip as he continues to knead over his chest, the stimulation continuous as the pressure from Taehyung’s palms switch from side to side. He whimpers, suddenly desperate to get out of his dungarees, but as he looks down he sees where the friction on his leg is coming from.

His eyes widen as he watches Taehyung grind down again and again against his thigh, humping him like a dog in heat as low-pitched whines leaves his throat. Jeongguk stares at him a few moments longer before his bottom lip begins to tremble, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes as he becomes more and more overwhelmed by his own need to get some friction on his cock. “T-TaeTae, please help Gukkie too…" 

Taehyung’s reaction is almost immediate, letting out a softer whine as he nuzzles into the base of Jeongguk’s neck before crawling back. Jeongguk doesn’t know if he wants to breathe out in relief or really start crying once the stimulation on his nipples is gone, but when Taehyung grips the material of his dungarees in his teeth and tugs the buttons open he contently lets his head fall back against the pillow. Taehyung crawls up to him again with a grin and an eager yap, unbuckling the braces before pulling the dungarees all the way down to Jeongguk’s ankles where his patterned socks begin.

Taehyung’s mouth feels hot even through his briefs, and Jeongguk can’t help but lift his hips to get more of it. His whole body jolts as Taehyung presses his tongue down against the wet patch forming on the fabric, tasting Jeongguk’s pre-come seeping through like it’s some kind of treat.

“Puppy, that’s dirty…!” Jeongguk squeaks, cheeks flushing from embarrassment. Taehyung, however, just tilts his head questioningly before latching his teeth around the waistband of his briefs, tugging them down along with his dungarees in one swift motion.

Jeongguk knows that his Daddy will be mad at him for doing this and that he’ll probably be punished, but he doesn’t have time to wait for Namjoon to get home, he needs to feel good now. So, he keeps his eyes locked on Taehyung’s as the other boy wraps his lips around him, leaning all the way in until his nose touches Jeongguk’s stomach. His little cock barely reaches the back of Taehyung’s throat, but the puppy seems to love it nonetheless. He bobs his head up and down quickly, butt wiggling again as he also works his tongue around the shaft. 

“A-Ah…” All Jeongguk can do is let out breathy whines in response, arms lifted up to cover his eyes and hips jerking as Taehyung pulls off to swirl his tongue around the slit before dipping back down again, coating Jeongguk’s cock in saliva as he laps at it.

He’s so hard and yet somehow it’s not enough, his body teetering on the edge but not quite tipping over. Jeongguk whimpers, kicking his dungarees and briefs completely off before lifting his knees up around Taehyung’s head, shakily reaching down to rub over his rim. He needs something to fill him up, needs something to fuck his little hole so that he can come. Another whimper escapes him when he realises he doesn’t know where the lube is, Namjoon always deals with that for him, and out of desperation he begins to push his finger inside without it.

Taehyung’s mouth comes off his cock with a loud pop, and he quickly nudges Jeongguk’s finger away from his entrance with a shake of his head, licking the back of his hand before crawling across the bed to the bedside drawers. Jeongguk leans over to help him open the top drawer and Taehyung’s head disappears inside before appearing back out with a small bottle of lube held in his mouth. He places it on Jeongguk’s chest with a content bark, nudging it gently as an invitation for him to use it.

“Puppy’s so good,” Jeongguk smiles, ruffling Taehyung’s hair and giggling when the puppy nuzzles up into his palm. “can you fill Gukkie up? I need it…”

Taehyung lets his mouth fall open again, panting as he grinds his own clothed cock down against Jeongguk’s in what seems like a keen ‘yes’. Jeongguk shudders at the contact, shakily pouring lube onto his fingers before working the first one inside himself again. The squelching sound makes him blush; he never knows how much lube his Daddy normally uses, but he’s sure his hole will be really messy after this.

He quickly works himself up to two fingers, letting out breathy moans with each thrust, screwing his eyes shut with a whine when he’s unable to reach his prostate. Taehyung watches him with wide eyes, leaning down to nip at Jeongguk’s inner thighs. Jeongguk twitches as Taehyung suck hickies into his sensitive skin, sliding in a third finger shakily when the puppy licks around them. Normally Namjoon would make him wait as he twists and scissors his fingers inside him, petting Jeongguk’s hair when he whines impatiently until he’s ready for his cock, but his Daddy isn’t here and Jeongguk doesn’t feel patient right now.

