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Dancing in Circles

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“Watch them,” Otabek whispered into his ear.

Yuuri was looking into his glass of wine, the weight of Otabek’s arm around his shoulder felt like led pushing him into the couch. Noises from the chair next to them-- distinctive, loud and wet sounding. A finger under his chin, forcing his face to look up, he could see them.

Yuri straddled in Victor’s lap, his ass grinding down on his husband. It was hot to watch. Victor’s hands were large on Yuri’s small ass, grabbing and pulling him closer to his body. It was hard to take his eyes off of it, but it was hard to ignore the presence beside him.

“Finish your wine,” Otabek said softly in his ear.

It was his third glass-- but not his first time doing something like this. Just his first time with them . Yuuri was always nervous at first. Never knowing what to do to start things. It was easier with Yuri, he knocked back two glasses of wine and just jumped in Victor’s lap.

“I think my kitten is biting more than kissing,” Otabek whispered in his ear.

Yuuri nodded as he finished his glass. A hand, taking his glass away, another hand turning him and tipping his face to his. Yuuri gasped as their lips touch. For all the hard exterior Otabek put off, his kiss was soft. Even when he dipped his tongue into Yuuri’s mouth, he tasted like Victor-- being as they both drank some of Victor’s whiskey. It set him at ease quickly while the the whining and moaning from Yuri only grew louder.

“My kitten is noisy,” Otabek whispered to his mouth before kissing him again. Yuuri could tell Otabek had not shaved in a few days, it scratched at his face, but in a good way. A hand behind his head, his hair pulled gently as Otabek intensified the kiss and Yuuri was puty. Clutching at Otabek’s shirt, he moaned softly as Otabek kept the kiss steady and deep.

They had been out to the dinner the week before, and even before the appetizer was even brought to the table, Yuri blurted out, “We want to swing with you two!”

Yuuri choked on his wine as Victor chuckled-- Otabek was shaking his head.

“Pardon?” Victor asked, holding his composure.

“You heard me old man! We know you do that shit with hamster boy and Chris! We want to try it!” Yuri spit out, his voice all too loud for the crowded restaurant they were in.

Victor lifted his finger to his lip, as if he were in deep in thought, “Hard swap? Or soft?”

“Hard,” Otabek said.

Victor nodded and looked over at Yuuri. He was sitting there, blushing and eyes wide. Victor leaned in and kissed him. “They would be fun to play with, what do you say?”

Yuuri could only nod.

“Look at them now,” Otabek said. Yuuri turned and leaned back so he was resting against Otabek. He liked how strong and broad Otabek was, though he was shorter. Yuri looked so small in Victor’s lap, his hands were up Victor’s shirt, scratching down it. Victor ran his hand down Yuri’s back, tugging his leggings down his ass. As Yuri attacked Victor’s neck, Yuuri caught Victor’s eye-- a wink. Victor smiled at him, then they saw Victor grab Yuri’s ass cheeks, spreading them, putting that little pink hole right on display.

Yuuri gasped as it seemed Yuri only moaned louder as he made loud kissing sound against Victor’s neck.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance with him eventually,” Otabek said.

“So how are we doing this?” Yuri asked.

“You brought this up Koneko-chan, how do you two want it?” Victor asked.

Yuri sat back and looked at Otabek-- almost surprised they had gone along with it. Leaning in, Yuri whispered to Otabek, then Otabek whispered back.

“We want to fuck both of you, but not like in a group thing… well at first,” Yuri said.

Victor nodded and Yuuri felt the squeeze of his hand on his knee under the table. “Ok, we will pair off. Koneko-chan, me and you. Otabek, you and my Yuuri.”

Yuuri knew he was blushing, but he had to admit he was a bit excited about it all.

“I hear you have stamina,” Otabek whispered low in his ear. Yuuri was leaning against Otabek as his hand was working under the collar of his shirt, running down his chest, playing with his nipple. It made his squirm a bit at how slow Otabek took things. Seeing how Yuri attacked Victor, it made him wonder how these two worked so well.

“I want to fuck you, cum deep inside of you, but I don’t want you to get off,” Otabek whispered as he nipped at Yuuri’s ear. “No, I want you to fuck me afterwards, my cum slipping out your ass as you do it.”

Yuuri gasped and moaned at the idea. His hand was high on Otabek’s thigh, feeling how hard and thick his leg was. The higher Yuuri’s hand moved, the lower Otabek’s was moving.

“My kitten has no stamina, I bet he cums before Victor even touches his dick,” Otabek said, laying a warm wet kiss on his neck.

