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Sink Your Teeth Into My Flesh

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There was a scent in the air, something thick and heavy that settled deep in the back of Yoongi’s nostrils and didn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It wasn’t a strange scent by any means but it was different and he vaguely wondered if he would ever get used to the scents that floated through the city. They were new, and sometimes interesting, but they were also too heavy for his sensitive nose at times.

Currently, all Yoongi could smell was the thick scent of pollution that filled the air through the entire city. It was a horrible scent in his opinion. It made him crinkle his nose in disgust every time he left his apartment and always settled in the back of his throat like a soft burn he couldn’t make go away. Aside from the pollution scent, there was a mix of other things that were enough to make the vampire a little dizzy at times.

Being from the country, Yoongi was used to fresh air. The last time he had been around so many people at once he had been in the bottom of a boat and that was a memory he never liked to think about. It was centuries ago, back when he first made the voyage from Daegu to Jeju. He had been running for his life at the time, escaping burning buildings and arrows and he had been human back then.

Now, human he was not and the fresh country sea air Jeju Island had to offer him was exactly what his nose was used to. But he wasn’t in Jeju anymore and that wasn’t an easy choice the vampire had to make. Jeju had been his home for so very long. He loved the fresh sea air, the breeze coming off the ocean always bringing a soft smile to his face. He liked his small little cabin up in the rolling hills where he was never bothered by a soul. He could do as he wished up there without the fear of anyone finding out what he was. He could live peacefully but over the years, the island was becoming more and more of a tourist spot and Yoongi’s solitude was threatened.

He got by on animals for the most part. There would be, on occasion, a sweet little thing he managed to pick up in town when he was lucky but that was becoming more and more dangerous as the island grew in popularity. After centuries of living on animals and the occasionally sweet treat, Yoongi was rather sick of it. As much as he loved his privacy, he needed something a little more.

So Yoongi did his research. He looked into other places he could move to that were safe and available for him to blend into society without causing much of an uproar. There were plenty of other countries that came to mind when he searched but he liked his homeland and he wasn’t all that keen on leaving. He wasn’t keen on returning to Daegu either and though Busan would have been nice with its sea air and relaxed atmosphere, Yoongi was quick to find a severe lack of acceptance for his kind.  

Seoul, however, was widely open to all kinds of people. He wasn’t fond of such a large city and the implications of moving to one but after doing a little research in a local internet cafe down down by the beach, Yoongi found the city offered so many blood bars he could stuff himself until he exploded. He had the money too, after all. Working for centuries as one of the town’s most sought after carpenters left Yoongi with a solid well of cash that he never had anything to do with. He had nothing to spend it on other than the occasional item of clothing or trinket.

Moving to Seoul was more of a hassle than he would have liked but at least he found a nice little apartment condo in a nice district. His privacy was shortened a great deal, seeing as he had neighbors all around him, and much too close for his liking but that was the sacrifice he needed to make in order to get the meals he had spent most of his vampiric life denying himself. If he found it wasn't worth it, he could always go back to Jeju. His little cottage was waiting patiently for his return, if he ever chose to do so.

Crinkling his nose at the thick scent coating his nostrils and throat, Yoongi tucked his hands into the pockets of his heavy coat and hurried down the busy street. So many people, so many scents mingling together in a heedy fog but Yoongi paid none of them any mind. He had an appointment and he didn’t intend to miss it.

Seoul had been his home for a total of fourteen days and he was already questioning his choices. He didn’t mind the people in his apartment complex so much. They kept to themselves and didn’t bother him in the least but he wasn’t used to the pollution, smog and overall human scent that plagued the outside air and he wondered if he ever would be. He sure hoped so.

In those fourteen days, Yoongi accomplished a small number of things. One, he unpacked his small collection of belongings. Two, he bought new furniture that he then had to put together himself which wasn’t much of a problem for him. Three, he went shopping to buy a new closet full of clothes along with a cell phone he had never owned before and what an adventure that was. So many people, too many people. And four, most important of all, he found what he came to the city looking for.

At first, Yoongi thought he would wonder around the city in search of places he would consider to be blood bars but after coming home on his fourth day a little frazzled from the amount of people he decided getting his own internet to search that way would be best. It turned out to be the easiest choice he could have made and he found hundreds of bars scattered out across the city.

The one that caught his attention after a few minutes of scrolling, was a little place called Bloodmoon. The reviews were through the roof and though not one person mentioned what the place was really for, there was much alluding that Yoongi could smell blood. From the pictures online, the place looked rather classy and maybe a little too uptight for Yoongi’s liking but it seemed a lot better than the other bars he had stumbled upon, spilling out drugged up humans like a flood. If Bloodmoon was clean, Yoongi wouldn’t care about anything else.

But one doesn't simply walk into Bloodmoon and get served. No, there was a process Yoongi quickly learned after calling up the place. The young man on the phone explained to him about the application process and membership program. They didn’t take in just anyone and that spoke to Yoongi, made him feel like such a place would be much more secure than some random bar on the side street.

Said application process was much more extensive than he ever expected. First, he was requested to email the establishment all of his paperwork which, well, Yoongi didn’t have. He lived in the country, where such a thing wasn’t a problem. So, he had to find a doctor willing to work with his kind and then he had to have all the proper tests done. The establishment wanted to make sure his own blood was clean, first of all, along with his venom and then if he was carrying any random sexual diseases. He was clean, of course, but it was still good to have proof of such things.

Just knowing Bloodmoon required such things of their members made Yoongi feel more confident in going there. He would, hopefully, get the best of the best and that was exactly what he felt he deserved after so many years. He had been a good vampire and it was time for him to reward himself just a little bit, legally.

Once his paperwork was emailed, Yoongi received an corresponding email almost immediately, with an address and a time where he was supposed to meet with someone for a more in-depth personal interview. He went without complaint where he was lucky enough to meet Kim Seokjin, owner and manager of Bloodmoon, an ancient vampire with a beautiful face and a kind demeanor. He was quick to get to business and he never asked questions that were too personal. Yoongi answered everything he could thoroughly and by the end of the interview, Seokjin seemed rather pleased with the outcome. He didn’t give Yoongi an answer right then and there but they parted with a handshake and a soft smile and Yoongi had hope.

That had been Tuesday and now it was Thursday and eight hours ago Yoongi received a letter with a fancy blood red card with his name inscribed on it in elegant black script. His membership card came with a rule book he took the time to read thoroughly. Seokjin ran a clean and safe establishment for both his clients and the humans in his care. He had a few rules which were extremely important and Yoongi saw nothing wrong with any of them. Accepting the card meant he agreed to those rules and if he were to break them, Seokjin had full rights to break him.

The slick blood red card was tucked away safely in his wallet and Yoongi felt a little bit giddy about the entire situation. He was looking forward to a good drink and though he honestly had no clue what he was doing, he was sure someone at the bar would be able to point him in the right direction.

Considering it was a special occasion, Yoongi dressed up a little bit. Nothing too fancy but Seokjin’s bar was a fancy place and he wanted to look somewhat the part. His usual attire of over-sized hoodies, jackets and slim fitting pants was replaced with something a little more fitting for such an establishment. The black button up was simple, really, but it hugged Yoongi around his thin waist in all the right places along with the black slacks, fitting up with a nice equally black belt. Even his usual boots were swapped out for black tied loafers and he wore a heavy black coat against the bitter cold of min-January. He wasn’t a fan of the cold, truthfully, and the coat kept him warm while also matching the look he was trying to go for. His blond hair was typically a mess and he did little to fix it this night. He found the thick waves hard to tame on a good day and today was just not his day for good hair. The strands were getting long, curling around the tips of his ears and over his heavy brow but the cut shaped his face well and the color made him appear even more pale than he already was. Not to mention it made his coal black eyes pop all the more with such a white palette. He had a natural ring of black around his eyes, as all vampires did for their lack of sleep, but it was barely unappealing. It helped bring out his eyes all the more and though Yoongi was never one to think highly of himself, he thought he looked a little extra handsome that night.

Not that Yoongi needed to look handsome, but it was a special night and he wanted to feel a little special. If Bloodmoon worked out, then Yoongi moving to Seoul had been for good reason. All of his worries would be put to rest and perhaps he could finally settle into the city for a little while longer. That was the plan anyway.

Bloodmoon was a ten minute train ride from his apartment complex and that made the place all the better for Yoongi. The less he had to travel, the better. Considering the extensive process he went through to gain entry into the establishment, it might have been surprising to find that Yoongi had never even seen the place aside from the few pictures online. So when his phone finally told him he had reached the proper address and he glanced up at the building, he was a bit surprised.

Nestled comfortably between a currently closed bookshop and an apartment complex was Bloodmoon. There was a sign hanging off the building, from two metal chains, which also seemed to be made out of metal into the shape of a blood red crescent moon and Yoongi knew he found the right place. The door to the building was jet black though the rest of the front of the tall building was red brick. The windows which he could see were blackened out with curtains so no one could peer inside if they so wanted to try. It looked private, settled on a side street off one of the main roads and it didn’t look like a place someone just simply stumbled upon unless they were meant to.

The dim lights laid out across the overhang gave the front a soft, welcoming feeling and if Yoongi didn’t know any better, he would think the place was a restaurant. Well, he supposed, it was in a way. A soft smile curled to the corner of his mouth at the thought and he approached the door carefully, glancing around the building for any sign of what he was supposed to do. Surely he didn’t just enter the building, correct? After a moment of inspection, Yoongi noticed the small doorbell beside the door and thought ringing it might be a good idea. He heard the soft tinkle of music from within the building after pressing the button and he took a step back, hoping he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Less than a moment later, the black door opened. At first, it seemed to open all on its own but then a figure came into view from the darkness and Yoongi went a little stiff because the scent of vampire smacked him so hard in the face he nearly stumbled. When the figure came into view, under the soft lights above the door he was a little shocked by the youthful face of the man. He was kind of huge, in Yoongi’s opinion, standing at least a head taller than Yoongi with broad shoulders and coiled muscles around every limb. The youthful looking man took the time to look Yoongi over as well, eyeing him up and down slowly as Yoongi did the same to him. He took in the man’s perfectly styled back hair, soft pale skin, supple pink mouth, rounded nose and large black eyes. He was dressed similar to Yoongi only with a red tie added to his black button up. He looked fitted and sharp and Yoongi wondered who the hell this man was.

“Name?” The man asked softly, his voice an even rumble that made Yoongi flinch in surprise.

“Min Yoongi.” He answered naturally, shifting on his feet from the slightly awkward nervousness he was suddenly feeling. “I’m, well, I’m new?”

The man made a soft noise of understanding though his face remained stone and impassive. “Card?”

Right. Card. Yoongi tugged his wallet free from his back pocket and flipped through it until he found the shiny red card. He presented it to the man without hesitation and he let him take it from his long elegant fingers. For a split second, Yoongi had the fear that he wouldn’t be let in but that quickly faded away when the man hummed and passed him the card back so he could tuck it into his wallet once again.

“Welcome to Bloodmoon.” The man’s stone face shifted so quickly that Yoongi could only stare as those plump lips lifted into a warm smile, showing off perfectly white teeth that were a little too large for the man’s mouth. “My name is Jungkook. Seeing as it is your first time, would you like me to show you around?”

Yoongi was quick to nod, grateful for the assistance. His experience with other vampires was extremely limited so he didn’t know what to expect from this Jungkook but Seokjin had been kind and he hoped the man’s employees were as well.

Jungkook’s lips twitched up into another smile and he shifted out of the doorway, holding the door open and motioning for Yoongi to enter. He did so quickly, bowing his head out of polite habit and once the door was shut behind, they were cast into complete darkness. His eyes adjusted immediately and Yoongi noticed they were in a long hallway that then curved at the end, leading into the rest of the building.

“I can take your coat, if you’d like.” Jungkook’s voice was softer in the quiet of the hallway and when Yoongi twisted around to glance at him, he could see the man’s eyes practically glowing in the darkness. The man had a nice face, really, something handsome but also a little soft. Even if he was a good size larger than Yoongi, he didn’t feel intimidated since the man had such a kind look on his face. He supposed now that Jungkook knew Yoongi was supposed to be there, he had every reason to be friendly to him.

“Um, yeah. Thanks.” Yoongi quickly shrugged out of his coat and Jungkook took it with nimble fingers before shuffling down the hallway to a closet hidden in the wall. Yoongi watched as the man attached a small card to the coat, one that already had his name written on it and then tucked it away out of sight for safe keeping.

“If there’s anything else you would like safely put away, I can do so now.” Jungkook offered, turning back to Yoongi with a soft smile. “Otherwise, I can lead you to the lounge.”

Yoongi swallowed and nodded in agreement. He was sure if his heart still beat, it would have been pounding a little hard in both anxiety and excitement. “The lounge would be nice.” He answered softly, letting a smile curl to his lips when Jungkook smiled at him.

“This way, please.” Jungkook made a sweeping motion with his hand down the hallway as he closed the closet door.

Yoongi followed behind the larger vampire closely, glancing around the hallway in search of any more hidden doors he might find. As they neared the end of the hallway, music started to float through the air and once they rounded the corner, Yoongi could pick up voices here and there. This hallway led to another closed door which Jungkook opened for him, motioning him forward.

As soon as the door was opened Yoongi was hit with the heavy scent of blood , human and vampire. It was a smell that made the tip of his nose tingle and sent a shiver down the back of his spine. He hummed softly to himself and squeezed by Jungkook carefully, his eyes widening at the room he had now entered.

The lounge was large and just as stylish as the online pictures showed him. The walls were a warm burgundy color with soft flood lights patterned about the equally colored ceiling. The floor shifted from carpet to tile to hardwood depending on the sections and Yoongi was in slight awe of the place. On one side of the room there was a small stage, where a piano currently rested and a human was tinkling away at the keys, floating a soft elegant song into the air that made the atmosphere more relaxed. The floor around the small stage was hardwood, perhaps for dancing and then it shifted into a dark auburn carpet that covered most of the rest of the room. Settled over the carpet were an assortment of tables, chairs and couches. There didn’t seem to be any pattern to the placement but there were places where one could be social or one could sit alone. Settled comfortable on these sitting surfaces were a multitude of vampires and human. He could count, specifically, four humans who were dressed just as nicely as Jungkook and probably worked at the bar. The vampires didn’t make any of his alarm bells ding and not one of them seemed to notice him so Yoongi relaxed the tight line in his shoulders.

On the other side of the lounge area was the bar where carpet met black sparkling tile. The bar was small, considering it wasn’t a place many people sat at and was really only used for the humans to collect drinks for the vampires they were serving. It looked like a very respectable place and Yoongi liked it already, hoping nothing would happen the rest of his night to change his mind.

Jungkook carefully closed the door behind them and stood just behind Yoongi off to the side and allowed him the time to take everything in. Yoongi wasn’t entirely sure what to do with himself so he twisted around to meet Jungkook’s eyes, offering him a soft shy smile.

“How’s this work exactly?”

A flash of understanding flickered through Jungkook’s eyes and he nodded, stepping up beside Yoongi. “Well, you can make yourself comfortable and one of our waiters will serve you. If you’re looking for something a little… more,” the corners of his lips twitched up into a sly smile and Yoongi stared at it because he was confused, “Seokjin would be happy to help you.”

When Jungkook motioned to the bar, Yoongi finally let his eyes settle on it and that was when he noticed the ancient vampire behind the smooth polished wood, pouring a few drinks for a human waiter who was leaning against the wood, whispering softly to him. She was pretty little thing, with curling blond hair and perfect makeup but she wasn’t really Yoongi’s type. Which was fine. He came for a meal, nothing more. Though, judging by the hand one of those vampires had on that male’s bottom, the option was there if he desired.

What an interesting place.

“I think, I’ll just…” He motioned to Seokjin and felt a little flustered at the knowing look Jungkook shot him. “Just to say hello.” He assured him but Jungkook’s knowing look didn’t fade even as he bowed his head and shifted away from Yoongi to return to his post by the entry door.

Relieved to have the man’s playfully judging gaze off him, Yoongi shuffled across the floor to reach the bar just as the pretty human girl passed him by with a tray full of delicious smelling substance. She flashed him a pretty smile and even winked at him before she scurried off to a duo of vampires sitting together on a small couch.

“Yoongi, darling.” Seokjin greeted him as soon as he spotted him, his full lips lifting up into a welcoming smile. Just seeing the man’s face eased out Yoongi’s nerves and he returned the smile as he slipped to sit on one of the small stools. “You came, I’m so glad.”

Yoongi bowed his head slightly, folding his hands against the cool polished wood. “Thank you for allowing me to do so.”

Seokjin made a soft amused noise and shifted to lean a hip against the bar in a relaxed casual fashion. “I’m pleased to do so. I was rather impressed with all of your paperwork to start with. I’m used to getting young blood that’s looking for a little fun and honestly,” he sighed heavily, flicking his hand in the air with a roll of his eyes, “they rarely fit this establishment. If they want somewhere to binge there are many bars available to them. But I run a clean and safe establishment. You fit the bill rather perfectly, I must say.”

“And I wanted a safe and clean place. Perfect match really.” Yoongi leaned back on the stool, sitting up from his natural slouch to rub at his own forearms.

“Honestly.” Seokjin agreed with a soft smile. “What can we do for you tonight, Yoongi dear?” His plump pink lips curled up into a bigger smile and he twisted around to motion at the many black wine bottles he had laid up on the wall behind him. Yoongi imagined there were all kinds of blood he could fill his pallette with and he wasn’t even sure where to start. “I have paperwork on all my babies, if you wish to pick from the selection. Or I could surprise you.”

