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The Curse of Suzuki

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Eijun sat there in the corner of what was a lakeside. After a fight with mother, things went out of hand, and he couldn’t take it anymore and ran out there. They had been arguing a lot lately, and Eijun didn’t know what to do about it. It has been years since his father passed away and his grandfather didn’t live with them to understand the habits that happened in that house the mother and son lived in.

“I wish she would just understand where I’m coming from.” He sighed. He looked around the lake and saw a bunch of people that walked by.

The lake was massive, and the water was spotless. It was shinning as it had never been touched, but that wasn’t true. Adults, kids, teenagers. All kind of people and animals have gone in that lake for fun, but for some odd reason, it still looked as if nothing has happened.

Eijun got up ready to head home even though he didn’t want to. He knew that once he was back in that house, the young man would start arguing with his single mother again but he just had to tell her straight.

The reason for the argument was that Eijun wanted to move out and live on his own, but his mother thought that he wasn’t ready yet. Eijun was already an adult. He was twenty-four years old, yet his mother still treated him like a child.

As Eijun was turning around, he heard something. Eijun’s ears were sensitive, so he could listen to the splash in the lake made by a little girl that happened to be playing.

Eijun saw as the little girl went inside the water then tripped falling deep into the lake. Eijun stood there and looked around hoping somebody saw what was happening, but there was nobody in sight.

“Are you kidding me!” He was angry at the fact that nobody saw what was happening.

Eijun ran and jumped into the lake and drove as fast as he could and grab the little girl. The little girl looked like she was in pain. It didn’t seem like she could swim either. Eijun pulled her out from the lake and into the land.

“Looks like she would be okay.” He smiled at that thought.

Just as Eijun was about to get himself into land something pulled hard on his leg but when Eijun looked, there was nothing there. Suddenly he saw the water move fast like the wind was pushing it but there was no wind, it wasn’t even cold out, so the young man was perplexed. He then saw a whirlpool in the middle of the lake, and that vortex pulled Eijun toward him.

“What’s going on here?” Eijun looked confused, shocked. He didn’t know what to do at that moment. He tried to call for help as he pulled him in but his voice came out a little too late and then Eijun was gone like he was never there, to begin with.

The little girl had finally woke up with people surrounding her all looking worried. If Eijun were still there, he would probably say something like “Now you notice!”

“What happened to you little girl?”

“I was drowning, and the oniichan saved me.”

“Who are you talking about?”

Sure the people were confused since Eijun had just up and disappeared.


The Miyuki Army was having a little celebrating after their victory in their battle. Everybody was happy with what they had archived and was relaxing while enjoying their meal.

Miyuki Kazuya, the leader of the army, slipped out from rest of his men and near the lakeside view. He wanted to be alone and get his thoughts straight.

Miyuki looked up at the full moon that was out that night. It shined so beautifully in the night sky. He smiled at the round object up in the sky.

“Kazuya, you’re here.” Kuramochi approached his leader with a drink in his hand. “What are you doing here alone when everybody else is inside.”

“As you can see I wanted to be alone.” Miyuki stretched his arms spread out, that’s when he heard some noises like somebody in the water. Kuramochi must’ve have heard it too because his eyes went to the lake.

Miyuki started to go inside the lake. He could still hear the noises of the water being splashed.

“Kazuya, what are you doing?” Kuramochi asked, worried about his leader.

“I’m just going to see what that noise was.” Miyuki slowly headed to where the noise was coming from. Miyuki didn’t sense danger from the sounds.

As Miyuki got closer, he saw something or saw a sizeable bright glow and then saw someone in the lake, the light had faded afterward. The young man was floating on the water as he looked up at the night sky. It looked like he was thinking about something.

“Who are you?” Miyuki spoke out to the stranger lying on the water.

The young man turned his eyes to the corner, and that’s when he saw Miyuki standing there.

Miyuki didn’t feel any danger from the young man, but there was something odd about the stranger as he looked at him.

The young man hurried got up and stood to face Miyuki that’s when both of them stared at one another.

“I’m not a suspicious person!” The young man shouted, saying something out of the ordinary.

Eijun then realizes the way that Miyuki was dressed. He was wearing armor like those in his history classes that Eijun had to study about.

Miyuki had also realized that that way Eijun dressed was strange, different then the people around here dressed and found it very odd.

Is that a new style?” Miyuki wondered.

“You know saying that makes you even more suspicious.” Miyuki chuckled.

Miyuki saw the young man was wet from head to toe.

“Did you want to be wet like that?” Miyuki asked.

“It’s not like that!” How was Eijun going to explain this? He should tell the truth, right. “When I woke up I was in the water? I thought I had died since I saved a little girl from drowning but now I’m here.”

Miyuki, of course, looked like he didn’t believe a word that Eijun said but the man still had a smile on his face like it was something interesting to him.

“Kazuya!” Kuramochi called out to Miyuki’s name.

Kuramochi saw Miyuki, but he wasn’t the only one who Kuramochi saw.

