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A Stable Relationship

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The scenery is beautiful. It’s as if taken right out of a painting or a description from a novel both written in the literal time of romance. It’s nothing short of idyllic. The sun is shining, a playful bird-couple are chasing each other in the air. The wind is rustling the leafs on the trees and creates small ripples in the surface of the lake. Birdsong is heard as a constant background tune to the life on the farm. Jimin listens to the grass being torn along with heavy ps of a creature weighing ten times as much as himself. Jimin leans against the fork he stabbed into the ground as he enjoys the view. He wipes the sweat from his brows and removes his torn, used to be white, shirt and ties it around his waist. He is happy. This is his life. All the horses at the farm are out grassing in the fields. The younglings are playing in a secluded area. The old retired pony is sleeping by the lake, tail swishing lazily from side to side to keep the flies away. A dark gelding is playing up to a mare and Jimin laughs at the sight.

“Doofus. You had your balls cut years ago, and you still act like a hormonal teenager in front of the girls,” he chuckles to himself. A golden gelding hears him talk and looks up in curiosity. Jimin knows he is looking for the bucket he would bring with treats for them. When he doesn’t see it, he resumes grassing.

“You do know I pay you to work, right?” A man’s voice sounds behind him. Jimin doesn’t even turn to face him and waves a hand at him. “I’ll stay an hour late. And with the amount you pay me, it’s not like it’ll make much of a difference at the bottom line,” Jimin says before he turns around to face the man. He is older than him. It is obvious nature took its toll on him. Looking past the wrinkles around his eyes, the silver strings in his hair, and the twenty kilos extra, Jimin sees a mirror image of himself.

“Brat,” his father says and shakes his head, lips pulling into a smile over crooked teeth.

“Cheap old man,” Jimin responds with a grin before he pulls the fork out of the dirt and resumes collecting the feces from the ground and dumped them in a wheelbarrow.

“Watch your tongue, young man. I’ll tell your mother about your behavior and she will make sure you don’t get any lunch,” his father jokes and Jimin laughs.

“If the horses can live from grass, so can I. It won’t make much difference from a salad,” he claims jokingly, causing the old man to laugh and shake his head.

“Get to work, Jimin. I know you love your horses, but your mother’s roses won’t fertilize themselves,” his dad reminded him and Jimin resumed working.

Jimin is happy. He is fresh out of high school with no intention of going to college. He is living the life he wants already by working at his parents’ farm. He never aspired to be a doctor or lawyer and will rather leave the spots in college open for someone who actually wants them. Jimin always preferred the fresh air at the farm. He has a schedule at the farm, showing up every morning to feed the horses and then lead them to the fields they are assigned. Then he will clean out the stables and make sure everything is ready for when the horses are to be taken inside again later. When he is done with the stables he checks the field for water, any holes in the fences, and makes sure the worst shit is removed on daily basis. When he is done, it’s time for lunch. His mother cooks lunch for both him and his father every day. They catch up on their lives around the dinner table as they eat whatever his mother has created. When he is done eating he goes to the field and gets his horses. He takes his time grooming them every day while his lunch settles in his stomach. Everyone, who knows a little about riding, knows riding on a full stomach isn’t pleasant. Then one by one he saddles the horses and brings them out to ride. His old mare is mostly for fun so he starts with her. She had brought him through countless competitions but an injury during transportation left her unable to compete again. Jimin was sad about that, but she was old too and wouldn’t last much longer at that level, so Jimin had already bought a new horse. He kept her still. She was his best friend and they could still enjoy riding in the forest covering some of the ground belonging to the farm. Next up is his golden gelding. He is amazing at dressage and Jimin loves developing said skill. He has only had him for a year but they are already inseparable. Everything he knows, Jimin had taught him. Jimin has the idea he can start competing at high levels next summer if he keeps his development like it is now.

Once their session is over, Jimin releases the reigns and lets him stretch his neck out and relax. He leaves the riding arena and brings him to a small field trip to cool down. They take a shorter path through the forest and he is cooled down enough to be let out by the time they return to the stables. Next up, a red stallion. He can do everything. Showjumping, off-track racing, military tracks, dressage, hunting. Jimin has never seen a horse so all-round as the stallion who masters all skills to the level he does. But he does and Jimin loves it. Today he takes him jumping. Before he gets the stallion from the stables, he sets up the obstacles and makes sure everything is ready. Jimin sets an easy course, not feeling like riding him hard. The obstacles are all around 160 centimeters in height and Jimin knows that isn’t much of a challenge for the stallion.

Both he and the horse are sweating by the time they are done. Jimin is grinning from ear to ear. They’ve been riding for almost an hour and not even once did he take an obstacle down.

“We’re so ready for this season,” he whispers to the horse and releases the reigns to let it cool down before he brings it back to the stables.


The days repeat. There is no difference between weekdays and weekends aside from the people visiting the farm. People have their horses at their farm, filling out the boxes Jimin couldn’t use for his own horses. He only has time for so many horses after all. Jimin takes care of them too, but he doesn’t ride them. He just makes sure their boxes are clean and they get outside every day. He is happy with the routine. He has a few friends from high school he sees on the weekends on occasion but he doesn’t need to be all that social. He doesn’t really care for it. He has his horses and that’s all he needs. More or less. He doesn’t need much more, just a little more. He has a certain longing he feels whenever he is in the storage room for saddles and bridles.


“Hi,” Jimin startles out of his daze. It’s just past noon and he is gathering the equipment for his own horses. It’s a regular weekday and no one but him and his father are supposed to be in the stables for at least a few more hours. He turns on his heels and he sees…pretty much everything but what he expects to see. He is used to be in the stables. People coming there are always wearing some kind of clothes that can handle dirt or meant for riding. This guy is wearing everything but that. Jimin starts from the bottom. Who the hell wears white sneakers to stables? The jeans that clad his legs are of high-end quality and looks like one leg alone would be a whole month’s pay of Jimin’s salary, before taxes. Jimin doesn’t even reach the stranger’s shirt before his eyes catch on to his nails. That boy hasn’t done a day’s worth of hard work in his entire life. Not even a single day. His nails are filed neatly and are covered in a layer of shiny gloss. The man had gotten a fucking manicure and it isn’t even old.

“What can I do for you?” He asks, cautious enough of polite etiquette to look up at the man’s face as he speaks.

“I’m Jungkook. I’m the new stable boy. Mrs. Park told me to come here and see you,” he says and looks at Jimin expectantly. It’s like he is waiting for Jimin to do or say something.

“See me about what?” he asks. He is more than just a little confused. He hasn’t heard anything about a new horse coming. Is he supposed to show the man the stables and the equipment they offer with the stables? He feels like someone forgot to give him a very important piece of information about this man.

“Aren’t you Jimin?” Mr. White Sneakers - Jungkook - wonders.

“Yes? Jimin, that’s me. But what can I do for you? I didn’t expect anyone here today,” he admits and dares taking a look at the man’s shirt. A fucking Lacoste shirt? Jimin wants to push the man out of the stables and asks his mother to clean the floor before he shows him to their living room. He is so not supposed to be in the stables. That’s for sure.

“No, neither did I. My parents got enough of my shit and they sent me here. I’m supposed to work here as a punishment. So basically, I’m your slave for the summer,” Jungkook explains and casually pockets his hands as if he hadn’t just cursed in front of a stranger, admitted to be a spoiled brat and on top of that, Jimin really doesn’t like his attitude. It may or may not have something to do with Jungkook like he just stepped off a poster from a skin care commercial affiliated with an expensive clothing store.

“My slave?” Jimin questions, brows raised in disbelief. “I don’t need no slave. If you don’t want to be here, find somewhere else to work. With zero interest in horses, I’m not here to babysit you. Call your parents and ask them to find another job with someone who doesn’t care that you don’t care,” Jimin says before he turns back around to grab the equipment to the retired mare. He brings the saddle and bridle with him towards where his mare is standing. She isn’t tied up. Neither she or Jimin likes it, so Jimin taught her to stay on her own. He places the saddle on her back and adjusts it so it lays where it’s supposed to. He circles the horse and released the girth from the stirrup. He returns to the other side and tightens the girth around her stomach to keep the saddle in place before he worked on the bridle.

“Well, if you won’t tell me what to do, I’ll just watch you do whatever you’re doing,” Jungkook says from where he stands.

“Or, you can go back to the room. Pick one bridle at the time, take it apart and wash the leather. While that bridle dries, you take another. Make sure you don’t mix them. When the first one is dry, you apply the leather fat to it. It’s in the same box as the leather soap. It should all be in the storage room. Don’t worry about assembling them. I’ll do that when I’m done riding,” Jimin tells him before he brings the mare out.


Whenever Jimin returns to the stables, Jungkook is working thoroughly on the leather as Jimin told him too. His white sneakers are no longer white and his once clean shirt is now marked with dark soapy splotches from when the soft leather has slipped his hand and sprayed the dirty water onto his chest. Jimin ignores him to the best of his abilities. He doesn’t appreciate being set on babysitter duty. Especially not without warning. He simply makes sure his equipment is placed in their respective places neatly before he grabs the next, and heads out to ride the next horse in line. It takes a good four hours before Jimin is back in the stables and have let all horses back onto the field after riding them all. He picks up the equipment from the last horse and carries it to the storage room. He puts everything into place before he sits down opposite Jungkook.

“How have you laid the bridles out?” He asks and looks at the bridles that lay too close for Jimin to confidently separate them without making sure first.

“Just like this,” Jungkook says and points out where the bridles are separated and Jimin scoots to one end and starts assembling the bridles again. He doesn’t really pay attention to what he is doing. He has done it so many times before that’s more mechanical than anything. The only thing he has to pay attention to, is to tighten it the same amount as it was tightened before so it won’t be uncomfortable for the horses. He is quickly catching up with Jungkook and finishes assembling the last bridle up to the one Jungkook is working on before he leans back in his seat.

“So, welcome to the farm I guess,” Jimin says and eyes over the obviously younger - and equally richer - male.

“Thanks. It’s not really like I want to be here, but why not get the best out of it now that I am here?” He asks. Jimin has to admit he likes that statement a little. Maybe, just maybe, the kid isn’t as bad as he first seemed.

“Why are you here? You mentioned as a kind of punishment?” He asks, curious as to why the other are at the farm when he most definitely belonged in some high-rank position in his father’s company.

“My mom caught me doing some shit she didn’t approve of. It just so happened to be related to a business partner’s kid. She wasn’t happy and wanted me as far away from rich people as possible,” Jungkook explains vaguely. Jimin doesn’t know if he is supposed to be offended about not being called rich and a less important person than said business partner, or if he should just accept it as the truth of the world. He could sell his horses and he could afford living easily for the next decade or five without worry, but that isn’t Jimin’s nature. He loves his horses and he will rather live tight on budget than live without them. Priorities.

“And what, aside from the distance, did they want to achieve by sending you here?” Jimin asks as he watches the younger rub the leather fat into the bridle parts. Jungkook doesn’t answer immediately and Jimin’s eyes focus on him rather than the leather.

“They want me to see what a real horse is like and what they can do,” he says. He sounds like the words are carefully chosen not to give too much away. Jimin hums softly in acknowledgment. A real horse? Oh, come on. Is he one of the big city kids who think the egg comes from the store and not the chicken?

“They have a wonderful sense of humor. What are you used to? My Little Pony or stick ponies?” He asks, humor glinting in his eyes. Jungkook doesn’t look as happy with Jimin’s teasing as Jimin is himself, but a smirk is playing on his lips nonetheless.

“Those might be the thoughts you’ve had in mind when talking about other horses,” Jungkook says and he stands up. He rounds the table where the leather has been laid out and sits on it right in front of Jimin. Jimin chuckles and looks up at him, unbothered by the other’s change of position and attempt at intimidating him.

“I’ve seen how you look at the bridles. I recognize that look anywhere, Jimin,” Jungkook says and reaches out to grab Jimin’s chin and turns his head from side to side. Jimin - much to his own surprise - lets him while his eyes never leave his.

“How do I look at them?” He asks, voice surprisingly strong compared to how he feels in front of Jungkook. Jungkook changed. He was always strong and arrogant and dominant. But his dominance now…it was amazing. It was something Jimin hasn’t expected and he honestly loves it.

“You look like you want to wear it yourself,”

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“You look like you want to wear it yourself,”

Jimin’s reaction was immediate. His body tensed and his gaze averted from Jungkook’s intimidating one. Instead, it fell on the leather in front of him and he dug his teeth into his lower lip as his blood ran hot in his veins.

“What do you know about that?” Jimin asks and looks up at the standing male. Much to his dismay, Jungkook just laughs and stands up from the table.

“A whole lot more than you. Let me show you something,” Jungkook says and pats Jimin’s cheek. “Close your eyes and wait for my return,” He says and Jimin does as he is told. There’s a light thrum underneath his skin, itching to see what Jungkook has to show him. He closes his eyes and listens. He listens to Jungkook’s footsteps as he walks around. The once white sneakers drag across the rough surface of the stable floors. Jungkook is halfway between the wall and Jimin when Jimin feels a snap against his sleeveless arm. Jimin’s eyes snap open as he hisses in pain. Jungkook is standing there, smirking and waving Jimin’s favorite riding whip around.

“What the fuck, Jungkook?!” He hisses and stands up. He barely gets his ass off the chair before the whip is on his shoulder, the light pressure forcing Jimin back into the seat like it weighs a ton.

“Did I say you can stand up?” Jungkook says. Jimin shivers lightly and shakes his head.

“No. No, you didn’t,” Jimin admits and sits back down. His abdomen is tingling and he can feel his blood run hot.

“Good boy. You’re learning quick,” Jungkook praises him and turns around. He picks up a bridle from the table. It’s a clean one. One Jimin has just put back together after Jungkook cleaned it while he was riding. He rounds the table again and stands before Jimin.

“If I knew I’d meet you here, I’d have brought my own equipment. Who would have known I would get my very own horse out here?” He says and holds the bridle up in front of Jimin’s head so the bit lines up with his mouth. “Open wide, Jimin,” he tells him and Jimin does just that. The cold metal bar is placed onto his tongue between his teeth, and Jimin can’t stop himself from licking at the metal. It’s cold against his tongue, tastes a little weird. It’s the soap, he is sure. He stays completely still as he closes his mouth around the bit and looks up at Jungkook.

“See, Jimin. This is my kind of horse. Tomorrow, I’ll bring some equipment along. I bet you’ll like it,” Jungkook says cockily and pulls the bit out of Jimin’s mouth. He places it back on the table. “I’m sure you’ll like it. You’re just a pony boy waiting to be discovered,” he claims. Jimin’s entire body is burning up from the inside and out. He is more than half hard in his pants and Jimin doesn’t understand. He never considered himself attracted to men. The only exception to that is the doll-faces of the kpop industry. Those boys were pretty. But here he is, sitting on a chair, just got whipped and had a freaking bit in his mouth. A man did that to him and he is hard. He is turned on and he wants Jungkook to finish what he started but doesn’t dare ask for it. Jungkook might not be in control of most things in the stables, but whatever it is he is doing to Jimin right now, he sure is in charge of.

Jungkook makes a show of glancing at his wristwatch and raises a brow at the time.

“Oh, would you look at that? It’s time for me to go home. It was nice meeting you, Jimin. I’ll see you again tomorrow,” he says and places the whip back in place before he leaves, leaving the bridles, soap, and leather treatment out for Jimin to clean up after him. He is half hard, feeling kind of humiliated in a way he can’t explain, and on top of that, he is required to clean up after the mess Jungkook made.


Jimin has been updated on the situation with Jungkook by his father that morning. He is waiting for Jungkook in the driveway, tapping his foot impatiently against the gravel. He glances at his wristwatch and looks down the gravel road leading up to their farm, searching for a pair of headlights. He rolls his eyes when he sees nothing and clicks his tongue disapprovingly. He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He places one between his lips and lights it with a lighter. He scruffs his boot against the gravel as he inhales deeply, eyes not leaving the road as he waits, constantly fighting off a yawn.

He has had a hard time sleeping. Jungkook’s words ring clear in his head. You look like you want to wear it yourself. He even made him wear it. Jimin is completely clueless as to how he even allowed Jungkook to make him do it. The other’s demeanor had left Jimin weak in his knees and for the first time in his life at a loss for words. Jimin has spent the whole night going over his identity crisis. He might just be slightly gay, he might be more than just slightly submissive, and he might just have liked being hit with the whip. And worst of all, he might just have loved the feeling of the bit between his teeth. Jimin won’t have it. He is not going to let the stuck-up rich kid come to his stables and tell him he is not who he thinks he is. Yesterday, he had been taken by surprise, and he won’t let it happen again. Jimin knows who he is, and he isn’t gay and he definitely isn’t a pony boy like Jungkook had called him.

Jimin is rolling off the glow between his fingers when he finally sees the lights flash into the driveway. He places the cigarette bud in his pocket for later discarding and places his hands on his hips. A man steps out of the car, just not who Jimin expects. A middle-aged man steps out from the driver’s seat and rushes around the car. He opens the front door on the other side and bows as he holds the door open. Jimin bursts out laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Jungkook has a fucking driver to drive him to work. A fancy ass driver and an even more fancy ass car drive Jungkook to work in stables where he is guaranteed to get dirty? Jimin leans against the wall of the stables and clutches his knees as Jungkook steps out and straightens out his jacket. Jimin just about loses it when the driver closes the door and scrambles to the trunk and carries out a box. It’s bigger than the moving boxes Jimin uses to store his prizes and old stuff in the attic. The driver places it on the ground next to the laughing stable boy and gets back into the car.

“What’s so funny?” Jungkook asks, standing right in front of the laughing male. Jimin just shakes his head, too amused to answer between his laughs. And he is convinced if he tries to speak of it, he will laugh again. He waves at Jungkook, asking him to follow him while he kills the remaining bubbles of laughter caught in his throat. He flicks the switch and makes the light come to life in the ceiling through the whole stable building. A couple of horses neigh in greeting but mostly it’s random rustling while heads come to show in the hallway. Jimin smiles fondly and approaches the first horse. One by one, he walks down the hallway and greets every one of the horses. Jungkook trails behind him and Jimin tells him about each horse and its special needs.

“This old lady is the queen of the stables. She is the oldest with her nineteen years. She is a darling though,” Jimin says as he scratches her at the beginning of the mane. She stretches out her neck and circles her upper lip in the air, making Jungkook laugh.

“What is she doing?” he questions, pointing towards her muzzle. Jimin suppresses a laugh and looks at Jungkook thoughtfully.

“She is showing us she likes. Try stand with your back towards her in front of her,” he tells him. Jungkook eyes him wearily but does as he is told. Cassandra - as the horse is called - leans out to rub her muzzle against his back. Jimin smiles at the sight and scratches her a little harder, making the horse give Jungkook the best back-rub ever given by a horse.

“That’s what she is doing. You’ll see horses nip at each other right where I’m scratching her. It’s because it’s an itchy spot and it’s also the spot horses nip at when they show each other affection. Now, we aren’t horses, so she doesn’t know where to put her mouth, especially because she knows she isn’t supposed to use her teeth on us. So, she makes that move into the air unless she can reach a back to do it on,” he explains and Jungkook listens. Jungkook even seems like he is paying attention too.

They continue the round and greet all horses. Jungkook almost ends up being bitten by a young gelding with a temper. Jimin simply approaches the gelding, shoulders squared slightly and the gelding withdraws into the box.

“If a horse has its ears flat on its head, it’s because it doesn’t want you there. It means it’s scared or angry. And this one is just not meant for mornings,” he comments and pats Jungkook’s shoulder before they continue the routine of greeting the horses. Once they are done, Jimin heads to a secluded room and twists the door handle first one way and then the other.

“Is it stuck?”


“Then, why is it like that?”

“Because the honey pony at the other end of the stables is a bastard. He is intelligent as fuck and knows how to open handles. My dad had to make something special out of this handle or the room would be empty of food in a couple of days. Once my mom found him in the kitchen. He was helping her with the dishes,” he chuckles. “He was licking the plates,” he elaborates and pushes the door open. He fills a bucket with carrots and hangs it on the side of the food barrow. He grabs a small bucket and a measurement spoon, a bottle with some sticky brown stuff down its side and bites his lower lip thoughtfully.

“I’ve forgotten something,” he admits and looks around. “I’ve got carrots, medicine for Sparkle and medicine for Snap…right! I need the apples for my own horses. Spoiled brats,” he chuckles fondly and grabs three apples from a bag. “We’ll do the hay afterward,” Jimin says and Jungkook nods. The older pulls the barrow out of the room and heads towards the first horse.

“You do the feeding. It says on the signs on their doors how much they need. The measurements are inside the shovel and they all eat the same. Ain’t no special treatment here,” Jimin says and follows Jungkook as he does as he is told. Jimin has to bite his fingertips not to laugh when they approach the Hell Horse as Jungkook calls it as he approaches with its food.

“He isn’t that bad,” he claims once Jungkook has fed the animal and returns to the barrow. “You still have all ten fingers on your hands, he’s being good today,” Jimin remarks and Jungkook blanches.

“He’ll bite them off?” he asks and Jimin hums thoughtfully.

“He knows he’s a prince. You better treat him as such or he might just mistake your pinky for a carrot,” he says, pretending to be serious.

Once they are done feeding the horses, Jimin brings Jungkook to the hay. A few hay bales are scattered on the ground and in the middle of the room is a ladder to the attic.

“The hay is up there, but this should be enough for this morning. We need to get some new bales down for their evening snack,” Jimin announces and picks up a bale in each hand. The strings hurt his fingers, but he is so used to it now, the pain hardly faces him. Jungkook is… Jungkook is another case. Jimin looks over his shoulder and sees the younger hold onto one bale with a hand on each end, completely ignoring the strings. He struggles to fit the bale through the door and Jimin almost takes pity on him. Almost.

“You know, I am pretty sure I can find you some velvet gloves. They’ll prevent you from getting dirty fingers and broken nails,” Jimin teases, earning himself a glare from Jungkook.

“Oh, the kitten can scratch. Man up, pretty boy,” Jimin says and drops the bales one by one at their respective spots. He knows approximately how far a bale will last before he heads back for two more. He ends up taking pity on Jungkook and kicks a third bale in front of himself through the stable. He can feel Jungkook’s eyes on him, and he blatantly ignores him as he places the last bales down.

“Alright, pretty boy. We need to divide these bales into six piles. If you start doing that, I’ll get the remaining bales out here. You take the hay and bring it into a box. Just inside the door, you shake out the hay to make this fluffy pile of straw for the horses to chew on until we let them out. And while they chew, we throw down new bales of hay for tonight and tomorrow morning, and then we go check the fences outside and make sure nothing weird lays in the fields. Then we arrange the fence so we can let the horses out in the right order without too much work,” Jimin explains before he realizes he has rambled ahead of himself. “Just shake the hay out. Six horses per bale and just shake it out just inside the doors of the boxes,” he instructs before he disappears towards the bale storage and picks up two more bales of hay and begins spreading them out evenly for Jungkook to work on. Once he is done, he starts at the other end and helps Jungkook do his job.


Jimin shrugs his shirt off as Jungkook brings the last wheelbarrow to the dunghill and empties it. He places the t-shirt on a seat by the saddle room and waits for the younger to return. He looks like he is about to die from exhaustion and the day has hardly begun.

“Your job is crazy,” Jungkook mutters as he sets the wheelbarrow down in its rightful place. “Aren’t you tired?” the younger asks curiously. Jimin only shrugs and glances at his wristwatch.

“Thanks to us being two to do the work today, we are done slightly early. There are twenty-five minutes left until my dad will calls us to lunch. If you want, you can take a break. We can’t really start anything new now without having to drop it in the middle of everything to get lunch. Anything you wanna do?” Jimin asks and looks at the other curiously.

“There’s something I want to show you,” Jungkook says and motions Jimin to follow him. Curious, Jimin does as he is told and follow the younger into the driveway. The box the driver left is still there and Jungkook picks it up. It looks heavy, but Jimin has no intentions of helping the other. It was his choice to bring it along. He can handle it on his own.

Jimin opens the door back into the stables and watches as Jungkook struggles the box inside.

“I assume that isn’t riding equipment,” Jimin comments as he leans against the doorframe to the saddle storage. Jungkook is huffing as he struggles the box into place next to the other lockers in the room.

“Your assumption is wrong, in that case,” Jungkook says as he gives the box one last kick to fall into place between two lockers.

“You know how to ride?” the older questions, obviously surprised by this information. Jungkook seemed to have encountered a real horse for the first time in his life that day. Much to Jimin’s surprise, Jungkook laughed.

“Oh, I ride alright. Just not horses,” he says, facing Jimin with a smirk playing on his lips. Jimin doesn’t follow. He doesn’t follow at all. “I prefer riding people,” he finishes and opens the box. Whatever Jimin expected to be in there, what he sees wasn’t it.

“What I am, has many names. It depends on which community you enter. Some call me Master, some call me Dominant, and some call Rider. I am a rider. And I saw the way you looked at the bridles yesterday. I want you to be my horse,”

Chapter Text

Jimin’s mind is a mess. It has been ever since he saw the content of Jungkook’s box. Whenever he lets his mind wander, he ends up with the content of the box. He tries so hard not to think of it. It isn’t right. His thoughts linger on the human bridle hanging on the door, the hoof boots on the bottom, the whips just waiting to be used. There was even a buttplug with a tail, and Jimin is lying if he says he isn’t interested. He just can’t be. It’s wrong and he is not supposed to be interested in such things.

He sits in his room, a set of papers in front of him. It’s a contract. He can sign and become Jungkook’s horse. It’s tempting but so so wrong. He can’t enjoy being that. He can’t enjoy being a horse for someone else. He is human, not a horse.

He reads through the contract, line by line. He is supposed to fill out the blanks. He is supposed to fill out the contract and hand it back to Jungkook when he is done thinking about it. Thinking about it, it doesn’t seem all that bad. He had liked getting the bit into his mouth, even if it had belonged to one of his horses. On an after-thought, it wasn’t all that delicious, but he couldn’t deny the throb it had given him between his legs. But just because he felt it there, it doesn’t mean he should go all in. That’s exactly the problem that happens with pedophiles, they have an urge, and they react to it. And it’s wrong. Jimin feels he is in the same situation. His preference is wrong and shouldn’t be explored. Sure, his preference doesn’t hurt others than himself, but that still doesn’t change the fact it’s wrong. Jimin runs his fingers through his hair as he reads through the lines.

Jimin’s hand moves across the paper in a rushed but firm movement. His pen is clutched tightly between his fingers as he fills out and signs the contract. It’s well past midnight and he has a little less than four hours to sleep before his alarm rings again. He has to be up and about to feed the horses and let them out early. He leaves the contract on his desk and climbs into bed. It doesn’t take long before he is fast asleep.


He almost misses the alarm. He wakes up on the last ring and it heads to snooze. He sits up in his bed, so not ready to tackle the day just yet. But his job isn’t at some industrial factory where anyone could do his job, his job involves real animals with needs he must tend to if he doesn’t want to bring his parents into the position of having to do it all. Jungkook hasn’t been there nearly enough to handle the whole stable on his own. He can hardly handle two horses on his own. And that’s what gets him out of bed and dressed for the day. 

He descends the stairs two steps at the time while he carries the contract in one hand while the other is holding a cigarette. He isn’t going to be many steps out the front door before the fag is lit.

He leans against the wall of the stable building and inhales the smoke of his cigarette. The smoke filling his lungs calms him down. His contract is placed against the wall, kept in place by his ass. He looks down the driveway, waiting for Jungkook to arrive while he inhales his cancer. He doesn’t want to admit it, but his hands are shaking. He is giving Jungkook a contract on his life, the ability to sex him up whenever he feels like it. He gives him permission to whip him. He is giving him permission to fuck him whenever he pleases, and he isn’t sure he is quite ready for that yet, but the contract is signed and it makes him Jungkook’s slave in the must crude understanding of the situation. Not just a slave as the interracial history across the globe. No, he is a willing sex slave and it sort of ticks him off, but he is also excited for the arrangement. It is a weird feeling, to belong to someone like that. It’s weird and slightly off-putting. But at the same time, it’s very very interesting too. He has answered questions he never believed he would answer. He is out of his comfort zone with this contract, but the contract makes him feel safe. It means they have agreed on what he can handle, what he can take and Jungkook is going to abide by it just as well as himself. 

When Jungkook’s car enters the driveway, Jimin puts the cigarette out and approaches the car. He holds out the contract for the other and lets him take it. In silence, they both enter the stables and heads to the equipment storage and Jungkook places the signed contract down on the table and begins reading it;


Of my own free will, as of October 25th, 2017, I, Park Jimin, hereby grant you, Jeon Jungkook, full ownership and use of my body and mind from now until October 23rd, 2017.
I will obey you at all times and will wholeheartedly seek your pleasure and well-being above all other considerations.
I renounce all rights to my own pleasure, comfort, or gratification, except insofar as you desire or permit them.
I will strive diligently to re-mold my body, my habits, and my attitudes in accordance with your desires.
I will seek always to learn how to please you better, and will gracefully accept criticism.
I renounce all rights to privacy or concealment from you. I will answer truthfully and completely, to the best of my knowledge, any and all questions you may ask me.
I understand and agree that any failure by me to comply fully with your desires shall be regarded as sufficient cause for possibly severe punishment.
Within the limits of physical safety and my ability to earn a livelihood, I otherwise unconditionally accept as your prerogative anything you may choose to do with me, whether as punishment, for your amusement, or for whatever purpose, no matter how painful or humiliating to myself.

Park Jimin
October 24th, 2017
The Park Farm - Seoul


Jungkook reads through the beginning of the contract and nods in approval. He flips the pages one by one and Jimin knows he isn’t seeing anything of interest. Jimin wants to discuss the sections with Jungkook before he puts his circles and x-es. He folds the contract and places it in the box from the previous day and turns to face Jimin, a smirk playing on his lips. 

“Well then, Jimin,” he starts. His voice makes chills run down Jimin’s spine and he averts his gaze. Jungkook’s demeanor isn’t to be played with. Jungkook is obviously used to being a dominant he knows how to act the part too. “Seems like I got myself a new horse,” he chuckles, causing Jimin to nod before he looks up and locks their gazes. There’s a shock of something going down his spine. It makes him feel weak and it makes him feel like he should curl up at Jungkook’s feet. He isn’t having it. He won’t let himself go to that point. 

“Just because you’re my master, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to work for me still,” Jimin reminds him and motions towards the door. “The horses need to be fed. You go feed them and I will arrange the hay for them,” Jimin says and turns to leave the room. He has horses to feed, horses to take out, and a heart to calm.


Jungkook is more efficient with the feeding this time around. He manages to feed the horses by the time Jimin is done bringing the hay out and dividing it around to each animal. They are done a good hour before Jimin would have managed himself if he had been alone and he begins to see the perks of being two. They both lean against one of the box doors, only parted by a head between them. Jimin’s Prince, the golden gelding, has his head out and demands pettings and a carrot. 

“You didn’t fill out the contract,” Jungkook comments from the other side. Jimin isn’t surprised he mentions it. After all, it is supposed to be a contract of mutual understanding on how to go about with their establishment, but how is he to answer a contract on something he doesn’t know anything about?

“I didn’t, no. I didn’t know how to fill it out. I don’t know anything about this, and I want you to explain to me what each section entitles before I agree to anything,” Jimin explains. He can hear Jungkook hum softly on the other side of the gelding’s head. 

“That makes sense. Should we do it before lunch? The horses aren’t ready to be let out yet, so we can do some now and then we can get the horses out and complete the contract before we head in?” Jungkook offers and Jimin can’t find it in himself do disagree with the suggestion. “Alright, let me get the contract and a pen,” Jungkook says and leaves Jimin to stay with his horse. Jimin turns to face the gelding and scratches its neck thoroughly.

“What am I getting myself into?” he asks it. The horse, of course, doesn’t respond, but nudges Jimin in the chest, begging for another treat. Jimin snorts lightly and smiles fondly before he holds out another carrot for the gelding. 

“Alright, Jimin. First point; who will take part?” Jungkook asks, reading out from the contract. 

“You and me,” Jimin responds. “I don’t see anyone else,” he reasons. Much to his surprise, Jungkook isn’t writing anything down just yet. 

“I know this club in the city. It’s a sex club for people with interest in these kinds of things. I want to take you there. What it says in the contract is what we go by. If we write down only the two of us, no one else is allowed to join the game,” Jungkook says and Jimin purses his lips thoughtfully. He isn’t keen on the idea of just about anyone being able to join their games. But it doesn’t seem right to keep the option of someone joining out of the game either.

“Can it be written so that we discuss any possible participants beforehand?” Jimin asks. That’s the only way he can see it possible without making it too free for Jungkook to decide on who is going to be a part of their sex life, but Jimin doesn’t want to limit himself to only being with Jungkook. He wants to try threesomes and the likes, of course, he does. 

“I’ll note down we need to discuss it whenever someone new is to enter,” Jungkook says, agreeing to Jimin’s requirement. “And what about who can watch?” Jungkook continues.

“The same as before,” Jimin says and Jungkook begins writing down the negotiated terms for them. 

“May any permanent records - photographs, audiotapes, videotapes, et cetera - be made of the sessions?” Jimin’s blood runs a little faster and he feels a little breathless as Jungkook reads the question out loud. He nods in approval.

“I just want my own copy of the recordings too,” Jimin negotiates. That’s his requirement. “And the recordings won’t be showed to anyone without my direct permission,” he adds. Jungkook doesn’t hesitate before he writes down Jimin’s requirements. The gelding retracts its head and they are forced to face one another again. Jimin flushes slightly and bites into his lower lip before he turns to face the gelding instead. “Keep reading,” he requests and watches the horse slowly munch on the hay provided.

“Who will be the dominant? I will,” Jungkook answers before Jimin has a chance to reply. “And you will be the submissive. There won’t be any chance of switching roles,” Jungkook lists and Jimin nods in agreement. He wouldn’t mind switching, but if Jungkook isn’t comfortable with it, they aren’t going to include that.

“What kind of scenarios will we have? Master-slave?” a nod. “Mistress-slave?” a shake.

“Hardly relevant,” Jimin comments before Jungkook continues.

“Captive?” a shake. “Age play?” a nod. “Servant or butler?” a nod. “Crossdressing?” Jimin flushes a dark red as he nods. “Animal play? Yes. I will write horse following this,” Jungkook says and Jimin nods in agreement. That’s what they agreed upon the day before. “Will the submissive promptly obey?” Jungkook asks and Jimin furrows his brows instantly.

“What is meant by that?” he asks, not wanting to answer if the question means something different than what he expects it to mean.

“It means that if I ask you to do something you have the option of struggling against my orders. You can refuse to obey. Of course, doing so will earn you a punishment that I see fitting,” Jungkook explains and Jimin nods slowly in understanding.

“So, it’s whether I want there to be a fight for dominance or not?” Jimin asks to make sure he has it right. Of course, he marks the word ‘fight’ with quotation marks in the air, knowing it won’t be a real thing.

“Yes, that’s basically what it means,” Jungkook confirms. Jimin is slightly worried about agreeing to this, but he thinks he might just like it. He makes a mental note to ensure he has a way to stop the session if there is something he isn’t comfortable with.

“I won’t obey immediately,” he says, wanting to make sure Jungkook marks the right thing down.

“I guess that answers the next question; may the dominant overpower or force the submissive?” a nod. Jimin thinks he might just like that.

“May the submissive verbally resist?” a nod. “May the submissive physically resist?” a nod. “Does resistance equal a strong yellow?” Jimin looks puzzled at that.

“A strong yellow is a sort of safe word. If there is something you don’t like, you can give me colors. Green means you’re alright with what is going on, yellow means you’re alright with what is going on but you don’t want it developing further. Red means you don’t like it and I’ll stop immediately,” Jungkook explains. Well, that sorts out the memo of having to ask for a way to announce he wishes to stop. Three words, different colors like a traffic light. That should be possible to remember.

“And what if I can’t speak?” Jimin asks. Jungkook looks at him before he answers.

“If I gag you at any time, you’ll be given something to hold on to in both hands. If you release one object, I will make sure it doesn’t go further. If you release both, I will stop immediately,” Jungkook explains and Jimin nods in understanding.

“What was the question again?” he asks and listens to Jungkook reading out loud again.

“Does resistance equal a strong yellow?” a shake. “May the submissive try to turn the tables?” a nod. Jungkook smirks at the answer and marks down the answer. “Does the submissive agree to wear a collar?”

“Only in sessions. I’m not wearing anything visible outside of sessions,” Jimin says and Jungkook writes down his requirements.

“Will you agree to refer to me as Master and Sir?” a nod.



Chapter Text

Jimin’s abdomen is tight with arousal and his dick is pulsing slightly with life. It might be negotiations about what is possible during their arrangement, but the talk about it makes him both feel safe and extremely turned on. He can imagine sessions between them and it makes his blood run hot and feel a little breathless. He isn’t particularly comfortable sitting by the dinner table in front of his parents while eating lunch and with Jungkook’s shit-eating grin right next to him. He tries to keep up with the conversation around the dinner table. They didn’t really get far into the negotiations but Jimin is already hot and bothered. The horses were let onto the fields early that day before they finished the negotiations of locations. Jimin agreed to anywhere on the farm, at Jungkook’s place and in the sex club Jungkook knew of. No immediate public place in case it should happen. Their dynamics are for them only to see, or for people who can understand it. They almost managed to go through their medical history to ensure there won’t show any medical situations because of something they are already aware of. But they are both healthy and there was no need to discuss that further. They add to the contract who to contact if anything goes wrong and in case of emergency. They also agree to be in close reach of safety gear such as scissors and a first aid kit. They discussed what to do if they were having a session in a secluded area and which rules would stand then. Jimin said he didn’t want to be tied up more than he can escape and he wants access to a phone in case of an emergency. That’s where they left off, and Jimin feels hot under the collar from the idea of Jungkook having him tied him up in the forest and fucking him senseless. It takes everything in Jimin’s self-control to not squirm in his seat.

“How is it going? Are you learning something?” Ms. Park asks during the lunch break. Jungkook smiles politely and nods in confirmation.

“Yes, I am. Jimin hyung is teaching me really well. I’ve already learned a lot more about horses than I knew before,” Jungkook says before he turns to look at Jimin. Jimin doesn’t have to look at him to know he is smirking at him. “Jimin has promised to take me for a ride later,” he explains. The older of the two flushes slightly and tightens his hold on his chopsticks. Fucking tease. They have talked of no such thing, and Jimin can’t help but put more into the statement than is intended for his parents. Jungkook wants him to ride him? Or is he supposed to carry him around? Jimin doesn’t know, and he doesn’t want to know until he is back in the stables. He isn’t sure he can stay still on the chair if he knows exactly what Jungkook is intending. He knows he hasn’t promised to take him riding, so he knows he isn’t talking about the real riding on a real horse, as Jungkook’s parents had called them.


“So, next question: Will you masturbate me?” Jimin nods as he works on grooming his gelding for a ride. He strokes the brushes down the strong neck as Jungkook continues. “Will you allow me to masturbate you?” he nods again. “Will you masturbate yourself in front of me and possible viewers?” another nod. “Will you give me a blowjob?” a nod. “Will you let me blow you?” a nod. “Will you lick my ass?” a nod. “Will you let me lick your ass?” Jimin stops grooming the horse and leans against it instead. He bites into his lower lip harshly to silence the groan that threatens to leave him. All this talk about sex makes him hard - and breeches aren’t comfortable for erections. People complain about skinny jeans; Jimin dares them to try on breeches while hard. They don’t know uncomfortable yet.

“Yes,” he breathes out and takes a shaky breath before he continues the grooming of the horse.

“Will you let me fist your ass?” Jimin has to do a double take on this and purses his lips.

“I don’t know,” he admits. “I’ve never tried it before and I don’t know what it’s like. Can we keep than unanswered for now and fill it in when I’ve tried it?” he requests. Jungkook laughs from his spot on a box next to them and nods quickly.

“Someone is experimental. I like it. I think I might just have won the lottery with you,” he says and makes a symbol next to it to remind them to revise that point later. “Will you receive anal intercourse?” Jimin nods in approval before Jungkook continues. “Will you swallow cum?” a nod. “Do you accept the use of sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, dildos, buttplugs, et cetera?” Jimin nods as he leans onto the horse again. His knees are turning weak and he wants nothing more than to undo his pants to relieve the pressure building. It’s unbearable and he is sweating. He is embarrassed and doesn’t say anything about how easily affected he is by the talk of this.

“Will you agree to activities with a condom, glove, dental dams or other barriers?” Jungkook asks and Jimin nods. He is sure Jungkook is trying to kill him with his sex talk. “Will you allow sessions while being intoxicated on alcohol?” Jimin nods. “And intoxicated by other drugs?” a shake.

“Okay, the following are about bondage. I assume you agree if I get no reaction. Tell me anything and we will discuss and agree on something,” Jungkook says and Jimin nods in confirmation.

“Hands in front? Hands behind back? Restraining to other objects? Ankles? Knees? Elbows? Wrist to ankles? Spreader bars? Use of blindfold? Use of gag? Use of hood? Use of rope? Use of tape? Leather cuffs? Handcuffs or metal restraints? Suspension? Mummification?”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you get wrapped in plastic wrap, a body bag, or similar,”

“Then no,”

“The following questions you will have to answer how you feel about them,” Jungkook instructs and Jimin nods in understanding.

“How do you feel about receiving pain?”

“I think I like it,”

“You can’t think. You have to know,” Jungkook comments. Jimin looks at him and sees him staring right back at him. He feels a spark of lust in his body. He purses his lips thoughtfully. “How did you feel about the whipping you got yesterday?” Jungkook asks.

“I liked it,” Jimin answers honestly.

“Should we leave this one for exploration too?” Jungkook asks and Jimin nods. He doesn’t know just yet. “Quantity of pain…We’ll look at that later too,” Jungkook comments and scribbles down an indication to look at those sections later. “Okay, we explore the rest of this section later. You have to try feeling the different kinds of pain before you can answer. So, we will do that when we can try the different items on you and you can tell me when the pain gets too much for you,” Jungkook explains and flips to the next page.

“Is it okay if the play leaves marks?” Jimin nods. “Can they be visible while wearing clothes?” Jimin shakes his head. “Can they be visible wearing a bathing suit?” a nod. “Is it acceptable if the play draws a small amount of blood?” Jimin doesn’t react. Blood requires pain to be drawn and Jimin isn’t sure how he thinks about that just yet. It seems to dawn on Jungkook too because he quickly scribbles in the margin and continues to the next question; “Will you agree to erotic humiliation?” a nod. “Will you agree to verbal abuse?” a nod. “Enemas?” a nod. “Forced exhibitionism?”

“As long as it’s at the club or somewhere I’m sure I won’t meet anyone again,” Jimin negotiates and Jungkook writes it all down.

“Spitting?” a nod. “Watersports?” a shake. “Scat games?”

“No. Definitely not,”

“Face slapping?”

“To the degree, I can handle pain and it doesn’t leave a mark,”

“Do you want other safewords than the traffic light?” a shake. “Last question for now; will you accept aftercare?”

“I want aftercare. I’ll not accept not receiving it,” Jimin says and Jungkook nods in understanding.

“That was all. Do you have any more questions?” Jungkook asks and stands up, leaving the contract on his previous seat.

“Do you want to join me for a ride?”

“Not the kind of ride I had expected, but sure,” Jungkook agrees. Jimin smiles softly and guides his gelding back into the box and takes out the old mare. He guides Jungkook through the process of grooming her and how to do the different parts of the grooming. He teaches how to hold the legs to clean the hooves, he explains how to move around the horse to avoid most dangers. It takes about half an hour and they have both horses ready to go for the ride.

Jimin releases his gelding once they are outside with the order to stand still and moves over to stand next to Jungkook with the mare.

“Alright, let’s get you up on her,” he says and takes her reigns into his hand and looks at the younger man. “I know you like horses. I bet you know how to get onto her,” he says and looks at Jungkook expectantly. Jungkook - much to his surprise - looks at him hopelessly. Jimin looks at him with a questioning look but moves towards the younger.

“Alright, stand with your back towards me,” he instructs, standing by the horse’s neck. Jungkook stands in front of him and Jimin pats Jungkook’s thigh. This foot, you place into the stirrup,” he says and reaches past Jungkook to hold the stirrup as he is supposed to step into it. “Put your foot in here and pull yourself into the saddle. Then you put your foot into the stirrup on the other side,” he instructs and waits for Jungkook to comply. The show the younger puts on is downright hilarious. Jungkook is far from elegant as he tries to get himself into the saddle and it requires several attempts before he ends up on the old mare and Jimin is losing his shit. He is wheezing and basically keeling over from laughter. Seeing Jungkook get onto the mare might just have been the sight of the year. With obvious more practice, Jimin swings himself into the saddle of his gelding and grabs his reigns in his hands. He turns to look at Jungkook with a questioning look as he struggles to get the last stirrup around his foot. Once they are both ready to go, Jimin nudges his horse in the sides and takes the lead towards the forest. He slows down his horse to let it ride next to Jungkook’s and watches the younger’s skills on a horse back. Jimin is reminded mostly of a sack of potatoes. They don’t really talk. Jungkook is too busy taking in the nature as well as the movements on the horse. Jimin is convinced this is the first time Jungkook is sitting on a real horse.


Jimin freezes as he stabs a fork into the straw bed at the bottom of the box. Jungkook is standing right behind him, hand on his ass and breathing against his ear. Jimin is absolutely certain about he could find probably several hundred more charming places to initiate sex than a horse stall while one part is mugging out. But Jungkook doesn’t seem to care that Jimin is literally shoveling shit and pulls him close to him. Jimin looks over his shoulder to silently judge the younger male.

“What are you trying to do?” he asks, causing the idiot to smirk at him.

“I want you on all fours,” Jungkook responds and reaches a hand forward to palm at the front of his pants. It causes Jimin’s breath to hitch as a surge of pleasure washes over him. He looks down at the work laid out in front of him and considers his choice.

“No,” Jimin says and picks up the fork. He has a job to do. He pushes the fork into the straw bed below him and throws the dirty and wet straw into the wheelbarrow. Much to his surprise, Jungkook’s hands don’t leave his body but instead presses harder against him.

“I told you to get on all fours,” Jungkook says. His demeanor changed drastically and Jimin feels a shiver rake down his spine. Much to his surprise he sets the fork aside and lets himself fall to his knees against the cleaner straw. Jungkook’s hands never left him as he moved. They moved to fit against his back instead but they never left him.

“That’s a good boy,” he praised him and Jimin bites into his lower lip. It’s hot. He feels hot being pressed down like this and at Jungkook’s will. “Undo your pants and expose your ass,” his master requests from him. Jimin shivers and goosebumps rise all over his body. He doesn’t say anything but complies as he reaches down to undo his pants. He can feel the embarrassment of stripping down so publically for anyone to see. If his father comes to the stables, he will see his son with his ass exposed for another man. He takes a deep breath and slowly pushes his pants down to his thighs along with his boxers. The chill air of the stables hits his bare skin and Jimin shivers as he lowers himself onto the straw bed beneath him again.

“Do you know what we are doing?” Jungkook asks. Jimin nods slowly in confirmation.

“We are testing out my limits,” he responds, not moving to look up at his master.

“We can only do some of them here today. I didn’t bring ice or wax,” Jungkook explains. Jimin feels hot under the collar already. He just needs to think about the feelings of those things and his skin is flushing in interest. He feels Jungkook’s fingers on his shoulders. They trail down his back slowly, leaving a hot trail in their wake. They are tracing Jimin’s spine slowly until they reach the low of his back. Jimin doesn’t get much warning before Jungkook’s hand makes contact with his ass in a hard slap. It isn’t too much, it’s enough to sting slightly and Jimin’s breath hitches slightly. His fingers curl into the straw below him and Jungkook repeats the motion, hitting him a little harder on the other butt cheek. Jimin jerks slightly forward with this one but the feeling is only better than the first. He gasps again and leans back against the palms that are rubbing his cheeks. He doesn’t need the soothing. He can handle this. This isn’t too bad.

“Which color?” Jungkook asks somewhere behind him. Jimin furrows his brows in slight confusion before he remembers the safewords. Jungkook is asking for the intersection lights.

“Green,” he responds without hesitation after he realized what he meant.

“Good boy,” Jungkook tells him before he lands a harder slap against Jimin’s ass. This time, Jimin yelps at the force of the slap. Mostly because the change of force is a surprise to Jimin and not so much before it was hard. He can handle more.

“Green,” he says, guessing Jungkook wants his grading of the slap. He hears a huff behind him a fourth slap lands on his ass. This time it tears a moan from Jimin’s throat and his dick twitches in interest between his thighs.

“I’ll be damned. That’s so fucking hot,” Jungkook groans behind him and Jimin croons with the praise. “Next one. Slapping on the ass won’t ever be a problem for you,” he concludes and shuffles towards the door. “Stay in your place. Stay on your knees while I get the equipment for the rest of the testing,” the master instructs and Jimin does as he is told. He lowers his head slightly, letting it hang limply from the end of his spine. He can see his dick steadily hardening underneath him, growing into a fair size before Jungkook returned. Jimin raised his head and turned to look at what Jungkook brought along to the box. His breath hitches and his dick twitches once more. It looks so fucking good, Jimin is basically drooling. A paddle, a flog, a cane, clamps, and different creams. Jimin is pretty damn sure Jungkook sees his hole twitch in anticipation for what is to come.