Yoongi hummed and leaned his elbows against the polish wood, letting his body relax into his natural slouch again because he wasn’t trying to impress anyone. “Babies?” He questioned, perking a brow with a playful smile on his lips.

Seokjin eyed him for a moment before shrugging and came back to lean against the counter to give Yoongi his full attention. “They’re very precious to me, you see. That’s why I have such an extensive application process, you understand.” He glanced over Yoongi’s shoulder and the blond followed his gaze to the pretty blond girl who was now sitting with her two vampires, chatting happily with them. The two men were probably no older than Yoongi but they kept their hands to themselves around the girl and seemed to just enjoy her company. “They trust me to keep them safe and I’ve never let them down. I refuse to do so. They mean a lot to me, you see. All of them do and they’re risking a lot just by being here and allowing me their blood. My babies go through the same extensive application process you did because I have a reputation to uphold after all.”

“You’ve done this a while, huh?” Yoongi mumbled, not really expecting an answer.

“I have.” Seokjin agreed. “I assume you know the rules.”

“I read them.” Yoongi finally pulled his eyes away from the smiling girl to meet Seokjin again. “And I’m here so, Yeah, I agree to them.”

“I thought as much.” Seokjin smiled at him again, something soft and understanding. “You came at a wonderful time, actually. My top shelf dolls should start coming down any minute now.”

Yoongi blinked at the man and shifted his eyes to the wall behind the vampire, looking at the top shelf that held an assortment of black bottles. “Coming down?”

Yoongi witnessed something interesting happen then. Seokjin’s innocent little smile twisted into something a little darker, a little more sinful and Yoongi’s throat went tight. “I’m the best of the best, dear. My top shelf lives and breathes.”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes in confusion. “Don’t… they all?”

Seokjin chuckled softly, seemingly finding Yoongi’s confusion cute. “You don’t get them from a bottle, dear. You take them right from the source.” The ancient vampire’s eyes flashed from black to gold so fast that Yoongi would have missed the flash if he hadn’t been paying such close attention.

From the source? Heat flashed through Yoongi when the realization hit him and he grabbed the edge of the counter to steady himself. Seokjin couldn’t possibly mean… Not only was he selling blood but he was selling people ?

“Don’t give me such a look, darling.” Seokjin clicked his tongue and tilted his head rather cutely. “They’re as safe as the others, more so even. Also, they choose to do so. Believe it or not, there are humans out there who are more than willing to let one of us sink our fangs into them.” His curled smirk made something strange twist in the pit of Yoongi’s stomach. “You’ll have your choice, but once a doll is taken for the night, well, you won’t see them again for a while.”

“How, uh, how does that work exactly?” Yoongi asked, out of curiosity. Not because he was going to do it or anything.

Seokjin seemed to know otherwise judging by the look in his eyes. “I take good care of my babies. They come by once every two weeks but I have a rotating selection. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. They need time to recuperate and take care of themselves and I give them how much time they feel they need. Two weeks has come to be the right amount of time but if one of them needs more time, of course I give it to them. If you find one you like, one you’d like to.. Spend some time with, just let me know and I’ll book them for you. Of course, it’s first come first serve.”

Had Seokjin found a loophole into legal prostitution because that sure sounded like what he was saying. They were vampires . They didn’t suck from a hot living human body without a little sexual fun to go along with it. That was just how they worked, after all. But Yoongi could see in the man’s face he knew exactly what he was doing and he felt no shame for it. And perhaps there was no reason to feel shame after all. Seokjin ran a proper establishment and Yoongi was just some guy from the country who was still figuring out how the vampire social world worked. This was all new to him and so he took a deep breath and nodded his head.

“Good to know.” Yoongi answered softly, tapping his perfectly manicured fingers against the polished wood. “But I think, maybe, for my first time I should take it a little slow.”

“Not a bad choice.” Seokjin’s smile was back to being warm and innocent and he perked up, shuffling back toward the bottle wall. “Any taste in particular? Virgin? Experienced? Male, female? Aged? Sweet, sour or light? A, B, O?”

Yoongi blinked at all the choices suddenly flying at him because he had no idea he had such a selection to choose from. He had thought maybe they would have one thing to offer him, one type of blood, and yet he was very wrong.

“Uh.” Yoongi swallowed and shrugged his shoulders, folding his hands back into his lap. “I prefer sweet but otherwise, I ain’t had the chance to be very picky.”

“Oh, of course.” Seokjin hummed. “Your selection has been very limited. But spend enough time here and I’ll help you find your perfect blend.”

That sounded rather lovely to Yoongi. “Until then, how about you surprise me?”

Seokjin’s eyes sparkled with amusement and he twisted around to look over his selection of bottles. “Sweet, hm? So many to choose from.”

While Seokjin made himself busy picking out a drink for him, Yoongi twisted around in his stool to overlook the lounge once again. The human at the piano had picked another soft soulful piece to play and he looked a little lost in his music, which was a nice sight to see. Yoongi liked the soft live music. He felt it gave the already relaxed establishment a little more life to it. He let his eyes scan over the people setting around the room but they never settled on anyone in particular.

He had just settled against the counter, with an elbow against the surface and his palm pressed into his mouth comfortably when a door Yoongi hadn’t noticed existed opened. It was settled just to the side of the bar and it slid open with a soft ‘whoosh’ sound. The atmosphere in the room changed immediately because all eyes were on the open door, including Yoongi’s and then the scent came.

It was subtle at first, curling into the air that was already heavy with a vampire scent. Yoongi detected something sweet, something with a few floral notes to it and then the scent smacked into him at full force. His stomach lurched and the monster inside of him reared its ugly head, reminding him how hungry he was. It was easy to shove down those urges, considering he had been doing so for centuries but the scent was so overwhelming he had to pinch his nose closed between his fingers as inconspicuous as he could manage. Seokjin noticed the atmosphere had changed and turned away from what he was doing, flashing Yoongi a soft smirk that he didn’t miss.

Yoongi watched with slightly wide eyes as a series of humans came through the door, starting off with a tall voluptuous female with long waves of dark hair, a sparkling dress that hugged her in all the right places and a beautiful painted face. Behind her, a slightly shorter female with a blond bob cut and the kind of style Yoongi was used to seeing on billboards from girl groups. Seven people came out of the room in total but Yoongi didn’t have the chance to take them all in because one in particular caught his attention. 

He was second to last, following behind a tall bulk of a man. At first, Yoongi’s gaze just flittered over the short male in disinterest but something caught his attention and his gaze jumped back to him. The male held his head high, like all the others, and his back straight, oozing the type of confidence Yoongi wished he was capable of. He was on the shorter side, much like Yoongi, but what caught his attention was the man’s face .

Yoongi was almost certain he had never seen someone so gorgeous before in his entire long life. The man’s expression was relaxed but his eyes were open and alert, glancing around the room immediately to take in everyone. From the angle he was sitting, Yoongi had a good look at the man’s profile and what a profile it was. Sharp jaw, prominent adam’s apple, rounded chin, heart shaped nose, lovely plump pink lips and thin eyes. His skin was a beautiful golden color and his hair was a hay blond, contrasting well with his skin tone and dangling silver earrings. At first, it was hard to tell the man had a brush of makeup on his face but when he turned his head just the right well, Yoongi could pick up the slight sparkle of light gold over his eyes, the line of black on his lash line and the shimmer of pink on his lips. That was all he had on, however, his skin nearly flawless aside from the few beauty marks, two on his forehead, one on his jaw and another down the slope of his neck.

The man was short, maybe the same height as Yoongi, but he was far from being as small and lithe. He was thick around the arms, thighs and torso. He was dressed nicely in a baggy black sweater that showed more supple collarbone than Yoongi was prepared for with form fitting black jeans that hugged every curve and showed of his thick thighs. Yoongi was sure that was all muscle, which made heat spike up the back of his spine.

What a gorgeous human being.

“He’s a pretty one, isn’t he?” Seokjin’s voice was soft and a lot closer than Yoongi expected and when he flinched back, he found the man leaning on the counter, elbows folded against the surface with his grinning knowing face close to his.

Yoongi had been caught staring and now he felt a little ashamed. He dropped his gaze to his lap and if there was more blood in his system he was sure to be blushing.

“His name’s Jimin. Sweet boy.” Seokjin hummed, giving Yoongi a look which he was trying his hardest to ignore. “Very sweet . You like sweet, do you not?” Seokjin hummed, a soft sultry sound. “He’s very popular. Top of the top shelf.” He sounded so amused by his own words and Yoongi felt that strange feeling surging against his stomach again. “Oh, here he comes.”

Panic flashed up the back of Yoongi’s neck and before he could do anything, like make himself not look like an idiot, Seokjin was standing up straight and flashing a warm smile at the man named Jimin.

“Hello, doll. You look stunning this evening.” Seokjin reached out a hand across the counter and Yoongi could feel the warmth that suddenly came to his side. Also the scent . He nearly choked on how sweet it was and he had to quickly cover his own mouth so he didn’t make a fool of himself.

“Thank you.” Jimin’s voice was light, something pretty and sweet but also thick like honey with unspoken promises. It was such a strange thing for Yoongi to pick up on. Jimin took Seokjin’s offered hand without hesitation, leaning a hip against the bar counter so he could give the man’s palm a kiss. “I feel rather stunning.”

Yoongi glanced out the corner of his eye just in time to see this man Jimin already looking at him. There was a question in his gaze, a curiosity, and Yoongi found himself pinned by those beautiful brown eyes. Jimin’s eyes drifted away from his coal black eyes to scan over the arch of his cheekbone, the slope of his rounded cheek, down the edge of his jaw and all the way down to the bottom of his feet. He was being checked out, Yoongi realized belatedly and he sat up straighter. Jimin seemed to find what he was looking for because he turned his gaze back to Seokjin and smiled softly, his plump lips stretching out and his cheeks bunching up under his eyes. It was a pretty little smile but something about it made Yoongi think there was a lot more in that smile than he was currently seeing.

“Jimin, doll, I want you to meet Yoongi.” Seokjin released Jimin’s hand with a sly smile before flicking that same hand in Yoongi’s direction. “He’s new. From the country.”

Jimin made a soft noise and turned to face Yoongi fully, leaning a hip against the counter. There was a kind smile on his pretty lips as his gaze landed on Yoongi and the vampire struggled to meet that gaze head on. It took a few tries for him to lock his eyes with Jimin but when he did, he felt like all the air had been sucked out of him. Maker , he was gorgeous.

“Yoongi?” Jimin questioned softly and there was something pleasing about the way those lips formed the syllables of his name.

“Uh.” Yoongi swallowed hard and sat up a little straighter, twisting on the stool so he could face the human a little better. “Yeah. Min Yoongi. Nice to meet you.”

One of Jimin’s perfectly sculpted eyebrows perked up into his messily styled blond hair. “Pleasure.” He purred the word with a quirk of his mouth, curling a hand against his neck so he could rest an elbow on the counter. “The country, hm?”

“Jeju.” Yoongi nearly stumbled to answer and he unsure as to why he suddenly felt so nervous. Jimin was gorgeous, yes, but he was still just a human and nothing more. And yet Yoongi felt like maybe he wanted to prove something to this human. Like, maybe, Yoongi was worthy of him. Yoongi needed to figure out what that meant; the sooner the better.

“Never been.” Jimin mused, tilting his head slightly, his half-lidded gaze shifting over Yoongi’s body once again. “So you’re new here?”

“Yes.” Yoongi answered, sitting up a little straighter. “I, uh, I was vegan, of sorts.”

Jimin’s eyes widened slightly and there was a flicker of interest in his pretty eyes. “And yet you’re here.” His lips curling into a rather sweet smile. “I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time here.”

“I think so.” Yoongi admitting, trying to offer the human a harmless smile but he was sure it looked more like a grimace. Jimin returned his smile however, as he pushed off the bar.

“I’m available for some time, if you’re interested.” Jimin offered like he was offering Yoongi a drink, though in a way he was. The human seemed to find the way Yoongi flinched to be amusing because he let out a soft giggle, gave him a wink and then he flitted away to greet some of the vampires spread out through the lounge.

“He’s a handful.” Seokjin pointed out, leaning back down on the bar to give Yoongi a knowing look. “But do I love him.” He sighed happily, his dark eyes watching Jimin as he greeted clients. “He’s been around for a few years and though he doesn’t need to keep coming back, he always does. I’m very fond of him.”

Yoongi nodded in understanding, forcing his eyes to stare at the way he was plucking at his own shirt. “He’s attractive.”

“Honey, he’s gorgeous .” Seokjin corrected him with a fond smile. “Don’t pretend I didn’t catch you drooling over him.”

Yoongi snapped his eyes up at the other vampire. “I was not drooling .”

Seokjin’s eyes sparkled with amusement and his lips curled up into that sinful smirk Yoongi saw earlier. “He’s available, for now. Snatch him up while you can dear.”

Yoongi shook his head because, wow, no. He wasn’t ready for that. Even if Jimin was gorgeous, and maybe a little sweet, Yoongi wasn’t ready for something like that quite yet. He needed more time to settle before he took such a step.

“I thought you were going to surprise me?” Yoongi pointed out, leveling his shoulders and meeting Seokjin’s gaze with a more confident look.

There was a moment where they just stared at each other and Yoongi wasn’t sure the other vampire was going to back down. But then Seokjin’s shoulders dipped down and he sighed, waving a hand at Yoongi while running the other through his hair.

“Alright, alright. I want you comfortable so I understand. I’ve got something that will satisfy that sweet tooth of yours since you’re not ready for my doll quite yet.”

Yoongi crinkled his nose but didn’t take the bait, watching as Seokjin turned back to his bottled wall and picked one out. The vampire was quick to snatch up a wine glass, pour a generous amount of red thick liquid inside and then place it in front of Yoongi.

“Enjoy, darling.”

“Thank you.” Yoongi inhaled, smelling something a little floral and wrapped his fingers around the glass stem to bring it to his nose. It smelled rather nice, light and sweet. Something he would probably like and though it wasn’t fresh, it was still better than what he was used to.

The first sip was like being wrapped up in a warm blanket, comforting and sweet. It wasn’t perfect, not entirely, but it was tasty and Yoongi savored the liquid on his tongue. He gave Seokjin an approving nod and the vampire grinned widely at him, satisfied he had pleased him.

While Yoongi slowly nursed his drink, another vampire stepped up to the bar, asking to speak with Seokjin alone. Yoongi tried not to pay much attention to them as they spoke but he was certain a business deal was doing down. Once the conversation was done, the vampire was joined by one of the humans who came through the door, the pretty little girl group looking girl and then they disappeared back through the door.

By the time Yoongi was done with his drink, all of the ‘top shelf dolls’ aside from Jimin and the bulk of a man had been taken back through the door with a vampire companion. Yoongi was surprised Jimin had not been picked but he was unaware of the brown eyes that had been following him most of the night. Jimin made himself known among the clients but he never settled for long and just as Seokjin took away his empty glass, Jimin joined his side once again.   

“Feeling picky tonight, doll?” Seokjin asked Jimin with a sly smirk as he moved to tuck Yoongi’s used glass away to soak with many others. “I haven’t seen you settle all night.”

“It’s been an hour.” Jimin said with a soft scoff, leaning over the counter so he could rest his chin in both of his folded hands. His cheeks bunched up from the action and he looked so cute , Yoongi wished he had his drink back to hide his fond smile in. “You know I like to mingle.”

“Mhm.” Seokjin glanced at Yoongi before shifting his eyes back to Jimin. “Or you already found what you want.”

Jimin’s plump lips made a soft little ‘o’ and Yoongi found both of their gazes on him. He blinked at them in surprise before swallowing hard. If he could blush, he would have been blazing with it.

“Hm. Enjoying yourself?” Jimin asked softly, slowly, twisting around to face Yoongi a little more. He was elegantly posed against the counter, showing off thick biceps through the sleeves of his sweater and thick thighs. Jimin was a full course meal and Yoongi wasn’t sure he was prepared for that.

“It’s been pretty nice.” Yoongi answered just as softly, folding his hands in his lap to prevent himself from reaching out to touch. “I had a very nice drink.”

“Feeling full yet?” Jimin asked casually, tapping his perfectly manicured nails against the counter and Yoongi found his eyes sticking to them. He had nice hands, a little small with short thick fingers but they were pretty and Yoongi was curious as to what they might feel like. The man radiated warmth as it was and if Yoongi were to touch, he was sure to feel even more. He was tempted to, honestly.

Yoongi wasn’t even sure how to answer that question because the truth was a little bit more complicated than him being full or not. Jimin was asking him such a simple question and the only thing Yoongi could do was stare at those delicious looking fingers as they spread out over the polished wood.

“I might be.” The words came freely from his mouth, a soft mumble that Jimin leaned a little closer to hear.

Something heated sparked across the human’s expression and he shuffled a little closer to Yoongi, not touching him but oh so close that the vampire could feel the heat radiating off him like the sun. It was a nice feeling, something Yoongi would like to feel a little bit more of if he possibly could.

“What a shame if you weren’t.” Jimin purred softly, shifting to climb his little fingers up Yoongi’s forearm carefully, barely touching but just enough that the vampire could feel his heat. “I’ve come to find that one glass isn’t always enough.” His touch was light, careful and calculated and Yoongi couldn’t take his eyes off it. He followed the human’s hand as his crawled up his arm, over his shoulder and then slipped over the cool pale skin of his neck. “Maybe another, pretty boy?”

