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Sweet Girl

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"Do I even want to know what it is you've managed to muddle up this time." The words are out of Ava's mouth before she realizes it's not the captain she's talking to but Amaya.

Amaya wants to roll her eyes but doesn't. She can see the look go from annoyance, to worry, to indifference within seconds.

"Where is Captain Lance," Ava asks not seeing her in the background.

"She's." Amaya pauses, thinking of the best way to word their current predicament. "She's around."

"Okay, well then why is she not the one contacting me," Ava asked aggravated. She didn't have time for these idiots.

"Well that's the thing, Sara got hurt during our last mission." It took Amaya a second to realize Ava was no longer on the screen in front of her. "Rude," she muttered to herself. She spun around quickly at Ava's voice.

"What happened," Ava asked already leaving the captain's office, making her way to the medbay.

Amaya followed behind at a loss for words. She had expected Ava to lecture them about being reckless and being ill equipped at keeping their captain safe, she had not expected her to make an appearance. Amaya shrugged, maybe it was better for her to see firsthand what was going on.

"She's not in here." Ava pointed out turning to face Amaya. The room was empty except for Ray.

"You didn't really give me a chance to explain," Amaya said, doing her best to be patient with the agent. This was for Sara, she reminded herself.

"I'm giving you a chance now, so explain." Ava was once again becoming irritated. She hated displaying emotions, especially in front of the legends, she wanted them to take her seriously, to fear her, and she couldn't do that if she showed them how worried she'd been about their captain.

"Sara is fine now, but she's not exactly." Amaya stalls searching for the right word. "She's not the person she was."

"She's actually half the person she used to be." Ray interrupted. Feeling really proud of his description of the whole situation.

"Will you two idiots stop talking in riddles and just tell me what's going on," Ava snapped. She could not make heads or tails of what the pair was trying to tell her.

"Sara stop," Zari chased after Sara interrupting the three adults with Nate close behind her. Mick took his time making it to the medbay. Once there he leaned against the door and took a long swig of his beer. He'd been getting quite the entertainment watching Zari and Nate trying to convince grouchy, tired Sara to nap.

"No Zari, I'm not tired and I don't need a nap," Sara yelled hiding behind Ava.

Ava opened and closed her mouth a couple times not knowing what to say. She knew the legends always managed to get themselves into trouble but this was a new level, even for them. "Does someone want to explain why there is a miniature Sara running around," she asked, her eyes searching the remainder of the team member's.

"Since Jax left we haven't really had anyone to keep up with maintenance of the ship, Ray tries but there are somethings that Jax was especially good at," Nate began to explain.

Ava wanted to ask how this had anything to do with Sara being half her normal size and looking like she was five, had anything to do with the ship's maintenance.

"When Sara got hurt during the mission we brought her back so Gideon could heal her." Amaya picked up the story.

Though it was killing her, Ava waited patiently for them to continue.

It was Ray who did so. "As you know Gideon has the ability to regenerate and heal any tissue, well when Sara was shot she had some internal damage that Gideon had to clean and regenerate."

Ava tried very hard not to think about the fact that Sara had been shot. She gave the legends a hard time but she'd grown quite fond of the team, especially their captain. She'd known there was no going back after she'd disobeyed direct orders to save Sara from the other dimension. "So I'm guessing." She points to young Sara, "That Gideon's regeneration went a bit too far."

The group nodded. "We didn't know it to be a problem until we came to check on her and she was swimming in her clothes."

"Okay," she sighed. "I'll get Gary and a team to come and look at Gideon. Hopefully she can reverse this," she motions at young Sara, really looking at her for the first time. She had the same fire in her eyes as adult Sara. She'd need more information once she was done talking to Gary. She got on her communicator and explained the situation to Gary.

"There is another thing," Amaya interrupted before Ava could release her line with Gary. "Sara can't stay here, not while she's like this." She pointed at young Sara.

"Stop talking about me like I'm not here," Sara whined. "I'm perfectly fine, I can take care of myself." She yelled at the group.

