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A boy, in his late teens, was panting as he raced to get the blueprints of a ship from an X-wing that has just landed on the resistance base in Somaar towards the command room. As he hastily passed by the pilots as well as clean-up crews, Finn was jerked from his place by the heavy footsteps. He was staring out to nothingness, really, seemingly loss in his thoughts. Finn did not pause and immediately followed the boy through the corridors. As they entered the command room, Poe looked up from the screen and smiled as he locked eyes with Finn whom literally stumbled in.

“Sir, Admiral Dameron, the blueprints we stole from the First Order Wreckage.” The boy proudly held the blueprints for Poe to reach.

“Thank you, Jake. BB-8, do your magic, buddy.” He inserted the piece of machinery into the droid and a hologram was projected in the middle of the room. All the ranks in the room, turned their attention to it but all of them frowned almost immediately.

“It can’t be. Starkiller Base. Get him here right now.” Poe barked and Finn nodded before leaving the room.




“Sir, you asked for me?” The voice laced with order and control came from the entrance as the officers in the command room were alerted into a stance, wary of the man before them, yet trying hard to not make it obvious.

Poe glanced at the unmistakable tuff of red hair and always uptight posture, although in his months here, it has slightly lossen up.

“Hugs, we need you to look at these blueprints. Gold Squad retrieved them from a TIE fighter that was shot down in a squabble few days ago. We received intel that the blueprints are the plans the first order has for the future but it only showed the Starkiller Base. Perhaps you can shine more light on it.”

“Yes, sir.” The formal first order general stepped closer towards the hologram and inspected it. His right hand mindlessly rubbing on the tracker band on his left wrist, a habit that had stuck since the resistance cuffed it onto him after his defection. He knew that he needed to earn their trust and that he will be treated like a scum and generally being avoided in the beginning. At least the violence had stopped after the first three months.

“This is not Starkiller Base. It is something more advanced. Probably the size of the Death Star but as ruthless as the Starkiller. They refined my designs for the next generation weapon.” He paused, sighing and lowering his head.

Armitage, don’t blame yourself for everything that the First Order did.

“Every weapon has at least a weak point. We just need to find a way to penetrate the outside and destroy the core power source. The First Order just can’t seem to be able to settle this one specific problem, so that is out advantage.” Hux finished as his turmoil subsided.

“Thank you. Commander Ghano, your squad will be the one for the mission once we draft up a plan.” Poe made one last eye contact with Hux before being swallowed up by his command crew.

Everyone fell into their duties, ignoring Hux who was feeling small in the room. He slowly retreated and made his way to his bunk room. Somehow, he tuned out all the noises as he thought of his life in the resistance, how did he get here.

“Supreme leader, do not let your emotions dis……arghhhh.” He could not stand watching months worth of supplies wasted by his new child of a supreme leader, and so he bravely interjected, hopefully, he can talk some sense into the knight. He barely felt the force restraining his body before his whole back was sent into the console on the side of the AT-AT cockpit.

A sickening crack was heard and a sharp pain was send coursing through his thin frame before he lost consciousness.

As he came to his door, he felt a presence behind him, snapping him out of the memory.