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When the Seraphs Cry

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GRAY: Head of the family.

ORANGE: Main possible successors.

GREEN: Outsiders who bonded with someone in the family.

BLUE: Juniors.


The old leader of the Hiragi family. In the past, he was able to amass a great fortune and now the Hiragi family is one of the most recognized in Japan.  He just has some months to left to live, but he hasn’t announced who will be the next successor. He’s a fan of the occult.



Tenri’s first son and the one who tends to lead the family conferences. Everyone thinks that he wants to take his father’s fortune just for himself. He owns one of the most successful resort chains. Doesn’t have a good relationship with his siblings.



 Member of the recognized Jujo family. Her grandfather was Tenri’s subordinate and close friend, because of this, she is also considered part of the Hiragi family and is able to be chosen as successor. Isn’t in good terms with Kureto and usually opposes to everything he says and does.



Member of the famous Ichinose family. Not in really good terms with all the Hiragis, but because of incidents in the past he is involved with the them and qualifies to be considered as the next head of the family. Tends to make his voice heard at the family conference to prevent Kureto from taking all Tenri’s fortune and power.



Tenri’s second child and Kureto’s half-sister. Because of not being of the same mother as Kureto, this gives her a weaker position at the family conference. Manages a design company and tends to be arrogant.



Member of the recognized Goshi family. As Mito’s, his grandfather was Tenri’s close friend and now he’s able to be chosen as successor. He’s usually cheerful and quite down to earth compared to the other adults. Is the president of his own restaurant chain, which he started from scratch.



Member of the distinguished Sangu family and Kureto’s wife. Usually manages the Hiragi’s household in Kureto’s place, who doesn’t care about that matters. Is in charge of the arrangements for the family conferences. Has a big sense of responsibility and carries a lot of pride.



Tenri’s adoptive son and Guren’s husband. Was supposed to marry Mahiru, so Tenri adopted him into his family but later they broke the engagement. He also serves as Guren’s right hand in several businesses. He´s a pessimistic but quick-thinking and very trusted by Guren.



Aoi’s younger sister. It is thought that by the absence of either Kureto or Aoi, she will eventually inherit the headship of the Hiragi family, but she doesn’t have interest in it. She’s very confident and quite talkative. Wants to free from the “successor” role that her sister and his fiancée have given to her.



 Jujo Mito adoptive son. Is oldest one of the juniors and tends to act as the leader and mediator. He is very diligent and smart, and everyone thinks that he’ll have a bright future even without the Hiragis fortune.



Guren and Shinya’s adoptive son. Because of his parents, he used to attend the Hiragi’s family conference when he was a kid, but they died in an accident and was sent to an orphanage. Six years have passed and his back because he was adopted by his father’s friend, Guren. Back then, he considered the others kids as family, so, this is a chance for him to renew his bonds with them after that many years’ gap.



Tenri’s third child, Kureto’s half-sister, Shinya’s younger adoptive sister and Mahiru’s sister. Even though she’s a Hiragi by blood, she’s too young to be a candidate for the head ship, so, she just goes as a companion of her sister. Is interested in the occult and black magic. Has a great ability of memorization, tends to be sarcastic and in the worst case she can be very cold. Even if she doesn’t show it, she cares deeply about his friends.



Goshi’s adoptive son. He’s studying as an assistant of his father’s company. He’s really cheerful and brings freshness to the family conference. He’s liked by everyone in the family. Avoid trouble and tends to be a coward in some situation, but even so, he has gained the trust of his friends.






The leader of the servant who work for the Hiragi family. Has served Tenri longer than the others and has gained his trust. Since she serves Tenri directly, Aoi and Kureto suspect her of being Tenri’s spy.


AKANE (16)

A young but experienced servant. Normally calm and performs her job with a smile, but tends to mess up when nervous. One of the two youngest servants and has a good relationship with Narumi. Was friends with Yuichiro when they were kids.



A young servant who performs his duties silently and diligently. Has an unsociable nature and doesn’t speak if not needed. His first name is unknown by the majority except for Akane. Started to work for the Hiragis at the same time that Akane.



A kind and cheerful servant who is liked among everyone. She performs her duties happily but tends to be shy. She’s protective and obedient to her masters. Has a good relationship with Shigure even if she doesn’t talk too much. Acts like an older sister towards her juniors. Had a crush on Guren when they were teens.



The servant employed as the family chef. Hasn’t served the family for long. He tends to be grumpy and prideful sometimes, but still is highly regarded as a servant.  Was hired by Kureto and Aoi, so he is more trusted by them than the others that have served the family for longer. Tends to get angry for not being able to serve Tenri directly.