“Ready TaeTae, please…” He slides his fingers out, making his usual grabbing motion towards Taehyung and hooking his thumbs around the waistband of the boy’s trousers to pull them down. Jeongguk bites his lip at the sight, another blush spreading across his cheeks. “N-No undies, that’s naughty.”

Taehyung just yaps again, a smirk tugging at his lips as he lines himself up and pushes into Jeongguk in one quick thrust. Jeongguk throws his head back, legs wrapping around Taehyung’s waist on instinct to pull him even closer, revelling in the feeling of being full. Taehyung growls into his neck, pounding into him until Jeongguk can’t think enough to form sentences anymore. “G-Guh, puppy-good puppy…" 

He grips the pillow at the sides of his head, whimpering and babbling incoherently, listening to sound of the bed creaking and Taehyung’s breaths as drool spills from his lips. He knows how wet and pink they must be, the way Namjoon loves them the most. He thinks about his Daddy using his mouth as Taehyung keeps brutally fucking him, being the best boy for both of them until-

“What’s going on in here?”

Taehyung’s breath hitches as he stills inside him, and Jeongguk manages to tilt his head enough to see Jimin stood in the doorway, arms crossed. Taehyung follows his gaze, staring at Jimin with big, expectant eyes.

“Our dirty puppy is playing with our baby?” Jimin asks, stepping across the room languidly, his eyes practically dragging across them both. “Oh, and baby looks like he’s enjoying it.”

Jeongguk whimpers, bottom lip wobbling from both the feeling of Taehyung still inside him and Jimin’s harsh gaze. He tries to shake his head, but as Taehyung’s hips twitch all he lets out is a squeak, cock leaking onto his stomach.

Jimin smiles. “That’s what I thought. I think I need to get a couple of things, both of you wait here.”

Taehyung whines, head ducked down in his Master’s presence, and Jeongguk bites his lip. He knows Taehyung is going to be punished, and he feels bad that he’s part of the reason. He also wonders if Jimin will punish him too, or if he’ll tell Namjoon so that he can punish Jeongguk when he gets home. He’s doesn’t want his Daddy to be disappointed in him, but he also knows how mean Jimin can be with his punishments.

As Jimin goes to leave the room Taehyung moves to pull out, freezing at sound of fingers clicking. Jimin looks back at them, tutting as he looks Taehyung in the eyes. “No pulling out, Tae, stay there and let Gukkie cockwarm you until I get back.” 

Taehyung’s breathing is laboured as he buries his face into Jeongguk’s neck again, fingers clutching the sheets as he wills himself not to move. Jeongguk can feel his cock twitching inside of him, a whimper escaping him as he listens to padding of Jimin’s feet across the hall. He wants to kick his feet out in frustration and cry, his own cock throbbing and hole clenching around Taehyung to get something, anything.

Jimin doesn’t return in what feels like forever but Taehyung never moves an inch, desperate to be a good puppy for his Master. Eventually Jeongguk hears the door open again, and he watches as Jimin strides back over to them to pull a black leather collar around Taehyung’s neck. 

“Why isn’t puppy wearing his collar?” He questions with a tilt of his head, buckling it shut as Taehyung lets out a shamed whine in response. Jeongguk stares at them with wide eyes, feeling as though he’s witnessing a private exchange between the pair when Jimin grips Taehyung’s jaw, tugging his back up straight and sliding his dog ear headband on to blend into his brown hair. “You’re missing your tail too, and I don’t think dogs fuck missionary, do they? My little slut can’t even act like a proper pup.”

Taehyung is like putty in Jimin’s hands, immediately pulling out of Jeongguk when Jimin presses a hand against the base of his stomach. Jeongguk reaches out in protest, his hole clenching desperately around nothing. “N-No...I wanna-Gukkie needs to-”

“TaeTae is still going to fuck you, don’t worry baby. He just needs to do it right.” Jimin coos at him, but the hand against Taehyung’s stomach moves to grip the base of his cock, the puppy eliciting a pained whimper. “Turn over for me Guk, ass in the air.”

“Okay, Jiminie-Hyung…” Jeongguk turns over slowly, embarrassed to show Jimin his puffy, leaking hole but wanting to be a good boy for him. Bad boys don’t get fucked, and he’s anything but a bad boy. At first he holds himself up on all fours, ducking his head to avoid Jimin’s piercing gaze, but then he yelps when his upper body is pushed down against the mattress, forcing his ass higher into the air for both Jimin and Taehyung to see. He feels his shirt ride up past his chest, burying his face in his hands from the humiliation. “D-Don’t look…”

“Oh baby,” Jimin rubs circles into the small of his back, the sound of Taehyung’s leash clipping onto his collar also echoing through the room. “we’ve all seen your messy hole and your little cock before. Do you want Tae to fuck you again? Make you come?” 