Chapter Text

The paddle made contact with Jimin’s skin, making the stable boy jerk forward. Jimin released a low moan of pleasure as the throb started underneath his skin. His skin is feeling hot from the direct stimulation and his blood is rushing in his ears. He is so hot he can barely breathe without panting. He doesn’t want to seem pathetic or unable to stand the test, but Jungkook is making it really fucking hard for him - literally.

“I’m going to hit you ten times in total. You just got your first one. Count for me,” Jungkook instructs and Jimin is basically jittery with excitement. If it keeps feeling as good as it has until then, he is absolutely certain he is going to cum from the impacts alone. The paddle hits him on the left ass cheek and he moans through his teeth.

“Two,” he counts before the next slap hits him. It makes his dick twitch between his thighs and his sack feels tight. “Three,” he squeaks when Jungkook hits him again. It hurts so good he spreads his legs slightly to make the pain spread wider. “Four,” he chokes. Jungkook hit him across both cheeks and Jimin is sure he is in love with the tool in the younger’s hand. “Five,” this time it’s bordering a scream of absolute bliss. Jungkook is panting behind him, muttering things under his breath that Jimin can’t make out. Tears are gathering in his eyes, and they are definitely not from pain. They are what Jimin would consider liquid pleasure. They are the best Jimin has to prove just how good he feels with the treatment. He is sure his cock can’t get hard enough to portray it properly. It just isn’t possible.

“Five,” Jimin gasps out as he lowers himself onto his elbows, every muscle in his body tensing and releasing from the overwhelming pleasure. He can’t keep himself up anymore. “Six,” Jimin’s head falls between his shoulders and he stares at the straw beneath him before he focuses on his cock. He is fucking leaking, a thick string of precum connects the straw bed beneath him to the head of his cock. It’s too much. He feels so hot he is going to break. His body is going to open itself up at the seams and expose everything for Jungkook to see.

“Seven,” the slap was so hard against his ass it was echoing through the stables and while Jimin cried out he never made a move to stop Jungkook from continuing. “Eight,” the slap hit the air out of Jimin’s lungs but the man stays put. He knows he is going to need a couple of days before he is able to ride his horses properly after this session. His ass is going to be sore for a few days, that much he knows.

“Tell me your color,” Jungkook instructs as he rubs the paddle against the burning skin on Jimin’s ass.

“Green. Jesus fucking Christ. It’s green, fuck,” Jimin curses, whole body itching for the last two hits with the paddle. It hurts so good. Jungkook laughs behind him and hits him twice more, quickly enough for Jimin being unable to count between the slaps. He says the last two numbers weakly before he slumps against the straw, panting heavily. Jungkook is no better off, panting heavily behind him. Jimin can’t even see straight thanks to the tears in his eyes.

“Ten,” he wheezes out and lowers his ass onto his heels as he slumps at the overwhelming sensations on his backside.

“Still green?” Jungkook asks from his spot behind Jimin and Jimin nods in confirming. He wants so much more and Jungkook isn’t even close to his limits. “You sure are something, Jimin,” Jungkook mutters as he rubs his palms over Jimin’s rapidly bruising ass.

“Are you ready to try flogging?” the younger asks and Jimin nods instantly. He is so close to cumming he is whimpering at the mere idea of Jungkook stopping now. “I don’t think breaking your limits when it comes to pain will be an issue I have to consider all that much,” Jungkook muses as he picks up a flogger from the different toys he brought. He places the paddle down and swings the flogger into his palm a couple of times. Jimin bites his lower lip in anticipation of the pain he is about to receive.

“I’ll hit you five times with the flogger. You don’t have to count, but tell me if it gets too much,” Jungkook requests and Jimin nods obediently.

“Just hit me, please,” he pleads. His voice sounds broken even to himself. Jungkook doesn’t take long before he lets the flogger fall onto his ass and the stable boy jerks forward from the impact with a loud hiss. The sensation goes straight to his cock and his balls tighten further. He is certain he will cum before the five hits are up. Jungkook makes quick work of the flogger. The tails fall on to his ass, the pain is widespread on his backside and it throbs so deliciously. By the fourth hit, Jimin’s whole body seizes up and his balls tighten so deliciously before he squirts his semen onto the straw beneath him. He is panting heavily and his whole body is jerky. He is so far gone in the overwhelming pleasure that he doesn’t even feel the fifth hit landing on his ass.

“Fucking hell,” Jungkook mutters behind him and the flogger falls into the straw. Jimin feels Jungkook’s hand on his ass and trailing down to the back of his thighs before he slips it between his legs and takes a hold of his sensitive cock. Jimin hears himself whimper at the sensation as Jungkook strokes him through his orgasm and makes sure everything is milked out of his cock. Jimin’s arms are trembling underneath him and so are his thighs. This orgasm is the most intense he has ever had and he wasn’t even touched.

The leather flog is disposed into the straw and Jungkook kneels next to him. His hand is removed from his cock and is rubbing soothingly across his burning skin. Jimin gulps down a couple of breaths before he lets out a shuddering sigh of relief.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Jungkook says, hands still working over his sore backside. “You just came and I did nothing but hit you. Jimin, you’re one special gem among diamonds,” Jungkook concludes. Jimin doesn’t really understand what he is saying, just understands he is being praised, and that is all he needs to know to be content. He didn’t disappoint Jungkook by cumming without permission but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Can you handle more?” Jungkook asks him. Jimin doesn’t quite know yet. He just had a really intense orgasm and he isn’t sure if he can handle any more treatments to his skin after a good whipping and a flogging.

“Can we try something that doesn’t involve my ass?” Jimin requests still feeling a little hazy around the edges. Jungkook chuckles softly beside him and ruffles his hair slightly.

“Of course. We have yet to try face slapping, biting, clamps, and tickles,” Jungkook lists out. It isn’t said explicitly, but Jimin knows Jungkook wants him to pick what is going to happen after this.

“Let’s try the clamps and tickling. I’m not sure the face slapping should be tested out when I’m facing my parents so soon after,” Jimin reasons. Jungkook hums softly, acknowledging Jimin’s thoughts before he returns to his small pile of equipment.

“Remember your colors,” the younger warns. Jimin hears a tinkle of metal sounding next to him. It sounds suspiciously like a small chain settling into a shape with the assistance of gravity. A hiss is drawn through Jimin’s teeth when a clamp closes down on his nipple. It hurts so good that he bites into his lower lip to prevent himself from moaning out loud. A clamp is placed to the other nipple too and Jimin knows what to expect. It feels so good and even better when Jungkook tugs at the chain between.

“Oh shit,” Jimin breathes out as his back arches from the pleasure. He wants to feel more of the tugging, he wants to feel more of the pain the clamps are giving him. It feels so fucking great and Jimin is shivering from the need for more.

“Color, Jimin,”

“Green,” Jimin responds immediately. Jungkook chuckles behind him and Jimin is certain he hears disbelief in the tone. He would be too if he was in Jungkook’s shoes and he met someone who had basically no limit to pain. A scream tears from his throat when a clamp is fastened to the underside of his sack and Jimin pants heavily trying to get a control of the situation.

“Thank god, I thought nothing could really hurt you,” Jungkook says and stills next to him. Jimin’s fingers are curled into tight fists around the straw beneath him. The pain is delicious and Jimin is basically crooning under the attention. He knows it’s embarrassing to react that way to the stimulation, but he is sensitive form his previous orgasm and it all just feels too good.

“You good?” Jungkook asks and Jimin nods eagerly. He feels like he is drooling but he is focusing more on not whining to focus on his saliva production too. He hears Jungkook shuffle to kneel in front of him making him look up.

“You’re so filthy. You look so fucking wrecked,” he mutters and brushes his thumbs across Jimin’s cheeks to dry the tears off. The gesture is too gentle to be considered appropriate for what they are doing but before Jimin can complain, he is squeezing his eyes shut from the impact of a slap. Jimin can’t even stop the whiny moan that leaves him and he presses towards Jungkook.

“I’ve never met anyone who is such a slut for pain,” he chuckles and Jimin visibly shivers at the degradation. He has just cummed a few minutes prior and he is already hard again. Not ready to bust a nut hard, but hard. Jungkook slaps him again, this time on the other cheek and Jimin finds himself leaning forward. He doesn’t really move, he just slowly shifts his weight forward. Jungkook does nothing to stop him and Jimin finds himself with his forehead pressed against the younger’s chest, his whole body buzzing with the pleasure thrumming in his veins. Jungkook cards his fingers through Jimin’s hair gently and the gesture makes Jimin calm down slightly. He is overwhelmed by all the sensations he is going through. He is strung out far but the pain is so delicious.

“Which color, pony,” Jungkook asks in a low voice, his fingers never stopping the gentle petting in his hair. Jimin can’t respond immediately. His thoughts are a mess and his cock is throbbing. He doesn’t know what to do about anything.

“Yellow,” he manages finally. He knows he can’t handle more than they are doing now.

“Good boy,” Jungkook whispers and guides Jimin to turn around so he is sitting on the straw, back to his chest. Jungkook reaches around him and fists his cock in a firm hold. He squeezes around the base before he starts stroking him at a rapid pace. He twists his hand around the tip and his thumb is running over Jimin’s slit occasionally. Jimin is rapidly falling towards the edge and his balls tighten in pleasure so close to his release. He is vaguely aware of Jungkook’s free hand pulling at the collar of his shirt. Jungkook gives him a firm bite and Jimin’s vision goes white with pleasure. He is cumming for the second time in less than thirty minutes and he is shaking in Jungkook’s embrace.

“That’s a good boy,” Jungkook whispers to him as he strokes him through his orgasm and keeps him against his chest. Jimin feels safe. He has just been strung out to a point where he hasn’t been before. It was a new experience and Jimin kind of liked it. It was kind of like he was freed of all of his responsibilities when Jungkook worked him like that. It was like all he wanted to do was to obey the younger and receive the pleasure he had to offer as a praise. Jimin isn’t entirely sure what is going on, but he feels good being held by Jungkook like this, slowly coming back to his senses.

“That was something,” Jimin mutters softly as he slowly sits up. Even when he is sitting up properly, Jungkook is still stroking his back and doesn’t relent from the physical contact. The older is slowly collecting himself and finally reaches out to grab a fistful of straw from beneath him. He uses it to wipe the cum off his dick and tosses it to the side before he pushes himself onto his knees to pull his pants up to cover his ass again. Only when Jimin is standing up and has grabbed for the fork does Jungkook move to stand too.

“What can I do to help?” the dominance that once oozed from Jungkook’s body is long gone and the power between them has been evened out once again. Jimin eyes the fork in his hands and then at Jungkook.

“You might as well learn it sooner than later. You remove all the wet straw and all the shit from in here. All the dry straws you push to the sides so you don’t bring that along. Once the box is empty of wet straw, you spread the dry into the middle. Then we get some fresh to top off,” Jimin explains and hands the fork over to the younger. “I’m going to grab a fork too and work on the next box,” he says and leaves Jungkook to clean out the rest of the box. “And, you might want to remove your equipment before you continue,” he adds before he disappears out the box and to grab a fork and a wheelbarrow for himself. He enters the box next to the one Jungkook cleans and begins to mug out. When he is done, the wheelbarrow is full and he picks up the handles.

“Come, get your wheelbarrow and I will show you where you dump the shit,” Jimin instructs. Jungkook does as he is told and follows after Jimin to the dunghill. Jimin pushes his wheelbarrow up the hill and tips it over at the top. He explains to Jungkook how to do it before he climbs down and watches Jungkook copy him. Jungkook pushes the wheelbarrow up the board that leads to the top. He is determined to get it up and Jimin has to give it to him. He is trying to keep up the best he can - despite his designer shoes and stupidly expensive pants. Pants that are now stained with horse pee after kneeling in the straw earlier. Before Jimin can laugh at the pee on Jungkook’s pants, the younger loses his footing on the board and he falls flat on his stomach. The wheelbarrow tilts backward too, covering Jungkook in pee, straw, and shit from the horses. Jimin doubles over and finds himself crouching as he laughs at the younger’s misery. Jungkook groans and picks himself up. He shakes his head a couple of times before he realizes what he has been covered in and he starts gagging. Jimin is absolutely no help for the younger as he only laughs harder as Jungkook empties his stomach content onto the dunghill.

“You’re white as a fucking sheet,” Jimin wheezes through his laughs as Jungkook comes down from the pile, looking like he is an hour late for the ER. “Well, if you ignore the random splotches of shit,” he continues before he falls onto his ass from laughter. An angry Jungkook pushes past him and heads towards the main building of the farm, obviously heading for a bathroom. It takes Jimin several minutes to collect his senses enough to get off the ground and finish the job Jungkook didn’t do finish. He returns to the stables and resumes the work he and Jungkook were doing before the younger decided to challenge gravity. He is chuckling lowly to himself whenever he thinks about Jungkook throwing up at the dunghill, covered in shit from head to toe. It was a sight to behold, and Jimin is going to remember that forever.


He manages to clean out more than half of the boxes before there is a stinging sensation across his ass.

“What are you laughing at?” Jungkook’s voice sounds from behind him. The voice is deep and stern and sounding unhappy. It sends a thrill down Jimin’s spine. He turns his head slightly to glance back at Jungkook, but instead of seeing his master, he sees the cane in his hand and his knees wobble in anticipation.



Chapter Text

The color on Jungkook’s face changes at a rate Jimin didn’t think possible. If it wasn’t because he just saw it with his own eyes, he still wouldn’t believe it. Jungkook is positively approaching the color of a ripe tomato and Jimin has absolutely no regrets, what so ever. He focuses down on the cane in the other’s hands and smirks to himself as he sees Jungkook’s fingers flex around the handle of the cane.

“You’re laughing at me?” Jungkook asks and Jimin’s smirk pulls slightly wider.

“Yes,” he confirms and places his hands on his hips. It seems like he will get the treatment he wants if he keeps this act up. It’s fun to watch Jungkook try and control his anger while Jimin only anticipates the outburst.

“Why?” he asks and Jimin shakes his head in pure amusement.

“Because the stunt you made at the dunghill. That was an award-worthy,” he giggles, eyes never leaving the cane in the other’s hands.

“That is what is so funny?” Jungkook asks. He is obviously displeased and Jimin only finds it all that funnier. He nods and before he knows, the cane has made a contact with the side of his thigh and a yelp is pulled from his throat. “How funny is that?” Jungkook asks and Jimin really wonders if Jungkook remembers how he had been just an hour prior.

“Very funny,” Jimin responds. It’s the truth. He likes the pain Jungkook inflects, and if he has to call it funny to be hit again, then so be it. Jungkook swings the cane again, this time hitting the other thigh. Jimin bites his lower lip and suppresses a moan that threatens to spill from his lips as the pain licks against his leg. The pain is too good for him. It feels so good and it makes him itch for more, but he won’t ask for more. He knows Jungkook will stop punishing him if he realizes he loves the feeling.

“Bend over,” Jungkook says. His voice and the way he says it leaves no room for joking. Jimin does as he is told and holds on to the metal bars that divide the boxes and lowers himself as far down as he can. It leaves his dressed ass exposed to his master and he bites his lip in anticipation.

Jungkook doesn’t take long before he has the cane colliding with the back of his thighs. Had he hit a little lower and Jimin would be kneeling. But Jimin is still standing, his thighs tense in barely contained nirvana. Jimin presses his face against his left arm, shielding his eyes from the white-hot pleasure he sees. Another hit lands just below his ass cheeks and Jimin releases a low groan as the pleasure zings up his body and settles like a hot stone in his abdomen.

“Moan for me, my little horse,” Jungkook growls behind him just as a hit is placed diagonally across both of his cheeks. Who is Jimin to disobey? A loud moan falls from his lips and he finds himself spreading his feet in the straw bed.

“You’re such a whore,” the younger mutters as he lands another hit across Jimin’s backside. This one is diagonally the other way, shaping a firm cross on his ass. The pain is burning so deliciously and Jimin is sure the hot stone in his abdomen will transform into molten lava if Jungkook keeps it up. Goosebumps appear on his skin and he visibly shivers from the feeling of Jungkook abusing him like he is. He expects another hit and he waits. He keeps waiting, but nothing comes. He raises his head from his arm and comes face to face with the cane. Jimin follows the straight line of the equipment and comes to meet Jungkook’s hand that goes into his arm and finally his dark eyes. Jimin can easily see the lust in them. They are practically black with desire.

“Lick it,” he orders. Jimin sticks his tongue. His mind is reeling in different directions. He feels degraded, having to worship the instrument that gives him pain, the equipment designed to punish him, but he feels so fucking desirable when he licks the shaft of the cane while he holds Jungkook’s eyes in a heated trance. Jimin is fully aware it turns both of them on. Jimin breaks the eye contact to look down. His eyes fall on a very obvious bulge in Jungkook’s pants and he is well aware he isn’t better off himself despite just having cummed just a few hours prior. Seeing how big Jungkook obviously is, Jimin finds himself licking the cane more intensely. He gets to lick it for a good while before it’s removed from his reach. It is basically ripped from his mouth like Jimin is about to destroy Jungkook’s most precious item. He has a theory it’s because the younger finally snapped out of his trance, but he isn’t going to tease him.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Jimin, can’t you get enough?” he asks. Jimin doesn’t answer but sways his ass from side to side tauntingly instead. No, he can’t. “Take your pants off, slut. Gotta make you feel the pain,” he says. Jimin lets go of the metal bars and undoes his pants again. He pulls them down so they stick by his knees, leaving him bare from his knees and up.

“Reach back and spread you open for me,” he instructs and Jimin does just that. Jungkook shuffles to stand behind him and he feels oddly exposed. Without warning, Jungkook’s cane falls down between his cheeks, slapping over his tailbone and asshole. He moans louder than before, his cheeks clenching between his fingers. It feels so fucking good and his entrance downright flutters in elation. Jungkook snorts behind him and Jimin doesn’t care. He loves the treatment and he wants more.

“I’m going to hit you five times with increasing strength. You tell me your color after each slap,” Jungkook instructs. Jimin groans and lets his head hang loosely between his shoulders. Now he actually has to think too? He isn’t a fan. He doesn’t get to linger on the thought before the cane brings a slight sting to his ass. Jimin almost laughs. Jungkook has already hit him harder than that several times. It’s funny.

“Green, clearly,” he answers. Quickly after, another hit. Still not as hard as before, but close enough.

“Green,” he responds. Jungkook’s hand rubs into his sore flesh and Jimin releases a soft moan at the feeling. It feels good to be cared for like that. He leans into the touch and the younger squeezes his fingers in warning. Jimin doesn’t take the warning seriously and leans in harder. He earns himself a slap before the hand disappears and the cane hits him again. It’s harder than previously. It’s the hardest he has been hit today and a long moan is pulled from his lips.

“Fuck, green,” Jimin moans as he feels his cock twitch between his legs. Knowing he will only have two more hits sounds like fucking torture. Will Jungkook leave him hanging without letting him cum or will he finish him off? Jimin doesn’t know, and he is kinda scared to know the answer. A harder hit hits him and Jimin’s knees buckle at the delicious feeling. Jungkook is hitting his thighs and Jimin’s hole flutters at the lack of stimulation and it’s all for Jungkook to see. Jimin isn’t even embarrassed, knowing the master can see just how much the pain affects him.

“Green,” Jimin gasps out. The heat in his groin is too much of a distraction and it takes everything for Jimin not to release his ass cheeks to reach for his cock instead. It won’t take him long to cum again. The last hit Jungkook sends his way as Jimin falling to his knees. He is panting heavily, ass cheeks still spread apart and his head hangs between his shoulders. It’s the fucking best, and Jimin’s dick leaks.

“Fucking hell, do that again,” he requests, earning himself a chuckle in response.

“Use your words, Jimin. Tell me your color and I’ll consider it,” Jungkook taunts.

“Green. Fuck, the color is green. Master, I’m close. Please hit me again,” Jimin requests. He expects Jungkook to give in, but the hit never comes. He is left untouched, precum leaking from his dick and too far gone with pleasure to care for anything but the dance his nerves are taking on his ass. It’s prickling and burning and throbbing so nicely. He is so fucking close a single hit could be enough to have him dirty the straw beneath him with white. Jimin looks over his shoulder and sees Jungkook place the cane aside. He damn near feels like crying in frustration of being left high and dry, without his release. He is still kneeling on the straw, cheeks pulled apart. He releases them and makes a move to stand up. He Touching his dick doesn’t really cross his mind. He doesn’t have the permission to do so. He doesn’t have the permission to stand, but he feels like he is returning to the previous stance.

“Don’t move,” Jungkook says. His voice holds a clear warning that sends a shiver down Jimin’s spine. He drops back down on his knees, hands placed obediently in his lap. He stares straight at the dirty stable wall in front of him and tries to listen for what is going on in the straw behind him. He can hear Jungkook shuffling around, but nothing really happens and Jimin’s dick still fucking throbs. Finally, he hears Jungkook approaching him. It makes a wave of relief wash over him. He feels ridiculous about how much the master’s presence affects him. He is throbbing between his thighs with the need of anything the master has to give him.

He almost reconsiders his wish when a sharp prickling feeling runs down his back. He hisses out, surprised by it more than anything. He doesn’t know what the hell it is he is feeling, and that thought is more uncomfortable than the pain itself. It runs from his shoulder and down to the hypersensitive skin of his ass. He hisses in pain but keeps in his place.

“That’s a good boy,” he is praised. Jungkook walks around and he gets to see the device of pain he has picked. It’s spurs. Not the officially approved ones, no. It’s the old-style illegal western spurs with sharp ass fucking stars to spike on the spur-wheels. Jimin is embarrassed by the moan that pulls from his throat, knowing he is treated like an actual horse in the wild west. Jungkook’s fingers curl into his hair and yanks it backward. Jimin basically croons at the treatment and lets himself guide by the tug. It doesn’t take long before the spurs make contact with his skin again and this time Jimin positively moans. He feels like he can put a porn star to shame - and Jimin feels absolutely none of that as his cock lets out small spurts of precum. The spurs roll back up without leaving his back this time. Jimin takes everything he is given. Thanks to Jungkook’s pull on his hair and his stronger-than-most-abs, he stays in a position where he can look up at Jungkook with dark eyes and somehow hope to convey just how much he loves what he is given. The spur is removed from his back and Jungkook comes to stand in front of him. The hold is released from his hair and Jimin leans back up, head falling to focus on the spurs tightened firmly around Jungkook’s misplaced, once white sneakers.

“Color?” Jungkook inquires. Jimin doesn’t really need to think.

“That’s a fucking green, Jungkook, fuck, you need to do something, I’m about to burst,” Jimin pleads. Jimin honestly expects something from the master, but instead, he is met with a chuckle.

“Really? Is that so?” he wonders and Jimin has to bite his tongue not to respond with a snarky response. “How do you think I feel? You already came once,” Jungkook reminds him and Jimin visibly blanches. “You’re not that great of a pony. Only caring about your own needs and never your rider’s,” Jungkook clicks his tongue disapprovingly. Jimin scrambles to face Jungkook, unable to find words good enough to apologize for his behavior as well as simultaneously offering up his body for the master to use for his pleasure.

A slap is landed across his cheek and Jimin freezes mid-move.

“What did I say about moving, Jimin?” he reprimands. Jimin hangs his head low in shame and shuffles back to his previous position. He wants to please but he isn’t allowed to. It’s like Jungkook loves to play the mind-game with him. Remind him what he is lacking and then refuse to let him do anything to make up for his misbehavior. And honestly, Jimin can’t say he absolutely hates the idea. His cock is still hot, hard, and untouched against his abdomen. He can see the angry red color the tip has. It’s turning purple soon. Jimin can already see the signs of the changing color. The hues are turning colder as his veins visibly thump with the rush of blood.

“I want to please you, master,” Jimin says, eyes still focused on his cock, contrasting sharply with the straw beneath him.

“And how do you want to do that?” Jungkook asks, sounding amused as well as disbelief. Kind of like he doesn’t believe that Jimin will be able to please him at all. Jimin’s pride take a blunt hit at that and he shuffles slightly against the straw.

“However you want me to,” he responds. Jungkook has the decency to laugh, and Jimin feels humiliation crawl up his spine, painting his cheeks a rueful red color. Jungkook pats Jimin’s hair and if he felt humiliated before, being ridiculed like this, doesn’t help. Quite on the contrary. His hands curl into tight fists in his lap and he keeps looking down.

“That’s very considerate of you, Jimin. But that’s not what we are doing now. Right now, we are testing your limits. And while you think it might be about making you cum, you’re wrong about that. We are testing limits,” Jungkook reminds him. Jimin bites his lower lip and he swallows thickly. Jungkook is right. He isn’t supposed to cum. He was spoiled earlier but that doesn’t mean he will be as nice this time.

“Sorry, Master. I had forgotten,” Jimin apologizes.

“Such a bad boy, forgetting the orders he is given,” Jungkook tuts disapprovingly. “What happens to bad boys?” he asks. Jimin swallows thickly, making sure his voice is still somewhat functional.

“Bad boys get punished,” he responds. Jungkook releases a hearty laugh and pets his hair again, living out the pet roleplay thoroughly.

“That’s a good boy. Bad boys get punished. Why were you a bad boy?” Jungkook asks.

“Because I forgot the purpose of my treatment,” Jimin answers obediently. It earns him two gentle pats on his stinging cheek.

“That’s right. I’m going to bite you. How many bites do you think you deserve?” Jungkook asks. Jimin’s mind reels. He is given an option and he doesn’t’ know what the hell he is supposed to do with it. He is given a choice of deciding how bad he has been. He can make any guess. If he says a number too low, Jungkook will be disappointed in him. He will take it as if he doesn’t respect him and any kind of disobedience doesn’t deserve discipline. If the number is too high, Jungkook will be worried about his self-image. If he requests to be bitten so many times it’s no longer appropriate, Jungkook will be careful around him and possibly nullify the contract until he has a more realistic self-understanding. He looks from side to side, scanning the straw bed in front of him as if it will give him the answer.

“Thirteen,” he finally offers.

“Thirteen?” Jungkook asks with a hint of disbelief in his voice.

Chapter Text

“I was thinking five, but if you want thirteen, who am I to deny you?” he asks. Jimin slumps slightly. He is too far off. He thinks too little of himself or too much of Jungkook. Something isn’t right.

“You may have forgotten the purpose of our game for a moment. But we are playing for your pleasure too. Don’t forget that,” Jimin’s internal panic dies down immediately. Jungkook wasn’t really thinking to punish him. They weren’t playing like that. They are testing limits, but that doesn’t mean none of them can’t feel pleasure from what they do. Jimin visibly slumps down and Jungkook strokes his hair twice.

“Thirteen bites are coming your way, pony,” he says and Jimin sighs in relief. He gets to cum and that alone is enough to make him calm down significantly. And Jungkook isn’t mad at him for forgetting his master’s pleasure. So, there is really no reason to be upset. Jungkook kneels down behind him and tugs at his right sleeve He rearranges the shirt on Jimin’s frame, making the collar reach as far out on his shoulder as possible. Before Jimin even has time to complain about the possibility of his shirt being ruined, Jungkook’s teeth are buried in the muscle at the juncture between shoulder and neck. Jimin’s head falls forward and a loud moan is drawn from his throat. It’s low and almost growling, but the pleasure in his abdomen flares up like a bonfire sloshed with alcohol. His cock shoots a leak of clear liquid from the tip at the feeling and Jimin’s fingers curl into the straw beneath him.

“Stand up, pony,” Jungkook orders. Jimin does as he is told and relents to the feeling of Jungkook’s hand between his shoulder blades, making him bend forward. Jungkook kneels behind him once more and places his hands on Jimin’s overly sensitive ass cheeks. Jimin groans softly at the sensation and spreads his legs slightly to accommodate his new position. Jungkook pulls his ample cheeks apart and Jimin expects something done to his asshole. A lick, a suck, a kiss, a blow of air - anything. But Jungkook sinks his teeth into his ass, hard enough to make Jimin’s knees buckle and his hips jerk forward to escape the blunt impact of pain. Jimin’s head falls heavily between his arms as he lets the younger work him over. Firm licks are scattered across his red skin, offering a sort of soothing feeling to the nerves. His entire backside is electric in the wake of the treatment it has gotten. It will take a day or two before he can sit comfortably again. Jimin has started humming softly in appreciation of the gentle treatment Jungkook is giving him, kind of falling into a daze. He doesn’t feel exactly what Jungkook is doing but lets himself be soothed into a mental space that isn’t quite reality. He is drawn out as quickly as he entered, though. Jungkook is biting into his other cheek, making Jimin release a soft wail of surprise. The soft treatment of his ass resumes and Jimin once again feels himself slip into the alternate reality.


He feels like he is floating; disconnected from his body. He doesn’t sense anything around him. It’s all absolute bliss. His mind is free of worries. No expectations to meet, no chores to complete, no horses to care for, no nothing. It’s just…empty in the most positive way. Breathing isn’t necessary and he is completely relaxed as he lets his surroundings carry him deeper into the unearthly world. Despite it not being necessary, Jimin fills his lungs with the strange air. It feels like his lungs are being filled with cotton candy. He loves how freeing the feeling is. It’s a space he won’t mind visiting again for sure. He doesn’t know for how long he is floating in the fog-like universe. He has no concept of time or the physical world. He is dreaming of the most peaceful examples of a dream. It’s just…peaceful.

His fingers start prickling and he becomes aware of something solid against his back and something rather rhythmical works through his hair. He begins sensing a world solidifying around him, proving by a movement of light behind his lids. He can feel mouth is entirely dry, easily comparable to a desert. He notices the familiar smell of horses, horse dung, straw, and something he doesn’t quite recognize. He can’t yet move but he is feeling a tiny buzz in his ears. The sound grows increasingly clearer as Jimin slowly regains his senses. He recognizes the voice. It’s Jungkook’s. He is whispering in his ear but Jimin can’t quite make out what he is saying yet. He becomes aware that he isn’t laying down completely but he is halfway sitting. There is a light rumble against his back and Jimin slowly rationalizes he is laying against Jungkook as the younger talks him back to reality.

“That’s a good boy,” he praises him and Jimin shivers lightly. “There you go. Easy, Jimin,” he whispers and Jimin realizes it’s Jungkook’s fingers in his hair, coaxing him back from his mental escape.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got you,” Jungkook continues and Jimin becomes aware of an arm holding his waist. He feels straw underneath his fingers as Jungkook’s whispers anchor him in the world, slowly drawing him in.

“Good boy. You did so well. You were so good for me,” Jungkook keeps praising him until Jimin finally opens his eyes. He notices he is fully dressed, laying on a bale of straw. He figures Jungkook has carried him here because this isn’t what he last remembers.

“Welcome back,” Jungkook says now, speaking a little louder than just a whisper. Jimin groans slightly as he stretches. He feels like he has slept for hours. Maybe even days. Despite his stretch, he doesn’t make a move to sit up or free himself from Jungkook.

“How long was I out?” he asks, trying to wet his mouth with his tongue, willing the saliva-producing glands to kick back into work.

“About fifteen minutes. Give or take,” the younger responds, still stroking his hair gently and keeping him against his chest.

“What happened?” Jimin asks. He has never experienced anything like that before. Never.

“You fell into subspace. I wasn’t paying enough attention to you as I bit you and you slipped from me,” Jungkook says. Jimin’s brows furrow slightly in confusion. What Jungkook says makes absolutely no sense. “I won’t let you slip again without agreeing upon it beforehand,” he adds kind of like an afterthought.

“Please explain,”

“Explain what?”

“The subspace thing,”

“Oh,” Jungkook starts, sounding surprised by the request. “Well, a subspace is a mental state you, as the submissive, can reach. It’s different for everyone. But it’s a space where you drop completely out of a sense of reality and you give yourself over completely. Without knowing your subspace all that long, considering how long you were gone, I think your subspace is deep,” he explains. Jimin is still utterly confused by it all.

“Some submissives are vaguely aware of what is going on around them. They might not have control of themselves as they enter this headspace. They might not feel anything or they might be hyperaware of a touch and dwell on that solely while the rest of them shuts down completely. But I think yours is different. I think yours is deep enough to be dreamlike. I’ve heard about submissives who claim to leave their bodies while they are out,” Jungkook explains and Jimin is still confused but he knows that is what he experienced.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m sorry that I let you drop into that. Subspace is something tricky and none of us know each other enough to venture into that territory. You were close earlier but you safeworded your way out of it. You claimed yellow but it was a red. You were about to drop for me then too. You were well on your way in. I didn’t notice you dropped just before until it was too late. And then I took care of you. I made you cum and I dressed you and now we’re here,” Jungkook explains and Jimin tries to remember what happened earlier and caused him to drop into his so-called subspace. He doesn’t really know. “I suggest you google about it some day soon. It’s something you apparently find extremely easy to drop into, and I want you to know more in case it happens again,” Jungkook says and Jimin nods slowly. He will look into it.

“We should get back to work,” Jimin mutters. He still feels a little fuzzy in the head and not quite himself just yet. Jungkook seems to notice and refuses to let Jimin go.

“I think you should stay here a little longer. You’re still not completely out of it yet,” he claims. Jimin surprises himself by how easily he falls back against the master behind him. If he didn’t know better, he’d say he is pliant to the master. The fingers resume in his hair and the hand splays out on his stomach and they stay there, no one saying anything else for a while. Jimin closes his eyes and figures he might as well get the best of it and enjoys the light massage his hair gets.


Jimin isn’t aware of how long they stay like that. He feels content laying there, soaking himself in the light caresses he gets from the master. But everything nice has to come to an end and Jungkook gently pats his stomach.

“I think we can get a move on and finish the stables now. We are already delayed because we’ve been playing,” Jungkook comments and Jimin knows he is right. He sits up on the bale and lets his feet dangle off the edge. He slips onto the floor and a thought strikes him. The last thing he remembers before going into subspace - as Jungkook claims he was - is Jungkook not receiving pleasure the whole day and only Jimin receiving. He turns around to face the younger with a small frown on his face.

“You didn’t get to cum,” he comments, earning himself a chuckle from Jungkook.

“Don’t you worry about that today. Today, we focused on you and finding your limits - or lack thereof. We will get to me soon enough. First, we need the contract established and next, we work on figuring out how your subspace works so you don’t slip into that without wanting to or without me intending to. It can be potentially dangerous as you seem to have absolutely no clue about what goes on around you,” Jungkook says. Jimin has to say he is happy hearing Jungkook talking about his subspace like that. He doesn’t remember anything about being gone. At least not anything real. Jungkook had made him cum. He had dressed him and carried him to the straw bale, and Jimin hadn’t noticed anything. Jungkook is a good master to him. Attentive and careful. Jimin feels safe giving himself up for Jungkook. Jungkook isn’t one who is in this for his own pleasure. Jimin has a feeling Jungkook takes just as much pleasure in controlling him and bringing him pleasure as an actual orgasm. It’s an orgasm to his ego. And orgasm to his need to control. He isn’t sure, but it’s a thought he can easily convince himself of.

“Now, let’s get back to cleaning out the stables or you won’t get to ride today,” Jungkook reminds him and Jimin’s eyes widen in realization. He is on a schedule and his babies need exercising.

“Do you want to join me again?” he asks. Sure, it’s quicker to have Jungkook ride along on one, but he also thinks it’s quite nice, and Jungkook seems to like it too. It’s nice to have company in contrast to him always riding on his own. He also believes that Jungkook will only become a better master - or rider as he calls himself - by knowing more about real horses and what submissives in animal play might expect from their game.

“Sure,” Jungkook tells him as they approach the boxes to clean. “If I clean out the boxes, will you empty the wheelbarrows?” he asks. Jimin has to laugh at that. He can’t help himself. Jungkook obviously doesn’t want to battle the dunghill again and Jimin is reminded of how the master fell face first into the pile of shit and covered himself with the contents of the wheelbarrow.

“Of course, master,” he smirks, hoping addressing Jungkook like that will make him forget about his laughing. Jungkook shakes his head at him and picks up his fork and gets to work without commenting on Jimin’s laughing fit. Jimin leaves to get the second wheelbarrow so that Sengri doesn’t have to pause while he walks back and forth. While he waits for the first barrow to be filled, Jimin begins mixing the food for the horses. He grabs a broom and begins sweeping the floor and does other hands on things that he can leave to empty the barrows in turn. Surprisingly fast, they manage to finish the mugging and bring the horses inside. Jungkook gets to groom the old mare and Jimin grooms his gelding.

“Uh, Jimin, what is she doing?” Jungkook asks. Jimin stands up from brushing his gelding’s stomach and looks at the mare. She is bopping her head up and down and Jungkook is grooming at the beginning of her mane.

“She enjoys it. She knows she isn’t allowed to touch you so she does what she can to distract herself,” he says and leaves the gelding with the brush on his back. He places himself in front of the mare, back facing her.

“Horses are social animals. You’ve probably seen horses take nips at each other right where you’re grooming her now. It’s a way to be social. It’s one of the few places horses can’t reach themselves to scratch, so they stand together two and two and nip each other like that. Shoulder to shoulder. She is itching to return the favor and that’s why she is standing like that. She is taught she can’t to humans though, but she wants to so badly. As Jimin speaks, the mare begins nuzzling his back with her muzzle. Her lips are working over his shirt, giving him a massage. “What she is doing now is a compromise. She wants to nip me too. She believes I’m itchy, but it hurts like a fucker impaled on a stick to be bit by a horse. If you think it hurts to be bit by a dog or cat, try a horse. A dog or cat penetrate the skin and just makes a hole. The blood that gathers there to the pressure has an easy escape and what hurts the most is the fact they penetrated the skin and you’re bleeding. A horse crushes everything when they bite. They don’t penetrate the skin but crushes the skin along with muscle, fat, nerves, tendons. Everything is just squeezed. Blood gathers there and has no way to go, so on top of everything being sore and crushed, you have the constant pressure of a blood clogging there too. So, she only uses her lips on me but it feels really good. So that’s basically what she is doing. If you want her to stop moving her head, give her a hand to rub her muzzle on or something,” Jimin instructs. He returns to the gelding and resumes his grooming.

When they are done, they bring their horses into the driveway. Jimin links his arm through the reigns on his own horse’s as he checks the girth to be tight enough. He checks the bridle too, making sure Jungkook did everything right before he stands on the right-hand-side of the horse and holds on to the saddle.

“Get up. I’m holding the saddle,” he instructs and Jungkook takes a few attempts to get himself into the saddle. He still isn’t very elegant in the saddle, but for now it’s all about getting Jungkook used to riding, then they can work on the rest later. Jimin swings himself into his own saddle and grabs the reins loosely.

“Alright, are we ready?” he asks. When he gets a nod of confirmation, Jimin nudges his horse in the sides and they ride towards the forest once again.

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“They have a wonderful sense of humor. What are you used to? My Little Pony or stick ponies?” Jimin asks. Jungkook frowns at the words, not liking the cockiness of Jimin’s voice as he asks him, clearly making fun of him. It’s just a shame that Jungkook knows of another kind of horses, one that isn’t strictly innocent. And he also knows that Jimin would love to participate in his game and act. It’s obvious with how Jimin’s eyes linger on the bits in the bridles. It’s obvious with how he weighs the metal and feels it in his palm before setting it down. He also swallows more rapidly and licks his lips. It’d even obvious with how he feels up the leather of the harnesses with his fingers, lingering lightly at the parts that’d restrain him in some way. Jimin is interested in trying a bridle, but has yet to realize it.

“Those might be the thoughts you’ve had in mind when talking about other horses… I’ve seen how you look at the bridles. I recognize that look anywhere, Jimin,” he teases back as he stands up, making his way around the table and sits down in front of him. He isn’t stupid. He reaches out to take a hold of Jimin’s jaw and turns it from side to side. He is honestly surprised by how easily Jimin complies to his guidance. Maybe Jimin is even more submissive than he first thought he’d be? Highly unlikely, but the signs are there. It makes Jungkook’s blood run a little faster in interest and he squares his shoulders. He needs to see if he can make Jimin submit to his presence. He presses his chest forward and tightens his hold on his jaw a little.

“How do I look at them?” Jimin asks. His voice is strong and powerful. It makes Jungkook’s hope for the stable boy drop like a stone in water. Jungkook knows, whatever he says now, might determine whether or not he gets to dominate Jimin or not. It might be the stand or fall point between Jimin’s submission and his arrogance. This is the point he knows he is risking it all. He can lose it all, or win it all. And it’s a risk Jungkook is willing to take. He isn’t supposed to stay at the stables for long, and he can survive without fucking the stable boy.

“You look like you want to wear it yourself,” he says. He doesn’t remove his eyes from the man in front of him. Jimin visibly tenses in front of him. It’s like he is shocked - electrocuted - by his words and his eyes divert somewhere else. Jungkook wins. He sees how Jimin watches the leather in wonder as he bites his lip. Jimin’s body knows what he wants, his subconscious too, but Jimin’s mind has to catch up, and seeing the puzzles fall into place in his head is a sight to behold.

“What do you know about that?” Jimin asks him, eyes moving to meet his own. Jungkook laughs in response. What a cute little question. He pushes himself off the table behind him and reaches out to pat Jimin’s cheek. It’s a degrading gesture, and if Jimin accepts it, Jungkook has him right where he wants him.

“A whole lot more than you. Let me show you something,” Jungkook says. Jimin doesn’t flinch or try to avoid his hand. “Close your eyes and wait for my return,” he instructs and Jimin closes his eyes. It’s too quickly and slightly desperate and Jungkook’s veins throb with the power he is given. It’s not official and he isn’t going to pressure for something Jimin isn’t ready for, but Jimin is a one-of-a-kind-kind of person. But he still has a point to make, and he won’t back down now. He has to win Jimin over completely. He walks around searching for a whip. He wants to remind Jimin of his position and how much he needs him. He finds one among Jimin’s riding equipment and he weighs it out in his hand. It feels perfect in his hand. He can imagine Jimin loving this whip. He approaches Jimin again and finally snaps the whip against his upper arm. The swoosh in the air is addictive, and Jungkook wants to hear more of it. He swings the whip from side to side, smirking at the other when Jimin opens his eyes and glares at him.

“What the fuck, Jungkook?” he exclaims and almost shoots off the chair. Jungkook places the whip on his shoulder and pushes him back into the seat.

“Did I say you can stand up?” he asks. He keeps his eyes on Jimin, the whip lays on his shoulder still, and he is challenging the older. Jimin shakes his head in response and Jungkook fucking cheers on the inside. He is beyond happy that Jimin submits to him. It’s amazing. It’s perfect. Jimin will be his perfect slave, maybe not immediately, but Jungkook will have him shaped in no time.

“No. No, you didn’t,” Jimin says and lowers himself into the seat once more. He has a light blush on his cheeks and on his neck. Jungkook knows he is being turned on by the treatment he is getting.

“Good boy. You’re learning quick,” he praises. He wants to prove to Jimin just how much he wants to have a bridle in his mouth. He wants to prove to Jimin just how much he wants to be his pony, even if he can’t see it himself. He picks up the bridle Jimin had put together earlier and brings it out in front of the other.

“If I knew I’d meet you here, I’d have brought my own equipment,” he says. He has a whole movable cabinet at home, filled with equipment for human horses. Saddles, bridles, grooming brushes, blankets, everything. He will have to bring it out to the farm so he can introduce Jimin to the world of BDSM. “Who’d have known I would get my very own horse out here?” he says. He is amused by Jimin’s reaction and he can’t help himself but hold the bridle up to Jimin’s head, bit to his mouth. “Open wide, Jimin,” he requests. He is surprised by how quickly Jimin obeys and opens his mouth to take in the cold metal. Jungkook has to bite his lip to keep his laughs at bay. He watches him carefully. He watches how he tastes the metal, how he adjusts to the feeling of the coldness on his tongue and how absolutely fucked he looks.

“See, Jimin. This is my kind of horse. Tomorrow, I’ll bring some equipment along. I bet you’ll like it,” he says. He knows he is right. He pulls the bit out of Jimin’s mouth and sets it down on the table. “I’m sure you’ll like it. You’re just a pony boy waiting to be discovered,” he says. He has seen it before. He knows pony boys. He comes at a club at night where he has access to people with all different kinds of kinks - ponies included. He knows the signs, and Jimin is a very obvious one - a very submissive and masochistic one at that too. He observes Jimin carefully and takes pleasure in the bulge in his pants and he smirks. He wonders how much time he has before his driver will be back and he glances at his wristwatch.

“Oh, would you look at that? It’s time for me to go home. It was nice meeting you, Jimin. I’ll see you again tomorrow,” he says and places the whip back right where he found it. He leaves everything else behind as he heads out to his driver, feeling all kinds of excited for the time he has to spend with Jimin.


Jungkook brings the last wheelbarrow inside after emptying it onto the dunghill. It’s quite an annoying task to do but he will suffer through it. When he comes back inside, Jimin is sitting by the saddle room. He is shirtless and his body is to die for. He has been hiding a noticeable six-pack all this time, and failed to warn him? He is tired, sweaty and he doesn’t feel like doing shit anymore. Hopefully, Jimin won’t have more on the schedule for them to do that day. He is too tired to continue working, but Jimin’s body makes his own stand to attention to the stable boy. He sets the wheelbarrow down in its rightful place next to the big bale of straw.

“Your job is crazy. Aren’t you tired?” he wonders. He doesn’t quite believe Jimin can’t be tired now. They’ve been working more in a few hours than Jungkook is used to doing in a week. He watches hopefully as Jimin looks at his watch and his words are like water to his throat after wandering a desert for days.

“Thanks to us being two to do the work today, we are done slightly early. There are twenty-five minutes left until my dad will call us to lunch. If you want, you can take a break. We can’t really start anything new now without having to drip it in the middle of everything to get lunch. Anything you wanna do?” Jimin asks, eyes on him. Jungkook is basically itching now. They have almost half an hour, Jimin is shirtless and he needs to see if Jimin is any good for his plans.

“There’s something I want to show you,” he says and motions for Jimin to follow him. He brings Jimin into the driveway where his cabinet from that morning is still in position. It contains everything he will ever need to play with Jimin. Everything he will ever need to make Jimin his pony. He picks it up, muscles straining to keep up with the weight. He had sort of believed Jimin would help him out if he lifted it and he realized it’s heavy, but no. Instead, he simply watches him with curiosity as he struggles the box into the stable building.

“I assume that isn’t riding equipment,” Jimin says and it’s only because the box is too heavy and he hardly can breathe enough oxygen not to faint that he doesn’t laugh. He struggles the box inside and places it down with a loud thud and a scraping sound against the rough surface.

“Your assumption is wrong, in that case,” he answers and watches how the cabinet doesn’t stand properly between the other boxes and containers in the room. He gives the front a hard push with the sole of his boot and the cabinet scrapes into position.

“You know how to ride?” Jimin asks, sounding more than a little surprised. Jungkook laughs.

“Oh, I rode alright. Just not horses,” he says and pats the top of the cabinet twice before he turns around to face Jimin. He is smirking as he takes in the look on Jimin’s face. The stable boy doesn’t understand shit of what he is being told. “I prefer riding people,” he elaborates, taking pity on the older’s mental melt-down. He turns around and plays with the lock until the door falls open. He watches the human bridle swaying lightly on the door from the movement. The hoof boots at the bottom are all shined up and ready to wear, his whips are ready to be used too. His tails are waiting patiently to be inserted into a willing ass and Jungkook licks his lips. Oh, how he hopes Jimin will agree.

“What I am, has many names. It depends on which community you enter. Some call me Master, some call me Dominant, and some call me Rider. I’m a rider. And I saw the way you looked at the bridles yesterday. I want you to be my horse,” the look that falls on Jimin’s face is nothing short of horror, but Jungkook knows it’s a classic reaction to the environment he is so used when it’s introduced so brutally. Jungkook hasn’t given Jimin any time to prepare himself and basically forced him to the trough. The trough is filled with a liquid that he has always been told to avoid at all cost. He has been told it’s disgusting and poisonous. But it smells sweet and Jimin is intrigued by the smell of it. Jungkook has guided his face to the surface of the water and now it’s Jimin’s decision whether he wants to drink or not. He hands him a BDSM contract. One of slavery and mastery. The contract contains everything he himself can see himself do. It’s standardized and is inclusive of both females and males but it’s up to Jimin to decide the content of it.


Jungkook arrives at the farm the next day. His driver sets him off before he leaves again, leaving Jungkook to face Jimin on his own. Much to his surprise, Jimin hands him over the contract from the night before and Jungkook’s stomach makes a roll of excitement. It takes everything in his body not to run ahead of the older to see what the content of the contract is. He wonders just how much Jimin has agreed to. He places the contract onto the work table in the equipment storage and reads the introduction to the contraction of basic consideration. Jungkook swallows thickly once he sees the front signed. Jimin is officially his and his alone. He nods slowly, opting for doing something less extra than squealing as he wants to. He turns the pages and is faced with nothing but what he wrote in there himself. Jimin hasn’t set a single mark to indicate what he wants and Jungkook’s stomach drops. Was he wrong about Jimin? Isn’t he a masochist? He can’t keep the disappointment off his face, and he knows it. He knows Jimin knows he is disappointed.