“Who is that?” Kuramochi asked like Eijun was a inject and that made Eijun’s right ear twitch in angry.

“I have a name, and it’s Sawamura Eijun.” EIjun introduced himself without meaning it.

“Eijun, is it?” Miyuki said his name like it was normal. “I’m Miyuki Kazuya.”

“Why the hell did you tell him your name? He could be the enemy!” Kuramochi yelled, feeling how Miyuki handled things weren’t right.

“It’s fine since he told us his and the enemy wouldn’t do that.”

“It could’ve been a fake name.”

“Sawamura EIjun is my real name!” Eijun felt frustrated with this other man.

“I think you will catch a cold if you stay in the water too long. Do you want to come with me? I’ll give you some new clothes while you will dry.”

“I guess I don’t have anywhere else to go.” Eijun took the offer and then Miyuki gave Eijun his hand and the young man took it, and they got out of the lake.

When they got out of the water was when Miyuki noticed those bright honey golden brown eyes of the stranger. They were so beautiful that it was hard not to look away.

“Something the matter?” Eijun asked when he caught Miyuki staring at him.

“It’s nothing,” Miyuki said.

“Are you serious about this?” Kuramochi wasn’t happy about letting a stranger stay with them.

“I’m dead serious!” Miyuki said with a look that could almost kill.

“Fine,” Kuramochi said, and after that, he didn’t say a word.

When they went back to the camp Miyuki’s troops were surprised to see them with somebody they didn’t know.

“Who’s this you brought?” Kawakami was the first one to speak up about Eijun.

“He will be staying with us,” Miyuki told them. The men didn’t even say anything back.

“Let me help you get into some change clothes.” Shirasu offered, and Eijun gladly went with the other man.

“Where did you find that young man?” Nabe asked after Eijun had gone inside with Shirasu.

“He was floating in the middle of the lake.”

“Floating?” All looked confused and shocked by what Miyuki had said.

“It’s strange. You don’t find people floating.” Miyuki chuckled as if it was funny, but there was a seriousness in his eyes. He was thinking about something.

“And his clothes are strange,” Kawakami said. “I’ve never seen clothes like those before.”

“That’s true,” Miyuki said. “His name is Sawamura Eijun so look in about him.”

“Yes, Sir!!”

Eijun was changing into what looked like a blue yukata. He had worn one before, so Eijun knew how to put it on, but as he was putting it on, he started to think about where he was. After he was done changing he was met again with Shirasu.

“Can I ask you something?” Eijun asked.

“If it is my ability to answer?” Eijun felt that was a strange way to answer him.

“What year is it right now?”

“It’s 1868.” The man answered after he did Eijun had a shocked look on his face. “Is something the matter?”

“It’s nothing,” Eijun said.

How did I end up coming to the past?”

Eijun and Shirasu went outside where Miyuki and rest of the men were spending their time chatting. Eijun could hear them talking about battle and war, and it was uncommon since in the time that Eijun is from there were never talks about that.

“You’re back,” Miyuki said. The man looked Eijun from top to bottom. “It suits you.”

“Thanks,” Eijun said.

Eijun felt weird with everything that happened. The young man then thought about his mother. He argued before all this happened. He hoped that she isn’t worried about him and that she is doing well.

Suddenly Eijun felt something on his shoulder. The young man turned to his side and saw a small monkey sitting on his shoulder. It was cute that Eijun couldn’t help and pet it on its head.

“That’s Melo,” Miyuki said. “And it looks like he has a liking to you.”

Melo jumped from Eijun’s shoulder and onto Miyuki. Melo was a very tiny monkey and seemed to like being on top of Miyuki’s shoulder.

“By the way where are we?” Eijun asked.

“You don’t know where we are? Are you an idiot?” Kuramochi always seemed to be rude to Eijun, well Eijun couldn’t blame the man since he was a stranger to them and he just popped out of nowhere.

“We’re in Edo,” Nabe said.

“Tokyo,” Eijun mumbled.

“What did you say just now?” Miyuki asked, not understanding the word that came out of Eijun’s mouth.

“It’s nothing.”

The way Miyuki and rest were dressed in armor telling Eijun that these men were skilled and were probably part of the wars he always studied about which was scary for Eijun. He never thought something like this would happen. If his friend were here, she would have gone crazy since his childhood friend is crazy about the Sengoku period.

“Here have some food Sawamura.” Kawakami handed the bowl of soup to Eijun which the brunet took it gladly.

“Thank you.” Eijun was hungry, so he had the soup so fast.

It was getting late, so everything went to their tents to sleep. They didn’t have much room, so Eijun had to share a tent with Miyuki and his men. Of course, Eijun couldn’t sleep that night. He felt strange not being in his bed and not to mention he had to sleep in the same tent a couple of men that’s not something that would make him happy.

Eijun got up from the futon he was sleeping in. He could tell it was still night out without looking outside; he let out a sigh. He didn’t know what he was supposed to do know but knew one thing for sure, and that was to find a way back home but was there a way.

