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love you 'til my breathing stops

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"When we were in flames, I needed you to run through my veins, like disease (…)
Oh, winter comes. Oh, winter crush all of the things that I once loved."
Winter - Daughter

The Masked Blur

In a world of heroes, truly noticing one of them was hard as hell, but Uraraka Ochaco noticed him.


He first appeared during one of U.A.'s field trips, jumping from the sky at top speed as their bus was attacked by yet another horde of villains. Class A had been suffering those attacks at least twice a semester now, and if the pattern continued, they still had one ahead of them for the first half of their second year.

His identity was a mystery, seeing that he was wearing a mask and his uniform wasn't like anything they've seen before, even though they speculated that he didn't seem to be much older than them.

It didn't help that he moved so fast it was hard to make out his movements.

Perhaps he was from another part of the country, another school, another place altogether. Ochaco couldn't tell. As he took opponent after opponent in a battle that had gotten their class frozen, time stopped. She watched him go in a blur, fists so fast the air around them blew like a tornado, raising enough dust to cover the whole bus.

It was over before Mr. Aizawa even stepped out of the bus, and it took a while for the dust to settle and let them see the five villains that tried to attack them knocked out and tied up.

Clearly, the new nameless hero knew exactly what to do. He saved them and he didn't even stay to get their thanks, didn't even leave a name to be printed in the journals.

When Uraraka got out of the bus with her colleagues, they all shared the same perplexed, amazed aura, jaws dropped as they looked around the road trying to understand what just happened.

"Was that All Might?" asked Mineta looking up the sky, the question on everyone's mind, even though they all knew…

"No," replied Mr. Aizawa glaring at the horizon. "All Might has been retired for a long time now."

The teacher looked around, then, counting his students. They were all so shocked that they didn't even notice the way his glare lingered on Midoriya for a beat too long before he frowned.

"Huh," he said, unable to find a coherent answer at the moment.

"He moved like All Might, though, kero," Asui commented evenly and they all nodded, even though they didn't get to see much.

For a long time the world had thought that there would never be anyone like All Might, but so far they had Midoriya in their class with a power so close to the former #1 hero it was scary, and now that mysterious masked blur made an appearance.

It was incredible, really.

"I wish they hadn't left so fast," Midoriya lamented. "I wanted to thank them."

Uraraka and Iida nodded agreeing. Far away, they could hear the sirens of the police cars approaching.

"Me too, Deku," she said with a little pout. "He seems really neat."

"He?" Hagakure interrupted. "What makes you so sure it's a guy?"

Ochaco shrugged, opting to be honest.

"Just a guess."


The masked blur showed up plenty of times for the following couple of months, always when Class A was in trouble. No one else seemed to know who he was or even saw him unless they were with the A students when he'd rescue them. Not even other professional heroes could catch up with him to find out who he was.

"You think he's our guardian angel?" wondered Momo once and Aoyama frowned.

"Of all of us?" he asked as skeptically as he could sound, which was borderline smug. Momo shrugged.

"It sure feels like he's taking care of us, though," Uraraka commented at the time, absently looking out the window and silently wondering about his motivations. She wondered…

Nah, it couldn't be.

Shaking her head, Ochaco stored the thought in a dark corner of her mind, focused on getting on with her life. The second year of U.A. was hard, and she had a lot of work to worry about, no time to spend thinking of some guy jumping from building to building saving their asses every now and then.


Except that Uraraka couldn't stop thinking about the mysterious Masked Blur. That was how the papers were calling him because that was how her class called him. The fact that he didn't want to be known by other people said a lot about his personality, he was a hero who didn't care about fame or being known, almost the complete opposite of her, who wanted the money that came with the fame – even though it was for a good cause – and she couldn't help but feel drawn to him.

Ochaco was intrigued, to say the least. Similar to Deku, she started taking notes of everything she remembered of the Masked Blur, trying to figure out his M.O. and to get something meaningful out of it. She carried a notepad everywhere and had a special notes section on her phone just to write about him, but even though there was two months' worth of data, she still couldn't know who he was.

It had been in one of these days when she was walking back home distracted by her phone that someone tried to mug her just a block from her building.

"Money and phone, miss!" a guy with cracked skin and bloodshot eyes said pointing a gun at Ochaco.

Wide-eyed, she threw her hands up. She was startled, but she also was a second-year student at U.A., and her brain immediately started trying to find a way to overcome her opponent, bringing back the training she'd been getting in her internships.

"Quick!" the guy hurried, stepping closer, his gun pointed at her chest.

Without knowing his quirk it would be a risk to force contact, but she'd learned to take down gunned people, all she needed was an opening, perhaps when she'd hand over her phone. With her quirk, she could maneuver a move where she'd take his gun and make him float in just one go. Maybe, if she was fast enough and had a little bit of luck…

"I WON'T SAY AGAIN!" the mugger shouted, making Ochaco jump and hand him the phone.

"S-sorry!" she exclaimed, ready to take action.

Everything happened so fast. Uraraka reached out with the hand she was holding her phone; startled by her sudden movement, the mugger pulled the trigger, and later she'd remember thinking why did he want her to give him her things if he was going to shoot anyway. For a stretched moment, Ochaco thought that was it, her promising life would end a block from U.A. because of a flip-phone, but before she could even blink, she was across the street, a gush of air blowing her hair up.

"Are you okay?" he asked keeping his hands on her shoulders, his voice modified behind the mask. She couldn't see his eyes, and his hair was covered by a dark hood.

"Yes," Ochaco managed to say staring up at him. She only had one second to look at him up close, and it didn't give much away.

The Masked Blur was taller than her, with a lean body and strong shoulders. There was something about the way he moved that felt familiar to her, almost… intimate, but she couldn't put a finger on it, not yet. It was all she could process before he was gone and she was alone on the street, her shoulders burning with his touch, an unconscious, tied up mugger and her phone in hand completing a call.

"Musutafu Police, what's your emergency?" someone on the other side of the call said. "Hello? This call is being traced, if you're in troub-"

Out of her reverie, Uraraka picked up the phone.

"Hi, I'm Uraraka Ochaco, U.A.'s student. The Masked Blur just saved me from a gunman."

"Are you okay, miss?"

"Yes," she answered right away. "And the mugger is incapacitated too."

"We're already on our way, miss, stay put."

"Okay," Ochaco said, thought her mind was somewhere else, in this vague idea she once had that kind of had to do with Momo's guardian angel talk – that perhaps he was there to protect them, perhaps… he'd go out of his way to keep them safe. And if he was so eager to protect them, maybe she could find a way… to find him.


That was all Uraraka needed to know before she'd start plotting her way to uncover who the Masked Blur was. Knowing he'd come to her aid, Ochaco began putting herself in certain situations, trying to catch his attention. It didn't always work – sometimes a friend from school would help her, sometimes she would have to find her way out of it alone, but it worked enough times, just not enough to let her understand his M.O. a bit.

"Hell, you've always been crazy," Bakugo commented once when they were coming back from the mall. "But now you're just reckless."

"Aren't you the least bit curious, though?" she asked him and he shrugged uninterested.

"If some random guy wants to save our skins, that's his problem," he said casually. "I still think it's some secret U.A. project."

"Kacchan, that wouldn't make any sense," Ochaco argued shaking her head. Being between him and Deku, it was only a matter of time until she caught up on his nickname as well, and to her surprise, Bakugo never complained about it. "Why would the school hide something like that from us, they seem as confused as us about the Masked Blur."

Bakugo groaned.

"That's got to be the dumbest hero name I've ever heard," he mumbled and Uraraka smiled shaking her head. Kacchan was a funny guy, even though he never aimed to be.

"Then what do you suggest?" she provoked. "Explosion Murderer or whatever the option?"

"Are you stupid? His power has nothing to do with explosions," he snapped, as usual, and she giggled in her hand. Almost two full years in and it still was easy to trigger his ridiculous outbursts.

They walked side by side on the commercial street, and as Ochaco's eyes wandered to the storefronts, something caught her attention.

"Oh, Kacchan, look!" she exclaimed skipping ahead to take a better look at the bakery display. "Mochi!"

"Aren't you on a diet or something?" he said evenly, still uninterested. It was so hard to catch his attention.

"No, why would I be on a diet?" she asked and her cheeks suddenly blushed. "Do I need to?"

"I don't know, aren't girls always on diets?" Bakugo replied and her level of concern grew exponentially, making him gulp. He noticed how she lowered her head, covered her face with her hands.

"I was saving money," she mumbled, a habit she picked from Deku. "But now… diet? Should I go on a diet?" she touched her arms and then her stomach, and that was when Bakugo knew he probably shouldn't mention the diet at all.

Uraraka looked at the bakery with a sad longing and then down to the ground again, a small pout changing her profile, and Bakugo sighed.

"Fuck," he said with frustration and she looked at him. "I forgot something. Why don't you go ahead and I'll catch up with you later?"

"Huh?" Uraraka said and then nodded. "Okay."

She waved a goodbye and kept going towards the dorms, and Bakugo waited for her to turn the corner before he entered the bakery. Not that he was getting softened by her, but he'd make up for being an ass to her just this time.

Ochaco kept on her way to the dorms, as Kacchan had told her to do, but she took a detour, figuring that maybe she could use the exercise. She'd go through the west gate and cross the school's property to the dorms, prolonging her walk.

It was a shame that a simple comment sent her on a spiral about her weight, but it was nearly impossible to avoid that train of thought. Uraraka was a hero in training and she needed to keep her body in shape; if someone, anyone thought she was slacking off on her training, it could jeopardize everything.

She made a turn to go up the stairs that would take her up to the street behind U.A. instead of going up front; she'd to go up a hill to get here, and take the stairs to the street, and then walk a few hundred meters to get to the gate; in the back of her mind, Ochaco knew that she shouldn't be so constantly distracted, but it was hard not to overthink. If she was to become a hero, her brain had to work all the time.

About halfway up, Uraraka heard a commotion of shouts and fast feet. She held her bag closer to her chest as soon as the first person turned on the stairs, making her best to stay close to the handrail as almost a dozen kids her age and younger dashed down in a frenzy, probably running from something or someone, though she couldn't tell – they seemed so happy and joyful and loud.

One of them at the back of the group collided with her, a big guy with what looked like a rock quirk, hurting her shoulder and knocking off her balance.

"Hey! Watch it!" she exclaimed feeling her feet off the ground when another kid hit her from behind.

It happened in a second, yet in slow motion; she saw herself getting closer to the steps, less than a second closer to tumbling down the stair. She let go of her purse, trying to find time to use her quirk and float the hell out of there, but something or someone kicked her in the shin – not on purpose, she supposed, seeing that the person was tripping too – and she lost a precious second of concentration, hitting her head on the handrail.

Her already sore shoulder hit the steps, propelling her downward, and a gush of air raised the dirt of the street as Uraraka's eyes watered and closed. She hit her back on the steps too, starting an accelerated descend, and only part of her brain tried to tell her to raise her arms to protect her face and head. She rolled once before starting to lose consciousness and the last thing she remembered was strong arms catching her limp body.


Through the front gate, like a normal person, Bakugo Katsuki headed to Class A's building carrying a box filled with mochi in different flavors because he wasn't sure which one Uraraka liked best. He passed by the common hall and peeked inside to see if she was there, but she wasn't, so he headed to the kitchen, having the same result. He passed by Yao-Momo on his way to the elevator and asked if she had seen Uraraka in the showers or something, got a no in response, and went up to her room, knocking on her door with no response whatsoever.

"Where the fuck did she go?" Bakugo wondered out loud, looking down at the box of sweets he had bought to apologize. He didn't even know why he felt the need to apologize, but now that he was here, might as well.

Frustrated, he leaned against the gap's rail and looked down. When in hot days like that one, they liked to keep the windows open, to let the air circulate, and looking through the gap's glass ceiling, Bakugo realized with a frown where she might be. Groaning with displeasure, he took the stairs down and then to ground 2, and knocked at Deku's door insistently until he opened the door.

"Kacchan?" Deku said with a mix of fear and surprise that made Bakugo roll his eyes.

"Yah, Deku, is Round Face with you?" he said cutting right to the chase.

"What?" Deku said and Bakugo pondered if he'd rather repeat himself or punch that idiot in the face. The later was a much more interesting option. Luckily for Midoriya, he caught up on the question quickly. "Uraraka? No, I'm alone."

As if to confirm it, he opened the door wider, showing his ridiculous room with nothing but All Might decorations, no Uraraka around. Bakugo frowned, having run out of options already. Uraraka had to be back by now, seeing that she was ahead of him and the walk from the bakery to the dorms was mere fifteen minutes. Maybe she'd gone to the B building to talk to some friend? He wouldn't know, he barely noticed his classmates, let alone other classes.

"Is everything okay?" Deku asked. Bakugo had forgotten about him, the other boy's plainness made him invisible most of the time, but this time he caught Katsuki by surprise. "She was with you this afternoon, wasn't she?"

"Yeah, but we got separated," he said vaguely. "She was supposed to be back."

As a last resource, Bakugo fished his phone from his pocket, ignoring Izuku's concerned look. There was no message from Uraraka, so he decided to call her just to make sure. Downstairs, thanks to the building's gap, he could hear his colleagues chatting in concerning tones, but he ignored them. Midoriya stepped into the corridor and closed the door behind him, his phone in hand too.

"She didn't send me anything," he said. "Maybe Iida knows from her?"

"Shut up," Katsuki groaned, for he could swear he was hearing her stupid phone ring, so he looked over the edge of the gap. She picked up the call on the fourth or fifth ring. "Where the fuck are you, Round Face?"

There was a moment of silence on the other side of the call. Midoriya joined Bakugo in looking around the building to see if they could spot her.

"Mr. Bakugo?" a male voice said, instead of Uraraka's overly sweet squeal, and it made his body grow cold. "This is officer Tamakawa."

"Officer? Where's Uraraka?" he said, and perhaps his tone was a little alarming because Deku looked at him wide-eyed.

"We don't know," the officer said. "We found her things on the street behind U.A. after we were chasing a few delinquents, but no sign of her. We came to see if she was here, even though her student card is in her purse. The other students say you were with her today, is that correct?"

"Yes, we were visiting some agencies, but she came back ahead of me. We got separated just half an hour ago, tops."

"Where are you, Mr. Bakugo? Can we talk?"

"I'm here, I can see you," he said, having indeed spotted the cat officer pacing down the ground level, Uraraka's bag in his hands. The officer looked up the gap. "Second ground."

"I see you," he said with a solemn nod. "Can you come down?"

"Yeah, of course."

"That's officer Tamakawa," Midoriya said as Bakugo closed the phone finishing the call. Bakugo had forgotten about him again. "What's he doing here, Kacchan? Did he have Uraraka's phone?"

Even though Katsuki would rather ignore Deku for the rest of his life, the idiot still was one of Uraraka's closest friends and it'd be just too mean to keep information from him, so he just walked ahead of the other boy in angry steps, the box of mochis in his hand already half smudged and his jaw locked as the words came out.

"They found Round Face's things behind the school or something, but no sign of her. Since I'm the last person who saw her, they want to talk to me."

"The police?" Deku exclaimed, following Bakugo downstairs. "I hope nothing bad happened to her."

Katsuki only groaned in response, but deep down he hoped the same. He held the box of sweets a little tighter. God forbid the only day he decides to leave that nosy teddybear unattended she'd disappear under their noses.


It was too bright for her injured head, so it took a while for Uraraka to open her eyes and focus them. She was hurting all over, couldn't recognize the place no matter how hard she forced her brain to work, and it was impossible not to panic.

Luckily for her, Ochaco was a hero in training, and that was her chance to put everything she learned into practice. She stood still for a moment waiting, listening, trying to capture as much as possible of the room. She was in a soft bed under a light sheet, and she was facing a plain grey wall with large windows in dark glass.

She rolled on her back, hissing when her shoulder protested, internally cursing herself for making any noise, even though a teeny tiny part of her told her to relax. If Ochaco's mind wasn't playing tricks on her, and she really didn't think it was, she could swear the person who rescued her was the Masked Blur.

The silence in the room was only broken by her careful breathing and the tick-tocking of a wristwatch on the nightstand, and with her good arm she reached out to see what time it was. To her surprise, the watch wasn't counting the time, but it actually was marking a countdown, much like the… clocks on the walls. And there were plenty of those.

Frowning, Uraraka gingerly sat up staring at the wall opposite to the windows. This one didn't have windows, but it had four or five clocks all with different countdowns, and around them were pictures and more pictures, doodles and photos, and at first, from where she stood, Ochaco couldn't figure out what they were about, so she got up and limped to the wall, realizing that they were actually photos of her class – class A of U.A. – and most of them were of… her.

Flabbergasted, Ochaco tried to memorize as many of those pics as she could, knowing that it was impossible. Now that she was up and walking, she could process the place better. It was a large flat, larger than any Masutafu apartment she'd ever seen, perhaps a commercial building? Right in the middle, there was the elevator, and to the right was a box made of tempered glass where the sound of running water came from, a bathroom.