“Well then, Jimin,” he starts. He isn’t happy with the result. He feels played and toyed with. Jimin wants to be his slave but won’t let him know how to be it so it’s comfortable for them both. But he still has Jimin’s signature on being his slave and he is going to enforce said dominance. He takes a deep breath through his nose. He has to remind himself that Jimin is new in the world. Maybe Jimin didn’t fill out the contract because he doesn’t know what it entitles, what it includes. He forces himself to be patient. “Seem like I got myself a new horse,” he says, forcing out a chuckle he hopes doesn’t sound fake. Jimin is new. Jimin is new. Jimin is new. He repeats it like a mantra in his head. Jimin nods in confirmation. Apparently, Jimin hasn’t caught on to his distress yet. His eyes trail up to meet his. Jimin seems submissive, but much to his surprise, he doesn’t stay in that position for long.

“Just because you’re my master, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to work for me still,” Jimin reminds him and motions towards the door. “The horses need to be fed. You go feed them and I will arrange the hay for them,” Jimin says. Before Jungkook can respond, Jimin leaves with the last word, reclaiming his dominance over Jungkook. He has a point. Jungkook is here to work and the horses can’t be put on pause. He knows a little more of what he is doing this time than he did the day before and he assists Jimin with the rest of the work for the morning too.


“You didn’t fill out the contract,” Jungkook says as he pets Jimin’s gelding gently. He isn’t sure he is doing the right thing, but the horse isn’t trying to kill him, so he takes it as a good sign.

“I didn’t, no. I didn’t know how to fill it out. I don’t know anything about this, and I want you to explain to me what each section entitles before I agree to anything,” Jimin says. That’s what Jungkook has been trying to remind himself of. Jimin doesn’t know his world. He doesn’t know how BDSM, dominance or submission works in humans like this. He doesn’t know what a sexual establishment in a contract is. He hums softly to let Jimin know he understands.

“That makes sense. Should we do it before lunch? The horses aren’t ready to be let out yet, so we can do some now and then we can get the horses out and complete the contract before we head in?” he offers and he can hear Jimin agree with him from the other side. “Alright, let me get the contract and a pen,” he says and leaves the box to get the things. He feels nervous, incredibly so. But just as excited too, if not more.

“Alright, Jimin. First point; who will take part?” Jungkook asks, reading out from the contract on the second page. Jimin already filled out the first.

“You and me. I don’t see anyone else,” Jimin says. Jungkook doesn’t immediately write down Jimin’s answer. He knows this place, and ruling out others participating just because Jimin doesn’t know wouldn’t be a good idea.

“I know this club in the city. It’s a sex club for people with interest in these kinds of things. I want to take you there. What it says in the contract is what we go by. If we write down only the two of us, no one else is allowed to join the game,” he explains, hoping Jimin will reconsider the answer. He won’t complain if he doesn’t though. He just wants Jimin to be aware of all options he has before making a statement.

“Can it be written so that we can discuss any possible participants beforehand?” Jimin asks. Jungkook is surprised by this. It’s a good point. He hadn’t considered that an option before but he can see the possibilities in them.

“I’ll note down we need to discuss whenever someone new is to enter,” he complies instantly. That is a smart way to do it. He approves. “And what about who can watch?” he reads out from the next point.

“The same as before,” Jimin answers. Jungkook is quick to comply with this way too.

“May there be any permanent records - photographs, audiotapes, videotapes, et cetera - be made of the sessions?” Jungkook doesn’t get an immediate answer and he looks up at Jimin curiously. He is nodding and Jungkook smirks. Then even the days he doesn’t work at the farm he will have access to the pony in front of him.

“I just want my own copy of the recordings too,” Jimin negotiates. “And the recordings won’t be showed to anyone without my direct permission,” he adds. Jungkook writes down Jimin’s requirements to the contract. Those are definitely things he can abide by. Once he is done, he looks up at Jimin to see how he feels about the situation. He is flushed and Jungkook swears it isn’t embarrassment. Jimin is hot and bothered by their discussion. And Jungkook loves the power he has over the other. “Keep reading,” Jimin reminds him.

“Who will be the dominant? I will,” Jungkook says, not leaving room for Jimin to answer. “And you will be the submissive. There won’t be any chance of switching roles,” he tells him, making sure he is fully aware of this. He isn’t going to let anyone top him. That’s a no, no. He might be small and cute looking, but he is none of that when he is allowed to wield his weapon of desire.

“What kind of scenarios will we have? Master slave?” Jimin nods. ”Mistress slave?” Jimin shakes his head.

“Hardly relevant,” he adds before Jungkook continues.

“Captive?” a shake. “Age play?” a nod. “Servant or butler?” a nod. “Crossdressing?” Jimin flushes a dark red as he nods. “Animal play? Yes. I will write horse following this,” Jungkook says and Jimin nods in agreement. That’s what they agreed upon the day before. “Will the submissive promptly obey?” Jungkook asks. There isn’t an immediate response from Jimin and Jungkook figures this is where Jimin felt uncertain with what to answer.

“What is meant by that?” he asks and Jungkook knows he was right. Jimin simply doesn’t know and that’s the only reason he hasn’t filled out the contract like he expected. Jungkook has to admit he appreciates the fact Jimin is brave enough to admit not knowing what he is signing up for and seek guidance.

“It means that if I ask you to do something you have the option of struggling against my orders. You can refuse to obey. Of course, doing so will earn you a punishment that I see fitting,” Jungkook explains and Jimin nods slowly in understanding.

“So, it’s whether I want there to be a fight for dominance or not?” Jimin asks to make sure he has it right. Jungkook almost worries about the use of the word ‘fight’ in that sentence, but seeing Jimin make quotation marks in the air calms him down. He has understood it’s all a game based on mutual understanding and willing roles. No one is supposed to be forced to anything they aren’t comfortable with unless it’s agreed upon.

“Yes, that’s basically what it means,” Jungkook confirms. He watches Jimin carefully, gawking his expressions. He needs to learn his expressions to use them as guidance for later. He needs to know how Jimin looks when he experiences different feelings, doubt being one of the more important ones in their game.

“I won’t obey immediately,” he says. Jungkook nods and continues to the next question. He already knows the contract by heart and knows what is coming next.

“I guess that answers the next question; may the dominant overpower or force the submissive?” a nod. Jungkook writes down the answers before he resumes.

“May the submissive verbally resist?” a nod. “May the submissive physically resist?” a nod. “Does resistance equal a strong yellow?” Jimin looks puzzled at that. Jungkook almost coos at the cluelessness of the slave before him. Jimin knows literally nothing about the BDSM world. He will have to be careful with Jimin not to overwhelm him and make sure he explains all rules and things before they start for real.

“A strong yellow is a sort of safe word. If there is something you don’t like, you can give me colors. Green means you’re alright with what is going on, yellow means you’re alright with what is going on but you don’t want it developing further. Red means you don’t like it and I’ll stop immediately,” Jungkook explains. Jimin thinks it over and Jungkook gives him the time to do so without forcing him to hurry up anything. It’s his role as the dominant to make sure the submissive is absolutely confident in their contract and he doesn’t overstep his boundaries. He might have desires and wants himself, but he can’t overstep the contract of the submissive’s limits. That’s his most important rule. Overstepping such limits is abuse, but mental and physical abuse. While Jungkook loves to inflict pain and see people stumble over his words as he plays his mind games, almost tying a knot on themselves to please him, abuse isn’t something he supports.

“And what if I can’t speak?” Jimin asks. Jungkook looks at him before he answers. That’s a good question. He is happy that Jimin is so in touch with his own safety. He guesses it has something to do with Jimin always spending his time around animals - an immediate source of danger when startled - and is always thinking about staying safe with what he is doing. It makes everything so much easier. It means they’ll both be aware of the safety questions of their situations and they can work together in solving them more than Jungkook having to do it all. He likes that. Of course, Jungkook has the full responsibility of everything happening is approved of and all, but still. Working together on those things makes it better.

“If I gag you at any time, you’ll be given something to hold on to in both hands. If you release one object, I will make sure it doesn’t go further. If you release both, I will stop immediately,” Jungkook explains and lets Jimin think over what he just told him. He wants to make sure Jimin weighs out the pros and cons and the options he has.

“What was the question again?” he asks. Jungkook reads the question out again.

“Does resistance equal a strong yellow?” a shake. “May the submissive try to turn the tables?” a nod. Jungkook smirks at the answer and marks down the answer. Holy fucks. He has gotten himself a feisty one. One that he will get to punish at times. He feels like he just won the fucking lottery. “Does the submissive agree to wear a collar?”

“Only in sessions. I’m not wearing anything visible outside of sessions,” Jimin says and Jungkook writes down his requirements. That’s a fair requirement. He understands why Jimin doesn’t want to wear a collar when they aren’t playing. He is still living with his parents and he can imagine the awkwardness of his mother asking about the new accessory. Also, he imagines it can prove a safety hazard for Jimin with the horses if it gets stuck in something.

“Will you agree to refer to me as Master and Sir?” a nod.

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“So, next question: Will you masturbate me?” Jungkook asks. Jimin nods as he works over his horse. Jungkook is fascinated by how skilled Jimin is with the horses. The moves are skilled and sort of mechanical as he moves from the neck to the shoulder to the stomach and back and further onto the legs. It’s mechanical to some extent because it’s still obvious that Jimin is paying very much attention to everything the horse does and stays at an area when the horse as much as twitch an ear in his direction. “Will you allow me to masturbate you?” he nods again. “Will you masturbate yourself in front of me and possible viewers?” another nod. “Will you give me a blowjob?” a nod. “Will you let me blow you?” a nod. “Will you lick my ass?” a nod. “Will you let me lick your ass?” Jimin stops grooming the horse and leans against it instead. He bites into his lower lip harshly. Jungkook briefly wonders if he said something wrong. He takes in Jimin’s stance and makes sure his eyes scan his full body. He notices Jimin is hard in his pants, his breathing is a little faster than his own and his skin is flushed. Jungkook notices how strained the pants appear and silently pities Jimin for his suffering. 

“Yes,” Jimin breathes out. Jungkook hardly catches the reply, but he does and he quickly writes down his answer.

“Will you let me fist your ass?” Jungkook almost laughs at Jimin’s reaction. It’s like anal fisting is a completely foreign topic for the older.

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried it before and I don’t know what it’s like. Can we keep than unanswered for now and fill it in when I’ve tried it?” Jimin asks. Now it’s Jungkook’s turn to make a double take. Jimin just said he is willing to try out something he doesn’t know before filling in the contract? Jungkook laughs. Not because it’s funny but because he is so fucking elated he has found himself a slave like Jimin. No straight up refusal of anything. Instead, he is willing to try what he is uncertain of before answering. Jungkook feels a little breathless and lightheaded.

“Someone is experimental. I like it. I think I might just have won the lottery with you,” he admits. He adds a star next to the question. That means they have to return to the question on the contract later when they have done the experimenting together. “Will you receive anal intercourse?” a nod. “Will you swallow cum?” a nod. “Do you accept the use of sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, dildos, buttplugs, et cetera?” Jimin nods as he leans onto the horse again. Jungkook leans back against the door behind him too. Jimin is something. He is special. Precious even. If Jungkook was remotely interested in human trafficking he could earn millions on Jimin’s willingness.

“Will you agree to activities with condom, glove, dental dams or other barriers?” Jungkook asks and Jimin nods. He is sure Jungkook is trying to kill him with his sex talk. “Will you allow sessions while being intoxicated on alcohol?” Jimin nods. “And intoxicated by other drugs?” a shake.

“Okay, the following are about bondage. I assume you agree if I get no reaction. Tell me anything and we will discuss and agree on something,” Jungkook says and Jimin nods in confirmation.

“Hands in front?” Jungkook waits a second, watching Jimin carefully for a reaction. He gets none and takes that as an approval. He continues to the next; “Hands behind your back?” and again he gets no reaction. “Restraining to other objects? Ankles? Knees? Elbows? Wrist to ankles? Spreader bars? Use of blindfold? Use of gag? Use of hood? Use of rope? Use of tape? Leather cuffs? Handcuffs or metal restraints? Suspension? Mummification?”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you get wrapped in plastic wrap, a body bag, or similar,”

“Then no,”

“The following questions you will have to answer how you feel about them,” Jungkook instructs and Jimin nods in understanding.

“How do you feel about receiving pain?”

“I think I like it,” Jungkook stops dead. Think?! Oh, sweet Jesus. Jimin thinks he likes pain? They can’t make a contract on think. Jimin’s safety, enjoyment, and wellbeing is more than think. Jimin has to be sure. Jungkook won’t forgive himself if he forces Jimin into anything he isn’t comfortable with.

“You can’t think. You have to know,” Jungkook comments as he purses his lips thoughtfully. “How did you feel about the whipping you got yesterday?” Jungkook asks.

“I liked it,” Jimin answers honestly. Jungkook is still thinking when Jimin answers. He remembers the option Jimin requested earlier about exploring before answering. He quickly reasons that to be the most responsible thing to suggest again.

“Should we leave this one for exploration too?” Jungkook asks and Jimin nods. “Quantity of pain…We’ll look at that later too,” Jungkook comments and scribbles down an indication to look at those sections later. “Okay, we explore the rest of this section later. You have to try feeling the different kinds of pain before you can answer. So, we will do that when we can try the different items on you and you can tell me when the pain gets too much for you,” Jungkook explains and flips to the next page.

“Is it okay if the play leaves marks?” Jimin nods. “Can they be visible while wearing clothes?” Jimin shakes his head. “Can they be visible wearing a bathing suit?” a nod. “Is it acceptable if the play draws a small amount of blood?” Jimin doesn’t answer. He barely blinks. Jungkook stays quiet as Jimin works over his answer. Jungkook concludes it was a good idea they go through the contract together so that Jimin has time to think and ask questions as they go about. When Jimin doesn’t answer within a minute, Jungkook adds a start to the margin. He knows Jimin is watching him and knows what the star means. Jimin visibly relaxes. “Will you agree to erotic humiliation?” a nod. “Will you agree to verbal abuse?” a nod. “Enemas?” a nod. “Forced exhibitionism?”

“As long as it’s at the club or somewhere I’m sure I won’t meet anyone again,” Jimin negotiates and Jungkook writes it all down.

“Spitting?” a nod. “Water sports?” a shake. “Scat games?”

“No. Definitely not,”

“Face slapping?”

“To the degree, I can handle pain and it doesn’t leave a mark,”

“Do you want other safewords than the traffic light?” a shake. “Last question for now; will you accept aftercare?”

“I want aftercare. I’ll not accept not receiving it,” Jimin says and Jungkook nods immediately. He is happy Jimin is like that. He swears to aftercare and he isn’t sure how he would like a slave who wouldn’t want it. He is almost convinced he won’t be able to be an appropriate master to a slave like that. To him, aftercare is just as important as the pain itself.

“That was all. Do you have any more questions?” Jungkook asks and stands up, leaving the contract on his previous seat.

“Do you want to join me for a ride?”

“Not the kind of ride I had expected, but sure,” Jungkook agrees.


Jimin is cleaning out the stables and Jungkook is bored. He figures he might as well try and engage Jimin in some experiments from the contract and help Jimin relieve himself from the hardness he suffered through earlier. Jungkook feels slightly bad for making him suffer through that. He sneaks up behind him and slaps him hard on the ass. He leans against his back and lines his mouth up with the shell of his ear. He wraps an arm around his waist and watches as Jimin turns to face him. He doesn’t give two shits about the judging stare he gets from the older.

“What are you trying to do?” Jimin asks and Jungkook smirks. He thought that was obvious, but apparently not.

“I want you on all fours,” he responds. He reaches forward and palms over the front of Jimin’s pants. He takes pride in the sharp intake of breath Jimin takes and the older looks down at the straw below them. He can imagine Jimin contemplating whether or not it’s worth it or not.

“No,” Jimin says, surprising Jungkook. He reaches for the fork again and gets back to work. Jungkook doesn’t give up that easily. Jimin is his slave and Jimin is supposed to obey. He knows Jimin is new into the world of master and slave but he didn’t think he was that oblivious. Jungkook admits he has his work cut out for him. His hands don’t leave Jimin’s body, instead, they only press harder against him. He ruffles himself up a bit. He presses his chest against Jimin’s back and lowers his voice considerably.

“I told you to get on all fours,” he repeats his order from before. He releases the pressure once Jimin sets aside the fork and gets onto his knees. He makes sure he doesn’t remove his hands from Jimin’s body despite the change of position. He simply shifts them to settle on his back instead. This is the first time Jimin will experience anything like this, and he knows from experience with BDSM virgins, they needed to know where Jungkook was at all times at first. At least until they felt more comfortable with his presence and dominance.

“That’s a good boy,” he praises Jimin, instantly letting him know he did what he wanted him to do. He sees the change in Jimin’s jaw from behind him and figures he is working on his lower lip. It’s a tell-tale when people are turned on. The lips start tingling people tend to either bite or lick them repeatedly. Some even reach up to pinch their lips when they are turned on. “Undo your pants and expose your ass,” he orders. The instant obedience almost has Jungkook groan. He still has both hands on his back as he watches Jimin undo his pants and pull them down to expose himself. He can imagine Jimin worrying about his parents seeing him like this. He waits patiently for Jimin to settle back against the straw behind him before he continues. He needs to make sure that Jimin knows what they are doing before they resume.

“Do you know what we are doing?” he asks. Jimin nods and Jungkook almost asks him to use his words, but the older beats him to it.

“We are testing out my limits,” he says. Jungkook smiles to himself. Smart pony he has.

“We can only do some of them here today. I didn’t bring ice or wax,” Jungkook explains. He brings his hands up from Jimin’s back and up to his shoulders. He trails them back down, letting them trace the spine. Aware of how little Jimin knows, Jungkook assumes Jimin doesn’t know he is checking out the shape of his spine and his sensitivity to touch. Jungkook wants to make sure Jimin’s spine isn’t curved sideways in any way that will risk his health if he is going to suspend him some day. He wants to make sure he is at good health. When he reaches the bottom of the spine in a straight line, Jungkook withdraws one hand to fall back against Jimin’s backside. It isn’t a hard slap, but it’s hard enough to surprise if it isn’t expected. Jimin’s breath hitches and Jungkook smirks and he repeats the action, carefully watching his every reaction. It’s a little harder this time. He allows it because he knows Jimin expects it. Jimin jerks slightly and Jungkook wonders if he is hurting. His worries disappear like dew for the sun when Jimin leans into his hands as he soothes the stings.

“Which color?” he asks. Jimin doesn’t answer immediately and the worry returns again. Either he doesn’t know whether they were green or yellow, or he has forgotten the safewords. Either way, it isn’t good. Jungkook is just about to explain what he means when Jimin answers and he smiles behind him.


“Good boy,” Jungkook tells him before he lands a harder slap against Jimin’s ass. Jimin yelps at the force and Jungkook drinks it all up. The sound of the impact, the yelp, the slight moan underneath the yelp, the redness blossoming on his ass. It’s all so good, and his own palm stings so delicious.

“Green,” Jimin says. Jungkook hasn’t even asked for more answers, but if Jimin wants to let him know how he feels, he will let him. He has been hitting Jimin relatively hard. He decides to give him his all, wondering if he can handle it. He readjusts behind him and pulls his hand back to get as much force as possible into the hit. He slaps his ass with all his strength, huffing behind him from the strain it took from this position. Jimin downright moans this time and Jungkook feels something hot lick up his skin. His own dick is hardening in his pants but he ignores it. This is about Jimin, but Jimin is hot and this will challenge himself too.

“I’ll be damned. That’s so fucking hot,” he groans. Jimin croons in front of him and Jungkook is absolutely sure he couldn’t have gotten a better slave anywhere. Jimin feeds on praises and pain and demands aftercare. They are a match made in Hell. “Next one. Slapping on the ass won’t ever be a problem for you,” he concludes. He had used all his strength in the last slap, and while it pulled a moan from Jimin, there wasn’t a single sign of the slave being in pain.

“Stay in your place. Stay on your knees while I get the equipment for the rest of the testing,” he instructs. He watches Jimin’s clothed back and red ass as he doesn’t move before he shuffles out. He heads to his cabinet and brings along a paddle, a flog, a cane, clamps and different creams and heads back to the box. Once he enters, he drops it all to the straw by the door but he makes sure Jimin can see everything he brought. Jimin is too new in the world to handle surprises like that. He needs to know and Jungkook will let him. He can always surprise him when he has been trained into the perfect and obedient slave Jungkook knows he can be. He watches Jimin’s body for reactions to the items he brought. He sees nothing but excitement and curiosity. He could even have sworn he saw Jimin’s ass clench on itself at the prospect of being hit by the different tools he brought along.

Jungkook gives Jimin a little time to adjust to the idea of being beaten by these instruments. He isn’t sure how much Jimin can handle and he wants to take it slow while still completing the contract as soon as possible. He picks up the paddle and feels it between his fingers. It has a large surface area and can bruise quite a bit, but the pain has nothing on a flexible cane where the impact is concentrated on a much smaller area and thus the impact is more painful. He leaves that for later and decides to start easy on the slave. He hits him and Jimin jerks forward. He is moaning lowly in pleasure and his breathing has picked up. It isn’t quite panting yet, but it’s a rapid breathing just short of it. Now that he has included instruments, he knows it’s all bound to hurt more than his palm ever could and he knows he has to be more careful now. He is going to make sure he doesn’t lose Jimin in the process too, so he has to give him something to focus on that isn’t the pain. He doesn’t want Jimin to drop on him already on the first session.

“I’m going to hit you ten times in total. You just got your first one. Count for me,” he instructs. It gives something to focus on to Jimin and Jungkook knows it’s a simple task. But he is also aware that the brain shuts off when exposed to pain and Jimin might have it a little hard counting to ten for the first time in years. The way Jimin is basically squirming below him, Jungkook assumes he is ready for the testing. He brings the paddle back and hits him on the left ass cheek. Jimin moans through his teeth and that has to be the hottest sound he has made so far.

“Two,” he counts. Jungkook doesn’t hesitate before he hits him again. He is alternating the places he hits, not wanting to over-stimulate anything just yet. Jimin needs his first try with BDSM to be a good one. “Three,” he squeaks. Jungkook keeps quiet despite his dire need to laugh. Jimin has spread his legs further, basically inviting him to inflect more pain. He aims the paddle so he can hit both ass cheeks at once. “Four,” Jimin chokes out. “Five,” Jungkook is worried with the screaming etching at Jimin’s voice. It has only been five hits and Jimin sounds too blissed for that. If Jungkook isn’t careful, he won’t last through all ten hits. He is panting himself. He is muttering to himself, letting his thoughts out. He is supposed to explain to Jimin, but Jimin might be just a little too far gone for it, so he doesn’t try to explain anything. He says what he intends for Jimin to hear, but he isn’t sure he understands anything. He doesn’t hit him immediately and Jimin repeats himself. Jungkook smiles at him despite Jimin being unable to see him. The slave lowers himself onto his elbows. Jungkook is so hard in his pants and his hands are shaking from the need to touch Jimin and himself. He doesn’t give in. He has a task at hand. He can do all that later. He hits Jimin again and he resumes counting.

“Six,” his head falls between his shoulders and Jungkook stares at the line of his back. He hits him again, and Jimin continues counting; “seven. Eight,” the slap is hard enough to make Jimin gasp. Jungkook knows he has hit him hard and he needs a break. Jimin already needed a break at the fifth hit, but Jungkook is curious.

“Tell me your color,” Jungkook instructs. He runs the surface of the paddle against the red skin on Jimin’s backside. It’s distracting, he knows and Jimin doesn’t answer immediately. But when he does, Jungkook isn’t in doubt what he thinks.

“Green. Jesus fucking Christ. It’s green, fuck,” he curses. Jungkook laughs and makes quick work of giving the last two hits in quick succession. He doesn’t want Jimin to hate him for leaving him hanging. Jimin doesn’t have time to count between the hits and it’s beyond amusing to see Jimin’s mind catching up with the fact he was hit twice and didn’t obey his order. Jimin slumps against the straw bed below them and tries to collect himself. Jimin is counting the last two numbers out lowly and Jungkook watches him carefully.

“Still green?” he wonders. He has to make sure. Jimin nods in confirmation. Jimin is perfect for him. He takes every single hit like a champion. “You sure are something, Jimin,” he comments as he kneels. He runs his palms over Jimin’s ass. His hands aren’t particularly cold, but they are cooler than Jimin’s ass. They are burning and Jungkook has to force himself to lean back not to bite into an ass cheek.

“Are you ready to try flogging?” he asks. Jimin - surprisingly enough - answers immediately with a positive answer. He doesn’t need to regenerate after that? Jungkook is impressed. “I don’t think breaking your limits when it comes to pain will be an issue I have to consider that much,” he says thoughtfully. He has been hitting Jimin quite hard and he is still not done for. Jungkook is thoroughly impressed and happy to have found him as his own. He’d be jealous as fuck if it had been anyone from the club coming with Jimin and invited them to see their precious possession. Now he’s Jungkook’s and he loves the power Jimin will bring him in the club. He picks up the leather flogger and swings it into his own palm a couple of times. It hurts some but not too bad.

“I’ll hit you five times with the flogger. You don’t have to count, but tell me if it gets too much,”

Chapter Text

“Just hit me, please,” Jimin pleads. His voice sounds so broken it might just end him. Jungkook’s blood runs hot in his veins. Jimin is hot as fuck as he begs for him to punish him. It’s so hot. Jungkook’s entire being is twitching to see Jimin writhe in pain below him. He can’t though. Jimin is in training. They are testing limits and Jungkook can’t push him too hard. He doesn’t take long to react. He brings the flogger back, letting the leather straps fall onto his ass. He watches Jimin’s whole body seize up as he jerks forward. He can see how strung out he is. Even though he doesn’t know Jimin’s body all that well, he isn’t in doubt that Jimin is about to cum from the treatment he is getting. And if that isn’t the hottest fucking thing Jungkook has ever seen, Jungkook doesn’t know what is. Jimin is so perfect. So tense. So sweaty. And god, so fucking hot. It takes four hits and Jimin’s body tenses up more than ever before. He can hear how his breathing stops altogether and his hips surge forward. He is cumming. He is cumming from being hit on his ass by a flogger. Jungkook quickly delivers the last hit as he cums, cursing under his breath.

“Fucking hell,” he mutters as he drops the flogger into the straw and follows right behind himself, settling on his knees. He needs to make sure Jimin comes safely to the other side of his orgasm. Jimin had been quite far gone with pleasure and Jungkook has to make sure he has a safe returning to sanity. He trails a hand down between Jimin’s legs and carefully wraps his fingers around his length. He knows how unsatisfying cumming without stimulation to the dick to milk it can be uncomfortable beyond compare. He doesn’t want Jimin to wake up to feeling half full still. He hears Jimin whimper at the sensation and he is well aware the man is sensitive. He strokes him, carefully milking him for everything he’s got onto the straw below. He withdraws his hand once he is sure Jimin has gotten all he can take and returns to rubbing the flaming skin on his ass. He soothes the skin patiently, waiting for Jimin to relax himself after what he just went through and only when Jimin sighs, does he continue. 

“You’re so fucking hot,” he admits while he runs his palms over Jimin’s ass gently. “You just came and I did nothing but hit you. Jimin, you’re one special gem among diamonds,” he praises him. He makes sure to keep his voice soft and soothing. From experience, he has an idea the submissive doesn’t know what is being said in this part but is conscious enough to catch the tone of his voice - and that is really all that matters. As long as Jimin knows he is being told he is good and did well, then that’s all that matters.

“Can you handle more?” he asks. He doesn’t remove his hands from his ass and he doesn’t expect anything from Jimin. He won’t pressure him if he doesn’t feel like doing anything else, but he has to ask - because his own dick is throbbing and he will have to visit a bathroom really soon if Jimin can’t.

“Can we try something that doesn’t involve my ass?” Jimin asks and Jungkook chuckles somewhat fondly at the request. Jimin is eager to please but is overwhelmed by the orgasm he just had. Jungkook doesn’t know if Jimin has ever tried cumming untouched before and that experience can be quite overwhelming to say it the least. He reaches out to ruffle Jimin’s hair slightly.

“Of course. We have yet to try face slapping, biting, clamps, and tickles,” he says, remembering everything they have to try. He says them in a tone that intends on urging Jimin on to make a pick. They need to test fisting too, but he doesn’t want to scare Jimin with penetration just yet, so he saves that for another day. He needs to work Jimin up for that.

“Let’s try the clamps and tickling. I’m not sure the face slapping should be tested out when I’m facing my parents so soon after,” Jimin says and Jungkook hums in acknowledgment. He understands Jimin’s worry and it won’t look too good coming inside with red cheeks and marks from fingers across his skin. He gives Jimin one last stroke on his ass before he turns to his small pile of equipment in the straw. He picks up the clamps from the straw bed and feels the cold metal between his fingers as the chain settles in with the way he holds it.

“Remember your colors,” he tells Jimin. He doesn’t want him to do something he will regret later. He doesn’t want Jimin to overstep his own limits. He warms the clamps between his fingers before he fastens one into the first nipple. Jimin hisses below him but doesn’t tell Jungkook to stop. He fastens the other clamp too and gives the chain between them a light tug. Jimin is responding to the stimulation with an arching back and visibly shivering.

“Oh shit,” Jimin almost hisses below him and Jungkook’s pants are impossibly tight. Jimin is a whole new level of hot. He is so responsive and obedient, he hasn’t ever seen anyone quite like him. Jimin is a status of himself. Everyone in their community would be happy to have Jimin as their own - and Jimin is his. He watches the man writhing beneath him. He knows Jimin can handle pain just fine, but he isn’t sure how certain and stable Jimin is with the duration of the game they are playing. Jimin isn’t known in the circles of BDSM, and he isn’t sure how far he can push him.

“Color, Jimin,”

“Green,” Jimin responds immediately. The reply is sort of a punch to the gut for Jungkook as Jimin is incredibly hot as he is. He collects himself and chuckles lightly, trying to cover up just how fucked he is himself. He reaches for another set of clamps and heats it up between his palms as Jimin adjusts to the clamps on his chest. He reaches behind the kneeling man and opens a clamp. He bites into his lower lip as he carefully fastens it to the thin skin on the underside of Jimin’s testicles. The scream that echoes through the stables makes Jungkook’s toes curl with desire and his fingers itching to harm. He settles back on his knees and forces his hands off the slave and takes a moment to collect himself.

“Thank god, I thought nothing could really hurt on you,” he says. He is panting himself. He watches how Jimin struggles to keep himself together, clutching onto the straw. He seems like he is losing himself and Jungkook forces himself to focus on Jimin’s reactions instead of his pleasure. He notices the drool on Jimin’s chin and considering his mouth hasn’t been used for anything, the view is quite worrisome. Jungkook’s chest tightens slightly. He can’t push Jimin much longer. He is so far gone he can’t really control himself properly anymore and he is giving in to anything Jungkook wants from him. Just like previously, Jimin is slipping from him and this time he hasn’t paid enough attention to catch the signs in time. He shuffles through the straw to settle in front of Jimin, lifting his head up to look at him. His eyes are glassy and unfocused. He needs to make Jimin cum as soon as possible and have him coaxed back to his normal headspace. He doesn’t dare inflict more pain to him but needs to find other ways to send him over the edge. He brushes his thumbs across his cheeks to dry his tears off Jimin’s skin.

“You good?” he asks. Jimin responds quickly…too quickly. “You’re so filthy. You look so fucking wrecked,” he mutters and carefully drags his thumb across his chin, wiping the drool from him too. He needs to keep Jimin heading into his subspace, but not too deep either. Pulling someone out of a subspace can cause immediate sub drop, and he doesn’t want Jimin to ever experience that with him. Especially not the first few times they are playing. He gives him a light slap on his face. It’s not hard, just enough to sting. Jimin moans and leans toward Jungkook and the younger keeps him upright, determined to put an end to their session without a subdrop.

“I’ve never met anyone who is such a slut for pain,” he chuckles. He is worried he might not succeed that with Jimin, but he can’t let the submissive know that. If he had known Jimin would be so easy to bring into subspace, he’d never have played this hard on their first day. He has never experienced anything like it. Jimin is exceptionally easy to bring into subspace. Jimin shivers in front of him and Jungkook slaps him again, this time on the other cheek. Jimin has his forehead against Jungkook’s chest and it’s Jungkook that makes sure he doesn’t fall anywhere. Jimin has submitted completely to him and trusts him enough to keep him up and from hurting. He combs his fingers through his sweat-matted hair and takes a deep breath himself, weighing his options.

“Which color, pony,” he asks lowly. He needs to find out whether Jimin knows he is losing himself or not. It’s important for their later sessions, so when Jimin replies with ‘yellow’ the relief in Jungkook’s body is obvious. He is still vaguely aware of himself but not much.

“Good boy,” he whispers and stops what they are doing. He gently guides Jimin around so he is sitting between his legs instead. He has Jimin’s back against his chest. He reaches around him and wraps his hands around his cock. Jimin hisses and gabbles. His sounds aren’t intelligent and Jungkook makes quick work of stroking him towards his orgasm. He twists his hand around his cock, just like he does to himself and brings his thumb across the head of his cock. Jimin doesn’t seem to complain about his tactics of stroking as he nears the edge. Jungkook’s mouth is dry as he watches his hand work over the hot flesh in his palm. Jimin is so incredibly hot and red in his hand he is surprised he is even breathing still. He needs Jimin to cum quickly. His free hand shimmers over the broad expanse of Jimin’s shoulder and pulls his collar aside. No visible marks. He sinks his teeth into his shoulder where he is sure his shirt will cover later and bites as his hand twists twice and his thumb digs into his slit. Jimin is shaking in his arms and Jungkook knows he is extremely sensitive now. Jimin is finally cumming, back arching off his stomach. The moan he releases is so high pitched it sounds like Jimin is in actual physical pain as he cums. Slowly he calms down from his orgasm and Jungkook is relieved to see he hasn’t entered the subspace fully. He has been pretty fucking close and Jungkook makes a note to be extra careful.

“That’s a good boy,” Jungkook whispers gently against his ear. He keeps him against his chest and patiently waits for Jimin to calm down completely. His cock is still angry red, but slowly turning soft as it lays against Jimin’s leg. He keeps holding the older man until he makes his own move to sit up again. Jungkook doesn’t remove his hands still though. He simply let them slide from his chest to his back and makes sure he keeps touching him. He watches as Jimin regains enough senses to grab a handful of straw to clean himself with. He can’t imagine the feeling being particularly pleasant. Rough straw against a sensitive cock.

“That was something,” Jimin comments softly and Jungkook smiles. He keeps his spot in the straw until Jimin is standing up, fully back to his senses and his cock back in his pants. Only then does he stand up and dusts off his pants.

“What can I do to help?” he asks when Jimin picks up the fork from before.

“You might as well learn it sooner than later. You move all the wet straw and all the shit from here. All the dry straw you push to the side so you don’t bring that along. Once the box is empty of wet straw, you spread the dry into the middle. Then we get some fresh to top off,” Jimin explains and Jungkook pays attention as he demonstrates. Everything goes well until he is supposed to empty the wheelbarrow onto the dunghill. He slips and he is covered in horse shit from head to toe and he is just about to let his breakfast see the light of day once more as bile rises in his throat.


Jungkook returns from the main building. He is wearing some clean clothes - thank god for spares - and he got to shower too. He stomps his way back to the stables. He can’t believe Jimin had the decency to laugh at him. He is kind of fuming as he enters the stables and instantly heads for the cabinet he brought to the farm. He picks up a cane and pointy spurs. Jimin deserves a thorough punishment for his disrespect. He walks down the hallway and stops when he finds Jimin still working on the boxes. He leans against the side of the box in the doorway, cane resting down next to his leg.

“What are you laughing at?” he asks. He makes sure to lower his voice, making it damn clear he is mad at the slave. The audacity of that man. He watches as Jimin turns slightly to look at him but it’s clear the focus is on the cane and not on him.

“You,” Jungkook forces himself to take a deep breath but it’s all in vain. His blood runs hot in his veins, and this time not from arousal. He is mad. Angry even. Jimin has some fucking nerve to laugh at him. Jungkook’s fingers adjust around the handle of the cane as he steels himself. He can’t destroy Jimin even though he damn well asks for it.

“You’re laughing at me?” he asks, watching how Jimin’s smirk grows wider. It’s so obvious he has no regrets what so ever. It’s so obvious Jimin is enjoying this. He makes it seem like he is doing it to taunt Jungkook and Jungkook feeds into the game. He knows he shouldn’t, but he is too mad not to. Jimin deserves a punishment.

“Yes,” Jimin is taunting him. The sass in how he stands, hands on his hips and Jungkook swears he saw him tilt his head back cockily. The nerve!

“Why?” he asks. Jimin has the decency to shake his head at him, smiling like he is enjoying the situation way too much. Jungkook is going to teach him a lesson on behavior and manners.

“Because the stunt you made at the dunghill. That was an award-worthy,” Jimin says. He has the audacity to giggle at him.

“That’s what is so funny?” he asks. He isn’t happy about Jimin’s honesty. Honestly, he is in two minds about. He doesn’t like it that Jimin is laughing at him because of that, but he appreciates that he is honest enough to let him know that’s why. But he could say it differently and without the continuous laughing. Jimin nods and Jungkook’s reaction is immediate. He swings the cane against Jimin’s thigh fast enough to make Jimin unable to react before the collision. He takes pleasure in the yelp that leaves Jimin’s throat and his eyes narrow at the older man in front of him. “How funny is that?” he asks. It takes about a second before Jungkook realizes the stupidity of his question. Jimin is a slut for pain and he is absolutely convinced Jimin enjoys the hit he just got. Jungkook realizes he has been played and Jimin is only getting what he wants.

“Very funny,” he responds. Jungkook swings the cane again, this time hitting the other thigh. Jimin is prepared for this one and he suppresses his moan by biting his lip. Jungkook finds Jimin looking absolutely delectable when he bites his lip. It shouldn’t be legal. He might have to add that into a list of rules he will give Jimin.

“Bend over,” Jungkook orders. It’s a strict order. If Jimin doesn’t obey this one, he will feel pain like never before. Jimin does as he is told and Jungkook is blessed with the view of Jimin’s ass stretching the fabric of his breeches. He takes a moment to appreciate the exposed curves of the rider - especially his full thighs. Riding gives this very special shape of legs and hips, and Jimin surely has it. He licks his lips and swings his cane, letting it lash across the back of his thighs. He has hit just above where it would send Jimin to his knees. He dwells on the sight of the thighs jiggling from the impact. He focuses his attention higher to Jimin’s reaction and smirks as he has his face hidden in his arm. That’s a good sign really. He aims another hit at the slave, aiming higher than before. The cane hits him just below his ass cheeks and Jimin groans. Jungkook reaches down to palm himself through his jeans. How can he not? He has been holding back so long today and refrained from pleasuring himself for the sake of testing limits with Jimin.

“Moan for me, my little horse,” Jungkook growls. He swings the cane once more, making sure he hits both of Jimin’s ass cheeks. And Jimin obeys. He moans like he is paid to do so.

Chapter Text

Jimin spreads his legs on the straw bed as Jungkook prepares for another hit with the cane.  

“You’re such a whore,” he mutters as he swings the cane again. This time he hits him from another angle and the last two hits will shape a burning cross on the back of Jimin’s ass and Jungkook finds it amusing that the center of the cross will be somewhere around Jimin’s asshole. He wants to hit Jimin again, but it’s so obvious he is enjoying himself way too much, so he doesn’t. Instead he holds the cane out so it hovers in front of Jimin’s face. He doesn’t say anything, simply waiting for Jimin to notice it himself. It gives him a moment to adjust his own pants in the meantime and relieve the worst throbbing between his own thighs. When Jimin finally looks up, it’s obvious how he follows the line of the cane up to his hands and up until he meets his eyes - questioning. 

“Lick it,” he tells him. Jungkook feels Jimin should be embarrassed by how quickly obeys. Jungkook’s skin runs hot as Jimin’s tongue curls around the cane. Not only is he licking, praising, the object that causes him harm, but the shape of the cane makes it too easy for his mind to replace the image with his dick. The way Jimin keeps looking him in the eyes doesn’t help either. He can almost see him teasing the head of his cock with his tongue like he is licking the cane. Holy shit. Just as Jungkook doesn’t think it can get any worse, Jimin’s eyes fall to his crotch and Jungkook positively twitches in his pants. He wants to replace the cane with his cock so much. Jungkook swears Jimin makes the licking of the cane even more intense, as if teasing him, and he Jungkook removes the cane from his mouth before he loses himself to the view. Keeping control is his most important job as a dominant.  

“Jesus fucking Christ, Jimin, can’t you get enough?” he asks, feeling his head throb with too much blood. His heart is beating fast in his chest and he feels breathless and lightheaded. Jimin doesn’t respond but instead he is graced with the view of Jimin wiggling his ass at him. Jungkook has to resist the urge to kneel behind him and take a bite right out of his ass cheek. 

“Take your pants off, slut. Gotta make you feel the pain,” he says. He is fighting himself not to growl at the slave, not wanting to push him too far. He needs to keep I mind how easy Jimin is to bring to his subspace. Jimin releases the bars he is holding on to and undoes his pants. They end up around his knees and Jungkook drinks up the pale skin that is revealed to him. Jimin’s thighs are to die for and his skin is burning red with the punishments he has received during the day, and Jungkook has to admit is practically thirsting for a taste of the skin.  

“Reach back and spread yourself open for me,” he instructs. He watches how Jimin’s ass gives in to the force of his fingers, plump flesh molding in between his strong fingers as his asshole comes to view. It’s slightly dark, hairless and it clenches sporadically at the cold air of the stables. Jungkook believes the hole to be teasing him and he picks up the cane, letting it fall flush down between the cheeks. He is well aware he is hitting Jimin’s tailbone and his sensitive hole and possibly the sensitive skin of his scrotum too. And he has absolutely no regrets about it. Jimin moans lightly and his hole flutters. Flutters! Jungkook’s arousal is burning through his stomach as well as his pants. He feels like his lower half might just melt away in liquid pleasure and agonizing tightness. 

“I’m going to hit you five times with increasing strength. You tell me your color after each slap,” he instructs the slave. Jimin groans and the master watches how his spine stretches out under the skin as Jimin’s head falls forward. It’s a simple gesture, but it proves Jimin loves the treatment. If he didn’t, he’d be making himself as small as possible but he is stretching himself out for him. Jungkook gives him a light hit. He has on several occasions hit him harder than that, but he is starting easy. That doesn’t mean he will keep going easy on him.  

“Green, clearly,” Jimin answers. The amusement is clear in his voice and Jungkook smiles behind him. He hits him again without responding, nearing the level of force he had been using before. 

“Green,” Jimin responds and Jungkook reaches out to rub the red skin exposed to him. The skin can’t be all that comfortable anymore considering the treatment it has received. Jungkook smiles a little wider when Jimin moans at the feeling, clearly appreciating the contact. He leans against his palm and Jungkook suppresses a chuckle and squeezes his cheek in warning. The warning isn’t understood and Jungkook brings his hand back shortly to slap his cheek and he withdraws his hand. If Jimin is to disobey, he shouldn’t have the pleasure of being soothed like that. He brings the cane into his other hand and lands a hard slap against his ass. It’s the hardest he has hit Jimin so far and the slave moans out long and loud. 

“Fuck, green,” Jimin moans. Jungkook notices how his body tenses and his fingers clench around the metal bars in front of him. Jimin feels the pleasure now. Strongly too. Jungkook hits him once more, even harder than before. He hits his thighs and the movement of his fluttering hole catches Jungkook’s attention. Such a needy whore. Jimin is damn near perfect for his liking.  

“Green,” Jimin gasps. Jungkook can see him struggling and he doesn’t take long to hit Jimin one last time. It’s the hardest he can hit with the cane and Jimin falls to his knees. Much to his surprise, the slave is still spreading his ass cheeks as he hunches forward on the floor. He waits for Jimin’s color to the hit before he resumes. He doesn’t have to wait long before Jimin says something, but it’s not what he wants to hear. 

“Fucking hell, do that again,” Jungkook chuckles at the desperation. 

“Use your words, Jimin. Tell me your color and I’ll consider it,” he tells him. He can’t keep the teasing tone out of his voice, really.  

“Green. Fuck, the color is green. Master, I’m close. Please hit me again,” Jungkook feels like he is punched in the gut and the arousal runs thick in his veins. Jimin is begging and calling him master in the same sentence. Jungkook isn’t entirely sure he can handle that happening again without warning. He knows Jimin is close too, but he has been extremely nice to Jimin throughout the whole day, and this is his punishment for laughing at him earlier. Jimin needs to suffer a bit. He sets the cane aside and watches the slave panting in front of him. It’s obvious how close Jimin is, how much needs the last bit of stimulation to be sent over the edge. Jungkook can almost see him standing at the edge of a cliff, only needing the last push to fall into nirvana. He’d be lying if he said the sight isn’t enticing. He watches Jimin struggling to keep himself together. It’s entertaining and awfully pleasing. He palms himself through his pants as he watches Jimin teetering on the edge. He keeps quiet until Jimin makes a move to stand up and he is quick to tell him not to. 

“Don’t move,” he warns. Jimin drops back onto the ground and his hands end up in his lap instead of on his ass. Jungkook wants to correct him, but now isn’t the time. He keeps palming himself, making sure he doesn’t make any sound to announce his pleasure. He is dragging out the time Jimin has to wait for him, and it’s so delicious to see the desperation in Jimin’s body come to show in taut muscles and tense position. He needs to help him with the muscles. He picks up the pair of spurs he had hidden earlier and runs the spiked wheel run down his back. Jimin jerks with the feeling. Jungkook hasn’t introduced the spurs to him, so he expects him to be worried and curious about what he is using. It’s obvious how Jimin fights himself. He makes a move to escape the feeling but forces himself to stay in place.  

“That’s a good boy,” Jungkook tells him before he leans down to tie the spurs around his shoes. Once he is done, he holds out his foot so that Jimin can see his object. Jimin takes a good look at them and he outright moans at them. It surprises Jungkook that he does, but he reasons it’s because they are linked to horses and the treatment of them. It doesn’t make it any less hot no matter the reason. Jungkook curls his fingers into Jimin’s hair. Despite the sweat and dust and lack of care, it’s surprisingly soft. He yanks his head towards himself and Jimin obediently follows as a pleasured sound escapes his lips. With Jimin facing him, Jungkook raises his leg and presses the spur wheel against Jimin’s skin, making the slave moan once more. It’s loud, lewd, and if he didn’t know better, he’d say fake. Pornhub stars are jealous of what Jungkook gets to hear. Jungkook he keeping Jimin in an awkward position. He knows that and he is honestly just waiting for Jimin’s body to give in and let him fall into the straw, but Jimin holds himself in place and Jungkook’s mouth positively dries out. Jimin must be fucking strong to stay like this and yet he submits to him of his free will. Jungkook releases him once he realizes he isn’t going to fall and moves to stand in front of him after releasing his hair. Jimin sits back into his former position and Jungkook watches as his eyes instantly fall onto his feet. He is watching the spurs. That’s the only thing he can be that interested in if it isn’t his cock or face. 

“Color?” he asks.  

“That’s a fucking green, Jungkook, fuck, you need to do something, I’m about to burst,” Jimin responds immediately. He is downright pleading and Jungkook almost takes pity on him. He chuckles at him instead. It is still a punishment. 

“Really? Is that so?” he asks, watching Jimin’s face contort as he swallows his words. “How do you think I feel? You already came twice?” He asks, watching the slave’s expression change from one of desperation to uncertainty to determination. “You’re not that great of a pony. Only caring about your own needs and never your rider’s,” Jungkook says. He watches Jimin’s face change into one of regret and he clicks his tongue disapprovingly, fueling Jimin’s need to please. The slave is scrambling. He is so desperate to please but Jungkook didn’t give him permission to move. He slaps Jimin, hard across the cheek. Jimin is frozen, half way turned towards him. 

“What did I say about moving, Jimin?” he asks. Jimin isn’t allowed to move, and Jimin seems to remember. He hangs his head low. The position is submissive, regretful and possibly ashamed too. Jungkook feels high on the power he has over the slave. High. Jimin returns to his previous position and Jungkook can almost hear him thinking. He is being hard on him. He has just complained about his lack of pleasure, and basically in the same breath, ordered Jimin not to move without a chance to redeem his behavior.  

“I want to please you, master,” Jimin says. He is still looking down and his voice sounds weak. 

“And how do you want to do that?” he asks. Jungkook has a hard time believing Jimin just said that. That he just offered himself up like that when they are only testing out Jimin’s limits. This isn’t about Jungkook. Well, it’s kind of about him regaining the upper hand in their relationship after Jimin laughed at him, but it’s mainly to test Jimin’s limits and how much he can handle.  

