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This Time For Sure

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"...Why did it have to be you?"

Once radiant ice blue eyes now only reflect a bitter hollowness as they stare down at the corpse that will never awaken ever again. Sitting beneath a wilting cherry blossom tree, a seemingly young blond man is holding onto another person. Tears well within the man's glazed expression as he tenderly embraces the lithe figure dressed in a blood soaked robe. Despite the raging flames and countless screams of horror surrounding him, he can only register the body's coldness that matches with his heart. Closing his eyes, he allows the tears to slowly trickle down his pale face for a few moments before opening them as he readjusts his position in order to slip his arms underneath the figure. Weakly rising to his feet, he holds the corpse bridal style.

Perhaps if he was quicker, she really would have been his bride.

He ignores how his own white robe is caked with dark splotches that have long since dried. Gently supporting the upper half of her body in order to have the head rest against his shoulder, he smiles slightly at the way her bangs cross over her face. With single blow of his breath, the wind around them swirls in a small circular fashion, creating currents that cause their attires to billow out. Ultimately with this action, her bangs are swept to the side just as the cherry blossoms from above are forced to fall due to both the strength of the wind and their already weakening hold on the branches.

Glancing up as the two of them are showered in pink, his smile widens even more.

"You always wanted to see this, right? Look, they're raining from above under the moonlight." His voice trembles as he continues, "That was one of your wishes. To stand here together with me here." Choking down his sorrow, he forces himself to complain quietly, "Yet why am I the only one on my feet? Why is it that you're not waking up?"

A teardrop falls from his eye and onto her icy cheek.

The man's smile instantly transforms into an indignant scowl. "I won't allow you to leave me behind. This time, I'll be the one to make take the initiative and come find you." He pauses briefly. "...You loved this world, didn't you? Then," his grip on her body tightens, "I'll bring everything with me as a gift." His body glows with a bright aquamarine hue; a sharp contrast to the backdrop full of soot and pools of blood.

Just as the world is about to explode, the man smiles one last time. A real, authentic smile full of eagerness and adoration.