Her eyes went back to the pics; practically all of them were from events she remembered – events from the past four months or so – except for one.

With trembling fingers, Ochaco reached for the photo, noticing for the first time that her hand was bruised, though it didn't hurt as bad as her shoulder and back. Her fingers grasped the photo with uncertainty, her brain working extra hard to make any sense of it, but there couldn't be. It just couldn't, because she'd seen that place in many, many photos, but never ever in real life.

She wondered if it was some sort of photoshop trick made by Mei, but she didn't let that silly idea grow legs; Hatsume was a lot of things, but her selfishness was her greatest feature, she wouldn't manipulate something that didn't benefit her. What benefit could she get from photoshopping Uraraka and Deku in Honolulu?

Ochaco plucked the photo from the wall to take a better look at it, but she felt the sweat humidify her forehead and her legs tremble. She definitely wasn't in her best shape, and she should get out and go back to U.A. as soon as possible to pay a visit to Recovery Girl.

With that in mind, Uraraka limped to the other side of the room, beyond the elevator, and peeked inside the boxy bright shower room. It looked like something out of an American high-class architecture catalog, some sort of cascade causing a beautiful indoor effect. Hanging on a stall by the door, she found the Masked Blur's clothes, and she couldn't help but reach out and touch it.

She really had been rescued by him, then, and he brought her to where? His place? Wouldn't it be safer to take her back to school? She had been mere five minutes from the west gate.

There was a mirror in that toilet-slash-shower room, and Uraraka looked at her reflection, noticing a purple bruise on her left temple – a match to her left shoulder, the main parts of her that took the first beating of the stairs – but overall she looked fine. Aching and bruised, but fine. She looked down at her hand, at the photo she still held, wondering what it meant, and the sound of a faucet being closed caught her attention.

Startled, Ochaco stepped back when she saw the cascade wall slid open, realizing too late that it wasn't a wall at all, but a door to the shower, (honestly, she should've made the connection sooner, but her head was a mess) and unable to flee from there too fast because of her limp, she stumbled on her own feet as she saw a hand reach out for a towel hung on the wall.

It was him. The Masked Blur, it was him and she would find out who he was! She couldn't move from there – even though she should – because she would finally meet one of her heroes. So what that he was just fresh of a shower? When would she have the opportunity to see who he was again?

Uraraka held her breath, braced herself, and only part of her noticed that his right hand had all too familiar scars. He got the towel, male hands of a muscular arm, and rolled it around himself before stepping out of the shower, his short hair dark and wet under the light, his ripped torso a constellation of scars, whether thin or large, and most of them caused by the same thing: his quirk. Green eyes meet hers and she gasped, unable to conceal the image she had of her friend and the one of the guy in front of her. Out of her open mouth, she could only say one thing –


"Ochaco," he breathed out and immediately blushed, wide eyes mirroring hers. She covered her mouth taken aback by his boldness, and stepped back trying to make any sense of it, her hips hitting the sink.

"Deku, how are you here? Weren't you with Iida and Mina visiting agencies?" she asked, her voice muffled by her hand.

"Ocha- uh, Uraraka, it's complicated, but I need you to believe me," he said stepping closer and she stepped back again, trying to keep a safe distance from him at least until it was sorted out. He looked dead serious right into her eyes, but she could not, for the love of God, make sense of him. "I… came from the future."

"Of course you did," Ochaco said, her hand dropping to her side. It was a tad difficult to concentrate when Deku was practically naked, his hair dripping water down his neck, the drops traveling further down to the towel wrapped around his hips. She shook her head and forced her eyes to stay up. "That's ridiculous."

"And it's the truth," he said somberly. Uraraka frowned.

"The future? You came from the future? Deku, that's not even possible."

"Isn't it, really?"

Uraraka closed her mouth, tried to think back to every time the Masked Blur saved them, and the math didn't match. Deku had been by her side several times, and certainly, he couldn't bend time, be in two places at the same time, right? She shook her head, part of her wished the act would put her ideas in place, but doing so was a bad idea because her neck hurt from the hit she took earlier.

"Easy, now," Deku said reaching out and pushing her hair back delicately. Ochaco gulped, taking a tentative look at his right hand again, at the same scars she'd grown familiar with, reminiscent from their first semester as U.A. students. "Does it hurt?"

"Why are you doing this?" she gathered the courage to ask. "Why would you even want to come back?"

She had read a book once about this girl who had a magical collar that allowed her to take more classes that fit in her school schedule, and it reminded her of Bakugo's theory of some secret U.A. project. Did Deku have some sort of deal with the school that granted him some privileges? All of them wanted to be heroes, class A and other classes included, so if they held different standards for him, would that be fair?

None of those things made sense with the response he gave her.

"I came back for you," he said simply, his eyes buried in hers. Uraraka felt her cheeks redden as her heart raced. Deku was standing so close to her, and even though he wasn't touching her anymore it clearly felt like it, the skin he'd brushed before spreading warmth like wildfire.

"Me?" she managed to breathe out, and then she gulped. That couldn't be right, him coming back for her? Why the hell would he do that? Uraraka stepped sideways, towards the shower room's door. "Deku, stop playing tricks, this is not funny."

"You still don't believe me?" he said, and maybe it was in her head, but he sounded hurt.

"That you came from the future? Sounds like bullshit. What is this place you brought me to? What's with the clocks and the pictures? What's up with this?" she showed him the picture of them in Hawaii, not the least surprised to be shaking. There were plenty of emotions coursing through her at the moment. Deku smiled warmly.

"We get to go before we expected, your parents… they were so thrilled," he told her and she closed her eyes, tempted to accept the imagery but skeptical about its reality.

"Deku, you can't say that-"

"You're hurt," he cut her. "And people are worried and sick about you, I included. You should call the dorm."

Ochaco frowned at him and he ever so calmly pointed her to a table, where a couple of phones rested innocently, one black and the other silver; none of them were hers.

"The police have your things," he explained. "Call the dorm. Officer Tamakawa will pick it up, ask you a few questions. Then you can ask to talk to me – the me in the future – and you'll know."

He watched her from a safe distance as she limped to the desk and hovered her hand over the phones, wondering which one to choose.

"They are scripted, you can choose any of them," he said.

Ochaco picked the black phone and fumbled a bit to unlock it, her hand incredibly weak from the fall. She really needed to pay a visit to Recovery Girl. She dialed the dorm's number, only partially surprised to see that it was actually one of the contact numbers in the phone, and she only had to wait for a couple of rings before the call was picked up.

"U.A. 2-A dorms, this is officer Tamakawa," a male voice said, quickly linked to the cat image in her mind, and Uraraka looked up at Deku with wide eyes, partially surprised he had gotten that right. "Hello?"

"Yes, officer, this is Uraraka Ochaco," she responded quickly.

"Miss Uraraka, are you okay? Are you lost? Hurt?" the officer asked covered with a layer of antsy chatter in the background. His voice became distant for a moment, but still very clear. "Kids, come on! I need space and silence."

"SIR, YES, SIR!" she heard her friends say in unison, which made her chuckle and warmed her heart a bit. They really were worried about her.

"Now," Tamakawa was back. "Can you tell me where you are, what happened and if you need help coming back to U.A.?"

Uraraka looked at Deku again seeking direction. He still was barely dressed, but he seemed interested in helping her, for he mouthed 'a couple of blocks' to her, meaning that he knew what was asked and what she needed to answer.

"I had a pretty bad fall, officer," she finally answered averting her eyes from Deku. "And someone helped me out, but I'm going back to school now. I'm just a couple of blocks away."

"How did you fall, Ms. Uraraka?" he asked. She could hear the sound of a pen against paper, supposed he was writing down everything she was saying.

"Some kids, they were running around, bumped into me when I was going up the stairs," she explained. "I lost my footing and fell. Lost my things too."

"Your things were found scattered on the stairs of the back street, don't worry," he said with precision. "Now, if you don't mind, can you tell us where you are so we can go get you?"

"Oh, I'm really close, there's no need," she said, even though she didn't really know how close from school she was. U.A. occupied several square meters in Musutafu, and she probably still would have to walk a great deal to get to the infirmary to get fixed. "I'll just take small steps and then go see Recovery Girl."

Deku passed by her and picked the silver phone from the table, quickly typing something before putting it on the table again. The lit screen showed her a map with their location and how close they were from school. It was near the front gate, meaning that she wouldn't have to walk that much after all, but the avenue was a bit of a stope. She felt tired just to think of it.

"Just let us meet you halfway, miss," the officer said calmly. "What's your route?"

"Main Street," she said looking at the map. "And then Shimura Avenue."

"Are you alone? What about the person who helped you?"

"I'm alone, they just… made sure I was okay and sent me off," she lied, feeling it roll easily out of her tongue. "Officer Tamakawa, may I speak with Deku, please?"

"Who?" he asked confused and she stuttered.

"Uh, Midoriya. May I speak with Midoriya?"

"Of course," he said and then his voice sounded distant again. "Midoriya boy, she wishes to talk to you."

"M-me?" she heard Deku stutter, something that made her blush again. Silly crush! It didn't help that he was standing right in the other room semi-naked.


"Uraraka?" Deku said on the phone, but it took her a moment to answer, for she was looking down at the photo in her hand. "Uraraka, are you okay?"

"Deku," she said, her head up as she looked at the bedroom she'd been just a few minutes ago. She headed there with careful steps, partially watching this other Deku put some pants on, his defined back filling her view. "How did it go at the agency?"

There was a sigh on the other side of the line, a nervous laugh that made her smile. Deku. She held the photo close to her chest unconsciously.

"Is that what you want to talk about?" he asked humorously. "What about your fall? Are you hurt?"

"Been better, not gonna lie," she said softly.

"Look, some of the officers are leaving to meet you halfway now. Yao-Momo and Iida are going with them."

"Oh, no, I don't want to be of any trouble!" Ochaco exclaimed feeling embarrassed. Deku tsc-ed, something rare coming from him.

"Don't be silly. We all can't wait to see you well and home," he said. "Even Kacchan, if I dare."

"DEKU, DO YOU WANT TO FUCKING DIE?" she heard Bakugo shout making her laugh. Deku's voice dropped considerably.

"Don't let him fool you, he was worried and sick," he confessed and she smiled. Who said Kacchan was a lost cause?

"It's good to hear your voice, Deku," she said without thinking and it didn't take a lot of neurons to know that she was blushing through and through. Something told her that he'd be blushing too, only because he was such a dork when girls talked.

"It's good to hear yours too, Uraraka," he said softly. "I'll see you soon, right?"

Ochaco nodded.

"Yes," she said firmly. "Pretty soon."

They said their goodbyes and she hung up, looked at this other Deku again. He had a shirt on, now, a white All Might Tee that made her smile. He really was Deku, wasn't he?

"You came back for me?" she asked showing him the pic again and he nodded. "Are we together?" he nodded again. She offered him the photo and he took it careful not to touch her. "That's… not supposed… I promised myself…"

"Something changes," he interrupted her scrambled thoughts and she looked at him, realizing she'd averted her eyes.

"How old are you, Deku?" she asked. "Did you finish school yet?"

"I'm eighteen," he said and she frowned. "And no."

Uraraka nodded somberly and a clock started beeping, indicating that time was running out for something she wasn't aware of.

"I should go, the police are coming looking for me," she said and Deku nodded.

"It's about time," he said. "Be careful out there okay?"

"Okay," she said low and started in the opposite direction from the bedroom, stopping to say only one thing more. "Deku? Don't worry, I won't tell anyone."

Deku smiled, then.

"I know."


Ochaco didn't really know why she decided to keep future Deku's identity a secret because she was certain everyone in her class – and perhaps in the school – was dying to know who he was, but it felt like the right thing to do. He had deliberately taken her to his place, let her know who he was for a reason, didn't he? To some extent, she figured it was her job to find out what he was up to, and she wouldn't be able to do so with everyone from class on top of him too.

The police found her when she was about to turn on Shimura Avenue, the worst part of her walk back home, and for that she was grateful. With Momo by her side in the backseat and Iida in the passenger seat, officer Tamakawa recorded her testimony as he drove to the school's infirmary, where she got a couple of recovery kisses. No bone was broken, but Uraraka had gained a set of bruises that would soon disappear.

"We were really worried about you," Momo told her as they headed to the A dorms, Iida going ahead to prepare everyone for her return. "When the police came with your things, we thought something really bad had happened. Class-A curse, you know?"

"It could've," Ochaco said somberly with a nod. Her neck wasn't hurting anymore, but she was beginning to feel sleepy. "Those kids, they were not worried about the people in their way."

She covered her mouth when she yawned and Momo smiled warmly at her.

"You should go straight to bed, Ochaco, you've been through a lot today," she reasoned. "What, with going around with Bakugo out of all people, and then this."

Uraraka chuckled.

"Momo, Kacchan is not that bad!" she said. "He just doesn't know how to do friends."

"I will just take your word for it, for now, Ocha," Momo said elbowing her and both girls giggled.

"Anyway," Ochaco said with a hand on the door to push it open. "I really should greet everyone first, and then I'll go to bed."

And that was how she only got to go up to her dormitory an hour after arriving at school. She was so tired, and yet she couldn't avoid her friend's questions, embarrassed to have fallen and caused so much trouble to everyone, but even more embarrassed to look directly at Deku and think every single time about how his future self was so, so hot.

That wasn't an appropriate thought! And yet, she kept coming back to it. Future Deku's face wasn't that soft, it was angular and strong, more like the superhero that inspired him so much than the boy that hugged her and welcomed her back. That seemed to be the only difference, though. He wasn't taller, his shoulders weren't broader. He was lean and muscular, just like this Deku.

It made sense. He said he was eighteen and didn't finish school yet, meaning that his coming back would happen in about a year and a half. How much can a person change in just eighteen months? Surely not much.

Just his face. It was different, for sure. Harder, as if he'd lived through something that modified him from deep inside. Sadder, even, if she dared. Or maybe, she didn't know… but maybe… damaged.

A knock on her door brought her out of her reverie. She was exhausted and yet she didn't manage to close her eyes yet. Exhausted, but charged – if such things were even possible. With heavy feet, Ochaco inched to the door, grunting something as the knocking continued, and it only stopped when she opened it.

"Kacchan," she exclaimed with a tired smile. "You weren't downstairs."

"Yah, it was too busy downstairs, and they are too loud," he said. His hands were behind his back and he avoided looking her in the eyes, but she was delighted to see him at her door. Deku wasn't joking when he said that Kacchan cared. "Look, I'm sorry I sent you off alone, I shouldn't have done that."

His apology was so unexpected that Ochaco's heavy eyes opened wide with the surprise, her mouth hanging slightly open. To complete everything, Bakugo blushed.

"And…" he continued, going easy on his words in order not to crash them together. "I'm sorry about the diet thing, I shouldn't have said that. It was just a stupid joke. You don't need to be on a diet, you look great!" Kacchan gulped and got even redder when she smiled at him. "And you're really hard worker, so…"

From behind him, he produced a small box with the logo of the bakery they had passed by earlier and offered it to her, so Ochaco took it with both hands and carefully raised the lid, only to find seven multicolored mochis that helped turn a dull day into a good day. Bakugo cleared his throat.

"I ate one because it was taking so fucking long for you to arrive and the kitchen was full of policemen, so I couldn't get something to eat."

"Kacchan!" she exclaimed moved and picked one of the mochis, gave it a tentative bite. Amazing, as usual. Content, Ochaco bowed in gratitude. "Thank you so much."

"It's nothing," he replied stepping back, not a fan of too much contact if her guess was correct. "Just get some rest, tomorrow is a big day."

"Yes, thank you again, Kacchan."

"Whatever," Bakugo said, walking back to the end of the corridor quicker than he needed to.

She waited until he was at his door and waved a goodbye from across the gap before going back inside to enjoy her sweets, and then have some sleep. She was so tired.


The end of semester meant that Ochaco was too busy to go look for the other Deku. Not that she would actually look for him, she wasn't even thinking about him.

Okay, that was a bit of a lie, but the final exams week really occupied her mind practically all the time. She had finished her first year in a bit of a low, so she really needed to raise her grades this time around, and there was nothing – nothing – that would distract her.

As soon as she got her much deserved A, Uraraka allowed herself to breathe a little, and she went with the girls to the mall for some shopping and ice cream before U.A.'s traditional summer camp.

"Ah, I'm so glad that the exams are finally over!" Mina exclaimed relieved and they all agreed. They walked as one group, a bunch of shopping bags hitting on their legs as they turned in every corridor.

"Ochaco gets pretty intense during exams, is a little scary," Toru said with a giggle and Uraraka blushed. "But don't worry, we're getting used to it already."

All the girls laughed and Ochaco hid her face with her hands, her bags falling down to her elbows.

