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Chasing the Lover's Blue Eyes

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Castiel walked down the hallways of Lawrence High, head low as his wild tuft of black hair blended into the crowd. The smaller boy never understood why life was so...weird. It was like he was the only one in this whole goddamn school who wasn't a jock or plastic girl trying to hook up. It's not like he cared anyway, he had someone by his side the whole way. He flinched as a group of the horniest dick-bags he knew rampaged down the hall, beating, punching, and yelling at each other for fun.

God Castiel would never understand why people don't like quiet libraries; it was the only thing keeping him sane, well, except for gardening class.

He ducked into the locker room and waited behind the door, breathing heavily as the crowd got closer. The football players were a force to be reckoned with, everyone knew that; everyone also knew their favorite punching bag was Cas. Castiel jumped when the door slammed open and kept his head down, trying to slip out next to the line of people unnoticed. All he had to do was get to Dean and he was home free.

The football team burst into the locker room, laughing and hollering as they knocked into one another. One of them noticed Cas and grabbed him by the shirt collar.

"Where you goin', fag? Didn't kill yourself like we told you to?" He snarled pulling Cas back into the locker room with the fifteen football players.

"Leave him alone, Benny." Dean tried to say, but he knew it was no use, besides, he needed to stay on the team.

Cas squeaked, slim arms scrambling to keep his books to his chest before he smiled nervously at the larger boy. He looked at all of the others in the room as he kept his head down, practically dangling from where he was being held.  

"Come on, guys, leave the kid alone." Dean tried again half-heartedly, elbowing his way to the front of the small crowd, all their eyes trained Benny and Cas. "Just leave him alone, he didn't do shit." Dean snapped at Benny, shooting Cas, his best friend, a quick look.

Castiel looked at the larger boy with wide eyes. It was like being face to face with a...bear, to be precise. He was huge and scruffy. Benny growled and glanced at Dean before lifting Cas off the ground by his collar, smirking.

"Beat em up or we will, brotha. It's a code." He said firmly, eyes glinting at Cas' look of confusion.

"Benny, I'm not beating up some twink-looking kid," Dean said gruffly, shooting Cas a look of apology. He knew that it would be better if he beat Cas up, as opposed to the rest of the team. Dean could hit in spots that won't damage Cas' body, and he would definitely hit softer than the rest of them.

Castiel gave Dean a stubborn glare at the name. "I'm not a twink!" He squeaked out stubbornly.

Benny smirked at the words and dropped Cas to the floor, sending him scattering in front of another boy. "Mm, I'm sure Luci would disagree." Benny drawled teasingly.

Castiel winced and looked up at the other team member, eyes widening when seeing the schools best defender looming over him with a perverted look. Cas scooted back and yelped when he felt someone kick his rib, sending his books flying.

"Stay still you little freak!" Michael growled out, looking down at Castiel with disdain.

It was like being in a violent twist of a mirror fun house.

"Stop!" Dean said, "I'll beat him up, damn." He offered in annoyance, helping Cas up. Castiel squeaked when he was dragged up, frowning when he came face to face with Dean.

"Dean what are yo- FUCK!" The smaller boy yelped, doubling over and squeezing his eyes shut as Dean delivered a quick punch to his ribs.

Dammit, it felt like he was hit by a bat or a small sized train. The smaller boy looked up from his hunched over position with a confused and betrayed look, hurt filling his blue eyes. They were friends. Why did Dean do that? 

Lucifer laughed lowly and laced his arms under Cas' until they looped to hold the back of his head still. Benny laughed at the smaller boy's groans and nodded to Dean.

"Now you get it, hit him again!" Benny said excitedly, adjusting his hat and crossing his arms in an expectant manner.

Dean clenched his jaw, thinking the whole thing over hesitantly before he hit Cas again, not in the same spot, of course, he could break one of Cas' ribs that way. Castiel wheezed struggled to get out of the larger boy's grasp, eyes widening when Dean didn't disagree.

"Dean don-!" Cas begged, yelping when Dean punched him across the jaw. Yeah, so what he was punching him? Dean still cared about his best friend.

"Fucking take it, bitch." He forced himself to grit out, and he kneed Cas in the groin.

The smaller boy's eyes bugged out his head as pain seared through him, tearing up at Deans words and the pain he was causing him. Cas let out a strangled scream, legs coming up to curl around his lower region as he jerked in Lucifer's grasp. Lucifer kept him up, laughing hysterically. This happened every day, it was nothing new, but usually, Dean was the one the stop the fight, now he was the one starting it. Michael started chanting Dean's name as the rest of the group joined in.

"HIT EM AGAIN!" Benny hollered wildly.

Dean gave Cas a solid punch to the solar plexus, letting out a slight hiss and shaking his hand, wincing as he heard the smaller boy cried in pain and let out a gusty breath, the air being forced from his body. Dean delivered a final, hard punch to the side of Cas' face, watching the boys' head snap to the side with the force of it.

"C'mon guys..." Dean said in a gravelly voice, his knuckles bruised and bloody.

Dean didn't like the way his best friend looked. It obviously wasn't fun for either of them.

Castiel's head lolled and his eyes became dazed, cheekbone throbbing from the punishing blow. Tears ran down his cheeks and his body thrummed with pain, another cry forced from him when Lucifer tightened his grip. Lucifer gave Dean a challenging look and raised an eyebrow.

"What? Goin soft? Hit. Him. Again." Lucifer said lowly, tightening his hold on the smaller boy in his arms with a smirk.

Dean knew that what he was doing to Cas was nothing compared to what Lucifer would do if he handed him over. "I'm not going soft, asshole." Dean rolled his eyes, kicking Cas in the crotch, hard. Dean gave Cas a solid punch to the nose, watching the blood squirt out and land on his letterman jacket.

Castiel let out a heart-stopping scream, jerking violently in the jocks arms. Lucifer dropped Cas to the floor, laughing as the blue-eyed boy curled into a ball. He looked almost pathetic...


"Cmon Winchester, finish him," Michael said in a jokingly low voice. Dean looked down at Cas and almost threw up, seeing his best friends face covered in blood, with the knowledge that it was his fault.

"Let's just go," Dean said, tugging on Michael's shirt sleeve. "We've been in here too long, and if they see us with him on the floor like that, we're definitely getting kicked off the team. Expelled, too."

Castiel twitched, body trembling as panic filled him. He had such bad anxiety, the thought of him having no one to rely on anymore made him terrified.

Usually, Dean would find him when the team beat him up, he'd help him get home. But that wasn't the case this time. Lucifer growled and rolled his eyes, kneeling next to Cas and punching him in the stomach; but he didn't stop with one blow, he punched his sternum over and over and over, laughing when Cas let out grunts and jerked slightly. Castiel let out almost inaudible sobs of Dean's name, wanting his best friend more than anything right now.

Benny and Michael flinched when Cas would jolt with every punch, there was obviously something wrong. The smaller boy was in shock. But when Lucifer needed to vent, they didn't dare interfere. The defender was a bit deranged.

"C’mon man, let's go," Benny said, grabbing Dean's shoulder and guiding him into the hall.

"Dude you should get that checked out." He said, gesturing to Dean's knuckles.

"Yeah." Dean laughed, flexing his hand.

Suddenly, Dean made a huge show of checking his pockets.

"Oh, shit!" He hissed. "I left my phone in the locker room." He said, starting to turn around to go get it even though it was in his back pocket.

"Go without me," Dean said when Lucifer and Michael came out of the locker room and laughed, punching each other excitedly. "Coach said if you're late to any more classes, that you're gonna be benched the entire game Friday." Dean lied, knowing he could get away with it since he knew no one listened to Coaches talks.

When they finally shrugged and started talking to each other, he ran to the locker room, looking at Cas on the floor.

"Cas?" Dean said softly, starting to walk towards him. Castiel trembled and stared open-mouthed at the ceiling, face covered in his own blood and tears.

There was just so much pain.

The smaller boy had tears streaming down his face. Everything hurt, but it hurt so much more than it was Dean's fist and knee connecting with him every time, his best friends fist.

"Castiel?" Dean called out again, walking over to Cas and kneeling next to him. "I'm so sorry..." Dean whispered, putting his hand on Cas' arm, lightly. Castiel's slim arm jerked away from the muffled voices hand, body shaking harder.

"N-No more, please no m-more." He said hoarsely, voice quiet and pain filled as he hazily looked around for an escape.

"I'm not gonna hurt you, Cas," Dean said, putting his hands on Cas' chest, pressing down lightly, making sure nothing was broken. Castiel cried out when Dean pressed on his chest.

"You're fine, Cas... Well, at least physically. Nothing's broken, but you're gonna be bruised as fuck and your nose is gonna be swollen for a couple of days." Dean said as professionally as he could.

The smaller boy realized that it was Dean and scrambled back, a small sob fell from his lips when he felt pain course through him. Dean did this to him because he cared more about how many people loved him than who loved him.

"N-No more!" Cas whispered brokenly, his voice hoarse and pleading before he curled into the fetal position.

"Cas, I'm sorry." Dean tried again, knee-walking towards Cas. "Please dont...dont cry..." Dean said softly, putting a hand on Cas' shoulders.

Castiel had never felt weaker. It was like Dean didn't even realize that he had done this to him like it didn't even matter.

"Don't l-lie to me," He breathed out, voice cracking. "Don't pretend that you didn't just do that to me."

"Cas, would you rather have me beat you up, or have fifteen beefheads beat the living shit out of you?" Dean asked.

Castiel whimpered and let out a wheezy breath. "I would rather have had a friend to pick me up after the beating. I would of rather you walked out of the room and left me. This was one of the worst beatings I had." He said, body shaking as he sat up.

"Cas, I tried to tell them to stop, but they wouldn't listen." Dean sighed, scooting closer next to Cas. "Please, Cas? Can you please let me help you home?"

Cas stood up and cried out, holding his abdomen and crotch desperately. "No. Because you will go fuck the life out of someone once you leave because that's all you can think about anymore. Sex, drugs and rock and roll huh? You fucked my sister one time, Dean. It was during a sleepover! You barely hang out with me! I mean nothing to you and it took you beating the living shit out of me to see that." He said brokenly, tearing up and wiping the blood from his cheek, frowning at the amount of it covering his hand.

"Why do you care who I fuck?" Dean asked bluntly, raising an eyebrow. "Just because I have a lot of sex, doesn't mean you're nothing to me," Dean said, standing up also.

Cas shrunk away and flinched, forgetting Dean wasn't gay. "Oh, my apologies. I seem to have misunderstood. You fucked up my face, penis, and chest." He said sarcastically, wiping more blood from his face with an aggravated look.

"Cas, please," Dean said, stepping towards him. "I have tons of medical shit at home to deal with your cuts and stuff, Cas. Just let me help."

Castiel looked at him with a look of disbelief, dropping his arms. He couldn't say anything, his heart was broken at the fact that Dean slept with so many people, the fact that he felt comfortable enough with beating the shit out of him and expected him to just come crawling back.

What was he to Dean? Another way to look cool?

Dean bent over and picked up Cas' backpack, knowing it was too heavy for Cas to carry in his current state. "Are you coming or not, Cas?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, his eyes begging for Cas to come with him. Castiel stubbornly held out a shaky hand for his backpack, eyes filled with fear and betrayal as he avoided eye contact with the larger boy.

As if on command Lucifer came in and rolled his eyes. "Yo Dean-o! You're taking forever! Hurry up man we need to get your hand better for the game!" Lucifer called out, growling when he didn't hear Dean shuffling around like he would have been.

"I'm coming Lucifer," Dean called back. "Cas, please, let me help you," Dean said softly, putting a hand under Cas' chin, tilting his head up so Cas could look into his eyes. "Please."

Castiel flinched when Dean touched his bruised jaw, remembering how hard Dean hit him. "Okay..." He whispered, eyes filled with trust, but distant fear.

Lucifer frowned and his footsteps started making their way towards the locker they were behind. "I'll take you home when he leaves," Dean whispered, wincing when he heard Lucifer behind him.

"Dude are you like jerking off or something? Or are you fucking another chick?" Lucifer said teasingly.

"J-Just making sure he keeps his mouth shut," Dean said in a louder voice, his hand dropping from Cas' jaw.

Lucifer laughed darkly and came around the corner. "Dude, you don't do that by sweet talkin' them. Here. I know you're new. Let me demonstrate my expertise." He said with a wiggle of his eyebrows before walking up to Cas.

The small boy shrank away slightly and kept his eyes down. Lucifer wrapped a hand around his neck and pushed him up against the locker, body flattening against Castiel's and keeping him pinned. Lucifer was known as a perverted guy, and it scared Cas more than anything that he was on top of Lucifer's hit list.

"Okay, you little twink. I don't want to hear a single word said to anyone. Do you hear me? Or I'll fuck you so hard you can't walk for weeks." He breathed out against the smaller boy's face, laughing when Cas squirmed and wrapped his hand tighter.

Castiel shrank away from the larger boy, wheezing as his breath was being cut off slightly.

"You fucking like it don't you..?" Lucifer purred lowly.

"Come on, Lucifer." Dean interrupted, grabbing Lucifer's shoulder and trying to tug him away from Cas.

"Let's just go, he's obviously not telling anyone."

Dean didn't like how Lucifer was saying that shit to Cas, it made something twist in his stomach that he didn't know was there before.

Suddenly, a playful cackle rang off the locker room's tile walls and a cheap smoke bomb was rolled onto the floor. Dean eyed it and his eyes widened when the cap popped off and smoke started pouring out of it. Lucifer shouted when Cas was yanked from his arms and the mystery figure took Cas' backpack from Dean's hands.

Castiel squeaked when he was swooped into someone's arms and laughed when he realized who it was. "Balthazar!" He giggled excitedly as Balthazar emerged with him from the locker room. Balthazar was his only friend beside Dean, and for some reason, he had a huge crush on Cas, always tried to woo him. But he was moving away soon, and it broke Cas' heart.

"Hey princess," Balthazar said teasingly.

"Damnit!" Dean groaned, coughing as he ran out of the locker room, trying to escape a large amount of smoke pouring from the canister.

Castiel tensed when Dean ran out, causing Balthazar to finally see his whole form. "Dude what happened?!" Balthazar yelped, looking at Cas' face in concern. He had never expected to see his friends face covered in blood and bruises.

"Cas!" Dean said, running towards them. "Come on, we gotta go before Lucifer comes out." Dean grabbed Cas' thin arm quickly.

Castiel yelped and turned his head to Dean, eyes widening as fear rushed through him. Balthazar frowned and squinted.

"Lucifer did this?! It looks like he went through a meat grinder! I'll kill him." Balthazar said angrily.

Dean rolled his eyes, not wanting to tell Balthazar the truth. "Cas," Dean said, forcing his voice to soften. "Are you coming? I really need you to come with me."

Castiel gave Balthazar a thankful look, giving him his best doe eyes. "Thank you so much, for everything. You're an amazing friend." He said softly.

Lucifer burst out of the locker room with an enraged shout, catching eyes of the blood covering Cas' face and making a full body turn towards the smaller boy. Cas yelped and without waiting for Dean he took off down the hallway.

"Just let him go, Lucifer!" Dean said, grabbing Lucifer's arm when he tried to chase after Cas. "God! Balthazar, go with him, make sure he's okay." Dean said quietly so Lucifer wouldn't hear.

Balthazar growled at Lucifer and stepped closer, getting in his face. "How dare you think you have the right to beat my friend half to death!" He yelled angrily.

Lucifer chuckled deeply and yanked his arm from Dean's grasp. "That wasn't me, fucker, that was him." Lucifer drawled with a proud nod Dean's way. Balthazar froze and looked at Dean with an incredulous look, glancing at his fists to see blood. His eyes slowly trailed off to Dean's face, a look of shock and anger covering his features rapidly.

Dean winced and tried to put his hands in his jacket, but Balthazar already saw. "Whatever," Dean growled, pushing past the both of them. "I'm going home." Dean was actually going to go to Cas' house, but he wasn't gonna tell Balthazar that. 

Balthazar gave Dean a murderous look and watched him walk away. "You disgust me, Dean Winchester! Only a monster would do that to him and not give a shit. He doesn't deserve it, and you know it!" Balthazar called out before walking off.

"Shut up, Balthazar," Dean called back to him, slipping into the bathroom that he saw Cas' backpack outside of.

Castiel looked at himself in the mirror, flinching when he saw what Dean did.

"Cas...hey..." Dean said softly, looking at Cas softly.

"It's really not that bad." Dean tried to tell him.

Castiel turned around and looked at Dean with a hurt look.

"Yeah, because I was supposed to take it like a bitch, huh?"

"Cas, you know I didn't mean that!" Dean said, walking towards him. "I'm sorry, but I'm here now, to help you."

Cas took a step back and clenched his jaw, tearing up as he wiped more blood from his face, revealing a busted up cut from Dean’s punch.

"You don't even feel any remorse over what you did do you! Don't act like I'll just come crawling back every single goddamn time you do this." He cried out, tears spilling down his cheeks as he wiped it away, getting blood everywhere with a frustrated cry.

"Cas please, I'm sorry!" Dean begged. "What can I do to make it better, Cas? Please, I'll do anything, you don't know how much this friendship means to me." Dean had tears threatening to fall too.

"Your football friends obviously mean more to you. I know I'm the school freak but I never thought you would be the one to be hitting me like a punching bag one day," Castiel said, pulling off his shirt as he got water and splashed his face, cleaning himself off.

Deans eye dropped to Cas' flat stomach, wincing when he saw the bruises. "You know that beating Michael gave you, that only lasted a few seconds? You would have had to take that for at least ten minutes if I hadn’t stepped up, Cas. They could have broken a rib."

"No. It was because you didn't want to lose your tough guy rep." Castiel said. "Now turn around I'm making sure you didn't break my dick." He said sarcastically, turning and dropping his pants to mid-thigh, grimacing at the bruises trailing down his abdomen. Castiel stood up straight and stared Dean dead in the eye through the mirror, noticing the boy hadn't turned around.

"Dean Winchester I am literally standing here with no pants on! Do you have no modesty?" He squeaked out, covering his crotch as his face turned red.

"Cas, we've known each other since kindergarten, I don't fucking care if you have no pants on." Dean rolled his eyes. "Come on, let me see if you're okay." Dean put an arm on Cas shoulder and turned him around so they were face to face.

Castiel squeaked and immediately turned redder than a tomato, his blue eyes contrasting the bright pink adorning his cheeks. "Dean come on! The last time we were naked in the same room we were nine and changing into swim trunks!" He yelped out, bringing a leg up to hide his stomach and below, keeping any piece of dignity he could as he hid his thighs.

"Cas, we're both straight, there's literally nothing to be ashamed of," Dean rolled his eyes. "Come on, Cas, you could be seriously hurt."

Castiel glowered and huffed. "Speak for yourself!" He said embarrassedly. Dean was straighter than a freshly sharpened sword, Cas was about as straight as a slinky.

He couldn't say that though. What if Dean beat him up?

"What do you mean?" Dean asked, raising an eyebrow at Cas. "What're you talking about?"

Castiel shrank away and turned red, eyes wide with fear. "Nothing. Go away." He whispered shakily.

"What aren't you telling me, Cas?" Dean asked, putting a hand on the sink so Cas couldn't get away.

Cas whined and glared at Dean's hand, looking at Dean warily. Yeah, he was going to hurt him again. "I don't like girls." He said with a look that practically screamed ‘is it not obvious?'

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Dean frowned, looking at Cas. "I thought we were best friends." Dean noticed Cas inching away and put his other hand on the edge of the sink, trapping Cas in.

Cas flinched and straightened up. "Best friends don't do what you did to me, think about it." He said sharply. "You're so straight you have a stick up your ass, why would it matter unless you were gay as well." The smaller boy snapped, turning to duck under Dean's arms.

"You're gay?" Dean asked, blocking him again. He didn't sound angry, just confused...curious. "How long have you known?"

"Sixth grade, never had a crush on any girls, but I've liked guys," Cas said awkwardly, inching away from Dean as he held his hands in front of his crotch.

"Well, what if I was gay?" Dean asked Cas. "What if I was gay and I liked you? Would you like me back?" Dean didn't really know where he was going with this, but he needed to know.

Castiel's eyes widened and he paused before glaring. "If you're gay just say it, it's not like I could judge you." He said defensively.

Dean had always felt...something for Cas, though he never knew what it was. He had just pushed it aside, knowing there was no way it could happen, but Cas had just changed that. Quickly leaning forwards, Dean closed his eyes and pressed his lips to Cas' warm, soft ones.

Castiel's eyes shot open before they quickly fluttered shut, his own lips slowly starting to move under Dean's. It felt like a million sparks were traveling through him.

Dean, on the other hand, still couldn't believe what he was doing. He was kissing a half-naked guy in a school bathroom. Dean pushed that thought aside and tilted his head, deepening the kiss.

Castiel shyly pulled back, panting as he stared up at Dean with wide and trusting eyes. “Dean, I'm naked in the middle of a public bathroom, what if someone comes in?”

"And that's a bad thing? Cas, come on, I gotta make sure I like guys, just let me kiss you." Dean pouted as he launched back in for a kiss before he stopped. He instantly realized what he had just said when he saw Cas freeze and tear up. Oh god.

"Cas, I didn't mean it like that-" He tried to explain.

Castiel pushed Dean off him and covered his body, jerkily pulling on his clothes before running out the bathroom door as tears streaming down his face. He couldn't believe he let himself fall for that. Dean had used him, what was even happening to his friendship with the Winchester?

"Cas wait, please!" Dean called after him, but Cas had already left.

"Fucking idiot!" Dean shouted to himself, punching the mirror in front of him, watching it crack, the small lines running up the edges of the mirror. Dean couldn't believe how fucking dumb he was, probably just ruined all chances he had of dating Cas in the future.

As he decided to leave, he saw that Castiel had forgotten his backpack. Dean grabbed it and walked down the hall, deciding he was going to go to Cas house and he was gonna win him back.



Castiel ran the whole way home, tears streaming down his face. It was cold, and he was lonely. Why did Dean do that? The smaller boy seemed to be a spider web for pain and trouble, his whole life, nothing more than a punching bag to the world and its offspring.

Cas made his way up the steps and walked into the safety of his home not noticing the car behind him. Dean had beaten him up, used him, and then pretended like it was nothing. His best friend. What happened? Castiel walked to his couch and rubbed his puffy blue eyes, fighting back a pain filled sob. He didn't understand, he did everything good to try and earn it back. He did beekeeping charity work three times a week and gardened in his free time, why didn't he get happiness in return?

The smaller boy's whole body froze when a loud crack sounded behind the door. An ominous repetitive thudding coming from it. It was off...almost as if someone uncoordinated was hitting something. Castiel stood up and warily walked to the door, standing on his tiptoes to look through the peephole.

Lucifer was standing outside, drunkenly hitting the doorknob with a large rock. The larger boy's nose was red from the chilly air, his eyes hooded and dark circles more pronounced.

Oh god, he's drunk, Castiel thought.

The football player hit the doorknob one last time until it clattered to Cas' wooden porch with a clank.

Castiel's blue eyes shot open and he scrambled back, regrettably making way for a very drunk Lucifer to push his door open.

Lucifer smirked and stumbled into the house, swaying on his feet slightly. "Honey I'm home!" He called out lazily, chuckling a bit at how creative that was.

Castiel tensed, fear consuming him as he ran to the kitchen, flicking the rug up on accident and knocking over a chair accidentally in his rush. The smaller boy scrambled through drawers until he finally grabbed a knife and turned, dropping it with a yelp when he turned to see Lucifer standing on the other side of his counter. The boy was two times bigger than him easily and was adorned with a Cheshire smirk to match his appearance. Suddenly, Cas missed Dean's presence more than anything right now.

Castiel backed up and clenched his jaw, noticing how drunk and dazed Lucifer looked. Fuck, this was not good, not good at all. He turned and ran upstairs, gripping onto the railing like it was a life support, frantically trying to find a weapon when he heard thudding and stumbling footsteps following him up the stairs at a much faster pace than he expected.



Dean had been driving home from the school in his prized Impala, trying to get to Cas as fast as he could. His combat boots thunked on the concrete while he got out of his car and took a deep breath.

Okay, Winchester, just go in and apologize, this was Cas, he's a lover, not a fighter, he thought in determination.

Dean sighed and awkwardly held Cas' backpack before looking up, his whole 6'2 body stopping cold when he saw a large truck outside of his best friends house. Usually, it wouldn't surprise him, but he knew that car anywhere. He could spot those bumper stickers from a mile away when needed. Getting closer to it, he mumbled under his breath, " can't be."

Yup, it was definitely Lucifer's car, but for some weird reason, it was parked askew to the driveway. He recognized the dent in the side, hell, he had put it there. Dropping Cas' backpack, Dean sprinted to Cas' door, his heart freezing when he saw the broken doorknob. Castiel wasn't strong enough to do that, god the boy couldn't even lift a cinder block without whining.

Walking inside, he worriedly looked around, his stomach twisting when his green eyes surveyed the house, it was a mess, it looked like there was a fight, or at least a lot of quick and clumsy movement. "Cas?" He called out hesitantly.
Dean slowly stepped further into the house, clenching his jaw at the knife laying on the floor, at least it was there, no blood in sight, that was good.

A loud crashing sound came from upstairs and the sound of what could've been someone hitting the floor rang out. No, that sounded too heavy to be Cas. Dean immediately sprinted up the stairs, calling Cas' name.

When he burst into the room he almost sighed in relief as he saw Cas holding a gardening tool - Dean couldn't be more thankful for Cas’ obsessions - and Lucifer sprawled on the floor of Cas’ room with a forming bruise on his jaw.

The quarterback ran over and took the tool from Cas, gently moving him to the bed before turning back to Lucifer. “Dude you're fucking wasted, get out!” Dean snapped, watching Lucifer drunkenly stand. Lucifer lazily looked at Dean and scoffed, waving a dismissive hand at the green-eyed boy. “Whatever dude.” He drawled before stumbling back out to his car. Dean waited until the sound of an engine started up before turning to Castiel with a worried look.

"Cas…" Dean said softly, walking to the boy on the bed. "Are you okay? I'm so sorry I didn't come sooner."

Castiel flinched when Dean came over, scrambling farther away. Dean had hurt him, emotionally and physically.

"Cas, please," Dean begged, deciding to keep his distance. "I'm sorry for everything I did, and now I'm probably gonna get kicked off the team for defending you."

Cas clenched his jaw and wiped away the tears jerkily. "Oh, I'm sorry. If you didn't notice he's so drunk that he broke the handle off instead of just opening the door, he won't even remember." He said half-heartedly.

"Cas, I'll buy you a new one, doorknobs are like five dollars at Home Depot. I can even come patch it all up after school." Dean offered, sitting hesitantly on the bed next to the smaller boy.

Castiel sniffled and couldn't stop the thing that happened next. He broke down. The smaller boy cried, hard, as he wrapped his hands over the back of his head and tucked it between his knees to hide his face. Dean was so strong, Cas probably looked like a fool right now compared to his macho-facade.

"Cas, please, can I hug you?" Dean asked, moving so he was a few inches away from Cas, close enough for Cas to wrap his arms around Dean if he wanted to.

Cas nodded and kept himself in the curled up position he was in, rocking himself back and forth as his voice broke with each sob. His best friend, the only person he trusted, had beaten him up when he knew he was going through a hard time. Why was life like this to him?

"Cas, please don't cry," Dean said softly, wrapping his arms around the sobbing boy. "It's all gonna be okay, Cas, you can get through this, you're strong," Dean said, rubbing Cas' back.

Castiel shook his head and fought back tears, muffling his sobs by biting his lip. The truth was, he wasn't strong, not strong enough. God, the things he did at night, what Dean did to him, it broke him apart.

"Cas, you are strong enough," Dean said, almost like he could hear Cas' thoughts. "You're so incredibly strong and brave...come on..." Dean said softly into Cas' hair.

"Let's get you cleaned up. "

Castiel looked up at Dean, blue eyes surrounded by red as he stared with puppy eyes. "Why. I want to know why you did it." He said shakily, blue eyes boring into Dean's green ones.

"Did what?" Dean knew Cas could be talking about a dozen different things right now.

"All of it," Castiel said in a hushed whisper.

"Cas…" Dean had no explanation. "I'll leave if you want me to," Dean said softly. "Right after we clean you up. Then I'll leave. Never talk to you again, I'll leave you alone, Cas." It hurt Dean to say it, but Cas was better off without him. At least that's what Dean thought, he had no idea how much the boy felt for him.

Castiel froze at the words and couldn't believe Dean had no reason for doing all of those things to him. The smaller boy let out a whimper at how easily Dean could say he would leave him. He was all Cas had and he knew it, Dean was just too macho to admit it.

"I thought you wanted me to leave you alone, Cas?" Dean said, confused. "You know what? That's not important. What's important is getting you cleaned up, come on Cas. You know I'm not taking no for an answer." Dean stood up and reached a hand out to Cas to help him get up.

Castiel relaxed a bit and nodded, awkwardly grabbing onto Dean's hand and pulling himself up. Everything hurt, and now his eyes hurt.

"Come on," Dean said softly, holding Cas and walking him to the bathroom. "Take off your shirt and pants, you probably have split skin all over the place," Dean said, squatting down to look under their sink, knowing that's where they kept the alcohol and first aid kit.

Castiel tensed and stayed unmoving, fingers nervously playing with the sides of his pants on instinct, no way he was taking his clothes off in front of Dean after what happened earlier, no way.

Dean looked over and saw Cas was still clothed. Raising an eyebrow, he said, "Cas, please. You’re gonna get infected if I don't clean them."

Castiel slowly took off his shirt and left his pants on, standing taller so he didn't look so feeble, his thighs were littered with scars and slits and gashes, some pleads and others insults, he didn't want to do it, but he had to, to keep himself sane. He couldn't take his boxers off, that was the farthest he would go if anything.

"Thank you, Cas," Dean said, smiling softly. "Now the…" He gestured to Cas' jeans that were still on.

Castiel shucked off his jeans and nervously pulled down the hem of his boxers to hide his mistakes, watching Dean's every move like he would all of a sudden pull out a gun and ask for all of his money. Of course, Dean would never actually do that, but the guy was moody, like a ticking time bomb of angst and his temperament was a whole other story.

Dean was looking through the first aid kit, trying to respect Cas' privacy. "Tell me when you're done," Dean said, still facing away from Cas.

Castiel looked down and pulled his boxers down to cover his thighs, clearing his throat and nodding. "Um, yes. I'm fine." He said, bringing his hands up to nervously fumble together.

"Okay." Dean turned around, washing his hands thoroughly and picking up the alcohol and cotton balls before walking over to Cas. "Sit on the toilet," Dean instructed.

Castiel nodded and sat down, letting his head rest back against the wall as he gripped the sides of the toilet, he knew this would sting like a bitch, but he could be manly for once in his life, right?

"I'm gonna do your chest and abdomen first, okay?" Dean said softly, making sure Cas knew what was happening. Getting out a cotton ball, he wet it with alcohol and swiped it across the highest cuts on Cas' skin, making his way down. Dean must've punched him harder than he thought he was if he'd broken this much skin. God, he felt awful, Cas was so innocent and kind, he should have just gotten his head out of his ass and ran out the door instantly with Cas in his arms.

Castiel hissed and clenched his jaw, breathing heavily at the sting. He was a wimp, and he knew it. "Its okay, keep going." He confirmed when he saw Dean hesitate.

Dean nodded even though Cas' eyes were closed and got another cotton ball, wetting it and repeating what he did the first time, slowly making his way down until he was at the waistband of Cas' boxers. "I'm gonna do your legs now, okay?" Dean asked, throwing away the cotton balls that he had used on Cas' chest and getting out new ones. "I'm gonna have to push these up, Cas," Dean said, touch the hem of Cas' boxers, starting to push them up.

Castiel jolted and slapped Dean's hand away, yanking the hem down again. "N-No! I assure you I'm fine there you don't have to do my legs." He said.

"Cas? What's wrong? I swear I'm not gonna touch your dick or anything." Dean said defensively, looking up at Cas from between his legs.

Castiel shook his head and nodded. "I know you aren't, I said my legs don't need to be cleaned." He said quickly, standing up as he nervously.

Dean quickly stood up, also. "Cas, what’re you hiding from me?" Dean asked, his voice almost maternally scolding while he set the cotton balls down.

Castiel gave Dean a defensive look. "Nothing!" He said exasperatedly. "You can sleep over, but I'm going to bed, it's early but I'm tired." He said quickly, gathering his clothes and throwing them in his hamper.

Dean stood at the bathroom door, his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised at Cas’ behavior. "Cas, you know I'm not letting you leave until you tell me or you let me clean your legs," Dean said sternly.

"It's nothing Dean! I'm just tired and my legs are fine, I just don't feel comfortable showing them." Castiel mumbled awkwardly, moving past Dean to lay face first on his bed. Today was crazy, he just wanted to sleep and forget everything. The smaller boy curled up, kicking the blankets away and quickly falling asleep, nuzzling into the pillow. His chest rose and fell as a peaceful look spread over his sharp features.

Dean watched in defeat and saw Cas was fast asleep, so he decided to look at Cas' legs. Maybe he got a tattoo or something. Even though Cas was a goodie two shoes and would never do such a thing, he needed an excuse to ease his guilty conscience.

Quietly, he walked over to Cas' bed, holding his breath. He put a hand on Cas' shoulder and flipped him over, praying Cas wouldn't wake up.

To be honest, anyone would admit this so it isn’t just him, but Cas had a gorgeous body, it was practically hairless from the hair on top of his head, and every pale inch of skin was flawless, just begging to be touched. Dean thought Cas was perfect, inside and out.

Castiel's brow furrowed and he grabbed the pillow, sleepily pulling it over his head. As he shifted the hem of his boxers moved up a bit, revealing the tip of a silver line running along his leg.

Dean raised an eyebrow before he pushed the hem of his boxers up more, his breath stopped when he saw a litter of scars all along Cas' thigh. Some just harsh, meaningless lines and other full words, pleas for help.

Castiel grunted in his sleep and rolled over, facing Dean while he slept soundly. The hem of his boxers slid up almost all the way, each new inch of revealed skin having fresher and fresher cuts until there was a busted open wound from when Dean kicked him in the crotch as hard as he could, right in the inner corner of his thigh along with the rest of the slits in his legs.

Dean let out a small moan of pain. "Cas…" He whispered to himself, reading the words carved into his thigh. The word 'fag' was written a couple of times, along with 'alone' and 'worthless'. Dean bit into his bottom lip. He wanted to wake Cas up, wanted to hug him, tell him everything was going to be okay, but he knew Cas would hate him forever for invading his privacy. Besides, one particular word caught his eyes. Dean. Oh god. “Cas I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.” He whispered.

Chapter Text

Castiel rolled onto his back and brought a leg up to the side, smiling in his sleep as he mumbled a four letter name. "Mmmmm, hm, Dean." He whispered sleepily, a frown spreading over his face. "Dean we're friends.." the smaller boy whimpered, arm coming up to grab onto something blindly.

Dean raised an eyebrow at the display. What was Cas dreaming about? He knew at the very least, Cas was dreaming about him. Maybe he could steer the dream with his voice? "Yeah, Cas, we’re friends. Best friends." Dean said softly, just for Cas to hear, but not loud enough to wake him up. Castiel’s features relaxed a bit and he nodded sleepily, his already permanent bed head rumpling more. His dream slowly changed, and he wasn't in the locker room anymore, he was in his own bedroom with Dean.

"You're okay, Cas. You're safe. I'm never gonna hurt you." Dean whispered to him, hoping that what he was doing was working. Dean hated the fact that he effected Cas like that, Cas was so innocent and...sweet, he didn't deserve it.

In his dream, the smaller boy focused on his hands that were splayed out on muscular shoulders. Someone was on top of him like a panther, their mouth trailing down his neck. Cas shuddered and flexed his hands, gripping onto the pronounced shoulder blades needily. The boy pulled back and Cas was almost shocked to see Dean staring at him, whispering a muffled assurance. The quarterback offered a shy smile and slowly moved down as he spread Cas’ legs, burying his face between his thighs. Castiel’s back arched slightly and he let out a breathy noise in his sleep.

"Cas?" Dean asked, even though he knew full well what was happening. Cas was having a sex dream. About him.

Castiel gasped and bit his lip, hands fisting in the bedsheets. He knew this was a dream but good god the idea was amazing. Dean’s eyes widened and he swallowed thickly, watching Cas writhe on the bed. Dean knew he should leave, if Cas suddenly woke up and saw Dean he would be probably be pissed, but Dean just couldn't tear his eyes away from the sight. Castiel was gorgeous, he could easily rival an angel, anyone knew that, but Dean knew him, for who he really was, and damn this was a rare sight.

Castiel’s hand skirted down to grab at the air in between his legs, as if he was holding onto someone like a lifeline. He let out a needy whine and his mouth parted. "O-Oh huuuh~..." the smaller boy breathed out as his head rolled to the left side of his pillow. God the dream felt so real, it was almost like Dean was right there.... Castiel’s eyes shot open and he sat up, turning as red as a tomato at the shocked look on Dean's face. "Oh my god i’m so sorry!" Cas squeaked in embarrassment.


Dean jumped backwards when he saw Cas' eyes open. "It’s okay!" Dean yelped back. Taking a deep breath, "It's okay, Cas, I was just making sure you were okay. It's fine." He said, taking a step forward and sitting on the edge of Cas' bed, looking down on the boy.

Castiel looked down sheepishly and froze, staring right at his bare thighs and tearing up. Dean saw everything. "I-I..." he croaked, looking up at Dean with a guilty embarrassed look.

"Hey..Cas, it's okay." Dean said softly, scooting closer to Cas. "It's okay." He repeated, gently putting his hand on Cas' knee. "Everything is gonna be okay, you're gonna get through this."

Castiel nodded and a tear slipped down his face, staring at what he did in almost shock. It had been so painful, but he felt like he deserved it. He didn't think anyone would care.

"Cas, no, please dont cry." Dean pleaded, moving up the bed more until his hand was on Cas' shoulder. "C'mon, let’s sit you up and we can talk about this." Dean said as he tugged at Cas' arm, trying to sit him up.

Castiel nodded and chewed on his lip, leaning into Deans touch while he sat up. "I-I had a weird dream, and I didn't know that you were there, and I'm sorry. This is all my fault." He mumbled awkwardly.

"Nothings your fault Cas, it’s fine, I didn't even notice." Dean lied, shifting so he was sitting directly across from Cas, looking into his eyes. "Are you still mad at me?" Dean asked, taking Cas' hand into his own, ignoring Castiel’s boner. If he had known how much pain Cas was in this whole time he would have gotten his head out of his ass quicker.
Castiel shifted awkwardly and looked at Dean, pulling down the hem of his pants. "No, I was never mad, just broken..confused, I guess." he said quietly.

"No, Cas, it was my fault, I hurt you." Dean squeezed Cas' hand, rubbing his thumb against the palm of Cas' hand. The smaller boy frowned and sniffled when Dean gave him such a kind gesture. "Why didn’t you tell me about... that." Dean gestured to Cas' thigh.

"It's embarrassing." Castiel said, looking down at Dean’s hands. They were the hands of a hard worker, someone who did hadny work with cars and played football like it was a religion. Dean worked constantly, he wasn't appreciated either, Cas knew he should ask about Dean as well, but he didn't.

"Did I do something to make you feel like you had to do it? Or that you couldn’t tell me?" Dean asked Cas, looking into his startling blue eyes that were brimmed with tears. Dean knew this was probably weird to talk about for Cas after everything that had just happened, but it needed to be discussed if his best friend was ever going to feel better.

Castiel shook his head and bit his lip, tearing up. No. It wasn't Dean, it was his one sided love for Dean that made him feel like that. It made him feel worthless and alone, like he was a fag because no one else felt the same as he did.

"Cas, please don't cry." Dean said softly, taking Cas' other hand. "Its okay." Dean felt like he was about to cry too, watching the tears fall from Cas' hooded eyes.

Cas sniffled and let out a laughing sob, wiping away the tears. He looked down at his lap and squeaked when seeing a tent in his pants, tilting his head curiously. "What the..."

"Uhm yeah." Dean chuckled, looking down also. "You kind of had a...nice dream." Dean said suggestively with a teasingly look, and looked down at his hands.

Castiel turned a deep shade of red and glanced at Dean with an incredulous look. "N-No I didn't!" He yelped.

Dean raised an eyebrow at Cas. "Uhm, Cas, I was here. You kinda did. It’s nothing to be ashamed of." Dean said, smirking gently at the nerdy boy. God he was gonna be a virgin forever at this rate, did he even know what a wet dream was or did he just dream of math equations all night?

Castiel crossed his arms and turned redder, slapping Dean’s shoulder. "No! I had a dream about swimming." He said defensively, failing at lying awfully. Cas could never lie without getting flustered, definitely didn't come in handy when you had a cocky best friend.

"Whatever you say, Cas." Dean rolled his eyes. "Was I swimming with you?" He smirked, before realizing he had made a mistake. Well, he probably just burned Cas’ dignity with a high powered flamethrower.

Castiel froze and spluttered in disbelief before hitting Dean again. "Shut up! Y-You weren't there! I was just swimming on my o-own!" He squeaked out. God, no Dean was there, he was so there, and it was awesome.

"Mmmhmm." Dean grinned, enjoying watching the boy squirm. "Believe what you wanna believe." Dean smirked before throwing his head back. "Deeeaannn~!" Dean moaned dramatically, pretending to be Cas.

Castiel turned bright red and squeaked, hiding his face. "I don't sound like that! And I didn't say that!" He yelped, tackling Dean to the bed with a stubbornly playful look. “Shut up or forever hold your peace! I know your phone password Dean Winchester, and I will expose your search history faster than you taking the last piece of pie, so help me god!”

Dean smirked up at Cas, looking at the boy above him. "Shut up I know you find it amusing. And how do you explain this, Cas?" Dean smirked, bringing up his knee and rubbing it on Cas' cloth-covered boner.

Castiel’s eyes shot open, mouth parting as a breathy moan slipped past his lips. He had never once touched himself, hadn't even really noticed a boner. But this felt amazing. The smaller boy's arms gave out from the touch and he collapsed on Dean’s chest, eyes still wide in shock.

"C-cas, I'm sorry." Dean stuttered, hearing Cas pant above him. Deans crotch was pressed up against Cas'. Dean felt his face flush with embarrassment as he felt his own cock start to swell up. God dammit his dick never had the right timing.

Castiel panted and slowly sat up, face flushed and hair rumpled. "What was that!" He breathed out, eyes glazed over slightly at the distant feeling.

"I'm sorry." Dean repeated, trying his best not to roll his hips and grind into Cas. "It was an accident." Dean explained awkwardly, biting his lip to keep in a soft moan from the small amount of weight from Cas being on top of him.

Castiel shook his head and smiled lazily, a dazed look on his face. "No, it's okay. Don't be sorry. It felt great, I've never felt that before. New sensations are always weird for the brain to comprehend." He said nerdily, Cas was 110% a virgin, yeah, it was sad. The sentence that just came from his lips proved it.
The smaller boys lips parted as he looked down at Dean. Why was he biting his lip with that face? "Dean are you okay?" He asked worriedly, shifting to get a better look at the quarterback.

Dean bit his lips and let his eyes flutter closed. "C-Cas." He moaned softly, feeling Cas' hard cock grind into his. "Y-yeah, I'm fine." Dean groaned, his hands clenched into fists as he struggled to keep his restraint in tact.

Castiel tilted his head at the moan and leaned over, face inches from Dean's own as he squinted. "Are you sure? You seem like you're in pain." He said in confusion.

"No, Cas, I'm fine." Dean grunted out, trying to stop himself from flipping them over and having his way with Cas. "F-Fuck, Cas." Dean moaned when Cas squirmed around.

Castiel sat up and grunted, crossing his arms. "Then why are you acting like you're in pain." He grumbled stubbornly.

"I'm not, Cas." Dean grumbled, muffling a groan as he felt Cas' round ass rest on his boner. "I feel fine, Cas." Dean said, looking up at Cas.

Castiel tilted his head, glaring. "Dean you're obviously not. Just say what's wrong." He said. God the boy was so stubborn sometimes. Grunting and gasping like he was in pain and pretending he's not.

"Cas, I'm fine." Dean rolled his eyes. He wanted to tell Cas to get off of him, but the pressure, the friction of Cas' plump ass on Deans straining cock was just delicious.

The smaller boy frowned at the eye roll and gently slapped his chest, rolling his eyes back. “Rude, i’m just trying to help, Mr. Macho.” Their friendship wasn't really a normal one, they always acted like a couple when they weren't. Well at least Dean saw it as they weren't. Castiel honestly loved Dean so much it was destroying him.

Dean couldn't resist it any longer and bucked his hips up, grinding his crotch against Cas' ass. Castiel squeaked when he was suddenly lifted into the air, hands fisting the fabric of Deans shirt to stabilize himself. The smaller boy stared in awe at the display Dean put on, admiring how the chords of his neck flexed while a deep moan practically vibrated through his chest.

"Cas-fuck!" Dean hissed out, his voice panting and breathless. Dean was breathing heavily, still grinding into Cas, once he started, he couldn't stop. "Mmm!" Dean let out a whine that he would never admit to before throwing his head back and letting out all the noises he desired.

Castiel couldn't help but breathe shakily and shudder at the feel of Dean grinding into his ass like it was the best thing ever. It was all so confusing, but fuck he looked like a sex god.

"Cas!" Dean moaned again, drawing out the name, putting his hands on Cas' waist and pulling him back and forth, rubbing Cas against his hard dick.Castiel gasped and his cheeks flushed at the way Dean manhandled him, lips parting. A tingling feeling ran through his stomach and chest at the way Dean was moaning his name, it was honestly beautiful.

Dean felt like he was a horny fucking teenager, he was gonna cum just from some dry humping, but at that point, Dean didn't really give a shit, he was close anyways, and this was Cas. "Cas!" He gasped out a final time, his green eyes flying open and meeting Cas' blue ones as he came in his pants, letting out little gasps and groans.

Castiel’s mouth fell open in awe at the beautiful face Dean made, something wet was dampening his ass but honestly he didn't care. The smaller boy nervously leaned forward and pushed their lips together, hoping that was what was happening.

Dean moaned against Cas’ lips before kissing him roughly, moving a hand from Cas' waist to tangle it in his hair, tugging at it in a gentle manner. Castiel mewled quietly and gripped Deans shoulders, struggling to kiss at the same pace as Dean ravished his mouth.

Dean was still lightly grinding into Cas, holding him by the back of his neck and holding him down, not letting Cas escape. Castiel choked on his breath, his hips flat against Deans powerful ones because of the way Dean pinned him. Oh fuckfuckfuck what was that?

"You like that?" Dean smirked as he started to grind their cocks together. "You gonna cum, Cassie?" Dean teased and reached down, cupping Cas' hard dick through his pants.

Castiel jolted and squirmed, letting out a keening moan at the words. ‘Oh god that felt amazing!’ he thought. He wanted Dean everywhere. Cas wanted Dean inside of him and covering him completely, he wanted to be consumed by Dean’s presence.

Dean flipped them over so he was on top of Cas, a hand holding him up at either side of Cas' head. Dean started rolling his hips into Cas, like they were fucking. Leaning down, Dean connected their lips again, dominating the kiss immediately.

Castiel’s hands flew out to grip the bed sheets, arching languidly underneath Dean like he was trying to press his chest to Deans stronger one. His mouth fell open as he choked and gasped, his blue eyes wide and head thrown back into the pillow. Cas couldn't even kiss back, he couldn't do anything but cry out at the way Dean was practically humping him into the mattress.

Dean moved his lips down and started to kiss and bite an Cas' pale, unmarked neck. Dean almost reached a hand down, almost wrapped a hand around Cas' cock, but he decided against it. He wanted Cas to cum by himself, he wanted the orgasm to hit Cas out of nowhere, to leave him shuddering and moaning.

Castiel let out a high pitched moan, his hands flew up and gripped onto Dean's short, sandy blonde hair needily. "D-Dean! Dean oh god!" He cried out, legs wrapping desperately around Deans waist. The smaller boy's slim legs hooked together at the base of Dean's back, clinging onto the larger boy for dear life. "More.." he breathed out, a look of pure bliss spreading over his face while pleasure coursed through him.

Dean smirked, watching Cas writhe and moan, knowing he was the reason. "Fuck, Cas. You want more, hmm? I think you look so fucking sexy like this, humping me like a horny thirteen year old." Dean growled, speeding up his thrusts, the bed hitting the wall everytime he thrust forward. God...if Cas was this responsive from just dry humping, imagine fucking the boy.

Castiel gasped and bit his lip at the words before opening his mouth to say something. "You're the one humping m-" Cas started, cutting himself off with a punched out moan of Dean's name. "Deaan! Oh god right there, like that!" He moaned, arms clinging to Dean as his head rolled back and forth on his pillow, his back arching and mouth open wide. Waves of euphoria spread through Cas at the power behind Deans grinds, sending him reeling.

"Don’t correct me." Dean growled, sharply biting at Cas' neck, leaving a dark purple hickey. "You gonna cum, baby boy?" Dean smirked, putting a hand on Cas' jaw and roughly forcing him to look at Dean. "You gonna cum?" He repeated. "You gonna cum in your fucking pants? You better look into these eyes while you do."

Castiel took one look into Dean's eyes, loving the way his jean clad erection was grinding into him and causing the bed to rock. Oh god imagine what Dean would be like fucking him. A silent scream spread over Cas’ face, bliss and pleasure evident in the look as he couldn't keep eye contact. The smaller boy's blue eyes rolled into the back of his head while he let out a wail of Dean's name, back arching wildly as he came.

Dean ducked his head and smashed their lips together, swallowing all of Cas' whines and moans and whimpers, sticking his tongue in Cas' mouth and licking Cas in every way he could. "Good boy..." Dean said breathlessly finally pulling away, still lightly thrusting against Cas, before laying down next to him, rolling to his side so he could look at him. "So?" He said, his eyebrow raised and his lips smirking. "How was it?"

Castiel shudder and stared at the ceiling with a awe filled look, breathing heavily. "Whoa." He said hoarsely. God that felt like the best thing he could ever experience, it felt like tons of supernovas blowing up inside of him. The smaller boy grimaced at the feeling of drying cum in his pants, whining as he sat up.

"Yeah." Dean smirked, sitting up also. "That was intense for me, and I've had sex before, so I can’t imagine how it must have been for you."

Castiel smiled lazily and flopped back on the bed, arms wide as he stared dazedly at the ceiling. "Insane." He breathed out.

Dean smiled and layed back down, snuggling up close next to Cas and resting his head on Cas' arm. "Yeah..." Dean grinned up, looking at Cas' face.

Castiel turned his head and looked at Dean, a nervous look on his face before he cleared his throat. "I-I love you, Dean." He said shyly.

"I love you too, Cas." Dean replied, even he was surprised at how easily the words slipped off his tongue.

Castiel’s smile grew and he leaned over, slowly pressing their lips together as he cupped Dean's cheekbone and rolled on top of him, straddling him once again. The smaller boy's heart fluttered at a thousand miles an hour, love filling him at Dean’s response.

Dean let out a small whimper, rubbing Cas' back. This kiss wasn’t harsh and dirty, like the others had been. This one was full of love. "Cas..." Dean whispered softly against the smaller boy’s full lips.

Castiel kept his eyes closed, letting out a breathy noise against Deans mouth as he held onto the bolt of Deans jaw, hands spreading out. "Dean, have you ever made love? Not sex. But sex that's full of love, you know..?." He whispered nervously. God if he wanted to lose his true virginity to anyone it was Dean, he always feared it was going to be Lucifer, but he knew Dean loved him back, and that was all he needed to have to ask the other boy.

"I've always wanted to." Dean said softly, running a hand through Cas' hair. "Usually it’s just quick fucks behind the school or something, but I wanna make love to you, Cas." Dean admitted.

Castiel put a finger to Deans lips with a teasing and loving smile. "Sh, we don't speak of your idiotic choices." He whispered chidingly. "Dean, please make love to me..?" Castiel whispered, eyes filling with worry and love.

"Of course Cas." Dean started, but continued with, "Now? Are you sure you can go another round, Cas? That was pretty intense. I mean if you can we’ll probably be going all night but…”

Castiel smiled and stood up, biting his lip as he slipped off his shirt slowly. Inches and inches of pale skin were exposed until he finally slid off his boxers. Cas clenched his fists at his sides and kept his eyes on the floor, the fear of Dean rejecting his body swarming him. Castiel’s whole body was littered with clusters of scars, bruises more prominent than his actual skin. He didn't feel them though, he was used to it. The smaller boy stood there awkwardly, leaving his body in the open as an answer for Dean.

Dean’s jaw dropped in awe and he stood up quickly, sliding to his knees in front of Cas, but instead of going for Cas' dick, Dean ducked his head and started to kiss each of Cas' scars, the old ones, the newer ones, all of them. "Cas..." Dean started, his voice thick. "Promise me you wont ever do this again."

Castiel teared up, slowly burying his hands in Dean's hair with a shaky nod. They weren't tears of pain, they were tears of joy. Dean was kissing each of his mistakes, each mark of pain he went through away like it was something beautiful. Castiel let out a happy sob and gave Dean a loving smile, eyes filled with love.

Dean kissed his way up Cas' body, taking his time, kissing every single scar, every single bruise, even the ones he had caused himself. Finally, Dean was on his feet, looking into Cas' eyes. "I love you, Cas." Dean said, taking hold of Cas' hand. "I'm so sorry it took me so long to realize it."

Castiel sniffled and nodded, chewing on his lip. "I love you too, don't be sorry, because you are here now." He said softly, gently kissing Dean’s lips as he unbuttoned Dean’s shirt. The smaller boy got on his knees in front of Dean, wanting to worship Dean as well.
" don’t have to..." Dean tried to say, running his hands through Cas' black hair while he was on his knees. Castiel’s slim, soft hands unbuttoned Dean’s jeans and slid them down with his boxers, eyes widening at the sight before him.

"See something you like?" Dean smirked, watching Cas gape at his hard cock.

Castiel wasn't that impressive, he was average, okay maybe a little bit below, but Dean...Dean was huge. No wonder his sex drive matched his size. Castiel gawked and didn't take his eyes off the practically monster sized cock in front of him as he let Dean’s pants drop. The smaller boy slowly leaned forward and hesitantly licked the head once, like he was testing the water. Oh fuck Dean tasted so much better than he imagined. Castiel slid his tongue in the slit before wrapping it around the head curiously.

"Cas..." Dean moaned lowly, the sight of the smaller boy on his knees with a cock in his mouth was almost too much. Dean had to dig his nails into his palm to keep himself from fucking Cas' mouth until he came deep down Cas' throat. "C-Cas!" Dean moaned again, his voice needier.

Castiel wrapped his lips around the head of Dean's cock and bobbed his head down, eyes glazed over and hazy as he looked up at Dean. The smaller boy let out a moan and grabbed onto Deans hips, loving every inch of his tan and muscles hip bones.

"Cas! You're gonna make me cum too soon." Dean said in a strangled voice. Dean threw his head back, his legs feeling like they would fall out from under him.

Castiel smirked and pulled back, letting the head rest against his full bottom lip sensually. "Mm, you can come, and then you can entertain me until you become hard again." Castiel teased before sucking Dean into his mouth, eyes hooded while he gripped Dean's hips.

"Holy shit!" Dean hissed out and put his hands in Cas' hair and tugging Cas' head back and forth. Dean let out a guttural groan, cumming into Cas' mouth.

Castiel’s eyes widened as a sweet and bitter taste flooding his mouth. It honestly tasted wonderfully addictive. "Mmmmm." Cas hummed as he swallowed Deans cum eagerly and licked the head clean. The way Dean had moaned his name cause a warm feeling to course through him.

"Oh, god, Cas." Dean moaned quietly, stumbling over to the bed and flopping down on it, taking heavy breaths. "I've never...ugh!" Dean said, finally getting enough strength to sit up. "Get up here." He winked at Cas. "Your turn."

Castiel watched Dean with dazed eyes and a lazy smile before crawling up onto the bed on all fours. "Don't wink at me." He teased shyly, a red blush on his face from the way Dean was acting.

"I'll do whatever I want to you." Dean smirked, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to Cas' tight, pink hole.

Castiel’s head shot up, staring at the headboard with a befuddled look. "Oh fuck." He whined under his breath.

"Like that, angel?" Dean smirked, getting in position behind Cas and licking at the boys hole, testing the waters.

The smaller boy nodded and let out a strangled ‘Mhm’. He gasped and let his head fall back to rest in between his shoulder blades at the feeling of the warm, wet muscle. Castiel pulled himself away, turning and sitting down as he breathed heavily. "Y-You can't, I won't l-last a minute." He whimpered pleadingly.

"Good boy for telling me." Dean grinned, pulling Cas back into position before getting on his knees behind Cas. Spreading too much lube on his fingers, he pressed a slick finger to Cas' hole, slowly started to press it in.

Castiel gasped and clutched the bedsheets, shooting forward at the new sensation. "W-What's happening?" He squeaked worriedly.

"Getting you ready for my cock, sweetheart." Dean drawled, getting to the first knuckle and curling his finger.

Castiel gasped and let out a cry of pleasure, rocking back onto Dean’s hands needily. Oh god if he was that sensitive, Deans cock would drive him insane.

"Good boy..." Dean said softly. "You like that, huh Cas?" Dean slipped another finger in, stretching Cas out.

Castiel bit his lip and let out a tiny 'u-huh' as his chest flattened to the bed. The smaller boy's blue eyes fluttered shut, his plush mouth parted in a perfect 'o' shape. "Oh god your fingers are huge." He breathed out, rocking his hips back in time with Dean's movements.

"Is it too much, Cas?" Dean asked worriedly, starting to pull his fingers out, watching Cas' rim catch on to them as if it didn’t want Dean to leave.

Castiel shook his head and looked over his shoulders. "No! No I want them, I want you." He assured shakily.

"Cas, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, doing this doesn’t mean you love me anymore." Dean told him softly, kissing at Cas' stretched rim around him fingers.

Cas gasped and his eyelids fluttered, unable to decide whether to fall shut and hide the bright blue color or keep his eyes on Dean. "I want it. Now for god's sake I've been a virgin for this long and you haven't realized why. Fuck me Dean Winchester. I only ever wanted you." Castiel breathed out, biting his lip as he rocked back onto Deans fingers.

"God...okay Cas." Dean breathed out, adding a third finger and pumping them in and out of Cas. "Just breathe, Cas." Dean said softly, curling and flexing his fingers inside the boy.

Castiel nodded and breathed heavily, panting at the way Dean's fingers moved inside of him. It was like heaven on ear- "OH GOD DEAN!" Castiel wailed, shooting forward and scrambling away from Dean's fingers at the intense pleasure thrumming through him. Cas laid back against the pillows and stared at the ceiling in awe, mouth hanging open.

"Cas? Cas!" Dean said, quickly crawling up the bed. "Oh, god. Are you okay? Did I hurt you? What happened?" Dean asked, moving his head into Cas' line of sight.

Castiel let out a moan of surprise, staring at Dean dazedly. The smaller boy slowly realized his reaction and sat up. "I'm sorry! I-It was just really intense, I didn't know I did that.." he explained awkwardly, hands nervously fiddling with the bedsheets.

"Do you want to stop?" Dean asked again, leaning forward and trapping Cas' lips in a kiss. "I don’t want you running away from me everytime I hit your sweet spot." Dean grinned at Cas.

Castiel looked up at Dean with an wonderfilled look and tilted his head. "My sweet spot? Is that what that was?" He whispered curiously, cheeks flushing with a red color.

"Your prostate, technically." Dean grinned at Cas. "You wanna try that again?" He asked teasingly, wiggling his fingers for Cas to say as he bounced his eyebrows.

Castiel looked at Dean with a still confused expression, blinking once as the silence rang out. Cas honestly had no sexual knowledge, he went on instinct this whole time.

"Cas?" Dean raised an eyebrow and looked at him. "You good?"

Castiel smiled and nodded. "Yes, I just don't have a clue what you mean. You know I'm not educated on the subject." He said awkwardly.

"I can teach you." Dean smirked. He reached over and pushed Cas’ legs out wide, crawling down so he was in between Cas spread thighs, and he took a long, sloppy lick at Cas' hole.

Castiel’s eyes shot open and he immediately fisted his hands in Deans hair, his whole body falling back to lay against the pillows. A tiny cry of pleasure fell from his lips and he stared at the ceiling in awe. "Dean!" Cas breathed out.

"Yeah, Cas?" Dean smirked, still sucking at Cas' rim, getting it to pucker. "Look so pretty." He murmured into the pale legs by his mouth.

Castiel cried out, his thighs clamped around Deans head on reflex. "Haah~! Oh god Dean!" The smaller boy whimpered, his head rolling to the side, the pleasure wasn’t intense, but it was strong, teasing him with every move of Deans mouth.

Dean moaned softly, god he loved when he would eat someone out and they couldn’t help but squeeze his face between their thighs, or push at his head because the pleasure was too much. Dean was a generous lover, always took pride in his partners moans and screams. He buried his face in between Cas' beautifully pale thighs. "Gonna cum, Sweetheart?" Dean growled, biting at Cas' rim.

"O-Oh fuck! Uh huh!" Castiel whined, his hands lacing in the hair at the nape of Dean's neck. He pulled Deans mouth closer and his thighs trembled, a look of bliss spreading over his face as pure pleasure coursed through him.

"So fucking good for me." Dean murmured, sliding a wet finger in along with his tongue, looking for Cas' prostate. His fingers were big, and he knew it, and it was obvious Cas loved it.

Castiel cried out, back arching as his mouth fell open in a perfect 'o' shape. His legs curled around Deans head and his hips jerked and trembled. "D-Dean..Dean ohh god." Cas choked out, voice laced with a moan of pleasure.

Dean smirked, he knew how close Cas was, having a lot of experience in this, and he wanted Cas to scream. Curling his finger until he found Cas prostate, he started to rub at it and eat Cas out at the same time, purposely not touching Cas' cock. No, he wanted Cas to cum from nothing but his tongue and fingers, so he knew that he was the one working to give his friend this much pleasure.

Castiel let out a cut off wail, choking on his breath. The smaller boy's eyes rolled back and he sobbed out a mantra of Dean's name, coming all over his stomach. He clenched around Dean’s skilled tongue, panting and breathing heavily, he felt warm and tingly all over, it was awesome.

"Good boy." Dean murmured, licking into Cas, over stimulating the smaller boy.

Castiel jerked and let out a high pitched moan, his whole body trembling and squirming under Deans mouth. "D-Dean!" He gasped.

"Yeah, baby?" Dean smirked, still pressing against Cas' prostate, and went back to eating Cas out, moving his tongue quickly to rile Cas up again.

Cas let out a pleasure filled wail, his thighs squirming around Deans head. He started sobbing out a string of Dean's name, the euphoria coursing through him started to blur the edges of his vision.

Dean decided Cas had had enough. Pulling his finger out of the shuddering boy, Dean kissed Cas rim for a final time before he sat up on his knees, looking at the now fucked out Cas. "So?" Dean asked, smirking proudly.

Cas panted heavily, his eyes hooded as they locked on Deans. The smaller boy surged up and kissed Dean roughly, burying his hands in his air.

Dean was surprised that Cas still had the strength to sit up, but he kissed him nonetheless. "I'm guessing you liked it?" Dean smirked against Cas' lips.

"Yes." Castiel gasped out between kisses. It was the truth, Cas definitely didn't have the strength to sit up right now. He slowly laid back, kissing Dean feverishly before he pulled away to catch his breath.

"Good boy." Dean murmured, laying down next to Cas. "So..." Dean said quietly, reaching over and grabbing Cas' hand in his own.

Castiel smiled and cupped Deans cheek, kissing him gently. "So, you haven't cum yet." He said in a soft voice, a teasing look on his face.

"It’s fine, Cas." Dean assured him, trying to ignore the raging boner in his jeans.

Castiel pushed Dean onto his back and straddled him, a cheeky look spreading over his soft features. "Mm, maybe I wanna learn. Tell me what you want."

Dean’s breath caught in his throat at the sight of his best friend straddling his cock like he was born to do it. "I want you, Cas." He said, looking up at him. "Your hand, your mouth, anything, please, I'm so close."

Castiel got on his knees, ass in the air as he unbuttoned Dean’s pants. "Okay." He breathed out, winking once up at the larger boy.

" whatever you want." Dean panted out, his boner straining against his jeans.

Cas tilted his head and smiled lovingly, pulling Dean’s pants down. In that time he'd honestly forgotten how big Dean was. The smaller boy gawked and took Dean into his hands.

"Fuck!" Dean moaned, thrusting up into Cas' soft, warm hands. Usually, Dean wasn’t this close this quick, but the fact that it was Cas the one doing it to him was turning him on so much more.

Castiel looked up at Dean in surprise and immediately took him into his mouth, his soft and warm lips wrapped around the head of Dean's cock, stretched to the brim. The smaller boy suckled and his blue eyes trained on Dean’s for signs of doing this right.

"Mmm!" Dean moaned, his hands clenched into fists to keep himself from grabbing Cas' hair and forcing him down onto his cock. "F-Fucking hell, Cas."

Cas' eyes became hooded as he moved his tongue about curiously, licking at the sensitive spot on the underside of Dean's cock, right by the head. His cheeks hollowed like a vice and he bobbed his head up and down eagerly.

Dean gulped thickly. "C-Cas!" He moaned, throwing his head back against the pillow and burying his hands in Cas’ dark hair. Castiel hummed at the feeling of Dean's hands gripping his hair, sending vibrations through Dean’s cock. He slowly took more of Dean into his mouth with each bob of his head.

"G-Good boy." Dean stammered, bucking lightly into Cas' mouth. "Just like that..." Dean was close, he was already spurting out globs of pre-come.

Castiel moaned loudly, the bitter sweet taste on his tongue only encouraging him more. The hollowed his cheeks as tight as he could and sucked, his soft hands rolling Dean’s balls teasingly.

"Oh jesus fuck, can I come in your mouth, baby boy?" Dean asked, his eyes almost rolling into the back of his head with the amount of pleasure coursing through him. Castiel looked up at Dean with a soft look before humming, giving Dean consent.

