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Fandom Stocking 2017 - Primeval Ficlets

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Lester looked down from his office window across the main floor of the ARC, unconsciously following the small group of soldiers led by Captain Ryan. Although it was impossible for Lester to know for certain unless he was on the wrong side of an anomaly when it happened, Cutter convinced him that any changes in the past could affect the future. According to Nick Cutter it had already happened at least once, and Captain Ryan was one of those changes. Apparently the man had died over 200 million years ago in the Permian, killed by a Gorgonopsid, but when Cutter and Hart returned from their latest excursion through an anomaly they found Ryan waiting for them.

Ryan chose that moment to glance up, catching Lester watching him. He smiled and Lester nodded, keeping up the pretense of being almost indifferent to the people around him.

Later that night, after he had gone home to his London flat, Lester sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen sipping a glass of a particularly nice Shiraz, one he'd reserved for special occasions, good or bad. He sighed when he heard the key in the door, any remaining tension easing when Tom appeared moments later, smiling brightly as he placed a bag of groceries onto the kitchen counter.

"I didn't think today was any worse than usual," Tom stated, indicating towards the wine.

Lester had thought it was a terrible day, learning of the death of the man he loved with all his heart. In that timeline they would have only just taken that first step in their relationship before the Permian anomaly opened. He would have known what it was like to find someone special and then lose them almost immediately. One possibly insignificant change in the past had changed that tragedy, and Cutter had practically carried Tom back home from the Permian where he spent three weeks on medical leave while his wounds healed. Here in this flat mostly.

One small change had given Lester this amazing man. Perhaps it wasn't a bad day. Perhaps today was a good day after all.