"I'm sorry, I just really don't want to slack off, and when things start to distract me, I have to focus really hard," she justified her actions, her voice muffled by the hand that covered it, and the girls laughed more.

"Yeah, Ocha, we all know what keeps distracting you, kero," Tsuyu elbowed her, making Uraraka drop her hands and look at her confused.

"Huh?" she asked.

They had stopped in front of the ice cream shop and looked dreamily at the display of flavors through the window as Uraraka blinked at Asui. The frog girl didn't look the least bit shaken, but on the other hand, Tsuyu rarely was shaken by anything.

"Izuku," she said plainly, and the other girls giggled. "He's in your mind all the time, isn't he?"

Uraraka moved her hands nervously, trying to dismiss Asui's words, but the girls wouldn't leave her be, not now that the holidays were upon them and the summer camp would soon occupy their time. Those few days were the only time they had to truly relax a little, and there wasn't a better way to relax than gossiping.

"Don't even try it, Ocha, everyone knows you're into him," Mina provoked, pushing her inside the shop where they all got in line to order.

"I'm not," she guaranteed, her voice thin with nervousness. "Not anymore, at least."

"What do you mean, not anymore?" Momo asked frowning at her. "I could swear only yesterday you stuttered and blushed whenever your eyes crossed."

"Momo!" Ochaco exclaimed betrayed, and her friends smiled smugly. "It's not it."

"Look, why would you want to stay away from him in the first place?" Jiro asked and pointed at the strawberry ice cream to get her order. "He's super sweet and caring, he freaking adores you, and he's not half bad to the eyes."

"Yeah, he's pretty ripped," Toru agreed, being echoed by the other girls. Uraraka felt herself getting redder.

"If you like him so much, why don't you go for it?" Ochaco practically shouted, making all the girls look at her with surprised expressions, except for Kyoka, who just slowly turned to her and raised an eyebrow.

"Are you giving me your permission?" she asked calmly, smirking. Uraraka closed her mouth, trying to contain a snark. "If you're so over him, then you won't mind if he hooks up with someone else, right? Say, tomorrow at 3-F's party?"

"What? Party?" Uraraka replied shaking her head. All the girls were staring at her, so she had to think fast. "No, I won't mind, why would I?"

If Tsuyu were that mundane, she would've rolled her eyes, something Ochaco was fairly sure Toru did. She knew for a fact that it had been Mina's reaction because the girl was right in front of her, and Momo and Jiro only exchanged a look. It was useless, wasn't it? To try and talk them out of thinking she liked Deku when they clearly were just friends.

As a matter of fact, now that she had the time to do so, Uraraka had been thinking, and she wasn't keen on the ideas she was having. If she was correct… which was a fifty percent chance, then she shouldn't keep on liking him.

No, she would not give fate a chance, and she would not fall head over heels for Deku, for the sake of both of them.

"Miss, what's your order?" a bored boy behind the counter asked, and only then Ochaco realized that it was her turn to order.

"Yes! Sorry! Uh, chocomint please!"

When they left the ice cream shop, they couldn't help but comment on how that cashier wasn't paying the last bit of attention to them, and Uraraka was so glad the subject had diverted from her.

"It's a relief, really," Momo said licking her cone of cookies and vanilla. "We'd think that by now the boys from our class would learn not to stare at us, but when they think we're not looking, they'll just stare at our boobs or ass."

"Talk for yourself," Jiro replied shrugging. "I was always out of their radar."

"No, you were not," Toru exclaimed, but Jiro interrupted her.

"If you mention Denki or Mineta, I swear to fucking God I'll shove your ice cream up your nose."

Uraraka and Mina laughed, sunlight hitting their faces as they waited for Momo's particular car to pull out in front of them. Something on the top of the building in front of them – the mall's vertical parking lot – caught Ochaco's attention and she looked up while the girls argued.

"You sound a lot like Bakugo when you're angry, Kyoka, kero," Asui said matter-of-factly.

"Might be because of their life-changing field trip last spring," Toru provoked, and just to watch Jiro get all flustered trying to explain herself was a good enough delight.

They all knew that Kyoka and Bakugo couldn't be more than friendly (only recently he started to address her by her last name), but the girls formed a tight group, and a tight group always knows who to make fun of and when. No wonder they were always bothering Ochaco about Deku. There wasn't a day that they didn't try to find out if Jiro liked someone, and if Uraraka wasn't mistaken, the next victim of their jokes would be Momo, who was giving them a ride and who'd been dancing the tango with "the cutest guy in class A" – not that she would ever admit it.

"As if I would ever bother with Bakugo," Jiro continued arguing. "That one cannot be tamed."

Mina shook her head disagreeing and Uraraka opened her mouth to say that that was not true when the movement on the top of the building caught her eye again and she looked up, trying to force her eyes to see clearly what – or who – was there. The car parked in front of them, a real limousine, black and expensive looking, and all the girls started to get inside. Ochaco hesitated, though.

"Ocha? Kero," called Asui looking up at her. "You coming?"

"Hm," Uraraka hummed and then handed her bags to them. "Can you get my things back to the dorms? I forgot about something, so I'll just take a cab."

"Are you sure?" Momo asked putting her bags inside. "We can wait."

"There's no need, really, it's something that might take a bit of time," Ochaco said smiling at the girls. "It's easier to just leave without me. I'll see you guys at dinner."

She waved them off as the limousine rolled away and then crossed the street to get to the parking lot. It was eight levels through the elevator and a round of stairs for her to get to the roof, and as she went up, Uraraka wondered about the possibilities. It probably was nothing, or it could be a villain. Maybe it was just one of the security guards? But as she turned around the emergency door, she saw him standing there under the sun.

"Deku?" she called and he turned around, offered her a timid smile. His skin was tanned, and his freckles highlighted his cheeks.

"Ochaco," he greeted, not bothering with using her last name. It felt nice on his voice, so she didn't really mind.

"Should I be worried about something?" she asked getting closer and he shook his head no. "I thought you only were around during dangerous times."

"Maybe I just want to be around," Deku said. Ochaco realized he had a Polaroid camera hanging on his chest and she wondered if he was taking pictures of her. "How are you getting ready for the camp?"

"I'm not," she said. "Been trying to avoid the thought for a while. Only have one week of freedom from U.A. shenanigans, you know?"

"Yeah," he said softly. "And there's a party tomorrow, right?"

"Class 3-F," she confirmed looking over the edge of the building. "I'm still thinking if I should go."

"Why wouldn't you?" he asked frowning and she shrugged. "Iida is super excited about it."

"That's just because he's been planning on making his move on Hatsume for a month," she replied and he laughed. "How does that play out?"

"I'd rather keep it a surprise."

Uraraka smiled, assuming that it meant that things went well. She still didn't know about going through, and she didn't want to talk to him about it. How would she say that she was trying to avoid him, and that going to a party with Deku would be the opposite of avoiding? And if she really managed to avoid him – his present self -, the chances of him getting with someone else were really high, something she didn't want to see.

"It's a good party, though," he said looking at her and she turned to look at him too. "Great progress for us."

Ochaco blushed then and looked down quickly. To her luck, Deku fixed his words fast.

"Not us as in… you know, you and me, but great for me, and great for you."

"Oh," she said looking at him again. Uraraka cleaned her throat to prepare for her next words. "Deku, you keep talking like that and you shouldn't. You shouldn't say that kind of stuff to me because I don't know how to react. Us together?" she shook her head, having a hard time to piece everything together.

"I'm sorry."

She nodded.

"I can call you Uraraka," Deku said. "I'm just not used to it anymore, but-"

She shook her hand to make him stop talking.

"No, it's okay," Ochaco said quickly. Even as friends, she thought that they were getting at that first name basis. She knew he and Iida already were. "I was just wondering… it's a bit stupid, but I'm curious."

Deku nodded, signaling that he was listening, and she blushed but didn't look away this time.

"If we are together… in the future… I was wondering, how does that happen?"

To her surprise, Deku smiled, perhaps already waiting for the question – she couldn't tell for sure, it was really hard to read that new version of him.

"We were a bit distant for a while, but… You fall in love with me," he said, and she felt her heart sink. No, no, no, that wasn't right! She couldn't fall in love with him.

(on the back of her head she heard this tiny, mocking voice that sounded like a mix of Mina's and hers, telling her that she couldn't fall in love with him because she already was in love with him, that ship, whether she admitted or not, had sailed already)

Uraraka closed her eyes embarrassed. So much for not having a crush on him anymore, huh? She still daydreamed about being in his arms (and night-dreamed too, but she would never admit that out loud), and she made a mental note to slap herself for it later.

Deku laughed delighted, and Ochaco wondered if she should believe anything he said. Not about them being together because it was obvious by the way he looked at her, but everything in between…

That talk was not helping her get over him, not at all… Besides, Ochaco still really wanted for Deku – her Deku, the one in the present – to be her m-

Oh, for fuck's sake.

No. No, she was not going there. Decided, she shut the voice in her head up. She would not fall head over heels for Midoriya Izuku, she would not kiss him, or get in bed with him, or ship with him in a love story that would make him come back in time to "fix things". She would move forward, and he would have to do the same, too.

"I should get going," she said pointing at the emergency door where the stairs were, and he nodded.

"And you should go to the party," he said. "It's going to be fun."

"I'll think about it," Ochaco said stepping back. "Goodbye, Deku."

"Goodbye, Ochaco," Deku replied.

Deep inside, she hoped that it would be the last she would hear of him, hoped that her resolution would make him disappear and him coming back never happen. She hoped, hoped, hoped that everything would be back to normal.


The whole school was talking and breathing that party. It would be held in the 3-F dorms, and all the girls from Ochaco's class had gathered in Yao-Momo's room to get ready, but they were being bothered every now and again by their Rep.

"How do I look?" Iida asked one more time. It was the fourth time he asked for their opinion, and this time, Mina had been the one to open the door.

"Uh, that's a no," she said right away. Ochaco peaked over her shoulder and wondered what the hell was going on in Iida's mind to pick that outfit out. It looked nothing like what he'd normally use.

"No?" he asked, shoulders down.

"No," Mina repeated.

He took a deep breath and rushed back to his room, and the girls exchanged a look. As one of Iida's best friends, Uraraka took matters on her own hands to solve that problem.

"Excuse me, girls," she said passing by Mina. "I've got this."

Ochaco took the elevator all the way downstairs, crossed to the boys' side and went up to 5th floor again; such logistics were necessary for U.A.'s daily life. Through the gap they could hear Iida going about in his room two levels down, making a mess that was totally unlike him. And that was all because of a girl. Pushing down a chuckle, Uraraka knocked on Todoroki's open door.

"Hey," she greeted with a smirk and Todoroki frowned at her, probably suspecting that she was up to something. As if on cue, they heard a crash. "I… we were hoping you could help with that."

"Ask Yuga," he suggested and Ochaco shook her head no.

"Do you really think that's a good idea?"

"I'm not a fashion consultant, Uraraka-"

"But you know how to look good," she cut him with a smile, and Todoroki sighed. "Come on, help him out."

"And help us out in the process!" Kyoka shouted from across the gap. Rolling his eyes, he got up.

"Fine," Todoroki agreed and Ochaco clapped excitedly.

"Yay, thanks!" she exclaimed and gave two thumbs up to the girls as he passed by her and took the stairs. Uraraka took the elevators again to go back to Momo's room and she was passing by the gap when she heard Todoroki's calm, yet firm voice again.

"Okay, you need to be rid of that, why do you even have that?"

Luckily for everyone involved, Iida's fashion problems were solved in time for them to arrive at the party just when it was beginning to gain fuel. Class 2-A didn't go all together, some of them were already there, but Ochaco made sure to go with her two best friends.

"I'm not sure about this," Iida repeated nervously. They already were outside the dorm's door. "Maybe I shouldn't go. I better go back and-"

"Tenya," Deku said taking his arm to stop him from going back. "You're being ridiculous. How long has it been since you and Hatsume started this tango?"

"Yeah, Iida," Ochaco said on his other side, together, they were pushing him through the door; the ground level of 3-F dorms was bursting with music and chatter. "It's time this ship sets sail."

Iida looked from Uraraka to Midoriya, frowning at them.

"Are you two seriously-"

"Tenya, you came!" Hatsume exclaimed excitedly, suddenly appearing in front of them. Ochaco smirked and exchanged a look with Deku, noticing that he was smirking too. They let go of Iida's arms then.

"I came!" he replied, his voice an octave too high, and then he cleared his throat. "Hi, Mei."

"Hi," she said grinning at him warmly. "Hey, guys."

"Hey," Ochaco and Deku replied at the same time and stepped back.

"We'll leave you two to it," she said with a suggestive wink, Deku pulling her by her sleeve delicately.

"To… talk," Midoriya added, and they both left them not even hiding the giggles behind hands. She had so much fun with Deku, Uraraka often forgot why she should be avoiding him. "Wait, wait."

Deku pulled Ochaco closer, the both of them kind of hiding behind a group of students, and they watched as Hatsume said something, they guessed by the way she touched Iida's shirt, about his clothes, and then showed him something on her boots. She pressed a button on its heel and suddenly she was taller enough to be head to head with him.

"Oh, that's so cute!" Ochaco said turning to Deku with her hands on her cheeks when Hatsume stole a kiss from Iida. "That wasn't hard at all, don't you think?"

"It was a long time coming," Deku reasoned and smiled at her sweetly, making something inside her move, and she blushed suddenly realizing how close they were from each other.

It was such a mixed feeling, being this close to him, and then knowing that other Deku from the future. The Deku who told her to come, because it would be a good night. Now that she thought back to it, she wondered if there was some sort of meaning behind his words. Did the days get bad? Was that the real reason he came back, to stop bad things from happening? Haven't he been doing that already?

"Midoriya!" Kyoka called. She was in the group of people that were chatting in front of them and she had a bottle of beer in her hand. "You've got to listen to this, you're going to love it."

"What is it?" he asked getting closer to them. Deku even tried to bring her with him to the group, but Ochaco stood her ground urging him to go without her with a hand gesture. She needed to keep a safe distance between them.

"His little brother has a super neat quirk," Kyoka told him. Someone gave her another bottle and she passed it to Deku. "I'm sure you're going to love it."

"Yeah, he's going to try for the hero course next year," a blonde guy said super excited. "If he makes it, he'll be the first hero of the family. I mean, hero in training."

"You're from the general course, aren't you?" Deku asked and the guy nodded. "Are your quirks related?"

That was Deku for you, Ochaco wondered watching him talk. Always the guy to observe and analyze and praise everyone he knew for their good traits. Deku was a leader, and sometimes she thought that the reason she felt so drawn to him was because of that leadership of his.

(but she knew better. She knew what was happening in the depths of her heart, and in some ways, it was killing her)

"Ocha," Toru called touching Uraraka's shoulder and making her turn to her right. "Let's go dance."

"Yeah!" she agreed, eager to get out of there. It would do her no good to keep thinking of him.


Mina joined them with pink drinks that she swore were delicious, and Uraraka guessed they tasted good, but the alcohol behind it still made her feel a little bit funny, so she didn't go further than a couple of cups.

They danced, and danced, and danced, enjoying each other's company, and they even made this girl bubble where no boy managed to get in for a long time, but there was only a certain level of neutrality a group could have in a party, and too soon they were breaking into pairs, finding people to hook up with.

Uraraka didn't want to hook up with anyone, so she got out of the dance floor – that was actually just the gap – to find herself a glass of water. She had to go all the way to the kitchen in order to do that, and to her surprise, found Bakugo there looking grumpy and sipping a beer.

"I know why you're looking that grumpy," she said, finding a clean cup and getting some water on the filter. The kitchen had boxes after boxes of booze and snacks in different stages of consuming, and Kacchan only raised an eyebrow at her, which was enough to let her know that he was listening. "Beer. There's no way one can be happy drinking beer, it tastes awful."

Defying all that was logical, Kacchan laughed, and Ochaco wondered if he might be drunk, but his eyes were clear, and his cheeks weren't blushed. There was no physical sign of intoxication in him, so she didn't really know how she made him laugh.

"What was that?" she provoked, daring to rest a hand on his arm. "Are you… warming up to me?"

"Shut up, Round Face," he said, but he didn't mean it. She could tell.

"You know that's unlikely," she said, hopping on the counter and crossing her legs. He stood by her side with his beer. "Why are you hiding back here?"

"I don't like parties," Kacchan told her and her eyebrows shot up.

"Funny," she said cocking her head at him. "One'd think that you were a party guy." He made a face. "What?"

"The problem about parties is that you have to be so nice," he said disgusted, and she tried not to laugh, hiding her mouth with her hand. "I mean, of course, everyone like to be loud and drunk, but the moment you do something other people "don't like"," he made sure to mark the quotation. "You're an ass, or of course it was you and all that bullshit."

"Kacchan…" Ochaco started looking at him tenderly. "Why did you even come, then?"

He drank his beer in long gulps and settled the empty bottle on the counter before answering her.

