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Jeongguk didn’t ask for this. He is up late again, checking and rechecking the calorie counts and the basic workouts he had set for his newest trainee. It’s nearing three a.m. and, really, no one in this quiet, cookie cutter neighborhood should be coming home at this hour.

Yet, the tell-tale sound of a car engine being shut off and the small thump! of a door being shut reaches Jeongguk’s ears and he rolls his eyes. His neighbor was obnoxiously loud in everything they did and it pissed Jeongguk off. He was usually asleep by now, on better nights, so his neighbor would always wake him up (Jeongguk is a very light sleeper) with the slam of their bedroom door and the blinding flash of their lights through his sheer curtains.

He continues to add in some more dietary needs as side notes on his trainee’s plan, albeit he’s putting more force on the keys than necessary now. His neighbor slams their door closed like always and Jeongguk rolls his eyes again in annoyance, blatantly not paying any attention to them. Their lights come on and it’s like Jeongguk is passing into the afterlife. He had no lights on and the sudden change blinds him momentarily before his eyes adjust. It’s just his luck that he forgot to close his blinds earlier (and his neighbor conveniently didn’t have any on their own window).

And really, he shouldn’t have looked out the window.

The guy next door starts to yank on his tie, clenched at his throat, before throwing it on the ground. He immediately attacks the buttons of his white dress shirt and slides it off to reveal gorgeously tanned skin and Jeongguk chokes on his spit. He glances down momentarily to really take in the fact that his neighbor is stripping in front of his open window, on full display for Jeongguk. His cheeks tint pink a little and he shyly glances back out and into the other house.

The guy was playing on his phone for a moment, absentmindedly scratching at his soft stomach before throwing the phone somewhere on the bed and reaching for his belt. Jeongguk’s breath catches in his throat and he burrows back against his headrest. He thinks this will make him look inconspicuous, like he’s not really spying on his neighbor.

The pants come off. Jeongguk sighs because surely the guy’s gonna stop there and do the rest in his bathroom or something. Of course, Jeongguk is wrong. The guy grips the hem of his boxers and yanks them down and holy shit now he’s seen more than he wanted to.

Jeongguk stands up abruptly and knocks his computer out of his lap with the force. But he can’t bring himself to care as he heads downstairs for a glass of water. I’m in so much trouble.



“May or may not have witnessed my neighbor stripping in front of me last night.”

“Is this your way of telling me you banged your neighbor?”

“Fucking hell, no,” Jeongguk runs a hand through his hair as he tosses Jimin a death glare.

Jimin just shrugs. “Coulda fooled me.” He continues wiping down some of the machines that litter the empty gym. They’re both here before the place is even open, both of their first trainees having signed up for the 9am slot.

“You remember how my bedroom window faces my neighbor’s?” Jeongguk says after a while.

“Sure,” Jimin says distractedly.

“Well the guy comes home late every night for some reason and I guess he isn’t mindful about the fact that he’s got no blinds or drapes or whatever covering his windows,” Jeongguk says agitatedly. He’s still affected by what happened last night and he doesn’t know how to feel about that.

Jimin looks up at this and raises his eyebrows. “Wait, you were serious? You tellin’ me the kid actually stripped in front of his window?” Jeongguk nods at this. “The whole way?” Another nod. “What the fuck who’s dumb enough to do that shit?”

“Him apparently,” Jeongguk won’t admit that he was secretly turned on during the show. He won’t admit that he’s been thinking about fucking his neighbor, nice and rough, all morning.

“Fuckin’ stupid,” Jimin mumbles before continuing to wipe down a stair climber.

It is stupid. But Jeongguk wouldn’t mind witnessing it again.



Jeongguk knows he really shouldn’t be fucking with his sleep schedule all for some guy. A guy he hasn’t even met properly. He’s not the type to walk up to his neighbor’s doorsteps presenting a plate of cookies and a fake smile just to get on their good side. Jeongguk only moved to this neighborhood because he wanted a nice, big house with a nice, big backyard that his dog could have free reign over.

So, why he finds himself messing around on his computer and constantly checking the dark room across from him just to kill time is beyond his comprehension.

The familiar thud of a car door closing graces his ears and he perks up at the sound. Anticipation and nerves bubble in his gut and he tears his eyes away from his computer screen. Jeongguk immediately dims the brightness of his computer screen but keeps it open. Not thirty seconds later there is a bang across the way and the gorgeous man from last night is stumbling into the room. He’s wearing the same thing he was last night and Jeongguk wonders if it’s a work uniform. The man immediately collapses onto the bed, lying on his back and staring at the ceiling.

He’s got his mouth open, like he’s out of breath from a long run and he stares dazedly up at the ceiling light for another moment before throwing his arm over his eyes. He stays like that for a long time and Jeongguk slowly wonders why he’s still up. The guy looks like he fell asleep and Jeongguk is about to call it a night when he gets up suddenly.

He starts tugging at his tie and Jeongguk stops trying to get comfy under his covers to just…stare. The man grabs at the belt and works it out of the loops before undoing his slacks and sliding them down his honey-colored legs. And damn does Jeongguk ogle. The guy has such soft skin, Jeongguk can tell from his position on his bed and he just wants to run his tongue up the inside of the guy’s thighs, taste the skin.

He works at his shirt next but only unbuttons it a couple notches before going into his bathroom and Jeongguk fights the disappointment plaguing his mind. He finally lays down fully on his bed, having been propped up on his elbows in an awkward manner that was twisting his body at an odd angle.

Jeongguk stares at his dark ceiling. He considers himself a very self-controlled man, nothing gets to him usually. Especially people. He never lets them get close enough to leave a mark.

And yet, here he is, contemplating his life choices as his neighbor comes back into his room and Jeongguk has never sat up faster in bed. The man had changed into a baggy sweater and just his boxers and he looks impossibly soft. Jeongguk feels his heart skip a bit at the sight. The guy ruffles his hair and pulls the covers away from the bed and slips in. He shuts off his lights with a clap of his hand and Jeongguk can’t help the snort that escapes from his lips. Who has clap on/clap off lights anymore?

He sits there for a minute more before burrowing into his blankets and letting out a deep sigh, questioning just what the hell he is doing.



Kim Taehyung is not a stupid man.

He realized he was being watched maybe a week in to the month of February. He’d only moved in two months prior and had been working every waking moment since he arrived. His day job at the coffee shop ended with two hours to spare until he had to be at the bar for his nightly shift. The only reason he was able to afford this house was because of his 24/7 work life. Even so, he’d been saving for years.

Taehyung was eager to move out of the city and live a semi-normal life. Mainly he just wanted to get away from his parents and overprotective older brother and his brother’s even more overbearing husband. Everyone always seemed to be breathing down his neck and that was one thing he could not stand.

Hoseok had helped him find some stable jobs in the area that would keep him on his feet. When Taehyung saw the house up for sale, he snatched it up without a moment’s hesitation. He loves the idea of owning his own home, even if there was no one to share it with him. Taehyung was enamored with the thought that the only person he needed to take care of was himself.

It had been another hard night at the bar; the drunks becoming so loud and abundant that Taehyung had to ask a few to leave the establishment. He considered himself a fairly nice person, a fairly considerate person. Taehyung was only looking out for the other customers. So why some six-foot junkie that had clearly had too many drinks decided to throw his half-finished glass of scotch in Taehyung’s face is beyond him.

Taehyung had had to run to the back to wipe off the liquid with a dirty dish towel before taking a moment to recollect his thoughts. So, all he really wanted to do when he got home was go to bed.

But Taehyung has half a mind to change out of his work clothes before just flinging himself onto the sheets. He starts undoing his tie knot when he sees it. A flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye. He stills his hands for second and steals a small peek out of his window.

Somewhere, in the dark of his neighbor’s house, someone shifts. He takes in the similar layout of a bedroom and the giant king-sized bed directly in front of his neighbor’s window. They’ve got their lights dimmed way down low but Taehyung can make out the other man sitting idly on the bed with his computer placed in his lap. He can’t see his face very well but Taehyung knows the man’s eyes are on him. He smirks slightly before looking down at his tie again.

