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It's not a coincidence

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In a world where first words can mark the beginning of a relationship, Xiao Nai finds himself baffled by the nice and elegant handwriting that cover his wrist.

Hi Senior Xiao Nai, what a coincidence.

How can he have such a common phrase?
During the first years after being able to comprehend what's written on his wrist, he understands he'll have to wait, and his soulmate will be younger for sure unless they are weird and call everyone "Senior".
His parents decide to start covering his wrist after his popularity with the girls, that according to the teachers wanted him to be their own soulmate.
That's how he starts using sports cuffs, and later, watches and even just a strip of fabric or makeup to cover the words.
Popularity can help him find his other half, but there's also how everyone just wants to be with him.

A nice way to escape is video games. No one can say his words, he doesn't have to show his face, and skills and quick reflexes are just what he needs to survive in that world. He likes it here, even more after starting University, where he is luckily paired with three guys that play the same game as him. None of them has found their soulmate, they are in no rush, ready to enjoy their lives, and dreaming big of founding their own game company. Four years are long, who knows what it will come to them.

Sure not a soulmate, at least in the first year. But no one is complaining, they like playing “A Chinese Ghost Story” and they even join the basketball team. Xiao Nai is fine.


Starting from the second year things get a bit more complicated. After passing all his exam with perfect results, being a sportsman and in general being on his own, Xiao Nai starts getting even more reputation. Besides the whole University finding out he's the son of two Professors, the people, and especially the girls, want a chance just to talk with him. Especially a lot of first years, that see him for the first time and keep calling him "Senior Xiao Nai". The first time he heard these three words he perked up, but then they were followed by a simple "please go out with me!" and his mood dropped completely.
He promised himself to not show again any kind of emotion after hearing these words. If rumors came out of him giving attention to everyone who called him in this manner, tons of girls would have probably started coming to try their luck.
Thankfully, with the help of his Brothers, the only ones beside his parents that knew his words, they found a way to give him a nickname. Master. It was a bit too much sometimes, but everyone adapted to it quickly, and only the newbies kept calling him "Senior", but quickly changing it to Master after a while. Not that they even dared to talk to him, that's it.
He was okay, there was nothing to worry, his soulmate wasn’t here yet.

The fourth and last year is a whole different story.
It all starts quite normally, but then it happens.
He's in an internet cafe, the one he half-owns with his uncle when he sees her.
The first thing he thinks is “Please let it be her”, while looking at a young woman quickly playing and winning in his favorite game, A Chinese Ghost Story.
The first thing he notices is her hands, gracefully flying over the keyboard, fast and steady like she is born to do that. His eyes hover over her wrist, and he's gladly surprised to find it covered by a large strip or red fabric. He doesn't even know why he is so happy that such a beautiful girl hasn't found her match in this world.
Quickly distracting himself from staring at her hands, he raises a bit his stare and finds her name in-game, ReedWeiWei.
It sounds familiar, and that means that there are high hopes they are even on the same server.
His uncle comes back, and after one last glance, he leaves the place with an ache in his heart.
He needs to find her.

Finding her in the game is easier than what he expected. She’s 6th in the PK ranks, and after a quick glance at her profile, he can clearly see the hearts near her name. She’s married.
Sure this is just a game, but he also knows that most of the married couples in the server are also together in some degree even in real life. He can’t help but grit his teeth and hope something happens.

Luck comes to his side almost a week later. It’s the first time he sees her name showing in the World Chat by the Bot.
She got a divorce.

He doesn’t really know why, but beggars can’t choose and that’s his opportunity before someone else marries her again.
While looking around for ideas, Xiao Nai leaves his character under a tree near the bridge and opens the forum.
He rarely does it, since he usually skips getting information on the bosses and finds the different polls and competitions quite boring.
Well, he can change idea on the last point, since he now has a way to not creep his future wife away from a possible marriage.
Getting back in the game, he sees the red heroine standing on the bridge, circled by a lot of players, asking her to steal the groom. She doesn't do anything for a while, and even Xiao Nai is impressed by how she decides to handle the situation, selling potions and making everyone forget about their requests.
He smiles to himself, she is indeed a remarkable woman.

His first words to her inside the game are nothing particular, just asking her about the wedding that just took place.
Then, taking a deep breath he types out the fatidical words. “Would you like to couple up with me?” and waits.
Her first answer leaves him speechless. How can she not believe he’s really interested in her? But he recovers quickly and with a small lie, he explains how he needs a partner for the Couple PK.
She gladly agrees to marry him, and almost as if it was nothing she suggests to reach the shaman and marry right away.

He can’t do that. He needs time and a proper courtship.
Denying, he quickly informs her of the date of the wedding he chose, the closest auspicious day and she agrees to it.
Of course, then he will get mocked by his Brothers, but it's a serious matter, especially since it will be the first wedding with his wife, the second being the one in real life.