"Because I have to," Bakugo answered bitterly. "Apparently, I have to show my face, socialize and be "likable" or whatever the fuck All Might says would be good for my hero career."

"Right, and how's that working out for you?" she asked raising an eyebrow and leaning closer to look him in the eyes since he was trying to avoid her gaze. "How many people did you talk to in this party? Kirishima and I don't count!"

"Shit," he replied almost playfully, and it made her smile.

"Come on, Kacchan," she poked. "Deku always talk about how when you were little you guys would have fun and how everyone loved you. What changed?"

"Ugh, Deku, Deku, he's all you talk about, do you realize?" he tried to avoid her question, but she wouldn't have it this time.

"I'm not talking about Deku, I'm talking about you," Uraraka pressed. "What happened, Kacchan?" he didn't answer. "I bet it's because you always have this grumpy face on, you scare people off. Like, they'd rather keep a safe distance."

"Too bad it doesn't work on villains, isn't it?" he said bitterly glaring at her and she shook her head. "Or middle-schoolers."

"I thought you were through with the self-pity," she provoked.

Currently, Ochaco and Kirishima were the only people that could provoke Bakugo and live to tell the story. Other classmates, like Mina and Kaminari, only messed with him, but most of their colleagues didn't take him seriously, something that was driving him to more violent outbursts, and with those outbursts, she slowly realized, he was isolating himself from the others. Kacchan needed friends, real friends, and there was a cycle going on in their class – he didn't let anyone in, and no one was willing to try anymore.

No one but her, Deku and Kirishima, only she had been having more progress, she believed. Uraraka cocked her head more, leaning closer to him, and held his jaw firmly, making him look at her.

"I'm serious, though, Kacchan," she said. "If only you smiled more, it'd make you look so good, people would be uncomfortable."

Bakugo's eyebrows went up and he leaned closer too.

"Are you saying I'm pretty?" he asked through this clenched jaw because she still was holding him as if it was a hell of a secret, and Ochaco shrugged playfully.

"I am saying you're pretty," she said dropping her hand to support her on the counter and Bakugo straight up laughed. It was a beautiful sound, and she was right, he looked so handsome it was unsettling as if she wasn't allowed to see such graceful thing.

Uraraka laughed with him, her cheeks getting a darker shade of red. Perhaps she was a little intoxicated, but she understood right there and then that it was easy to play with Bakugo, it was easy to flirt with him. There were no strings attached to them, and nothing was really serious between the two of them.

And to some level, she understood that she could fall in love with him if she tried to. He was easily, clinically speaking, the hottest guy in their class (and yes, she meant that he was hotter than Todoroki); without a doubt the most intelligent and the single one who knew how to work his quirk better than anyone else. And he… cared about her, she could tell by the way he looked at her and respected her since their first year's battle.

She thought back to when he gave her that box of mocha just a few weeks prior, how sweet of him it had been, and it warmed her heart. It would most certainly be nice and natural with him.

Close by, she heard Deku's laugh, setting an unsettling ghost-y, fuzzy feeling in her stomach that made her dizzy. Her mind went back to future Deku and how he looked at her when he told her he'd come back for her, and Uraraka decided that she couldn't fuel that crazy story any longer. She had to move on.

Standing by her side, Bakugo sighed, catching her attention again. He had found another icy bottle of beer and Ochaco realized that she barely drank her water. He offered her the beer and she accepted it, making a face when the bitter liquid hit her tongue; her grimace got him laughing again.

"You know what I was thinking?" Kacchan asked accepting the bottle she was giving back to him.

"That we should go back to the dorm?" she suggested, a bolder move than she thought she was capable of doing. Bakugo looked at her blankly, a sign of his surprise, and she offered him a reassuring smile.

"You know what, Round Face? We really should," he said, quickly recovering. Uraraka's smile grew.

"Ditch the beer," she said hopping out of the counter and gracefully hitting the floor. "No one likes that shit, the only reason people drink it is to look cool. Like cigarettes."

"You know a whole fucking lot, don't you?" Bakugo commented as they got out of the kitchen and headed to the front door. He did leave the beer behind, though. Uraraka only shrugged in response.

It was a mere five minutes' walk from third year's to second year's dorm, and they were silent most of the way. There wasn't much they could talk after all, and the silence between them was comfortable. It was like that when Ochaco was with Iida and Deku too, and she liked to call it "the friendship silence" when it didn't hurt to keep their mouths shut and they could simply enjoy the company.

Bakugo opened the door for her and let her in first, one of the oldest chivalry moves, and she was so delighted, Uraraka wasn't sure she could stop smiling. She had access to such an exclusive layer of him that she felt honored.

"Mineta?" Kacchan said confused when they passed by the living room, interrupting Ochaco's thoughts. She looked around the room and saw that Mineta was indeed there sitting on the floor working on some sort of scrapbook, she guessed, the I on mute. "You're back already?"

"Hey, guys," he greeted waving, and she waved back. He sounded a little uncertain when he spoke, but it was Mineta, he hardly ever sounded sure of anything. "Yeah, I'm… back already."

"Impressive," Uraraka said. "I thought you'd be the last one to leave."

Mineta offered her a weak smile.

"I just…" he started, taking his words slowly. "Figured that if this year's camp is as intense as last year's, I should get as much rest as I can."

"That's actually a wise decision," Bakugo reasoned and Uraraka agreed.

The way Mineta looked at Kacchan though, with wide, bright eyes, as if he had just heard the best news of the day, made them tilt their heads. Ochaco had only seen that amazed expression towards Bakugo in Deku's face. Realizing his little slip, Mineta shook his head.

"Anyway," he said with a hand gesture as if waving it off. His eyes fell on Ochaco. "You look really nice, Uraraka."

"Oh," she said, hands to her cheeks, and looked down at the outfit she was wearing. Momo had created it for her, a short black dress light on the hips and black leather boots with soft heels. The dress was short, and it had a bit of a rack, but it was quite conservative, compared to… others. "Thank you."

For a moment, they waited for more. It was Mineta, there was always more, but to their surprise, he kept it quite.

"What?" Mineta said under their stares. "It's Bakugo behind you, I'm not saying another word."

Uraraka laughed and Kacchan smirked, sparkling some flames just for the fun of it and putting his other arm around her shoulders.

"That's a really smart move, Grape Juice, really smart," he said and she shook her head, nudged him to start walking. "We'll get going. Good night, dude."

"Good night, Mineta," Ochaco said happily, walking with Bakugo to the elevator. "Have some rest!"

"Good night," Mineta replied smiling at them. They weren't looking at him anymore, so they didn't see the hint of sadness in his eyes. "You too."

"That's some progress," Ochaco commented turning to look at Kacchan. He hit the up button and the elevator's door opened.

"Yeah, but he still has to learn to respect you when you're alone, not just when you have a guy with you."

To go to Ochaco's bedroom she'd have to take the elevator to the right, but she Kacchan's arm was still around her shoulder and even though they were in front of the elevator, they took their time to actually let go of each other.

It didn't happen. With a gentle tug, Bakugo moved towards the boy's side, his hand on hers as if saying that she could deny that suggestion any moment, but against logic, Uraraka followed him in quietly.

They entered the elevator and Uraraka pressed the 4th-floor button. She didn't know when it happened, but she was holding Bakugo's hand, the one on her shoulder, their fingers laced together.

"It's progress anyway, gotta give him some credit," she argued, still talking about Mineta, as the door closed.

"I guess you're right," he said and looked down at her.

She looked up at him too, and the air between them was thick and needing, sweet even. Kacchan was so close; he smelled of musk and the smile had left his pretty face, replaced by a serious expression as if he was pondering on a complicated equation. Uraraka thought that it was alright. She herself had a bit of a math problem going on in her head as they went up in that metal box. She could feel his breath on her face intoxicating and she thought that it was incredibly hot in there, tried to blame it on the season, even though she knew the source of the heat was himAnd if he'd lean just a little closer…

Before they could do anything, however, the elevator stopped in their level with a ding that took them out of their trance. Uraraka blinked, stepped out of Bakugo's embrace and exited the elevator with him on her heels, the silence that kept them company since they left the party making an appearance again. He was a head taller than her even with those heels, and in her head, she processed how much she liked to fit so precisely against him.

She went behind him, both her hands in his as they entered his room, and she could swear she saw his hand tremble when he closed the door behind them.

Bakugo reached out to the light switch and flicked it up, revealing a neat room that made Ochaco's eyebrows go up. Should she still be so surprised about him all the time? She wasn't sure, but it just kept happening.

Reluctantly, she let go of his hand to step closer to his bed, glanced at the books by his laptop on the table across from the bed. He was reading Robson Crusoe, a bookmark stuck out marking a page, and it made her smile. There was a sticker covering the Apple logo of his laptop, a flag in pink, purple and blue, and she touched it lightly, feeling the edges where it gave away to the top of the computer.

Kacchan came closer again, practically touching her back, and she turned around slowly, looking up at him. His hand went up and ever so gently he pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, cupping her cheek in the process. Ochacho sighed.

"Kacchan," she said under her breath, and he leaned down, gave her the sweetest of the kisses.

Forget everything that had surprised her before, that was the most unexpected thing she'd ever witnessed him do. His hand went behind her neck, making her tilt her head on an angle that gave him better access, and Uraraka held on to the front of his dry-fit shirt, pulling him closer in the process, her eyes closing automatically.

She opened her mouth, giving him a free pass. His lips were soft, and even though he was being extremely gentle, there was a certain dominance about him – and that she had expected. Bakugo Katsuki was a guy who knew exactly what he wanted, and at the moment, he wanted her.

It was fine, she wanted him too. Closer, hotter, sooner. She wanted him because she knew him very well and she understood that him opening up to her like that was a huge step towards trust.

Ochaco's hands went to his neck, one of them tangling in his hair as she stood on her tiptoes, and Bakugo let go of her face, one of his arms snaking around her waist, the other sliding lower down her hip. Her dress was short, just mid-thigh, and by the way she was stretched it was easier for him to meet her skin, a bold move that sent a shiver up her spine, and she through and through enjoyed it. His hands were rough, calloused and experienced, and she wanted more.

She tugged at the collar of his shirt and they let go just enough for him to take it off, collapsing again in the kiss right after. His hands were immediately on her hips again, and this time he slid them under her dress, grabbing her ass over her panties. With a hand on the back of his neck for support, Ochaco's free hand slid down his chest, feeling every muscle he'd worked on through the years. The boys were getting so much mass and Kacchan's body had always been incredible.

Her fingers reached the belt of his jeans and she tugged at the button of his pants, unable to undo it with only one hand and too distracted by his tongue in hers, by the way he sucked on her lips and how his fingers had found the wet spot on her panties, pressing at it just enough to be an unfair tease. Uraraka sighed on the kiss and she could swear he was smiling, but she couldn't tell for sure because her eyes were closed.

"Holy shit," she said under her breath because she knew for a fact that he wasn't even near her clit and she already was begging to soak through her panties, and his low, throaty laugh make her eyes snap open.

"Ochaco," Kacchan said with a smirk that illuminated his face. His pupils were dilated with desire and she could feel his hard-on through the jeans already. Him saying her first name weakened her knees. "I'm just getting started."

A chill went up her spine, something cold in her stomach, as if in a rollercoaster, and despite her rosy cheeks, Uraraka found herself smiling, mesmerized by his pretty face.

Bakugo lifted her dress, helping her out of it. She wasn't wearing a bra, and she could feel the expectancy from him by the way he took in the sight of her, how he hadn't played with her boobs at all until now. She craved for his touch again, but he postponed it by taking off his jeans first and slipping out of his shoes, so she used the opportunity to remove her boots too, pushing them under his desk with her now bare feet.

Without the restraint of the jeans, she could perfectly see how hard he was, his grey boxers marking the details of his penis. Bakugo opened a drawer and took out a strip of condoms that made Ochaco frown. How much sex exactly had he been having? She rarely saw him with other people, but to be fair, no one had seen them together either, so she guessed he could be sneaky. He detached one of the condoms and was ready to open the package when he looked at her.

"Are you sure?" Kacchan asked.

Ochaco closed her mouth, realizing that she might have been with a dumbfounded expression. She also noticed that she was covering her breasts, more of an automatic response to being half-naked with someone else in the room than from actually wanting to hide from him. Didn't she choose this? She would do this. So with certainty, she lowered her arms exposing her breasts again, watched how Kacchan followed her every move; her fingers hooked on her panties, pushed them down, and she had to bend over to remove them.

Her underwear wasn't sexy, but cute, just a cotton pink pair that she'd chosen because they were her favorite, she didn't even know she'd be taking them off in front of a guy that night. Uraraka didn't even know how to be sexy, but she went with logic, followed her gut. She threw her panties away, without checking to see where they landed, and when she looked up at Kacchan, she saw a wet spot on his boxers too. Pre-cum, she thought to herself, realizing she was doing something right.

She moved to his bed and threw the covers to the wall, and then she laid down leaving enough space for him. On her side, her fist supporting her head, Ochaco saw the exact moment Bakugo snapped out of it; he pushed down his boxers and stepped out of them, his penis pointing ahead with a slight curve up, and then he slipped the condom on before joining her on the bed.

Uraraka rested her head on the pillow keeping her eyes on his the whole time, and he mirrored her movements. They were just distant enough to look into each other's eyes, mix their warm breaths together. When Kacchan spoke, his voice was very nice and soft.

"Isn't it your first time?" he asked and she nodded.

He licked his lips nervously, his lower lip red from their kissing just a few minutes ago. He reached out and touched her cheek, again pushing back her hair, and she took his hand in hers, guided it lower, making sure to brush his fingers on her breast before she placed it between her thighs. His fingers twitched, feeling her out timidly, brushing her labia when she opened her legs making room.

"Katsuki," she said tenderly and got closer, pecked his lips.

He drew in a breath and pressed his lips to hers in an eager kiss, messy with saliva, demanding. Her hands went to his back pulling him closer and his fingers opened up her labia, getting to know her body before they slipped inside her, first one, than finding enough space he added another, making her gasp loudly in the kiss.

Ochaco's sex was warm and slippery, and him fingering her felt better than when she touched herself. There was a time she thought two fingers weren't enough, but two of Kacchan's fingers were something else entirely, she'd forgotten how a guy's hand could be so much bigger than hers. Bakugo worked those fingers inside her at the same time as he trailed kisses down her jaw and to her breasts, sucking on a nipple delicately, adding pressure and intensity as she got more aroused.

With her back on the bed, Uraraka dug her nails into Bakugo's back and shoulders and moaned sadly when he stopped sucking on her breast. He didn't take any break, immediately moving to work on her other breast, starting slow again and increasing intensity as they grew more comfortable, the change in rhythm also happening with his hand and prolonging her walk to the edge.

She felt all… enhanced, that was the only way Ochaco knew how to put it. As if her senses had gotten a sudden upgrade and she now could see everything clearer, feel everything harder. Katsuki's mouth traced a fire way on her skin, capturing her mouth mid-gasp for another hungry kiss. She moved her hips against his hand, eager for more and he moaned, but under her protests, he removed his fingers from inside her and caressed her sex; she was dripping, and to know that made her blush again.

Should she be ashamed of being so horny? Mina was always open about sexuality, so outspoken about owning it, and for the first time Ochaco had the conviction that her friend was right. She reciprocated Kacchan's kisses just as eagerly, anxious to have him inside her, delighted by his weight on top of her.

"Katsuki," she said huskily, placing wet kisses on his jaw, her hand in his hair. "Please."

He let out a shaky breath. Her hard nipples hurt a little for being pressed against his chest and they were beginning to get sweaty; she slid her other arm on his back, grabbed his ass and she was sure her face was completely red, even though she felt comfortable with him.

Bakugo made her spread her legs wider as he positioned himself, his erection stopped poking her stomach when he let go enough to line up with her body. Uraraka's foot rubbed his leg and he shuddered, trembling as he placed his member at her entrance. He started pushing inside her, his face close to hers as he slowly made space letting her adapt to his side.

If Uraraka thought his fingers were large, she could not be prepared for the real thing. She gasped when he entered, her palm on his chest above his heart, feeling his heartbeat increasing as he went deeper. Her knee went up, urging his hips to complete the movement and fill her up, and Bakugo cussed.

"Fuck, Ochaco," he hissed resting his forehead on hers and she smiled. "You feel so good."

The hand that was groping his ass made its way between them and held the base of his penis, making him cuss even more as she stroke him. He still took his time, though, respecting her body until he was sure she wasn't hurting. Bakugo kissed her again once he had fully filled her, this time nice and slow, and just as slowly he began to move his hips, a completely different rhythm from before when it was his fingers inside her.

She moaned and bit his shoulder, dug her nails on his back and played with his nipples, nibbled his earlobe and pulled his hair, and he moved increasingly faster, moaning in her skin and cussing under his breath as they neared the edge.