It was enough to make Yuuri turn back around, his hand cupping Otabek’s cock in his jeans, feeling he was large-- like Victor was. Taking his face into his hands, he felt the stubble on Otabek’s cheeks as he pulled his face to his, tasting him, kissing him.

“I can last a long time,” Yuuri whispered to his mouth, moving his hand to press his palm on Otabek’s cock over his jeans. The low grumble from Otabek made his cock only harder. Yuuri could be very passionate, Victor would claim it was always his weakness. So responsive and open when the mood hit him.

The mood had steam rolled him.

More sounds coming from the chair next to them only heightened Yuuri’s desire. Moving, he found himself straddling Otabek’s lap, his palm still rubbing over Otabek’s jeans, feeling his hard cock beneath. Warm breath on his face as he looked between them, the button on Otabek’s jean only begging to be released as Yuuri palmed him more. Hands on his hips, squeezing, had Yuuri roll his hips, moving his hand, their cocks rubbed when he did this. A deep breath in and Yuuri cupped Otabek’s face in his hands, kissing him, rocking his hips.

Loud moaning sounds came from the chair next to them, both turning their faces, cheeks pressed together as they saw Yuri clutching Victor’s shirt, his eyes closed as he came all over Victor’s shirt. “Told you my kitten has no control,” Otabek whispered. “But he has fast recovery.”

Yuri was draped against Victor’s shoulder, his body limp as he whimpered softly. Large hands rubbing down his back, pushing sweaty hair back as Victor smiled sweetly over at him. Yuuri gulped, with Yuri recovering, Victor’s attention was on them.

He knew Victor was watching him. Rocking his hips, rubbing their cocks together, he ran his hands through Otabek’s hair-- thick and wavy, opposite of Victor’s hair. This kiss was all tongue, Yuuri wanted Victor to see everything. Let him see his tongue dance with Otabek’s tongue, let him see Otabek’s hands now squeezing his ass.

Pushing at his shoulders, Yuuri found himself pushed down onto the couch cushions, and Otabek looking down at him. He knew his face was flushed, be it the wine, or the fact their cocks were still rubbing through their jeans as Otabek pinned him down. Hands on his wrist, and Yuuri was long gone. If there was something he liked, it was being held down. Warm lips on his neck, and Yuuri moans softly. Otabek was heavy, like Victor was. His body smaller and more compact, but the impact of it being pressed into Yuuri made his body burn. Otabek was slow, precise-- patient, almost too patient. Yuuri felt his cock rub again through his jeans and moaned. His arousal was fully flamed, yet Otabek kept worrying a spot on his neck before moving lower, holding his wrist down on the couch cushions.

“You aren’t impatient like my kitten is, are you?” Otabek asked as Yuuri found himself almost whining, arching his body more into Otabek’s. He did not want to be impatient, he wanted to hold out longer, but there were moans coming from the chair next to them. Otabek’s body so tightly pressed to his-- he was losing all resolve.

Shaking his head, their mouth met again. When Otabek finally let go of his wrist, it was impulse that had Yuuri wrap his arms around Otabek, holding him tighter, closer.

“You think we can do this, Vitya?” Yuuri asked that night when they got home.

Victor removed his tie he was wearing and smiled at Yuuri. He wished he had the confidence his husband did. It radiated around him. As Victor walked forward, placing his hands on Yuuri’s hips, kissing the top of his forehead. “We have done this before.”

“But that was Phichit and Chris! Do they even count? I mean, that first time was in Switzerland and we were all so drunk and in the hot tub…”

“Exactly. None of that was planned, it just happened.”

“But it seems like you are planning this,” Yuuri said.

“Well of course, but we did plan that trip after the season was up with Chris and Phichit. It just seemed more natural since we had that weekend in Switzerland,” Victor explained, wrapping his arms around Yuuri. “Plus, I have seen you cut eyes at Otabek before.”

Yuuri had to blush. How was it he had the most beautiful man in the world, but he still looked at others? He told himself he could always appreciate how people looked and nothing more.

“We don’t have too,” Victor whispered.

“I kind of… want too,” Yuuri whispered.

“Me too.”

Yuuri never knew this side of him. It had for so long just been him watching Victor, loving him from afar. Now he was married to him. Something about watching Victor with another man turned Yuuri on so much-- and Yuuri knew Victor loved sharing him in return. It was something they did not always do, but never turned down a good opportunity.

“We will play the night by ear, and see how it goes, ok?” Victor said.

Otabek’s hands were magic. Yuuri always marveled at how large Victor’s hands were on his body, but something in the way Otabek touched him, made his insides turn. For as strong and muscular he was, his touch was barely there, teasing his skin, making his crave more. It was consuming, exquisite and Yuuri was losing his mind. A loud cry escaping his lips as Otabek pinched his nipple, making Otabek smirk at him.