“However you want me to,” Jimin says. Jungkook laughs. He can’t help himself. That’s so cute. He almost coos at him. He reaches out and pets his hair. How can he not? Jimin is being absolutely adorable and Jungkook can’t help himself. And seeing how Jimin reacts to it, he takes it isn’t a bad thing. He looks embarrassed. Now he gets embarrassed.  

“That’s very considerate of you, Jimin. But that’s not what we are doing now. Right now, we are testing your limits. And while you think it might be about making you cum, you’re wrong about that. We are testing limits,” he reminds him. Jungkook lets Jimin have a moment to let the words register. Considering how far gone Jimin seems to be, it’s a wonder he can even think clearly at this point. Jungkook is amazed.  

“Sorry, Master. I had forgotten,” he apologizes. Jungkook almost coos at the adorable display. Holy hell. He has won the lottery with Jimin. He is the perfect slave, and he isn’t even trained. Holy fucks. 

“Such a bad boy, forgetting the orders he is given,” he tuts. He makes sure Jimin thinks he is unhappy with him while he isn’t far from squealing on the inside. “What happens to bad boys?” He asks, waiting for Jimin to collect himself. How he does it is a wonder.  

“Bad boys get punished,” he answers and Jungkook laughs. It’s a genuine and fond laugh. Jimin is precious. He strokes Jimin’s hair softly, praising his answer.  

“That’s a good boy. Bad boys get punished. Why were you a bad boy?” he asks. He doesn’t know how long he can keep feeding Jimin’s head things to process and respond to. Jimin looks absolutely fucked and on the edge of giving up everything for an orgasm.  

“Because I forgot the purpose of my treatment,” he answers and Jungkook pats his cheek gently a couple of times.  

“That’s right. I’m going to bite you. How many bites do you think you deserve?” he asks. Jimin sinks into himself. It’s obvious he is thinking. He knows Jimin is fumbling in blindness for a number that is acceptable. Jungkook doesn’t want to punish him too badly and he will accept any number really. It isn’t like Jimin has been a terrible or disobedient slave. He has been exceptionally well-behaved considering it’s his first session and Jungkook honestly just wants to praise him. He leaves Jimin to think, simply settling for watching him.  

“Thirteen,” Jungkook’s brows shoot up and he falters for a second. 

“Thirteen?” he asks. He doesn’t quite believe it. He has expected the number to be below ten at least. “I was thinking five, but if you want thirteen, who am I to deny you?” he asks. Jimin seems disappointed with his reaction. He knows that reaction. Jimin is beating himself up for not fitting in Jungkook’s guess and he knows he has to stop the train of thoughts before Jimin drops. A subdrop isn’t something he wants to happen. He can’t let Jimin take himself apart over something this small. He silently scolds himself for making Jimin make a guess like that on the first day too. He usually doesn’t make his slaves guess or decide their punishment themselves until at least several sessions into their establishments.  

“You may have forgotten the purpose of our game for a moment. But we are playing for your pleasure too. Don’t forget that,” Jungkook reminds him and Jimin comes back into focus. He strokes through his hair twice as he allows Jimin to settle into the right headspace again. “Thirteen bites are coming your way, pony,” Jungkook says and smiles at the sigh that leaves Jimin’s lips. Jungkook is well aware the bites will finish Jimin off. He has never encountered or even heard of anyone getting off on bites as well as Jimin is, and it pleases him so much. He walks around his body once more and kneels behind the slave. He watches Jimin’s back and tugs lightly at his sleeve to adjust the shirt slightly. He needs the shirt off to one side so that his shoulder is exposed. He drinks up the sight of the skin in front of him before he leans in and bites. He bites and he does so hard. He buries his teeth into the muscle at the juncture between Jimin’s shoulder and neck, keeping pressure there for a bit. Jimin moans. It’s almost a growl and Jungkook focuses his eyes down Jimin’s front. Jimin is leaking. Downright leaking. It’s a steady stream of clear liquid leaving the tip of his cock to drip onto the straw beneath him. 

“Stand up, pony,” he tells him. He does as he is told. Jungkook can see how unsteady his legs are but he doesn’t change his mind. He places his hand between Jimin’s shoulder blades and gently pushes him forward. He drops to his knees once more behind Jimin and licks his lips at the sight of Jimin’s red ass on display in front of him. He looks so fucking hot, Jungkook needs to taste. 




Chapter Text

Jungkook is faced with Jimin’s flaming red, shapely ass. Jimin’s backside is a blessing to humanity - people just have yet to realize. He places his hands on the roughed skin, feeling the heat seep through his palms as he listens to Jimin’s groan of pleasure. He pulls at the full cheeks apart and his eyes land on Jimin’s asshole. He looks so fucking hot, not giving the hole some attention should be a sin. Only it is a sin to touch it today. Jungkook has made a rule with himself from that morning. The day is about testing Jimin’s limits, so penetration has to wait. Today, it’s about the pain and not about sex. They are closely related, as the pain is supposed to be sexual, but penetration isn’t allowed. It takes every ounce of self-control and willpower not to lick the puckered muscle and Jungkook needs to distract himself. He leans in and takes a harsh bite of the plumb ass on display. Jimin jerks forward, pulling his skin from between his teeth. Following the line of Jimin’s spine, Jungkook can tell his head is hanging freely between his shoulders. He soothes the bite with his tongue, slowly dragging his muscle across the skin. He knows the contact and the saliva has a soothing effect on the roughed skin and he decides to keep the work up. He doesn’t realize it immediately, but Jimin is making sounds at the treatment. They aren’t pained but rather soothed instead. Now aware, he also notices how the sounds appear to turn more and more distant as time passes. That’s not a good sound. In an attempt to pull Jimin back from his subspace, Jungkook bites into the other ass cheek. Jimin releases the most adorable-sounding wail of surprise and much to Jungkook’s dismay, it doesn’t help.

The master forces himself to stand up and moves to stand in front of the slave. He lifts his head up by the chin and sees the distant eyes, unfocused and glassy.

“Shit,” he curses. Jimin sways lightly in his spot, body trembling with the need to cum - a need Jimin is completely unaware of in his consciousness. Jungkook weighs his options. He can let Jimin stay in the box and hope he doesn’t fall or he can move him elsewhere. He settles for the later.

“Ji, I’m gonna have to move you. It’s not safe for you to stay here. You might fall. I’ll carry you to lay down on the straw bale,” he says. He speaks to him, not knowing how far away he is. Some submissives are vaguely aware of what is going on around, others aren’t. Jimin doesn’t seem to be, but Jungkook rather wants to be safe than sorry. He bends down slightly and wraps his arms around Jimin. While he might not be the strongest of the two, he is able to carry the stable boy. He makes Jimin lay over his shoulder and he struggles to stand up straight. It’s only thanks to the bars of the box wall that ensures Jungkook’s upright position and lack of stumbling. He carries Jimin out of the box and towards a whole straw bale in the middle of the stable building. He carefully eases Jimin onto bale and watches the painful-looking erection.

“I need to help this one away. I’m going to stroke you until you cum. Then I’ll clean you off and get you dressed,” he explains the male below him. “You did so well for me. Now you just need to give me the last,” he coaxes as he moves to stand by Jimin’s hips. He wraps his fingers around Jimin’s length and takes a firm grip. He jerks him quickly. Jimin jerks beneath him and he knows he is sensitive. Too sensitive. He has been edged for too long for someone who isn’t used to it. He runs his thumb over the tip, nail digging into the tip before he slides his hand back down, twists, and strokes back up. It doesn’t take more than a minute or two before Jimin erupts with his release. Jungkook is quick to catch it before he dirties his clothes and wipes it off in the straw.

“You did so good for me. Thank you,” he says as he carefully puts Jimin’s dick back into his boxers and gently dresses him again. Once Jimin looks somewhat presentable he pulls him into a sitting position. He climbs onto the bale behind him and places himself so that he has a leg on either side of Jimin’s body and lets his back rest against his chest. One arm is protectively wrapped around Jimin’s waist, the other is raised so that he runs his fingers through his hair. He is whispering to Jimin constantly, never being quiet for more than a few seconds at the time. He tells him how good he was for him. How amazing he is. He tells him he is safe and that he has him. He has before experienced a submissive returning from subspace completely terrified. He doesn’t want Jimin to experience that as the first thing.

“That’s a good boy,” Jungkook tells him when he senses him responding to his surroundings. His breathing picked up slightly and his fingers are twitching, sort of feeling out the surface beneath him. Those are good signs. “There you go. Easy, Jimin,” he whispers, encouraging him to return to his senses but not too quickly either. Returning from subspace too quickly will result in a subdrop and that is to be avoided at all costs.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got you,” he whispers as Jimin’s leg starts jerking lightly. He doubts Jimin knows what is going on unless he pays close attention to it.

“Good boy. You did so well. You were so good for me,” he says. He continues to praise Jimin. He wants to make sure Jimin knows he did well and doesn’t have to be embarrassed about anything. In fact, it’s Jungkook who is supposed to be ashamed for letting him slip. Only when Jimin opens his eyes does Jungkook speak to him like he has fully returned to his senses.

“Welcome back,” he says. It’s a little louder than before. He doesn’t have to whisper anymore. Jimin groans and stretches out in his hold and Jungkook lets him, only making sure he doesn’t slip anywhere and hurts himself. Jungkook is pleasantly surprised when Jimin doesn’t try to get out of his hold but simply settles back against his chest once he is back to his senses.

“How long was I out?” Jimin asks. Jungkook isn’t surprised that Jimin thinks he fainted. He didn’t. Subspace just needs a little more explanation than that. But all in due time.

“About fifteen minutes. Give or take,” he answers honestly, listening as Jimin works his tongue around in his mouth. He makes a mental note to bring him something to drink soon.

“What happened?”

“You fell into subspace. I wasn’t paying enough attention to you as I bit you and you slipped from me,” he answers. He can see how Jimin’s face falls into an expression of confusion. It’s evident even on his side profile. “I won’t let you slip again without agreeing upon it beforehand,” he adds, thinking Jimin might want to know that.

“Please explain,”

“Explain what?”

“The subspace thing,”

“Oh,” Jungkook says surprised. He has honestly expected Jimin to know a little about it but apparently not. Then now is definitely the time. “Well, a subspace is a mental state you, as the submissive, can reach. It’s different for everyone. But it’s a space where you drop completely out of a sense of reality and you give yourself over completely. Without knowing your subspace all that long, considering how long you were gone, I think your subspace is deep,” he explains, eyes lingering on Jimin’s side profile for any signs of him understanding what he is saying. “Some submissives are vaguely aware of what is going on around them. They might not have control of themselves as they enter this headspace. They might not feel anything or they might be hyperaware of a touch and dwell on that solely while the rest of them shuts down completely. But I think yours is different. I think yours is deep enough to be dreamlike. I’ve heard about submissives who claim to leave their bodies while they are out,” he tries to elaborate. He doesn’t know if Jimin catches on but he seems a little more at ease with the experience.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m sorry that I let you drop into that. Subspace is something tricky and none of us know each other enough to venture into that territory. You were close earlier but you safeworded your way out of it. You claimed yellow but it was a red. You were about to drop for me then too. You were well on your way in. I didn’t notice you dropped just before until it was too late. And then I took care of you. I made you cum and I dressed you and now we’re here,” Jungkook explains what happened in the time he was out. Jimin still looks utterly confused so he knows he has to do something to help Jimin figure out what it was he experienced. “I suggest you google it some day soon. It’s something you apparently find extremely easy to drop into, and I want you to know more in case happens again,” he says. It’s a safety precaution. Of course, it is. It’s always easier to have a slave in subspace when the slave knows what it’s about. He also doesn’t want Jimin to ever be frightened of what is going on with him. And while in subspace, a submissive can’t safeword their way out of the session. In subspace they are left completely at the mercy of their masters. Jimin nods slowly before he seems to remember they have work to do.

“We should get back to work,” he tells him but Jungkook won’t let him go. He has hardly returned to his right state of mind, not to mention his body might still need to get over the experience. Some even compare the experience to being in a narcosis.

“I think you should stay here a little longer. You’re still not completely out of it yet,” Jungkook tells him. He sees the narcosis-like effect on Jimin. It sticks in his body for a while, making him sluggish. Jimin doesn’t argue as he slumps back against his chest and Jungkook smiles at the pliant behavior. Definitely not completely out of the situation yet. Jungkook’s fingers return into the soft strands on his head and resumes the light massage to his scalp. He watches how Jimin closes his eyes and simply enjoys the moment - and Jungkook isn’t one to deny him, so he entertains the moment a bit longer. They stay on the bale for a while. A long while, honestly. He continues to caress Jimin through the whole time, letting him relax. He has been through three orgasms in a few hours alone, experienced pain and stimulations he isn’t used to, and he has even experienced a subspace - something that can drain people completely of energy. Only when he is absolutely sure Jimin is alright to stand up does he pat his stomach gently.

“I think we can get a move on and finish the stables now. We are already delayed because we’ve been playing,” he comments, not wanting to keep Jimin fooled about the time. Jimin scoots off the bale and seems to move on with his day but he freezes on the floor.

“You didn’t get to cum,” he says. It’s something he has just realized. Jungkook chuckles at him. Cute. Jimin is thoughtful and adorable.

“Don’t you worry about that today. Today, we focused on you and finding your limits - or lack thereof,” he comments playfully. “We get to me soon enough. First, we need the contract established and next, we can work on figuring out how your subspace works so you don’t slip into that without wanting to or without me intending to. It can be potentially dangerous as you seem to have absolutely no clue about what goes on around you,” he says. He is voicing his worries to the slave so he can consider his thoughts on the case. “Now, let’s get back to cleaning out the stables or you won’t get to ride today,” Jungkook reminds him and Jimin’s eyes widen comically. “Do you want me to join again?” he asks. He honestly enjoyed riding with Jimin last time - even if he felt awkward on the horse. He assumes he can learn riding a real horse too.

“Sure,” he replies before looking at the work at hand. “If I clean out the boxes, will you empty the wheelbarrows?” he asks. He knows he is making Jimin do the hard work, but he really doesn’t feel like kissing the dunghill once more. Once a day should be enough. At least that’s what Jungkook believes. He isn’t really surprised when Jimin laughs at him. Honestly, if he had been in Jimin’s shoes himself and it wasn’t him who had gotten a bad breath, he’d have laughed too.

“Of course, Master,” Jimin responds and it sends a flare of heat through Jungkook’s body and straight to his groin. It isn’t like he has been hard for hours on end without a release and continuously teased himself by playing with Jimin, not letting himself seek pleasure at all. He tongues at his cheek shortly before he shakes his head, forcing himself to focus at the job at hand. Now isn’t the time to lose himself. He can always pass the club later tonight for a quick dip into a willing asshole and then go home to sleep. He picks up the fork and begins sorting out the boxes as Jimin had explained to him earlier. Jimin disappears from the box while he works, doing whatever else he finds necessary to do. Then grabs the wheelbarrow and replaces it with another and empties it while Jungkook continues to clean out the boxes one by one. Surprisingly fast, they finish and Jimin brings the horses inside. Jungkook stands at the end of the stable building and watches as the horses enter one by one and heads directly for their boxes. He is happy they do so because he has absolutely no idea where to lead any horse if they didn’t.


Jungkook gets to groom the old mare once more. He has her tied up in the hallway and he grabs the two brushes Jimin told him to use the day before. She is standing still in front of him, hardly moving. He guesses she is too old to care. At least until she begins moving her head up and down in short jerks when he reaches the last part of her mane. He stops grooming and she stops moving. He resumes grooming and she bops again.

“Uh, Jimin, what is she doing?” he asks. He feels uncertain about the behavior. It doesn’t seem normal. Far from it, actually.

“She enjoys it,” comes the answer and Jungkook is utterly confused. How can that be a sign she enjoys it? She seems like she is about to have a seizure. Not exactly charming. “She knows she isn’t allowed to touch you, so she does what she can do to distract herself,” Jimin elaborates and Jungkook still isn’t completely convinced. Jimin approaches them and places himself in front of the mare. Jungkook blinks as his back is facing them but he does nothing but stand. It doesn’t take long before the mare is rubbing her muzzle against his back, rubbing his shoulders nicely.

“Horses are social animals. You’ve probably seen horses take nips at each other right where you’re grooming her now. It’s a way to be social. It’s one of the few places horses can’t reach themselves to scratch, so they stand together two and two and nip each other like that. Shoulder to shoulder. She is itching to return the favor and that’s why she is standing like that. She is taught she can’t do it to humans though, but she wants to so badly,” he explains and Jungkook has seen that. He has always wondered why horses would try and chew off each other’s shoulders, but it makes sense like that. “What she is doing now is a compromise. She wants to nip at me too. She believes I’m itchy, but it hurts like a fucker impaled on a stick to be bit by a horse. If you think it hurts to be bit by a dog or cat, try a horse. A dog or cat penetrate the skin and just makes a hole. The blood that gathers there to the pressure has an easy escape and what hurts the most is the fact they penetrated the skin and you’re bleeding. A horse crushes everything when they bite. They don’t penetrate the skin but crushes the skin along with muscle, fat, nerves, tendons. Everything is just squeezed. Blood gathers there and has no way to go, so on top of everything being sore and crushed, you have the constant pressure of a blood clogging there too. So, she only uses her lips on me but it feels really good. So that’s basically what she is doing. If you want her to stop moving her head, give her a hand to rub her muzzle on or something,” Jimin tells him and Jungkook resumes grooming now that he has learned the whole thing. 


Chapter Text

The sun shines through the transparent plates that make the roof of the stable building. The last hour of sun shines through the specs of dust and dirt from the horses. Jimin is making sure the last things are done before he leaves to get back inside his house. Jungkook left hours ago and Jimin is putting a finishing hand on the day’s work. They had completed the contract in the afternoon and both ended up signing the paper so it was fully in function. He is officially a slave, belonging to know other than Jeong Jungkook, a rich city boy with some sadistic interests, and Jimin absolutely loves it. He is grinning to himself, the folded compendium of paper s kind of burning in the back pocket of his pants. It’s going to be good in so many ways. Jimin is going to feel more pleasure than ever before. He has never experienced a BDSM relationship before. He has never had sex with someone he wasn’t in a relationship with before, and he is kind of nervous about how things will go. Jungkook had told him not to fall in love with him and Jimin had assured him that wouldn’t be a problem. Jungkook had briefly looked offended and had clipped Jimin on the back of his head before he got into his car with a casual ‘see you tomorrow, Jimin’.

Jimin checks all doors to the horses and makes sure they are securely closed. He leaves the stables after petting every single one of the horses and gave a few selected ones a good kiss on the muzzle. He ruffles his hands through their fringes as he does. He turns off the electric light and leaves the stables in a cozy orange light as he heads towards the main building of the farm. He pulls his boots off on the steps outside the back door and heads inside. He brings the boots with him and places them down on a plastic tray so the rest of the floor won’t be dirtied.

“Mamma, I’m inside. I’m going to shower,” he calls into the house as he opens the door from the entry. His nostrils are assaulted with the delicious smell of his mother’s cooking and his stomach growls in anticipation. He heads to his room on the second floor, grabs himself a change of clothes - clean underwear, a pair of socks, a t-shirt, and a pair of sweatpants - and places his copy of the contract down on his desk. He pulls his towel off the foot-end of his bed and heads to the bathroom.


“How’s Jungkook?” his mother inquires as Jimin places some fried rice in his mouth. He smiles around his chopsticks and finishes chewing his food before he responds.

“He’s a nice guy. Completely clueless about how to tend to horses. He is kind of an uptight city-boy, but I’ll have him groomed before his time is up here. He is already improving. I just need to convince him that white sneakers won’t last him for long out here,” he chuckles. His father laughs at his explanation.

“Sounds like he is quite a piece,” she chuckles and Jimin nods in agreement.

“He isn’t completely hopeless, but he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer,” he says and takes another bite of his food. “How did you find him? I’m quite surprised for you two to get a city boy to the stables,” he admits and looks at his parents expectantly.

“Mrs. Jeong is one of my old friends from school. We haven’t talked for decades but she called me a couple of weeks ago. Jungkook was getting unruly and too used to his parents cleaning up after him. They have the means to make sure no bad words come out. He is too used to doing nothing, easy access to his father’s bank account and yeah… She called me and asked if we could give him a lesson on hard work where he isn’t protected by his father’s status in the business work. They also wanted him to experience hard physical work and see other ways of living than expensive clubs and alcohol,” his mother explains and his father nods in agreement.

“And who is better to give him a lesson on hard work than you?” he chuckles. It makes Jimin chuckle on the inside. If only they knew Jungkook has the upper hand in their relationship. At least when it doesn’t have to do with work, though he has every option to delay their work with activities of his own desire. But of course, his parents don’t need to know that. He is old enough to administer his time properly. He will never put his horses in danger because of his own desires regardless of anything. The contract is a binding contract as long as it doesn’t compromise the health and well-being of his horses.

“No one. I’m definitely going to wield the whip over him,” he laughs and focuses back on his food. The dinner conversation moves on to the life of his parents, a quick update on his progress with his gelding, and whatever else they can think of. Jimin gets updates on distant family members he doesn’t remember and other old friends of the family.


“Starting work without me?” Jimin snaps his head up and turns on his heels. At the door to the box, Jungkook is leaning against the wall with a playful smirk on his lips. Jimin’s face of surprise falls and he grins at the younger.

“Of course. You can just be here on time,” he responds and taps his wrist a couple of times. Jungkook follows the movement and frowns slightly.

“Are you telling me what to do, Jimin?” Jungkook asks. The way he says his name makes Jimin’s spine tingle. It promises something dirty. Jimin feels like Jungkook could as well have called him ‘slave’ and the reaction would have been the same. He sounded like his name was just as dirty as being called slave.

“Yes,” he breathes and turns his back on the master. He knows he is provoking the master as he resumes to empty the drinking cup for straw that has filled up during the night. It’s a daily process of cleaning this particular box. Jimin has already cleaned out the boxes, saving Jungkook for an embarrassing trip to kiss the dunghill again. “Why do you only come now?” Jimin asks over his shoulder. Jungkook is almost three hours late.

“I slept in. I didn’t wake up by the alarm, guess the hangovers were too hard on me,” Jimin’s hands fist together at his side and he turns around to face the younger.

“What the fuck?” he grits out through his teeth. He stomps up to Jungkook and grabs his sleeve and drags him out of the stables and towards the fenced fields. Jungkook struggles against him but Jimin is by far physically stronger than him by far and doesn’t budge as he places Jungkook in front of the electric fence.

“I don’t care whatever stick you have stuck up your ass or why you think you’re entitled to drink yourself off your ass and then show up several hours late for work, but you have a responsibility,” Jimin sneers. “And your responsibility isn’t to yourself, your parents, me, nor my parents. Your responsibility lays with these,” he says and motions towards the horses on the field. “Your responsibility lays with innocent creatures. Innocent animals. Innocent horses and you go and get drunk off your ass? If I hadn’t been here, the horses would have been starving as you wouldn’t have fed them breakfast. Gucci and Spot would be cramping in their boxes from not moving for more than 8 hours. These horses have nothingto do with you and your life but the fact that their lives depend on you to fucking get your head out of your ass and do as you’re told and show some responsibility,” Jimin snaps. Jungkook looks at Jimin, his eyes are wider than usual and he looks like he was punched. Jimin doesn’t falter for a second. Jungkook needs to realize there are consequences to his actions, and not all of them ends up on the bottom line as money. “Are you done being a stuck-up idiot city boy or do I kick you out for good? I can handle the stables on my own. I’ve done it before and I can do it again. I’d much rather be without the help and know what I have and what I can rely on, than someone who comes and goes as they please. One more time you do something that will compromise their well-being and I will personally hand you back to your parents,” Jimin continues. “Are we clear?” Jungkook nods immediately in response to Jimin’s question and Jimin keeps his glare on the younger and releases a heavy sigh. He turns around and goes back to the stables and looks around. He has been so mad at Jungkook for standing him up he has hardly noticed he has been working almost twice as fast as usual. He has done what Jungkook and he usually do in a little less time all by himself. They have nothing to do until lunch, but Jungkook doesn’t need to know that. He doesn’t want Jungkook to use the time off to test out aspects of the contract. As much as Jimin needs to unwind, letting Jungkook dominate him will only be like praising the younger. Jungkook gets told to clean the saddles and bridles, Jimin cleans out the hay attic. He is sweaty, dusty, and have straw stuck everywhere - even where straw is not supposed to go. By the time lunch rolls in, Mrs. Park forces him to take a quick shower to avoid getting dried grass in his food.


Jimin releases all three horses onto the field after the day’s training and exercising. Jungkook had accepted Jimin’s challenge of trotting and Jimin had been laughing for minutes straight, seeing how Jungkook was bouncing around in the saddle with no grasp on how to stand up in the stirrups and sit down with the time of the horse’s steps. Instead, he was bouncing uncomfortably on the back of his mare and complained about how hard it was to ride. Jimin had repeatedly instructed him to use his thighs to stay down if he didn’t intend on standing up. Jungkook had tried but had to deem himself too weak to stay down and ultimately gave up. It only had Jimin laughing harder at the younger and he more or less rode blindly, hoping for his horse to know the way back to the farm together with Jungkook and his horse.

“Jimin! Fuck! Tell me how to stop this fucking creature!” Jungkook had wailed from the saddle and Jimin had merely raised a hand from his own horse and rolled his tongue, lowering his voice in pitch in time with the air leaving his lungs. Both horses had slowed down to relaxed walking and Jungkook had threatened to slaughter the mare. Jimin hadn’t paid him much attention and instead resumed his laughing.

Jimin is still smiling to himself and Jungkook refuses to look at him. Jimin knows he is embarrassed. Riding seems to be so easy for people watching. How hard can it be to sit on the back of a horse and let that do the hard work? Really fucking hard, and Jimin knows Jungkook just came to that realization. And better yet, every time Jimin comes close to the young master, he sees him watching his thighs with a hunger that is almost palpable. Working in the stables hasn’t left Jimin untouched in physics. He is much stronger than one would think - especially his legs. All through Jimin’s training with his gelding on the riding arena, Jungkook had been watching him closely, muttering something about having thighs of steel to stick to the gelding every time he passed him. And Jungkook had only tried a light trot. Jungkook wouldn’t stand a chance in something more energetic or even gallop, though gallop was by far much easier to sit down in than trotting.

Jimin stops once he enters the stables. They are done for the day - at least until the horses need to be let inside again and fed to the night - but Jungkook will be long gone by then and Jimin expects to have a couple of hours off to read a book or something. He needs to catch up on the latest information from the tournaments and competitions later in the year. But Jungkook seems to have other plans for their afternoon. He doesn’t seem like he is in a rush to get home just yet. No, he is standing in front of Jimin with a halter in his hand. It isn’t just any halter. It’s one specially designed for humans and Jimin thinks he might be just a little in love with the harness.

Jimin eyes the harness closely, drinking in the shape of it. He licks his lips and focuses his attention on the younger master in front of him, silently asking for his next order.

“Get on your knees, pony,” Jungkook asks, making Jimin drop to his knees without hesitation. He crawls forward on all fours with his eyes focused completely on the younger. He only stops when he is in front of the master. Jungkook reaches down to stroke a hand through his hair and makes him shiver. He repeats the motion a couple of times and Jimin finds himself melting a little more every time. He hardly notices how Jungkook lowers onto the ground next to him. He grabs a hold of his jaw and gently guides the halter to his head and leads the straps of it around him. The halter is tightened and adjusted to his head and Jimin is absolutely addicted to the feeling of the leather strap underneath his jaw. It closes across his cheeks in a metal ring on either side. From here, another leather strap crosses the bridge of his nose and the pressure there sends shivers down his spine. One last strap is fastened from the rings and it goes behind his head, resting on the back of his scalp. It’s tight and it won’t fall off, and Jimin absolutely loves it. The younger hooks a finger in one ring and guides Jimin to follow him silently. Jimin is positively panting when he reaches the place he had had his own horses tied up for their grooming earlier. He doesn’t care how the rough surface of the stable floor digs into his knees or palms as he settles, he just lets Jungkook bring him where he wants. He stops and Jimin does the same.

“That’s a good boy. We need to get the blanket off your body,” he says and Jimin is shortly confused. He doesn’t wear a blanket, but when Jungkook tugs at his shirt, he knows he was referring to his clothes. He wants them off. Jungkook wants him to strip naked on the stable floor where just about anyone can walk in and see him wearing a fucking leather halter. Jimin fucking loves it. He assists Jungkook the best he can with undressing him until he kneels, stark naked on the stable floor. Jungkook ties a leader into each ring, tying him to the place he had his own horse tied up earlier in the day. It’s ridiculous so hot it is and Jimin is already hard between his thighs.

“There we go, all ready for your grooming,” Jungkook says. Jimin knows it’s meant to seem like he is talking to him - much like he would if he was with a horse and he knows he isn’t supposed to talk back. He swallows the keen that threatens to escape his mouth and keeps quiet. He watches Jungkook leave him to stand by himself in the middle of the hallway and disappears into the saddle storage. It takes about a minute and Jungkook returns, dragging a box on wheels behind him. He places it next to Jimin, strategically positioned so that he can’t look into it from where he is tied up. He opens the door of the box and pulls out a smaller box. Jimin recognizes it. It’s a grooming tote, and Jungkook opens it and Jimin has to admit he is jealous. The brushes and combs are all from a high-quality brand that Jimin wants. They are perfect in his hand and he wants them. He almost wants to ask if they are for him, but Jungkook answers by picking up a stiff brush and approaches him. Jimin feels Jungkook’s eyes on him as he nears him, slowly getting to his side. It doesn’t take long before he feels the brush’s hair against his naked shoulder. It sends shivers down his spine as he feels the scratches on his skin. It hurts so wonderfully and Jimin can tell he is going to love it. Jungkook quickly finds a rhythm with which he strokes down his body, leaving what Jimin assumes to be red streaks in its wake. It burns so deliciously whenever he drags the stiff brush over his skin, slowly making his way from his shoulder to his ass and down his legs, only to repeat on his other side.


Chapter Text

Jimin is hyper-aware of every sound happening outside the stable box where Jungkook has him kneeling. His skin has taken on a nice red hue. It’s a mixture of abuse and a flush of arousal. The stiff brush Jungkook has groomed him with left his skin sensitive to touch and a warm fire spreading in his veins. The leather is tight around his head and his dick hard between his legs. He pretty damn sure he is leaking too. Jungkook changes the brush for one with softer hairs and Jimin shivers in anticipation. Jungkook holds his chin and raises his head slightly and turns it from side to side.

“Such a dirty pony, Jimin,” he says, clicking his tongue. The soft brush comes up to brush against his cheeks and across his forehead. The feeling is almost tickling. Jungkook brings the brush into his hair afterward, brushing out any knot he might have. He also removes all the straws that have ended up mixed in his strands and lets them fall onto the straw bed below them. Afterward, the brush is brought down his back. It pulls a loud hiss from his lips and a dull throb from his cock. Even the soft hairs on the brush make his back feel like tortured with sandpaper.

“Tell me your color,” Jungkook requests and Jimin is quick to respond:

“Green,” Jungkook hums softly in acknowledgment and resumes with the brush down his back. The tickling feeling on his already raw skin is absolutely delicious. It’s a sharp contrast to the brush that just abused his skin just before. The stiff brush has left his nerve ends tingling and exposed on his skin, hyper-aware of every kind of contact. Combined with the soft strokes of a brush that might just be made of angels’ wings, Jimin’s back arched and a low moan is drawn from his lips. Jimin can feel the urgency for more pleasure thrum under his skin. He wants to feel morethan just the brush. He doesn’t ask for it, though. He is supposed to act the role of a horse, and he isn’t going to skip out of it to beg for more. He lets Jungkook resume his tickling torture down his body until he reaches the soles of his feet on both sides.

“Such a good boy,” he tells him, making his body shiver lightly at the praise. The brush disappears from his skin and Jungkook pulls away. Jimin turns his head to watch him, wondering what he is doing. “Don’t worry, boy. We still need to fix your tail,” Jungkook says and Jimin’s brows furrow together in wonder. He doesn’t have a tail. “Stay here, I got you a little something,” he says and disappears out of the box, leaving Jimin to kneel in the straw, naked as the day he was born, and at clear view of anyone deciding to enter the stables. He feels a little unsure about his life choices as he is left alone like this. He listens for Jungkook’s steps down the hallway and prays to whatever deity protecting his pride he won’t be caught.

Much to his dismay, the throb between his legs doesn’t cease despite Jungkook’s lack of presence. He isn’t being teased anymore and he doesn’t feel the pain of brushes against his skin, but the intensity of his arousal doesn’t reduce the slightest. It’s an insistent throb that almost makes Jimin bring his hand to ease it some. But Jungkook’s steps return before he can and he curls his fingers into the straw beneath him, sad he didn’t get to stimulate his dick just a bit.

“Look straight ahead, pony,” Jungkook orders and Jimin obeys. He doesn’t have much of a choice otherwise. He can hear how Jungkook shuffles his way through the straw and settles down behind Jimin. “No peeking,” he is instructed and Jimin focuses on a spot on the wall in front of him. He doesn’t know what Jungkook is working on and it’s slightly unsettling. He trusts Jungkook, of course. But not being told what to expect makes him feel a little nervous. A hand flattens out on his ass cheek, making Jimin jerk slightly from the sore feeling, but it doesn’t relent. It stays there, presses down slightly harder before it spreads his cheeks apart, exposing his scrotum and hole to the master. Jimin’s hole flutters lightly as if expecting the finger that is pressed against it shortly after. Jimin gasps loudly, pressing back against the finger. It’s slick and covered in lube. Jimin doesn’t know when his master found the lube or covered his fingers. He certainly didn’t hear it. He feels how the digit slides into him, bit by bit until the first knuckle catches on his rim. He feels how Jungkook twists his hand slightly before he pushes the finger further into him. He wants to tell him to hurry up, tell him he can take it, and remind him that he likes pain. But he can’t thanks to his role as a horse. He doesn’t know what turns him on the most; the frustration that he isn’t allowed to beg and how his kink keeps him silenced, or, the finger searching out his insides. Jimin’s head falls forward at the sensation and Jungkook has the decency to coobehind him. Jungkook moves his finger back and forth inside him, slowly but deliberately moving his hand from side to side to stretch him in the process. It’s gentle and careful and Jimin actually enjoys it this way. It has been entirely too long since he has had anything up his ass, and he knows it will hurt. And as much as he loves pain, he thinks the pain his skin takes is enough. With his head between his arms, Jimin is able to see just how hard his dick. It’s basically purple around the tip. He can also see how Jungkook’s movements make his balls move behind his cock and the view is downright lewd. They are tight and full, terribly ready to blow their load when Jungkook gives him permission to do so. The constant stirring in his ass is impossibly good and each jab at his walls makes his toes curl in delight.

A slap echoes through the stables and it takes a second before Jimin’s nerve ends pick up that he has been slapped. The pain is unbearable and Jimin’s head snaps up quickly as he wails in pain. His ass is singing with pain. He stares straight ahead, refocusing on the spot on the wall.

“Good boy,” Jungkook praises him and Jimin makes sure he doesn’t move his head anymore. Jungkook pulls his finger from inside Jimin and quickly replaces it with two. The slide is still relatively easy but tight. He hasn’t even fingered himself in weeks. It’s going to be a tight fit no matter how he goes about it. But Jungkook is patient and makes sure everything happens at a pace that won’t cause permanent damage.

The whole fingering thing, is otherwise a disappointment. Jungkook doesn’t hit his prostate even once and it frustrates Jimin. He had expected Jungkook to be like a god in bed. He knows so much about what they do, that it disappoints him that he can’t even hit his prostate. Not even with three fingers to search with. It’s honestly very frustrating and Jimin has to bite into his lower lip to remain quiet and not tell Jungkook ‘just a little deeper and slightly to the right’. It’s damn near impossible. His frustrations don’t last long. Jungkook pulls his fingers out and Jimin finds the feeling a little ambivalent. He liked the feeling of the fingers inside him, but he is disappointed that Jungkook didn’t use them better on him, so he is sort of happy about the torture of staying quiet is over. Something cold presses up against Jimin’s ass and he tenses momentarily. He doesn’t know what Jungkook is about to insert in his ass. He wants to know but he isn’t allowed to peek and he isn’t allowed to talk. Jungkook slowly adds pressure to the foreign object and Jimin’s hole slowly gives way to steadily growing object before his ass closes down on basically nothing. It isn’t much thicker than a finger and realization dawns on the slave. It’s a plug. Something falls and lands on his exposed calves, tickling him. If he didn’t know better, he’d think it’s hair, but it can’t be.

“How do you like your new tail, Jimin?” Jungkook asks. Jimin swears he almost cums when he realizes he has been given a tail. “It’s okay, you can look,” Jungkook tells him, and Jimin’s neck nearly snaps with the pace he turns his head to take a look at his new appendix. Jungkook tugs lightly on the hairs and Jimin moans at the feeling of the large plug pressing on the inside of his ring. The hairs are thrown onto his back and Jimin has never fallen in love with black hairs as he does right then. The tail is thick and jet black, long enough to reach the straws behind him and Jimin instantly adopts it as a part of his body.

“You like it?” Jungkook asks and Jimin nods. He is still aware he can’t speak unless asked about his colors, but this…he wants to leap against his master and thank him somehow, but he can’t. Horses don’t show gratitude like humans do. Jungkook leaves him alone in the box and Jimin can’t look away. He reaches back to touch. It’s real hair. It’s real horse hairs. Jimin feels…complete. The tail does things to his body he can’t explain. It’s sexually pleasing, yes, but mentally too. When Jungkook comes back, Jimin recognizes a brush in his hands. It’s a styling brush for tails. Jimin keeps his position, eyes focused on his tail and the brush and Jungkook sits down next to his legs. The tail is taken from his back and pulled to the side where Jungkook begins to brush it. Jimin feels the movements in the plug and it stirs lightly inside him. It’s not a whole lot of movement, but when Jungkook tugs twice at a knot with the brush, Jimin moans out loud. The plug barely touches his prostate, sending waves of pleasure through his body. Jimin’s back arches and his hips shift slightly, the angle changing just enough to keep the plug against his spot. He gets no complaints from his master so he keeps his position like this.

“I’m gonna braid your tail,” Jimin is pretty sure he is hearing things. Jungkook is going to braid his tail? Does Jungkook even know how to do that? He doesn’t question it, he simply lets the master do as he pleases. He feels the tugs and pulls on his tail as he brushes through it. The plug inside him is constantly rubbing against his prostate and Jimin is fighting with himself not to moan out loud. It’s an overwhelming pleasure and he hasn’t been given permission to do anything but accept what Jungkook gives him. It doesn’t take long before he feels the tail brush against his calves once more, seemingly shorter than before and he raises his head in curiosity. Jungkook offers him a proud smile and holds up the trail, showing Jimin a braid he has to admit he is jealous of. Jungkook is hereby hired to braid his horses’ tails when going out for competition.

“You like it?” Jungkook asks, looking at Jimin, eyes looking almost hopeful. Jimin nods instantly and lets go of the tail so the ends of the braid tickle the back of his legs. “Good,” Jungkook says and gets up from his spot in the straw and stands tall in front of Jimin. Jimin looks up, hardly able to tilt his head enough to get a clear view of Jungkook’s face because of the closeness and the obvious bulge in his master’s pants kind of blocking it. Jimin can’t deny he is curious. Jungkook has pulled him through several orgasms already, and Jimin doesn’t even know how Jungkook’s cock looks like. He can see the outline in his pants that he isn’t small by any understanding of the word. He isn’t impossibly huge either. Maybe a tad above average? Jimin doesn’t give in to the urge to focus on the obvious bulge in the fabric and keeps his gaze on Jungkook’s face. He can’t stay still though. His hips sway lightly from side to side, keeping a constant but barely-there stimulation of his prostate. He needs to cum.

“You’re so pretty like this,” Jungkook mutters and, much to Jimin’s displeasure, takes a step back before he walks around him. “My own personal pony,” Jungkook continues and runs his hand down the raw skin of Jimin’s back. “I’d love to sit on you, but I think I will save that for another day,” he mutters and rakes his nails along his spine, causing the slave to arch violently and hiss out loud. His skin is already raw from the brushing and the nails only make his dick twitch eagerly. He needs to cum so badly, and he is right on the edge and he can do nothing to relieve himself. He hasn’t gotten permission, and horses don’t speak. His mind takes a step back to Jungkook’s words. Ride him? Like…ride him? Like a proper horse? Jimin almost keens at the idea, head lowering as an onslaught of images washes through his brain. He doesn’t even pay attention to Jungkook’s whereabouts as his mind sticks to the imaginary weight of the master straddling his back, whip in hand and reins in the other, making him crawl around in the stables.

“Gonna cum untouched?” Jungkook’s question takes Jimin by surprise and his head snaps up to look at his master, embarrassed about losing his focus. It isn’t a good choice to react so instantly. The sudden change in his head’s position, makes his forehead knock against Jungkook’s pelvis, probably sending his dick and balls into his abdomen for a moment. Jungkook doubles over in pain, catching himself on Jimin’s back before he rolls onto his side, cupping his crotch protectively, whimpering. Jimin scrambles in panic and moves to kneel next to him, his role as a pony entirely forgotten.

“I’m sorry! Shit, Master, I’m so sorry,” he says fingers curling into the straw beneath him. He doesn’t have permission to touch, and he doesn’t know what to do to ease Jungkook’s pain at all and he feels like the worst slave ever. He feels absolutely helpless as he can’t do anything but wait for Jungkook to return to his senses.

“For fuck’s sake!” Jungkook groans out as he rolls onto his side, whole body taut and tense. Jimin worries his lower lip with his teeth and waits patiently for the pain to subside slightly. It takes a while before Jungkook is able to stand up again and looks down at Jimin, stern expression on his face. Jimin can feel his blood run cold and a punishment coming up.

“I don’t know whathappened just there, but make sure it doesn’t happen again. This time I’m taking part of the blame for standing too close to you, but next time I won’t be as nice,” Jungkook says, arms crossed over his chest. Jimin looks up at him, eyes wide with uncertainty. What is he supposed to do? Is he allowed to talk? Is he not? What does Jungkook expect from him?

“Aren’t you going to apologize?” Jungkook asks, looking at him. Jimin nods immediately and lowers his head, finding his words. He doesn’t look up until he has them sorted out and knows what he wants to say.

“I’m sorry, Master. I was distracted by imagining myself being your pony and you called for my attention…I just wanted to obey you…” he trails off, not knowing what else to say. Jungkook looks at him still, seemingly unimpressed with the apology. Jimin swallows thickly and nibbles at his lower lip. Once again, he disappoints his master. Not only did he hurt him, but now he is disappointing him too. Jimin finds himself surprisingly pathetic when he feels his eyes burn with the warning of tears pressing on the back of his eyeballs.

“I was going to treat you for being such a good slave today…” Jungkook starts, letting the sentence hang in the air long enough to make Jimin look back up. “But I am not going to anymore. I thought you deserved a treat for being so obedient and so sensitive to everything I’ve done to you today. But when you can’t even apologize properly for hurting me, you don’t deserve it anymore,” Jungkook says, looking Jimin straight in the eyes. It’s only because Jungkook has basically ordered him to look up at him despite not speaking the order that makes Jimin keep the gaze. He feels like cowering from the gaze. He swallows thickly and sits down on his heels. He wants to please, but his apology obviously isn’t what Jungkook had in mind when he requested one. He rakes his mind for ways to apologize but ends up with the same outcome just different words and he doubts that’s what Jungkook wants from him. He doesn’t know what to do, though. He can’t figure it out. He isn’t a mind reader and he has to swallow his pride and open his mouth to ask the master what he wants.

“What do you want from me?” he asks, not knowing how else to figure out. “How do you want me to apologize to you?” he elaborates once he realizes his first words weren’t specific enough to grant him a useful answer.

“You’re still my pony. As long as you’re on your knees like this, you’re my pony. Can ponies speak?” Jungkook asks. He isn’t supposed to answer. He is supposed to show how sorry he is.


Chapter Text

Jimin rakes his mind for ways to apologize for hurting his master; wordlessly. He needs to apologize for bumping his head into his crotch and he can’t think of how. His eyes are already wet and he hateshow weak it makes him feel in front of the master. He didn’t want to hurt him. It all happened because he was eager to please him.

Not knowing how else to go about it, Jimin leans forward and presses his forehead against Jungkook’s thigh. He nuzzles his jeans slightly with his nose and hopes this will suffice as an apology from a horse. He keeps his head against the fabric and waits for a sign of approval from Jungkook. If he doesn’t get one within five seconds, he will have to do better. He is just about to pull back when he feels Jungkook’s fingers tangle in his hair and rub his scalp soothingly a couple of times.

“Thank you, Jimin. You’re forgiven,” he tells him and Jimin feels his worries lift from his shoulders and he feels several pounds lighter. He doesn’t like upsetting his master. It kind of scares him how much he wants to please Jungkook. They haven’t known each other a full week yet, and Jimin is already seeking out his approval and his praise like a kid with its parents. Jimin blames it on the fact he is new to the whole master-slave thing, but he can’t believe it fully. His position as the slave comes all too natural to him. He doesn’t really think about what he does. Being obedient just comes naturally to him when around Jungkook.

“You’ve been good today. I want to give you a treat,” Jungkook says. Jimin wants to pull back to look up at the master, but the hand in his hair keeps him with his forehead and nose pressed against Jungkook’s thigh. “I know you’re painfully hard. I’ve seen how much the grooming turns you on, and I know the tail makes you feel good too,” Jungkook starts and he has Jimin’s full attention. “You need to apologize to my dick for hurting it. You’re going to kiss it until it feels better. Your treat lays here; you can cum if you can cum untouched while sucking me off. If not, you’re not allowed relieve yourself until tomorrow,” the master explains and Jimin shivers at the deal he is offered. He doesn’t get much of a deal, really. But he finally gets to see Jungkook’s cock and he gets to taste it too and he is pretty sure that in itself is the best treat he can ask for. He reaches a hand up to work on Jungkook’s pants, only to have it slapped away.

“Horses don’t have hands,” he is reminded by his master. The hand leaves his hair and Jimin pulls back, eyes landing on Jungkook’s fingers slowly working his pants open for him. Jimin licks his lips, already dying to taste the younger’s cock. He wants to apologize for hurting his master, but he wants to please him too. He watches intensely as Jungkook pulls his pants down, revealing a pair of exceptionally boring black boxers, but they are leaving nothing to the imagination. Jungkook is larger than he had first assumed. Not much, but still enough to make Jimin’s mouth water. Jungkook smirks at him and Jimin knows that he knows he likes what he is seeing. Teasingly, Jungkook hooks his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and pulls down just enough to reveal the neatly trimmed pubic hairs and the base of his cock. Jimin is embarrassed to admit he leans forward to get a better look, only for the boxers to snap back into place, hiding Jungkook’s cock from view.

“So eager,” Jungkook chuckles and runs a hand through Jimin’s hair before he pulls him closer. He presses Jimin’s face against his clothed crotch, grinding it against Jimin’s cheek. Jimin’s breath hitches as he feels the heat of his erection against his cheek and he inhales sharply, scenting the musk from Jungkook’s crotch. It’s so hot, manly and it makes Jimin’s knees weak even when combined with the laundry detergent that is still evident in the thin fabric. He sticks his tongue out to relish as much of his first encounter with Jungkook’s dick as possible. He wants to taste – even if it’s through lightly scented fabric with the illusion of ‘morning dew’. He can hear how Jungkook’s breath hitches above him and Jimin takes the praise to heart. He is doing good and Jungkook is happy with him. At least it seems that way. The fabric is kind of weird against his tongue, but Jimin has absolutely no complaints. He is the closest he has ever been to Jungkook’s cock, and he isn’t about to back down because of a pair of slightly worn boxers. Jungkook releases his hair but guides his face so that he is facing his crotch, staring right at the washed out black fabric straining around the obvious erection. Jungkook brings his fingers into the waistband of his boxers again and slowly pulls down. Jimin’s mouth waters immediately as the base comes to view. It’s framed by a neatly trimmed nest of dark hairs, long enough to be visible and look attractive beyond anything Jimin has ever seen before, but short enough to not be a bother. Jimin licks his lips, eager to taste. The base is slightly darker than the skin of Jungkook’s abdomen, making his length stand out slightly and look even more edible. The lower the boxers are pulled, the more Jimin can see. He can see the obvious veins of frustration lining the length of his cock. He can see how the cock becomes thicker toward the middle before narrowing again toward the tip. He sees how his foreskin is pulled tight around his girth, reaching no further than a finger’s width from the crown of his cock head. He can see how his cock head is deliciously mushroom-shaped and flushing a dark red, and most importantly he can see the clear liquid of precum spilling from his tip. And his assumption about Jungkook not being big; he takes that back. He is definitely above average and Jimin is doubting whether he will be able to fit all of him inside his mouth.

“Like what you see?” Jungkook asks him and Jimin nods, feeling caught in a trance. He is transfixed by the view of the cock in front of him. He is fully hard but too heavy to point upward, so the tip is bopping lightly along the line of his nose, teasing Jimin, almost inviting him to stick his tongue out to catch some of the precum. He doesn’t. He hasn’t been given permission to taste yet.