If Yoongi had been drinking he would have choked right then and there. Jimin’s hand was like fire licking at his skin and all the man was doing was carefully brushing his fingertips against the nape of his neck. His heat was intense, more intense than Yoongi expected but pared with that little pet name had his head spinning just a little bit. Jimin was a flirt, a natural flirt which was to be expected considering his job but Yoongi was not prepared for it.

“Or maybe you’d like something a little more…” Jimin leaned in closer, dangerously close so one of his thighs pressed against Yoongi’s and he could feel the warmth of the man’s chest near the ball of his shoulder. Warm breath was near his ear and Yoongi fought the urge to curl up his shoulders and hide because Jimin was close and he could smell something mouthwatering delicious. “ Fresh .”

The word was purred out in a way that sent flashes of heat all through Yoongi’s body and he knew what Jimin was trying to hint at. He just couldn’t figure out why . Yes, it was the man’s job, so he probably flirted with everyone but there were plenty of other vampires in the room for him to flirt with so why was Yoongi the target of his flirtations all of a sudden? The vampire wasn’t used to the attention. He lived alone his entire life and the only interaction he had with humans were the few minutes he spent with his customers but that wasn’t enough for him to really know how to act around them.

Jimin’s scent was like chocolate, a milky kind with a hint of something floral to it. Yoongi wasn’t knowledged enough to know what type of flower but it smelled wonderful and he wondered what the man would smell like if he buried his head into his neck, nosing over his pulse for the most intense scent he could get from him. The urge to do so was suddenly so intense that Yoongi had to shove his hands between his thighs and squeeze tightly, to prevent himself from reaching out to touch. Jimin’s eyes jumped down at the motion and a faint smile curled over his pretty mouth.

The fingers on the back of his neck shifted from softly petting to curling around the girth of his neck, squeezing ever so slightly and under other circumstances Yoongi would feel threatened but this was no threat. This was Jimin giving him an offer that he was finding hard to refuse. It took a lot of strength for him to raise his eyes and when he did, he found his throat a lot tighter than before because Jimin was watching him with the strangest expression.

There was a light curiosity in those beautiful brown eyes, like he was trying to figure Yoongi out but there was also something light and soft. Beneath that was a layer of burning heat, a want swirled with all kinds of other emotions that Yoongi couldn’t place. Those plump pink lips were pursed ever so slightly into a pout and one of his brows was raised elegantly, a silent question.

“You look like you could use something a little fresh.” Jimin’s words curled together into something sultry and knowing as he shifted an extra centimeter closer, letting his fingers curl into the soft blond curls at the nape of Yoongi’s neck. He seemed momentarily surprised by how soft they were and one corner of his mouth quirked up into a smile. His gaze shifted away from Yoongi’s eyes to caress the side of his face and then over the curls of blond atop his head. “You look a little pale, baby.”

Yoongi wasn’t sure if that was a joke or not and yet the snort came anyway, amusement spreading across his chest as he covered his mouth with the back of his hand. Jimin looked just as amused, his lips spreading out into a larger smile as he dipped down, considering he was a bit taller while standing next to a sitting Yoongi.

“You could use a bit more color, as pretty as you already are. I bet red looks lovely on you.” He mumbled his words so closely to Yoongi’s ear that it sent sparks of pleasure down his neck, making him shiver ever so slightly.

Yoongi could picture it now, what Jimin was trying to insinuate. The more fresh blood he took in, the closer to human he would start to feel. He could flush all the way to the tips of his ears and he was certain with Jimin against him, he was bound to do just that. Even the thought of being pressed against the human’s toned body was enough to make him inhale sharply. Blood aside, Yoongi just really wanted to know what this man felt like and though that wasn’t a strange feeling, he was still unsure about it all.

“I could use a little warming up.” Yoongi admitted softly, glancing from the corner of his eyes to see Jimin flash him a sweet smile. The man was so close that he could count every pretty eyelash against his cheek and the subtle hint of pink over the curves of his cheek was so lovely that Yoongi wanted to see it more.

“Hmm, I could do that too.” Jimin offered softly, pressing close enough that the softness of his lips just ghosted over the apple of Yoongi’s cheek. It was too much all of a sudden and a tightness formed in Yoongi’s chest. He was almost certain it was his cold dead heart fluttering ever so slightly.

“What a temptation you are.” The words came free without Yoongi’s permission but he was pleased to see the flush on Jimin’s cheeks spread over his cute heart shaped nose.

“Oh, baby ,” Jimin purred against the skin of his cheek, “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Heat pooled in Yoongi’s stomach, easing the strange feeling that had settled there early in the night. This feeling was a bit nicer and he hoped it stayed a little longer. Jimin’s heat was such a lovely thing, pressing against his right side and spreading through the rest of his body. He wanted to feel it everywhere else and continue to make the human blush all pretty like that but at the same time, he wasn’t sure he was capable of doing so. The last thing he wanted to do was let a gorgeous man like Jimin down.

“As tempting as you are,” Yoongi’s hand shook as he reached out to carefully hook it over Jimin’s hip, giving the human a soft squeeze before he pulled away completely, “perhaps next time.”

There was a flicker of disappointment in Jimin’s expression, something that made Yoongi sit up a little straighter but then Jimin was smiling softly, understandingly, and he nodded. “So you’re coming back? Liked it here so much, hm?” His sinful smile was back in place.

“I might find myself coming back in the future.” Yoongi agreed, tilting his head slightly to give Jimin a quirk of a smile.

“I look forward to it.” Jimin told him, sounding sincere before he closed the distance between them finally. His lips were soft, warm and a little wet when they pressed against the apple of Yoongi’s cheek. He closed his eyes just to savor the feeling and then the human was gone, slipping free from his personal bubble. “Have a good night, pretty boy.” Those fingers lingered on the back of his neck for another second or two and then Jimin was gone, sauntering back off toward the lounge to mingle with other clients.

“You look ready to combust.” Seokjin’s voice was highly amused and when Yoongi snapped his eyes to the vampire, his face was just as amused as his voice. “Jimin certainly has that effect on people.”

Yoongi took in a heavy breath that he then slowly let out before he folded his arms on the counter and buried his head in them. What the hell just happened? Were they flirting? Jimin was certainly flirting but did Yoongi flirt back? He didn’t know how to flirt and he hoped he didn’t make an utter fool out of himself.

“Don't fret, honey.” Seokjin’s voice was soothing and the hand that gently pet at his hair was rather surprising but still just as soothing. “He’s a good boy.”

“I think I drank too much.” Yoongi mumbled into his arms, feeling a little sick to his stomach because he couldn’t get his emotion under control.

“I’m thinking you haven’t had enough to drink.” Seokjin mused, letting his fingers tickle at the back of Yoongi’s neck, a stark contrast to Jimin’s warmth before the vampire pulled away. “Jimin sure is interested in you. Pretty boy.” He laughed softly to himself and the pet name didn’t feel as nice coming from Seokjin as it did coming from Jimin. “He’s still available if you change your mind, darling. But I’m not sure for how much longer.” Seokjin made a soft thinking noise. “Honestly, I’m shocked he hasn’t been snatched up yet. He’s usually the first to go. Tonight’s the first night in a while where he didn’t have a client lined up and it’s been a little slow. Thursdays usually are.”

“Are you trying to tell me if I want him, now’s my chance?” Yoongi lifted his head slowly, peering up at Seokjin through his long bangs to find the man smiling knowingly at him. It was a smug look and Yoongi was starting to feel a little pissed off from it.

“Seems like the perfect opportunity, darling.” Seokjin’s lips twisted up into a smile, making the corners of his eyes crinkle. “If you’re not ready, he would understand. But, who knows when the next chance to snatch him up will come, hm?”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes slightly. “You’re really trying to sell him to me aren't you?”

Seokjin scoffed lightly and crossed his arms over his chest. “Darling, I don’t sell my babies. They sell themselves. One look at Jimin and you already knew what you wanted. I’m just giving you options and facts. You’re free to say no, of course. I’m only pointing out how obvious it is that Jimin wants you to be the one to have him tonight.”

What a strange sentence, Yoongi thought. Jimin wanted him? Yoongi knew there were humans out there who got off in being feed on. There wouldn’t be blood bars if there weren’t humans like that out there but he didn’t expect Jimin to be one of them. Yet there Seokjin was, telling him just that and it sparked Yoongi’s interest a little more. If Jimin enjoyed being bitten, it made Yoongi feel a little less guilty about wanting him so badly.

A shift in the air caught Yoongi’s attention and he glanced over his shoulder, seeing Jungkook enter the room once again with a new vampire at his side. It was a lovely older woman, with a pretty painted face and the hint of fresh blood curled in her natural scent. She had her hand curled around Jungkook’s arm but once they were in the room, she released him, not hesitating to lean up to kiss his cheek as a thanks for escorting her.

And then Jimin was there, smiling such a pretty little smile, showing off a little bit of his teeth and greeting the woman. They seemed to know each other as they shared a gentle hug and Jimin’s lips connected with the high slope of her cheek. She seemed pleased to see him but there was someone else she was interested in seeing a little more. That bulk of a human who had entered with Jimin earlier. She fell into his arms easily and Yoongi’s gaze found its way back to Jimin.

Jimin was flirting with Jungkook. It was light, playful, the way he slipped his hand up Jungkook’s arm and smirked up at the taller vampire. Jungkook seemed more than used to it, not even flinching and rolling his eyes at the human. Yoongi’s hearing was good enough to pick up on their conversation and he was surprised to find it was a rather casual discussion about how they were doing in their lives. Perhaps they were friends.

And then Jimin’s eyes flashed to him, locking their gazes together as if he knew Yoongi had been watching him. Heat flared up the back of his neck and he watched as those pretty little lips curled up into a soft smile and Jimin tinkled his fingers at him in a wave. Jungkook noticed where Jimin’s attention had shifted and the vampire bowed his head slightly at Yoongi in a small greeting.

Something occurred to Yoongi in that moment. His want for the human exploded tenfold from that shy little smile and he realized how much of a fool he was being. Jimin had Jungkook’s attention, a rather attractive and attentive vampire and yet he was looking at him, a curl of heat in the corners of his eyes. Yoongi had moved to the city to experience new things. To explore parts of himself he had kept locked away for centuries and right now, he was given the most perfect chance to do so.

Jimin was gorgeous and stunning. But on top of that, he had a sweet demeanor about him; a confidence that made him even more attractive than he already was. Yoongi didn’t know the man. Didn’t know his age, his surname, where he was from or where he lived. He didn’t know if Jimin had a family or what he did outside of being a blood donor but at the moment, none of that mattered. They were things Yoongi could learn, if he so choose to. But he came to the city to explore those parts of himself and Jimin was perfect, oh so perfect, to do so. He was willing, beautiful and lovely. And he wanted Yoongi. What a blessing that was.

Yoongi could, at least, try.

“If I…” As he turned his head back to Seokjin, he found the man watching him curiously with a slight smirk on his pretty mouth, “If I were to, um, how does this work?”

“It’s simple, really.” Seokjin’s eyes flashed gold again and he reached under the bar for a slick black notebook. He laid it out on the polished wood and flipped it open to a page with all kinds of scribbles on it. “We can set up a tab system of sorts, where you pay at the end of the month. That’s the most convenient.”

“I meant, with him?” Yoongi stumbled to say, not at all concerned about the money aspect. He could afford it no matter what it was. Seokjin had said Jimin was top shelf and Yoongi was expecting a hefty bill by the end of it. He didn’t mind in the least.

Seokjin perked a brow as he lifted a pen to scribble Yoongi’s name down on a new line. “Well, that’s between the two of you. What happens upstairs in his room is none of my business. Jimin will be happy to explain things to you, I’m sure.”

“His room?”

“All my babies have their own rooms.” Seokjin explained, his gaze focused on the book as he continued to write. “They don’t live here, if you were curious. But they each have their own special rooms for a bit of privacy. You won’t be bothered. You’ll have all night though most don’t need that much time.” He hummed to himself, finishing whatever it was he was writing with a soft smile. “I take it you’re booking him?”

Yoongi swallowed hard and glanced over his shoulder again, finding Jimin was still conversing with Jungkook. The human seemed to immediately feel his gaze because his attention shifted from Jungkook to him. When their gazes locked, Yoongi felt the hot flash of hunger in the pit of his stomach and it made up his mind for him.

“Yeah, Yeah I am.”

Seokjin made a rather pleased noise. “Lovely.”

For the most part, Jimin enjoyed his part time job. There weren’t many aspects about it that he disliked and rarely did he have anything to complain about. Who wouldn't be happy about making a couple million won every two weeks by simply being themselves? Jimin felt he was pretty lucky to stumble upon such a great opportunity.

Jimin was sixteen when he discovered his little kink. At the time, he wasn’t the type to jump out of his comfort zone and do things that might make his parents disapprove. He was a good student, a good dancer, and had plans to maybe jump into the idol world one day. But it was a simple party that changed his entire life.

Kim Taehyung was, by anyone’s standards, a gorgeous human being. Jimin knew of him because the boy was popular around his school. He had moved to Busan the year before with his father and his kind, open demeanor quickly earned him a bunch of friends and fans. Jimin couldn’t say he was a fan or a friend but Taehyung was a nice guy and Jimin had nothing against him. He just didn’t know him. But then came the party. Jimin didn’t go to parties. He stayed home and studied like the good boy he was. But Jimin’s friends liked to party and he started to feel guilty for turning them down everytime they invited him.

Jimin decided to go to the party for two reasons. One, he had finished all his studies and the only thing he really needed to do was practice his dancing, which he could do anytime. And two, his parents told him he was allowed to go when he asked in passing. He had no reason to say no now. His mother was too excited for him, happy to see her teenage son get out of the house and have some fun with his friends.

The party was everything Jimin had heard about. Music thumping, bodies everywhere and a little bit of alcohol swirling. Jimin was upset when his friends abandoned him alone almost immediately because he didn’t know anyone else at the party and he felt extremely out of place.

That was when Kim Taehyung came in.

The boy was gorgeous, with sharp features, stunning eyes and shaggy brown hair. He was a head taller than Jimin and was always dressed in the latest fashion styles. He looked good, as he always did but that night he was dressed a little more dark, in tight clothes that hugged his body perfectly and a hint of make up around his eyes. Somehow, someway, Jimin caught Taehyung’s attention.

It was innocent at first. Taehyung joined him because Jimin had been sitting all alone and Taehyung wanted the boy to have a good time. They made conversation, talking about everything and anything and Jimin quickly learned for himself how nice and fun a guy like Taehyung was. It was all innocent until Taehyung invited him to dance. Jimin quickly learned that he wasn’t the only one who knew how to dance rather well. Taehyung was slick, warm and knew just how to move his body against Jimin’s until the boy became lost in the feeling of the other.

It was only a matter of time until Jimin found himself pinned against a wall with Taehyung’s mouth on his own. It was good, nice, and Jimin had never even considered he might like boys before. But Taehyung was gorgeous, and warm and Jimin had no reason to tell him no. And then came the press of sharp fangs against his neck and Jimin discovered many things about himself that night. First of all, vampires were a thing and Kim Taehyung was one. Secondly, he really loved the feeling of those fangs as they sunk into his skin and he loved the euphoric feeling that spread through his body when the boy sucked .

Jimin discovered he liked being fed on that night and he never looked back. Which was how he ended up at Bloodmoon. Seokjin was a nice man with a handsome face and a friendly demeanor. He approached Jimin one night when he was out and about, looking for someone willing to have a little fun with him. Jimin had thought, at the time, that Seokjin wanted him for his own but as he soon learned, Seokjin had bigger plans for him.

Now Jimin was a top shelf baby and he was rather proud of that. His own urges were fulfilled and he got paid for it at the same time. What more could he possibly ask for? Jimin had been a donor at Bloodmoon for close to two years and he had no intention of stopping any time soon. He couldn’t explain how amazing it felt to be fed on and he might have been addicted to the feeling just a little bit.

Bloodmoon was a place where he felt safe and he never had to worry about the vampires who fed on them. Seokjin went through extensive processes to keep him and the others safe and thus Jimin was never worried about his job. Seokjin would never let anything happen to them and that was all that mattered.

No one outside of his part time job knew what he did once every two weeks and Jimin intended to keep it that way. His hobby was his own private little secret but that didn’t mean he was ashamed of it. Jimin had managed to make many new friends in the dark underworld of the city. Seokjin for one was a very good friend of his, someone he could lean on if he ever needed to. Jungkook was another, the strong vampire guard who protected the door of the bar. He was sweet guy, really. Someone Jimin first flirted with shamelessly until he learned the man had a human lover he was very committed to. He didn’t know vampires took human lovers until that moment but perhaps Jungkook was just special.

Jimin had his regulars at the bar and then he had the random walk in that usually ended up coming back for more. He wasn’t top shelf for nothing after all. He had a unique taste to him that could be considered addicting, according to Seokjin. Jimin was just happy to be wanted so much. He lived on it, thrived on the attention. He wasn’t so powerful in his everyday life. He was just a simple guy in the light of day who worked his ass off to keep his spot in a well known popular dance group. The attention he received during the day was much more subtle with a hint of respect for his skills hidden within.

Jimin wanted something deeper, darker, more primal. He wanted people to want him and being top shelf at Bloodmoon was the perfect chance for him to live out his darker fantasies in a safe, comfortable environment.

This Thursday was a little more different than his usual nights at the bar. He didn’t have a client lined up and the bar was a little more sparse than normal. That usually wasn’t a problem for Jimin because he could always pick up a stray but as soon as he wandered in the lounge with the others, his attention was grabbed by a rather interesting male at the bar with Seokjin.