“Not sleep.” Miyuki’s voice made Eijun turn to the leader.


“I guess you’re not used to being with a couple of samurais like us.”

“It’s different from what I’m used to, you could say.” Eijun then pulled out his cell phone from under his futon. Miyuki stared as Eijun fidgeted with something he never saw before.

“What’s that?” Miyuki asked, getting closer to Eijun. This movement made Eijun blush a little. The man was so close toward him.

“It’s a cell phone. But I guess this time you guys don’t know what these are.” Eijun explained.

“This time?” Miyuki sounded confused by Eijun’s words.

“It’s a tool to communicate with one another without being near each other.” Eijun saw the curious look on Miyuki’s face, so he handed his device to the man.

Miyuki stared at it carefully before taking it from Eijun. He clicked a few buttons on the phone, and that’s when he heard strange sounds coming from it.

“What is this?” Miyuki asked as he pressed one of the icons on the screen.

“That’s a camera.” Eijun then showed the man how to use it. He faces the camera together and then clicked a button, and a flash came and took their picture. Eijun showed Miyuki the picture and Miyuki became even more amused by the device.

“You’re not a magician, are you?” Miyuki teased.

“I wish I was.”

Then I could figure out a way to go back home.”

“Did you make this device?” Miyuki wondered as he asked.

“Not me but somebody more amazing did.”

Miyuki felt that with Eijun his life would be a little more interesting.

“Kazuya, tomorrow I want to see Edo. I don’t know this place well. I know that sounds strange.”

“Sure. But why are you asking me?”

“Because I might get lost. I hate to say this, but I’m terrible with directions.” Eijun admitted.

“Sure. I mean we were planning on heading to the village to grab a couple of things.”

“I also want to find my way back home,” Eijun said.

“Did you get lost at home?’ Miyuki teased, thinking it was funny how a grown man could get lost.

“Yea. I am lost from home that’s why I need finding my way back.” Eijun would have probably hated when somebody said that, but it was right this time around because Eijun didn’t know how he got in the Sengoku period.

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Eijun looked all around as far as his curious eyes could go. He never expected that he would experience something like this. He was in the past and the Sengoku period. Eijun was excited about the whole thing since all he knew about the past was by reading history books but now here he is in real life.

“Why do you look as though you never been here before?” Kuramochi asked, feeling annoyed by the young man’s strange behavior.

“Because I haven’t,” Eijun answered.

Eijun could tell the man didn’t trust him still, but he didn’t care about that. Eijun had a goal in mind that was finding a way back home, and that meant he had to learn about this time.

“Why did I have to be the one to take you out in the village?” Eijun could hear the other man mumbled, feeling not happy one bit.

“Is that a new kind of kimono?” As the two were walking through the village, voices were speaking their thoughts out.

“I’ve never seen such strange clothes before.”

Kuramochi stopped as they were walking then turned around.

“Why aren’t you wearing the kimono we gave you yesterday?” The man asked.

“Because it’s dry.” Eijun gave a vague answer making Kuramochi scratch his head in annoyance.

Eijun saw a lot of neat stuff, and the people were kind, but he also saw some things that he didn’t like. Some people begging for money, some who couldn’t even walk or speak and it made Eijun sad. He wanted to help but what could Eijun ever do.

“Oh sorry.” A little boy bumped into him and when Eijun saw the way the boy was dressed it sadden him. The boy didn’t look like he had a place that could take care of him well.

The boy ran off, and that’s when Eijun saw it. The boy ran among kids his age or a little older. They were all poor.

I wish I could do something.” Eijun’s hands were in a fist.

Do you want to help them?” Suddenly a voice popped inside Eijun’s head. The burnet turned around, but he saw nobody that the voice belonged to and Kuramochi just looked at him strangely.

If you want to help them then you must save this world.”

Eijun didn’t understand what the voice meant.

“Save this world?”

“Yes. This world would perish from the greedy humans.”

“Come on let’s go. I think it’s about time we head back.” Kuramochi told Eijun, but then something caught Eijun’s eyes.

He saw a man, and male didn’t look like a regular resident of the village not to mention that the man had eyes like he was about to do something horrible and he was going in the same way that Eijun saw those kids had gone too. Eijun didn’t think about it and rushed off leaving Kuramochi there.

“Hey!” Kuramochi called out to Eijun, but the young man was far gone. “This why I hate taking care of others.”

When Eijun arrived, he saw the man cornered the kids with a knife in his hand. It didn’t look right, and the kids seemed scared, but Eijun wasn't just standing there and do nothing.

“Leave them alone!” He yelled and kicked the man out of the way with both his foot.

Maybe it was the fact that after saving that little girl that Eijun just couldn’t help it and protect these kids. He hated when nobody else noticed.

“Oni-chan!” The little boy shouted when he noticed the man getting up.

“How dare you!” The man looked very angry, but Eijun didn’t care. He pushed the boys behind him and got ready to take the man one on one.

