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Times all Relative

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Times all relative

Chapter: Back to the future I: Prolog


November 12th, 1939, Brown residence

Emmet stared down at the small bundle in his arms, his eyes wide. The bundle let out a small happy gurgle and he couldn’t help but smile down at his newborn baby sister. When his parents had first told him, he was going to be a big brother almost nine months ago he’d scoffed at the idea. His parents were getting older and he had just turned nineteen not to long ago. He was busy with his science experiments, and his parents should be retiring by now, not having another kid.

But the second he saw Roselyn Caroline Brown his heart melted, and he instantly vowed to always be there for his little sister. In that moment he promised to always watch out for her, and to teach everything he knew about science and the universe. The only thing that dampened his mood in this moment was knowing that his mother had died giving birth to his baby sister.

His father hadn’t even looked at Roselyn yet. He’d even scowled at Emmet when Emmet suggested that he hold her. He was to grief stricken over the loss of his wife, and wanted nothing to do with the child. Emmet understood his fathers pain, but he didn’t understand why his father was taking it out on little Roselyn.

The little bundle in his arms gurgled happily once more, bringing the young man out of his thoughts. He smiled down at his sister, and rocked her back and forth. His dad muttered something under his breath, but Emmet ignored him. The sound of a door slamming shut made him flinch and Roselyn began to cry.

“Don’t worry Rosie, it’s alright, your big brothers here. I won’t let anything happen to you,” He whispered.

Roselyn quieted slightly, and Emmet glanced up at the door his father had left out of. His mother was dead, and his father wanted nothing to do with his baby sister it seemed. He scowled and shook his head. He’d look after his little sister to the best of his abilities, with or without his father’s help…


August 25th, 1942

At twenty-two Emmet Brown never thought he’d be left alone to take care of a two-and-a-half-year-old, but his father had passed away suddenly in his sleep and he had been awarded custody of his younger sister. His father had left him the mansion in his will, and had even left him enough money to last for a long time. At least he didn’t have to worry about how he was going to be able to take care of little Rosie. His problem was he was still in college, and he didn’t think it would be appropriate to bring a baby to class.

His first thought was to hire a nanny, but he wasn’t to keen on leaving his little sister alone with a stranger. Which is why he’d spent the past five days interviewing people. He wasn’t going to leave Rosie with just anybody. He was currently interview a woman named Sylvia McFly, who had a four-year-old son of her own. Out of all the people he’d interviewed in the past couple days Sylvia seemed to be the best choice.

She already had a kid of her own, so there was no doubt that she knew how to take care of an infant. Plus, if Sylvia became Rosie’s nanny she would have a friend in Sylvia’s son George. Sure, the boy was almost a year-an-a-half older than her, but he was sure the two would get along. Not to mention he was running out of options and had to hire someone soon before he missed to many of his classes. So, he made the decision to hire Sylvia as his sister’s nanny.

It turned out to be one of the best decision’s he could have made. Sylvia was amazing with little Rosie, and always picked her up early so Emmet could get to his classes on time. And not only did Rosie seem to like her new nanny, she also seemed to take a shine to George. The two quickly became friends, and it was obvious that George thought Rosie was his new sister. Emmet was just glad that he could go back to his classes and not worry about having to bring his little sister with him to class…


August 1st, 1962

He knew he should have gotten the electrical wires in the house replaced a long time ago. He knew the house, and by extension the electrical wiring in it, was old, but he was just so busy raising his little sister and working on his inventions that he put it off. Now as he stared at the ashes of what was once his family’s mansion, he regretted not getting it done sooner. He was just glad that he and his sister weren’t home when the fire broke out, and that the garage where he did all his experiments hadn’t been burned down with the rest of the house.

“Oh Emmet, it’s all gone,” Rosie whispered, pulling him into a hug.

Emmet wrapped his arms around his little sister, and buried his face in her hair. She had just turned twenty-three a couple months ago, and was going to college to study history. Now the two of them had just lost their home and everything that had been inside. Emmet glanced back up and looked over at the still standing garage.

“Well not all of it,” He murmured.

Rosie sniffled and glanced up at the garage as well. A small smile formed on her face. Honestly the two of them spent most of their time in the garage anyway. Emmet working on his inventions, and Rosie reading her history books.

“Yeah, at least we still have the garage,” She replied.

They might have lost the house, but they still had the small building at the edge of the property. They’d get through this together, just like they got through every other bad thing that ever happened to them…


July 5th, 1968

Emmet had a strange sense of deja vu as he stood there in the hospital holding his newborn niece. Andie Morgan Brown looked almost exactly like her mother did on the day she was born. Dozens of freckles dotted her face, and there were several tufts of soft red hair on the top of her head. Honestly, she looked like an angel.