"Kacchan," Ochaco said under her breath. They were lying on their side under the covers, face to face, and he absently ran his fingers over her shoulder, tracing random patterns on her skin.

"Shhhh," he said looking into her eyes, though his fingers remained on her shoulder. "It's okay."

"What do you mean?" she asked frowning and he smirked.

"Not now," Bakugo said. "Let me have this for a while longer."

She understood him and nodded, just a solemn head movement. Uraraka reached out and touched his cheeks, his pouty mouth, his chin. She leaned closer and kissed him tenderly and he reciprocated it just as sweetly. Never, in her wildest dreams, she thought such thing was possible, but that was how it was happening, just like that – sweet and tenderly.


"Liking what you see?" Bakugo asked smirking. He was standing by the bed and naked. As a matter of fact, they hadn't put any clothes on for the past twelve hours or so, and from the bed, Uraraka smiled mischievously.

"You bet," she said eyeing him up and down. One of the most annoying things about Kacchan, Mina had told her once, was that he knew how good he looked, and Ochaco would have to agree. He was so smug it was nerve-wracking. Didn't mean she'd stop looking, though.

"Gee, you really are shameless, Round Face," he said, feigning annoyance.

Ochaco sat up on the bed, letting the sheet fall to her lap. There was no point in hiding from him anymore, she bared the red-ish marks of his presence all over her breasts. They were light enough not to bruise but so fresh they still were visible. The same couldn't be said about the scratches on his back. She had made sure to leave marks.

"Right back at ya," she said with a head gesture in his direction and his smile grew.

They had missed breakfast, but they also doubted that a lot of their friends had made it in time too. Maybe Iida, and perhaps Mineta, seeing that he was back before everyone else. And Koda, because he was such a goody-two-shoes they highly doubted he was late for anything ever in his life.

Half of that strip of condoms had been gone by the time Ochaco and Katsuki fell asleep, finally exhausted. Without her mittens, they woke up early in the morning floating a couple of feet from the bed and the laughing fit that took over them soon heated up and had them in each other's skins again and then led them to that half talk. The first rays of sunshine were beginning to sneak through the curtains when they slept again, Uraraka's head on Bakugo's chest, her arm around his torso.

It was a couple of hours until they woke up again. The room was warm and packed, and Kacchan announced that it was beginning to "smell like ass", which Ochaco kind of agreed, so he'd gotten up and pushed back the curtains halfway, opened the window letting a light breeze making its way inside. They shared a bag of banana chips and had been sitting in this comfortable silence with occasional chatter for a half an hour now.

"Kacchan," Ochaco said softly and he made his way to the bed, sat by her side. The look on his face, though, was the look of someone who knew what was about to happen. "I…"

"It's okay, Ochaco," he said. "I know it was a one-time thing."

Playfully, Uraraka counted her fingers, one to five, and he chuckled.

"It doesn't need to," she suggested, feeling in her chest the hollowness of her words. The sex had been amazing and she was glad it had been with him, but…

"Yah, you really are annoyingly innocent, aren't you?" Bakugo said and started lining his arguments. "Round Face, we're not in love. I mean, okay, your nerd ass is not that annoying, and maybe I kinda like you-DON'T JUMP INTO CONCLUSIONS- but this," he pointed at her and then at himself. "Shouldn't be happening. You like someone else, and I…"

"It's complicated?" Ochaco completed for him and Kacchan sighed.

"Sorta," he said and frowned annoyed at her. "You're so damn smart, ain't you?"

Uraraka giggled covering her mouth, and then reached out to him, touched his pretty face. He lowered his eyes, avoiding eye contact with her, but he also put a hand on her knee. These quiet moments… they were so rare with Bakugo – the most explosive, anxious, energetic person she's ever met – that she felt privileged to be part of them. She wasn't sure many people knew about it.

"Thank you, Kacchan," she said, and he looked into her eyes again, nodded. And then-



Kacchan had said something else, too. Something that kept Ochaco awake in her bed for the next couple of days.

We can't force this, Ochaco, he had said. Maybe… we should just-and if you tell anyone I said that I'll deny to my grave-follow our hearts? Because, I think, there's something you have to do, and something I have to do. And we should do it.

After leaving his room, she had taken a long shower and gone to her room, only leaving to eat. She'd lay down with her mittens on, and she'd replay his words over and over.

It was driving her crazy, those words, because she didn't really know if she should. Do what she had to do, she meant. Because it was a risky move that was tickling her from head to toe, and if she'd get distracted by it, she'd find herself floating a few feet above her bed.

That was future Deku's fault. Uraraka wondered on a loop how that "coming back in time" could work. She wondered if the Deku from the future went back to his time when she decided to hook up with Kacchan, or if the fact that she had had that conversation had made him stay. She wondered if she went to his apartment right now, would he be there? And if she didn't, and left to camp without seeing him again, would he disappear?

She wished he did. Wished he would.

And at the same time, she wished she didn't.

It took her two days to finally get out of the room to see it for herself; Ochaco knew that her friends were worried about her, but she barely talked with anyone before she left U.A.'s property altogether to wander near future Deku's apartment.

The practically abandoned building was in a semi-desert street a couple of blocks from the school; Uraraka bought an ice cream cone, thinking that she'd decide what to do as she ate it – and by "decide", she initially meant "leave", but the ice cream was half-eaten when her feet took her to the front door and to the elevator. Before she realized it, she was going up to his apartment, hoping that he wasn't there.

The elevator's door opened directly in the room, and when it opened, she was just partially surprised to see that everything was still in place – all the photos and the clocks and the boxy bathroom, everything exactly the same. And future Deku. He was there still, wearing his hero costume by the kitchen counter, writing down on a notebook as he sipped some coffee, the whole place smelled like coffee.

Deku looked up as if expecting her. She supposed he might have been because he was from the future and all, and he smiled when he saw her. Uraraka took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart, and stepped in his direction. As if matching her, he walked to her too, leaving the coffee mug on the counter, but still holding on to his notebook.

"I wasn't sure you'd come," Deku said and she swallowed.

"Wasn't going to," Ochaco confessed. "But… Deku, what should I do? You appear out of nowhere and say those things… that we'll be together and I fall in love with you? How am I supposed to react, what am I supposed to do?"

He didn't answer her. He just stood there, in front of her, and there was a sadness in his eyes that shifted something inside her. Uraraka had thought that he had looked worn out before, but now… now it was just heartbreaking.

"It's not fair," she said, her voice thin, her ice cream melting in her hand.

Deku stepped forward, reached out and caressed her cheek tenderly, making her hold her breath.

"I'm so sorry, Ochaco," he said, his thumb tracing her cheekbone. His fingers were calloused, rough, but he touched her with such softness, it made her heart flutter.

She opened her mouth to say something else, but an alarm went off, making Deku close his eyes ever so slowly, take a deep breath. He dropped his hand and put the notebook safely on an inside pocket of his uniform.

"There's something I have to do," Deku said, and Ochaco breathed out. She didn't even know she was still holding her breath, but she felt so irritated that there was no way she'd be able to keep her lungs locked.

"You touch me like that and then say to have to go?" she asked, letting out the frustration she was feeling. Deku smiled at her.

"I'll be back soon. Wait for me here?"

Sighing, she shook her head avoiding eye contact and then shrugged.

"What the hell," Uraraka mumbled to herself. Deku passed by her and got his mask, and then he headed to the elevator.

"Don't worry," he said when she turned around to look at him go. "It's gonna be alright. I should know. I'm from the future."

He smirked before hitting the close button and Uraraka couldn't help but giggle. What a prick. Why she chose to stay was a mystery, but since she was there-

The ice cream cone floated in front of her face, startling her, and Ochaco watched it go up with wide eyes, a mix of amusement and confusion. She had no idea when she liberated her powers, and when she looked at her open hand, it was dripping with ice cream. She chuckled again and put her fingers together in her signature move.

"Release," she said and held out her hands for the cone to drop on her palms.

Since Ochaco had to wait (even though she didn't really have to wait), she might as well make herself comfortable, so she headed to the kitchen area and threw the rest of the ice cream in the trash can. She washed her hands in the sink and cleaned everything up too because she already was there and she had time to kill.

She poured herself a mug of coffee and went about the loft, trying to figure out what exactly was going on in every single picture on his wall. Here was one from Toru's birthday, and a lot of photos of this year's Sports Festival… she smiled as she saw Momo on the highest step of the podium, her proud smile with the gold medal on her chest, and the way Todoroki was looking at her from his third place, just as proudly. Ochaco wondered when those two would admit their feelings to one another.

After a tender smile to Asui's sweet face in second place, she moved on to the next photo, and the next until she stopped in front of one of the whole class. It was a good pic, a happy one, and she wasn't sure when it was taken, so she plucked it from the wall and turned it around, just to see if there were some notes in the back. Knowing Deku, he had notes for everything, and she wasn't wrong.

End of second year, it said in Deku's inclined handwriting, everyone but Mineta.

Ochaco frowned and turned the photo around again. She could swear everyone from their class was in it, she knew from the first glance. Even Toru, her uniform making a funny illusion with Kaminari behind her, and Ochaco had to pay close attention, look at each and every face of her friends to realize…

"Ojiro, Yuga, Shoji, Kyoka…" she mumbled everyone's names to make sure, and tried to ignore how right in the middle Deku was giving her a piggyback ride, how happy they looked.

She read the note again and her curiosity only grew. Mineta really wasn't in the photo, but was that supposed to be important? Why would it? Shaking her head, she put the photo back where it was and moved to leave the empty mug on the nightstand when she saw the phones.

Deku's phones had an easy "slide to unlock" security, both of them, and she took one in each hand, clicking on the menu button and starring at the lock screen for a few moments. One of them had a picture of All Might in his real form, while the other had a picture of her and Deku that they hadn't taken yet; he was kissing her cheek and she was smiling, cheeks extra blushed and all. The screen went black and she pressed the button again, but she almost dropped both phones when the silver phone – the one with their photo – unlocked.

On the main screen, the background picture was a photo of her with a medal on her chest, a medal from the Sports Festival that she had never won, and the shock of that revelation made her stager back and sit down the bed.

Uraraka left the black phone aside and focused only on the silver phone. The main screen had the usual apps – U.A.'s student app, Go-mail, Sponnify, Instaphoto, Whatsup, Netflex – and an app from an agency in Tokyo. She tried to open that app, but it was out of service, so she moved on to Instaphoto, checking her profile to see what she could find. And what she found…

There were photos of breakfasts at the common hall, movie nights with the girls. Apparently, she would work with Endeavour? And the school camp… they only could publish photos of their location after the summer camp was over, so she had confirmation that Deku came back during their last semester of school.

There were plenty of photos of her and Deku in there, and a lot of them felt very intimate. More than one looked like they were taken in bed, and not all of them were taken by her; they made her feel all funny and fuzzy inside, feelings that she directly connected to Deku from the beginning of their friendship. She opted to check out a video that looked like it was from the Sports Festival and was surprised to see that it was 90 seconds long.

"Huh, they fix that up, that's good," she commented as she waited for it to load.

"As per usual," Present Mic said in the video. "Third place goes for two students, and this year it's my pleasure to announce Shinso Hitoshi and Uraraka Ochaco. You know I've been rooting for that Uravity girl since her first year, and Midnight, isn't it great to see her in the higher steps?"

"It sure is, Mic," Midnight replied. "After last year's women take over, I knew that the boys would come back strong, and it's nice to see one of those bad bitches take a bit of the glory."

"Uraraka came a long way this time," Mic continued. "After last year's fifth place, she worked with none less than the number one hero Endeavour and did an internship in America last winter to better her numbers. And it paid off."

America? Was that how she was going to take her parents to Hawaii? Holding the phone tightly with both hands, Ochaco watched as Mr. Aizawa gave her the bronze medal, watched herself marvel at the object with shiny eyes. Aizawa moved on to give Shinso his medal too, and Mic and Midnight were still talking.

"Now, mustn't be satisfying to see your kid win a medal like that, let alone be the one to give it to th-?" Mic was saying, but the video looped back right when the camera moved on to Shinso, in time to see Mr. Aizawa turning his head to the direction, she supposed, of the cabin. "…As per usual…"

"You shouldn't be watching that," Deku said. How did he get there so silently, she had no idea, but to be fair, Ochaco was so focused on what she was doing that everything else disappeared. "It's dangerous to know too much about the future."

Uraraka muted the video and turned the screen to him.

"Endeavour, really? How could I possibly…?"

Deku smiled. She continued talking.

"And I got third place. Midnight said I was the only girl from 3rd year to have a medal. Who got first place?"

"I did," he told her. Apparently, she could know about his future just fine. He sat by her side on the bed, keeping just a safe distance between them without being too far from her. "It was a happy day. Sometimes I think those were the best months of our lives."

Ochaco frowned and looked at him confused, a thought that had been on the back of her head made its way to her tongue.

"Were? Deku, does something bad happens to us?" by the way he looked at her, his sad eyes and the closed mouth, she feared for the worst. "Do I die?"

Deku reached out, pushing her hair behind her ear. He had said that they still were together in the future, so that shouldn't be the case, right? Ochaco's heart was racing and it had nothing to do with him being close to her.

"I won't let that happen," he guaranteed. "I have a plan."

"A plan?" she echoed and he nodded. "And what am I supposed to do?"

"Right now?" he asked and she shrugged, not interested in technicalities. "I don't know. What do you want to do?"

Ochaco swallowed and shrugged again, her eyes glued to his. Deku still was touching her face, and his fingers slid to the back of her neck, tangling in her short hair delicately.

She moved first, leaning closer to him, and he met her halfway softly putting his lips on hers. Uraraka took a deep breath, unfamiliar with him touching her like that; there was a huge deal of expectation coming from her, because she thought so many times (and immediately pushed the thought down) about being Deku's girl, about how would it be if he'd kiss her and take her in his arms, and now it was actually happening.

His hand on her neck made her tilt her head up, opening her lips to let his tongue inside her mouth and it felt… incredible. The phone fell from her hand when she grabbed the front of his uniform, tugging at the zipper to have a better access to him. She managed to pull it off only letting go from the kiss once, and when the piece was off they locked lips again; his hands went to her hips, pulling her to his lap, and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and neck.

Ochaco gasped when Deku's hands went up under her top, placing firmly around her waist and to the small of her back; her hands slid down his back too, feeling all the muscles she knew were there as they kissed. She got to the hem of his shirt and pulled it up, his hands now on the limit of her bra, and it was like there were sparkles when she touched his skin.

They needed more. It was easy to tell by the way they were pulling at each other's clothes and how their kisses grew hungrier, sloppier. They let go for a moment just to catch their breaths, but also to remove a few more layers of clothes. After their shirts were off, Deku reached to her back to unclasp her bra, his breath hot against her neck, and Uraraka felt her heartbeat increase. Free of the garment, her breasts perked comfortably, still baring some of the traces that Kacchan had left on them.

Deku didn't seem to notice, and if he did, he didn't care. His hands went to her back, bringing her closer to him, and he left wet, warm kisses on the valley of her breasts, went up to her collarbones and neck, and the edge of her jaw, made sure to nip at her earlobe, sending a shiver up her spine before he found her lips again. Meanwhile, Ochaco whimpered and moved her hips against his. She couldn't tell for sure through her jeans, but if he was as invested as he seemed to be, he sure as hell had a boner, and she couldn't wait to strip him down completely.

He was another Deku, but he was the one she could have for now. And hell, how she wanted him!

Just to think about it, her mind blanked out and she moved against him more, making him groan in their kiss. He wanted her just as much. She didn't need to see an erection to know.

Deku held Ochaco firmly by the waist and flipped them over, laying her with her back to the mattress, and she gasped with the sudden movement; her nails dug on his shoulders as he kissed her mouth, his hands expertly moving down between them to unbutton her jeans. He resumed kissing when he managed to open her jeans, and then he got on his knees; Uraraka positioned herself better on the bed, her back to the pillows, and by doing so she saw that he did, indeed, have a boner, and an impressive one.

He followed her movements, positioning himself between her legs, and he slid her jeans off, panties and all, with her help. Ochaco arched her back, easing the process, but she felt suddenly overexposed, so she pressed her thighs together, feeling her cheeks grow a darker shade of red. Noticing her suddenly shyness, Deku smiled playfully at her and reached for his own belt.

"Just say the word, Ocha," he said looking into her eyes as he unbuckled his belt and opened his zipper. She pressed her thighs tighter, but not because she wanted to block his access, but because her sex was so tingly, seeking pressure. "And this ends right here."

Ochaco's eyes lingered on Deku's hands as they reached out for her legs. He didn't lower his pants like she expected him to do, only gave a little more space for his erection to grow, and something in her stomach sent another shiver up her spine. She could see a nice line of chest hair going down and hiding behind his underwear, and when her gaze began to go up, she tried to memorize every muscle and every scar in his torso.