Taehyung has always been confident in his looks. He’s been told he is attractive by many people, guys and girls, and it boosts his self-esteem tenfold each time another person swings a compliment his way.

To say the least, he isn’t surprised that his neighbor’s been staring at him for God knows how long. For goodness sake, he’s shameless enough to not have even thought about putting blinds on his window.

Taehyung walks into his bathroom after throwing his tie carelessly on the floor. He smiles to himself at the possible disappointment the man across the way must be feeling. Taehyung has seen the guy around a couple mornings before. It’s always when Taehyung is locking up his front door and the other is getting into his car. He’s intimidatingly attractive and Taehyung would be lying to himself if he said he wasn’t interested.

He finishes getting ready for bed, pulling a sweater over his head and leaving just his boxers on. Taehyung brushes his teeth absentmindedly. He almost feels honored that this guy finds him good looking what with his own appearance.

Taehyung turns off his lights as soon as he enters his room and finds his way to the edge of his bed easily. No extra show for you tonight, he smiles to himself. He’s got to be at the café by 9 tomorrow morning and he thanks his boss for starting him later.

He buries his face in his comforter and fights the smile about to overtake his features. The possibility of seeing his neighbor up close in the morning is enough to keep him up and planning his next move. Because Taehyung has to show the guy he’s interested or else this would be no fun.



Jeongguk leaves his house at various times throughout the week. Sometimes early in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day. Today is an early start—his least favorite. Min Yoongi, the yoga instructor at his workplace, had asked him to come in and fill in for his 9am class because he was off doing fuck knows what. Jeongguk wants to slit his own throat on days like this but at least he’s got his coffee.

He shrugs his gym bag over his shoulder and grabs his keys out of the bowl. The early morning air chills his skin through the thin material of his pullover and he shivers involuntarily as he locks up. Jeongguk steps off his porch and squints at the soft morning light as he approaches his car. He catches movement from out of the corner of his eye and looks over to catch his neighbor hurrying over to his own car.

He freezes in place. Jeongguk has never caught the man at this hour and whenever he comes home, the guy’s car is still gone.

The man must feel eyes on him because he glances up with wide eyes from where he was fidgeting with his cardigan. They lock gazes for a moment, Jeongguk takes in the man’s casual clothes and sighs at how soft he looks with the morning light hitting his chocolate brown hair like that. Fuck.

Jeongguk feels heat creeping up his neck when he realizes he’s been staring for too long. To his horror, the other man has the audacity to wink at him and smile a little too knowingly for Jeongguk’s taste. Not one for confrontation, he quickly turns back to his car door and presses the button on his keys forcefully before getting in and speeding off.

Taehyung stays rooted to his spot across the grassy expanse that separates their houses for a good minute. He laughs softly before opening his car door and sliding into the seat and starting the ignition. It takes him a moment to compose himself. The man was dressed like he was going to the gym, his shorts riding up just enough to give Taehyung a blessed view of his thighs. God, how he’d kill to run his hands up them and feel all that tense muscle ripple underneath his palms. His cock twitches slightly just thinking about it and Taehyung feels his neck get hot.

He quickly backs out of his driveway and heads for the exit of the neighborhood, trying to shake the thoughts out of his head before he gets too excited. Taehyung was going to have to step up his game if he was going to get his message across to Muscle Man next door.



“I think he knows.”

“Who?” Jimin asks. He’s currently bent over the front desk, putting in next month’s classes onto the member calendar.

“My neighbor,” Jeongguk says. He’s staring off into space out the window. His hands are curled into fists against the tabletop and he keeps scraping his index finger against the side of his thumb. A nervous habit Jeongguk picked up from Yoongi.

“About what exactly?” Jimin looks up carefully. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to know and now Jeongguk is regretting speaking up. “Jeongguk…”


“No,” Jimin gives him the Look™ and Jeongguk’s shoulders sag.

“I know, I know,” he sighs and waves his hand at Jimin dismissively. Memories from two mornings ago flood back to him suddenly and a pang in his gut has him turning to Jimin again. “I saw him outside our houses a couple days ago.” Jimin raises his eyebrows. “He winked at me.”

“I mean, not gonna lie,” Jimin starts. “You’re, like, really built dude. I don’t blame him if he wants a piece of that man candy. But, I don’t know, be careful? You don’t know a thing about this guy. What if he’s a serial killer?”

“I’d still suck his dick.”

“Bud…” Jimin gives him a pleading look. “Stop yourself. I don’t wanna hear your fuckin’ wet dreams.”

“Just saying,” Jeongguk picks at his nails absentmindedly. He doesn’t want to look Jimin in the eye. “If you saw him you’d probably be the same. The dude’s so fucking gorgeous. All big, bright eyes and soft body. And his fucking hands,” Jeongguk groans and smacks his forehead against the counter.

“Jeez bro, why don’t you just ask him to fuck? Seems like he might be down anyway,” Jimin says and goes back to his fancy calligraphy work on the calendar.

“It’s not that easy.”

“Isn’t it?”



The following night sees Jeongguk standing in front of his bathroom mirror. His hands grip the sink with conviction as he stares his reflection down. It’s past three in the morning and he has yet to hear the familiar close of a bedroom door. He’s willing himself not to go into his room yet, thoughts about that Cheshire grin and slow wink from several mornings ago resurface and Jeongguk gets a nervous knot tying up in his stomach.

He sighs before pushing off the counter and turning on the faucet. The cold water refreshes him and he rubs his hands slowly over his face a couple times. Jeongguk shuts off the water and grabs blindly for a washcloth on a nearby rack.

He lumbers into his room and pulls back the covers of his bed. Maybe he would fall asleep before the man even came home tonight. He didn’t have to be at the gym until the afternoon tomorrow anyway, meaning he could sleep in as long as he wanted. As he’s about to get in though, there is a resounding bang in the house across from his and he promptly freezes in place like he just got spotted by the police.

He steals a glance at his window and involuntarily chokes because tonight, his neighbor is wasting no time in undressing.

The tie has already been slipped off of his pretty neck, shirt unbuttoned half way down his torso. A light sweat breaks out along Jeongguk’s temple and he grinds his teeth together. His fingers tighten around the sheets unconsciously as the man goes for his slacks.

He slides them off his legs in one smooth sweep and stands facing his bathroom for a minute. His mouth is agape as he rakes a hand through his hair and Jeongguk takes in his glorious form. Slim, long legs and a torso he wishes he could run his hands down. His hair falls back against his forehead and Jeongguk notices how well the cut fits his face, the silky strands gleaming under the warm glow of the overhead light. Standing in just his boxers, his neighbor is a god and all Jeongguk wants to do is get down on his knees and worship him.

Then the man looks through his window. Straight at Jeongguk. A slow smile pulls at the corners of his mouth and he bites his lip in such a way that it should be considered illegal. Jeongguk’s mouth runs dry as he watches him bring a hand up to his neck, tipping his head back as he slides it down his collarbones, his chest, his stomach, before stopping at the hem of his navy-blue boxers. He thumbs at it a couple times before dropping his hand down at his side.

Jeongguk’s expression must be priceless because he sees the other man chuckle soundlessly. After a moment, he quirks his head to one side and gives Jeongguk a pointed look. A message.

Your move.

Jeongguk blinks at him dumbly for a few moments and the man smirks. He saunters off into the recesses of his bathroom and closes the door behind him. Jeongguk stands by for several minutes, seemingly not being able to pull his gaze away from the closed bathroom door. He feels winded of all things and he wonders when he had gone out in search of a good lay last. Seriously, he’s here trying to catch his breath after watching a guy strip. Would he be dripping pre-come by just kissing the guy? He’s never been so bothered by anyone in his life and it agitates him.

He had been caught. Jeongguk wonders how long his neighbor’s known he’s been watching him and he feels like punching himself. Of course he’d get found out eventually (Jeongguk likes to think he’s good at being stealthy but he’d honestly make the worst spy with his lack of skills).

