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The following is an interview conducted by Allura Ederra to determine the qualifications of Lance McClain.

Q: How are you? We’ll start simple, so don’t feel nervous.
A: Thank you, I’m doing well, and you?

Q: When are you available to work?
A: Currently, any time. Once school starts, my schedule will be a bit different, though.

Q: You’ll keep us updated with your schedule once school does start, right?
A: Of course, I nearly have my schedule set for school now, anyway.

Q: What do you expect from your management?
A: Communication is key! I figure, as long as they keep me in the loop and are available for me to talk to if I need to, and are willing to help me understand whatever I need to, it should be fine.

Q: Have you ever worked in food service before?
A: I have not, but I’m a quick learner, and I’m confident I will be able to do quality work immediately.

Q: What are some things you liked about your previous job?
A: I used to work as a tutor, which was great, because I love kids, but what I really loved was just simply working with other people, and with the kids, too. I have good team building skills, and I’m still friends with a lot of people from that job.

Q: What are some things you didn’t like about your previous job?
A: The management was awful about respecting my time and it was extremely difficult to stay involved in school because my job was eating up all my time. Also, some of the management didn’t seem to care about me, just the services I was capable of providing.

Q: What are some things you would look forward to if you were hired for this position?
A: I’m always a slut for learning new things! I mean, I, uh.. Yeah. I like to learn new things, and since I’ve never worked in food service before, I’m sure it’ll be a good experience, whether customer service horror stories are as bad as they sound, or not.

Q: Why should I hire you, over the next guy?
A: I’m a diligent worker, and quick learner. I’m also reliable and punctual. I will not miss a shift, or be late, without ample notice.

Q: Alright Lance, when can you start?
A: I could start tomorrow honestly, if you’re ready to hire me.

Q: Do you smoke?
A: No...?

Q: Do you want to take a drug test? Since you don't smoke, we can do it right now, and if you do it now, we can get your paperwork going a lot faster than if we wait, and I want to get you into orientation next week. Can you do that?
A: I’m all yours.


Lance has had odd jobs here and there, babysitting, singing at his cousins’ birthday parties, mowing lawns and shoveling walks, but this is only his second ‘real job’, the other being tutoring kids with snotty rich parents. The kids were great, but the parents could be real nightmares. Lance is excited to put that behind him, and start a job with new coworkers, and make new friends. Not to mention, the store is literally called Lion Castle. Unlike Fred Meyer or Albertsons, or Smith’s or Shaw’s, there doesn’t seem to be any namesake. The founder just liked lions? It’s honestly really unclear.

Lance gets dressed an hour before his shift starts: apron, polo with pants of his choice (jeans, of course), and hat. It’s his first official day, and Lance is still nervous, even though he’s already hired. It doesn’t help that Allura was gorgeous beyond comprehension, not to mention her weird accent? He couldn’t place it. As he walks past her office he wonders absentmindedly if she’ll go on a date with him, but he’s a little too intimidated to flirt with her. She is his boss, after all. He doesn’t even know what goes on in the deli other than the corn dogs he and his mom would always pick up for lunch when he was in grade school, but it’s the only department with any openings, so this is kind of it.

Breathe, in and out, breathe. Put on your fearless face, Lance tells himself as he clocks in by himself for the first time. Now he’s officially on the clock, and makes his way over to the deli, adjusting his hat for the millionth time. The store isn't horribly busy, other employees giving him a head nod of acknowledgement. As he gets nearer to the deli, he can tell that the deli really is shorthanded, he only sees one guy there.

Lance walks around through the dining area to the side door of the deli, and tentatively walks in. It's a lot bigger than he thought. There are stacks and stacks of dishes and containers and lids and cups everywhere. He walks past the fryers and ovens and finds a hand-washing sink. He doesn't need to be told that's the first step to working in the deli. When he reaches to turn on the water, he notices pushable levers at knee height. Oh, hand-free sink operation. Nice.

"Hey, you must be Lance!" a voice says. Lance turns to see the only guy here walking toward Lance with an empty salad tray in hand.

"That's me," Lance replies. He's a big, friendly man with a smile made of sunshine. Lance can see an orange headband peeking out from underneath his hat, keeping his hair contained.

"I'm Hunk. I would have met you over at the time-machine, but I'm the only one here right now." he says gesturing around to the otherwise empty deli. Hunk laughs a hearty laugh, and sets down the tray on a table. "Gloves." He says, pointing at Lance's hands, now that he's dried them. Hunk leads Lance around the deli, giving him a brief overview on everything. From slicers to fryers, fried chicken to salads, Lance is going to learn everything. He has a hunch he and Hunk are going to get along just fine.