The best way Jimin can describe himself is like a dog in front of a full food bowl and having been told not to taste. It is damn near impossible for him not to reach out and curl his fingers around the base, stroke him twice before kissing the tip and feeding his cock to himself. But he can’t. Instead, he sits on his knees, waiting with his tongue out and looking at his owner hopefully and silently pleading for permission to have his treat. Jungkook presses his hips forward, making the cock press against the bridge of his nose, smearing precum there, and then on his cheek, smearing in long streaks before he pulls back. Jimin can’t even be mad at Jungkook. Not even the slightest. The only thing that bugs him is the wasteof his precum but he doesn’t complain.

“Open up,” Jungkook tells him and Jimin’s jaw nearly unhinges at his eagerness to please and taste his master’s cock. The younger feeds the bulbous head to Jimin’s tongue and a low groan rumbles in his chest. Jimin looks up as he finally feels the heat of his cock on his tongue. A low moan is pulled from his throat as he feels his tip rub along the ridges at the roof of his mouth and slowly approaches his throat. He needs to focus his attention on himself not to outright keen atthe feeling. Jungkook even tastes like heaven. Sweaty, musky, and manly. Perfect for a man like Jungkook. Jungkook moves his hips slowly back and forth, letting his dick drag on his tongue. Jimin’s mouth is still open and slack as he hasn’t been told to do anything else. He looks up at his master’s face, watching him watch his dick disappear into his mouth. Jimin is by no means practiced in giving blowjobs so he is silently thankful for Jungkook going slow and easing him into it. He knows it’s an art form and he knows he needs to practice, but he needs Jungkook to practice on.

“Such a nice mouth,” Jungkook groans above him. Jimin can see how much he focuses not to move and take what he wants from his mouth just yet. But Jimin is dying to have Jungkook take what he wants from him. The dick is resting on his tongue, just shy of his gag reflex and it gives Jimin every chance to inhale the strong scent of his master’s crotch – a scent he can easily get addicted to.

“That’s it. Pull away and lick my dick,” he orders and Jimin slowly pulls back, relishing the feeling of Jungkook’s cock sliding along his tongue before it falls from his lips and hovers invitingly in the air in front of him, too heavy to rise against Jungkook’s stomach. He leans slightly to the side and leans in closer to come to the side of the dick in front of him. He places his tongue at the base and slowly licks his way in small laps. Jungkook’s breath hitches above him and fingers take place in his hair and guide him along the length of his dick, showing him where he wants him to lick. He feels the shapes of the warm veins on his tongue as he slowly works his way towards the tip – generously guided by the master. Jimin lets Jungkook guide him by his hair until he comes to the tip of the cock and Jungkook presses against his mouth. Jimin parts his lips and takes the length into his mouth again only for the dick to disappear and the hold releases on his hair. Before Jimin even has time to look up at the master a slap is handed across his cheek. Jimin is looking sideways and his cheek stings like hell. It’s a delicious pain and he finds himself wanting another slap on the other side of his face, but he doesn’t ask. He doesn’t talk.

“Did I tell you to open your mouth?” Jungkook asks as he pulls his head back, tilting it back so he is looking up at him. He looks mad. Jungkook is all stern expression and lips drawn in a straight line. Jimin responds quickly by shaking his head. He can’t see whether Jungkook is happy with his answer or not. He doesn’t seem particularly pleased.

“Then why did you do it?” the master asks and Jimin’s eyes widens slightly in realization. He disobeyed his master by doing something without permission. He lowers his head, silently apologizing before he presses his forehead against Jungkook’s thigh, much like he did previously. He rubs his forehead against the muscle on the front of Jungkook’s thigh until he feels his master’s hands in his hair again, bringing him away from him. He tilts his head up so that he is looking up at his master and one hand releases his hair.

“You deserve a punishment, Jimin. How many slaps do you deserve? Use your hoof to tell me,” Jungkook requests. Jimin looks up at Jungkook slightly confused. He doesn’t have hooves. Jungkook doesn’t seem to be one to want to give him an answer so Jimin needs to think. He picks a number – five– and uses his hand to scrape into the ground beneath him. He looks up, curious ofJungkook’s expression. The master looks happy with his answer and it pleases Jimin to know he has pleased his master. He doesn’t even get to smile at him before a harsh slap is placed on his cheek. It’s hard enough to make Jimin’s head turn at the impact but it makes his blood run hot under his skin and his dick twitches in interest. He is still painfully hard, but the slapping doesn’t help. He closes his eyes and awaits the next slap. He knows he has to get four more before he is done. Jungkook takes his sweet time, leaving Jimin to squirm on the floor, expecting the slaps, but not knowing when they will come. The squirming makes the plug inside his ass rub deliciously against his insides and it makes him moan softly. The sound makes Jungkook laugh above him.

“Horses don’t moan. Are you being bad, pony?” he asks and Jimin shakes his head and stops moving, hoping to keep the sounds to himself if he doesn’t get stimulated. The idea only works until Jungkook slaps him again and his whole body tenses up in the instant zap of pleasure that zings through his body. He doesn’t even get a chance to collect himself before the next slap hits him right onto the same cheek and Jimin’s whole body convulses in overwhelming pleasure. His abdomen is coiling tightly with pleasure and he knows if Jungkook slaps him again now, he will cum without wanting to.

“Can’t come yet, slave,” Jungkook warns him and Jimin focuses all of his attention to keephis dick under control. He needs to be a good slave. He already disappointed him several times today, and he can’t let that happen again. Jimin tenses every single muscle in his body and thinks of everything he possibly can to will his erection to die down just a little. But he hardly stands a chance as Jungkook’s hand collides with his cheek once more and Jimin quickly reaches between his legs and squeezes around the base so tight that he physically can’tcum. The dry orgasm wrecks through his body in strong waves of pleasure. It feels like a ball of fire pushing through his entire body, pushing further than the physical barrier of his body can allow before changing direction yet never really relenting its terrorizing behavior. Jimin releases a sob as the orgasmic feeling never letsgo and leaves him in an unsatisfied haze.

Jungkook’s hand lingers on his cheek and Jimin keeps his attention down. He doesn’t dare look up at his master, scared he has disappointed him again. Only, Jungkook keeps quiet and doesn’t move a muscle at all. Jimin is anxiously waiting for some sort of reaction from the master despite his body feeling like it has been tortured for hours. He trembles against the floor in the stables, naked, painfully hard and waiting for some sort of reaction from his master. He has just had an orgasm – a dry one – but an orgasm nonetheless. Finally,the hand moves from his cheek and into his hair. Jungkook’s fingers tighten on his hair and his head is yanked up. He comes face to face with a stern expression. The stable boy trembles lightly, not entirely sure how he is supposed to react to the situation and awaits Jungkook’s reaction.

“Fucking hell, Jimin,” Jungkook breathes as he keeps Jimin’s head raised in a position that is far from comfortable. Jimin’s entire throat strains with the angle but he doesn’t move. Instead, he dwells on the somewhat delicious pain it gives him. It makes his mind clear up from the unsatisfying orgasm that just wrecked his body.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out,” Jungkook orders. Jimin obeys immediately, letting his tongue hang out from between his teeth. He feels kind of like a dog being like this, but he doesn’t say anything. He is in the prospect of getting to blow Jungkook, and he isn’t going to blow this chance – no pun intended.

Jungkook slowly feeds his dick to Jimin again, letting his length rest on the warm muscle. Jimin absolutely loves the feeling. Jungkook is a little too wide in girth for his mouth and it presses his tongue down into his mouth and he struggles to keep his teeth away from Jungkook’s dick.

“Suck,” Jungkook orders and Jimin needs no more than a second to obey. He gives Jungkook a deep suck with his lips closing tight around the middle of the cock. He loves the feeling of his lips stretching to accommodate the large length and he loves just how it seems to rearrange his facial structure to fit properly. He might just unhinge his jaw if Jungkook makes a move a little too rough, and he loves it. He curls his fingers into the ground beneath him as he prepares for his master to move. He keeps the suction around him and his cheeks hurt a little but he can feel how the inside of his cheeks press around the dick in his mouth and Jungkook begins moving. The slide is slow at first and Jimin can feel every little shape of his length, every vein, and the shape of the bulbous head as it drags on his tongue. Jimin focuses straight ahead, watching how Jungkook’s abdomen goes away from his face only to come closer as his mouth fills up once more. And every time Jungkook pushes into him, Jimin tries to get a good smell of his crotch but always ends up on the short end with the dick blocking for his intake of breath. Technically he cantry and sniff Jungkook out, but he is guaranteed to gag because Jungkook’s cock simply reaches too deep for his untrained throat.

“That’s it, baby,” Jungkook praises him and Jimin basks in it. He closes his eyes and focuses on tasting Jungkook instead. He focuses on the shape of his dick in his mouth, the bitter precum on the back of his tongue, the salty musk and sweat at the tip and on his lips and something entirely Jungkook taking over the whole of his mouth. Jimin can see himself grow addicted to this.



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Chapter Text

Jungkook’s dick is working inside Jimin’s mouth. It’s slow and steady how Jungkook moves his hips back and forth in his mouth, filling his mouth repeatedly before pulling out once again. It’s a unique taste of Jungkook. It’s musky, sweaty, and something he can’t really pinpoint. But it’s good, and even better with the bitter saltiness of his precum. His cock is still throbbing from the forced dry orgasm but his body is no longer in pain like before. And even though his skin is burning with rawness and the hard floor scratches his knees, Jimin absolutely loves his current position.

It doesn’t take long before Jimin has an increased desire to please Jungkook more than he is, but he is reluctant to do so; he hasn’t been given permission to do anything but suck just yet. He attempts to take Jungkook deeper into his throat and ends up gagging when his head comes too far back into his mouth. His throat tightens around Jungkook’s cock for a short moment before Jungkook pulls him back by his hair.

“Don’t gag yourself,” his master tells him. It’s a clear instruction. It leaves no room to question whether Jungkook means it or not. It’s obvious he does. Jimin pulls off slightly and makes sure he doesn’t take Jungkook as deep anymore. He is trying his absolute best to contain himself, but it proves harder than he thought it would. He wants to have all of Jungkook in his mouth. He wants to please. He is desperate to please. It has been about his own pleasure and orgasms for too long and he is finally getting a taste of Jungkook’s sex and he loves the taste. He slides his mouth further onto Jungkook’s cock despite his master’s warning. He can feel the ridge of Jungkook’s head approach the back of his tongue and he knows it’s just about time before it’ll tease his uvula. Jimin swallows, pressing his tongue up against the underside of Jungkook’s cock as he does so. The action makes Jungkook’s cock twitch and precum to leak out at the back of his throat. Jimin’s fingers curl into the floor beneath him. Horses don’t moan. Horses don’t moan. Horses don’t moan.He chants to himself. He wants to be a good pony, and good ponies don’t moan.

A sudden thrust from Jungkook takes Jimin by surprise and Jungkook’s cock is momentarily stretching out his throat before withdrawing. Jimin jerks back and coughs toward the floor, willing the rising bile in his stomach to stay down. The jerk makes the chains attached to the halter stop Jimin from moving as much as he wants too and the way it pulls around his head makes Jimin’s while body react with a wave of pleasure among the desperate attempt to calm his gagging. It takes him a few seconds of desperate wheezing and coughing before he calms down enough to look up at Jungkook. He can feel tears in his eyes, making his vision slightly blurry. It’s blurry, but not blurry enough to make him miss out on the smirk that graces Jungkook’s features.

“Good pony,” Jungkook says once Jimin calms down fully again. He basks in the praise and enjoys how it feels his body feel lighter and more at ease despite his recent coughing fit and a dry orgasm from Jungkook’s spanking just before. He keeps looking at Jungkook, mouth agape, as he waits for Jungkook’s next order. He doesn’t know what he is supposed to do since Jungkook doesn’t give him his dick again. It’s just hobbling somewhere in front of his face, teasing him with his spit glistening in the yellow light from the artificial lightning. It makes Jimin’s mouth water again and he wants the dick back in his mouth but he can’t just take it. He needs to be fed. It seems to be forever and Jimin lowers his gaze from Jungkook’s face to his dick, eying the glistening head in front of him. Jungkook clicks his tongue. It’s not the disapproving kind of way, but the sharp click of a tongue to gain the attention of a horse. Jimin’s head snaps back up and he looks at Jungkook’s face once more. Jungkook chuckles lightly and his fingers work through Jimin’s hair, finger briefly catching on to the halter. Jimin’s breath hitches and he is momentarily distracted from the need to have Jungkook’s cock in his mouth.

“Wanna ride you,” Jungkook’s says. His tone sounds almost thoughtful and Jungkook’s cock has completely left his mind. Jimin wonders how Jungkook wants to do that. He knows everyone else would imagine Jungkook in Jimin’s lap, bouncing on his cock, but Jimin knows better. Jungkook wants to ride him. He is a horse, so he will have Jungkook on his back and he will have to walk around with him and the whole idea makes Jimin close his eyes to collect himself.

“But I don’t have a saddle for you, nor protection for your hands and knees, so we can’t do that yet. Not to mention your skin is too raw to stand it after your grooming,” Jungkook says and Jimin can’t help but feel disappointed. He can see why Jungkook won’t ride him yet, but he is still disappointed and he is kind of mad at him for getting his hopes up. Jungkook doesn’t say anything further but instead works a finger against the corner of Jimin’s mouth. Jimin recognizes the gesture. He does the same to the horses when he wants them to take the bit and they don’t do it willingly. He opens his mouth and pushes at Jungkook’s finger with his tongue just before Jungkook’s cock is slipped between his lips. Jungkook moans lowly above him and Jimin’s stomach swirls with pride. He can affect his rider like this and it makes him feel exceptionally good about himself. He closes his lips around his length and he loves how full his mouth is, even if he only has half of Jungkook’s length kept warm. Slowly, Jungkook builds a rhythm with his hips. It’s slow and not too deep but just enough to have the ridge of Jungkook’s cockhead catch on his teeth before he pushes back inside his mouth, stopping just short of his gag reflex. It makes a slow rhythm but Jimin loves how it doesn’t challenge his clearly unpracticed blowjob skills. Jungkook’s fingers tangle into his hair on the back of his head as he keeps moving his cock back and forth. It doesn’t take long before Jimin feels a little adventurous and he leans forward just slightly. It makes Jungkook’s cock slide that little further and it teases his gag reflex. Jimin swallows quickly whenever Jungkook pulls back, willing himself to calm his urge to gag.

“Good boy,” Jungkook praises him as if the fingers combing his hair wasn’t enough to praise him. He moans around the length in his mouth and freezes up. He shouldn’t moan. Horses don’t moan.

“It’s okay. Feels good. Neigh for me, pony,” Jungkook tells him. Jimin can’t believe what he is hearing. Jungkook sounds downright wrecked now, and it’s all because of him. Jimin focuses his attention at hand – which is basically impossible when the taste of Jungkook’s precum is distracting him almost too good. To claim he hasn’t tried neighing before would be a lie, but he never ever tried doing it with something in his mouth, much less something that takes up most of the space in his cavern. It doesn’t stop him from trying though. He focuses on neighing and he manages a high-pitched sound that might be somewhat close to a neigh if one really paid attention. But it doesn’t matter how it sounds. Jungkook’s dick positively twitches in Jimin’s mouth and there’s a definite dripple of precum being drawn from the tip of his tongue and smeared to the back. Jimin imagines his tongue being dyed a pearly white and glistening with obvious proof that he is pleasing his master.

“Oh, god, again,” Jungkook requests and Jimin responds immediately by neighing around his cock once more. It’s no easy task, but he manages and Jungkook’s fingers tighten in his hair and Jimin knows he is doing a good job. He neighs once more despite not being asked to and Jungkook’s thrusts lose their rhythm. The hold in his hair becomes tighter and he winces slightly at the pull, making his teeth bare and scrape against the underside of his rider’s cock. Jungkook hisses loudly and his thrusts become more erratic as he chases his release. Jimin looks up at his master through his lashes and almost stops breathing at the view. Jungkook’s bangs stick to his forehead, matted with sweat and his tongue peeks out between his lips, trapped in concentration as he looks down at him. His jaw is tense and his brows furrowed and Jimin knows his master is close. He gives one more neigh and Jungkook’s head is thrown backward and Jimin’s mouth fills with Jungkook’s cum. Jungkook’s hips keep working into his mouth, riding out his orgasm and making sure he is milked completely from his release. Jimin hardly notices all of this. His own hips are gyrating forward in search of friction. One of his hands has made it between his legs without his permission and he barely touches the very head of his cock before his own release spills onto the floor beneath him and he moans around Jungkook’s cock as his orgasmic release washes over him, unwinding the tightness the previous dry orgasm caused him. With his mouth full of cum, Jimin goes completely lax and his back arches downward, giving a visual proof of just how relaxed he is as Jungkook’s cum collects on his tongue.

Above him, Jungkook is gasping for breath and his cock keeps jerking slightly inside Jimin’s mouth as it rides out the remaining blissful high. When the cock slips from his lips, Jimin looks up, his own orgasm having washed over him and leaving him painfully aware that he disobeyed Jungkook’s order of not cumming before he got permission. He keeps his mouth open and his tongue sticking out to show the cum still on his tongue, hoping to distract Jungkook from his mishap. He can’t handle a punishment now. He just came and his skin is rubbed sore already.

“You did well, pony. Swallow my treat,” Jungkook tells him and Jimin does as he is told. He swallows down the cum that is salty, yet kind of sweet, kind of musky – well, that could be leftover taste of Jungkook too – and then it’s delicious to a flavor that he can’t describe in words. Jimin finally got a taste of his master and he is definitely not disappointed. He settles back onto his heels and looks up at Jungkook, feeling a little dazed with the fact he finally got to taste his master. He finally got to make his master cum. He finally got to please him.

“Oh. You’ve been a bad pony, haven’t you? A real uncontrollable stallion, aren’t you?” Jungkook questions and Jimin flushes and he knows he is in trouble. A slap is served across his cheek and Jimin hisses at the sting. A fire licks down his back, but he is quick to pull it out. He won’t let himself get hard again. If he does, he has a feeling Jungkook will leave him high and dry if he does. “You deserve to be punished,” Jungkook says and turns around. Jimin watches him as he walks away, leaving him, tied up and naked in the middle of the stable. He watches how he leaves and fiddles with his clothes and Jimin assumes he packs away his dick so it isn’t out for public display. Jimin, on the other hand, has everything on public display. He isn’t even in a box where he can save his decency by hiding, but he is left on full display with no chance of seeking cover if someone is to enter. Jimin trembles slightly. He can feel the humiliation before anything even happens. He lowers his head as much as the chains in his halter allow and he sees his own release pooling on the floor beneath him. If anyone is to come in, he will never live to see the sunrise again. He will go into hiding and live underground for the rest of his life. He hears a door open at the end of the stables, the one Jungkook disappeared out of, but it doesn’t keep him from tensing up in fear. When he sees his master’s figure approaching him again, Jimin relaxes. He keeps his eyes on him as he approaches him and he notices a blanket hanging from his arm and a whip in his hand. He whimpers softly. Both the idea of wearing a blanket on his sensitive skin as well as getting whipped makes him dread his punishment. When Jungkook comes up next to him he spreads the blanket over his skin. The fabric is rough against his skin and Jimin hisses at the contact of the fibers scratching at his raw skin. He won’t survive this. He whines lowly and wiggles under the blanket and he takes a moment to adjust to the feeling. Just when he is about to relax, the handle of the whip is pressed into his shoulder and Jimin jerks in pain and tries to squirm away the best the chains on his halter allows.

“Give me your color,” Jungkook requests. Jimin can’t handle much more. It’s not that it hurts too much, but he has been strung out for too long and he isn’t sure he can handle it all.

“Yellow,” Jimin says lowly. He is embarrassed about calling quits. Sucking Jungkook off like he has after the treatment he had gotten prior to it has worn him out more than he likes to admit. Jungkook doesn’t hesitate and the blanket is pulled off him completely and the chains of the halter loosened. Jungkook sits down in front of him and cups Jimin’s cheeks. The slave leans into the gentle touches and closes his eyes, letting himself be held by Jungkook. He trusts Jungkook to keep him together as he tries to catch his mind. Jungkook’s fingers stroke over his stinging cheeks and slowly works on undoing the clasps of the halter as he whispers soothing praises to him.

“You did so well, today, Jimin. You made me feel so good,” he whispers as the leather falls to the floor beneath them. Jimin whimpers softly and crawls forward on his hands and knees until his forehead presses into Jungkook’s chest and his eyes close shut. Everything is too much. His mouth is filled with the taste of Jungkook, his mind is filled with the praise of being good for his master, his skin hurts from the grooming, his hands and knees hurts from being carrying his weight, and his ass is clenching around the plug inside him and it’s too much for him.

“That’s it, Jimin,” Jungkook whispers to him and slowly strokes his fingers through Jimin’s hair. “Calm down and come back to me,” Jungkook mutters in his ear and Jimin slowly feels himself getting a grip on reality and the sensations that run over his body. He leans against Jungkook’s body fully, basically curling up in his lap until he has calmed down enough to get a proper mindset back.

“You okay?” Jungkook asks and Jimin nods slowly. He is still hurting but he feels better and more levelheaded than he did before. Jimin crawls out of Jungkook’s lap, standing up instantly and reaches down to soothe his knees.

“Good, you did really well today,” Jungkook tells him and Jimin offers him a sleepy smile. “But before you do anything else, we need to get the plug out of you,” Jungkook says and Jimin’s entrance clenches around the tail at the idea of losing it. As if he has read his mind, Jungkook chuckles and adds; “You can always wear it again tomorrow,”

Jimin walks toward the box where his clothes were discarded earlier. He leans forward and holds on to the metal bars dividing the boxes from each other and sticks his ass out. Jungkook’s footsteps are heard in the straw shortly after and a gentle hand soothes the flaming skin on his ass cheek before fingers curl around the base of the plug. Slowly and carefully, Jungkook eases the plug out of him and Jimin clenches around nothing as cool air fills him briefly. He reaches toward the floor and picks up items of clothing from the straw bed and slowly dresses himself. Everything hurts and Jimin wonders briefly if it’s worth this feeling to feel the pleasure Jungkook can bring him too. He realizes that, yes, it is.

“You should get dressed. When you get inside later, I suggest you soak in lotion to ease the burn of your skin,” Jungkook says and Jimin nods in agreement. He will need to strip his mother’s aloe plant for leaves to rub into his skin for the soothing effect. And then a cold shower sounds good too.

“Let’s get the horses inside. I’ll go get them, and you make sure they go into the right boxes, okay?” Jungkook suggests when Jimin is fully dressed, standing stiffly to avoid the fabric rubbing against his skin. He nods in response and leaves the box, begging that for once he won’t have to move to guide the horses into their rightful boxes.

“And when we’re done, we should discuss the contract again. We’re done with exploring,” Jungkook concludes before he leaves to get the horses inside.


Chapter Text

Jimin enters the house, leaving his boots at the door. Jungkook is right behind him as he greets his mother.

“Oh, Jungkook, you’re here,” Mrs. Park says and reaches out to pat Jungkook’s shoulder. “Good to see you two are making friends,” she says and motions toward the stairs. “Go have fun, boys,” she says and turns around and heads right into the kitchen. Jimin nods obediently and continues to head up the stairs, followed by Jungkook.

“We still need to discuss the contract? What do we need?” Jimin asks a little confused with the other’s words. They had just been experimenting to fill out the contract. Why would they still need to discuss it?

“Of course. We just tested out your limits, now it’s time we go through the points one by one, now that you know what they entitle so that we can agree on a contract,” Jungkook elaborates. Jimin sees the logic in that. “And we still need to sign it,” the younger added in shortly after. Jimin nods slowly and opens the door to his room and steps aside to let Jungkook inside. He stands behind Jungkook as the other looks around his room. It’s funny how he is so curious about him. The room is nothing special. It’s still furniture from the time he was a young teen and needed some new furniture after he outgrew his furniture as a child. It has been rearranged, some things have been thrown out, but it still carries the evidence of being a young teenager’s room in the furniture. But instead of toys and consoles, Jimin’s room is decorated with medals, rosettes, whips, spurs, old riding boots, pictures from his competitions and clipped mane and tail from his former horses. Jimin moves past his master and sits down on his bed, leaving his desk and desk chair for Jungkook to sit on. It takes Jungkook a couple of minutes before he sits down by the desk and brings out the contract Jimin and he need to work on.

“Oh, we still need to discover fisting, but that doesn’t have to be now,” Jungkook says, seemingly surprised by the fact they had forgotten that part. “Well, next point; how do you feel about receiving pain?” Jungkook asks and Jimin’s cheeks run red and warm.

“I love that,” Jimin answers truthfully. Jungkook snorts from his seat and nods in confirmation.

“Clearly, no one is in doubt about that anymore,” he chuckles and writes his answer down on the contract. “Quantity of pain? On a scale from one to ten where ten is the most, how much pain can you handle?” Jungkook asks. Jimin scrunches his nose thoughtfully.

“Twelve? As long as it doesn’t leave permanent marks and we’re not tearing an arm from my body,” Jimin answers. He sees Jungkook writes down 10.

“Is it acceptable if the play draws a small amount of blood?” Jungkook asks and Jimin nods. He feels kind of awkward discussing the contents of the contract while in his room. He is under his parents’ roof and discussing sex so freely shouldn’t be possible. Jungkook turns the remaining pages of the contract and finally comes to the last page before closing it.

“Then we just need to sign it,” Jungkook says and signs on the front page. He holds out the pen for Jimin to take and leans back in his seat to let Jimin access the contract on the table. Jimin leans over Jungkook’s body and turns the paper so that it lays at a proper angle for him to write his signature on the paper. Once he was done, he clicked the tip of the pen back into the pen and placed it down.

“So, it’s official,” Jimin says. Looking down at the paper, Jimin feels a rush of excitement hit his stomach. He is officially Jungkook’s slave for the next year to come. He is going to be Jungkook’s pony and he can do nothing to deny his master if he decides that he wants his body. Well, safewording his way out, but that doesn’t seem entirely fair either.

“It sure is,” Jungkook confirms and wraps his arms around Jimin’s body to pull him into his lap. “I think we should celebrate,” he offers. Jimin adjusts his seat in Jungkook’s lap before he turns around to face him.

“And how do you suggest we do that?” he asks, looking at him expectantly.

“I saved a bottle of champagne in the cabinet in the stables. I can go get it?” he offers. Jimin furrows his brows, silently judging Jungkook. Who in their right mind would have champagne stored in a cabinet in a stable? But he kind of likes the idea, so he nods and carefully climbs out of Jungkook’s lap so that he can go and pick up the bottle he talked about. The time Jungkook is missing, Jimin spends kicking his laundry under the bed, makes sure his towels are hung up at the end of his bed to dry. By the time his room looks decent, Jungkook is still not back and Jimin dives under the bed to clean out the laundry and carries it to the laundry basket in the bathroom. When he returns, Jungkook is back, bottle on the desk and he holds two flutes in his hands.

“Where did you get those?” Jimin wonders as he looks at the other, closing the door behind him.

“They were in my cabinet too,” Jungkook answers and sets the glasses down. The bottle is picked up again and Jungkook starts removing the foil from the neck of the bottle.

“Do you want me to rinse them in the bathroom? The stables are awfully dusty?” Jimin offers and approaches his master to pick up the glasses. He returns to the bathroom to rinse out the glasses. He heads downstairs and enters the kitchen.

“What do you need?” Mrs. Park asks him and he smiles at his mother.

“I spilled some water on the floor upstairs. Just need to wipe the floor,” Jimin answers and his mother hands him over the rag.

“Go have fun,” she tells him and smiles as she ushers him out of the kitchen. Jimin laughs at his mother’s behavior as he heads back upstairs. He comes up to the bathroom and picks up the glasses. He dries them carefully and hangs the rack over the rod for the shower curtain. He picks up the glasses and brings them back to the room where Jungkook is sitting on his bed, champagne bottled placed on the floor between his feet.

“Good to go?” he asks as Jimin closes the door behind him.

“Got the clean glasses here,” he says and sits down next to the other. He holds the glasses out for him and watches the slightly golden liquid slush and fizz into the flutes. Pouring it makes the content foam up and almost escape the glass. But much to Jimin’s surprise, the content never rises over the rim. He raises his brows in slight amazement and Jungkook chuckles. He brings his focus from the glasses to Jungkook who is looking at him.

“You look surprised,” he tells him and Jimin nods in confirmation.

“I am. I’ve never, in the duration of my life, seen someone pour champagne and not spill at least some,” he admits. Jungkook chuckles again but looks a little smug.

“I’ve practiced. I’ve probably had more champagne this year than you have your entire life,” he claims and Jimin isn’t going to argue. He knows Jungkook is rich compared to him. He is a rich city boy with money enough in the bank to sustain him for more than half of his life without a worry. Once Jungkook is done pouring the champagne into the glasses, he places the bottle down between his feet once more and Jimin holds out one of the flutes for him.

“Cheers,” Jungkook says and raises his glass, “to a beautiful relationship,” he adds as they gently nick their flutes together.

“To a beautiful relationship,” Jimin parrots and they both take a sip. Jimin nods once in appreciation of the champagne. He was a little worried about the taste of it as he has had champagnes before that tasted like his grandmother's bedroom used to smell like, but this one is pleasantly sweet, not too fuzzy and just bitter enough to keep his taste buds on alert.

“Now that we have the contract signed and we’ve cheered for its existence, I have something else we need to look at,” Jungkook says and he pulls out his phone, carefully balancing his flute with the other hand. “I’m going to ask you a few questions and you’re going to find a measuring tape to answer them,” Jungkook instructs. Jimin’s brows raise in question and he gets off the bed to place the flute on his desk.

“I’ll have to go search for a measurement tape,” he says and Jungkook nods at him. He is utterly confused by the request. Why in the world would he need that to answer Jungkook’s questions? He doesn’t question him but decides to ask his mother for one so that he can return to the room and to Jungkook as soon as possible. He heads back downstairs, bringing the drying rag with him from the bathroom now that he is going and puts it in the kitchen. He knows his mother and father are spending quality time in the living room together as they usually do at this time of the night. Usually, Jimin would be there with them, but today he has a guest so he isn’t.

“Mamma?” he questions as he enters the room. “Do you by any chance have a measuring tape I can borrow?” Jimin asks.

“What for?” Mrs. Park asks curiously, bring her focus from the TV screen to Jimin.

“Oh, it’s just…a bet between Jungkook and I. We wanna see who has the biggest gun,” he says, raising one arm and tenses his muscle to show how defined his bicep is. “He doesn’t believe me when I say mine is bigger than his,” he chuckles and his father joins in.

“Boys will be boys,” his mother chuckles and shakes her head. “There’s one in the drawer of the desk by the window. Make sure you give it back rolled up again,” she tells him and Jimin nods obediently.

“Of course, Mamma,” he promises and gets the said item before he returns to the bedroom where Jungkook is sipping his champagne by his shelf system, clearly watching the rosettes he has laying around.

“Did you win these?” Jungkook asks as he turns to face him. Jimin can feel embarrassment crawl into his face through his veins. He can feel himself blushing slightly. He knows he is a good rider, but having Jungkook putting him on the spot for his prizes like that makes him a little bashful, humble and he feels like some of the rosettes aren’t really deserved. But Jimin also knows that everyone else who saw the competitions agrees with him ripping the first places off the shelves.

“I did, yes,” he confirms and rolls out the roll of measurements.

“Wow, you’re good,” Jungkook says and takes another sip of his flute before turning away from the shelves and sits back down on the bed. “You got the roll?” he questions and Jimin waves it around in answer as he heads for his own glass on the desk and takes a sip.

“Of course, I did,” he answers and sets the glass down. “Now what do you want me to answer?” he asks.

“What’s your shoe size?” Jungkook’s questions. If Jimin was confused before he left to get the roll, he doesn’t know what he is anymore, if not even more confused. Jimin hesitates with a thoughtful hum. It hasn’t been too long since he bought his latest riding boots. When he remembers the size, Jimin tells his master and Jungkook unlocks his phone and writes down the answer. “And the length of your shins?” Jungkook asks. Jimin accepts he is confused and ignores the feeling while he bends down to measure the length of his shin from his ankle to his knee.

“Is this alright? Or do I need to measure it elsewhere?” Jimin asks but Jungkook tells him that it’s fine what he is doing. Jimin reads off the measurements before he stands back up again.

“Now, I need the circumference of your calves,” Jungkook requests. Jimin bends back down again and wraps the band around his calf where it’s the thickest and reads off the measurement for Jungkook to write down. “The length of your legs on the inside of your legs,” Jungkook requests. Jimin bends over to measure that part of his legs and moves to measure the outside without Jungkook asking him to. He has reached the conclusion that Jungkook wants all of his body measurements for something. One by one, Jimin makes his way up his body and gives Jungkook his measurements while the younger writes them down on his phone. By the time he is done, he makes his way back to the desk and the only thing they lack to measure is the length of his dick. Jungkook isn’t asking for it, so he leaves the question unanswered. He places the measuring tape on his desk and picks up his flute. He takes a short sip before he makes his way back onto the bed along with Jungkook and glances over at his phone. He can see Jungkook has written down all of his measurements from end of his body to the other and Jimin can’t deny being curious. He is terribly curious.

“What do you need that for?” he asks, nodding toward his phone.

“Oh, I am just planning on getting you a little something if this continues to last,” he says and Jimin’s interest is peaked even more.

“Something like what?” he wonders and leans closer to the master. He is well aware he is breaking the other’s private sphere, but at that particular moment, Jimin doesn’t really care, and Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind.

“Something like something you don’t want to know what is, yet,” Jungkook answers secretively. Jimin shakes his head at Jungkook’s antics and settles back against the wall behind his bed, knowing he will get his answer soon enough. Jungkook puts his phone away and scoots backward so that he is sitting next to Jimin. None of them say anything for a couple of minutes before Jimin breaks the silence. He can’t help but be curious. What can Jungkook have done that made his parents send him to his farm to work?

“Why are you here?” Jimin asks.

“What do you mean? We’re celebrating?” Jungkook answers and Jimin knows he hasn’t understood.

“No. Why are you at the farm? Why do you have to work here?” he asks, hoping to clarify what he meant this time.

“Oh…” Jungkook says and Jimin feels the atmosphere change in the room. Jungkook shifts a little, an obvious sign he is awkward and uncomfortable with what he is about to tell.

“My dad caught me having sex with another boy. He doesn’t want me to be with men. He wants me to be in a traditional relationship with a woman, whom I’ll marry, of course, and then we will have kids and we take over their company and everyone lives happily ever after,” Jungkook says. One doesn’t have to be a psychic to tell that Jungkook wants none of that. “That, and I spend every weekend partying and stuff like that. He wants me to get away from my circle of friends, who are obviously bad influence on me, and then he wants me to learn what it’s like to earn money,” he says. Jimin can’t stop a laugh from escaping his lips. “Guess they found the right place to make you learn about manual labor,” he chuckles and Jungkook smiles too.

“As for your sexuality, no one in this house is going to judge me. My parents know I’m gay. Only thing they’ll have against it is we’ll be forced to have separate rooms if you are to stay over. Old house rules,” Jimin explains, raising his hands in surrender.

“Good thing your parents have no clue what is going on in the stables,” Jungkook laughs and Jimin nods in agreement. Good thing indeed.


Chapter Text

Jungkook and Jimin have somehow made it to the bottom of the bottle of champagne that Jungkook brought to his room. Jimin is by no means used to alcohol and he can feel himself sloshing around while Jungkook seems completely unaffected by the fuzz and bubbles. Jimin is trying hard to deny his drunkenness, but it’s impossible to convince Jungkook he isn’t drunk when he almost trips himself and spills half a glass of champagne into his master’s lap. Jimin gives himself A+ for effort, but otherwise failing his mission. Jungkook is smiling at him, barely suppressing a giggle whenever Jimin raises his hand – one finger sticking up – to emphasize his point of not being drunk while he slurs over his words.

“Jimin, Jimin, sit down. You’re going to hurt yourself,” Jungkook says as he places his hands on Jimin’s hips, carefully pulling him back from his attempt to stand up on his office chair. Drunk Jimin is not happy with Jungkook’s actions, but sober Jimin tomorrow sends his thanks for saving his ass from falling when the chair rolls underneath him and Jungkook catches him.

“Jimin, sit down,” Jungkook’s voice becomes more firm, more demanding and a shiver trails down Jimin’s spine. His whole being is so delicious when he does that. He sounds so dominant and Jimin is ready to fall to his knees, but Jungkook doesn’t allow him and instead makes him sit down on the bed.

“No more bubbles for you, Jimin,” he says and looks down at him. He feels himself shrinking under his gaze. He feels like a kid being scolded for having eaten too much candy.

“No, Sir,” Jimin responds. The reaction is immediate. Jungkook visibly relaxes in front of him and the dominant attitude evaporates like dew for the sun.

“Jimin, it’s Jungkook now. We aren’t playing,” Jungkook says. Jimin doesn’t understand what he means. Of course, he knows Jungkook is called Jungkook. He isn’t that drunk.

“Oh, I know you’re called Jungkook. You don’t have to remind me of that, Master,” Jimin responds.

“How the hell?” Jungkook mutters. Jimin almost misses it but he hears it just enough for it to register before he is pulled against Jungkook’s chest. It makes Jimin hiss momentarily as the rough treatment of his skin hasn’t healed completely just yet.

“Jimin-ah? We aren’t playing, you aren’t my slave now. You’re Jimin. Your very own independent man who obeys no one,” Jungkook says lowly against his ear. It takes a few seconds before the meaning of Jungkook’s words registers in Jimin’s head, and Jimin flushes a bright red when he does.

“Shit, sorry, Jungkook,” he apologizes. He is embarrassed by his mental slip of submitting to the younger without them playing. He wonders what got to him. He doesn’t remember when he submitted, so he doesn’t know what triggered his obedience.

“Don’t worry about it, Ji,” Jungkook says and keeps him in his arms. Jimin is in no rush to move out of the embrace and instead settles against the younger’s chest. He might be close to Jungkook, but it’s the easiest to hide his face when he is sitting with him like this. Then he doesn’t have to look at him until his flush has left his face.

“Are you planning on staying the night?” Jimin asks after a few minutes of silence. He doesn’t see a point of Jungkook going back now only to come back in the morning.

“Well, it’s Saturday tomorrow, so it’s technically my day off…” Jungkook starts but trails off. “And I also have these things I need to do in the city tomorrow,” he continues. To Jimin, it sounds like Jungkook is trying to convince himself into leaving. It kind of sounds like he wants to stay with him but for some odd reason thinks he shouldn’t.

“You could also do that Monday?” Jimin offers, feeling like he should at least help Jungkook solve out his decision-making.

“This thing actually can’t wait, but if I can borrow a computer I can just order it online?” Jungkook says and Jimin instantly agrees to let him borrow his laptop.

“It’s old and takes forever to warm up for the actual performance, but with a little patience it’s just fine,” Jimin says and climbs out of Jungkook’s embrace to turn the laptop on so it can start up. “Now that we’ve celebrated and I’ve nearly fallen on my face and everything, I think it’s time we both get a shower so we don’t smell so much like horses,” Jimin suggests and pulls his shirt over his head. He stops though when he looks at Jungkook and tilts his head slightly.

“Or, do you want to go first?” he wonders.

“You go, you’re already half undressed,” Jungkook says and Jimin looks down himself and only then realizes his lack of modesty toward Jungkook.

“Sorry about that,” he says as he turns away from the younger. He backs up to his dresser and gets a clean change of clothes, grabs his towel and leaves the room.

“There’s no password on the computer so just use it when it wants to cooperate,” he says before he closes the door behind him and heads to the bathroom. He makes quick work of showering, drying and getting dressed so that he can return to Jungkook in his room. He doesn’t like leaving his guests alone, and now that they are no longer working, Jungkook is his guest. He comes back to his room, still toweling at his hair to dry it out as much as possible.

“The shower is ready for you,” he tells him. “I can find some clean clothes for you if you want some?” he offers. He kind of expects Jungkook to accept his offer because he downright smells like horse poo, and Jimin isn’t keen on the idea of having his bed smell like that.

“That would be great, yeah,” Jungkook agrees and makes the way to his dresser to pull out a pair of sweats and a t-shirt for the other. He hands him a pair of boxers and a towel too before he pulls his own from his shoulders and hangs it over the edge of his bed.

“Here you go. The pipes are a little tricky, but if you don’t adjust the temperature now, it should be fine,” he warns him before he leaves and the younger is out.


The shower has done Jimin good. He has sobered up slightly and thinking more clearly. He is no longer under the urge of submitting to Jungkook again and he considers himself smelling much better than he was half an hour ago. He brings the empty bottle of champagne from the floor and places it on his desk along with the flutes. He sees his computer has been used but the browser is closed again. Jimin considers turning it off but decides against it. He doesn’t want to wait for it to start up again if Jungkook isn’t done using it yet or if they need it for anything later. He makes his way back to the bed and sits down, waiting for Jungkook to return from his shower. Only, Jimin sucks at sitting still for too long at the time and he gets back up. He heads to his computer and opens a browser to find YouTube. He opens an old playlist he made once upon a time and makes the music play lowly in the background. At least the room isn’t so quiet anymore. He sits back down and he makes it through the first song before Jungkook returns to the room, towel slung over his shoulder. His hair is still damp and Jimin believes he hasn’t seen Jungkook look better than he does newly washed and wearing his clothes.

“How was the shower?” Jimin asks as he steps into the room, closing the door behind him.

“It was good. A little on the cold side, but I didn’t dare to move wiggle the thermostats,” Jungkook answers and pulls the towel off his shoulder. “Where do you want me to put this? It needs to dry,” he says and Jimin more or less shoots off the bed to grab the towel from Jungkook.

“Here, let me take that,” he says and neatly hangs it over the back of his chair. “Anything you want to do?” he asks. He knows the question is childish and kind of feels like he has returned to his early teens where the question was between playing in the garden, playing with his action figures or maybe, if granted permission, playing on his consoles. It earns him a chuckle from Jungkook next to him and he feels a little embarrassed about asking.

“I’m good. If you don’t know how to entertain me, we can always watch something on Netflix…if your computer can keep up,” Jungkook adds and Jimin doesn’t quite know if he is mocking his computer or being genuine about it being slow as fuck. Probably both. But with the little Jimin uses his computer, he can’t find it in himself to buy a new one.

“Sure, we can watch some Netflix,” Jimin agrees and moves to the desk and he opens the laptop screen once more. He makes the music go silent and he makes the screen share to his TV in front of the bed. Much to his own humiliation and horror, the screen shows pretty fucking pink with My Little Pony on pause. Jimin feels his cheeks heat to the point he is sure they are going to combust.

“What the hell is that? Is that a cartoon?” Jungkook asks as Jimin fumbles around, desperately trying to hide the screen from the master, but leaving the full screen exposes his search to be the title and Jungkook laughs even more.

“Oh my god, you’re watching My Little Pony,” Jungkook says, smiling widely. Jimin can’t see it, but he can hear the fucking smile in Jungkook’s voice.

“So what?” Jimin snaps defensively. “It’s fun and it’s cute and It doesn’t take too much thinking when I watch it at night,” he defends himself, crossing his arms over his chest. He is still too embarrassed to even turn around to face the younger man behind him.

“Really?” Jungkook questions and it’s obvious that he doesn’t believe him. But then again, which grown man would think My Little Pony is any fun? Jimin is pretty certain, if the roles were switched, he wouldn’t believe Jungkook either.

“I’m going to show you,” he says, determination clear in his voice. He set up Netflix to start over with the very first episode of My Little Pony and he hit play, quickly moving to sit down next to Jungkook on the bed as the introduction of how the ponies’ lives changed. How two sisters – one controlling the sun and the other the moon, got into a fight as the one controlling the moon got mad about all the ponies sleeping through her nights and weren’t awake to see her beautiful creation. When the introduction song comes on, Jimin sings along. He is awfully embarrassed about liking My Little Pony as much as he does, but he isn’t going to pretend he isn’t a fan when Jungkook already knows his secret. So he sings along, rocking back and forth in time with the rhythm of the theme song. He knows Jungkook turns to look at him, watching him carefully as the theme song continues. Jimin doesn’t care. It doesn’t take long before the melody comes from next to Jimin too. He turns his head to look at the man next to him, singing along to the song – at least the first couple of lines.

“You know it too!” He accuses with a finger pointing at his master.

Everyoneknows it. It’s like a mandatory children’s song,” Jungkook defends himself before he falls quiet, clearly not happy with Jimin’s realization and Jimin raises his hands in surrender.

By the time the introduction ends, Jungkook is quiet, watching the screen and Jimin is murmuring the lines of the story under his breath next to him. Jimin knows how the story goes all too well. The first episode is about Twilight Sparkle and Spark trying to warn Princess Celestia about the Nightmare Moon, but is sent out of Equestria and is sent to Ponyville instead. Twilight Sparkle is told to make new friends instead of studying so much. But Jimin finds the way they portray the farm pony; Applejack. She is the epitome of an American farmer, accent and all, and he finds it absolutely hilarious. Jungkook looks more than just mildly amused as he glances at Jimin and back at the screen across the room and back to Jimin. Jimin is pretty sure Jungkook is drawing parallels to how farmers are presented in My Little Pony, to how Jimin is. It’s kind of similar, but he definitely doesn’t speak that way. Then comes Rainbow Dash and Jimin is absolutely head over heels with the energetic pony with a wonderful humor. Jimin isn’t really surprised when Jungkook bursts out laughing as Rainbow Dash takes the dare from Twilight Sparkles.

“This one, the rainbow one-“

“Rainbow Dash,”

“Yeah, Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash reminds me of the small horse in the stables. The black and white one,” Jungkook says, looking at him. Jimin is absolutely confused because no horse they have is black or white. “You know, the small one. The one about a meter tall?” Jungkook elaborates and the realization hits Jimin.

“Oh! You mean the pony, Simba?” he asks and Jungkook nods slowly though he seems to be confused too.

“What’s the difference between a horse and a pony?” he asks and Jimin puts the episode on pause so that they can resume when they are done talking animals.

“Ponies are the small ones. Ponies are up to 148 centimeters tall to the beginning of their mane. Horses are 149 and up,” Jimin explains and Jungkook blinks slowly.

“That’s the only difference between horses and ponies? The height?” he asks and Jimin confirms.

“That’s the only difference,” he says before he turns the show back on. Both men turn their attention to the screen and continue to watch the episode of My Little Pony.


Twilight Sparkles come to meet Rarity who is in charge of decorations for the festival the ponies are making. Jimin really doesn’t like the pony in this episode. She is too superficial for Jimin’s liking. It’s all about looks and being perfect when Jimin sees much more beauty in everything around them. He is well aware the will grow to like her (again) as the series continues, but it’s never a good first impression he gets of her during the show. Next up is Fluttershy. She is shy and quiet and ironically enough in charge of the music. She adores Sparks, Twilight Sparkles baby dragon best friend and blatantly ignores Twilight Sparkle to talk to Sparks. Jimin can’t help but find the resemblance in how Fluttershy ignores Twilight Sparkles with how people in the horse world ignore one another for the same reasons as Fluttershy and Rarity do because Twilight Sparkles doesn’t look good enough thanks to Rainbow Dash and her wind-tornado, or because she is the wrong race of being; she isn’t a dragon. Jimin chuckles at how superficial the world he breathes for Is. Jimin knows it’s impossible to find a sport more snobbish than riding. And Jimin adores how the writers of My Little Pony has included this in their story.

Twilight Sparkles finally arrives at her desired destination and opens the door to the library. She needs to read more about an old myth Jimin no longer remembers the name of, but the first pony they met – Pinky Pie – is throwing her a welcome party in the library, completely ignoring the basic knowledge on how to behave at a library, by throwing her a freaking party.

Toward the end of the show, Nightmare Moon shows up instead of Celestia and that’s the beginning of a long series of episodes on how to save the Princess of the Sun and bring back the day. Of course, Jungkook doesn’t know this. During the twenty minutes duration the show had, he had managed to ask about the difference between ponies and horses and had fallen asleep in the meantime. Jimin gives Jungkook an unimpressed shove so that Jungkook falls onto his side on the bed and continues to sleep on top of Jimin’s cover. The latter rolls his eyes and lays down behind him.


Chapter Text

Jimin wakes up feeling a little crammed and squished. He is pressed up against the wall at the back of his bed, one arm taking the worst pressure from his face. Jimin realizes his arm is probably saving his face of permanent marks from the structure of his wall. Annoyed with his current position, Jimin pushes backward against whatever keeps him against the wall. It earns him a groan in response and Jimin stops moving. He turns his head to look back at the figure behind him, realizing that Jungkook has him more or less nailed to the wall with his ass pressed up against his own. He gives Jungkook another push with his body, finally making him move toward the edge of the bed. Jimin uses his newly acquired space to turn around and stretch himself out. The sun is barely up but just so peeking through the curtains, making the dust in the room dance in the rays coming through. He makes himself sit up and looks at Jungkook, still sleeping peacefully and having more than half of the cover they were supposed to share.