At first, Jimin’s eyes had scanned over him like everyone else in the room but for some reason, he found his eyes drifting back to the man. He had an intense gaze, something Jimin could feel against the curves of his face when he wasn’t looking only to find the man staring at his own hands when he finally looked at him.

Yoongi was his name, so Seokjin introduced. A vampire, obviously, but there was something different about him. Something a little off compared to the other vampires Jimin was used to being around. But all of that aside, Jimin was a little interested in how pretty the man was.

His skin was as pale as the moon, curled over thin limbs and bony fingers. His face was round with a soft chin, small plump pink lips, a button nose, sharp small eyes and a heavy brow hidden under fluffy blond hair that was a little too long. He was the kind of pretty Jimin was used to seeing from the idols he crossed paths with on occasion but those were painted up to look pretty. Yoongi was all natural and Jimin’s interest was peaked.

And then Yoongi flushed . It was the lightest of colors but against his pale skin it was easy for Jimin to see considering how intense he was watching the man. His dark coal eyes were so intense against the rest of his pale palette and Jimin found he really enjoyed the way the man looked at him.

But Yoongi was shy, which was so fucking cute Jimin could barely contain himself. He couldn’t help but flirt with the vampire and watch the way the tips of his ears turned the faintest color of pink. It was so cute, he was so cute. He was pretty and his voice was deep and nice. He was the type of man Jimin could see himself having a good time with. 

Jimin went about his night as he usually did but he found his attention always falling back on the blond vampire. He was curious, to say the least. Yoongi seemed interested in him but at the same time, he made no move to chase after him. He didn’t book him with Seokjin and though his eyes followed him around the room, Yoongi never got up to approach him. It was both confusing and flattering. Yoongi was shy, Jimin quickly picked up and it made him wonder if the man would take him up on his offer or not.

Jimin was used to being watched. He was used to being wanted. But there was something about Yoongi’s gaze that made him question what the vampire was thinking. That gaze was burning, flushing pleasurable heat all through Jimin’s body and it made him crave . Jimin had his pick of the lot and for some reason, he was drawn to the quiet blond vampire sitting at the bar.

He thought, maybe, underneath that shy quiet demeanor there was a fire waiting to burn and Jimin wanted to poke at it a little bit. He wanted to see what kind of man he would be with a little bit of a shove in the right direction. He also wanted to know if those pretty pink lips would feel as good against the slope of his neck as he was imagining.

It wasn’t uncommon for Jimin to fixate on one vampire in the lounge but it was uncommon for that vampire to not take him up on his flirtations. Jimin was being obvious, so very obvious, and though Yoongi seemed to enjoy the attention, he still turned the human down with a ‘maybe next time’. It was slightly disappointing but it wouldn’t ruin Jimin’s night. A ‘maybe next time’ was a possibility of Yoongi showing up again and Jimin would get another chance to seduce the vampire, if he had the time.

So Jimin had shifted his attention elsewhere for the rest of the night, choosing to catch up with Jungkook for a little while when Seokjin approached him with a sly little smile.

“Have I told you how lovely you look tonight doll?” Seokjin greeted, curling a hand around Jimin’s waist to pull him in close. Jimin eagerly went into the man’s side, tilting his head slightly to accept the soft kiss that was pressed into his hair.

“Once.” Jimin giggled softly, glancing up at him through his lashes. “But I’m open to hearing it a few more times.”

“Gorgeous, doll.” Seokjin pressed his smile into his hair before he pulled back, flashing Jungkook another smile. “As are you.”

Jungkook blinked at the older vampire before quirking one corner of his mouth into a smile. “Now that you’re here, I can sneak back off to my post.”

Jimin gasped softly, pretending to be offended as he smacked a hand against Jungkook’s chest. “It’s not sneaking if we see you.”

Jungkook stuck his tongue out at him playfully. “I’ll see you later, Jimin.” He bowed his head respectfully to Seokjin before he left the room, slipping back into the hallway to return to the front door.

“I have good news.” Seokjin twisted around, tugging Jimin with him with his hand still around his waist so Jimin followed along without question.

Jimin hummed and shifted to tap a finger against Seokjin’s broad chest. “Did you finally get that cute awkward professor to give you a call back?”

Seokjin blinked down at him, eyeing up his playful smirk before he let out a soft puff of air. “No, but I’ll get him one of these days, Jimin, just you wait.”

Jimin let out a soft giggle, hiding his smile behind his hand and nodded. Seokjin had been trying to seduce this rather attractive young man he met at the library and it had proved to be tougher than he expected. Jimin found it rather amusing because it was fun to watch confident Seokjin turn into a crushing blushing school girl. He honestly hoped it all worked out in the end because vampires deserved to be happy too. Before he could voice his thoughts to the vampire, Jimin’s attention was caught by the blond vampire still sitting at the bar, where Seokjin was currently leading them. Yoongi was looking at him now, not afraid to meet his gaze and Jimin smiled reflexively, a soft bubbling heat curling in the pit of his stomach when Yoongi’s pretty lips lifting into an equally soft smile. Oh, the man was so pretty it was almost unfair. If he wasn’t already a vampire, Jimin was sure Seokjin would have snatched the man up to be one of his top shelf babies.

“What’s the good news then?” He asked softly, glancing away from Yoongi for only a second to see Seokjin smiling fondly at him.

“Yoongi would like your company for the rest of the night.”

Heat flushed up the back of Jimin’s neck and he snapped his head at the blond vampire in surprise. Yoongi’s dark gaze met him head on but it only took a few seconds of intense staring for the vampire to break the gaze. Yoongi wanted him. He booked him. Jimin had not been expecting that but he certainly wasn’t upset with the turn of events.

A fizzle of excitement coursed through his veins and his lips lifted up into a bright smile from it. He felt giddy all of a sudden because Yoongi finally stepped up and took what he wanted. Jimin was looking forward to seeing how it all played out. Would Yoongi be a little rough, like Jimin was used to? Or would he still be a bit shy and careful with him? Either way, Jimin couldn’t wait to find out.

“He’s a sweet one, Jimin.” Seokjin whispered into his ear before he could run off to find out if Yoongi tasted as sweet as he looked. “Be good, hm?”

Jimin made a soft noise and narrowed his eyes at Seokjin. “I’m always good.”

Seokjin tilted his head from side to side as if he was debated that fact and Jimin was offended . He was always good. He never had any complaints and his clients always left full and satisfied. He couldn’t imagine what Seokjin was trying to insinuate. “Yes, doll, I know you are. But I think if you’re just a little more good than normal, you might have another regular on your hands.”

Oh, well. Right. Jimin could do that. He was pretty good at reading the mood and people’s reactions so he thought giving Yoongi whatever he wanted would be an easy enough task. Especially since he was oh so willing to give it. Oh, Jimin couldn’t wait. He was so ready to feel those lips against his skin, so ready to know what those thin hips would feel like against his own. Oh, he hoped Yoongi was as sweet as he looked because as much as Jimin loved being shoved against the wall, he loved sweet kisses against his skin just a little bit more and he rarely got them.

“Got it.” Jimin murmured, slipping out of Seokjin’s hold easily to saddle up to Yoongi’s side, who was waiting for him patiently. He felt his lips spread out into a smile, bunching his cheeks and wrinkling his eyes as his hand curled over Yoongi’s shoulder without hesitation. “Hey pretty boy, change your mind?” He knew he sounded a little bit more appealing when he dropped the tone of his voice into a soft purr and judging by the way Yoongi shivered slightly, he enjoyed it.

“Guess I did.” Yoongi mumbled out, his lips pursing naturally as he spoke and what a lovely little mouth he had. Jimin couldn’t wait to feel it against his own but now wasn’t the time. There was a heat in Yoongi’s black eyes as he looked over Jimin’s face and then settled his heavy gaze against the curve of his neck. Jimin preened at the attention, tilting his head slightly just to show off some. Yoongi was still flushing, that ever so light pink color over the tip of his cute little nose and the curves of his small ears peeking through shaggy waves of blond and Jimin wanted to see if he could deepen that color.

Jimin hummed softly and shifted to slip both hands over Yoongi’s shoulders, sliding them over the soft slick fabric of his black shirt before curling over each side of his neck. His skin was so cool to the touch and it made Jimin realize how long it must have been since the man had a fresh meal. Usually, the vampires he touched were a little more warm because they were fed fresh daily. But Yoongi was ice cold to the touch and he liked seeing how the man shivered from his warm touch. Jimin couldn’t help but wonder if he was Yoongi’s first human in a long time. It sure seemed that way and it sparked a little excitement through his veins.

Yoongi’s eyes fluttered shut at the touch to his neck and he seemed to savor the feeling for a moment before he finally reached out to hook a hand over one of Jimin’s hips. It was a loose grip, something Jimin could pull out of it he so desired but he didn’t. He’d prefer for Yoongi to hold him a little tighter but they had plenty of time for that. They had all night after all and it was still so very early.

“This is the part where I invite you upstairs.” Jimin spoke softly, letting his thumbs curl over Yoongi’s jaw, feeling the solid bone beneath the soft skin. “If you’re ready.”

Yoongi seemed to go tense for a moment but when Jimin met his eyes, the hurricane of emotions seemed to calm down and the vampire nodded slowly. “Haven't a fucking clue what I‘m doing.”

Jimin let out a bubble of laughter from his blunt statement and he was pleased to see Yoongi smile softly at him because of it. “At least you’re honest, baby.” A pleasurable shiver went his spine when Yoongi’s grip on his hip tightened. It seemed Yoongi liked the pet names and so Jimin would keep them. “Don’t worry.” He took a step closer, closing the distance between them so his waist pressed into the side of Yoongi’s thigh and dipped down close enough for their noses to brush together. “I’ll take care of you, pretty baby.”

Oh, the way Yoongi’s eyes fluttered shut and his breath hitched was absolutely stunning and Jimin couldn’t wait to get him all alone up in his room. So, without wanting to waste more time, Jimin slipped his hands down Yoongi’s arms until he found the hand on his hip. Their fingers slipped together easily and Jimin was fond of the way his small hand fit in Yoongi’s elegant fingers.

“Come on, baby.” He whispered the command into the man’s ear and then Yoongi was up on his feet without hesitation. It took a few seconds for Jimin to start moving because it was the first time he’d seen Yoongi on his feet and the man was actually a small amount taller than him. He had to tilt his head back ever so slightly to meet his eyes and Yoongi glanced away shyly from the attention. Cute, he was so utterly cute and Jimin couldn’t wait to see what other expressions the man was capable of making.

Seokjin waved them off with a gleaming smile and sparkling eyes as Jimin lead Yoongi through the door beside the bar. Yoongi followed willingly enough and Jimin took the familiar path up a set of stairs into a long hallway. The hallway split off into two sections but Jimin turned to pull Yoongi up the next set of stairs. Another set of stairs and they reached the floor where Jimin’s room was. The hallways were just as warm as the bar, colored in hues of red, brown and black with a carpeted floor.

Jimin’s room was at the end of the hallway, tucked away from any of the others which gave him a lot more privacy. It was a spot he had earned that Seokjin have given him willingly. Yoongi lingered just over his shoulder when they came to a stop at the door and Jimin had to dig around in his tight pants pocket to find the key. Yoongi presence was hard to ignore and the man wasn’t even touching him aside from the hand clamped around his.

Once the key was slid into place and the lock clicked, Jimin pushed the door open and tugged Yoongi inside without hesitation. The room was something Jimin was rather fond of. It was a second bedroom of his that he used only on occasion and only for certain things. But he had spent the last few years decorating it to his liking. The walls were a light golden yellow color, the floor hardwood and the two windows in the room were covered with pretty white lace that had a dark brown undercover to block out any sunlight that may try to peek through in the daytime. The large four post bed was the main focus of the room, with a light blue sheer canopy that fell around the posts elegantly. The bed itself was covered in comfortable pillows and soft blue covers and Jimin knew the mattress felt like sinking into a cloud. The rest of the room held a small dresser, a desk and a floor to wall mirror near one of the windows. There were trinkets all over the room, things Jimin had collected over time to make the room look more personal and when he glanced at Yoongi, he saw the man looking over the room with a hint of interest in his gaze.

Feeling a little giddy and excited, Jimin slipped away from Yoongi so he could shut the door and lock it up so they wouldn’t be bothered. The chances of them being bothered were slim to begin with but Jimin wanted to be certain. When he turned back around, Yoongi was right were he left him, standing in the middle of the room and eyeing up a few of the sea shells Jimin had scattered over the top of his dresser.

“I collect them.” Jimin spoke softly in the silence of the room as he returned to Yoongi’s side, letting his hand curl over the small of the vampire’s back. Yoongi didn’t pull away from the touch which was a good sign. “I’m from Busan and sometimes I miss the beach a little too much. I bet Jeju was nice though, hm? Surrounded by the sea.”

Yoongi hummed in agreement, bouncing his eyes from the sea shells to Jimin’s gaze. “I have some from there. If you’d like them.”

Jimin blinked at the vampire in surprise because that was such a very kind thing to offer. “I… Well, yes.” He laughed softly, tilting his head to knock it gently against Yoongi’s shoulder. “That’d be pretty nice of you.”

There was a moment of silence that fell over them then and Jimin wasn’t sure what to do. He was more used to vampires knowing what they wanted and taking it as soon as the door was shut. Yoongi was different. He didn’t know how any of this worked and that meant Jimin had to show him. He just didn’t know where to start.

“How are you feeling, baby?” Jimin asked softly, wanting Yoongi to feel comfortable, as he slipped around to stand in front of the man, rubbing his hands up and down his arms in a comforting motion.

Yoongi’s gaze was dark, swirling with all kinds of intense emotions and it made Jimin’s heart thump a little hard in his chest. Yoongi was a little hard to read but there was so much obvious want in his eyes and that was something Jimin could work with. He just had to be a little more gentle with this vampire, as Seokjin warned him.

“I’m okay.” Yoongi mumbled with that natural pout of his and he seemed to think about it for a few seconds before he let both of his hands curl over Jimin’s hips. It was nice progress, making the human take a step closer and smile softly up at him. “You?”

“I’m feeling pretty good.” Jimin answered honestly as he moved his hands over the balls of Yoongi’s shoulders, feeling out that the man was a bit more stronger than he looked. All vampires had crazy strength but Yoongi had a few coils of muscles under his form fitting black button up that Jimin hadn’t noticed before. It made him wonder where they came from and what the vampire did before he came to the city. But those were personal questions, much too personal for Jimin to dive into given their current position. Jimin never forgot that what he was doing was part of a business but at the same time, getting close to Yoongi didn’t seem like such a bad idea. He could easily keep it casual while keeping it professional. He knew which lines to cross and which ones needed to stay in place.

“That’s good.” Yoongi huffed out softly, narrowing his eyes so they focused on the pout of Jimin’s mouth.

“I’ll make this easy for you.” Jimin started, slipping his arms around Yoongi’s neck until he could link his fingers together behind the vampire’s head. “Tell me what you want and I’ll do what I can to give it to you.”

Yoongi’s eyes jumped from his mouth to his eyes and back down to his mouth like he was contemplating his answer. “Anything?”

Jimin hummed. “Within reason. I have things I dislike but for the most part, I’m open. Just let me know and we’ll go from there, hm? I’ll tell you when I don’t like something.”

Yoongi bit into his lower lip, his small straight teeth sinking into the pretty pink flesh to dent it as he thought on how to answer Jimin. While he thought, Jimin decided to feel that soft blond hair between his fingers again. He felt a hint of how soft it was earlier but he wanted to feel a little bit more so he slipped one hand up the back of Yoongi’s neck to bury in his soft strands of blond. Jimin had thought they were dyed, they had to be considering how dark Yoongi’s brows were but the strands were so very soft. They felt like silk between his fingers and he found himself petting through the strands for a little while. Yoongi enjoyed the touch, leaning into it ever so slightly and Jimin bit into his lower lip to hide his smile.

“This… might sound weird.” Yoongi started, his brow furrowed and Jimin reached up with his other hand to run his thumb over the wrinkled skin. Yoongi let him trail his thumb over his eyebrow, over the corner of his eye and then down the curve of his cheek until it pressed near the corner of his mouth.

“You’d be surprised what weird things I’ve heard.” Too many to count, too many to remember.

“Can I just…” That soft color was back on the tip of his nose and Jimin was so tempted to kiss it. But he refrained because Yoongi was still struggling to figure out what they were doing. He encouraged the vampire to keep speaking with a soft hum and a tilt of his head. Yoongi’s eyes searched his before dropping to his mouth and Jimin was certain the man was going to ask if he could kiss him. Jimin wasn’t used to people asking beforehand and his stomach bubbled with warmth. “Ah, fuck, can I just,” he shifted his eyes away to the floor, “smell you for a bit?”

Yoongi was very obviously embarrassed about asking for such a thing because the color spread to the apples of his cheeks and he couldn’t look Jimin in the eye. But he found nothing wrong with the request. It was, in fact, one of the most innocent things ever asked of him.

“Is that all you want to do?” Jimin teased lightly, squeezing his fingers to catch a few strands of blond between them. “Smell me?”

“It’s a start.” Yoongi mumbled.

Jimin made a soft noise and shrugged one shoulder. “Have at me, baby.”

