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Hissy Fit

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Warnings: Tired!Harry, Battle-Scarred!Harry, Kanto-Region's Gary Oak, Team Rocket Shenanigans, kinda-short-sorry...

Hissy Fit

Harry sighed as he sunned himself on a nice, large, flat rock, sleepily staring out over the tall grass surrounding his resting place. He'd been stuck here for a good year now, after an accident in the Department of Mysteries had sent him through some vortex portal, dropping him in this strange world, in a body not his own, yet bearing every scar he'd gotten during the War and afterwards, which amounted to a rather battered, mangled-looking body, unfortunately, with no clothes and no Magic to hide them.

Shifting himself into a more comfortable position, Harry spotted a familiar, irritating Trainer trying to 'sneak' up on him and sighed, irritated. Ever since he'd discovered he was a "Pokémon" they'd been trying to "Catch" him, making him fight (and more often than not, defeat) their own Pokémon, the various, strange creatures with mostly elemental abilities that they "owned" or were "partnered" with.

Honestly, it was just annoying, most of the time.

"Go, PokéBall!" the boy shouted, throwing one of the half-red/half-white capture devised; Harry smacked it away with his tail neatly and turned baleful green eyes onto the brown haired boy.

"Ekansssss," he hissed harshly, glaring at the young boy with his gravity-defying brown hair.

"Hmph!" The boy declared, smirking at Harry and making Harry narrow his green eyes, purple, heavily-scarred body rising up like a cobra, despite the lacking hood. "I don't see why you're being so stubborn, Ekans!" The boy, who Harry had long ago found out was named Gary Oak, was an arrogant little snot who Harry wanted nothing to do with, but who was determined to catch Harry all the same.

"Everyone already knows I'm going to be the best!" Gary continued; Harry hissed at him, and, irritated, slithered off his nice, warm, comfortable rock, and disappeared into the tall grass while the boy continued to monologue. After a few minutes, he heard a distant, outraged shout, and smirked slightly before sliding carefully up His Tree and slinking into the hole in the trunk high in the branches. It gave him an excellent view of the sunset and a nice view of the sky, and Harry sighed as he coiled up there tightly, gaze pulled down to his scar-striped body, grimacing silently as he observed the various gouges and dips that turned his vibrant purple and yellow body pale lavender and creams.

One of the local Pokémon, a massive tan-and-cream bird with a red tail and a red-and-yellow crest, who called himself Pidgeot (his species as well as name, apparently there was no difference unless a trainer gave you a name), had taken one look at Harry and, grim, given him permission to stay in his territory, despite the fact that the bird-Pokémon usually hated having snake-Pokémon and other naturally carnivorous Pokémon anywhere near their nests. Harry had reassured him that he had no wish to eat the young birds that hopped around and contented himself with the many, various Berries the meadow's edges offered.

Sighing, closing his eyes, Harry fought to ignore the memories the scars brought up, of the Dursleys and being in Voldemort's "Care" and various experiments after he'd stopped aging at twenty, and, instead, tried to just go to sleep.

~(Line Break)~

Harry was resting on His Rock again, when he heard a commotion, and lifted his head to blink sleepily at the seen in front of him. There were a pretty redheaded woman and an equally-pretty blue-haired man laughing mockingly from inside a… Hot-air balloon? Shaped like a cat-Pokémon called Meowth, if Harry remembered, and laughing with them was one shut Pokémon. Handing underneath the balloon was a cage with a yellow mouse-Pokémon which was trying to electrocute its way to freedom, only for the cage to absorb it.

"Pikachu!" A young boy cried, and Harry watched as the Pokémon Trainer ran after his stolen Pokémon, tripping and scraping his hands and knees badly, only to get back up and keep going. Harry watched him for a moment, before nodding to himself firmly.

"Pidgeot!" he called; a flutter of wings and the massive bird-Pokémon landed next to him, distastefully watching the scene before them.

"You wish to interfere?" the deep voice of the bird-Pokémon asked seriously; Harry nodded firmly.

"I need some assistance, please," Harry requested politely; Pidgeot eyed him for a serious second, then inclined his crested head.