“Victor was right about you,” Otabek said, “So responsive, I like that.”

Yuuri had to moan again as Otabek pinched his nipple, plucking it between his fingers. His hands were so warm against his skin, Yuuri wanted them everywhere. He felt like begging, but bit his lip to keep from doing so. He knew Yuri was impatient, and he knew Otabek was the teasing type. Every move of Otabek’s hand, his shirt rose higher and higher. Kisses across his chest, a mouth covering his other nipple. The small mewl leaving Yuuri’s mouth, no matter how hard he bit down on his lip.

Gasping, Yuuri knew his lungs were going to explode. There was not enough air to breath and Otabek was sucking it all out of his body. Even with the moans starting back up next to them, Yuuri was only focused on Otabek, his mouth tormenting his body.

“Otabek,” Yuuri moaned out.

He could almost feel Otabek smile against his chest before he looked up at him. His eyes so large and dark staring at him. Lifting up, Otabek kissed him softly and chuckled.

“I was wondering how long you would go,” Otabek whispered.

Hands tugging at his shirt, his pants, Yuuri was soon naked on the couch. Otabek laid back over him, his clothes pressed to his skin.

“Now you and my kitten are both naked,” Otabek said.

Turning his head, Yuuri saw where Victor was two fingers, knuckle deep in Yuri’s ass, the wet sounds mixing with their kissing and Yuri’s whining. Slim hips rocking over Victor as he did so. Yuuri wanted that for himself, he wanted Otabek in him, thrusting and pulling at him. Turning his gaze back in Otabek’s direction, he hooked a leg around his waist, pushing their bodies closer as he kissed him. He put his need and hunger into his kiss. Sometimes the words for what he wanted to say could not be found, but he could express them other ways.

Even as his hands pulled at Otabek’s shirt, Yuuri felt his patience dissolve, he could only take so much. It may have seemed eager, but in truth, he was. The want for Otabek’s skin next to his was growing with each touch, kiss.

Breath. Skin. Touch. Kiss.

Nothing was enough at that moment. It seemed like a miracle Yuuri was able to break the kiss long enough to pull Otabek’s shirt off. His lips swollen as he looked down, Yuuri pouted his lips, wanting Otabek’s back on him.

The crave for skin on skin contact did not happen. Otabek had risen off of him, standing at the couch. Yuuri watched as he undid his pants, slipping them off, his underwear too. He had to marvel over Otabek’s body. It was tightly formed and compact. Each muscle clearly defined as he worked himself back on the couch, but not overtop of Yuuri. His warm mouth bathed at his stomach, tickling where his cheeks had the slightest stubble to them. Yuuri ran his fingers through Otabek’s hair again, scratching his nails along his undercut.

“Are you both clean?” Otabek had asked.

Another not appropriate dinner question, but what was appropriate any more? Sure enough, talking about swapping partners at dinner did not fall into that category. Victor’s hand squeezed at Yuuri’s nee and a chuckle came from Victor.

“Of course we are. Tested a month ago, and only been with each other since then.”

Yuri had taken a bite of his food, not even bother to finish chewing before speaking, “Well we are good, too! We just got our results back.”

“You planned this, Koneko-chan?” Victor asked.

“We wanted to be prepared,” Otabek replied.

“And if we said no?” Victor asked.

Yuri shrugged, “We would have found another couple.”

Victor playfully gasped before grabbing his wine, sipping it. Yuuri knew Yuri was only spitting out words to save face. A gentle smile across the table from Otabek only made Yuuri’s face light up in a blush.

Yuuri arched his back as Otabek’s mouth trailed down his body. Sucking at his hip, Yuuri knew a mark would bloom there-- something to remind him later. Otabek’s mouth was wet and warm against his skin. He could feel his breath as he moved over his hip, down to his inner thigh.

“Watch them,” Otabek said as he started sucking and biting the sensitive soft skin of Yuuri’s thigh. “Don’t take your eyes off of them.”

Turning his head, Yuuri watched as Yuri now was on his knees on the floor, Victor’s cock large in his hands, his pink mouth licking and sucking. Locking gazes with his husband again, he saw how Victor had a tight grip in Yuri’s hair. Victor was shirtless now, his chest covered in a blush as Yuri’s head started to bob up and down on Victor’s cock. He noticed Yuri couldn’t even take half of him down his throat and used his hands to rub Victor’s shaft.