Dean’s moan turned into a wordless scream as he arched his back off the bed and came into Cas' mouth. Castiel eagerly gripped Dean's hips and swallowed all that he could before pulling back, some dripping down his chin as he panted and stared at Dean. "You taste good." Cas whispered in confusion. He hadn't expected Dean to taste almost sweet.

Dean bit his lip and tried to hold back a moan. "Fuck-Cas, you-you look so fucking-god!" Dean tried to say, his thoughts still scattered all over the place.
Castiel tilted his head and sat on Dean’s stomach, looking down at him with a smile. The smaller boy leaned down and locked their lips together and he gently cupped Dean’s face.

Dean whimpered softly into the kiss, lightly licking Cas' sweet lips with his tongue as he begged for entrance. Cas drove him insane, every single movement, every word, every moan, god this was so much better than any other person he had been with. It was probably because he actually cared about the person this time, but whatever.

Castiel giggled and parted his lips, allowing Dean entrance shyly, causing Dean to grin and slip his tongue inside Cas’ mouth teasingly, moaning when he tasted himself along the blue eyed boy’s tongue.


Cas deepened the kiss and curled his tongue around Deans skilled one, his hips working gently against Deans stomach. Dean moaned again, his tongue playing with Cas'. He felt Cas start to grind on him again and moved his hand from the bed the Cas' waist. Castiel gently placed his hand over Deans and slid his hand up Deans arm, slowly grabbing onto his shoulder.

Dean put his other hand on the back of Cas' neck, as something to ground him. "I'm so lucky Cas." He mumbled against Cas' lips.

Castiel smiled and gently let his hands splay out over Dean's jaw. "And I'm lucky as well, Dean." He whispered into the kiss.

"I love you." Dean grinned up at Cas. "You make me so, so happy, Cas." Dean said, biting his lip nervously, as if he was afraid Cas would reject him.

Cas' face lit up and he practically clung to Deans face, letting out a tiny happy sob. "God, that's all I've wanted to hear. I love you too Dean, I've loved you since the day we met." Cas said softly.

"We met when we were 7, Cas." Dean smirked, playing with Cas' unruly hair.

"People think that kids don't know what love is, but I knew what you were, and I loved that so fucking much. Now don’t get all cocky." Cas whispered, leaning into Deans touch.

Dean grinned up at him. "Well, we're together now and that's what matters."

Chapter Text

Castiel giggled excitedly, squirming so his chest was flat against Dean's own before nibbling at his jawline. Dean wanted them to be together as much as he wanted it, and that was all Cas needed to be happy.

"Gonna mark me up, baby?" Dean asked, his breath speeding up and he took his bottom lip in between his teeth. Cas was getting dangerously close to the sensitive spot on Dean’s neck with every passing breath. Castiel ran his hands up to pull Dean’s neck close, his hands gripping the nape. He started to nip and suck at Dean's pulse point, grinding his hips gently and teasingly.

"C-Cas!" Dean moaned, feeling Cas' lips land perfectly on his sweet spot. "Fucking...fucking hell." He swallowed thickly, grinding up into Cas.

Castiel gasped and his toes curled as Dean ground against him. "Dean..." He breathed out before eagerly sucking a hickey on Dean's pulse point. His movements would stumble whenever Dean would roll his hips upwards.

"Cas... " Dean repeated, tilting his head so Cas could suck marks on him easier. "Jesus Christ I’m hard again…” Dean groaned in surprise.

Castiel smiled fondly and suckled until the mark was dark purple before sitting up and smirking. "Are you going to do something about that?" He said teasingly.

"I might do you," Dean smirked, looking up at Cas, reaching into his boxers and starting to stroke Cas' cock.

Castiel gasped and threw his head back, his hands slid to fist in Dean's shirt. "Please." The smaller boy breathed out.

"You sure you can handle it this time?" Dean smirked up at him.

"N-No, that's the fun part," Castiel said breathlessly before leaning down and kissing Dean lightly. Dean swallowed thickly as he unzipped his jeans and kicked them off, leaving only his tented boxers on.

Castiel couldn't help but shudder and rock back against the larger boy teasingly, his lips parted as he breathed heavily. The smaller boy's blue eyes have only been left as a ring around his blown pupils.

"I need to stretch you, baby," Dean said thickly, flipping them over so Cas was on his back and he started to shimmy Cas’ jeans off.

Cas lifted his hips, sliding his jeans off quickly before his hands latched onto Dean’s shoulder. "O-Okay." He whispered nervously.

"Good boy," Dean said softly, pulling Cas' boxers down, rubbing softly at Cas' marred thighs before spreading them apart, looking at Cas' pink pucker.

Castiel took a shaky breath and squirmed under Dean's close attention, it was almost like Dean was taking him apart piece by piece and rebuilding him.

Dean got a small bottle of lube out of his jeans, before he drizzled it all over his fingers and rubbed them at Cas' hole, the pinkness now shiny with slick. "Love you so much..." Dean murmured, slipping in a single finger.

Cas gasped and looked away from his fingers and up at Dean's face. His legs spread wider and he rocked back against Dean desperately.

"Good boy..." Dean pumped the finger in and out, moaning at how he felt Cas clench and ripple around him before adding in another finger, scissoring the boy and curling his fingers.

Castiel panted and opened his mouth. "I love you too- DEAN!" He cried out, his head flew back into the pillows, all of the air was knocked from his lungs.

"Cas..." Dean said soothingly, trying to calm the boy down. "It's okay, baby." Dean kept repeating every time he would thrust his fingers in.

"You ready to take me, baby or one more?" The poor virgin probably didn't even know what could have caused that much pleasure within him.

"You! I want you!" Castiel moaned, his thighs trembled and clamped around Dean's wrist while pleasure coursed through him in waves.

Dean grinned and got on his knees, shuffling towards Cas, positioning the fat head of his cock against Cas' tight pink hole. "You ready baby?"

Cas nodded and wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck before burying his face in his neck. "I'm ready." He breathed shakily onto the tan column of skin.

Dean nodded and started to push in, using all his self-control to not fuck into Cas like a madman. Castiel’s lips parted as his head fell back. "Ohhh..." He gasped, his eyelids fluttering like crazy as they tried to stay open. Dean was so big, he was practically stretching Cas to the brim, it was glorious.

Dean was just as much of a mess as Cas. Cas felt so fucking good. All hot and tight and slick, Dean felt like he could cum on the spot. He started thrusting lightly, his cock slipping into Cas a little more each time. Castiel let out a loud moan, his back arching off the bed.

"Oh god Dean...feels so good.." he whispered encouragingly, the slow feeling of something pumping in and out of him driving him crazy.

"I know, baby." Dean moaned back through gritted teeth, he felt all of his control slowly withering away, all he wanted to do was pound into Cas hard and fast like he wanted.

The chords in Cas' neck stood out as he whined, a red tinge flooding his cheeks. "Dean... feels so good, oh god it feels so good." The small boy breathed out shakily.

"Can I go faster?" Dean asked when he was completely inside the boy. "U-huh," Castiel whined, the pleasure was so strong, it was thrumming through every nerve in his entire body.

Cas wanted more, he needed more.

Dean nodded and started to rock his hips, grinding against Cas. Slowly, he started to pick up the pace and he was soon thrusting into Cas, his balls slapping in a rhythmic sound to each punch of his hips forward. Castiel mewled and moaned desperately, practically consumed by what he thought was the highest amount of pleasure anyone could experience. "Ohhhh! Haah~!" He gasped out as his lips parted in the perfect 'o' shape.

Dean fucking loved it more than anything when people made noise during sex. He loved hearing their moans and whimpers and know that he was the reason every single one of their nerves was ignited with pleasure.

"Fuck...that's it, baby..." Dean moaned and started fucking Cas in earnest.

Cas' blue eyes rolled back, his mouth open wide as he felt Dean strike that nerve behind his belly button dead on. At first, no sound could come from his plush lips, only small choked up sounds whimpering past. That was, before Cas' voice crackled to life, and he let out a mix between a scream and a moan, cumming about twenty seconds into Dean fucking him and he couldn't even care less; all he could think about was Dean. 

Dean’s eyes widened as Cas' throat emitted a sound that seemed like one of pain. "H-Holy shit, Cas, are you okay?" Dean stilled, his cock head still pressed into Cas' prostate.

Castiel's back flattened back to the bed and he breathed shakily. "Stop asking if I'm okay, that was amazing." He gasped out, his stomach was covered in cum and rising and falling heavily.

"Can I keep going?" Dean still hadn't cum yet, and he wanted to cum inside of Cas, but if he couldn't take it, Dean would understand.

"Yes," Castiel assured, kissing Dean gently to encourage him.

Dean kissed him back and started thrusting inside him again. "Moan for me, baby," Dean whispered against Cas' lips before he started fucking into him quickly.

Castiel almost died right then and there, his pleasure only amplified from the sensitivity he felt.  The smaller boy let out a throaty moan, his back arching. Dean growled, he was so close, so close that his balls were drawn up tight, and the way that Cas was clenching around him was sending him farther towards the edge. It took everything in Dean's power to keep his eyes from rolling back, to keep them on that beautiful expression that spread over Cas' face.

"Gonna....gonna cum in you, baby." He warned.

Castiel leaned up and nipped at Dean's pulse point, his legs wrapping around Dean to bring him endlessly closer. Dean grunted once, then came inside Cas with a loud moan, painting the boy's insides white.

"Cas…" Dean moaned hoarsely. 

Castiel gasped and clung to Dean, his hips rocking needily as he moaned along with Dean. "Dean...oh god." 

"That's blasphemy." Dean grinned, still buried balls deep inside of Cas.

"Shut up." Cas teased shyly, burying his face in Dean's neck and clenching around him in revenge.

Dean wasn’t expecting Cas to do so, and when he did, Dean let out a high whine and collapsed, Cas' hole tightening around his over sensitive cock.

Castiel chuckled cheekily, kissing Dean's neck once before pulling back. "Hello." He whispered.

"Hi." Dean rolled his eyes.

"I can feel your cum on my stomach...and it’s hot as fuck," Dean whispered lowly.

Castiel shuddered, his head falling back slowly. "Oh god, Dean, you better stop talking or I'll need more." He breathed out.

"You think I won’t give you more?" Dean growled and rolled his hips, grinding his cock inside of Cas.

Castiel let out a tiny wail, slamming his hand over his mouth to muffle it as his blue eyes rolled back, his eyelids fluttering. Dean was still pressed right up against his prostate, and he felt like was going to pass out just from the pleasure.

Dean grabbed Cas' wrist and tugged it away from his mouth. "Don’t cover up your noises, baby." He rumbled huskily.

Cas' cheeks were tinged red, his toes curling as his head burrowed back desperately into the pillows. He used his free hand to try and scoot back away from the onslaught. "Too much." The smaller boy breathed out, his eyes hooded lazily in efforts to keep looking at Dean.

"I don't think its enough," Dean smirked down at him, giving Cas a sharp thrust to his prostate, his toes curling as he felt his cock try to start to harden again. Cas practically screamed, using his free hand to muffle it, he couldn’t help but think about what would happen if the neighbors heard. His back bowed off the bed, his blue eyes rolling back again at the pleasure consuming him.

Oh, Jesus fuck how was Dean still going?

Dean kept fucking into Cas until he felt his cock twitch and become fully hard inside of Cas, and he was still moving with never-ending stamina. He kept grinding his hips in the same way, hitting Cas' prostate every time. God, the sight, and sounds of Cas were driving him closer to the edge more than the tight hotness around him was.

Castiel let out strangled moans of Dean's name, screaming his pleasure like he was being driven insane by it. Dean pounded into the smaller boy's body, a tight coil of heat twisting in his abdomen. The blue-eyed boy's back arched wildly, his mouth hanging open in a wide 'o'. Cas came so hard almost passed out before he looked down in between his legs, watching Dean's cock plowing in and out of him. He threw his head back, moaning loudly at how Dean was fucking into him.

Dean could feel Cas steadily getting tighter around him, and when Cas finally came with a hoarse scream, he tumbled right over the edge beside him. "I love you too, Cas. So much." Dean kept whispering, repeating it over and over. "Love you so much!" He whined out when he came, his hips freezing as he painted Cas' insides white. Castiel gasped, clinging onto Dean desperately while his eyes fell closed. "O-Oh Dean, fuck. " He breathed out into the crook of Dean's neck. It was all so wonderful, the feeling of being consumed by pleasure, of being here with Dean, of being safe, of being loved. "I love you." He whispered.

Castiel teared up, smiling like an idiot into Dean’s neck. No matter how many times Dean said I love you he would never get used to it. It made him feel loved. He hadn't had anyone say I love you to him in years, his parents didn't love him and they were always too busy, he had no friends, and Dean was always off trying to get more popularity to his name.

"I love you," Cas whispered softly.

Dean finally pulled out and scooted back getting on his elbows and looking at Cas' gaping hole, leaking cum. "So pretty, baby." Dean pressed a finger against his puffy rim.

Cas moaned breathlessly and rocked against Dean's fingers. The words coming from Dean's mouth drove him crazy, it was insane. "Dean.." he gasped out. "Yeah?" Dean smirked, moving his head forward and pressing a kiss to Cas' pink rim, before kissing all of Cas' scars and laying down on the bed next to him. Castiel bit his lip, watching Dean's every move lovingly.

"Why do you love me so much..." He whispered in awe.

"Do you want me to stop?" Dean snorted, scooting up the bed and putting his arm under Cas' shoulders, resting his head on Dean’s chest. Cas smiled and nuzzled his head into Dean’s chest, cuddling into his side. "Never."

Dean grinned and wrapped his arms around Cas pale skin. "I need to take you tanning sometime." He said, absentmindedly. Castiel giggled and slapped Dean’s chest gently, turning red as he tried to hide his body in embarrassment. He was always so busy wearing sweaters and jeans or his trenchcoat that he never really got sun.

"I'm sorry, baby." Dean apologized, rubbing Cas' arm. "Don't hide your body. You're beautiful." Cas nuzzled his face into Dean’s side. He wasn't used to all of the compliments.

"Sh." He whispered. 

"No." Dean defied him. "You are so fucking beautiful and sweet and you don't serve the shit that happens to you. You are so kind and amazing and I can't even describe it. You make me feel so many things I've never felt before, Cas." Dean’s voice got choked up as if he had too much emotion behind his mask of strength.

Castiel looked up, tearing up at the words. "Dean..." He breathed out, crawling on top of the larger boy. He straddled him and leaned their foreheads together.

"Oh god, Dean," Cas whispered sadly. He didn't deserve the words, he didn't, and he knew that, but it felt so good for someone to finally say that.

"I love you, Castiel," Dean said, looking up at Cas, bringing a hand up and cupping Cas' cheek. "More than you'll ever know."

Castiel let out a mixture of a laugh and a sob, placing his hand over Dean's. "I love you too, Dean Winchester. So much. Endlessly. Never forget that."

"Well if you insist." Dean grinned at him, his heart swelling up under Cas' touch. Cas giggled and leaned down, kissing Dean gingerly. "Mmm, mhm." He hummed teasingly.

Dean whined loudly, pouting like a child. "Cas…" He looked up at him, sticking his tongue out. Castiel smirked and leaned down, seductively taking Dean's tongue in between his own lips with care. He tilted his head up and pulled only slightly before letting go. Dean let out a little whimper, then a moan. "Cas..." He repeated, his eyes fluttering closed.

Castiel sat up with a smug look, smirking down at the disheveled boy. "Yes, Dean?"

"Please..." Dean let his head fall back to rest against his pillow. "I need you..." Castiel tilted his head and let his hands rest on Dean’s chest, helping him balance.

"Again?" He teased with a smile.

"The things you fucking do to me, Cas." Dean moaned softly. Cas leaned down, nibbling and sucking down the side of Dean's neck. "How the fuck do you even...?" Dean’s voice trailed off, and he let out a sweet moan when Cas bit a sensitive part of his neck.

Castiel giggled quietly and sat up, rocking back gently onto Dean’s cock. "How do I even what, Dean Winchester?"

"Make me like.. this!" Dean gestured to his body. "You've got me all hard and blushing like a fucking schoolgirl." Castiel laughed and kissed Dean's collarbones, rolling and rocking his hips against the larger boy. "Mmm, I try."

"Mmm!" Dean moaned loudly. "I thought you were supposed to be some type of blushing virgin." He panted out. Castiel pulled back, a shy look on his face.

"Yes, well, I am, but I'm trying to be what you want me to be." He mumbled awkwardly before leaning back down and nibbling at Dean's jaw.

Was it not what Dean wanted? God, he was so bad a reading people.

"I want you, no matter what you are, Cas, you know that." Dean looked at Cas with a raised eyebrow. "You know don't ever have to pretend for me, Cas." Dean slightly pushed Cas away so he could look him in the eye.

Castiel nodded and bit his lip shyly, his facade crumbling almost instantly as he turned red. "Okay." He breathed out.

"See? I like this Cas." Dean grinned up at him. "All shy and adorable." Reaching up, Dean trailed a finger down Cas' chest, stopping at the waistband of Cas' boxers, tugging at them.

Castiel squeaked and nudged Dean's hand away, he'd never get used to how predatorial Dean could be. "Stop it.." He whined, turning redder at Dean’s words.

"What’s wrong, Baby? Scared you'll cum too early?" Dean smirked, leaning up to whisper in Cas' ear. "That won’t be a problem. I can just make you cum again...and again...and again..."

Castiel shuddered, his lips parting as he wrapped his arms around Dean’s head, burying his hands in the short blonde spikes. "Dean." He breathed out.

"Does dirty talk get you off, baby? You feel like you can cum just by the filthy things I whisper into your ear?" Dean lightly bit the shell of Cas' ear, before he slid his entire hand into Cas' boxers, wrapping his fingers around the leaking cock within them. Castiel groaned and whined, his hands grasping onto Dean's wrists as he pulled his hand away. "Dean please ." He whispered shakily, it was all too much, he was becoming consumed by Dean in every way, and it was driving him crazy.

"Do you not want this?" Dean raised an eyebrow when his hand was pulled out of Cas' boxers. Castiel shook his head and breathlessly looked at Dean, his cheeks flushed and his lips were swollen. "N-No, I do." He said shyly. Dean nodded, thinking. Suddenly, he flipped them over and got to his knees in front of Cas. "See? I'm on my knees for you, you control everything I do." Dean grinned up at him.

Castiel tilted his head and chewed on his lip, not knowing what to do at all. "" He stuttered. Dean rolled his eyes and grabbed Cas' hand, putting it in his own hair, making Cas curl his fingers around the coarse blonde tufts. " whatever feels right, Cas."

Castiel stuttered and thought back to everything Dean had done with his mouth before deciding Dean had an amazing tongue. The smaller boy nervously spread his hairless legs and slowly and embarrassedly guided Deans face an inch downwards.

Dean grinned and brought his face forward a little more, nodding to let Cas know it was okay, it was fine. He dropped his eyes from Cas' face to Cas' boner, his mouth watering.

Castiel couldn't feel any more embarrassed than he did now, he looked away, his face burrowed into the pillows as he pulled Dean all the way forward. He didn't know what to do. Dean swallowed thickly. "It’’s okay, Cas." He managed to stammer out, trying not to fucking cream the sheets below him.

God...Cas was so fucking sexy this way, he didn’t know why, but the fact that Cas was all embarrassed was turning him the fuck on. Slowly, Dean moved his head forward and took the tip of Cas' cock into his mouth, suckling gently.

Castiel gasped, his eyes fluttering shut at the feeling. Never once did he think anyone would want to touch his dick, it wasn’t like it was huge or impressive like Dean’s, it was just average. The smaller boy gently started playing with Dean's hair, guiding him down a little more.

Dean moaned around Cas' dick before he started bobbing his head on it, taking a little more each time he lowered his head until all of Cas was in his mouth and throat. Castiel groaned throatily, his chest puffing out with need. When Dean ate him out he would keen and mewl, sometimes scream, but this made him groan and gasp, it wasn't that tingling searing pleasure in his abdomen. It was that tightening at the base of his spine. "Oh god." He breathed out.

Dean smirked around him and started using his tongue on the underside of Cas' cock. Bringing a hand up, he started playing with Cas' puffy rim. Castiel let out a mix of a groan and a whine, his hips immediately canting up towards Dean's fingers. "A-Ah..!" He gasped.

Dean pulled off, only for a second, to spit on his fingers, before he went back down on Cas, rubbing his slick fingers against Cas' loose entrance.

Castiel groaned and rocked his hips up and down desperately, the smaller boy couldn't decide whether to fuck himself on Dean's fingers or up into Dean’s mouth. Dean smirked again, watching the boys indecisiveness. He started to speed both his mouth and fingers up, trying to give Cas a body rattling orgasm. Castiel groaned, his hips launching downwards to force Deans fingers to slide into him. The smaller boy's head was thrown back into the pillows, his back bowing off the white sheets with a cry of Dean's name. Cas came as he writhed and trembled, his eyes rolling back uncontrollably.

"So sensitive..." Dean murmured after he pulled off of Cas' softening dick, still curling his fingers inside of the shaking boy. Castiel settled back down and his hips jerked, trying to get away from the onslaught on his prostate. He wailed, his hands immediately forcing Dean’s face down further on instinct.

Dean felt his face being pushed down and he smirked, starting to lick at Cas' rim, where his fingers were currently thrusting in and out of the writhing boy. He didn’t know how much overstimulation Castiel could take, but Dean knew if the boy kept whining and squirming, Dean would cum untouched.

"Oh!" Castiel mewled, his legs flew up to wrap around Dean’s head, pulling him impossibly closer as pleasure began filling him once more. The smaller boy was so glad that they were still young and had a practically nonexistent refractory period. Dean moaned quietly and started humping the bed, his dick rubbing against the cloth. He slid a third finger inside of Cas and added his tongue in the mix also. Dean didn’t know about Cas, but he enjoyed eating him out instead of fucking him.

On the other hand, Castiel liked when Dean would fuck him because it feels more emotional, but Cas loved when Dean tongue fucked him just as much. The blue-eyed boy shuddered and squirmed, tiny pants and wails of pleasure slipping past his lips. He stuffed his first and second knuckles in his mouth to muffle the cries of ecstasy from pouring out of his lips.

Dean continued assaulting Cas’ hole with his tongue, pulling away only to breathe for a few seconds, before he dove back in, lightly biting around Cas' rim, speeding up the three fingers he had going inside of him. Castiel came with a muffled scream, his whole body writhing and his hands flew out to grab onto the bed sheets as his legs pulled Deans face in between his asscheeks. "J-Just like that!" He cried out, shuddering and clenching around Dean’s fingers as he came with a mantra of mewls. Dean smirked and pressed a final kiss to Cas' hole before he pulled back and sat on his knees, the insides of his boxers wet and sticky with fresh cum.

Cas breathed raggedly, his eyes hooded and pleasure hazed as he reached for Dean, his hands skimming along Deans torso desperately. The smaller boy still felt like he was still cumming, basking in the aftershocks. Dean shuffled closer to Cas, letting the boy have his way with Deans body. "Something you're looking for, Sweetheart?" Dean grinned down at Cas. As if on instinct, Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck, his legs coming up to hold onto Dean desperately.

"Fuck." He breathed out, his whole body thrumming as the fire in his nerves slowly died down.

"Hmm." Dean smiled, getting on his hand and knees above Cas, a hand on either side of Cas' head, holding himself up. "We should do that more often," Dean smirked down at him. Castiel groggily released a tired groan as he smiled and nodded. He would never know how Dean wasn't absolutely fucked out right now, but it was probably because of the amount of sex he'd had before Cas. Castiel, on the other hand, had zero sex before this, so he was utterly dead. "Uuhhhh." He groaned lazily.

Dean grinned and laid down next to Cas, wrapping an arm around the smaller boy. "You're really sensitive, huh?" Dean asked, sliding a hand under Cas head, altering the boy's position so Cas' head was now laying on Dean’s chest.

Castiel nodded sleepily and snuggled closer, burrowing into Dean's side. "I love you, so much." He whispered hoarsely. "I love you too, Castiel," Dean whispered back as if it was a secret. "So fucking beautiful. You're amazing." Dean felt a fine shiver go through him at how Cas' body was pressed up against his so close, the boy was so warm. Castiel smiled like an idiot, pressing his face into the crook of Dean's neck. "You're so smart and caring, I never thought I had a chance with you." He whispered sadly, curling his limbs around Dean like a koala.

"Shoulda just asked, kid." Dean was only a few months older than Cas, but he used it whenever he could.

Castiel groaned and swatted Dean playfully, a smile on his face. "I'm not a kid, Jerk." He mumbled.

“Bitch,” Dean said as he rolled his eyes. The larger boy was caught off guard by the hit. "Ooo, spank me harder." Dean laughed. Castiel laughed and shyly ducked his head, turning red at the words. He'd never admit it, but the idea of it kind of turned him on.

Dean arched an eyebrow when Cas flushed red. "Oh? You like the sound of that?" He purred out, smirking down at Cas. Castiel shyly stuttered, Dean’s smirk was always way too sexy to be legal. "N-No.." He mumbled.

"Don't lie to me, Cas. I might spank you just for that." Dean put a faux-hard edge in his voice.

Cas shuddered, his cheeks turning redder than they already were. "Y-Yes, sir." He whispered, not realizing the words fell from his lips.

"Now, I asked you a question. Answer it." Dean’s voice was cold and direct.

"Yes, I do like the sound of it," Castiel said shyly, a tiny smile on his face.

"I might have to spank you for lying to me," Dean said, sitting up on the bed. "Bend over my legs."

Castiel turned beet red, his mouth opening and closing in disbelief, Dean was actually going to spank him?

"Hey!" Dean called, breaking Cas out of his trance. "I fucking said lie down."

Castiel flinched and stuttered, lying over Deans legs in confusion. Cas was bad at reading people, so to him it seemed like Dean was angry with him. Dean felt Cas tense up. "Hey, hey..." He said softly, rubbing a soft hand over Cas' asscheeks and thighs. "I thought you wanted this? I'm not mad at you, sweetheart, I swear."

Castiel instantly relaxed, so that’s why Dean's personality changed so quickly. The smaller boy shyly canted his hips into Dean’s hand and smiled. "O-Okay." He breathed out.

Dean grinned. "Good boy, I'm not gonna go hard, I promise..." Dean said. "I'll give you 10, does that sound good?" Castiel nodded, smiling in assurance before he buried his face in the sheets, biting onto a bundle of blankets in anticipation. What if it hurt? Would it hurt? God, this was an embarrassing idea. Dean grinned and raised his hand, waiting for a second, before he firmly brought it down on Cas' left cheek, watching a red color blossom to the surface.

Castiel squeaked, his eyes shooting open in dazed wonder. Of course, the first second stung, but after the nerves around Deans palm print started to tingle, it felt good.

"Was that okay?" Dean asked worriedly. "I can stop if you want."

Cas shook his head, reaching back to grab Dean’s wrist. He guiding Dean’s palm back to his reddening ass, his head turning around to reveal a deep blush on his face. "Don't stop." He whispered breathlessly.

Dean’s cock started to harden against Cas' bare stomach. "9 more..." He swallowed thickly. Dean lifted his hand again and brought it down again, this time a little bit harder. Castiel gasped, fisting his hands in the bed sheets. So many thoughts flooded him, what else was there to explore that Dean knew about?

Dean hit Cas a few more times, each hit harder than the last, soon he was down to only three left. "If I hit you too hard, let me know, okay?" Dean warned. Castiel nodded, completely unknowing of Dean's warning in the haze of pleasure. His nerves were tingling and singed with tiny pricks of pleasure and pain. Dean nodded and lifted his hand and brought it down firmly, not really holding back anything at all.


Cas let out a gasp, his eyes pricking with tears. It was a perfect mix of pain and pleasure. He couldn't decide on which sensation to focus on. "O-Oh." He breathed out.

"That’s it..." Dean grinned, then hit him in the same exact spot, somehow even harder, Cas' pale skin turning almost purple.

Castiel groaned, his hands clutching desperately at the sheets. The smaller boy's lips parted to make way for tiny pants. "Mmmm, D-Dean.." He whispered desperately.

"One more, Sweetheart," Dean smirked before bringing his hand up high and striking Cas right in the middle, as hard as he could, a hit that would have people screaming. Castiel froze, his brain immediately sending him into a panic attack.

Suddenly, he was back in the locker room, it was about a week ago. The whole team took turns punching and hitting him, but this time when Dean ran in to help, he joined them instead. The smaller boy stared at the wall, tears streaming down his face. The flashback was so real, it was like he was reliving every punch and every kick. Why did they hate him so much? What did he do to make them think he deserved this?

At first, Dean grinned when he saw Cas shaking, he thought he had maybe sent the kid into some kind of body trembling orgasm, but when Cas started jerking around, mumbling things that didn’t sound right, Dean froze. "Shit, shit!" Oh god, what had he done? He quickly picked Cas up off of him, laying the boy down on the bed, putting a soft pillow under his ass so the sensitive flesh wouldn’t chafe against the bedsheets. "Cas?" Dean asked softly, crawling up the bed. Cas was staring at the ceiling, wide-eyed and unblinking.

Castiel started murmuring pleads, pleads for it to stop. The smaller boy's hand shakily covered a fading yellow bruise, groaning and rolling onto his side. It was the kick he received from the former quarterback before Dean took his spot. Tears were practically pouring down Cas' face, his brain making him re-live everything that happened to him. It was one of the worst beatings he'd taken. The small boy choked and sobbed, jolting as if he was being punched by some invisible being, it wouldn't stop, they wouldn't stop.

"Castiel, please!" Dean said, not wanting to touch the boy in fear of what would happen if he did. Quickly, he lunged over to his phone, quickly dialing Sams number. Sam was only 14, but he'd know what to do, right?

Sam threw another chip in his mouth, his fingers flying over the buttons of his PlayStation controller. The teenager glanced at his phone and grumbled when he saw Dean's name. "Gabe, hold on a sec." He said, pressing a button on the side of his gaming headset. Sam stood up and took the headphones off, leaving them on the couch abandoned on the couch as he ran to his phone. "What do you want? I'm in the middle of a tournament!" Sam hissed in annoyance when he answered the phone.

"Sam, Cas is having a panic attack!" Dean said, unable to control how his voice rose. "What do I do? Please, Sam?" Dean looked over at Cas, who was still repeating the words, "Stop... please, stop ..."

Sam sighed and grumbled. "He's having a panic attack, he should be just freaking out about something, what is he doing?"

"He's kinda just shaking and saying please stop and stuff." Dean brought his thumb up to his mouth, biting at the nail, god how he prayed Sam wouldn’t ask what had triggered Cas.

Sam frowned, turning his spinny chair in circles. "That doesn't sound like a panic attack. Panic attacks are when people start freaking out and having extreme anxiety over something. What the hell happened?"

"We were doing something, then he just started shaking and crying and I don’t know what to do, Sam!" Dean’s voice broke at the end.

Castiel choked on a scream, holding his stomach desperately as Lucifer grabbed his hair and lifted his head. "What? Baby boy gonna cry? Why don't you fucking die? No matter how many times we try you just don’t. It's getting fucking annoying." Lucifer spat in his face before cracking his head back against the tile.

Sam huffed. "Well, it didn't happen from nothing! It was probably triggered by something that had happened to him before and it's pretty obvious he didn't like it." Sam said blankly. "Just call the cops or something, they can help!"

"But he said he wanted it!" Dean blurted out, before hearing Cas try to scream. "Sammy please I don’t know what to do." Dean felt like he was about to fucking cry, and when he went up to wipe his eyes, he discovered there were tears already there.

"Wanted what?" Sam asked in confusion. Why wasn't Dean just calling an ambulance, was it really that bad that he couldn't tell him? "I'm just a teenager! It's not like I spent my life studying the brain!"

"For me to spank him!" Dean said, before blushing darkly. He ran around the room, trying to put Cas' clothes back on him. If he was going to call an ambulance, he didn’t want them to see Cas naked. Sam gagged and almost dropped the phone, his nose scrunching up. "I will never look at either of you the same way." He said blankly.

"Shut up." Dean rolled his eyes, pulling Cas' boxers back on him. "The Novaks are rich, a hospital bill won't hurt them, right?" Dean asked, wiping Cas' cum off of him with his own shirt.

Sam shrugged and grumbled. "Gabe says his parents aren't even around, they probably won't notice. He says it's just him, Cas, and his dumb ass siblings Anna, Michael, and Raphael. Dude, they're rude. I don't know how Cas can even be related to Gabriel and his brothers. Gabes all rebellious and his brothers are jackasses, Cas is like a goodie goodie study buddy." Sam said, not even taking a breath between his sentences.

"Okay, President of the Gabe fan club." Dean sat down next to Cas, running his hands through Cas' hair, trying to calm the smaller boy down.

"Hey! They're Gabe’s words! I'm just quoting!" Sam yelped in defense. Castiel trembled a look of agony on his face. In his flashback, Lucifer had his hand in his hair, but for some reason, he was stroking his hair now. That never happened in the original. The smaller boy recoiled, not wanting Lucifer to touch him ever again after what had happened.

"Cas, please, it's me, Dean," Dean said softly in Cas' ear. "It’s like he can't hear me, Sam."

Sam frowned and paused, typing on his computer again. "Flashback, maybe? What the hell could he be having a flashback about from spanking? Unless he always lets his best friends spank him. Why the fuck were you guys spanking each other anyway? What about Lisa, dude?" Sam asked at lightning speed.

"First of all, he said he liked it, and it’s not like I was just fucking spanking him out of the blue, we fucked, I ate him out, a lot happened." Deans verbal filter seemed to have gone on vacation or something. "Secondly, she’s a fucking bitch and I'm dumping her tomorrow. And thirdly, I don’t know, maybe some guys from the football team beat him up?" Dean shuddered, remembering that he was the guy from the football team that beat Cas up. "Come on, Castiel, please, it’s me. It’s Dean, Dean Winchester." Dean said a little louder, trying to get through to Cas.

Sam squeaked, throwing up in his mouth a little at the images he was flooded with. "OH GOD THAT’S JUST DISGUSTING!" He hollered into the phone. Sam grumbled and tried not to get angry at his older brother. "Dude, you know she's not gonna like that one bit, you've been trying to break up with her for ages ."

Despite the situation, Dean laughed. "You asked, and maybe if I fuck Cas right in front of her, she'll get the hint." Dean looked back down at Cas, who was still shaking. "Cas...please wake up, please, it’s not real." Dean said softly, laying down next to Cas, running a hand through his hair. He muted his phone so Sam couldn’t hear him for a second. As much as he loved Sam, he didn’t want his little brother to see, or hear, this side of him. "I love you, Cas, please wake up…” A shaky hand launched out, clinging to Dean’s shirt like a lifeline. It felt real . Cas slowly began to realize that what he was seeing had things off about it. The color or Lucifer’s hair was blue and the lockers were pink instead of grey.

Dean quickly unmuted his phone. "Sam...Sam! I think I did it, I think he's waking up." Dean said excitedly into the phone, lowering his voice when Cas started to look frightened again. "Hey, hey, Cas I love you so much, come on, wake up…please wake up…for me, Cas." Dean blushed brightly when he realized Sam heard all that.

Sam couldn't help but smile softly, a warm feeling filling him. His brother acted all macho, trying to seem like the top dog. But the only person Dean ever said I love you to was him, and that was once. The fact that Dean loved someone enough to say that was a lot. Castiel let out a tiny sob, clinging onto Dean desperately. It was Dean, it was his Dean. Dean was right there with him even though he couldn't see him. "Dean?" He whimpered, staring blankly ahead of him.

"Sam, he's awake." Dean grinned, before looking at Cas. "Yeah, Cas, I'm here...right here." Dean murmured softly, putting his warm hand over Cas' cold one. Castiel's eyes flitted around, focusing on Dean slowly. He let out a cry of relief, quickly scrambling to hold onto Dean.

"I'm gonna go, get back to your boyfriend, and that dumb tournament you always care about." Dean grinned, holding on tight to Cas. Sam snorted and hung up, running back to resume his game. Castiel buried his hands in Deans hair, pulling him close as he wrapped his arms around his neck and his legs around Deans middle. "D-Dean.."

"Cas, I'm so sorry..." Dean said, throwing his phone somewhere, wrapping his arms tight around Cas. "I'm so sorry, Cas, It's all my fault." He repeated.

"No, it's not, I asked for it. It's Lucifers fault." Cas whispered, his eyes squeezed shut. The smaller boy clung to every part of Dean he could reach, his hands clenching and unclenching in Deans hair and shirt.

Dean hushed him. "Let’s just…sleep, for now." He said, rubbing Cas' back, tracing swirls and patterns into it. "I love you so much, Cas," Dean said, his voice suddenly choked.

Castiel clung to Dean and sniffled, burrowing his face into the crook of Dean's neck. "O-Okay...I love you so much, so so much. I only love you." He whispered.

"I love you too, Cas." Dean knew this was cheesy as hell, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. "God, you make me so happy, Cas. I'm so sorry about everything..."

"It's okay, Dean, it's okay. It's not your fault." Castiel whispered, his eyes becoming hooded from sleep pulling him under. "You make me feel safe." He whispered unknowingly.

Dean grinned. "I love you." He whispered, trying to shove all the emotions he was feeling into those three words.

Castiel smiled lazily and his breathing deepened, slowly trailing into an even in and out. "I love you, Dean Winchester." He whispered before he fell asleep.

Dean grinned widely. "I love you, too, Castiel Novak." Dean grinned, playing with Cas' hair for a few minutes before he felt himself start to fade into a peaceful sleep right alongside his boyfriend.

Chapter Text

In the morning Cas was sleeping heavily, dead to the world as he curled into Dean's side. Castiel’s hair was messier than ever, his whole face relaxed and he let out a sleepy mewl. The smaller boy snuggled his face into the pillows, not wanting to go back to the land of the living quite yet. Dean felt the boy shifting next to him and he groaned, forcing his heavy eyelids to open. "Goodmorning, Sweetheart." He mumbled in his scratchy morning voice. Thank fuck it was a Saturday.

Castiel peaked an eye open, smiling sleepily at the sleep hazed man next to him. "Mmmm, good morning, sir ." He teased lazily, rolling onto stomach and burrowing his face in the pillows.

Dean almost suggested morning sex, then stopped himself, remembering what had happened last night. "What do you want to do today?" He asked Cas, turning on his side to look at Cas and run a warm hand down Cas' body under the blankets. Castiel shivered and lazily arched into Deans touch, smiling with his eyes closed. "Mmmhm, it's the weekend. Who knows what we could do over the course of two days."

"We could go out on a proper date?" Dean suggested, scooting closer to Cas, wrapping an arm around the boy, both of them incredibly warm under the expensive blanket. Castiel's eyes shot open, a happy look swarming his features. "You want to date me?! Like actually!" He yelped excitedly. Cas always thought Dean was secretly dating someone else, or that he would date Cas and leave him, but no, Dean actually loved him. The smaller boy was elated.

Dean let out a laugh, caught off guard by Cas'  genuine excitement. "Of course, Cas. I love you, you know that." He looked at Cas, holding his hand and bringing it to his mouth, kissing Cas’ palm lightly.

Castiel giggled and kissed Dean quickly, flipping them over so he was straddling Dean. The smaller boy was almost instantly awake, a big ball of happiness. Maybe someone actually loved him for once? Dean was still laughing this entire time. "What, do you think I was lying?" He asked Cas, bringing a hand up and cupping Cas' cheek gently. Castiel shyly bit his lip and leaned into Dean’s hand, his own hand coming up to cover Dean's larger one. "No, I was just insecure." He whispered.

Dean shook his head. "Don’t be, Cas, you're fucking amazing." Dean grinned up at Cas and he could actually see a...a good life, in those blue eyes. A good life with Cas. Sure there would be fights, but they'd get over it, every couple has fights. "I'm thinking a picnic." Dean murmured. Castiel giggled uncontrollably, nodding as he leaned their foreheads together. Dean was perfect . God he couldn't think of anyone he'd rather go through all of those fights with, and all of the love and the sadness and life with.

Dean started to giggle too, blushing lightly. "I love you, dont you ever forget that." He told Cas, running a hand through Cas' black hair. "Damn..." He mumbled under his breath, suddenly looking sad. Castiel opened his mouth to respond but frowned at Dean’s sudden change in mood. "Dean..? Are you okay?" He asked worriedly, cupping Dean's face. The smaller boy loved Dean so much, he hated seeing him sad.

"I'm just...I was just thinking to myself, 'Our kids better have this black hair of yours'...but, you know..." Dean sighed, looking up at Cas with said eyes. "Sorry to be such a bummer..." Castiel smiled sadly, knowing this would come up at one point. "Don't be was an inevitable topic. We could always surrogate, if you do want kids." Cas whispered in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Dean nodded, starting to smile again. "Yeah...thanks, Cas." He grinned up at him. "Besides, we're only 17, we don’t have to think about it for at least a couple years."

Castiel smiled and nodded, kissing Dean gently. "Mmm, you know. I wouldn't mind if we tried for a kid, like, right now." He said suggestively, it was obviously sarcastic, because they were both male, but damn being a teenager just made his horniness scale shoot through the roof.

Dean outright laughed at that, before saying, "Yeah, we gotta make sure it doesn’t work." He grinned, before putting his hand on the back of Cas' neck, pulling him in for another kiss. Castiel let out a muffled giggle, kissing Dean in slow pushes and pulls of their lips. God he just felt so happy with Dean. "Mmm, what do you want me to call you?" He murmured shyly.

"Dean..." Dean grinned up at him. "No 'sir', nothing like that, this is nice and peaceful." He grinned at Cas, putting both his hands on Cas' waist, both of them covered by the blanket, as if they were covering what they were doing from the world.

Cas smiled and leaned their foreheads together, his hands skating up Dean’s sides to hold onto his jaw softly. "Okay." The smaller boy whispered trustingly.

"I love you." Dean whispered, before lifting his chin up, kissing Cas softly. Castiel smiled into the kiss, deepening it hesitantly as he nipped at Dean’s lower lip.

Dean smiled also, rubbing his hands all over Cas, trying to touch as much skin as he could. "Can I pull your boxers down?" Dean asked, playing with the elastic waistband.

Cas nodded shyly, pulling back to suck in a breath as he stared into Dean’s eyes with a lustful look. The smaller boy surged back down and kissed Dean eagerly, his whole body starting to get into it.

"Okay..." Dean said softly, nodding, before he pulled Cas' boxers down, trying not to let the elastic irritate the wounded skin of Cas' ass.

Castiel rolled onto his back, raising his hips and sliding the boxers off before kicking them to the side of the bed. He at least wanted to help Dean, he hated just laying there and letting one person do all the work.

"Good boy." Dean grinned up at him, before he wrapped his fingers around Cas' hardening cock. "This good? Tell me if you need to stop."

Castiel nodded and groaned slightly, his head tipping back as he began to rock his hips forward. Dean stroked Cas for a minute or so, before he asked, "Can I suck you off, Cas?" He didn’t want a repeat of yesterday, so he decided to tell Castiel everything that was gonna happen before it did.

Castiel shyly nodded and smiled, sitting up fully on the larger boy. "Yes, although I don't understand your fascination with my penis." He teased.

"I think it has to do with my fascination with you," Dean smirked, flipping them over and taking Cas' cock into his mouth, suckling hard on the tip. He decided not to finger Cas this time, as he might be sensitive from yesterday.

Castiel cried out, his hips jerking lightly at how quickly Dean had taken control so quickly. "D-Dean!" He breathed out in surprise. Dean smirked, taking Cas deeper into his mouth and starting to bob his head. He wasn’t purposefully going fast, but he was excited for his picnic with Castiel.

Castiel groaned and gasped, clutching Dean’s head desperately. Dean was just so amazing with his mouth he didn't even know where to begin.

"Cum whenever you want, darling." Dean smirked, speaking around a mouthful of cock, his words coming out garbled. He sank down on Cas' cock again, holding himself at the base, his nose pressed up against the pale skin of Cas’ abdomen. The blue eyed boy had zero hair, it all seemed to gather on his head to create his wild sex/bed head look.

Castiel wailed needily, his back arching. The smaller boy came on command, muffling his cries of pleasure with his knuckles. Dean started to suck harder when he felt Cas cumming. He moaned at the taste of Cas' cum, feeling it coat his tongue. Castiel’s back arched, his cries escalating dramatically when Dean sucked like a vice around him. It felt like his soul was leaving his body. "Mmmmh!" He wailed into his fist. Dean finally pulled off with a sticky pop after a few seconds. "How was that?" He asked Cas, sitting up and scooting up the bed, pressing his lips to Cas' slightly parted ones.

Castiel gasped against Dean’s mouth, his chest heaving up and down. The smaller boy pulled back to murmur against the larger boy's lips. "Great." He whispered.

"You're awfully sensitive." Dean smirked, cuddling next to Cas, enjoying just laying there with him.

"I-I know." Castiel said shyly. He rolled on his side to face Dean with a smile.

Dean smiled back at him. "So...this picnic..." Dean slowly said, bringing a hand up to run through Cas' hair. Castiel’s eyes fluttered closed and he leaned into Deans touch. "Mmm, this picnic what?"

"I'm just excited for it." Dean grinned. "We could do it in a your backyard - or a park, or we could do in in some quiet part of the forest that no one ever goes through..." Dean was babbling, he really was excited.

Castiel giggled and kissed Deans forehead lovingly. "Mmm, how about a woodland area?" He whispered in adoration. Dean nodded eagerly. "Y-Yeah. I'd really like that. We can lay a blanket down and get some of that sparkling cider juice that looks like wine..."

Castiel snorted lightly, almost cutely as he threw his head back and laughed. He was just so happy . Dean was perfect, and funny, and kind. Not to mention hot . Cas didn't feel like he deserved the Greek God next to him.

Dean laughed along side Cas, he was glad the blanket was still over their naked bodies, since a few seconds later, Cas' brother, Gabe walked in and made a face at the two cuddling teenagers, so Dean assumed that Sam told Gabe everything that had happened.

Castiel jumped and turned redder than a tomato. "OH MY GOD GET OUT!" He shouted, his voice two octaves higher than his usual, girly voice.

Gabe stuck his tongue out at his older brother. "Dont fuck so loud next time then!" The fourteen year old shot back.

"It wasn’t loud!" Castiel squeaked, pulling the covers up higher. "I'm going to kill you!" The smaller teen yelped out. "'D-Dean!'"  Gabe mimicked in a high-pitched voice, smirking at his older brother. Cas sat up quickly, clinging the sheets to them nervously. "Why does everyone say I sound like that! I don't sound like that! I didn't even say that!"

Gabriel smirked and pulled out his phone, playing an audio recording of the high pitched moan. Dean snorted, trying to hold back his laugh. Castiel practically turned purple from how deeply he was blushing. "I-I don't sound like that! Dean tell him I don't sound like that!" He squeaked in embarrassment. There was no way he sounded an octave higher than a girl getting fucked shitless. Well, at the time he was getting his brain fucked out, so it adds up, but he wouldn't admit to either of the two statements.

"Gabe, stop teasing your brother about his sex voice." Dean said seriously, trying to hold back a grin.

Castiel whined and swatted Dean's chest, his deep blush spreading to his chest. The teenager jumped out of bed and was thankful for his boxers before he ran after his little brother. "Shut up!" He hollered.

Gabe laughed and ran away from Cas, coming back to the room a few minutes later. "Anyways, Cas, I'm gonna go sleep over at Sam’s, and he said I needed to ask Dean if it was okay." Gabe knew that Dean was the closest thing Sam had to a parent, so he understood why Sam felt he needed to ask Dean’s permission first.

Castiel grumbled and smirked at the opportunity. Usually the boy was really shy and nerdy, but no way in hell was he missing the chance to get back at his brother. Cas cleared his throat and pressed his back up against the wall. "Oh Sam !" Castiel fake moaned, mocking Gabe's voice as he rocked and rolled his hips, running his hands down his chest.

Dean who was still sitting on the bed, exploded into bouts of laughter, watching all the color drain from Gabes face and he started at his brother in mortification. "Cas! You weren't supposed to tell anyone!" Gabe hissed to him.

Castiel could beat a stripper in their own game at how he was languidly rolling his hips and gripping at the wall above him with one slim hand. He smirked at his brother and threw his head back. " Sam, you taste better than any candy i’ve ever tasted!" Cas cried out in Gabe’s voice, mocking what he had heard Gabe saying the night before when Gabe jacked off in his room.

Both Dean’s and Gabe’s mouths dropped open when they heard that, but the difference was, that while Dean was trying to breathe through his almost sobs of laughter and trying to ignore his growing boner at the way Cas was rolling his hips, Gabe on the other hand felt like he wanted to dig a tunnel in the ground and hide, preferably forever. "You heard me?" Gabe asked his older brother. "Did you hear everything?" Gbe asked worriedly, hoping Cas wouldn't repeat some of the other things Gabe had said, along the more vulgar lines.

Castiel giggled evilly, immediately going back into character. "Oh Sam fuck me with that big dick of yours!" The smaller boy breathed out, letting out a replicated moan after. Oh this was just priceless. But Gabe would definitely get back at him somehow, and that kind of concerned him.

"Oh my god!" Gabe put his head in his hands, the color coming back to his face in a bright red blush. "I can't believe you, Cas." He grumbled under his breath, praying to every god he could think of that Cas wouldn't bring up the line he had screamed out as he came.

Castiel smirked as if he knew exactly what Gabe was thinking. The smaller boy rolled his hips so sensually he'd be the main attraction at a strip club, his body moving with the rhythm of a non existent song. "Mmmm! I'm yours! I’m all fucking yours Daddy !" Cas wailed in over exaggeration, the smaller boy never thought about calling Dean that until a second after he said it. What if Dean didn't like it? Whatever, he would try next time.

Deans eye widened, his cock perking up when he heard Cas moan the filthy words so freely. Gabe took in a deep breath and punched Cas in the arm, not enough to hurt...much. "You're a fucking ass, you know that?" He glared up at his older brother.

Castiel yelped and jumped, holding his arm and instantly being thrown back into his real self. "W-Well you were being an ass first." He stuttered, looking at the floor. Gabe put a small grin on his face. "Sorry, dude, but you know I'm gonna get you back, right?"

Castiel paused, oh fuck no, what was he going to do. "What exactly do you mean...?" He asked warily, looking around his brother for any sort of weapon.

Gabe's grin turned into a smirk. "I don't know." He shrugged his shoulder innocently and turned to Dean. "Anyways, can I sleepover at your guys' house or not." Dean jumped a little, his mind still replaying Cas' little show. "Y-Yeah, yeah of course." Dean nodded. "Dont fuck my little brother..." He started warningly. "Unless he asks, of course." He winked at Gabe.

Castiel rolled his eyes and walked back, jumping in the bed with Dean before he snuggled under the covers. He was so not prepared for what Gabe was going to do, his younger brother could be pretty merciless at times. Gabe laughed, before winking back at Dean and walking out, closing the door behind him "What just happened?" Dean asked, his eyebrows still raised and his dick still hard.

Castiel grumbled and let his limbs layover Dean, pausing when he felt Dean's boner. "Brotherly argument, now why is this here." He asked, pressing on Dean’s dick with his thigh slightly.

Dean swallowed thickly and decided just to tell the truth. "That was fucking hot , Cas. The way you were dancing and moaning..."

Cas turned bright red at the admittance, Dean thought it was attractive? "You really think so?" He asked shyly, biting his bottom lip. Dean nodded, bucking his hips up and rubbing his cock against Cas' soft thigh. Castiel giggled and straddled Dean, rocking down against him with a shy look. "G-Gabe is gone." He whispered suggestively.

"He's probably trying to make a move on my brother as we speak." Dean snorted, putting his hands on Cas' waist. Castiel blushed slightly and nodded. "Yeah...I'm sorry about that." He said awkwardly.

Dean shook his head up at Cas. "I think it's cute." He shrugged, wondering if Sam was even gay. Cas smiled fondly and sighed. "So what do you want to do now?" He asked lazily.

Dean shrugged. "The picnic, if you want." He started to sit up, then remembered his hard boner poking up. "Or..." He pushed the covers off himself and let his boner free.

Castiel squeaked when Dean’s cock sprung up and hit the inside of his thigh, Dean was still so big, he didn't understand how it was even possible at their age.

"You wanna...?" He asked Cas, gesturing to his dick. "Cause I can just take care of it in the bathroom."

Castiel turned red and stood up, pulling off his boxers. The smaller boy crawled onto the bed, his back to Dean. He bowed his back down and wiggled his hips in an attempt to entice Dean. Cas didn't care about his pleasure, he just thought would be better than jacking off. "Y-You can use me, if you'd like." He murmured into the sheets.

"Cas..." Dean said softly, reaching out and holding onto his hip softly. Dean got up and walked around the bed, so he was facing Cas. "I don’t wanna use you..." Dean said, after lifting Cas' head gently by his jaw. Castiel nodded and turned redder. Well that was embarrassing, he just basically presented his ass and Dean didn't want it. "Sorry." He said quickly and sat up.

"N-No, Cas it’s not that-" Dean stuttered, trying to explain. Taking a deep breath, he started, "Ok, here’s the thing, Cas. I wanna fuck you, of course I wanna fuck you. But I want you to feel it too, I don't just wanna use you. Do you get what I'm trying to say?"

Castiel smiled and nodded, a warm flush on his face. "O-Okay. Do it." He said, biting his lip shyly. "How do you want me?"

"I wanna look at you...get on your back." Dean said, climbing on the bed again. Cas laid back and nestled his head into the pillows, his arms held out for Dean to come forward.

Dean crawled up the bed, nestling himself between Cas' open legs. "Isn't this so much better?" He asked when he leaned down, pressing their foreheads together.

Castiel giggled shyly and smiled, wrapping his arms and legs around Dean’s muscled body. "Y-Yeah." He breathed out, letting his eyes flutter closed.

Dean reached over to Cas' bedstand and grabbed the bottle of lube, slicking his fingers up to stretch Cas.

Castiel whimpered and shook his head, guiding Dean’s hand to his dick. "Don't need it, last night helped." Cas whispered in embarrassment. Dean nodded, before he slicked up his own cock and pressed the fat head of it to Cas' loose rim. "You ready, baby?"

Cas let out a little 'mhm' and bit his lip, his hands gripping the backs of Dean's thighs in anticipation. Even by just pressing again his hole Dean’s cock felt amazing. Dean grinned, and started to slowly press forward, stopping when Cas rim was stretched around Dean’s cock.

Castiel let out tiny pants and mewls as Dean stretched and filled him, it felt good, just a small movement set his nerves alight with a small spark of pleasure.

Dean started to lightly thrust, letting a little more of himself slide into Cas with every thrust. "Feels fucking tight, baby..." He gutturally groaned.

Castiel gasped and bit his lip, a tiny noise of approval being muffled by his lips on every thrust. He let his head fall back into the pillows, his hands gripping Dean's thighs shakily.

"Does that feel good, baby?" Dean asked gently when he was all the way inside of Cas.

"Mhm..." Cas whimpered, his eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. The smaller boy's legs tried to find purchase before going limp and spreading to his sides. It was just so blissful, it wasn't intense pleasure or pleasure that was barely there. It just made him feel warm and tingling all over.

Dean started to thrust in and out, making sure to look at Cas' face every few seconds, just to make sure he wasn't in any pain. "Can I go faster now, Sweetheart?"

Castiel nodded and he cried out when Dean started to roll his hips, muffling it when the back of his hand desperately. Oh god it felt so good, too good. He wanted for Dean to make him cum for hours on end until it became too much.


Dean growled slightly and pulled Cas' hand away from his mouth. "Don’t muffle your noises, baby." He said, thrusting in sharply and hitting Cas' prostate for the first time. Castiel choked on his breath, his other hand instinctively flew up and he stuffed his knuckles back in his mouth to hide the embarrassing cry of pleasure coming from him. Gabe was right, he sounded girly .

"Baby..." Dean glared down at him, tugging Cas' other hand away from his mouth. Dean held both of Cas' hands above his head and thrusted harder in the exact same spot. Castiel wailed, his head rolling to the side but he couldn't quite reach the pillow to muffle his noises. The smaller boy squirmed and tried to angle his hips in a different position so Dean wouldn't make him sound so girly and needy.

"Don’t you fucking dare. I wanna hear them, all of them." Dean growled lowly, starting to piston his hips in and out of Cas at a pace he didn’t even know he could go at.

Castiel let out a pleasure filled scream, his eyes shooting open at the way pleasure consumed him. Fucking hell it felt so incredibly amazing. "D-Deaaaan!!" He shouted throatily. Dean smirked. "Good boy." He choked out, his voice thick. "You're so fucking pretty, baby..." Dean could feel he was close, and he was trying to hold back his orgasm.

Castiel sobbed and his legs desperately tried to help lift his hips to change the angle, it was too much. Dean had gotten so good at knowing his sweet spots and when he found them he was merciless. "Dean! D-De-ean!" The smaller boy moaned and wailed, his blue eyes becoming hazy.

"I-I'm about to fucking cum, Cas..." Dean moaned throatily, his hips still slapping into Cas' thighs. God, everyone in the house could probably hear them fucking at this point. "C-Cas!" Dean fucking screamed , cumming deep inside of the smaller, shaking boy.

Castiel came as soon as Dean spilled inside of him, the warm feeling pushing him over the edge into euphoria. The smaller boy choked on a silent scream and fell back to the bed, trembling at the feeling of Dean still inside of him.

"You like that baby?" Dean panted breathlessly, his cock still buried balls deep inside of Castiel. He was still leaning over Cas, looking at the boy.

Castiel whined and panted raggedly, squirming in Dean’s arms. The smaller boy jerked when his prostate was struck again, a tiny squeak coming from him.

"You want me to pull out?" Dean smirked down at him, rolling his hips lightly, rubbing the head of his cock against Cas' prostate.

Castiel spasmed, his body jerking and trembling at the lightning bolt that shot through him. "A-Ah!" He cried out.

"Is that a yes or a no?" Dean smirked again, starting to gently rock his hips into the same spot over and over. Castiel practically choked on his own breath."Mh! Uh huh! Mmm! Ah!" He mewled, his hips squirming. He couldn't even hear Dean over the blood pounding in his ears, his face flushing red.

Overstimulating Castiel was so fucking hot. At least, Dean thought so. The fucking sounds he made...god, Dean felt his cock trying to get hard again. " fucking hot..."

Castiel threw his head back, pressing his head back into the pillows desperately. "Oh Jesus Christ you know how to fuck." He whispered, a look of pure pleasure on his face.

"You think I can make you cum again?" Dean panted breathlessly. "Three times in one morning, Castiel?"

Cas gasped and bit his lip, nodding quickly. He thought he came once already, had he passed out? Or was Dean planning on two more? "H-Harder." He whispered.

"Came while I was blowing you." Dean gasped out between thrusts. "Came while I was fucking you, untouched , and now, I'm gonna make you fucking cum all over yourself, again." Dean swirled a finger in the cooling cum on Castiel's belly and smeared it over Cas' plump red lips, like it was some kind of lip gloss.

Castiel practically squealed in surprise, his hands gasping the sheets and flying back to Dean over and over again. He couldn't do anything but wail at the mix of pain and pleasure shooting through him.

"You like this, baby boy?" Dean grinned down at Cas, starting to fucking into Cas faster, knowing he was sensitive. "Gonna make you cum without even touching your little cock."

Castiel gripped at Dean’s hair, his mouth hanging open and his eyes hooded. The best feeling in the entire world was when everything zeroed in on them. Dean running his mouth and pounding deeper and deeper inside him, to the point where Cas swears he's in his stomach. Hell yes Cas loved it. "Oh god I fucking love it!" Castiel whined, his back arching as his head burrowed back into the pillows.

"Fuck..." Dean hissed to himself. Taking a hand off of Cas' waist, he pressed it into Cas' lower stomach. "Suck in for me, baby." Dean commanded.

Castiel stuttered and mewled, his stomach already concaving and expanding at his labored breaths. The smaller boy sucked his stomach in as far as he could, being to lost in the pleasure to process anything else.

"Fuck." Dean moaned again, choking on his breath. He could fucking feel Cas press down on him. Dean started to rub at Cas' lower stomach, trying to find his dick. "Can you feel that baby?"

Castiel nodded shakily, biting his lip in a needy manner. Pleasure was lighting up every nerve in his body, and he was floating on cloud nine. The smaller boy wasn't even sure what Dean was saying anymore. Cas arched his back, his stomach sucking in more and allowing Dean to slide deeper. His blue eyes shot open as a cry of surprise left his lips.

Dean couldn't fucking breathe . When Cas had arched up, he pulled the skin of his stomach taut, revealing a small bulge that moved every time Dean did. "Cas...." Dean said hoarsely, rubbing his finger over the thin skin, his eyes almost rolling back into his head when he could feel his own finger through the skin of Cas' stomach.

Castiel’s eyes on the other hand did roll back, his ocean blue eyes turning white, his eyelids fluttering like crazy as a strangled scream fell from his lips. " Oh god Dean !" The smaller boy wailed as Dean forced his prostate towards the head of his cock unknowingly. It was so good, it felt way too good.

Dean gulped thickly. " like that, huh? You like how that fucking feels?" Words were dropping from Dean’s lips without him even knowing. He was close, so fucking close, but you gotta let the bottom cum first, right?

"U-Huh!" Castiel whined, a look of pure ecstasy on his face. "Oh fuck I fucking love it so much, please! More! H-Harder, do it." Castiel babbled needily.

Dean nodded and started to fuck into Cas' faster, with more force, hitting his prostate every time. "G-Gonna make you fucking cum, Cas." Castiel wailed and moaned like a whore, each moan getting louder and louder. The smaller boy came with a pleasure filled cry, his face looking like all he knew was the euphoria he was feeling.

Dean came right along with Cas, his hole tightening on Deans cock. Dean pulled out and flopped down next to Cas, feeling like he was gonna pass out.

Castiel trembled slightly and laid back, panting heavily. "Jesus Christ yes." He whispered under his breath, turning as red as physically possible.

"You good, baby?" Dean asked, reaching a hand forward and laying it on Cas' chest, the boy fucking hot underneath him.

"Mhm! Love it when you fuck me." Cas breathed out shyly, burrowing his face into Dean's side.

"Oh god, me too." Dean grinned and nodded, putting an arm around Cas. Dean really wanted to help Cas get over his shyness. Not that it was a bad thing, but if Cas wanted to get over it, Dean would do whatever he could to help him. Castiel giggled and wrapped an arm and leg over Dean, curling into his side. "Mmmm, I love you so much. I've always loved you." Cas whispered softly.

"I love you too, Cas." Dean grinned, tracing little patterns into Cas' back. Cas smiled and hummed, flattening his hand over Dean’s heart. "So, what now?" He asked softly.

"How about that picnic?" Dean snorted, brining his hand up to tug at Cas' black mess of tangles. Castiel laughed and nodded, a cute smile in his face. "Yes. I'll get ready." Cas teased before standing and shyly walking away from the bed to the bathroom.

Dean looked at the floor at his wrinkled clothes and scrunched up his nose. They were dirty, smelly, and stained with Cas' blood. There was no way in hell he was wearing them again.

Castiel looked at himself in the bathroom and paused, glancing at himself with an insecure frown. He was skinny, and he had barely any muscle, besides his flawed and hairless legs, and some arm muscle. Cas might as well have a girl’s body without the breasts. Did Dean want him to be a girl? Castiel finally looked at his face and sighed. The amount of bruises and busted open areas of his face, his slightly bloody nose. How did Dean even see him as anything more than hideous? Having sex with him must have been awful. Now he felt bad for dragging Dean into that, their first time together was when he was beaten up, looking like he went through a meat grinder. He was anything but sexy. Cas walked to his shower and turned the water on, stepping in. It stung a bit, but he should at least get the cum, sweat, and blood from his body.

Dean rolled off the bed and walked to the bathroom. He knocked on the door twice, waited a few seconds then walked in, the steam from the hot water gently greeting him. "Cas?" He called, walking over to the shower and opening it. How desperately he wanted to get in with Cas, feel the hot water slide down his body as he held Castiel close to him. Dean snapped himself back to reality when he realized he was staring at Cas with his mouth open a little.

Castiel looked at Dean, his hands in his hair as the blood washed away from his body, leaving the water on the floor slowly fading to normal. "Dean? Do you need something?" He asked shyly, biting his lip and smiling in embarrassment at how Dean's attention was on him.

"Fuck it." Dean whispered to himself and got in with Cas. "After we shower..." Dean started, his eyes raking over Cas' body. "Can I borrow some sweat pants? And like a shirt? I'll go home and get actual clothes and a blanket, then I can swing by and pick you up, then we can go to Trader Joe's and get some food for the picnic." Dean’s voice trailed off as he took a step forward and put both his hands on Cas' waist. Cas was lost for words, just staring and nodding mindlessly. Dean look so hot with rivulets of water trailing down his muscled chest. The way his hands practically covered his sharp hip bones, gripping them just enough to be comfortable. It made him feel loved. "Yes." He breathed out.

"Yes what?" Dean looked momentarily confused. "Oh yeah...yeah, right." He nodded quickly, little droplets of water flying off his blonde hair. He shamelessly looked at Cas' body. "You are so fucking hot, Cas. I don’t deserve you."

Castiel turned bright red and looked down at Deans stomach, stuttering shyly. "I-I am not, you're the most attractive person in school." Cas whispered.

"Shut the hell up, Cas." Dean growled slightly. "You are so beautiful. Inside and out. Say it." Dean’s hands tightened slightly on Cas' hips.

Castiel gasped and his head tilted up so he could look at Dean, his hands flying up to flatten against Dean's chest. "D-Dean." He gasped out. The smaller boy loved how Dean would manhandle him sometimes.

" I said , say it. Say you're beautiful inside and out, Castiel." Dean’s voice was getting lower, almost like he was angry, which he kind of was.

Castiel almost looked scared when he noticed Dean was getting angry. What if Dean hit him again? Cas was awful at lying, and he didn't believe that he was beautiful, he couldn’t say it. ""

Dean noticed Cas looked scared and he forced himself to soften his voice. "For me, Cas...please. I need to hear you say it, I need you to know how beautiful you are, how much you mean to me."

"I can't! It's embarrassing!" Castiel whined, turning a deeper red. "I don't want to sound like a whore and just say I think I'm the most attractive thing in the world." The smaller boy rambled out, desperately trying to explain himself.

Dean nodded understandingly. "’s okay, Cas." Dean murmured softly, leaning forward and burying his face in Cas' wet neck. "How about we just shower for now, hmm? Then I can go home and you can get ready here?"

