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Illusion IS Reality

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-Reality is an illusion-


I blink my eyes open, when had I closed them? Something was wrong. Everything felt strange. I blinked again and realized I only had one eye. What? How?

A car horn blared, the sound getting louder and closer. Their headlights blind me.

I reached my hands up to touch my face. Thin black limbs, like tubes came into view and I blink at them, stunned. These are mine? I wiggled my little fingers, they were kinda cute but what was going on?

I finally began feeling up my face and if it weren't for my ability to stay rational even during a panic attack...

I was calm even when the car was flung into the air, my side of the vehicle was crushed in.

...I'm sure I'd have been freaking the fuck out right now. Flat and smooth, it didn't feel like skin. It was harder and warm to the touch. Firm when I pressed down, none of the squishiness I expect from flesh. I felt around my head and found that there was no difference between my head and body. I found my legs, thin and black like my hands. It felt weird, knowing that my entire body seemed to be just one large head and tiny limbs.

Weightless, I was floating. As if gravity no longer was. The world outside the windshield was rotating.

I realized I was lying down on my back. Everything was flat. Why? I couldn't sit up. No leverage. A flat body lying on a flat surface. Like a piece of paper stuck to a table via some static cling along its surface area. I pushed against the ground with my arms, I wiggled and kicked my legs to try and lift myself. With more effort that it really should have taken I managed to heave myself into a sitting position.

The heavy thump as gravity reasserted itself. I hear the crunch of glass and metal.

I was on a bed. I can feel the sheets beneath me now. I scanned the room, white walls, white ceiling, white sheets. White, white and more white. Was this a hospital? No, there were no machines or medical smells. How can I smell when I have no nose?

I hung from the seatbelt. Dangling upside down from the restraints. The edge was digging into my throat.

The room was huge. Rooms have always seemed big to me. I'm small, always been smaller than everyone else. But this was even larger than usual. Where was I?

His voice is frantic as he shouts my name. He's reaching for me as he hangs suspended besides me. I tell him I'm fine. Am I fine? I think I'm in shock.

Aside from the bed I was sitting on there was a triangular(?!) door on the other side of the room, a half open closet, a set of drawers...essentially it looked like a bedroom. A very plain bedroom. Why was there no color? I tried to stand but my body felt weird and it was hard to balance on these thin limbs. Is this what it was like to be flat? All this wobbling back and forth?

He says he smells gas. There's a leak. We need to get out.

As I struggle I hear the door open and look up to see a triangle. A large orange triangle with a single eye blinking down at me. I immediately understand what was happening. I've read so many fanfics about moments like this. To confirm my theory I try to look down at my body, unconsciously stretching my frame to bend forwards.

I see yellow bricks.

Well. Fuck.

We don't get out in time. The last thing I remember is a searing heat.

-The universe is a hologram-
-End Prologue-