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Masumi Sera was sleeping in her hospital bed however, she wasn't peaceful. She whimpered and cried during her sleep. On her face was a bandage that covered the cut on her cheek. Also, tears streaked down her face. The rest of her body was wrapped in bandages, like she was a mummy. The bandages hide the horrible scars that she will carry for the rest of her life.

Cleaning the wounds was terrible to Masumi because during those times, they burned and itched. She couldn't scratch them for fear that they would bleed out again. She was in a coma and that made the doctors' jobs easier. The patient wasn't screaming and trashing about during the stitching part.

When Masumi first opened her eyes, she whimpered from the light and she closed her eyes from the burning light. When Ran noticed that her friend was awake, she gently called out to her. "Sera-san?" Ran called out, gently stroking Masumi's black and short hair.

Masumi opened her eyes and she saw a brown haired girl looking at her in concern. Wh-Who are you?" Masumi asked, confused. Ran looked hurt at the question, but she covered it up with a smile. The doctor did say that memory loss will be part of the problem. Ran thought.

Ran looked at Masumi and she thought that Masumi was vulnerable. She thought it was cute, but the girl was vulnerable. Ran thought that it was very strange. Masumi was shyly hiding in the hospital bed cover. "I'm Mouri Ran." Ran greeted the girl formally to not scare her even more. 

When Masumi finally showed her face to the older girl, Masumi thought she saw anger and regret in the girl's eyes. She looked away in fear of getting hit again. "Please, don't hurt me." Masumi begs of Ran.

"I would never." Ran answers Masumi quickly and softly. Masumi hid her face again and she fell asleep. Ran sighed at Masumi falling asleep while laying up in bed. She shifted Masumi so the girl was laying down. Masumi's soft snores made Ran happy. "Who the hell did this to you?" Ran asked. She knew that Masumi couldn't answer right now because she was sleeping and she is suffering from memory loss.

"What the hell happened?" Ran's dad, Detective Mouri demanded, waking up Masumi.

At the sight of Detective Mouri, Masumi started to whimper and cry.