But the man had also put on a blatant show for Jeongguk. There was no doubt in his mind that he was interested in Jeongguk. Maybe not just as badly but he was willing to play. And Jeongguk has never backed down from a challenge before, his competitive streak wouldn’t allow it.

As he slides under his covers and pulls the blankets up over his head, Jeongguk smiles to himself.

Game on.



The steam rises around him as the hot water dowses Jeongguk’s skin. He’d gotten home late, Jimin and Hoseok having dragged him out for drinks and barbeque. Jeongguk is never one to turn down meat, especially when the hyungs were paying. He stares into space as he mindlessly washes his skin clean, he can’t help his mind wandering a bit. It’s plagued with thoughts of his honey skinned neighbor, probably more heightened by the amount of alcohol he drank tonight. Hoseok doesn’t mess around with his drinks, when he’s looking to get wasted he brings everyone down with him.

Jeongguk isn’t complaining however. He’s got the day off tomorrow and he plans to sleep for the majority of it. Work had been hard this week. His trainees were tougher than he originally thought and he’d had to coax one of them into continuing with his training. All of the early morning starts didn’t help either. Yoongi kept flaking out on his yoga classes and Jeongguk has an underlying suspicion that he’s been secretly meeting Hoseok for coffee at the nearby shop. He was always a bit softer around the man, like a cat basking in the warmth of the sun.

Jeongguk shuts off the water and steps out of the stall. His hair hangs over his eyes and he sweeps it up with a hand before grabbing his towel off the nearby rack. His phone is on the counter and he wakes it to check the time. A smirk graces his features, just past 2:30 AM. He had planned this perfectly, conveniently forgetting to grab clothes before coming in here.

Jeongguk wraps the towel low around his waist. If he’s going to show off, he’s got to do it as seductively as he can. He sits on his toilet seat and waits for the other man to arrive. It’s a good fifteen minutes before he does but it isn’t like Jeongguk’s keeping track. He stands up and heaves in a big breath, lets it out loudly. Showtime.

Jeongguk stalks out of the bathroom just as his neighbor enters his room. He’s got all of his lights on tonight, if his neighbor wanted the full effect, he was going to give it to him. He crosses to the other side of his bed in slow strides, taking his time so the other can get an eyeful. Once he reaches his wooden dresser, his back is to the window. Jeongguk can feel eyes on him and he smiles to himself because the gaze is piercing his spine. Payback, bitch.

He quickly grabs a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and closes the drawer softly. He can see the man out of the corner of his eye as he approaches the window. It looks like he hasn’t moved an inch since he stepped over the threshold and Jeongguk stifles a laugh. My how the tables have turned.

He stops right in front of the window, a hand coming up to scratch at the back of his neck nonchalantly as he peers up under hooded eyelids. The man is utterly stunned and looks on with wide eyes and an open mouth. Jeongguk watches on as he drinks in his arms (purposefully being flexed because why the hell not), his toned calves, his six pack that he’s worked so hard to maintain. Jeongguk retracts his hand finally and smirks at the guy. He pouts at Jeongguk, who thinks it’s cute, almost like he wants him to keep posing for him. But Jeongguk isn’t a man of haste. He smooths a hand across his stomach, his other hand stationed on his towel. The man’s eyes light up in delight which makes Jeongguk laugh. He drops his hands and smiles one last time at the man before exiting.

You don’t get that yet, sweetheart.



They continue this for a couple weeks. A casual back and forth, cat and mouse ordeal of who can rile the other up more. And while Taehyung admits, this is quite fun, he decides to step it up a notch.

For once, Taehyung is home first. He notices the other’s car is absent in the driveway and he smiles snidely to himself, he doesn’t know how much time he’s got but he’s willing to wait all night. He strides into his dark home and hastily turns on a few lights in the kitchen, decides to fix himself a quick dinner and pulls out a cup of ramen.

Seokjin would scold him if he saw this, but his brother’s husband isn’t present at the moment and he’s hungry.

After slurping down the noodles and a glass of water, Taehyung climbs the stairs to his room and sheds his clothes almost immediately upon entering. He glances at the clock on his nightstand. 2:44 AM. He’s not normally this late. Where could the Muscle Man be?

Taehyung is just in his boxers now and he decides to hang out with his phone until the other comes home. It’s a good hour before he hears the muffled humming of a car and his ears perk up excitedly. He drops his phone in the sheets and stands up to peel his boxers off. Taehyung kicks them off to the side and goes to sit on the edge of his bed, staring down the dark room across the way.

He strokes himself idly while waiting for his neighbor to come in, feels himself getting harder by the second. Seconds later, the lights come on and there he is, he hasn’t noticed Taehyung yet but Taehyung knows he can’t be missed. The man stumbles over to his bed and glances absentmindedly through his window. He immediately does a double take.

Taehyung leans his head back as his hand picks up the pace on his cock. He lets his mouth drop open and his tongue glides over his plump bottom lip.

“Ah…” he sighs as he pushes his thumb into the slit. God, he wishes Muscle Man could hear him (God, Jeongguk wishes he could hear him).

Taehyung’s got his free hand perched behind him on the bed, supporting his weight as he pumps his length faster. He’s got his eyes closed, thinking about his neighbor’s golden abs and toned ass. He wants to drag his tongue through the guy’s prominent V lines, play with his fucking ear piercings.

“Mmph..” Taehyung feels himself getting close, his strokes become more and more erratic until he’s spilling onto his fingers. His breath has gotten ragged and he blinks his eyes open slowly. Taehyung stares at his ceiling for a moment and then sits back up.

His neighbor’s chest is heaving as he stares at Taehyung intensely. Taehyung smirks, a chuckle escaping his mouth. He brings his come-covered hand up to his lips and sucks indulgently on each digit until his hand is all clean. The other man is practically glaring at him now and Taehyung thinks it’s a job well done. He stands up leisurely and salutes his neighbor, then stalks out of the bedroom.


Jeongguk cannot seem to catch his breath and it is a problem. He came home from the bar and was hoping to go straight to bed, maybe jack off in the shower to the thought of his neighbor if he was feeling up to it. But those thoughts flew out the window when he saw the other man, perched on his bed with one hand behind his back and his head toward the ceiling, a hand sliding up and down his dick lazily.

Jeongguk’s mouth had gone dry. They had kept it pretty lowkey the past couple weeks, a few strip teases here and there and a lot of ogling. Jeongguk had been okay with this, of course he wanted more but he wasn’t going to ask for it.

And now, as if reading his mind, his neighbor had gone and done the unthinkable. The thing Jeongguk was too scared to even attempt. This guy was shameless as fuck.

How am I going to top this?

Jeongguk stands in front of his window dumbfounded. He’s willing his neighbor to come back and invite him over but the man has disappeared into another section of his house, Jeongguk knows he isn’t planning on coming back any time soon.

A low growl of agitation rips out of Jeongguk’s throat as he stalks into his bathroom. He yanks his t-shirt over his head and tugs off his pants, stepping into the shower and turning the water on full blast. He’s hard, achingly so, he grabs his length and starts pumping himself at a fast rate. He’s got the image of the other man’s thighs spread out on his bed and he moans as his head thumps softly against the shower tile. His neighbor had left nothing to the imagination, sitting like that, and Jeongguk is fucking perishing because of it. He grips his cock a little tighter and he can feel the heat build in his stomach. One, two, three pumps and he comes all over his fingers, eyes squeezed shut and his breaths labored. It takes him a moment to properly collect himself; he can still picture the man splayed on his bed, licking his own come off his fingers with that signature smirk. Jeongguk’s fist slams into tiles next to his head in agitation.

Dammit, pretty boy.



Jeongguk gets home early. It’s a rare occurrence on weekends because his trainees like to start late and get done even later. Jeongguk doesn’t mind but it’s upsetting when sometimes all he really wants to do is go out with the hyungs and get drunk after a good long week of work.

Yet, here he is. Lumbering into his bedroom on heavy feet and collapsing onto his bed with a great sigh of relief. He doesn’t work tomorrow, and it is a blessing he has come to cherish.