“She’s beautiful Rosie,” He whispered, gently handing the little bundle over to his sister.

Rosie smiled down at the little girl in her arms, happy tears rolling down her face. Despite all the heartache that Andie’s father had put her through, it was worth it just to have this little girl in her arms. Rosie had met a young man named Vince around July of last year, and the two had started dating. Rosie had quickly fallen in love with Vince, and she’d thought he felt the same about her. But the moment she told him she was pregnant he’d taken off, stating he wasn’t ready to be a father. It had broken her heart.

Emmet had been supportive of his little sister, not once caring about the fact that she was pregnant and unmarried. To him that didn’t matter, all that mattered to him was that she was his little sister and she needed him. Not to mention he was excited about the fact that he was going to be an uncle.

Everyone else in town on the other hand all seemed to have some sort of negative opinion on the matter. Emmet just told her to ignore everyone. Now, nine months later, here he stood, staring down at his sister as she held her daughter, and he couldn’t be happier…


September 12th, 1974

Emmet felt numb all over. Three days ago, Rosie, his sweet little sister, had been hit by a drunk driver and killed. He’d never get to speak to his sister ever again. He’d never hear her laugh, or listen to her talk so fondly about history. She was such a part of his life that it was hard to imagine her not being in it.

Now he was left all alone to take care of a six-an-a-half year old girl who’d just lost her mother. Andie hadn’t stopped crying since she found out that her mother was gone. The poor girl was distraught beyond belief, and he had no idea how to comfort her. The only thing he knew to do was to hold her as she cried. He just wished he could do something more for her.

He sighed as he ran his fingers through his niece’s hair. She’d once again cried herself to sleep in his arms. Her eyes were read and puffy, and tears tracks trailed across her face. But she looked more at peace while asleep. He carefully stood up, and set her down in her bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. He kissed her head, then silent moved to his own room, settling down on his bed. He stared up at the ceiling, thoughts of his sister running through his mind as he drifted off to sleep…


February 10th, 1983

Emmet was surprised when his niece came home from school with a new friend. She’d made friends in the past, but she never brought them back to the garage. Not because she was ashamed of the garage or him, but because there were to many experiments inside that the two of them didn’t want anyone messing with. But here she was bringing home a new friend, and a boy no less.

“Uncle Em, this is my new friend, Marty,” She announced, dropping her book bag on the floor by the door.

The now identified Marty, was glancing around the garage in awe. His eyes were wide, and his mouth practically touched the floor. He was fascinated by all the inventions he saw lying around.

“We met on the way to school this morning. He accidentally bumped into me on his skate board, and we started talking. I mention your record collection to him and thought maybe I could show it to him,” Andie explained when she noticed her uncles confused expression.

Emmet smiled and nodded his head at this. He had an extensive collection of records that he had been collecting for years. The two of them loved listening to the records as they worked on his inventions. Andie absolutely loved his record collection, so it didn’t surprise him that she’d mention it to her new friend.

“Come on Marty, the records are over here,” Andie exclaimed, grabbing him by the elbow.

She dragged him through the garage and over to the shelf where Emmet kept all his records. The two started talking animatedly about the records, and Emmet found himself joining in on the conversation. Before they knew it two hours had passed, and Marty had to rush off home promising to stop by again tomorrow.

“Well he seems nice,” Emmet comment as he watched the boy skate down the street.

Emmet couldn’t help but like the boy. He seemed smart, and he also seemed to be interested in all the inventions and experiments that he and Andie did.

“Yeah, he is. You should have seen him this morning when he accidentally knocked me down. He was so upset and kept apologizing. It wasn’t really his fault though I was a little distracted with reading one of mom’s old history books,” Andie admitted, rubbing the back of her neck.

Emmet glanced over at her with a frown.

“You know you shouldn’t be walking and reading. You could accidentally wander out into the road and get hit,” He stated.

Thoughts of how his sister died flashing through his mind. Andie looked sheepishly up at him.

“Sorry, I know. It’s just I was reading the section on ancient Egyptian history, and you know that’s my favorite subject,” She replied, smiling at him.

He sighed and shook his head, a small smile forming on his face. She was so much like Rosie sometimes. She loved history just like her mother, and had hopes of becoming an archaeologist someday. And just like her mother she loved helping him out with his inventions when she wasn’t reading one of her history books.

“So, what are we working on today?” Andie asked suddenly, bouncing slightly where she stood.

Now a full-blown smile appeared on his face, and his eyes glinted as he thought of his newest invention that he’d been working on all day. He ushered Andie over to the other side of the garage, and quickly started explaining his newest idea, excited to get her opinion on it…