“Please Hyungie, please…” Jeongguk babbles, mouth falling open into an ‘o’ shape when he feels Taehyung pushing into him again. From this angle he hits his prostate almost immediately, and Jeongguk groans into the pillow as he pushes his hips back. “M-Mmph…”

He can feel the warmth of Taehyung’s body against his back, the puppy’s breaths at the back of his neck turning into choked whimpers. Jeongguk presses his cheek into the pillow, glancing back at where Jimin has his fingers deep inside Taehyung. Taehyung rocks into him in time with Jimin’s thrusts, whining at the loss when Jimin pulls them out. 

“So loose TaeTae, you probably didn’t even need me to stretch you.” He comments, voice patronising as he picks up a fluffy tail, a large metal plug situated at the end. Jeongguk is sure it’s as wide as Taehyung’s cock, if not wider, but he’s seen Taehyung wear it around the house for hours on end before. He finds himself mesmerised as Jimin eases it into him, Taehyung’s whimpering becoming louder against his back the further it goes inside. “Good dog…opening up so well for your tail. Be a useful slut and make Jeonggukie come for me.” 

Taehyung lurches forward at the twist of Jimin’s wrist, the thickest part of the plug stretching his rim as he buries himself deep inside Jeongguk. The tip of his cock presses against his prostate, and tears form in Jeongguk’s eyes from the overwhelming pleasure. Jimin stays silent as he pushes and pulls at the plug, fucking it deep into Taehyung until his thrusts into Jeongguk match up. Jeongguk can feel his cock bouncing between his legs, both his and Taehyung’s moans filling the air until his breath catches at the sudden firm grasp stroking up and down his cock. He muffles his voice with the pillow again, hands grasping desperately at the material when his whole body begins to shake, legs almost collapsing as he comes.

“T-Too much-ahh, Hyungie no…” He tries to wriggle away from the hand around his now softening cock, desperate not to cry from the oversensitivity even when Jimin swipes his fingertip across the slit. His legs finally do collapse when Taehyung pulls out and Jimin lets go, with Jeongguk rolling onto his side and tugging his knees up to his chest to recover. He can feel some of the lube leaking out of his hole, eyebrows creasing at the unpleasant sensation. 

Jimin, however, isn’t going to just let him get away with what he did. He grips Taehyung’s leash but leaves his puppy knelt on the bed, cock still hard and leaking, stepping over and pulling Jeongguk up onto his feet. “What do you think your Daddy’s going to say about this, baby?”

Jeongguk is wobbly at best, expression dazed and fucked out as he rocks between his feet. “Um…please don’t-don’t tell Daddy…”

“Namjoon-Hyung has to know because he needs to punish you, just like I’m going to punish my puppy.” Jimin explains, holding up his phone as Jeongguk tries to focus his eyes. “Besides, I’ve already told him, and he’s let me know what to do until he gets home.”

There’s a whimper at the back of Jeongguk’s throat, his bottom lip jutting out as he lowers his head. He doesn’t like being punished, and he hates his Daddy thinking he’s a bad boy even more, but he stays completely still as Jimin moves to pick something else up from the side table because he knows he needs to be good now.

“I’ve got to put this on you, baby.” 

Jeongguk nearly cries at the sight of the pink cock cage in Jimin’s hand, tugging at the hem of his shirt as he sniffs to stop the tears coming. “B-Baby’s sorry…baby’s sorry for p-playing with TaeTae…”

Jimin shushes him gently, his dominant persona dropping for a second when his hand comes up to stroke Jeongguk’s hair. “I know, I know…what’s your safeword, Gukkie?”

“D-Daisy…” Jeongguk mutters, eyes still fixed on the small device that keeps him locked up for as long as his Daddy wants.

“Do you want to use it?” Jimin asks sincerely. “Your Daddy won’t be mad.”

Jeongguk shakes his head firmly; if Namjoon told Jimin to put the cage on him as punishment then he’ll wear it. Jimin gives him a warm smile, ruffling his hair one more time before that dominant look in his eyes returns. Then he’s quick to get on his knees, sliding the cage up over Jeongguk’s soft cock and snapping the cock ring in place at the base. Jeongguk keeps a tight grip on his shirt as he fidgets, the humiliation hitting him in waves as he stands half naked and lets Jimin lock him up.