He lays there for a while before finally deciding to get up, eager to change out of his gross gym shorts and t-shirt and into something comfier and fit for the cold weather.

And as soon as he sits up, his eyes glide up to the sign his neighbor has taped to his window. Jeongguk stops fidgeting with the zipper on his jacket and takes in the message he wrote out in the messiest handwriting Jeongguk has ever witnessed (he’s used to Jimin’s neat characters he prints onto the whiteboard calendar at the gym).


The sign reads. Below that is a combination of scrambled digits. Jeongguk whips out his phone faster than he can do a pull up and opens his contacts tab, hitting the plus symbol in the top right corner and punching in the number. He goes to add a name when he realizes he doesn’t have one. He looks up from his screen and thinks for a minute, his eyes immediately drawn to the dark bedroom across from his. A grin spreads across his face. He puts the number under the name of Pretty Boy and collapses back onto his covers, momentarily forgetting his plan of changing clothes in the rush of finally getting his neighbor’s number.

He raises his phone over his face and goes to text the man when he stops. Jeongguk is suddenly wracked with nerves. They haven’t even spoken to each other and he seems to realize what a big step this is. He has no idea how to even start the conversation and his sudden cold feet leave him getting up to change and leave his phone behind.



Taehyung is serving an elderly man his usual black coffee over at the café when he feels the buzz of his phone inside his apron. He doesn’t know why but he just knows that it isn’t going to be Hoseok or Namjoon or even Seokjin checking up on him and he is suddenly giddy with excitement. Maybe Muscle Man took his incentive and is finally texting him.

Taehyung knew he was taking a rather huge leap in putting his number on his window, but he really liked his neighbor and felt the need to take things even further than he already had. In the past two weeks, he had been teasing the other man by jerking off in front of him and even staving off his orgasm a couple times just to keep his neighbor restless. Unfortunately, his neighbor seemed too shy to retaliate and he was on a mission to get the other man to break. While it was all fun and games to watch the other man struggle, he wanted to feel the same.

Thankfully, his manager came up to him after the man was given his coffee and told him to go on break. Taehyung nods curtly and all but sprints to the break room to whip out his phone and check the text. And God bless, he was right.




would this be my next-door neighbor???? :)


Um yes.


nice of you to finally text me. been waiting all day

Muscle Man:


I'm not really good with messaging people.


ah thats okay! youre doing just fine :)

when are you done with work today?????

Muscle Man:


What about you?


late :( probably the same as usual but maybe you could entertain me while i work??

Taehyung knew it was a risk, but he had to try and flirt to get the ball rolling. He could tell Muscle Man wasn’t going to start anything, either out of shyness or nervousness Taehyung wasn’t sure. The reply didn’t come until about five minutes later when Taehyung was getting up to clock back in.

Muscle Man:

What kind of entertainment are we talking here?

Taehyung smiled cheekily. Now they were getting somewhere.


hmm i could think of a few different options...

(A couple miles away, Jeongguk is swallowing thickly, trying to tamp down the heat that is starting to burn in his stomach. Jimin would be cackling if he saw him like this.)

Taehyung feels the buzz a few minutes later but unfortunately, he’s back on shift and exempt from checking it. The hours drone on and on, slow and slower.

Finally, he is released from the confines of his black apron a little later into the night and free to move onto the bar across town to start his next shift.

He’s sliding his arm through his jacket sleeve and drawing the gigantic hood over his head when he remembers the text and quickly fishes his phone out of his back pocket.  

Muscle Man:

Why do you work so late?

Taehyung maybe pouts a little. A switch from their previous topic is not what he wanted but he must’ve made his neighbor nervous. The air outside is brisk if not a bit unforgiving at this time of night. Taehyung thinks about waving down a taxi just to be wrapped in warmth a little earlier but trudges to the nearby bus station and checks the printed schedule stuck to the post. He has about ten minutes and he makes a noise of disgust, shivering in the dark next to a sharp looking businessman in a long coat. He didn’t bother with his car today because he knew he needed to fill up on gas and he was way too lazy this morning to go to the nearest station. He figures Hoseok will come by soon enough and do it for him. He was nice like that.


i work at a cafe in the day and a bar at night so my shift for that doesnt end until really late

but work is work ya know

The bus arrives a little earlier than expected and Taehyung brightens considerably because of it. He pays the small fee before snagging a seat in the middle. It’s not as crowded today he notices and is secretly thankful no one takes the seat directly next to him. The days are starting to get longer again, sunlight overlapping into the later hours as the trees are sprouting flowers once again. Taehyung finds delight in this. He’d take warmer weather over the snowy Seoul conditions during winter any day.

He doesn’t get a response until an hour into his shift. He checks the time on the clock at the back of the bar and notices it’s nearly nine o’clock. His boss had given him a surprisingly short shift. He sprung the idea on Taehyung upon his arrival and Taehyung isn’t complaining. He ends at 11:30 instead of 1 now and he finds he’s already itching to get home.

Muscle Man:

Hm, maybe I'll have to visit you at this bar some time. Make your shift worth your while.

Taehyung’s heart leaps into his throat and he chokes on his spit a little. God, is he affected by that last sentence, the semblance of a double meaning making him giddy with excitement. His neighbor was insinuating that he wanted to spend time with him, albeit at his workplace but still.


you should totally come by!!

Thank fuck his boss wasn’t a hardass about using his phone during work. Taehyung still only pulled it out when he wasn’t tending to the patrons, but he liked the freedom of getting to check his texts under the bar.

Muscle Man:

Gonna be a little late coming home tonight, got dragged out for drinks.


:( aww i get off at 11:30

Muscle Man:

I'll make sure we don't stay out that late then.

Taehyung can’t help the smile that creeps across his face. He feels like a blushing school girl with how much this guy’s subtle comments affect him but he couldn’t care less.


aw thanks sweetheart

so what do you do for a job? i see you leaving early on some days

Taehyung doesn’t want to push his neighbor into anything he isn’t comfortable with. He seems very shy from what Taehyung has gathered over the past couple of months but every so often this confidence will come out of nowhere and slap Taehyung across the face. He fucking loves it. Hopes to see more of it.

Also, Taehyung kind of wants to get to know his neighbor, not just fuck him (even though that’s the first thing on his agenda). He won’t admit this outright to himself just yet because he’s a teensy bit fearful that that idea won’t be reciprocated but he figures he’ll give it a shot in the time being.

Muscle Man:

I'm a personal trainer at the gym downtown.

Taehyung’s mouth waters just a bit. He knew his neighbor must do something related to working out, but he never thought of that. The idea of him showing Taehyung how to use the different machines at the gym and demonstrating certain exercises crosses his mind and he feels his skin heating up. Taehyung isn’t one for physical fitness, but the idea of working out with his neighbor is starting to convince him he should get into it.


so thats why youre so buff

The customers are filtering in steadily now and Taehyung knows that he won’t be able to check his phone until his shift ends. The rowdier crowds have shown up, some of their regulars, and he’s going to have his hands full. He sighs before fitting the metal object into his back pocket.

He doesn’t feel it buzz again until his shift is about to end. It surprises him for a second before he remembers that his neighbor is out drinking with his buddies and thus having a way better night than Taehyung. The guy taking over for him heads over and flicks his head back to signal that Taehyung is free to go and he sighs in relief. The customers in the back booth were starting to yell and throw their drinks around and he didn’t want to deal with that shit.

Taehyung grabs his hoodie off the hooks in the break room and waves goodbye to his boss, pulling the hood over his head once again and setting out into the night. This time the bus stop is occupied by a strange man with his coat collar stuck up, covering the majority of his face as he sinks his head into the neck of it for warmth. The area the bar’s located in isn’t the safest and Taehyung prays the bus will come quick.

When he gets home, he notices his neighbor’s driveway is void of any vehicles. He wonders when he’ll be coming home tonight even though Taehyung is certain he will be waiting up for him regardless. He heads directly for his bedroom upstairs upon entering the house and supposes he may as well lounge around on his bed while he waits. His phone was always good company in these times of loneliness.

