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For as long as he can remember, Shota has been stuck with Hizashi. Pretty much every memory of note that he has, Hizashi is there, and the two of them have always been together. Since the two of them are Mornings, it always seemed a shame that they were both men.

If they’re to have a proper sedoretu, then they can’t actually marry one another, though, at some point, Shota begins to realize that they’re more likely to not have a proper sedoretu and end up in the same marriage, than they are to going their separate ways. He and Hizashi have always been together, and to actually be able to get rid of him seems too good to be true.

They’re going to end up together, because Shota is stuck with Hizashi, and he always will be.


Emi is annoying as all hell, and she latches onto Shota whenever they have to work together, and flirts with him so shamelessly. He’s not used to that, both because he’s so standoffish that most people find him hard to approach, and because he’s almost always got Hizashi with him, and he has his own way of scaring off potential prospects.

So dealing with Emi’s behavior is weird, to say the least, and she tells him that, since she’s an Evening, that it’s meant to be. “You wouldn’t want me to end up all alone, would you?” she asks. “You’ve absolutely got to marry me!”

“Not happening,” he replies every time.

“Can’t you take me out? At least once?”


But she always laughs it off and tries again, and forces her way into his life. After dealing with Hizashi for so many years, Shota promised himself he wouldn’t get close to anyone else so damn loud , but Emi doesn’t give him a single chance to escape.

The worst comes on evening, when she tags along with him after work, and meets Hizashi, who decided today was the perfect day to hang around and wait for Shota. The two have seen each other less lately, as their hero careers drift in very different directions, so he has a habit of surprising Shota now. This is how Hizashi and Emi meet, and how Emi invites herself drinking with them and Hizashi agrees that she should be able to come, and how Shota is dragged out with them, very much against his will.

The two of them hit it off, and Emi, whilst very intoxicated, proposes to Hizashi as well, claiming that she doesn’t care that he isn’t a woman. Hizashi, whilst also very intoxicated, accepts this proposal, and Shota knows that there’s no way in hell he’s ever going to have another moment of peace in his entire life.


And, as much as he wants to deny it, he gets as used to having Emi around as he does Hizashi, and the three of them, though an odd assortment, become as inseparable as they can be, given their work schedules. Eventually, they all become teachers, and though Emi goes to another school, while Hizashi and Shota get hired on at UA, it’s not as if he could actually get rid of her.

But teaching is a much more demanding job, and there isn’t as much free time left to think about things like marriage, or a fourth person. The only people Shota sees are his students and his fellow teachers and, with the exception of Hizashi, those are all out of the question. After all, dating a coworker is highly unprofessional, and even Hizashi tries to keep their platonic relationship as subtle as possible whenever they’re at school.

From the beginning, Shota dislikes working with All Might. He has several reasons for this, but the biggest of these has to be the simple fact that the other man is too damn loud . At the very least, too flashy for his own good, even as he settles into what is supposed to be a more subtle and relaxed job. The two share some students, but that is all that they have in common.

The fact that the other man is an Evening doesn’t even register at first, and it isn’t discovering that that begins the change, not that Shota notices the change in the beginning anyway. In the beginning, there is a time when All Might- Toshinori, as he eventually begins to call him- puts his life and his livelihood on the line for the class, and after nearly dying in that same situation, it’s hard to judge him quite so harshly.

But it doesn’t end there, and even as a begrudging friendship- nothing more than coworkers being civil, of course- begins, there are so many times that Shota wants to ask him why he pushes himself so hard at this point, but then, he realizes, he already knows the answer to that.

As far as he can tell, there isn’t a change between the two of them at all, other than him tolerating the other man a little bit more. But to Hizashi, who butts into his life as much as ever before, it’s “definitely something more than that.”

“I’m just saying,” his friend taunts him, “that you always say you just tolerate me and Emi! And you’d never dream of getting rid of me and you’re absolutely crazy about her!”

“You’re the one who’s crazy,” Shota mutters, “and don’t go setting me up with anyone.”

“It’s only fair. You helped me with Emi!”

“I did no such thing.”

“Whether you like him or not- which I’m pretty sure you do- I do,” Hizashi continues. “I know going out with someone like that probably seems pretty daunting, but I say we go for it! After all, what’s the worst that could happen?”

“You are one of the last people I want to hear saying something like that.”


It’s funny how easily someone like Toshinori gets intimidated, and, later, after things really go south for him, it becomes more obvious when he does. He gets nervous more easily, and Shota can tell one day that he’s incredibly nervous, when he catches him just before class.


“Need something?”

“This is probably going to be weird,” he says, “but I know you and Yamada are...close.”

Groaning, Shota says, “What did he do this time?”

“Asked me out.”

“Did he?”

“Specifically, he asked me to go out with him, you, and some woman,” he explains, not even able to make eye contact. “He says the three of you are...looking?”

“For another Evening. Yeah, kinda had a feeling he was eyeing you for that.” With a sigh, Shota says, “Feel free to ignore him. It’s not worked for me yet, but he might eventually leave you alone.”



“I was...considering saying yes. I mean, if you didn’t think it’d be too weird.”


And Shota doesn’t have the heart to tell him that he’s not allowed to come along, and Emi is starstruck for only a moment before she starts cracking jokes like always, and by the end of the night, she and Hizashi have proposed to Toshinori approximately three times each.

There’s no way to tell if the four of them actually fit this well together or if it’s just the alcohol, and it’s hardly time for any of them to be focusing on marriage, but Shota can’t shake the feeling that he’s gotten saddled with yet another loud, bright person that he won’t be able to shake.