Finally, the padlock clicks shut and Jeongguk can feel the uncomfortable restriction of the cage. It’s sized perfectly for his small cock, putting enough pressure on his shaft that it’s impossible for him to even get slightly hard. Jimin seems pleased with his handiwork, giving Jeongguk’s cock a small flick and making him yelp before standing back up.

“Time to get dressed, Guk.” He grabs Jeongguk’s crumpled briefs and dungarees from the floor, handing him his underwear first. “Can you do it yourself?”

Jeongguk’s bottom lip wobbles again; if Jimin’s making him get dressed then he definitely won’t be out of his cage for a while. “B-But Hyungie, cage…”

“This is on until Namjoon-Hyung gets home, you know that.” Jimin says sternly, the corner of his lip twitching upwards as he speaks again. “He has the key anyway, so I can’t get it off for you, bun.”

A sob escapes Jeongguk’s mouth, tears threatening to spill over as he takes his briefs and steps into them as he’s told. He feels so small in front of Jimin, nearly crying with his cock locked up, and he loves it. He wants to be a baby for all of his Hyungs, wants to be made to cry and then praised while he’s cradled to sleep. Jimin is the best at making him cry because of how mean he is, how he teases and humiliates him. Big Jeongguk would know that they always keep a spare key for the cock cage in his room, but little Jeongguk can’t think past Jimin’s words.

He gets his dungarees up without a problem, but when it comes to doing up the buttons he no longer knows how to do it. “S’hard, Jiminie-Hyung…”

He’s pretty sure he hears Jimin sigh, glancing away as the older boy buttons up the sides and clips his braces back in place. “Not a big enough boy to dress yourself?" 

“No Hyungie…” Jeongguk mumbles, keeping his head down as he listens to the sound of a chair being pulled across the room. Then Jimin’s hands are on his waist, spinning him around and sitting him down. “Huh?” 

His new seat is positioned directly in front of the bed, and Jeongguk makes eye contact with Taehyung once he gathers the courage to look up. Taehyung still hasn’t moved one inch, his legs slightly spread where he’s dealing, cock still leaking between them as he keeps his hands at splayed out in front of him. He gives Jeongguk a reassuring smile before looking back at Jimin expectantly.

Jimin finally moves his attention away from Jeongguk, tightening his grip on Taehyung’s leash he begins to unbutton his puppy’s pyjama shirt. “Time for your punishment, pup. Jeonggukie here is going to sit still and watch while I teach you a lesson, isn’t that right Guk?” 

Jeongguk ducks his head again, swallowing heavily. Of course, he’s seen Jimin punish Taehyung before; making a show of it for all of the members to see because Taehyung is a bit of exhibitionist, but being made to watch while he’s locked up and unable to touch himself makes more tears spring to his eyes. “I-if Jiminie-Hyung wants…”

“Good.” Jimin smiles, leaning over to tilt Jeongguk’s chin up with one finger. “Eyes forward, baby.”

Taehyung’s shirt is already gone when Jeongguk looks back at him, leaving the boy completely naked par his collar, ears and tail. Despite the humiliation he should be feeling his eyes are bright as he gazes at his Master when Jimin sits down next to him. A single pat on his knee and Taehyung is climbing over his lap, whining as his cock rubs against the fabric of Jimin’s jeans.

Suddenly all of Jimin’s attention is on his puppy, kneading the flesh of his ass as he strokes the hair at the nape of Taehyung’s neck with his other hand. Taehyung lets his head hang down, humming softly from Jimin’s affectionate touches. However, it doesn’t last long, and once his body seems to completely relax Jimin lifts his hand and lands one solid smack to his left ass cheek. Taehyung lurches forward with a yelp, hands gripping tightly at Jimin’s thigh to ground himself. Jeongguk stares, eyes wide as he watches the flesh of Taehyung’s ass bounce and redden, his tail swishing along with the movement of his body. 

“How many do you think you deserve, pup?” Jimin asks, scoffing when Taehyung just whines in response. “Oh, I forgot you can’t speak~ I think 10 will do for playing with our baby without permission, and I want to hear a bark with each hit.”

Taehyung nods without hesitation, lowering his head again and closing his eyes in preparation. Jeongguk’s hands curl around the sides of the chair when Jimin raises his hand again, flinching at the sharp smack that comes after. Taehyung jolts again, barking loudly as his other cheek turns the same shade of red.