"Do not struggle," the larger Pokémon ordered, and Harry blinked, confused, before Pidgeot lifted into the air, his gigantic talons wrapping easily around Harry's relatively small form, lifting him from the rock before they were gliding swiftly towards the balloon. "I'm going to drop you now," Pidgeot warned easily, and did just that, tossing Harry so that he landed in the basket with the three thieves, making them yelp and scramble away from him.

"Ekanssss," Harry hissed threateningly, straightening up tall and opening his mouth warningly, building up his attack as they stared in shock.

"A Wild Ekans?!" The blue-haired man yelped; the redhead hissed back, plucking a PokéBall from her waist.

"I'll deal with this!" She announced. "Go, Arbo-!" Harry attacked; using a move he learned was called Gunk Shot. He essentially vomited disgusting gooey refuse at his target, with a fifty-percent chance of leaving them poisoned (he'd used it on a Trainer before, sending them to the hospital, after they'd actually purposefully broken a young Pidgey's wing in the hopes a stronger Pokémon would appear. He got his wish, in a way).

"Gak!" The three shouted as putrid-smelling greenish-yellow vomit covered them and, flailing, they fell out of the basket to land heavily on the ground, retching. Pleased with himself, Harry looked up at the various levers and buttons on the control panel, slithering up onto it to eye them carefully. One of them had a picture of the cage below him, so he jabbed it with his tail and carefully leaned over the side, watching as the cage began to lower.

"Pika?!" The captured Pokémon gasped, looking up at him, blinking. Harry grinned and waved a tail, and the Pikachu beamed back.

"Thank you so much, Ekans!" he cried in a soft tenor; Harry saluted, and waited until the cage was on the ground and the Pokémon's relieved Trainer had opened it, before jabbing the convenient Self Destruct button and slithering down the cage's cable to the ground, just in time for the basket, balloon, and cage to be sent flying off into the sky, the cable whipping out and wrapping itself around the leg of one of the still-retching criminals, who screamed and grabbed his partners.

"Team Rocket's blasting off agaaaaaiiinnn!" They cried as the explosion pulled them up into the air and sent them flying off into the distance to disappear as a twinkle of light.

"…That was weird," Harry muttered, shaking his head, before blinking and looking up at the Trainer, who was now kneeling beside the snake-Pokémon, smiling warmly.

"Thank you so much, Ekans!" The boy cried, reaching forward and hugging Harry, who awkwardly patted him on the back with his tail, honestly embarrassed.

"Ekanssss," he managed, trying to reassure the kid that he didn't need any thanks. The boy shook his head and pulled back; swiping his sleeve over his eye as he quickly gathered his Pikachu back into his arms.

"Let's get you back to the Pokémon Center, Pikachu!" He declared, smiling, and Pikachu nodded, beaming happily, before blinking and pointing back at Ekans, ears twitching.

"He should come too!" The Electric-Type Pokémon declared; Harry blinked, a little confused. He knew that, occasionally, Pidgeot would take one of his Flock into the closest human Town, if they were especially hurt or sick, and return a few hours later, but he didn't have a clue about what a Pokémon Center was.

"You're right, Pikachu!" The boy declared, smiling softly at his… Partner. "What do you say, Ekans?" He asked, offering a hand to the snake-Pokémon, who blinked up at his determined face, Pikachu hopping onto the boy's shoulder with a hopeful expression. "Let's get you checked out too, just in case! Those are some pretty nasty scars, maybe Nurse Joy can help with them!" Harry hesitated, before sighing and grudgingly nodding, allowing himself to be lifted up onto the Trainers shoulder, Pikachu moving to sit upon the Trainer's hat.

"Don't worry, Ekans," Pikachu reassured as his Trainer began to carry them quickly towards town. "Ash and I will make sure you're okay, and then you can go home if you want!" Staring from one reassuring, smiling face to the other, Harry could only smile a little back and glance back towards his lonely meadow, watching as Pidgeot flew off in the distance with a few members of his Flock.

"Alright," Harry sighed, resting his head on the Trainer's, Ash's, shoulder and hooking his tail absently in the boy's shirt sleeve. "I'll trust you with this."

He could only hope that he wouldn't come to regret it.