His Brothers are talking about the Beauty Queen of the campus a few days later, but Xiao Nai just worries about his upcoming wedding, and use that moment to inform his roommates about it.
Of course, the first thing they ask is to meet her, and so that happens. They are quick to accept her and start calling her "Third-Sister-in-law", that makes his heart flutters every time he sees or hears the nickname. They already accept her as their family, and as his wife, even if they haven't met her in real life. Maybe they'll be just jealous after seeing her beauty. Anyway, she's his and nothing can change it.
Well, the words they will say to each other can. but Xiao Nai doesn’t care in that moment.

The wedding day is just overshadowed a bit by his meeting for his company, but he’s quick to log in and wait for his future wife to reach him and get officially tied together.
She comes, shocks him again when refusing his gifts, but then warms his heart when she reciprocates it with a ring. Sure it has to mean something to her too.
The whole ceremony is grand as one of the top player should be. People bother them, speculating and being mean, but he decides to not to do anything for now. Just keep an eye on the names and time will tell.

While his life inside the game is almost perfect, on the real side he still can’t find her. He has no reason to go back to the cafe and hope to see her, and he doesn’t spend much time on campus to really look around and find people.

When he meets her again it’s by chance.
He and Yu Ban Shan are meeting in Zhen Yi to talk about the new game they’re developing, and his wife is the last person he expected to see in the same building.
But what shocks him more is that she really is on the same campus, and even is the same major. Ban Shan gives him a name. Bei Wei Wei.
He repeats it, shocking his Brother and making him wonder how he hadn't known about it before. Department Beauty, indeed. And she's already his. He just has to find out which coincidence she will be mentioning the first time they'll talk.

He doesn’t even have the time to come up with a plan to meet her, that the whole video contest happens. He can’t stand his wife being ridiculed, he has to do something, and that’s why he decides to duel against ZhenShui. The man is a coward, and accepts just after a long time, before losing quickly.
He is also in deleting the video so fast that his revenge feels like a joke. Such a weak man didn’t deserve a strong wife like his WeiWei.

He is out playing with his team when the strangest thing happens. A guy in glasses comes in front of him and challenge him to a match, after confirming he’s Xiao Nai.
He's not one to run away from challenges and accepts while wondering how he ended up playing against a guy that seems to be a beginner in basketball. It doesn't make sense.
But then he hears something from his teammate. Apparently the guy, Cao Guang, his trying to pursue his wife. And that's quite unacceptable in his eyes. Even if they're not yet together in the real life, he already considers her as his girlfriend. He quickly drops the bag he's holding and ask for a second match, ready to destroy Cao Guang's will to date WeiWei. Even if rumors, according to his teammate, has that they're not a match, the guy is still trying to woo her, using as many examples he has of not-matched couples, and some even say, show her his words for making her say it.
As if Cao Guang wasn’t enough, the monster they battled in the afternoon was making him angrier and angrier. What was the reason to create such a disrespectful character towards women? And it was even worse seeing him acting this way towards his wife. Thankfully they killed him quickly. And at least his Brothers had the decency to not ruin his mood, keeping the prize away from WeiWei. Men’s hair - especially of someone else’s - shouldn’t be given to married women. Even more when their husband was a jealous and protective type.

He gives in to his wife and her idea to film a short movie for the game, in the end. She will handle most of the plot and ideas, and he couldn't be prouder of his wife. And that can maybe help him woo her. It will require that the two of them will spend quite a lot of time alone, even if his Brothers are in some scenes, most of the work will require just the two of them. It couldn't be described as small dates, but in Xiao Nai's head, they almost are.

Even if he actually ended up stalking her school routine by simply hacking the school site, he hadn't really had a chance to meet her properly around. Sure there has been the "History Lesson" coincidence but it hadn't worked out. His father's class was pretty empty and boring, but even if he sat near her, gesturing to the seat beside her, she had simply nodded and let him sit. Not a word was exchanged. And Xiao Nai knew she had to be the first one speaking, because the sentence on his wrist told him so. She was going to be surprised about his presence somewhere, and then ask him why he was there. Then his answer would determine their match as soulmates or not. Just a shame she didn't even say a word to him, even when he blocked her only way out of the classroom. He was too focused on not to speak and simply gesturing that probably she thought he was being cold and superior to her, but at the moment the only thing that passed in Xiao Nai's mind was the disappointment because of her silence, mixed with hope for a future meeting that saw the two of them speaking.
He had to work hard and fulfill his dream of being together with his wife for real.