Jimin’s eyes stay fixed on Taehyung’s ass as he lowers his palm again and again, the fingers on his other hand hooked around his puppy’s collar to hold his head down. By the final smack Taehyung is shaking, drool running from his mouth onto the floor. Jimin’s grip tightens, practically choking him as he pulls Taehyung up by the collar and forces him onto his knees. Taehyung’s eyes are glazed over and Jeongguk can hear him panting again when he tries to swallow back his saliva and look up at his Master. 

Jimin pats him on the head in praise before lifting him back onto the bed. “Good pup, took your spanking well. I guess you deserve to fuck me like a good little slut now.”

Jeongguk’s breath hitches, and he can’t help but fidget as the cage begins to feel tighter around him. Jimin pays him no attention when he pulls his jeans and boxers off and climbs in front of Taehyung on his hands and knees, nor when he fingers himself open and curses when Taehyung licks around his hole.

“Fuck…you’re filthy, TaeTae.” He grits his teeth, pulling his fingers out once he’s stretched. Jeongguk bites his lip when Taehyung immediately cleans them, swirling his tongue around the digits until Jimin pulls his hand away. “Such a well trained whore. Come on puppy, fuck me well and I might let you come.”

Taehyung is quick to respond, bracing his hands on Jimin’s hips as he lines himself up and slides into his Master. Jimin lets out a groan once he’s buried deep inside of him, and Taehyung quickly pulls back and snaps his hips back into him again. His legs are already shaking from the stimulation, desperate from being held at the edge for so long. His thrusts are sloppier than before and after a few moments Jimin gives his leash an aggressive tug, holding it taught so Taehyung is forced to lean forward. Jeongguk can see how he’s struggling to breathe, choked gasps leaving his lips, but Jimin doesn’t let go.

“I told you to fuck me well,” He starts, but as he turns his head he locks eyes with Jeongguk. “not to hump me like a dirty mutt.”

“Min-nie…” Taehyung whines, his chest pressed to Jimin’s back as he tries to lean forward to breathe.

“Dogs don’t speak.” Jimin states, pausing for a moment and then loosening his grip on Taehyung’s leash as his expression softens. “…What’s your safe word, sweetheart?”

“Canary…” Taehyung whispers, shaking his head. “Not using it…gonna be a good dog…”

“Alright, honey.” Jimin shushes him, giving Taehyung another few moments to recover before he tightens his grip on the leash to choke him again. Taehyung’s eyes begin to roll back, mouth falling open in pleasure even as he wheezes in an attempt to breathe. Then there’s a moment of complete silence between the three of them, and Jeongguk tries to resist the urge to press against his crotch to relieve the pressure against his cock. Instead he brings his hand up to his mouth, wrapping his lips back around his thumb to suck on it.

Finally, Jimin lets go, smirking when Taehyung splutters and inhales sharply, grinding back against his puppy’s cock as an invitation. “Do it right, be my good puppy.” 

The sound of skin smacking against skin picks up again, and soon enough Jimin’s voice fills the air. Taehyung pounds into him, nipping and biting around his shoulder blades and up the nape of his neck until they’re both moaning in sync. It’s evident when Taehyung lets close to his orgasm, his hips stuttering as he tugs at Jimin’s ear with his teeth. Jimin seems to understand, nodding back at him. “G-Go on, pup…you can come."

Jeongguk whimpers from his seat when Taehyung snaps his hips forward one last time, body quivering as he comes. Some of his come spills from his Master’s hole, running down to his balls when Taehyung pulls out and falls onto his knees. Even in his post orgasm haze he still leans forward to bury his tongue inside Jimin, lapping up his own come until Jimin sits up and pushes him off.

He turns around slowly to face Taehyung, dragging his thumb across his puppy’s lips. “So filthy.”

Jeongguk wonders if he’s going to get Taehyung to suck him off to completion, but then Jimin’s eyes fall back on him.

“Don’t you think we should put that mouth to better use, baby?” 

Jeongguk’s legs move on their own, his thumb leaving his mouth with a loud pop. He practically staggers to Jimin, dropping to his knees in front of him, mouth watering at the sight of a hard cock in front of his face. “B-Baby wants…wants to…” 

Jimin gives him an affectionate smile as he stumbles over his words, pressing the tip of his cock to Jeongguk’s lips gently. “I know Gukkie, go on.” 