“Go hide!” EIjun shouted to the boys, and so they did as they were told and hide in the back and just watched.

“I just wanted some fun with these kids.” The man was a creep, and Eijun hated guys like these.

“How sick can you be?!” Eijun yelled, he was pissed the way the man spoke. The man smirked.

“For a guy like you. You sure have a pretty cute face.” EIjun was right to say this man was entirely out of it.

Sure his friends have called him cute before, but that was different. When a guy like this says it Eijun isn’t in his right mind to be happy about it.

The man charged toward Eijun, but the young man dodged it in time. Eijun thanked his grandfather for teaching him fighting if not then he wouldn’t know what to do. Eijun kept avoiding as the man kept on trying to hit Eijun with his knife.

Eijun made a swift move and stabbed the man with his fist in his stomach, and the man went falling on the ground, but that wasn’t enough to get him down for long that’s when Eijun saw the knife that the man had dropped. Eijun picked it up and then kicked it and hit the man but it didn’t kill the man because the blade was pointed the other way which was not sharp.

“Do you not know how to use a knife?” A voice broke Eijun’s thoughts when Miyuki entered the scene with Kuramochi who he had left behind. Miyuki started laughing the way Eijun took care of the man.

“Don’t run off like that!” Kuramochi yelled at Eijun.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t help it.”

“Oni-chan!” The kids that Eijun had saved ran toward him.

“You guys don’t have to worry anymore. You guys are safe now.” Eijun smiled at the kids. “Kazuya.” Eijun turned to look at the older man.

“What is it?” Miyuki asked.

“I want you to do a favor for me. Please.”



After the talk with Miyuki, the kids were allowed to stay with them. Miyuki had promised that they would have a place to stay when they go Osaka where Miyuki’s and the rest of the troops were from, and Eijun was glad for that.

It had been two days since Eijun had arrived in this era but still why did it feel longer maybe he missed his mother so much. If he returns, Eijun promised to apologize to his mother for everything he has done.

Eijun was inside when he took out his phone and looked at himself in the camera since he didn’t have a mirror he thought that maybe it would be good to use his phone. He was thinking about a lot of things when he saw something in the mirror that made Eijun drop the phone on the floor.

“I must be dreaming.” Eijun thought he saw what looked like a dragon in the camera. He slowly picked it up and opened the camera again, but this time there was nothing there.

“Maybe I’m overthinking.” He sighed.

Suddenly Melo jumped onto his shoulder. Melo had grown attached to Eijun since his arrival.

“Eijun, are you in here?” Miyuki asked as he poked his head inside the tent that Eijun was currently inside.

“Did you need something?” Eijun turned to face Miyuki who stood there. It looked like the samurai wanted to say something else that was on his mind.

“No, it’s nothing,” Miyuki said. “Just wanted let you know that when we are in Osaka, the kids will have a home to live in.” Eijun was happy to hear that. He smiled a bright one, and that made Miyuki freeze for a moment. There was something beautiful with the way Eijun was smiling.

“Is something the matter?” Eijun asked when the samurai turned away facing the other side making Eijun confused by his actions.

“It’s nothing! I have some things to do so I will leave you alone for a while.” Melo then jumped from Eijun’s shoulder to Miyuki’s sensing something wrong with his master.

When Miyuki walked out of the room, he let out a sigh of relief.

“What am I doing?” Miyuki sighed nodding his head looking at his friend on his shoulder. The monkey cuddled his head to Miyuki’s.

Miyuki had a lot on his mind. He was the leader of his troops, and he was something else and that part he instead keeps it to himself. It was a destiny that he wasn’t happy to born with.

When he first saw Eijun when he found the young man floating in the water, Miyuki thought he was just an ordinary human being, but he was wrong because he sensed something about him when he was near the young man. That was the same fate as he had something he wanted to run away from but he couldn’t leave the young man covered in wet clothes alone.

Miyuki headed out with Melo on his shoulder on his way out he bumped into Kuramochi.

“Are you heading out again?” His friend and fellow member of his troops asked.

“You know me too well.” Miyuki chuckled and headed out with a wave to Kuramochi.

When Miyuki was out of sigh Kuramochi, let out a sight.

“Sometimes maybe I don’t know you well enough.”

Kuramochi was still amazed that Miyuki was doing things that Eijun wanted like helping those kids. It wasn’t like Miyuki to follow somebody’s orders well it’s not like the man ordered Miyuki to do it, but it seemed that way to Kuramochi.



Miyuki went to the cherry blossom over the hill that he always went to when he wanted to be alone. It was his particular place, but it felt like something was still missing when he came here, and that was something the leader didn’t know what it was.

He sat there with Melo on the green grass under the large tree. Miyuki remembered when it was smaller maybe because he came here a lot to this village when he was a child and he recalled playing with somebody but the face wouldn’t show up, but that was in the past.

“Going back to Osaka will be good for me and maybe for Eijun as well.” Miyuki didn’t want to draw a lot of attention since the young man had done so already, trying to help those kids even though he had skills but he was reckless to do something even though Miyuki didn’t say anything about it.