She gulped when her eyes met his, and bit her lips aroused. The friction she was making alone wasn't even near close to how she could actually feel (that if Deku was as good at sex as Bakugo, the only experience she'd had so far), and looking in his eyes she opened her legs ever so slowly, temptingly.

Deku's hands that were on her knees slid to the inside of her thighs, making the tingly sensation increase, and with a smirk he leaned forward, started to place small kisses and bites on the inside of her right thigh, going from near her knee and up until he got to her crotch.

She didn't shave, even though it was summer. Ochaco'd been saving the bikini wax for the day before they'd leave for camp, Momo had set all the girls up for a session at her parents' house, and it wasn't like she was hearing any complaints. Even though she was a little hairy, Deku was sucking at her labia nice and wetly, teasing her as much as possible.

He sucked and kissed all around her sex, moving to her left thigh and placing kisses on its inside like he did with her right thigh, which was sexy and infuriating at the same time. Ochaco's breath was rapid and catching as his mouth covered her with soft, loving kisses, and his hands started to slide closer to her middle, raising the expectations.

Deku's right hand was holding tight to the thigh he was exploring, but his left hand made a bolder move, inching closer to her folds. At first, it just traced her labia delicately, making her let out a frustrated groan, but then his fingers made way, pushing her big labia to the sides and rubbing up and down just to test her. Uraraka whimpered with the friction on her clitoris and gasped when he inserted a finger tentatively inside her.

She was so wet, it was almost embarrassing. She could feel the fire going up her body, starting from the inside of her sex and spreading in waves, and she moved her hips against his hand when he pressed his thumb to her clitoris, added another finger inside her.

"You're so beautiful, Ocha," Deku told her. He was pressing his face against her thigh, looking at her with admiration and… so much love it was intoxicating. Her face was hot and her hands moved to her breasts, teasing her nipples as she moved her hips eager for more. "Gosh," he said and sighed as if he was overwhelmed.

"What?" she asked under her breath. He was looking at her in wonder, but his fingers hadn't stopped working on her erogenous spot.

"I missed you," he said and leaned over kissed her belly right under her bellybutton. "I love you."

She swallowed his words dry, moved her eyes to the ceiling, unsure of what to tell him. In reality, he loved and missed the Ochaco from the future, the one that wasn't around anymore, but she was the only Uraraka Ochaco at hands reach right now, the same way he was the only Midoriya Deku she could have at the moment without fucking everything up, so it'd have to make do.

Before she had the chance to answer him – with whatever answer she'd come up with in such delicate moment – Deku kissed down to her middle, using his thumbs to spread her labia and have better access for him to lick her clitoris. His warm mouth in her sex sent a new wave of pleasure through her body, made her squirm.

Ochaco's hands went to Deku's hair, urging him to stay there. His hair was shorter than her Deku's, but they were soft under her touch, his curls tangled on her fingers. He licked the outside of her sex, savoring her, his fingers in and out at a steady rhythm, curling inside her, reaching her G-spot with precision.

The loud moans began when he started actually sucking her. He did it with a thirsty expertise that weakened her knees and twisted her spine, finding every sensitive part of her sex, sucking at her clitoris and labia, his mouth covering her as if she was some meaty, juicy season fruit.

It was mind-fucking-blowing.

Ochaco's lips trembled when Deku removed his fingers from inside of her vagina just to replace them with his tongue, exploring her insides like no one ever had. It felt utterly, out-of-worldly amazing how everything he did seemed to be exactly what would raise her horniness, and she pulled at his hair, moving her hips against him to increase the pressure.

He'd pull off occasionally to breathe, and in one of those times, he also began to tease her asshole with a finger, first just caressing the outside, but then slowly inserting the fingertip as he sucked her pussy. She gasped when he broke that barrier, tugging at his hair fiercely and not because it hurt, but just because of the surprise.

"Deku," she said under her breath, her voice hoarse with pleasure.

He hummed, sending vibrations on her sex, and inserted his finger a little deeper in her ass, causing her to arch her back and moan loudly, her fingers losing their grasp on his hair, the combination a little too much.

"Fuck," she managed to gasp. Her body was out of control already, and the orgasm that was building in her core was the most powerful she ever had. The words came out strangled and high pitched as she shivered and squirmed on the bed. "Fuck yes."

Ochaco had touched herself many times, she'd been doing that ever since she had her first menstruation and her mother taught her about the female body. At first, she did it with a mirror between her legs just out of curiosity, to learn about her body and the changes that were happening with her, but then came the day when she understood about boys' bodies too and discovered what masturbation was. She was quiet about it, like a good girl, only marveling on the tingly, warm sensation in her pussy, how it felt like when she pressed her clitoris with her fingers or closed her legs real tight causing friction against something.

It was only after she joined U.A. that she discovered what female masturbation really was about. Ashido Mina was probably the most forward girl in their class. She was all right proportions, curves, and perfect muscles. And she was the only one who'd had sex before going to high school. She had no shame whatsoever to talk about the matter, and would calmly navigate through sex tips in casual conversations be it when the girls were all together, or even when she was with one of the boys she knew wouldn't turn into a ball of shame (which meant that she almost always had that kind of talk with Kaminari and Kirishima, and never ever with Deku or Koda).

Mina had been the one to suggest anal stimulation to Uraraka. Ochaco wasn't stupid, she knew that anal sex was a thing, but she never thought she herself would enjoy it. Wouldn't it feel weird? According to her friend, yes, it would. But if she was relaxed and open to it, it'd be a good weird. So she tried it out when she was alone in her room, and it was… okay. Not traumatic or painful, like some suggested. It couldn't be that bad if gay men loved it so much, right? Whenever she felt like it when she masturbated, Ochaco would stimulate her ass too, and the fact that she didn't slap Bakugo's hand when he did the same a few days prior said a lot about her.

She didn't know how many fingers Katsuki had inserted in her ass, she was in too much a daze to care at the time, but right now, as Deku tired his mouth and tongue on her pussy, she was positive that he had at least two fingers in her ass moving to the rhythm of his tongue. It was amazing how relaxed she was under his touch, loose even, at his mercy, all self-control gone; her whole body trembled and she let out a strangled cry, pushing out everything that had been building up inside her.

Apparently, that meant that she had reached what Mina called "another level of arousal" because she squirted all over Deku's mouth. He barely had time to pull back and another squirt hit his chest, so fiercely it came out of her. With her come dripping down his chin and abs, he kept moving his fingers inside her ass until the last drop and leaned on top of her to kiss her.

Still trembling under him, Uraraka felt intoxicated. She had never felt that way, and the high made her a little dizzy, numb on the tip of her fingers, which should be concerning, since they were the tool of her quirk; with no control, she could send them spinning through the room at any moment, and she wasn't sure she'd have the mental stability to bring them back to normal gravity fast enough.

When she began to feel like herself again, Deku was sucking one of her boobs, cupping the other with his hand and playing with her nipple delicately.

"Deku," she said and he looked up at her, smiled sweetly. He left her breasts for later and kissed her tenderly for a very long time, giving her what she needed to recover from that crazy orgasm she just had had.

"You're so incredible, Ocha," he told her looking in her eyes. "Just to watch you come like that made me come too."

She chuckled and looked down at his crotch because she was pretty sure she felt his erection still poking at her side.

"Don't fool yourself," Deku said playfully and sat on his heels. "This is round two."

He laid by her side and finally, finally removed his pants and briefs, throwing them to the side carelessly. His penis stood up, pointing at the ceiling; its base had a fine layer of pubic hair in a dark green like his hair, the inevitable end led by his chest hair, and his member was smeared with semen. He didn't lie about coming in his pants, then.

Mustering courage beyond her normal behavior, Ochaco sat up and reached out to him. Her hand went to his ripped abs and down, following the hair from his bellybutton to his low bush. Deku had been doing a better job at shaving than her, she thought with a chuckle, and she more felt than saw him catch his breath when she held the base of his penis firmly, her fingers went around his member testing his girth, smearing with thick come as she moved them up and down tentatively.

He was rock hard, she didn't need to do anything to prepare him for her. Ochaco was anxious about having sex with him, but she toned it down significantly because she wanted to enjoy it. Licking her lips, she got on her knees and passed a leg to the other side of him, lining her hip with his, and guided his penis to her pussy, placing the tip to her entrance.

Deku was looking at her with a mix of expectation and worry, so she smiled at him reassuringly. She wanted to do that, and there was nothing that would make her turn back now. Ochaco began to slide down his member slowly, holding the base of his penis with one hand to steady it; Deku wasn't as long as Bakugo, but he was certainly thicker and she needed to adapt to his size.

"Ocha," he said, his hands on her thighs, caressing her skin tenderly and she tried to smile, but was cut midway by an unexpected gasp.

"Holy shit," she said dropping her head, her hair falling forward partially covering her face, and his hands went to her shoulders worriedly.

"Ocha, am I hurting you?" Deku asked half sitting up and she raised her head to smile at him, this time with more success, though she feared for her facial expression. Ochaco wasn't known for not being intense when she was invested, and hell if she wasn't invested in what she was doing at that very moment.

She slid a few centimeters more of his penis inside her and could feel the control kissing her goodbye again. Maybe, she wondered a bit too late, she was still orgasming, and if that was the case, they would most certainly be floating pretty soon.

Well, fuck that.

"You feel so… fucking… good, Deku," she said through her teeth, her breath catching, and he smirked.

Ochaco put her hands on his chest, holding on to him, and went up a bit, letting him slide out for a few inches before she went down again, swallowing more of his length with her pussy. She was hot, loose and dripping, and to slide him inside was being easier than expected.

"Ochaco," Deku said, his mouth hanging open. It was good to know that he was in a daze just like her. He had sent her to cloud nine and all Uraraka wanted was to do the same for him.

She moved her hips in small circles like an odalisque, adapting to his large penis, and leaned over for a kiss when their hips finally met. She kissed down his jaw and neck as he groaned and moved her hips more, starting to go up and down added to the circles. Deku was incapable of keeping it down, and she was loving that.

His arm went around her waist, burying him deep inside her and she gasped loudly, arched her back and stared at the ceiling for a few seconds. She was definitely still orgasming.

So good. He felt so good.

Ochaco bent over again, meeting his lips halfway; his hold on her waist was lighter, so she began to move up and down again as they kissed. Their kiss was breathy and shaky, they were sweaty and just coated in sex. They were a synchronized being and Ochaco thought briefly as Izuku held her in her arms that perhaps the universe had aligned for a change.


"Damn," Ochaco said under her breath, tangled in Deku's arms. Her arms were around his torso and he was caressing her hair. It was a warm summer afternoon and they still were sweaty, but they didn't care.

"What?" he asked softly and she smiled looking at his beautiful face.

"I just… can't believe how good you are at this," she let out and then blushed furiously. "I mean, aren't we supposed to be a bunch of virgins?"

Deku chuckled and kissed her nose.

"Not after 3-F's party," he said and she raised her eyebrows surprised that he knew, unsure if she should go on details. "Besides, we practice a lot."

Despite herself, Ochaco blushed even more, closing her eyes as if it'd hide her from the embarrassment, and she only opened them when Deku let out a surprised yelp.

"Ocha!" he called out because they were floating above the bed and going exponentially higher by the second. She yelped too and let go of him to put her fingers together.

"Release!" she said quickly before they were too high, and they fell back on the bed laughing at how simply silly that was. Uraraka snuggled closer to him again. "So, we're not each other's firsts."

"Afraid not," Deku replied and she hummed, trying to figure out who would be his first and how that happened while avoiding eye contact. "Are you jealous?"

She quickly looked at him again, noticing that he was smirking and she rolled her eyes.

"No," she said firmly and his smile grew. "Do you know who…"

"I don't, though I have my suspicions," he said. "And I think you might know about mine too, but we don't talk about it."

Deku held her closer, caressed her hair tenderly. She had called him Izuku today when he did something similar; she felt warm and safe in his arms, and part of her didn't want to leave that room.

"It's okay if you're jealous, you know?" Deku told her. "I'm a bit jealous too."

Ochaco smiled then, taken by his words, and touched his chin lovingly. It was something incredible to think that Deku loved her so much he had come all the way from the future to make sure that she would survive and they could be together, but the more she thought about it, the less she understood how it worked.

"Deku, you said you had a plan coming back," she said frowning. "What is it? How did you come back?"

"You always ask so many questions," Deku said playfully shoving her shoulder, and then he kissed her forehead, right between her eyebrows. He breathed in her hair and sighed before he talked again. "There will be this kid in 1-A next year, he can turn back time. I asked him to send me back so I could fix things, and maybe he sent me too far back, but being here now… I can save more than one person, I believe."

"You kind of already did that," Ochaco interrupted him and he raised an eyebrow questionably. "All the times you rescued our class?"

"Yeah, there's that," Deku said nodding. "But also, there's more to come. Things… get fucked up pretty fast, and it's not…" he sighed, lost in thought for a moment, but then he shook his head.

All the while, Ochaco watched him closely. It wasn't like him to do something so risky like going back in time out of selfishness, and if he said he had a plan, well, he probably did – one that counted down to the seconds, even, if she knew him well. And by the number of clocks in that room, Uraraka suspected that it was exactly the case.

"I did something today," he told her. "When I left. Something that I think will help someone find his way back to where he wanted to get to in the first place. I hope it works."

"Him?" she asked and he just nodded soberly, not offering her any further explanation.

"Have you noticed anything off about our colleagues lately?"

Ochaco thought it over quickly and then shrugged.

"Kacchan's been oversharing some sentimental stuff these days, but I don't think that's what you mean." Deku smiled at the mention of Kacchan's name but hummed as if telling her that no, that wasn't what he meant, so she thought a little harder. "I don't think so, no."

"See, that's the problem," he said seriously. "None of us noticed. And it got out of hand."

"Maybe, if you tell me," Ochaco suggested. "I could help. Who is it that needs a hand?"

Deku shook his head and rubbed his face frustrated before he decided to give her a piece of information.

"Mineta," he said reluctantly. "He… I don't know, is in a dark place, I guess."

"Like you were? When I died?" she suggested and Deku sighed.

"Ocha, you're not going to die, I'll make sure of it. Here," he guaranteed, and suddenly turned to get something on the nightstand. He came back with the digital wristwatch she had seen the first time she went there. "This is my ticket back. When I save you when this is sorted out and I make sure you'll be fine and living, I'll use this to go back and you'll be waiting for me, and we'll graduate together."

"A watch?" she asked unimpressed, reaching out to touch it. It looked so… normal. Deku nodded.

"Kaneda, the kid that sent me back, does these things to guarantee you'll go back to your time, to when you came from. It's like a totem. When I activate it, I'll be sent to when I was. Ocha," Deku held her face tenderly, making her look at him. "Everything will be fine. I promise."


She took the phone with her when she went to clean up before leaving because there was one thing she wanted to see. Among those camp photos, one had caught her eye, and she didn't think much of it at first glance, but now that Deku had mentioned…

Uraraka opened Instaphoto again and went straight to the search engine, looked for the user gurepujusu and came up empty, which was strange. Mineta loved that account of his, why would he delete it? Deciding to move on, she checked her profile and opened said photo that had caught her attention. It was a photo of her and Mineta laughing about something, Deku was holding a furious Kacchan in the background. She had written something too.

Can you believe this was less than a month ago? Minoru, we had no idea of what you were going through, you never let us know. Now, in hindsight, we should've noticed. You were one of the most open-hearted people in our class, and yet we failed to listen to you. I'd do things differently if I had the chance, and I know more of us would too. I'm so, so sorry. We miss you.

The best days of their lives, Deku had said, were yet to come and would end too soon.


There was a photo in Deku's Instaphoto profile too, the last one he had posted. It was her in what looked like his room at the dorms; she was wearing one of his All Might tees and smiling at the camera as she brushed her hair. Ochaco tapped to open.

I love you. I miss you. See you soon.


"Hello, guys!" Ochaco greeted excitedly when she got back to the dorm that afternoon and found her friends by the table, each doing something different.

"Someone woke on the right side of the bed today," Mina commented, smiling at her as she painted her nails, and Ochaco blushed.

"Yeah, she looks almost as happy as that one, kero," Tsuyu said, pointing to the I room.

Ochaco looked over and gasped at what she saw. Momo and Todoroki were side by side, looking at each other and talking quietly; Momo leaned over and kissed his left cheek, right under his eye, and from where they were watching, it looked like he might melt.

"I know, right?" Kyoka said looking up from the magazine she was reading. "About time."

"Oh, they look so cute together!" Ochaco said with her hands on her cheeks, eyes shining.

"Yeah, it's borderline offensive," Mina joked. "But where were you, Ocha? We barely saw you for like, four days!"

Uraraka dropped her hands and opened her mouth to answer with something, anything that would come to her mind, but she made the mistake of looking over at the kitchen area and saw Katsuki there. He smirked at her, making her go fifty shades of red, and to make everything worst, Deku came from the court wearing a U.A. tank top and drying his hair with a towel.