“Selfish bastard,” Jimin mutters, though there is no fire or malice behind his words. He carefully scoots down the bed and climbs out over the footboard without waking up the younger. He gets dressed silently, grabs his phone from his pants from the night before and plugs it into the charger. He leaves the room once and closes the door behind him, bringing the measuring tape with him to give it back to his mother before she misses it. He feels surprisingly well considering the amount of alcohol he drank the night before. Technically, he didn’t drink all that much, but he isn’t used to drinking so it affected him quite a lot.

Jimin heads inside the stables, leaving Jungkook to sleep a little longer. It’s weekend, so Jungkook isn’t on duty anymore, so Jimin lets him sleep while he continues with his job of feeding the horses so that he can let them out later in the morning. He lets himself into the tack room and brings out the trolley with food. He walks through the stable building, greeting every horse with their measured food and a few carrots before he continues to the next. He scratches every horse behind the ears and kisses their muzzles. It takes the better part of half an hour before Jimin has made his way through all horses and he pushes the trolley back into the tack room. He locks the room and heads straight for the hay room. He grabs a bale of hay in each hand and carries it to the horses, placing one bale for every four horses. Once he is done, he grabs the fork and a knife and shakes the pressed hay out inside the boxes after dividing each bale into four servings. It takes him the better part of an hour to feed all the horses and give them their straw before he returns to head back into the main building of the farm. He toes off his boots and opens the door into the rest of the kitchen. He is met with the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee, the faint sound of the coffee machine sucking the last drops of water from the container and into the filter of ground beans.

”G’morning, mamma,” Jimin greets his mother as he passes through the room, pressing a quick kiss to her cheek.

”Morning, my boy,” Mrs. Park, greets him as she kneads the dough for the afternoon tea snack.

“You still call me ‘my boy’,” he comments, amused with his mother’s antics.

“Well, of course. You’re my little boy,” she giggles and Jimin shakes his head before he plucks one of his mother’s small rice balls and pops it in his mouth. It’s the perfect rice ball. He loves his mother’s cooking and he swears she makes the best rice balls, ever.

“I’m going to wake up Jungkook. We will be down soon,” he promises and is about to leave the room when he stops and turns to look at the coffee machine.

“It’s done. You can bring some coffee to him if you want,” his mother says, almost as if she had read his mind.

“I’m not bringing it for him. I’ve been up almost 89 minutes, I need my liquid life now,” he chuckles and takes two cups from the cabinet and fills them both with the dark bitter liquid.

“Does he need milk or sugar?” his mother asks, already heading toward the fridge.

“No. I think he drinks it dark,” as his kinks, Jimin responds with a smile before he heads toward the stairs to his room.


He uses his elbow to tilt the door handle and push the frame open. He is met with the low snoring of Jungkook and the awful stench of used alcohol, farts and morning breath. Good thing he is a heavy sleeper and hasn’t woken up from Jungkook’s snoring. He sets the cups down on his desk and approaches the window, pulling the curtains from the windows, letting the sun shine into the room, bathing it in the warm sunlight. He opens the window widely, letting the chilly but still warm autumn air into the room before he approaches the man sleeping on his bed. He crouches down next to the bed, resting his arms on his knees and his chin on his arms as he observes the younger man sleeping. He looks kinda cute. Jimin takes notice of how handsome Jungkook is before he reaches out to shake his shoulder gently.

“Jungkook-ah,” he calls out gently before he shakes him gently a couple of times more. Jungkook exhales deeply and Jimin is pretty fucking sure he is about to die. Jungkook’s morning breath is something he isn’t going to recommend to anyone. Yeah, if they need a way to commit suicide, yes, but otherwise, no. He ends up falling onto his ass further away from the bed as Jungkook stirs into consciousness.

“Time’s’it?” Jungkook slurs, blinking slowly as he wakes up.

“Twenty minutes to breakfast,” Jimin responds, having no honest idea about the time.

“Too early,” Jungkook mutters and turns onto his back and stares at the ceiling.

“I brought you coffee,” Jimin tries. It takes a few seconds for the words to register with Jungkook who then begins sniffing the air. Jimin is momentarily reminded of a dog.

“Should have said so earlier,” Jungkook slurs again but moves to sit up, sleepily rubbing his eyes as he yawns. Jimin pushes himself off the floor next to the bed and picks up the two cups. He sits down on the bed next to Jungkook and holds out the cup for him and keeps one himself.

“Don’t know if you want to wash up or brush your teeth or something before we head down for breakfast. I thought I’d wake you up now so you had a chance to get the crust out of your eyes,” Jimin explains. Jungkook doesn’t respond, he simply takes a sip of his coffee, looking more dead than alive.

“Seriously, what time is it?” Jungkook asks. Jimin sets his coffee down, yet having to take a drink himself. He makes his way across the floor and picks up his phone from the shelf where it charges.

“It’s seven thirty-seven,” Jimin responds and puts it back on the shelf before scooting back to his own coffee on the floor. He picks the cup up and takes a sip, silently observing Jungkook. The younger looks like he has gone into a state of shock.

“Seven thirty-seven?” Jungkook questions after almost a full minute of staring blankly ahead of himself.

“Yeah?” Jimin replies. He doesn’t see the problem with it being that time. It’s well into the day already. Even he got to sleep in today compared to usual.

“You wake me up before nine on a Saturday?” Jungkook asks, sounding a little mad now. Jimin furrows his brows at his behavior and gives him a look of disbelief.

“Whatever fit of a spoiled brat you’re going to throw now, save it. Just be happy I didn’t wake you up along with me almost two hours ago,” Jimin says bluntly. His eyes don’t leave the younger’s and he sees how his mouth snaps shut and his eyes widen slightly.

“You’ve been up almost two hours?” he asks, disbelief evident in his voice.

“Yeah. The horses don’t feed themselves and while you can sleep in, I actually have a responsibility of living creatures. So shut it. If you stay here, you’re up earlier than at home. You might as well get used to it if you make a habit of staying here,” Jimin says before he stands up, dusting off his pants with his free hand, the other carrying his cup of coffee.


Jimin hooks the last handle for the fence around the meadow for the horses to close it off as the last horse pushes through it. Jungkook comes to show in the door into the stables, clapping his hands together, dusting them off.

“That wasn’t so hard,” he chuckles and Jimin offers him a smile. It has taken Jungkook about a week to catch on to the routines of letting the horses out in the right order.

“That’s what I told you the first day, but you claimed never to learn,” Jimin reminds him and Jungkook shrugs lightly. “So, what do you think of your first week here?” Jimin asks curiously.

“Honestly, it’s a not as bad as I thought it’d be,” Jungkook says, earning himself a raised brow from Jimin.

“Care to elaborate?” he wonders, looking at the younger. Jungkook chuckles and leans against the doorframe, looking over the fields behind Jimin instead of him. Jimin doesn’t mind. It means Jungkook is settling in the new surroundings and learns to appreciate the nature. It makes Jimin happy that Jungkook is getting there.

“It’s nice out here. It’s not stressful and there’s a nice atmosphere. We’re busy, yes, but no one gets mad and snaps at us when we are slow or something. The horses are so forgiving. If you mess up, they look at you in wonder and wait for you to figure your shit out,” Jungkook says and Jimin nods slowly, wanting to add a comment to that claim. Some horses wait. Jimin has simply just made sure Jungkook wouldn’t have to deal with the three horses being assholes yet.

“I like the city more, but I understand the charm of being here. And I understand why you like it here,” Jungkook says. The words surprise Jimin. He blinks owlishly at the younger and points at him accusingly.

“Who are you and what have you done to Jungkook?” he asks, earning himself a laugh from the younger.

“Ah, you got me there, didn’t you? I took over his body after he sold his soul in return for a year with hot sex with someone wanting to be a pony,” Jungkook responds, making Jimin laugh loudly and shake his head.

“So, you think the sex is hot?” Jimin asks, smirking at the younger. Jungkook nods in response, making Jimin step forward, putting on his best expression. “But, baby. You haven’t even been inside me yet,” Jimin purrs as he closes the distance between Jungkook and himself. Jimin feels bold. He doesn’t know where it comes from, but he feels bold, a little hot under the collar and seeing Jungkook enjoy his worldmakes him feel a little fuzzy.

“You’re damn right about that. And that’s Sir for you, Slave,” Jungkook says, his voice easily an octave deeper than previously. His words send a shiver down Jimin’s spine.

“Sorry, Sir, but we have to clean the stables, so you’ll have to wait a little,” Jimin says despite himself and smirks at Jungkook’s reaction. The master stands clearly dumbfounded in the doorway still, barely reacting to Jimin pushing past him and back into the stables.

“You might as well get used to it, Jungkook. Horses first, orgasms second,” he says and grabs the wheelbarrow and a fork. “Do you want to empty the wheelbarrows or do you want to do the shoveling?” he asks the younger. Jungkook motions for him to hand over the fork and Jimin does as he is told. Jungkook has still not made friends with the dunghill, and Jimin still finds it equally hilarious. Jimin places the wheelbarrow in front of the first box and leaves Jungkook to do his work while he heads to search for the wheelbarrow in the opposite end of the hall. Jungkook can fill another wheelbarrow while Jimin heads out with the first wheelbarrow. He can’t think he gets around the job easily by picking the fork. When he returns, Jungkook is halfway through filling the wheelbarrow and Jimin considers it about time he checks the boxes for any safety hazards for the horses. He steps into the box along with Jungkook and makes sure to place himself where Jungkook has already removed what needs to go. He scans the walls of the stable, searching for any broken wood, nails sticking out or any other potential dangers. When he is done, Jungkook pokes his shoulder and nods toward the full barrow.

“Change the barrows so I can move on,” he requests and Jimin salutes playfully before obeying.

He brings the full wheelbarrow out of the way, replaces it with the new one before he grabs the old and heads toward the dunghill to empty it. The routine continues. Jimin empties the wheelbarrows, checks the stables for any dangers for the horses and empties the other wheelbarrow, all while Jungkook shovels. Jungkook shovels and shovels until he starts complaining about his shoulders being sore, but Jimin shows him no mercy.

“Then you need to use your back and legs more. Move your feet around instead of reaching out that far,” he suggests.

Jungkook gives him a look but moves further toward the corner of the area and picks up the dirty straw and actively walks toward the wheelbarrow and dumps it down, eyes only leaving Jimin when he takes aim.

“That’s a good boy,” Jimin chuckles and looks at Jungkook before he takes the wheelbarrow and heads to the dunghill after replacing it.

“That’s Sir to you!”


Both men collapse onto a bale of straw when they complete the last one and the wheelbarrows have returned – empty – to their regular places.

”I don’t understand how the fuck you managed to do all of this on your own before I showed up,” Jungkook says, making Jimin chuckle lowly.

“It isn’t all that hard. I work about twice as fast as you,” he claims with a cheeky grin. His claim earns him a slap to his shoulder from Jungkook and Jimin rolls over, laughing harder than before. He sits up, still grinning widely from ear to ear.

“So, Jimin, you were talking about me not being inside you yet…” Jungkook trails off as he turns so that he lays on his side, watching Jimin. Jimin dares say he looks almost curious.

”Well, yes,” Jimin confirms and looks at the younger male, slouching against the straw underneath them.

“Good, because we still have something to look into,” Jungkook reminds him and Jimin blinks a little owlishly.

“But we signed the contract yesterday,” he argues and Jungkook nods in confirmation.

“Yes, and we still need to test out how you feel about anal fisting,” Jungkook says. Jimin looks at the other, wondering how in the bloody world he can sound like he talks about the freaking weather when he is actually talking about putting his entire fist up Jimin’s ass.


Chapter Text

Jimin slides off the bale of hay and stands on the floor in front of Jungkook. As much as he likes – loves – pain, the idea of having Jungkook’s whole hand up his ass is intimidating. His legs wobble a little and he leans onto the bale. When they discussed the contract earlier, he was confident in handling fisting, but now that he is probably seconds away from facing the inevitable truth, Jimin is suddenly a little in doubt. He doesn’t think he is as brave as he thought he’d be.

“Hey, Jimin-hyung, are you alright?” Jungkook’s hand ends up on his own and his master has scooted across the bale of hay. Jimin barely registers his reaction, but he shakes his head in response.

“It’s okay. Jimin, take a deep breath and look at me,” Jungkook says. Jimin’s eyes flicker from their hands on the straw and up at the master’s face. “That’s a good boy,” he murmurs and squeezes his hand. “Now breathe with me,” he says. Jimin tries to keep up, inhale when Jungkook does, exhale when he does and somehow manages to calm down. It wasn’t panic. It was nothing like that, and Jimin doesn’t understand why Jungkook asks him to follow his breathing. He wasn’t about to die or anything of the likes. Jimin was merely worried about the whole fist-up-his-ass-concept. But Jungkook must have done something right because Jimin feels better than he did just a minute previously.

“You know, we don’t have to do the fisting if you’re not up for it,” Jungkook says, hand still squeezing Jimin’s as he speaks. Jimin shakes his head slowly. He wants to try, it’s just…he kinda doesn’t too.

“I want to. I just…If I tell you to stop, you’ll stop immediately, right?” Jimin asks. He needs to know. He isn’t going to even work toward having a fist in his ass if he isn’t absolutely certain he can back out any time he wants.

“Of course, Jimin. You have a safeword. If you want to stop, no matter what we are doing, you can always say those words and we will stop immediately,” Jungkook says and Jimin nods slowly. He is still worried, but Jungkook hasn’t broken his trust at any point yet,’s still a fist. It’s not just a few fingers or a big dildo. No, it’s an actual real-life fist, and Jungkook’s hands aren’t small. Quite on the contrary. Jungkook’s hands are actually pretty fucking big and Jimin isn’t certain he can handle being stretched that wide.

“Will it hurt?” he asks, hoping for his master being able to answer his question.

“If we work slowly, no. It’ll be stretching yes, but it won’t hurt you. You’ll be able to ride afterward, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Jungkook says. Jimin blinks a couple of times. It isn’t what he was thinking about, but if that’s the case, then it can’t be that bad, can it?

“Okay, yeah…we can do it,” Jimin confirms. “But like…can we do it in my room? I don’t feel like doing it here. I know it’ll take a while and all,” he says. He can just imagine kneeling for Jungkook on the hard and rough floor for however long it takes him to stretch him open, and he isn’t sold to the idea.

“You want to do this in your room?” Jungkook asks, obviously surprised by the suggestion. “Are you sure you can keep quiet enough for that?” he asks. Jimin needs to think about that. He isn’t sure he can, but he can’t sit on the floor in the stables for however long it takes for Jungkook to stretch his ass wide enough to fit his whole hand inside him.

“I’ll try,” he says, sounding a little uncertain even to himself.

“Do you want to do it today, or do you want us to do it a day when your parents aren’t home?” he asks. It’s a good question. He knows his parents are rarely out of the house together for long enough to do what Jungkook and he are planning, but he also doesn’t want to alarm them with the sounds he knows he will be making by the time Jungkook starts stretching him.

“Let’s save it. We can always try and see if we can make a soft spot in the stables…like, bring a mattress or something,” Jimin says, mouth working faster than his head.

“That’s not a bad idea, but we can’t do that today,” Jungkook points out. “I think your parents would be a little confused if we started dragging a bed into the stables,” he points out and Jimin nods in agreement. They would indeed be curious and slightly confused.

“Then I think we need to wait a little before we explore the fisting,” Jimin murmurs and Jungkook nods slowly.

“It’s Saturday today,” Jungkook says. Jimin blinks at the random information but nods in confirmation. Indeed, it’s Saturday. “We could go to the club?” Jungkook suggests. Jimin looks at the other slightly puzzled. The club? The club he was talking about when they discussed the contract?

“Yes, that club. I want to show you off. You’re mine and you’re so good, and I want to show you to my friends there. Bet they’ll be really jealous when they see you,” Jungkook says and Jimin can feel himself turn red at the sudden onslaught of praise he gets from his master. Jimin lowers his head submissively at Jungkook and reaches out to touch his arm gently. He is searching for permission to speak. He doesn’t know why the hell he wants – no needs – permission to speak, but he does.

“What is it, Jimin?” Jungkook asks. Jimin can feel his eyes on him, even if he can’t see them.

“Can I wear my tail there?” he asks. His voice sounds impossibly timid even to himself. It’s incredible the change Jungkook can pull out of him.

“You want to wear your tail, Pony? That can be arranged. You get to wear your bridle too. Can’t go out without a way of controlling my stallion, now can I?” Jungkook asks and Jimin physically shivers in delight in what Jungkook says.

“I want to go to the club, Master,” Jimin says. He wants to make Jungkook proud and be the best pony in the club and prove to Jungkook he doesn’t need any other slave to make him feel good.

“Really? Well, then I suggest we go tonight,” Jungkook says. Jimin swears he can hear a grin in Jungkook’s voice even if he isn’t looking up at him. Jimin nods in agreement. Tonight sounds like a good time to go.

“What do we need to do before we can go?” Jungkook asks and Jimin feels the shackles of his submission unfasten and he returns to his regular mindset.

“Uh, we need to put some hay in the stables so that my dad can let the horses in without having to worry about anything but closing the doors,” Jimin replies and tilts his head. “And we need to clean up the tack room,” he adds. Upon hearing the plans for the rest of the afternoon, Jungkook isn’t slow to start carrying bales of hay into the hallway, dividing them carefully between the horses. Jimin chuckles at the sight and heads for the tack room, trusting Jungkook to shake out the hay properly on his own.


Jimin and Jungkook have made it back to the room on the second floor of the main building. They had greeted Jimin’s mother on the way through the kitchen, and she had told them to enjoy their time. Jimin is currently in front of his closet, glaring at all the clothes in there when nothing is suitable for a club. Jungkook is laughing from his bed – obviously at him – and Jimin makes a show out of pointedly ignoring him as he holds up shirt after shirt that he can wear. For once, he hates his quirky style. For once, he wants something less flashy than his favorite dress shirt with an obnoxious cartoon print on it. Nothing he has in his closet works out as a costume for a pony. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t know what to expect from the club either. He knows what dance clubs are like, but how does a BDSM club look like?

“Jimin, just wear something. You’re only going to enter the building in the clothes, then we will have you changed into proper clothes for the night,” Jungkook says, finally having stopped laughing at him.

“What am I going to wear there?” he wonders, turning around from the closet and watches the master on his bed curiously. “What do you have for me to wear?”

“That’s a surprise,” Jungkook says, smirking slightly. Jimin isn’t happy with the answer but doesn’t ask further. He does stick his tongue out at Jungkook before he grabs a shirt from his closet and pulls it over his head and pairs it with a pair of skinny jeans. Those he knows he will have to lose once they get there if he wants to wear his tail.

“When are we going?” Jimin asks curiously.

“Soon. We need to make a stop on the way. I have to get something from a shop,” Jungkook tells him and stands up, stretching. “Like, we can leave the second you are ready to go,” he says and Jimin nods slowly in confirmation. He just needs to fix his hair and he is ready to leave.

It has been entirely too long since he did anything for himself with looking good. He never does his hair when going to the stables, and when he is out and needing to look good, he is still wearing his riding helmet or a hat – a part of the riding uniform – so he feels kind of weird with the styling products sticking to his fingers. It’s sticky and feels weird.


Jimin enters the club, walking normally a step behind Jungkook. His master is leading the way and the older’s heart beats much faster than the regular thump from the bass of the club. Jimin can already smell the sweat and the alcohol as well as the unmistakable stench of sex. Once the door closes behind them, Jimin drops to his hands and knees. Jungkook had ordered him to do so in the car on the way to the club, and Jimin isn’t about to disobey. They head deeper into the club, Jungkook walking slowly next to Jimin. He is adjusting to crawling on all fours. It feels weird, and the floor is filled with sand and small stones, making it slightly painful for Jimin to crawl like he is, but he doesn’t complain. He wants to make his master proud. The music turns louder as they go further into the building. Jimin isn’t sure what he expected from the club, but what he sees is clearly not it. It looks suspiciously like any other dance club, only the lightning isn’t as dark and clearly themed in red hues. There’s a bar lined with stools, various liquors lined along the wall behind the bartenders. Couches line the wall with soft cushions in front of small tables with plenty of space between them. Regular tables with chairs adorn another wall and the floor is mostly cleared in the center of the room. Doors along the walls open up to more rooms that Jimin doesn’t know what contains, but he isn’t scared by what he has seen so far. It’s so much like a regular dance club, but it’s also clearly not. On the aforementioned furniture, lines of people, males, females, thin and fat, and everywhere in between were sitting, holding a position that screamed power. The one looking most powerful sat on a throne by an otherwise empty wall. By his feet, two men sat. Each of the men had a collar wrapped around their necks, leashed to the royal man’s hand. They stared straight ahead, unfocused, looking somewhere behind Jimin. Jimin averts his gaze and moves to the couches. A woman is sitting, a man kneeling between her legs, head perched on her thigh. She is stroking his hair gently as she engages in a conversation with the man sitting next to her. He has no one with him, but his hand holds a leash that leads to the man between the woman’s legs. Looking more closely, he is grinding on her leg and her fingers are now forcing his face into her crotch. Jimin shivers at the sight. The club is downright nasty in the best ways possible.

“Let’s go get you ready, pony,” Jungkook says, guiding Jimin through the room. He can feel eyes on him. It’s like the room stops every movement. Jimin knows he is blushing from the attention, but he can’t deny it turns him on to know he has caught their attention. It means he is good for his master. They leave through a door and end up in a small bathroom and Jungkook locks it behind them. One thing that makes this club different from the ones meant for dancing is the cleanness of the bathroom. This one is just as clean as the one at the farm, if not cleaner.

“Take off your clothes, Jimin. Fold them and place them on the toilet lid, and when you’re done, you kneel here again. I’ll make sure you have everything you’ll need for the night,” Jungkook tells him and Jimin is quick to stand up and pull his shirt over his head. His pants follow shortly after and lastly his boxers. They are all neatly folded and placed on the lid of the toilet and Jimin kneels onto the floor in front of Jungkook once more.

“Close your eyes,” Jungkook orders, and Jimin obeys. He closes his eyes and lets his head drop to rest between his arms. “Good boy. I’m going to stretch you out for your tail,” he informs him and Jimin’s abdomen tightens in anticipation. Jimin hears the lid of the lube snap open and a light shiver trails down his spine. Jungkook’s left arm settles on his back, hand resting just above the curve of his ass and a second later, he feels Jungkook’s finger prod at his entrance before easing into him surprisingly easy.

“Fuck, Jimin, you’re such a slut for my finger. Bet you can’t wait to feel the tail inside you,” Jungkook teases him. Jimin feels the embarrassment fill his veins because Jungkook is absolutely right. He loves his tail and he can’t wait to feel it. Jimin knows he shouldn’t do it, but he pushes back at Jungkook’s finger, silently begging for more. He wants more. He wants his tail, and he is pretty sure he could take it unprepared without lube, but he isn’t going to tell Jungkook that. Despite not speaking, Jungkook seems to get the gist as he pushes another finger into him. It feels good. It has a light stretch around his rim, but he can easily handle more. He wants more. Needs more. Thankfully, Jungkook isn’t long to comply and he withdraws his fingers. It doesn’t take long before Jimin feels cold metal against his rim, making him hiss and clench down, body instinctively refusing to let the cold object enter him. But Jungkook insists and it takes only a few seconds before the thick ball of the plug is nestled deep inside him and the hairs at the end of the tail tickle his calves. His fingers curl against the tiled floor beneath him at the feeling. It stretches him out so good, only his opening is closing well around the small bar that comes to the foot of the plug.

“Good boy. You took it so well,” Jungkook praises him. Jimin expects him to withdraw from him now to resume getting him ready, but instead, he is granted with a slap to his ass and he jerks forward with a surprised moan. The sting makes him clench around the plug and his head drops even further as an aroused fire licks up his skin, spreading rapidly from where Jungkook hit him.

“Gonna make you wear your bridle now,” Jungkook says. Jimin instantly opens his mouth, welcoming the cold bit between his teeth. He really likes how Jungkook has gotten him a metal bit instead of the rubber gags he has seen on Google. Once the leather is secured behind his head and Jungkook is fastening the straps, Jimin plays with the bit with his tongue. He loves how it feels on his warm muscle, cold in contrast to his mouth. He can’t deny adoring the taste of it either.

“There we go. Last thing for tonight. Got you some boots I want you to wear,” Jungkook says and Jimin tilts his head in confusion. “It’s okay, you can open your eyes,” Jungkook tells him. Jimin opens his eyes and comes face to face with a pair of boots, unlike anything he has ever seen before. Black leather, measuring what he assumes is halfway up his calves. They have no heels and are jet black. The soles of the boots are shaped like a hoof in shiny silver. They look incredibly painful to wear but Jimin loves them. He looks up at Jungkook who grins at him. He wants to speak, thank his master, but he can’t speak thanks to the bit in his mouth. Instead, he turns to face him and presses his head to his chest and nuzzles against him. He stands up and sticks his feet out, one by one, and lets Jungkook make him wear the boots. They are perfect. They fit him like they were made for him.


 If you look here, there is a video of more hoof boots. They are actually a thing

Chapter Text

Jimin stands tall, towering above his master. The corners of his mouth are pulled back by the metal bit between his teeth, and his tail is brushing against his legs with every move he makes. Jungkook looks up at him, smirk playing on his lips and Jimin feels like the best fucking pony in the world, and the man on the throne is about to vacate the seat for Jungkook – his master­. At least, that’s what Jimin hopes will happen. He has no idea how the hierarchy works in the club, but he is about to challenge it. There’s no way he can lose with these new boots.

“One last thing before we leave. I’ll ask you questions, yes or no, tonight. If you want to answer yes, stomp the ground twice. If you want to answer no, stomp the ground three times,” Jungkook says. Jimin is listening carefully to what he says. “Do you understand?” he asks. Jimin nods twice but gets a pointed look in return. He flushes in embarrassment of having messed his order up. He stomps the ground twice instead.

“All ready,” Jungkook concludes after he reaches up to fix Jimin’s bangs to fit over the headband of the bridle. Jimin practically croons behind the bit and turns around to face the door. Jungkook packs his clothes into the bag that once contained the boots and slings it over his shoulder. He reaches into a smaller pocket on the bag and pulls out a lead rope. He puts the snap hook in the bit ring and Jimin can feel his cock twitch against his stomach. He is naked safe for the bridle and the boots. Jimin never knew he likes being on display, but he can’t wait for Jungkook to open the door and show him off to the other people in the club. Before Jungkook opens the door, he reaches onto the sink. Jimin doesn’t know when Jungkook found the whip, but his mouth waters at the sight of the riding crop.

“Be a good boy for me,” Jungkook tells him and opens the door. If Jungkook hadn’t opened the door, Jimin would have given him an offended look. He is better than that. He will be the damn best pony the club has ever seen. He holds his hands in front of himself and stumbles out after Jungkook. The boots aren’t as easy to walk in as they appear. Jungkook chuckles next to him and allows Jimin to regain his posture before they continue making their way into the club. Jimin feels all eyes on him again. He can see them too. Everyone is looking at him. At him, or at Jungkook. He shivers lightly at the attention, his skin running hot over his muscles. He is still uncertain in his boots, but thanks to his years on a horseback, he has a good body strength and even better balance. He quickly gets the gist and figures out how to walk without falling on his face or twisting his ankles. It isn’t elegant – yet – but he is getting the hang of it. Jungkook tugs the rope lightly and the metal of his bit drags across his teeth. He is quick to follow him. When Jungkook stops in from of the man on the throne, Jimin comes to a stop a step behind his master, showing his submissive place. The man’s eyes rake over Jimin’s body and Jimin has a desire to bite his lower lip, but he can’t.

“Jeon Jungkook,” the man drawls and stands up. His voice is deep and authoritative. No fucking wonder he is occupying the throne. The iron leashes to his slaves drag across the floor, creating a sound that attracts the attention of anyone who wasn’t looking before.

“Kim Namjoon,” Jungkook responds. He sounds cheeky. Kind of like he is mocking Namjoon a little. “Hyung,” he adds after a few seconds of absolute silence between them. It takes everything in Jimin not to laugh at the exchange. Jungkook is clearly not being polite toward the male in front of them. The man approaches them, slaves crawling next to his feet without being told to. Jimin observes and mentally takes notes. He wants to be better than them.

“Who is this?” Namjoon asks, motioning toward him. Jimin focuses his attention back to the master in front of him, looking at him. He feels a hand in his hair and he recognizes the touch to be Jungkook’s.

“This is my newest pony. The best of them all,” Jungkook claims, and Jimin feels pride swell in his chest. Jungkook considers him the best.

“Interesting,” Namjoon starts, reaching out to touch him. Jimin averts his gaze, looking at Jungkook for any sign of what he should do. Does he let the master touch him, or does he jerk away? He doesn’t know what Jungkook expects from him. Luckily, Jimin doesn’t have to do anything because Jungkook is slapping Namjoon’s hand away from his face.

“He is mine. Back off,” he sneers and Jimin feels his knees turn weak right where he stands. Jungkook is possessive and it’s hot in a way Jimin didn’t think possible.

“Easy, Tiger. Just wanted to see if he is as soft as he looks,” Namjoon chuckles. If it wasn’t for the bit in his mouth he would have tried to bite Namjoon. He isn’t soft.

“I don’t know where you got soft from, but he doesn’t break,” Jungkook says. He sounds so fucking proud it makes Jimin’s chest flutter and his eyes crinkle.

“Really? He doesn’t break? How much can he handle?” Namjoon asks. Jimin considers him genuinely curious about this information but he doesn’t know the man so he doesn’t know for sure.

“He doesn’t break,” Jungkook emphasizes and Namjoon’s eyes widens slightly.

“He looks so soft though,” Namjoon claims. Jimin doesn’t like it. He is not soft. He is without limits on pain and if Jungkook needs him to prove it, he will. He will make Namjoon jealous.

“Pony, turn around,” Jungkook orders. The tone of his voice is hard and makes a shiver trail down his spine and makes his cock twitch. His master is the hottest when he speaks to him as such. “Expose your ass,” he is told and Jimin doesn’t hesitate before he leans forward and braces himself. He can see everyone else in the club watching him. They are curious and their eyes don’t leave his body. He feels arousal lick up his skin, being exposed and on display like this.

“Good boy. Are you ready?” Jungkook asks him and Jimin quickly stomps the ground twice. Not even two seconds later, the whip lashes across his ass, pulling a pleased moan from Jimin’s throat. His ass stings from the whip, but the pain is absolutely delicious and he craves more. And if anyone was in doubt, his dick twitches hard against his abdomen, beads of precum pressing through the tip. Jimin isn’t prepared for the next hit coming in such quick succession, but he keens and he tosses his head back, exposing his throat to the onlookers.

“Would you look at that?” Namjoon chuckles behind him. “He is even pushing his ass back, exposing his tail for us. That desperate for pain?” he continues and Jimin flushes. He loves how Namjoon is trying to degrade him. It turns him on. No doubt about it. The whip rips into his ass once more, pulling at the hairs of his tail and makes Jimin jerk with renewed pleasure and a new feeling.

“Aren’t you going easy on him?” another voice joins in. The voice comes from behind him still, but he hasn’t heard it before. He assumes it’s one of the slaves that belong to Namjoon. A loud slap is heard, followed by a loud hiss. It isn’t a pleased hiss and Jimin’s stomach drops slightly for the submissive.

“Quiet, Hoseok. You have no permission to speak. Yoongi, keep him quiet,” Namjoon says behind him. Jimin has no idea what is going on, but he has to admit he is curious. He wants to know. There’s a lot of shuffling and chains clinking before it all falls silent behind him. He strains his ears to hear what is going on and even tries to move his eyes to get a glimpse of what is going on behind him.

“But he is right, Jungkook. Aren’t you going easy on him?” Namjoon asks, repeating the slave’s – Hoseok’s – question.

“You think I’m going easy on him?” Jungkook chuckles behind him. “Pony, turn around. Face the other slaves,” Jungkook orders and Jimin obeys immediately. He finally gets to see what they are doing. Hoseok’s head is in Yoongi’s lap, and from what Jimin can see, his lips are stretched around his cock. None of them move, Hoseok is warming Yoongi’s cock to keep quiet from speaking and Yoongi looks entirely too pleased with the situation. Jimin smirks at him, Yoongi grins back.

“Alright, Namjoon. Break him,” he says and Jimin sees the whip switching hands between the two masters. Namjoon moves to stand behind him. Jungkook kneels in front of him and Jimin really wants to complain about his master obstructing his view of the slaves in front of him.

“Jimin, this is your safeword,” Jungkook says, pulling Jimin’s attention back on him. He looks down and he sees a small cloth in his master’s hand. He remembers what the contract says about him being gagged and having a safeword still – dropping an object from his hand if he wants to stop. He picks up the cloth and clutches it in a fist.

“Go, Namjoon. He is all yours,” Jungkook says, grinning. He moves out of the way to stand next to the slaves and Jimin knows he is being watched, but he is more interested in the slaves in front of him. The hardest whipping of the night so far lands on his ass and Jimin cries out as his whole body tenses up at the impact. It’s not so much that it hurts, it’s more he is surprised. He was distracted by the slaves in front of him, and he wasn’t ready for the impact. He pushes his ass back, wanting more of the feeling. It feels amazing and the lash is tingling deliciously on his skin. Another hit strikes him, crossing the other lashes he has gotten and hits onto his plug, making him moan out loudly as the bulbous head of the plug presses against his prostate. He can feel himself rapidly nearing an orgasm and they have barely started yet. He loves this club. He loves being on display. He loves the attention, and he loves how the stronger master makes him see stars.

“You’re gonna make him cum,” Jungkook chuckles. He pulls on the lead rope making the bit in his mouth drag over his teeth and Jimin stumbles forward.

“Can’t I?” Namjoon asks and Jungkook downright laughs at the other master.

“Nope, pony boy here is mine. Play with your own toys,” he says and rubs a hand down Jimin’s cheek.

“But I didn’t test whether he will break or not,” Namjoon argues. Jungkook laughs and shakes his head at the other’s complaint.

“So? You had your chance. You had the whip and could do as you pleased,” he points out.

“Too bad,” Namjoon says. Jimin can hear footsteps approach and Jungkook holds out his hand. Jimin assumes he wants the whip back. What Jimin doesn’t expect is for Namjoon to hit him again. A squeal of pained surprise leaves his lips and his first immediate reaction is to kick out after him. He feels his foot collide with something soft and Namjoon stumbles behind him before falling. He widens his eyes comically as realization of his actions dawns on him. He is absolutely certain he is going to get punished. Hoseok has pulled off Yoongi’s cock and both slaves are staring comically at their master behind Jimin. Jungkook is laughing his ass off in front of him and an amused murmur raises through the crowd in the club, everyone having seen the encounter. Jimin can’t help but feel a little proud of the reaction he is getting, but he doesn’t show how he feels until he gets a direct response from Jungkook. He isn’t absolutely sure whether he did right or wrong in kicking Namjoon.

“Fuck, you’re great, Jimin,” Jungkook finally breathes and Jimin visibly relaxes. He is painfully hard, proud he got praised and Jungkook is approaching him, hand raised to pet his hair. He feels good.

“That was so hot. You know that right? You just kicked the master of all masters here in the nuts and you’re fucking proud,” Jungkook breathes and his hand drops down his body before it wraps around Jimin’s cock. “Gonna make you cum, but not like this. I’m gonna claim you. Gonna fuck you in front of all these people. Think you can handle it?” Jungkook says and Jimin swears his knees buckle and a moan is fighting its way out of his mouth. He wants it so much. He wants to be fucked. He wants to feel it all. He wants to finally have Jungkook inside him, and he wants everyone in the club to know he belongs to Jungkook and Jungkook only.

“Move,” Jungkook says and it takes a moment for Jimin to realize he is talking to the two slaves before him. They almost scramble off the throne’s podium and settles next to their master who is still complaining on the floor, cupping his crotch. A tug on his bridle reminds Jimin to move along. He climbs the few steps to the throne, feeling a little challenged in his boots. Jungkook sits down in the throne and places his hands on the armrests, fingers tapping cockily. Jimin finds him impossibly hot as he watches over the club. Jimin stands in front of him, waiting for his next order. Jungkook just smirks and Jimin knowspeople are watching them. He is pretty sure he just made the most dominant male drop to the floor in pain while proving him unable to break him. And Jungkook just claimed his throne. It’s bound to catch attention.

Finally, Jungkook reaches down and undoes his pants. He squirms in his seat until his pants are down to the middle of his thighs along with his boxers and his cock is standing straight up, basically begging Jimin to sit down on him. Jimin’s mouth waters and it proves impossible to swallow it all with the bit in his mouth. Jungkook beckons him forward and makes him turn around with a hand on his hip. He bends over, exposing his ass for his master.

“Gonna remove your tail, pony. Then you sit down on me and then you ride me. Show them what they are missing, show them how good you are,” Jungkook tells him. Jimin is almost embarrassed by how close to cumming he is from his words alone and he makes sure to relax so that Jungkook can remove the plug. He moans lowly when the plug pulls through his rim and his ass is left gaping slightly from being stretched around the plug. He shuffles backward and lowers himself into Jungkook’s lap. He looks down to make sure he is sitting down on Jungkook’s cock, but a sharp jerk on his bit makes him look back up. A hand settles on his hip and guides him down and Jimin feels Jungkook’s thick head pushing against his rim. Jimin throws his head back as he finallygets to slide onto Jungkook’s cock. He has wanted this for so long and he is finally getting to feel it. Jungkook fills him up so good and his raw ass is brushing against the fabric of his shirt, making him shiver in delight. His cock is rock hard and he wants to just bounce. He wants to ride Jungkook, making him feel exactly what he is missing out on. He wants to make sure everyone in the club knows he is the best fucking pony to ride his master. Once his ass is pressed against Jungkook’s thighs, Jimin swirls his hips around, feeling how his cock drags on his inner walls. He can feel how Jungkook’s cock is reaching a bit deeper than his prostate without touching it and Jimin loves it. He knows exactly how to move to feel the white hot pleasure of having his prostate fucked, but not yet. He hasn’t gotten permission to cum yet, so he won’t.

Jimin raises himself off Jungkook’s length again so only his head is kept inside him. Jimin is feeling absolutely blissed out with the way Jungkook’s cock is making pleasure surge through his body. It certainly doesn’t help how the whole club seems to be watching him bounce in his master’s lap. His cock is bouncing in front of him, dripping precum onto his thighs as he moves up and down, dropping deep onto Jungkook’s length.

Thankful of his control of his body, Jimin is able to move in his master’s lap without focusing on the task fully. It gives him room to look around the club. Others are touching themselves, masters and mistresses have made their slaves please them while their eyes are on him. It makes the bones in Jimin’s body melt with pleasure to know he is observed. And if that wasn’t enough, Jungkook moans long and loud behind him and Jimin moves all that faster. His focus is back on his master and his movements, determined to please him the best he can. He clenches around him as he bounces loving how it feels inside him. He is so close to an orgasm, but thanks to his own control, he can keep Jungkook’s cock away from his prostate and he is saved from cumming without permission.

“You can cum if you want, but don’t you dare stop moving,” Jungkook says as if he has read Jimin’s mind. Jimin aims himself differently. He moves so that the head of Jungkook’s cock brushes hardagainst his prostate and he moans loudly around the bit. It makes him clench down on Jungkook’s length hard and his own length leaks. It downright dripples with cum, completely untouched but tight around the head from the lack of cumming now. It’s almost enough. He needs just a little more. Again, Jungkook seems to be able to read his mind and he slaps Jimin’s thigh hard. It has Jimin lose his rhythm and he jerks a couple of times, silently pleading for another slap. Jungkook keeps them coming. He slaps him in quick succession and he bites down hard on his shoulder and it’s all it takes for Jimin to cum hard and release over Jungkook’s pants, staining his black jeans with white. He doesn’t stop moving. He isn’t allowed to. He keeps bouncing in Jungkook’s lap despite the white filling his vision and he can’t really seem to get a grasp of reality. His body is on autopilot, desperate to please and feel Jungkook’s cum filling his hole. He is hyperaware of every sensation inside him, his nerves being strung out and overly sensitive. He keeps riding Jungkook, even if his thighs are burning with the effort and Jungkook keeps slapping his thighs, alternating from the left to the right and back.

“Fuck, you’re so good, Pony. Riding me so well for everyone to see,” Jungkook groans in his ear.

“Damn, he is good,” a voice sounds before them. It’s Namjoon standing in front of them, looking at how Jimin rides his master. “Definitely isn’t soft,” he admits and Jimin croons in pride.

“What’s his limits?” he asks. Jimin grunts, not pleased with the other master distracting his master.

“He doesn’t have any,” Jungkook says, voice clearly strained behind him and Jimin feels himself heat up to the sound. Namjoon growls in front of them, and the sound sends blood rushing back into his not quite flaccid cock again.

“You can hurt him however much you want?” Namjoon asks, not quite believing him. Jimin can feel Jungkook nod behind him, his chin brushing against his shoulder. “Fuck, that’s got,” Namjoon breathes in front of him. “Can I try him?” he asks and Jungkook downright laughs behind him.

“No. He is mine, and you weren’t nice to him earlier. If you hadn’t whipped him that last time, you might have gotten yourself a blowjob,” Jungkook torments. Namjoon looks downright disappointed at the announcement. “You definitely deserved that kick,” Jungkook teases and Jimin feels amazing knowing his master is sticking up for him. “Tell me, Namjoon, how do you like my new pony?” Jungkook asks as Jimin keeps riding him. His cock is quickly inflating again. It turns him on that they are having a somewhat casual conversation over his shoulder and his cock is hanging out for Namjoon to watch.

“You should show us what he can handle. Let’s see if you’re rightfully sitting in that throne,” Namjoon says. Jungkook grunts behind him and Jimin wonders what is going on. He doesn’t quite follow the conversation anymore.

“Fuck, Ji. Move faster. Gonna cum,” Jungkook moans, not even bothering to answer Namjoon’s question. Jimin braces himself and places his hooves so that he has the best balance and ground to move on and he bounces both harder and faster. It doesn’t take much more before he can feel Jungkook’s cock twitch inside him before he cums inside him. He cums a lot and Jimin can feel how he fills him up with his release.

Jimin is more or less pushed off the lap and onto his hands. Jungkook plugs him up with his tail, surprising Jimin with the quickness of it all and he barely registers what is going on until Jungkook is standing next to him, fastening his pants.

“Pony, stand up,” he orders and Jimin scrambles to do so. He isn’t completely pleased with the sudden change. It’s the first time they actually fuck and Jimin had sort of expected something different. It felt good, no doubt, but it wasn’t as good as their contract negotiation and he can’t help but feel a little disappointed in himself and in Jungkook.

“You want to see how much he can handle? What do you suggest?” Jungkook asks, pulling Jimin out of his thoughts.

“I want your pony and my slaves to see who can handle the most pain. You give Jimin as much as he can handle and I’ll treat my slaves to what they love,” Namjoon suggests. Jimin listens carefully to the suggestion, feeling challenged on his very pride. He wants Jungkook to accept. He wants him to accept a whole lot.

“Accepted. The crowd decides who wins,” Jungkook says and Jimin smirks around his bit. “What equipment do we have at our disposal?” he asks shortly after, making Namjoon grin.

“Whips and whatever we have in the playroom. Your pony seems to enjoy those,” Namjoon laughs and Jimin catches a smirk on Jungkook’s lips out of the corner of his eye.

“Subspace and safewords stop the game,” Namjoon says, smirking at Jimin. “He doesn’t look like he can slip,” he grins and Jimin can see Jungkook fighting off a smirk. “Five minutes. We are all ready in the playroom in five minutes,” Namjoon says and Jungkook nods in agreement.

“Five minutes,” he repeats and turns to face Jimin.

“Jimin, I need you to be honest with me. Can you be honest with me?” Jungkook asks and Jimin stomps his foot twice. “Good. Namjoon wants to battle to safeword or subspace. Do you trust me enough to fall into subspace?” Jungkook asks again. Jimin blinks at him, momentarily distracted by Jungkook’s tongue nervously licking over his lip. He stomps his foot twice. He wants to make Jungkook proud and he trusts Jungkook to get him back into reality safely.

“Good. Let’s go show that fucker who is the king here,” Jungkook says, grinning widely. Jimin smirks around the bit. He is already fully hard again and he is so fucking ready to feel the whip again.



AN:// This is how I imagine Jimin prance into the playroom xD


Chapter Text

Jimin walks after Jungkook, following him into the room – the playroom he assumes – and he is placed down on what appears to be a small stage in the center of the room. Jimin stands there and the two other slaves get onto the stage at the other end of the platform.

“Stay here. Gonna get us drinks,” Jungkook instructs and Jimin stays in his place, looking over the room as it fills with people. He can hear murmurs about how Namjoon is going to have his ass beaten by him, and how the other master is going to suffer a blow to his pride when Jungkook takes back the throne. Jimin can’t help but shiver in delight at the belief and trust they put into his abilities. It feels good to be admired. He wonders just what the game is about. He knows it’s about safewords and subspaces and whatever equipment there is in the room. He looks around, focusing on the décor instead of the people entering and a shiver rakes through his body deliciously. Around the stage, a few metal frames were placed, containing lines and lines of different whips and floggers. Jimin needs to restrain himself not to groan and the bit prevents him from licking his lips.

He can feel his feet starting to hurt in the boots. He isn’t sure he can handle being in the boots for much longer but he isn’t going to complain when he has Jungkook just there ready to distract him from the feeling. He waits patiently for Jungkook to return with drinks. It doesn’t take long before he is entering the room with a class of what appears to be coke and one which could be a clear alcohol or plain water. He hopes the clear liquid is for him and is water.

“Aw, Pony, you’re standing there so obediently,” Jungkook tells him and Jimin keens at the praise. Jungkook reaches out his hand, palm up, and holds it just in front of Jimin’s head. He blinks slowly before he leans forward and places his chin on the palm. Jungkook smiles and he knows he is doing well.

“Are we ready to get the competition started?” Namjoon asks and Jungkook smirks at him.

“Whenever you are,” he says, grinning at the master with the two slaves.

“Okay, put on a show for the audience, once a slave calls quits, the master loses by default. First master to get a slave into subspace wins by default, if none of us succeed, the audience vote for a winner,” Namjoon explains the rules. Jimin listens but he keeps getting distracted by the hands stroking over his ass, fingers tugging lightly on his tail.

“Are you ready, Pony? Ready to show everyone just how good you are?” Jungkook asks. Jimin feels a deep and delicious shiver run down his spine as he asks and he stomps into the ground twice, more just a little pleased with the sound his metallic sound that echoes off the walls from his hooves. It makes him feel amazing that he can make a sound like that without even trying.

“Alright, Pony, get on your knees,” Jungkook instructs him. He tries to bend down and get on his knees, but because of his boots, he can’t do so in any elegant way what so ever. He ends up dropping the rest of the way, making himself flinch as pain surges through his kneecaps. He feels Jungkook’s hand in his hair immediately and rubs his scalp softly. It soothes out the pain almost immediately.

“Good boy,” he is praised and the fingers disappear from his hair, but never leave his body. The fingers trail down to his nape and further down, slowly trailing the bumps of his spine until his fingers reach Jimin’s crack.

“Straighten out your spine, pony,” Jungkook says and Jimin is quick to do just that. He looks straight ahead, eyes watching over the audience at his side of the stage. They all have their eyes on him, barely blinking. Masters and mistresses are lining the couches along the walls, their slaves kneel in front of them, either busy pleasing their owners, or they are watching him too. Jimin doesn’t know what to expect from Jungkook’s hands as Jungkook isn’t speaking to him anymore. The hand leaves his body as Jungkook pulls away from him, unable to see what’s going on behind him, Jimin startles when a hand is slapped onto his ass. The stinging sensation makes Jimin’s veins fill with liquid pleasure and he bites down onto the bit in his mouth to keep his moans from escaping.
“That’s it, you take it so well, pony,” Jungkook praises him. Jimin keeps his eyes straight ahead at the audience. They are watching Jungkook moving behind him and an excited murmur raises up between them. Jimin is curious and nervous just the same, he doesn’t like not knowing what Jungkook is planning to do. He doesn’t know what is coming his way, but the way people are reacting in front of him, Jimin feels anticipation take over his body. He trusts Jungkook not to hurt him more than he can handle, and he is still holding on to the cloth he had been given by Jungkook earlier on, and that works as his safeword in case it becomes too much. He clutches on to the cloth for his dear life. Not because he wants to get out of the game, but because he wants to make damn sure he doesn’t lose it and stop the game by a mistake. He wants to make sure Jungkook gets proud of him, and he wants to put on a good show for his audience. He listens for Jungkook’s whereabouts and actions but can’t really sort the sounds from everything else around him. The sound of chains rustling sounds behind him and he is taken majorly by surprise when a cold flat square of leather hitting his shoulder. He knows the feeling. It’s a whip. The leather drags down his back until it reaches his ass. The whip leaves his body for a fraction of a second before it smacks against his skin. The pain is sharp and it stings and Jimin can’t keep quiet. He moans around the bit in his mouth, eyes closing in bliss and he presses back toward Jungkook, silently pleading for more of the treatment. When Jungkook doesn’t immediately react, Jimin opens his eyes and he finds himself face to face with his audience smirking at him. Knowing he is being watched makes a thrum of a thrill run across his skin, making him feel almost like he is floating in the attention. The whip lashes at his ass once more, this time angled differently so the shaft hits onto the very plug of his tail. Jimin chokes out a gasp of pleasure and he feels his cock harden drastically between his legs. It’s so hot to be on display like this, feeling the best pleasure he has ever felt, and it makes his whole being buzz with the need to be better.


