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Walking on Water

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"Mommy, are you sure I have to stay here?" You ask your mother. The (h/c) woman smiles down at you, her facial expression the complete opposite of yours. "(Y/n), as much as we hate to leave you for so long, what has to be done has to be done." She says.

You were young, but no idiot. You were actually very intelligent, which was common in your family. You knew lots of things about your parents, things you couldn't really comprehend, but you still knew what went on behind closed doors.

"We'll be back in no time, trust me." Your dad says. But you knew this man was deceiving, even if he was your father, he was in fact a liar, not only to you, but your mother as well. It wasn't that you didn't trust him, you just didn't believe in everything he said.

"Liar." You muttered, catching your mothers attention. "What was that sweetie?" Your mother asks you, but you don't respond. You thought, no, you knew she heard you, but she was playing dumb, like she does with a lot of things.

She stopped in front of the small traditional Japanese home, just by looking at it, you could tell no one really lived there, but you knew of course, it was your grandmother and your grandfather's residence. Your mother let go of your hand, and you let it fall to your side. The ground seemed fascinating to you for an odd reason, but you knew there was nothing special about the cherry blossoms that fell on the ground. You just didn't want to leave your parents.

But of course, they ushered you to the small home, much to your dismay. You knew there was nothing you could do, but you wished that there was. It wasn't that you didn't love you grandmother, that was never the case. You never liked to be away from your parents, you adored them.

Both were hard workers, so it's not like you've never dealt with it before. You could actually take care of yourself, and they knew that. You could cook, clean, do laundry, just like an adult. You were only six though, so they couldn't leave you in the house alone like that. A few months was different from overtime at work. You knew that, and you knew either way they had to leave.

Your mother knocked on the door with hesitation, and you knew why. Your grandfather had recently passed away, however you all never went to the funeral, because your parents were too "busy." You realized your parents were alcoholics, and drug addicts, but you let it blow over. Because no matter what, it was a fact your parents were crazy about each other. You thought it would never end, but one part of you thought things were never what it seems. Of course, everything your parents did were meant to be a secret, but you knew it all, even if you didn't understand it.

Shortly, your grandmother appeared at the door, opening it with a small smile. "Oh hello, (M/n). (F/n)." She greeted, kindly. Your mother smiled back. "Hello mother. How have you been?" She asks. You just look up at her, with eyes that were filled with sadness and anger.

Your parents just smiled down at you, and you return the heart-warming smile, though deep inside, you were desolate. They were working out of country, leaving you all alone.

"Take good care of her, (G/n)." Your father says.

Your grandmother laughs wholeheartedly. "Did you think I wouldn't?"

"Oh no mother, I never doubted it for a second. We both know you'll take great care of our perfect (Y/n)," Your mother says, kneeling down to your level, hugging you. "I love you the most, (N/n)." She says, kissing your forehead, then sits up, looking at your father expectantly. He ruffles your (h/l), (h/c) hair, smiling down at you. "Love ya to bits, kiddo. Be good okay?" He says.

You could tell, they both tried to be happy, but they both had the same look of sadness in their eyes. You shook your head from the thought, and smiled back at them. "I love you both! Lots and lots," you say. "try not to stay gone for too long." They both nod, looking at you with loving expressions on their faces.

"Bye," you whispered as they left. Your grandmother wrapped her arms around your petite figure, smiling gently at you. "It's okay, (Y/n)." She reassures. You wanted to cry, but you weren't a crybaby. You hugged her back though, putting in all the emotions you felt.

"Let's go take this stuff in. Afterwards, we'll go get ice cream."