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Michael's an Assbutt!

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'Gabriel.... brother.... help....'

The trickster felt a weak prayer echo around in his head before anchoring to it. The archangel's eyes widen when he realized he could communicate through the line, it was from another angel.

'I'm here, who is this...'

Gabriel started before gasping as the name came from the other angel.

'Baby brother, it's Lucifer... Please help...'

Gabriel felt fear run through his body before realizing one thing, out of all the years his other brother called him he never sounded in such pain. Without thinking he flew to his older brother, tears rushing from his eyes as he found the older archangel in rough condition, not to mention his vessel was badly messed up too.


Lucifer mumbled before the younger angel felt his oldest brother's grace making him feel a wave of fear wash over his body. The angel pushed fear down before grabbing the fallen angel and flew off to a safe house, after hopping around to keep Micheal off his trail.

After placing his brother on a bed, within the heavily warded safe house, Gabriel when to work checking the vessel out. After fixing up the wounds, he started placing a few wards to keep it from burning up on his brother. After a few hours of this, Gabriel then sat down on the bed and held his brother's hand before diving into his grace to see how damaged it was.

After thirty minutes, the younger archangel woke up from his trance to smile lightly, it would heal but his brother could not use his grace for a while now. Letting out a deep sigh he pulled out a small bracelet, it had a rune on it to keep archangel's from using damaged grace, and he placed it on his brother's wrist before standing up and heading outside of the room.

A few hours later, Lucifer started to stir, he moved his hands over the plush blanket on the bed before slowly opening his eyes. As he looked around he noticed the snow falling outside the window he slowly sat up very confused, he was laying on a soft bed within a warm room. The fallen angel let out a heavy sigh before started to get off the bed before noticing the bracelet on his wrist.

"What? Micheal never cared to put something like this on me...." The fallen angel said confused before pushing himself off the bed, his vessel's body ached all over as soon as he stood. Lucifer looked over at the door, wondering what terrors are waiting for him behind it. He froze in place as the door slowly opened only to reveal a face he had not seen in ages.

The fallen angel looked in shock when the chocolate brown hair with whiskey eyes brother walked into the room. "Ga.... Gabriel..." Lucifer gasped before looking around very confused, realizing this was not an illusion from Micheal now.

The younger archangel smiled calmly before placing a tray on the bed and reached out to help his brother. Lucifer twitched as warm skin touched him, this only made the younger angel looked worried. "Luci? What's wrong?" The younger one looked at his brother as he slowly sat back down on the bed, staring at the ground. "I brought you some cookies, brother," He said and smiled big trying to calm his brother, this only pulled a very faint smile on Lucifer's lips before looked around again. "Here." The younger brother handed a cookie over to the older one.

Lucifer shakily reached out and grabbed the cookie. "Thanks... Brother..." He said with a slight shiver in his voice.

"If you need anything else just call me, I will be in the next room." Gabriel stood up watching his brother starting to lightly nibble on the cookie now before heading out the door. "I do mean it if you need help with anything..." The younger angel felt his body shake as he held back running into the room and pulling his older brother into a hug, it might be more damaging than helpful at the moment.

It was almost an hour before a small noise echoed into the living room. "Gabe...." Lucifer mumbled only to jump a little at the younger angel popping his head into the doorway.

"Yes, Luci?" The fallen angel was sitting cross-legged on the bed and was tugging at the bracelet on his wrist.

"Wh...Why can't I g...Get this o...Off?" The angel struggled to say only to see a calming smile from the younger one's lips. He walked over and sat at the edge of the bed before reaching over at it and showing the symbol on the back of the charm.

"It's to keep you from using to much grace right now brother, it's badly damaged..." Gabriel looked down feeling a little bad now. "I'm sorry I didn't want you to hurt your self-trying to do something your grace was not ready for..." He looked up at his older brother to see light fear run across this face before nodding as he calmed down.

"Thanks, brother."Gabriel smiled before lightly pulling his older brother into a hug, feeling a tenseness roll over the other's shoulders before it was washed away and let out a deep sigh. Gabriel looked at Lucifer with tears running down the younger angel's face as the older angel explain what happened.

"Wait... Micheal did that? I... I didn't know he could do that..." The younger angel said before wiping the tears from his face and nodding. "I think I will need help with your wings though..." He said.

Lucifer glared at him. "And who would help me? Every angel that would hate me..."

Gabriel had a stern face before pulling a smirk on. "Well, I bet Cassie would if I talked to him..."

Lucifer let out a groan knowing that meant seeing the Winchesters, again. "I guess that can work, but what will keep the boys from trying to kill me...." Lucifer asked a little annoyed at the thought of running into them at a weak state.

"I will, unlike you, brother, I will almost be at full power..."

Lucifer raised his eyebrow at his brother. "What do you mean?"

Gabriel rolled his eyes and pulled a little sass on. "The Winchester's are located in the men of letters bunker and it is warded against Pagans..." The older angel looked confused before nodded when he understood.

After a few minutes, Gabriel realized no one was going to pick up his call and shrugged. "Oh well... Come hear brother..." He said before holding onto his older brothers hand and flying off to the bunker.