Yoongi’s gaze darkened ever so slightly and he nodded, tightening his grip on Jimin’s hips to pull the man a bit closer. Jimin went willingly and waited patiently to see what Yoongi would do next. There was a moment where Yoongi just stared at him, his eyes taking in every curve, dip and imperfection of his face to the point that Jimin started to feel a little flustered. It was such an intense gaze and he found himself glancing away shyly as heat curled over his cheeks. All Yoongi had done was look at him and Jimin was already starting to feel a little flustered. What an interesting reaction for him to have.  

“If it gets weird, let me know.” Yoongi told him in a deep rumble and before Jimin could agree, the man moved forward and shoved his face right in the curve of Jimin’s neck.

He flinched naturally from the cold press of skin against his own and his heart skipped a beat, stuttering in his chest. Yoongi was still for only a few seconds before he shifted to move a little more elegantly. He was careful as he brushed his nose over the curve of Jimin’s throat and the human moved his head to the side to give him better access to more skin. Yoongi’s touch was ever so gentle as he ran his nose over Jimin’s pulse point and then paused, inhaling deeply.

Jimin felt the full body shutter go through Yoongi more than he heard it but the cool exhale against his skin made him shiver as well. His heart started to pound a little hard and he could feel his blood rushing with warmth out of expectation. He was almost certain Yoongi was going to bite him soon and a little thrill went through Jimin’s body at the prospect. Oh, he couldn’t wait to feel what Yoongi’s fangs were like. Were they small like his natural teeth? Or were they big enough to bruise his skin when they were done?

But Yoongi didn’t bite him. Instead, the vampire inhaled once again and let the scent linger in his lungs before he breathed out something much more warm. Jimin’s skin prickled at the feeling and he slipped the hand not in Yoongi’s hair to curl over one of his firm biceps. He felt like he needed to hold on to the man or he might crumble to the ground because what the hell was happening?

Yoongi’s touch was oh so gentle as he nuzzled into the curve of Jimin’s throat and the human was a little too confused to do anything. Yoongi grew a little more brave and pressed one hand into the small of his back, pulling them closer until cool soft lips pressed into his skin. Jimin’s breath hitched and he tightened the grip he had on Yoongi’s shoulder in anticipation. Surely, the man would bite him now but no, Yoongi simply left his lips against the skin over his pulse and did nothing more.

After a moment of this, Jimin’s heart started to steady down and just as his body was relaxing once more, Yoongi caught him off guard again. His heart jumped into his throat and heat curled around the end of his spine because Yoongi parted his lips and ever so slightly pressed the tip of his tongue against his skin.

It was the simple touch of his tongue, a little wet and a little cold but it felt so good and Jimin’s breath hitched. The heat around his spine swirled around until it pooled in the pit of his stomach and Jimin was well on his way to being turned on. And then Yoongi pursed his lips shut and pouted them out to kiss the skin his tongue had touched and Jimin sighed, happily, leaning into the man’s touch all the more.

They were such the perfect height for this and with Yoongi’s hand holding the small of his back, Jimin could lean into the touch to give the vampire better access to his skin. Yoongi’s skin was still cold to the touch but Jimin could feel it already starting to warm up from where it pressed against his own.

Jimin couldn’t say how long he stood there with Yoongi buried in his neck, kissing, licking and sniffing at his skin. There was something so very intimate about what Yoongi was doing to him and yet Jimin had no urge to make him stop. It felt nice . Yoongi’s touch was gentle against his spine, firm enough to hold him up but loose enough that he could pull out of it he so desired. Each kiss and flick of a tongue against his neck made Jimin’s body flush with more heat until he couldn’t take it anymore. He felt like squirming from all the attention even if it felt so fucking good. He thought Yoongi would have bitten him by then and yet his skin was completely unmarred and his heart was pounding in his throat.

Yoongi’s hand finally moved from the small of his back to slide up spine and then back down again, curling over the hem of his sweater until he felt brave enough to slip beneath the fabric. Jimin let out a soft gasp when those elegant cold fingers made contact with the soft warm skin over his lower back muscles. Yoongi’s touch was still so gentle, rubbing over his skin until he found the small of his back again. His hand remained there while Yoongi tilted his head, dragging the bridge of his nose over Jimin’s jawline, inhaling all the way.

Sparks of pleasure prickled over his skin as Yoongi moved, letting his lips ghost over his jaw until they moved upwards. He had no idea what Yoongi was doing, scenting him perhaps, but he was enjoying it a great deal more than he expected. Those soft plump lips pressed soft kisses over the edge of his jaw, up the curve of his cheek and came to a stop just at the corner of his mouth.

Jimin didn’t recall closing his eyes but when he opened them, his breath caught in his throat because Yoongi was right there and his eyes were blazing . They weren’t black anymore. No, they shifted into that in between color but they weren't gold like Jimin had been expecting. They were a deep, gorgeous, burgundy and Jimin was mesmerized. Jimin was caught in that intense stare, his heart thumping in his throat and he didn’t notice Yoongi’s cheeks were flushed a pretty pink color until the man finally pressed their noses together, rubbing affectionately.

“You smell…” Yoongi’s voice was a rough deep sound that even he seemed surprised by as he paused and tried to clear his throat. “There aren’t words.”

“Well,” Jimin flicked his tongue out to lick at his dry lips, also surprised by how rough his voice suddenly sounded, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Yoongi grunted, closing his eyes for a second and when they opened again, the vast expanse of black was back and Jimin almost felt disappointed. There wasn’t warning this time when Yoongi shifted forward and pressed their lips together but Jimin wasn’t expecting one. The kiss was soft, gentle, lips against lips without any urgency and Jimin melted into the feeling, tightening the hold he had on the vampire to pull him a sliver closer.

Yoongi kissed carefully, like they had all the time in the world and Jimin liked the feeling over rough rushed kisses. Yoongi’s mouth was as soft as it looked, catching against his own in all the perfect ways. His mouth was a lot warmer than the rest of him and Jimin pouted his lips out to return the kiss the best he could. Yoongi liked to press kiss after kiss against his mouth before lingering for a few extra seconds with a longer kiss only to pull back and start all over again.

Heat was curling all through Jimin’s body by the time Yoongi pulled back to kiss over his flushed cheek. He felt good . Yoongi was affectionate even though he had been shy and unsure in the beginning. He was still a little shy, glancing at Jimin’s eyes to gauge his reaction before kissing down his throat again. It was both cute and rather attractive. Yoongi was taking his mood into account before he did anything and Jimin truly wasn’t used to that.

“Mmm, Yoongi?” Jimin questioned softly, letting his eyes slip shut once more while Yoongi mouthed along his throat again. He continued when the vampire made a soft grunt in response. “We could, maybe, get comfortable. I’m pretty good with you loving on my neck and all but the bed is softer than the floor.”

Yoongi’s lips paused over skin for a moment before he pulled back, eyes scanning over Jimin’s face in an attempt to read him. “The bed?”

Jimin did his best not to giggle because Yoongi looked both a little dazed and a little nervous. “Mhm.” He hummed, slipping his hands over either side of Yoongi’s neck to cup his head. “I like to be comfortable if I’m going to be felt up.”

“I-I’m, um.” Yoongi’s eyes went a little wider and glanced down between them, like he didn’t notice the way both of his hands had made their way under his sweater.

He was just too cute when he got nervous and Jimin leaned forward to plant a soft kiss to the tip of his flushed nose. Yoongi’s eyes went cross from the action and then his gaze jumped to meet Jimin’s.

“I think we should get a little more comfortable.” Jimin mused, sliding his hands down Yoongi’s broad chest until he could get his fingers on a button. He glanced up for permission but all Yoongi seemed to be able to do was stare openly at him and so Jimin popped the first button, watching the vampire’s face for some reaction. “Don’t you think so, baby?”

Yoongi shivered at the pet name and gave a slight nod of his head.

One button was quickly followed by two, three and then Jimin was slipping the shirt off Yoongi’s shoulders till it dropped to the floor, revealing the black tank he had on underneath. Yoongi’s arms were just as fit as Jimin assumed and part of him wanted to sink his teeth into them but, now was not the time. Later, maybe. He missed Yoongi’s touch against his back already so Jimin reached down to grab the hem of his sweater and easily tugged it over his head to drop to the floor. His hair fluffed from the movement and he shook his head to even it out.

He felt Yoongi’s heavy gaze on his body before he saw it and he tried not to smirk at how the man was eagerly eyeing him up. Jimin had been dancing since he was a little boy and because of that, his body was well fit in all the right places. There was a little bit of fat around his stomach but Jimin had accepted long ago that it wasn’t going anywhere unless he starved himself and he wasn’t going down that path ever again. His abs were less defined than they once were but Jimin was happy with himself. He knew he was attractive but to see Yoongi’s dark gaze rush over him like a starved animal made him flush all the way to his collarbone. It was nice to be appreciated for the things he had and Yoongi certainly liked what he was seeing.

A playful little grin curled his lips and Jimin grabbed both of Yoongi’s hands between his own. That heavy gaze was still focused on his collarbone but when he tugged, Yoongi finally met his gaze. They shared a soft smile before Jimin tugged at his hands and pulled him over toward the bed.

Jimin still had yet to figure out what Yoongi wanted out of him in the long run. Some moments, he was certain Yoongi would want to pin him down and take him but then, when the vampire got a little shy, Jimin almost thought Yoongi wanted to be the one taken. It didn’t matter to Jimin in the least and he thought they would figure it out as they went along.

For now, Jimin grabbed at Yoongi’s shoulders after they kicked off their shoes and pulled him down on the bed with him, laying back into the soft blue covers that smelled lightly of flowers. Yoongi went willingly, crawling up the bed with Jimin’s hands on his biceps until the human was comfortable in a pile of pillows and the vampire was between his willingly spread thighs.

This was much more comfortable and Jimin let out a pleased sigh. Yoongi’s weight was careful against his lower body, the vampire keeping his distance either out of nerves or shyness or respect. But Jimin didn’t want Yoongi to keep his distance.

“Come here, baby.” He purred softly, reaching for the man who easily fell into his arms. Jimin’s hands went back into soft strands of blond and Yoongi nuzzled into the curve of his neck, pressing a soft kiss to the skin that made Jimin shiver ever so slightly. His weight was light but settled carefully against his lower body and Jimin enjoyed the stretch of his thighs as they spread to accommodate the vampire’s thin hips.

“This whole room smells like you.” Yoongi mumbled against his skin, pursing his lips for another kiss.

Jimin hummed and tilted his head for better access, enjoying the feel of soft lips against his neck and soft hair between his fingers. “Well, it’s mine. I come by in my free time just to get a little comfortable.”

“You don’t scar.” Yoongi pointed out, an observation he seemed rather surprised by.

“Mm. That’s why Seokjin gives us two weeks. Enough time to heal and gain our energy back.” Jimin answered, petting through soft strands of hair while Yoongi’s lips mapped out every dip and curve of his neck. “I’ve got a lot of pent up energy, pretty boy.” He wiggled slightly beneath the vampire and smirked at the way Yoongi’s tongue lapped against his pulse.

“You’re the pretty one.” Yoongi murmured against his skin, making Jimin preen from the compliment.

“Oh, baby, you flatter me.” He brushed a bit of hair away from Yoongi’s ear to see the flush of color over it. “But I saw you as soon as I walked into the lounge earlier. You command the attention of the room, baby. So soft, so pretty.” He praised, brushing back hair from Yoongi’s face as the man lifted his head to meet his gentle gaze. “And you smell so sweet. I’m only human, I can’t imagine what you smell like to others. I’m almost certain if Jungkook wasn’t already taken, he would have scented you up a little bit.”

Yoongi made a soft disgruntled noise against his throat before he moved down to his collarbone, planting feather soft kisses to his skin. “Never had another vampire interested before.”

“I find that hard to believe, baby.” Jimin hummed, arching his back slightly into the vampire’s mouth. “Pretty little mouth like that could tempt the purest of people.”

He felt the soft smile against his skin and he couldn’t help but giggle, glancing down to see Yoongi mouthing along his prominent collar bone. “I doubt you’re pure, Jimin.”

A shiver went up his torso from the way Yoongi said his name and his smile twisted slightly. “Oh, baby, I didn’t claim I was pure. I’ve got a pretty little mouth but it’s a filthy thing if you’ll let me show you.”

Yoongi laughed softly in the back of his throat, trailing his lips to the other side of Jimin’s neck to plant more soft kisses. He sighed in contentment at the feeling and let his hands slide free from Yoongi’s hair to feel over the muscles of his back through the soft fabric of his tank.

“Mmm, I don’t know what you’re doing but it feels pretty nice.” Jimin admitted, tilting his head so Yoongi could kiss all the way up to under his ear. The warm pleasure pooled in the pit of his stomach and though the urge for more was there, he was enjoying the soft affection a little bit more. He would let Yoongi kiss him all over at this rate because it just felt so very good.

“I’m used to being shoved against the closest available surface and sucked on as soon as that door closes.” Jimin continued, rolling his eyes up to the soft blue canopy as Yoongi kissed his way back down his throat, over his collarbone and to the center of his chest. “Which is nice. I like that but this,” he paused to breath out heavily and he wiggled slightly against the mattress while Yoongi’s lips found that special place against his throat that he always came back to and always made Jimin flush with more heat than normal. “This is nice. You gonna bite anytime soon, baby?”

Yoongi hummed and flicked his tongue out against that spot, making Jimin sigh out in pleasure. “Eventually.”

“Mmm, are you savoring me or something first?”

“Yeah, you’re worth savoring.”

Something about those words, something about they way he breathed them out like they were the most truest words in the world made Jimin’s heart thump and his breath to stutter. He was worth savoring? What… an interesting thing for Yoongi to say. If Yoongi was going to savor him and take his time with him, Jimin sure as fuck wasn’t going to stop him. Not if he kept kissing him like that.

“Oh.” Jimin breathed out. “Oh, baby, you can savor me all night long. Just keep kissing me like that.” He nearly moaned out the words, grabbing at Yoongi’s shoulders in an attempt to pull the man’s face up to his.

There was heat in Yoongi’s eyes, a flush to his cheeks and he met Jimin halfway to press their lips together in a kiss that was a little harder than the previous ones. It was warm, perfect, and Yoongi’s weight felt so good against the bottom half of Jimin’s body. He wanted more, needed more, because he was only feeling the bare hint of arousal but taking their time was appealing.

Yoongi gave him a few soft, gentle kisses to his mouth before he was pulling away to kiss at his throat again. Jimin breathed out a pleasured sigh and clung to Yoongi’s shoulders, lifting his legs a little bit in order to hug his thighs around Yoongi’s waist. The man took the hint and dropped down, giving weight to where their hips connected in the most sinful of ways. It was careful, gentle, without a lot of pressure behind it but it was oh so perfect.

There were urges bubbling beneath the surface that called to Jimin for a bit more but he ignored them in favor of the way Yoongi lovingly slathered his throat in kisses and kitten licks. It felt so good, too good. He couldn’t explain why, but his mind was going foggy with how nice it was to have Yoongi’s pretty little mouth against his pulse.

Yoongi’s weight was a solid presence against the lower half of his body and Jimin wanted to feel it all over. His skin was startling to prickle from the warmth spreading through his veins and even though Yoongi’s skin was ice cold, he could feel it already starting to warm up a little bit more. It would be warm to the touch, like human skin, once he fed but Jimin wasn’t sure when exactly that was going to happen. Yoongi had taken Jimin’s usual routine and thrown it out the window. By now, he was usually in a floating world of euphoria with fangs deep in his skin and a cock somewhere near or inside him. Instead, his head was foggy from a cloud of light pleasure, his stomach was starting to boil with heat and warm lips were driving him absolutely insane. He couldn’t tell if Yoongi was just a tease or if he really was savoring every inch of Jimin that he could.

Savoring wasn’t a thing people did with Jimin. Taehyung had savored him, he could remember that vividly but he had done so in a way much different from Yoongi. Taehyung had shoved their bodies together and rolled slowly, tortuously with his fangs in Jimin’s collarbone until they both came with shivering pleasure. That was what Jimin considered to be savoring, considering how Taehyung’s mouth remained over the small wound on his throat for a few minutes following.

But this was Yoongi and Yoongi was vastly different from any vampire he’d dealt with. Truthfully, Jimin only dealt with a handful vampires in his lifetime thanks to his returning clients but still. He couldn’t quite pick up on why Yoongi was so different. Maybe because he spent most of his life alone in the country or maybe he was just raised differently. Either way, whatever it was, Jimin was greatly enjoying it.

With each kiss and kitten lick to his skin Jimin could feel the bubbling heat in his pelvis grow and grow. Yoongi wasn’t trying to be sexual but the burning warmth was too much for Jimin to ignore. His cock was interested since the first time Yoongi planted a soft kiss to the sensitive spot on his neck but now it was at full attention. His pants were much too tight to allow such a thing and it was starting to become uncomfortable with Yoongi’s hips firm against him. There was a lot of heat between them down there and Jimin could feel the hard press of Yoongi’s own cock against his hip. It made him groan a little harder because the vampire was getting as turned on as he was but the pressure and intensity of his kisses didn’t deepen.

Yoongi was a tease, Jimin decided, even if the vampire wasn’t aware of it.

“Fuck.” Jimin groaned out, letting his eyes close once more just so he could gain some sense of control over himself. By now, Yoongi’s mouth had found its way down his torso to plant wet kisses over the bumped muscles in his stomach and honestly, it was driving Jimin insane. He wasn’t used to anyone kissing him in such places and it felt so fucking good . Yoongi’s hips were gone from his, thankfully giving his cock a bit of rest from being pressed so tightly but Jimin still wanted his pants off.