Jeongguk opens his mouth eagerly, pressing his tongue to the underside of Jimin’s cock and savouring the weight of it before he wraps his lips around the shaft. He bobs his head slowly, looking up at Jimin and watching as Taehyung lies next to him and he begins to stroke his puppy’s hair soothingly until Taehyung’s eyes fall closed and his breathing shallows.

He focuses back on how full his mouth is, lowering his head to take in as much of Jimin as possible until he begins to gag. Jimin groans at the vibrations as Jeongguk’s throat spasms, tears overflowing and running down his cheeks but still working his hardest to make Jimin come.

 “G-God, Guk…” Jimin moans, gripping Jeongguk’s hair with his free hand. Jeongguk hollows his cheeks and lifts his head again, licking around the tip of Jimin’s cock before dipping back down. “I’m gonna come…”

 Jimin pulls back before he orgasms, painting Jeongguk’s lips and chin with his come. Jeongguk runs his tongue across his lips slowly, savouring the taste as he swallows what he can lap up without using his hands.

“Messy baby.” Jimin smirks, wiping up the remaining come from his chin and pressing it to Jeongguk’s mouth for him to lick off.

Just as Jimin gives Taehyung’s head one more pet and stands to pull his boxers and jeans back on, his phone buzzes from inside his pocket. Jeongguk stays on his knees, watching Taehyung’s sleeping form as Jimin reads the text.

“Looks like your Daddy’s back, Guk.” He says. “I’ll go get him.”

Jeongguk’s eyes glisten at the news of Namjoon finally getting back to the dorm, nodding eagerly. “Thank you, Jiminie-Hyung!”

As Jimin pads off down the hall Jeongguk is suddenly painfully aware of the pressure on his cock, whimpering as he presses his hands down against his crotch to try and relieve it, his hips bucking up on instinct into his palms. He must have at least a few minutes to himself if Jimin is going to the front door to meet Namjoon, so he quickly hops up onto the bed and nervously grabs one of the pillows

He glances over to Taehyung again, making sure he’s asleep before he straddles the pillow, gasping as he slowly rocks forward on it. He wants to come so badly, but he can’t even get hard with the cage on. Nonetheless he keeps rocking back and forth, squirming as he humps the pillow from the stimulation, his breathing becoming more laboured.

“P-Please…nn…” He whimpers, sniffling when it’s never quite enough, the frustration overwhelming him.

“Oh, what a naughty boy.” 

The sound of Namjoon’s voice makes his hips immediately still, and Jeongguk looks up slowly to see Jimin and his Daddy in the doorway. Another whimper escapes his lips from how much he’d missed him, his bottom lip trembling as Namjoon steps over to the bed. He immediately reaches out, beginning to cry again when Namjoon scoops him up into his arms. 

“Shh, I’ve got you.” Namjoon murmurs softly, holding him securely as Jeongguk wraps his arms around his neck and buries his face into his shirt collar. “Sorry I couldn’t come sooner, baby.”

Jeongguk just clings to him, vaguely hearing Namjoon thank Jimin for taking care of him before he’s being carried back down the hallway. He feels safe and comforted in his Daddy’s arms, his crying reduced to the odd sniffle by the time they make it back to Namjoon’s room.

He wants to protest when he’s lowered onto the bed, holding onto Namjoon for as long as possible until he’s finally pried off. Namjoon sits next to him, running his hands gently through Jeongguk’s hair. “We can do your punishment tomorrow if you don’t feel up to it, I’ll take your cage off and you can go to sleep.” 

“No, no…” Jeongguk whines. “I wanna-baby wants to come, Daddy…”

“If you insist, honey bun.” Namjoon nods, reaching down to open the bottom drawer of his bedside table. “You might be happy to know that you get to come as part of your punishment.” 

“Really…?” Jeongguk asks quizzically, wondering how that’s a punishment if he’s getting what he wants. He watches curiously as Namjoon places a couple of their toys on the bed; the wand and a prostate massager, along with Jeongguk’s favourite cherry flavoured lube. 

“Yup, now let’s get you undressed.” Namjoon gets his dungarees off him quickly before lifting his shirt over his head and sliding his briefs down his legs. Jeongguk flushes pink as his eyes fall on the cage, his little cock dripping through the slit at the end. “Did the cage frustrate you, baby?”

“Uh-huh…hurts, Daddy.” Jeongguk pouts, opening his mouth in protest when Namjoon moves around to the top of the bed instead of getting the cage key out to free him. He still lies back when Namjoon lightly tugs at his shoulders, finally realising what’s going on when the cuffs attached to the bedframe are strapped around each of his wrists.