He clicks the button on the side only to realize he forgot about the text his neighbor sent him and immediately swipes right to open it.

Muscle Man:

yeah haha

A man of so little words.


when are you getting back

im bored

Taehyung hopes this conveys what he’s really implying. The response comes almost instantaneously.

Muscle Man:

I'm on my way now jeez be patient.

Taehyung scoffs.


youre making me wait so long tho. maybe i should just start without you

Muscle Man:

Don't you fucking dare.

Taehyung smirks before replying.


then you better hurry sweetheart

His neighbor leaves him on read and Taehyung sighs, knowing he’s probably driving. And he’d rather have the man in one piece than not at all. To fill the time, he starts rubbing the front of his pants. He thinks about the last time he did something with his neighbor. Teasing him again by fingering himself this time. Boy, Taehyung lost it when the other man gave him that look, a mix between a smirk and an edging as if to say, go on, finish yourself.

Taehyung groans as he feels his cock get harder under the fabric. He shucks off his pants and kicks them off the foot of his bed before going to palm the growing wet spot at the front of his boxers. The sound of a car door slamming outside gets him out of his reverie and sitting up.

Muscle Man:


Better not have touched yourself.


and what if i did??

Muscle Man:

Then you can't come until I do.

Bad boys don't deserve that.

Taehyung’s mouth runs dry. The alcohol must have really done a number on him. Or maybe he wants this as much as I do right now, Taehyung thinks.

Before Taehyung can reply, the door of his neighbor’s bedroom flies open and he can hear it ricochet off the wall from where he’s sitting on the edge of his bed. His neighbor has an intense glare on his face as he sizes Taehyung up. His eyes linger on the hardness most likely protruding between Taehyung’s legs and he slowly shakes his head as he glances back up at Taehyung. Taehyung gulps around the lump in his throat. Fuck, he’s in trouble.

His neighbor pulls out his phone again and types something that Taehyung feels a second later when his phone buzzes beside him.

Muscle Man:

Seems you didn't listen to me.


who saif i had to?

Muscle Man:

Careful now.

Take your boxers off and stroke yourself real slow.


what about you honey?? arent you gonnna strip fpr me?

Muscle Man:

You haven't earned that luxury yet.

Taehyung swears that makes his cock ache even more. He hadn’t expected this level of dominance but he isn’t complaining.

He complies easily, keeping steady eye contact with his neighbor as he shrugs out of his boxers and lies them next to his slacks. He grabs his dick and hisses from the sensitivity but strokes himself nonetheless.

His neighbor strolls back to his bed and unbuckles his belt as he goes. Taehyung’s hips jump in excitement. His neighbor chuckles when he notices and Taehyung’s ears flair red in a short burst of embarrassment.

The other man takes off his jeans at an agonizingly slow pace and Taehyung feels a growl rip through his throat in frustration.

Muscle Man:

Lie back against your headrest for me.

Taehyung scoots back until his spine hits the wooden headrest. He sees the other man do the same and pick up his phone again.

Muscle Man:

Man you've been driving me crazy all night

Couldn't stop thinking about your soft thighs

How much I wanna sink my teeth into them

Taehyung sucks a breath in between his teeth and goes to grip his cock again before an angry buzz snags his attention.

Muscle Man:

I didn't say to continue


you cant jsut say shit like tthat and starve me of what i need

you havnt even taken your boxers off

somthng your waiting for???

Taehyung glances up to find his neighbor glaring at him, his tongue poking at his cheek almost aggressively. Taehyung snickers.


hmmm maybe you need some incentive??

i bet my mouth would look great wrappd around your cock

wouldnt you like that??

Muscle Man:

How would you take my cock pretty boy?


anyway you want me to sweetheart

ill let you fuck my mouth, come down my throat

Taehyung’s gaze slides up from his screen and he takes in the sight of his neighbor rubbing the heel of his hand against the bulge in his boxers. He’s already staring heavily at Taehyung with his mouth slightly open.

Muscle Man:

You wouldn't be able to speak the next day if I fucked your mouth


whosaid i cared

Muscle Man:

Careful. May have to come over there and spank you


maybe id enjoy it

but lets not strayy from the topic, love

Muscle Man:

Which wass?


dont be coy

mmm you mentioned biting my thighs???

Muscle Man:

Indeed I did.

Id bit that ass of yours too

So fucking perky

And youre a kinky fuck so I bet youd enjoy it


fuckyeah i would

take your boxers off already i wanna see you

Taehyung takes his bottom lip between his teeth as he watches his neighbor watch him for a moment. Finally, he decides now’s the fucking time to get the show on the road (it was like three weeks ago to Taehyung).

Taehyung feels a shiver wrack his body when his neighbors cock springs free from the confines of his boxers and rests against his stomach. He’s big and Taehyung sighs absentmindedly.


fuck youre big

bet youd fill me up so wellll

Muscle Man:



hell yeah

wanna sit in your lap

suck on your tongue as you fuck into me

Muscle Man:

Stroke yourself for me again


god you too

They both close their fists around their erections. A groan leaves Taehyung’s lips at the sight ahead of him. His neighbor is resting his head back against the metal frame as his gaze pierces Taehyung through hooded eyes.


cann i callyou

Muscle Man:


Taehyung taps on the guy’s number and watches as the other man picks up after the first ring, a heavy breath filtering through the receiver.

“Fuck, you sound so sexy right now,” Taehyung sighs.

The other man chuckles softly. “Same to you, pretty boy. Your voice is deeper than I expected.”

Taehyung snorts, he gets this a lot. “It’s nice, right? Be fuckin’ wrecked after you fucked me.”

His neighbor hums. “You’d take my cock so well. Fit so snug into that tight ass of yours. Slow your pace down for me, you still can’t come before me.”

Taehyung whimpers slightly but relents to his neighbor’s wishes.

“What’s your name, pretty boy?”

“Taehyung. How about you, muscle man?”


Taehyung smiles softly. He finally has a name to go with the face. After months. “Are you close, Jeongguk?”

“Fuck, the way you say my name. Wanna hear you moan it,” Jeongguk replies gutturally.

“All in due time, sweetheart. You have to come first remember?” Taehyung says as he keeps his eyes trained through the window next door. “Jeongguk, don’t you want to come for me?”

Jeongguk groans on the other side of the line and Taehyung quickens his hand unthinkingly.

“Taehyung,” Jeongguk starts. “Taehyung I-” There’s a low moan that breaks through the line and Taehyung loses his goddamn breath at the sound of it. When he looks up, he can just barely make out the come staining Jeongguk’s torso but it’s enough to have him pleading for release.

Jeongguk, please, let me come,” he whines.

“Moan my name, pretty boy.”

Taehyung spills a cry of Jeongguk’s name into the receiver just like he asked when he comes a second later. He helps himself through the aftershocks as silence plagues the line.

“Well, I should probably clean up,” Jeongguk says a little awkwardly after a minute or two. “But uh, we should do this again. Or you know- actually-”

“Fuck?” Taehyung finishes. He laughs breathlessly. “Yes, we should. Some time. That would be nice, Jeongguk.” And he sends Jeongguk an exaggerated wink for effect (Jeongguk tries really hard not to fucking blush).

They stare at each other through their windows for a few minutes before-

“Goodnight, Taehyung.”

“Goodnight, Jeongguk.”



“His name is Taehyung.”

Jimin’s head shoots up from where it was previously situated on a yoga mat. He and Jeongguk had taken one of Yoongi’s yoga classes to fill the gap between their training sessions. Jimin was feeling a bit lethargic after ending in the corpse pose.

“Who’s?” He inquires after Jeongguk doesn’t stop rolling up his mat to elaborate.

“My neighbor,” Jeongguk still doesn’t look at him and Jimin sighs.

“You’re talking to him now?”

“We text, occasionally,” Jeongguk stands up and walks over to him, offering him a hand. Jimin takes it and gets into a standing position.

“Oh? How long has this been going on?” Jimin bends down to roll up his own mat.

