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[podfic] Irresistible

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Irresistible coverart

Story: Irresistible
Author: scintilla10
Reader: applegeuse
Fandom: Macdonald Hall
Pairing: Bruno Walton/Boots O’Neal, Miss Scrimmage/OFC
Rating: explicit
Author’s Warning: underage
Author’s Summary: Boots returns to Macdonald Hall for his last year, and has to deal with excess pheromones and a lot of unwanted attention (except from the one person he wishes would pay him more attention). Or, Melvin "Boots" O'Neal is a Veela.

Podficcer’s Notes: I recorded this as a gift for jenepod for the Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange! You can check out all the other podfics recorded for ITPE at the 2017 masterlist.

Length: 1:28:24
+ mp3 (81.2 MB) (right click & save as)
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