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Ring of Fire

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“You don’t know what you’re doing here!”

Dr. Alex Danvers sighed and began to walk faster as the woman behind her kept pace

“Look, Ms. Inze,” Alex sighed “I understand your concerns, but we’re not doing anything here that hasn’t been done before” she pointed

“You’re playing god is you’re doing” the other woman countered.

Alex groaned inwardly, she could deal with your average anti-nuclear protester; most of them were slightly deranged, but not this one. Astra Inze had proven herself to be intelligent, well-informed, and polite. She was also stubborn and argumentative, not to mention utterly gorgeous. There was little to no doubt in Alex’s mind that, had anyone else on staff met with Astra they would have been so blown away by her looks they would have agreed to anything she said.

“We’re not playing god,” Alex sighed “look, why are you protesting this project anyway? Our goal here is creating free, clean energy”

“Oh yes,” the other woman drawled “free, clean energy brought to you by ‘Project Firestorm’. Now, tell me, Dr. Danvers, just who thought up that name? Certainly not a scientist,” she shook her head “no, that sounds like more something a military commander would use”

“The Defense Department is involved,” Alex admitted “but it’s only in a limited capacity” she added

Astra Inze smirked

“Of course it is,” she nodded “thank you for you time, Doctor” she turned to leave

Alex sighed

“Wait,” she called out. The other woman turned “if I show you exactly what we’re doing here, will you stop that protest?”

The other woman shrugged

“I can’t make promises that the rest of my group won’t keep it up, but I’ll try” she nodded

Alex assessed her, finally deciding that she was telling the truth

“Come on,” she grunted, swiping her key card over the scanner, sighing as the heavy reinforced doors slid open “I’ll probably lose my job for this,” she muttered as she lead Astra into the cavernous heart of Project Firestorm, edging past technicians hurrying back and forth all around the massive spherical Firestorm Reactor in the center of the room


The two women stopped at the shout from one of the guards

“Where’s her pass?” he demanded, stabbing his baton at Astra

“I’ll vouch for her,” Alex explained “she’s my guest”

“No guests, no reporters, you know the rules, Dr. Danvers,” the guard countered. He glowered at Astra “both of you are coming with me to see Mrs. Luthor” he moved to grab their arms when an alarm began to scream

“What is it?” Alex demanded as she tore out of the guard’s grip and rushed over to the controls

“I don’t know, we’re losing confinement!” one the technicians exclaimed

“Dr. Danvers?” Lillian Luthor, the project manager asked as she came over

“We’re having a problem with the confinement field,” Alex replied distractedly as she examined the wildly fluctuating readings “OK, kill it,” she ordered “shut it down!”

“Disregard that!” Lillian barked “Dr. Danvers, we’re on the verge of a new age here, we’re not going to end decades of research simply because of a slight blip”

“ ‘Slight blip’?” Alex echoed “we are losing magnetic confinement, if we don’t stop it now this whole place might go up,” she turned back to the technicians “shut it down” she ordered

The technician looked up, a growing look of horror on his face

“I already did,” he said slowly “…five minutes ago”

Alex slowly looked up at the reactor, watching as it hummed and shuddered violently

“Out,” she said quietly “everybody out now! Out! Out! Out!”

Turning, she grunted as she collided with Astra, who grabbed her arm tightly and pulled her close as they began to sprint out of the room with the other technicians

“Seal it! Seal it!” Alex ordered as they ran. There was a deafening boom from behind them and a brilliant flash of light.

Just before everything went dark for Alex her last conscious thought that was she wished she could have gotten to know Astra better…