“A couple weeks. It’s kind of nice actually,” Jeongguk smiles to himself. They had kept in contact frequently. Taehyung would ask him questions out of the blue that ended up being the highlight of most of his days. They had also been sexting quite a bit too, Taehyung was so impatient and it had Jeongguk skipping out on drinks with Hoseok and Jimin more and more in favor of making Taehyung beg for release.

They had still yet to actually invite one another over to properly fuck and Jeongguk doesn’t know what Taehyung’s excuse is but Jeongguk is nervous as hell. The other man has always had that effect on him and Jeongguk doesn’t think that will change any time soon.

Jimin nods along as he rolls up his yoga mat. “You gonna make a move?”

Jeongguk stills for a moment, contemplating. After a minute, he shrugs. “If he wants me to.”

“Judging by how much you’ve been glowing recently, I’d say he definitely wants you to.”

Jeongguk smiles sheepishly as he holds the door open for Jimin. “I need to find the right time. Just hasn’t come up yet.”

“When is there not a right time to fuck? God, you’re more romantic than I pegged you to be,” Jimin shakes his head as they make their way to the locker rooms.

Jeongguk scoffs but doesn’t argue with him. Jimin thinks this says a lot.



Jeongguk hangs his head over the counter of the bar. He’s cradling his drink in his loose grip and he shakes it a bit just to enjoy the clinking of the ice cubes when they run into each other. He’s feeling a little buzzed at this point, going on his third or fourth drink. He hasn’t really kept track.

The bar is unfamiliar. He normally doesn’t hit up this side of town but Yoongi had recommended it. Said he had come with Hoseok one night to which Jeongguk sent him a suggestive eyebrow raise and smirk. Yoongi had promptly smooshed his hand into his face with such force that Jeongguk felt his jaw shift.

Jeongguk usually isn’t one for drinking alone. He prefers small groups since he can count on at least one person to get him home if he decides to get hammered. But no one was free and with how the past week had gone, Jeongguk deserved this. Yoongi had probably stolen Hoseok for the night and Jimin said he “just wasn’t feeling it” so here Jeongguk was.

The bar is rowdy. Jeongguk hates it. He’s thinking about leaving and goes to ask for his bill when he looks up and straight into Taehyung’s eyes.

“Jeongguk?” Taehyung looks as bewildered as Jeongguk feels and they just stare at each other before Jeongguk clears his throat.

“Uh, hi. I didn’t know you worked here. My friend recommended the place,” Jeongguk glances away briefly and brings his hands together in his lap. He suddenly feels small on the bar stool under Taehyung’s gaze.

“Well whoever it was, thank them for me. I’ve been meaning to ask you to come visit me.” Jeongguk looks up at this and takes in Taehyung’s gentle smile as he cleans a glass with a towel. He rivals it with one of his own before grabbing his drink and drowning the contents.

“I was going to leave but, I’ll stay until your shift ends,” Jeongguk shrugs.

Taehyung immediately frowns and lifts his hands in protest. “Oh no, you don’t have to do that. I don’t even know when I get off yet. You could be here for hours and I bet you have plans with friends or something-”

“I don’t have anywhere else to be tonight. My friends bailed on me.”

“Oh,” Taehyung says elegantly. The beer glass has been forgotten in his hand and he promptly snaps out of his brief reverie to finish wiping it off. “I can’t stay here talking to you though, won’t you get bored?”

“I’ve got a phone to keep me company,” Jeongguk lifts it in proof. “Plus, I’ll probably be calling on you for more drinks. Don’t worry about me, pretty boy.” He smirks slightly and Taehyung feels his face grow hot.

“Don’t you have work tomorrow? I thought you said…” Taehyung starts.

“I don’t go in until the afternoon,” Jeongguk glances down the counter. “I think your other customers are getting a little irritated, Tae.”

“Fuck.” Jeongguk revels in the way Taehyung’s cheeks grow even brighter in the minimal lighting. “Sorry, I’ll be back soon I promise.”

“I’ll be here, baby.”

Taehyung makes it quickly over to a new customer, promptly not looking over at Jeongguk as he can feel the other man’s heady gaze on him. Taehyung got flustered easily when someone used pet names on him. And Jeongguk could probably tell by the way Taehyung’s cheeks are even redder than they were a minute ago. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to have him here.

And so, the next few hours pass like this; Jeongguk spends more time watching Taehyung flit from customer to customer than on his phone. He blames it on how much alcohol he’s had but really he had only ordered one more drink apart from the rest he had had previously and the buzz was already wearing off.

Taehyung was trying hard not to stare back at Jeongguk. He had made the mistake of trying to look at him when the other man wasn’t watching only to find that Jeongguk was already looking his way and Taehyung felt the embarrassed flush reach his toes. His manager finally tells him what time his shift ends and while he hands a drink over to the man seated next to Jeongguk, he mumbles a quick, “I’m off at one,” before going back to making another drink.

Jeongguk checks the time on his phone (11:30pm) and he smiles to himself. It’s a private smile, something reserved only for him to acknowledge as he continues to watch Taehyung mix drink after drink. He’s so cute like this, in his dark slacks and white button up (he had forgone the tie tonight in favor of leaving the top two buttons undone and Jeongguk is trying hard not to drool at the peekaboo he gets of Taehyung’s collarbones every so often ).

Jeongguk decides it’s time to order another drink. He’s getting a bit jealous of the way Taehyung is smiling at the man on the other end of the counter who is obviously flirting with him. He waves his hand in the air to catch Taehyung’s attention. Taehyung turns his head at the sudden motion in the corner of his eye and Jeongguk sees the way he hesitates for a second. Taehyung excuses himself politely and heads over to Jeongguk.

“What can I get you, Guk?” He smiles softly and plants his hands on the counter. He’s leaning forward slightly and Jeongguk finds himself doing the same, out of spite or need he’s unsure. He takes in the way Taehyung’s Adam’s apple bobs at the sudden loss of space and relishes in how he’s finally making this man nervous.

“A Guinness please, baby,” Jeongguk states a breath away from Taehyung’s lips. He feels the shuddery breath Taehyung lets out against his own lips.

“On it,” Taehyung murmurs. He stays still for a second longer and Jeongguk sees him glance down at his lips. Then, he’s off to pour Jeongguk’s beer off the tap and Jeongguk slinks back into his stool and rests his arms on the counter. He places his head on top of his arms and watches Taehyung with rapt attention, a slight pout to his lips.

Taehyung comes back, beer in hand, and sets it down in front of Jeongguk’s arms. “Here you go, sweetheart.” He winks at Jeongguk before skittering off and Jeongguk groans internally. He can’t wait for 1am he surmises, and after that encounter he becomes even more restless.

But it passes by quicker than he expects and soon enough Taehyung is approaching him as he slides his arm into his fleece coat. “Ready?” He asks and Jeongguk nods swiftly. He grabs his own coat from the rack at the door and shrugs it on.

“I drove here, I don’t know about you,” he starts and gives a questioning look to Taehyung.

“I took the bus,” he says simply. “Hoseok hasn’t come to fill up my tank yet and I’m too lazy to do it myself.”

“Wait, Hoseok as in Jung Hoseok?” Jeongguk questions.

Taehyung frowns. “Yeah, you know him?”

“Yeah he’s one of my closest friends. You know Yoongi as well I’m assuming?”

“His quasi-boyfriend? Course, he’s from Daegu like me,” Taehyung replies with a boxy grin. “We were childhood friends.”

“I work with him. At the gym. He’s a yoga instructor,” Jeongguk stares at his shoes as he says this. He can’t handle Taehyung’s cute antics.

“I never knew you guys worked at the same gym!” Taehyung scoffs. “Yoongi’s so secretive about work sometimes. Took Hoseok about three months to get it out of him so he could come visit him. Is he over there a lot?”

“Every lunch break,” Jeongguk laughs softly. He jabs his thumb behind him. “Want a ride home?”

“Oh, yes please, that’s so kind of you, Jeonggukkie,” Taehyung links his arm with Jeongguk’s and they begin walking to wherever Jeongguk’s car is parked.

