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And Thusly...

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The endless white void expands before you, and you're pretty sure this is what heaven is like. A humanoid figure comes forth, and you wonder if it is an angel, come to judge you for your sins. Something shifts, and you can see a face...

The abyss stares back at you.

"Russell! Get up!"
A sharp knock sounds on a wooden bedroom door, and ten year old Russell Seager crawls out of bed. The sky is brightly overcast.

Rap rap rap!

"I'm coming," he says, and waits a moment as the footsteps fade away down the stairs. He quickly changes his clothes- white collared shirt, red sweater vest, black pants, white socks, brown loafers- and goes downstairs where his caretaker, Russell "Call Me Informant" Seager is cheerfully preparing breakfast.

He flips a pancake- liberally filled with chocolate chips- onto a plate already stacked with several more cakes and whistles a merry tune. Russell- that is, the one not cooking- takes his usual seat and one of the many rabbit helpers around the house uses its ears to grab the plate and take it to him.

"Thanks for the food," he says, already cutting into the stack. "Informant" pauses in his whistling.

"You're welcome, squirt."

He resumes whistling, and Russell begins eating. paradise.