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special affairs

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The music at the bar becomes white noise, the colorful lights faded in her vision. She becomes lost in her own thoughts, her mind's labyrinth with observation. Men, women, and everything in between, all coming to view the gorgeous girls who dance with everything they have. Yachi had to admit that the scene itself has a definite appeal, even if it wasn't something she necessarily saw herself getting into. The vibe was sensual, expensive even.

She liked the atmosphere and the people, but the scene wasn't for her in general. She makes good money co-owning with her friends and bartending, but most of her work was spent making small talk and smiling at the people who came to order some drinks before the show.

So the most of the day serves as just that, mixing drinks, pouring out Hennessy, smiling etc. Sometimes though, she spent her day dodging any flirtation that came her way. She was trying to find herself through college and postsecondary, nothing more complicated than that. In addition, she wasn't exactly scouting for romance in a place like the strip club. Likewise, no one piqued her interest, mostly because men more often frequented and she was… greatly more interested in women. She would get hit on quite a bit as a bartender, but nothing too extremely vile, she would just shyly decline. Affection and compliments made her shy so she always grew weary at being hit on, though if a handsome man did happen to catch her eye she wouldn't hesitate to oblige, shy as she was.

Nightime comes, her eyes wander off as she wipes down the counter, whipping the rag over her shoulders before pulling her sleeves up and organizing and fixing around. The music gets quieter and most of the dancers are in the back taking breaks or stretching out before anyone else comes in, there's only an hour till the club shuts down so no one expects too many more customers. Maybe a pair of rich men here and there.

She watches mindlessly as the security guard lets loose the velvet ropes, expecting nothing of interest to catch her eye.

It was laughable, the afterthought.

A slender black haired woman entered the club, she wore a tight pencil skirt, a white top tucked into it, and an oversized black windbreaker, she wore heels high though she was seemingly tall without them. She was indescribable,astonishing even, her face was pointed and she wore a neutral expression made her absolutely dream like. It made the blonde girl's heart stop in her chest

Immediately crushing on the beautiful woman, her boredom was quickly placed with nervous butterflies and a flushed cheeks. she looks down at the counter vigorously wiping down at the glass in her hand.

She was startled by the most gentle voice she's ever heard, gripping the cup tight in hand, she looks up to see who it is, not recognizing it at first.


“Are you the bartender?,” her voice is smooth silk, her expression inquisitive. Every word in any language yachi has ever spoken completely unbeknownst to her in the moment. She nods her head robotically, her heart stuttering in her chest. She was nervous to say the least.

the woman smiles at her, and her heart drops .

“Great, would you mind pouring me a glass of Yamazaki single malt over the rocks?” she asks politely

Her eyes widened at the request, familiar with the pricey drink, Tobio had a brought a few bottles home after his meeting with the distillery. No one ever ordered it, it was expensive for a glass.

Scooping 3 small ice cubes into the cup, she poured the chilled liquor carefully over. She slips the glass onto the counter and watches the woman's actions carefully. She slips her coat off in one swift motion and her eye catches the tag


She continues to observe the women's movement as she picks up her coat and turns on her heel to find a dancer to watch, the bottom of her heels are a bright red, and she catches a pride tattoo on her calve. A rich, attractive woman who's into other women.. is she living in a dream?

She sits down across Natashas performance, a popular mixed dancer with beautiful skin and beautiful light colored eyes. She crosses her legs and props her briefcase on her lap, she clicks it open to reveal stacks of 1s, 5s, 10s - the whole lot. her expression remains almost the same, with a slight smile tugging at her lips.

Silence falls in her thoughts as she stares at the briefcase,

“Holy shit,”