“You’re killing me, baby.” Jimin moaned out, arching his back slightly to meet Yoongi’s next kiss against the soft pudgy spot just above the hem of his tight pants. He could feel the slight smile Yoongi pressed into his skin with the next kiss and his heart puttered in his throat in a way that made him slightly dizzy. Fuck, what was this man doing to him? “Go at your own pace but for fuck’s sake,” He let out a soft little whine when those pretty lips mouthed at the line of thin dark hair leading into his pants, “my pants are too tight.”

Yoongi’s light chuckle was enough to make Jimin smile and when he managed to lift his head, Yoongi was looking up at him with sparkling eyes. Oh, what a fucking look . Yoongi’s head between his spread thighs, blond hair slightly askew from Jimin’s fingers running through it and his pretty pouty mouth flushed red from the amount of kissing. Jimin felt a solid throb run from the tip of his cock all the way to his base and judging from the way Yoongi glanced down at his crotch, the man felt the twitch. Yoongi’s eyes were constantly shifting between black and burgundy like he was struggling with keeping control of himself and that made Jimin swallow hard because fuck did he want Yoongi to let go a little bit. There was so much heat and desire in those dark orbs and Jimin was almost desperate to feel Yoongi against him all the more.

Without a word, Yoongi’s hands finally made their way to the button on Jimin’s pants and the human dropped his head in relief. Yoongi’s fingers were nimble and quick with the button and zipper on his pants. But then he paused and Jimin had to lift his head again to see what the problem was. No problem really, judging by the way Yoongi was staring hungrily at the bulge in his blue briefs peeking through the open flaps of his jeans. Something about that look flushed heat through Jimin’s body like a tidal wave and when he lifted his hips in offering, Yoongi finally started moving by grabbing the fabric around his hips and tugging it down. After a little bit of effort and a little shuffling around, Yoongi managed to pull Jimin’s pants off and drop them to the floor.

The pressure against his hardened cock was still there but the soft fabric of his briefs made it a little easier for him to breathe. He sighed in relief and then he sat up, sliding along the bed so he could toss both of his legs over either of Yoongi’s bent knees. The vampire glanced up at him in question but leaned into Jimin’s touch when he cupped his face in both hands.

“Someone has too much clothing on.” Jimin pointed out, sliding his palms over the soft flushed skin of the vampire’s cheeks before bringing their mouths together. Jimin didn’t let Yoongi keep his soft kisses this time. No, he pressed hard and firm, bringing their mouths together in a way that made the vampire grunt out the loveliest of sounds. Jimin wanted more than soft kisses, even if they were so nice and when his tongue slipped out to flick at Yoongi’s bottom lip, the vampire nearly melted against him. He pressed his smirk into the other’s mouth and then he was parting Yoongi’s lips with his tongue so he could slip inside for a soft little lick that made the vampire shiver against him. Oh, Yoongi was so cute and sweet.

“Hm? Let’s get you out of these pants, pretty baby.” Jimin’s voice was a soft husk, something laced with desire and unspoken promises against Yoongi’s mouth and he didn’t drop his hands to the man’s belt until he got a soft grunt of approval.

Yoongi’s belt was easy to unbuckle, the soft clinking sound sending little prickles of excitement over Jimin’s bare skin. The room was warm and it was bound to only get warmer the more time they spent inside of it. Jimin breathed out softly against Yoongi’s mouth when he finally had access to the button on his slacks and he pouted his mouth out for a kiss, which Yoongi was happy to give him. Soft, sweet, but still deep and sensual. Jimin hummed into the kiss as his experienced fingers made quick work of Yoongi’s slacks, tugging the flaps open and sliding his hands over the man’s hips beneath the fabric. There was smooth cool skin but also briefs in his way that he tried not to pout about. Getting Yoongi out of his pants required them to to pull apart but Jimin wasn’t quite ready for that.

Instead of pushing Yoongi away so he could remove his pants, Jimin buried his hands in those soft blond locks and plastered their mouth’s together. Yoongi’s palms were warm over the curves of his back and his mouth was pliable beneath his. Yoongi let him lead the kiss, let him tilt his head back for a better angle so he could devour the man’s mouth. Yoongi tasted sweet, like chocolate with a hint of something fresh in it. Mint, perhaps and Jimin couldn’t seem to get enough of it. When he licked into the vampire’s mouth, feeling their tongues brush together until he could pull out again to click their lips together, Yoongi’s grip on his back became more firm. It was easy to learn what the vampire liked most because he was so expressive with everything. Jimin was absolutely living for those soft grunts and sighs.

Fuck, he hadn’t been so turned on in a long time.

Knowing that Yoongi planned on savoring this, Jimin slowed down their deep kissing until it was just simple soft pecks against one anothers mouths. Yoongi made soft noises into his mouth, noises that were both sweet and sinful and Jimin wanted to hear more and more. But first, he really needed to get Yoongi out of his pants. There was too much clothing for his liking.

With a bit of effort, Yoongi finally pulled away so he could slip off the bed. Jimin watched with burning eyes as the man finally tugged his pants down his creamy thighs and dropped them to the floor. Yoongi was thin but it seemed whatever fat he did accumulate was centered around his hips, stomach and thighs, which wasn’t much by any means. He was such a pretty sexy little thing to observe as Jimin laid back into his pillows, spreading his thighs open in invitation and reaching for the man who happily came for him.

Watching Yoongi crawl toward him on the bed like a predator ready to devour him reminded Jimin in that moment that he wasn’t dealing with a human and pleasure throbbed through his cock with that realization. Everyone had their types when it came to partners. Jimin, well, he had a thing for fangs and cold skin. Yoongi being so fucking pretty and soft was such a nice added bonus.

Yoongi settled between his thighs again as if he always belonged there, fitting oh so perfectly that Jimin had to groan at the pressure. With no more tight pants in the way, Jimin could feel the weight and heat of Yoongi’s hardening cock against the curve of his hip. He slipped his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders while the vampire dropped to his elbows on either side of Jimin’s chest so he could bury his head in his neck once again.

Warm wet lips against his skin was something he could quickly get addicted to and he tilted his head to give the vampire more access. Yoongi’s body was quickly becoming more and more warm against his own and when the vampire dropped his weight, pressing their stomachs together, Jimin choked on a moan because it felt so good.

“Oh, that feels good , Yoongi.” Jimin gasped out, letting his nails dig a little into the tight muscles of the vampire’s back while he squeezed his waist between his strong thighs. 

That seemed to be the only encouragement Yoongi needed because within the next few seconds, he rolled his hips and Jimin saw stars. The pressure between their hips was a bit intense and it only took Yoongi a few grinds before he found the right pressure and the perfect pace to make Jimin gasp out a moan. Grinding was something Jimin was used to but there was something special in the way Yoongi did it. He kept his pace slow but firm, rolling their hips together so each scrape of pleasure up Jimin’s cock lingered. It was both intense and not nearly enough but Jimin rode it out because fuck did it feel good and fuck did Yoongi’s mouth against his throat promise wonders.

He let out a rather pleased moan when Yoongi’s tongue rolled out to press flat against his pulse. He had hope that Yoongi would at least tease him a little with his teeth and he wasn’t disappointed. After a few more heated grinds of their hips, Yoongi’s flat teeth pressed up against the curve of his neck and the sound Jimin made was both desperate and a little embarrassing.

Just feeling those flat teeth made pleasure spike through his cock, along with a sharp roll of Yoongi’s hips and Jimin wasn’t sure if he could hold out at this rate. Yoongi was driving him insane and though Jimin was used to getting pleasure out of things like this, he wasn’t used to his pleasure being the focus .

“Are you going to bite me?” Jimin breathed out, sounding a little more hopeful then he would have liked.

Yoongi let out a soft grunt and removed the pressure of his teeth to plant a soft wet kiss against the spot. When Jimin whined in protest, Yoongi’s body shook with silent laughter. The fucker was teasing him.

“Oh hell.” Jimin breathed out, laughing softly because he couldn’t help but find the situation a little funny. The laughter quickly turned into an unabashed moan when Yoongi gave their hips a sharp roll. “ Fuck .” He had to swallow hard at the accumulation of wetness suddenly in his mouth and his nails dug a little harder in Yoongi’s back. “You keep doing that I’m going to come.”

“I know.” Yoongi murmured against his throat, pressing his smile into the skin.

“Yeah? Is that your goal right now? Turn me into a right mess and make me come? Because I can’t say I object.” Jimin tried to sound teasing, playful and a little sultry but really he just sounded breathless because pleasure was burning across his skin like waves and his cock was straining much too hard against the fabric of his briefs and the slope of Yoongi’s stomach. “But, just so you know, I love it when I’m bitten.” Was he desperate to feel Yoongi’s fangs? Just a little bit.

Yoongi chuckled softly, a deep husky sound as he gave Jimin’s sensitive spot another kiss making him shiver. “Not yet.”

“Why not?” Jimin tried not to whine, he really did but damnit he wanted it, okay. He wanted it so badly .

“I don’t know what usually happens when you bring vampires into this room,” Yoongi started softly, his breath fanning out over Jimin’s skin and making him shiver all the more cause those hips were still grinding into his own, “but fresh blood is the tastiest when the human is at their peak.”

“Oh, I’m reaching that peak right now Yoongi, baby, I can taste it.” He purred, digging one hand into that soft hair just to have something to grab onto.

“Not yet.” Yoongi murmured again. “But soon. Maybe two more times.”

“T-Two more?” Jimin stuttered out, his eyes snapping open to stare wide eyed at the blue canopy. “Are you, shit Yoongi, are you planning on making me come more than once?”

“Is that unusual?” Yoongi sounded truly curious and he let his hips slow to a stop so he could lean up on his elbows and meet Jimin’s heated gaze. His eyes were that pretty burgundy color now and it seemed like the color was going to stay. His lips were flushed so red it almost looked like he’d already fed but Jimin knew otherwise. He was so fucking pretty and the attraction smacked Jimin upside his head like a fucking brick.

“Well.” Jimin’s mouth was suddenly too dry and when he flicked his tongue out to wet his lips, Yoongi’s gaze dropped to watch and Jimin’s chest flooded with warmth. “Yeah, that’s a little unusual.” When Yoongi’s gaze jumped up to meet his in slight alarm, Jimin hurried to explain. “I’m not complaining. Fuck , I’m not complaining. But, usually, I’ve been sucked on by now and we’re all done. There’s little… finesse with this.” He found himself laughing softly because he’d never spoken about this with anyone. “It’s never about my pleasure, baby, even if I do get pleasure out of it.”

Yoongi’s nose crinkle was perhaps the cutest thing Jimin had ever seen in his entire life. “You deserve better than that.”

Jimin’s heart stuttered in his chest. “W-What?”

“You might be paid to do this but you’re willingly doing it.” Yoongi mumbled through that natural pout of his. His eyes went a little glossy as he stared at the corner of Jimin’s mouth, like he was lost in thought. “You deserve better respect than a quick suck, Jimin.” His nose crinkled again and then he dipped down, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of Jimin’s mouth where he had been staring. “You deserve to be savored and cherished.”

Jimin’s throat went so tight it was burning. Yoongi’s words were… They were so sweet, and so kind, and spoken with so much force and seriousness that Jimin didn’t know what to say in response. Jimin always loved the attention he got from this aspect of his life but he never took a step back and thought he deserved something more or something different. Yet here was this vampire, a virtual stranger to Jimin, telling him he deserved so much more than a quick fuck against the closest available surface and well, he was a little dazed from that.

The warmth suddenly washing over his body had nothing to do with the sexual urges still boiling under the surface. This warmth was different, a little special and Jimin was still left speechless. He didn’t know what to do, or what to say. All of his experience sure as fuck didn’t prepare him for something like this.

“You’re not used to that.” Yoongi mumbled against his mouth and then kissed his way over his cheek. “I’d be honored if you let me show you how you’re supposed to be appreciated.”

“Well, shit, how am I gonna say no to that?” Jimin giggled out nervously, tightening his fingers in Yoongi’s hair just to feel something that was real. “And here I thought you were all shy and cute.” Well, he was still cute considering the way the tips of his ears went a little red.

“I ain’t tasted fresh blood in years.” Yoongi admitted. “If I’m doing it, I’m doing it right.”

“Then, by all means,” Jimin breathed out, petting his free hand down the dips in Yoongi’s spine, “Do it the right way.”

Yoongi moaned ever so faintly in the back of his throat and then Jimin found his body pressed harder into the mattress and he tilted his head back more so Yoongi’s mouth could find that sensitive spot on his throat again.

“You know you’re gorgeous.” Yoongi mumbled against his warm skin, trailing his lips over the edge of his jaw and then down his neck. “But do you have any fucking idea how good you smell? How delicious you taste?”

Jimin’s body rolled with heat at the praise and his thighs twitched up, squeezing around Yoongi’s hips until they finally starting grinding down against his own once more. The scrape of pleasure was enough to make his eyes roll back into his head and the wet warmth of Yoongi’s tongue against his throat only amplified the pleasure.

Everything was much too warm, much too tight and much too deep for him to keep control of himself for much longer. He did the best he could in rolling his hips up to meet Yoongi’s little grinds and that only made the vampire press him harder into the mattress. It was too much and not enough and Jimin was certain if Yoongi didn’t stop with the kitten licks to his neck he was going to come in his fucking underwear and he hadn’t done that since he was a teenager.

Yoongi had no intention of stopping however and with each tight grind of their hips, Jimin’s pleasure pooled and pooled until it was ready to snap and be set free. The soft sounds coming through his lips were beyond his control and at some point, he had started to call out to Yoongi in a soft mantra of “baby” and the vampire’s name. It urged the other on all the more and Jimin tucked away the fact that Yoongi loved the little pet names to use to his advantage later. For now, all he could focus on was the burning pleasure, the way Yoongi pressed his flat teeth against his neck and the solid weight of the vampire’s body atop his own.

He could feel Yoongi’s cock, hard and heavy against the curve of his hip and he wanted to taste it, feel it, see it. He wanted it inside him; his mouth or his ass, he didn’t care. He just wanted to feel the vampire’s cock without the layer of fabric between them but he couldn’t even voice such a desire because he was too busy moaning and gasping at the pleasure rocking through his body with each tight grind of Yoongi’s hips.

The pleasure snapped when Yoongi finally sunk his teeth into his flesh hard enough to spike a hint of pain. He didn’t break skin, didn’t even use his fangs, but Jimin was already too sensitive to care. When those flat teeth sunk against his skin, Jimin’s pleasure snapped forth into a tidal wave that crashed through his body and made him whine out Yoongi’s name a little loudly. He felt the way his cock twitched and spurted between their hips, the way Yoongi breathed heavily into his throat as he rode out his climax. It was all too much and his body twisted beneath Yoongi’s to chase after the lingering pleasure trapped between them.

When Jimin whined out from over-sensitivity, Yoongi finally stopped rolling his hips and released the pressure between them. Jimin sighed out in relief and his arms dropped from around Yoongi’s shoulders because he felt heavy and satisfied. The sheets were warm and soft against his skin while Yoongi pressed soft sweet kisses over his nose, cheeks and closed eyelids. They were so sweet they made Jimin’s throat tight but he was too blissed out from his climax to think too hard on how much he enjoyed them.

“I…” Jimin had to pause and swallow a few times to clear his worn throat and when he fluttered his eyes open, he found himself stunned into silence because Yoongi was watching him with such a strange expression. It was almost loving and heat flushed over Jimin’s cheeks in embarrassment. Yoongi’s eyes flickered from his lips to his eyes and his expression was still so soft that it took Jimin a few tries before he could piece words together. “I haven’t come in my pants since I was a teenager.”

His attempt at a light joke broke the intense atmosphere and Yoongi snorted, closing his eyes as a fond smile curled to his lips. He had such a pretty and sweet smile when his lips curled up over his gums and Jimin found his own lips lifting up into a bright smile in return. There was something soft between them, something sweet that Jimin could feel bubbling at the surface just waiting to be explored.

Now wasn’t the time for that however and so Jimin grabbed at Yoongi’s cheeks and brought him down for another firm kiss.

“That was so good, baby.” Jimin whispered against his mouth while he hooked his thighs up over his waist again, wanting to feel him as close as possible because Jimin was a cuddler after sex but he never had the chance to explore that until now.

“I’m not done.” Yoongi pointed out against his lips making Jimin groan faintly.

“I’m gonna need a minute. Or twelve. My bounce back period is short but not that damn quick.”

“Can I taste you?” The question was asked softly into the corner of his mouth and Jimin blinked his eyes open in confusion.

“Baby, you can taste whatever you want.”

Yoongi seemed pleased with that answer because the next thing Jimin knew, the vampire was kissing down his chest and stomach softly. They were such nice kisses, such sweet kisses that made his post-climax skin fizzle all the more with warmth. And then Yoongi had his mouth against the wetness in his briefs and Jimin’s eyes snapped open.

He watched in a mixture of shock and arousal as Yoongi mouthed at the wetness from his climax. The vampire’s eyes were closed, so Jimin couldn’t see what he was thinking but the bliss on his face made Jimin believe he was enjoying what he could taste. He wasn’t against Yoongi tasting his come but he was surprised the man even wanted to. Add to the list of firsts Yoongi was giving Jimin.

Yoongi’s fingers were careful as they plucked at the hem of his briefs and Jimin lifted his hips expectantly. When Yoongi’s eyes fluttered open, all Jimin could see was deep dark burgundy and a hunger that made him gasp in the back of his throat. With Jimin’s help, Yoongi managed to pull off his blue briefs and toss them to the floor. Now completely nude, Jimin let his thighs fall open on either side of Yoongi’s body, feeling no shame at all.