The sensations going on with his body, watching his husband and Yuri-- a gasp escaped his mouth when Otabek suddenly swallowed his cock. Grabbing at the pillow on couch, Yuuri moaned out loudly, never taking his eyes off Victor. Yuri was lewdly making slurping noises with his mouth, at times gagging for trying to hard. He noticed Victor would run his fingers through Yuri’s hair, even massage his jaw at times.

Otabek on the other hand, didn’t seem to ever tire out. He could take Yuuri all the way down the back of his throat, hold him there then slowly suck back up, his tongue would dance around his cock head before going back down again. Yuuri was so lost in his husband’s eyes and Otabek mouth, a wet finger sliding into him only made him moan out more. Reaching out, Yuuri ran his fingers through Otabek’s hair again, his mind and body were being taken over.

The more Otabek worked him open, the more he sucked him down. Yuuri found a pace for his hips, and Otabek didn’t seem to mind him lightly thrusting into his mouth, he seemed to almost welcome it. The humming vibrations around his cock making his gut twist and his sides tingle.

“You are so beautiful like that, my Yuuri,” Victor said, running his fingers through Yuri’s hair as he did.

Yuuri could only part his lips, breath heavy and reach a hand out, allowing Victor to take it for a moment and squeeze it. He could almost hear Yuri growling as he let off of Victor’s cock, pulling at his pants. Victor squeezed his hand again, then helped Yuri lower and remove his pants.

There was so much going on, overwhelming Yuuri’s senses. Otabek was pure magic the way his mouth moved on his cock, Yuri was climbing back on top of Victor as Otabek spread his fingers, curling them, making Yuuri cry out.

A loud wet sound as Otabek sucked up his cock with a tight suction, rolling his tongue around his cockhead one last time, then letting his cock fall from his mouth-- it hit heavy on his lower abdomen with a wet sound. “Yura,” Otabek called out, “Wait.”

Yuuri heard Yuri growl out and look over his shoulder. “Hurry the hell up then!”

He did not know where to look. Otabek was climbing back up his body, pushing his legs back, bending his knees. He could feel the hardness of Otabek where his fingers had just been, teasing him, pressing but not entering. Looking back over, Yuri was grabbing Victor’s cock, rubbing it against his ass, rolling his body, biting at Victor’s lip.

“Together,” Otabek said.

A simple nod was all Yuri did as he released Victor’s lip from his teeth and turn to look over his shoulder. Otabek and Yuri stared into each other’s eyes as Victor smiled warmly at him. He never go of his gaze, even as Otabek slowly pressed into and Yuri sunk down on Victor’s cock. He felt so full, yet he watched his husband blow a kiss in his direction before a finger under his chin brought him back to the man fucking him.

“Now you look at me,” Otabek said, kissing him gently, circling his hips slowly. “I am the one fucking you.” Yuuri could only moan as he felt every movement Otabek was making. It was slow and pure agony. Yuuri moaned as he heard the slap of skin rapidly next to him, knowing Yuri was bouncing as hard as he could on Victor’s lap.  

Four completely different sounds from four men echoed around the room. Different rhythms as skin slapped to skin, wet sounds, kisses being shared. Yuuri couldn’t take his eyes off of Otabek, that intense glare he always held was even more so, but different. It made everything more demanding with him. Every thrust, push and pull only seem to go deeper into him. His rhythm was slow and hard, hitting his sensitive core at each push. Yuuri was crying out, pulling Otabek to him, raking his nails down his back with each plunge.

“You are… not to… cum,” Otabek breathed out. “I mean it… I want you to… fuck me.”

Yuuri could only whine as Otabek said those words in his ear, his voice was so low and raspy as his body moved over him, every muscle in his body wound tightly and corded. Grunts and groans before Otabek’s body started to shake and collapse on him. Yuuri held him tightly, his fingers trailing down his sweaty back. They were still connected and he could feel each pulse of Otabek’s cock as he breathed heavily into his ear.

His cock ached so badly, Otabek had abused his prostate to the point his abdomen was a wet mess from his leaking everywhere. He knew if he quickly opened Otabek and fucked him, it would not last, and he told Otabek he could last a long time. Running his fingers back up Otabek’s back to his neck, he kissed his cheek.

The room had grown quiet and only their breathing could be heard. Looking over, Yuuri saw where Victor was still deep inside Yuri, but Yuri was draped once again against this body. Victor was still hard and Yuri started to whimper against Victor’s shoulder.