They stop in front of Jeongguk’s silver Camry and he unlocks the doors. Taehyung releases his arm and opens the passenger door, sliding into the nicest car he’s ever ridden in (Seokjin’s minivan has nothing on this).

Jeongguk can feel the air shift between them as soon as he’s on the road. Taehyung’s gaze is heavy on him and Jeongguk wants nothing more than to meet it but, safety first. “You want any music on?”

“No, I’m fine,” Taehyung replies softly. He scoots in his seat, edging closer to the center console. He rests his elbow on it for a moment but Jeongguk can tell he’s restless and it shows when he slowly reaches up to drag his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair. Jeongguk lets out a deep sigh, his eyes fluttering momentarily when Taehyung’s fingers scratch his scalp. He works them to the nape of his neck and Jeongguk feels him tug at the hairs there. A groan leaves his lips involuntarily and Taehyung sucks in a sharp breath. They’re almost home, Jeongguk is turning into their neighborhood. But all he’s thinking about is stopping the car and having Taehyung in the backseat right here and now.

He pulls into his driveway and barely gets out of his seatbelt before Taehyung is dragging him over the console and bringing their lips together. Jeongguk sighs into the kiss and grabs at the lapels of Taehyung’s shirt to pull him closer, only to relocate one of his hands to cup Taehyung’s cheek. He tilts Taehyung’s head slightly so he can slot their mouths together better and Taehyung whimpers when Jeongguk begins to nibble on his bottom lip, a plea for entry into his sweet mouth.

Taehyung parts his lips more than willingly and Jeongguk slides his tongue against Taehyung’s and it feels like velvet. He groans at the sensation and feels Taehyung tug on his hair to get him practically bending over the center console. Jeongguk puts some space in between them for a moment and relishes in the way Taehyung chases his lips, eyes still shut tight and the blush high in his cheeks. When Jeongguk doesn’t meet him in the middle, he flutters his eyes open and a whine escapes his mouth before he can help it.

“Wouldn’t it be nicer to continue this inside?” Jeongguk smirks slightly and Taehyung bites his lip at the sight of it. He nods meekly and breaks eye contact. Jeongguk places a soft hand under Taehyung’s chin to get his attention, places a chaste kiss on Taehyung’s lips. He pulls away abruptly and grabs the handle on the car door to steps out quickly, waiting for Taehyung to do the same before locking it and taking Taehyung’s hand to drag him to the front door of his house.

He fumbles with the keys a bit upon entry because Taehyung is impatient and begins mouthing at his neck once he’s close enough. But he finally pushes the door open and practically throws Taehyung into the foyer before slamming him against the now closed door. Taehyung whimpers when Jeongguk’s lips latch onto his silver piercings, sucking them into his mouth and tonguing around them. He runs his hands up Jeongguk’s torso and grapples onto his shoulders. He tugs him forward so their bodies are flush against each other, Jeongguk practically engulfing him and Taehyung sighs when he feels Jeongguk scrape his teeth against the place just under his jaw.

“Upstairs, upstairs,” he breathes and Jeongguk growls before gripping the backs of his thighs and wrapping them around his waist. “J-Jeongguk, fuck.”

Taehyung moves frantically to get his hands securely on his shoulders. He kisses him languidly for a moment as Jeongguk begins walking towards the stairs. “Hold on,” Jeongguk murmurs against his mouth before pulling away completely to pay attention on not sending them tumbling down the stairs. Taehyung wraps his arms tighter around Jeongguk’s shoulders and buries his head into Jeongguk’s neck. By the time they reach Jeongguk’s bedroom, Taehyung has littered his throat with hickeys varying in intensity and to say Jeongguk is affected by it is an understatement.

“Let go, baby,” he tells Taehyung as he walks them into the middle of the room. Taehyung unlatches his legs from Jeongguk’s waist and steadies himself, Jeongguk takes the opportunity to lean in and press their lips together. Taehyung opens his mouth compliantly and Jeongguk slides his tongue back into his mouth while his hands wrap around his slender waist. Taehyung was a good kisser, far superior to Jeongguk, but that didn’t deter him from dominating the kiss. He presses in closer and grips Taehyung’s hips to bring him in closer. Taehyung moans when their clothed dicks make contact and Jeongguk sighs against his mouth. He pulls Taehyung with him as he walks backwards.

When his knees hit the edge of his bed, he collapses onto it and spreads his legs apart so Taehyung fits comfortably between them. The distance is too much to keep the kiss intact though and it forces Taehyung to place his hands on Jeongguk’s thighs so they are eye level. Jeongguk can’t look away from his mouth, pink and plump from the kisses. He runs his fingers up Taehyung’s arms before speaking, “I’ve wanted you for so long, baby. Ever since you first started stripping for me.” He grips Taehyung’s forearms as the boy in front of him hangs his head bashfully.

“Love it when you call me that,” he mumbles and if they weren’t so close, Jeongguk would have missed it.

Leaning forward, Jeongguk tries to catch Taehyung’s gaze. “What, baby?” A slight nod and Jeongguk smirks. “I’ll keep it up then, if you’re good.”

Taehyung looks up at that and catches his bottom lip between his teeth. Jeongguk tilts his head to the side and leans back on his hands, slowly raises an eyebrow.

A challenge, Taehyung thinks.

He stands up straight and fiddles with the third button on his shirt, not undoing it yet, teasing at the possibility. He glances at Jeongguk from beneath his eyelashes and notices his heavy-lidded gaze on him. He pops the first button and makes slow work with the others, unveiling his honey skin one painful inch at a time. Jeongguk drinks it all in slowly. Taehyung is putting on quite the show and having him here between his legs makes it worthwhile.

Taehyung slips the fabric off of his shoulders once he reaches the last button and the shirt flutters to the ground. Jeongguk watches it before glancing back up at Taehyung. He knows he isn’t allowed to touch, not just yet.

Taehyung fumbles with the button and zipper on his slacks as he tries to keep his eyes locked with Jeongguk’s but he eventually shucks them down his lean legs and kicks out of them. He grabs at his socks and slips them off as well before thumbing at the hem of his boxers. He glances at Jeongguk for one final moment before he grabs the sides and slides them down as well and once he does, Jeongguk’s hands are on him. He grabs handfuls of Taehyung’s ass and pulls him forward into his lap. Taehyung gasps at the brash act but settles himself onto Jeongguk’s thighs and brings up his arms once again around his neck. He leans forward so his lips are ghosting over the other man’s, their noses faintly touching, and he feels Jeongguk’s heavy breaths whoosh out against his mouth. “Love it when you manhandle me, sweetheart,” Taehyung chuckles softly before kissing Jeongguk and grinding down in his lap. Jeongguk’s hands haven’t left his ass and he relishes in the plumpness as he squeezes the flesh experimentally.

Soon, Taehyung is pulling on the hem of Jeongguk’s t-shirt and he laughs breathlessly against his mouth at his eagerness. He leans back to pull it off and as soon as he does Taehyung moans at the sight of his body. He drags his hands down the length of his torso and stops to drag a slender finger through the lines of his abs. “Fucking hell, Jeongguk. I love your body.” Jeongguk shivers at the praise.

Taehyung ducks his head and latches his lips onto Jeongguk’s nipple. Jeongguk keens at the contact and squeezes Taehyung’s ass harshly. Taehyung laps over the hardening bud and tugs on it with his teeth, pulling slightly before letting go. Jeongguk is breathless above him and Taehyung goes to his other nipple to do the same.

“Taehyung…” Jeongguk whines and Taehyung hums. He lifts his head after awhile and reconnects their lips, scooting farther up in Jeongguk’s lap to get friction against the man’s abs. But a protesting noise fills Taehyung’s mouth as he’s left not satisfied enough. Jeongguk pulls away and goes for his neck and simultaneously grabs Taehyung’s dick. Taehyung lets his head fall back a bit, granting Jeongguk more access on his neck as he slowly pumps him. He swipes his thumb over the slit to gather precome to make the slide easier. He mouths ceaselessly along the column of Taehyung’s neck as his hand strokes him almost lazily.