The sky was getting dark, and Miyuki didn’t realize it. The leader had somehow fallen asleep till evening.

“This isn’t good?” Miyuki quickly got up when he senses something back at the camp where Eijun and the rest troops were at.

Miyuki headed his way to the camp.

When Miyuki arrived, he saw a huge commotion going on.

 “Something is wrong with that young man that you picked up,” Kuramochi explained.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, he’s glowing.”

Miyuki didn’t understand what his friend was trying to say so he went inside the room that Eijun was staying in. There on the floor laying down with his back was Eijun reading a book, and it looked like one of Miyuki’s books that he kept laying around, but that wasn’t the surprising part.

What shocked Miyuki was that Eijun was glowing as he was reading.

“Eijun,” Miyuki called the boy’s name.

Eijun turned around, and then the glowing disappeared like it wasn’t there, to begin with.

“So you are the priest of Suzuki.” He mumbled.

“But even if that name means good there another something horrible for being a Suzuki.”

Eijun seemed out of breath like he was about to faint but Miyuki was there to catch him before he fell.

“It’s okay.” Miyuki smiled. “I will protect you from them all.”

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Eijun opened his golden brown eyes and was surprised by the change of room that he awake too. The young man remembered that this place was not the one he was staying at last night. Eijun wondered how he ended up in a completely different room than the one he was staying at before.

Eijun got out of the futon and saw even his clothes had been changed into new ones. Eijun couldn’t remember what had happened last night, but he remembered he was reading one of the books that belonged to Miyuki.

“The book is gone as well,” Eijun spoke to nobody in particular. Not like he could when there was nobody in the room besides himself.

“You mean this book.” Miyuki appeared in the room with a small knock on the sliding door, and he was holding the same book that Eiijun was reading last night before he appeared in a completely different room.

“That’s the book that I was reading but first of all where are we?” Eijun asked.

“We’re in Osaka the place that we were planning on going from the start?” Miyuki explained.

“Osaka?” Eijun tiled his head to the side.

“Yes. We came here last night when you weren’t feeling good.”

“Was I sick?” Eijun questioned. “I don’t remember being sick or anything.”

“You just weren’t aware of it,” Miyuki said.

Miyuki walked closer to where Eijun was and sat beside the young man and then handed the book to him.

“Why were you interested in that book?”

“Because I want to know about this world,” Eijun explained without flinching.

“You said that before this. What do you mean by that?”

“I’m not from here. This isn’t my world. Not my time.”

Eijun looked at Miyuki to see what kind of reaction the man would give him.

“I know it sounds crazy and it’s hard to believe.”

“No, I believe you since you showed me that cool little device of yours,” Miyuki said making Eijun happy that he believed him.

If It were any other person then Miyuki maybe it would be a hard time for Eijun to make them believe him but he was glad it was Miyuki.

“Do you want to go for a walk? You must be wanting to move around.”

“Yea that sounds like a good idea.” Eijun nodded his head.

“You know the clothes suit you here.”

“Thanks.” Eijun smiled. The young man also thought the same, but for an entirely different reason than the one, Miyuki was thinking about right now.



This place was new to Eijun but why did he feel like he had been here before. It didn’t make any sense to know that he started to get confused with everything surrounding here including the people.

Eijun dearly missed his mother and hoped that she was doing fine without him. The young man still felt guilty with the things he left with his mother. That argument was still in his head.

“Something bothering you?” Miyuki asked.

“A little bit. I was thinking about my mother.” Eijun said.


“My father died, so it was just my mother and myself, but before I came here, we had this big fight,” Eijun explained. “Now I wish I did things differently if I knew that things would turn out this way.”

“I know what you mean,” Miyuki spoke. “I’m like you, but instead of a mother I have a father.”

“So your mother isn’t around.”

“Yep. Just like your father.” Miyuki smiled.

Miyuki got Eijun, and he felt right about it. He was glad there was somebody that understood him at this time. He didn’t know how he was able to come to this period but either way, he had to learn all the things he needed to know about this world. Sure Eijun thought it was scary not knowing anybody, but he just had to get used to it all.

As they were walking through the street all the people that were around greeted Miyuki. Eijun didn’t understand it, but it seems like Miyuki was a significant person.

“Who is this with you?” A man walked up to Miyuki and Eijun. He looked older then Miyuki but not too old. He looked a bit sick with the way he spoke.

“Chris-san,” Miyuki spoke the name of the man that Eijun wanted to know about. “This is Sawamura Eijun, and he’s staying with us for the time being.”

Chris looked at Eijun in the eyes and the man looked like he knew what was going on, but Eijun never noticed that look since he’s slow with those things.

“Hope you enjoy your time here,” Chris said leaving the two, but Eijun noticed the sad look the man gave, and he wonders why that was.

Miyuki saw that look and the way Eijun looked concern, but it wasn’t his right to say anything about the man Miyuki looked up so much.