Shuffling his heard behind him and he tries to figure out what Jungkook is doing behind him. He can’t quite hear what Jungkook aims to do. It doesn’t help the sounds of a flogger hitting skin and someone’s moaning on the other side of the stage. Clearly, the other slaves are enjoying their treatments and while Jimin feels very good, he is jealous. He can count more hits in that brief pause than he has gotten in total so far. But his momentary experience of jealousy is quickly replaced with delight when he feels Jungkook straddling his back and sitting down on him. Jungkook is riding him, and it feels absolutely amazing to have his weight pressing down on his back like that. Just when he thinks it can’t be better, Jungkook leans forward and pulls a chain through each site of his bit rings. Once he sits back up, the whip rips at the side of his thigh and Jimin jolts forward, crawling around with his rider on his back.

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” someone says among the audience and if Jimin had been a peacock, he’d have ruffled his feathers and showed off how proud he is. A sharp jerk and the following rattle of chains make Jimin turn to the right, letting his body be on display safe for the part Jungkook covers with how he is sitting on his back. The turn makes him face the two slaves – Yoongi and Hoseok – being beaten too. Their master is a lot harder than Jungkook is, and Hoseok and Yoongi are both crying. Jimin is worried for a brief moment before he notices how hard they both are, sitting on their calves on the floor, getting their backs flogged. Jimin thirsts at the sight. He wants that too. He wants it a lot. But his thirst is short-lived before Jungkook whips his ass again and downright kicks his thighs like a rider would nudge the flanks of a horse. Jimin preens at the feeling and jerks forward faster. He approaches the two slaves and they look at him curiously. Hoseok groans loudly when he catches sight of them but before they could come close enough, Jungkook jerks the chain in his bit once more and he is turned away from the slaves. He doesn’t want to admit it, but he misses the sight of them already. They were hot.

“Focus, pony,” Jungkook snaps at him, making Jimin jerk back to his senses. He isn’t supposed to dwell on his competition. He is supposed to be the best pony for his master. He struts the way Jungkook has decided for him, carrying his master on his back. He feels amazing like this. It hurts his knees against the floor, and his ankles are definitely not in the right way to be considered healthy with how the boots make them out to rest, but he doesn’t complain. In fact, he quite likes it. It hurts in a good way. They parade the stage a couple of times before he is jerked to a stop in front of the audience again.

“Good boy,” Jungkook praises him before he stands up and moves to stand next to him instead of sitting on him. The slave keeps his head held high as he faces his audience. He doesn’t have time to prepare. A harsh lash, much wider than the previous hits he has received makes him moan loudly around the bit in his mouth. His eyes fall shut as another lash is dealt across his back again. He has felt something similar before. Jungkook’s flogger felt a lot like this one, but this one is different. It’s much harder, much more painful and Jimin absolutely loves it. He is expecting more hits with the new kind of whip but instead, Jungkook’s hand lays onto the small of his back. Jimin is quick to arch up into the touch. Jungkook doesn’t approve if the slap that follows to his backside is any indication. Jimin instantly lowers his back down into a straight line again and the hand continues to work over his skin. It leaves behind a tingling feeling on his skin after the rough treatment it received just before.

“Ready to turn up the heat, pony?” Jungkook asks and Jimin smirks before hitting his hand into the floor twice. Fuck yes he is ready. Jungkook’s hand grabs the chains of his bit and his head is pulled backward. He shuffles backward, winching at the pain his knees suffer through.

“Rear up, pony. Let them see how horny you are,” Jungkook orders and Jimin pushes himself up to stand onto his knees only. He doesn’t need to look down to know his cock is flushed red with need and fully hard against his stomach. He can even feel a string of precum hitting his shaft from the change of the position. He looks onto the floor in front of him and he flushes deeply when he notices his cock has been drooling onto the floor all this time. He can feel Jimin moving around behind him thanks to the tugs on his bit changing whenever he does. Jimin wonders what Jungkook is doing behind him, but he knows better than to ask. He knows he shouldn’t ask the master what he is planning to do, especially not when he is wearing his bit and is supposed to be a pony. Ponies don’t speak.

His answer comes without warning. A broad area zings with the pain of a paddle colliding with his ass cheek. He can feel it jiggle upon impact and he can do nothing to stop it. The audience coos and becomes embarrassingly aware of how his cock twitches at the attention he gets, and he finds that just as arousing as the hit itself. Another hit is served on his other ass cheek, making the pain even out across his ass. The reaction is the same and the audience is watching him so closely he is sure they’ll notice if he as much as considers twitching his fingers.

A series of hits are placed on his ass following the first two, and his cock leaks desperately in front of him. The pain rains over him and Jimin is absolutely convinced he is burning up from the inside, the pleasure liquefying everything under his skin; veins, muscles, bones, organs. It all turns into a melted amount of mush. The only thing that keeps him up is the unrelenting hold on the chain in his bit. He is holding most of his weight in his mouth and he absolutely loves it. He is giving himself over to the feeling in his mouth and on his ass. The audience is fading into the background and he doesn’t pay them much attention anymore. The only thing he cares for is his master and the treatment he is getting. He is well aware it will take days before he is able to ride properly again because of the way his ass is being hit, but he has no complaints. It feels so fucking good. The hitting stops and Jungkook shifts behind him. He can feel his hand soothing over the raw skin of his ass. It makes him hiss lightly around the bit and he hears Jungkook’s chuckle behind him.

“Namjoon is staring at you in awe. He just saw the paddling you received and he is impressed. You’re doing so good for me, pony,” Jungkook murmurs and Jimin feels his whole body react to the praise, his stomach fluttering deliciously. “Bet he wants you as his own, but you’re mine,” Jungkook says and Jimin visibly shivers at the words. Somewhere in the distance, Jimin hears an increased volume of something but he isn’t aware of what it is. The only thing he hears is Jungkook’s voice, and the only thing he feels is what Jungkook inflects on him. The only thing he lives at the moment is Jungkook.

“Are you ready for the grand finale?” Jungkook asks and Jimin finds himself trying to hit the floor with his hand twice but he can’t reach. Jungkook chuckles behind him and releases his bit slowly so that he can lower himself onto the floor.

“Stand up. I want you to show them just how good of a pony you can be for me,” Jungkook orders and Jimin doesn’t hesitate to obey. It takes a struggle to get up with the boots on, but once he is up, he towers above Jungkook and he looks around the room. The whole is sort of fuzzy and his ears don’t appear to be working fully. But instead of panicking about his limited senses, Jimin is completely relaxed, trusting his master to take care of him.

“Turn around and show them your tail,” Jungkook instructs and Jimin does just that. He turns around and sways his hips slightly from side to side. He can feel his tail brush against the back of his legs and he absolutely adores the feeling. He watches as Jungkook changes the paddle for the whip again. He closes his eyes in anticipation. The whip will always be his favorite instrument for Jungkook to use on him. But Jungkook doesn’t just hit him. He changes the chain in the bit to only stick to one side and then pushes Jimin away from him. Confused, Jimin walks away, hooves clicking against the stage floor somewhat steadily. Jungkook reaches out with the whip and gives Jimin a lash over his thigh and Jimin immediately understands. He starts walking in a circle around his master and Jungkook smirks at him, clearly approving of his ability to learn. Jimin walks in a circle, keeping the chain between the bit and Jungkook’s hand tight without being struggling. He keeps the pace until the whip once more lands on his thigh and he sets into a light jog, trotting his way around Jungkook. He feels the boots being extremely unstable underneath him but he makes it work, only stumbling a few dozen times until he gets a hang of it. Jungkook laughs at him but he proves himself good enough when he ends up trotting at a decent pace around him without risking the health of his ankles.

A sharp pain shoots up Jimin’s body. His dick is absolutely throbbing and he hunches forward, hands searching to cover his dick protectively. His master has hit his dick with the whip and tears spring to his eyes at the overwhelming pain. He makes sure not to drop the cloth he is still clutching in one hand. The pain is so mind-numbing he doesn’t even pay attention to the increased amount of slick between his fingers as orgasmic contractions roll through his body. He can’t really focus on anything surrounding him but the presence of his master who comes to kneel next to him.

“Fucking hell, that’s hot,” Jungkook breathes as he pries Jimin’s fingers away from his crotch.


Chapter Text

Jimin is hardly aware of what is going on around him anymore. He is sort of still present in the room, but sort of not. He more or less blindly follows Jungkook around, the master leading him somewhere. The light grip on his wrists guides him across the floor but Jimin isn’t confident in his legs or his new boots to freely move, so he sort of drags them across the wooden stage. He isn’t fully aware of what is actually going on around him, but he isn’t going to complain. He trusts Jungkook to take care of him. He trusts Jungkook to make sure he doesn’t get hurt more than he can handle.

He is brought to a stop and he feels Jungkook’s hand on the side of his cheek, only obstructed by the leather of his harness. He is vaguely aware of a finger – probably Jungkook’s thumb – on his cheek and a murmur of his voice somewhere on the edge of his consciousness. He barely recognizes it as Jungkook’s but he doesn’t really pay attention. The delicious hum of his whole body is distracting and it keeps Jimin falling deeper into his daze. Nothing more really happens but Jungkook’s hands wandering his body and slowly Jimin begins to focus more on that sensation than the light buzz of his body. He becomes more aware of the physical reality he is placed in. He becomes aware of his sore feet and he becomes aware of the heat of Jungkook’s hand against his cheek and the one stroking over the raw marks on the back of his thighs. Jimin can feel how his skin has torn a few places and he knows he must be bleeding. Not a whole lot, but a little. Maybe a few drops, nothing major. He whines softly around his bit and pushes into the touch. If he had been any more in his right mind than he is, he would have been embarrassed about the sound he just made. But he isn’t. On the contrary, Jimin is more than pleased with the sound he made when Jungkook reaches up to undo his bridle and gently removes the bit from his mouth. Jimin doesn’t get a chance to move before a glass of water is presented in front of his lips. Jimin purses his lips and Jungkook tilts the glass to let the water spill into his mouth. He drinks slowly, making sure not to spill and it.

When he finishes, Jimin’s vision has cleared and he is painfully aware of everyone’s eyes on him. He doesn’t dare look, but he can’t hear anything from the other side of the stage so he sort of believes Namjoon to have stopped playing with his slaves.

“You did so well…you’re such a good boy,” Jungkook murmurs to Jimin and he keens lowly at the praise. “Namjoon looks so green. He is so jealous. He wants you,” Jungkook murmurs and Jimin’s knees buckle. He has never felt so desirable before. None of Namjoon’s slaves are ugly by any means and they seemed to be really well behaved and well trained too. Jimin can’t help but compare himself to them and find himself mediocre. But knowing Namjoon is watching him, makes him feel hot all over. Knowing, the other masters and mistresses wants him and are jealous of him makes him feel oh so good about himself, and it makes him want to be even better.

“Do you want to play with others?” Jungkook asks. The question takes Jimin by surprise. A lot – actually. “I can ask if Yoongi or Hoseok want to play with us?” Jungkook whispers. Jimin has no idea what makes him do it, but he nods quietly.

“Hell no,” comes the firm reply from the other end of the stage. “You can’t have my slaves. They are mine,” Namjoon says firmly. Jimin shivers lightly at the authority of Namjoon’s voice. He can easily win over Jungkook in natural dominance. He holds it all in his voice. But Jungkook is different, his dominance is different and Jimin will rather submit to Jungkook than to Namjoon.

“What if they want to play with my pony?” Jungkook argues. Namjoon doesn’t answer immediately and Jimin is hopeful that he gets to play with them.

“How do you want them to play?” Namjoon asks finally. Jimin feels his cock twitch slightly in interest at the question. Namjoon wants them to play.

“If you let them play with Jimin, tweak his nipples, hurt him and maybe even make him cum, you can get to fuck him afterward. I know you want that,” Jungkook teases. This time the answer falls almost promptly.

“Slaves, go play with Jimin. Listen to his master and don’t do anything he doesn’t allow you to do,” Namjoon says. Jimin jumps at the sound of chains hitting the floor beneath them, followed by the sound of them rattling across the surface. It doesn’t take long before two faces come to view next to Jimin, the other two slaves having crawled across the floor to get to him. Jimin is dying with the attention he receives from the crowd. All eyes are on him. He doesn’t know what the hell is going on, but he loves it. He loves how Hoseok rubs the side of his ribs against his leg, much like a cat demanding attention. Yoongi sits on his heels in front of him. His eyes dart from himself to Jungkook and down to Jimin’s crotch. Yoongi licks his lips and Jungkook laughs before nodding. With zero to no hesitation, Yoongi leans in and Jimin feels a teasing tongue cleaning his sensitive cock for his own cum. Jimin gasps at the feeling, quickly shifting lightly on his feet, getting himself a better balance. Hoseok turns around himself and grinds his other side against Jimin’s leg before he curls around the back of his legs. He can hear the slave sitting down behind him and he can feel hands on his master’s marks. He loves how absolutely sinful it feels to have others admire the marks his master has inflicted on him. Yoongi’s tongue works over his length, slowly and thoroughly collecting all of his cum from his skin while Hoseok’s tongue trace over the marks on his thighs. He can feel Hoseok following the burning lines the whip has left behind. He can feel Hoseok’s fingers twisting into the hairs of his tail if the movement of his plug inside him is anything to go by. He moans lowly into the air, eyes searching Jungkook’s for approval. Is he allowed to moan? Jungkook gives him a nod of approval. He crosses his arms over his chest and leans back onto the table with their drinks. Jimin closes his eyes at the attention he receives. He isn’t entirely sure whether he should lean into the mouth wrapping around his rapidly hardening dick, or back to the tongue prolonging the pain of the lashing. He doesn’t know and he ends up sort of rocking between the two, unable to decide.

“Such a slut for attention, isn’t he?” Namjoon asks. Jimin opens his eyes. He has been so focused on the attention he has received to notice the other master has made his way to stand with Jungkook.

“He is my slut, and he is only a slut when I allow him to be,” Jungkook claims. Jimin can hear the pride in his voice and Jimin’s imaginary feathers ruffle at the praise. He lowers his eyes to the slave in front of him. Yoongi is having his lips wrapped around his length. His mouth is hot, wet, and tight around him, and Jimin moans deliciously at the feeling. Hoseok’s tongue disappears from his backside and he can feel his hands on his hips. He can feel him shifting his weight slightly and he imagines him leaning around to see what is happening to his cock. He hears a small gasp from the other slave and it doesn’t take long before he can feel Hoseok pulling his tail to the side, pulling just enough to make the plug pull on his rim. The tip of his tongue makes contact with Jimin’s rim, licking him right where he opens up for his plug and right where he knows he will be leaking Jungkook’s cum if he pulls a little harder on the plug. It feels so delicious and the action is so lewd it has Jimin’s knees buckle in pleasure.

Yoongi’s mouth feels incredible around his length, small sucks shaking his body whenever his lips catch on the head of his cock and his tongue presses into his slit. Hoseok’s tongue is still working on Jimin’s hole, eagerly lapping at the lube used to get the plug into him in the first place. Jimin doesn’t know whether he should move forward into the other’s mouth or if he should push back onto the tongue on his rim. Both options sound really fucking great and he ends up sort of rocking between the two, panting softly into the room. He is blissfully unaware of the people watching him, more focused on the pleasure – and of course Jungkook. Everyone doesn’t really matter to him. He keens lowly, wordlessly looking at Jungkook, not sure what he really wants but some kind of sign. A sign of what, Jimin doesn’t know. They lock eyes for a few seconds and Jimin is absolutely sure he doesn’t know what he needs from the other.

“Bend over, Pony,” Jungkook requests and Jimin’s eyes widen slightly. He is pretty certain this isn’t what he wanted. Jungkook pushes Namjoon’s shoulder and motions him to stand in front of Jimin.

“Want your own slave or do you want Jimin again?” Jungkook asks. Namjoon looks at Jimin, hovering over Yoongi with interest.

“Slave, come here,” Namjoon says, clearly addressing his own slaves. Jimin expects to lose the feelings of Yoongi and Hoseok’s mouths on him, but they remain against his skin. He looks down at Yoongi in front of him and back up at Namjoon. He doesn’t look happy. He looks to Jungkook for some kind of guidance. He didn’t expect to be in the middle of clear disobedience from Yoongi and Hoseok. Jungkook watches the two other slaves with interest and suddenly the whole room is almost electric with anticipation. The whole club has more or less stopped moving, watching Yoongi and Hoseok with thick tension. Jimin stands as if frozen between them not daring to move as much as a muscle. What is Namjoon going to do? It isn’t him who has told the two to disobey him, he hopes he knows that. He hopes Jungkook will protect him if Namjoon wants anything to do with him. He looks like he is ready to flip his lid. Namjoon’s face has become increasingly more red in the past seconds and Jimin can’t quite figure out if it’s anger or humiliation. It could be both.

Slaves,” Namjoon calls again. This time, Hoseok pulls away from his ass and peers around his hips to look at the master but Yoongi makes no move to do anything. Yoongi’s lips leave his dick but instead of pulling away from his body, Jimin feels him tap the inside of his thighs, urging him to part his legs for him. The sheer disobedience in the move makes Jimin’s nerves stand on end. How dare they disobey their master like that? He is scared. He looks down at the slaves just in time to see them lock lips between his legs, quite literally with his balls functioning as some sort of mistletoe.

Namjoon reaches out to grab Yoongi by the hair, but Jungkook is quick to grab Namjoon’s wrist first.

“Stop it. You know the rules. I dare say I won this round with three slaves on my half,” Jungkook says.

“Yoongi, go suck Namjoon’s dick. Hoseok, wanna eat my cum out of Jimin’s ass?” Jimin is close to trembling from the authority Jungkook shows and forces upon the group. He doesn’t understand the rules Jungkook is talking about, and he doesn’t understand anything when Yoongi turns around and approaches Namjoon, purposely going for his cock, while Hoseok whines behind him as his tail plug is removed from his ass. Jimin clenches his ass around nothing as he desperately wants to make sure Jungkook’s cum stays inside him for as long as possible. He wants Jungkook’s cum in his ass and he isn’t particularly fond of the idea of Hoseok getting to eat it out of him but he doesn’t complain. He is being selfish and Hoseok has been given permission to do it, so he can’t do anything.

It doesn’t take long before Hoseok’s face is buried between his ass cheeks and his tongue is prodding at his walls. It feels good and despite himself, he moans and keeps his head low. He keeps his body in the position Jungkook has ordered him to keep.

“How does it feel to lose your slaves?” Jungkook asks suddenly. Jimin’s head snaps up and he stares at Jungkook, talking with Namjoon as Yoongi sucks the latter’s dick eagerly. The other master seems unhappy with the whole thing. Jimin has to admit he understands the sentiment when Namjoon apparently has just lost his two slaves and the status in the club. Jimin looks at the other two slaves. He can’t help but compare himself to them. They are well trained and obedient, but not really loyal. Jimin would never turn his back on his master if the roles were reversed. But now that he looks at the slaves, seeing them as belonging to Jungkook, he can’t help a bitter feeling to fill his chest. It’s annoying and he easily recognized it as jealousy, but he doesn’t like it. He has nothing to be jealous about. Jungkook and he are free to do as they please and want.

“I don’t want your slaves. I have my own already, and I only want him,” Jungkook says. His statement raises a rush of murmurs around the club and Jimin’s pride and ego are stroked. He is the only slave Jungkook wants and he loves knowing that.

The whole conversation in front of him has surprisingly distracted him from the tongue in his ass, but now that he has no reason to pay attention to the conversation in front of him, he focuses on the feeling of Hoseok’s tongue in his ass. Surprisingly enough, Hoseok knows what he is doing. He flicks the tip of his tongue against his walls, slowly cleaning him out. He curls his tongue whenever he pulls out, clearly bringing as much of his and Jungkook’s juices with him out. It feels impossibly good now that he focuses on the feeling and it doesn’t take long before he notices his legs are trembling and his hands are curled into fists in front of his thighs. A squeal is pulled from his throat when Hoseok slaps his ass before digging his fingers into the flesh of his ass cheeks to pull them further apart. He doesn’t really register anything that is going on around him anymore. He only feels the tongue in his ass and how his dick twitches with the need of attention that seemingly no one is going to give him.

“Hoseok, bite his ass. He loves it when you do that,” Jungkook instructs and it doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds before Jimin feels Hoseok’s teeth digging into his full flesh.

“That’s a good boy, keep that up and he might slip into subspace for you,” Jungkook chuckles. Hoseok groans against his cheek, teeth still buried deep in his flesh. “You wanna fuck him? Get him into subspace, and then you can fuck him when he comes back,” Jungkook tells the slave behind him and Jimin prepares himself for the onslaught of feelings he will get if Hoseok picks up on the offer. The slave releases the bite on his ass and moves just slightly before he bites again. Jimin’s dick is practically leaking with pleasure now, a full string slowly trailing toward the floor, sticky enough to no break to the force of gravity.

Jungkook kneels down in front of him and looks up, searching for his eyes.

“Are you okay with that? You want Hoseok to fuck you?” he asks. Jimin has the option of opting out. He knows he has it both with his safeword in the shape of a small cloth still clutched tightly in his hand, but they also had an agreement of agreeing when to include people and Jungkook has been so good at asking instead of just expecting. Jimin nods in confirmation, trusting Jungkook to know what he will like. “That’s a good boy,” he is praised and he hears Hoseok shuffles to stand up.

“Fuck, he is too tall in these boots,” the slave complains behind him and Jungkook laughs.

Chapter Text

Jimin lays with his face mushed against his pillow and his ass is raised in the air. His eyes are closed and he is beyond tired and his feet are sore. His hole is positively throbbing. He is naked and Jungkook has basically been carrying him to his room because his knees are too wobbly not to give out underneath him. Luckily his parents have gone to bed long ago, but Jimin feels so utterly fucked. His throat is raw and on the way home from the club, Jimin’s voice steadily turned into a croaking version of his regular voice and his back is stiff from sex and his hole is throbbing from being abused by multiple dicks in one evening. His skin is slapped raw and striped with whips and his testicles are completely and fully drained for sperm. His dick is extremely sensitive to touch – which makes the sole reason why Jimin hasn’t let himself drop horizontally onto the bed but instead presents his red ass to the room.

“I got some lotion somewhere. I think you might want to get some soothing lotion on your ass before you go to sleep,” Jungkook concludes. He stands in the middle of the room and Jimin knows he is watching him. Jimin gives a noncommittal sound and nods his head against the pillow causing the master to chuckle at him before he turns to rummage through his bag on the floor. Jimin hears the lid snap open and it takes only a second before Jungkook’s hands are on his burning skin with his cold hands and Jimin hisses in discomfort.

“Sorry, Ji,” Jungkook apologizes and Jimin furrows his brows. He has been used to ‘pony’ as his nickname. Never has Jungkook called him anything but Jimin. He doesn’t linger on the thought for long before he is focused on not complaining about the pain of having the lotion spread out on his ass, back, and thighs.

“I’m going to get you some water, and then you should probably get some sleep,” Jungkook says and Jimin nods in agreement. He knows there isn’t a lot of time before his alarm sounds for the morning and he really doesn’t want to wake up, but he has a responsibility. Jungkook leaves the room and Jimin is left on his accord, ass in the air and hole throbbing the continuous abuse he received through multiple dickings through the night. He still remembers the feeling of Hoseok fucking into him brutally from behind until he came onto his back. He still remembers Yoongi making him ride his cock while he sat on Namjoon’s dick until he came inside him. Namjoon made Yoongi leave his lap only to pull Jimin down on his cock to replace Yoongi’s hole.

All of it was amazing, but the best was the way Jungkook forced Namjoon to lay down on the floor and made Jimin sit on his face until he was completely emptied and cleaned from cum, only to have Jungkook fill him up once more before they left the club. In the span of the stay at the club, Jimin came more times than he bothered to count so everything hurts. Both his cock and ass are hypersensitive to touch and the treatment his skin took from various kinds of whips and floggers, it will take days before he can sit down properly. But Jimin won’t complain. He absolutely loved it, and Jungkook had to basically tear the piece of cloth from his hand when they headed home.

Jimin doesn’t even recall getting the glass of water before he wakes up.

Jimin walks like he got the entire handle of a broom stuck up his ass. His sore in more ways than he can count and needing to work in the stables is no pleasure. His jeans rub against the sore and torn skin of his ass, his hole is throbbing from being so utterly used the night before and his feet are too swollen to fit into his regular boots. Not to mention he is pretty sure muscles he had no idea he had are stiff and sore. The horses have been fed and Jimin has just finished letting them all out into their different fields. He closes the gates behind them and he turns around to do the stables. He is halfway through the boxes before he hears footsteps approaching. He forces himself to appear more relaxed and appear less in pain than he is in case it’s his parents, but when he sees Jungkook he stiffens right back up and continues working.
“Why didn’t you wake me?” Jungkook asks once he makes it to where Jimin is currently working.

“It’s weekend. You’re off,” Jimin replies simply but Jungkook walks past him instead of entertaining him with a reply. Jimin simply shrugs at the weird behavior and continues to shovel dirty and wet straw into the wheelbarrow. It doesn’t take long before Jungkook comes back with the second wheelbarrow and replaces the first.

“Put down the fork. I’m sure there are other things you’d rather do around the stables than doing this. I can’t imagine your body not screaming in protest about moving,” he says, looking at Jimin knowingly. “Go clean some brushes or sort out something?” Jungkook says and pulls the fork from Jimin’s hands. “Let me do the hard work today,” he says and starts shoveling before Jimin can even protest to the offer.

And that is how Jimin finds himself cleaning and sorting brushes on a Saturday morning while he is supposed to be cleaning the stables. He doesn’t mind though. He has found plenty of saddle pads to place under his sore bum to make sure he can sit somewhat comfortably. He is humming lowly to himself as he works, letting Jungkook work in the stables on his own. One thing is for sure, his horses are all going to have a break from exercising today because there is no fucking way he can even make his way into a saddle. Even if he could, he would have to stand up for the whole thing, and that would confuse the horses more than anything, so he sticks to the ground. He feels thankful for Jungkook taking over the shoveling in the stables, but he feels a little weird about the master working on the weekends. Those are his days off and he isn’t supposed to be working. It’s not a part of his contract and Jimin can’t help but wonder what that will mean later on in their working relationship. He tries not to think about it too much, but it could be that Jungkook is trying to work up some days off so that he can finish the contract with him as soon as possible by working on weekends. The thought doesn’t settle well with Jimin. He thought they had a decent relationship and had fun when they worked together.

“Mama Park says lunch is ready,” Jungkook says, suddenly appearing in the doorway to the tack room. Jimin startles out of his thoughts and looks up at Jungkook, taking a second to process what he has been told. He has skipped breakfast and he hasn’t even been aware

“Oh, right. I’ll be right in. You can head in first. I’ll just finish this up,” he says, pointing to the bucket of soapy brushes he needs to clean out. He wants to finish that before the water runs cold.

“I’ll let her know to keep some food warm for you,” Jungkook says before he disappears out of the doorway again and Jimin listens to his footsteps retreating. Jimin picks up the next brush from the bucket and resumes cleaning the brushes, brows furrowed as he works over his relationship with Jungkook. He knows their arrangement is unconventional, but he thought they were friends. Friends despite their contracts – both of them – but now he isn’t so sure. He feels like he has been foolish to think Jungkook wanted more from him than just sex and getting the job over and done with.

Jimin is back in stables after lunch, still kind of shaken by his conclusion from earlier in the day. He might not be able to ride today, but he needs the therapeutic effect of the horses to help set his mind straight. He brought his old mare to the stables and pulled out her brushes. She is going to get the grooming of a lifetime. First, he grabs a hard rubber brush designed to loosen mud and massage the horse as it works over its fur. The mare appreciates the gesture and turns her unfastened head to rub Jimin’s back gently as repay for the rub she gets herself. Jimin is smiling to himself as he works her over, taking his time to work over every single strand of hair on her body. It takes him about an hour of silently talking to the horse and working through his mind before he changes the brush for a softer hairy one that will brush off all the dust and loose hairs now that it has all been loosened. He works just as delinquently with this brush as the previous and is completely lost to the world that isn’t the horse or himself. He has completely failed to notice Jungkook having appeared in the stables with him and is sitting on a bale of straw a little away from him before he speaks up.

“Jesus fucking Christ on a stick!” Jimin curses, startling the mare as well.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you,” Jungkook apologizes. “How come she isn’t fastened?” he wonders and pushes himself off the bale to approach the horse.

“It’s fine. Just…announce yourself earlier next time,” Jimin requests as he keeps brushing the horse. When he sees Jungkook approaching, he doesn’t hesitate to save the brushing of her ass before Jungkook is close enough to get a cloud of dirt and dust in his face. It’s a petty revenge but Jimin doesn’t know how else to deal with his mind.

“Couldn’t have waited?” Jungkook asks once he is done coughing his lungs out and Jimin shakes his head.

“Pretty sure she was itchy right there,” he argues and hides his smile behind the horse.

“Of course she was,” Jungkook says, clearly not believing him. Jimin can’t blame him. He wouldn’t believe him either.

“Aren’t you going to answer my question?” Jungkook asks after about a minute of silence, Jimin still working on grooming his horse.

“What question?” Jimin asks, not knowing what he is talking about.

“You were really in your own mind, weren’t you?” Jungkook chuckles and shakes his head. “I asked you what’s on your mind? You seem very distracted and deep in thought today. You didn’t even see me enter the stables,” Jungkook points out and Jimin feels himself heat up a little. It’s embarrassing he is that obvious and that he doesn’t have a proper explanation to Jungkook without telling him the truth.

“It’s nothing really. Just need a moment with my animals,” Jimin answers and changes his brush for a stiff plastic brush that goes to the mane and tail, working out the knots. He is pretty sure he is going to braid her hair just to have time pass and have an excuse to keep working on her without having to be doing anything else.

“Really?” Jungkook asks and comes up behind him and leans against his mare. “Because you’ve been avoiding me since we came home last night and I want to know if I did something wrong,” he continues, looking at Jimin with an expression he can’t escape even if he wanted to. Jimin blinks a little at Jungkook’s words though. He doesn’t believe he avoided him. He went to clean the stables – as his job describes – and then he went out to spend some time with his horses instead of being bored inside, just because he didn’t bring Jungkook along because it’s his days off he is avoiding him?

“No? I haven’t been avoiding you. I’ve just spent time with the horses,” he replies. It’s the most obvious answer to it, really.

“You didn’t wake me up this morning and you didn’t ask me to join you in the stables,” Jungkook counters and Jimin furrows his brows in confusion. “And it doesn’t explain why you fell asleep before I returned with the glass of water for you yesterday. Did I upset you by anything yesterday? I know we didn’t really discuss whether Namjoon and his slaves should join, but you could have told me no and you could have used your safeword if you weren’t comfortable,” Jungkook says, sounding a little frantic. Jimin is beyond confused now.

“I liked playing with Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok,” Jimin says slowly, trying to figure out why Jungkook sounds so upset. “And it’s the weekend. It’s your days off. You aren’t supposed to wake up at the crack of dawn to let the horses out, nor do you have to work with them during the day. You can do as you want today,” he explains, lowering his brush to look at Jungkook. Jungkook looks just about as confused as Jimin feels.

“But I’m here? If I didn’t want to be at the stables I would have gone home?” Jungkook says, making Jimin blink twice before he lowers his gaze to focus on the mane before him.

“So you stayed here because you wanted to spend time with me?” Jimin asks carefully, a traitorous blush making its way up his neck.

“Well, yes? Why else would I stay out here? Certainly not for the internet,” Jungkook points out and a shy smile crawls onto Jimin’s face. He feels kind of stupid to be completely honest. “Can you now tell me why you’ve been avoiding me?” Jungkook asks. Jimin can feel his eyes on the top of his head.

“I haven’t avoided you,” Jimin argues weakly. It wasn’t his intention to avoid Jungkook it just…kind of happened.

“Sure you haven’t. Then tell me why you haven’t talked to me today and have spent most of your day in the stables,” Jungkook rephrases it and Jimin curses silently under his breath. He has no excuse for not answering now.

“I thought you came to the stables earlier to work for a day and have your contract shortened,” he murmurs. He doesn’t speak all that loud and he sort of hopes Jungkook won’t be able to understand what he is saying. It will save him a lot of embarrassment.

“You thought…” Jungkook trails off and Jimin can hear the disbelief in his voice. “You thought I wanted my contract to end sooner? Is that what you take me for? I came out to help you because I had your body used so much yesterday and I didn’t want you to overwork yourself,” Jungkook deadpans and Jimin flinches slightly. “And I stayed here because I wanted to spend the weekend here because you’re nice company. I know your weekends aren’t much different from your weekdays but I enjoy spending time with you,” Jungkook explains and Jimin feels his face almost catching fire from the intense heat his blush causes him.

“Oh,” Jimin muses and lowers himself as much as his sore muscles allow him to and hides behind the mare’s neck.

“Yeah, oh, indeed,” Jungkook says, chuckling. “You think so lowly of me. When you finish grooming her, we can get two others from the fields and I can groom one,” Jungkook offers and Jimin smiles softly, raising up the mare’s mane to hide his head underneath the thick hair.

“You should stop that,” he murmurs and hugs the horse’s neck tightly. “You don’t even like horses or stable work. I’ll just finish her and we can go inside,” Jimin offers. Jungkook doesn’t let him though, already heading out onto the field to collect two new horses to replace the mare in the stable.

“Shut up, Jimin, and help me groom the horses,” Jungkook tells him, smile evident in his voice.

Chapter Text

“Oh! Yes, right there,” Jimin groans and smushes his face into the pillow below him.

Jimin is beyond happy with having spent the whole day working over the fur of his horses. He has used his muscles, having them warmed up after the night at the club and working most stiffness and soreness out of them. But Jimin isn’t letting on his muscles are better. Jungkook offered a massage to ease the soreness and Jimin would be absolutely stupid to skip out on a chance to have his body worked through like that. And Jimin is currently enjoying the amazing feeling of Jungkook’s fingers digging into his back, dragging out his kinks and pains.

Jungkook is sitting on Jimin’s ass, careful not to put too much pressure on his still sore ass and he is leaning over his back to reach the knots and kinks in his shoulders, thoroughly working through them one by one until his shoulders are left smooth as butter.

“Is it good?” Jungkook asks from behind and Jimin is left a panting mess against the mattress, trying to keep his moans in so that he doesn’t arouse Jungkook when he is just trying to help.

“Yeah, it’s perfect. Don’t stop,” Jimin keens into the pillow. “Oh shit, fuck that’s good. Right there,” Jimin adds, unable to keep the moan out of his voice this time around when Jungkook is hitting just the right place to make him melt.

“Uh,” there’s an awkward clearing of a throat outside the bedroom door and Jimin knows it’s his father. “Mama says dinner is ready…” he trails off and Jimin blinks a little confused and turns his head to look at the closed door. His father always just enters when he wants to say something, hating to speak to anyone he can’t see. “You two should probably…uh…get dressed and come down?” he continues and Jimin’s eyes widen in realization before his face takes the same color as a ripe tomato.

“Jungkook…” Jimin murmurs, burying his face into his pillow. “Can you please get off me. My dad thinks we are fucking,” he says, raising his ass a little, pretending to push Jungkook off his body.

“Well, he isn’t wrong about that. Only the timing,” Jungkook counters before he climbs off Jimin who is busy picking between dying from mortification and laughing his ass off. He ends up sort of squeaking in a mix between the two.

Jungkook gives his ass a light smack before he heads out the door.

“Go wash the oil off. I’ll tell your dad you’re cleaning up from sticky fluids,” he says and closes the door before Jimin can respond with an indignant squawk and throw his pillow after him. He does as he is told though, and ends up in the dining room five minutes later. He can’t help but blush and look down as he enters the kitchen upon seeing his father’s knowing smile. He sits down next to Jungkook and waits for his father to start the meal. A meal Jimin expects to be calm and ordinary but is anything but when his mom speaks up.

“Jungkook, you’re sleeping in the guest room from now on,”

The whole room falls silent for a fraction of a second before Mr. Kwon bursts out laughing, followed closely by Jungkook and then his mom. Jimin wishes the ground will swallow him whole.

Jungkook doesn’t end up sleeping in the guest room. He ends up plastered against Jimin’s back instead. Sunday morning, Jimin wakes up with his face pushed up against the wall once more and only the blanket – he apparently has hogged – protects the rest of his body from the cold of the wall. His alarm sounds on the nightstand somewhere behind Jungkook. He doesn’t understand how Jungkook can end up glued against his back despite the bed being more than wide enough for two. Jimin isn’t having it and he gives a firm push onto the wall, making both himself and Jungkook move toward the middle of the bed. He places his feet on the wall and gives another shove hard enough to make Jungkook roll off the bed and onto the floor with a loud thump and a groan of pain.

“That should teach you to stick to your own side of the bed,” he huffs, kills his alarm and climbs out of bed, stepping over Jungkook’s sluggish figure on the floor with ease.

“What time is it?” Jungkook asks, rubbing his eyes and yawning wide.

“Too early for your liking and just late enough for the horses to be hungry. Now get up,” he tells Jungkook, not really giving the man a chance at waking up. Jimin is already pulling on his clothes when he hears a groan from the floor and another thump. He turns around and sees Jungkook’s head on the floor and his eyes closed tightly.

“It’s four fucking thirty, Jimin. They won’t die if we wait an hour,” he complains and Jimin chuckles before he shakes his head.

“They will, and you promised you'd help me with the horses this weekend,” Jimin reminds him, smirking at the annoyed groan he gets in return.

“Fine, I’m up,” Jungkook whines and slowly pushes himself off the floor. Jimin grins to himself, accomplishment filling his features. “Even on a Sunday,” Jungkook complains and shakes his head. Jimin only laughs and gets dressed to head to the stables. Jungkook takes a while longer to get ready, sort of stumbling around as he is hardly awake.

“It should be illegal to wake up this early,” he grumbles as they make the way out of the room and head downstairs. Jungkook stops in the doorway to the kitchen, staring at Mrs. Kwon in slight disbelief. “Why in the world are you up now?” he wonders and looks at the other.

“I’m always up now, Jungkook. I’m preparing breakfast for when Jimin comes back inside after feeding the horses,” she says as she pulls out several containers from the fridge and closes it behind her with her hip.

“Seriously? What kind of breakfast do you cook for him?” Jungkook asks.

“Just enough to keep him full until lunchtime. Do you know how much he eats in the morning? He must really work hard in the stables not to be fat by now,” his mom admits and Jimin blushes slightly at the doorway leading to the outside.

“Come on, Jungkook. We need to feed the horses,” he calls, wanting to get Jungkook through the kitchen before he befriends his mother more than what is highly necessary.

Jimin drags the brush down the leg of his golden gelding. He smiles softly as he grooms the horse. He straightens up and places the brush on the back of him. He leans onto his flank and places his arms over the back of the big animal. He presses his ear against the stomach and closes his eyes. It’s comforting to listen to the sound of the intestines working inside him. It’s not a particularly charming thought, but the sound is a deep low rumble mixed with the rhythmic breathing. He can hear Jungkook rummage somewhere behind him, struggling with getting his old mare to stand still as he rubs her back. Jimin doesn’t bother to interfere, well aware that she just wants to get a good rub at the base of her mane where everything itches a little. He places his hands on top of the gelding and feels the heat of his body and soft hairs under his fingers and he just simply enjoys the moment. It feels nice and Jimin loves being this close and in touch with his horses.

“Wanna ride together?” Jimin asks. He doesn’t know where the thought comes from, but it’s spoken before he can stop himself.

“Ride together? Aren’t we doing that already?” Jungkook asks, sounding genuinely confused.

“No, like, ride together. You can sit behind me on this fella,” Jimin says as he claps the gelding’s neck softly a couple of times. “I don’t want to ride a whole lot. I just want to chill as we ride through the forest,” he says. It is Sunday after all, and the skin on his thighs doesn’t really feel like being stuck in a saddle just yet.

“We can’t do that,” Jungkook says and Jimin forces himself to straighten up and look at him. “There isn’t enough room for me behind the saddle,” he elaborates and Jimin chuckles softly. It’s cute. He likes how Jungkook thinks he will be forced to sit behind the saddle.

“Don’t worry. He will only be wearing a blanket. I won’t ride with a saddle,” Jimin explains and Jungkook looks visibly better at that idea.

“And we won’t fall?” he asks and Jimin shakes his head.

“I’ve been jumping half my height without a saddle before on him. He is so nice and I can easily control him with my legs. You can just cling to my waist and we are good,” Jimin explains. He watches Jungkook, still looking a little apprehensive. “Do you trust me?” Jimin questions and Jungkook looks at him for a few seconds before he nods in confirmation.

“I do,” he says and Jimin grins.

“Great! Then we go riding like this,” he concludes. He takes the brush from the back and tosses it into the box of brushes and carries it to the tack room. He picks up a blanket from a shelf and a bridle from a hook. He shakes the blanket out before he makes his way back to the horse. He spreads the blanket over the back of the gelding before he brings the bridle to fit around his head.

“When you’re done grooming her, he is ready for the ride,” he says and runs his fingers through the thick hairs of his mane. Jungkook doesn’t take long to finish grooming the mare and lets her back onto the field before he comes to stand next to Jimin’s side.

“Let’s get her outside,” he tells the younger make and guides the horse outside. He guides it across the driveway and stops it in front of a stepstool. “I’m gonna get on first, and then you can get on behind,” Jimin instructs and climbs the steps and easily swings himself onto the back of the animal. The horse is already moving forward and Jimin catches a glimpse of Jungkook looking just a little lost. Jimin smiles to himself as he brings his ankles slightly backward and gently nudges the reins. The reaction is immediate and the horse backs up to the stool again, stopping at the perfect location for Jungkook to get onto the horse with him. Jungkook manages to get onto the horse in the first attempt and Jimin finds Jungkook’s arms around his waist in no time and his chest is practically glued to his back.

“Ready?” Jimin asks and Jungkook confirms. He releases the reins so they are completely slack and nudges the horse forward. He doesn’t really hold onto the reins as they ride, simply controlling the horse by the movement of his legs against his flanks and his shift in weight.

They ride along the path into the forest in silence. It’s a comfortable silence that has been filled with the sounds of birds chirping around them and the rustling of leaves being just as present. They follow the rhythmical movements of the horse and hear how the hooves dig into the ground beneath them. The movements of the gelding cause Jungkook to grind up against Jimin’s ass due to the closeness and none of them seem to mind. Jimin enjoys the feeling of Jungkook so close against him and with nothing against it too. Jimin likes it and it doesn’t take long before he is panting softly and his cock is hardening in his pants wondering how he is going to get off the horse without making things obvious for Jungkook or – even worse – his mother.

It feels good though, and Jimin can’t see himself free of coaxing the horse more. Coaxing the horse he does with his abdomen and his seat. The best way to describe it is grinding against the back of the horse, pushing it forward in time with his steps to make him keep a pace or even walk faster. With the increased pace, the grinding becomes a little harder and Jimin smirks to himself. It’s not enough to get him off, but it feels so good to have Jungkook grinding up against his ass, even if it isn’t intentional from Jungkook. He knows it’s fully intentional from himself.

They ride for a while, getting deeper into the forest. Jimin doesn’t really pay attention to where they are going as he knows the forest as the back of his hand. He is pretty sure that no matter which path they end up on, they will be able to find their way home.

“Ji,” Jungkook speaks up behind him. His voice sounds slightly strained and Jimin can’t help but smirk. He knows that sound. And it’s the sound of pleasure and lust coming from Jungkook. He has felt it too.

“Yes?” he asks, turning his head to look over his shoulder at his master.

“You knew what you were doing when you got me to ride behind you,” Jungkook accuses allows his arms to fall from their position around his waist and down to settle against Jimin’s crotch. “Didn’t you?” he asks. Jimin can do nothing but nod in confirmation as he bucks into the touch on his front.

“Y-yes,” Jimin admits, feeling his breath pick up in pace at how Jungkook’s hand pushes against his hard cock through his pants.

“Couldn’t even wait for us to get home before you needed a grinding, Jimin?” he asks, clearly teasing him.

“No,” Jimin responds and tilts his head backward, hips still working against the horse’s back and ultimately grinds against Jungkook’s crotch and into his hand.

“Try again, pony,” Jungkook says and squeezes his hand around Jimin’s dick harshly. Jimin moans and his hips jerk with the sudden assault of pleasure.

“No, Master,” he corrects himself, feeling white hot arousal lick down his spine and he leans forward, exposing his ass to the master. Jungkook is quick to catch on and he moves his hands from Jimin’s stomach and crotch and instead slaps his ass cheek through the tight pants and ends up squeezing them tightly. He loves the feeling of how well his ass fits into Jungkook’s hands. It sends a shiver of delight up his spine.

“Good boy,” Jungkook praises him and Jimin feels himself slip into a headspace that leaves the whole nature around them appear sort of fuzzy and everything feels good. “We need our pants off if you want me to fuck you,” Jungkook points out and Jimin’s whole body tenses and a whimper of interest is nearly punched out of him. He wants that. He wants that so bad. He had never imagined that possible, but with Jungkook’s clear suggestion, he wants it more than he has wanted anything else in a long time.

“There’s a lake not too far from here,” Jimin says and brings the reins up. “Hold on tight. This probably isn’t going to be comfortable, but it’ll get us there fast,” Jimin says, mind suddenly clear again. He needs to move to get to the lake fast enough. When Jungkook tightens his arms around his waist, Jimin brings one leg back and places the other against the flank. He gives one harder move with his seat and the horse sets into a gallop. Jungkook squeaks, probably not prepared for the pace. Jimin also recalls it’s the first time Jungkook tries gallop. Surprisingly, Jungkook quickly settles into a rhythm with him and they both stick to the horse better than he had expected. They keep the pace for a few minutes, Jungkook clinging to Jimin’s waist as they approach the lake. Jimin is basically jittery with anticipation for what is to come. Jimin wants to be fucked while riding. Riding now has a whole other meaning to him, and he loves it.

Chapter Text

Jimin brings the horse to a halt when they reach the lake. It leaves a perfect space for them to get off, strip from their clothes and get back on the horse with help from a bench near the water. He brings the horse to a stop in a small clearing where several paths cross each other, leaving an open space for them to get off without worrying about tripping into anything. Jungkook gets off first, leaning into Jimin’s body as he swings his right leg over the back and slides onto the ground with an awful lack of elegance. Jimin repeats the motion and lands onto his feet, bending slightly at the knees to ease the force of his weight. He grabs the reins of his horse and starts walking toward the bench he had planned on using. They could leave their clothes there and avoid it getting dirty and the bench would suffice as their help to get onto the horse. 

Jimin places the reins over a pole, keeping the horse in place as he quickly works on undoing his pants. He sighs softly as his cock is released from the tight pants he is wearing and quickly peels them off his legs. Getting out of pants for riding is a pain in the ass – and not the good kind. Jimin folds his clothes over the back of the bench before he swings himself back onto the horse, naked as the day he was born. Jungkook isn’t far behind him, but he appears to be a little apprehensive about getting on the horse without wearing anything. Jimin knows it won’t be as bad as it is to ride naked on a horse directly on the fur. At least they have a blanket that saves them for fur ending up in places where fur definitely shouldn’t go. 

Jungkook swings himself onto the horse, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist as he settles into place behind him. Jimin groans softly when he feels Jungkook’s erection pressing into his backside and nudges between his ass cheeks. He waits for Jungkook to give him a sign that he is ready for him to move. He keeps his gelding in place until he feels his master’s hand lowering to his crotch and cupping his cock in his palm. Jimin buries his teeth in his lower lip to swallow his moan and he nudges the horse forward. The effect is immediate. Jungkook moans behind him, finding pleasure in the feeling of his cock nudged between his ass cheeks and the motion of the gelding’s movements underneath them. It gives a rhythmical move for the friction, one that is harder than what Jungkook usually would be able to give him without help. 

“Fuck, this feels so good,” Jungkook moans softly and follows the motion of the gelding. Jimin isn’t complaining either. It feels good. It feels really good to have Jungkook grind against his ass like that. 

