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Nat the Rat of Eyebrows Chat

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T’was a secret in eyebrows chat

One of the members was a small brown rat

Smarter than all

She typed with paws so small

And no one had caught on to just that


Until one night

Nat, joked and made light

She said, one of the eyebrows was a rat

And just tell us they said, who in this chat--

is small and brown and shaped like a rat?


Everyone laughed at such a joke

For surely they would have noticed if the truth she spoke

Nat just grinned and pointed her nose in the air

You’d never guess, and on that I swear.

They searched, and wheedled, but she never broke


Nat said her goodbyes

Hopped down from her desk, confident in her half lies

Her whiskers twitched in amusement as she cuddled up with ratty

She loved her human friends but they were truly batty,

Of course she was the rat, there was only one who could be so wise.