“Come on let’s go.” Miyuki pushed Eijun forward.

The town was very lively and friendly as well, and the people seemed to like Miyuki a lot. They all knew who Miyuki was. Was it because he was the leader. EIjun didn’t know.

“Here.” Miyuki handed Eijun a takoyaki. Eijun didn’t even know when Miyuki had time to get one. Maybe it was when Eijun was thinking.

“Thanks.” Eijun took the takoyaki from the man.

“Miyuki!” Kuramochi came running as he called out Miyuki’s name.

Both Miyuki and Eijun turned around from Kuramochi’s panic voice.

“What is it?” Miyuki asked.

“It’s an emergency!” Kuramochi was panting as he spoke.

Miyuki turned to Eijun then thought for a moment. He didn’t want to cut his time short with Eijun, but he didn’t have a choice right now when his friend had that horrible look on his face.

“Sorry, Eijun but looks like I have to head back with Kuramochi.” He said. “Do you want to head back as well?”

“It’s okay. I want to stay in town and see the rest” Eijun said.


Miyuki and Kuramochi left Eijun there alone. Eijun could see it in Miyuki’s eyes right before he left that the man didn’t want to go, the brunet alone.

“I’m not a kid so I can take care of myself.” That was what Eijun said, but he always ran into trouble alone when he was in his own time.

“Hey, you were with Miyuki-sama.” EIjun turned to the source of the voice and saw a young man with pink hair that covered his eyes, but Eijun could still see those eyes even with the bangs covering them.


“I’m sorry to approach you like that. I’m Kominato Haruichi.” The pink-haired held out his hand to Eijun. Eijun hesitated for a moment but took it in the end.

“I’m Sawamura Eijun.” The brunet introduced himself.

“I was curious since you were with Miyuki-sama.”

“Is that so?”

“I’ve never seen Miyuki-sama with anybody else besides his troops. Are you a friend?  A family of his. But you don’t look like a family member.”

“I’m his friend,” EIjun said.

“But I’ve never seen you around before.”

“That’s because I’m not around from here.”

“Where are you from?”

Eijun didn’t know how to explain this to this young man.

Just then there was a loud noise from the people that was a little farther than where they were.

Eijun ignored Haruichi and went to where all the people were gathered.

One man was there with a large stick in his hand was yelling some things at people watching.

“The warriors of Suzuki are a curse as well as Suzuki itself.”

Some people ignored the man, but most listened.

“Suzuki?” EIjun felt like he heard that name somewhere before but he couldn’t pinpoint where he had heard it, but it sounded familiar to him.

Haruichi came and stood right beside Eijun.

“What’s a Suzuki?” EIjun asked, he wasn’t asking anybody in particular, but Haruichi turned to Eijun.

“Suzuki is a being  with a cursed power that can kill anybody and its warriors are as powerful as it is.”

“You refer to it. Why?”

“That’s because nobody knows what it looks like, but they say that Suzuki has the mark on their body somewhere but only the warriors of the Suzuki and Suzuki itself can see it and they carry some bead.


“Yes. Not sure what it is but that’s what the rumors say. Each color is different since it’s the element of the power they have.”

“How is Suzuki different from the warriors?”

“Suzuki has all element of powers, but there is also a catch which I'm not too sure but some say having all those power sometimes makes it go crazy.”

Why did Eijun have a bad feeling when he heard Haruichi explain all this.

“I have to go!” Eijun rushed out there before Haruichi had anything else to say to him.

Eijun didn’t know where he was going. He stopped when he thought there was nobody else around. He then thought of going back to Miyuki’s place, but he didn’t know the way. Why didn’t he think about it before Miyuki and Kuramochi left him? He’s stupid when it comes to things like this. He started to get depressed.

Eijun found himself near a river with a tall tree. It was so quiet and peaceful. This feeling felt familiar to Eijun.

The young man found himself near a river, and there was a significant tree as well. It was so big that it covered the burning sun that was up in the sky. Eijun leans on the large tree as he looked at the river that flow by.

“Hand it over brat!” Eijun just wanted to relax, but then he heard noises. Why did things like this always happen to him? Eijun was the type of person that couldn’t leave a person alone.

“It’s not yours!” The little boy that the older man had chased was yelling back even though he looked afraid and shaking.

The little boy was holding some necklace with a strange character sign on that Eijun has never seen before, but it looked important.

The man took out a knife and was ready to use the knife on the boy. Eijun couldn’t stand anymore.

“What are you doing!” Eijun yelled. He rushed to where the little boy and the man was. “You know it’s not nice to point knifes on people especially a young boy like him,”

“Mind your own business!” The man warned pointing the knife at him.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you.”

Eijun was making the man even madder.

“I don’t have time for you. All I need is that necklace, and I will be on my way.”

“I will not hand this over to you. I promise my mother I would protect it with my life.” The boy had a severe look on his face, and he wouldn’t budge from his answer.

Eijun saw how brave the boy was and he knew that Eijun couldn’t leave him alone.