“I’m not done with you yet, Koneko-chan” Victor whispered to Yuri, smiling at him as he said so. Yuuri knew Victor could go almost as long as he could, they spent many nights wearing the other out. It was not something Yuri was use too. Using his hands, Victor grabbed Yuri’s ass and held him tightly as he stood up, pushing Yuri against the wall. Every muscle down Victor’s back flexed as he held Yuri tightly, moving his hips. There were deep red lines down Victor’s back and shoulders, even as Yuri cried out and bit down on Victor’s shoulder. They looked marvelous together. Yuri’s thin legs wrapped tightly around Victor while Victor never stopped fucking into him.

Otabek started to move, and Yuuri kissed him quickly, feeling his cock slip out. As Otabek rose to his knees, Yuuri sat up, kissing him again. Otabek looked worn out, but Yuuri was still hard, and ready for his turn. Using his hands, he turned Otabek, pressed his chest to the back of the couch, and knelt down on the floor. Grabbing Otabek’s ass cheeks, it did not surprise him how firm they were, his fingers barely sinking in as he spread them wide. Otabek was already panting before Yuuri leaned in, and tentatively licked up the center.

Loud screams and cries from Yuri echoed around the room. Yuuri had to smile to himself as he when he went to lick again, a low moan came from Otabek.

“You found my weakness,” Otabek mumbled.

Taking that cue, Yuuri wrapped his lips around Otabek’s rim, using his tongue to tease and prod gently. Otabek opened up easily to him, using his thumb to press down and his tongue to follow. The more he worked his tongue into Otabek, the louder his moans got. He could feel him tremble under his hands and Yuuri continued, never slowing down. Lapping his tongue in and out, Yuuri was only encouraged more by the sounds from Otabek. Grabbing for the lube, Yuuri coated his fingers as his tongue worked in and out of Otabek.

Switching over to his fingers, he could feel how open Otabek already was. Twirling and curving his fingers, he found the spot that made Otabek claw at their couch, moan louder than he had before. Kissing his lower back, Yuuri quickly scissored his fingers, making sure he was ready. Otabek’s hand was already under him, stroking his cock as Yuuri slipped his fingers out, coated his cock with lube and stood up.

Indeed, Otabek’s cum was slipping from his ass when he grabbed at his hips, lined his cock up and slowly pushed into Otabek. Yuuri had gotten so lost in Otabek, he had not seen how Yuri and Victor had fallen to the floor, Yuri folded in half, so small under Victor as Victor cried out, his body shaking.

Otabek was so tight around him, clenching at every push Yuuri did. This was where his stamina came in. Soft moans coming from Otabek which each thrust, every brush of his prostate. Sweat covered them both, and Yuuri continued his steady, brutal pace. Yuuri could feel his body warming up more and more, his desire filling him with every moan from Otabek.

Leaning over, Yuuri grabbed at Otabek’s shoulders, “Your cum… is slipping down… my leg.”

A loud moan came from Otabek and Yuuri slammed into him hard. His body was getting tired, his mind was flooded with need. Gripping those hips even harder, he knew he would leave his fingerprints there. More trembles and broken moans from Otabek as his hand left his cock and went to grab back at the couch.

A hand on his back brought his awareness back to where they where. Victor was standing next to him, cupping his face as his hips continued to thrust into Otabek.

“You are a dream to watch,” Victor said before capturing his lips.

Kissing his husband and fucking Otabek, it was just too much. His body gave out on him, instantly he was releasing deep into Otabek, letting off Victor’s mouth to moan. His body shook as he fell on Otabek’s back. Victor chuckled as Otabek and Yuuri fell to the couch. His mind was dizzy and his body vibrating.

Once his vision settled and Yuuri grabbed his glasses, he saw Yuri about passed out on the chair. His hair was a mess, his body a bright pinkish color, his cock thoroughly spent. Otabek had his head rest back on the couch, his arm over his eyes, chest still rising and falling where he was trying to breath properly.

Victor walked through and put some water bottles on the coffee table and Yuuri scooted over so Victor could sit next to him. The familiar weight of his arm over his shoulder, a kiss on his forehead-- all was good.

“This was fun,” Yuuri said.

“Da, though I think they are worn out,” Victor chuckled out.

“Fuck yeah we are,” Yuri growled out. “You two are insatiable!”

Otabek chuckled and dropped his arm. He could see him looking longingly at Yuri. It only took a moment before Yuri, even on wobbly legs, made his way over to Otabek, curling around him.

“It is ok, we will switch up again… just not tonight. Need to recover,” Yuri mumbled, his head nuzzling into Otabek’s face.

Yuuri could only laugh as he rested against his husband. A quick look over at Otabek, he couldn’t help but see the smile on his face as he hugged Yuri and looked at him.

“You do know, our shower holds four people easily,” Victor said.

Otabek and Yuri sat up, both smiling at them as they grabbed their water bottles. Yuuri knew this night was not over just yet.