His cock was still soft against his lower stomach and glistening with the result of his earlier climax. Jimin rather liked his cock. It was thick in girth and a decent length without being too short or too long and when it was at full hardness, the tip was always a rosy red color. But right now, the poor thing was a little worn out yet that didn’t stop Yoongi from leaning down and pressing his open mouth to the base.

Jimin twitched at the sudden warmth and his eyes went wide as he watched Yoongi. It was both arousing and heart stuttering to witness Yoongi’s little pink tongue roll free from his mouth to lap at the sticky skin over his lower stomach and the base around his cock. Yoongi was cleaning him and Jimin’s heart was in his throat because not only was it fucking hot, but it was sweet and loving in a way he wasn’t used to. Yoongi let out a groan at the taste, closing his eyes so he could savor it while lapping his skin clean from his climax.

The pool in the pit of Jimin’s stomach was empty but the more Yoongi lapped at his skin in such a sensual way, the more it was starting to bubble to life. His cock was still a little numb and soft but just a little bit longer and it would start to stir to life.

“Okay, Oh fuck.” Jimin moaned out when Yoongi ran a wet stripe of his tongue up the full length of his soft cock and he felt it twitch in interest. “Okay, Okay.” He breathed out in an attempt to calm his racing heart and with extra effort he was finally able to sit up. “Come here, baby, you’re not naked enough for me.”

Yoongi came up willingly, letting Jimin settle his thighs over his bent knees again so they could press their chests together. Yoongi still had his tank and briefs on and that was too much for Jimin. He needed more skin on his skin and when he kissed Yoongi, the vampire kissed him back just as deeply.

They kissed slowly and deeply and Jimin could taste himself in Yoongi’s mouth, something that didn’t bother him all that much. He let his hands trail up and down Yoongi’s side in a soothing motion while the vampire finally felt brave enough to dig one of his hands in Jimin’s soft strands of hay blond. It felt nice to have his warming fingers against his scalp and Jimin tilted his head into the feeling.

Slowly, teasingly, Jimin slipped his fingers under the hem of Yoongi’s tank to feel the soft skin of his stomach. Yoongi shivered at the touch but didn’t shove his hands away, even arched his back into the feeling. Jimin imagined his hands must have felt extra warm against Yoongi’s cool skin because he could feel it prickle at his touch. He trapped Yoongi’s plump lower lip between both of his and suckled gently while raising his tank up to reveal more soft pale skin. Yoongi was a bit more toned than Jimin expected and it made him wonder all the more what the man did before coming to the city but now wasn’t the time to find out.

Pulling away to tug Yoongi’s tank off took a great amount of effort and once the fabric was over his head, their lips found each other again. Jimin didn’t care what happened to the fabric once it was out of his way. All he cared about was trapping Yoongi’s lips with his own and feeling over all that soft pale skin he now had access too.

A warm hand found the small of his back and Jimin arched into the touch. Next thing he knew, his back hit the mattress and Yoongi had him pinned down once again with his hips. Jimin whined into the vampire’s mouth because he wasn’t done undressing him but he quickly let it go when Yoongi’s mouth found his throat again.

Yoongi didn’t kiss softly this time. No, he opened his mouth against the sensitive spot, hallowed his cheeks and sucked. Jimin’s body jerked at the heat and pleasure and he clawed at Yoongi’s shoulders in an attempt to steady himself. He wasn’t prepared for such a thing and with how hard Yoongi sucked, he was bound to leave a mark and Jimin was a-okay with that. Fuck, he wanted Yoongi to mark him up all over.

By the time Yoongi finally pulled away, Jimin’s neck was throbbing, he was panting and his cock was twitching to life with interest. Fuck, Yoongi barely had to touch him and he had Jimin a panting wiggling mess. He was too good at whatever it was he was doing and Jimin found it hard to believe the man hadn’t tasted fresh blood in years. With a mouth like that, Jimin could imagine people lining up just to feel it against their skin. Hell, he’d be first in line.

“What’s next, hm?” Jimin panted out, feeling a little lightheaded. “Are you going to fuck me? Cause I’m ready, baby, oh fuck am I ready.”

Yoongi pressed his smile just under his jawline and then he pulled back, flashing him a cheeky little smirk that made Jimin smack his thigh in protest. “Not yet.”

“You know what,” Jimin pouted and slapped his thigh again, “I’m getting real sick of that phrase.”

For a second, Yoongi looked genuinely afraid like Jimin was actually upset with him but when he flashed the vampire a soft smile, Yoongi seemed to realize he was only playing with him. Yoongi let out a soft sigh and nuzzled their cheeks together before pulling away.

“I was hoping you’d let me taste you some more.”

“I’m not gonna stop you.” Jimin breathed out, arousal and excitement curling up the back of his spine because if Yoongi was going to suck his cock into his mouth Jimin was so fucking there for it. Yoongi’s pretty little smile was worth his slightly flustered state. “There’s lube in the top drawer,” He flicked his hand at the night stand just beside the bed, “if you need it.”

Yoongi nodded in understanding but instead of going for the lube he slipped down Jimin’s body and took his stirring cock instead. Jimin’s head hit the pillow with a whispered ‘oh maker’ while Yoongi’s mouth found the tip of his stirring cock and suckled. It was such an amazing feeling, those pretty pink plump lips kissing and suckling at the tip of his hardening cock and they’d only just begun. Jimin had no idea what Yoongi had planned but he was pretty sure he would go along with whatever the vampire wanted to do with him. He was certain it would end in a pleasurable climax so why would he fight it. He knew, at some point when Yoongi was ready, he would finally feel those fangs in his skin and he was sure the wait would be worth it.

Yoongi’s mouth was soft and wet against the heated skin of his cock and though Yoongi didn’t take him fully into his mouth, it was enough to bring him to full hardness. The pleasure that burned over his body was much deeper than the pleasure he felt before, sinking into his bones and easing out the tightness in his muscles. It was a slow build, dripping like honey into the pit of his stomach and Jimin savored it because it felt so fucking good.

Yoongi’s mouth left burning trails of warmth over the length of his cock and then down around the base, where he lapped around the trimmed hair and soft skin. Jimin wanted to dig his hands in Yoongi’s soft hair but he was afraid he might tug too much so he clutched at the blankets beneath him instead. Yoongi’s hands were gentle as they brushed over Jimin’s thighs and then he hooked a hand under his knee, lifting a thigh so it could rest over his shoulder. Jimin’s eyes fluttered open at the movement and he glanced down just in time to see Yoongi latch his mouth onto his thigh.

He shivered at the feeling, watching with wide eyes as Yoongi sucked at the skin until there was a light red mark left behind. Then he trailed farther up his inner thigh, leaving soft kisses until he found the junction where leg met hip. He sucked another mark into his golden skin there, making Jimin gasp out in pleasure and his cock to twitch along the curve of his other hip. Yoongi’s lips were something Jimin could quickly become addicted to.

“So pretty.” Yoongi murmured against his skin making Jimin’s face flush with heat. “So delicious, so savory. So fucking good.”

“Oh, baby.” Jimin breathed out, lifting a hand from the blankets to curl around the hand Yoongi had on his thigh. “Keep talking to me like that and I’ll want you to do more filthy things with that pretty mouth of yours.”

Yoongi’s eyes flashed up at him while his lips curled up into a smirk. He didn’t give Jimin an answer and instead choose to suck another mark into the skin near the base of his hard cock. Heat dripped into the pit of his stomach and Jimin choked on a moan, clutching at the hand dimpling the skin of his thigh.

When that mouth dropped to the tight skin just beneath his testicles, Jimin nearly called out in surprise and pleasure. “Okay, wow, fuck, if you’re gonna do that, let me roll over.” The words were rushed, harshly whispered and when Yoongi glanced up at him, he seemed to debate that option before finally nodding in agreement.

Jimin had never moved so fast in his life. Flipping over onto his stomach was easy and with Yoongi’s hands still on his thighs, he found a comfortable position on his elbows and knees, his back arched and his ass in the air. Yoongi’s hand guided his thighs open a little bit more until there was a nice stretch and he expected the man to reach for the lube at some point but he didn’t even bother. It made him wonder what Yoongi was planning. He assumed the man was going to prep him, which was great but when Yoongi’s mouth dropped to one rounded globe and bit into the skin, Jimin was no longer concerned with whatever the fuck was going to happen next.

He found one of the many pillows to hug to his chest, making it easier to rest his chin so his shoulders and back weren’t straining too much. He was low enough to the mattress for the tip of his cock to brush over the soft covers and he whimpered, the pleasure starting to bubble and burst over his skin.

Yoongi’s long fingers were wide enough to grab one plump globe in each hand and stretch apart. He gasped into the pillow at the feeling of his puckered rim being exposed to the air and as much as he wanted to look over his shoulder and see Yoongi’s reaction, he found himself a little too embarrassed to do so. He felt warm breath against his skin and he shivered, clutching the pillow tighter and burying his face into the soft floral scented fabric.

Yoongi had a pretty little mouth but apparently he had no issues getting dirty with it and when he pressed a soft kiss to Jimin’s puckered rim, the human lost all sense of shame in that very moment. Oh, how he had dreamed someone would eat him out but the opportunity never rose and yet there was Yoongi doing it oh so willingly without even being asked. The vampire was full of all kinds of surprises.

Like licking firmly against the rim until Jimin was whimpering into his pillow. The sparkling of pleasure was unlike anything he had ever felt before and he didn’t want it to stop anytime soon. Yoongi was careful, and gentle, as he kept his ass spread but his mouth was fucking filthy. He kissed and licked until Jimin could feel the wetness of his skin cooling in the warm air of the room. There was a moment where one of Yoongi’s thumbs rubbed over the puckered rim and he choked on another moan, expecting the man to slip it inside but instead of his thumb, Jimin found his spine snapping because Yoongi’s tongue pressed through the first tight ring of muscles.

Jimin was clean, he was always as clean as he could be because he expected to get fucked. But having a tongue inside of him was the last thing he expected and it felt so good his thighs were trembling.

“Oh fuck , Yoongi. That’s-Oh, so good . Mhmmph, I didn’t- Oh ,” He cut himself off with a moan when Yoongi’s tongue pressed a little deeper. He couldn’t get far with his cute little pink tongue but it was just enough to drive Jimin nuts. It was so hot, so slick, and just thick enough to make him feel a little stretch. He was hoping Yoongi might stick a finger or two in him soon because the sooner he prepared him, the sooner he could feel Yoongi’s cock inside of him and hopefully, those fangs in his skin.

When Jimin wiggled his ass back into Yoongi’s mouth, he felt the smirk on the man’s lips and he let out a whine. He needed more, just a little bit more. Yoongi seemed to get his desire because then there was a finger circling around his rim, along with Yoongi’s tongue. There was enough wetness to make the initial press of his finger easy and Jimin opened up for him without hesitation. One finger, even one as long and elegant as Yoongi’s, wasn’t enough to make him hurt and with the help of Yoongi's mouth, the slide was wet and perfect.

Yoongi took his time in pushing his middle finger past the tight muscle and rubbing against his inner walls. The pleasure was tight, intense, and had Jimin mouthing out his moans into the pillow. It was so good and it was only one finger. His cock twitched in the air, bouncing against the blankets and Jimin was sure he was about to make one hell of a mess in the sheets but he gave absolutely no fucks.

One teasing finger soon became two and Jimin arched his back, lifting his ass a little higher to give Yoongi better access. The slick wasn’t as good as it could have been with a bit of lube but Jimin was a little too far gone to currently care. Yoongi had such lovely fingers, all long and bony and they rubbed against all the perfect spots deep inside Jimin. He was slow, careful, thrusting them in and out at an easy pace while also rubbing against his inner walls.

“You take them so well.” Yoongi sounded a little breathless himself and twisted his wrist so his fingers jerked and Jimin moaned out at the feeling. “Beautiful.” He whispered, planting a kiss to the tail of his spine and then he was kissing all the way up, leaving sparks of pleasure in his wake until his lips were at the back of Jimin’s neck.

Yoongi was careful as he hooked his fingers inside of him, making it easier for him to thrust them in and out while he buried his face in the curve of his neck. Jimin did his best to turn his head and find some part of Yoongi’s face that he could see. He found the round of a cheek and that was good enough for him. Yoongi’s skin was so warm pressed against his back and even though it wasn’t Yoongi’s cock in him, it sure felt like the man was fucking him nice and tight.

“Keep fucking me like that and I’ll come.” Jimin warned him, shoving his face back into the pillow.

“Good.” Yoongi breathed into his ear and his fingers dipped in deeper, slamming against that special bundle of nerves and Jimin saw stars.

Oh Yoongi .” He breathed out a moan and started to knead the pillow hugged to his chest. “What are you doing to me? That’s so-so fucking good.”

“I’ve got you.” Yoongi promised, kissing the skin just below the soft curls of hay blond at the nape of his neck and making him shiver.

There was a moment where Yoongi had to pull back so he could shift around and Jimin whined at the lack of their skin touching before Yoongi was back, wrapping his free arm around his waist so he could get his hand on his dripping cock. It was too much, really. Yoongi’s fingers were oh so perfect inside of him, hitting hard against his sweet spot and curling around the girth of his cock to stroke along with his thrusts.

It was only a matter of time before Jimin exploded with pleasure and with the way it was crawling up his throat and prickling the tips of his fingers, Jimin knew it was coming soon. Yoongi knew just how to touch him, just how to thrust his fingers keep enough to spark stars in his vision and squeeze around the head of his dripping cock until he was moaning nonsense into the pillow.

All it took were those flat teeth biting into the mark on the side of neck Yoongi made earlier and Jimin was gone.   

His climax this time was less of a burst of pleasure and more like an incredibly slow burn that spread over his body until he was gasping for air because it was all too much. Yoongi’s fingers were ruthless against his sweet spot and squeezed around the tip of his throbbing cock. He didn’t even hear himself climax but he felt the waves of boiling hot pleasure crash over him until he couldn’t feel anything else.

When he came back around, Yoongi was soothing a hand over the curve of his ass and whispering soft praises in his ear. Jimin’s chest was heaving with breaths but all he had was a mouthful of pillow so he turned his head to take in gasps of fresh air. His entire body felt like it was buzzing with energy and his thighs were shaking from the strain of holding the rest of his body weight up. Yoongi was still pressed against his back but the man was holding his own weight with a hand pressed into the mattress by his hip.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi finally asked when Jimin’s eyes blinked open.

“Mmm.” Was the only answer he could muster because his tongue was thick and heavy in his mouth. “Need minute.”

Yoongi hummed against the back of his neck in understanding and carefully pulled away from Jimin until he could grab one of his hips and let the human fall over to his side. With a little shoving, Yoongi helped Jimin avoid the mess he made on the blankets and the bed was large enough for them to not have to worry about the mess right now. Jimin’s legs were too numb for him to keep them up, or keep his thighs spread so he dropped down to lay flat on his back. He was so comfortable, so warm, and he ran a hand over his face just out of habit.

“Whatever you have planned next,” Jimin sighed out, dropping his hand so he could peer at Yoongi who was sat on his ass beside him, hands curled against his own stomach like he wasn’t sure what to do with them. “Give me a little bit.”

“Too much?” Yoongi asked, sounding a little worried and that wasn’t okay.

“Baby.” Jimin offered him a fond look, a sweet smile and reached out with one hand to curl over Yoongi’s shaking hands. “ Yoongi , that was wonderful.” He assured him, smiling more when Yoongi’s unsure gaze met his eyes. “Come here, you’re too far away.”

It took a little more sweet coxing before Yoongi climbed over Jimin’s body in order to curl up against his side. There was a mess on the other side of the bed and neither of them seemed too worried about cleaning it up at the moment, so Jimin wrapped both arms around Yoongi’s lithe body and let him curl up to his side. The vampire’s head fit perfectly against his shoulder and Yoongi let his hand rest on Jimin’s stomach, trailing random patterns over the skin.  

“Mmm, this is nice.” Jimin purred into soft blond hair, taking the time to plant a soft kiss. “Please tell me I’ve reached my peak or whatever it is you’re trying to do.”

Yoongi laughed breathless into the curve of his neck. “Close.”

“Oh boy.” Jimin let out a sigh that turned into a series of giggles because he felt so full and so content and so happy. “Close, hm? Does that mean I get to touch you soon?” He rubbed a hand over the curve of Yoongi’s hip in anticipation because he could feel the man’s length still hard against his thigh and yet Yoongi seemed content to let it be.

“Yeah.” Yoongi hummed out his answer, letting his eyes close for a moment.

“Yeah? How about now, baby?” He plucked at the fabric of his black briefs digging into the skin of his hip. “I’ve been wanting to touch you for awhile now and I’m going to need a little longer to get the feeling back in my dick.”

Heat flushed over the pretty apples of Yoongi’s cheeks but the man still nodded, shifting around so he could sit up again. Jimin moved to sit up with him but Yoongi’s hand on his shoulder stopped him. He watched the man in confusion as he shifted up onto his knees and removed his own underwear. Jimin sat up on his elbows, his mouth watering slightly at the sight of Yoongi’s cock finally escaping the confines of his underwear, tucked in a nice thick thatch of black hair. He wasn’t as large as Jimin, but for what he lacked in length, he made up for in girth and Jimin could imagine the nice stretch of his lips or rim around that girth. It made heat spike at his spine and if getting aroused in less than three minutes wasn’t a record for him before, it sure fucking was now.