The man stepped closer to the boy and was ready to stab him with the knife, and the boy closed his eyes, but the boy didn’t feel any pain. When the boy opened his eyes, he saw that somebody had saved him. It was the man who was standing there. EIjun had grabbed the man’s arm hard, and the man looked like he was in pain from the grip EIjun had on the man with the knife.

“Let go of me!” The man yelled.

“Sure.” Eijun released the man and threw him across from where they were.

“Thank you onichan.” The boy bowed his head.

“Sure thing but why is the man after that necklace that you have carrying around.”

“It’s for the Suzuki even though the legend says Suzuki and its warriors are bad; I don’t think that way.”

“Why?” Eijun asked.

“Because the Suzuki saved me.” The little boy smiled.

“What the hell!” The man had gotten up and looked angrier then he did before. “How dare you!” The man yelled then he did something that made Eijun find it strange. The man took a small bottle from his pocket and took out the pill that inside the container.

Something strange started happening. The man’s body began to change shape as he yells in pain from the change that was happening to his body. The man didn’t seem like himself anymore. Eijun didn’t know what he was but knew one thing he wasn’t human anymore.

“Go now and don’t look back!”  Eijun warned the little boy.

“What about you?” The boy looked like he didn’t want to leave Eijun alone.

“Just go!” EIjun yelled.

The little boy did as Eijun said and ran as fast as he could even though he didn’t want to. Tears fell as he ran away.

Eijun looked back as the boy left and once he was out of sight, he looked straight at the beast that was no longer human. The brunet didn’t know how a single pill could turn such man into a beast one as he has never seen something like this before.

“What did I get myself into?”

Eijun backed a stepped away from the so-called beast or whatever it was.

“Hey old man!” Eijun called out but all the beast did is roar loud, he couldn’t speak any human language.

The beast used his big fist and attacked EIjun, but the young man was able to dodge the attack that was coming for him.

Eijun kept on dodging each attack that the beast gave him. Eijun couldn’t attack back since the creature was fast and it was hard to lean the creature away.

One attack managed to land on Eijun, and it hurt him badly that there was blood dripping from his lips.

“Damn you!”

Eijun wiped the blood away with the yukata sleeve.

“It isn’t going to be easy?” Eijun was panting from dealing with a monster.

Eijun then saw the monster look away and wonder what was wrong and so Eijun looked at where he was looking at saw the little boy had come back.

Why did you come back?”

The monster started running toward the little boy, and the boy panicked when it did.

“No!” Eijun ran as fast as he could as he reached the boy and covered him but a hit landed on Eijun, and the monster threw him across, and he hit the giant tree.

Eijun had a hard time moving; he was in pain. The little boy was in danger, and he had to get up, but his body wouldn’t budge.

“Don’t you dare touch him!” Eijun screamed, but his voice couldn’t reach the beast. He was getting closer and closer to the boy.

Is this how things are going to be? I can’t even help a single little boy. It’s not the boy’s fault. He just wanted to help that why he came back. It's my fault for starting this. Damn it!

Eijun felt helpless that he couldn’t do a thing.

“No, I won’t back down like this! Eijun’s eyes brighten more golden than they already were.

The monster was so close to the boy, but he wasn’t able to reach him because a powerful attack sends the beast flying across where Eijun was a moment ago.

The boy looked up at Eijun; he was glowing some bright light, and that’s when he saw a flower mark on Eijun’s right arm where his yukata’s sleeve was ripped from the fight, and that’s not the only mark on his body that the little boy saw. There was a character mark that read sun on Eijun’s forehead.

“Are you the Suzuki?” The boy asked.

“I guess not all what Haruichi said was true, even a normal boy like you can see them.” He laughed.

He then turned to face the beast once more.



Miyuki was in his room. He had just finished his meeting with the rest when he felt the aura of the Suzuki. He had an uneasy feeling, and he wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“Is something going on with Eijun?” Miyuki rushed outside and saw the sky looks dark.


Chapter Text


Miyuki had rushed out, and his fellow mates were wondering why the leader was in such a rush. Even Kuramochi tried to talk to Miyuki but the leader had no time, and it made his friend confused. Miyuki had to be where Eijun was. The man had this horrible feeling something terrible was happening to Eijun.

Miyuki could make cleary sense where Eijun was. He ran without stopping. People tried to greet him, but all he did was wave since he didn’t have time to speak with them even though it looked like they wanted to talk to him.

The leader finally found the place where he senses Eijun was and what he saw shocked him. The stranger he had met, the man that he found looked like a different person with that glow coming from Eijun. Miyuki just stood there. He was thinking about what was happening at this moment.

The leader’s eyes went wide at the beast that had been beaten up.

“So you are the Suzuki?” The boy asked, but Eijun wouldn’t answer. Something else was wrong, and Miyuki could tell.

There was a painful look on Eijun’s face. Something was wrong. Miyuki could feel an energy that was different.

“EIjun,” Miyuki called the man’s name, but there was no reply.