Cas nodded and wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck, nuzzling his face into the crook of Dean's jaw. "But for you.." Cas whispered. "I think we're beautiful... together . Let's be whores, together ." The smaller boy breathed out, the shy smile evident in his voice.

Dean chuckled lightly. "Of course, anything for you, Cas." Dean slid his hands from Cas' waist to wrapping them around Cas in a hug. "Let’s finish up this shower, hm? I don’t want you to think I want you for sex, I wanna go on a proper date."

Castiel smiled and giggled, kissing Dean quickly. The smaller boy reached down and grabbed the shampoo, lathering Deans hair thoroughly. "You look adorable." Cas said smugly, sliding Dean's hair into a Mohawk.

"I know." Dean smirked, closing his eyes when he felt the lather start to slide down his forehead, not wanting to get any in his eyes.

Castiel smiled and kissed Dean once more before moving his hands to his own hair, soaping it up as much as he could before he stole more bubbles from Dean with a smile.

"You're so cute." Dean laughed lightly, before turning away from Cas so he was facing the showerhead, washing the shampoo out of his hair.

By the time Dean turned back the smaller boy had all of his hair in a fine point, looking like he could be Astro Boy's stunt double. Cas smiled like an idiot and puffed out his chest. "How do I look?"

Dean turned around and burst into laughter. "You're adorable, as usual." He stepped forward, putting his warm hands on Cas' hip bones again.

Castiel shuddered and stepped closer, his chest pressed against Dean's. "Sh." The smaller boy whispered shyly.

"Nope." Dean grinned, bringing his hands up to Cas' hair. "Close your eyes, baby." Dean said softly, starting to wash the shampoo out of Cas' hair.

Castiel’s blue eyes fluttered closed and a smile spread over his face, leaning into Dean's gently touch. He could do this every day, take a shower with Dean while they both care for eachother. Dean grinned, massaging Cas' head, feeling Cas' wet hair slide in between his fingers.

Castiel leaned up and kissed Dean gently before reaching over and turning the water off. "Mm, lets go." He whispered with a smile.

Dean nodded and stepped out, putting a towel around himself before he covered Cas in a fluffy white towel. "Gotta go to my house real quick, baby..." Dean said, sounding almost sad.

Castiel giggled and nodded, bundling himself up in the fluffy towel. "Okay. I'll wait for you." Cas whispered and kissed Dean’s cheek softly.

"Okay..." Dean said, throwing on some of Cas' too-short and too-tight clothes and grabbed his keys, running out the door to his house, where Sam and Gabe were having their little playdate or whatever.

Castiel couldn't help but watch Dean run out, his ass and dick practically straining against the stretchy fabric of his shorts. Cas bit his lip and turned red, giggling to himself as he got dressed.

Sam scooted closer to Gabe as his fingers flew away over the controllers buttons, his tongue sticking from the side of his mouth in concentration.

Dean got in his car and turned it on, grumbling as he had to wait for a few minutes for it to warm up enough so he could drive. "How the hell are you doing that, Sam?!" Gabe laughed, trying to mimic what Sam was doing, but there was no way Gabriel was that skilled. "How often do you play video games?"

Sam shrugged and hollered in success when he beat Gabe’s character. "I guess it's just my brother is so busy with his girlfriend and all that I have nothing else to do." Sam said absentmindedly as he started a new game.

Gabe looked over at Sam with a raised brow. "Dude. You literally just told me yesterday Dean was like in love with Cas or something." Gabe turned the small white object in his hands. Maybe his controller was broken? There was no way Sam could have beat him 7 times in a row.

Sam didn't look away from the screen as he played with one hand, stuffing chips in his mouth with the other before putting both hands on the controller. "I dunno man." He said, smashing the buttons in a duel attack. " DemonKing wins ." The game said. Sam laughed and sat back, turning his head to Gabe. "I win!"

"I can see that." Gabe said dryly, looking at the flashing words on the screen. Gabriel was not going to be a sore loser. Okay, so yeah, he hated losing, but everyone did. "Good game." he forced a smile on his face and turned to Sam and oh god his lips were all plump and shiny looking from the chip grease… Gabriel had to take a deep breath and clench his fist. Sam was /straight/. He had told Gabe himself.

Sam turned to Gabe and smiled, running a hand through his shaggy hair. "Dude, I could kiss you. This is so fun." Sam said breathlessly as he reached for the controller. Gabe was definitely straight, but Sam was pan, so he didn't feel uncomfortable saying it.

"Please do." Almost popped out of Gabe’s mouth and he had to bite his lip and change his sentence. Gabe laughed. "How the fuck are you breathless? The only parts of your body you're moving are your fingers!" Gabe laughed some more and reached over Sam’s lap, snatching the bag of chips.

Sam squeaked and launched forward. "Hey! Give it back!" He yelled, toppling on top of the small boy. Both of their hands were on the bag of chips, Sam's nose touching Gabe’s as he panted. The taller boy stared in shock, watching Gabe with half a brain.

Gabe was looking up into Sam’s greenish-brown eyes, his own amber ones wide. "UUhm..." He tried to say, his voice refusing to work.

"Sorry about this..." Sam whispered quietly as quickly pecked Gabe’s lips and flew off of him, burying his hand in the chip bag once more with red cheeks.

Gabriel quickly scrambled up. "Sorry about what?" He sat down next to Sam on the couch, their thighs pressed together. He wrestled the chip bg out of Sams hands and forced Sam to look at him.

"Y-You aren't angry? I just kissed you, you're straight ." Sam said defensively, pulling his face away from Gabe’s hand with a confused look.

Gabriel almost fucking laughed his ass off. He had dropped so many hints to Sam that he was gay, or at least bi. "Am I?" Gabe grinned and leaned forward again, trapping Sam’s lips in another kiss.

"Mm!" Sam let out a muffled noise of surprise, his eyes widening before snapping shut. The larger boy brought a hand up to Gabes hair, hold on gently as he began to kiss back. It was sloppy, but they were both fourteen, why would they be great at kissing when they both had zero experience.

The kiss was hesitant, choppy. Yeah, Gabe had kissed a few girls before, but most of them were just pecks in the woods or something.Gabe brought a hand up also, awkwardly cupping the side of Sam’s face. Fortunately, there was no traffic, so Dean was able to get to his house in a few minutes, parking haphazardly and running up to the door. Also good luck, the door was unlocked, probably because Sam had opened the door for Gabe and forgot to lock it. Unfortunately, you could see right into the living room from the front door. Dean could also see Gabe and Sam exchanging a kiss from where he was standing, the sides of their faces facing him. Their first kiss probably, by how hard both of them were blushing. Dean opened his mouth, but he didn’t even know what to say.

Sam let out a muffled noise of approval and heard the door click shut quietly. He slowly peaked an eye open and squeaked in surprise when seeing his soaked older brother standing five feet from the couch.

"Heya, Sam." Dean tried for a grin, running a hand through his wet hair, awkwardly shifting his weight from foot to foot. "'Sup, Gabe." He nodded towards him.

Sam blushed furiously and glared at his brother. "Get out! Aren't you smashing and dashing or something! Leave!" Sam hollered in embarrass, hiding his face in the couch.

Dean chuckled a little. "I just came by to get some clothes, sorry for cock blocking." He wasn’t gonna judge Sam, of course, he was doing the same thing with Gabe’s brother. But he would sure as hell tease him.

Sam grumbled and groaned in annoyance, pulling his gamer headphones back on as he sat up. "Fucking little..." he mumbled under his breath.

Dean just rolled his eyes and threw Gabe a wink and a nod, before going upstairs, leaving the two teens alone once again. "Sam...?" Gabe mumbled, blushing, wanting to reach up and knock the damn headphones off of Sam’s ears.

Sam turned to Gabe and hummed in acknowledgement, taking his headphones off quickly. "Mhm?"

"Are we gonna ignore what just happened?" Gabe asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow at Sam. Sam was not going to make Gabe fucking fall in love with him with a single kiss and brush it off like it was nothing.

Sam smiled and shook his head, scooting back over to Gabe. "No, I think we should do it again." Sam said before pulling Gabe back in for a kiss.

Gabe pulled away. Of course he wanted to kiss Sam, but there was about the whole thing. "How are you so calm?"

Sam frowned and he dropped his hand away. "What do you mean? I'm acting the same as you." Sam said in confusion.

"Sam..." Gabe’s voice cracked. "I feel like I'm about to throw up my lung, I'm so nervous. And you're just so calm and cool and collected." Gabe shrugged, trying to calm himself down enough to keep his hands from jittering. He didn’t really quite know how this worked, but he straddled Sam’s waist, hoping he was doing it right.

Sam had just felt comfortable with Gabe, but that all of a sudden lit his nerves up. The larger boy looked up at Gabe with wide eyes and clenched his jaw. "Well now I'm nervous." He breathed out with a smile, cupping Gabe’s face again with a flushed face of his own.

"Hmm." Gabriel grinned and nodded. "Now, what did you say about doing it again?" He asked Sam, reaching forward and putting a hand in Sams long hair, pulling himself closer to Sam’s lips. Sam chuckled and kissed Gabe gently, working up to a more headey kiss.

A few minutes later, Dean quietly came down the stairs. He had taken so long to get ready, he hoped Cas want get mad. At first he had reached for jeans and a flannel, then he had stopped himself, and forced himself to wear a dark green button up shirt that made his "eyes look nice", according to Sam. He put on a pair of tighter, darker jeans, but they were still...jeans. Shoes in hand, he watched for a second as Gabe and Sam went to town on the couch, before he shrugged and started to walk towards the door.

Castiel had changed into a pair of black jeans and a light yellow collared shirt, his famous tan sweater with no sleeves over it. The smaller boy adjusted his blue tie and nervously flattened his hair before brushing his teeth and walking out to the front porch, waiting patiently for his boyfriend.

Cas looked up when he heard a cock and click, tensing when he saw Lucifer standing ten feet away with the barrel of a gun pointed at him. Castiel backed up slowly and pushed his door open, holding his hand out like he was calming an animal. "P-Put that down." The blue eyed boy stuttered out. Lucifer chuckled and stumbled forward, obviously still drunk. "Fouuuuund this toy in my car when I was leaving." Luci slurred. The larger boy aimed and fired, missing Cas by an inch. The bullet lodged in the frame of the door, a bullet shell flying out to clatter to the sidewalk. The loud sound of a gunshot ringing out so loudly that the whole neighborhood should hear it. Cas squeaked and collapsed to the floor, trying to avoid the bullet before he scrambled up and took off in a run.

Lucifer’s eyes widened and he stumbled to his car, his tires leaving skid marks as he chased Cas down the side of the road one block. Castiel came to a circle drive, turning to run the other way when he saw Lucifer park and get out, aiming the gun at him. "Stay stillll." Lucifer growled, walking over drunkenly to tip the barrel under Cas' chin. Castiel tensed up and swallowed thickly, tears pricking at his blue eyes.

Dean, on the other hand, thought Cas was just chilling on his porch, so after grabbing a blanket and a basket, he gave Gabriel a thumbs up and got into his car, his hair still somewhat wet. Dean was driving to Cas' place, ecstatic, when he heard’t be. That could not be a gunshot. "Sorry, Cas, I'm gonna be a little late." Dean muttered, turning in the direction of the gunshot, trying to follow the sound.

Castiel stuttered and Lucifer pressed the gun into his chin harder, causing Cas to move to his tiptoes to stop it from hurting. "I'm gonna blow your brains out, or you're gonna blow mine." Lucifer purred.

Dean drove faster, looking out both windows, looking where the bullet could have come from. He passed Cas' house, his brow furrowing at the sight of an empty porch. There were skid marks on the road, and the blue eyed boy was nowhere in sight. He kept driving and a few seconds later, he saw Cas standing still, petrified, as Lucifer held a gun to his throat. Dean didn’t even bother parking his car, just stopped it and got out, rubbing towards them. "Lucifer! Stop!" What the fuck was his life?

Lucifer looked up at Dean and sneered, aiming his gun at the practically constant pain in his ass. Cas' eyes widened and his arm snapped out, knocking the gun out off course when Lucifer pulled the trigger. "No!" He shouted. The bullet hit Dean's car, only denting the passenger seat door. Lucifer growled angrily and turned to Cas, putting the gun to his head. "Why you little..."

For the first time in his life, Dean wasn’t paying an ounce of fucking attention to his car. "Lucifer...please...I love him." Dean said calmly, putting his hands up and starting to walk slowly towards the two boys.

Lucifer drunkenly chuckled and spun Cas around, holding him to his chest and pressing the gun against his wild sex hair. "So?! I love him too! Ever think about that!" Lucifer yelled, stumbling a bit.

"Lucifer, you want to fuck him. You don’t love him." It disgusted Dean that someone like Lucifer was even touching Cas, much less holding him that close. "Please, don’t shoot him. You're gonna regret it."

Castiel clenched his jaw, fighting back to pure fear that was running through him. The very blue eyes that laid eyes on Dean's green ones on the first day of kindergarten were sad, almost tearing up at the thought that with one wrong move this could be the last time he saw Dean again. The smaller boy looked at Dean with the same nervous and terrified look he gave Dean when he watched him walk in to the coloring room that morning twelve years ago.

Lucifer growled and wrapped his arm around Cas' neck, ignoring the choked out strangled noise that Cas released. "What the hell am I gonna regret, Winchester! I'm the one with the gun here!" Lucifer snarled, pressing it harder into Cas' skull with a fiery look.

"You really wanna go to jail, Lucifer? You're still in fucking highschool! Even worse, you're 18! They'll try you as an adult! You think you're gonna have fun? Orange is the new black isn’t real life! Even if they do let you out, more than half your life will be wasted, rotting in a prison cell! Is that what you want?!" Dean was almost yelling now, taking steps closer and closer to them.

Lucifer laughed drunkenly, trailing off into a low sigh. The large boy leaned down and looked Dean in the eyes as he took Cas' earlobe into his teeth. Cas squeaked and jerked, unable to move. It was either move to Lucifer’s mouth of the barrel of the gun against his head. The smaller boy swallowed shakily and gripped at Lucifer’s forearm, trying to lighten his hold coaxingly. "Lucifer, let me go." He rasped out pleadingly. Lucifer hummed and glanced at Cas. "Hm," he chuckled. "Like that baby boy?"

Deans stomach churned, and he felt like he was gonna puke. "Get the fuck off of him, Lucifer." He growled lowly, taking another step towards them. "Fucking shoot me, just leave Castiel alone"

Castiel’s eyes widened and he began to squirm, but Lucifer just grinned and looked up. "Well if you insist..." He said lowly. The drunken boy raised his gun and pulled the trigger.

Chapter Text

Lucifer was so drunk he probably couldn’t tell a tree from a woman, and ended up shooting Dean in foot with a bullet. Castiel screamed in surprise and started kicking about, desperately trying to get out of Lucifer’s grasp. "Dean!" He yelled worriedly, reaching out for his boyfriend.

"What the fuck!" Dean shouted, dropping to the ground, not even feeling the wound by the amount of adrenaline running through his body. "You fucking-!" Dean couldn’t even put a sentence together.

Castiel sobbed and squirmed, only getting a tightened grip. "I said stop moving!" Lucifer yelled angrily, slamming the gun unknowingly too hard against Cas' skull. Castiel’s eyes rolled back and he slumped forward, going compliably limp in Lucifer’s arm. "See! Now you're listening." He slurred pridefully. Lucifer looked at Dean with an dismissive eyebrow raised. "You gonna fix thaaaat?" He asked lazily, gesturing to Dean’s foot.

Dean was taking deep breaths, trying not to think about the blood gushing out of his foot. "You shot me, asshole, now let him go." Dean’s eyes drifted over to Cas, and he had to stop himself from standing up and running over to him.

Lucifer rolled his eyes and started lugging the unmoving Cas to his car. Growling, he threw the car door open. "Fucking move oh my god!" He said under his breath.

"Cas, no!" Dean tried to crawl over to Lucifer’s car. "Lucifer, don’t take him!" Dean pleaded, reaching up quickly and taking hold of Lucifer’s arm.

Lucifer growled in annoyance and let go of Cas to turn towards Dean. The small boy immediately slid to the floor, his eyes flickering under his eyelids before he slowly peaked a blue eye open. Cas made eye contact with Dean and slowly closed his eye again when Lucifer looked back at him. "What the fuck is he even doing!" The drunk said in exasperation, glancing back at Cas.

"You fucking knocked him out, Lucifer. He might have a concussion! This was aggravated assault!" Dean was trying to make it sound much worse than it really was. "You fucking shot me! You think they're just gonna let you off easy for that?!"

Lucifer looked around and gave Dean one last hesitant look before slowly  started to get into the driver’s seat. The car started up and Cas rolled away so his head wasn't under the tire anymore. The smaller boy's chest heaved up and down, staring at the sky in shock before he sat up. "DEAN! Are you alright!?" Cas yelped.

Dean thanked God that Lucifer decided to listen to listen to him. Dean fell to the ground, and since the 'excitement' was over, and his body was starting to calm down, his foot felt like it was on fire. It felt like a bee had stung him, but the pain was increased by one thousand times. "Cas.." Dean said weakly, trying not to pass out.

Castiel stumbled to Dean, his head was killing him. The smaller boy sat next to his feet and tried to put pressure on his wound. "Dean...Dean please stay awake." Cas coaxed as he pulled out his phone. The smaller boy dialed 911, holding to phone to his ear quickly.

Dean nodded, looking at Cas, the pain overtaking him, blurring his thought. "I'm sleepy, Cas..." Dean's words slurred together, his face paling in pain. Castiel teared up and cradled Dean's head to his chest, rocking back and forth gently.


"911, what's your emergency?" The woman on the other side of the line said.


"M-My boyfriend was s-shot." Cas sobbed out, wrapping his arms around Dean as if doing so would keep him awake. "Dean baby please stay awake, just a little bit longer." Cas croaked out.


"Okay, stay calm and try to keep pressure on the bullet wound, medics are on the way." The woman said quickly, tracing Cas' phone call. Castiel gently laid Dean's head down and scrambled to his foot, placing his hand tightly around Dean's foot. The amount of blood on his hands terrified him.

"'M foot hurts, Cas." Dean told him, trying to wiggle his toes, then groaning in pain. "'M I gonna die, Cas?"

Castiel looked up at Dean with watery eyes and smiled, shaking his head. "No, no you're not. Y-You're doing so well. I'm getting you help, baby." Cas said sadly.


"Cas..." Dean murmured, before his eyes drooped in exhaustion.


Two minutes later an ambulance screeched to a halt in front of the pair and ran over. One medic pulled Cas away as the others crowded around Dean. Castiel screamed and reached out for his boyfriend, desperately wanting to stay by him. "D-Dean! Let me go! I need to be with him!" Cas yelled and kicked around, squirming in the man's strong hold. When the ambulance arrived, Dean was close to passing out. "I want him to come with me." He managed to say, then his eyes fluttered closed, his body going into shock to compensate the pain.

The medic hesitantly let go of Cas and the smaller boy instantly ran over, clinging to Dean's hand like his life depended on it. "Dean, please wake up!" Castiel pleaded, fresh tears falling down his face. If he just stayed inside he could have been on a blanket, staring up at the infinite stars with the love of his life.


Dean was bleeding out, nothing important was hit, but he just had used his foot to crawl and sped up the process. The nurses lifted Dean onto a stretcher and into the ambulance, Cas barely had time to hop in before the doors slammed shut.

Castiel ran over to Dean’s face and cupped it, kissing him gently before leaning their foreheads together. For the first time in a while Cas willingly let himself cry. The smaller boy clung to Dean’s face, his hands running through Dean’s hair and whispering pleads for the only righteous man in his life to be okay.


A nurse pulled out a needle and pressed it into Dean's arm, giving him a large dose of sedative to calm him. They wrapped his foot as tight as they could and the ambulance pulled into the hospital. Doctors ran over and they threw the doors open, wheeling Dean’s stretcher inside.

Dean's body started to calm down and he went limp. He was wheeled into the operating room and a nurse turned to Cas. "Look, I know he's your boyfriend or whatever." She said boyfriend as if the word disgusted her. "But he might be in there for a while, so just go home."

Castiel flinched and wrapped his arms around his torso insecurely. "No, I'll stay here. I want to make sure he's okay." Cas said as he tried to walk around the nurse. He got this problem a lot, where girls were grossed out because his boyfriend was attractive, the perfect stereotype of a womanizer, and he wasn't. He was like a skeleton with skin stretched over it and was shy and timid. Girls didn't like that, it actually made them scared, even angry when people like him finally found a boyfriend, especially when they were the human form of Greek gods.

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes, muttering "fag" under her breath before she walked past him, shouldering him roughly as she pretended to be writing something on her clipboard.

Castiel stumbled and teared up before he ducked his head, running to the room Dean was in. He wiped his eyes and nervously chewed on his lip, standing in his corner and out of the way so they could help Dean.

The operation wasn’t that complicated, all they had to do was pull the bullet out and sew Dean up, thank fuck it wasn't an in and out hole. One of the lead doctors came over to Cas. "Your friend will need crutches or a wheelchair for 16 weeks, and he won’t be able to play sport for about a year, but he should be fine. Of course, with physical therapy and such, there's no reason why he shouldn't be." The older man smiled at Cas.

Castiel nodded and smiled, hugging the doctor. "Thank you so much. Thank you." Cas whispered before running over to Dean. The smaller boy got onto the bed next to Dean and curled up next to him like a cat, nestling his head on the sleeping boy's chest. Cas was careful to avoid Dean's foot. He would stay here for as long as he needed until Dean woke up. "Thank you." Cas whispered, a content and happy look in his face.

The man accepted the hug and walked out of the room, leaving the two boys alone. Dean was still passed out, but his body responded to Cas' warmth and familiar smell, and wrapped his arm around him.

Castiel sobbed happily and snuggled closer, his hands fisting in Dean's shirt. The smaller boy cried, not in pain or sadness, but in relief. Cas fell asleep with a peaceful smile on his face, his messy hair gently tickling Dean's chin.

Dean came back to consciousness a few hours later. At first he thought he was in bed, since it was dark and Cas' was wrapped around him, but then Dean looked up and saw a large man taking his vitals. "What the fuck?!" Dean yelped, jumping a little in surprise.

Castiel startled awake, clinging to Dean as he looked at the doctor in shock before realizing where he was. Cas looked at Dean and cried out in relief, cupping his face. The smaller boy didn't even give him time to take in everything, slamming their lips together in a hot, deep, messy kiss. Cas brought his leg over Dean’s stomach and straddled his sternum, pulling back for only a moment. "D-Don't you ever scare me like that again!" Cas scolded, swatting Dean's chest lightly with the most stern face he could manage before kissing him again with a needy noise spilling from his throat.

Dean's eyebrows furrowed and he tried to remember. What had he...oh. Dean kissed Cas back, before pulling away with a blush as the man writing down Dean’s blood pressure cleared his throat. "You're going to be fine, but you might have to stay here another day or two." He said in a thick Russian accent.

Castiel turned bright red, sitting up on Dean’s stomach with a shy look. "Okay, yes. That is fine." The smaller boy said before a curious look spread over his face. "Do you speak Russian?"

"Yes." The man grinned at Cas. " And you ?" The doctor asked in Russian. Dean was just looking back and forth in between the large man next to him and the thin boy sitting on his chest.

Castiel giggled and nodded. " Yes I do, my family is from Russia, I moved here when I was four but I still learned it from my parents. " Cas replied casually, the Russian rolling off his tongue as well as his English.

Deans eyebrows shot up. He knew Castiel could speak Russian, but he never knew Cas was that fluent. The man responded. " Ahhh. I came here ten years ago, my parents thought American college would be better. " He nodded at the two boys on the bed when he was finished taking Dean’s blood pressure. "Well, I'll be back in 2 hours to do this again, and if you and your boyfriend are gonna do...anything, take that sticker thing off his heart, because his heart rate will go up and all the nurses will come running." The man’s words slipped from Russian to English, so Dean could understand.

Castiel turned red and nodded, biting his lip, public sex was thrilling, the thought of being caught. The smaller boy leaned down and cuddled into Dean’s chest, smiling his heart out. "Okay, thank you." Cas said gratefully.

The man nodded and walked out, closing the door, leaving it a little bit open, since it being all the way closed was against protocall. "So..." Dean said, his voice raspy, looking up at Cas. The room was dark, the only light coming in from the little sliver in the door and the mini TV looking thing above Deans head, showing his heart rate and breathing patterns.

Castiel smiled and leaned down, cupping Deans face. "So.." he parroted breathlessly. The smaller boy kissed Dean, pouring all of his love into the heated kiss.

Dean’s eyebrows lifted and he moaned a little into the kiss. "I love you so much, Cas."

"God I love you more than anything." Castiel sobbed quietly, his hands clenching in and out of Dean's hair, unable to decide whether to grab the nape or the thick hair on top.

Dean bit his lip and held back a moan. "So no picnic?" He asked breathlessly, a small smile appearing on his face. He brought both his hands up to rest on Cas' hip bones, the number on the heart rate monitor began to rise slowly, but not enough to be noticeable.

Castiel grumbled and kissed Dean again, silencing his teasing question. "Mmph, later." He moaned against Dean’s mouth. The smaller boy jumped off Dean and stripped off his sweater and collared shirt, his jeans falling to the floor. Cas spotted the lube that was used for thermometers and other things and grabbed it, running back over. "We have one hour and fifteen minutes." Cas said quickly.

"You're such a naughty boy." Dean teased, smirking. "Never thought I'd fuck you in a hospital." He grinned up at Cas, trying to mush his blanket down and his hospital gown up.

Castiel turned red and ran back, smiling shyly. "Shut up, you almost died and I need you close to me." Cas said. He lubed Dean's cock up and straddled him, not wanting to waste anymore time on preparing himself as he sank down onto Dean’s length.

"Holy fuck, Cas!" Dean’s words caught in his throat. Cas was tight, so so tight. "You didn't even stretch yourself, Cas...." Dean tried to buck up, but groaned in pain when he foot hit the side of the bed.

Castiel stuttered and gently kept Dean still, shushing him. "Shh, baby, don't move your legs." Cas said softly. The smaller boy started to bounce up and down, his mouth hanging open in pleasure. Dean always stretched him to the brim, his walls rippling and clenching in effort to keep Dean inside of him.

"Shit, Cas!" Dean whisper-shouted, noticing the door was still open, so he had to be quiet. "S-So fucking good, Cas." Dean bit his lip, hard to keep from moaning out as loud as he could.

Castiel arched his back and rolled his hips, immediately throwing his knuckles in his mouth, biting down to stop a cry from falling from his lips. "Mmmm! Nnghfff!" The boy sobbed in pleasure.

"I love you, so much, Cas...." Dean whispered back, bringing up the hand that didn’t have the IV in it to tangle it in Cas' hair. "I'm so sorry, I love you so much."

Castiel panted and his eyes fluttered closed. "Want you to come inside me, then eat me out." Cas whined, clenching and fluttering around Deans cock. "O-Or not, I don't mind either way."

Dean let out a high whine, and for the first time, he was the one who sounded like a girl. "You gonna sit on my face, baby?" Dean asked, his cock blurting out precum inside of Cas.

"Mhmm!" Castiel whimpered back, clenching each time he bounced up. The smaller boy knew he was bad at this, but he wanted to give Dean something nice after what happened to him.

Dean could feel his orgasm coming. He didn’t know what Castiel was doing different this time, but it felt different...and so much better than usual. "Fuck!" Dean hissed. "You fucking good...Cas!" Dean was trying to keep his orgasm at bay, and his heart rate was going off the charts.

Castiel leaned down and sucked a hickey into Dean's neck his thigh muscles prominent as he lifted himself up and down, massaging Dean’s cock mercilessly. "P-Please. Want you to cum in me." The smaller boy begged in an airy light voice.

"H-How else would I be able to eat it out?" Dean asked thickly, never wanting this to end. "G-Go a little faster, Cas, please." Dean begged, just needing a little something more to push him off the edge.

Castiel nodded and sat up, his hands burying in his hair as he clenched as tight as he could and sped up, bouncing up and down on Dean’s large cock with tiny pants and mewls of pleasure. A nurse looked up and frowned, her monitor saying a patient on Level Three had an abnormally high heart rate.

"Cas...Castiel- Cas!" Dean kept repeating his name, his voice high and airy. "Fuck! Love you so much, Cas!" Dean was steadily getting louder, his orgasm hitting him out of nowhere, cumming deep inside of Cas, a guttural groan filling the room, but Dean cut his voice off when he heard the door squeak open. "Hello? Sir?" A high, womanly voice filled the near-silent room.

Castiel stopped dead in his tracks, immediately hiding his thighs and looked Dean dead in the eyes, a mortified look on his face. The smaller boy turned the darkest shade of red humanly possible, how the hell did he forget to take off the heart rate monitor!

"Uhm, Yes, ma'am, is there something wrong?" Dean tried to keep his voice steady and hoped the woman couldn’t see the other body on top of his.

"You sound like you're in pain, do you need me to come in?" She called out as she opened the door. The nurse squeaked when seeing a guy with an ass that was way too perfect to belong to his gender sitting on top of her patient, completely naked.

"No, ma'am, everything is a-ok." Dean winced when he heard her walk in, then quickly walk out. He waited until he heard the clip clop of her heels walk away before he let out a breath. "Ohmygod, Cas."

"That was so embarrassing...!" Cas squeaked out and hid his face in his hands in shame. The smaller boy had literally been seen by a nurse with a dick up his ass .

"It was kinda hot, though..." Dean mumbled, bringing Cas down for a kiss. "Now, what did you say about me eating my cum out of your ass?" Dean asked in a low voice.

Castiel turned bright red and he looked down, biting his lip. "Y-You don't have to." The smaller boy murmured shyly. Dean was so hot .

"Would it be weird if I said I wanted to?" Dean smirked. Castiel was still impaled on Dean’s cock, sitting upwards, and Dean just wanted to fuck Cas into the damn hospital bed, but he knew he wouldn't be able to do anything like that. A small frown appeared on his face, but he shoved it away. "Get up here, sweetheart.."

Castiel giggled and blushed a deeper shade of red, frowning when Dean frowned. "Are you alright?" He asked as he shakily pulled off of Dean and inched his way up Dean's body until he was straddling his collar bones, not actually sitting down. The boy looked at his boyfriend in concern, maybe Dean didn't want to do this?

"It’s just-" Dean sighed. "I don’t know, we won’t be able to take walks in the park like I wanted to for our first date." He said sadly. "But it’s okay, because he didn’t hurt you. I'd take a bullet in the foot for you any day, Cas." Dean tried for a weak smile.

Castiel frowned and gripped the headboard to Dean’s bed, a sad look in his eyes. "Dean..." Cas whispered. He knew what to do, but he would need to leave the hospital and come back to do it. The smaller boy chewed on his lip, a shameful look on his face. "I'm sorry, it was all my fault."

"No, no, Cas, it wasn’t." Dean reached up and put a hand on Cas' thigh. "It's Lucifers fault, and I'm just glad I could talk sense into him before he hurt you."

Castiel smiled and rested a hand on Dean’s hand, his blue eyes full of love. "I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too." Dean smiled up at Cas. "Now, come sit on my face." He snorted a little to himself.

Castiel turned red again and smiled in embarrassment. "D-Dean you don't have to be so crass." The small boy teased shyly. Cas slid up, standing on his knees, one planted on either side of Dean's face. Castiel let out a shaky, nervous breath, staring at the wall in front of him as he tried to convince himself to sit down, and that it wouldn't be creepy or weird. Dean looked up at Cas' hole only a few inches away from his mouth. He knew Cas was shy, so he just grabbed Cas' hips and tugged him down, pressing his lips to Cas' slick, open hole, licking his own cum out of his boyfriend.

Castiel cried out, his hips jerked in surprise. "Dean! Ohmygod!" The smaller boy rambled quickly. Some of his words babbling together. Dean’s tongue was so awesome . He couldn't even describe it.

"Just relax, Sweetheart." Dean murmured quietly, before tugging Cas down more, so he could get deeper into Cas' hole. Deans' tongue poked out and he licked as deep as he could inside of the smaller boy, the taste of his own cum on his tongue.

Castiel let out a breathy moan, his hands gripping Dean's hair needily as he finally let himself sit down on Dean’s face. The smaller boy's thighs clamped around Dean’s head, his hole fluttering around Dean’s skilled tongue. "Hhaah, ohhhmmngh."

Dean heard the boy and just smirked, wrapping his lips around Cas' puckered hole and sucking as hard as he could, keeping Cas' solidly against him, so Cas' couldn't squirm away.

Castiel cried out in pleasure, almost sounding like a girl. Not that he ever sounds like a guy. "O-Oh Dean !" Cas mewled, his hips desperately trying to move. Dean’s iron grip held him in place, he couldn't do anything but take the pleasure Dean gave him. The smaller boy's slim hands tugged and threaded through Dean’s hair unable to decide whether to push Dean away or pull him possibly closer. God if anyone walked in this would be the most embarrassing thing ever.

Dean brought a finger up to Cas' hole and pulled at it, letting more cum drip out. Cas' whimpers and squeals and moans were filling the room, and before he knew it, the door burst open. Dean froze, his tongue still deep inside Cas and his boner still up. He moved his head to see a teenage boy, probably their age, with a wrapped up leg and pissed off expression. "Dudes, it’s great that you guys love each other or whatever, but for the love of god , everyone can hear you guys, and I'm trying to sleep .

Castiel squeaked and held onto the nape of Dean's neck, turning redder than a tomato. "Are you kidding me?" The smaller boy whimpered in embarrassment. Cas had never wanted to be swallowed by a hole in the ground any more than he did now.

"At least close the door." Alex rolled his eyes and walked out, slamming the door behind him. Dean just shrugged and went right back to eating Cas out, not seemingly embarrassed.

Castiel opened his mouth to say an apology but was cut off by Dean’s powerful tongue sliding back inside him. " good ." Cas praised, whimpering desperately.

"You heard the boy, gotta quiet down, Cas." Dean smirked, biting lightly at Cas' puffy rim.

Castiel gripped Dean's hair, running his hand through the short spikes as he turned his head and bit his shoulder lightly, trying to muffle his cries of pleasure.

"Gonna cum, Sweetheart?" Dean asked, reaching two fingers into Cas and pulling out a glob of his own cum, smearing it all over Cas' hole, then going back in to lick it off.

Castiel nodded and his stomach fluttered, a muffled mewl echoing from his mouth. The timid boy's hands suddenly fisted in Dean’s hair and his back arched, his head thrown back with a needy cry. "B-Bite.." He choked out pleadingly.

"Hmm, Cas? I don’t understand what you want?" Dean teased, prodding at Cas' pink hole with a stiff tongue.

Castiel tensed, a look of pure ecstasy on his face as he pulled Dean’s face closer, his legs squirming and clamping around Dean’s face in desperation. "A-Again!" He whispered, his voice breaking into a girly pitch.

Dean fucking loved it when Cas' lost control and let his body do whatever it wanted, especially when Cas' legs clamped around his head, like he didn’t want Dean to leave. Dean slipped a finger into Cas, curling and flexing it, looking for Cas' prostate, at the same time, lightly biting at Cas' rim stretched around his finger.

Cas gasped and suddenly froze, pleasure searing through him. " Dean! " He wailed, anyone could have easily mistaken it for a girl. The smaller boy writhed, fucking himself on Dean’s finger as he came with a keening moan.

Dean smirked, watching Cas shoot his load on the headboard. They would have to clean that up later. "Found it, huh?" He muttered, rubbing his finger against Cas' prostate, hard.

Castiel’s eyes shot open when Dean didn't stop his assault on his prostate. Oh god he just kept going . Cas muffled a scream of euphoria, biting onto his knuckles desperately. His hips jerked and rocked as pleasure coursed through him in non stop waves.

Dean loved doing this to Cas. He loved overstimulating the smaller boy. The little noises and whines Castiel would make when Dean kept going went straight to Dean’s cock. "You like that, baby?"

Cas nodded quickly, his shooting open and eyes rolling back. "Mmmmmmfh! Nnghh. Oh my god." The smaller boy cried out into his hand, his words muffled. His stomach sucked in like it could die down the pleasure enough for him to be able to stay silent. Dean was so good at making him feel like he couldn't feel any more pleasure than the amount he was feeling then and now.

Dean knew Cas wouldn't be able to cum again, but it was still hot, watching and hearing Cas squirm and try to stay quiet, even with the waves of pleasure rolling through him. Dean slipped another finger in, both of them rubbing incessantly at Cas' sweet spot.

Castiel muffled a wail, bliss was filling every nerve ending and his stomach felt like it was filled with tiny supernovas. Dean’s fingers were thick and calloused from football, his body became pliable and needy, riding Dean’s face as he let himself go. Cas couldn't even tell he was doing it, too far gone in his own pleasure.

Dean smirked as Cas' hips started to buck on his fingers. "Good boy..." He mumbled quietly, bringing his free hand up to jerk Cas' cock off.

"Oh god !" Castiel yelped, his hand falling away from his mouth. The boy's head fell back and his mouth hung open, tiny pants and desperate moans flying from his mouth like it was all he knew.

"Cum for me, baby." Dean commanded him, stroking his cock and prostate to the same pace. "Cum all over yourself. Just let go."

Castiel whimpered and gripped the thick hair on top of Dean's head. "I-I can't....oh god I can't." Cas gasped out, he felt like he would die if he came again, it was so intense. The smaller boy choked on his own breath, a silent scream on his face as he came.

Dean winced a little, his scalp burning with how Castiel was tugging at it, but he pushed that thought aside. As soon as Cas came, Dean pulled his fingers out of Cas' pink hole and his other hand off of Cas' cock. He shimmeyed to the side a little, giving Cas a place to lie down.

Cas panted and turned red, embarrassed at how quickly Dean moved away from him. The smaller boy laid next to Dean and tried to force down the shame of what he asked his boyfriend to do. Of course Dean didn't enjoy eating ass, it was probably weird to him. Cas stood up and quickly pulled on his clothes before laying back down next to Dean with a shy smile.

Dean managed to turn around so he could look at Cas. "That was amazing." He said, breathless. Castiel looked at Dean with pink stained cheeks and dreamy eyes. "Really?" He whispered shyly.

Dean nodded. "I've always wanted to do that." He admitted awkwardly. He started to lean forward, then stopped. "I would kiss you, but I'm sure my breath is fucking horrible."

Smiling, Castiel leaned forward to kiss Dean as well before his smile instantly faded into mortification. "Oh my god!" Cas squeaked, curling in on himself to bury his face in between his legs in embarrassment. Yep, Dean was never going to eat him out ever again, he would forever be insecure about that fact.

"Oh, no, Cas, not like that! It was my cum I was eating anyways.!" Dean could not believe he was having this conversation. "Come on, Cas, I didn’t mean it like that..." Dean said softly, putting a hand under Cas' chin, Dean tilted Cas' head upwards, looking into the boys' bright blue eyes.

Castiel looked at Dean and surged upward, kissing the breath from his lungs and pulling back to squeak out a 'jerk!' before burying his hands back in his sandy blonde hair and smashing their lips together. The smaller boy fell back to the bed with a breathless noise and covered his face. "We will not speak of this...ever...again." He said slowly.

"Speak of what?" Dean smirked, looking down at Cas. He leaned down to whisper in Cas' ear, in a sultry voice. "Cause I'd love to do that again..."

Cas whined and moved his hands, lightly cupping his jaw. Soft lips lightly kissing Dean's neck. "You're so hot." Castiel whimpered.

"Not as hot as you, Sweetheart." Dean smirked, his smirk dropping and a soft moan falling from his lips when Cas started to lick at Dean’s sweet spot.

Castiel mewled and nibbled gently, breathy pants falling from his lips. A leg came up and wrapped around Dean’s waist, he cuddled closer with a smile. "Liar."

"Fuck yeah, baby." Dean moaned softly. "Mark me up. I want all the doctors to see me tomorrow and see all my hickeys and know that I belong to the sex god with the bright blue eyes and black fucking sex hair." Dean said all this in a breath, choking back moans.

Castiel let out a needy moan, shyly starting to suck a hickey on Dean’s strong neck. For some reason the quarterback loved having his neck nipped at or sucked on. It made Cas feel like he was doing something for Dean since Dean always did stuff for him.

"Cas..." Dean whined, bringing his hands up and tangling them in Cas' black hair. "Y-Your lips feel s-so fucking good on my neck!" Dean’s chest was heaving now. He didn’t know why his neck was so sensitive, but, felt so good .

"Really?" Cas whispered, biting gently at Dean’s collar bones. He sucked underneath Dean’s jaw and started kissing his way down again, sucking roughly at his pulse point to leave another hickey.

Dean nodded, whining loudly. "Cas..." He begged, bucking his hips, his hard cock rubbing into Cas' clothed leg. "Please..."

Castiel gripped the bolt of Dean's jaw and sucked another hickey on the meat of his neck, nipping gently at the red mark before wrapping his lips over it. The smaller boy started to grind his lithe hips against Dean needily, desperately wanting to give Dean what he wanted so badly.

"I need you.... love you so much." Dean mumbled, thrusting his hips forward, streaks of precum obvious on Cas' dark jeans. Moaning highly, Dean choked on a whimper and came with a gasp, all over Cas' jeans.

Castiel smiled and sucked at Dean’s neck, leaving one more hickey before he sat up. "I love you too baby, I'm going to go get some stuff and a change of clothes, I'll be back in an hour or so." Cas whispered gently, pecking Dean’s lips with every listing.

Dean grabbed Cas' arm. "Please don’t leave me, Cas." He begged, looking up at Cas with big eyes. Castiel smiled and cupped Dean's face. "I'm going to surprise you. I'll be right back." The smaller boy whispered fondly.

"I love you..." Dean whispered softly, his eyes fluttering closed, his grip on Cas' arm loosening.

Castiel frowned and gripped Dean's face a little tighter. "I love you too, baby. Are you okay?" Cas whispered.

"Tired." Dean mumbled, the drugs they had given him an hour ago finally kicking in.

Castiel smiled and kissed Dean's forehead. "Okay, go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up." The blue eyed boy murmured.

"You better be." Dean mumbled softly, before letting his eyes flutter closed again, starting to snore lightly.

Dean slept peacefully, waking up an hour later to Cas shaking him. "Hmmph?" Dean groaned, rolling over to look at the blue eyed boy.

Castiel smiled and shyly held out the basket. "Hello, you're up soon." Cas whispered as he stood and walked over. The smaller boy sat cross legged at the end of Dean's bed, careful of his foot. Dean managed to sit up, wincing a little when his foot scraped against the bed. "Good morning." Dean said, looking up at Cas with bleary eyes.

Castiel giggled and set the picnic basket on Dean’s stomach. "Guess what I brought..." He said fondly.

Dean rubbed his eyes, looking down at the basket in his lap, the realization hitting him a few moments later. "Cas..." He said, his face starting to light up as he looked inside.

Castiel smiled shyly and rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I thought it would cheer you up a bit." The smaller boy whispered, pointing to the burgers and pie he brought.

"You didn’t have to do this for me..." Dean looked up at Castiel. "You're the best boyfriend ever." Dean declared, moving the basket to his bed stand, trying to lean over and kiss Cas without hurting his foot.

Castiel turned red and laughed, smiling happily while he met Dean in the middle. He gently pushed him back on the bed as he kissed him deep and slow. The boy pulled back and moved the tray that connected with the bedside over Dean’s lap for him, pulling out the food while he chewed on his lip. "Cheese burger with bacon for the hero, veggie burger for me." Cas said, placing the burger in front of Dean.

Dean snorted and raised an eyebrow. "'Veggie Burger'? The two words cancel each other out, Cas, they're opposites!" Dean started going on his health food rant. Castiel giggled and leaned over, kissing Dean quickly before he took a bite of his burger. "Just eat, cutie." Cas teased gently. The smaller boy pulled up a chair and sat next to his boyfriend’s bed, his head laying on his thigh like a content cat as he chewed.

"I love you, Cas." Dean said around his bite of burger, bringing a hand down to stroke at Cas' hair. "I'm so glad we're both okay."

"I'm glad you're okay. You terrified me." Cas murmured, leaning into Dean’s touch as he took another bite of his veggie burger. The blue eyed boy moaned and closed his eyes, loving the taste that his boyfriend hated so much. Dean laughed at the sounds Cas was making him and shushed him. "Our neighbors might think we're fucking... again ." Dean joked, a happy grin on his face.

One of Castiel’s blue eyes peaked open, giving Dean a mischievous look. The smaller boy took another bite and let out a fake moan, throwing his head back. "Mmmm, so fucking good." Cas moaned in a high pitched keen. "God... Daddy ."

Deans jaw dropped, looking down at the boy. "Cas..." Dean said again, his voice rough and thick, but not with laughter, but lust. Dean’s grip started to tighten on his burger as he watched his boyfriend moan and squirm around on the plastic hospital chair.

Castiel sat back as a nurse rushed in, a concerned look on her face. "Sir! Are you alright?" She asked quickly. Cas turned around and gave her a pretty smile, acting as cute as he could. "Yes, he's fine, he's just really enjoying his burger." Cas said in an airy voice. The nurse looked at Dean and her eyes flickered to the burger in his hands. "Are you sure? It sounded like a girl was in here." She said warily, Dean definitely didn't look like a twink. Cas nodded and smiled, dimples and all. "Yes, my boyfriend sounds like that." Cas said teasingly. The woman nodded and walked out, leaving Cas with a smug, cat like look.

Dean watched her walk away and he thanked every god he could think of that the mini table covered his lap, and more importantly, his growing boner. Dean grumbled and grabbed Cas' jaw roughly, pulling him close. "Don't make me have to punish you with a wounded foot, Castiel." Dean said in a low voice, his lust obvious. Castiel watched Dean with look that was all sorts of cockiness and horniness and fear all mixed into one. The smaller boy turned his head just enough to catch Dean's thumb in his mouth, sucking lightly.

Deans hips bucked into the air, his cock begging to grind against something. Dean looked over at the door and saw that it was open. "What you're gonna do." Dean continued in his low voice. "Is gonna close that door, then crawl in between my legs and give me the best blowjob I've ever gotten. Got it?" Dean jerked his thumb out of Cas' mouth, slapping his cheek lightly.

Castiel hated being manhandled or hit, hated it, but when Dean did it, it was just all sorts of hot. The smaller boy flicked his tongue out once more and licked the pad of Dean's thumb before running to the door. Cas closed it softly and ran back, literally crawling up between Dean's legs. He gently laid Dean's foot aside so it wouldn't hurt and burrowed his head under Dean’s hospital gown, taking his thick, blood-engorged cock into his mouth.

"Good boy..." Dean groaned softly, putting his hand on the Cas shaped bump under his gown. Biting his lip, Dean jerked off his heart monitor, not wanting another run in with the nurse again. "So fucking hot, Cas..."

Castiel hummed at the praise, his lips stretched around Dean’s cock as he bobbed his head. The boy could honestly only take Dean halfway into his mouth without choking. He was on the bigger side of the scale. Cas moaned and hollowed his cheeks, sucking needily. Dean threw his head back, some of the dried cum on his headboard flaking off in his hair. He would have to ask Cas to wipe the headboard down later. "Shit..." Dean hissed, almost ripping his hospital gown in desperation to clutch at Cas' hair.

Castiel laughed and moaned, humming mercilessly as he jacked what he couldn't fit in his mouth. The boy tongued at Dean’s slit and the sensitive spot on the underside of the head of Dean's cock. Cas gently took the gown off his head to help Dean and looked at his boyfriend with hooded eyes.

"Cas..." Dean whined, his tough and dominant demeanor crumbling. Dean tugged at Cas' hair, trying to get of himself into Cas' mouth and throat. "Y-You gotta learn how to deepthroat..." Dean babbled, his head thrown back, his adam's apple bobbing.

Castiel couldn't help but feel a little insecure. Was this not good enough for Dean? The smaller boy looked down at the large cock in his mouth and took a shaky breath. He needed to please Dean. Cas relaxed his throat and slowly tried to take more of Dean into his mouth.

"Fuck, Cas!" Dean whines getting higher. "S-So fucking good!" Dean bucked his hips up. "So good!" Dean repeated, his orgasm coming soon. "Love you so much, Cas!"

Castiel took the chance, pushing his head down all the way until his nose was buried in the light hair at the base of Dean's cock. His throat fluttered and spasmed around the upper half of Dean's cock, his eyes full of love and slight tears because of his gag reflex. But he surprisingly liked it.

Dean gaped down at Cas, forgetting to breath for a few seconds. "Castiel..." Dean whispered, looking Castiel in the eyes, before he came down Cas' throat with something that sounded like a sob, his body writhing on the bed. Castiel desperately tried to swallow everything Dean gave him. The smaller boy sucked and choked slightly, his eyes becoming hazy and content.

"Fuck, Cas..." Dean’s voice was thick, he pulled Cas up by his jaw, smashing their lips together, the kiss starting out as hard and rough, but turning into slow and passionate. Castiel made his way up Dean's body and straddled him, kissing back eagerly. The blue eyed boy moaned gently, burying his hands in Dean’s short hairs.

"I love you." Dean murmured softly, his lips still pressed against Cas'. Cas smiled and took Dean’s bottom lip into his mouth, sucking lightly. "I love you too." Cas whispered when he let Dean's plump lip go with a pop.

"I think I've cum more times in the last three days of being in a relationship with you than I have in the last 3 weeks." Dean grinned, looking into Cas' blue eyes. Castiel laughed and tilted his head, a teasing smile fading from his face. "What do you mean?"

Dean looked at Cas with a raised eyebrow. "We have a lot of sex, Cas. It’s not bad." He shrugged. "I was just saying." Was Cas actually gonna get upset over that little comment?

Castiel smiled in relief and leaned forward, kissing Dean's forehead gently. "My apologies, you worried me for a second. With the way you worded it...I thought you were cheating..." Cas whispered insecurely. He had a problem where he would be insecure over everything. Hell. He was even insecure about Dean disliking his insecurities.

"Castiel, I would never do that." Now Dean was upset. "Did you actually think I would cheat on you, Cas?"

Castiel shook his head and smiled shyly. "No, my apologies, my brain jumps to conclusions a lot." The smaller boy explained awkwardly. His anxiety made him worry and jump to conclusions with basically everything .

"Don’t apologize." Dean leaned forward and started to kiss Cas' neck, before his stomach growled loudly. Castiel gasped and bit his lip, threading his hands in Dean’s short hair. He paused and chuckled, reaching over to grab Dean’s burger. "You forgot to eat." He chided.

"Your sexy face kept distracting me." Dean mumbled, trying to come up with a good pickup line.

Castiel laughed and kissed Dean sensually, sitting back up as he offered Dean his food. "Mmmm, you're cute." He teased lovingly.

"Not as cute as you." Dean countered, taking a bite of his sandwich, looking at Cas with an arched eyebrow. Castiel chuckled and smiled timidly. "Lair, you're physically and mentally beautiful."

"And yet you refuse to believe that about yourself." Dean swallowed, grabbing a bottle of water from the basket. He knew this was cheesy, but he was enjoying it, and he really did believe Cas was beautiful. Castiel shrugged and sighed. "I don't know, I just can't." Cas said guiltily.

"That’s alright, Cas. I just want you to know that I believe you're beautiful." Dean grinned, running a hand through his hair. Castiel smiled happily and leaned into Dean’s touch. "I love you, so much." The smaller boy whispered as he leaned their foreheads together.

"Love you too." Dean quipped, before ducking his head forward and pecking Cas on the lips.

Castiel giggled, pecking Dean back playfully. "Mmm, I wonder how many times I can kiss you." Cas teased lovingly.

"We'll have to test that theory... later ." Dean told him, before bopping Cas on the nose and reaching into the basket. "Pie!"

Cas laughed and leaned over, swiping a pie over the filling and bringing it to his mouth. "Mmm, you love apple, right?" He asked.

"Not as much as I love the taste of you." Dean flirted, winking at Cas.

Cas turned red and ducked his head, smiling shyly. "Shut up, Casanova." The smaller boy teased, sticking his tongue out.

"Make me, Romeo." Dean stuck his tongue out in return. "Would you be...amenable..." Dean made his voice low and sultry. "For me to eat some pie off your chest when we get home?"

Castiel shuddered, his hips rocking subtly. " Oh ." He whispered breathlessly, staring at Dean with wide eyes.

"Cause I'd love to lick it off your chest." Dean knew that probably sounded gross, but at this point he was too far gone to care. Cas bit his lip and leaned in, acting like he was going to kiss Dean, their lips brushing only for him to dart to Dean’s ear. "And I love it when you lick me." Cas teased seductively.

Still looking at Cas, Dean swiped some gooey filling from the inside of his pie and smeared it all over Cas' lips, it looked like Cas was wearing cinnamon brown lip gloss. Dean leaned forward, starting to lick it off Cas' pink lips, moaning at the taste, and in general, what they were doing.

Castiel’s breath hitched, his lips parting on instinct. The smaller boy wrapped his lips around Dean’s tongue and sucked gently, his hands cupping Dean’s jaw.

"T-That was fucking hot." Dean admitted, panting, his boner straining against Cas' clothed ass. Castiel smiled and wiggled his hips teasingly before getting off Dean and packing everything but the pie into the basket. "Yes. It was."

Dean moaned softly, looking over at Cas. "When can I get out of here?" He whined, trying to cover himself up with the scraps of his gown.

"When you can walk with crutches or use a wheelchair without feel pain." Castiel said with a loving look. The boy walked over and kissed Dean’s forehead, smiling a little bit too much to actually pucker his lips. Dean let his eyes flutter closed, enjoying the way Cas was babying him. "I'd like that."

Cas smiled and peppered kisses all around Dean’s face, kissing his eyelids, cheeks, nose, chin, jaw, everywhere . "I love you, my hero. Now get some rest. I have to go to school but I'll be back in the morning." Castiel whispered gently.

"Cas..." Dean whined, making grabby hands at Cas' arm. "Don’t leave me..."

Castiel giggled and walked forward, hugging Dean gently. "You have one more day, it's Monday. You get out on Tuesday, remember? How about I'll be back right after school and I'll come sleep with you." Cas suggested gently.

Dean nodded sulkily, pouting. "I'm gonna sleep until you get back." Dean pecked Cas on the lips before he snuggled down in his blankets. Cas smiled fondly, watching his boyfriend with a lovingly look before he dashed out the door, his backpack in tow.

"I love you." Dean mumbled sleepily, not sure if Cas could hear him or not.

Chapter Text

Eight hours later Cas walked into the hospital, his head ducked down to hide the bruise on his jawline. No matter how many times he tried, they still seemed to think he was the most entertaining person to beat up. When Cas got to school Lucifer snatched his backpack, not even remembering the previous day, and held it up above his head as the football team laughed. It was probably the most typical bullying scene ever. Lucifer had finally dropped his backpack onto his head after a few minutes of Cas jumping and socked him across the jaw. They didn't mess with him the rest of the day though, so that was a plus. Castiel shyly knocked on the door to Deans room after getting clearance and smiled, waiting for a response.

Dean had been asleep, but when he heard the knock, he sat up in be. "Cas?" He croaked, his voice rough with sleep. Castiel pushed the door open slowly and peaked his head in, a smile growing on his face at the sight of his sleepy boyfriend. The boy stepped into the room and closed the door behind him with a click before walking over and setting his backpack down. "Hello, how did you sleep?" He asked worriedly.

"I missed you." Dean pouted, before raking his eyes up Cas' face. Dean dropped the innocent, sick act as soon as he saw the deep purple against Cas' jaw. "Cas. What happened?" Dean asked, his voice dangerously low. "And don’t say it’s a hickey."

Castiel clenched his jaw and shrugged, offering a shy smile. "You did give me a lot of hickeys." Cas said in fake annoyance, tilting his head out of the way and pulling his collar down to reveal purple and red marks scattering around like art.

"Castiel, did someone hurt you?" Dean didn’t smile. Who hurt Cas like that. Dean vowed to himself that he'd hurt them the same way they hurt his boyfriend. Castiel walked over and kissed Dean’s forehead before laying next to him. "Dean, it wasn't anything bad. They just took my backpack and stuff, it was probably a blessing that it wasn't anything more than that." Cas murmured softly.

"Who was it?" Dean growled lowly, looking down at Castiel. How could he just think that this was okay? Castiel sighed and pecked Dean’s lips once. "Dean, it was Lucifer, he doesn't even remember what happened." The boy said.

"We're pressing charges." Dean tried to sit up, but he felt a sharp pain in his foot and layed back down. Castiel flattened a hand to Dean’s chest and held him still. "Dean. No. Lucifer could out you too..." Cas whispered pleadingly.

"Out me? I dont give a shit if any one knows I'm bi. Anyways, what are they gonna do? Kick me off the team? I can’t play anyways, thanks to him. You can’t...I won’t let him let him keep doing this to you, Cas." Dean looked at Cas with a set jaw and hard eyes.

Castiel whined and shook his head. "Not that, Dean. You were the one who hit me that day. He could say you also were apart of the assault." Cas said, his eyes softening.

"Cas..." Dean threw his head back against the pillow and rubbed his eyes. "Something needs to change. Does he tell you why he's hurting you?"

Castiel clenched his jaw and stood up, tensing. "That's not of importance. What's important is that you're released tomorrow, and we can go home." Cas said, pulling out his AP robotics homework.

"Cas." Dean put a hand on Cas' shoulder. "Why is he doing this?"

Castiel hesitated, his lips parting as the words stopped on his tongue. "....Lucifer He wants to know what it is like to have sex with another guy. But he likes girls. The only openly gay male in the school with a girlish body is me." Cas explained, looking at the floor. "He wants me to have sex with him, and I always say no, so he pushes me around, assuming that one day I'll be scared enough to say yes."

Dean didn’t even know how to feel.


Suddenly, he swung his feet over the side of the bed and stood up, crumbling to the floor as soon as he did, the pain of his foot zinging up to his spinal cord. " I'm gonna rip his lungs out ." Dean managed to say while trying to stand up again, trying to ignore the pain. Castiel yelped and quickly leaned down, holding Dean still. "Dean! Oh my god! Lay down! You'll hurt yourself again!" Cas squeaked out. The smaller boy ran over and pressed the nurse call button, unable to lift his boyfriend on his own.

"No, Cas!" Dean said in a pained grunt, holding onto his bed stand, trying to get on his feet. "I'm going to murder him." Dean repeated, gritting his teeth. Cas ran back over and held him still. "Dean! Please just stop! I don't want another day of school without you." Castiel begged gently. Nurses ran in and gasped at the sight of Dean laying on the floor, rushing to help quickly.

Dean reluctantly allowed the nurses to put him back on the bed. "If I see him at school tomorrow I'm gonna hurt him, Cas." Dean growled as soon as the nurses left. Castiel for the first time let out a low growl, his eyes flashing dangerously. "No. You will not endanger yourself for my sake. We will get through his together." He said firmly.

Dean just gave Cas a hard look before he snuggled down in hid blankets, glad that the bed was big enough to fit both of them comfortably. "How much schoolwork did I miss?"

Castiel cuddled in behind Dean and spooned him, nuzzling his shoulders and the bolt of his jaw with a smile. "Not that much." He whispered. Dean squealed, trying to squirm away. He laughed. "Who knows what I have in my ear, Cas?"

Castiel was happy he could make Dean laugh, a smile on his face. "Mmm," he hummed absentmindedly as he nibbled at the shell of Dean's ear.

Dean leaned backwards into Cas' mouth. Dean’s hand moved to his waist and he clutched onto Cas' hand. "Cas.."

Castiel smiled evilly and leaned back, laying his head against the pillow with a hum. "Yes?" He asked innocently.

"You know damn well I’m sensitive there." Dean breathed out, trying to scoot back into Cas' mouth. Castiel giggled and leaned forward. "You're demanding." He whispered lovingly before nibbling and sucking at Dean’s ear again.

"You love it." Dean panted lightly, surprised that he wasn’t passed out by now. "C-Cas, we gotta sleep." Dean really was tired, and he wasn’t sure his body could take another orgasm. Castiel smiled and hummed, pulling away slightly. "Okay, sleep." He whispered softly, kissing the back of Dean's head. Dean grinned and started to nod off, but not before he managed to sleepily say, "I love you."

Cas nuzzled Deans shoulder and hummed sleepily. "I love you too."

Dean grinned and dozed off, his hand still clutching Cas. An few hours later he was awakened by  a nurse going. "Aw..." Dean’s eyes fluttered open. "Hello?" He said thickly.

Castiel smiled in his sleep and snuggled closer, cuddling his smaller frame against Dean’s larger and warmer one. The nurse cooed and pulled out a file, smiling at the pair. "Your release forms sir, when you’re ready."

Dean nodded and sat up, trying not to disturb Cas. He grabbed the file and waited until the nurse left before opening it. Cas rolled sleepily into the space Dean was previously in, soaking up the warmth with his hair in a disarray. "Mmmmm, Dean." He hummed sleepily.

"Yeah, Sweetheart?" Dean grabbed the pen and started to fill it out the best he could. Suddenly his heart stopped. Did Sam even know Dean was here. "Cas...Cas!" Dean shook Castiel awake. "Where Sam? Is he okay? I haven’t been home in days, and Dad’s probably drunk somewhere..."

Castiel squeaked and sat up, tilting his head. "Dean, it will be okay, I told Sam, I think he may be at a friends house, do you want me to go check?" He asked gently, cupping his boyfriend’s cheek. Dean relaxed a little. "Sorry... Sorry." He breathed out. "I didn’t mean to scare you or anything. He's probably at your house, Gabe is his best friend." A smile grew on Dean’s face. "I didn’t tell you, did I?"

Castiel’s eyes widened. "Wait, so that’s the Samuel ?" He asked with a smile. Gabriel would always talk about a kid name Sam but never said his last name.

"He calls him Samuel? That’s so cute!" Dean gushed. "You know how I say gossip rots your soul? It doesn’t count when it’s this good!"  Dean shifted so he was facing Cas. "So I go home, right, to get ready for our picnic? And I walk in and the first thing I see is the two kids kissing!" Dean said, god, he felt like a girl. "And it’s obviously their first kiss.. like, ever! They're both blushing and its just adorable!"

Castiel laughed and smiled, moving closer to Dean. "You were my first kiss, with me actually wanting to kiss them, at least." Cas admitted shyly. Oh he was never going to let that go, he had blackmail on his prankster brother.

Dean intertwined his fingers with Cas'. "You were my first kiss with someone I love." Dean grinned. "Kinda sad that I slutted around without noticing what was right in front of me..."

Castiel turned red and leaned forward, kissing Dean deeply. "Mmmmh, love you." He moaned into Dean’s mouth, nipping slightly at his full bottom lip.

"Not as much as I love you." A slight blush appeared on Dean’s face. God, he was so cheesy. The smaller boy nuzzled their noses together and giggled before standing. "Lets fill out those papers so I can wheel you home." Cas teased.

"Rude." Dean stuck his tongue out. He went back to filling out the papers. "My father should be filling these out but thats none of my business." Dean muttered under his breath while beginning to forge Johns signature.

Cas watched Dean and his eyes saddened, quickly taking the papers from Dean before he did something illegal. "Here, I can count as an emergency contact." He said fondly. The boy signed his signature and kissed Deans forehead lovingly.

Dean smiled and crossed out John’s name in the harsh black pen, leaving Castiel and Sam as his only contacts. "You guys are the only ones I need."

Cas smiled and kissed Dean’s nose before standing. "I will be right back with a nurse and wheelchair." The blue eyed boy whispered. He ran out the door and up to the help desk, smiling happily. "We are checking out."

The nurse smiled and nodded. "That’s great. He made quite a speedy recovery." She took the papers and went through them, before sliding the wheelchair to Cas. "The fact that he's a minor, he was hurt out of violence, and that he has insurance, are all great, you guys probably won’t have to pay over a thousand dollars." She smiled again and gave Cas the wheelchair. "Anything else?"

Castiel smiled and shook his head quickly. "No thank you, thank you so much for helping my boyfriend, I don't know what I would have done without him." The smaller boy said before walking to Dean’s room with the wheelchair. "Dean?" He whispered.

"Yeah?" Dean said back, his back hunched over his foot, unwrapping the gauze. Ok, maybe he wasn’t supposed to touch the wrapping for two weeks, but he just wanted to see.

"Dean!" Castiel squeaked, running over quickly and gently wrapping Deans foot back up. "You could open the wound again! Be careful!" He scolded.

"I just wanted to see!" Dean pouted, looking at his slightly swollen foot, covered in white. It didn’t hurt, much. Dean was pretty sure he had just gotten used to the dull throbbing pain throughout his entire leg. Castiel pointed at Dean with a stern look and wheeled the wheelchair over. "Come on, I'll help." The smaller boy said as he laced an arm around Dean and hefted him onto the chair.

Something struck Dean right at that moment. "That asshole ruined my shoes!" It was such a silly thing to say at such a troubling time, but he couldn’t help it. "Those were my only nice ones, I was gonna wear them to the picnic." Dean pouted again. Castiel laughed and leaned down, silencing Dean with a deep, sensual kiss. The black haired boy pulled back and ruffled Deans hair before wheeling Dean out of the hospital room. "Mmm, we're going home, ill even get you new ones."

Dean’s lips felt cold when Castiel pulled away, and he darted his tongue out to wet them. "You don’t have to do that, Cas." Dean blushed as he got wheeled down the hall, feeling exposed in his flimsy gown. He hated to ask, but he couldn’t help himself. "Uh, Cas?" He asked, his voice wavering. "Can I have your jacket or something? Just to cover up?"

Castiel laughed and took off his sweater, revealing a form fitting collar shirt underneath. The smaller boy placed it on Dean’s head and nodded to the nurse as he wheeled him out he front entrance. Dean rolled his eyes and moved the sweater to his lap, covering up his legs. He turned his head to thank Cas, but his mouth went dry and he couldn’t resist raking his eyes up Cas' torso. "Uhm.." He managed to say, his voice faint. "That’s a nice shirt..."