Yoongi’s cock was as pale as the rest of him but a flush of color curled around the tip which made Jimin want to wrap his lips around it. Before he could even do so, however, Yoongi was shifting over him. He spread his pretty pale thighs wide and settled over Jimin’s waist carefully, planting his ass down right on Jimin’s soft cock and he grunted out in both surprise and pleasure.

Yoongi splayed his hands over Jimin’s stomach to settle himself and when he glanced up at the human, there was a flicker of shyness in his eyes. Oh, he was so cute sometimes. This man was completely capable of turning Jimin into a sobbing wreck while also looking like a shy little vixen sitting in his lap.

“Can I touch you now, baby?” Jimin asked softly, flicking his eyes between Yoongi’s heated gaze and his flushed red glistening cock.

Yoongi grunted his approval and Jimin didn’t waste time in wrapping his fingers around Yoongi’s girth. His fingers weren’t long enough to complete a full ring but that didn’t seem to be a problem because as soon as he was touched, Yoongi's head dropped back and he let out a soft pleasured gasp.

Jimin couldn’t choose between watching the way Yoongi’s pretty cock slipped through his fingers or the way Yoongi’s mouth relaxed with the soft pleasure. If Jimin thought he was pretty before, the vampire was fucking beautiful now. He only got in a few strokes before Yoongi’s face twisted into a grimace and he grabbed Jimin’s wrist to stop him.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin asked, afraid he had done something wrong.

“ ‘s fine.” Yoongi mumbled, rolling his eyes until they finally opened again. He was flushed over his cheeks and the button of his nose and Jimin wanted so badly to kiss him. “I’m fine.” He said again after taking a few breaths and then he leaned down, shoving Jimin’s hand to curl over his thigh instead while pressing their lips together. Jimin happily returned the kiss, slipping a little tongue for extra measure because he couldn’t seem to get enough of Yoongi’s pretty perfect mouth.

Yoongi’s hands curled around either one of his cheeks, cradling his head like it was something precious while they kissed, keeping it soft, simple and sweet. Then Jimin was the one to trail his lips away, moving over the corner Yoongi’s mouth, the soft rounded slope of his cheek, the sharp jut of his jaw and then the curve of his neck. Yoongi tilted his head for better access, letting his hands dip into Jimin’s hair to grab handfuls gently. Yoongi’s skin tasted as nice as the rest of him and Jimin was really starting to wonder what his cock might taste like, if Yoongi would let him.

It was Yoongi who finally pulled away and reached across the bed to grab at the dresser drawer. Jimin watched with lidded eyes before focusing on the arch of his ribs that were near his face. When he planted a kiss to the warm skin, Yoongi let out a soft gasp and fumbled to get his fingers around the bottle of lube.

Once Yoongi was back and settled in his lap, Jimin found his mouth again and let Yoongi grab his hands away from his waist to play with his fingers for a moment. Jimin got a little lost in that kiss and so he didn’t notice when Yoongi turned one of Jimin’s hands palm up, flicked the cap of lube and poured a generous amount into his hand. It was Yoongi who slicked up a few of Jimin’s fingers and it was Yoongi who lifted up on his knees and dragged Jimin's lubed hand to the cleft of his ass.

Oh .” Jimin breathed against Yoongi’s mouth in surprise before pulling back enough to get a good look at his face. “You want…?” Yoongi was flushed all the way to the tips of his ears but his eyes were blazing and it seemed the vampire was ready to take them to the next step. Jimin’s cock was slowly stirring to life but if he took the time to prep Yoongi, he was sure his cock would be ready and willing to go by the time he was done. “ Shit, Yoongi, you want me to?”

Yoongi nodded slowly, biting into his lower lip rather shyly as he rolled his hips back into Jimin’s hand. What a change of events and Yoongi was full of surprises. Jimin, however, was not complaining in the least because if Yoongi wanted Jimin to fuck him, well, he was going to fuck him.

“Okay, Okay baby.” Jimin inhaled deeply and wiggled around on the mattress until he sat up, shifting Yoongi to sit on his thighs so he had better access for what he was about to do. Yoongi let out a faint sigh of relief and buried his head in the curve of Jimin’s neck while the human wrapped both arms around him.

With one hand cupping the underside of his rather nice little ass, Jimin was able to slip one lubed finger between his cheeks. Yoongi’s rim was hot to the touch and Jimin groaned at the feeling, rubbing gentle circles over the pucker to slick it up all nice. Yoongi’s breath hitched against his throat and Jimin tried to focus on the best way to prep the vampire.

The first initial press of his middle finger against Yoongi’s tight rim was a little tough but after some gentle coxing, he was finally able to press through. Yoongi was even more hot inside and Jimin clenched his teeth tightly.

Yoongi took the first finger rather well, with soft gasps against his throat but no signs of pain. Jimin wasn’t actually sure he could hurt the vampire but he didn’t want to try and find out. So when he slipped in his index finger alongside his middle, he was a careful as he could be. The lube made the slide slick and Yoongi’s hole fluttered around his fingers, sucking him a little deeper.  

Jimin’s entire body shuddered at the way Yoongi sucked in his fingers and his cock twitched to life where it was resting along his pelvis. Yoongi’s hands were still in his hair, tugging and petting through the strands softly and Jimin knew he found a good spot when his grip tightened. He was careful as he spread his fingers, stretching ever so slightly and Yoongi gasped prettily into his skin. Jimin rolled his eyes back and tilted his head, thanking whatever higher power there happened to be that this vampire managed to somehow fall right into his lap.

He had Seokjin to thank as well, but that was a task for another day.

“Yoongi, baby, you’re so pretty like this” Jimin murmured into his hair, praising him because Yoongi seemed to like it just as much as he did. “You take my fingers so well.” Adding a third finger was a little more tough but once he was past the first tight ring of resistance, he slid right in. Oh, Yoongi was such a good pretty little baby and Jimin couldn’t wrap his head around what was happening much anymore. Going with the flow was the best option and if that meant he got to slid his cock into this tight heat, he was more than willing.

“You wanna ride me, pretty baby?” Jimin asked, thrusting his fingers a little deeper and relishing in the way Yoongi moaned a little louder into his throat. “Or do you want me to pin you down, hmm? Both sound lovely.”

There was a sudden flash of pin sharp teeth against his throat and Jimin froze, heat bursting up his spine like a firework. But as soon as the teeth were there, they were gone. He whimpered out of disappointment but then Yoongi’s hands were on his shoulders and shoving him back into the mattress.

There was something feral about the look in the vampire’s eyes and Jimin’s heart stuttered in his chest. Yoongi pursed his lips like he was going to say something more but he opted not to, grabbing for the bottle of lube discarded on the bed instead. Not sure what to do, Jimin could only watch as Yoongi lifted up on his knees and grabbed Jimin’s now flushed cock. It wasn’t as hard as it could be but it was on its way and Yoongi seemed content with that. He flipped the cap of the bottle open, tipped it to pool gel over Jimin’s cock and then the bottle was tossed aside in favor of Yoongi wrapping both hands around his cock and stroking it to life.

“Oh, fucking hell .” Jimin moaned out, unable to keep his sounds under control anymore. His hands found Yoongi’s knees to clutch onto but he didn't have enough time to catch his breath because the vampire shifted over him, shoved the tip of his cock between his cheeks and Jimin saw stars.

Yoongi dropped without warning, taking Jimin’s cock to the hilt and Jimin could only grab at the vampire’s thighs and hold on because holy shit. Yoongi was blazing hot and tight around his cock and the vampire didn’t seem in pain at all in taking his cock in one full swift movement.

Oh, Jimin might be a little in love.

That dangerous thought didn’t have much time to register before Yoongi was lifting off his cock only to fall back down. The rolls of his hips were perfectly timed and Jimin couldn’t tell if Yoongi was chasing his own pleasure or trying to make Jimin lose his damn mind.

He was so beautiful in Jimin’s lap, riding his cock like there was nothing else he would rather be doing. His eyes fluttered closed and his head tipped back slightly, his hands curled into fists against Jimin’s lower stomach for leverage. The pretty pink flush over his cheeks and nose was so much deeper and was now spreading down his neck and over his delectable collarbones. Oh, there was so much about the vampire that made Jimin drool and he wasn’t sure he would ever get enough.

“Good, ‘s good.” Yoongi gasped through his pursed lips, rolling his hips back so Jimin slammed deep inside.

It was in that moment that Jimin decided it was time to stop being a spectator and become an active participant. Yoongi’s eyes opened partly to watch as Jimin slipped his hands over to cup either side of his waist and lifted up to plant his feet against the mattress. Yoongi fumbled forward at the angle change until he found his way back into Jimin’s neck which seemed to be his favorite place.  

Yoongi’s entire body weight was now resting against Jimin’s front and he smiled into the man’s hair, grabbing his hips a little tighter so he had something to hold onto when he thrusted his hips upwards.

Yoongi moaned into his throat, clutched at his shoulders and rubbed his ass down into him just for a little bit more. The pleasure was overwhelming on Jimin’s sensitive cock but it wasn't about him anymore. No, he was too focused on making Yoongi feel as amazing as the vampire made him feel. He could hold out, he knew he could, and so he pressed his mouth into Yoongi’s hair and found a good leverage to thrust up into him at a slow but hard pace.

Yoongi did his best to roll his hips back and meet Jimin’s thrusts but he eventually gave up, letting the human do as he pleased while mouthing at his throat like a starving man. The angle was a little strenuous to keep up but Jimin could tell by the way Yoongi was gasping against his skin that the vampire wouldn’t last much longer anyway. His pleasure had been bubbling up ever since the first time they kissed and he’d kept it all to himself until now. Jimin was ready to see him let it all go.

The first press of pin sharp needles against the arch of his throat made Jimin’s eyes roll into the back of his head and his hips stuttered slightly. Yoongi made the softest whimper, bringing him back to reality and Jimin had to grip his hips a little harder to gain better control over himself. He wanted nothing more than to make Yoongi feel the most pleasure he had ever felt before in his life and Jimin needed to keep his head on properly to do that. But those fangs were just as small as Yoongi’s flat teeth and they felt so good tickling his skin.

“So good, pretty baby.” Jimin gasped out, knowing Yoongi would appreciate the pet name and judging by the way those teeth pressed a little more firm, he was right. “I’ve got you, I’ve got you, Yoongi.”

There was a soft guttural moan that was the least human thing Jimin had ever heard and prickled heat over the back of his sweat slicked neck.

Jimin found a better angle to thrust his hips up and the soft squish of his cock thrusting into Yoongi was enough to make the pool of heat in his stomach bubble over. Those pin sharp teeth were a promise and Jimin was so ready for them. He picked up his pace, feeling his muscles lock and tighten with each roll of his hips but Yoongi was pliant and oh so very soft above him, carefully moving his hips to accept Jimin’s cock inside him with each thrust.

There was no warning to Yoongi’s climax. One minute the vampire was panting and teasing against his neck and the next his hips slammed down hard and Jimin gasped out from the pressure of fangs in his neck. When fangs first sliced through his skin, there was a burst of pain that made him whine but then it was gone, replaced with a euphoric feeling Jimin could never put into words. It spread over his body almost like the pleasure of a climax but he hadn’t reached that yet.

Yoongi, however, had and he was still rolling back into Jimin’s cock like he was chasing the feeling. Jimin’s mind went foggy from the fangs in his skin but he managed to roll his hips up a few more times to chase after his own final climax. It wasn’t until Yoongi’s pretty red lips wrapped around the wound and sucked that Jimin’s orgasm was punched out of him. It hit him hard, like a fucking truck and he tightened his arms around Yoongi’s waist so tightly he was sure to hurt him if he weren’t a vampire.

Jimin became so lost in his pleasure that he couldn’t tell if he was floating or not. He had no clue what was going on anymore and the only thing he could feel the was burning hot fire spreading through his entire body. His heart was thundering, such a loud sound in his head and he thought, perhaps, he could hear Yoongi moaning close by.

This was what he lived for. This was why he did the part time job that he did; for these few moments of absolute bliss that he couldn’t feel anywhere else. It was a drug and he was completely addicted. But still, with Yoongi, there was something different about it. He could feel more, sense more. He could tell that Yoongi was savoring his blood, just like he savored the rest of him and that simple thought of how he could fall in love with this came flooding back to him in full force.

He didn’t know what to think, only that he agreed. Yoongi was definitely someone he could possibly fall in love with given the chance. But now was not the time to bring that up.

Jimin couldn’t say how long he floated around in his own pleasure before Yoongi’s lips finally pulled free from his throat. His down wasn’t at all a severe crash, as it sometimes could be. No, Yoongi’s mouth found his and kissed him deeply, repeatedly until he came down slowly and softly.

When Jimin fluttered his eyes open, Yoongi was smiling so fucking fondly at him that it made Jimin’s heart ache. There was a hint of blood in the corner of his pretty flushed mouth and when his tongue slipped to the side to lick it free, Jimin groaned from how gorgeous he was. Yoongi’s smile grew a little bit more and he pressed one more kiss to Jimin’s mouth before he pulled away.

Currently, Jimin couldn’t fucking move and so he was grateful when Yoongi wandered into the attached bathroom and came back with a little cloth to clean them up with. Jimin’s skin was buzzing with warmth and each time Yoongi touched him, it was like sparklers. He couldn’t get enough of it.

Once he was all clean from the mess the two of them made, Yoongi lingered by the edge of the bed like he wasn’t sure what to do with himself. He was still bare naked, his cock soft but flushed between his thighs and the rest of his body that pretty ink color Jimin was growing fond of. But now his eyes were fading back into black and he looked so unsure it made Jimin’s throat throb.

It took a lot of effort for Jimin to wiggle around on the bed and get the blanket untrapped from under his body. Yoongi watched with wide unsure eyes as Jimin kicked the soiled blanket to the floor and then tugged the sheets around his naked body. He could use a shower, his brow still prickled with sweat but there were more important matters at hand.

“Baby,” he swallowed hard to ease his worn throat and opened up the sheet, “Baby, come here.”

When Jimin reached for him, Yoongi came willingly. He crawled onto the bed with Jimin under the sheet and curled up against his side like he had done earlier. Warmth surrounded them from head to toe and Yoongi fit so well tucked under his head. Carefully, Jimin trapped one of Yoongi’s thighs between his own and let the vampire use one bicep as a pillow so they could lay side by side comfortably.

“Yoongi, that was fucking incredible.” He finally murmured, burying his nose in slightly damp blond hair to nuzzle. “Seriously, best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Yoongi laughed nervously against the curve of his throat and planted another kiss over his healing bite mark. “Fucking delicious.”

Jimin preened slightly and held the man a little tighter. “Does that mean you’ll come back, hm? Cause I’d really like you to come back, Yoongi. I’d love for you to book me ahead of time. Ah, shit,” he pressed his lips into his hair, “you can have me all to yourself if you fuck like that all the time.”

Yoongi snorted, a soft little embarrassed sound. “All to myself?”

Jimin nodded eagerly and kissed his way down the curve of Yoongi’s face until he could dip down and find his soft lips again. Yoongi’s eyes were twinkling with something that made Jimin’s heart thump.

“Or,” Jimin murmured, feeling his heart crawling up the back of his throat like it was ready to burst free, “You could just, call me maybe.”

Yoongi’s eyes opened a little wider at that. “C-Call you?”

“When you’re hungry.” Jimin sniffed and glanced away, feeling heat curl to his cheeks from the intense hopeful stare Yoongi was giving him. “Or, you know, if you just wanna see me.”

“Are you…” Yoongi swallowed hard and licked at his lips again, tasting Jimin’s lingering blood. “Jimin, what are you saying?”

“I’m saying maybe I wouldn’t mind seeing you more than once every two weeks.” He mumbled out, slightly embarrassed by his own words because, what was he doing ? Well he was following his heart instead of his dick for once and that was a good start he thought.

“Why?” Yoongi sounded so shocked, so surprised, and it made Jimin realize the man never had someone want him like this. Truthfully, Jimin had never wanted someone like this before but semantics.

He was careful as he rolled Yoongi onto his back and laid over the vampire for the first time of the night. He slipped one leg beneath Yoongi’s thighs, making it easier to press together without touching either of their sensitive cocks. He leaned up on his elbows and peered down at Yoongi with the best smile he could muster.

“I’ve never felt so good, Yoongi. You did that to me. And I have a feeling there’s a lot more you have to offer than just sexual pleasure, hm?” He quirked up one corner of his mouth and giggled faintly at the way Yoongi’s wide eyes dropped to his mouth. “Take me out to dinner and we’ll see where this goes.”

“I…” Yoongi’s throat jumped from how hard he swallowed. “Like a date?”

“Mmmhmm.” Jimin hummed, much too pleased with how flustered the man beneath him was. Hell, if Jungkook could be happy with his pretty little human than why the fuck wouldn't Jimin try to be that pretty little human for Yoongi? It was worth exploring at least. “If you want.”

“Fuck, Jimin, do I want .” Yoongi groaned out and grabbed at the back of his neck to shove their mouths together for a deep kiss.

Jimin melted into the vampire’s hold, much too pleased with himself to ignore the needs of his body. They’d talk about his job later but Jimin had full plans for going on a small vacation just to see how he and Yoongi worked out. It wasn’t like he needed the money anyway. Yoongi’s pretty gummy smile was well worth giving up this job if it meant he got to see it directed at him every day. And if they could fall in love along the way well, Jimin would never regret any of his choices.  

Seokjin would understand, anyway.