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Ficlet Shorts

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So Steve generally is pleased with the changed the serum wrought in him, but there’s one niggling problem. It didn’t seem like an issue at the time - a small price to pay to help save the world - but as the years passed, and especially after he was reunited with Bucky, and they finally overcame their inhibitions and talked about their feelings for each other…

Well, it became more than a minor inconvenience.

Steve can’t come.

And hasn’t he sacrificed enough for his country and his fellow people?

And it’s fricken frustrating. Like, all his parts work right, as far as he and Bucky can tell, but his stamina is just so through the roof that there’s no way anyone can last long enough to get him there. Even Bucky, with all his own enhancements, hits a point of pure exhaustion before Steve is able to get off. At first it’s a mild inconvenience. No big deal. Sex still feels good. But as time passes, it goes from being no big deal to being a profound psychological issue. Because Bucky can’t help but feel it’s about him, and because Steve *wants* to come so. damn. badly. And he just. CAN’T.

Finally, in despair, they turn to the other Avengers for help. Maybe, through their powers combined (all puns intended…)

Sam nopes out from the get go. Oh, he’s interested, but he knows he can’t get the job done if fricken Bucky can’t. And the possibility of being a third with them is a bit too tempting…

Clint agrees on a lark and he is at least a fun third in their bed but none of them really thought he’d have the ability to stick things through. He joins them from time to time going forward anyway. At least they can all have a good laugh when Clint’s involved.

Tony talks a big game and lasts all of 30 minutes. Adequate for a regular lay, but no where near what Steve needs.

Thor flat-out refuses, which is a pity cause Bucky really thought the God had a shot at helping them. Vision does the same. (Neither admits that loyalty to their current SOs keeps it in their pants).

So it goes - attempts are made, or not, with no success, with Bruce and Rhodey and all the other men on the team.

Natasha is the first of the women to come knocking. She looks pissed and bears a sizable briefcase, and confronts them. “Why the hell have you only asked the men?” They have no good answer, and she shuts down their shitty, bumbling excusds by opening the briefcase and revealing an impressive collection of sex toys.

“What you need is someone who isn’t so distracted by their own orgasm that they neglect yours,” she explains. They have a long chat, the gist of which is that Nat is ace as fuck and damn good at the physical act of sex and more than willing to devote the time necessary to give Steve’s long-sought climax the old college try.

Which is how Steve ends up sandwiched between Bucky and Nat, his cock buried deep in Bucky’s gorgeous body, Nat’s impressively large strap on slowly thrusting in and out of his hole.

And it’s good.

It’s not enough, but it’s really damn good.

Bucky has to take breaks. Having Steve inside him is fucking amazing, and even without a touch to his dick there’s only so much Bucky can take before he shatters.

Nat doesn’t need to take breaks. She’s barely aroused, and while she’s mortal, she’s also in peak shape. Yes, fucking Steve senseless is fatiguing but not beyond what she can handle, and she’s genuinely enjoying the challenge. Seeing the powerful man reduced to a quivering, begging rec beneath her working hips is profoundly satisfying.

When Bucky needs a break from being an obliging hole, he holds Steve, praises him, strokes or sucks his cock, kisses him, and exchanges hopeful, pleased smiles with Natasha. They have a history that Steve barely knows the least of, know far too much about what the other has been through, and somehow - at least for Bucky - being able to help Steve through this feels strangely, inexplicably like absolution, forgiveness, ablution. Judging by the gleam in Nat’s eyes, she feels similarly.

But Steve still doesn’t come.

Bucky recovers for a second round, a third. Steve is covered in sweat, flushed, long past being able to see anything through sightless, lust dilated eyes. Natasha finally needs a break as Steve sinks into Bucky for the third time; she returns to her briefcase as Steve weeps at being abruptly empty and returns in moments with a curved vibrator that she pressed into his body. The bulbous tip of the toy rests right on Steve’s prostate and he sobs in relief as she turns it on, thrusting desperately, helplessly, into Bucky’s body. He’s so *lost* and it feels so *good* and he *still can’t come.*

Bucky makes it through round 3, and round 4, before he has to acknowledge he can’t take more in one session. Pushing himself that far, for that long, takes the pleasure out of sex and brings him back to too many bad times in his murky, half remembered past. Those memories are only kept at bay when he turns and holds Steve close, kisses him and caresses him, remembers who is with him, who cares for him, who is touching him. It’s STEVE. But even for Steve, Bucky doesn’t dare turn his back once more, doesn’t dare expose himself and leave himself vulnerable when his imagination can concoct any number of delusions regarding who is behind him. As long as he can see Steve, he’s fine…

Nat, on the other hand, is having a blast. Steve is gorgeously lost, desperate, and she hasn’t had a challenge like this in ages. She was trained to break men with sex, and she was good at it in part because she was asexual and the sex itself was (mostly) meaningless to her. But being able to use all those tools in the interest of helping one of her closest friends? Is *fun*. She pulls out every trick for prostate stimulation she knows - she leaves Steve’s cock to Bucky - and creates some new ones on the fly, gauging his reactions as the hours pass.

Steve is…Steve is *wrecked.* he can’t stop, not now, his body flooded with endorphins and bliss. He can’t *not* stop, either. He feels too much - it’s completely overwhelming - every nudge against his insides threatens to tear him apart - yet he still hasn’t climaxed. He’d float away if not for the solid weight of Bucky in his arms, if not for Bucky’s raspy voice tethering him to reality. He babbles sometimes, begging Nat or Bucky to fuck him, begging them to stop, just…begging, incoherent pleas that Bucky kisses from his lips and soothes with tender, loving words.

There’s no single thing that tips the balance. There’s nothing that Nat does, or Bucky does, that gives Steve the final push. One moment he’s sobbing his frustration and desperation into Bucky’s shoulder, the next moment his body seizes and he shatters, screaming and crying as his cock spews copiously into Bucky’s palm.

It’s Steve’s first orgasm in almost 80 years.

It’s far, far more than he can cope with.

It’s so much less than he needs.

It takes the three of them days to recover, exhausted from their marathon session, but Steve is relieved and satisfied (and insists they don’t need to do it again; they both know he’s full of it and not in the fun way) and Bucky is more in love than ever and Nat…

Nat’s entire attitude seems to be summed up as “challenge accepted.” She trades her services for as many back rubs as the men are willing to give her, and covertly consults with Tony about designing more advanced sex toys, and maybe a fucking machine, so that next time she has even more tools in arsenal. Tony is a little weirded out, but game…hey, there’s probably a market for the shit he’s designing.

Sam is…a little sorry…a lot sorry…he said no the first time.

But he gets another chance.

It never gets easier to get Steve off, and Natasha has decided this is her pet project, and she’s perfectly happy to bring in whichever other Avengers want to play. (Which is mostly Clint and Sam…)

Steve has never felt more loved, and it’s glorious.

(Or, the canon divergent AU where everyone gets a turn at Steve’s lovely ass, if they want it…)

I’ve just been thinking about this a lot…especially sweaty, over stimulated Steve completely breaking down when he finally, *finally* climaxes…