Cas smiled and wheeled them to his car, standing in front of Dean and puffing out his chest teasingly. He was not muscular, he could pull off a twink as the manliest thing, but he looked like he had a girl’s body. Dean leaned forward and ran a hand down Cas chest, then brought his other one and kinda just rubbed Cas' chest. "I'm jealous of your shoulders." Dean admitted, a light blush on his face. Castiel turned red and giggled shyly, leaning into Dean's touch. "You know, I've always thought that I had amazing shoulders." The smaller boy teased, his sarcasm needed work, but he tried. Dean nodded, completely serious. "They're so broad..." Dean's hands stilled over them and he licked his lips. "And, God, your fucking collar bones are so prominent, make me wanna lick them for hours..."

Castiel shuddered and bit his lip shyly, nudging Dean off. "Don't tease!" He chided in embarrassment. "One day I'll be taller and stronger than you! Just you wait!" Cas chirped, puffing his chest out. The smaller boy opened the passenger door and gently began to help Dean inside.

"I'm not teasing, Cas." Dean got in the car and rolled his eyes at Cas struggling to put the wheelchair in the trunk. "Can I just use crutches instead?"

"No!" Cas grunted stubbornly and squeezed the last wheel in, practically breaking a sweat from the lack of exercise he had. What could he say? He was a nerd! The only running he got was when the team would wanna play ‘who can catch Cas first’ on the football field during Lunch. Castiel jumped in the front seat with messy hair. "Did it." He sighed proudly.

"You're adorable." Dean reached over and started to fix Cas' hair, then stopped. "I like it like this. Looks like you just had sex."

Castiel turned red and swatted at Deans hands. "No it doesn't! You wouldn't kno-....shut up." The smaller boy rambled before stopping himself and starting the car. Dean just chuckled and put on his seatbelt. "Let’s go home, Cas." He sighed happily and leaned back, letting his eyes flutter closed. Castiel smiled and pulled out of the parking lot. The boy drove his boyfriend home and got out with a smile. Cas ran over to Dean’s side and pulled the wheelchair from the back before helping Dean into it. "I got a pass for today but I have to go to school tomorrow, you're allowed to but you're not required to turn in homework or play sports." He said. Dean shrugged.

The football team didn’t matter much to him. "Can you stay with me. "I-I know that I sounds weak, but I really want you to stay with me. I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I want you to. I could watch TV or something and you could do your homework but you don’t have to if you don’t want." Dean blushed brightly, looking at his feet. Castiel smiled fondly and wheeled Dean around back since his front door had stairs. The boy opened the door and pushed Dean's chair carefully inside. "When?"

"Just for now, for a little. But if you don’t want to I get it." Dean fiddled with his hands as he looked around his house. No sign of Sam, he was probably still at Cas' house. Dean was kinda sad Cas brought him to his own house instead of Cas', but he couldn’t spend all his time at Cas' house. Castiel smiled and helped Dean onto the couch before crawling up and straddling his lap. "I asked for a day off..." Cas breathed out sensually and kissed Dean quickly, teasing him.

"I wonder why that is?" Dean hummed, putting his hands on Cas' waist, the hospital gown rubbing against his bare cock.

"Mmmm, so I could take care of my hero." Castiel said with a whisper, grinding teasingly down onto Dean’s cock before standing. "What do you want to eat?"

Dean gave Cas an obvious once over and licked his lips. "You." He said lowly, trying to make his voice deep and seductive. Castiel turned red and looked down bashfully. "I mean what you actually want to eat!" He squeaked out nervously.

Dean tried to stand up and fell right back down on the couch. "Anything you make for me is fine, Castiel." Dean assured him, trying to guess how long it would be until he could walk again. Castiel smiled and turned, swaying his hips enticingly as he walked into the kitchen, just how Dean liked it. Cas knew he could use this time to tease him because Dean couldn't tease him back.

"Cas..." Dean whined, his eyes stuck to Cas' ass. "That’s not fair!" Dean called to him from the living room, racking his brain, trying to think of a way to get Cas back. Castiel laughed and went to reheat Dean’s food. Five minutes later he walked back into the room with a salad and steak, handing it to Dean with a smirk. "Eat up." He said smugly.

Dean just grumbled and rolled his eyes, his boner visible through the thin sheet he was wearing, knowing Cas could see it, too. Castiel shifted and snuggled up to Dean, turning on the TV as he tried to ignore the larger bulge in Dean’s gown. He scrolled to his rented Harry Potter movie and smiled happily. "Draco is the best." He whispered.

"Isn’t he the bad guy?" Dean asked around a mouthful of food. He hadn’t eaten in what felt like days, so he was shoveling the steak into his mouth, the salad ignored.

"He's sexy- a good person. People just don't give him a chance." Castiel said, correcting himself quickly as his cheeks burned red. The boy reached over and ate a leaf from Dean’s plate before slipping one into Dean’s mouth. "Doctors orders."

"Damn, I've got competition?" Dean grumbled around the leaf in his mouth, wrapping his free arm around Cas. "I better not lose my hus- boyfriend to snake boy."

Castiel laughed, not noticing Dean's mistake in the slightest. "He's not as sexy as you, trust me." The smaller boy teased lovingly, nuzzling his nose against Dean’s jaw. Dean grinned and kissed Cas on the nose. "I love you." He hummed. Yeah, he wanted to marry Cas. Dean would never be able to find someone who made him feel as amazing as Castiel. Castiel smiled and kissed Dean back. "Mmm, and I love you, more than anything and the world." The smaller boy murmured, nipping Dean’s jaw once to tease him.

Dean grinned and turned his attention back to the TV, rubbing Cas' arm. "Cas..." Dean hesitated, he hated asking for stuff. Castiel hummed absentmindedly and smiled at the screen as the familiar theme song started. "Yes Dean?" He asked unknowingly.

"Can you get me a blanket? Its cold." Dean looked over at him, setting the salad filled plate down, some sick part of him hoping Cas would make him eat it, or better yet, feed it to Dean. Castiel didn't look away from the screen as he smiled to himself. "Only when you eat your salad." The boy teased with a laugh, leaning his head on Dean’s shoulder.

Dean grumbled, but he was glad Cas wa taking care of him. He reached over and grabbed his plate, shoveling in the healthy food of nature. Castiel cooed and stood up, walking to get a large fuzzy blanket. He came back and curled into Dean’s side, covering them in the warmth.

Dean grinned and wrapped his arm around Castiel. Since they had started dating, Dean noticed that Cas was getting less insecure, more confident in himself... Well, at least he was that way when he was around Dean. Castiel smiled and lifted one of Dean's hands, peppering it in kisses. "You're the love of my life." He whispered softly.

"I agree." Dean said dryly, before cracking a smile. "But, seriously, Cas. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Dean looked at Cas and bit his lip nervously. Was that too far...?

Castiel looked up at Dean with hopeful, love filled eyes. "I love you." He whispered before completely ignoring the show and crawling onto Dean’s lap, kissing the air from his lungs. Dean grinned against Cas' lips, putting his hands on Cas' waist, He pulled away to look Cas deep into those bright blue eyes that never seemed to fade. "I love you, too."

"I don't know what I would do without you." Castiel murmured, leaning their foreheads together breathlessly. Dean smiled and moved his hands to Cas' hair, tangling his fingers in the black locks. He didn’t even know what to say. "Don’t ever change, Cas."

Castiel smiled and leaned down, kissing and sucking at Dean’s neck. The smaller boy pulled back with a teasing smirk and rolled back off Dean, watching the movie as if nothing even happened.

"Cassss!" Dean whined, turning to Cas with a pout on his lips. Dean looked down and saw that his thick cock was almost completely hard, poking up through the gown. Castiel laughed and grabbed a leaf from Dean's plate, munching on it happily as he watched Draco finally show up on screen. Dean reached forward and moved his scratchy gown out of the way, wrapping a hand around his precum slick cock. Dean started to jerk himself off, deciding that Cas needed a little teasing back.

Castiel’s eyes snapped to Dean’s hand, watching it glide up and down Deans impressive length hungrily. Quickly, Cas wrapped his hand around Dean’s cock and leaned down, licking the head.

"What are you doing, Cas?" Dean asked, somehow managing to keep his voice steady. He grabbed the back of Cas' head and pulled his off his cock, whining silently when the warm mouth was pulled away. Castiel turned red and brought his hand back, moving to his original place on the couch. "My apologies, I thought that would be pleasing for you." He said in embarrassment, turning the movies volume up.

Dean felt a little bad that Cas had misinterpreted the fact that he was teasing him also, but he just tried to shrug it off. Dean kept his hand wrapped around his cock, letting out little moans and whimpers, loud enough for Castiel to hear. Castiel turned a darker and darker red with ever noise Dean let out, did he not want help? He clenched his jaw and looked down at his hands, maybe Dean didn't like it. Cas couldn't think about it that much, he wasn't good at reading people.

Dean looked over and noticed Cas looked kind of....he didn’t even know the word for it, but Cas didn't look all that turned on, and that was Deans goal. Throwing off the rest of his gown, he threw it to the floor and straddled Cas. "You know I was just teasing you, right?"

Castiel gasped and stared up at Dean with wide eyes. "Dean! Be careful!" He squeaked out, turning bashful within a second. "Don't tease me!" He whined. Dean grinned and ducked his head to kiss Castiel. "Sorry Sweetheart." He mumbled against Cas' lips. Castiel smiled and kissed Dean back, letting out a mix of a chuckle and a hum. "I love you too." He whispered in a badly sarcastic tone.

"How much do you love the shirt you're wearing?" Dean murmured, trying not to buck his hips into Cas just yet.

Castiel stuttered and mumbled "not much" as he kissed Dean as deeply as physically possible. Dean was heavy, but it was a comfortable heavy, it was all muscle, he pinned him right in place with just his body weight.

"Gonna cum all over it. Gonna mark it up." Dean moaned, reaching down and wrapping a hand around his hard cock. "No touching." He tutted, when Cas tried to reach down and grab his cock. "I'm gonna cum all over your shirt, and you're gonna have to fucking watch."

Castiel whined and let his head fall back, staring up at his boyfriend with needy eyes. "Not fair!" He yipped.

"Too bad." Dean shrugged, looking at Cas' face and chasing his orgasm. "Y-You're so fucking hot , Castiel." Dean moaned, jerking his cock at a speed that almost hurt. Castiel turned beet red and tried to lean forward to catch Dean's cock in his mouth, his eyes wide and pleading.

Dean grabbed the back of Cas' hair and tugged him back, until Castiel’s back was pressed up against the couch and Dean’s cock was a few inches away from Cas' chest. Dean could feel his orgasm was almost there, and he started letting out loud moans. It may have been egotistical, but his moans were spurring him on ever more as they filled the room, and soon all Dean could hear were his sounds of pleasure.

Castiel panted and tipped his head back farther, a turned on look spreading over his face. One day he was going to ask Dean to just force him to take the pleasure, but Dean’s hand in his hair was just as hot. Castiel’s chest rose and fell heavily. "Please..." He whispered.

Dean almost fucking screamed as he came, thick bursts of semen coating Cas' clothed chest. "Cas!" He moaned brokenly, his voice almost reaching a sob with the amount on pleasure rushing through him. He kept jerking himself off, squeezing the last few spurts of come out of his cock before falling forward, his chest heaving. Castiel squeaked and gasped, his hips rolling needily. "Dean, please...need you." The smaller boy whispered hoarsely, his eyes practically shining. Dean nodded and slid to his knees, slightly lopsided, since he wasn’t putting any pressure on his injured foot. Dean reached forward and shakily unzipped Cas' tight jeans, still a little raw from his intense orgasm.

Castiel smiled and nudged Dean's hand away, gently pulling him back up onto the couch next to him. "Just watch the movie." The smaller boy teased fondly and stripped off his soiled shirt.

"No, Cas." Dean pouted a little, reaching for the bulge in Cas' jeans. "The whole point of me teasing you like that was for you to cum afterwards."

Cas squeaked and guarded his cock in embarrassment. "N-No! It's fine, we can do something later tonight, I don't want to just have quick and meaningless sex after you got shot for me, Dean." The blue eyed boy explained shyly, nuzzling his head on Dean’s shoulder.

Dean just rolled his eyes and leaned forward, finally the one to initiate one of those, deep, love-filled kisses they both loved so much. Cas let out a muffled noise of complaint and eventually melted against Dean, kissing back with a dazed mewl into Dean's perfect mouth. Dean tilted his head a little, deepening it and brining a hand up to Cas' hair, tugging at it lightly. Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck and began to lean back, gently thudding to the couch with a breathless moan as he stared up at Dean. "I told you to wait!" He huffed.

"Sorry." Dean smirked, obvious that he wasn’t at all. "Couldn’t help myself." He laid back also, scooting closer until their shoulders were touching. Taking Cas' hand in his own, he kissed it lightly. "You know I love you, right? I'd take a bullet for you." Dean was amazed he could keep his poker face, he was trying so hard not to laugh.

"Mmmm, and I can't decide whether to be angry at that fact or pleased." Cas teased back shyly, kissing Dean with a quick and tensed peck before turning his head away like he hadn't just made out with his boyfriend, watching the movie intently. Dean just chuckled and rolled his eyes. "They said I can’t play sports for a year, right?" He asked, leading up to his punchline.

Castiel turned red and looked at Dean from the corner of his eye. "Don't you dare say you will get your exercise in the way I think you will." Cas scolded. Dean grinned over at him. "You steal my jokes like you stole my heart."

Castiel smiled and swatted Dean with a bashful look. "I better be the only one." The boy teased jokingly.

Chapter Text

Cas unconsciously let his hand play over his stomach as he watched the screen, his finger tips swirling in circles mesmerizingly. Dean’s eyes followed Cas' fingers, swallowing thickly. Was Cas trying to tease him again? Dean didn’t say anything, he was just enjoying the view of Cas' chest, biting his lip to hold in a whimper when he realized that some parts were damp and shiny because of the cum that had soaked through Cas' shirt. Castiel glanced at Dean and smiled shyly, rolling onto his stomach so Dean couldn't stare at him like that. "Stop it!" He whined.

"Stop what?" Dean’s voice was low and husky, he thanked God for his teenage sex drive. Castiel let out an annoyed and embarrassed whimper and buried his face into the couch, hiding his head so Dean couldn't torment him anymore. "Don't you dare!"

"Don’t know what you're talking about, Sweetheart." Dean trailed a fingers down Cas' back, stopping to grope Cas' round ass for a minute or so. Cas moved a hand back and awkwardly swatted Dean's hand away. "You're impossible!" He yelped, Dean was just so sexy . He couldn't keep up.

Dean hummed and shrugged, feeling up Cas' thighs. God....Castiel was beautiful. Dean just wanted to worship his body for hours ... In fact, he would do that tonight. Dean scooted away and sat normally on the couch, ignoring the fact that he was naked, save for some white boxers. Cas sighed in relief and disappointment, missing Dean's strong hands. "Get bored?" He teased softly, stretching out on the couch.

"Nope. I could never get bored of you, Cas." Dean answered truthfully. "Just wanting to save both of our strength for tonight." Dean turned to look at him. "Oh, how do you feel about getting tied up?" He asked casually, as if they were talking about weather.

Castiel turned bright red, blushing uncontrollably as he clamped his mouth shut, no way in hell he was telling Dean that, the sardonic boy would just use it to his power. Dean shrugged, his voice still airy. "Guess that’s a yes." He turned back to the TV, looking at it with an almost bored face. Castiel whined pathetically, almost as if someone just told him he had another hour of running after five hours of it. " Dean ! Not fair!" He whimpered.

"What?" Dean asked, his eyes moving with the bright bursts of light coming from the screen. Cas huffed and gave up, his eyes pinned on the screen with an embarrassed look on his face to match the blush. Dean was just so smooth, and he couldn't get a single flirtatious word out. Dean just smirked. He was excited about tonight, if he and Cas actually went through with it, it would be great for their relationship.... At least, Dean thought so.

An hour or so later Cas flicked off the movie and buried himself into the couch with a huff. "That was torturous." He grumbled.

Dean turned to Cas with an arched eyebrow. "I want you upstairs, in my room, naked, on my bed. Get out four of my winter scarves, too." Dean’s tone left no room for argument. Castiel turned his head and looked at Dean with a sleepily and confused look. "What? Why?" He asked as if Dean was speaking another language. Dean looked at Cas with a glare. "I gave you an order. Now go ." Dean wasn’t sure if he was pushing it. He knew how insecure and even scared Cas got when Dean got demanding. Castiel’s cheeks heated up and he squeaked as he ran upstairs, taking the staircase with two at a time. He ran into Dean's room and quickly grabbed Dean’s requested scarves, placing them on the bedside table before laying on the bed.

Dean grinned and waited a few minutes before hopping up the stairs, trying not to put any weight on his injured foot. Dean had to pant and catch his breath outside his door before he limped in. "Good boy. You can follow orders." Dean limped around to the headboard and snapped his fingers, indicating that Castiel should raise his hands. Castiel looked at Dean with a scolding and worried look, glancing at his foot as if saying 'why didn't you let me help you, jerk' before his hands floated upwards to grip onto the headboard. Dean rolled his eyes, before he tied each of Cas' hands to a bulb on the headboard, before he limped over to his feet and did that same. Dean looked up at Cas from the bottom of the bed and almost moaned at the sight of Cas laid out, spread eagle. "You like being tied up?" Dean didn’t know if Cas was comfortable with degrading, so he decided to leave it out. He would ask him later. Castiel stuttered and turned his head to look at the wall with a slight nod, his hands and feet moving slightly. The boy wouldn't feel comfortable doing this with anyone else, but with Dean, he felt safe.

"Cas." Dean softened his voice. "Look at me, Sweetheart." Dean put a warm hand on Cas' lower leg, rubbing it comfortingly. "I want you, so bad, Cas." Dean admitted. "But you gotta tell me when to stop....okay? I would never forgive myself if I hurt you."

Castiel smiled and looked up at Dean, nodding trustingly. "I love you, and I know you will take good care of me." The smaller boy whispered.

"Good boy." Dean nodded. "Do you have a safeword, Cas? This could get pretty intense."

Castiel tilted his head and stuttered out the first word he thought of. "Malfoy?" He offered awkwardly, what did Dean mean by intense? God he needed to learn more. Dean nodded and started to limp around the bed, trailing a hand up Cas' arm, or down his chest, just touching Castiel whenever he felt like it. "You're so good for me, Castiel." Dean murmured softly, before getting on the bed, straddling him and leaning down to kiss at Cas' neck. Castiel let out a soft moan, tipping his head back in an offering for Dean to continue. A part of him worried for Dean’s foot, but it shrank with every nip or suck from Dean’s mouth.

"Love you so much." Dean kept repeating as he sucked dark marks into Cas' neck and chest, his lips getting sore after a while. An idea popped into his head and he got off, before asking Cas. "How many times do you think I can make you cum tonight, Sweetheart?"

Castiel mewled and paused, a shocked look on his face. "Y-You don't need to do that, only o-once is fine." The smaller boy whispered.

"I think I'll try for three... or until you pass out." Dean said the last part in a harsh whisper, before he got on the bed again, this time his knees were in either side of Castiel’s head, and he was slowly lowering them, until they boys were in a 69 position.

Castiel turned red and stuttered, his lips immediately sealing around the head of Dean's cock like a hungry baby to a bottle. The smaller boy sucked, wishing his hands could grip Dean's muscular ass, a satisfied moan slipping from his throat.

Dean let out a moan before he wrapped his lips around Cas' cock also, returning the gesture. God, this was fucking hot. The sensation was unreal. The taste of Cas in his mouth was already erotic enough, and now he had Cas buried in between his legs, sucking Dean’s cock like there was no tomorrow. Castiel smiled and slowly let go of Dean's cock, this could either go really badly or really well. The smaller boy moved back a bit further and licked hesitantly at Deans rim, a deep blush on his face.

Dean was confused as to why Cas stopped sucking his dick, but Dean let out a low moan around Cas' cock, his cock spitting out a blurt of precome all over Cas' chest. "C-Cas..." Dean blushed also. Castiel pointed his tongue and pressed it inside of Dean shyly. "I want to show you what you make me feel like." He mumbled and wiggled his tongue around slightly.

Dean’s body tensed up as he tried to stop himself from cumming right on the spot. “Cas...” he moaned again. He was kind of nervous about it, though. What if Cas thought it was gross or something? Castiel brought a finger up and slid it in along side his long tongue, gently pressing down onto Dean’s prostate. He knew where it was from so much practice with his own being struck by Dean, and god, the pleasure that came with it was amazing.

Dean bucked his hips into Cas' face, a high whimper being drawn out from him. "H-Holy shit!" He groaned. "F-Fuck!"

Castiel smiled and rubbed the bundle of nerves gently, "You make me feel like this, every time, and it's amazing, is it not?" He whispered lovingly. Dean moaned and squirmed. He wanted Cas to cum first, not him, but he couldn't help it. With a high whine, Dean came all over Cas' collarbones and chest, grinding his ass back into Cas' mouth and finger. "Cas!"

Castiel moaned shakily and his finger slowly came to a stop before slipping from Dean's hole. "Was that okay?" He asked shyly.

"H-Holy fuck, it was better than okay, Cas." Dean laid his head on Cas' hipbone, panting, his eyes still stuck on Cas' hard cock, jutting upwards, still leaking precum. "I'll suck you off, Cas, I promise, but I need a minute."

Castiel smiled and shook his head, laying his head back on the pillows. "No, I will be fine. But I slipped a hand from the bonds." The smaller boy said shyly. Dean grinned and stood up on shaky legs, before he went over and tied Cas' hand back up. "Naughty boy..."

Cas turned red and bit his lip, his blue eyes wide and innocent. "Mmm, I did it to please you." The smaller boy whispered in a light and airy voice.

"This is all about your pleasure, Cas. I shouldn’t have done that in the first place, I should have just sucked you off. It was selfish." Dean shrugged, trying not to feel too bad. Castiel smiled and giggled slightly, tilting his head at his boyfriend. "No, I wanted to do that. Don't be ashamed of it." He responded. Dean just nodded and climbed on the bed again, nestling himself in between Cas' legs. He grabbed Cas' cock by the base and started slapping it all over his face. In his opinion, it was hot as hell, but if Cas didn’t like it be would stop.

Castiel strained against the restraints and gasped, his lips parted in a breathy sigh at the feeling. "Mmm, nnnnn- Dean..." He whispered. Dean smirked opened his mouth and looked up into Cas' eyes before he took Cas into his wet mouth, swallowing around the cock in his mouth a few times.

Castiel gasped and shuddered, a moan spilling from his lips at the pleasure coiling in his abdomen. "Haah~! O-Oh..." He mewled out, his legs desperately trying to wrap around Dean’s head, but they were tied to the bed posts. Dean brought a hand up and softly rubbed at Cas' thighs. "None of that, Sweetheart." He tried to say, the cock in his mouth garbling his words.

The boy's blue eyes fluttered back into his head slightly. "Ah!" He cried out as his arms and legs jerked about. The pleasure Dean was giving him swelled inside of him, filling every nerve. Dean smirked at that. He hadn’t even done half the things he wanted to do with the boy, and Cas was acting like he could never feel anything better than what he was feeling right now. "Gonna make you beg, Sweetheart." Dean smirked, taking Castiel into his throat, just as Sam got home, excited to see his big brother, finally home from the hospital. Sam toed off his old sneakers and threw his backpack in the living room, seeing the plate on the table. That meant Dean was home and Sam wouldn’t have to wait up for him. Sam quickly ran up the stairs, hands shaking with excitement. He had missed Dean so much.

Castiel moaned loudly and squirmed, unable to decide whether to escape the sensation or dive towards it. "Please! Oh- Dean! F-Fuck me!" The smaller boy pleaded dazedly.

"You sure, Sweetheart?" Dean slid a spit covered finger into Castiel, his hole loose and slick from last night. Castiel arched his back and bit his lip, a blissed out look on his face. "Dean, please! Don't need it!" He gasped out. The boy's thighs tried to clamp around Dean’s head and failed, a keening whine falling from his lips.

Dean let a whine of his own slip out, before he straightened up on his knees and scooted forward, pressing the blunt head of his cock to Cas' slick hole. "You gonna be my good boy?" Sam sprinted to Dean’s room, flinging the door open. "I missed you!" He said loudly, thinking Dean was asleep, but as he took in the picture in front him. "Why?" He asked, turning his head, putting a hand over his eyes. "Like, seriously?" Sam almost sounded tired, just utterly done with his older brother.

Castiel mewled and cut himself off, a squeak of embarrassment echoing from him at the sight of Sam standing in their doorway. The smaller boy whined and hid himself in mortification, a deep blush on his face. "Oh my god." He whispered in two octaves higher than his usual voice.

Sam just stared at Dean’s wall, memorizing the pattern of marks. "Well, I guess being tied up runs in the family." Sam said casually, almost bored. Dean fucking choked. "I swear, Gabe and I are never gonna be this sex-crazed. Oh, Castiel, I'm dating your brother. He has a stamp collection under his bed, use that against him any way you want." Sam noticed Dean’s expression when he flicked his eyes over. "Oh, don’t look like that. We didnt fuck." Sam rolled his eyes.

Castiel was one hundred percent turned off, he had never felt any more embarrassed in his entire life. "D-Do you two want to have a conversation when Dean isn’t partially inside of me? Because this ruined the mood and I feel awkward..." The smaller boy rambled nervously. Who the hell would've thought that when he was eighteen he would be tied to a bed, his boyfriend partly shoving his cock inside him with a bullet wound in his foot as he casually talked with his younger brother while they talked about not fucking his own little brother.

Sam nodded. "Yeah. Sounds great. Dean? If you would wanna put on some clothes? I'll be in the hallway." Sam kept his eyes shielded. "Cas, good to see you." He nodded and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Castiel whined and his head dropped back to the pillow, a disappointed look on his face. So much for 'making love' and all that. Dean smirked. "Sorry, Sweetheart." He got up and leaned over, giving Cas a kiss on the forehead before he put on some clothes and limped into the hall. "What?" Castiel whined and squirmed uselessly, oh this so wasn't fair, Dean couldn't just leave him tied here! Dean looked down at his shaggy haired little brother. "Something you want, Sam?" He tried to sound annoyed, but he had missed his little brother.

Sam rolled his eyes and hugged his brother immediately. "I'm glad you're okay." He said under his breath. Dean grinned and hugged his brother back, both of them ignoring his Dean’s boner was pushing into Sams' stomach. "So...where did you live while I was gone?"

Sam smiled and pulled back, coughing awkwardly. "Gabe's. and Cas?" He asked in confusion. Dean nodded. "Yeah....shit..." He hissed under his breath. "I haven’t dumped Lisa yet..."

Sam clenched his jaw and shook his head in disappointment. "That's gonna come back and bite you in the ass, Dean." The scrawny boy grumbled.

"Shut up." Dean rolled his eyes. " and Gabe?" He tried to mimic Sam’s tone of voice.

Sam glared and crossed his arms. "Yeah, so what, at least I'm not dating two people, one of which is tied to your bed."

Dean rolled his eyes. "You guys are so cute!" He gushed, looking at Sam with a smirk.

"Shut up or I'll tell Cas about Lisa." Sam countered in a hushed voice.

"What did you guys do?" Dean continued to tease. "Tell me all about it. What happened after I left? Ooh, you guys probably spent so much time in his room...alone..."

Sam yelped and slapped Dean’s chest. "Stop! We just kissed and stuff!" The younger Winchester whined in embarrassment.

"And stuff?" Dean smirked. He had Sam now. He was never gonna let this go. Sure, Dean had been messing around when he was fourteen, but he never expected Sam to.

"I didn't do anything like that! Oh my god! Stop it! Go back to your tied up friend! God!" Sam yelled and ran off. Dean was so embarrassing sometimes.

"Love you!" Dean shouted after him and walked back into the room, where Cas was still tied to his bed. "Miss me, Sweetheart?"

Sam let out an angry yell in response and flopped back onto his bed. At the sound of Dean's voice, Cas looked up with a bored face and his boner was dead. "I did in the beginning, but now the mood is as gone as Sam to his own room." The blue eyed boy teased.

"How about..." Dean said in a sexy voice as he walked over to the bed and ran a hand up Cas' leg. "I let you fuck me? I want you to be my first, Castiel..."

Castiel turned bright red and stuttered before nodding, oh Jesus Christ. He didn't know how to fuck! He barely knew how to be fucked! The smaller boy cleared his throat and smiled shyly. "Okay, b-but I w-won't be good a-at it." He rambled.

"I'm gonna ride you, Sweetheart..." Dean told him, reaching for the lube and slicking up his fingers. Reaching behind himself, he prodded at his hole, the sensations rolling through him were driving him nuts. Castiel nervously watched and tried to reach a hand down to help Dean, immediately getting stopped by one of Dean's winter scarves. The smaller boy let out a whimper and watched Dean’s fingers with fascination.

"How do do you hold back for so long, Cas?" Dean managed to choke out, his voice thick with moans and lust.

"Because I know it gets so much better." Castiel whispered with wide eyes. Dean moaned again and managed to get two fingers inside himself, before he pulled them out. "If I keep going, I'm gonna cum." He said, then straddled Castiel, hovering over him and holding Castiel’s hard dick against his furled hole.

Castiel clenched his hands and swallowed thickly, watching Dean’s face in anticipation. He definitely wasn't as impressive as Dean, but he hoped that he would be at least satisfactory. "Take your time." He whispered.

"Want to feel what you feel, Cas. Want to know what makes you moan and cum under me, baby." Dean said, before he lowered himself onto Cas' cock, letting out a hiss of pain when the head breached his tight hole. Castiel wanted to tell Dean to be careful, but the way Dean was just so tight around him punched the breath from his lungs. The smaller boy threw his head back and gasped, his eyes fluttering closed in bliss.

"Cas..." Dean let out a broken moan, his head thrown back and beads of sweat rolling down his hairless neck.

Castiel legs trembled, his hips moving on instinct, but it was obvious he had zero skill. The smaller boy turned red and looked down, struggling to aim his hips in the right angle under Dean’s waist. "M-Move, now." He instructed shyly. Dean let out a moan at Cas' dominance and started to sink down more on Castiel’s cock, looking at down at Cas with hooded eyes once he bottomed himself out, the bottoms of his thighs pressed own against Cas' sharp hip bones.

Castiel whined and groaned loudly at the wet heat encasing him. He usually got more pleasure from when Dean fucked him than when Dean sucked him off, but this was insane. "D-Dean, I mean move, I-I think I found the right angle." He stuttered.

Dean nodded and started to lift himself, slamming back down with a guttural groan. "Cas!" He whimpered and almost tried to scramble off of Castiel’s dick, the amount of pleasure running through him was too much. Castiel gasped and threw his head back, a throaty moan falling from his lips. The blue eyed boy's hips followed Dean on instinct, whining when Dean’s hole tried to leave him. "T-That's how you make me feel." He stuttered, his eyes glazed over slightly.

"H-Holy fucking shit." Dean tried to gain control of himself and start rolling his hips again, moaning and whimpering and now realizing why Cas had passed out that time Dean ate him out for such a long time. "C-Cas, I cant..." He wanted Castiel to cum first, but he couldn’t hold back.

Castiel’s neck strained in the effort to not cum forty seconds into Dean’s first time, that would be embarrassing. It just felt so foreignly good, he wanted to throw his head back and let go. "Dean!" Cas groaned, his voice strangled in pleasure.

This was fucking insane. "Cas...I can’t hold back." He warned him, starting to bounce on Castiel’s cock a little faster, clenching around his boyfriend. The way Dean rippled and contracted around him knocked all of his will power out the window. Cas came with a cry of Dean's name, his hips bucking up on instinct into the clenching wet heat. "Ohhhh, a-ah! Haaah~!" He cried out. Dean shut his eyes tight and with something short of a sob, he came all over Castiel’s chest, trying not to collapse, he was so spent. Castiel yelped and jerked as Dean tightened around him once more, a pleasure filled whine ripping from his chest at the feeling. "Deaaannn!"

Dean moaned again, Castiel’s sounds were making Dean want to fuck Cas until he couldn’t even move anymore. Dean pulled off with a slight hiss of pain and laid down next to Castiel. "That was more to go..."

Castiel looked at Dean with a dazed incredulous look that screamed 'are you crazy?' "N-No, no more, can't t-take it." The smaller boy whimpered.

"I think you can, Castiel." Dean managed to push his tiredness aside and crawl between Cas' legs, looking at his furled and somewhat sweaty hole.

Castiel whined and his thighs trembled in exhaustion. "N-No, can't." He muttered tiredly, his eyelids drooping slightly. Dean looked up at Castiel from in between his legs. "Are you safewording?" Castiel whimpered and bit his lip before letting his head fall back in defeat. "That’s what I thought." Dean smirked gently and lowered his head, lapping at Cas' tight hole. "Tastes so good, Cas. Fucking love eating you out."

Castiel shuddered and cried out, his back arching as his chest heaved uncontrollably. It felt so good, he didn't want it to stop, but he was so tired, he felt like he would die if he came again. Dean noticed. He looked up at Cas from in between his legs. "You sure you can take it, Cas?"

"N-No, but it feelssogood." Cas rambled, his whole body looked fucked out, from his expression to the way his toes were curled in pleasure. Dean raked his eyes over Cas' flushed, sweat slick body. "You're so fucking hot, Cas." Dean admitted, his boner pressing against the sheets.

Castiel huffed out a shy laugh and let his limbs slacken against the restraints. "Make love to me?" He asked, his voice barely audible and his cheeks stained red at the question.

"Of course." Dean gently kissed all the way up Castiel’s body until he got to Cas' lips, making the kiss deep. He reached a slick hand down and started pumping his fingers in and out, stretching Cas out. Castiel gasped into Dean’s mouth and reached his head up to get more of him. He arched his chest to glide against Dean’s and tried to muffle to gasps and mewls of pleasure slipping from his throat within the kiss.

"I love you, Cas..." Dean murmured, kissing Cas for a final time before he sat up and shifted until he was in a position to fuck Castiel.

Cas looked up and smiled, he tried to wrap his legs around Dean’s waist and failed, a desperate sound falling from his lips. "I love you more than anything, Dean." He whispered. Dean grinned down at him and started to rock his hips, pushing inside of Castiel. Castiel let out a stuttering gasp and threw his head back, "S-So big." He breathed out quietly.

"You're my good boy, Cas." Dean slid more of himself in, Cas' heat clenching and slick around him. Dean bit his lip, not trying to sound like a girl when he finally bottomed out inside of Cas, his balls pressed up against Cas' soft asscheeks. Castiel let out a punched out moan, Dean was rubbing him in all the right ways, filling him up perfectly. The smaller boy let out a mix of 'ahhhh' and 'mmmm' as he gripped the scarves holding him to the bed.

"You think you can come untouched, Sweetheart?" Dean asked, leaning down to kiss Cas' neck, still thrusting inside him.

Castiel let out a strangled cry each time Dean slid back into him, the pleasure coming in waves and burning every nerve in his body. "O-Ohhhhh mygod, mmmmhmmm, mph!" He mewled and moaned. His pale cheeks were stained red, his eyes glazed over and staring at the ceiling in pure wonder.

"Look at me, Sweetheart." Dean cooed, sitting up again and putting a hand under Cas' jaw. "You love me, baby?"

Castiel whimpered and looked up at Dean hazily. "Mhm, love you so much." He whined, struggling to keep his eyes on his boyfriend and not give into the pleasure.

"Love you, too." Dean grinned and put his hands on Cas' waist. He knew 'making love' was supposed to be soft and slow, but he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. "Can I go fast now, baby?"

Castiel nodded and breathed shakily, a smile on his face. "Yes, that is fine." He whispered. "Good." Dean let himself lose control and he started fucking into Castiel with all he was worth, pounding into the boy’s prostate.

Cas screamed Dean’s name to the heavens, his raven black hair buried into the pillows like it was his only salvation as pleasure consumed him in a wave. It felt so good, it felt insanely good, but it felt even better when he remember that Dean was causing it, that Dean loved him and no one else. That he had someone to live for.

Dean clenched his jaw to keep from cumming too soon, he wanted...needed Castiel to cum first. He needed to see Cas' look of pleasure, he needed to feel Cas clench and squirm and quiver. Castiel cried out and strained against the scarves, a look of pure ecstasy spreading over his face. The smaller boy couldn't take it anymore, it was too much. Cas arched his back and came while he sobbed a mantra of Dean's name, his blue eyes shot open and rolled into the back of his head. Dean’s breath stuttered and he watched the show, feeling like he might never speak again. His abdomen started to clench and after a few more thrusts, he was coming explosively inside the writing boy. He was still buried deep inside of Castiel and he had to force himself to take a shuddering breath, he seemed he had forgotten how to breathe all together.

Castiel moaned softly when he felt Dean's cum fill him, "I love you, I don't want to live without you." He whispered under his breath and relaxed into the mattress, panting heavily. Dean nodded and pulled out, the wet suction sound making his cock twitch. "Cas..." He rasped, before collapsing next to him, both of them sweaty and sticky. Cas whimpered and leaned his head over, nuzzling his face into Dean’s strong shoulder. "I love you so much." He whispered.

"I love you, too, Cas." Dean said, before regaining some of his strength and getting on his hands and knees above Cas. "I love you, Castiel. So much, I love you." He pressed kisses all over Cas' chest and neck, leaving marks, even licking up Cas' cum. Castiel teared up joyfully and let his head fall back with a happy sigh, anyone could practically feel the flutter of his heart against his chest. "I love you more than life, Dean."

Dean grinned, pressing a long kiss to where he could feel Cas' heart beating. "True love." He murmured. Castiel smiled and tried to bring his hands down to touch Dean in return, but the scarves stopped him. The smaller boy whined and huffed.

Dean smirked up at him. "I might just keep you tied up, Sweetheart..." Dean smirked and ran a hand over Cas' bound wrists. Cas whimpered and wiggled his wrist about, trying to pull it from its restraint. "Would you like that? Me to clean you up while you're still tied up, can’t do anything about it?" Dean smirked, getting up and going to the bathroom, getting a rag and wetting it, pouring a little soap in it. Not too much, not enough to get Cas sticky, but enough to clean him up. Castiel grumbled and laid his head back, Dean was such a tease, it was annoying. "Dean! Not fair!" He whined childishly, just because he had a smaller body, didn't mean he couldn't overpower Dean...right? Dean came back with the warm washcloth and started to rub it over Cas' body, leaving a shiny wet trail in his wake. "You love me." Dean rolled his eyes. Cas huffed and glared at Dean. "I do, but I want to hug you!" He whimpered, putting on his best puppy eyes.

"We can cuddle and do aftercare later, Sweetheart..." Dean grinned and kept wiping down the younger boys chest until he felt satisfied. Castiel whimpered and let out noises of complaint the whole time, all the smaller boy wanted to do was hold Dean close and cuddle until school the next morning. "Please, Dean. I love you."

"I love you too, Darling.." Dean limped over and untied each of Cas' limbs, laying down next to him when he finally finished all of them. Cas' limbs went limp for a few moments before he curled his lanky arms and legs around Dean like a koala, pulling him closer. "I love you so much." He murmured again.

"I love you more, Cas." Dean grinned at him and was surprised how easily the words rolled off his tongue. Usually he would never say that to a girl, but with Castiel, he didn’t feel like he needed to hide himself. Castiel giggled tiredly and nuzzled Dean’s muscled chest. "No, I love you more than anything in the whole entire world." He said cheesily.

"Well, Damn, I guess you've got me beat." Dean grinned and put an arm around Castiel, rubbing him gently.

Castiel couldn't help but feel confused by what Dean meant, did Dean not love him more than anything? No, Dean did, Dean definitely did. The smaller boy rested his head under Dean’s chin and smiled to himself, his breathing slowly luring him farther and farther into a sleepy state.

"One of these days..." Dean murmured quietly, also falling asleep. "You're gonna let me win one of those battles."

"No." Cas whispered with a fond look, he didn't feel he deserved it. Dean was perfect, and he was so unbelievably lucky to gain Dean's affection and love. Castiel picked up Dean’s hand and laced their fingers together, memorizing every trace and every shadow for later.

"I'll get your name tattooed on my forehead." Dean joked, turning over to look at Cas. "Oh! Or maybe your face, on top of my face..."

Castiel threw his head back and laughed, "Dean! Oh my god! Shut up you dork!" He squeaked out, turning red at how adorable Dean was being.

"Maybe I'll get 'I luv BabyCakes.' on my ankle or something. Just to piss you off." Dean smirked, running a hand through Cas' hair. Castiel snorted and swatted Dean's chest, snuggling closer to him. "You're ridiculous." He said lovingly.

“Mmm, but you love it.” Dean countered. Cas smiled and nodded sleepily. "Yes I do, so much." He whispered before giving into the sleep’s call on him and passing out. Dean kissed Cas on the forehead before falling asleep to Cas' steady breathing.

Chapter Text

Castiel woke up in the morning and his blue eyes tried to close against the light shining on them through the window. "Mmmm." He hummed sleepily, rolling over onto his stomach.

"Cas?" Dean mumbled and sat up, Cas' moving around had drawn him out of his sleep. Castiel grunted in response, his whole frame peaceful and relaxed before he remembered. "SCHOOL!" He shouted and jumped out of bed.

"I thought you had a break?" Dean yelped, jumping up also, crumbling to the ground when a shock of pain zinged up his foot and into his spine.

"Dean!" Cas scolded, gently helping Dean into his wheelchair. "The break was for me to help you yesterday, right? Or am I getting this wrong." He said in confusion. Dean shook his head. "No, Cas, you're right." He shifted in his wheelchair. "Can I go to school? Please, Cas?"


Usually, Dean would never ask to go to school, but he didn’t want to spend the whole day alone. Castiel smiled and nodded. "Yes, I will take you there and may you meet me outside of the art classroom after first period?" He asked as he pulled on fresh clothes and combed his hair uselessly. Dean nodded, standing up to put on his clothes, totally not staring at Cas' ass. He slumped back down in his seat and looked up at Castiel. "You're too good to me..."

The blue eyed boy turned and adjusted his dorky blue tie with a smile. "I think I give you the love you give me." He said shyly. Cas walked over and wheeled Dean tediously out to the car and helped him inside before loading the wheelchair up and getting in the driver's seat.

"Sorry I'm such a burden..." Dean looked down, after having listened to Castiel struggle with the wheelchair for at least 10 minutes. Castiel smiled and shook his head, "No, I want to take care of you, because I love you." He said softly as he drove off to school. Dean leaned over and pecked Cas on the cheek, running his hand through his hair a few times so it wouldn’t look like he just had sex....which he kinda did. A few minutes later he pulled up to the school.

Castiel got out of the car and pulled out the wheelchair, helping Dean inside quickly. "Okay, I need to get to art, but can you meet me after? I have a gift."

"I hope it’s a blowjob." Dean laughed and got out of the car, biting his lip to keep in a groan of pain when he put pressure on his foot. "Cas..please...I don’t wanna use the wheelchair... it’s embarrassing ." Dean tried to not pout and whine like a child, but he couldn’t help it.

"Oh get over your reputation, use the wheelchair." Castiel scolded, "I will gift you with that tonight if you use the wheelchair."

"Fine." Dean rolled his eyes and slumped down in the wheelchair, putting his backpack on his lap.

Castiel giggled and wheeled Dean into the school and smiled, kissing his cheek quickly when no one was looking. If you were gay, you got beaten, simple rule at this high school. "I love you, see you before second period." Cas whispered before running off to his art class.

"Love you more." Dean whispered when Cas had left and wheeled himself to his first period class, history, which was, thankfully, just across the hall from where he needed to meet Castiel. He rolled himself down the hall, ignoring the stares he kept getting from people.

Castiel smiled and closed his art book when the bell rang, the drawing was perfect . Every detail of his and Dean's hand laced together, but on both of their hands sat a ring, was elegant and effortfully drawn. Cas always loved art, but this was definitely one of his best pieces. It was for Dean, it had to be perfect.

Dean rolled out of the room and waited for Cas, excited to see his surprise. As soon as Dean's wheelchair glided to a stop there was a shrilling screech from the other side of the hall. " Deanie baby what happened!?" Lisa yelled and ran over, fawning over Dean with determination and peppering kisses all over his face. "What the hell is with the wheelchair?!"

"Lis..." Dean tried to duck his head away from the onslaught of kisses. "Lisa, I'm're causing a scene.."

Castiel looked up when he heard the commotion and shrugged as he tucked his book to his chest, looking at the drawing pridefully. Maybe one day he and Dean could get married? Lisa sat on Dean's lap, running a hand through Dean’s hair as Cas stepped into the hallway and slowly looked up. "Babe, we've been together for a year now, I can cause a scene." She said with a roll of her eyes before kissing him eagerly and pulling back. "Where were you the last few days! I've been worried sick!" Castiel froze and watched the scene with a look of confusion and then, pure heartbreak . It was all a lie. Dean never actually wanted him, he wasn't even single. The smaller boy looked like a scared rabbit that had been cornered as his heart felt like it shattered into a million pieces.

Dean yelped and pulled away, wiping his lips. "Lisa! Get off me. " He hissed. Dean didn't want to push her off in the middle of the hallway, but he did give her a little nudge. He didn't know how to dump Lisa, but when he looked up and saw Cas just...staring at them like that, he got the courage to push Lisa off him. "Cas, I can explain!" He called after him, starting to wheel towards the boy. “S-Stay away from m-m-me…” The blue eyed boy whimpered. Castiel backed up and took off into a full on sprint, knocking people out of his way and murmuring apologies as he went. The smaller boy ran head first into Lucifer and his book clattered to the floor, his drawing of he and Deans intertwined hands on display for the larger boy. Lucifer grunted and picked the book up. "Oh my god..." He huffed out in a sardonic tone. "The fag likes to draw!"


Cas looked at the drawing and teared up before running off down the hallway, gaining the attention of Lucifer’s friends. "Get em!" Lucifer hollered and ran after Cas. Castiel was slower, but he was smaller. Lucifer tossed the book onto the floor and burst through the doors to the football field, seeing that Cas was gone. "Dammit!" Lucifer growled and turned back inside. Castiel hid under the bleachers and burrowed slightly into the leaves, his eyes overflowing with tears and finally falling down his cheeks. The blue eyed boy let out a tiny sob and hid his face in shame. Of course it was too good to be true.

Lisa gasped and stood up, catching the back of Dean's wheelchair. "Dean! What the heck! I was just kissing you!" She said in confusion and started wheeling him to their shared Physics class. "Can you even tell me what happened to your foot?"

"Fucking stop!" Dean stood up quickly, even though it hurt like hell. "It’s none of your damn business! We're over, Lisa! I found someone else, and it'd be great if you could respect my decision." He knew it was shitty, but he had to go find Cas and pray Lisa wouldn't be difficult. "Can you please leave me alone , now?"

It turned out praying doesn’t work as often as he wanted. "Dean. The medicine you are on is making you irrational." Lisa said as she made Dean sit back down. "Now let’s just go to class, I don't know who you're even talking about, do the pills cause hallucinations? I would have known if you liked someone else. Everyone would have known."

"I'm not on any medication." Dean needed to go find Cas. Dean groaned out and put his head in his hands. He waited until they got to class and he could stand without getting rammed over in the hallway. "Lisa..." Dean said his words firmly and slowly, loud enough for everyone to hear. "I am breaking up with you."

Lisa smiled, completely unphased by Dean’s words. "No, you aren't, because if you were on medication you would deny it that you were on medication." She said matter of factly. Lucifer finally entered class after finding Cas with a slightly bruised fist, he only punched him twice and then ripped his drawing in front of him, but didn't do anything else to the boy who was crying so much it was annoying as fuck . Lucifer sat down and set his feet on the table, looking at his knuckles and tuning out the bickering couple with a roll of his eyes.

Dean bit his lip and decided to just go for it. He knew he would regret his later but he pulled down the collar of his shirt, showing all the hickeys Cas had given him "Yeah, I am, Lisa. You're not my type anyway. More into dicks." He rolled his eyes and grabbed his backpack, starting to roll out, before he turned around and rolled over to Lucifer’s desk. "And you ." He whipped out and gave Lucifer a good punch to the jaw, yeah, he had almost broken something.

Lisa gasped incredulously at the admittance, "No you aren't! You love my pussy!" She yelled angrily and defensively. Lucifer shouted in pain and almost toppled from his chair, holding his jaw gingerly.

Dean rolled his eyes. "Not anymore." He turned back to Lucifer. "You gonna hit a cripple?" He smirked, gesturing to the wheelchair. He leaned in to whisper. "You committed aggravated assault, so many hate crimes on really gonna throw your whole life away? We could expose you so easily. Now, listen to me...leave Castiel alone ."

Lucifer chuckled hoarsely and glared, "You really think that in this small town you can own me ? I'm not your little bitch. My father, Chuck Shurley, is the Mayor. He's buddy buddy with the sheriff. Nice try, bastard. But you don't wanna know the truth about that little faggot." He spat and stood up.

"Don’t call him that!" Dean stood up too, gritting his teeth, trying to ignore the throbbing pain. "What truth?"

"The fag's a slicer, one time I found em in the locker rooms, so I edged him on. He wants to die so badly, gotta let him know that everyone agrees with that. Handed 'im my switchblade out in the back lot, gave em a little convincing to use it." Lucifer drawled out, flexing his bruising knuckles with a sneer.

Dean felt sick, like he was about to throw up. He knew Castiel hurt himself but...he had never gone into detail about it. "Shut your fucking mouth, Lucifer." Dean said lowly, trying not to puke and cry and scream and run to look for Cas all at the same time.

"Why?" Lucifer teased sardonically. "Go to your girlfriend and cry 'bout it." He snapped before standing and walking to the nurse for his jaw.

"She's not my girlfriend." Dean snapped and sat down, grabbing his backpack and rolling out if the room. Cas...where would Castiel be? Dean decided to check the locker rooms first, but after rolling around for a few minutes and calling Cas' name, Dean raked his brain with other places Cas could be, not at all remembering where Lucifer told him Cas was over his own anger.

Castiel sat in his locked car, letting the blade hang loosely from his hand. He thought that he wouldn't go back, but he deserved it. The smaller boy curled his knees to his chest and stared at his slitted arm with a confused look. Why did all of this happen to him? He looked up and checked his bruising cheekbone in the rear view mirror before picking the knife back up and swallowing thickly, shakily pressing the tip of the blade back against his skin and taking a deep breath, wondering if he should do it or not. Yes, he should.

After ten minutes of looking, Dean stopped and groaned in annoyance. Dean was fucking done with this chair, it was just slowing him down. He decided to drop it off at Cas' car and just keep looking, but when he got to Cas' car he heard faint sobbing. He pressed his face to the window, cupping his hands around his eyes to look inside, heart soaring when he saw Cas- oh. Dean’s eyes raked over Cas' slitted, blood covered arm. It wasn’t much, just a thin, sticky sheen, but Dean turned away from the car and threw up everything he had eaten for the last day. Hearing Cas like that, he could handle. Knowing Cas was like that, he could handle. Seeing Cas like that, it made him want to cry.

A few minutes later Dean straightened up and decided to just go for it. He opened Cas' car door and climbed inside the passengers wheel, looking over at the crying boy. Castiel sniffled and looked up, his eyes filled with distant pain. When his gaze landed on Dean Cas immediately opened the car door and got out, clutching the knife to his chest like a life vest. He knocked into the wheelchair and turned around, staring at it in confusion before he realized Dean must've walked to the other side of the car. He looked at the chair hesitantly and clenched his jaw, "Use the chair." He croaked, taking off in a fast walk towards the woods. Cas didn't want anymore lies.

Dean got out and quickly limped after Cas. "Castiel, please..." He caught the boy’s elbow, he didn’t even know what he was begging for, but just looking at how tightly Castiel was holding the knife he used to hurt himself made Dean want to hurl again.

" What ." Castiel seethed, curling in on himself for protection, as if it would heal his broken heart. He should have gone with his instincts and believed that he wasn't loved, and that he could never be loved.

"Give me the knife...please..." Dean begged and held a hand out, palm up towards Cas. Castiel shook his head and looked down with scared eyes, his lower lip quivering as he fought back tears. "N-No." He mumbled.

"Please, Cas." Dean took a step forward. "I didn’t do it to hurt you, Cas, I forgot I was dating her..." Dean looked at Castiel with pleading eyes.

The tears spilled over and splashed onto Cas’ cheekbones, his face contorting into confusion and fear. "H-H-How could you forget y-you were- hic- dating someone! Why didn't you at l-least tell me you n-needed to wait- hic- if you didn't want to hurt me! Will you forget about me and go find some p-pretty girl t-to date?" Castiel yelled, hiccuping and sniffling like a child who cried so hard they needed to regain their breath.

"No, Cas, I'm never gonna do that! I forgot because I just love you so much there wasn't any other person on my mind." Dean tried to explain, his eyes on the wavering knife in Cas' clutched hand. Castiel’s lip quivered and he sat down on the floor, his legs curling up by the knife in his hands. He so badly just wanted to be alone and let loose, he wanted to believe Dean was right, but there was no way anyone loved a freak like him. Dean kneeled down next to Cas and reached out, trying to tug the blade out of his hands. "Please, Cas, we can talk about this."

Castiel hiccuped and hesitantly let go of the knife, bringing his sweater sleeve covered hands up to wipe his eyes jerkily. No matter what Cas wanted to think, he was weak, and he would do anything Dean said. Dean took the blade out of Cas' hands and put it to the side. When he put it down, he looked at his hand, covered in blood...Cas' blood, he felt sick to stomach again. "Cas, it’s gonna be okay.... Can I see your arm?"

Castiel stared at the floor and shakily offered his arm, his raven haired head tucking in between his knees like they were a shield. Dean clenched his teeth and rolled up Cas' sleeve, trying not to irritate the sensitive skin. He forced himself to look, to not avert his eyes, to not break down crying at the fact that someone he loved felt like they had to do this to themselves. He needed to be strong ...for Cas. As soon as Dean's calloused hand touched the skin of his wrist, Cas crumbled. The smaller boy sobbed and threw his arms around Dean’s neck, snuggling his smaller frame into Dean's larger one. He curled up in Dean's lap and breathed raggedly, inhaling that perfect leather and pinewood scent that calmed him so well. Dean wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and rubbed his back."Cas, it’s’s okay, baby, I love you, it’s gonna be okay..." Dean kept repeating into Cas' ear, calming the boy down. Castiel hiccuped and sniffed, burying his hands in Dean’s spiky hair like he was the only thing grounding him to the earth. "I love you." He whispered hoarsely.

Chapter Text

Lisa stormed out of the school and stopped when seeing Dean cuddling a small boy in the middle of the parking lot, rage filling her. " Dean Winchester !" She yelled. Dean groaned inwardly. "Leave me the fuck alone, Lisa." He growled, not wanting to deal with her shit. Castiel turned his head and glared at Lisa, clenching his jaw when she looked at him. " You ! You're the piece of shit who stole my boyfriend!" She snapped. Cas glared and shook his head. "No." He murmured. "What did you just say?" She growled. "No, no I didn't." Cas said and stood up. Dean shakily stood and hobbled in between them. He turned to Lisa first. "Lisa, Cas didn’t steal anything from you. I went to him ."

Castiel squeaked and ducked his head under Dean’s arm to help him stand. "Dean sit back down! You're crazy!" He scolded, ignoring Lisa's look of disgust.

"Cas, I'm fine." Dean said, still looking at Lisa. "I love him, Lisa. I've never said that to you, but I say it to Cas everyday."

Castiel looked at Dean with a loving look and smiled shyly, biting his lip to hide it. The smaller boy quickly jogged and grabbed Dean’s wheelchair. "Sit." He said firmly, glancing nervously at the snarling girl. "You can't do this to me!" She yelped angrily.

"I can, Lisa, and I will." Dean knew it was cruel, but he didn’t feel all that bad when he pulled Cas from behind him and trapped his lips in a passionate kiss, right in front of Lisa. Castiel squeaked and let out a muffled sound of embarrassment before he opened his eyes and saw Lisa's jealous glare. Maybe he could have a little moment in the spotlight? The smaller boy melted into the kiss and cupped Dean’s jaw, mewling lightly. Dean smirked and tilted his head, deepening the kiss, at the same time, he put his hands on Cas' waist, pulling him closer. He didn’t even open his eyes, he knew Lisa was probably fuming by now. Cas slowly moved to sit in Dean’s lap, like a cat purring under the attention of their owner. Lisa let out an angry scream and stormed off childishly, causing Cas to giggle into the kiss and tip his head back to laugh. Dean laughed, watching her walk away, fixing his attention back on Cas a few seconds later. "I'm so sorry, Cas..."

"Don't leave me." Cas whispered needily and leaned forward, nipping and sucking at Deans’ neck as if to claim him from all oncoming girls who desired him. "Mine." He murmured.

"Never leaving you, Cas." Dean shook his head. "Yours, all yours." He tilted his head back, letting Castiel bite at his neck. Castiel suddenly felt dizzy and opened his eyes, the edge of his vision blurring out. Why did he feel so lightheaded? The smaller boy glanced at his arm and stopped mid kiss to Dean’s neck, slowly slumping against Dean’s chest as he passed out.

"Shit!" Dean hissed, he had forgotten about the entire reason he was there in the first place. He was glad Cas' was sitting on his lap, since that made it easier for Dean to roll into school, to the nurses office. "Call an ambulance!" He said when he frantically rolled in.

The nurse looked up in confusion and immediately snapped into action, she stood up and rushed to the phone, dialing the paramedics quickly. "What happened?" She mouthed as they picked up. Dean just shook his head, he didn't want everyone knowing Cas' business. As he waited for her to finish the call, he gently cradled Cas. "Don’t leave me, not like this, baby. I’m here, okay? Right here." He whimpered.

The nurse told the woman on the other side of the line what it looked like and ten minutes later the ambulance pulled up to the front of the school and  nurses ran inside. Dean had started crying by now, he almost didn't let Cas’ limp body go. "C-Can I come?" He asked the paramedic, tears running down his face. Cas had stayed by Dean’s side the entire time he was in the hospital, he wanted to do the same for Cas.

The nurses ignored Dean and tried to pry Cas' arms from his neck, but failed. "Sir, we need you to let the boy go." The nurse said, Cas had such a strong grip on Dean it seemed like Dean was holding him, not letting him go with his life, but it was Cas. Dean nodded and ducked his head so they could pull Cas' arms over Dean’s head. Shakily, Dean stood up and walked next to the stretcher. "I wanna go with him." He said, this time, more firm.

The doctors kept pushing the stretcher down the hall, ignoring the odd and curious looks from other students that went to Lawrence High. "We won't slow down for you, but you may come." The doctor said. Dean nodded and limped next to them, climbing in the ambulance after they put Castiel in, with a few pained groans. He sat on the small bench and fastened his seatbelt before reaching out and grabbing Cas' hand. The doctors slipped an IV into Cas' arm and started checking his vitals, announcing a low blood levels. They cut his shirt open and placed a patch over Cas' heart to monitor his heart rate as they worked. When the ambulance pulled up they lifted his stretched out to the floor and made their way to the hospital. Dean followed them out, not even feeling how much his foot hurt. He looked at Cas laying down and he looked so...frail and tired and broken. Dean didn’t even realized they had stopped walking and were in the hospital room already.

After about twenty minutes of doctors scrambling about and shouting the last nurse left the room and shut the door. Cas had lost a lot of blood, but the doctors stabilized him and got him an IV bag for replacement assistance. Dean had sat by Cas' side the entire time, just...watching. He couldn't believe he let this happen. He watched Castiel’s sleeping form, his eyes dull, no longer the bright green they used to be. Now they were a muddy green.

Castiel hazily opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling in confusion. "Mm, my room looks weird." He murmured to what he assumed was himself.

"Cas?" Dean asked softly, scooting his chair closer to the bed. He didn't want to strangle Cas, but still. Castiel looked over at Dean blearily and smiled. "Hello, did you drive me home?" He whispered in question, his eyes lazy. The smaller boy looked like he just rolled out of bed. Dean shook his head. "No, Cas, you're at the hospital." Dean decided, fuck it, and he dragged his chair all the way until it was pressed up against Cas' hospital bed. Cas sucked in a breath and sat up, his heart rate going up faster and faster. "What? What happened?" He yelped.

"Cas!" Dean yelped, putting a hand on Castiel’s shoulder. "You're okay, you just lost a lot of blood, calm down, Cas."

Castiel instantly calmed down and nodded, laying back against the seat. "O-Okay, what do you mean blood?"

Dean raised an eyebrow. Did Cas really not remember? Reaching over, he gingerly took Castiel’s arm and started unwrapping the bandages, showing Cas his lacerated arm.

Cas clenched his jaw and slowly looked up at Dean before he pulled his arm back. "I'm sorry, Dean. Sorry." He mumbled quickly and wrapped his arm back up.

"No, Cas, you have nothing to be sorry for." Dean insisted, angling his chair so he and Cas were looking at each other. Castiel smiled and reached for his pocket, frowning when he realized he was wearing hospital clothes. The smaller boy looked at his folded jeans and stuttered. "Can you g-grab t-them?"

"Of course." Dean nodded and got up, limping to the folded jeans and limping back over, handing the stiff cloth to Cas with a pained groan. Maybe he did need that wheelchair.

Castiel gave Dean a sharp look that practically screamed 'sit down or i’ll make you, dumbass. How many times do I have to say it?' He pulled a shredded pile of paper from his pocket and handed it to Dean. "Lucifer ripped it up...but it was the surprise."

Dean nodded and sat down, gently taking the paper into his hands. He smoothed out the blanket and fit the shreds together, or at least, he tried to. Three silent minutes later, Dean managed to get everything into the right place and a sharp intake of breath could be heard from anywhere in the room as Dean realized what the picture was. "I-It's beautiful, Castiel." Dean’s voice cracked a little, and he looked up at Cas with red-tinted eyes. Castiel smiled and laid his head back with a happy sigh. "I love you, so much." He whispered and took Dean's hand.

"I love you too, Cas." Dean kept looking down at the picture. It was...amazing. Sketched, the lines all adding up to create what Dean was seeing, a ring . "Do you really want to, Cas?" Dean’s voice broke. Castiel held his arms out towards Dean and hummed. "Mmm, c’mere." He murmured before taking Deans jaw into his hand and kissing him deeply, releasing little moans just to tease Dean. "Of course I do." Cas whispered against Dean’s lips.

"You wanna get married? You wanna spend the rest of your life with me?" Dean put everything he had into the kiss, trying to let Cas feel how much Dean loved him.

Yes.” Cas breathed out. Dean stood up and straddled Cas on the hospital bed, going back down to kiss him, his hands on the back of Cas' neck. Castiel moaned throatily as his heart rate went up slightly. He couldn't stop smiling into the kiss. "I love you so much." He whispered, deepening the kiss like it would keep Dean from flying away from him. Dean pulled away with a soft sound. "I love you, so much, Cas, I don’t even know how to tell you." Dean looked down at Castiel with wide green eyes. "I can’t put it into fucking words, Cas."

Castiel teared up and let out a happy noise before letting his head falling back to the pillow. "I love you so much." He whispered again, letting Dean's hands arch his neck up comfortably. Dean wordlessly leaned forward and kissed Castiel again, not sure of how to show his love to the smaller boy. Castiel groaned and wrapped his legs up and around Deans waist, pulling him closer to him in need. The smaller boy moaned into the kiss, his lips locking and pushing with Deans. Dean moaned softly, pulling away a little, loving how Cas' tilted his neck to follow Dean’s lips. “ Dean! Stop moving!” Cas whimpered.

"Getting excited, Sweetheart?" Dean smirked, grinding forward, rubbing his and Cas' clothed cocks together. Castiel gasped and his heart rate spiked dramatically, his lips falling open in pleasure. " Oh !" He mewled.

"You want me to get you off?" Deans smirk got wider as he reached under Cas' hospital gown, wrapping a cold hand around Cas' hard, hot cock. Castiel bit his lip and threw his head back, shaking his head back and forth. "N-No, not like that." He gasped out, his cheeks stained red. Dean quickly took a hand off of Cas' dick. "What? Did I do something wrong? How do you want it?"

"No! It's not like that, I promise, I would like to wait until we" Cas mumbled awkwardly.

"What do you mean?" Dean quirked an eyebrow. He was kinda sure he knew what Cas meant, but in all honesty, he liked seeing the boy squirm.

"Deannn!" Cas whined, his heart rate going up along with his embarrassment. The smaller boy ducked his head and turned bright red. "For us to have sex..!" He whispered shyly.

"Ok." Dean nodded, before lowering a hand to his jeans. "You know, we could..." He let the sentence trail off as he tantalizingly ran a hand over his own crotch bulge.

Castiel turned a deeper shade of red and watched closely. "U-Um, okay." He whispered, watching Dean’s hands as if in a trance. "Need you close."

"We don’t have to do this now, if you don’t want to, Cas." Dean stopped unzipping his pants. "You were just in something traumatic, maybe this isn’t the best..."

"No!" Castiel said quickly, turning red at how desperate he sounded. "S-Show me you love me..." The smaller boy whispered pleadingly. He felt like he needed Dean to love him, he needed to be close to Dean, even if they didn't have sex.

"I love you, Cas, you know I do." Dean finished re zipping his pants and shifted their positions until he was spooning Cas, his hurt arm out of the way. "I love you, so so much." He murmured into Cas' soft, sweet smelling neck. Castiel teared up and hid his face in the pillow so Dean wouldn't see. He shuddered at Dean’s ghosting breath on his neck, his lips parting at how close they were. "I love you." He whispered.

Dean could feel Cas shaking. "Cas? Are you okay?" He turned Castiel around with some effort and looked into the boy’s crying face. "Cas...don’t cry, please... Is it something I did?"

Castiel shook his head and snuggled into Dean's neck. "No. It's never you. It's me." He murmured.

"No, Cas, you're perfect." Dean knew this was cheesy as hell, but he believed everything he was saying. Castiel wanted to scream for Dean to make him whole again, to keep him safe and make him feel good in all of the meanings, but that was irrational at the moment, they were in the hospital. Cas whimpered and nuzzled his face into Dean’s neck, breathing raggedly. "I love you."

"I love you so much..." Dean tried to put his emotions into words. "I love you like...I love you like you wouldn’t believe, Cas. I can’t even put how much I love you into words. You make me feel so amazing, and you're so giving and sweet and you're just perfect ."

Castiel untucked his head from Dean’s chin and looked at him with big, round, puppy dog eyes, his pouty lower lip quivering. "Do you love me more than Lisa?" He whispered innocently.

Dean rolled his eyes. "I love you more than her, Cas. I hate Lisa." He chuckled lightly, looking down at Castiel. "You know so much about me, Cas....before everything happened, if someone called me gay.... I would probably beat them up or something. I was so scared what would happen if anyone found out."