Once Namjoon also has his ankles restrained so he’s spread-eagled he finally takes the key out of his wallet, sitting next to Jeongguk to place a hand on his stomach. “I’m going to take this off, but I want to know if you understand why you’re being punished, Gukkie." 

Jeongguk wriggles in his restraints, refusing to meet Namjoon’s eyes while he explains what he did wrong. “M’being punished ‘cause I played with TaeTae without permission…” 

“Not quite.” Namjoon states, and Jeongguk furrows his brows at him. “You’re being punished because you played with Taehyung while you were little. When you’re big you can play with Tae whenever you want, but it could be dangerous for you if Yoongi-Hyung or I’m not around when you’re little. Tae doesn’t know what to do if you have a drop, especially if he’s in puppy space.”

“Oh, yeah…” Jeongguk mumbles, nodding slowly in understanding. He hasn’t had a sub drop in a while, but he knows that Namjoon and Yoongi are the only ones that can properly take care of him if he does have one. “Sorry, Daddy.”

“It’s okay, baby, I just don’t want to punish you if you don’t understand why.”

Jeongguk bucks his hips up when Namjoon holds onto the cage, clicking open the padlock and gently sliding it off of him. He whines in relief as his cock can finally begin to harden, twitching in Namjoon’s grip as his Daddy pumps him to full hardness. “A-Ah…”

Soon enough he finds himself mindlessly fucking up into Namjoon’s hand, squeezing his eyes shut with a whine when he feels two fingers pressing into his entrance.

“Did Taehyung loosen you up, baby?” Namjoon asks, slipping his fingers back out and giving Jeongguk’s cock one last pump before pulling off. Jeongguk makes a noise of protest, trying to kick his legs out. “Don’t throw a tantrum, we’re getting there.”

Jeongguk stills at the mention of tantrums; he doesn’t want to seem like a bad boy and make his Daddy upset with him. Instead he chews on his bottom lip, watching as Namjoon slicks up the prostate massager with lube before slowly sliding it inside him. His thighs jerk when it presses snugly against his prostate, gritting his teeth as he gets used to the feeling.

“Good boy,” Namjoon strokes up and down past his hipbone until his breathing evens out again. “Can I turn it on now, honey?”

“Yes, Dadd-nn…!” Jeongguk almost chokes when the vibrator starts up inside of him, already set to one of the highest settings. Normally Namjoon would slowly ease him up to the higher settings, but this time he’s twitching from the start at it buzzes against his sweet spot. “T-Too much, too much-!”

“This is a punishment, Guk. You know what to say if you want me to stop.”

The sight of Namjoon picking up the wand makes Jeongguk whimper, his cock already painfully hard and leaking from the stimulation inside of him. He shakes his head as the wand is pressed to the tip of his cock, watching with tearful eyes as he waits for Namjoon to switch it on.

He throws his head to the side as the wand begins to vibrate against his slit, also already set to one of the highest settings. He can’t stop his whole body shaking, his orgasm approaching at an almost painful rate when he can’t adjust to either of the toys. “D-Daddy, gon-gonna-!”

His breath hitches when he comes, toes curling and come spilling around the sides of the head of the wand. Namjoon utters sweet praises to him as he shakes through his orgasm, but doesn’t pull the wand off or the massager out even when Jeongguk squirms from the overstimulation.

“H-Hurts, please-” He chokes, trying to blink away his tears and wriggle his body away from the toys. Namjoon grips his hips to hold them down when he lurches away, dragging the wand up and down his shaft until Jeongguk is practically sobbing. 

“We’re not stopping until your punishment is over, baby.” Namjoon says softly, his voice calm and collected in comparison to Jeongguk’s stutters. “You’ve only got to come three more times and then it’s over.”

Fat tears run down the sides of Jeongguk’s face, he doesn’t know how it’s even possible for him to come that many times. “I can’t-baby can’t-” 

“I know you can do it, Gukkie, be my good boy.” Namjoon leans over and presses his lips to Jeongguk’s forehead, wiping away his tears with his free hand. Jeongguk nods shakily, his body trapped between the affectionate touches and the mix of pain and pleasure from being overstimulated so aggressively.

His next orgasm hits him unexpectedly, his hips jumping when Namjoon presses the wand up underneath his balls, his prostate stimulated from both inside and outside. He throws his head back with a gasp, whimpering at how wet his cock is from the come running down onto his belly. 