It took everything in all of them not to laugh. Sara's voice was high pitched and no one could take her seriously. The death glare she gave them made it all the more comical.

"I don't know what you want me to do with her," Ava asked. They couldn't possibly think she'd take her.

"We have to deal with this anachronism." As if to prove Amaya's point a time quake occurred shaking the ship and landing Sara's unstable body on her butt.

"I don't have time," Ava began but was quickly interrupted by Gary. She'd forgotten she had him on the line still. After hearing his words she'd have wished she'd disconnected a long time ago.

"Well you do have time off that Director Bennett has been ordering you to take for weeks that you keep putting off."

Ava swears under her breath. She hated that she'd told Gary about that. She had so much time saved up that the Director had been reminding her to use it up once or twice a day. She sighed, she could do this, for Sara, she reminded herself. "Alright fine, but you have to figure something out quickly."

"This outta be good," Mick grinned finishing off his beer and leaving to get another.

"Don't worry Agent Sharpe, we'll figure something out, besides Gideon has assured us that the effects are temporary." Ray smiled, he was positive things would work out, they always did.

"I don't want to go," Sara tells them, though she's sure no one will listen.

"Sara," Amaya takes a knee in front of her. "I know you're in there and I can't imagine how frustrating this is, but it's for the best. This will keep you safe and most importantly, it will keep us safe. We can't be worried about you out in the field. You might be a badass ninja assassin, but you are only five at the moment." Amaya knew Sara's main priority would be the team and so she'd used that to her advantage.

"Fine," she sighed, not at all happy with the whole situation.

"Sara why don't we go to the fabrication room and make you some clothes, doubt you'll want to wear those to bed." Zari extended her hand out to Sara.

Sara glared at her and slapped the hand away. "I may only be three feet tall, but remember I still know 30 or so ways of killing you, right now." Sara threatened and walked out of the room.

Zari swallowed and looked at the rest of the team fearfully. She had no doubt that if Sara wanted to, she'd have her laid out before she could reach her totem.

With Sara out of earshot, Amaya turned to prep Ava. "As you can see Sara is still in there. She has all her memories and mannerisms."

Ava groaned at this. Things could never be simple, clearly she was asking for too much.

"While adult Sara is in there, so is five year old Sara. Her emotions get the better of her, she can't control how she feels, she has tantrums, and she gets tired like any child would, though good luck trying to get her to nap." Amaya watches Ava and she feels for the woman. Adult Sara could be a handful, little Sara was going to be so much worse.

"Your team owes me big for this." Ava finally says, having heard all she needed. She met up with Zari and Sara in the fabrication room. "You almost ready," she asked.

Sara nodded dejectedly. She'd tried to talk Zari into letting her stay but her efforts had failed. It seemed not even Zari, the loophole finder, would help her find a way to stay on the Waverider.

"Let's go then," Ava extended her hand out to Sara. Sara was about to push it away when Ava spoke up. "Look I have to stop by the office and put in for my leave, they can't know you're you, so if anyone asks you're my niece."

"That's a stupid cover," Sara was hating this more and more.

"Stupid as it may be, it's better than nothing." Ava opened a portal to the bureau once again extending her hand out to Sara. She was pleased when Sara took it without a fight.

Ava and Sara made their way to her office hand in hand. "Gary," Ava called out to him. "Is the team ready to go," she asked. The sooner they left the sooner they could have Sara back to normal and back on the ship.

"We'll be leaving shortly and the car is ready, keys are on your desk." He looked down at Sara. "Hello little one," he smiled down at her.

Sara let go of Ava's hand and grabbed a hold of Gary's tie bringing him down to her level. "Gary, I know you know who I am, call me little one again and I will break your jaw." She pushed him away from her taking Ava's hand once again. She felt proud when she heard Ava chuckle at the threat.

Gary cleared his throat, tugged to loosen the tie from around his neck and looked at Ava fearfully. "Could she do that," he asked in a whisper.