Castiel beamed childishly and surged up, cutting Dean off with a passionate kiss. As long as Dean loved him more than that bitch, he could be happy. "Love you so much." He whispered quickly before moving to nip and suck needily at Dean’s neck. Cas would do this a lot, completely forget they were in a public space and become horny as fuck. But when he remembered where he was he was a total mess of embarrassment.

"God, Cas, I fucking love you, too." Dean moaned softly, his boner growing again, he couldn't help it. "C-Cas...I'm about to fuck you into this hospital bed..." He warned, as if that wasn't exactly what Cas wanted.

"Mmm, hospital bed?" Castiel questioned absentmindedly as he sucked along the muscles in Dean’s neck. The way Dean was so youthfully muscled could turn him on so easily, who wouldn't want to nibble and snack on the sight in front of them?

"Mhm..." Dean nodded, reaching a hand down to undo his zipper, kicking his pants off his legs a few seconds later. "The things you do to me, Cas.." Dean let his sentence trail off as he started grinding against Castiel.

Castiel blinked in confusion and looked around, shit . They were in public again. "Dean! Not here!" He whined, his heart rate spiking as he threw his head back and stuttered. The smaller boy's hips worked on their own, grinding against Dean needily.

"Cas..." Dean whined. "You have your own room...and how many times did we fuck while I was in this same hospital for my foot?" He raised an eyebrow at Cas, his cock blurting out precum.

Castiel turned red and watched Dean’s cock head subtly. "B-But people find us and think I'm a whore!" He squeaked. Cas was a total whore, for Dean, for anything related to Dean and nothing else but him.

"Everyone knows I'm more of a man-whore than you, anyways, Cas. Everyone at school thinks you're a virgin." Dean smirked, reaching back and grabbing a handful of Cas' ass, the tender skin in his rough hand. Castiel shuddered and let his head fall back, he would never be fucking used to how Dean could take him apart with his words. The larger boy was like liquid sex. "O-Oh..." Cas breathed out, his hands flattening to Dean’s bare chest.

Dean smirked and continued kneading Cas' asscheeks, squeezing them, pushing them together, pulling them apart, it was heaven. Castiel brought a leg up to wrap around Dean’s waist, his throat fluttering as he basked in the sensation. Dean’s hands could probably cover his ass they were so big, and he loved it more than he would care to admit. Dean moaned and started to grind into Cas, and he moved until he was on his hands and knees above Castiel. He looked down at him and lowered his head, pressing his lips to Cas'. Castiel gasped, his IV free arm coming up and wrapping around Dean’s neck. The smaller boy laced his legs around Dean’s back and his heart rate spiked and dropped each time Dean would grind into him.

"You want me to fuck you, Sweetheart? You want me to fuck you into this bed, make you fucking scream ?" Dean purred, biting and nipping roughly at Cas' neck. Castiel’s heart rate went up as he mewled, clinging to Dean with his three free limbs. "Ohmygod! D-Do it!" He gasped, his head falling back in submission.

"Good boy." Dean was glad he had already kicked his pants off, since that meant he could just tear Cas' gown out of the way and look at his pink little hole. "You haven't had anything in here for almost a whole day ." Dean’s voice was mocking. Castiel turned red and looked down at Dean. "Shut up or I won't have anything in my ass for three more days!" He warned, squeezing his thighs together. Dean just shrugged and got off the bed, shuffling around the room, looking for that thermometer lube Cas had used last time. Cas smiled and watched Dean with a fond look. "I believe last time I found it on the counter with cotton swabs." He said teasingly.

Dean rolled his eyes, walking over to the counter. "You're right." He smirked and brought over the bottle, pumping out a few squirts and rubbing it in between his fingers. "Gotta stretch you out first, Sweetheart." He laid down in between Cas' legs and couldn't help but take a few licks at Cas' hole. Castiel’s heart rate sped up as he moaned, his legs wrapping around Dean’s head. "I-I love your mouth so much." He whispered.

"I love your hole more..." Dean smirked, going to town on Cas' ass, licking biting, sucking at it until the skin around his furled hole was bright red. Castiel let out a high pitched moan, sounding like a girl as he cried out. " Dean ! Love your t-tongue!" He gasped, his slim legs tightening. Dean smirked, slipping in a slick finger, stretching Cas out, getting Castiel ready for Dean’s cock. Cas bit his lip and rocked his hips against Dean’s thick fingers. The smaller boy let out needy whines, his eyes barely staying open to watch Dean's knuckle disappear. Dean kept licking at Cas' stretched rim, as he fit another finger inside the quivering boy. "You like how that feels, Sweetheart?"

"Y-Yes!" Castiel breathed out, rocking against Deans fingers in desperation. "Hurry up!" The smaller boy demanded.

"Alright." Dean laughed and shrugged, getting on his knees, putting the head of his cock against Cas' hole, slapping it against the pretty pink a few times. Castiel bit his lip and stared at Dean eagerly. "Please, please do it." He said in a light voice.

"Anything for you, Sweetheart." Dean smirked and slid in, biting his lip when he felt Cas hot and tight and wet and amazing hole around him.

Castiel’s mouth fell open and his head threw back into the pillow. "Ah!" He gasped, his free hand clutching Dean’s bicep. The smaller boy's heart rate slowly started rising as pleasure filled him, causing his face to flush.

"Like that?" Dean smirked and started to roll his hips. A nurse was kicking it in the lounge, reading a book and eating her lunch. Suddenly she heard beeping and looked up at the screen showing all the patient's' heart rates and breathing patterns. The 5th one, C. Novak seemed to be having a heart or panic attack, maybe even an anxiety attack. She got up, her food forgotten as she rushed down the hall.

Castiel nodded and bit his lip, letting out a pleasure filled whimper. "Uh-huh!" He mewled, rocking his hips up to meet Dean's gently. The smaller boy cried out and quivered, pressing his head farther back into the pillow when a bolt of pleasure shot through him.

Dean kept thrusting in and out, speeding up his pace, nailing Cas' prostate as hard as he could. The heart monitor started speeding up the more he fucked into the smaller boy.

"Oh my god !" Castiel wailed, completely forgetting that they were in public. The pleasure flooded his brain, making all of his thoughts foggy if they didn't involve Dean. Cas' back arched and a look of pure bliss spread over his face. Dean smirked and started to snap his hips in and out of Castiel, the sound of their skin slapping and their moans of pleasure filling the room. Betty found room 205 and burst in, confused as to what she was seeing at first. She expected to see a one boy on the bed, shaking, maybe crying. of the boys on the bed was shaking and crying out, but not in the way she would have thought. She stared, wide eyes at the muscled back and ass that was facing her, that of a sandy brown haired boy who had two legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer and deeper. "Uh.." She tried to speak but she didn't even know what to say.

Castiel finally just pulled the IV from his arm and threw his arms up, running his nails up Dean’s back. "O-Oh fuck! Dean !" He cried out, his eyes shooting open and locking on Dean when he heard the door swing open. Jesus Christ this was so embarrassing. "D-Dean.." He stuttered. Betty’s nurse instinct kicked in and she rushed over to the bed. "You really shouldn't do that, sir." She mumbled, slipping the IV back in, trying her best not to look at what the two teenagers were doing. Castiel watched her with an embarrassed look, flinching when the IV was pressed in. "T-Thank you, ma'am." He murmured.

"You guys shouldnt know what, nevermind, not like it hasn't happened before." All of them were flushed red. Dean was still buried deep inside of Castiel, and he was looking at the woman as she reached over and ripped off Cas' heart monitor. "When you guys are...done, put that back on."

Castiel nodded and turned a deeper shade of red, looking away shyly. "Yes, we will. Sorry." He said quickly. The smaller boy clenched around Dean with an innocent look, his eyes twinkling mischievously. Dean bit his lip to keep in a groan. What the hell did Cas think he was doing? Dean tried not to move his hips as he watched the woman tap some shit out on the screen, letting everyone know that the patient was safe.

Castiel clenched rhythmically, smiling at the woman politely. "Thank you for being worried." He said as if he didn't have a dick up his ass. Dean brought a hand down to Cas' waist, squeezing it, hard, a warning. "Yes, thank you." He choked out, giving Cas a pointed glare. The woman seemed to calm down a little and grinned at them. "Yes, guys caused quite a tizzy, we thought Mr. Novak was having an attack of some sort."

Castiel smiled and shifted, clenching around Dean once more. Fuck he loved how big and strong Dean was. "My apologies, I didn't mean for someone to come in here." He said shyly.

The nurse nodded and smiled a little. "It’s fairly common, I shouldn't have really been that surprised." The nurse looked up to Dean and saw his red face and clenched teeth. "Yes, uh, I'll be going now." She raked her eyes down Dean’s muscular chest, before she left the room.

Castiel glared after the woman with jealousy, burying his face in the pillow as he tried not to let his mind jump to conclusions again. What if Dean liked women more? He was muscular, handsome, he could get any girl he wanted, and he was definitely their type. Cas was skinny and shy, definitely not anything a girl would want. Ever.

Dean nodded at her and waited for her to leave the room and close the door, before he leaned forward and started thrusting and kissing Cas' neck at the same time. "Annoying bitch." He growled. Usually, he wouldn't have been that mad if she had walked in, it was her job, after all, but Dean was blue balled and irritated.

Castiel's free hand raked down Dean’s back, a loud wail falling from his lips as he offered his neck to Dean. "Oh god just like that! Y-Yes!" He cried out. Okay, maybe it was a little louder than necessary, but he was jealous, he had a right to want to show off the person he loved the most. Dean smirked and raised an eyebrow at Cas for the noises he was making. "Good boy." He smirked and started moving his hips faster, snapping them in and out of Cas as fast as he could.

Castiel froze immediately and his eyes rolled back, his whole body trembling as he stuffed his knuckles in his mouth to muffle his screams of pleasure. It felt so fucking good , Dean fucked him apart from the inside out, he could scream his pleasure to the sky and everyone in the world would hear him. Dean moaned softly and sat up again, tightening his grip on Cas' waist. "F-Fuck, I'm gonna cum, Cas, you're so tight ."

Castiel choked and stared up at Dean with a blissful look. "F-Fuuuck! O-Oh my...oh my god yes. Yes yes yesyesyes up! A-Angle u-upwards." He cried out, his eyes round and pleading. Dean nodded and thrusted his hips up instead of forward, as hard as he could. Okay, so, yeah, maybe Cas wouldn't be able to walk right for a week, but it felt good in the moment.

Castiel’s eyes rolled back, his hand grabbing at Deans shoulder and bicep,  scrambling everywhere like he didn't know what to hold onto. "Oh YES !" He practically squealed in ecstasy. The look on his face could rival a pornstars as he came for what felt like endlessly, his body arching and trembling in Dean’s hold while he released sobs of euphoria.

"C-Cas!" Dean let out a noise that was a cross between a sob and a moan. "F-Fucking love you so much!" He started babbling, thrusting faster, chasing his impending orgasm.

Castiel silently screamed, his mouth wide open at the overstimulation Dean was giving him. The larger boy was drilling into him at the perfect angle, making him see stars. If anyone were to see him on his own like this they would probably think he was dying, but he was all consumed by the endless pleasure he was feeling. Cas didn't think his eyes could be farther back into his head than they were now.

Dean honestly didn't know how he was holding back at this point. He kept thrusting into Cas, holding back with everything he had so he wouldn't cum too soon. God, this felt so good. Dean had no idea which was better, the feeling of Cas' tight channel clenching and twitching, or the faces and fucking sounds , Cas was letting out.

"O-Oh my... howareyou stillgoing ?" Castiel cried out, his eyes landing on Dean's. The smaller boy's eyes crossed and rolled back once more at the body wracking pleasure that filled every nerve in his body. He let out little 'uh's with every pound of Dean's hips, his head thrown back in ecstasy. "D-Don't stop! Dean! Ohmygod don't stop! Don't you dare stop! " Cas screamed so loud that even the nurse named Betty could hear. " Dean !"

Dean was pretty sure that both of them had an overstimulation kink. He let out a whine and leaned down, smashing their lips together, swallowing down Castiel's moans. God, this was so fucking hot. "Not gonna stop, Cas." Dean growled. "Never gonna stop, gonna fuck you ‘til you cant breathe, ‘til you beg me to stop."

Castiel shuddered violently and his hands flew to Dean’s hair, holding him as close as he could. With an exceptionally well angled, hard, and fast snap of Dean's hips Cas froze and threw his head back. "One day I want you to ambush me at my house and fuck me until I can't take it anymore!" He gasped out almost robotically, as if Dean struck something deep inside him that just threw him into a pleasure coma.

Dean moaned loudly and came, just thinking about how much he could do to Cas if they were home alone for a night. The fact that he fucked Cas so well that he just blurted it out unintentionally. "H-Holy shit!" He hissed, his cock pumping out cum deep inside the blue eyed boy. Cas mewled and clung to Dean with his free hand, a look of bliss on his features as he came for a second time. The smaller boy slumped back against the bed tiredly, his eyes hazy and dilated. " Uhhhhhhuuuhhgggmm ." Cas groaned incoherently.

Dean smirked and collapsed next to him, breathing heavily. "I love you." He murmured softly, he turned on his side to look at Cas, Dean’s golden skin basking in the afterglow of sex.

"I love you too." Castiel whispered quietly, looking over at Dean in a daze. The smaller boy ran his free hand over Dean’s gorgeous, sweaty torso, skimming along his biceps in appreciation. "You're beautiful." The smaller boy murmured, his eyes falling shut. Dean completely fucked him out, he could fall asleep at that exact moment.

"Not as beautiful as you." Dean smirked, letting his eyes flutter closed, too. He pulled Cas into a spooning position, both of them sweaty, filthy and stinky, but Dean couldn't be happier.

Cas snored slightly, his sex hair was messed up to the maximum, laying against Dean's chest in a content sleep. The smaller boy's lacerated arm moved cautiously to find Dean’s in his sleep, his slim hand lacing with Dean’s large one. Dean smiled and clutched Cas' hand, squeezing it lightly. "I love you." He whispered into Cas' neck, before laying down a final kiss and going to sleep.

Chapter Text

In the morning Cas shifted and groaned, snuggling into the arm cushioning his head. He blearily opened his eyes and squeaked when seeing a nurse looking at his arms and writing stuff down. Dean was still fast asleep, his and Cas' bodies tangled up in each other. He grumbled a little when he felt Cas move a little, tugging him back into Dean’s warmth. Cas squeaked again and arched into Dean’s warm and muscular body, his eyes were round and apologetic as he looked at the nurse. The smaller by moved his free arm back and buried a hand in Dean’s hair, massaging gently to please his grumpy sleeper. Dean grinned in his sleep and seemed to calm down, Cas' thin hand doing wonders to all his stress. His arms was still wrapped around Cas, well, the one that wasn't under Cas' head.

If the nurse wasn't here, Cas probably would've let out a tiny moan. He loved this, when Dean’s body would just shroud his, practically swallowing his lean frame with his built one. The nurse nodded and walked out, leaving the couple be. Cas grinned mischievously and rocked his perfect ass back into Dean’s large cock, god he was glad the covers were on them. The smaller boy hummed teasingly, pretending he was doing this all in his sleep.

Dean moaned softly, his morning wood already prominent against Cas' bare ass. His hand tightened on Castiel’s waist. Dean usually slept into 12 in the afternoon or maybe even one, so he was still in a deep sleep, since it was only 10.

Cas mewled and wiggled his hips up enough for Dean’s dick to fall into position. The smaller boy knew he was prepped already, but he didn't even notice the young male who walked in. Castiel rolled his hips back and gasped when the head of Dean's cock popped inside of him, his blue eyes fluttering closed at the feeling. Dean awoke with a start, feeling Cas' tightness around him. "Cas?" He asked thickly his voice rough and thick with lust and sleep.

"Sh, I'm helping you out." Castiel said in an airy voice. He bit his lip and slowly worked his hips down, taking more and more of Dean's thick length into his hole. It felt amazing to just be filled by Dean, it made all of his problems fall away. The smaller boy's eyes fluttered open and he squeaked when seeing a male with a name tag that read "Azazel" watching him, his face two feet away from his own. Dean couldn’t hold back his long moan as Cas fucked himself. "Why'd you stop?" Dean panted, his eyes still closed.

"Yeah, why'd you stop?" The man asked, poking Cas' chest curiously. He had to be older than twenty, but there was no way he was older than thirty. The smaller boy's chest heaved and he clenched his jaw. "Maybe it's because I don't enjoy having someone's face one foot away from my own that isn't my boyfriends." Cas grumbled, his hand tightening nervously in Dean’s hair.

"What? What’s wrong?" Dean rubbed his eyes and pulled out of Cas, before sitting up. He opened his eyes, looking around, before they landed on Azazel. "Oh, sorry sir, did something happen?"

"Ah, yes. My apologies...but you need to leave. I am here to instructed physical." Azazel said, looking through his worksheets jerkily. "It says the boy has a history of being in the hospital, and for the same reason he is here today, I am just here to check if he is okidoki."

"Oh, okay...uh can you leave for a second? We have to get...dressed." Dean asked, looking at the nurse, indicating that they were both naked under the sheets, which they were. The nurse nodded, glancing at Castiel a little too long. "That won't be necessary for Mr. Novak." He said before walking out.

Dean just shrugged as the man left. "He's kind of weird." He murmured, looking at Cas. Castiel nodded and nervously looked at Dean. "Yeah, it'll be okay, I'm weird too." The smaller boy said with a smile. "Why don't you go to the cafeteria and get food, we can eat." He said softly. Dean nodded. "Sorry to leave you with a boner, sweetheart." He grinned and swooped down to peck Cas on the lips, before he got up and got dressed.

Castiel giggled and laid back in his bed, getting comfortable. "Bring me something nice." He said softly, his eyes twinkling with a light.

"Of course, baby." Dean grinned, pulling on his shirt. He gave Cas a final kiss, before he strolled out. That Azazel guy was kind of weird...he would go to the front desk and ask about him, he wanted to file a complaint.

Azazel walked into the room and locked the door behind him, causing Cas to tense. "You're a pretty lil thing." Azazel giggled, wheezing slightly as he walked over. Cas immediately wished Dean was here. "Don't say that and just do your job." Cas mumbled, his throat tight. "What job?" Azazel asked, almost dumbfounded by the question before he slid a needle into Cas' arm, turning the dial up for morphine. Castiel jerked and yelped, Azazel quickly clamped a dirty hand over Cas' mouth. "Shhhhhhhhh!" He hissed. "Sleeeeep!" Cas' eyes slowly began to cross and he started laughing drunkenly, the high amounts of morphine causing him to act loopy. Azazel hummed and skipped over to the counter, pulling out tapes. The man walked back over and started placing random pieces of tape along Cas' chest, acting like an artist to a masterpiece.

Dean walked up to the front desk. "Hi, yes, I'd like to ask about a nurse you guys employ, maybe even file a complaint?" The young woman across the desk nodded. "Of course, sir, and who are you asking about?" Dean tried to think of the name. "It was a weird red letters....Azriel? Azel? Something like that. He was acting really weirdly towards my boyfriend." Dean leaned forward on the desk, watching as the woman's eyes got wide.

Azazel hummed and finally finished writing his name on the wall with a red sharpie, the same one he used to write on his name to the sticker he put on the fun coat he found. The man had drawn symbols all over the walls and windows, muttering about warding off the bad spirits. Cas watched dazedly and laughed with joy. "You're funny!" He giggled. "Wanna hear something else that's fun? Crawling through vents, do it all the time. It's how I got here!" Azazel said hoarsely, his head ticking to the side every once and awhile. Cas' eyes widened in wonder and he gasped in awe, clapping his hands together. "Sssssounds fun!" Castiel said quickly. Azazel nodded and walked towards the vents, opening the one on the lower half of the wall. "Here, come with me." He drawled before crawling inside. Castiel watched and looked over at the machine. "Hm, high morphine levels for whoever stays in here." Cas said absentmindedly as he pulled the IVs out and wobbled after the man curiously, sliding into the vent with ease.

The nurse looked at Dean. No, there’s no way... "Sir, what did you say his name tag looked like." Dean shrugged, still not getting what was wrong. "Like I said, it was red, kinda like someone wrote it on. And it didn't even say nurse or anything, it was just like an index card taped on a jacket..." Deans throat went dry. "Sir, Azazel is a patient in our insanity ward." The woman said, as she got up, racing towards Cas' room, Dean close behind her. As soon as they got there the nurse gasped and turned the morphine down, worrying her lip with her teeth. Dean looked at the vent. Yeah, Cas was thin enough to fit through there. He turned to the nurse, his hands shaking with ear. "W-Where does he like to g-go?" Dean couldn't control how shaky his voice was, and he hated how weak he sounded in the moment.

"I idea. Oh god I'm so sorry, we will find them right away. I promise." The nurse said. She ran over to the vent and got on her hands and knees, just in time to see Cas laying at the other end of the air duct. Castiel giggled and waved, his pupils fully dilated.

"Oh my god!" Dean looked in too, but there was no way he was fitting in there, his shoulders were too damn broad. "Would he go back to his room?" Dean’s hands were starting to shake.

Castiel let out a tiny "wheeee!" when Azazel reached back and grabbed his ankle, sliding him around the corner. The nurse slapped a hand over her mouth a quickly closed the vent, decidedly not telling the already worried boyfriend. " went right. So that means he's heading towards the crematorium." She explained, not really thinking over what the words meant. A word on the wall read "best friends forever", the r elongated, like his hand slipped.

Deans heart was speeding up. "Azazel doesn't even fucking know him, how are they best friends?" Dean felt like he was hyperventilating, but he forced himself to stay calm. "Where is it?"

"At the very end of the hall on your right, hurry. I'll call the security." She said quickly before running out to the front desk. Azazel kicked open the vent and lowered Cas to the floor, jumping out after him. Cas wobbled a bit, looking around in excitement. Azazel watched eagerly and dragged Cas over to a furnace. "Here! Let's get inside!" He drawled, climbing inside of the furnace like he was on an adventure. Castiel watched in wonder and giggled, looking back at the large locked door, it had a small window, he thought it was the perfect place to make a fort from because it looked like a real fort. Cas crawled inside and sat at the entrance, watching Azazel rock back and forth. "We're good friends, you and I." Azazel rasped.

Dean down the hall, hoping that maybe Azazel wanted to talk or some shit to Cas first. He got the the door labeled 'Crematorium' and grabbed the door knob, letting out a groan of frustration when it was locked. "Cas! Castiel!" He started banging on the door with his fist.

Castiel turned and looked at Dean dazedly, his eyes lighting up with childlike joy. "That's my boyyyyfriend!" He said, pointing at the little window where Dean’s face was. Azazel paused, looking at Dean and his eyes became more and more dangerous. "Heeeee likes to fuck me! A-And it's awesome !" Castiel slurred, leaning back against the wall of the furnace with a dreamy look. "Dean has a biggg ding dong."

Dean saw Azazel through the window and glared at him as he called Cas' name. He kept pounding on the metal door, he could feel his skin becoming raw and he could feel his fist throbbing as he pounded the door.

"Sir! Stop!" A man yelled as he ran over, fumbling with a set of keys. "He's very unpredictable! He was sent here for asphyxiation of fourteen people in a daycare center." The guard explained as he moved Dean back. As soon as the click of the lock sounded through the room Azazel snapped, screaming in a rage as he tackled Cas to the ground. Dean’s heart stopped and he felt like it took forever for the man to open the door, but as soon as he did, Dean's eyes widened at the sight before him. "Get off of him!" Dean ran at Azazel in rage, tackling the man. Azazel snapped his teeth and the guard immediately rushed over, slamming a needle into the patient's neck.

Dean pushed Azazel to the side in disgust and focused on Cas. "Cas? Castiel? Are you okay?" He made his voice gentle and soft as he kneeled over the blue eyed boy laying on the floor.

Castiel looked up dreamily and laughed, bopping Dean's nose. "You're cute, mmmm, marry me." He slurred lazily. The smaller boy stood up and wobbled before walking towards the furnace. "Adventure!" He squeaked out.

"Cas!" Dean hissed, grabbing Cas by the back of his shirt and dragging him back, deciding to take Cas out of the room altogether. He dragged Cas out and back into his own room.

Castiel giggled, slowly sliding out of his shirt and to the floor. The smaller boy looked around, a confused look on his face. "This is not as cool as my fort!" He whined blatantly, giving Dean the best puppy eyes he could. "Are you my frieeennd?"

"I’m your boyfriend, Cas." Dean bent over and picked Castiel up, laying him down on the bed. Cas stared at Dean and grabbed his head, pulling him so their noses were almost touching, he slowly tilted his head to the side, narrowing his eyes before he flopped back to the bed, his eyes foggy. "Yourrr the one who makes me feeel goooood." He drawled, giggling about. "In-In hereeee!" The smaller boy pointed to his heart. "Annndd in here." He slurred, waving to his whole body. Dean just chuckled and layed down next to Cas in the bed. He turned to Cas, his head propped up on his shoulder. Castiel cooed lazily, placing an open hand on Dean’s face. "Whyyyy so serious." He said, narrowing his eyes. Dean smiled and licked Cas' hand. "You should probably sleep, Cas."

Castiel giggled, sticking his tongue out at Dean in return. "Your tongue is A-Okay, love it, I could tell you everything I want your tongue to do, it's amazing ." Cas drawled tiredly. It was obvious the morphine was slowly wearing off, but Cas was still as loopy as the nearest drunk at the bar. Dean rolled his eyes. "Go to sleep, Cas." He murmured softly, running a hand through Cas' hair

"Nooo! Seriousllyyy, itsss mind blowing!" Castiel slurred with wide eyes, nodding intently. The smaller boy reached up to boop Dean’s nose, his hand slowly dropping to the bed as his eyes slipped shut. Cas' breaths evened out, a smile on his face.

"I love you." Dean whispered and kissed Cas' smooth cheek, before he let his eyes flutter shut, his arm wrapped around Cas.

Chapter Text

Cas woke up ten hours later, drowsy from a good night's sleep. He groaned and rolled over slightly, snuggling into the large wall of warmth next to him. He couldn't even remember where he was, or who was next to him. Dean grinned. He had been awake for about an hour, but he didn’t want to wake Cas up, so he had just watched Cas sleep until he woke. "Good morning, Cas."

Castiel whimpered, pulling the blankets over his head. "Why does it feel like I have a hangover...not that I would know what that feels like, but it's what you know it would feel like." The blue eyed boy complained hoarsely. Dean got off the bed, stretching. "Maybe cause you got drugged." He said lightly, bending over to put on his shoes. "I’m gonna go get you a bottle of water. What do you want to eat? That cafeteria has everything." Dean had to force himself to be light and airy so he wouldn't dwell too much on what had happened.

"Why'd I get drugged? Was I in pain?" Cas asked in confusion, rolling over onto his back so he could watch Dean. The smaller boy squinted at the light, his eyes widening at the writing on the wall. "Dean! Oh god! How are we going to pay for that! Did you get bored?" He yelped.

"Some insane patient broke in and tried to kill you. Like I said, do you want anything?" Dean’s voice started to get thick. He looked down at his torn up knuckles, god they hurt like a bitch. A few nurses asked if they wanted them to wrap them up for him, but Dean refused. Castiel tilted his head, frowning. "Dean, you're kidding, right? Come sit down so we can talk, I want to know what's wrong..." He coaxed gently, moving over a bit for his boyfriend to lie down next to him.

"I can’t, Cas." Dean’s voice broke and he stood by the door, slumped over, looking like a dejected child. "I should have known, I could have stopped everything that happened."

Castiel frowned and sat up, swinging his feet over the side of the bed. "Dean...please come here. Did I do anything? I-I don't remember if I did, but I'd like to know so I could apologize." The smaller boy said pleadingly, holding out a hand.

Dean snapped his head up and limped over to Cas. "No, no, Cas, it wasn’t your fault. Don’t you ever think it was your fault." Dean couldn’t help it, be fucking broke down . He wrapped his arms around Cas and sobbed into Cas' neck, Dean standing and Cas sitting on the hospital bed. Castiel teared up slightly at the thought of Dean in so much pain, his hands gently rubbing his back. "Dean...can you tell me what really happened so I may help you? I love you so much, you must remember that it's okay to let go."


Dean let himself cry for a few more minutes before he wiped his face and stood up straight. "S-Some guy, A-Azazel came in, pretending to be a nurse, and he was actually an insanity patient, and he drugged you up and took you to the cremating place, and he...and he was gonna kill you but then I started banging on the door and the guard came and they took him away." Dean knew his explanation was shit, but that was all he could handle right now.

Castiel’s eyes widened and he cupped Dean’s cheek. "Dean...are you sure, are you thinking straight? Here, lie down with me, the nurse will bring us food." He said gently, pulling Dean onto the bed with him. "I think we both need a rest."

Dean nodded and layed down with Cas. "I'm so sorry I could protect you." He curled up, starting to cry again. Castiel cooed and kissed Dean’s forehead lovingly, his slim hands carding through Dean’s spiky hair. "Dean, I'm sure you did everything you could, sometimes, you're not a superhuman who can teleport through walls and metal steel with your eye laser beams." The smaller boy murmured, smiling shyly as he tried to cheer Dean up. Dean gave Cas a little smile and he sniffled. "Sorry, I'm acting like a fucking girl ." Dean sat up and wiped his face.

Castiel pulled Dean back down, smiling gently. "Mmm, no leaving yet...hey! I act like that all the time! I'm not a girl !" Cas defended, crossing his arms and giving Dean a glare. Yeah. He was a total girl. Dean smiled again and leaned forward, kissing Cas deeply. "I love you." He laid down on his back, letting Cas rest his head on Dean’s chest. "Like...we could totally sue the hospital of we wanted...we could make some coin ."

Castiel giggled, running his fingers in circles over Dean’s chest and stomach. "You're a dork." He said softly. "If you want to sue, you have to be ready for the commitment of the lawsuit."

"Yes, but moneyyyyy ." Dean smirked, running his hands through Cas black hair. Castiel laughed, moving his head so he could look up at Dean with round, blue eyes. "I love you, so much. W-We could put the money towards buying a house of our own?" He suggested in a quiet voice. Dean nodded quickly, he couldn’t believe Cas actually wanted to do it. "Of course, Cas. That'd be amazing."

Castiel smiled, nuzzling his face into Dean’s chest. "I love you." He breathed out again, layering tiny kisses over the soft fabric.

"I love you, too, Cas." Dean grinned. "Damn, we're actually gonna do this, you and me." He murmured softly, running a hand up and down Cas' chest.

"I want a house with a white picket fence, and a garage, it's like a small modern cottage, with a garden for me to work on while I watch you fix your cars." Cas whispered softly, tearing up at the thought of having a normal life with Dean. Everything recently seemed so crazy, like they were magnetizing some sort of bad force. But he could see it now. Cas peeking his head up with a gardening hat on, a dorky smile on his face as he watched Dean’s muscles flex, obviously cranking bolts within the engines hood. The blue eyed boy would have dirt smudged on his cheeks, and when Dean would glance over and see him, he'd have oil stains all over his arms and forehead in return.

"You wanna go to college, Cas?" Dean asked, thinking about how much Cas meant to him. "I don’t want you missing out on an education. And anyways, didn’t you get accepted into the ones you wanted?" Dean and Cas were seniors, their applications had went in at the end of their last school year, and the results came in a few months ago.

Castiel bit his lip and looked up, acting sad as he gave puppy eyes. "" He started, glancing down at Dean’s shirt with a pathetic look.

"What's wrong, Cas?" Dean asked, looking at Castiel with concern. Castiel looked up at Dean, a smile slowly spreading over his face. His plump lip popped free from his teeth and his slim hand played with Dean's shirt. "I got in." He murmured. Dean’s toes curled, something that happened when he was excited. "I'm so happy for you!" He grinned down at Cas, not sure how to express his excitement.

Castiel smiled happily, squirming until he was straddling Dean. "What about you? Did you get in to the Auto School you wanted?" He asked softly, laying against Dean’s chest like a koala. Dean kissed the top of Cas' head. "Uh...." He fiddled with Cas' hair, not looking Cas in the eyes.

Cas paused and took Dean's hand, smiling encouragingly. "I'll love you no matter what, remember that." He whispered, kissing Dean’s ring finger with care.

" tip... If you write about your dead mother and abusive alcoholic father in your essay, you get a full ride." His words turned up into almost a squeal at the end of his sentence.

Castiel let out a happy laugh of excitement, pulling Dean into a heated and passionate kiss before he slowed to a stop, his eyes concerned and his brow furrowed. "Repeat that." He said slowly.

Dean kissed him back, a wide grin on his face. "Why?" He asked, before shrugging and saying it again, slower this time, "If you write about your dead mother and abusive alcoholic father in your essay, you get a full ride."

Cas knew that Dean's mother was deceased, he knew that his father drank a lot, but never once had Dean told him that his father abused him. The smaller boy's eyes filled with unshed tears. "Dean, why did you say abusive...?" He asked in a tiny voice. God he was so selfish, he never considered the thought that Dean may be in pain when he goes home. He never thought that he should have asked if Dean wanted to stay over.

"Shit..." Dean hissed and the smile fell off his face. He had never told Cas, never wanted him to worry. He had never told anyone, really. He had broken down in tears when he wrote his essay, when he wrote of how he was beaten, locked out, sneered at, scorned. "I-It’s fine, Cas..." He mumbled, looking down.

"Don't you dare say that it's okay!" Cas yelled, his tear filled blue eyes spilling over. The smaller boy curled up on Dean’s chest, his face nuzzled into Dean’s neck as he let out tiny sobs and hiccups. Cas could be emotional, but this hit him hard. He should have done better, he should have been a better boyfriend in return to Dean. "I'm so s-sorry." He choked out, wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck to keep him close.

Dean bit his lip, hard, to keep himself from crying as he rubbed Cas' back. "I swear, it wasnt even that bad." He tried to lie. It was bad . He was glad that Cas only saw him naked when he was too far gone to care. If Cas brought down the collar of Dean’s shirt a little, he would see the long, deep scar, that had been there for four years. When Dean tried to come out to John as bi, or maybe even gay, when he was thirteen, John had smashed the whiskey bottle against the wall, before swinging it around amd slashing Dean across the chest with the jagged edge.

Castiel cried even harder, it had to have been awful if Dean said it wasn't bad. The larger boy was terrible at lying. He stood up and grabbed the doctoral lube before coming back. "Don't say a word." He murmured, sniffling as he pulled off his hospital gown. The smaller boy had scars all over his body, but for a different reason that Dean's. Cas pulled Dean’s pants off and kissed everywhere he could reach before coating Dean’s cock and crawling back up. "I'm so sorry." He whispered as he sank down, biting his lip. The smaller boy stayed like that and pulled Dean’s shirt off, his tears falling onto the long scar running over Dean’s chest.


Oh god he was such a whore . He was a dirty fucking no good cock slut who didn't even notice that because he was so focused on the sex. Cas let the tears fall down his pale face as he leaned down, leaving open mouth kisses down the scar, just like Dean did to him all those days ago.


“Cas...I don’t need…” Dean began with a pleading look. Castiel let out a muffled sob, clenching around Dean as if to tell him to shut up and accept the love he was trying to return. "I-I'm s-such a piece of selfish shit, I-I'm a whore w-who deserves to die in h-hell. I-I shouldn't have let myself be a c-cock slut and just let m-myself enjoy the p-pleasure, b-because you deserve more than I d-d-do." Cas rambled, kissing and nipping and sucking at every inch of Dean's skin. The smaller boy laved his tongue over every scar and every patch of freckles. Dean had so many freckles, it was beautiful. Cas loved it so much it hurt. The blue eyed boy slowly rocked his hips, not chasing his pleasure, but attempting to give Dean a moment to remember.

Dean’s heart imploded and he put a hand under Cas' chin, forcing him to look up at him. "Don’t you fucking dare say that about yourself ever again" Dean’s voice was low and dangerous. "You are so sweet and so kind and so giving, Cas." Dean insisted, looking deep into Cas' blue eyes.

Castiel sniffled and shook his head, a look of pain on his tear stained face. "No, I’m not. I-I want to give you something special." Cas insisted, his hips rocking in a slow motion. "Please."

"Of course, Cas." Dean leaned forward and kissed Cas. God, he just wanted to kiss the pain and the hurt away. Castiel slowly started to kiss back feverishly, his hips rocking and circling against Dean’s muscular abdomen. He clenched and fluttered around Dean’s cock, his slim hands running gently over Dean’s chest in appreciation.

"I love you, so much, Cas." Dean whispered against Cas' lips. Dean let his eyes flutter shut and he threw his head back in a groan.

Castiel panted quietly, watching Dean with loving eyes as he rose up and sank back down, clenching as hard as he could. "W-Wanna make you feel good." He whispered in earnest.

"You already make me feel good, Cas." Dean insisted before letting out a throaty moan. "S-So fuckin’ tight, Cas." He lifted his head to look into those blue eyes he loved so much. Cas sat up, burying his hands in his hair and letting his head fall back. He was at least trying to look sexy, give him a break. The smaller boy bounced up and down, clenching on each downfall as he let out over exaggerated moans to spur Dean on. "I-Is this good?" He gasped out in exertion.

"F-Fuck, Cas, so fucking hot, g-gonna cum..." Dean mumbled, his hands tightening on Castiel’s waist. "I fucking love you." He moaned before he came deep inside of Cas, his body jerking and twitching.

Castiel leaned over, kissing at Dean’s neck as his hips slowly rolled to a stop. "H-How was that?" He asked softly, circling his hips subtly to help Dean through the aftershocks of his orgasm.

"Fuckin' amazing, Cas..." Dean grinned drunkenly and raked his eyes down Cas' body. "But you haven’t cum yet." He let go of Cas' waist and brought a hand up to Cas' cock, starting to stroke it.

"N-No!" Castiel squeaked, swatting Dean's hands away. "This was about you." He murmured, but deep down, Cas knew. It would always nag him if Dean was feeling as good as he was, that he didn't really deserve to come from all of the times he stole it from Dean. Cas had major 'jumping to conclusions' issues, and this was on the mile long list. Dean raised an eyebrow when his hand was swatted away. "Please, Cas? Let me make you feel good..." He leaned forward, kissing Castiel’s neck, his hand trailing down Cas' chest to jerk his cock again.

Castiel let out a choked mewl, his eyes fluttering shut before snapping open. "N-No..!" He gasped out, sliding off of Dean and laying next to him. "This was about you." He whimpered, giving Dean his best puppy eyes.

"Cas, I'm gonna feel bad if I cum and you don’t." Dean turned to Cas, propping himself up on one elbow, turning to face Castiel.

"It's okay." Castiel assured. The smaller boy nuzzled his face into Dean’s chest, kissing and sucking gently at the scar like it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Dean squirmed around a little, he fucking hated that scar. "Lisa used to cover it up with her makeup when we had sex, she didn't like looking at it." Dean murmured, bringing his hand up and running it through his own hair.

"Don't talk about Lisa right now." Castiel huffed, looking up at Dean. "I love you, and it's apart of you. Therefore I love it. Are you revolted by my legs?" He asked, the last question coming out in a tiny voice. Dean raised an eyebrow. "What’s wrong with your legs?" He knew damn well what Cas was talking about. Castiel glared and swatted Dean gently. "You know what, Dean. Like I said, I don't find it revolting, I think it shows courage, and bravery, and character development. I think it's the same as any piece of your skin, and it's beautiful, just like the rest of you." He whispered with a smile.

Dean couldn’t fight the blush and smile that came onto his face. "Well, damn, Shakespeare." He grinned, giving Cas a quick peck on the lips. "I don’t find any part of you revolting, Cas, I love you."

Castiel’s smile grew and he laughed, kissing Dean back once. "Mhm, I should become a poet." He said teasingly.

"You should, you know, on the side of being a beekeeper." Dean grinned, booping Cas' nose. God, he loved Castiel so much. Castiel giggled, catching Dean’s finger in his mouth. The smaller boy licked the pad of his finger with his tongue suggestive before letting go. "Mmm, and you should become a police officer, I know deep down you're meant to save people." He said gently.

"I wanna be a firefighter." Dean looked down at Cas. "Or like, maybe a volunteer one. Yeah, that'd be better." He nodded to himself. "So I could still fix cars, and I could do what I love...." He winked at Cas. "And who I love."

Castiel turned pink, looking away shyly. "You wouldn't do me." He said nervously, reminding himself that he shouldn't accept pleasure over Deans.

"Yeah I would." Dean bit his lip. He kept forgetting about Cas' anxiety. "You know I love you..." He mumbled, scooting Cas up the bed so they could wrap their arms around each other in a loving embrace. Castiel awkwardly looked down, tucking his head under Dean’s chin so he wouldn't see his face. He gently snuggled closer, nodding like a sleepy child. "Yes, and I love you."

"Good boy." Dean gave Cas a peck on the head and evened out his breathing, trying to sleep, but he could feel Cas' boner poking into his leg. Castiel smiled and lazily snuggled closer, "I love you so much, but I feel like I don't deserve such a man whose soul as pure as yours. Sometimes I feel like I was born to pull the righteous from the hell-fire of his own heart." Cas murmured, reciting a poem to himself. It was his own, obviously, but it felt special to him.

Dean bit his lip to stop himself from grinning like a madman. Castiel was amazing . He would have to get a career in writing, he would make it so far. Dean kept repeating the poem to himself, memorizing it. It was beautiful , he would have to get it on the inside of their wedding ring or something. He held Cas close until he fell asleep, then he pushed Cas' shoulder, until Cas was laying on his back, and Dean reached for the lube on the headstand. He wanted Cas to wake up, watching Dean bounce on his cock.

Castiel grumbled fitfully, throwing an arm over his face in his sleep. The boy's sex hair peaked out from behind his slim arm, his hospital gown rumpled and pulled up slightly; it made Dean chuckle. Dean lubed up his fingers and stretched himself hastily, he wanted Castiel inside him, now . He shoved up Cas' gown and licked his lips at the sight of Cas' half-hard cock. When Dean finally managed to fit three fingers inside himself, he deemed himself ready and jerked Cas' cock to full hardness, rubbing the head of his cock against Dean’s furled rim.

Cas' chest rose and fell heavily, his brow furrowing at the disturbance to his sleep. "Mmm, Dean?" He mumbled in his sleep, his arm sliding up to fall above his head.

"Sshh, Cas..." Dean cooed, before sinking down on Cas' cock, inch by inch, until his thighs were pressed against Castiel’s sharp hip bones. Castiel groaned, shifting slightly, unknowingly aiming at the perfect angle as his eyes slowly peaked open. "Hmmm, Dean?" He croaked.

Dean let out a strangled moan as Cas hit his prostate. "Fuck...." Dean moaned, starting to bounce up and down, his own cock filling up. He was already impossibly tight, as this was only his second time bottoming.

Castiel’s nerves slowly came to life, the pleasure fading in at an agonizingly slow pace. " Dean ?" Cas rasped, the haze leaving his eyes and becoming replaced with confusion.

"Yeah, Cas?" Dean started to bounce up and down, rolling his hips, trying to hit that special spot again. Cas saw what Dean was trying to do and immediately helped, angling his own hips to fuck against Dean’s prostate. "C-Cum for me." He gasped, his eyes wide and needy. Dean shook his head. "Y-You cum first." He insisted, clenching around Cas, the same as Castiel did to him.

Castiel groaned, clenching his jaw and squeezing his eyes shut. "N-No! No, I want you to cum first." He pleaded, giving Dean sad puppy dog eyes.

"Cas...please, cum for me." Dean begged, swirling his hips around, trying to get Cas to cum inside of him.

Castiel threw his head back, his back arching in pleasure. The only thought running through his brain was 'don't deserve it' as his hand shot down and tightened around the base of his dick. The smaller boy gasped in relief, his eyes hooded in effort.

Dean sighed and grabbed Cas' hand, gently prying it off his dick. "Do you love me, Cas?" He asked, looking down at Castiel with wide eyes.

Cas grunted and bit his lip, a pained look on his face as he nodded. "U-Uh huh." He whimpered.

"Then cum for me, Cas." Dean begged, clenching around Cas' rigid cock inside of him. Cas' eyes blew open wide, his mouth hanging open in a perfect 'o' shape. The smaller boy turned his head and buried it within the pillows, choking on a strangled cry of pleasure. His hips jerked, his stomach sucking in with an attempt to stave off his orgasm, but it didn't work. Cas' arms came up to hide his face in shame while he let out a long, high pitched moan, cumming inside of Dean as he tried to muffle his mewls and gasps.

Dean grinned as he felt Cas's cum spill up inside him. "Cas!" He gasped out as his eyes rolled back into his head as he came all over Cas' chest, some even getting on Cas' chin. Castiel whimpered, his breathing erratic as he tried not to cry. How did he fail again ? The smaller boy pulled the pillow from behind his head and placing on top of his face. He sadly ran a finger through Dean’s cum and lifted the pillow to put it in his mouth before letting the pillow fall back down with a pout.

"So good, baby, did so good." Dean bent down, still sitting on Cas’ cock, and started peppering kisses all over Cas' face and neck, murmuring proclamations of love. Castiel sniffled, wrapping his arms around Dean’s neck and pulling his face from under the pillow. The smaller boy shuddered, his slim hands threading through Dean’s hair. "I don't understand why you like riding me, it's not even big." He murmured in embarrassment.

Dean rolled his eyes. "You're perfect, Cas." He murmured, kissing at Cas' neck, sucking a few deep marks.

Cas' head fell back, a tiny gasp falling from his lips. "D-Dean! Stop! How will I cover them up!" He whimpered, shuddering lightly underneath the larger boy.

"You won’t." Dean said lowly, sucking a mark right on Castiel’s adams apple. "Everyone's gonna know you belong to me ."

Cas keened and immediately forgot about his determination to deny pleasure. "O-Ohhhh..." He mewled, gripping onto Dean’s short hair needily.

"You're my good boy, Cas. Only mine ." Dean growled, biting lightly at the side of Cas' neck, leaving marks that would be there for weeks.

"Ah!" Cas gasped, his hips moving gently. " Yours . Only yours, Dean. No one else’s." He rambled as he swallowed thickly.

"That’s what I thought. You gonna do what I tell you?" Dean smirked against the soft skin of Cas' smooth, shaven neck.

"Y-Yes!" Castiel said, appreciatively running his hands along the nape of Dean's neck, grazing his shoulders.

"You gonna cum when I tell you to?" Dean flexed his back muscles, grinding down on Cas. Sure, the soft cock inside of him was getting kind of uncomfortable, but Dean didn’t care.

"I'll try." The smaller boy whimpered in reply, feeling up all of Dean's muscles. "I love your back." He murmured.

"Good boy." Dean grinned, starting to roll his hips around Cas again, feeling the boy start to harden again. Castiel whimpered, his cock oversensitive and he grimaced in pain. "D-Dean." He started, a look of discomfort on his face. How did Dean do this? Last this long, that is. Dean noticed. "Oh, god, sorry, Cas." he quickly pulled off. "Did I hurt you? Oh god, I'm so sorry, Cas." Dean laid down next to Cas, looking at him a worried face.

"N-No! Sorry! I didn't want to ruin it!" Cas apologized quickly, cupping Dean’s face. "I'm just not used to um...being the top, I don't know how you can do that." He said with a smile.

"No, it’s fine, Cas." Dean smiled warmly and leaned forward and pecked Cas' lips. "Let’s sleep, Sweetheart."

"We already slept." Castiel teased gently, looking at Dean with a look full of love. "I love you so much." He whispered.

"I love you, too, Cas, more than I could ever tell you." Dean said softly, reaching a hand forward and cupping Cas' face.

"Don't one up me, I'm supposed to be the one who one ups you and then you give up and accept my love." Cas huffed. Dean grinned fondly. "Sorry." He teased, his thumb rubbing Cas' cheekbone. Cas stuck his tongue out, leaning into Dean’s hand contently. "Mmhm."

"So...when can you get out of here?" Dean wanted to be out of there as soon as possible.

Cas smiled and slowly wrapped a leg over Dean’s hip. "Mmm, well, since there's a month or two left of school." He started with a suggestive look. "We should look for places to stay, and possibly find jobs." Cas leaned forward, nipping Dean’s bottom lip.

"I meant the hospital, Cas." Dean laughed lightly.

"I meant that too." Castiel teased. Dean lowered a hand to Cas' bent knee over his hip. "You wanna get out tomorrow?" He started rubbing Cas' hairless leg, back and forth."

Castiel shuddered and covered it up quickly by shifting. "Yes." He said with a nod. Dean noticed and smirked. "We can go to your house, and you can let me take care of you..." Dean started bringing his hand up to Cas' thigh.

Cas turned red and tightened his legs hold, giving Dean a pointed glare. "I can take care of myself!" He whined.

"I thought you said you would listen to me, Cas?" Dean raised an eyebrow, glaring at Cas, his lips pressed in a thin line.

"B-But I don't need to cum all the time." Castiel said with a pleading look, shifting nervously.

"It doesn’t feel right if only I cum, Cas." Dean softened his voice. Cas sighed and nuzzled closer. "I don't deserve it."

"You deserve the world, Castiel." Dean said sincerely, and it was obvious he meant it.

Castiel smiled, rolling to lay on top of Dean. "Thank you, you do too." He murmured, slowly making his way down Dean’s body. Dean stifled a groan. "C-Cas, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to." He felt this cock twitching with interest.

Castiel shushed Dean and glared before taking the head of Dean's cock into his mouth, moaning at the size of him. Dean moaned also, arching his back. "God, Cas..." He whined, squirming around on the bed. Usually, they were fucking, so Dean had all the power, but when Cas was sucking him off, Dean felt helpless, like he just had to lie there and take it. Castiel lazily moved his tongue through the slit of Dean's cock, bobbing his head up and down in a slow rhythm. The smaller boy got on his knees and arched his ass in the air for Dean to see. Dean’s mouth went dry and he looked at Cas with wide eyes and a dry mouth. "W-What're you gonna do, Cas?"

Castiel hummed around Dean’s cock, smiling at him teasingly before pulling off. "Nothing, just getting comfortable." He said as he took Dean back into his mouth. Dean let out a groan and bunched up the pillows behind his head so he could look down at Cas without hurting his neck. "You tease."

"Your friend likes the teasing." Castiel said, licking a broad stripe up the underside of Dean's cock. Cas tilted his head to suck at the sensitive spot at the crown of Dean's dick, grazing his teeth lightly.

Dean licked his lips, looking at Cas, his cock letting out little blurts of precum. "P-Please..." He begged, though he did enjoy the teasing.

Cas' hungry eyes watched Dean’s precum slide down to his mouth, a smirk on his face as he licked and sucked it all away. "Please what?" He asked.

Dean shuddered and moaned, his cock twitching at his enticing boyfriend. "A-Anything, Cas!" He whined, bucking his hips up. Castiel smiled and wrapped his lips back over Dean’s cock, hollowing his cheeks and sucking as best he could. The smaller boy looked up, giving Dean a round eyed pleading look. Dean lowered his hand and tightened it in Cas' hair, bucking his hips up into Castiel’s mouth. "F-Fuck, so good, Cas" He shakily moaned.

Cas mewled, relaxing his throat, taking a shaky breath before he looked up at Dean, giving him permission to move.

Dean nodded and started rolling his hips up, trying not to cum too soon. "So good for me, Cas, you know that? Love you so much..." Dean rambled. Castiel moaned breathlessly, his throat fluttering around the thick cock in his mouth. His round blue eyes showing all the love he felt for Dean in return. Dean felt the vibration of Cas' moaned and he squeezed his eyes shut, sucking his stomach in, trying to hold off his orgasm. "F-Fuuuuck..."

Cas glared, seeing what Dean was doing and immediately sucking as hard as he could, swallowing thickly around him. Dean let out a weak groan as his eyes rolled back into his head and he came down Cas' throat, thick ropes of cum shooting out of his cock, his body shuddering. Castiel choked and struggled to swallow all of it, some spilling down his chin as he pulled back. "You taste good." Cas murmured, leaning forward to take a second lick.

Dean took a deep breath, before reaching forward, swiping some of his own cum off of Cas' chin with his thumb and feeding it to him. Castiel lazily sucked on Dean’s thumb, nibbling at the pad of it before pulling off with a pop. "Thank you." He whispered hoarsely. Dean sat up, pulling Cas into a sitting position, noticing Castiel was sporting a semi. "Let me return the favor..."

Castiel shook his head, scooting back. "No, it's okay, I prefer it differently." He murmured shyly.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked, cocking his head, looking at Cas.

"Nothing, I just like it when we do it together, not apart, if you understand. But I don't need it." Castiel rambled, getting off the bed so he could pull on his hospital gown.

"Cas..." Dean knew what it felt like to have an unsatisfied boner, and he didn’t want Cas to have to deal with it. "Please?" He stood up also, limping over to Castiel, not caring that he was naked in the middle of the cold room. Castiel whimpered and shook his head stubbornly. "Dean, I'll be fine." He said.

"Cas...." Dean whined. "Why not? Now I feel bad." Dean pouted. Castiel sighed, wrapping his arms around his stomach insecurely. "I just can't keep acting like a cock slut, Dean. It's not right."

Dean let out something that sounded like a sob. "You're not a cock slut, Cas. Who told you that?" Dean took a step closer, putting his warm hands over Castiel’s hips. Castiel shuddered, looking up at Dean with round eyes. "M-Myself, I think that." The smaller boy said.

"You're not , Cas. At all ." Dean said sharply. He didn’t want to scare the boy, but he couldn’t have Castiel thinking that about himself. Cas looked down and nodded at his chest, stepping into Dean’s warm embrace. "I love you."

"I love you too, Cas." Dean sighed, wrapping his arms around Cas. "You know it hurts me when you say bad stuff about yourself..."

Castiel whimpered, looking up at Dean apologetically. "I don't mean to hurt you." He whined with sad eyes.

"I love you, Castiel, so much ." Dean bit his lip, looking down at Cas with wide eyes. Castiel smiled, kissing Dean’s chest. "I love you too."

"Good boy." Dean grinned, looking around the room, the harsh writing hurting his eyes. "You wanna get out of here Cas?"

Cas nodded and pulled on his hospital gown, "How about we go to the cafeteria? I heard they were serving pie."

"I'll get dressed!" Dean gave Cas a goofy smile, before he started pulling on his boxers and jeans that were tangled up in the covers. Castiel smiled, eyeing Dean’s ass and dick hungrily before reminding himself to not think like that. "You're adorable." He said fondly.

"Thank you, Sweetheart." Dean grinned and pulled his shirt up, covering the ugly scar. He walked over to Cas, wrapping his large leather jacket over Cas' thin frame. "Don’t want anyone eyeing up whats mine."

Castiel chuckled, leaning over and gently kissing Deens cheek. "I love you so much. You’re too good to me." He said softly.

"I know." Dean chuckled, before kissing Cas' cheek also. "I'm just joking, Cas, I love you, too."

Cas snorted and swatted Dean's chest. "Shut up or I'll make you fuck me in the air." He said as he walked to the door. Dean laughed, limping behind him. "What does that even mean ?" He plastered a smile on his face, trying not to cry out in pain as his foot sent zings of pain up his spine with each step. Sure, he had been shot, but that was a week ago, he should be fine by now. Cas noticed Dean’s limping and stopped, letting out a cry of exasperation. "Dean! Use the damn wheelchair!" He yelped. "I-It means y-you hold me up and fuck me, it's c-complicated." Cas stuttered, darting back into the room and pulling Dean’s wheelchair out.

"I'm fine, Cas." Dean grumbled and rolled his eyes, looking at the chair in disgust. It made him so...weak, and helpless.

"Use it, for me, please?" Cas coaxed gently. Dean swallowed thickly and shook his head. "You know I hate it, Cas. It makes me feel like I'm...broken."

"You aren't, I think it makes you strong. Because you're will to get better makes you sit in that chair. I need you to use it, if you don't...your foot won't heal and you'll forever be in a wheelchair, Dean..."

Dean nodded and took a deep breath. "Fine..." He grumbled and sat down in the chair, shifting around moodily. Cas smiled and leaned down, nibbling and sucking at Dean’s neck until a hickey formed. "Good job, Dean. I'll give you a treat later." He teases fondly. Dean grinned a little, calming down. "Ooo, a treat." He teased back, turning his head so he could look at Castiel.

Cas rolled his eyes fondly and swatted Dean's shoulder before wheeling him to the cafeteria. "Mmm, you're perfect." He murmured.

"I know." Dean grinned, shrugging a little, looking around the cafeteria. "What do you want?"

Castiel smiled fondly, kissing the top of Dean's head. "How about I'll get the pie you wanted, you can go over to the table." Cas said softly before walking towards the lunch line.

"Get me fries, please!" Dean called after him, before rolling over to a little secluded booth in a corner, with a thick curtain that closed around it, muffling all sound that was in the booth, giving the people inside total privacy. Castiel ignored the odd looks the woman serving the lunch gave him, yeah, some people still didn't like gays, but he didn't care. The smaller boy walked over to the table and tilted his head. "Dean, why do they even have this inside of a hospital cafeteria?" He asked in confusion.

"Probably to tell someone that their loved one died or something. Or to sign papers over lunch." Dean shrugged lightly, getting in the cushioned bench seat, indicating that Cas sit across from him, before he tugged the curtain over, a small, soft light coming from the fake candles in the middle. "Or..." Dean’s voice was thick. "Maybe, like, old people, if they can’t leave, and they want to spend some time with their loved one..."

Castiel smiled lovingly, sitting in the chair slowly. "You're amazing." He said softly before placing the trays down. "I love you, now eat." Cas murmured.

Dean looked around. It was so quiet and dark, and he looked across the table at Cas, only part of his face illuminated by the orbs of light in the middle of the table. "Damn, this is romantic as hell." Dean smiled, trying to break the silence. Castiel smiled, laughing shyly. "Yes, I like it." He whispered, biting his lip and looking up at Dean gently. Dean gazed at Cas, his food forgotten. "I love you, you know that, Cas?" He kinda just blurted out, his chin resting in his hand.

Cas turned a slight red at Dean’s dreamy look, a soft look in his face. "I love you too, Dean. You're so amazing." He replied with a giggle, plopping a grape in his mouth. Dean grinned and reached over the table, resting his hand on Cas'. "I just...I can’t believe I'm so lucky." So yeah, sure, he could be a sap sometimes.

Cas lifted Dean’s hand to his lips and kissed it. "And I am lucky in return." He murmured, nibbling slightly.

Dean smiled and grabbed his own food, opening the pie, the amazing smell floating out. "Mmm..." Dean moaned, unwrapping his fork. Cas giggled, watching Dean with a loving expression. "You love pie more than me sometimes."

"Not true." Dean stuck his tongue out, piling some of the gooey brown filling and pale crust on a fork, starting to moan teasingly as soon as the sticky-sweet his his tongue. Castiel quickly unwrapped his fork and leaned across, stealing a bite when Dean wasn't looking. He stuck it in his mouth, moaning quietly at the taste. "You love pie more than you do sex, then."

Dean raised an eyebrow and dipped his finger in the filling again, bringing his finger up and reaching it across the small table, smearing it against Cas' lips. "What if we combined the two?"

Castiel turned bright red and looked away shyly. "D-Dean! Someone will hear us, it's risky." He scolded with pink cheeks. Dean smirked and looked at Cas, the shiny filling still on his lips like some kind of gloss. "What’s wrong with a little risk?"

"Because it's embarrassing when we get caught!" Cas whined, licking the filling from his lips when seeing Dean’s lustful look. "Stop it." The smaller boy chided. Dean shrugged. "I don’t think it’s half bad when we get caught. I like people seeing my body, but not being allowed to touch." He picked up some more filling with his finger, wrapping his own lips around it, bobbing his head on his finger, looking into Cas' blue eyes the whole time.

Castiel grumbled and looked away, jealousy flaring through him. "Good to know." He murmured, poking at his food. "I'm going to go get water." The smaller boy said quickly before pushing his way through the curtain. Dean noticed Cas was angry and put his head in his hands, groaning. He should have fucking known . He got up and looked around, the sudden light hurting his eyes. Finally, he saw Cas' black head of hair appear back through the curtains and he put his hand on Cas' shoulder. "Cas, I am so sorry..." He started.

"'s okay, I'm used to it. I also over react." Cas murmured.

"No, I shouldn’t have said that." Dean closed the curtains again, holding Cas' hands in his own, both of them standing. "It’s just, Cas, I've never liked anyone as much as I like you, and sometimes, I just get fucking nervous and I start blurting dumb stuff out."

Castiel smiled and leaned up, gently kissing Dean's lips to stop his rambling. "I love you too." He teased. "And we all make mistakes, now fuck me over this goddamn table or go finish your food." Cas said with a shy smirk before running to the other side of the table and sitting down as if nothing had happened.

Deans throat went dry. "Y-Yeah, sure." He stuttered, still looking at Cas. He limped over to the table and sat down, still looking at Cas with wide eyes. He wanted to do exactly that, he wanted to fuck Cas on the table, bent over or even on his back... Dean let his mind run, and blushed when he realized he had a boner. Castiel put a grape in his mouth and glanced up at Dean, giggling when he saw Dean thinking. "Hello? Are you okay?" He asked, poking Dean’s pie with his fork.

Dean nodded, his mind filled with images of Cas bent over, clutching the table until his knuckles turned white, moaning so loud and needy that everyone knew who he belonged to. "Y-Yeah, Cas, I'm fine." He mumbled, digging into his pie again, though less excited. Cas frowned and put down his fork. Dean never looked at pie like that. "Dean? What's wrong? Was it the thing I said? I-I’m sorry, I’m trying to stop." The smaller boy rambled. Dean dropped his fork and looked at Cas. "No, Cas, of course, not, it’s I've kinda got a huge boner..." He blushed, not looking into Cas' eyes. "S-Sorry, I know you were just joking, but still, Cas, just the thought of bending you the fuck over, licking pie filling off your naked body..." Dean swallowed thickly, images going off in his head like canons. Castiel turned red and immediately looked down at his tray, his breathing picking up as he tried to control his own thoughts. Oh fuck Dean was right, that was a hot image. The smaller boy gripped his fork, his boner poking his hospital gown up embarrassingly.

Dean smirked, noticing Cas was getting turned on also, and he lifted his uninjured foot under the table and started rubbing at Cas' boner through the gown in his sock foot.

Castiel squeaked and scooted back. "Dean! S-Stop it!" The smaller boy whined, looking away bashfully. Someone would hear and come check on them and then he'd get embarrassed, again .

Dean smirked again and pressed the heel of his foot into the base of Cas' dick, tickling his balls. "I'm not doing anything." Dean shrugged, his face completely blank as he kept up his ministrations. Castiel yelped and brought his legs up, catching Dean's leg. The smaller boy glared and tickled the arch of Dean's foot, smirking playfully. "I'm not doing anything either."

Dean bit his lip to keep in a grin and squirmed around on the bench. "Cas..." He groaned, looking at Castiel with a pout.

Castiel giggled and slid down onto the floor, following Dean’s foot to its original place. The blue eyed boy crawled up between Dean's legs, his slim hands reaching for the zip lining the large bulge in Dean’s pants. Dean’s knees jumped and banged the underside of the table, before he pushed himself out and looked down at Cas. "I wanna fuck you, sweetheart..."

Cas gave Dean a pleading look. "Dean...come on, want your dick in my mouth." He complained, giving Dean round, puppy dog eyes as he inched forward.

"Ok.." Dean sighed, as if this were something tedious for him. He pushed his chair back in, liking the idea of Cas under a table, sucing Dean off while he ate. Castiel giggled and pulled Deans dick out, teasingly mouthing around it, breathing just out of reach.

Deans hand tightened on the plastic fork, the snap of it when it finally broke in his hand the final straw. "You gonna suck my dick, slut?" He sneered, hoping Cas was into dirty talk, because if he wasn’t, Dean might have just created another problem. Castiel flinched, his lips parting in disbelief. "W-What...?" He said quietly. The smaller boy crawled out from under the table, and looked at his food hungrily. He felt like he hadn't eaten in two days. But the words hit too close to his insecurity. Cas looked at Dean, and when he saw the sneer on his face the smaller boy stepped back and pushed his way through the curtains, running as fast as he could down the hall.

Dean groaned and put his head in his hands, groaning louder. He couldn’t do it anymore. Dean understood that Castiel had insecurities, hell, everyone did, but Cas was so paranoid, it was taking a negative toll on his life. What, did Cas expect Dean to be perfect? To know what to say every single time? Dean rubbed his eyes for a minute before he shoved his wilting dick back in his jeans and standing up, getting back in his wheelchair, rolling back to the room.

Chapter Text

Cas laid on the bed and curled his legs to his chest. The smaller boy's chest heaved with his nervous breaths. Was he a slut? He was trying to show Dean he wasn't by giving him the pleasure over his own. Was he doing it wrong? Dean bit his lip, looking inside the room, before rolling in and closing the door behind him. "Cas..." He started, rolling up to the side of Cas' hospital bed.

"I-I don't understand, is it me? I t-thought you would like that! And...and I thought I could show you I wasn’t just a slut b-by giving you that." Cas rambled, looking up at Dean with a pained look that screamed 'how do I act humanly socialized?'

", it’s just dirty talk, a lot of people are into it, and I'm sorry, I should have asked you before, but I didn’t mean it like that." Dean apologized, looking at Castiel with a regretful look. "I don’t believe that about you, Cas, not at all."

Cas' eyes went from desperate to confused to understanding in thirty seconds. "Ohhhh, oh god, I'm so sorry!" He rambled, standing up immediately. The smaller boy crawled into Dean’s lap and hugged him like a koala, layering kisses all along his neck and jaw. "I'm so sorry, you know I'm bad at sex related stuff, I-I didn't know what you meant." He murmured, praying that Dean would forgive him at least slightly. Dean grinned, wrapping his arms around Cas. "No, no it’s my fault, I should have checked in with you first." He murmured softly, rubbing Cas' back.

"It's not your fault, you were trying to be creative." Castiel whispered, smiling into the crook of Dean's neck. "Don't hate me, I love you." The smaller boy pleaded gently.

"I could never hate you, Cas." Dean knew that he was kinda picking up the slack in the relationship, but he didn’t care, anything for Cas. Castiel nodded and gently nuzzled Dean’s neck. "I love you." He murmured. "What can I do to make you happy?" The smaller boy asked as he leaned back, looking into Dean's eyes.