“Are you ready for my fingers, Ji?” Jungkook asks, finally talking a language that he is ready to talk. Jimin leans forward to expose his ass further to Jungkook. The gelding raises his head, alert with the sudden change of weight and Jimin strokes his neck to calm him down. It doesn’t take long before Jimin can feel slick fingers come down between his ass cheeks and he imagines Jungkook have sucked on his fingers just before. The whole situation about what is going on is lewd to him and it sends a buzz of pleasure through Jimin that few things so far has spiked in him before. The first of Jungkook’s fingers push into him and Jimin’s whole body heats up with the intrusion. The angle is slightly awkward and not really all that pleasant, but the idea of fucking on horseback is making it all that much more erotic and hot. It turns him on in ways he never really thought possible. The idea alone had been arousing, but like many things, the idea and the fantasy are better than reality, and Jimin had been prepared. But Jimin is far from disappointed. The reality of his fantasy is much better than he had been prepared for. Jungkook wiggles his finger inside him, however, he can get to do it thanks to the angle but Jimin has no complaints of how it is. They are sitting too close for comfort and the movements of the gelding, it isn’t exactly easy to reach comfortable.

That also explains why Jungkook is quick to push another finger inside him and Jimin groans softly. It feels bloody amazing. It feels really good, no doubt about it. He stretches him further with quick movements of his fingers that feel more or less like small jabs against his walls. It doesn’t take long to reduce Jimin to a panting mess and he pushes his ass back onto Jungkook’s fingers, working himself open to handle another finger quickly. Jungkook isn’t as quick as Jimin would have liked him to be, but he accepts the slowness of it all, even though he really just wants to be torn apart – but figuring how Jungkook only has saliva to help the penetration, he won’t really complain about him taking his time. They almost leave the area near the lake before Jungkook is easing a third finger into him and Jimin moans lowly in his throat from the light burn that follows the additional stretch. It feels good, and Jimin knows it’ll only be one more finger before he will be allowed to shift back and slide onto Jungkook’s cock. Leaning forward on the horse isn’t exactly comfortable for a longer period of time, but he won’t complain. 

“Can you handle my cock now, or do you want a fourth finger?” Jungkook asks, leaning over his back. Jimin doesn’t reply at first, but instead whimpers and pushes back on the fingers in his ass.

“Now, fuck, I need you inside me,” Jimin says, only to whimper when Jungkook pulls his fingers out of him. 

Jimin kind of expects Jungkook to get a move on everything after that but he is left disappointed when absolutely nothing happens, what so ever. A little confused, Jimin sits up and looks at the other over his shoulder and tilts his head slightly.

“Why aren’t you getting inside me?” he asks. He can actually feel Jungkook’s hesitation to tell him whatever is about to leave his lips, and honestly, Jimin has to bite his lip not to laugh when he hears it.

“I don’t know how to,” he murmurs. Jimin really has to control himself not to laugh at Jungkook’s unspoken question. 

“Okay, hold on. I’ll ride you,” Jimin says and scoots forward on the horse. With how his pelvis and hard cock is pressing against the mane, Jimin isn’t particularly comfortable, but it makes Jungkook move forward. “No, move back. I need to turn around to make it the easiest,” Jimin murmurs. Sure, his ass is closer to Jungkook’s dick how he is sitting now, but with further thought, straddling his thighs will be easier if he turns around. “And just so you know, you’ll be in charge of steering him,” he warns cheekily. He leans back and throws his leg over the neck of the horse, and sits with both legs on one side.

“Scoot back a bit. I need more room to swing my leg over,” Jimin warns. He throws his leg over the back between Jungkook and himself before he beckons Jungkook forward with a smirk on his lips.

“Come on, it won’t hurt,” he assures him and watches as Jungkook approaches him in three jerky moves until they have their knees pressing against each other. Jimin scoots a little further back, nearly sitting on the very beginning of the horse’s neck and Jungkook follows. Only when Jungkook is sitting the best place he can for what is about to happen, does Jimin throw his legs over Jungkook’s thighs and closes the distance between them. They are chest to chest and Jimin’s cock is trapped against Jungkook’s abdomen and the master’s cock is rubbing against his scrotum ever so nicely. 

“Fuck this feels good,” Jungkook murmurs and Jimin smirks.

“You gotta take the reins, Jungkook. He won’t know where to go if you don’t steer him,” Jimin warns before he reaches down behind himself and searches for Jungkook’s cock, grabs a hold of his cock with one hand and his shoulder with the other, and pulls himself up enough to make the cock slide into his basically dry hole. As he sinks down on the fat length, a moan is pulled from his lips and he can feel himself clench around the intrusion and he slowly eases himself further down onto the cock that pushes inside him. The stretch is feeling absolutely amazing and it makes pleasure lick up his spine. He pushes himself fully into Jungkook’s lap and groans tightly as Jungkook slides even deeper inside him. No one really needs to move to make the pleasure surge through them as the horse moves underneath them. Each step makes Jungkook move deeper inside him deeper than anyone has ever fucked him before. It makes Jimin dig his nails into the skin on Jungkook’s back as he lets Jungkook’s dick dig deep inside him. The way the horse moves makes Jungkook’s dick drag along his walls. The pleasure is amazing and Jimin isn’t going to stop getting fucked like this until he is crying. It feels so damn good, and it doesn’t take long before Jimin is moaning for everyone in the forest to hear. He doesn’t even try to keep his voice down for Jungkook only and instead focuses on keeping his hips angled forward to take as much of Jungkook’s cock reaching as deep as possible. The rhythm is slow but deep and hard and Jimin’s insides are jostled with every deep move from the horse that ultimately causes Jungkook’s cock to rub his insides in all the best ways. 

“S-shit! R-Ri!” Jimin curses when he feels an intense wave of pleasure rake up his spine, picking him apart bit by bit. The amount of pleasure is overwhelming and he knows, even now, that he won’t last incredibly long. 

“F-feels good,” Jungkook pants against his ear and Jimin knows he feels just as good as himself. Jimin moans into Jungkook’s neck repeatedly, seeing white behind his lids. It feels too damn good. None of them are really prepared. He can feel Jungkook tense beneath him, letting him know he definitely isn’t prepared, and Jimin isn’t either, but the gelding sets into a slow trot. The bounce of his steps are harder than his walking and Jimin bites into Jungkook’s shoulder not to shoulder with the way he is currently bouncing in Jungkook’s lap. Jungkook’s balls hit against his ass with each step the horse takes. Jimin feels like his insides are being jostled every time he comes down on Jungkook’s cock. It’s intense and overwhelming, and Jimin feels absolutely overwhelmed as he allows Jungkook to control the ride. Jimin is well aware that he won’t be able to last for long. Everything about what they are doing is hitting onto his biggest erogenous zone; his brain. He knows they are outside. He knows they are riding while fucking. He knows it’s the horse that decides the pace of which they move and he knowsJungkook feels good too. He can feel how hard he is inside him and he can hear how labored his breathing is over the sound of the horse stepping on the path. He can hear his moans too, and he isn’t in doubt that Jungkook enjoys this the same as he does. 

“Fuck, Ji,” Jungkook curses. It’s all the warning he gets before he feels a palm slapping his ass hard. Jimin jerks and his hole clenches around of Jungkook’s cock. Jungkook hisses against his shoulder and his ass is slapped again. This time he is prepared for it, but it doesn’t make the feeling any worse. It feels amazing, and Jimin wants more. He wants so much more, even if he knows he technically can’t handle it. Jungkook seems to catch on because it’s like his master doesn’t stop after that. Jungkook’s teeth dig into his shoulder and his palms slap over Jimin’s ass and thighs in rapid succession. Jimin doesn’t get a break, quickly falling apart in Jungkook’s lap. He can feel his cock leak against his own and Jungkook’s abdomen and he is sure he won’t last much longer. 

“S-shit, Master.” Jimin curses, whole body trembling with the need to cum. “I’m close,” he warns him, voice shaky and a little slurred from the pleasure he feels. It’s like fire is licking up the inside of his skin. He feels like he is just seconds from combusting but there’s nothing he can do about but let himself fall into the feeling of heat coiling in his abdomen. 

“One more, please,” Jimin pleads, whole body strung tight like the string on a bow, ready to shoot. Much like his release is ready to shoot. Jungkook instantly picks up on what Jimin is requesting and he must have released both reins to be able to slap both of his ass cheeks at once, forcing the release out of Jimin as he seizes up, cum shooting onto Jungkook’s naked stomach. It feels absolutely amazing to have his orgasm fucked out of him like that. The force of the way he falls onto Jungkook’s cock makes sure he feels the orgasm all the way into his shoulders and to his toes. He falls limply against Jungkook’s body, trusting the master to keep him on the horse along with him while he comes back to his senses. And even if he feels completely destroyed by Jungkook’s cock and the movements on the horses, the onslaught of pleasure doesn’t stop. The horse isn’t going slower and Jimin realizes Jungkook is coaxing on him, moving his hips to make the horse moving forward at a fast pace. It makes Jungkook’s cock drag inside him with constant movements fueled and strengthened by the constant bounces from the horse, stimulating Jimin’s already sensitive nerve ends. Jimin’s moans turn high-pitched and slightly desperate, wordlessly pleading Jungkook to slow down. He is entirely too sensitive to receive this kind of treatment when he has literally just cummed between them, but Jungkook is relentless. The moans turn into whines as Jungkook’s cock keeps dragging over his prostate. It doesn’t take long before Jimin’s whole nerve system ends up overly stimulated and tears spring to his eyes. Jungkook’s cock is pulling the pleasure out of him, forcing him to keep pleasuring him while he really needs a break. They make it onto a different path and Jimin knows they are on their way back toward the lake. He is thankful for that because the moans that had turned to whines have now turned to sobs. He is crying on Jungkook’s shoulder, hole clenching desperately around Jungkook’s cock in an attempt to keep him still, but there’s no mercy from neither his gelding nor from Jungkook. 

He is begging, constantly whining and pleading through his sobs, begging for Jungkook to stop the horse and pull out, but Jungkook hasn’t cummed yet, and Jimin knows he won’t be getting what he wants until Jungkook has released inside him. It doesn’t take long before Jimin is full on crying in Jungkook’s lap, begging for him to stop. 

“C-close,” Jungkook warns and Jimin cannot put the relief that washes over him into words. It feels amazing to know that Jungkook is almost there as well. He can’t wait to get off of Jungkook’s cock, not that it doesn’t feel good, but it’s entirely too much. 

“Turn around, and lay over the neck,” Jungkook instructs. Jimin believes he is hearing things wrong but Jungkook guides him off his lap and onto the blanket between his thighs. It causes Jungkook’s cock to slip out of his hole and Jimin groans in satisfaction as he clenches around the strange feeling of being stretched and empty. 

“Turn around,” Jungkook’s voice sounds slightly frantic and Jimin knows – like the good slave he is – he needs to hurry up. He manages to turn himself around on the gelding and he leans forward, face pressed into the mane. He scoots backward until his ass presses in between Jungkook’s thighs and against his cock. There’s no warning after that, and zero patience from Jungkook because he pushes into his ass once more, hands gripping desperately at his hips and Jimin is fucked brutally, still hiccupping through the overstimulation and the desperate chase for Jungkook’s orgasm. The way he is fucked is at the perfect balance between pain and pleasure. His ass hurts just enough for him to want to pull off and offer Jungkook another way of getting off, but the pleasure that comes with both the friction of being fucked raw and overstimulated makes Jimin push back onto Jungkook’s cock just as desperately as Jungkook is fucking into his ass. Jimin isn’t about to cum, he is barely filling out in his cock, so a second orgasm is out of the question but it feels absolutely amazing for him. And for Jungkook, it appears to be the same case. It doesn’t take long before Jungkook is reaching forward and gripping Jimin’s hair.

“Please give me your cum. Please, Master,” Jimin pleads as he is pulled back, delirious with the display of dominance and strength. It is all it takes and Jungkook is filling Jimin up with his cum.


Chapter Text

Jimin is crying. It isn’t a whole lot, but he is crying. They ride in silence, Jungkook’s cock still buried inside him and painfully nudging against his prostate, forcing his already abused bundle of nerves to feel even more jostled. At least Jungkook isn’t moving with the horse anymore and the pace has been reduced to a leisure walk for the horse. It’s definitely better than the trot from before, but Jimin still feels like he is being used too much. He wishes Jungkook would pull out of him, but getting cum on the blanket isn’t a smart idea when Mama Park is the one who does the laundry – no excuses. Jimin’s almost silent sobs shake his chest and he leans onto Jungkook’s chest, finding that the most comfortable position as his dick doesn’t nudge directly onto his prostate but only kind of slides against it. Considering how terrible his ex-boyfriend had been at hitting his prostate before, Jimin is absolutely sure he has possessed some of kind of special skill to miss it with such precision when Jungkook can’t even get his dick not to touch it. Jimin doesn’t find it entirely fair that he is being taken apart like this. He has no way of bracing himself from the constant tides of pleasure that rolls over him. He wonders how Jungkook isn’t falling apart behind him. He finds it entirely unfair that Jungkook isn’t on the verge of tears from oversensitivity like he is himself. It’s so not fair. Jungkook is holding the reins and Jimin is muffling his sniffles against his hand while he tries to hold himself up on the other hand, wanting to avoid too much friction inside him. His whole body is jittery with pleasure, he feels like his body is charged with energy ready to rip him apart and he can’t calm down. He squirms constantly, trying to get Jungkook’s dick to get an angle away from his prostate but he just can’t. It’s picking him apart rapidly. It is picking him apart to constantly be pleasured and Jungkook’s cock isn’t getting soft. Quite on the contrary. He remains hard inside him and Jimin feels like he is losing his consciousness.

He looks down when he feels Jungkook’s arms shuffle against his waist. The master is taking the reins into one hand and before Jimin can react, a large hand is wrapping around his soft cock. Jimin takes in a sharp breath, the feeling is downright painful but he doesn’t attempt to bring Jungkook’s hand away. Instead, he feels his vision blur and a tear trickles down his face. It hurts so damn much and despite his crying and sniffles and attempts to get away, Jimin loves the feeling. It’s pure torture. There’s no other way Jimin can explain the feeling Jungkook is forcing upon his body. It’s pure, refined, distilled torture. Jungkook’s cock is too much on his prostate and his hand is forcing his dick into hardening once more. It’s more than Jimin can handle, but he can do nothing but accept or safeword his way out – something he has no intentions of doing when his dick is rapidly hardening in Jungkook’s palm. 

“Stop,” Jimin pleads, his voice pathetically broken from the hypersensitivity. “Please stop,” he continues to plead but Jungkook doesn’t even slow down. In fact, he speeds up, and Jimin isn’t sure he can keep up with what Jungkook is about to offer him. That being said, Jimin isn’t going to give up before at least trying to make his master happy. Jimin can’t keep up with what Jungkook is asking from him. At least not without crying. His previous tears and occasional sniffles are being replaced with actual crying and Jimin is writhing in his arms but the master doesn’t relent. Jimin is pulled back against Jungkook’s pelvis and without him realizing, Jungkook has nudged the horse into a trot again and Jimin is bouncing freely on Jungkook’s cock despite his broken state. In all honesty, Jimin is actually embarrassed by the pitch he is crying. He is embarrassingly short of wailing like a baby. 

For the first time in his life of a grown-up is having trouble riding properly. Not only is it a disgrace to his skills on a horseback, but he even feels like he isn’t riding Jungkook well enough. He is too weak to follow the movements of the trot beneath him and he is allowing himself to be moved by the horse without assisting it or letting Jungkook guide him in any way. He feels like he is a sack of potatoes slung over the horse with no skills in riding at all. But Jungkook’s cock still knows exactly how to press up against his prostate in the most torturous way and Jimin is losing his sanity. Jungkook is meticulously picking him apart, bit by bit. 

It takes embarrassingly short time before Jimin is spilling his cum out and into Jungkook’s hand. He is happy that Jungkook catches his cum or he’d have a problem explaining the stain to his mom. Jimin slumps fully against Jungkook’s chest, feeling more or less boneless. Luckily they are getting close to the lake, and Jimin knows he won’t be having a problem to make it there without getting hard once more. He will have to suffer through his hyper-sensitivity for a little while longer. Luckily it isn’t for all that long and before he is fully aware of what is happening around him, Jimin finds the horse coming to a stop beneath him and there’s a bench next to the horse, making it all that easier for Jimin to get off without hurting Jungkook in the process; or worse: leaking cum onto the blanket. He leans forward and hugs the neck of the horse while Jungkook carefully slips out of his ass and gets off the horse. 

“Can you…like…plug me up? I don’t want to leak onto the blanket,” Jimin requests as he peeks at the master over the horse’s mane. Jungkook laughs softly and gives his ass a quick slap before he eases three fingers inside him, successfully making sure the cum won’t leak out while he gets off the horse. Jimin doesn’t have many seconds of standing on the bench after Jungkook’s fingers left his ass before the thick liquid runs down his thighs. And while he usually doesn’t mind the idea of being fucked full and leaking cum. He imagines wearing a buttplug and being unable to get rid of the cum inside him being extremely hot too. He will have to suggest that to Jungkook someday to try that out. 

“Can you hold the horse while I go…you know…make sure I won’t leak…” Jimin murmurs. The very action he is about to perform is so crude he can’t even tell Jungkook what he intends on doing. It’s simply too crude. Jungkook looks him over before he nods as he reaches out for the reins. Jimin makes his way toward a bush before he realizes he has the lake close by. Jimin turns on his heel and heads toward the water instead of crouching to somehow push the cum out of him and instead settles for crouching into the water and gently scoop it out in his ass. It’s a lot cleaner than feeling like taking a dump behind a bush, no matter how one looks at it. 

Jimin returns to Jungkook’s side and pulls the blanket off the horse in order to dry himself off slightly before he hooks an arm in the rein.

“Thanks. Go get dressed. I can hold him while getting dressed too,” he says and reaches for his own clothes and quickly brings his shirt over his head and pulls his underwear and pants up. Once he is done, he throws the blanket onto the horse before he slides onto the horse and waits for Jungkook to come over and sit up behind him. The horse takes a step sideways as Jungkook comes up behind him before catching its balance, and soon after they are walking home for loose reins and the head hanging low. All three of them are relaxing and it has all in all been a good experience. Even the horse doesn’t seem to have been traumatized by their games either. 


Jimin lets himself fall onto the bed in his room, exhausted and his ass sore from riding with Jungkook’s dick inside him. Jungkook is right behind him, only sitting down more gently and not nearly as bothered by the whole situation as Jimin is. 

“Are you tired?” Jungkook asks him. Jimin turns his head to look at Jungkook, making a show of staying on his stomach. It hurts too much to roll onto his back. Jungkook is a literal pain in the ass. He hums in response and nods a couple of times and closes his eyes for emphasis. He really doesn’t feel like undressing or anything. He really just wants to fall asleep. He is still sweaty and smells like horse. He hasn’t showered since Jungkook fucked him and he knows it would be best to wash up, but he really doesn’t want to move. 

“You should wash up,” Jungkook comments and Jimin is well aware he is right. But his body is too heavy to move on his own.

“Don’t wanna,” he complains and pulls his pillow closer. It earns him a chuckle from the master and Jungkook reaches out to pat one of his butt cheeks.

“I’ll carry you. We can shower together. Your parents are already asleep and they won’t know,” he says and Jimin hums again. If Jungkook wants to bathe him, then he can do so. As long as Jimin doesn’t have to do anything, Jungkook can do whatever. Jungkook takes it as an invitation and shortly after Jimin is lifted off the bed, stripped down to his underwear and brought toward the bathroom. He isn’t carried, but Jungkook is guiding him with a hand on either shoulder. In the bathroom Jungkook turns on the water and closes the door behind them before turning the lock. Jimin feels Jungkook’s fingers on his hips and he shivers lightly as his boxers are pulled off. He steps into the shower and stands under the hot water, followed right behind by the master. The shower curtain is closed and Jungkook stands behind Jimin, fingers working idly to clean Jimin of traces of dirt from the day. It doesn’t take long for them to finish up and Jungkook dries him down with a fresh towel before drying off himself. Together they leave the bathroom and make it back to bed together. Jungkook holds up the blanket on Jimin’s side and watches him expectantly. It takes Jimin a few seconds to realize he is waiting for him to lay down so that he can tuck him in. Thinking about being tucked in again makes him blush. He looks at his master for a brief moment before he crawls onto the bed and lays his head on his pillow. He is laying on his stomach and once he stills, the blanket is placed over his body before the master himself crawls into bed next to him. 

“Good night, Jimin,” he says. Jimin doesn’t reply, already too close to falling asleep to entertaining him.


Jungkook is home for the weekend and Jimin finds himself bored beyond compare. Mucking out the stables alone isn’t nearly as fun alone as it is when Jungkook is there to fall into the dunghill or joke around with him. He has never found work boring, but it is now. Jungkook has been helping him out with the horses for several weeks and the fall is nearing. Jungkook hasn’t been home and Jimin has always had help with the work in the stables and someone to cheer for him when he has to try a jump taller than the previous one. He is used to have company when he rides through the forest and he is used to have Jungkook by his side to entertain him when work is mundane and boring. But not anymore. Jimin brings out his phone and looks at the time. Not only is he more bored without his master by his side, but he is also slower. He opens the message app on his phone and opens up a conversation with Jungkook. It’s completely blank so far. They’ve spent too much time side by side to even consider texting each other. He wonders what to write. He has absolutely nothing to tell him. He could tell him he has forgotten a sock in his room, but Jimin knows it’ll be absolutely pointless to make him aware of that. 

His eyes scan around the stables and wonders what to text him… does he even want to receive a text from him? What if he has gone home to get away from him? Won’t it be better if he doesn’t text him? Jimin’s stomach rumbles in response and he suddenly becomes aware of how hungry he really is. Lunch was a while ago, but Jimin hasn’t managed to finish cleaning out the stables yet so he hasn’t gone inside yet.


Text to: Kook

I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. Or two horses.. three? And a pony


Text from: Kook

Don’t you have like a stable full of horses?


Text to: Kook



Text from: Kook




Missed call from Kook


Jimin! Answer your phone!




Text to: Kook

That was completely unrelated to the horse thing! My mom showed up and told me lunch was one the table. All horses still have a pulse!


Jimin reads over the conversation again, laughing to himself. Jungkook really hasn’t been smart if he thought he was going to kill a horse to eat it when it was basically lunch time. He pulls on his boots to go outside to continue his work with the horses when a car comes to a screeching halt in his driveway. The passenger door shoots up with a force so strong it bounces right back into the face of the person trying to get out. Jimin watches in mild amusement as Jungkook comes into view and sends him the strongest glare he has ever received. 

“Weren’t you supposed to stay out until tomorrow?” Jimin asks as he looks at the newcomer. A smile is tugging on his lips. He knows why Jungkook is there. He is there to check up on his sanity. The way Jungkook clutches his phone in his hand proves he has read the message and that alone makes the situation even more amusing. 

“Yes,” he grits out and approaches him. The driver steps out and goes to the trunk, getting Jungkook’s suitcase out of the car before he moves back into the car and leaves the property. “But how am I supposed to stay away when you’re literally insinuating you’ll eat one of your horses for lunch?” he asks and Jimin offers him a shrug in response. 

“Stay away? It’s not like I’d actually do it… I eat horse meat, sure, but never from horses I know,” he deadpans. “Much less my own horses,” he points out and approaches the younger male. “But thank you for coming back. I was bored without you, and apparently I am working too slowly,” he admits and looks up at Jungkook hopefully. The master doesn’t reply immediately but Jimin knows he has won. The car is already gone and Jungkook’s suitcase is in the driveway. 

“I’ll put this inside and come to help you,” Jungkook says and picks up the suitcase. Jimin chuckles at Jungkook as he disappears into the main building and he himself approaches the stables. As he steps into the building he feels his phone vibrate with a text. You owe me big time. You will be punished.


Chapter Text

True to his words, Jungkook is definitely determined to complete the punishment. Jimin has only managed to finish his chores in the stables before Jungkook came in behind him, grabbed the back of his hair and guided him to an empty slot in the stables and forced him to his knees. His pants are yanked down and off, leaving the slave a brief moment to mentally prepare himself before Jungkook is pushing a plug into his ass. Jimin is well aware it’s his tail but he is still completely unprepared for the sudden intrusion. But Jimin loves it just the same. It feels bloody damn good to be stretched so wide for a short amount of time before his hole is closing around the slimmer base of the plug.

“Do you know why you’re being punished?” Jungkook asks. His voice is tight and Jimin wonders how bad he screwed up and what exactly he did wrong. 

“No?” Jimin admits and raises his head up to look at his master. It’s not like he has any problems about being punished. They both know he is going to love the pain that comes with the punishment, but Jimin would love to know what exactly he did wrong.

“No?” Jungkook repeats, sounding genuinely surprised by the answer. “You don’t know why you’re being punished?” He asks and Jimin shakes his head in answer to the question. “Then I better explain it to you. You’re getting punished because you made me worry without reason,” Jungkook says and Jimin furrows his brows. He can’t see his master anymore so he doubts Jungkook can see his face. 

“How did I make you worry?” Jimin asks, still not understanding what he did wrong. 

“You made me think you were actually going to eat one of your horses,” Jungkook answers. Jimin tries really hard to keep the laugh that bubbles up in his throat to himself but he fails. He doesn’t laugh as such per say, but it comes out as a strong snort and he flinches at the sound himself. Jimin doesn’t even have time to brace himself before a strong slap is placed against his ass. It makes Jimin clench around the base of the plug and groan lowly. He can’t deny it turns him on but it’s not enough to get him hard. 

“Don’t fucking laugh at me,” Jungkook snaps and yanks Jimin’s head back, forcing him to look at him. Jimin’s eyes are wide and he looks up at the master hovering above him. The look on his face tells him to stop playing around and be serious about the impending punishment. Jimin’s mouth snaps shut despite the strain on the skin on his chin. “Am I clear?” Jungkook growls, clearly wanting Jimin to answer. Jimin croaks out his affirmation and the grip on his hair is released. 

“It’s about time we figure out the last things of the contract. I believe fisting will do as a punishment,” Jungkook says. The effect of the words is immediate as blood pumps straight to his dick. “But we gotta prepare you first,” he says and the adrenaline in Jimin’s blood lowers immediately. He knows Jungkook is going to take his damn time in preparing his hole to handle his whole fist. Despite that, Jungkook forces a bit between his teeth and ties it behind his head.

Jungkook releases Jimin’s hair and he shuffles around in the loose straw. The slave keeps kneeling and looks straight ahead, trying not to let himself look back fueled by curiosity. If you ask Jimin, it takes entirely too long for Jungkook to figure out what he wants to do and the slave actually expects to feel some kind of pain. He gets none of that and instead feels a very light tug on the pug inside him. Jimin furrows his brows in confusion, trying to figure out what the hell the master is doing. It doesn’t make sense yet the feeling is slightly familiar. He trains his ears toward what is happening behind him and it doesn’t take long before he realizes Jungkook is brushing out his tail. Jimin lowers his head and lets it hang loosely between his shoulders, well aware nothing is going to hurt at the moment. Jungkook is simply making him look good and slowly working his ass up to handling more movements than the simple plug nestled inside him. Instead of anticipating the upcoming pain, Jimin settles for enjoying the simple and teasing movements from the plug falling just short of his prostate. It may seem simple to most, but for Jimin the sound of the brush in his tail is almost therapeutic. His inner pony is very happy with the offer of being tended to so carefully and Jungkook seems more than happy to provide it. It makes Jimin forget about the punishment he has to endure, the extreme limits between pain and pleasure as they negotiate the limits and conditions of fisting in their contract. It’s all forgotten in favor of the nice and content feeling of having his tail brushed. The brush pulls at the plug a few times as it works through a few knots but it’s never enough to pull the plug out of him. Quite on the contrary, it only gives a nice and content pull on his muscle as it fights to keep the plug inside him. Jimin focuses on the feeling and lets himself fall into the headspace of a pony. Clearly, that’s what Jungkook expects from him, and Jimin has absolutely no complaints to handing over his control for a moment.


A fly lands on his thigh. The feeling is ticklish and annoying Jimin majorly. He feels it tickle his skin as it moves around against his thigh and clearly Jungkook hasn’t noticed it yet, or he is simply sadistic enough to let it be and watch Jimin suffer. Jimin won’t put it past Jungkook to be the latter. He knows Jungkook is almost at the end of his tail after having restyled it several times because it wasn’t pretty enough the first five times. Jimin is bothered not only by the fly. The erection that has been coaxed out of him by the constantly shifting plug is also painful and Jungkook is taking his sweet time. Jimin shifts his leg, tensing his thigh muscle to try to get the fly off his skin. He doesn’t succeed and he huffs in annoyance. The move seems to catch Jungkook’s attention and before Jimin can make another attempt to swat the fly away, a slap lands on his thigh, causing Jimin to clench on his plug instinctively. 

“Ha! Got it!” Jungkook exclaims and a dead and slightly off-looking fly is presented in front of his face. One leg twitches slightly twice before it stills. Jimin blows at the fly and watches it fall into the straw beneath him. Now, if he wasn’t bothered by the fly before, he is definitely bothered by the fire the slap lit in his veins. Jimin is beyond annoyed with his master. He needs so much more than he is given and he has no way to ask for it. His cock is downright throbbing between his legs and his balls are tight and he is shaking with need for Jungkook to touch him already. And touch him he does, just not where Jimin wants it. Jungkook places a blanket over his back and then he places himself on top of him. He sits on his back and while the weight on his back feels good and pleases his inner pony mindset, Jungkook isn’t touching him where it counts. He forces himself to take a deep breath and closes his eyes, bracing himself with patience for what is to come. 

Just like Jimin had foreseen, Jungkook didn’t reach for his cock at all. Instead, his fingers tangle into his hair, slowly combing them through the knots in his hair. Any other time, Jimin would have liked the feeling of having his hair played with, but right now he wants Jungkook’s hand on his cock and his dick in his ass. He doesn’t want his fucking hair braided – yet that’s what Jungkook is doing. He knows he is being punished, but this is torture. Jimin bites hard around the bit in his mouth. He takes a deep breath as he forces himself to relax, but he only manages for so long. Just as he can feel Jungkook about to finish his mane, Jimin shakes his head and stretches his body. It makes his hair slide from Jungkook’s fingers and the braid is untangled quickly. 

“Yah! You fucker, I was almost done,” Jungkook exclaims and a much-awaited slap lands on his ass before his hair is yanked back harshly. “You little shit. I was going to get to the part you actually like when I was done with this, but I guess it’ll have to wait,” he practically growls and Jimin feels his arms turn to jelly underneath his weight. Jungkook is cruel, but he loves it. He can’t deny it. He loves the fact Jungkook strips him of power so easily and takes his will into his own hands, deciding for him what he can and cannot do.

Jungkook gets off his back and leaves the stable. Jimin stays in position. He knows better than to move. Jungkook comes back shortly after, carrying reins in his hand. One is fastened to either side of his bit and Jungkook makes sure to pull at them hard as he sits back onto Jimin’s back. 

“Now you better behave or I’m going to get the whip too,” he threatens. Jimin settles still, only wincing slightly from the strong pull at the bit in his mouth. Jungkook starts working on his hair once more and Jimin suffers through it, not being able to do anything about it.


Jimin’s tail is discarded into the straw somewhere. Where exactly, Jimin doesn’t know and he really doesn’t care. All he cares for are Jungkook’s fingers currently stretching him wide open. He has made it to the fourth finger now and is keeping up quite well. The stretch is there, sure, but he isn’t hurting in any way. Jungkook is working him open, and despite this being a punishment, he does it very gently. Jimin suspects it has to do with what is to come. He has never tried being fisted before so he is going to let Jungkook take his time. He trusts Jungkook to be the more experienced so he will wait. He believes he can handle more than the four fingers now, but he won’t push for it. If only it didn’t take so long. Aside from Jungkook’s fingers in his ass, the only difference there is from then to now is how Jimin holds onto Jungkook’s car keys. He isn’t going driving, but he needs something to hold on to with a bit in his mouth to safeword his way out of the situation if he wants.

He can feel Jungkook’s fingers pulse slightly inside him, slowly spreading open wider and wider with each pulse of stretch. Jimin loves the feeling. His fingers aren’t as long as his cock is, but he is stretched to the girth of his cock now, but there is still a way to go from cock to fist. And then, despite himself, Jimin leans backward, fucking himself onto Jungkook’s fingers without permission. The pull on his bit is released and Jimin knows what is coming. He closes his eyes, ass clenching around Jungkook’s fingers on instinct to brace himself. Just as he had foreseen, Jungkook slaps his ass hard.

“Stay still,” he growls and Jimin does his absolute best to do so. He can feel the reins laying loosely on his back, the pull on the bit in his mouth is fully gone. It makes him able to relax his jaw slightly, no longer finding it necessary to protect his teeth and the bit doesn’t press onto his tongue uncomfortably anymore. He misses the feeling, but it allows him to focus more on the fingers in his ass. He notices how Jungkook is pressing his thumb against his rim, slowly coaxing him to open up further. Another finger, not quite big enough for it to be Jungkook’s thumb pushes into him alongside the other four. He is five fingers deep and the stretch is starting to hurt. Not enough to make him ask for a break or for Jungkook to stop, but it’s enough to make his breath hitch and his fingers tighten around the car keys and straw. He can feel himself tensing up at the feeling of being stretched that extreme. He can feel how his back turns an uncomfortable kind of tense, one that he is used to feeling just before his muscles start cramping. To ease the tension, he drops his head and rolls his shoulders. He wonders if he will get punished for moving without permission but Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind this, so he lets his head keep low between his shoulders. 

Jimin is left empty. Jungkook has removed his fingers and his ass is clenching down around absolutely nothing, and even as he clenches, he can’t seem to close up completely. It’s a weird feeling and proves that he has never been stretched this wide before. He bites his lip and wonders if he is going to get the fist now. He doesn’t have to wonder for long. Jungkook’s fingers return into his hole, now slicker than before. Jimin had been too busy being worried about the fist to hear Jungkook take the lube and add some more to the preparation. Jimin appreciates it greatly even if he can’t voice it. 


Jimin is stretched to his limits. He is pretty sure Jungkook has eight fingers inside him. He has noticed he doesn’t use his thumbs to stretch with but he doesn’t mind. Eight fingers alone has Jimin trembling with delicious pain, tears pricking in his eyes and his blood rushing in his ears. He is painfully hard between his thighs and Jungkook hasn’t touched him yet despite the long clear strings of pre-cum he has released into the straw bed. The fingers disappear from his ass and Jimin downright whimpers at the empty feeling and clenches as hard as he can. 

“Ready?” Jungkook asks. Jimin wants to bite his lip but he can’t for the bit in his mouth but he nods still. He is ready. He doesn’t believe he can be more ready for fisting than he is now. He hears the bottle of lube squelch as Jungkook pumps the substance into his hand and he hears how wet it sounds when he spreads it over his whole hand and lower arm. 

While he waits, Jimin forces himself to relax. He forces himself to take some deep breaths and stretch out his back muscles before they cramp up on him until he feels Jungkook’s fingers against his stretched entrance. 

“Inhale for me,” Jungkook requests and Jimin does so. He takes a deep breath into his lungs, trying to fill out his whole torso with air. “And exhale, try press slightly against my fingers,” Jungkook instructs and Jimin does so. He exhales the air in his body and he tries to push slightly against Jungkook’s fingers. It feels weird, the movement being the same as if he was trying to take a dump on his fingers. But the result is immediate. Jungkook pushes his fingers into him until his knuckles at the beginning of his hand. “Inhale,” he requests once more and Jimin obeys, breathing in until his lungs feel like they are about to burst and Jungkook tells him to exhale and push again. Jungkook’s hand slips in, shaped as thinly as possible to breach his hole with the whole thing. Jimin releases a shuddering breath, tears running down his cheeks as he can feel as hole close down around Jungkook’s wrist. Jungkook doesn’t move, neither does Jimin, they are simply staying still, waiting for Jimin to adjust and acknowledge he has an entire hand in his ass. The only thing Jungkook is moving is his free hand, gently stroking over Jimin’s lower back, soothing out the tenseness in the muscles in their attempt to protect Jimin’s inside from the intrusion. 

“Tell me when I can move,” Jungkook whispers lowly. Jimin nods slowly, unable to do anything but that. They remain still for a long while until Jimin finally nods again. He doesn’t say anything, he can’t, but he clutches Jungkook’s car keys tightly in his hand, not wanting it to accidentally slip. 

Jungkook moves his hand back and forth a couple of times before he stills again.

“I’m gonna make the fist now. Are you ready?” he asks. Jimin can feel his eyes on his head and he nods slowly. He doesn’t know how that is going to happen either, and boy does he wish he did, then he had said no. Jungkook curls his fingers inside him, making them drag along his walls painfully. Jungkook’s nails catch on them and Jimin can’t stop the sob that escapes him.

“Shh, it’s over,” Jungkook murmurs lowly and strokes his back even more before placing his hand in Jimin’s newly braided hair and soothes over his scalp. “The worst is over now,” he murmurs, letting Jimin adjust once again. “You take me so well, baby,”

Chapter Text

The words wash over Jimin like a blissful wave. He feels himself relax as the simple word ‘baby’ registers in his brain. It’s a delicious word. It’s simple, short, yet contains the power to make Jimin’s insides turn into mush. Not in the fond emotional way, but in the way that makes him relax to the bone and the pain leaves his body all at once. It reminds him he can trust Jungkook to take care of him and that Jungkook won’t hurt him more than he can handle. They remain still between them, none of them moving aside from Jungkook’s hand on Jimin’s back and Jimin trying to calm his breathing to normal. 

“Tell me when you’re ready,” Jungkook murmurs behind him. There is something oddly serene about having Jungkook’s fist up his ass. It’s painful, and it hurts and Jimin doubts it’s something he will ever do again, but there is something nice about the way Jungkook is super careful with him. When they play, it’s usually with pain limits way higher than anyone would ever expect. When they play it’s all about the roughness, the punishments, and the prettiness of the pony Jimin portrays. With fisting, the entire mood is entirely different. It’s extreme and a completely new area to venture into for Jimin, but he adores how Jungkook takes care of him and makes sure he is comfortable. He feels his hole quite literally burn with being stretched so much, but he also feels oddly satisfied with the heavy presence inside him. 

Jimin has absolutely no idea how long they stay in the straw, Jimin on all fours and Jungkook with his hand in Jimin’s personal space and kneeling behind him. But Jimin nods slowly and lowers his head between his shoulders and forces his back muscles to stretch out slightly. Jungkook doesn’t move immediately despite the permission to move, and at first, it’s only a fraction of an inch he moves but it draws a groan from Jimin. His hole is by no means used to this kind of treatment and he is thankful for the light start he is given. Jungkook doesn’t move quick nor does he have large movements and he slowly eases Jimin into the feeling. The older doesn’t really adore the feeling. Despite everything, this is a bit on the extreme side for him. He likes pain, but only on his skin, not tearing him up from the inside. Not like this at least. But he wants to try properly. He is stubborn and he doesn’t want to give up now. He is still clutching on to Jungkook’s car keys almost desperately not to drop them. 

It’ a slow build. It’s hardly a build. There doesn’t seem to be any progress, yet when he thinks back in time, Jungkook hadn’t moved and now he is moving his fist back and forth across the span of one single inch. It’s still almost too much for Jimin to handle though. The build is slow and Jimin appreciates it deeply that Jungkook is taking his time with his adjustment. 

“Fuck, Ji, you take this so well. You are doing so good for me, taking my whole damn fist,” Jungkook breathes behind him, clearly amazed with his skills – and Jimin takes pride in that and the pain is suddenly bearable. If he makes Jungkook proud and amazed with his skills, it’s worth it. When Jungkook pushes his hand in again, Jimin pushes back a little too, making him slightly deeper into him. The sensation quakes Jimin’s body, rattling deep inside his bones. Jimin might not ever do this again, but it’s not completely terrible either. 


The build is slow. Very much so, but Jimin appreciates it. It takes forever, but Jungkook’s fist is moving inside him at a more rapid pace than ever before and his moves are longer than ever before. It actually feels good now. Incredibly so. Jimin is back to leaking against the straw beneath him, his knees are incredibly sore beneath him and Jungkook shows him so no mercy. If Jimin didn’t know better, he would accuse Jungkook of beating up his bladder from the inside. It doesn’t stop Jimin from moaning around his bit and clench his ass around Jungkook’s lower arm and wrist. He doesn’t say anything – can’t say anything – and instead settles for whining around the bit in his mouth. In all honesty, he doesn’t know what he is whining for. More? Less? Something else? He doesn’t know, he just knows it feels good. Incredibly good. From then on, everything happens in a blur. Jungkook’s hand is big enough to make sure it brushes over his prostate with every single move he makes and it doesn’t take long before Jimin’s whole body is strung tight like a bow ready to snap. Jimin is impossibly close to cumming and he doesn’t know how long he can actually fight it off. He doesn’t have permission to cum for Jungkook yet, so he won’t, but it’s damn near impossible not to bust a nut at the treatment he is getting. Jimin’s biggest frustration happens to be the younger man behind him who seems to have no fucking clue how close Jimin is to losing his sanity from the need to cum. And because of the bit in his mouth, Jimin can’t even express his need for permission. He ends up seizing up, his orgasm rolling over him in deep waves. He lowers his head in shame, making himself acknowledge the mess he has made with the cum shot onto the straw underneath him. The hand inside him stills in response and eventually comes to a full stop.

“You did so well, Jimin,” Jungkook praises him and Jimin blinks a little confused. He is supposed to be getting a punishment, not having him praised for cumming without permission. “I’m going to stretch my fingers again so I can get my hand out,” Jungkook says instead of scolding him. The move is quick and less painful than when they had to be curled earlier. It only makes Jimin gasp at the momentary sudden stretch before he calms down again and Jungkook is slowly pulling his hand back out.

Jimin can feel himself gaping. He has been gaping before from being fucked, but he has never been gaping to this extent. He is pretty damn sure it’ll take him days to return to his normal state. He doubts he will even be able to hold anything in. He believes he is going to spend quite a while close to the bathroom for the next few days. His breath hitches when Jungkook’s fingers push into his hole once more, slowly stretching him as wide as he can and Jungkook sounds oddly pleased with what he experiences behind him. 

“You did so well. You took your punishment so well,” Jungkook says before he removes his fingers from Jimin’s ass. “Now, can you try to clench your ass for me?” Jungkook asks. Jimin tries and it feels so weird. His ass is stretched so weirdly and he can’t clench properly, but it’s clenching and nothing hurts terribly. He doesn’t know the functions of fisting, but assumes it has to do with checking nothing broke in the process of being stretched like that, 

“That’s it. You did so well,” Jungkook says and strokes his hands down Jimin’s back, slowly soothing out his muscles from cramping. Jimin likes the gentle strokes that slowly make his body relax until he is so calm that his back sways slightly downward. Jimin feels good now that everything is over and his body is fully relaxed from cumming already and having made Jungkook proud of him. Jungkook reaches out and unfastens the bit from his mouth and the leather drops to the straw, completely messy with saliva. Jimin stretches out his jaw, moving it from side to side and back and forth, getting rid of the sore muscles he has gotten.

“I feel absolutely wrecked,” Jimin admits and Jungkook chuckles behind him. 

“Riding is going to be weird after this. You can relax for the rest of the day. I’m going to do the rest of the work for us today. You already did your share,” Jungkook says. Jimin blinks a little and turns around to look at his master. 

“You’re already here at the farm on your day off…Why would you do my work for me too?” he asks, not following Jungkook’s point at all. 

“Because I literally just had my hand up your ass,” Jungkook responds easily. “Watching you do much more for the rest of the day will be a sight to see, but not something I’d make you do,” Jungkook explains and Jimin can only nod dumbly.

“I’m going to get dressed,” Jimin announces as he shifts his body slightly to get up. Before he has even arranged his legs properly, Jungkook’s hands are below his arms, supporting him into an upright position. Jimin gives him a thankful smile as he is fully aware he won’t be able to stand on his own for at least a little while. Jungkook makes him lean against the barred wall while he collects his clothes around the straw and helps him wear the items one by one. Jimin is extremely thankful for the help he receives from him, realizing he is in no position to do it on his own. His ass feels entirely too weird for him to dare move for too long. He is honestly scared he is going to drop his stomach’s content without warning, and no matter how it’s twisted or turned, that just isn’t a charming thing to do.

He gets dressed fully with help from Jungkook and helped to sit on a straw bale in the hallway. And just like that, Jungkook is working through the rest of his to-do list for the day. All the while, Jimin lets his mind wander. He wonders what had gotten Jungkook worried about him. And even so, why would he almost panic because he doesn’t reply for a while in favor of working? Why is worried enough to actually coming on his day off? Jimin doesn’t understand, but why is Jungkook with him at the farm during the weekend? 


The afternoon ends and Jimin has made sure Jungkook has finished of his things on his to-do list for the day. He wanted to help, but Jungkook ordered him – as his master – to place his ‘sore ass on the damn straw bale and enjoy the fact you can watch someone else do your damn job for once. Stop doing anything and let me do this.’ Jimin, having no other option, obeyed him and guided Jungkook around everything that needed doing in the stables before the day was over. Mrs. Park is surprised when Jungkook enters the kitchen along with him during a weekend and Jimin can only shrug at her questioning gaze. 

“I didn’t call him here. He came on his own,” he says, raising his hands defensively when his father shows up in the doorway too, looking like he is about to complain too. Jimin knows his father will worry about the financial situation if Jungkook spends too much time at the farm. Jungkook is still working and earning his money through the hard labor and Jimin knows they can’t afford to pay him for more days than they already are. Not if Jimin has intentions of riding competitions later on in the year. 

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to be paid for this weekend. I am just here to entertain Jimin for the weekend,” he says. It makes Jimin raise his brows and look at younger curiously but doesn’t question it in front of his parents. 

“I’ll put another plate on the table then,” Mrs. Park says and Jimin and Jungkook heads upstairs to take a shower before they have to eat dinner. Jimin quickly grabs towels and underwear for the two of them and heads to the bathroom where Jungkook is already waiting for him and running the water warm as he undresses. 

Jimin matches after the other and strips down after laying their towels out. Jungkook enters the cubicle first and Jimin follows shortly after. They are pressed between the walls and they take an embarrassing amount of time to figure out how to work around the small space. They end up figuring it out by Jimin grabbing on to Jungkook’s hips and showing him where to stand under the faucet. Jimin in return stands in the indirect spray and waits for Jungkook to get wet. When he reaches for the shampoo, they switch and Jimin places himself under the spray, only to switch back when Jimin needs the shampoo instead. From then on their shower goes smoothly and when they return downstairs they settle down by the table just in time for dinner to be served. Jimin sits with his back slightly arched, his butt a little too sore to sit directly onto the hard seats. No one comments on it, but Jungkook sends him a knowing look before he focuses on the peas on his plate.


“What’s the raunchiest porn you’ve ever watched?” Jungkook reads from his phone. Jimin laughs a little and closes his eyes as he thinks back to the few hours he has spent online.

“Uh…I think one time I saw something with electricity or something. I think it was called something as terrible as Mr. Volt makes her cum or something along those lines. It was ridiculous,” he chuckles. Jungkook gives him a look that proves he is judging him hard. “Oh come on! I was like 15 and curious! It was even before I was gay,” he laughed.

“What’s the hardest drug you’ve done?” Jimin asks from Jungkook’s phone.

“Uh, maybe amphetamine?” He says, not sounding entirely sure. 

“What’s the most degrading thing you’ve ever done during sex?” Jungkook asks, making Jimin purse his lips in thought.

“I think… One time I ground myself off on my partner’s foot? Yeah… That’s about it,” he says, thoughtfully. “I don’t really think they are degrading when I like it, you know?” he says. This game isn’t really funny. The questions are supposed to be weird or challenging limits but Jungkook and he are open to each other. They are supposed to be drinking a shot when they can’t answer a question, but the bottle is untouched still, and they’ve been playing for quite a while.

“Who is the most inappropriate person you’ve ever fantasized about?” Jimin reads after changing the question for the next. 

“Uh wow. Uh. I think just after I left middle school I fantasied about my old Korean teacher,” he says, shrugging lightly. “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done while drunk?” Jimin blinks at the question and once again has to think back a little. 

“I’ve rarely been drunk, but I think I carried people around on my back, claiming to be a unicorn,” he laughs. “What’s the most embarrassing item you’ve ever used to get yourself off?” 

“I think that will have to be… You know… Once upon a time, American Pie were popular movies. That gave me the brilliant idea to steal the pie my mom once made and…yeah… No details should be necessary,” he laughs and Jimin laughs along.

“I can’t believe you’d do something like that,” Jimin laughs and hands the phone back to Jungkook for him to take the next question.

“What’s your most outrageous sexual fantasy?” he asks and Jimin purses his lips.
“Well, since you already know most, I’ll have to say one of the least outrageous ones,” he chuckles. “If I have to get myself off and I don’t really have anything to help me, imagining myself in panties and sheer thigh highs really gets to me,” Jimin chuckles, slightly embarrassed by the confession. “Alright, how many sex toys do you own?” he asks Jungkook in return.

“I can’t even count that much,” he laughs and Jimin doesn’t doubt him. For someone showing up in his farm with equipment for his horse kink, Jimin is absolutely convinced Jungkook has literally everything at home. 

“Now that was boring,” Jimin says as he closes the screen on Jungkook’s screen. “We are still completely sober and we were supposed to be drinking for this game,” he chuckles.

“Let’s try the one for couples instead,”