For now, talking to her via game chat and seeing her from afar is enough.
When they win the contest he has decided. The next time will be the one when they will finally talk. He just needs to find a reason to meet her.
He started quietly, and going back to the campus’ dorm was the best idea he came up with. This may lead them to meet casually, and he just needed to find her usual lunch cafeteria to try and talk to her.
Unfortunately, Xiao Nai didn't consider most of the variables. He is a "superstar" on campus, and that makes people usually stay away from him and just talk about him on their own, and sure most of them are praises but the result is the same: people get photos of him, but no one is brave enough to approach and start a conversation, unless it's one of his friends.
But then he sees her lined up; she is distracted and doesn’t notice all the noises around that give out his presence in the building.
Her friend is quicker, and when she notices him lined up next to them is fast to take her phone and snap a picture. Smiling to himself, Xiao Nai turns towards them. At least his wife can have a nice picture of him. She just has to reciprocate the favor, sooner or later.
Even if he named this day, the “Cafeteria” coincidence, it ended up in nothing. They had ordered the same thing, but before Xiao Nai even had a chance to decline and leave her the meal she had chosen, Hao Mei had jumped at the opportunity and snatched the last serve. And then she had quickly grabbed her lunch before leaving with her friend, without saying a word to him.
He could just look at her from afar, while she was eating with her friend.
Apparently, he wasn't as lucky as he thought.

In the game, their time is spent mostly together, and they even end up finishing the Condor Heart Quest, being the first pair of the game to gain the title. Immortal Lovers, he likes it.

Life isn't even on his good side, apparently. They start the couple PKs, and everything is smooth, but then the work dinner happens, and he gets hospitalized after a car accident. He doesn't really remember what happened; he just knows he saw her before going away from the dinner, looking at him together with her friends, and now he made everyone worry.
But the worst thing is that he cannot reach his wife and they lost the Couple PK because he didn’t show up, and he discovered it by talking to one of her online friends.
He feels like he needs to do something, and quickly.

He hacks her computer, in the end. She hasn’t logged in in days, and maybe he can discover why. Maybe she is focused on her exams, and not simply giving him a cold shoulder.
But then he looks and sees that she is looking nonstop at their video. Why? Does she miss him? He hopes so, but nothing is sure unless they can clear their misunderstanding by talking.
Then she finally logs in, and when she reaches him she starts worrying about his health; he's not surprised, Yu Ban Shan must have talked to her before him, apologizing for everything.
They talk, apologizing in turn for being silent in these days.
Then, Xiao Nai sees a chance. The company apparently contacted her to buy the rights to their video, and she wants to talk about them. He quickly types her a message.
“Let’s meet.”
His heart flutters, seeing her positive answer, and he leaves her his phone number. He doesn’t want their first words being said on a phone call, but maybe she will simply text him, to let him know where she is, right?
As their meeting point, he chooses the East Gate, because it’s the only one with a bridge. And his romantic heart wants their real meeting to be just like the first one in the game.
She makes him smile when she says to meet sooner because she doesn't want to wait for him. To be honest, he feels the same. He cannot wait for it anymore.

The day comes, and he is ready. His mind doesn't even start to consider that maybe she is not his match, he doesn't care. He fell in love with her at that cafe and is always falling for every little thing he discovers about her every time they talk. The fact that she cannot be his match is far away from Xiao Nai's mind.
He goes there a bit earlier and sees her coming from the path. She is smiling happily, holding a piece of paper and looking really happy and cute. Her wrist is still covered, and Xiao Nai's stares at his. His mind reminds him of the words he's covering with his watch.

WeiWei is looking around, on the top of the bridge, and he has a dejàvu. Just picturing her with a red dress and he's thrown back to the first time they officially met. She is even more than what he imagined.
He leans casually on the fences and keeps looking at her. She looks surprised by his presence, and after a while, she looks like she made her mind and start leaving the bridge. His heart falls, but it’s quick to beat furiously when he notices she’s approaching him.
It looks like she’s gathering her courage to talk, and then she speaks.
“Hi Senior Xiao Nai, what a coincidence.”
She said them. His hand flies down his wrist, and he just moves behind her as he tries to check that she really said his words. They are in fact a match.
He is so happy he almost feels like he has missed something. Why isn't his soulmate speaking anymore? And why she isn't following him on their first official date?
Then he gets it. It’s his turn to reveal what he discovered just now.

“Not a coincidence, I was waiting for you.”

She is shocked, almost like she didn't expect him to say these words. Stumbling, she looks at her wrist and then at him.
Before she can speak again, Xiao Nai decides to change the subject for a while, focusing instead on her test.
He gathers all his strength to just not kiss her like this, in the middle of a crowded place, and he just invites her to lunch. “WeiWei, do you like fish?”
She looks at him, confused by the intimate use of her name. “WeiWei?”
He just smiles at her, before walking towards their destination.
This is going to be the best day ever.