Dean shook his head. "Just rest up so we can get out of here." He said softly, standing up and laying Cas down on the bed, cuddling next to him.

Cas nodded and curled into Dean’s side before a frown spread over his face. "I'm sorry for ruining our lunch." He murmured, chewing on his lip in disappointment.

"No, Cas, it’s all my fault, I should have checked with you first." Dean repeated, bringing a hand up to run through Cas' hair.

"I-It's okay, I can still suck you off if you want." Castiel said, his eyes fluttering shut at the feeling of Dean's hands. He practically purred, leaning into the touch with a smile. Dean shook his head again. "Just go to sleep, Cas." He murmured, bringing his other hand up to rub at Cas' neck.

Cas smiled and giggled quietly. "Are you surrrre?" He teased gently, peppering kisses along Dean’s neck. "We've been sleeping all day, I'm not tired. If you are you can sleep, I will protect you." Cas murmured lovingly. Dean shrugged. "I just want to get out of here." He looked down at Cas with wide green eyes.

Castiel smiled and leaned up, kissing Dean softly. "We will, you may go out and go to school for a day if you want to get fresh air. It's only a day more."

"I don’t wanna leave you, Cas." Dean insisted. He let his eyes flutter closed and he imagined what their life would be like in five years. They would both be out of five year college, and if Cas wanted to go to a more advanced one for a few more years, Dean wouldn't mind. After all, they had the money to pay for it if they sued the hospital.

Castiel smiled and rolled his eyes lovingly. "Mmm, I love you so much." He murmured, wrapping his legs around Dean’s waist.

"I love you more." Dean teased, wrapping his arms around Cas until they were in a tangled mess. Cas giggled and started peppering Dean’s neck and jaw with kisses. "No. I love you more." He murmured.

"Noooo, I love you more." Dean knew that this was cheesy as hell, but he couldn't help himself.

Castiel laughed, rolling on top of Dean and burying his face in his neck. "I love you more, no take backs." The smaller boy said happily. Dean groaned in defeat and he brought his arms up to wrap around Cas. "No fair." He pouted, acting like a small child.

Castiel giggled happily and squirmed, peppering kisses all over Dean’s chest. "It's fair when I'm cooler than you." He stated sarcastically.

Dean laughed lightly, feeling Cas squirm around. He could not let Castiel find out as was ticklish as fuck. Cas sighed and laid still, running his fingertips lightly over Deans torso. "I'm horny, and it sucks." He mumbles grumpily. "This is your fault, I blame it on you."

Dean ground upwards into Cas’ cock. "I mean.... you could always fuck your pretty self on my cock. I’m already laying down and such."

Cas let out a keening mewl, his head flying back at the pleasure coursing through him. "O-Oh!" He gasped, clinging onto Dean’s shirt. The smaller boy immediately climbed off and pulled off his hospital gown. "Is it bad we haven't had sex for a day but I feel like it's been a month?" He mumbled.

"That’s perfectly fine." Dean smirked before unzipping his jeans and pulling them down to his knees, his hardening cock popping out. Castiel stared at Dean’s cock hungrily. "You're so...big." The smaller boy rasped, grinning almost with a feral look. He grabbed the lube from the counter and ran over, helping Dean pull his pants off all the way. "I love you." Cas murmured as he crawled on top of Dean, kissing his scar lovingly. "You're beautiful, never forget that."

Dean just blushed and shook his head. "I love you, Cas." He grinned up at him. Cas unscrewed the cap and squeezed the lube into his hand before wrapping it around Dean’s cock. He slowly spread it over the length and crawled farther up, his face level with Dean’s. "I want to feel every inch of you." He murmured, teasingly resting his rim against the head of Dean's cock. Dean moaned softly, he could fucking feel how tight Cas was. He whined and bucked upwards, trying to bury himself inside of Castiel. Castiel squeaked when the thick head of Dean's cock popped inside of him. "Oh yes !" He cried out, gripping onto Dean’s shirt.

"S-So fucking good, Cas." Dean hissed out, arching his back. Holy shit, this was heaven for him.

"Are you going to cum?" Castiel gasped out, grinning down at Dean with flushed cheeks. He slowly started sinking down, circling his hips in an attempt to get Dean to cum first.

"Not unless you do." Dean looked at Cas with a raised eyebrow. He would not let Cas stop himself from release. Cas gave Dean a challenging look and sat down completely, clenching around Dean's thick cock. "Are you sure?" He purred, rocking his hips teasingly.

Dean let out a low groan and threw his head back, trying to think of something, anything to keep himself from cumming before Cas did. "I'm sure." He growled, reaching forward and wrapping a hand around Cas' hard cock.

Cas moaned and threw his head back, his mouth hanging open in a breathy gasp. The smaller boy grabbed Dean’s hands quickly and pinned them to the pillow, leaning down in a smooth motion so their breaths mingled. "I don't think you are." He whispered huskily, his hips sensually rolling and rising on every circle forward.

"Cas..." God, this fucking guy . "I'm so fucking turned on right now." He blurted out, looking up at Cas with wide green eyes.

Castiel laughed and leaned down to Dean’s ear. "That's why you're going to cum for me now." He murmured, sucking along Dean’s jaw as he started bouncing his hips, clenching on every rise up.

"I don’t want to, Cas..." Dean whined out, turning his head to the side, squeezing his eyes shut. "W-Want you to cum first." He insisted. Cas moved to the open side of Dean's neck and suckled gently. "Mmm, but I want to win, so I want you to cum first, Dean ." He whispered. As long as he was on top, he was in control, and he liked seeing the look on Dean’s face.

Dean writhed around. "Dammit! C-Can’t hold back!" He groaned out, before he arched his back and came deep inside of Castiel, painting the boys pink insides white. Castiel slowly rolled his hips to a stop, sucking at the muscles along Dean’s neck. Everyone would know Dean was his . The smaller boy giggled and pulled back, looking at Dean smugly. "I win." He murmured.

Dean nodded, breathing heavily. "Indeed you did." He looked at Cas. "Can I make you cum now?" He begged the boy on top of him.

"I only want to cum when you're inside me..." Castiel murmured with pleading eyes. "I'll be okay, I promise."

"Cas...." Dean whined, thrusting his hips up. "I'm still inside you.... Come on, please..." The larger boy begged, his eyes wide.

Castiel opened his mouth to say something, but a moan immediately replaced the words. "Ohhh so big!" He whispered, a hand placed over his abdomen with half a mind.

"You like how that feels, pretty boy?" Dean smirked, starting to thrust up into Castiel. God, he was so hot and tight and slippery around Dean, but he didn’t know if he could take another orgasm. Cas let out a high pitched moan, his other hand falling to Dean's chest for support. "D-Dean!" He mewled quietly, struggling to fight off the pleasure coursing through him. His hazy blue eyes fluttered open and closed with every movement.

"You gonna cum for me, baby? You gonna make Daddy happy? Daddy would be so happy if you came for him." Dean’s voice was coming out with ragged breaths. God, he never thought of sex as a pain, right now it kind of was...he needed Cas to cum.

Cas noticed the strangled tone to Dean’s voice, his pink cheeks deepening to a red at the words. "D-Dean, stop. What's wrong?" He gasped, his hand pressing on Dean’s hips to try and still his movements. Dean shook his head. "Nothing, Cas, just cum for me." He insisted still rolling his hips upwards. Dean felt like he had just run for two hours without a break.

"Dea- oh! Oh fuck...Dean, y-you look like you're in pain." Castiel tried to speak through the mewls and gasps slipping past his lips. The smaller boy leaned forward and cupped Dean’s cheek, a worried look in his eyes. "Dean, please tell me what's wrong..."

"I'm f-fine," was all Dean could manage as he reached a hand down, jerking Cas off quick and rough with his strokes. Dean looked at Cas with green eyes, and Dean knew that his chest and face were probably bright red from exertion.

"Dean...pleas- ah!" Castiel pleaded, a loud gasp echoing from him as he threw his head back. "Ohhh! F-Fuck me! Dean!" The smaller boy mewled, clutching onto Dean’s sweaty shirt, fisting it in his slim hands. "Oh god, I missed this, I didn't want to admit it, but I n-need it." Cas rambled under his breath, his eyes hooded. The blue eyed boy grabbed Dean’s hands and moved them to his waist, he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck, as if they were slow dancing. "P-Please..." He murmured.

"Cum for me, baby boy." Dean demanded, thrusting his hips up as hard as he could, ramming his fat cockhead straight into Cas' prostate. Cas' eyes rolled back into his head, his back arching in pleasure. The smaller boy's legs trembled and squirmed, clamping down around Dean’s waist as he cried out. His hands flew to Dean’s abdomen, gliding over his inner thighs and Deans hip bones like it would slow him down in any way. " Oh GOD !" Cas moaned brokenly, his mouth hanging open in a perfect 'o'. "R-Right there! Oh fuck...I can't! D-Deannnn!" He rambled, his eyes rolling farther back like it would somehow keep him from cumming.

Dean groaned inwardly. Could Cas just cum already? He was in slight pain and he didn’t know how long he could keep this up. In all honesty, Dean was starting to feel a little woozy, and his thrusts were slowing down, he was losing control of his body. Cas looked down at Dean with a look of bliss and immediately saw Dean's look of annoyance. The boy came with a quiet cry, shaking slightly. He was completely embarrassed by the fact Dean wasn't enjoying it like he was. Cas pulled off and laid by Dean’s side, acting like nothing had happened. "Thank you." He murmured, laying his head on Dean’s chest.

Dean let out a sigh of relief, his semi hard cock slipping out of Cas. Dean took a couple deep breaths, before he wrapped his arm around Cas. "Thank you for cumming. You deserve it"

Castiel clenched his jaw and nodded, reaching over onto the floor and grabbing his hospital gown. The smaller boy pulled it on over his bony frame and laid back down, pulling the covers up over them. Dean wrinkled his nose a little at the smell of them. They had been having nonstop sex for almost three days without any showers. The first thing they had to do when they got home was to take an hour long shower, preferably together. Cas heard Dean sniffing the air, his mortification deepening, god…no wonder Dean hated that, he probably smelled horrible. The smaller boy murmured an apology unknowingly and closed his eyes, falling asleep to the sound of the blood rushing in his ears. Dean raised his eyebrows when he heard Cas mumble "sorry" then go to sleep. What the hell was he sorry for?

Chapter Text

The smaller boy awoke when a nurse gently tapped his shoulder, holding out the release forms. "You can go now, sir. Whenever you're ready." She said before walking out. Cas smiled and sat up, quickly filling out the form.

Dean stirred awake a few minutes later, looking at Cas hunched over some forms. "Hey." He said, his voice thick from sleep. "What time is it?"

Cas smiled and leaned back, kissing Dean's cheek. "Mmm, morning sleepy bear. It's three in the morning, we can head home and go back to sleep if you would like." He whispered, setting the forms down on the table.

"Please." Dean said thickly, before standing up, shivering when he realized he was naked from the waist down. Blushing, he reached over and pulled on his pants. "Who’s driving?"

Cas giggled and watched Dean fondly. "Me, you have a gunshot wound in your foot, silly." He teased, standing alongside Dean. Dean grinned and rolled his eyes. "Can you even drive, Cas?" He teased, tossing the keys to his precious Impala to the smaller boy. Castiel stuck his tongue out and walked towards the door, setting the wheelchair behind him so Dean had to use it to get past the doorway. "Yes I can, let's go." He said in endearment.

Dean grabbed his and Cas' phones off the bed stand, turning around and letting out a groan. " Cas…” He whined, pouting. "Can’t I just walk it off?"

"No! How am I supposed to have a boyfriend if he isn't going to heal properly and have to stay home for the rest of his life! Sit!" Castiel scolded, nodding towards the chair. Dean rolled his eyes again and reluctantly sat down in the chair, waiting for Cas to wheel him out. Cas couldn't help but feel concern with how much Dean was acting annoyed with him. He knew that Dean was probably tired of his insecurities. Hell. He was tired of them as well, but it didn't make sense to him. The smaller boy laid a gently kiss on Dean’s head and wheeled him out to the car, telling the nurse that the forms were on the table for her. He opened the door for Dean and smiled.

"Finally." Dean groaned and took in a deep breath of fresh air. "I know that hospital too well." He turned to look at Cas. "Speaking of the hospital...I was reading up while you were asleep, a lawsuit wouldn’t be that hard to win, since what happened to you was all their fault, and they've got camera recordings of it and stuff."

Castiel smiled rolled his eyes. "You love the idea of suing them more than you love me, it's adorable." Cas teased, kissing Dean’s cheek before running to the other side of the car. He hopped in the driver's seat and started the car carefully, knowing how much Dean loved his Impala. "I can use my family's lawyer, and then we can use the money for a house before school gets out, we would be moved in by the end of summer!" He chirped.

Dean grinned and reached over, pecking Cas on the cheek, but freezing halfway, an idea popping into his head. "You know, Cas....we could totally build our own house! It would be perfect!" Dean tried not to squeal, but he sounded pretty damn close. Cas' eyes widened and he smiled. "Really? Oh god that would be amazing!" He said with a happy laugh. The smaller boy turned his head and caught Dean’s lips in a passionate kiss, giggling before he pulled away. "I love you so much." He whispered, pulling from the parking lot.

"I love you, too, Cas." Dean grinned, before reaching over, putting on his seatbelt. "The first thing we're gonna do, is go to your house and take a long, hot shower... together ." Dean’s voice got low at the last part. Cas bit his lip shyly and kept his eyes on the road. "Don't tease me, Dean." He said in a faux warning tone. The smaller boy did have a ton of fantasys, one of them being Dean fucking him in the shower, but it was obviously a difficult task.

"I'm not, I promise." Dean grinned over at him. "I mean, I would offer up my house but...the hot water there only lasts, like, five minutes. I always let Sammy have it." Dean shifted uncomfortably. He hated talking or even thinking about his own problems. Money, in particular, was a huge problem for them. John brought in maybe $200 a week, and most of that was blown on booze and gas. Most times, Dean would wear the same shirt three days in a row and pray no one would notice. Cas chewed on his lip and pulled off to the side of the road, turning to Dean. "Dean, you never get told this enough..." He said gently, cupping Dean’s face. "You're an amazing older brother, and I love you so much for that. You're courageous and giving, I couldn't ask for anything more." Cas murmured, his eyes round and loving.

Dean blushed and bit his lip, looking down. "Thank you, Castiel." He was right, Dean didn’t get told all. Not by Sam, certainly not by really helped that someone he loved thought so highly of him. "I love you."

Cas leaned over and kissed Dean slowly, pouring all of his love into the tender kiss. His seatbelt locked, so the closest he could get was to kiss him. The smaller boy pulled back and started the car again, driving back out onto the road. "I love you too, Dean."

Dean grinned and leaned back, knowing it was a twenty minute ride back home. He let his eyes flutter closed and before he knew it he was asleep. Castiel glanced at Dean and smiled, his heart swelling at the sight of Dean. Dean looked so peaceful when he slept, Cas thought it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. All of Deans frown lines melted away into a content look.


Twenty minutes later Cas pulled the car into the driveway and got out, lugging Dean’s wheelchair from the back. He walked over to Dean’s door and opened it slowly, not wanting to wake the larger boy up. Cas shakily reached out and unbuckled him before wrapping an arm slowly under his legs and behind his back. Dean was only 200 pounds of muscle, and he was 120 pounds of bones. How hard could it be? Dean shuffled a little in his sleep, feeling his body being jostled around. "Cas?" He croaked as he woke up, cracking his eyes open, the cold night air hitting him. Castiel smiled and decided to just slide Dean into the wheelchair. He lined the wheelchair to the car and slowly moved Dean’s body into it, keeping his foot and head safe the whole time. "Shh, go back to sleep, baby, we're almost home." He whispered, kissing Dean's forehead as he closed the car door. Dean nodded and let his eyes slip shut once more, sleepily mumbling something and going to sleep again, slumping down in his wheelchair.

Cas cooed lovingly, watching Dean for a moment with a maternal look before wheeling Dean to his house. The smaller boy smiled to himself when he noticed his parents cars weren't home, they were probably out of town on business. He got to the stairs and sighed, not wanting to wake Dean up quite yet.

Castiel smiled when noticing Sam and Gabe cuddled up under a blanket on the couch, warm in each others embrace, the movie forgotten with the credits rolling. He decided not to ruin their moment. He let his hand card through Dean’s hair, kissing his neck and jaw gently to coax him awake. "Wake up's almost time to sleep."

Dean let out a gurgle and gave a little twitch, opening his eyes a few seconds later. "Hmm, Cas?" He asked, his voice loud in the silent mansion. Castiel giggled quietly, shushing Dean with a soft look. "We have to go shower, then you may sleep, I promise." He murmured, nudging Dean once more.

Dean nodded and got up. "We're gonnnna shower? Okayyy, Cas." He slurred, almost sleep-drunken. He blinked, his face scrunching up, trying to wake himself up. Castiel couldn't help but leaned up and kiss Dean’s nose, huffing a laugh to himself. "You're cute, now come on." He said teasingly, helping Dean use him as support for the stairs.

Dean looked at Cas blearily. "Ok, Cas." He said again, before dragging himself up the stairs and into Cas' room, glad the boy had his own bathroom. When Dean was half asleep, he had no verbal filter, so he found himself blurting out, "You're really pretttyyyyy."

Castiel turned red and looked away, giggling shyly. "And you're very handsome, now take off your clothes and meet me in the shower." He chided and walked into the bathroom. Dean stretched and started taking off his clothes, almost falling asleep halfway, but he forced himself to wake up fully and get naked, a small collection of his clothes were strewn on Cas' floor.

Castiel slipped out of his own gown and turned on the shower, stepping inside when the water was hot. He arched his chest into the warm spray, tucking his head underneath and scrubbing his hands through his hair to get it wet.Dean yawned a little and strolled into the shower with Cas. "Hey, Sweetheart." He pulled the shower curtain closed, and by this point he was fully awake.

Cas smiled and giggled fondly. "You still sleepy?" He asked, turning to face Dean.

"A little." Dean stretched, cringing when he heard his joints pop.

Castiel watched lovingly, stepping closer to Dean. "Here, stand under the water so you can get your hair washed." He said, moving behind the larger boy.

Dean nodded and shuffled under the water, the warmth of it making him sleepy. "Sorry I'm so tired" He yawned again, his head bowed.

Castiel leaned over and kissed Dean’s forehead. "It's the middle of the night, of course you're tired."

Dean mumbled an incoherent reply and grabbed the body soap, mistaking it for shampoo and rubbing it in his hair.

Cas started laughing and grabbed the shampoo, fondly pouring some his in his hands. "Dean, wrong soap." He teased and buried his slim hands in Dean’s hair.

Dean let a little grumble, a soft moan slipping past his lips when he felt Cas' fingers work against his scalp. "You're good at this." Dean mumbled, tipping his head back, giving Cas more access.

Cas scrubbed the shampoo into Dean’s hair and moved his hands to run over the firm planes of his chest. "Thank you, I think I just love you a lot." He murmured fondly.

"I love you too, Cas." Dean said, almost automatically. He turned to face Cas and he put his hands on the smaller boy’s waist. Castiel frowned, it sounded like there was no emotion behind the words. He knew Dean was tired, but tomorrow he was going to ask Dean what was wrong. The smaller boy stepped closer and hugged Dean, nuzzling his face into his neck.

"L-Let me help you wash up, too." Dean reached for the shampoo and poured some on Cas’ hair, starting to scrub it, not knowing that Cas had already washed his hair.

Castiel almost purred, his eyes fluttering shut. "Mmm, love you." He whispered, smiling to himself. Dean grinned and grabbed the body wash, pouring it in a lufa that Cas owned before he started sloppily scrubbing at Cas' chest and arms. Castiel’s eyes shot open and he giggled, squirming about. "Dean! Stop it!" He squeaked, his cheeks turning red as he swatted at Deans hands.

Dean smirked, squeezing the lufa so big puffs of white soap squeezed out, and he picked up the weightless blob and tossed it at Cas. Cas' smile grew and he cupped his hands to catch water before tossing it towards Dean. The smaller boy bit his lip shyly and glanced up at Dean, trying to seem innocent.

Dean sputtered as the splash of water hit his face, it definitely snapped him out of his half asleep state. The way Cas was looking so innocent and adorable was driving Dean mad. He dropped the lufa on the floor and took a step towards Cas. "Now...what did you say about wanting me to fuck you in the shower?"

Castiel turned a deep red and stuttered, his eyes widening. " You suggested that! I-I don't need it." He insisted in embarrassment. Dean was so hot. He wasn't attractive at all, and he definitely wasn't as smooth as Dean.

Dean chuckled lightly and put a hand on Cas' sharp hip bone. "But do you want it?" He asked, taking another step, he and Cas were basically sharing the breaths at this point.

Castiel shuddered and looked up at Dean with round eyes. "...yes." He breathed out, his hands naturally lacing into Dean's hair and pulling him into a fiery kiss. Cas nipped at Dean’s lower lip and pulled back, breathing heavily. "I love you so much." He murmured.

"I love you, too, Cas." Dean grinned and moved his hands from Cas' waist to his ass, taking a cheek in each hand.

Castiel’s mouth went to Dean’s shoulder to suck a hickey before letting out a breathless mewl. "I'm going to jump up." The smaller boy warned before jumping and wrapping his legs around Dean’s strong waist. He wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck and pulled him closer, shuddering at the feeling of their wet chests gliding together.

Dean nodded and walked another step over, pressing Cas' back to the warm wall. "Gonna fuck you up against this wall, Sweetheart." Dean promised as he reached down, jerking his cock to full hardness. Castiel bit his lip and buried his face in the crook of Dean's neck, a needy noise coming from him. "Hurry!" Cas whined impatiently.

"Needy, are you?" Dean smirked and rubbed the head of his cock against Cas furled, tight hole, letting it pop in and out a few times.

Castiel keened, rocking his hips down to take Dean inside him. "Only for you. Always need you." He gasped out.

"Good boy." Dean smirked, before thrusting inside of Cas, burying himself completely into him with one thrust.

Cas threw his head back, his skull thunking against the tile as he cried out, the sound echoing off the walls. "Oh yes Dean!" He mewled, his hands clutching desperately at the larger boy's wet, tan skin.

"Its 4 am, baby...don't wanna wake anyone up, do we?" Dean smirked, giving Cas a brutal thrust, right into his prostate. Cas' eyes rolled back and he wailed, the keening sound coming right back at him, ringing in both of their ears. He trembled in Dean’s arms, his lips parting in pleasure. " Dean! Ohmygod!"

"Like this, slu-baby?" Dean almost said slut, but then he remembered Cas wasn't into that. Castiel looked up, hearing the mistake loud and clear. "I love it so much. Say it, Dean, fucking say it." He rambled, rocking his hips, trying to get Dean to move again. Dean let out a soft moan. "A-Are you sure, Cas?" He didn’t want him and Cas to get in another fight.

"Yes, you said it was talking dirty, correct? As long as you don't actually think that low of me, I understand that it is meant to be sensual." Cas said, cupping Dean’s cheek with a soft look. He smiled lovingly, leaning their foreheads together. "I trust you. Forever. I promise my life to you."

Dean ducked his head and pressed a kiss to Cas' lips. "I love you." He murmured before starting to thrust in and out of Cas again. "You like this, slut?" Dean sneered, his cock blurting out precum deep inside of the twink in his arms. Castiel bit his lip and nodded, moaning quietly at the words. His slim fingers slid up the nape of Dean’s neck and gripped the short hair at the back of his head, each thrust into him forcing a breathy moan from his mouth.

"Fucking love your tight whore hole so much, you know that?" Dean rambled, feeling his orgasm approaching embarrassingly quickly. Cas gasped and stuttered on his tiny mewls of pleasure, his hairless legs wrapping tighter around Deans waist. "O-Oh I know, that's why I l-like teasing y-you so much." He babbled. The smaller boy wasn't as educated on dirty talk, his voice would waver each time Dean's cock filled him up again and again and again.

"You my good slut?" Dean asked, trying to hold back his own moans threatening to climb their way out of his throat.

"Yes! Always!" Castiel moaned, arching his back off the wall so his flat chest moved against the planes of Dean's own. Dean smirked and sped up his thrusts. "Gonna fuckin cum all over yourself, are ya, slut?"

Castiel let out a high pitched moan and he tried not to let his head fall back, he tried to keep eye contact with his boyfriend, but it was fucking hard. "O-Oh god." He gasped.

"You ever jerk off your pretty little cock thinking about me...before we got together?" Dean asked. Cas turned bright red and his hands tightened slightly in Dean’s hair, trying not to moan at the pleasure sparking up his spine. "N-No..." He stuttered in embarrassment. Fuck, why did he have to be so bad at lying?

"You lying to me, Cas?" Dean arched an eyebrow threateningly.

"No!" Castiel whined, rocking his hips and squirming in an attempt to get Dean to move.

"Tell the truth, Cas." Dean started rocking his hips again. "I could just cum right now, if I wanted to, and I could just leave you here, all hard and unsatisfied."

Cas whimpered, his lips parting in a mewl. "I-I...I did, once, b-but that was the only time I ever did anything before you." He rambled, his eyes becoming hooded and lazy at Dean’s slow and teasing thrusts.

"You jerk your pretty little cock off, huh? Thinking about me?” Shit, that was so fucking hot...Dean would have to tell Cas he was a voyeur, he hoped Cas didn't think it was too weird....maybe he would let Dean watch him jerk off or something. Castiel nodded and bit his lip, his ocean blue eyes desperately trying to keep looking into Dean's. "Y-Yes.." He whimpered, his blush spreading to his chest.

"Good boy." Dean murmured, before speeding up his hips, practically slamming into Cas, trying to make Castiel cum before he did.

When Dean's hips arched up to fuck into Cas, the head of his cock grazed his prostate, sending Cas' head flying back and hitting against the tile so hard he had to have a concussion. " Dean!" The smaller boy wailed, his legs trembling as the pleasure faded to a gentle, building wave.

Dean winced when he heard the sick 'thunk'. "You good, Cas?" He asked, bringing a hand down to jerk Cas' rock hard cock off.

"U-Up..." Cas managed, his eyelids fluttering each time Dean slid into him. "O-Oh fuck." He whispered under his breath. Dean tightened his grip around Cas' cock, jerking the boy off faster, trying to get him to cum, hard. Castiel let out a keening gasp, desperately wanting Dean to hit that spot again, but he couldn't speak. The smaller boy came with a silent scream, his eyes rolling back from the constant jerking of his cock.

"Good boy..." Dean murmured, finally cumming deep inside Castiel. He took a deep breath and pulled out, unwrapping Cas' legs from around his waist. Castiel took heavy breaths, slowly sliding to lay on the floor with a blissed out look. "Dean.." He murmured drunkenly. Dean crinkled his eyebrows up, looking at Cas on the shower floor. "Uh...Cas?"

"Hm?" Cas hummed absentmindedly, sliding a hand in between his legs. The smaller boy slid two fingers inside of himself and searched for his prostate, wanting to feel the all consuming feeling one more time. The fact that Dean struck it once and didn't again was like watching a teaser to a really good movie and never seeing it.

"Was that not good?" Dean asked, kneeling down next to Cas, his limp, cum covered cock practically waving in Cas' face. Castiel smiled and his eyes watched Dean lazily, his gaze slowly trailing to Dean’s cock. "Mmm, it was great, but you teased me and I'm just getting the nagging off my m-IND!" Castiel mewled, his back arching sensually at the pleasure coursing through him. He slowly pulled his fingers out and bit his lip, savoring the aftershocks.

"Fuck...." Dean breathed out as he watched Cas pleasure himself. "We're both clean, wanna get out of here? I have something I have to talk to you about in bed."

Castiel smiled and nodded standing up beside Dean. "I love you." He whispered, kissing Dean’s jaw lovingly before stepping out of the shower. Dean grinned and turned off the water, wrapping a towel around his waist, before he got another towel, wrapping it around Cas' shoulders. Castiel giggled and leaned into Dean’s hands in appreciation. "Thank you, Dean. I love you." He murmured, kissing Dean’s cheek before padding out to his room and getting in bed, deciding to sleep naked. "What did you want to talk about?"

Dean threw on some boxers before he laid down, knowing he'd probably get hard. "So, uh... Let’s say that I have a kink, but you might think it’s weird..."

Cas smiled and rolled onto his side, watching Dean fondly. " don't have to be embarrassed. You can tell me, and in return I can tell you something embarrassing about me, so it's even." The smaller boy teased, lifting Dean’s ring finger to kiss gently. "I'll love you no matter what you do, or say, or like, or hate. Remember that."

Dean bit his lip and turned on his side so he could look at Cas. "Do you know what a voyeur is?"

Cas thought for a moment and bit his lip before looking at Dean and nodding with a shy smile. "When someone enjoys watching other people pleasure themselves." He recited, obviously he had studied the dictionary. Dean snorted. "I'm pretty sure that’s the exact definition on Google." He grinned, before shifting around. "Yeah, but uh..." He blushed. "What if I was a voyeur? Would you not like it, or...?"

Castiel smiled and chewed on his lip. "If you liked seeing your significant other in pleasure? Of course I don't mind." He said gently, "As long as you only see me like that." The smaller boy warned jokingly. Dean grinned, feeling his cock twitch in his boxers. "Ok, and another thing..." He rolled over Cas, so he was on his hands and knees above the smaller boy. "Lets say..." He ducked his head, laying a long, wet kiss on Cas' neck. "I wanted to roleplay? Like, we could pretend I was coming to your house after school to play video games...and I come upstairs to your room, and your door is open just a crack, and you're jerking your pretty little cock off?" Dean had came to that image more than he would like to admit.

Castiel mewled and threw his head back, giving Dean all the room he needed to claim him. "W-We can do that." He gasped out, his eyes fluttering closed.

"Thanks, Cas." Dean grinned, giving Cas a dark hickey, overlapping another one. "I'm excited."

Castiel let out a stuttering moan, his hand coming up to burrow into Dean's spiky hair. "M-Me too."

"Are you into that?" Dean asked, licking at the dark bruise. "You an exhibitionist?"

"I like anything you like, I don't know much yet." Cas murmured, swallowing thickly at the small waves of pleasure filling his nerves. Dean pulled away. "It's okay if you think it's weird, Cas, I'd totally understand."

"I don't, I think it's perfectly fine." Cas said assuringly, playing with Dean's hair gently.

Dean grinned, almost fully hard in his boxers. "Fuck...I'm horny.... When do you wanna do it?"

Castiel giggled and teasingly kissed Dean’s nose. "It's getting late, but we can do it now if you want. Or..." Cas said lowly, leaning to Deans ear. "You can come home from school five minutes later than me, and I'll be waiting in the game room." He suggested sensually.

"Can we do it now?" Dean looked at Cas with big puppy dog eyes, his cock almost painfully hard already. "Wanna cum looking at you..."

Castiel smiled and nodded, kissing Dean once more before standing and jogging to the game room. Cas sat down and took a breath. So he'd just jack off, that's how he needed to do it? Oh god he hoped he didn't mess this up.

"W-Wait, Cas." Dean winced lightly, calling Cas back into the room. He really hated to be a stickler, but he had imagined this so many times, he wanted it to be perfect. Castiel embarrassedly walked back, turning deep red. "I did it wrong didn't I..." He mumbled awkwardly.

Dean shook his head. "No, no, Cas, of course not, it’s just...I don’t wanna be annoying, but, I've been jerking off to this for at least two years, and I just want everything to be perfect." Dean shrugged, his face bright red. Castiel raised an eyebrow and smirked, stepping forward. "Two years? We have been dating for about four weeks." The smaller boy teased, his own cheeks turning slightly pink.

"We've been friends for about ten years, Cas." Dean stepped forward also, lowering his voice. "Who do you think my first wet dream was about?"

"L-Lisa, you guys were dating since eighth grade." Cas stuttered, shyly wrapping his arms around his stomach.

Dean snorted and rolled his eyes. "Don’t be so naive, Cas." He smirked, rubbing his cloth-covered boner against Cas' thigh. "It was you...and your 13th birthday party. Remember that one? The pool party? All the girls kept trying to talk to me in their skimpy bikinis, but I couldn't take my eyes off of you..."

"N-No, I don't remember. All I remember was me sitting in the corner and reading because no one would talk to me." Cas mumbled, looking down at the floor as if re living the memory.

"I wanted to talk to you, Cas." Dean pouted. "This was supposed to be sexy..." He mumbled under his breath, looking at Cas. Cas smiled shyly and looked up, "You're always sexy." He said fondly. "You better fuck me after this." Cas warned, giving Dean a teasing look.

"I will, I promise." Dean grinned, before turning around and handing Cas his boxers, a pair of black skinny jeans and an oversized burgundy long sleeved shirt. "Can you put them on... please?" Dean asked, his face flaming red.

Castiel laughed and stuck his tongue out, excitedly pulling the clothes on. The smaller boy walked to the mirror in his bathroom and combed his hair into a fawk look before turning back and smiling. He looked like a fuck boy, maybe not a topping fuck boy, but he pulled off a bottom.Dean grinned and handed Cas his black rimmed glasses. "Thank you so much." He grinned, kissing Cas deeply. He couldn't believe Cas was actually gonna do this for him.

Cas opened his mouth to say something and moaned, the sound muffled by Dean’s eager lips. He kissed back and barely pulled back to slide the glasses on before slamming their lips back together. "Mmmm, always." He mumbled against Dean’s mouth.

Dean pulled on his own clothes and took a step back, giving Cas a once over. "Holy’s just like I imagined it..." He took a step forward and put his hands on Cas’ hips, pulling him into a kiss, before he murmured. "I want go sit on the couch...and pull your cock out of your pants...and jerk it off...Sweetheart." He mumbled in between kisses.

Castiel giggled happily and nodded, twining his tongue with Dean’s before pulling back and tugging Dean's face to his neck. "Give me one, want one as a reward." He demanded. He fucking loved the feeling of Dean's soft lips on his neck, he couldn't help it. Dean smirked and sucked at Cas' neck, swirling his tongue around on the plane of soft skin, biting little, just to get a really dark mark, so everyone would know Cas was his. Cas let out a breathy moan, sounding needier than ever. "Oh god it feels so good. You're so good at that." He rambled, letting his head fall back. His softening cock began to harden and he bit his lip, a pink blush spreading on his glasses covered cheeks.

Dean pulled away once he was satisfied with the mark, nipping once more just for the fun of it. He looked at Cas with a smirk, before he took a step back. "Get goin, baby."

Castiel dreamily nodded and darted off, running down the hall to the game room once more. He plopped on the couch and nervously unzipped his jeans, pulling his cock from the gap. The smaller boy turned deep red and remembered that Dean liked it, he wasn't going to embarrass himself. Cas wrapped a hand around his length and slowly began to pump his hand. Dean closed the door so he could see Cas through only a small crack and he moaned softly, watching the boy. Holy fuck...this was just like he had always imagined. He unzipped his own pants, the thought of ‘dirty’ and ‘creep’ rolled through him, and he couldn't have loved it any more.

Castiel shyly swiped his thumb over the precum in the slit of his cock, biting his lip. He hasn't done this enough to be good, but he knows from having sex with Dean on what he should do, and that was all he needed. The smaller boy slicked his cock up and began jacking his cock exactly how Dean does, a tiny gasp forcing its way from his throat.

Dean whimpered softly and slapped a hand over his mouth, muffling all the noises that were coming through. Shit, this was good, Cas was doing it perfectly. Dean slipped a hand into his boxers and wrapped a hand around his already hard cock.

Cas let his thoughts wander to all fantasies he had, but never indulged in. Dean was definitely strong enough to hold him in the air and fuck him. Oh god that would be hot, just being used like a rag doll. The smaller boy tightened his fist, his hips jerking slightly. Cas completely forgot that Dean was even supposed to be watching him, his head falling back on the couch cushion, his plush lips parted in a look of bliss. Dean watched with wide green eyes as Castiel pleasured himself, raking his eyes over Cas' clothed body, his own tongue darting out to lick his dry lips. Dean tightened the hand on his mouth, trying not to let out any sound.

Castiel's free hand came up to help muffle his cries, stuffing knuckles in his mouth desperately. The smaller boy let out a strangled moan, jacking his cock faster and faster until his back arched off the bed, a loud moan of Dean's name falling from his lips as he came. Just the thought of Dean fucking him like a mindless ox turned him on so much he didn't even know how to handle it. God he was so glad Dean was a football player.

Dean let out a whimper and came all over his hand and the inside of his boxers, listening to Cas' pretty sounds. Dean stumbled in and sat down next to Cas on the couch, breathing heavily. "Th-That was fucking intense for me, Cas."

Castiel breathed heavily and squeaked when Dean collapsed beside him, a red look on his face. "You scared me! Don't do that!" He whined.

"Sorry." Dean managed, his chest heaving. God, he had wanted that for so long...Cas smiled and rolled onto Dean’s lap, straddling him lovingly. "I'm glad you liked that, I wanted to make you happy." He murmured softly.

"I love you." Dean grinned, pecking Cas' lips. "You're too good to me."

"Mmm, I think you're amazing." Castiel murmured, moving to kiss and suck along Dean’s neck.

"Gonna mark me up?" Dean smirked, tipping his head back so Cas had all the space he wanted. Cas let out a tiny growl and nipped gently, sucking everywhere he could reach. The smaller boy left close to fifty small hickeys, covering Dean's neck with them. They wouldn't last long, but everyone would know Dean was his. Dean looked at Cas and snorted. "Nice choker." He grinned. He had left a purple line of hickeys, all of them connecting across Cas' neck. If someone saw Cas from far away, then would think he was wearing a choker.

Castiel tilted his head in confusion. "What?" He asked, his brow furrowing. Little did he know over the course of the past two days Dean had been leaving hickeys only in a line across his neck, playing a game of connect the dots until he had a deep red mixed with dark purple line of hickeys. Dean had literally claimed  him, he left a makeshift collar on him. Dean pulled his phone out of his back pocket, turning on camera and handing it to Cas to he could see himself.

Castiel's eyes practically bugged out of his head. "Dean! Ohmygod!" Cas shouted, taking Dean’s phone to look at the hickeys closely. Nope, those would be there for at least two weeks. "That's so not cool!" He whined.

"You don't want people to know youre all mine?" Dean smirked, bringing a hand up to press gently at the hickeys. Castiel turned deep red, his eyes bigger and rounder in the magnification of the glasses. "N-No, but it's embarrassing!" He huffed, giving Dean his phone back.

Oh, shit, Cas might actually be mad at him. "C-Cas, I'm sorry, I can get you some makeup to cover it up." Dean apologized. Castiel smiled fondly, his smile turning into an evil grin. "Mmm, I kinda like it, makes me feel slutty." The smaller boy teased seductively, moving down to leave a deep purple hickey over Dean’s pulse point in revenge.

Dean moaned softly, throwing his head back as he felt his cock start to grow again in his boxers. Cas left a trail of similar hickeys, taking about ten minutes to finish his masterpiece. The smaller boy finished off the last hickey, sucking the skin in between his teeth and licking at it before pulling back. There was a dark 'C' in the center of Dean's neck, his Adam's apple in the center of it. "Mmm, mine." He hummed smugly, revenge was sweet.

Chapter Text

By this point, Dean was hard, and he didn’t know what Cas had done. "What, you leave me a hickey? I'm so scared." He teased, looking up at Cas with a smirk. Castiel giggled evilly and rolled off of Dean. "Mmm, you'll see." He teased, stretching languidly. "Are you ready to head to bed?" He asked. Dean shook his head and gestured down to his boner. He was getting more confident in asking Cas for stuff. "How about..." Dean looked over at Cas. "You ride me?"

Castiel bit his lip and turned red. "You aren't tired?" The smaller boy asked in confusion, Dean was basically sleepwalking only forty minutes ago, he was surprised he didn't want to just pass out.

"I'm hard." Dean smirked, giving Cas a once over. He hoped Cas knew that Dean was trying to act douchey, more masculine. Castiel laughed and slowly climbed onto Dean’s lap. "I'm fully clothed, and feeling lazy. What are you going to do about it?" He said in an airy light voice, the tip of his tongue touching the back of his upper front teeth. Dean just smirked. "Whats a position we haven’t tried before? I'm feeling adventurous."

"I have no idea of any positions beside the basic ones. Look them up." Cas said, handing Dean his phone with a fond look. Dean shrugged and looked some up. "I've never bent you over before?" He looked up at Cas with a raised eyebrow.

Cas bit his lip, smiling smugly. "You have, you just don't remember." The smaller boy said with a wink. For some reason he was feeling sexy, powerful almost, after letting Dean watch him. It was strange but satisfying. Dean smirked and put a hand in Cas' hair and pulled him down so he could whisper in his ear. "How about I bend you over this couch and fuck you? Just to jog my memory."

Cas gasped and bit his lip, his hands planting firmly on Dean’s chest. "Do it." He gasped out. "Do whatever you want."

Dean nodded, letting Cas stand up, before he got on his knees in front of Cas, pulling his jeans down, starting to suck Cas off with a grin. Castiel’s hands flew to Deans hair, gripping tightly. "Dean!" He gasped. Instinctively, one of his legs stepped up and hooked around Dean’s head.

Holy fuck, that was hot. Dean moaned softly and started bobbing his head, hollowing out his cheeks, feeling Cas harden in his mouth. Castiel threw his head back, moaning breathlessly. "Dean! O-Oh god, hurry, I-I don't even know how much time we have before school." He rambled, completely forgetting about his brother's daily routine as well. Dean just smirked and bobbed his head, loving how he could get Cas to squirm so easily.


Castiel whined, clutching at Deans head desperately. His hands uselessly gripped Dean's hair, carding through the short locks. "Dean! Please!" He whimpered. "Please what?" Dean asked innocently, his voice garbled by the cock in his mouth.

Cas' mouth fell open and his eyelids fluttered. "Please fuck me into the couch!" He gasped out.


"You wanna feel something in your pretty little hole?" Dean brought a hand up and spit on his two fingers, prodding ar Castiel's' hole.


Castiel nodded, biting his lip. "Fucking hurry or I'm going to fuck myself on my fingers." He grumbled impatiently.


Dean smirked and pulled off, standing up. "Bend over that couch, sweet thing." He said in a drawl. Cas quickly moved and bent of the couch, arching his ass up just for Dean. "Fuck me so hard I can't breath." He mewled challengingly. Dean smirked and sauntered up behind Castiel, rubbing the fat head of his cock against Cas' furled hole, his cock slick with his own cum.


Castiel gripped the couch, his round eyes locked on the door in front of him in anticipation. "Dean! Don't tease me!" He whimpered, wiggling his hips in an attempt to get Dean to hurry.  Dean pushed forward, the familiar tightness driving him out of his mind. "Cas..." Dean groaned out, starting to thrust as fast as he could, knowing Cas was prepped and stretched.


Castiel’s hand launched backward, moving Dean’s hand to his neck and wrapping it there. He fisted his hands in the couch. Little 'uh's flying from his throat with each pound into him. Dean took in a ragged breath and squeezed lightly at Cas' neck, testing his boundaries. Castiel let out a moan, his eyes rolling back. "Oh fuck, fuck me Dean." He groaned out.


Dean smirked and angled his hips, hitting Cas' prostate dead on, covering Cas' mouth with his free hand so Cas couldn't scream out. Castiel let out a high pitched wail, looking like his soul was leaving his body. His eyes rolled farther back, choking out screams of pleasure into Dean’s hand.




At the same time, Gabe and Sam had finished eating breakfast and getting dressed, both of them sneaking shy peeks at each other while their pajamas came off and the school clothes went on.


Sam blushed lightly and looked over at Gabe when they were done as he walked across the room to him. "C-can I kiss you?" He blushed, his toes curling in his socks. Gabriel smirked and looked over at Sam, winking. "Yep, anytime." He teased.

Sam blushed harder and looked down at his socked feet. They had never made their relationship 'official', they were just friends who cuddled up and kissed sometimes and slept in the same bed, even though there was a guest room. Sam had been living at the Novak’s since Dean got hurt. It was funny, though, in their 'relationship' the roles were reversed, as to that of their brothers'. Sam was the shy, awkward, paranoid one, whereas Gabe was the cool one, the one with all the swagger.

Gabriel nudged Sam and stepped closer. "I'm waiting." He said, leaning up and kissing Sam nervously. Sam grinned into the kiss, moving his lips in choppy movements. Neither of them knew how to kiss too well, but it was obvious that Gabe was more experienced. Gabriel smirked and kissed back, blushing his ass off just as much as Sam.

Sam pulled away after a few seconds, taking in a deep breath. "Video games?" He asked, a wide smile on his face. He couldn't believe he managed to score someone as amazing, and hot as Gabe.

"God yes, I'm gonna kick your ass, Winchester." Gabriel said smugly, winking at the taller boy. Sam blushed and shifted on his feet. "How do you dothat? You make me feel all blushed and embarrassed and my heart gets all fluttery." Sam knew he sounded like a fucking girl, but he couldn’t help himself.

Gabriel shrugged, smiling. "I don't know, I think I got the smooth assness of my older brother, and that's why he's such a nerd." Gabe said smugly.

Sam just laughed and ran a hand through his wet hair from when he had showered earlier that morning, not with Gabe, sadly, but maybe someday. "Let’s go play." He grinned, grabbing Gabes hand and giving him a little peck on the back of it, before he pulled Gabe to the closed game room, so immersed that he could hear the obvious noises of sex pouring out of it. Gabriel stumbled along with Sam, smiling the whole way. "I'm so gonna win." He challenged.

"If I win, we get to have a makeout session. Like a real one, like the ones in movies." Sam declared before blushing hard in the dark hallway. "Unless you don’t want to." He back peddled. Gabriel nodded, "Deal!" He said pridefully, swinging open the door and gesturing for Sam to go first.

Sam grinned and walked in before letting out a high whine. "Dean!" He glared at his older brother from across the room, hearing Gabe’s sound of disgust, but at this point, Sam didn't even care anymore. Dean froze, lifting his eyes to meet his younger brothers'.

Castiel let out a loud whine, not even noticing the two in the room. "Don't stop!” He squeaked from behind Dean's hand, his eyes hazily falling shut. The head of Dean's cock was still right against his prostate. Why the hell did he stop? Gabriel covered his eyes, not even wanting to his his older brother getting fucked in the ass.

"Get out!" Sam pouted. Here he was, trying to play video games with his best friend, and Dean just had to go and fuck Cas. Dean rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You get out, we were here first!"

Castiel confusedly looked up and yelped, tensing in embarrassment. He was literally pinned to the couch by his boyfriend’s dick, and arched up by his boyfriend’s hands on his mouth and neck. The smaller boy let out a muffled huff of embarrassment.


Gabriel groaned and rolled his eyes in return. "But there isn't anywhere else we can play video games!"

"Go make out in your room or something, I don’t care!" Dean groaned. "I'm doing something more important than mario kart!" Sam almost stamped his foot. Damn, he really wanted to win so he could do something more than just a closed mouth kiss with Gabe, but thanks to Dean, that wasn’t happening.

Gabriel finally just turned and pulled Sam into a heated kiss, his mouth opening against the taller boys in an attempt to get him to do the same. "Mmm, let’s go into my room." He murmured against Sam's lips. Sam erratically nodded, letting Gabe pull him down the hallway. His lips were still wet from when Gabe had flicked his tongue along them, and his hands were shaking from excitement. Gabriel chuckled and pulled Sam to his room, closing the door behind him and falling back onto the bed.


Cas was literally going soft from boredom, a look of annoyance on his face. Of course his younger brother had to cock block. Dean gave Sam a proud look as he saw Gabe tug him down. "Awesome." He muttered, starting to roll his hips into Cas again. He waited until Gabe and Sam had walked away before he started fucking into Cas like never before, letting out little harsh pants and moans. Castiel cried out, tossing his head back in pleasure. The slim muscles in his back rippled and tensed, pleasure swarming him. Castiel scrambled to hold onto something, finding nothing to gain purchase on. He wailed and moaned loudly, crying out in ecstasy. The smaller boy rambled, his words muffled by Dean’s hands. Dean was so thick and long, filling his small body to the brim, and god it drove him crazy. Cas' eyes rolled back, his hands slapping down and gripping onto the seat cushion like it would somehow save him from the all consuming pleasure. He came for what felt like endlessly, Dean’s assault on his prostate sending him over the edge and into oblivion.

Dean smirked as Castiel tightened around him, feeling his own cum being milked out of him. "Cas..." He moaned lowly, his thrusts stuttering to a stop as he felt yet another load of cum be emptied deep inside the blue eyed boy. Castiel groaned, tiredly slumping forward, school started in forty five minutes, and he felt like he couldn't even walk. The smaller boy laid face first in the cushion, his ass up in the air with Dean’s cock deep inside him. Dean pulled out with a little squelching sound, moaning softly at the sight of Cas' spent and fucked open hole. "Look so pretty, baby." He murmured softly, his fingers prodding at Cas' loose hole.

Castiel moaned, his eyes hazy and pleasure fogged. "W-We have to get to school." He groaned out, remaining unmoving. Dean pouted. "We have to?" He asked, getting on his knees and taking a lick at Cas' pretty little hole.

Cas cried out softly, he rolled onto his back, his hips still elevated by the armrest. "Y-Yes, we have art together first, it will be fine." He assured.

"Okay." Dean groaned, pulling away and standing up. "We'd better get dressed." He walked on shaky legs, going back to Cas' room, before he doubled back. "You need some help?"

"I-I'm okay." Castiel said with a smile, Dean was so forgetful sometimes, it was adorable. He stood up and wobbled back to his room, taking a five second shower to wash the cum off him before pulling clothes on. Dean just opted to wipe himself down with a baby wipe, before he pulled his own clothes on, running a hand through his hair, even though he knew there was no hope for the mess.

Castiel did the same, grabbing his backpack quickly after. "If we go now we can make it." He squeaked, bolting towards the stairs and waiting for Dean. Dean hobbled down the stairs, getting in his chair and rolling after Cas.

Cas followed behind and ran ahead to open to door, a big goofy smile on his face. "For you." He said, gliding his arm towards the door formally. Dean grinned and helped put the wheelchair in the trunk before he got in the car, closing the door behind him. Castiel walked to the driver's seat and got inside, smiling happily. "I love you, Dean." The smaller boy said fondly, "Oh! Wait! I never returned the embarrassing fact!" He chirped as he pulled out of the driveway. Dean grinned and looked over at Cas. "It’s fine, Cas, you don’t have to..."

"I probably should tell you anyways, in case you spontaneously decide to have sex in a pool." Cas joked with an amused smile. "You know how at my thirteenth birthday party I read a book, but never went in?" He asked awkwardly. Dean nodded, pulling his seatbelt over his chest, looking over at Cas with a raised eyebrow. "Yeah."

"Mm, well I can't swim, never learned how, I guess." Castiel said shyly, chewing on his lip out of habit. Dean looked over at Cas. "I can teach you, if you want."

Castiel smiled and nodded, "That would be fun, thank you." He murmured.

Ten minutes later the smaller boy pulled up to the school and parked Dean’s car. They had about five minutes to get to class. Scratch that, four. Cas got out and ran to get Dean's wheelchair, wheeling it to his side of the car and opening the door for him. "Tell me if you need help!" He chirped, opening the back door to grab his backpack. Dean grinned. "Of course." He got out and sat down in his wheelchair. His foot seemed to be healing quicker now that he was using it more often. "First period art, right?"

Castiel carried Dean's backpack in his arms and his own on his back, walking back over to Dean. "Are you ready?" He asked. Dean nodded, taking his backpack and putting it on his lap, he didn’t want Cas to get a strain or something. Castiel kissed the top of Dean's head and wheeled him all the way to the art room, taking his usual seat just as the teacher stood from her seat.

For once, Dean was glad that he and Cas sat at different sides of the room. He had been wanting to make something for Cas ever since he saw the picture Castiel drew. Dean grabbed some clay and modelling tools, and started to make a masterpiece. Dean started molding the clay, hoping he was getting the size right. At this point, Dean was zoned out, completely concentrated on getting Cas' name perfectly carved. Dean managed to get everything just right before he put it down, almost scared to pick it up in fear that he might ruin it.

Castiel pulled out his sketch pad, his tongue peaking out of the edge of his mouth as he drew the outline of a face. The teacher came by and glanced at Cas' drawing, smiling at the drawing of Dean. "That's an excellent drawing." She commented, patting Cas on the back before moving on to the next student.


After class Cas had finished the shading, a smile on his face. The smaller boy started packing his books up and hummed to himself, maybe he could show Dean. Dean had just finished up painting the ring, a cliche gold. It was finally starting to dry down when he saw Castiel walk over.

"Hello!" Castiel chirped, rocking back and forth on his heels nervously as he cradled the art book to his chest. "I have something to show you." He murmured, biting his lip.

Dean grinned and nodded. "I have something to show you, too, but you first." He smirked up at Castiel, covering the ring with a piece of paper. Castiel let his lip pop from his teeth and shyly slid his book on Dean’s desk, nervously shifting as he let Dean look at his drawing. It was a beautiful drawing of Dean when he was sleeping in the chair next to his hospital bed that one night, waiting for him to be okay. Cas had woken up first, and the image was ingrained in his memory forever. "I-It was a special moment for me, I-I felt like you wouldn't leave me, no matter what the situation, we would stick together." He murmured.

Dean grinned, looking at the picture fondly. "Cas, you're so talented." His voice broke, and he had to clear his throat. "It’s beautiful..." Suddenly, Dean’s crappy little spray painted ring didn't seem as cool anymore. Castiel giggled and kissed Dean’s forehead fondly. "Thank you, I'm glad you like it. What did you want to show me?" He asked, curiously looking at what Dean was obviously hiding.

Dean shrugged. "It’s nowhere near as good, but..." Dean took the piece of paper off of the golden ring, he hadn't even had time to polish it, and he was sure he'd gotten the size of Cas' finger wrong. Castiel froze, his eyes round and his cheeks pink. Was that yes. Cas' confused look spread into a shocked look, full of love and nervousness. "Is that for me?" He breathed out shakily, his eyes full of hope.

Dean was looking down at the table, playing with some eraser shavings. "Yeah, if you want it." He shrugged. "I can make you another one, that one's not that good...jus’ wanted to do somethin’ special." He knew he was acting like a child, but Cas had drawn such a beautiful thing and Dean’s looked like a two year old made it.

Castiel let out an excited squeak and he quickly took the ring, giggling as he slid it on his finger, it actually fit perfectly. The smaller boy looked at the gold paint, imagining what it would be like when he finally married Dean. "It's perfect!" He said in awe, pulling Dean into a passionate, slow kiss. Dean kissed him back, blushing hard when he heard a loud ‘Oooo!’ go around the class. I swear, these so called 'high schoolers' acted like children most of the time.

Castiel squeaked and pulled back with a wet pop, he completely forgot they were in public. The smaller boy turned red and gathered his note book again. "I-I love it so much, Dean. Thank you." He breathed out, chewing on his lip with a loving look. Dean rolled his eyes, knowing he'd get made fun of at lunch for it. "Your welcome, Cas." Dean grinned and looked at his phone, noticing that there was only a minute left of class. Getting up, Dean limped from his regular chair over to his wheelchair.

Castiel smiled, following Dean quickly. He kissed Dean’s forehead, leaning in to place a gentle kiss on his lips before standing. "I-I'll see you later, I have to get to forensics." The smaller boy murmured before dashing off down the hall.

"Love you." Dean whispered, the words falling on absent ears before he rolled off to Spanish, ignoring the looks he got from people in the hallway.


Dean hadn’t seen the team in two weeks or so, with all the injuries. Not all of them were dicks, Dean actually enjoyed the company of most of them. Dean rolled down the hallway and into the lunch room, going to his usual table with the team, grinning.

"Look who it is! Winchester! Where've you been?" Michael called, patting Dean on the back. Dean smiled, looking up at him. "The hospital." He chuckled lightly, glad to be around his friends again.

Lucifer snorted, rolling his eyes. "Heard you’ve been sucking dick with that freak cock slut, risky move there." He snapped, earning a laugh around the table. "Nah, Dean’s not a freak." Benny said, nudging Dean with his elbow. "Yeah right, I bet he wuvs the little fag." Lucifer growled, setting his fork down.

Dean groaned inwardly and glared at him. "What the fuck is your problem?" He hissed, glaring at Lucifer. In all honesty, most of the team got a rep for being assholes, but there were a lot of nice people on it, like Benny, and Michael, and Josh. They were just stuck with the need to maintain reputation. It was Lucifer, and Gordon, and Azazel, and Zach who were the assholes.

Lisa sauntered over, swaying her hips and sitting on the edge of the table, eyeing Dean up and biting her lip. It was obvious she was trying way too hard. "Bet he's a dick sucker, just like the fucking punching bag." Gordon chuckled, letting his gaze run over Lisa's form. "Bet he likes taking dick up the ass." Azazel snorted.

Dean couldn’t take all of it, he was starting to et mad. "What the fuck do you want, bitch?" He growled to Lisa, watching her face contort into one of anger. He really couldn't give a shit if she gangbanged the whole team at this point, he just wanted to be left alone. Dean bit the inside of his cheek, trying not to lash out. So yeah, maybe he did, and maybe he never thought he'd take a cock up his ass, but Cas was...different.

Castiel perked up when the lunch bell rang, a smile growing on his face. The smaller boy started placing his books in his bag, humming in excitement. He just loved being by Dean so much, he felt alive. Castiel nervously walked up to what he recognized as his boyfriend, leaning down to his ear. "U-Um, may I sit with you?" He asked nervously, avoiding eye contact with his tormentors. The smaller boy honestly had nowhere else to sit but the bleachers, the cafeteria was full. Lucifer snorted, standing up. "Look, it's Winchesters daddy, isn't he so fucking hot. " Lucifer growled, chucking a carrot at Cas' sweater. Castiel stepped back, regretting asking to sit near them. "I-I'll go, never mind." He murmured, turning to leave. Castiel accidentally knocked into a player who was walking over, thudding into him like he had walked into a wall. "Not so fast." Jonathan snapped.

Lisa rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to Dean, pausing at the dark hickeys along his neck. Azazel noticed too, breaking out into laughter. "Dude! You are a little cock sucker! You have a giant ‘C’ on your neck!" He shouted, earning more people turning from other tables and bursting into laughter. Dean blushed brightly. "No I don’t!" He yelped, bringing a hand to his neck, trying to cover up what they were looking at.

Alastair snickered, "Bet he gets fucked by him too, he's Novak’s bitch!" He said, causing the crowd to burst out into laughter again. Cas shakily stepped forward, putting a hand on Dean’s shoulder. "N-No he's not!" He tried to defend, Cas is fucking awful at comebacks.

Dean flinched. "Don’t fucking touch me!" He shoved Cas' frail hand off of his shoulder, the clay ring scraping against his shirt. "I'm no one's bitch. We're not even dating, we're just fucking.”

Castiel froze, earning an ‘ooooo’ from the whole cafeteria. "D-Dean, you're just f-feeling c-cornered." The smaller boy stuttered, backing away from his angry boyfriend. He backed right into Johnathan, causing the boy to wrap his arms around him to keep him there.

Dean’s hand was still over the hickey. He couldn’t believe Cas had done that to him. He glared at Cas, still sitting in his wheelchair. "You're the reason I'm in a fucking wheelchair. ” He growled.

Cas squirmed, trying desperately just to run away. "Y-You told him to shoot you instead of me! I-I didn't ask for it! Y-You're not thinking straight, think about w-who shot you, it wasn't m-me!" He said pleadingly, his eyes round and sad. He knew this couldn't be true, Dean was just being moody, and Cas was going to be there for him. Dean just shook his head, the stares of everyone egging him on. "Can’t believe I risked my life for a worthless one. I may never be able to play again. I should’ve let you drown in that river." He sneered. He knew what he was saying, he heard the words coming out of his own mouth, he just couldn't stop them. And at this point, he didn’t want to.

Castiel flinched, it felt like his heart was being ripped in two. "Y-You told me y-you loved me more times than I-I can count, you've done things for me that no one would do unless they love somebody, I-I don't believe you..." The smaller boy said quietly, it was obvious he was giving up, his last few words a lie on his own tongue.

“You’re just a whore who wants my cock. You’re my fuck-toy, nothing more.” Dean rolled his eyes. "Always so dramatic, Cas." He sneered, looking at Castiel with a dirty look.

Seeing the look of hatred and disgust in Dean’s eyes made Cas break down, tears spilling over onto his cheeks. The smaller boy fumbled with the ring and pulled it off his finger, chucking it at Dean’s chest. The clay ring thudded against Dean’s chest and clattered to the floor, breaking in half on the solid ground. "Y-You're a selfish... asshole, Dean Winchester. A-And you chose r-reputation over anything e-else." Castiel murmured, referencing to the time Dean beat him up just to look good in the eyes of his tormentors. The smaller boy squirmed out of Jonathan's arms and took off in a sprint, ignoring the laughs and ‘faggot!’s he got along the way. Lucifer nudged his friends and stood up. "Oh you better run! Thinking you can come over here and infest our territory! Get em!" He called out. Half the team charged after the smaller boy, laughing and cracking their knuckles as they rounded the corner in a stampede.

Dean felt his heart break along with the ring, and when no one was looking, he scooped up the pieces and put them in his pocket, only having a second before long, tan legs in a candy-colored mini skirt filled his view. "So glad you dumped that fag, Dean. Knew you were meant to be with me." Lisa grinned, before plopping herself down in Dean’s lap, giggling in a high pitched tone.

Everyone started pointing at the large windows, murmurs of excitement spilling over the crowd as they all got up and ran over just in time to see Lucifer tackle Cas in the middle of the field. The other players ran over, pinning his squirming limbs to the ground before Lucifer laid a solid punch to the boy's stomach. The crowd let ‘OOO! Ouch!’, some people hissing as they imagined what it would feel like. The team picked Cas up and dragged him towards the woods, earning a cheer and laughter.  Lucifer turned back towards the window and saluted, causing the crowd to laugh and clap as he disappeared into the woods behind his teammates.


Lisa was paying no attention to the crowd. "Lets go to your house, hm...?" She purred by Dean’s ear. Dean was trying to look around her, to look out the window but he couldn't see that far. "Sure." He responded absentmindedly, a part of him praying that Cas was okay. He felt himself get tugged upwards, and he tried to stifle a groan of pain as weight was put on his injured foot. "Ditch the chair, will you? Makes you look like a cripple." Lisa led Dean to his car, ignoring Dean’s pained limping. "I have condoms." She said with a wink.

As soon as Lisa's hand gripped the passenger side door handle the team jogged out of the woods, high fiving each other. The bottom of their jeans were soaked to a black color, some of their knuckles a bright red. Azazel let out a wolf whistle, looking Lisa over with hungry eyes. "Look who's here!" He said, patting Dean on the back almost smugly.

Dean let out a small, pained grunt before he asked, "Where’s Cas?" when he noticed that the small boy as nowhere to be seen.

"Why'd you care? The creepy fag’s gone, all that matters." Lucifer chuckled, crossing his arms with a smirk. Lisa rolled her eyes, pulling Dean down to kiss him sloppily. "Mm, it doesn't matter, let's go to your house." She said suggestively.

Dean didn’t move his lips against hers, just let her do her thing before he pulled away. "I'm serious, Lucifer. Where is he?" Dean’s tone was low and dangerous. He was not in the mood for any games.

Lucifer grumbled, rolling his shoulders. "Threw him in the Rage." He said nonchalantly. There was a river a minute into the woods that everyone called "Raging River", or "Rage" for short. It was a river that people would raft on during the summer because of the high current waters. "He clung onto a branch for a bit rambling on and on, the fag wouldn't stop crying. Gordon here finally kicked the kid off and he went for a lil swim." Lucifer drawled in annoyance, starting to walk towards the school.

Lisa giggled in amusement, burrowing into Dean’s side. "Mmm, let’s go, c’mon." She said, lightly pushing Dean down into the back seat. Lisa climbed on top of him and straddled his hips, grinding against his dick in slow circles. "C’mon, fuck me, I'm tired of waiting." She demanded.

Dean felt like he was about to throw up. Cas couldn’t swim. "Get the fuck off!" Dean pushed the girl off of his lap, and he didn't even care that she fell, toppling to the floorboard. It served her right. Dean got out and started limping before he knew he would just have to take the pain. He took off into a run, almost tumbling down the hill in desperation.

"Where the fuck are you going, Winchester!" Gordon called after Dean in confusion. "Dude!" Michael and Benny yelled at the same time, seeing the blood seeping through the quarterbacks shoe. The two ran after Dean and grabbed his shoulder, pulling him to a stop. "Dean! Dude! You're going to pass out!" Benny said, bringing out his phone to call an ambulance.

Dean didn’t even know he had tears streaming down his face until he heard himself sniffle. "He cant swim!" His voice was wrecked, and he was trying to wiggle out of their grasp, not even caring if his foot was screaming at him, covered in his own blood.

"Who?" Michael asked in confusion, rushing to pull Dean's shoe off. The large boy pulled his shirt off and wrapped Dean’s foot quickly, tightly enough so the blood flow was lowered to a minimum.

"Cas!" Dean’s voice broke, glad that he had Benny and Michael by his side. "H-He told me this morning." Dean writhed, trying to get Benny's hands off of him. "I have to go save him!"

"Dude, I don't know who that is, but they'll be fine, everyone can swim at least a little bit." Benny assured, patting Dean on the back as the ambulance picked up.

"Castiel!" Dean screamed hoarsely and pushed Benny's hands off of him. He kept running downwards, almost tripping a few times. He couldn't believe he had let Lucifer get to him. He should have been there to protect Cas. Dean got to the river a few minutes later, feeling woozy. "Cas!" He called out, looking around, seeing a flash of black down the river.


Castiel coughed on the water filling his mouth, tears streaming down his face. Dean used him. The boy with a water soaked sweater and cracked glasses couldn't hear anything over the blood pounding in his ears. His heart felt like someone took a heated knife through it, his blue eyes red from crying. His stomach hurt, and his world was shattered. He'd lost everything, the everything the never had. Cas' jeans were heavy and his two layers of cotton were even heavier. The boy didn't have enough muscle to counteract. Castiel surfaced in time to see the small, about five foot, waterfall that he heard so many passersby talk about rafting off of, and in the midst of his surprise the smaller boy heard a distance voice. Cas struggled to turn his head, and when he finally did, time seemed to slow. He saw Dean standing at the top of the long lake, his face pale and sweaty, he looked sick. The boy's green eyes seemed faded, his freckles more pronounced from his pale skin. In slow motion, Dean moved to run before his world spun upside down and Cas gasped in surprise, taking in a lungful of water as he fell down into the lake. He sunk to the bottom, his glasses floating to the surface like he wished he could. The smaller boy thudded back against the ground, his head thunking gently with a sickening thud. Time stilled.