The boy that was there approached Eijun almost touching him but before he could do that rage of fire appear throwing the boy away, but Miyuki was there to catch the boy before anything harm went to him. The boy had fainted from the impact that had happened.

Eijun fell to the kneel when he realized what he had done. The glowing aura around him had disappeared. The brunet looked from the corner of his eyes at Miyuki who was holding the boy with sad eyes.

“This is my fault.” Eijun cried out. He felt depressed for what he did; he almost hurt the boy.

“It’s not your fault.” Eijun didn’t realize when Miyuki had stood beside him. “You just haven’t learned to adjust to them yet.”

Miyuki put the boy gently down on the grass then he took his yukata sleeve off and shown Eijun a mark on his left arm that was similar to the one Eijun had on his right arm.

“We’re the same.” Miyuki smiled.

Miyuki then faced Eijun and then sat down on one knee and looked up at Eijun.

“I must protect you for that is my duty but as well as my own will.”

Eijun was shocked but he could that Miyuki meant it.

“Is the boy okay?” Eijun asked.

“He’s fine.” Miyuki touched the boy’s forehead then a light came out of his hand.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m taking his memories of what happened here. I don’t want him to speak about the Suzuki.”

“I guess that is for the best.”

“Anyway let’s head back.” Miyuki led the way back.



Eijun looked at the mark that he had on his right arm and wondered about it.  How did he end up being the Suzuki? He wasn’t of this world yet it felt familiar to him.

Eijun had changed into new clothes after he got ripped from the battle with that monster, whatever you could call him. He couldn’t understand how a human being could turn into that thing. Eijun was just glad it was gone, and the boy was safe.

After that, the boy had completely forgotten about him and the events that had happened. Miyuki had wiped the boy’s memories.

“Eijun, are you in here?” Miyuki opened the door without knowing.

“Do you ever knock?” Eijun sighed. “What if I was changing?”

“It doesn’t bother me and shouldn’t bother you too. I mean we both are guys.”


“I did announce that I was coming in.”

Miyuki’s duty was to protect Eijun, but it's not like that was all. Even if somebody told him that he would do anyway.

Miyuki and Eijun went to meet Kuramochi and the rest of the troops. Miyuki had something important that he wanted to discuss with them, so he had summoned them. Eijun stayed to the side since he thought it was about fighting.

“I called you all here because I want to say something.”

Everybody wondered what it was that their leader was about to talk about.

“From today on I will be leaving with Eijun.”

“What!” Kuramochi, as well as the rest of the troops, were surprised, shocked. They didn’t know what their leader was thinking.

“I have something important to do, and so I must leave.”

“Are you out of your mind!” Kuramochi yelled. “Your our leader for goodness sake.”

“I know. But this is something I must do.”

Miyuki did say that he would protect Eijun, but he never thought that the man would do something like this. Leaving his warriors.

“So Kuramochi I want you to be the leader.”

“Are you stupid!” Kuramochi wasn’t happy with Miyuki’s decision. He wanted to beat the crap out of Miyuki, but he decided against it.

When Kuramochi looked at his leader, he saw the man was serious about what he was doing.

“I knew the moment that I met Eijun that I would have to leave one day.”

“What do you mean?” Shirasu asked, confused by his words.

“I will tell you guys about it in a bit.” Miyuki only wanted to tell people he trusted to know about himself and Eijun.

Once their talk was over Kuramochi and the rest Miyuki trusted came into his room.

Eijun sat there on the side as he waited for Miyuki to explain.

“You guys heard about the Suzuki, right?”

“Well, there were different stories about it,” Kawakami said.

“What about it?” Kuramochi asked, still annoyed by earlier.

“I don’t think you will believe us, but I will tell you guys since I trust you all.”

“Miyuki, you’re not saying.” Kawakami started.

“I think I know where this is headed,” Shirasu said.

“Eijun here is the Suzuki, and I’m his warrior, and I must keep him safe.” Miyuki then pulled out a bead that was color of the moon.

Kuramochi saw that Miyuki wasn’t making all this up since he looked so serious when he spoke.

“We get it! Fine, I’ll look after the troops while you're gone but that doesn’t mean I’m going for the leader. It’s just tempory till you get back!” Kuramochi pointed at Miyuki as he said that.

“Thank you, Kuramochi.” Miyuki thanked.

“Don’t thank. It sounds creepy coming from you. You’re giving me the chills.”

“You hurt me!” Miyuki pretended.

Eijun was glad that everything was okay now and that Miyuki’s friends understood him and believed him.

Miyuki and EIjun got packing since the next day they were planning on leaving.

“Are you sure you want to leave?” Eijun asked Miyuki. Since he was still a bit worried about if Miyuki chose the right decisions.

Miyuki stopped what he was doing and took hold of Eijun’s soft, warm hands. He looked directly at Eijun’s eyes.

“I’m serious. Like I said I want to protect you.” Miyuki said with a serious look in eyes.

“Okay,” Eijun said.