It was not wise to come across Deku now, with her knowing exactly how his whole body was. She literally salivated looking at him, and then her face got even redder. Luckily, no one was paying attention to her anymore.

"Kyoka," Deku said getting closer to the table where all the girls were. "How much was the pill?"

"What?" Kyoka asked absently, for she was back to her magazine, but then she dropped it on the table suddenly, her eyes wide. "FUCK! What time is it?"

She grabbed Deku's arm to look at his watch, and then stood up almost dropping the chair so fast she moved.

"Fuck, I forgot! And I'm almost out of time!" Kyoka said stressed out.

"You forgot?" Deku exclaimed and she turned to him with a determined face.

"Well, don't just stand there!" she exclaimed. "You can run really fast without breaking your legs, right?" Deku nodded. "Then take me to the pharmacy. Now!"

"O-Okay!" Deku said right away, dropping the towel on the back of a chair and picking Kyoka up bridal style. With a blink, they were gone, and Ochaco… thought she understood.

"Kyoka?" Toru said confused. "I didn't know they were that close."

Mina scoffed. Tsuyu croaked.

"Yeah, who wouldn't like to get close to him like she did, he's looking fine," Mina joked and Tsuyu pushed her shoulder, subtly pointed at Ochaco, who was just half listening to them.

Uraraka's eyes were staring the kitchen again, where Kacchan, Kaminari, and Kirishima were making sandwiches, except that Kacchan was looking at her and he wasn't smiling anymore. He understood too.

"Get a hold of yourself, woman," Toru said playfully, bumping her hips on Ochaco's and pulling her from her thoughts. "Do you think Momo will still be up for that bikini wax tomorrow?"

"Yes," all the other girls, including Uraraka, said at the same time and looked over at Momo and Todoroki again. They looked… happy. It was good to see that.


After the final touches were put in Uraraka's backpack, and she had to smile innocently at the epilator, who had looked at the bite marks on the inside of her thighs judgmentally, everyone got in the buses and hoped to God that they'd have an uneventful summer camp this time.

That wasn't too much to ask, was it? Surely not.

"PDA RULES, REP!" Mina shouted out the window of the bus standing up on her seat, making some of them laugh behind their hands. Outside, while they waited for everything to be in place for their departure, Hatsume Mei waved them off as she kissed Iida, and they laughed even more.

"Don't be mean, Mina," Ochaco said tugging at her friend's shirt playfully and Ashido sat down again, turned back to look at Uraraka. "The support classes don't get to go on those training trips, you can't blame them for trying to make up for the time they'll lose."

The friends laughed more and looked out of the window at the kissy couple – though they weren't kissing anymore. Instead, Mei had shoved an open small handbag in Iida's hand and was quickly telling him about the things inside it. Ochaco would bet her short money that it was things to help Iida in maintain his gear going during training. With Mei on his case for the past months, their Rep's engine, and consequently his quirk, had been one of the greatest improvements of 2-A. Funny how their story went for longer than they'd been actually together.

"Can't deny they're cute together," Toru commented and they all nodded.

"But it's funny to see Iida all relaxed and… loving, kero," observed Tsuyu, and they had to agree.

"I wouldn't say he's rela-" Ochaco started to say, but they all jumped with the loud noise outside.

"LOVE BIRDS!" Mic shouted from 2-B's bus, where everyone was already set to leave, right when Iida leaned in for another kiss, and the couple jumped two feet apart startled. "ENOUGH! LET'S GO!"

"Don't be mean, Mic!" Midnight said from their bus. Being their homeroom teacher for their second year, she was the one going with them this time. "But he's right, it's time to go. Sorry, Ms. Hatsume."

"It's fine, Ms. Midnight," Mei said with a respectful bow. "Be careful, Tenya."

He assured he'd be fine and hopped up on the bus, taking a seat next to Midoriya, his cheeks way too blushed for someone who already displayed that much PDA. Of course, the boys didn't let him be, teasing him for most of their way to the camp. Their playful banter eased the mood in the bus, but that youthful hope didn't stop them from keeping an eye for anything weird happening on the road as they descended to the coast. The bus descended through sharp curves to one of the country's most exotic and remote settings.

"Is that a cabin?" Uraraka asked pointing at what looked like a shed in the distance, up in a cliff. She could be imagining it because the pointy roof and wooden walls were camouflaged between the trees, but she could swear she was seeing sun plaques and a chime.

"Looks like," Tsuyu replied. The bus made turn further from the cliff where the supposed cabin was.

"I wonder if it'll be hard to get there," Ochaco said dreamingly.

"I don't think we'll be too close, kero."

"Yeah, and why would you want to go there anyway," Toru asked turning to Ochaco. "What if it's a haunted house?"

Uraraka giggled at the idea. So many things they could be afraid of – villains popping up out of every corner, for example – and Toru was afraid of ghosts?

"Maybe it is," Kyoka said, suddenly appearing behind Toru and startling the girl, making her glow with the scare; the girls laughed even more. "Maybe they're sending us to train against the supernatural threat of this brave new world we live in, and our next task is to exorcise some demonic child."

Jiro sat on Tsuyu's lap, leaned closer to Toru, who was leaning away from her colleague. Mina and Ochaco hid their laugh behind their hands.

"Just imagine, Toru," Jiro continued. "All those old movies and TV shows about people being possessed, throwing up some hell goo on priests and bibles and stuff. There's no such a thing as the Christian religion that tamed those beasts back them now. The ancient demons, they have nothing to be afraid of, so how could we possibly defeat them and send them back to hell? That's got to be a real hero accomplishment, don't you think? What would you do, Toru? If you have to face a freak that knows your every thought and talks in a language so ancient you can't even begin to understand? Something that creeps under the bed and reaches for your ankles and-"

Suddenly, Kyoka reached for Toru, making the other girl scream, and Jiro began to laugh amused.

"You're such a scaredy-cat!"

"Jiro can be really scary," Ochaco mumbled to Asui, who nodded solemnly and croaked.

Looking around, she saw that other colleagues were staring wide-eyed at Kyoka, proving that Toru wasn't the only scaredy cat in their class. From the front of the bus, Ms. Midnight laughing at them.

"Damn, get the fuck off!" Bakugo complained catching their attention; he untangled from Kirishima's grasp on his arm and pushed the other boy away, making him fall in the bus' corridor. "Fucking pussy."


Their training for their second year was military-like. They would spend the next couple of weeks getting up before dawn and feasting on rations while they paired with the police academy to learn their way of facing villains and even petty criminals. For their second year of high school, they were learning to balance physical training combined with their quirks, something Ochaco already had been working on since their first Sports Festival, but some of her colleagues still struggled with it.

It didn't matter that they were in one of the most paradisiac beaches of Japan; by the time they had a free day (the first I of the trip, hard five days after their arrival), everyone was sore and sunburned, but that didn't stop them from wanting to actually explore the site and spend some time on the beach.

The first ones to arrive, almost at the crack of dawn, were Bakugo and Kirishima. They arrived at the healthy sunlight and Kirishima talked of some poem about the sun rising up for them, to which Bakugo rolled his eyes and splashed sunscreen on the redhead's chest.

"Shut up already," he complained, putting some sunscreen on his own hand. "And put some sunscreen on."

"Why would that matter?" Kirishima asked though he started spreading the cream anyway.

"Because it protects you from the fucking sun, do you think you're tougher than the sun?"

Kirishima looked over at the ocean, the sky already a fine shade of baby blue, and tilted his head amused, a smirk on his face.

"Aww, you care about me!" He said, poking Bakugo playfully and getting an annoyed shrug in return. "That's so cute!"

"Fuck off," Bakugo replied stepping away, his hand still full of sunscreen.

"Katsuki," Eijiro called. He stepped closer and put a hand on Bakugo's cheek, turning him in his direction, and then he kissed him ever so tenderly.

Except that nothing was ever just tenderly when Bakugo was involved, and soon they were pretty much French kissing. It went on for a minute or two until they finally stopped, and then Katsuki shoved his hand on Eijiro's face, splaying him with sunscreen.

"That's for being a pussy ass bitch and calling me cute. You're lucky to be alive, you know?"

Kirishima laughed delighted as he spread the cream, making sure to keep it away from his eyes, and then flashed a smile at Bakugo.

"You like me too much to actually try to kill me."

Katsuki didn't try to prove him wrong. They helped put sunscreen on each other's back and bathed under the morning sun for quite some time until their friends from class A and colleagues from class B arrived in trios and couples, gradually filling the beach with people and noise.

"What is it?" Bakugo asked Ochaco when they teamed up for some fut-volley. Their team was composed of him, Ocha, Mina, and Kiri, while the other team had Deku, Iida, Momo, and Tsuyu. Perhaps, it was a little unfair to put all the competitive people together in one team only, but no one really cared. They were going to crush them.

That, of course, if Uraraka could concentrate.

"Uh?" she blinked at him confused and then shook her head. "Nothing! I just thought I saw smoke coming from that cliff, but it might just be from the cabin I saw there."

"Hell, Ocha, you're really obsessed with that cabin," Katsuki whined because he'd been hearing her talk about it since day one. "Did you go there already?"

She shook her head no.

"I'll see if I can go today," Ochaco said. "I'm so curious to see it. Do you think there's like, an old couple of nice people who, I don't know, fought a war or something, living there?"

"The fuck would I care?" he replied, making her sigh in defeat. "I'm just telling you to go so you can shut up about it!"

He walked away and pushed Ashido out of the way from where she was trying to tie the volleyball net on a pole they set on the sand, and Uraraka shook her head. That damn boy.

"That's interesting," Deku said behind her, startling Ochaco. She jumped in place and then turned in his direction, hands to her cheeks. "Kacchan is calling you by your name now. He must really respect you."

Uraraka's eyes widened as her cheeks took in a deeper shade of red than usual for a series of reasons. For one, yes, it was quite the accomplishment Bakugo calling someone by their actual name. For example, besides Ochaco, Kirishima, Mina, and Kaminari were the only ones to accomplish such thing. But secondly, she was the only one well aware that she only got him to call her by her name because…

She inevitably began to stutter as she remembered how it was less than a couple of weeks ago that she slept with Katsuki, the way he had to cover her mouth to muffle her moans. And then, Ochaco was hyper-aware of how close Deku was standing, and how he was shirtless, his skin tanned and starting to glow with sweat and…

Oh, shit, Uraraka thought to herself, lightly slapping her cheeks to try and chase away the even fresher memory of laying on her belly with Midoriya pressed to her back, kissing down her neck, moving his hips against hers as she moaned his name...

In front of her, Deku grew more and more confused by her flustered reaction. He frowned, and she looked down at his torso, realizing that some of the scars she had seen in his future self still didn't exist, but because she was pretty much staring, he began to blush too.

"Uh- I didn't mean to, I mean-" Deku flustered too, stepping back to give her more space and only then Ochaco could breathe a little better. It was so embarrassing… balancing that Deku with the Deku from the future was proving to be trickier than expected. "It's just that we've been friends from day one, and sure we have nicknames, but, I mean…"

Midoriya's awkwardness distracted Ochaco from her own, and she couldn't help but smile as his demeanor, the way he waved his hands trying to explain himself, and how he was sweating nervously, seemingly stripped from the courage that brought him to her in the first place.

"Do you need rescue from this loser?" Katsuki asked, suddenly by her side, and she shook her head, trying not to laugh.

"Kacchan, don't be like that!" Ochaco exclaimed putting a hand on his chest and other on his arm to push him away. He went without protest.

"Don't say I never did anything for you, Round Face," he replied, but she knew he was joking. With wide eyes, Midoriya followed their movements, certainly trying to make sense of their interactions.

Sighing, Ochaco tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and turned to Deku again, smiling at him.

"You were saying, Deku?" she said and he swallowed, focusing on her only, and smiled too.

Midoriya took a deep breath, choosing to let it out in one go.

"We've had our reasons to dance around each other for over a year already," he said, his voice surprisingly soft. "But I think… it's about time. I'd like to hear you call me Izuku, and I'd like to call you Ochaco, too."

Uraraka's smile grew and she felt her heart swell in her chest. Deku was blushing furiously now, but he held a resolve in his posture that was so cute. He really was something, wasn't he? She dropped her hands and stepped closer to him.

"I thought you'd never ask," she said as softly as he had spoken and he sighed relieved. "Izuku."

"Fraternizing with the enemy, Izuku, get away from her," Iida said, popping between the two of them, his robot arms making an appearance before he started dragging their friend to the other side of the net and Ochaco couldn't help but guffaw. "We got to concentrate and win!"

"Good luck with that, Rep!" Mina exclaimed and winked at Ochaco, a volley ball in her hands.

"You guys are so dead," Ochaco said with an evil grin; by her side, getting in position, Kacchan growled in approval, Kiri cracked his knuckles and even though the sun was reflecting on the other team, she could see Momo swallow.


Only after lunch Ochaco had a chance to go somewhere else without supervision. She slipped out of the cafeteria to her dorm without anyone noticing, put on a pair of shorts under her dress, some sneakers, left a note for Tsu and left through the forest trail up the hill, trying to always have her eyes on the ocean in order not to lose her way.

Her body was still a little heavy after lunch, seeing that it was the first time they had actual food – even though it was only ramen. It was a relief to taste something different from the military rations, and after eating a bit too much, it took Uraraka about an hour to finally reach the top of the cliff and face the shed.

It looked… normal. Not haunted like Kyo tried to convince Toru it was, nor old and falling to pieces. As a matter of fact, the cabin looked rather charming. She stepped closer to the porch, minding her step as she climbed up the stairs. There was a "Welcome" carpet on the door, and when she tried the knob, it gave out easily, no screak on the handles.

Ochaco gasped when she opened the door, stepping into a large living room with old school memorabilia, no I, but with an old phone and a fireplace fueled by gas in the corner. It was a charming little house, and going further inside she could see the kitchen to the back and another door by her left. A bedroom, she realized when she pushed the door open, with a bathtub by the window and everything.

She was startled by a noise coming from the front door and took a defensive stance before realizing who was coming in, though she still needed a few seconds to put everything in its place in her mind.

"Did you know that this place is kept neat to receive lost wanderers or people stranded by storms in need of a place to stay?" he said, seemingly unsurprised by her presence there. "It's the last resource before landing on the military ground and risking getting shot."

"Deku," Ochaco said standing straighter and he smirked. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm a student, I have a permit."

That made sense, though it didn't explain why he'd have to come in the first place. Part of Ochaco would always get a bit on the edge when future Deku was around, because he'd been saving their asses, and it could only mean that they would run into trouble anytime soon. But instead, this time, Deku only chuckled as he got closer to her.

"Don't worry, you can enjoy the summer camp with no events this time," he guaranteed, and Uraraka breathed out in relief. "You don't need to worry about anything."

"Okay," she said with a breathy smile and tucked her hair behind her years. Suddenly, she got the urge to tell him something. "You told me to call you Izuku today."

"I know," Deku said reaching out to touch the tip of her hair as it escaped from behind her ear. "Everything that happens to him already happened to me."

Ochaco blushed.

"Right. Of course," she reasoned looking down. Deku was wearing casual clothes for a change, shorts and flipflops, an All Might sleeveless shirt, and it was kind of crazy to think that he just came to relax.

Uraraka frowned, actually giving it a thought for a change. If she knew Deku well – and she liked to say that she did know him very well – there was no such a thing as relaxing. Perhaps, he just went to a quiet place to gather all his information and come up with a plan to save her.

After all, that's what he said he came to do, right? Save her?

Deku brushed his fingers against her cheeks and down her jaw delicately, and before she realized he was really close. So close her breath hit on his chest and came back hot on her face, and Ochaco had to look up to meet his eyes, except that her eyes were lined with his mouth and Deku had such inviting lips…

Maybe it was all in her mind, but Uraraka was pretty sure she melted a little, and because they were so close together, Deku easily caught her, the hand he had on her face went to the back of her neck, tilting her head up to kiss her, and his other arm went around her waist, sustaining her.

He was so strong, his arms so firm, and as Ochaco held on to the front of his shirt, she also parted her lips, letting the tip of her tongue play with his bottom lip before he opened his mouth too, his tongue meeting hers halfway.

She stumbled backward into the bedroom. It smelled of bath salts and fresh sheets; the curtains were open, letting the sun bath the room in pretty angles and they fell on the bed in a tangle of limbs, pulling at each other's clothes, all the memories of pleasure Ochaco had had to push down the whole week about Deku resurfacing now that she was with the guy that bedded her. It had been really hard to keep those lusty thoughts hidden, but now that future Deku was here… she could let them loose. Right?

They kissed in a frantic thirst, tongues wrestling and all as they tried to get the other naked. Ochaco managed to take off Deku's shirt and rub his raising erection over the fabric of his shorts, and Deku pulled her shorts down, the bottom of her bikini tangled on her knees. She didn't even bother taking off her shoes initially, and they only broke the kiss so he could roll her over on her belly.