"Cas!" Dean had never ran so fast in his entire life. Not the time when he had to keep Lucifer from catching Cas. Not the time he scored the fasts school record for a touchdown. He put everything ounce of strength into every pound of his feet to the mud. Dean skidded to a stop at the water edge, looking at the boy on the polluted lake floor. He took a deep breath and plunged into the water, scraping Cas off the ground. He swam with Cas up to the surface, praying to whatever god would answer that his angel would be okay.

The smaller boy remained limp in Dean's arms, his shallow breathing sounding like a low clicking. Dean laid Cas on the soft, grassy ground before he got out also, hissing slightly at the sting of his foot. Damn, it hurt like a bitch, but there was no way he wasn't going to do everything to help Cas. "Cas..." He murmured softly, turning the boy on his side so he could cough up the water in his lungs.

The thing was, Cas didn't want to cough up the water. He had no reason to cough up the water other than to live a life he didn’t deserve living. Castiel took a tiny, gurgling breath, it was like his life was actually flashing before his eyes. He tried desperately to figure out what he had done wrong, to make Dean feel so disgusted and hateful towards him, but maybe it wasn't his actions. It was him. He wasn't Lisa. The smaller boy's eyes filled with tears and his slim hand weakly gripped the ground, his blurry gaze glancing at the knees in front of him. He couldn't see anything, his blue eyes were fading out from lack of oxygen, black spots dancing before his eyes. Why wouldn't the unknown person just leave him?

Why wasn’t Cas throwing up? "Cas!" Dean repeated, not knowing what to do. “C’mon baby, please.” He pleaded. Dean pressed a hand to Cas’ chest, trying to force the water to come up. Why the fuck wasn’t it working? How was he supposed to make Cas cough the water out? Dean didn't want to do it, not sure of it was an invasion to Cas, but if he had shoved his cock down Cas' throat, he could do it with his fingers. Dean opened Cas' mouth, shoving his finger down Cas' throat for all it was worth. Castiel choked, violently sitting up as he spit and coughed out at least liter of lake water. The smaller boy groaned and fell back, wheezing slightly. He squinted, the trees above him letting in rays of sun onto his face.

Dean looked at Cas from a small distance. "C-Cas?" His voice broke. Castiel unconsciously moved into Dean’s arms, curling into his chest with a shaky sob. The smaller boy was so entranced by the one person he loved, and his comfort, that he had forgotten that the boy didn't love him back. Cas immediately moved away, his chest heaving. "G-Go back, y-you need your wheelchair." He said in a pain filled voice.

All the excitement was over, and the adrenaline in Dean’s body was running low, the pain of his busted foot getting to him. "Can’t." He mumbled, his white shoe soaked in his own blood. Then it all came back to Cas.

"You can't what, Dean!" Castiel snapped, kneeling up on shaky limbs, his vision was still blurry. The smaller boy patted around on the floor. "Where are my glasses!" He whimpered, the flashing lights through the trees going unnoticed by him.

Dean passed out a few seconds later, his blood flowing freely into the grass, the sounds of sirens filling the air.

The smaller boy pouted when he couldn't find his glasses, sitting on the grass with a pathetic feeling. Why couldn't he just live a normal life? Cas grimaced at the warm, slick feeling on his fingers and raised his hand, his eyes widening at the sight of a blurry red. "Dean?" He called out in confusion. Dean’s face was slowly getting paler, he looked like he was dying. He twitched slightly in his hazy state, and paramedics arrived in their truck, driving down the grassy hill.

Castiel rapidly patted around on the grass, catching Dean's foot in his hand. The smaller boy let out a fearful sob and quickly began removing Dean’s shoe. "Dean? Dean, please answer me?" Castiel begged, putting pressure on Deans wound as he looked around blindly.

Dean let out a pained groan in his passed out state and tried to squirm away from Cas, or rather, the added pain Cas was putting on his hurt foot. Castiel began crying silently, any bypasser would think he was blind from the way he was looking around like he was stuck in a dark room. Paramedics ran forward when the ambulance pulled up, moving Cas away from the larger boy. "I-I-I want to go with!" Castiel said nervously, but no one heard over the yelling between nurses. They lifted Dean onto a stretcher, sliding him into the ambulance quickly. "He's bleeding from a previous wound in the foot! Stitches broken!" One medic said to another, working quickly to remove Dean’s jeans. One of the nurses saw the crying boy and pulled him on at the last second before the ambulance started moving. "He's gonna be fine." She assured him, before sitting him down and going to help Dean.

Castiel sniffled, blindly reaching out and feeling for Dean’s hand. He found the large, calloused fingers and grabbed onto them like a lifeline, his slim hands wrapping around them, praying for a movement.  Dean's breathing was shallow, and they had to put a mask on him, but his fingers closed around Castiel’s, and the ambulance kept on driving to the hospital.

Cas let out a sob of relief and clutched Dean’s hand before dropping it. Dean didn't love him, he couldn't do that anymore. The smaller boy shrank into his seat watching the blurs move about nervously. Everything looked like someone had put a baking sheet in front of him. He couldn't really see anything more than the fuzzy outline of shapes.

Dean’s hand twitched when Cas' hand fell away, but then they pulled up in front of the hospital, and Dean was carried out on the stretcher, leaving Cas and a nurse in the van. "He'll be fine, Sweetheart, they just have to stitch him up again and you guys can be out by tomorrow."

Cas nodded, watching them take Dean with a sad look. "U-Um, make sure he uses his wheelchair, a-and he has to eat a salad, not just pie." The smaller boy murmured.

The nurse opened Dean’s file. "Are you Castiel Novak or Sam Winchester?" She asked, looking up at the boy with a raised eyebrow.

"I-I'm...." Castiel said, tearing up at the memory of harsh words. Dean thought he was worthless. "I'm a c-classmate, I-I don't k-know who that is."

Chapter Text

It was so fucking hard to say, but Cas wanted Dean to be happy. And if that wasn’t with him, so be it. He deserves the best. "I'm going home now." Cas murmured, stumbling out of the van before he blindly followed the line of cars towards the exit.

The nurse raised an eyebrow suspiciously, but then shrugged. "Can you call one of them? They're his emergency contacts, and one of them has to be here." She called out. She read the paper further. "So...Sam is is his brother and Castiel is his...spouse?"

Castiel looked back, his jaw clenched as he fought back the urge to scream at the woman. He wanted to scream and cry and break down right where he stood, but then they would keep him and bring him to Dean, and Dean would get angry. "Samuel is his brother, Castiel is just a classmate in his art class." The smaller boy said sharply before walking away. He let his hand trail along the side of the cars so he knew which way to go, slowly coming towards the exit of the hospital parking lot. Cas ran into a security guard, mumbling an apology quickly before he pushed past.

The woman shrugged again, before pulling out her phone, calling Castiel, using the number that Dean had written down. The nurse left a voicemail before calling Sam, the brother. "Hello?" She asked when she heard the phone pick up.

"This is Sam." Sam said into the phone, playing video games as he held it to his ear with his shoulder.

"Yes, this is Nurse Ann and I regret to inform you that your brother is in the hospital." She said in a monotone voice, trying not to let her emotions get to her. By the sound of it, the kid couldn't have been more than fourteen, and Dean was only eighteen. Where was their mother? Their father? It wasn't her place to ask.

"What?" Sam asked, dropping the controller. "Is Cas there? I'm coming right now." The boy said, quickly running downstairs and grabbing his bike helmet.

"There was a boy who came with Dean, but he claimed he didn’t know him. Castiel has not yet arrived." She told him, while Gabe ran downstairs with Sam. "What’s wrong?"

"Did he have black hair, blue eyes, large black glasses that made his eyes look huge?" Sam asked in confusion, chuckling out the last fact. "Dean’s in the hospital, and Cas isn't there." He said to Gabriel as he ran outside. The woman nodded. "Yes, he claimed he lost his glasses. Why, is he a friend of Dean?" She asked and watched the black haired boy stumble away.

"That was his boyfriend." Sam said, "Where is he now?" The teenager got on his bike and started biking as fast as he could to the hospital. Gabriel got on his own bike and followed Sam, not wanting his friend to have to deal with it alone. Ann raised an eyebrow. "Well, he's walking away, he said he had nothing to do with Dean."

Sam frowned, one hand on the handle bars. "What? That's not Cas then, Cas wouldn't say that." He said matter of factly.

Ann walked after him. "Castiel!" She called, seeing if the kid would react to the name. Cas turned around, standing at the entrance of the parking lot as he looked around in confusion. Who said that? He didn’t really want to find out. He couldn't see anything. The smaller boy turned back and started jogging, making his way through the trees.

"Have Castiel and Dean had a fight recently?" She asked, running after the thin, still wet, boy. First off, those woods were not safe, and something seemed fishy about this whole thing.

"Cas wouldn't hurt a fly, of course they didn't!" Sam said like it was the craziest thing ever.

"How far are you from the hospital?" She knew it was against protocol, that if a contact didn’t want to show up for personal reasons, that she couldn't pursue them, but Ann needed someone to be with Dean. She walked into the woods, and lucky for her, she could see...she could also see Cas a few meters away. Cas wiped the tears from his face with the back of his hand and stumbled. The smaller boy sniffled, hiccuping slightly before he sat on the ground.

"Coming around the corner." Sam said quickly, biking faster and leaving Gabe in the dust.

"Good, just say you're Dean’s emergency contact and they'll let you in." She said softly, hanging up before walking up behind Castiel, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Castiel..." She squatted down next to him. Castiel squeaked and scrambled back, blindly looking around for the woman's voice. "G-Go away!" He said nervously.

"Dean obviously cares about you..." She started, slipping her phone back into her pocket. "Why don’t you go make sure he's okay."

"You don't know what he said! You don't even know any of us!" Castiel snapped, standing up quickly. He hated being mean, he didn't even know why the words were coming out so harshly in the first place.

"I'm sure he didn't mean what he said." She stood up also, talking softly, trying to calm Castiel down.

"You don't k-know! I'm tired of people taking advantage of me! I-I can be mean, just like everyone else, and then they'll leave me alone!" Cas growled, starting to make his way through the forest.

"Castiel!" She said sharply. "Dean is in the hospital right now because he saved you. Stay or go, just remember that." She shook her head and walked off, back to the hospital. Teenagers.

Cas teared up again and clenched his jaw. Dean just felt guilty and wanted to seem like a hero. After what he said, Cas was tired of feeling weak, or running back to people. He could be strong, totally . The blue eyed boy looked around, not even knowing where the woman went. He hiccuped, a habit of his when he cried. He would take short, cut off breaths, and then hold it. Cas looked around, getting slightly scared because it was dark, he decided that he would go left, not knowing where else to go but right, left, forwards, or backwards. He shakily reached out and grabbed onto a tree, making his way down the hill as the greens and browns blended together.

Ann walked back to the hospital, going to the main entrance and waited for Sam to come. A moment later Sam ran up to the entrance, leaving his bike at the bike rack. "Where's Dean?" He called as he jogged up. Gabriel followed close behind, breathing heavily. Ann stood up and nodded to the security guard. "They're with me." She led them to the room they would put Dean in. "He's in surgery for now, but he'll be here." She opened the door and walked in. "I'm gonna tell the cafeteria to bring you guys water and stuff, you might be here for a while."

Sam nodded and followed behind, a worried look on his face. "Is he okay? What happened?" The fourteen year old asked.

"From what we gathered..." She indicated that the two boys should sit down. "Cas was thrown in a river by some unknown folks, and when Dean ran down the hill to get him out, his stitches ripped. He kept going though, ran down the hill, found Castiel, helped Castiel expel the water from his lungs, then Dean proceeded to pass out."

Sam clenched his jaw and nodded. "Sounds like the usual." He grumbled. It was fucking cold outside, he was glad he could go sit in the room and wait. The woman nodded to both of them. "I'll be going now. Dean will probably be here in an hour or so." She left them in Dean’s future room, closing the door behind her.

"Where the fuck is Cas! He should be here for Dean!" Sam said angrily, standing and pacing the room. "He doesn't have a right to just ditch my brother, and say he has 'nothing to do with him' after he risked his life more than once for him!" Sam ranted, his face turning red in anger. "Selfish little..."

Gabe stood up and walked over to Sam in the empty room. "Sam, Sam...." He murmured softly, putting his hands on Sam’s waist. "Maybe they had a fight or something."

"My brother is the most righteous person I know! He wouldn't just do something to make Cas leave, I know it. If anything it was Cas- tiel’s fault!"

Gabe decided not to say anything, just let Sam vent. He knew his older brother too, and Cas would never just snap at people like an animal unless convinced he was no better than one. "Come on, Dean’s not gonna be out for an hour, probably more. Lets just sit down or something..." Sam nodded and crossed his arms, sitting down with a pout.

Gabe sat down next to Sam on the cushioned bench chair, and he remembered what Cas had accidentally mentioned he and Dean had done while they were in the hospital. Making a decision, Gabe twisted his body and straddled Sam. Sam grumpily turned his head, giving a defiant huff. "Not right now, Gabriel." He murmured.

Gabriel blushed and climbed off of him. "Sorry..." He mumbled, looking down at his hands.

"It's not you, I'm just...worried." Sam mumbled with guilt, glancing up at the clock.

"He's gonna be fine, Sam." Gabe assured him, taking Sam’s hand into his own.

Sam smiled and nodded, chewing on his lip. "I hope so...he’s all I got beside you."




An hour later Sam jolted from his sleep, his head coming off of Gabriel's shoulder when the door opened. Gabe grumbled softly and woke up when he felt the warmth of Sam’s body leave him. "Sam?" He asked blearily, looking around.

"It's Dean." Sam said, watching them wheel Dean’s bed in with his brother on top. "How is he?" He asked the doctor. The doctor turned to Sam. "He's going to be just fine." He gave Sam a small nodded, before walking out, leaving the three boys alone.

Sam nodded and jogged over to Dean, eagerly tapping his shoulder. "Dean? How are you feeling?"

Dean’s eyes fluttered open. "Heya, Sammy." He said hoarsely. "I feel fine." He had kind of a silly grin on his face. "They gave him a slight sedative." Gabe was reading Dean’s file at the edge of the bed, seeing what they had done to him.

"Good. We're here for you." Sam said assuringly, watching his brothers lazy look carefully. Dean looked around. "Where’s Cas?"

Sam growled and turned away, an annoyed look on his face. "The lady said he ran off into the woods without glasses. He's still soaked and it's freezing. I hope he dies." Sam said defiantly. He was still in that teenage phaze, where kids would say 'I hope they die' for everyone they were upset with.

"Don't say that." Dean glared at Sam, before turning to Gabe. "What’s up Gabirelllll." He stretched out Gabe’s name, still in a loopy state. "Nothing much, Dean-o" Gabe said, before going to sit down in the chair in the hallway, leaving the two brothers alone.

"I can say what I want." Sam snapped, fuming in anger. "He should be here for you! The freak’s selfish!" He growled out.

"Sam!" Dean sat up, groaning softly. "We had a big fight, I'm not surprised he's gone rouge."

"He probably started it, he's a good for nothing piece of shit! You deserve better! You're the best person in this entire world! You did all the nice things in the relationship, he's just selfish, plain and simple!" Sam said sharply, his hands moving around to exaggerate his words.

Dean opened his mouth to defend Cas, but he knew it wouldn't do any good. He just let Sam finish, before he looked at Sam with sad eyes. "I said his life was worthless."

"He probably deserved it anyways." Sam said nonchalantly, a hint of accusation in his voice as he sat down, his arms crossed childishly. "Whatever, the bears will get him first."

Dean's chest squeezed in fear. "No, no..." He whispered to himself. "He'll be alright." Dean needed Cas to be alright.

Sam scoffed and kicked his feet up. "'M still gonna punch him for messing with my big brother."

Dean just laughed and rolled his eyes, praying that Castiel would be okay. There was nothing he could do about it now. Or so his guilt said. " are you and Gabe?" He teased.

"Better than what I hope Cas' future relationship is. I hope he dates Lucifer." Sam snarked back, his youthful face scrunched up slightly in controlled rage. "No! I hope he doesn't have any more relationships! I hope he dies alone with a cat! Multiple cats!" The teenager boy ranted.

"Cas loves cats." Dean chuckled, looking at his little brother.

"Good! Then he can get multiple and they can eat his rotting corpse when he’s dead!" Sam said, pouting stubbornly.

"Dude what the fuck?" Dean yelped, chuckling. "That’s morbid!" He tossed an empty paper cup at Sam.

"More G-rated than getting mauled by a bear. Or dying from hypothermia. Or just walking into the road because he doesn't have his glasses on. He can die a slow death for all I care!" Sam rambled, defending his big brother's honor by imagining different ways for Cas to die. Dean laid back and closed his eyes, listening to Sam go on and on. When there was a silence, he peeked an eye open, looking at his shaggy haired little brother. "You done?"

"Never!" The teenage boy squeaked out with a stubborn glare. Dean laughed softly. "Thanks, Sam." He grinned over at his little bro.

Sam smiled back, nodding. "Anything for you, Dean." He said with a proud smile. Dean grinned over at his little brother, blowing him a kiss to be overdramatic.


Castiel began to cry, he'd been walking in circles for hours, and he couldn't see where he was going. "Hello!?" He called out, holding onto a tree with his slim hand. The blue eyed boy sniffled and wrapped his arms around himself, shivering uncontrollably. It was so fucking cold. "I-I....I can't see! I-Is anyone there?" Cas called shakily. The frail boy took one step and stumbled, falling down onto his knees with a yelp. He let out a pathetic whimper and wiped away his tears with the back of his hand. It was useless, and he was tired.

At the same time, Lucifer had been hunting in the woods when he heard a voice. Lucifer knew that voice, he just couldn't place it. "Hello?" He called out, following the voice. Cas looked up blindly, hope filling him. "H-Hello? I-I just need a p-phone...!" The small boy said, his scraped up hand reaching out and patting at the leaves to try and map out the ground in front of him.

Lucifer’s eyes widened when he saw him. No... It was the fag! Lucifer almost laughed with glee before he looked around and realized they were alone. Maybe this was his chance? He approached Cas. "I've got a phone."

Castiel hiccuped as he cried silently, tears streaming down his face. "M-May I use it for just a m-moment? I-I need to call my brother and tell him that his dinner is in the fridge." The boy said nervously, slowly looking up at the blurry figure.

Was Castiel's sight really that shitty? Lucifer took another step forward, he and Cas were a few inches apart, and he reached a hand out, lightly tracing his fingers over Cas' cheekbone. Cas jerked back, his eyes wide and confused. "W-What is your name?" He stuttered, scrambling to stand up. "I just need to call my brother, I-I can pay you, I promise." Cas whimpered.

Lucifer looked Castiel over and put a hand on Cas' waist. "That’s not important, Sweetheart." He murmured softly, leaning in for a kiss. Lucifer wasn’t gay...but, Cas was just hot as shit. Castiel shoved the boy back, backing up quickly. "G-Get away from me!" He yelled, fear shooting through him. The shivering boy had luckily been walking in circles, he wasn't that far from the hospital, but he had no clue on which way to run.

Lucifer chased after him, pinning the boy to a wide tree trunk. "Why'd you run away? That’s not very nice." He stuck a knee in between Cas' legs, rubbing at Cas' clothed crotch.

Castiel jerked, breathing heavily as he brought a knee up and shoved Lucifer back. "L-Listen, j-just let m-me use y-your p-phone first...I-I have a little brother. Please." He said, tears pricking at his eyes once more. God he hoped the boy fell for it. Lucifer kept Castiel. "I'll let you..." He started, started to lean in again. "But, how about a kiss, first?"

Cas grimaced, a look of disgust on his face before deciding it was his only chance to get help. The smaller boy leaned in and pecked the boy on the lips, trying not to gag.

Lucifer looked around again, just to make sure that there was no one was there before he ducked his head forward, smashing their lips together. God, this was amazing. Girls never got him as riled up as guys did, especially Castiel. He had jerked off so many times thinking of this very moment...

Castiel let out a grossed out noise and kept his lips sealed shut, his whole body tense before he finally pushed Lucifer back. "O-Okay, y-you kissed me, m-may I use your phone?" He stuttered.

"I dont know, dont feel like I've gotten my fill." Lucifer was enjoying the hell out of this, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t done it sooner. "You're gay, just pretend I'm Channing Tatum or something." He started kissing at Cas' neck.

Castiel kicked Lucifer back again, clutching as his neck in disgust. "A-A deal is a did you know I was gay?" He whimpered, holding his hand out for Lucifer’s phone.

Lucifer just chuckled and pulled his phone out of his back pocket. "First of all, you're a fucking twink. Secondly, I go to school with you." He opened the phone app and gave his phone to Cas.

Cas snatched the phone, instantly recognizing the voice. He squinted at the dialing pad and slowly typed in Gabriel's number before hitting the blurry green button and holding it to his ear. Lucifer raked his eyes over Castiel’s body. He was pretty sure he could hit that. No, he could definitely hit that.

"Hello?" Gabe didn’t recognize the number, but picked up anyways. Maybe it was important.

"Hello Gabriel! P-P-Please put the pizza i-in the o-o-oven..." Castiel stuttered fearfully, thinking of how to get Gabe’s attention without letting Lucifer know.

"Cas? Oh my god, are you okay?!" Gabe sat up, suddenly alert, catching the attention of Sam and Dean.

"M-Mom’s cooking? O-O-Okay...p-put me on s-speaker so I c-can tell her the ins-structions." Castiel whimpered, ignoring Lucifer hungry stare. Gabe quirked an eyebrow. "What are you talking about, Cas?" But he put his phone on speaker so they could all hear. "It’s me, Sam and Dean. We're in the hospital. Where are you?"

"I m-might not be h-home f-for....h-how l-long?" Castiel asked in a tiny voice, glancing up at Lucifer with tear filled eyes. Lucifer stepped forward. "Well, Sweetheart, I wanted to have a little fun first." He murmured softly. “So tell her hours. Dean’s fists clenched. "Where are you, Cas?" He asked, repeating Gabe’s question.

Castiel let out a tiny sob and scooted back, "Get away from me!" He yelped, shakily clutching onto the phone. His acting finally broke as he fearfully looked around. "I-I can't s-see, I-I don't e-even know w-who f-found m-me, and i-it's really c-c-cold, Ga-abriel..." The smaller boy rambled.

Lucifer plucked the phone from Cas' hand. Castiel let out a broken sob when his only ticket to safety was snatched from his hands. "L-Leave m-m-me alone!" He pleaded. "Hey, Gabe, it’s Lucifer, Cas' buddy from school. Dean-o is in the hospital? Cool, I'm gonna take Cassie home, have some fun, and I'll drop him off in an hour." Lucifer smirked, hanging up before anyone got to say anything.

Gabriel looked at his phone in shocked silence. Sam clenched his jaw, swallowing thickly, he too was just as silent. "What now?" He whispered.


Lucifer grabbed Cas' arm in a tight grip and started dragging the boy to his car. Castiel yanked his arm from Lucifer grasp, stumbling backwards. The smaller boy fell to his knees and shakily felt around, trying to find a rock.

"Mmm, want to suck me off in public?" He smirked when he saw the boy on his knees. He unzipped his pants and walked forward, putting a hand in Cas' hair and yanking him up, shoving his hard cock at the boy’s mouth. Castiel screamed and jerked back, falling onto his back before scrambling to his feet. The boy looked at the blurry figure in front of him and gripped onto the rock in his hand. He swung as hard as he could, hitting Lucifer over the side of the head out of pure anger and fear.

Lucifer fell to the ground, groaning weakly. He would live, but he probably had a concussion. Castiel let out a cry of relief and stumbled forward, taking Lucifer’s phone from his pocket. The smaller boy moved as fast as he could for someone who could only see the world in a blur, speed walking through the trees before he stopped and redialed Gabriel's number, putting it on speaker phone. Cas held the phone right and started to walk again.

Gabriel picked up the phone again, but Dean snatched it from his hands. "Listen you fucking asshole. You better not do anything to Castiel or I swear I'll fucking kill you." Dean’s voice was low and dangerous.

"W-Where's G-G-Gabriel..?" Castiel sobbed out, not knowing how much time he had left. The smaller boy let out a pained cry when he accidentally ran into a tree and changed directions. It was dark now, and he was so, so fucking cold. He breathed raggedly and kneeled, feeling the hill with his hands as he climbed up it.

"Oh, shit, it's Cas." Dean’s voice softened. "Cas, are you okay?" He pressed the nurse button, maybe one of the nurses could go get Cas?

"I w-want to talk to G-Gabriel." Castiel whimpered, tensing when he heard a branch snap. The smaller boy scrambled into a hollowed out part of a tree, his breathing becoming tiny and high pitched. He turned off speaker phone and clutched the phone to his ear. Dean nodded, before handing the phone to Gabe. "Cas? Hey, it’s Gabriel. Where are you, Cas, we're gonna send someone to go get you." Gabriel opened the door for the nurse. "Maybe we could track Lucifer’s phone?" Dean chimed in.

"I-I don't know where I am, I-I can't see anything..." Cas whispered, scooting farther back in the tree as the crunches of leaves got closer. "There's no point, a-a nurse willingly l-left m-me out h-here in the f-first p-place."

"Give me the phone." Dean grabbed the phone from Gabe, typing for a moment and pulling up the location of Lucifer’s phone IP. He waved Nurse Ann over. "Do you know where this is?" He asked her, showing her the exact location of Lucifer’s phone.

Castiel’s eyes closed when the footsteps stopped right by his hiding spot, his breathing stopping as he slowly slid the phone into his pocket. "Y-You shouldn't save a worthless life." He whimpered to himself, "I c-can do this..." He murmured, crawling out from the tree and quickly standing, looking for a way to run before running towards a place where he saw gaps in the blurred brown.

Ann saw the phone moving. "He's headed towards the hospital." She shrugged. "I'll go get him, but he's not that far off." She scurried out, and everyone on the room was practically holding their breath.

Castiel ran face first into a tree like he was in a comedy movie, groaning in pain. The smaller boy backed up, looking around blindly as he leaned down and felt the ground. Dean heard Cas' groan. "Are you okay, Cas?" He asked, refusing to let go of the phone, no matter how many times Gabe asked for it.

"D-Don't a-act like y-y-you care!" Castiel whimpered, taking the phone out of his pocket and chucking it. The phone hit what he thought was a tree and clattered to the floor, that was until the tree started walking closer. "H-Hello?" He squeaked warily, holding his hands out to touch the tall, moving figure. Dammit, he really missed his annoying glasses right now.

"Miss me, Sweetheart?" Lucifer’s voice rang out in the near-silent forest. He reached forward and grabbed both of Cas' hands in a tight grip, jumping a little when a different voice hooted. "What do you think you're doing?!"

Castiel jerked his wrists, squirming uncomfortably as he tried to spot the source of the voice. "L-Let me go!" The smaller boy yelped stubbornly.

Ann stormed up to Lucifer, smacking the boy upside the head. "Let him go!" Lucifer was almost shocked by being caught, and by being smacked by an old lady. She tugged Cas from Lucifer’s grasp. "Come on." The nurse dragged Cas up to the hospital.

Castiel squeaked and stumbled blindly behind the short woman, his eyes wide and confused, brimmed with tears. "W-Where are w-we g-g-going?" He asked, his teeth chattering together.

"To go see your boyfriend." She said shortly, pushing through the doors and leading Castiel to Dean’s room.

"H-He isnt my boyfriend..." Castiel stuttered, chewing on his lip as he teared up. "Where is my little brother?"

"With your buddy." She rolled her eyes. "I was not this dramatic as a teenager." She stopped in front of Dean’s room and walked in with Castiel before closing the door behind her, leaving the room in a deafening silence. Dean had been talking to Sam, but when he turned his head his eyes widened, and everything around the edges faded, all he saw was...


"Cas..." He breathed out.

Chapter Text

Castiel wrapped his arms around his slim chest, curling in on himself as he moved into the corner. The boy looked around with confused eyes, seeing only blurs of white. Why do hospitals have so much white? They should liven the place up with a rainbow or something. Some sort of defining color at least!

"S-Sam, grab my jacket." Dean pointed over to his scrunched up leather jacket in the corner of the room.

"Why? He should get run over by a tractor for what he did to you!" The stubborn teenager snapped, stepping closer to Cas with a glare. "Y-You don’t deserve my brother! My brother does everything for you! Isn’t that right, Dean?" Sam ranted, poking Cas in the chest.

“Enough! Geez, Sammy!” Dean rolled his eyes, before pulling out his IV and getting up himself, he hobbled over, getting Cas' spare glasses from his coat pocket. "Here." He said weakly, holding out the glasses as some sort of peace offering.

Castiel warily looked at the blurry figure in front of him, squinting as if it would help him recognize the face. He assumed it was Dean, judging by the height and size. "I don’t need help, you gave me enough, just like Samuel said." Cas murmured, shivering like crazy. He turned towards the door, blindly reaching for the handle to make a swift exit, but he just ended up running into the door frame. The blue eyed boy let out a pathetic whimper, his lip quivering in built up emotions. 'You’re just a fuck-toy' played over and over in his head the more he stood in Dean’s presence.

"Castiel, stop being so stubborn." Gabe grabbed the glasses from Dean’s hand and walked over, putting them on his older brothers face. "Sam and I are gonna go into the hallway for a few minutes, and you two can work it out." Gabriel grabbed Sam’s hand and dragged him out of the room.

Castiel nervously wrapped his arms back around himself, a sad look on his face, his blue eyes didn’t even seem so bright anymore. "You know what I'm going to say." He mumbled, glancing at Dean’s foot expectantly.

A small smile appeared on Dean’s face. "Yeah." He hobbled back to his bed and sat down, swinging his feet over the side, leaning upwards on the huge amount of pillows stuffed behind him. Castiel stood there, the long and awkward silence going on for what seemed like hours before he finally spared Dean a distant glance. "I hope your foot heals soon." He said as if he was a random classmate, noticing that the boy sitting next to him in class had a cast on his foot.

"Cas, can you please come sit down?" Dean gestured to the chair next to his bed, begging Castiel with his eyes.

"Why should I?" Castiel snapped coldly, his broken heart removing all of his former bubbly self, leaving just a shell of anger and remorse.

Dean scooted up in his hospital bed, going until he was fully sitting up, looking at Cas. "Please, can we just talk about this?" Dean’s voice sounded strained, tired, and for good reason, his foot had scraped against the plastic bed sheets, making it hurt like hell.

The blue eyed boy clenched his jaw, his face a brick wall as he walked over and stood at Deans side. Even Cas was a little bit surprised by how he was acting. He was acting like Lucifer. "Talk about what, Dean?" He asked in faux innocence.

Dean let out a little sigh through his nose. "You know what, Cas." He looked up at the standing boy and bit his lip.

"Mmmm, nope, I don't quite remember. Please, clear it up for me." Castiel grumbled sarcastically, his usual formal grammar flying out the window. It was like he was a different person, even his voice sounded like gravel, deep and scratchy.

Dean swallowed thickly. Usually Cas' voice was higher than Dean’s, clear, but this harsh, gravelly one was kind of turning Dean on. He brought a hand up and rubbed his eyes. This was not the time. He looked up at Cas again.

"What I said, Cas. you know I didn't mean it. Well, you kind of gave me reason to say it, but still..." Dean started to ramble. Castiel paused and let out an incredulous cry, smacking Dean right across the face. The loud slap echoed through the quiet room, only the flicker of a light bulb heard over Cas' pure disbelief and rage. He so badly wanted to crumble and fall back into Dean’s arms, but a dark side of him wanted to make Dean work for it, for Dean to admit to what he did. "How dare you say that I did anything to make you say that I was a worthless fuck-toy! I came over to fucking check on you! To stop acting like a lonely freak and to ask to sit by you! You fucking ridiculed, embarrassed, and cheated on me all at once! And don't you dare say that you didn't do something with Lisa, because I know you Dean Winchester, and you love your reputation of being a straight jackass. You let them beat me up! You hurt me! You have no fucking right to say I did anything more than love you in that situation, and I even gave you two separate chances to back down, that I know you didn't fucking deserve." Castiel spat out, a look of pure heartbreak and pain on his face from what he had to hear from his boyfriend less than twelve hours ago. By this point anyone within a two room radius could hear him shouting, but he couldn't bring himself to care as tears started streaming down his face, the emotions catchin up to him in a storm. Dean flinched and brought a hand up to his cheek. It didn't hurt that much but damn was he hard at this point. He looked up at Castiel with wide eyes, not even knowing what to say.


"Think it's going well?" Gave smirked over to Sam. They could hear Cas' yelling from outside. "Nope." Sam grunted stubbornly.

"Nothing? Really?" Castiel scoffed, wiping his tears away with the back of his hand. The smaller boy quickly turned on his heel, walking towards the door as he tried to ignore the pain in his heart from the fact Dean didn't want to answer.

"Cas! Don't go, please don't go!" Dean yelped, swinging his feet over the side of the bed to chase after him. "I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry, please Cas." Dean took a step towards Cas but crumpled to the ground, the pain coursing through his body was unimaginable.

Cas paused when Dean apologized, hesitantly turning back around. "Stop walking on your foot, or you won't be able to use it later." The smaller boy murmured, holding a hand out for him to take slowly.

Dean was curled in on himself on the floor, trying to keep the tears of pain back. He just let out a little whimper and curled up tighter. He could fucking //feel// his skin tearing apart, pulling at the stitches.

Castiel chewed on his lip and kneeled down next to Dean, a worried look forming on his face. "Dean...come here," he said slowly, holding his arms out. "A-Are you alright...?" A voice screamed at him in the back of his mind. He needed to stop being weak and let Dean lay where he fell, but the desperate part of him wanted to be loved. That side won.

Dean scooted closer to Cas and put his head in the other boy’s lap and just let the tears fall, hating how he sounded like a baby, sniffling and letting out little sobs and whines. "I-I'm sorry." He hiccuped, burying his head into Cas' belt buckle.

Castiel worriedly cradled Dean to him, holding back a snapped word. "Please calm down..." He said softly, his voice slowly going back to normal at his maternal concern.

"Y-you're right. I'm fu-fucking selfish and I don't deserve you at all Cas." Dean sobbed grossly, wrapping his arms around Cas' waist. Cas gasped slightly, his face turning a deep red. "N-No, y-you aren't selfish, because you realized what you said. You admitted that you were wrong to say it." He assured, stroking Dean’s hair soothingly.

Dean turned his head and peek a green eye up at Castiel. "I'm really fucking sorry." He repeated, his eyes begging for forgiveness.

Castiel struggled to keep from smiling, only letting a small smile on his face as his heart swelled in adoration. Dean was adorable. No, dammit! Don’t think that! "Get back on your bed, Dean." He said softly, nudging Dean with his knees. Dean shook his head, pulling Castiel closer, as if he were a stubborn child. He pouted and buried his face back into Cas' stomach, breathing in the boy’s perfect scent.

Cas bit his lip and squirmed nervously, a warm feeling pooling in his gut. "D-Dean...come on..." He whimpered, shuddering lightly as he gently pushed at Dean’s head to coax him.

Dean felt Cas' boner poking his cheek through Cas' jeans and he smirked, glad he wasn't the only one having....problems. He acted innocent though, moving his head around, running his cheek all around Cas' crotch.

Castiel squeaked, his glasses slipping farther down his flushed cheeks. "G-Get b-b-back on the bed!" He breathed out stubbornly, his abdomen clenching in a nervous need.

"Gotta do something first." Dean smirked, changing his position, so how he was straight ahead of Cas, but still laying on the ground. He reached forward, lightly ghosting his fingers over the bulge in Cas' jeans.

Oh god Dean's smirk it was the hottest thing ever. Cas crumbled helplessly, unable to reject Dean’s love any longer. "O-Only with you." He whimpered, turning a deep red as he pushed his glasses up. Dean raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" He unzipped Castiel’s jeans, licking his plump lips at the sight of Cas' boner in his boxers.

Castiel squirmed, nudging Dean's face back. "I-I only want to come with you i-inside m-m-me, i-it makes me feel loved." He whispered in embarrassment, his eyes glancing towards the door before he stood up and tried to zip his jeans.

Dean flipped his body over, so he was facing the ceiling. "Come ride me, Sweetheart..." He looked up at Cas, his boner sticking straight up.

Castiel nervously ran to the counter and grabbed the doctoral lube, a shy look on his face. "D-Do you love me...? Or are we just having sex?" He asked in a tiny voice.

"Of course I love you, Cas. I just said all that dumb shot to try to impress a bunch of dicks." Dean chuckled lightly, looking over at Castiel.

"Y-You better give me endless love for weeks, I'm not letting this go that easily." Cas warned before walking over and stripping his clothes, ignoring how bad he probably looked. He was a sucker, normal people would hate Dean, push him away until he finally left them alone. But Cas immediately fell back to him every time, and he knew one day he would probably die from the repercussions. Today was not the day.

Dean nodded. "Of course, Cas." He raked his eyes over Castiel’s body, his cock letting out a little blurt of precum at how sexy his boyfriend looked. Castiel's blush spread to his chest and he shyly bit his lip, "Good." He said and lubed up Dean’s cock. The smaller boy straddled Deans face and tried to not let his embarrassment get the best of him. "P-Prepare me." He demanded, reminding himself that Dean still needed to work for forgiveness.

Dean moaned softly and put his hands on Cas waist, pushing him down until his lips were almost pressed against Cas' hole. Sticking his tongue out, he started prodding his stiff tongue at Castiel’s asshole. "Tastes so good, Cas." Dean moaned lowly.

Cas cried out, stuffing his knuckles into his mouth to try and muffle himself. Oh fuck, he completely forgot about amazing Dean's tongue was. He panted heavily, his chest rising and falling as his stomach sucked in to dampen the pleasure down. Dean smirked and went to town on Castiel's hole, licking and sucking and biting and doing everything thing he could to convince Castiel he was sorry.

Castiel let out a high pitched moan, his hands fisting in Dean's hair. "O-Oh gooooddd..." He mewled, shakily letting his head fall back as his glasses slid to the bridge of his nose.

Dean moaned softly and bucked his hips up into the air, he was so goddamn turned on right now. He let his eyes flutter closed at he tried to give Castiel as much pleasure as possible.

"Oh...A-AH!" Castiel moaned, making all sorts of mewls and squeals and gasps of appreciation for Dean, his slim hands grasping needily at the spikes in between his legs. He clamped his legs around Dean’s face, squirming uncontrollably. "Y-Your t-t-tongue is so amazing, o-oh ..." He praised.

Dean fucking loved the feeling of Castiel closing his legs around Deans head, just completely losing control of his body. Dean lightly bit at his rim a few times before he brought a hand up, starting to press the spit slick finger inside of Cas' hole.

Castiel whimpered and smacked a hand against the ground for support, his mouth hanging open in pleasure. The smaller boy's lips were parted as pants slipped past his lips, his blue eyes hazy and glazed as he watched Dean work. Dean moaned softly, loving what he could do to the boy, before he started pumping his finger in and out, kissing Cas' stretched rim.

Cas pulled off Dean's fingers teasingly, trying to keep his whimper at the loss quiet as he squirmed his way back down Dean's body. "I l-love y-you more than an-nything." He murmured as he sank down onto Dean’s cock.

"Love you, too, Castiel. S-So much." Dean’s voice was shaky as he watched Cas roll his hips down Dean’s cock. He brought his hands up, resting them on Cas' sharp hip bones before he started rocking his hips up against the boy. “I’m going to take care of you from now on, be better. I promise.”

Castiel circled his hips and immediately threw his head back, his glasses almost falling from his face as he came, Dean’s cock was pressed right up against his prostate. Love filled him, his emotions bubbling over to send him over the edge. "Oh god I fucking love you so much!" He whined, clutching at Dean's shoulders. Dean groaned softly. "Love you, too, Cas. We were fucking made for each other." Dean pulled Castiel down and smashed their lips in a rough kiss, cumming embarrassingly quick.

Castiel slowly rolled his hips to a stop, his hips jerking in oversensitivity as Dean grazed his prostate once more before Cas straddled him fully, panting heavily. "Mmm, we both came within two seconds, that would have to be a new record." The smaller boy said with an embarrassed look.

Dean chuckled lightly. "Well, you are amazing, Cas." He grinned up at him. Cas giggled and clenched around the larger boy's cock to wipe the look off his face. The smaller boy leaned down and nuzzled his face into Deans neck, "D-Don't leave m-m-me ever a-again." He whispered sadly.

Dean wrapped his arms around Cas. "Never, never again, Castiel. So sorry, I'm so so sorry. You know I’m an idiot." Dean kept murmuring into Cas' neck.

Castiel teared up and curled up on Dean’s chest, keeping him inside of him like it would keep him from leaving him once more. The smaller boy let the tears fall onto his face and wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck. "I-I love you." He whispered.

"I love you so much, Castiel." Dean kissed Cas' forehead, his back against the cold floor. "Need you so much, love you so much."

"Need you too." Castiel murmured, slowly starting to circle his hips. The smaller boy jerked and let out a shaky moan, his hips slowing to a stop. "'M sensitive..." He whispered absentmindedly, not really knowing what he said.

Dean nodded. "Me too." Dean threw his head back, then sensations rolling through his body insane. "Fuck, Cas..." He moaned softly, thruting his hips up a little.

Cas cried out, scrambling to grab onto something as his head arched back, his mouth wide open in pleasure. "Oh god!” He squeaked, trailing off into a moan. Gabriel heard him from outside and shifted uncomfortably, face flaming red as he tried not to look at Sam. Dean smirked and kept rolling his hips around, pressing into Cas' sensitive prostate.

Cas felt like his soul was leaving his body. Being this close to Dean, knowing he actually cared, feeling this much pleasure. "Hhaah! O-Oh...ohmygodDean!" The smaller boy mewled and wailed in ecstasy, his legs squirming and clamping together on top of Dean’s stomach like it would relieve some of the pleasure that consumed every nerve in his body.

Dean moaned softly, Castiel’s face of pleasure making Dean start to harden again. Arching his back, Dean started to thrust in and out of the boy on top of him. Castiel let out a tiny scream at the change in speed and angle, his mouth falling open in a look of disbelief. "H-How...s-s-so deeeep!" He gasped out in surprise, his slim hand gripping at his abdomen.

Dean just threw a sexy smirk up at Cas, knowing Cas needed it just as much as he did. "You like this, huh?" He smirked, his entire cock enveloped by Cas' tight, slick heat.

"Ohhhhmygod! Haah, oh fuck!” Cas moaned, clutching both hands onto Dean’s jawline. The smaller boy saw Deans smirk and his eyes rolled back, cumming all over Dean’s chest with a scream of pure pleasure. “Dean!”

Dean smirked and kept thrusting into Cas, trying to give him some make-up sex memories he would remember. "So fucking sexy, Cas, all fucked out like this..." Dean growled, his cock wanting to burst. And boy did Cas looked wrecked. The smaller boy's blue eyes were pleasure-drunk and rolling back and forth into his skull, like after each wave of pleasure he would try to look back at Dean but get pulled under another wave. Cas' plush, pink lips were parted, the hickey Lucifer left was barely there over the red flush spread all the way over his neck and face and chest. His glasses slipped farther down his nose with every jostle, his black hair a crazy mess from running and wrestling from Lucifer's grasp. He was a beautiful mess.

"Mine, all mine." Dean growled, seeing the hickey Lucifer left on Cas' neck. That was it. Cas was his, and Lucifer was gonna get it. "Think I can make you pass out, baby? Fuck you ‘til you can't do it anymore? Override you with pleasure?" Dean had a lot of ideas for their future sex escapades. Cas let out a broken sob, trembling through a second orgasm. "N-No...c-can't take it...can't." He rambled, shakily trying to gain his breath back.

Dean came deep inside Castiel, he slumped down on the ground, panting heavily, his body twitching with aftershocks.

"Oh my god..." Cas breathed out, collapsing forward on Dean’s chest. "Y-You need to rest." He murmured. Dean moaned softly in agreement. "Yes I do." He murmured softly, making no move to stand up.

"Here, come lay with me." Cas instructed, pulling himself off of Dean with a whine. The smaller boy held a hand out to help Dean stand. Dean nodded and shakily got to his feet, holding onto Cas' hand like a lifeline. Castiel led Dean to the bed and gently laid him back, smiling at how he was finally helping Dean.


Zachariah was bound to come home for his monthly visit soon, and that meant the whole house was on lockdown, so he wanted to get as much time with Dean as he could. His father wasn't around much for the same reason Dean’s wasn’t. Work. He was a wealthy businessman, and the thing that scared Cas the most wasn’t his fancy suit. It wasn't his large stature or scowl. It wasn't the way he would smack his kids around for basically anything. It was the one thing any gay teenager wouldn’t want. His father was homophobic.

Chapter Text

Dean laid down on the bed and made grabby hands for Castiel. "Come cuddle with me!" He whined, pouting, acting like a child would. Cas giggled and laid down next to Dean, his slim fingers splayed out on Dean’s firm chest. He slowly pulled the sheet up over them, his eyes tired and hooded.

"You guys can come in now!" Dean called to the two teenagers outside, his arms wrapped around his sleepy boyfriend. Castiel practically purred, curling into Dean and nuzzling his head into Dean's side like a cat as he fell asleep. Sam walked in and glared, crossing his arms defiantly. "I can't believe you." He grumbled.

"Shut up, Sam." Dean rolled his eyes, but he wasnt mad, not really. He finally had Castiel back.

"Shut up, Sam." Sam parroted in a high pitched voice, grumbling about how Dean deserved better and plopping in the seat in the corner.

"Go make out with Gabe or something." Dean teased, sticking his tongue out at his little brother. He smirked, before saying. "And open a window, it smells like Cas and I just fucked. Oh wait..." He smirked at his little brother.

Sam squeaked and threw Dean's jacket at him, his face tomato red. "Ew! What the fuck, Dean!" He shouted, grimacing uncontrollably.

"Sorry my sex life is active, Sammy. Just a perk of being hot. You wouldn’t know..." Dean grinned, gripping Cas’ ass visibly under the sheets.

Sam grimaced and stuck his tongue out as well, glaring in embarrassment. "You're a man whore." Sam countered.

"Indeed I am." Dean smirked, turning his head and kissing a sleeping Cas on the forehead. "Go get lunch or something with Gabe, you guys have been here for hours."

Gabriel grumbled, eyeing his sleeping brother. "Cassie better not be naked under there." He warned, trying to intimidate his future boyfriend’s older brother.

"Well, those are his jeans and t-shirt and boxers on the floor...." Dean was enjoying the hell out of this. Gabriel turned redder and redder as he looked at the muddy clothes on the ground. "It was a blowjob..." he said, trying to convince himself more than anything.

Dean shook his head. "Even if it was, that's still more action than you and Sam are having." He turned to his little brother. "Oh, hope you don't mind my asking, but who tops?"
Sam puffed his chest out and stood taller as he scoffed. "Obviously me, I’d have a bigger dick!" He said stubbornly, "Probably bigger than yours, Dean."

"Yeah, but you're a twink." Dean argued back. “And if my dick was small, I wouldn’t be a man whore, would I, Sammy?”


"Not true!" Gabriel looked at Sam with a pout. "We haven't even seen each others dicks yet!"

Castiel mewled in his sleep and slowly peaked an eye open, grinning seductively. "Mmm, you're still awake." He murmured, crawling onto Dean’s lap and running his hands down the larger boy's muscular chest.

Cas clearly hadn't noticed the arguing boys, so Dean decided to go with it. "Indeed I am." Dean smirked, putting a hand on the back of Cas' neck and pulling him in for a deep kiss, pulling the blanket over them so the kids wouldnt see Cas' naked ass.

Cas let out a surprised squeak and giggled, growling like a baby lion. The smaller boy slid up against Dean and moaned, rocking his hips. "God you're so big." He breathed out.

"Mmm, I know, Sweetheart." Dean smirked, his tongue flicking over Cas' pink lips. "You're all mine, Sweetheart, right?"

"All fucking yours." Castiel murmured, catching Dean's tongue with his teeth. "You better fuck me all weekend, even when I don't ask." He warned.

"You better be ready." Dean smirked, bringing a hand down over the curve of Cas' ass and playing with Cas' loose, wet hole. "Got a few ideas for some role plays we could do..." Dean murmured against Cas' lips. Castiel let his head fall back, a mewl echoing from his lips. "Oh god!" He gasped, rocking back on Dean’s thick fingers.


Sam grimaced and turned away, his face beet red. ‘What the fuck !’ He mouthed to Gabe. Gabe grabbed Sam’s hand and dragged him out of the room into a bathroom, closing and locking the door behind them. "Pull it out. I want to see who’s bigger." Gabe unzipped his black skinny jeans.

"Good boy..." Dean murmured, flexing, curling his fingers. "Maybe I could pretend to be a robber, sneak into your house late at the same time, little Cassie is getting a glass of water...fuck you bent over your own kitchen counter. Make you cum while you're begging for me to stop, ‘cause it’s just too much" Dean growled.

"Oh god yes!" Castiel whimpered, leaning down to nibble at Dean’s neck. Dean smirked, tilting his head, giving Castiel as much space as he wanted. Cas growled slightly and nipped, leaving a hickey on Dean’s neck.

"Want me to fuck you, baby?" Dean smirked, managing to pump three fingers in and out of Castiel.

"Mhm!" Castiel whimpered needily. "How long did I sleep?"

"Ten minutes, maybe more." Dean shrugged, moving his hand from Cas' ass to his cock, jerking himself off. Castiel smiled and bit his lip, trying to look sexy as his gaze cast down. "Mmm, long enough."

Dean scooted Cas down lower on his body, lifting the boy’s hips a little. "Ride me, Sweetheart." He smirked up at Cas, his cock sticking straight up, almost comically. The larger boy guided his ass into place, grinning smugly. Castiel mewled and slammed himself down over Dean’s cock, his eyes fluttering shut. "Oh Jesus Christ I love you." He breathed out.

"Cas!" Dean moaned out, feeling like he might fucking cum already. "F-Fuck, love you too."

Castiel bounced up and down, arching his back and running his hands through his hair sensually, he was trying to be seductive, and he was doing a better job than he thought.

"F-Fucking hell, Cas..." Dean moaned out, not being able to tear his eyes away from the fucking sex god in front of him. Holy shit, he wanted to remember this image forever.

"You’re an ox." Cas groaned, circling his hips as he rode Dean’s thick cock. Dean laughed lightly, but the grin slid off his face when he felt Cas tighten around him. "S-So fucking sexy, Cas..."

"If you ever try something like that with me again..." Castiel purred in Dean’s ear. "I'll buy a cock ring with my fathers endless money, so don't doubt I can't, and make you fuck me until I pass out." He growled out, clenching around Dean as tight as he could.

Dean’s eyes rolled back into his head and he came deep inside on Castiel without a second thought. He opened his mouth in a choked out wail and his body shuddered, completely overtaken by the pleasure. Cas chuckled and sat up, rolling his hips through Dean’s orgasm. "That's what I thought." He chirped smugly.

"Please..." Dean begged, not even knowing what he wanted. His voice was wrecked, and he let out a dry sob as the sensations didn’t stop.

"Mmm....are you alright?" Castiel asked in concern. He didn't want to overstimulate Dean too much. Overstimulation was great if you were the bottom, but have your dick overstimulated just plain hurt.

"Want you to cum..." Dean moaned softly, reaching a hand out and starting to stroke Cas' hard cock.

"Ah!" Castiel squeaked, slapping Dean's hand away in embarrassment. "I-I don't need it." He murmured.

"Yes you do, Cas." Dean growled, reaching for Cas' hard cock again. "Not gonna let you do this to yourself again."

Cas cried out in surprise, his mouth falling open and his eyelids fluttering. The smaller boy clenched around Dean’s cock like a vice.

Dean smirked and kept flicking his wrist back and forth, trying to get Castiel to cum. "You like this, huh? Got so many ideas of how I could fuck you, mmm, god, makes me wanna cream just thinkin’ em."

"T-Tell me!" Cas whimpered, trembling at the feeling of being stuffed full and jacked off. "A-All talk, n-n-no bite." The smaller boy stuttered out.

Dean closed his eyes and let his mind run free. "God, so many.... Always wanted to try a hate could be the nerd tutoring the dumb jock...end up fucking you against a wall while we hurl insults at each other..." Dean knew it was cliche, but it was hot as hell.

Castiel rocked his hips needily, his eyes fluttering shut. "Keep talking." He murmured, his hands planting firmly on Dean’s chest. Oh god he could see it now.

"God, just imagine the fucking sneer on my face while I fuck into you from behind, huh?" Dean kept jacking Castiel off. "Call you a fairy, a fucking faggot, then I'd end up fucking you five minutes later."

"I-It w-would be a-acting, right?" Castiel questioned inaudibly, his movements slowing down in confusion.

"Of course, Cas." Dean nodded quickly. "I'm bi as shit, dude, it would be offensive to both of us if I was being serious."

Castiel giggled and clenched around Dean’s cock to tease him. "Mmm, you're so thick and deep, Daddy ..." He breathed out so quietly it almost didn't reach Dean's ears. He didn't even know why he said it, but Dean had liked it before, and he wanted to see how much he could rile the boy up.

Dean threw his head back against his pillow, his cock filling up again. "C-Cas..." He said hoarsely. "Come on, baby, not gonna cum until you do."

Castiel’s eyes darkened with the look of a tempest spreading over his face. "Mmm, like that?" He purred, leaning down to Dean's ear and just barely grazing it with his lips. "I love you're big, fat cock so much, almost as much as I love you're green eyes. If you asked me, I would suck you off in front of the football team, let you suck deep marks into my neck as I shuddered in your arms. They'd see that I was yours, that I only belonged to Dean Winchester himself, the righteous man who fucks the brains right from his boyfriend’s skull when he wants to." The blue eyed boy breathed out seductively, his slim hands sliding up to encase the bolts of Dean's jaw.

Dean's hands tightened on Cas' hips, leaving bruises. "Want me to fuck your brains out, huh?" He smirked, before he started pumping his hips upwards, trying to get Castiel to cum. "Yeah, baby, dont even give a shit what they think anymore, not after what they did to my baby boy. I'll fuck you right in the middle of the field, want them to see, want all of them to see..." Dean rambled.

Castiel almost screamed as he jolted, trying to get away from Dean's pistoning hips. Oh this so wasn't fair! It was his turn to be in charge! Dean could only keep that up for so long and soon his hips gave out and he slumped against the bed. "Gonna cum yet, Sweetheart?" He smirked up at Castiel.

Cas' head was thrown back in a silent scream, his face covered in what could only be described as bliss. Oh fuck he was so close, just a little more....what the fuck? The smaller boy whimpered, his hands clutching at Dean’s chest in desperation. "I-It's gone!" He whined, burying his face in Dean's neck like a kicked puppy.

Dean brought a hand down and started playing with Cas' rim, stretched around his fat cock. "Think I could fit another finger in your slut hole?" He asked. Castiel whimpered, rocking back on Dean’s cock needily. "T-Tease." He mumbled accusingly, almost sounding like a pouting child.

"You think I'm joking?" Dean asked, before he slipped a finger in alongside his fat cock, Cas' hole was so stretched.

Castiel gasped, his breathing coming out in labored pants against Dean’s neck. "O-Oh god! W-What are you doing?" He stuttered in confusion, trying to fight off the pleasure of the intrusion.

Dean froze. "Do you want me to stop?" He started pulling the finger out. He had only wanted to push Cas over the edge with a little something extra. Castiel never moved so quickly in his life, his hand gripping the top of Dean's neck and curling gently around Dean’s jaw to make him face his own eyes. "If you even think about taking me away from the edge one more time, so help me god, I'll make you wear a cock ring for a week and I’ll join the cheerleading squad a week early." He said demandingly.

"Love it when you get dominant..." Dean smirked, thrusting his finger into Castiel alongside his cock. "Gonna stretch you out, you won't be able to walk for days."

Castiel keened and gripped at the pillow behind Dean like a life raft. "F-Fuck!" He squeaked out an octave too high.

"My good little slut..." Dean smirked, bringing his free hand up and starting to jerk Castiel off again. Cas squirmed, his legs curling up Deans sides until he was almost folded in a pretzel, his legs clamping uncontrollably around Dean's ribs, his chest flat against Deans own as he mewled and cried out into Dean's neck. Dean rolled his hips upwards, Cas' tight, pulsing heat driving him insane. "You gonna cum, Sweetheart? Gonna cum for Daddy? Gonna paint my chest white with your cum? You gonna writhe and cry and scream while I drag the pleasure out of you?" Dean smirked.

Castiel snapped, completely turning himself over to Dean as he sat up, the most insane look of pleasure on his face as he scrambled to grab onto Dean’s chest. “Dean!” He choked out in a wail. Cas arched his back and came, fluttering around Dean’s fingers and cock like mad. "O-Oh f-f-fuck I love you more than anything, I love you so much, I want to marry you and have kids with you and go through everything with you!" Cas rambled as he trembled in the intensity of his orgasm. Dean moaned softly and came deep inside of Castiel, feeling thoroughly worn out. Cas panted heavily, turning red admittance, but turning red at the lack of response. The smaller boy leaned down and peppered Dean’s face in kisses, cooing gently. "Sleep, you need to rest, for real this time." He murmured lovingly.

Dean pulled Castiel off of his cock and made Cas lay next to him, he turned and cuddled into Cas. "Love you, too, Cas. Love you so much." He murmured softly, his eyes starting to close. "Wanna marry you and have you take my last name, so everyone knows you belong to me. "

Cas let out a quiet cry of relief and flew up, kissing Dean long and slow. He put everything into the kiss, all of his love and anger and trust, everything. The smaller boy finally pulled back and kissed Dean one last time, leaning their foreheads together. "Sleep, my love." He murmured softly. Dean nodded, but he kept talking. "Wanna have a little girl and name her Claire...or maybe Mary, after Mom..."

Cas watched Dean with round eyes, tearing up at the pure love he felt for the boy in front of him. "Dean..." he breathed out in awe, cupping Dean's cheekbone as he sniffled slightly, smiling. "You're wonderful, you would be a perfect father."

Dean opened his eyes. "Nah." He chuckled lightly, always feeling awkward in serious situations. "Wouldn’t know how to have 'the talk'."

"Mmm, leave it to me." Castiel said softly, his hands sliding to cup the nape of Dean's neck. "Now sleep."

Dean nodded and closed his eyes again, whispering a hushed. "I love you." Before he let himself drift off, dreaming of a life with Cas. Cas let out a happy sob and kissed Dean's forehead like a mother to a child before cuddling into Dean's arms, protectively curling his skinny limbs around Dean’s broad chest.

Chapter Text

Dean grinned in his sleep and a few minutes later, Sam and Gabe walked in, disheveled and blushing, almost not able to look at each other. Cas mumbled in his sleep, snuggling his cheek into Dean’s chest a little more at the bright light from the hall. Gabe pulled a cot out from the carrier, one that was there for guests staying overnight, and he laid it down in the corner. It was twin sized, and Gabe was glad he had requested it just in case.

Sam flopped onto the bed, burrowing his face in the pillow. "Mmmm, tired, come lay with me so I can sleep." He murmured into the mattress, muffling his words. Gabe nodded and kicked off his shoes and tight jeans, before he got under the covers with Sam, only wearing a loose t-shirt and boxers. Sam pulled Gabriel to his chest and nuzzled into his hair. "Night." He murmured tiredly before falling asleep, completely at peace with Gabriel by his side. Gabe beamed and wrapped his arms around Sam. "I love you." He whispered into Sam’s black shirt.

Castiel woke up in the morning with a grumble, swatting sleepily at the hand tapping his shoulders. The small boy pulled the covers up higher sleepily. He may have been a graceful sleeper, but Dean was a bear, usually, they contrasted each other completely. Ann pursed her lips and tapped Castiel harder. "I see you two made up." Her voice rang through the room, looking at the four boys, all in love.

Cas sat up, trying not to wake up Dean. "Y-You're the one who left me out there, I-I recognize your voice." He murmured, sliding his glasses back onto his face.

Ann rolled her eyes. "I didn't leave you out there, Castiel. You refused to come back with me, and I can't force you." She wrote down Dean’s heart rate.

"No! Y-You didn't even give me time to respond and j-just walked off!" Castiel said nervously, a look of sadness in his eyes.

"I'm also the one who brought you back, so let's just call it a day." She checked off Castiel and Sam as both being there, and she left the room.

"B-Bitch." Cas said. He stood and shakily grabbed his clothes, forgetting about his phone as he walked to the cafeteria. Hadn't eaten since breakfast, yesterday morning.

Dean woke up a few minutes later, the bed cold, and bare. He had expected to wake up to sleepy morning kisses from Castiel, but instead he was rudely awakened by the door closing. "Cas?" He asked, sitting up.

Castiel came back ten minutes later with a piece of bread and sat in the chair that was in the corner, assuming Dean was asleep. He ripped a small piece off and nibbled on it, watching the lump of his brother and Dean’s brother cuddling together. He was happy for them, that they could find something so special so young.

"Cas! Where were you?" Dean asked, worried. He got into the wheelchair Ann brought him and rolled over to Cas. "I was scared you left." He peppered Cas' face with kisses. Castiel jumped and giggled, enjoying the love he was receiving. He was going to bask in it. "Mmm, just went to grab a bite to eat." He murmured, kissing Dean’s forehead in return. "I'm proud, you used your chair."

Dean blushed a little before nodding. "Well, the quickest way to get rid of it is to use it until my foot gets better."

"Hmmm, you're finally learning." Castiel teased, loving how Dean used his exact words.

"I have a good teacher." Dean teased back, giving Cas an eskimo kiss. Castiel laughed and swatted Dean gently. "I have a stubborn student." He said, his nose scrunching up under the kiss onslaught.

Sam opened his eyes to see Dean and Castiel in a close embrace, and it looked like they were making out from his angle. "Do you ever stop?!" He groaned, waking Gabe up, who had been sleeping peacefully next to him.

Cas turned bright red and ducked his head, turning his face away shyly. "Nope, you should hear them at night, it's why I stay over so much." Gabriel grumbled sleepily. Sam shuddered, but really he was jealous. He saw how in love Cas and Dean were and he knew that their sex life was a part of that. He really, really liked Gabe, maybe even loved him, but he and Gabe hadn’t done anything but kiss...and a sloppy blowjob as of yesterday.


Dean just smirked over at them. "Do you think we're annoying the little virgins, Cas?" He smirked over at Castiel. Both of them loved teasing their little brothers.

"Mmm, not enough." Castiel murmured, pulling Dean in for a kiss that was just all sorts of hot. The smaller boy deepened it as far as their bodies would allow, crawling up into Dean's lap as he let out a mewl.

Sam blushed and looked down. He wished he was that confident with Gabe. Sam shifted uncomfortably, a boner growing in his jeans. He had slept in his uncomfortable jeans for this exact reason, so if he got a boner, his jeans would push it down and Gabe wouldn't notice. God, just thinking about his and Gabe’s mouths and tongues moving together like that was making Sam want to try it himself.

Gabriel smirked knowingly and laughed. "Don't tell me you're getting a wood from our older brothers making out like whores." The boy teased. "I-I wanna do that with you." Sam blushed brightly, looking down at the bulge in his jeans.


Castiel sensually buried his hands in Dean’s hair, their lips locked together in an 'eating face' worthy adjective. God it was amazing. Dean moaned extravagantly and rubbed his tongue along Cas' tasting the orange juice the boy drank. Castiel moaned throatily and pulled back, letting his head fall back as he gasped for needed air. "That was amazing." He whispered. Dean took in a deep breath too. "If that’s what happens whenever we try to tease the virgins, we be mean more often." Sam and Gabe had been officially dubbed "The Virgins."


Gabriel chuckled, pulling Sam back down. "Not while we are directly next to our horny older brothers, that would basically be an orgy." Sam looked at Gabriel. "Do you want to go to the bathroom?" The bathrooms weren’t like the school ones, where there were a bunch of stalls, it was just one, so no other people would be in there with Gabe and Sam. "Yep!" Gabriel chirped, getting the hell out of dodge and running to the bathroom.

"Y-Yes." Castiel agreed quietly, sounding like he just ran a marathon. Dean smirked at Cas as he watched Sam and Gabriel run out with looks of glee on their faces. "What do you think they're gonna go do?" He asked, faking innocence.

"I don't know what it is with you and your brothers obsession with each other's sex lives, but I would prefer to not think of my fourteen year old brother having sex." Castiel commented wryly, his nose scrunching up in disgust.

"Ooo, they be fuckin." Dean smirked, acting like a fourteen year old. He was glad he had the wheelchair, since that meant he could just roll Cas and him over to the hospital bed.

"Gross!" Castiel whined, pushing up his glasses that made his eyes two times bigger. "Y-You and Sam are gross." He murmured, casting his gaze down. Dean snickered and kissed the tip of Cas' nose. "You love me."

"Mmm, you're lucky." Cas teased gently, pecking Dean’s jawline with two kisses in return. Dean rolled his eyes and wheeled them over to his bed. "The nurse said I could get out today, if I wanted."


Castiel smiled, getting distracted by the muscles of Dean’s neck. He nibbled gently and hummed absentmindedly in response, his slim hands coming up to hold the back of his neck. Dean moaned softly, “S-Sorry about what I said...about the hickey. Want you to mark me, so everyone knows i'm yours…” He tilted his head back, giving Castiel more room.


Cas’ movements slowed and he shyly pulled back. “I-I don't want to make you angry again.” He said quietly, a hint of fear in his voice. “You should lay down.” Cas said and stood, holding a hand out for Dean to take. Dean felt bad, Castiel shouldn't be scared of him. “C-Cas, I don't want you to be scared.”


“It’s okay, I promise.” Cas murmured, kissing Dean’s forehead. “Now lay down, a-and I’ll g-give you a hickey.”