"I wouldn't doubt it. Get Gideon fixed Gary," she instructed, guiding Sara to her office.

"You really need to stop threatening Gary, he still sees a psychiatrist from the last time he was on the ship with you," Ava tells her. The poor man had a good heart and despite all his faults he was a decent agent.

"But he's so easy. I can't help that the bureau hired a bunch of softies." Sara replies letting go of Ava's hand once they're in her office.

Ava gives her a pointed look.

"Not all softies, obviously." She corrected winking at Ava.

"Agent Sharpe, Agent Green tells me you are finally going to take some time off." Director Bennet entered her officer after a short knock.

She wondered why he even bothered to knock if he was going to enter without waiting to be told to do so. "Yes sir, my sister asked that I watch my niece for a few days while she and her husband tend to some business."

"Well hello there," Director Bennet turned to Sara. "Aren't you the cutest little thing."

Sara couldn't believe she had to put up with this garbage. She made eye contact with Ava. She smiled sweetly at Ava when she gave her a pleading look not to knock him out. She turned on her full smile and directed it towards the director. "Thank you, Auntie Aves says after we leave her she's going to take me to get some ice cream and we're going to the zoo tomorrer , and watch princess movies." She purposely mispronounced words and elevated her excitement for ice cream.

"Well sounds like you'll have a fantastic time. Your auntie works too much so you make sure she relaxes some okay," he asked feeling proud of himself for successfully getting Ava out of the office and his interaction with her niece.

"Yes Sir," Sara smiled and gave him a mock salute. She rolled her eyes when he turned away from her and faced Ava.

"Enjoy your time off Agent Sharpe, dealing with the legends is no easy task, you've more than earned this time off." With that he left.

Ava tries and fails at holding back her laughter. The look on Sara's face is priceless.

Sara wants to be angry that Ava is laughing at her but she can't bring herself to be too mad, after all this is the first time she's truly heard Ava laugh and she decides she doesn't mind the sound at all. "If you're done," she says after a minute, "I'd like to leave, this place makes me itch."

Ava clears her throat remembering where she was and who she was with. "Right, sorry." She stands up and grabs her keys.

"Let's go." She's half tempted to call her little one but she knows better than to push Sara too much. Being stuck in the body of a five year old couldn't be easy, especially for someone that could kill a person a hundred different ways before they knew what was happening.

"You have got to be shitting me," Sara says as she looks in the back seat of Ava's SUV. She knew she would not be able to sit up front, she had accepted that but this, no, this was too much. "I'm not sitting in that." She pointed at the booster seat.

"Sara, don't make this difficult. It's the law." Ava could feel a headache coming on. This was going to be the worst vacation she'd ever taken. She was going to kill Gary.

"I don't want to." Sara crossed her arms and stomped her foot.

"Sara please," she pleaded. "Can you not fight me on this. You can get seriously hurt if we get in an accident."

"Awe Aves are you worried about me," Sara teased.

Ava wanted to make a snarky remark but she knew that if she did, there was no talking Sara into that booster seat so instead, she asked her nicely. "Sara please."

Sara sighed and climbed into the back of the SUV. "I buckle myself." She said in a way of compromise.

"Deal," Ava said, happy with the cooperation. She'd take what she could.

"So Aves, can we get some ice cream. Pleeeease," she drug out the word in hopes of convincing Ava.

"Not tonight Sara, it's getting pretty late. How about we grab a pizza instead." She waited for the argument but was pleased when none came.

"Okay, tomorrow," she asked hopeful.

"Maybe." Ava wasn't sure she wanted to give Sara any sugar, she was high energy as it was.

"So that's a no," Sara pouted.

Ava regarded her in the rearview mirror and smiled. Young Sara was adorable. She was sure those words would never leave her mouth. "No, it's a maybe."

"So it's a maybe yes, not a maybe no." Sara clarified smiling mischievously.

"You're impossible," Ava chuckled. The next few days were definitely going to be interesting.