“Baby…” Jeongguk murmurs against the skin behind his ear and Taehyung crumples into his chest with a soft moan. Jeongguk hasn’t picked up the pace on his cock once and the stimulation is agonizing.

Taehyung’s pants get more erratic against shoulder and he’s shivering at the pleasure. “G-guk I’m-”

“I know, baby, not yet. Don’t you want me to fill you up first? Can you wait?” Jeongguk asks patiently and his hand squeezes the base of Taehyung’s cock.

Taehyung gulps. “Y-yes.”

“Good boy.”

“Lube? Condom?” Taehyung mumbles, he still hasn’t picked his head up from Jeongguk’s shoulder.

Jeongguk chuckles softly. “Bedside drawer.”

Taehyung slowly gets up from his lap and makes his way over to the drawer. “Take your fucking jeans off already, God,” he calls back. Jeongguk grins widely at his back and stands to do just as he’s told. He brings his boxers down along with them and kicks them off near Taehyung’s small pile of clothes.

When Taehyung turns around, he nearly drops the items he’s holding. Seeing Jeongguk naked right in front of him was so much better than when he was across the way in his own house. He is definitely giving Jeongguk a blowjob later. “I’m definitely giving you a blowjob later.”

Jeongguk smiles cheekily. “Like it that much?” Jeongguk grabs the base as if to show it off more. Taehyung fucking salivates.

“Yes,” he breathes out as he comes to stand in front of Jeongguk again and pushes him down onto the bed again. “Scoot back a little.”

Jeongguk does as he’s told until his calves come in contact with the bed. Taehyung wastes no time crawling back into his lap and sighs at the feeling of skin on skin. How long has he been fucking waiting for this?

He thrusts the lube and condom packet into Jeongguk’s chest and Jeongguk puts the condom next to them and opens the lube bottle. He coats his fingers generously and warms it up before lowering his hand between Taehyung’s legs, lightly dragging a finger against his balls and continuing to his hole.

He circles it a few times and Taehyung braces his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders to lift himself a little. Jeongguk presses the first finger in and Taehyung sinks a little to let it fill him. He moans as Jeongguk waits for him to adjust, swiveling his hips a couple times. Jeongguk begins thrusting his finger in and out of him at a slow pace and soon Taehyung begins rocking down to meet his movements.

“More, more Gukkie,” he says and Jeongguk is quick to slide a second finger in. The fit is tight, and he allows Taehyung to adjust before he pulls out again and scissors his fingers back in to open him wider. Taehyung keens at that and his grip on Jeongguk’s shoulders tightens. He replicates the motion a couple times when Taehyung begs for a third finger.

“Look at you, being so good for me. Taking my fingers like a good boy. Want you to take my cock. Bet you’ll take it so fucking well, baby,” Jeongguk groans when he feels Taehyung clench around his fingers.

“P-please Gukkie. I want it,” Taehyung whines and presses their lips together as he continues to rock down on Jeongguk’s fingers. They continue on like that until Taehyung is pushing at his shoulders. “I’m ready, Guk, I’m-”

“Okay, baby. Give me a second, I got you,” Jeongguk pulls his fingers out of Taehyung’s ass and grabs for the condom blindly. Tearing it open, Jeongguk rolls it on his cock slowly as his breath hiccups in his throat at the sensitivity. He grabs the lube bottle and drizzles on some more to coat the latex.

He pulls Taehyung closer to him to line himself up. Taehyung feels him rub the tip of his cock against the rim and growls lowly. “Just fucking do it, Jeongguk oh my God.”

“Always so impatient,” Jeongguk tsks and pushes his cock into the tight, wet heat of Taehyung’s ass. They both groan as Taehyung begins to sink further down. Taehyung’s eyes are closed and eyebrows furrowed. Jeongguk wants to smooth the lines of his frown. “Okay?” He asks once Taehyung is fully seated.

Taehyung nods gingerly and picks himself up slowly before sinking down again and Jeongguk groans in pleasure. “Fuck, Tae. Do that again. Just like that.”

His hands go to Taehyung’s hips and he grips them tightly to guide him along the length of his cock. Taehyung places his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulder for leverage and picks himself up again only to slam back down in his seat. They both moan obscenely in the otherwise quiet room and it’s like music to Jeongguk’s ears.

Taehyung picks up his pace on his cock and Jeongguk feels his breath hitch in his throat. He leans back on his hand and leaves the other on Taehyung’s hip, thrusting up to meet Taehyung’s downward movements. At this angle, his dick is able to push further into the heat and on a particularly hard thrust, Taehyung cries out and slumps forward.

“Do that again. J-Jeongguk, please mmph-” Taehyung breathes against his mouth. He presses his forehead against the other man’s and encircles his hands around his neck.

“You’re so pretty like this, baby. Taking my cock so well. Love the way your ass bounces on my dick,” Jeongguk whispers against his lips and indulges in the whimper he gets in return. Taehyung pulls on the hairs at the back of his neck, connecting their mouths and pushing his tongue past the other’s lips as he rolls his hips down onto the other man’s.

He takes Jeongguk’s hand in one of his own after awhile and guides it down his stomach to his aching cock. Jeongguk laughs breathily into his mouth and grabs Taehyung’s dick roughly. “Mm Jeongguk…” Taehyung whines and begins to rock his body down in time with Jeongguk’s pace on his cock.

His lips soon cease to move against Jeongguk’s anymore as the pleasure builds and Jeongguk can almost feel Taehyung’s impending orgasm. “Come for me, baby. You want to, right?” He whispers as he pulls back and catches Taehyung’s gaze. His eyes are barely open and Jeongguk wants to take of a picture of him like this. So fucked out and so pretty.

“Y-yes, yes I-” Another moan slips out, cutting off whatever he was going say and Jeongguk feels hot come cover his hand and their stomachs. Taehyung slumps into his chest for a moment and Jeongguk stills inside him to let him gather himself.

But it only takes a couple seconds before Taehyung is sitting up and setting a brutal pace as he stares at Jeongguk piercingly. He brings their foreheads together again, “Come on, Jeongguk. Come for me.”

Jeongguk gasps when Taehyung clenches around him. “Taehyung…” he moans and spills into the condom.

Heavy breaths fill the empty space for a few minutes until Jeongguk picks Taehyung up and off his dick and places his him on the bed next to him. He pulls the condom off and ties it before throwing it in the trashcan. He goes to get a warm washcloth from the bathroom and wipes his stomach clean. He enters his room again and makes his way to Taehyung, bends down in between his legs and wipes him off as well. Once he believes he’s done a decent job he looks up and catches Taehyung smiling down at him. “Not bad, muscle man.”

Jeongguk smirks and stands back up. He leans down and places his hands on either side of Taehyung on the bed. “Not bad yourself, pretty boy.”

“So, we’re definitely doing this again.”

“Hell yeah we are.”

“But we should do other stuff too,” Taehyung’s cheeks redden slightly as he shyly glances up to gauge Jeongguk’s reaction.

But Jeongguk takes it in stride, smiles softly, and runs his hand through Taehyung’s hair. “Hm, I know a good ramen place downtown. If you’re free tomorrow?”

Taehyung absolutely glows at that and his smile becomes so big it’s rather boxy (and Jeongguk dies for the second time that night). “I’m off tomorrow, I’m totally down.”

“I don’t have work until 2 tomorrow. Stay the night?” Jeongguk asks, his hand never ceasing in Taehyung’s hair.

“I would love to.”



And when Jeongguk wakes up in the morning, it’s to Taehyung stroking his bangs away from his eyes. To the morning light hitting Taehyung’s face at just the right angle, so he looks like a fairy in the dusty glow. Taehyung is smiling at him so fondly, and Jeongguk feels his heart grow just a bit bigger for this boy that he’s so interested in. So he gathers him closer to his chest and buries his growing smile into Taehyung’s hair.



(“So we fucked.”

“Oh? And how was it?” Jimin raises his eyebrows expectantly at him.

Jeongguk smiles down at his hands. “Better than I fucking imagined.”)