He squeezes his eyes shut with a sob when the vibrations don’t let up, nonsensical babbles leaving his lips when he tries to speak. He can feel himself beginning to drop, hands balling into fists in an attempt grab something to ground himself, whimpering when there’s nothing.

Then there’s a warm hand around his own, Namjoon’s fingers stroking over his knuckles. “Gukkie, open your eyes for me. You can do it.”

Jeongguk looks up at him slowly, mouth hanging open and drool collecting on the pillow. Namjoon pulls the wand away briefly and switches off the massager, and Jeongguk’s chest heaves in momentary relief as he comes back to his senses. 

“Do you need to use your safeword, petal?” Namjoon looks slightly concerned, brushing strands of Jeongguk’s sweat slick hair away from his eyes. “You’ve done so well, I won’t be mad.” 

Once he’s able to think properly again Jeongguk shakes his head, lips tilting up at the corners to give his Daddy a tired smile. “No, Daddy…Gukkie can do it.” 

Namjoon gives him a minute before he nods. “Alright, just two more, baby.”

The vibrations start up again and Jeongguk yelps, lifting his head to watch with gritted teeth as Namjoon twirls the wand around the head of his cock, pressing it down firmly just under his slit and making him squirm again. Even though the want occasionally moves off of his cock down to his balls the massager is relentless against his prostate, making his thighs twitch continuously.

It takes a while for the pleasure to rise in his gut around the pain of being overstimulated, but when it does Jeongguk begins to whine again, lifting his hips up against the wand so that he can come quickly. However, Namjoon presses down against the base of his stomach to hold him, lifting the wand off before he very slowly lowers it onto his slit again.

Jeongguk lurches at the feather light touches, each one of them like shocks of electricity to his senses, but never quite enough. “Please, please-baby’s a good boy, please…” 

Namjoon shows him mercy, finally pressing it down fully and holding it when Jeongguk’s body stiffens again, the pleasure of this orgasm significantly less than the last two. This time only a small amount of come spills from his cock, running down his shaft to pool at the bottom of his stomach. 

“Last one, Gukkie.” Namjoon hushes him when he lets out another sob, his cock completely milked dry but still being tormented. “My good boy, you’re so good.”

He can only whimper at the praise, tugging on his restraints when Namjoon wraps his free hand around his cock to hold it, sliding the wand up and down from the underside of the head to the middle of his shaft. He knows that Jeongguk is most sensitive there, and Jeongguk practically screams from the feeling. He tries desperately to buck his hips away, loud sobs leaving his throat and thighs spasming, but Namjoon doesn’t let up.

Jeongguk’s eyes roll back when he hits his final orgasm, whimpering when it’s completely dry and ridiculously unsatisfying. As soon as he starts to come down the vibrations stop for the final time, his legs quivering when the prostate massager is gently pulled out of his hole.

“Still with me, baby?” Namjoon asks as he unstraps him, rubbing at his wrists and ankles to soothe them before Jeongguk rolls onto his side. “I’m so proud of you.”

Jeongguk just lets his eyes flutter closed, his entire body too heavy to move. He feels a wet towel cleaning over his stomach, whimpering at the light touches to his cock and hole. Then he feels the bed shift next to him, the duvet pulled up over his shoulders and the warmth of Namjoon’s body next to him. He curls into him, basking in the light touches to his hair, his headspace shifting as they lay in silence.

Eventually he pulls together enough energy to open his eyes, gazing up at Namjoon until their eyes meet and the older man gives him a smile.

“…Hey, Hyung.” Jeongguk murmurs, watching Namjoon’s expression shift until he’s looking at Jeongguk as less of a caregiver and more as a friend. “Sorry for turning little when you and Yoongi-Hyung weren’t around.”

“Don’t apologise, Guk, we know you don’t get to choose these things.” Namjoon ruffles his hair, and Jeongguk lifts his arm to drape it around his waist. “Just call one of us next time, yeah?” 

“You were both working…besides, I only went to Tae to cuddle in the first place. We just uh…got a little too in the moment.” Jeongguk shrugs shyly; he knows he’s terrible at resisting Taehyung’s charms no matter what headspace he’s in.

Namjoon just rolls his eyes fondly. “You’re both terrible, but it doesn’t matter if I’m working, and I’m sure Yoongi-Hyung would say the same thing. Looking after you or any of the other boys that need it is our first priority.” 

“Okay Hyung, next time I’ll call you.” Jeongguk closes his eyes again, his body desperately chasing sleep. “…am I still your best boy?”

He hears Namjoon chuckle. “Always, Gukkie.”