Uraraka got on her knees, her face to the bed, and she reached out to her cunt, pressed at her clitoris, feeling the humidity of her sex drench the tip of her fingers before Deku pulled her closer, making her ass go up higher; he groped her ass, opening her cheeks and leaned over, licked her pussy; Ochaco moaned on the sheets, certain that she would never find anyone who could eat her out as well as he could.

He didn't spend a lot of time in the oral this time, however, didn't even finger her; he helped her out of her shoes, totally removed her shorts and bikini bottom this time before taking off his shorts.

Despite dripping on those nice sheets, Uraraka sat up and watched him strip, one hand back to her clit while the other pinched her nipple. She felt kind of dirty but in a good way. Lusty, like she had nicknamed her thoughts before. Of course she never thought she'd let her mind wander so much to sex like it had been these past weeks, but she was also sure the urge would slow down once she'd be rid of all that sexual tension she and Deku had been building for the past year and a half.

Deku wasn't fully erect yet, but he leaned over and kissed her, this time at a much slower tempo, and Ochaco decided to jerk him off before he penetrated her. So far in her life, she had only seen a couple of penises live and in color, and Deku's member wasn't that long, but it was really thick and nice, so thick her fingers almost didn't meet when she closed her hand around its base. It thinned a bit as it got to the tip, but not much. If she wasn't so aroused when they had sex, it would certainly be painful to fit him inside of her.

He slid his hands on the sides of her hips and up, lifting her summer dress and exposing her top. Ochaco was wearing pink bikini tops and Deku pushed aside the fabric, partially freeing her perky boobs. Uraraka let go of his member and took off the dress, throwing it away somewhere and slid back to lay against the pillows, lying down and giving him full access to take the lead.

On his knees following her on the bed, Deku leaned over by her side and kissed down her neck and collarbone, one of his hands playing with her breast, caressing her skin with a comforting gentleness and making her moan under his touch. His mouth reached a nipple and began to suck at it, and Uraraka's hands went to his hair and shoulder, digging nails and pulling hair as he pleasured her, his tongue wetting her skin.

It was a sloppy work, and a good one as well, and she found herself pressing her thighs together in order to keep the nice pressure going on her sex. When Deku realized what she was doing, he let go of her breast and reached between her legs, forcing her to open them.

"You're so wet," he said under his breath, face lined to hers as he inserted one finger inside of her.

"Izuku," Ochaco said under her breath. She was sweating, and so was he, his hair glued to his forehead. She cupped his cheeks, brought his face closer to hers, and when she spoke up, her voice was firm with the decision. "Make love to me."

Reaching up, Uraraka met his lips, kissing him in a much tender way than she had before, and Deku reciprocated it with the same delicacy. He pressed on top of her, gradually getting in position between her legs, and she dug her nails into the small of his back in anticipation. He had no trouble at all in finding her entrance without looking and only found mild resistance going in. Ochaco's legs trembled and she gasped at that first penetration, so he gave her a moment to adapt before he started moving, an arm on the pillow around her head while the other helped keep him up on the bed, keeping him from suffocating her.

As the shiver subsided, Uraraka started placing small kisses on Deku's mouth and jaw, and whisper things in his ear, guaranteeing him she was fine and ready, so he started moving in and out of her ever so slowly, ever so gently, letting her determine the tempo of their lovemaking.

Outside, far down, the rustle of the leaves swaying to the breeze muffled the voices and laughter coming from the beach full of students and hid away the reason Deku had gone to that camp in the first place.


"Wait for me, Ocha," Izuku said under his breath, his face close to hers as they laid on their sides, one of his hands caressing her hair. "I'm going to do this, and when I go back, please, be there waiting for me."

Ochaco looked right into his eyes, buried in their green, and her fingers touched his bottom lip. Summer always kissed Deku's skin in a special way, and he had so many freckles, it was… beautiful.

"Yes, of course," she said softly, her thumb on his chin tracing the line of his jaw. "Izuku, I would wait for you 'til the end of time."

She didn't tell him she loved him, even though it was true. She'd had a taste of him and Deku was as amazing as Ochaco had ever fantasized; she loved him, alright, but she also loved the version of him stuck in the present, and until that version didn't love her like this, she still had a long way to go.

Deku was well aware, she supposed. He didn't press her into saying anything else, and she guessed it was because he was from the future. One way or another, he knew that things would work just fine, that they would be together. And most of all, he believed her.

One year or so from now, Ochaco would wait for him a thousand times, every day if necessary. Day after day. Until the end of time, if it'd take that long.

"Just make sure you'll come back." She poked his chest and he chuckled, planted a kiss on the tip of her nose.

"Yes, ma'am."


Ochaco had to go. She had to go because now that she'd been through a marathon of exercises, she was a little sore and it'd take her another hour to get down to the camp again. She had to go because time was running out and she was training to be a motherfucking hero, she had to focus on school. She also had to go because Deku urged her to.

"Don't want you to get in trouble," he told her, even though the way he was checking his wristwatch – that wristwatch from the future with the ticket back to his time, but she pretended not to notice – was a little suspicious.

Of course he was right about her getting in trouble, and she agreed even before he outed the words, so she dressed up, put on her sneakers again, stole some water and a banana from the kitchen and started her way back to camp, staying on the trail and always with an eye to the ocean.

It really was a beautiful place to be, that site U.A. had chosen, and so romantic as well. Even the air smelled a little sweeter with all those couples finding each other… Momo and Todoroki were the poster couple of the whole school. Ochaco wasn't sure they'd last, but they sure looked good together, happy even. Kacchan and Kiri, she never thought they'd assume it, but she was glad they did. She also didn't regret calling them "cute" to Katsuki's face, it was totally worth it.

The ground trembled, sending her off her feet right in the middle of her chuckle, and the only reason Ochaco didn't fall head first was because she was extra quick to activate her quirk. U.A.'s training really was something, but she didn't have enough time to wonder about it because every tree around her was shaking, birds flew away loud and distressed.

"Earthquake?" she wondered out loud, planting her feet on the ground again. A quick glance at the ocean told her that it wasn't an Earthquake at all, the sea was as calm as it could be, even though everything in that hill was vibrating. "Weird."

Since she had stopped, she decided to take a sip of water. That one moment of quiet and listening to the layers of the animals' cries was enough to slip into her hearing the muffled sound of something exploding.

"Deku," she gasped dropping the bottle and the banana and starting to run in the direction she had come from. She has only twenty minutes away, and if he was in trouble, she'd have to use all she got to get to him in time.

(of course there was another option too. It was a forest, and the noise could've come from anywhere, really, but Ochaco didn't think strongly of that option. They were U.A.'s class A, and trouble always followed them, no matter what)

She activated her quirk again, in order to let go of any extra weight and run faster, and even though Uraraka made the run in almost half of the time, it still felt like she was going too slow. The higher she climbed, the more she could feel the ground shake, and that could only mean that Deku was using his quirk.

The moment she stepped out of the line of trees, an explosion went out the back of the cabin, shattering glass everywhere. Ochaco covered her face with her arms, even though she was far from where the glass exploded, and when she peeked at the cabin, she saw that the front door was torn open.

Had she been there only half an hour ago? It looked like a completely different place already, more like the eerie place Jiro had tried to convince them it was, and from inside came the sounds of battle.

Deku moved like a blur, and she could barely make out what's going on in there, but Uraraka was pretty sure she saw knives being thrown with incredible speed and efficiency. She stepped forward, determined to help, her eyes to the open door, and barely three steps in she saw Deku stop and throw a punch at the floor of the cabin, generating a strong gush of air that got her on her ass, her back hit the trunk of the nearest tree with an uncomfortable poke to her shoulder blades.

With a blurred vision because of the tears that suddenly pooled in her eyes, Ochaco saw Deku look out of the cabin, and she could swear he had seen her because his posture changed all together. She blinked desperately and tried to get on her feet, but he reached out to her in a desperate attempt to stop her, his hands dripping blood; someone else stood on the door, blocking the view and Uraraka had to blink again to focus on the new person.

Slender legs covered in blood and bruises were barely hidden by the skirt and too long sweater Himiko Toga was wearing, and she flipped a knife on her right hand, catching it effortlessly and smiling maniacally at Uraraka.

"Ochaco, my dear friend!" she exclaimed with that disgusting excitement she always carried in her voice and Uraraka quickly got to her feet, ready to launch at the villain-wannabe. Himiko didn't seem to understand her intention or even care.

"How the fuck are you alive?" Ochaco asked, her mind already forming a last minute plan. Himiko giggled. "How did you get here?"

"You think I'm easy to kill?" she said simply, the smile never leaving her face. "And I followed him," she pointed back at Deku. "Did you know that there are two Izukus? What, of course you did. I'm so jealous, Ocha."

"You don't get," Uraraka said stepping in the other girl's direction. "To call me Ochaco, you bitch!"

"Ochaco, no!" Deku called from inside the cabin.

Everything happened in a split second, yet Uraraka saw it all.

Himiko threw one of her knives at her. Izuku ran in front of it and instead of using his super speed to get it out of the way, he stood between the two girls, facing Ochaco. He had cuts and blood all over, just like Himiko did, and Ochaco wondered how much damage could be done in such short time.

The knife hit his back and he fell to his knees, still facing her. She could see the lines of his quirk powering up on his skin, and her brain only partially processed the fact that his watch wasn't on his wrist anymore; instead, his hand was dripping blood from a deep cut.

"Your watch," Uraraka mumbled worriedly.

Deku shook his head lightly and reached with the bloodied hand to his back, yanking the knife out before he started to get up, one knee to the ground, fist ready for a punch.

"It's gonna be alright," he mouthed to her. Or maybe he said it out loud, but she couldn't affirm it for sure.

Ochaco stepped in his direction.

Deku's closed fist went down and hit the ground with a smash, knocking her off her feet again, and the biggest tremor of them all shook their bones. She blinked and he wasn't there anymore, but moving back to the cabin and taking Himiko with him, a trail of blood on his way. The ground started to crack and Ochaco stumbled back to the line of trees out of instinct.

Time stood still as the cliff started to give away. There was a loud sound of something breaking, a cry from the earth itself, it seemed like, and the tears were streaming down her cheeks before Uraraka even realized she was crying. Her throat felt raw, but she didn't remember screaming. She desperately wanted to help, but she had no control over the fight between Deku and Himiko. Maybe, if she could sustain the cabin in the air…

Before she could move forward, the cliff gave out completely and it started to fall down to the ocean, cabin, trees and all. She called Deku's name, maybe, and hoped, hoped, hoped that he'd find the watch in time to go back to his time and be treated by Recovery Girl or something, because there was no way in hell that Deku would come all the way here just to die by Himiko Toga's hands-

Her thoughts were interrupted by an explosion, and debris from the cabin flew everywhere around her, smoldering pieces of wood being caught by treetops.

She should do something about the fire, but all she could do was crawl to the edge of the cliff and look down, holding on to faith that Deku had been saved by some tree root, or waiting to see him bust up in light speed, like he could do, but all she saw was rocks and fire tumbling down the ocean, a big chunk of the house still in one piece as it got swallowed by the sea, and a big wave was growing towards the shore.

Ochaco didn't know how much time she stood there, clinging to the uneven edge of the cliff, her belly to the ground as she looked down. What else could she do besides hope that things would really be alright? Because she had no clue whatsoever if that had been part of the plan at all.

Was Himiko the reason Ochaco would die? That must've been, or else why would Deku engage in such a brutal fight with her?

That was it, then. He must've gone home by now. She was sure that he was home by now and that she was by his side. Whatever it was, whenever it was, they were together.


So this is what happened.

Her friends knew that Ochaco had gone to the cabin to see how it was, so the moment they heard the cliff going down, Midoriya and Bakugo took their shortcuts to get to the cliff in record time, while Iida helped usher everyone from the beach just in case the debris caused a tsunami.

Deku was the first to arrive, and to find her laying down, looking at the cabin burn; she needed a moment to understand that he was her Deku, the one from the present, and not the Deku she was hoping to God was safe and sound back in his time, and the look of confusion on her face must've unsettled him, because he approached her carefully.

He made sure she was okay and she made up some fake ass lie about finding the cabin, looking around and getting some water and food for the trip back (where was her food and water exactly?). The part about going back after hearing the noise was real, but she kept out the fight between his future self and a Himiko Toga who clearly knew too much, opting instead to mention the fireplace and its gas fuel that was the probable cause of the explosion, but she couldn't put a finger on how the cliff… became… that.

And then Bakugo was there, and Tokoyami with Dark Shadow and even Tsuyu coming with the military, who asked her the same questions and helped take her back to the camp, even though she was perfectly capable of walking. Toru helped her patch her cuts – that was only scratched knees and elbows – and Momo prepared some stronger painkiller to help her sleep because in the middle of it all, Ochaco started to copiously cry and no one seemed to be able to make her stop.

Deku from the future was wrong, this wasn't an uneventful camp. It was the complete opposite of uneventful, and it was even worse because she was the only one aware of all that had truly gone down.

The teachers and the military got as much evidence of the cabin to try and find out what had happened, and word went out that they had found one corpse, but couldn't identify the person, because of the fire. There was no detail leaked to the press or the students, not even the sex of the dead person, and the fact that it was just one corpse gave hope to Ochaco that Deku had made it to the future, but even so…

It was fucking traumatizing. She had been with him that same afternoon, and now…

Uraraka was expected to rest on Monday but opted to go back to the routine with her fellow heroes-in-training. She put on her uniform and running shoes, ate the boring oatmeal and moved on with her life. She wasn't supposed to get stuck up with this whole cabin drama anyway, and her priorities were clear. If she truly wanted to achieve all the things she wanted to achieve – Hawaii, the overseas internship, Endeavour and her third place at the Sports Festival – she had to work hard, no distractions.

Five days later, they were heading home. And by home, it meant that they'd actually have the time to see their families and childhood friends and everything. Everyone was excited to go back, and so hyped with all the things they'd done during the camp. To everyone's surprise, Mineta had gotten the highest score of their mini-gymkhana and they kept telling him how awesome he had been, how much progress he was making – perhaps the biggest progress of the whole class.

It was definitely a different vibe in that bus, and the joy that surrounded them was comforting.

"I'm really curious to know what got into you, Mineta, kero," Tsu was saying over Ochaco.

"Now, that's the most valuable secret, Asui, my dear. And a hero never reveals his secrets!" Mineta said with a hand on his chest and Kaminari frowned at him.

"Who said that?" he asked.

"I did," Mineta said without losing a beat, and they all laughed.

"Ms. Midnight!" Mina called from the back of the bus. "Can we use our phones now?"

"Yes, Ashido, go for it," Midnight replied with a careless hand movement, and everyone celebrated.

Ochaco got her backpack, that was between her legs, and got up after whispering to Tsu that she'd be back later and only getting a croak in response, for the girl was checking to see if she'd gotten any messages during the time they were out.

"Time for gurepujusu to tell everything about his success," Mineta said, furiously typing on his phone.

"Please, don't talk about yourself in the third person," Kyo begged. "It's ridiculous."

Heading to the front of the bus, Ochaco just giggled against her cupped hand, amused by her friends' good mood, and she found a seat right in front of Deku and Iida, so she dropped her bag on the floor and sat down against the window, to be able to talk to the guys.

"Hey," she greeted them both, even though her eyes lingered on Izuku for a beat too long. Tenya fixed his glasses on his nose and waved at her.

"Are you feeling better, Ochaco?" Deku asked and she nodded, showed him the scabs on her elbow just for emphasis.

"A lot better, actually, thanks for asking."


"Where do they come from? The wires that connect to us, weightless and fall on your body 'till we're invisible.
I'm with you throughout it, choose. Busted and blue."
Busted and Blue - Gorillaz

He watched her squirm and moan in pain for days and days, tended to her burns carefully like he did for no one else ever in his life. Silly girl, in love with everyone. If he could even call her sick feelings love.

(actually, what did he know about love?)

(no, that wasn't a well he wanted to get water from. Too fucking dangerous)

But she was one of the last things (people?) he had left, after the disastrous year they had, and all the losses that came over them.

Villains. They were an ever-expanding clique, but their resilience wasn't one of the best.

If he could just discipline the girl, he believed they would be able to create a better generation of villains.

If she survives. It was luck that she sent him her location just in time, the fire was all over already when he arrived at the falling house. Hell, his living room carpet would never be the same again after all the salty water that fell on it.

"Pain," she said in a desperate cry, practically her whole body covered in unguents to help her heal. "It hurts."

Kurogiri swallowed and reached out to check the level of morphine with a bandaged hand. He had burned too, but not as badly as she. After seeing that she was on the limit for the next hour or so, and despite his better judgment, he reached out and pushed back her blonde hair wet with sweat.

"Please," she pleaded through gritted teeth. "It hurts."

"I know, Toga," he told her. "But it'll get better, and we'll get revenge. I promise."