Dean grinned and stood up briefly, hobbling over the bed and laying down, looking at Cas expectantly. Cas giggled at how Dean looked, he looked like a child waiting for a present to be handed to him on Christmas. “You’re adorable.” He teased and crawled into Dean’s lap. Dean grinned and stuck his tongue out at Cas. “I love you,” He murmured softly.


“I love you too.” Cas whispered, slowly leaning in to attach his lips to Dean’s neck. The smaller boy nibbled and sucked, darkening the fading hickeys that formed the first letter of his name. Dean moaned and softly and tilted his head back, “F-Fucking mark me, Castiel.”


Castiel let out a tiny growl, sucking Dean’s skin in between his teeth. He covered Dean’s neck in hickeys until it was almost a solid block of purple. The smaller boy mewled and started littering Dean’s collar bone with kisses and nips, sucking to his heart's content. He felt wanted, that Dean needed him closer and needed him to feel complete.


“Love you so much, baby.” Dean moaned and threw his head back, the waves of pleasure coursing through him were insane. “Fuck, Cas, so fucking sexy, makes me wanna cream my fucking pants.” He rambled, his cock hardening against Cas’ ass.


Castiel smirked and sat back, one arm looped over Dean’s shoulder, the other buried in his hair. The blue eyed boy used his runner legs to hold himself up and rolled his hips sensually. God, he didn't even know why, but he was giving Dean a lap dance. In a goddamn hospital.


“Fucking shit….” Dean breathed out, not wanting to tear his eyes away from the beautiful show in front of him. “Don’t stop, Cas…” He begged. Sometimes, Dean enjoyed grinding, or dry humping even more than fucking. Cause it was all sorts of awesome. You'd have someone grinding on you like a stripper working for that extra tip. Cas let out a breathy noise, undulating himself on the larger boy’s torso and lap. Making Dean's breath gust from his lungs, seeing the rapture on his face. It made Cas feel powerful, sexy even.


Dean moaned, his cock poking right up from his boxers, and Cas just ground away, driving Dean damn out of his mind. “ Fuck, Cas, so fucking sexy, goddamn, making me hard as a rock.” Dean babbled desperately.


Gabriel burst into the room, looking around for the lube before turning and yelling “DEAR GOD !” The teenager squeaked and dashed back out, running all the way to Sam. “ You get it! I told you!” He huffed. Sam smirked and stuck his tongue out at Gabriel. “I have to deal with that every day.” He laughed and got the lube from the bed stand, ignoring the glare from his older brother.


“Gabe! We need that! You don’t!” Castiel pouted, his hips slowing to a stop. “Also, I dont think thats in any way legal.”


Sam groaned and rolled his eyes. “Oh come on, Cas!” He pouted, holding the lube close to his chest. Cas looked at Dean for help. “They can’t! For one, not in a hospital! Just because they’re horny teenagers doesn’t mean that they can lose their first time in a gross bathroom where sick elderly miss the toilet bowl! It’s also so not legal for fourteen year olds to have penetrative sex! I don't want that on my college records!” Castiel ranted geekily.


At first, Dean was all for his little brother getting laid for the first time, as long as he left him and Cas alone, but the more he thought about the first part Cas said. He started to agree with the boy on top of him. “Yeah, Sam.” Dean reached a hand forward and plucked the bottle from Sam’s grasp. “You and Gabe should lose your virginity in a cute little cliche way on a bed covered in roses petals or some shit. Don't want you to waste it in some gross ass bathroom.”


Castiel turned his head to look at Gabriel and huffed. “Nice try, but i'm a responsible older brother who doesnt want Fa-...” He was about to say ‘father on my ass about it’, but Gabriel knew exactly what he was saying. Zachariah was a businessman, but one who didn't give a shit about his sons and wife, one word without permissions and he’d thwack you with the nearest object. Gabriel rolled his eyes and stormed out, always sensitive when someone brought up their absent father. Sam made a swipe for the lube again but Dean held it out of reach. Sam gave up and followed Gabe. “What’s wrong?” He asked the moody fourteen year old.


“Oh nothing, just the fact that our father beats the crap out of us for the tiniest things and leaves the next day.” Gabriel growled, knowing he shouldn't say it.


“Gabe, I’m sorry...” Sam said softly, pulling Gabe into an empty room, closing the door behind him. “Eh, it’s okay, you have it worse. Cas gets the worst of it, I just get slapped every once and a while.” Gabriel murmured, flipping his hair out of his face.


“It’s not okay, Gabe.” Sam strode over and took Gabe’s hand in his own, pulling him over to the bed and sitting down with him. Gabriel mumbled and looked away. “It’s okay with me, you just have to be quiet and stiff like a soldier, and you don't get anything bad. Usually Cas says something and acts out.”


“Does he know that you and Cas are…?” Sam asked, hoping Gabe knew what he meant.


“No, he suspects Cas though, so he usually has to act all macho and shit to make up for it.” The younger grumbled angrily. The anger wasn't directed at Sam or Cas, it was his built up rage for his father.


“Gabe, Gabe…sh.” Sam said soothingly, running a hand through his boyfriend’s hair, trying to calm him down. Gabriel leaned his head on Sam’s shoulder, sighing deeply. “Thank you.” He mumbled. Sam blushed brightly, wrapping an arm around Gabe before he finally worked up the courage to say- “I love you.” He blurted out. Gabriel smiled and leaned up, kissing Sam’s cheek quickly. “I love you too.” He squeaked, his voice cracking as he tackled Sam in excitement. Sam grinned as he fell backwards, Gabe on his hands and knees above him. Gabriel chuckled and booped Sam’s nose all thoughts of his father whispering away.


Cas huffed and laid his head on Dean's chest, closing his eyes. “Dammit.” He muttered. “I should go after him.”


Dean shook his head and ran his fingers through Cas’ hair. “Give them a few minutes alone.”


Castiel nodded and looked up at Dean. “So...what now?” He asked quietly. Dean shrugged. “Wanna go get some lunch?”


“Sure!” Castiel chirped.


Sam grinned. “How’d I get so lucky.” Sam and Dean asked at the same time. Dean pulled himself out of bed and got dressed, plopping down in his wheelchair.


Cas blushed and Gabriel winked as they both unknowingly stood up at the same time. “Okay, let’s go.” Cas said with a fond smile. Gabriel stretched and offered a hand to Sam.” Do you want to go home and play video games?”


Sam nodded and took Gabe’s hand as they walked out, getting the bikes they left yesterday. Dean rolled down the hall, passing Gabe and Sam who were holding hands, and not to mention looked completely in love. Castiel smiled at his brother and walked next to Dean, trying to make him feel strong and independent like he wanted. The smaller boy loved how stubborn Dean could be, it was adorable in his opinion.


They went into the cafeteria, sitting in the same booth as before. “So romantic…” Dean mumbled under his breath when Cas went to go get food.


“Mmm, you know it!” Cas teased, swaying his hips as he walked cause he just knew Dean would be watching. Dean rolled his eyes but he couldn't seem to tear them away from Cas’ swaying ass. God...he was perfect, inside and out.


“You’re like a cat to catnip!” Cas called over his shoulder as he grabbed the food, laughing playfully. Dean laughed also and waited for Cas to come back, watching his boyfriend through a crack in the heavy curtain.


A nurse walked past, seeing Dean peeking from the curtain and smirked, unbuttoning her shirt one more button. The woman walked over and opened the curtain before she stepped inside, sitting on the table. “Hello.” She breathed out. Dean tore his eyes away from Castiel. “Hi.” He smiled up at her, just trying to be polite.


“Mmm, what are you up to?” She purred, leaning forward to show off her cleavage.


Dean’s eyes dropped, it was just an instinct, and he looked back into her brown eyes. Brown...he liked blue. “Just waiting for someone to come back with my food.” He knew what she was doing now. And for the first time in awhile, he didn’t think boobs were attractive in the slightest.


“Mmm, I hope I’m not a bother…” She whispered lowly, trailing his hand along Dean’s jawline.


“Uhm…” Dean jerked his head back. “I have a boyfriend.” He knew he sounded like those cringey girls in movies, but he did, and he knew that Cas would not be happy if he saw this.


“Huh, you sure…? Pretty guy like you ‘ought to have a girl like me…” She pressed on, leaning closer so Dean got almost a faceful of her chest. Dean tried not to gag. “I’m one hundred percent sure I’m into dick. Aren’t you a medical professional? You probably have someone to attend to.” He turned his head, looking away from her chest.


Castiel was frozen in place, watching the scene play out in front of him. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to form a sentence. It wasn't like he was jealous, he was just confused. Maybe Dean deserved someone who he could actually have a kid with, someone who could give him a future.


“Mhmmm, I’m an intern on a break.” She purred, trailing a hand through Dean’s hair. “C’mon…look at me. I know you want to.” She pouted. Dean shivered lightly in disgust, he could feel her long fake nailed light graze his scalp. “Leave.” His voice wa shard and steady, his face reddening.


Cas noticed how Dean didn't look turned on, but uncomfortable, and his heart lifted. He let out a growl and walked over, slamming their trays down. The nurse jumped and turned around right in time to get slapped across the face, it wasn’t hard, but it was enough to shock her. “Now listen here, don't you dare think you can disturb my boyfriend with your obviously plastic body parts and injections.” He snapped possessively, making the woman turn red. “If someone says no and you proceed to make them repeatedly disgusted by your presence, it’s just pathetically sad because you have to make yourself feel better from your lack of attraction from others.”


Dean's eyes widened and he looked at Cas. Holy fucking shit, Dean had only seen this side of Cas once or twice, when Cas was ranting about his father or something. It was honestly kinda scary. Usually, people would think it was Dean who would be up and yelling, but Dean liked as little conflict as possible. Cas on the other hand would protect what was his to the end. The nurse stood, shocked before she scampered off without saying a word.


Castiel huffed and puffed his chest out before sitting down. Acting like nothing happened, Cas unwrapped his fork and took a bite of the salad he got for himself. Dean looked at Castiel for a few seconds before he shrugged and started eating. “So...after lunch. Wanna go drop Gabe and Sam off at your house? They’re just at the arcade next door to the hospital.”


Castiel nodded and looked up, his cold look softening instantly. “Yes, that would be wonderful. Did they go to get food? Or did they already go home?”


“I think they went to get food, your house is a little too far away, I think the only reason they made it here without dying is because of the adrenaline.” Dean told him, stealing a piece of egg from Cas’ salad.


Castiel snorted and stole a bite of Dean’s pie. “Yes, have you signed out yet?” He asked curiously.


Dean shook his head. “We can do it when we go back to my room. We have to get our clothes and such anyways.”


Cas nodded shyly and quickly started eating the food on his plate, trying to fight off Dean’s fork with his own every once and a while.


“I’m sorry.” Dean suddenly blurted out, not being able to stand the silence anymore. “I should have been more direct with her or something, or I should have yelled at her like you did.”


“Dean…” Cas said, “You would do the same for me. Just as I did for you.” He murmured gently, smiling at his boyfriend’s in assurance. Dean nodded, relieved at the forgiveness. He finished his food, almost standing up to go, forgetting about his wheelchair. Castiel looked up and gave Dean a warning look. “Dean Winchester, sit your ass back down this instant.” He scolded.


Dean raised an eyebrow and sat down anyways. “Sorry baby, I forgot.” He watched Castiel finish his salad. Cas smiled and nodded, standing up. “Mmm, good boy.” He teased. Dean grinned. “I love you.” He said before moving the curtain and starting to roll to his room.


“Wait!” Castiel giggled and ran after Dean. “I love you too!” He panted as he jogged alongside Dean’s fast moving wheels. Dean slowed down so Cas could walk next to him. “I’m getting a little too good at this for my liking…”


“You’ll be on crutches in a couple days and that’s if you’re good and sit like you’re supposed to.” Castiel warned fondly.


“I’m always good!” Dean pouted, looking up at Cas. Cas laughed and kissed Dean’s cheek. “Stop being cute and go get your clothes.”


Dean grinned and rolled around the room, getting his clothes and the ones Sam left behind. He stood, but only to lean against the wall and slip on his pants, which still had dried blood on the bottom from when his stitches broke. Castiel watched from the doorway, his eyes saddening. “...I...I should have been there, to help you.” He murmured guiltily. Dean rolled his eyes. “I think you were too busy fucking drowning, Cas.” He snorted, limping over and sitting back down.


“Y-You should have left me, I don’t want you to keep risking your life…” Cas whispered sadly, taking the handles of Dean’s wheelchair and rolling him out to the hall. It was the least he could do.


“That entire thing was my fault anyway, Cas. Don't worry about it.” Dean shrugged, pulling out his phone to call Sam and tell him that Dean and Cas were gonna drop them off.


“Don’t say that, it was both of our faults.” Castiel said scoldingly, laying a kiss on Dean’s head. “We’re in this together. No taking the blame, it was both of us or none of us.”


“Well, when you put it that way, it was Lucifer’s fault.” Dean grinned over at Castiel. Castiel giggled and nodded, kissing Dean’s cheek softly as he pushed him outside. The smaller boy quieted down when he remembered Lucifer. He kept getting closer and closer to succeeding, and that didn't settle well with him. Dean spotted Cas’ car. “You go warm up the car and I'll get Gabe and Sam.” For some super convenient reason, there was an arcade right next to the hospital, and that's where Sam and Gabriel were.


“Are you sure?” Castiel asked worriedly, cupping Dean’s jawline. “You need to rest as much as you can.”


“Yeah, Cas, I’m fine.” Dean ducked his head to kiss Cas’ hand and he winked at him, before rolling into the arcade to go looking for the two boys. Castiel turned red and watched Dean roll away, chewing on his lip shyly. He giggled to himself and unlocked the car, opening the door before there was a growl behind him. The small boy slowly turned around to see Lucifer standing one foot away from him. “Think you can just get an old lady and that’d scare me off?” Lucifer drawled with a sneer.

Chapter Text

Lucifer took a step towards Cas. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” He sneered.


“Get away from me, you can't do anything to me here.” Castiel warned firmly, puffing his chest out to try and make himself look bigger.  Lucifer rolled his eyes. “Isn’t that what you’d like to think.” His hand shot out and he grabbed Cas’ arm roughly. Castiel yelped, opening his mouth to scream as he jerked away.


“Ah!” Lucifer pinned a hand over Cas’ mouth. “Shut up.” He hissed. Castiel stared up at Lucifer, his eyes round and pleading. Where the fuck was Dean? The smaller boy squirmed, kicking his legs up to try and get away if possible. Lucifer rolled his eyes again in annoyance. “If you just bent over for me, we wouldn't keep having this problem…”

“No!” Castiel yelped from behind Lucifer's hand, kicking him right in the shin.


Lucifer groaned and jerked, he kept his grip tight on Cas’ arm. “If you do, I wont ever hurt Dean again...he sure looked pretty beat up in that damn wheelchair. It would be so easy to just push him down the schools front steps, wouldn't it?” He raised a pointed eyebrow.


Castiel paused, his breathing ragged and shaky against Lucifers pressing palm. He gave Lucifer a hesitant look, almost distrusting of his words.  “Take it or leave it, Cassie.” Lucifer smirked, knowing his struck a nerve. Castiel jerked and shoved Lucifer as hard as he could before he dropped everything he was holding and took off running towards the arcade.


“Till next time, fag!” Lucifer shouted after him. Castiel ran around the building and planted his back against it, sliding down to the floor. He took shaky breaths, blue eyes fluttering closed as the words were called after him.


Lucifer just rolled his eyes and started to walk away when he saw a teenager walking out of the arcade. Sure, he had to be fifteen, but Lucifer was eighteen, and he was actually kinda adorable. Black leather jacket, skinny jeans and styled hair, he couldn't be straight. Lucifer went over and decided to talk to the kid.




Sam laughed, nudging Gabe as they played a deer hunting game. “I’m so gonna win!” Dean rolled in, the bright, flashing lights almost hurting his eyes. He looked around, trying to find his little brother. “Like shit, Winchester!” Gabe stuck his tongue out at Sam before he shot another deer. Sam cocked the gun and laughed, shooting a few more deer before he saw Dean and waved at him. “Watch me kick his ass!”


Dean rolled his eyes and wheeled up to them. Sam and Gabe were neck and neck, and Dean honestly didn't know who would win. Sam shot a male deer and got bonus points for hunting smarts, snickering when Gabriel was down by ten points. “I’m so gonna win, you should give up now.”


Dean rolled his eyes and watched the two teenagers meaninglessly compete. “That’s not fair!” Gabe pouted, accidentally shooting a baby deer and losing points. Sam laughed hysterically, his initials coming up on the screen when announcing the winner. “I win! Suck it! Dean, wanna play?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Dean opened his mouth to say no, that they should probably head back to Cas, but what was the harm? “Sure.” He nodded, rolling up and taking Gabe’s place. Sam snorted. “Pft, easy.” He said cockily and slid his quarters into the machine.


“Whos your sugar daddy, Sammy?” Dean asked with a raised eyebrow at Sams new clothes. “Me.” Gabe said. He had noticed that everything Sam was wear was too small or old or worn out, so he dragged Sam to the mall and bought him new clothes using his dad’s debit card. Sam turned red and shot a deer. “Shut up!” He squeaked out in annoyance, glaring at the two boys.


Gabe scoffed. “That bastard didn’t even notice that two thousand dollars were gone from his back account.” Dean and Sam both looked at Gabe with wide eyes. “Two thousand dollars?” They both squeaked out at the same time. Gabe groaned inwardly, he hadn't told Sam the price for a reason, and he let it slip. Sam set the fake gun down and covered his face. “That’s more than our dads annual income.” He whined.


Gabriel just rolled his eyes. “Its fine, I could've spent twenty thousand and he wouldn't notice, he’s too busy making millions.” Sam sighed and slouched, giving Dean an awkward look.  Gabriel noticed. Damn, he knew he shouldn't have said anything. “I’ll go wait outside with Cas. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” He apologized quickly before strolling out, hands buried deep in his pockets.


Sam sighed and clenched his jaw. “Lets just go, Gabe and I can play video games while you and Cas go fuck or something.” Sam mumbled grumpily and walked in the direction Gabe walked.


“Sam-” Dean sighed, grabbing his little brothers arm and pulling him back. “Gabe really cares about you, ya know?”


Sam grumbled, nodding and glancing up at the glass door. “Yeah, I know…” He said, eyeing the guy talking to Gabriel with jealousy. “Lets just go.”


Lucifer had slowly been getting closer to Gabe, putting a hand on the wall behind him and closing him in. Gabriel was being polite enough, but it was obvious he wasn't interested. “You got a girlfriend?” Lucifer asked nonchalantly, looking down at Gabriel with dangerous eyes. “No, but I have a boyfriend.” Gabriel replied calmly.


Castiel snuck back to the car and picked his stuff off the ground, closing the door. Where were they for god's sake! He looked over at the arcade and froze. No way in hell he was letting Lucifer hit on his brother. The smaller boy ran as fast as he could, coming up behind Lucifer and punching him in the shoulder. Which sadly wasn't as forceful as he hoped. “B-Back off!” He squeaked out. Good job, Novak, nailed it, Cas thought sarcastically. Lucifer turned his head. “Back so soon, Cassie? And why do you care?” He sneered, before turning back to Gabriel, who was slowly trying to inch out from under his arm. “That's my little brother! Get a-away from you him y-you...bastard!” Castiel tried. How the fuck would you take down a giant? He couldn't wait for his growth spurt.


Lucifer raised an eyebrow. “Well…” He said, licking his lips, still looking down at the freshman. “I guess cute looks run in your family, Cassie.” He brought a hand up and trailed it down Gabe’s cheekbone. Gabriel was too shocked to move, he heard about what Lucifer did to Cas from Dean’s constant rants. He fucking shot Dean. He figured he could let this asshole flirt with him as long as he left the others alone.


Castiel growled and decided: fuck it. He let out an angry holler and jumped on Lucifer's back, tightening his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist as he yanked back as hard as he could muster. “Don't just stand there! Run!” Cas yelped at his brother.


Gabe froze for a second and he ran inside to get Dean and Sam. Lucifer felt his body being jerked back and he lost his balance, stumbling a bit before he crashed his shoulder against the wall, shaking Cas to try and get him off. “The fuck do you think you’re doing?” He growled.


Castiel yelped in pain, his limbs tightening around Lucifer’s body in determination. “I-I s-said don't you fucking t-touch my l-little brother!” He growled stubbornly.


Lucifer just rolled his eyes. “I didn't know at first! But then I did it to annoy you! And gotta say, damn you're hot when you're angry.” Lucifer bickered back.


“And I told you to d-dumb ass!” Castiel snapped back.


“Get the fuck off me!” Lucifer groaned, trying to reach back and punch Cas off his back.


“Y-You get off me!” Castiel retorted nervously, scrambling to hold onto Lucifer and duck at the same time.


Gabriel ran up to Dean and Sam. “G-Guys! That dude Lucifer is outside and I th-think he’s gonna h-hurt Cas!”


Sam looked up, a confused look on his face. “Who’s Lucifer?” He asked.”


“Sam, go get someone, now.” Dean said sharply, rolling towards the exit as fast as his wheels would allow. Sam nodded quickly and dashed towards the counter, talking quickly with a worker.


Lucifer rolled his eyes and moved his shoulders erratically, trying to get the other teenager off of him. Dean and Gabe made their way over to the door, pushing it open.

It was probably the most ridiculous sight anyone could think of seeing when thinking someone was getting beat up outside of an arcade. Cas was clinging onto Lucifer's back like a terrified koala as the larger boy backed against walls and spun in circles to get him off; the two were bickering like siblings. "S-Stop moving!" Cas squeaked, dodging another punch.

"Get the fuck off!" Lucifer growled, bringing up his hands and trying to push Cas off of him.

"Don't touch my little brother!" Castiel yelped back, tightening his grip against the onslaught of shoved and slaps and punches.

"I won't! He's gone!" Lucifer argued, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.

"T-Then stop slapping me!" Castiel squeaked, his glasses falling off. The smaller boy whimpered and looked around blindly. "Dammit!"

"Get the fuck off!" Lucifer groaned, squirming around.

"I can't see!" Cas whined, blinking around at the spinning blurs that made up the world. Lucifer reached back and elbowed Cas in the gut, hard. Castiel yelped, letting go of Lucifer to fall to the ground in a ball of pain. He whimpered, clutching his stomach desperately.

"Fag." Lucifer growled, kicking Cas in the stomach, before he ran to his car and drove away, Dean rolling towards Cas as fast as he could. "Cas?!"

Cas let out a choked grunt, curling in tighter around himself. "Ughhhh." He groaned absentmindedly.

"Cas!" Dean threw himself out of the wheelchair and crawled over to him. "Cas... Cas?" He asked softly, running his hands through the black hair.

Castiel nuzzled into Dean's hands, his hazy eyes opening to look at the boy. He smiled awkwardly, his arms slowly falling away from his stomach. "Hello."

"What's wrong? What did that dick do to you? I swear, Cas, I'm gonna kill him. I'm being serious this time, I'm not gonna let him keep doing this shit to you." Dean was rambling, trying to pull Cas closer to him.

"N-Nothing, I was just protecting Gabriel." Castiel said gently, curling closer to the boy so he didn't hurt himself trying to move. "Let's get you to the car, okay?" He murmured, moving to stand up and wincing at the distant ache in his stomach.

"No, wait, lemme go get Sammy and Gabe they'll help you."  Dean pulled his phone out of his pocket and called Sam, who was still currently arguing with the manager.

Sam picked up the phone, glaring at the rude man before he walked away to Gabriel. "Dean? Where you at?" He said into the phone.

"Sam get out here, Cas is hurt." Dean said quickly, crawling back to his wheelchair.

"I'm not that hurt! I can stand!" Castiel huffed, standing up and hunching to keep from stretching his abdominal muscles. Sam sighed and nodded, jogging out to the front. "Hey! You guys okay?"

Dean got himself back in his wheelchair and he looked over a Cas with a somewhat red face. "I'm gonna fucking kill him." He swore. Castiel smiled and sighed. "Dean, it’s fine, I promise. What matters is that I kept him from hurting Gabriel." Cas murmured, not mentioning all the stuff Lucifer had done to him in the past day. "Lets go get them home, okay?"

Dean nodded and rolled over, helping Cas up the best he could while Sam went to stand by Gabe. "I love you so fucking much, Cas." Dean said firmly, looking up at Cas with green, red rimmed eyes. Castiel frowned and cupped Dean’s face, his eyes round and worried. "Dean, don't cry, I'm so sorry. I love you too." He said softly, kissing the larger boy lovingly.

"I hate that I can't do anything, Cas..." Dean’s voice was hoarse and he felt like he was gonna break down. "Look at what he did to me, all he does to you.... I just can't anymore..."

Castiel cooed and played with Dean's hair, trying to calm the boy down. "It's going to be okay, okay? I promise you. It'll be okay." He whispered, leaning their foreheads together. "Think about the house."

Dean looked up at Cas with wide eyes. "Am I allowed to think about the kids?"

Castiel's breath hitched, his hands tightening in Dean’s hair before he surged forwards. The small boy climbed onto Dean's lap and pressed up against him, kissing him so deeply that they were basically playing tonsil hockey. Dean grinned a little, closing his eyes and making the kiss as deep as he could, trying to show Castiel how much he loved him. Cas moaned lowly, clutching onto Dean with a desperate need. Sam groaned and immediately clapped a hand over his eyes. "Oh my god! Dean! Stop sucking face! Lets go!" The teenage boy whined.

Dean held up a hand, indicating that he ad Cas needed a minute. Dean lifted the hand and placed it on the back of Cas' neck, the other one cupping Cas' face. Dean and Cas' tongues were almost fighting, but the kiss was full of unspoken love.

Sam gagged. They were literally trying to swallow each other, it was disgusting. Castiel mewled and laced his arms around Dean’s neck, turning red when he noticed Sam and Gabriel and pulling away, keeping Dean’s face tucked in the crook of his neck so he couldn't pull him into another embarrassing moment in front of his brother. "S-Sorry!" Cas squeaked.

Dean's face was light red and he was panting slightly, his lips a dark red, almost bruised, and they were swollen. "Cockblocks." He rolled his eyes at Sam and Gabe and rolled over to Cas' car. "Cassie, you're driving."

Castiel smiled, nodding quickly before hopping off of Dean’s lap and into the front seat. Sam and Gabriel rolled their eyes right back, following the two love birds warily and getting in the back seat. "Cas and I should get home, it's getting late anyways. Dad will be home tomorrow." He said, murmuring the last sentence. Castiel tensed and clenched his jaw. "Yes, we should get going."

Dean reached over and put a warm hand on Cas' shoulder. "Hey..." He said softly. "Everythings gonna be okay, alright?"

Cas put on a fake smile, nodding. "Of course, why wouldn't it be? He will be happy to see us." The smaller boy said, quickly turning on his car and driving home before Dean could say anything else. Castiel parked in the driveway, tilting his head at the closed garage. "Mom must be home as well to clean a bit." He murmured and unbuckled his seat belt.

Dean rolled his eyes as Sam and Gabe exchanged a shy kiss when they both got out of the car. Dean had given Cas his kiss in the car, since it would be too much work to get his wheelchair out and everything jus for a kiss by Cas' door. Sam would be driving them home, and Cas would come pick up his car later or something.

Gabriel giggled excitedly and ran off inside, slamming the door behind him. Castiel smiled and pulled Dean back in, pecking his lips a few times before pulling him into a deep kiss. The smaller boy almost crawled into his lap, almost.

Dean pouted, and whispered "I love you" to Cas, before Sam got in the front seat. Castiel smiled, his eyes full of love as he stroked Dean’s jaw. "I love you too, baby. More than anything." He whispered. The smaller boy turned and jogged to the front door, stopping in his tracks when he saw his father standing over Gabriel, his fist raised in anger. He wasn't supposed to be home yet. Cas sprinted into the house, slamming the door behind him. "No!" He yelled as Zachariah hit Gabriel once. Sam watched Cas take off with a confused look before shrugging and driving to the house. To any onlooker it probably looked like a kid excited to go home. Gabriel curled up on himself. "Cas?" He cried out, trying to protect his head. Castiel ran over, pulling his younger brother to his chest with an angered look so his father couldn't touch him. "You aren't supposed to be here yet." He grumbled, nudging Gabriel towards the door.

"Fucking fag." Zachariah grumbled, trying to land another punch on Gabe, ending up hitting Cas instead. But Zach didn't really care.

Castiel yelped and curled more of himself around Gabriel, clenching his jaw to steel himself over. "Gabriel, go stay the night at Sam's house. Don’t say anything." He warned, shoving his brother to the door. It was harsh, but he didn't want Gabriel to be in danger any longer than he had to.

Gabriel looked at Cas with wide eyes. "What about you?" He tried to say, but he was pushed out the door and the next thing he knew, he was running to Sam's house like his life depended on it, which it kind of did. At that point, Sam and Dean were home, both watching boring TV in the living room.

"So..." Sam said, tossing some popcorn in his mouth, "Game of Thrones or Zoolander." The teenage boy commented, gesturing to the screen as he tried to figure out something for them to watch. Dean shrugged. "You can choose, I'll probably end up passing out anyways-" Dean was interrupted by pounding on the door. "You get it, I'm not climbing into that damn chair again."

Sam groaned and stood up, "Goooo away!" He yelled in annoyance. He swung the door open and frowned at the mess of a boyfriend standing in front of him. "Gabe...? What’s wrong?"

Gabe was shaking, sweating and breathing heavily. "D-Dad came home...saw us kiss, wasn't happy...he's beating the shit out of Cas for protecting me." Was all Gabe could get out in between his strained breaths. Dean perked up and fucking leaped into his wheelchair. "What?!" Dean rolled over to the door, but Gabe pushed past him, getting water from the kitchen.

Sam frowned and ran past Gabriel, grabbing a water bottle for him quickly. "Baby, you're not thinking straight. Rest for a bit and then tell us, do you want to watch Zoolander with us?" He suggested worriedly.

Gabe shook his head. "Dad is beating the shit out of Cas!" He said wildly. "Then what the fuck are we waiting for?!" Dean asked, rolling out the door. Sam grabbed the corner of Dean’s wheelchair before he slid down the stairs. "Dean! Be careful! Y-You said he was coming home in a couple days." Sam said in confusion as he looked at Gabriel.

Gabriel shook his head. "He's there, now.” Dean growled a little. "Sam, we've gotta go!"

Sam looked back and forth between the two before sighing and running out the door. "Dean, use the back door dammit." He called over his shoulders as he turned on the car.


Castiel couldn't even breathe, his inhale was ragged and shaky, his exhale sounding like a slide whistle. "F-Father, p-please, I promise that it was just me, not Gabriel."

"Saw that fucking fag kissing that boy." Zach growled, kicking Cas in the gut, not even caring that his son was on the floor, curled up in pain. Castiel didn't have a reaction to the kick, his head just lolled onto the cold floor tiredly. "Please." He sobbed out quietly. His father was a rich, old school man. He only cared about two things. Money, and getting rid of all 'sickening' gays. God he wanted to move in with Dean, he hated living here in fear of when the next visiting date would be. Zach spat down on Cas' head. "I'm gonna go get a whiskey. Stay here." Zachariah went upstairs, right at the time when Sam, Gabe and Dean walked in, Cas being only three feet away from the main entrance. Dean let out a little squeak and quickly rolled over. "Cas, baby? Are you alright?"

Sam quickly made room in the car, pulling closer so they could make a quick escape. "Dean! Hurry up! You don't wanna be caught in there!" Sam called, hissing his words worriedly. Castiel didn't move, only his eyes rolling up to meet Deans. "R.... Run.” He whimpered, his still gaze going back to the doorway to the kitchen.

Dean shook his head. "Not leaving you, Cas." He tried to make Cas stand, but he knew it was no use. Gabe ran in a few seconds later. "Help me!" Dean wheezed, who had Cas halfway on his lap.

Cas cried out in pain and clung onto Dean’s shirt, his eyes squeezing shut to try and take away some of the pain. Gabe tried to heft Cas' legs up, more or less flopping them on to Dean’s lap. "We gotta go!" He hissed. Dean nodded and started rolling out, trying to get Cas to the car before their dad came out and saw them. Castiel’s legs and face hit the door frame, causing him to yelp and jerk. The smaller boy whimpered and looked around hazily at the two boys.

"I'm so sorry." Dean whimpered, tilting so he could get Cas out safely. Damn if it wasn't for this foot...he could’ve protected his boyfriend better. Cas tucked his head into Dean’s chest and curled his legs in. "'S okay." He murmured tiredly. Dean quickly got to the car and all but threw Cas in, getting in himself. "Sam, drive."

Castiel groaned when he fell down onto the seat, his arms folding over his torso. Sam nodded and ran after just in time for Zachariah to step out onto the porch, catching Gabriel by the collar. "You're not going anywhere! You fucking fag. I didn't raise my sons to be so crude." He growled. Sam’s eyes widened and he jumped out of the car, running to get Gabe. "Let go of him!" He screamed at the man.

Zachariah glared and started tugging Gabriel back towards the house by his collar, muttering about how he couldn't believe he was in the same house as a gay. Sam ran after them, he would not let this asshole take Gabe from him like that. Zachariah watched Sam run up and grimaced in disgust, slinging Gabriel by the collar onto the walkway. "You can have em, I don't want them anyways. Fucking faggots." He muttered and slammed the door behind him.

Sam ran over to Gabe. "Hey, Gabe... you okay?" Sam fell to his knees, cradling Gabe’s head in his lap. Gabriel crawled closer to Sam and coughed, curling up in his lap. "Go! We need to go!" He said quickly. Sam nodded and stood up, picking up Gabe with a little bit of difficulty and he carried him to the car, and Sam sped home. Castiel coughed and curled into Dean, his eyes hazy and tired. It took them ten minutes to get home before the smaller boy fell asleep in Dean's arms.

"Its okay, Cas, you’re gonna be okay..." Dean kept murmuring to he boy in his arms, running a hand through Cas' black hair. Sam sighed and parked the car, scooping Gabriel back up and carrying him inside and up to his room without a word. Dean got into his wheelchair and pulled Cas into his lap, rolling into the house, almost scared to speak.

Sam sighed and came back downstairs, rubbing his face wearily. "What are we going to do? We can't afford another hospital bill, and I'm sure their father wouldn't pay for Cas'. Gabriel's just a bit scratched up, I can clean him up."

Dean nodded, rolling over to the couch and laying Cas down. "He'll be fine, too, he just needs some bed rest."

Sam nodded, chewing on his lip. "Bed rest, as in just rest. No traumatizing me and Gabe at night." The teenage boy warned. Dean rolled his eyes. "A little pleasure cant hurt." He smirked at his little brother.

Sam gave Dean his signature bitch face. "Yes, it can. It can hurt my ears." He said stubbornly, leaning in with a secretive look. "He sounds like a girl.” Sam snickered smugly. Dean glared and punched his brother lightly. "Don’t say that, he's insecure about it." He said, even though he knew it was the truth.

Sam smirked and stood taller. "If I know anything about you, I'd say you like it." He teased his older brother mercilessly. Dean rolled his eyes and blushed. He did, he loved how he could make Cas lose his mind. "Shut up."

Sam laughed victoriously and stuck his tongue out. "You so do!" He squeaked out evilly. Dean shifted a little in his wheelchair, glaring up at his little brother. "How about you shut up now?"

Sam mocked Dean silently and jogged back upstairs to check on Gabe, leaving the older brothers alone together. Cas groaned and shifted, pulling the couch cushion over his face to block the light. Dean got up and hobbled over before he sat down on the couch, putting Cas' head in his lap. "I'm here, baby..." He murmured softly, running his hands through the black hair. Castiel murmured and nuzzled closer, unknowingly nuzzling into Dean's crotch. He sighed contently, relaxing into the larger boy's warmth. Dean stifled a moan. He was always somewhat turned on around Cas, he was just so hot, but Cas' face all over his clothed dick was driving Dean insane. Castiel stretched and yelped, waking up in pain at the use of his bruised shoulders. "Father?" He choked out and sat up quickly.

"No, No, Cas... It’s me, Dean..." Dean murmured quietly, looking at Cas with wide eyes. Castiel's breathing slowed and he nodded, nuzzling back into Dean's lap tiredly. He curled up like a cat and shifted, changing positions again and laying flat, his arms around Dean’s waist and his head in the boy's lap contently. Dean whimpered softly, his cock growing in his jeans, pressing against the side of Cas' face.

Castiel peaked his eyes open mischievously at the tiny whimper, his lips quirking before he started nuzzling lazily, pretending to sleep. Dean didn’t realize Cas was doing it on purpose, and he clenched his jaw, trying not to moan.

"Mmm, someone's friend wants to play." Castiel murmured quietly. He left open mouthed kisses around the bulge in Dean’s jeans, lapping at it and soaking the front of the denim. Dean threw his head back and moaned. "C-Cas, are you sure? You... You went through a lot..." Dean said through a mouthful of moans. Cas hummed and ignored Dean, suckling at the bulge mischievously. He let his eyes become hooded and lazy as he let out an almost inaudible mewl. Dean moaned softly and looked down at Cas with wide blown green eyes. "Cas..." He whispered brokenly, his cock hard and leaking, covered in cloth and Cas' cooling spit. Castiel unzipped Dean’s jeans and closed his slick lips around Dean’s cock, suckling gently. "Mmhm?" He mewled around the boy's length. Dean threw his head back and moaned throatily. "C-Cas!" He squirmed around on the couch.

Castiel smiled pridefully and bobbed his head, taking more and more into his wet heat before he was almost halfway down, the head of Dean's cock pressing against the back of his throat. Dean moaned shakily and brought a hand down to tangle in Cas' hair. "Love you so fucking much, Cas... Wanna impregnate you, want you to have my kids..." Dean rambled, blushing at what he'd admitted. Cas' eyes shot open and he quickly stood up, unbuttoning his pants shakily. He pulled his pants and shirt off and climbed back on top of Dean, rocking down onto him languidly with his bruise covered body. "I w-wish I could give you children." He murmured and kissed Dean lovingly. Dean shook his head. "It’s fine that you can't, Cas..." Dean murmured, kissing Cas back.

"I-I want you to fuck me." Castiel whispered against Dean’s lips. "I want you to fuck me nice and deep, I want you to cum so far inside of me that I can taste it. Make my stomach swell, just like I'm having your child" The smaller boy rambled. Dean moaned and leaned back against the couch, pushing Cas down, slowly, onto his cock. Castiel winced slightly, the only thing lubricating the slide was his spit. He leaned his forehead against Dean’s, panting with need. "I love you."

"I love you too, Castiel, so much..." Dean promised, kissing him. "Do you need a minute?"

Cas nodded and kissed back, pecking his full lips a few times as he sat down fully, his legs tired from the whole day. "Love you so much." He whispered again. Dean started rocking his hip and he went to kiss Cas' neck. "Gonna marry you someday, you know that?" He murmured against the soft skin of Cas' neck. Castiel let his head fall back, his lips parted in a mewl. The friction was almost better than when it was all slick and messy. The smaller boy let a tiny, punched out keening noise and buried his hands in Dean’s hair. "Y-Yes..." He murmured desperately. The thought of marrying Dean made him so happy, it was amazing.

"What are you gonna say when I ask you, Sweetheart?" Dean asked, going nice and slow.

"Y-Y-Yes! 'M gonna say yes." Castiel whimpered, his face, neck, and chest turning red at the catch and drag of Dean's cock inside him.

"You’re all mine..." Dean declared, starting to thrust faster. Castiel let out a girlish cry, his back arching as he scrambled to hold onto Dean's shoulders. It was a slow pace. But the friction against his prostate was insane. He hazily caught sight of Gabriel and Sam glaring at them from the kitchen, Sam's arms crossed in annoyance. "D-Dean, Dean." Cas coaxed, trying to get Dean's attention.

"Yeah, Sweetheart?" Dean mumbled, his hands on Cas' waist, his hips rolling upwards inside of Castiel.

"Dean, they're wa-ATCHING!" Castiel cried out, his head falling back in euphoria. "Oh my god!" The boy whimpered girlishly.

"Get out!" Dean called over his shoulder, still fucking into Castiel. He and Cas needed this, they deserved it. Castiel let out a delighted wail and tried to crawl off of Dean at the amazing sensations, the pleasure fogging all of his other thoughts. "Dude! Come on! This is gross!" Sam yelped. Dean rolled his eyes and pulled Castiel off of him, pulling his pants back up and getting in his wheelchair, wheeling over to the two boys. "What do you want, Virgins?"

Castiel turned red and hid himself, immediately feeling mortified. "Come on! You said you wouldn't! He sounds like a girl!” Sam whined, his foot stomping slightly. Cas turned almost purple with embarrassment, his eyes flitting to his hands in shame as he kept his head down.

"And you sound like a fucking child! What do you want?!" Dean glared at his brother, hoping Cas hadn’t heard the girl thing.

"Oh you know, I just came down to get a glass of water with Gabe and unwillingly walked in on my brother and his girlfriend." Sam snapped, glaring at his older brother in annoyance.

"Sam!" Dean yelped, punching his brother in the arm. He would have socked Sam across the face, but he couldn't reach that high. "Shut the fuck up!"

Castiel swallowed thickly and sat up. "Dean, just leave it and come back. W-We can watch a movie or something." He murmured awkwardly.

"Leave us alone!" Dean growled to the two boys before he rolled back over. "Sure."

Sam rolled his eyes and walked back upstairs, grumbling angrily. Castiel kept his gaze down and pulled a pillow over his boner, trying not to feel guilty about making so much noise. "I-I'm sorry." He whispered nervously. Dean snorted. "For what, Cas?" he grinned at him as he climbed out of the wheelchair and onto the couch next to him.

"W-When it feels really good I-I unintentionally start sounding like a girl, and didn't mean to be so weird." Castiel said awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. Dean rolled his eyes. "Sam was just being a bitch, that’s all. Don’t pay attention to him." Dean grinned warmly at Cas, putting his arm over the boys shoulder. Castiel smiled, slowly beginning to smirk before he laid back and pulled Dean with him. The boy giggled and leaned up, sucking a single hickey onto Dean’s neck. He pulled back and smugly stretched out. "Pay attention to what?" He asked innocently. Dean’s breath hitched, and he decided to tease Cas back. "Your boner under my throw pillow."

"Mmm, I don't know what you're talking about, because your boner is covered by your jeans." Castiel said back, smiling cheekily. Dean rolled his eyes and his hand flew out, tearing he pillow off of Cas' pale, hard dick. "Haven sucked you off in a while..." Dean smirked, getting off the couch and onto his knees in front of Cas.

Castiel whimpered and pulled Dean back up, a demanding look on his face. "I'm in charge. I want you to fuck me." He said stubbornly, spreading his legs obscenely wide to entice the larger boy.

Dean moaned softly and pounced forward, burying his face inbetween Cas' asscheeks, eating the smaller boy out. "Haven't done this in a while, either.."

Castiel cried out, his body bowing to the ceiling as his slim hands slid into Dean's hair. "Dean!" He mewled, his thighs clamping down around Dean’s face to try and push him away. Dammit! He was supposed to be in charge! Not Dean!

Dean pulled away with a smirk on his face. "Sorry, couldn’t resist." He said before he shuffled closer. "Maybe you should punish me.."

Castiel tilted his head in confusion. "How? You didn't do anything wrong." He asked in concern, cupping Dean’s face. Dean just chuckled a little and shook his head. "I don’t know. It’s just kinda hot when you get all dominating and shit."

Castiel smiled shyly and nodded. "Yes, I guess. I just don't like it when you tease me." He huffed, pouting and crossing his arms in faux sadness. Dean rolled his eyes and moved closer until the head of his fat cock was pressed against Cas' hole. With a single thrust, he pushed it in almost halfway.

Castiel’s eyes bugged out of his head and he threw his head back with a mix of a moan and a scream. He's slim hand shot out and grabbed onto Dean’s shoulder, his blue eyes fluttering closed. "Too much?" Dean winced a little, afraid he'd gone too far. “I can pull out...?"

Castiel let a long, drawn out moan. His lips parted and he panted needily. "Sam thinks I sound like a girl, show him you make me sound like that." He growled challengingly. Dean let out a loud moan and reached own, starting to pinch at Cas' nipples before he started thrusting into the boy with all he had.

Castiel choked and arched his chest into Dean’s hands. Dean had never done that to him before, he didn't even know what it felt like. "Oh my god!" He cried out, his blue eyes rolling back. Dean smirked. "Moan nice and high for me, Sweetheart..." Dean smirked, bringing a hand up and closing it around Cas' neck. Castiel moaned loudly and got cut off by Dean’s hand. He frowned and tried to gasp for air, his eyes widening. The smaller boy wrapped a hand around Dean’s wrist in confusion. Did Dean want to cut off his air?

Dean didn't notice and threw his head back, moaning loudly. He squeezed his hand a little and kept fucking into him, Cas' tight heat driving him insane. Castiel wanted to moan, but fear clouded his senses, bringing only pure terror as he struggled to breathe. "D-Dean!" He choked out, his face turning a deep red. Dean thought Cas was moaning in pleasure, so he kept going, snapping his hips in and out of the writhing boy, feeling his orgasm approach.

Castiel let out a fearful sob, clinging to Dean and trying to move his hand as he flashed back to when Lucifer tried to drown him in a pool for fun. "D-Dean, Dean p-please." He choked out weakly. The smaller boy passed out, slowly going limp in Dean’s grasp as his face turned a purplish blue. Dean smirked and came deep inside of Cas, before he opened his eyes at the noise and looked down, his face going from lust to worry. "Cas?!"

Castiel’s slim fingers slipped from Dean's wrist, going limp where Dean’s palm pressed into his neck. His flat chest wasn't rising or falling, his purple face turning almost a pale blue at lack of oxygen.

"Shit!" Dean hissed. "Sam!" He screamed, not even caring that he was naked and still buried deep inside of Cas. Gabe, who had Sam’s cock deep in his inexperienced mouth hadn’t heard, but Sam did. Sam looked up and frowned, groaning in annoyance. "What do you want you manwhore!" He hollered mockingly. Gabe looked up at Sam, a raised eyebrow, before he realized he was talking to Dean. Gabe started bobbing his head, loving how Sam’s cock tasted on his tongue. "Just get down here!" Dean shouted, close to tears. “God dammit! Why am I such a fuck up!” He hissed to himself.

Sam groaned loudly and pulled back from Gabriel hesitantly, smiling awkwardly. "Sorry, the princess demands a squire." He said in annoyance and pulled on his clothes. The boy jogged down, standing at the stairs with a glare. "What do you want?" He snapped, not seeing Cas behind the couch wall.

Gabe pouted, but threw on one of Sams way-too big shirts, loving how it made him look like they just had sex, and followed him. "Where’s Cas?" He asked. Dean swallowed down his pride and started talking. "Yeah, I told know you told us not to have sex but Cas and I were fucking and he was really liking it and I started choking him-" Dean rambled.

"DEAN!" Both of the boy's shouted in disgust, Gabriel grimacing at the thought of Cas 'really liking' it and Sam at the fact that his brother did that. "You have a choking kink?" Sam gagged dramatically, pretending to hurl on the floor. Dean rolled his eyes. "Shut UP Sam!" He groaned. "Yeah, come here, he's like, all blue and shit."

Sam raised an eyebrow, not moving from his spot. "You asphyxiated him?" He asked in a monotone. "I'm not coming over there unless dicks are covered."

Dean rolled his eyes and got a shirt, covering Cas' lower body. He pulled on Cas' boxers and motioned Sam over. Sam jogged over and glanced at Cas, his eyes bugging from his head. "What the fuck!" He yelped, quickly moving to feel for the smaller boy's pulse. "Why the fuck were you pressing down that hard?" Sam asked stubbornly as he pressed in a different place, feeling for any sign of life from the boy who basically looked dead.

At first, Dean was unsure as of why Sam was apologizing, but then Sam pressed his lips to Cas' and Dean’s eyes widened. He shifted on his feet, trying not to feel jealous, Sam was just trying to help. Castiel sucked in a breath and choked, sitting up and rolling over onto his stomach. When he saw Sam staring a his boyfriend’s ass, he decided to put an end to it. "Well, that;’ enough of that." Dean glared at his brother. Going over to his pants, he tossed Sam a bottle of lube. "Go wild." Before he went over to Cas. "Cas, hey, baby, are you okay?" He asked softly, kneeling by the couch Castiel nodded and curled into Dean's grasp, whining at the unsatisfied feeling in his stomach, and the feeling of finally breathing correctly. "D-Dean." He gasped, wrapping his arms around the boy's neck.

"I'm so sorry, Cas..." Dean murmured, kissing Cas deeply. "I'm so fucking sorry..."

Castiel pulled Dean on top of him, his anxiety melting away at the feel of his boyfriend’s apologetic love. He knew it was a mistake, he was a little shaken up about it, but it just felt like he woke up after being really tired and falling asleep unwillingly. Cas kissed Dean back, twining their tongues together like it would pull the larger boy closer to him. So much for adventuring through kinks, they really needed to learn how to warn each other.  Dean reached down and jerked Cas slick cock off, pressing it against his tight entrance. Castiel tilted his head and pulled back, looking down between their legs. "Dean?" He asked, squinting as he tried to see past the boy's hand.

"Yeah?" Dean whimpered silently, popping the head of Cas' smaller cock inside of himself. Castiel gasped and turned red, his hands scrambling at the couch. "D-Dean! B-But I'm not even big!" The smaller boy whined in embarrassment. He hated how he couldn't give Dean the same pleasure he gave him, it was also embarrassing when he had to remember he didn't have a monster cock like the rest of the jocks his age. Ugh.

Dean just chuckled a little and rolled his eyes, letting out breathy moans, since Cas was fucking inside of him. "Want you to cum in me..." He murmured.

Castiel whimpered and put on his best pout with puppy eyes. "B-But I want you to come in me!" He whined childishly, his eyes becoming round and pleading as he tried to win Dean over. Dean let out another breathy moan. "Oh Okay, Cas.." He whimpered quietly as he pulled off. "But I do want you to fuck me." He smirked, before he got in between Cas' legs again, pressing the fat head of his hard again cock against Cas' hole. Castiel whined again, closing his legs with a childish pout. "But how will I come in you with a soft penis!" He grumbled bluntly, "I'm not like you! I don't know how to magically remain rock solid." The smaller boy rambled nervously.

Dean just chuckled a little and closed his eyes. 'You just wanna get dressed and watch some TV or something? You seem kinda stressed, Cas."

"M-Maybe you should fuck the stress out of me? Hm?" Castiel countered with a suggestive look. The smaller boy batted his eyelashes and bit his lip, running his hands down his chest to circle an inch away from his nipples. "I'm still aroused and it's your fault." He said with a glare.

"Shit..." Dean let out a little breath, running his eyes over Cas' body. "Cas..." He swallowed thickly. "Maybe we should do this...elsewhere? Like, not a couch that we don’t even have much space on?"

Castiel nodded and stood up, ignoring the burn in his muscles. It would all disappear soon when he finally just came instead of having these weird ends or half orgasms with Dean. Castiel smiled and jogged to the stairs, waiting for Dean. Dean looked at the stairs warily before he ended up crawling up them, using his hands, but he did get up, standing next to Cas and panting lightly. "So... Wanna try something new?"

Castiel smiled and nodded, frowning at how Dean seemed to not being healing fast enough. The smaller boy cupped Dean’s cheek, kissing him gently. "Mmm, and what would that be?"

Dean felt a warm feeling spread through him and he grinned down at Cas, assuming the feeling was love. "I dunno." He shrugged. Cas tilted his head and laughed, letting his gaze drop to the ground. "Up against a wall?" He offered quietly, immediately turning red. It wasn't a position they had done before, but now that he thought about it that was a bad idea with Deans foot. "Nevermind, let me look something up?"

Dean nodded, blushing a little also. "Ok." He limped to his room, noticing he could put more weight on his foot without it hurting, but only a little. Castiel giggled shyly and padded after Dean. The boy stood with his back to Dean, bending over to search for ideas online using his laptop. Dean moaned a little at Cas' exposed ass, before he limped over and slid right in, loving how Cas was already slick and open. Castiel yelped and slapped his hands down onto his computer, his lips parted in a mewl. "D-Dean!" He gasped in surprise at being filled.

Dean smirked. "Yeah, Cas?" He started rolling his hips. Castiel bit his lip, tiny noises of pleasure being muffled with every rock of Dean's hips. He stood up and flattened his back to Dean’s chest, his arm moving over his shoulder and wrapping around the nape of Dean's neck. The boy pulled Dean into a kiss, muffling his pants with Dean’s lips.

Dean let out a soft moan also, his hands tight on Cas' hips. His eyes fluttered closed and he wanted to picture this, remember this moment forever. "I love you so much, Cas..." He whimpered in a broken voice, his cock thrusting in and out of the boy. Castiel pulled back, his lips only micrometers away from Dean's. "I love you too, Dean." He murmured. When Dean started thrusting, the boy's eyes became hooded, he let out tiny moans and 'uh's with each slide in.

Dean let out a breathy moan and he kept going, sliding a hand from Cas' waist to his dick, starting to jerk Casiel off. "Wanna feel you shake and hear you moan when you cum, Sweetheart. Dean started snapping his hips faster, and weirdly enough, his foot hurt less than usual. Castiel’s eyes were half open and he let his head fall back onto Dean's shoulder. "Ohmygod! M-More, I want more." He begged as his toes curled on the floor. "I won't break, make me scream." Cas challenged to spur Dean on.

"Shit, Cas..." Dean whimpered out, bringing the hand that wasn’t jerking Cas off down to play with Cas' rim, slipping a finger in alongside his cock as he started to pound into Cas. Castiel moaned shakily, he arched his back, causing his hips to fall into the perfect angle. The smaller boy cried out and quickly flattened his back to Deans chest again, panting and mewling at the feeling.

"You like this, Cas?" Dean asked, giving Cas a slow thrust, pressing right into the boys prostate.

"Dean!" Castiel moaned loudly, his eyes flickering under his hooded lids. The boy's lips parted and he scrambled to hold onto some part of his boyfriend. Dean smirked and started to pound into Cas again. "What’s gonna push you over the edge, huh, Cassie? What’s gonna make you fucking scream?"

Castiel’s back arched, his mouth open in a perfect 'o' as his eyes rolled back. "Ohmy god! Dean! Dean, oh godddd!" He babbled, his face and chest flushing red. The smaller boy felt like he didn't even deserve the pleasure Dean gave him, Dean was a sex god, and Cas couldn't even muster up the courage to fuck him. Dean brought his hands up again and started pinching at Cas' nipples, being way more harsh than he needed to be.

It was all Cas could do but not implode right then and there. He wailed in delight, his whole body shaking as he clung to the back of Dean's head. "Oh- Dean YES!" He screamed in pleasure, causing Sam to throw a pillow at the wall. "Oh my god shut up!" He hollered in annoyance. Dean ignored him and kept fucking into Cas, his orgasm quickly approaching, but he wanted Castiel to cum first.

Cas let out choked moans, wailing like a whore. "S-So deep." He moaned loudly, squirming at the unrelenting pleasure swarming through his nerves. "Dean...Dean I'm gonna..." He mewled, his toes curling as his breathing picked up. Dean brought a hand up and tilted Cas' head, forcing Cas to look up into Deans green eyes. "Cum for me." He demanded, before smashing their lips together, kissing Cas hard and deep.

Castiel let out a muffled scream of ecstasy against Dean’s lips, practically choking on the larger boy's tongue in his mouth as he came. He cried out a shuddering wail, trembling and jerking in Deans grasp as he came all over the desk, and unknowingly...his open computer.

Dean watched as Cas' cum flew, all the way to the open laptop where there was a video of them on it...? Oh, god. Dean felt his fucking heart stop. They were…they were live streaming. "Cas!" He yelped, jumping forward and slamming the computer closed. Castiel slumped forward and giggled drunkenly, rocking his ass back against Dean’s cock. "Mmm, come inside me." He murmured playfully, pulling Dean down into a lazy kiss.

Dean pulled out and sat on the bed. "Oh shit..." He murmured to himself, his head buried in his hands. Castiel frowned and turned around, awkwardly hiding his ass. "I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?" He asked in concern. "I-I can suck you off, if you want, I can make it up to you."

Dean shook his head. "No, Cas, we just accidentally livestreamed us having sex to the entire student body."

Castiel froze, his brow furrowing. "N-No, I was only on a website t-that gave position recommendations." He said quickly, opening the laptop. The smaller boy paled when he saw what he also had open. He had the fucking school website open for homework, he must've accidentally hit the computer hard enough to open the previous tab. Oh shit. He was last on to livestream to his robotics group for the tournament discussion that he was missing. Which meant he live streamed. Castiel rapidly went to the ended live video, his eyes filling with tears at what he read. 5k viewers. People must've shared it. Dean walked over and bent down, also looking, reading the comments. It was a mix of disgust from their peers, and support from weird people they had never heard of before in their life, and probably just some horny teenagers. "Hey, Cas, it’s fine, don’t cry..." He murmured.

"T-They didn't see you! You were behind me or your face was cut off from the s-screen! T-They s-saw my f-face." Castiel stuttered in fear, curling up in a ball on the floor. The amount of hate comments and perverted comments, one comment with the most likes from Lucifer. He was so going to cry, one hundred percent. Dean closed the tab and kneeled next to Cas on the floor. "Hey, Cas... it’s fine, peoples nudes get leaked all the time, in a week from now, no one’s gonna care anymore, and they’ll be onto the next stuff."

Castiel whimpered and shook his head, "N-No, it's usually just Lucifer, and n-now e-everyone is g-going to w-w-want to hurt m-me." The smaller boy stuttered, crawling into Dean's lap and burying his face in the crook of Dean's neck. Dean wrapped his arms around Cas. "Why would he wanna hurt you?"

Cas pulled his head back and glared at Dean with a stubborn look that practically screamed 'have you not been with me since the beginning of all this?'

Dean chuckled a little, despite the situation. "Yeah, but I mean why would he want to hurt you more than usual?"

Castiel slowly frowned and buried his face back in Dean's neck. He wasn't going to tell Dean that Lucifer was getting more and more pressing on having sex. He could be strong for Dean, he could handle it on his own. Dean could tell that Cas was hiding something, but he just wasn’t sure what. "Cas.." He coaxed. "C'mon, you can tell me. Did you steal his lunch in kindergarten or something?" Dean grinned a little. Castiel clenched his jaw and wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck, shaking his head like a sleepy child. Cas wouldn't even hurt a fly, much less go up to the second scariest guy in school and steal his lunch.

"C'mon, Cas..." Dean pressed, his strong arms wrapped around Castiel. "How about, if you tell me why he hates you so much, I'll answer anything you ask me, truthfully?"

"You seriously will?" Castiel asked lowly, looking Dean dead in the eyes with a look that showed he was asking a question Dean wouldn't wanna answer. Dean noticed the look. He liked his privacy, but he loved Cas more, and he needed to know why Cas felt unsafe. "Yeah, I swear." He nodded.

Castiel sighed and chewed on his lip nervously, playing with the hair at the nape of Dean's neck. "H-He just really wants me to have sex with him...and it's getting scary." The smaller boy murmured. "When I was out in the woods, he tried to rape me because I couldn’t see and I was alone. And when you went to get Sam and Gabriel in the arcade it took a while and he tried to fuck me in the car but I got him to leave. He hit on Gabriel so I mustered up so courage to distract him." Cas murmured quickly.

Dean stiffened. He knew that Lucifer wanted to have sex with Cas, but he didn’t know that it was that serious. "I'm so sorry, Cas..." He murmured, before he said what he dreaded. "What’s your question?"

Castiel shrugged and gave Dean a hateful glare. "Dean Winchester." He started. "Did you, or did you not take my whole Manga collection and keep it at your house. Then say that you had no clue where it was." He said sternly, puffing his chest out with a stubborn look.

Dean had been holding his breath, expecting to be asked if he was cheating or something, which he wasn’t, but if he stuttered even slightly Cas would’ve been suspicious, but then Cas shot him with that and Dean couldn't breath he was laughing so hard. "What?" He choked out between laughs, looking at Cas.

"Did you steal my Manga collection!" Castiel whined nerdily, pouting with round puppy dog eyes. Dean was still laughing, but he nodded. "Gabe put me up to it, I swear!" He pointed to under his bed, where the large, cardboard box of manga was stored.

Castiel squeaked and ran as fast as he could to Dean’s bed, diving underneath it with his ass in the air like a puppy grabbing his toy from under the couch. He reached inside of the box and pulled out a book, sighing in content and staying where he was. "He's so hot I could cum." He murmured to himself, staring at the boy on the Manga’s cover. Dean laughed and crawled over, looking at the book cover. "Damn, now I've got competition?" He pouted.

Castiel didn't even bother coming out from under the bed. He hid the cover and quickly flipped the book open, his ass swaying in excitement. "I haven't read these in almost six months you asshole!" He whined and sighed as he began to read the first page.

Dean smirked, looking at Cas' ass. He still hadn't cum yet, and that perfect ass was just begging to be pounded for the third time today. He silently crawled up behind Cas and spread the boys asscheeks apart quick and rough, pretty sure he made the skin there burn with the force of it. "Can your anime boys do this to you?" He purred in jealousy, before he dove in on Cas' ass, eating him out almost wildly.

Castiel yelped and hit his head on the frame of the bed from how quickly he jumped. The smaller boy moaned and grabbed onto the carpet uselessly, his mouth open in surprise. "Dean! A-Ah!" He mewled, clenching around the larger boy's tongue. Dean just smirked and kept going. "First, gonna make you cum, just from this..." He swore, biting lightly at Cas' rim. "Then gonna fuck you, make you read out loud from your manga shit, just so I can hear you mess up every time..."

Castiel panted, turning a dark red as he tried to back out from under the bed, only fucking himself on Dean’s tongue more. He whimpered and bit his lip, burying his face in arms desperately. "Mmmmmmmmggg!" He whined, his voice muffled by the bed and his slim arms.

Dean broke character for a moment. "You okay, Cas? Can you breathe under there and shit?"

Cas spread his legs wider, showing off his pink, cum covered, spit covered hole needily. "Mhm!" He replied, his slim arms snaked back and flattened on his asscheeks, spreading them for Dean to spur him on. "L-Love your tongue so m-much." He murmured.

"Fuck..." Dean whimpered, before he dove back in, licking and sucking at Cas' far from virgin hole like a madman. "Holy fuck..." He whispered, bring a hand up and slipping a finger in.

Castiel almost screamed, his mouth opening in surprise as he flattened his chest to the floor. The smaller boy reached farther back and laced his hands in Dean’s hair, holding him place with a high pitched moan. "J-Just like that!" He cried out. Dean fucking loved it when Cas got all needy and started making Dean do things. Dean smirked and prodded around, until he found Cas' prostate, he kept rubbing it with his finger as he licked and sucked Cas' rim around his finger.

Castiel’s thighs began to tremble with pleasure as his toes curled, his hands tugging gently at Dean’s hair in praise. "Oh dear g-god! Oh...oh my fucking god y-you're t-tongue!" The blue eyed boy babbled as he flew over the edge. He came with a loud wail, his legs clamping together and jerking as he rode out the waves of pleasure. "Do y'all ever fucking stop?" Sam hollered from his room, sounding more and more annoyed with his horny older brother.

Dean reached under Cas and caught some of the cum shooting out of the boy, before he brought it up and fingered it in, pushing Castiel's own cum inside of himself. "Ya liked that?"

Castiel squeaked when Dean slid a finger back into him. "Nnn! O-Ohhh, yes. God yes." He whimpered, rocking back onto Dean’s thick fingers. How could Dean keep going and going and going? Cas wouldn't be able to last that long even if he tried. Dean smirked, his own cock hard and heavy and leaking. "Can I fuck you? Or is that too much?" Dean asked softly.

Castiel nudged Dean back and crawled from under the bed, holding his Manga with him. "I-I want to s-see you. Is that okay?" He asked shyly, holding the book to his chest.

Dean laughed a little at how cute Cas looked. "Of fucking course its okay, Cas." Dean grinned at him, scooting back. "You wanna do this on the bed or on the floor?"

"B-Bed, so you don't hurt your foot. I don't want you to hurt yourself." Castiel said as he pulled Dean on top of him and laid back, his hand shyly brushing along Dean’s chest. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Dean smirked, crawling in between Cas' legs and pressing his dick against Cas' slick hole. "Start reading, baby."

Castiel blushed and timidly started reading from his book. "T-Tuskima l-looked up f-from the crowd..." He began, trying not to become embarrassed from Dean's smirk. It was so fucking hot dammit! How was he supposed to read? Dean smirked again and started pushing inside of Cas, loving when he heard the boy stutter or moan in pleasure. Castiel stumbled over his words, his eyes becoming hooded before his head fell back to the mattress. "O-Ohhhh yes." He whispered drunkenly.

Dean loved how he could make Castiel lose his mind like this. "Want me to fuck you nice and hard, baby?" Dean looked down at Cas when he was fully inside. Castiel swallowed thickly and his book fell from his hands, his lips parted and his eyes lazy. The manga was long forgotten, laying next to them face down. "Mmhm. Fuck me like a rag doll." He murmured absentmindedly, not even realizing what he had just said over the feeling of Dean filling him up.

"If you insist..." Dean smirked and let himself go, snapping his hips in and out of the pale boy below him.

Cas was so shocked by the sudden force and tempo change that he arched his back and came immediately, his blush spreading down to his chest as he gripped the sheets. "oH FUCK!" He yelped in pleasure.

Dean came a few seconds after, pulling out to cum all over Cas' chest. "Marking you up, Sweetheart..." He smirked, before he flopped down next to Cas. "I'm tired." He yawned. Castiel groaned tiredly and curled up next to Dean lazily. "M gonna wake you up, so don't worry about it." He murmured.

"I love you." Dean murmured, glad he had a daily alarm on for school. He wrapped his arms around Cas and kissed him, before he passed out.

Chapter Text

In the morning, Cas had spent close to an hour perfecting his makeup. He would never admit it, but he could actually be a professional makeup stylist if it was his passion. He looked like a male model. The smaller boy laughed at what he was doing but decided it would be interesting to see if Dean liked it. Cas padded to his closet and pulled on a lacy black thong, glancing at himself in the mirror. He understood why people wore makeup. It made him feel sexy. He felt like he could finally be liked, and like himself as well. He felt seductive enough to even seduce a sex god himself, aka his boyfriend lying fast asleep on the bed. Castiel crawled up Dean’s legs and leaned down, licking a stripe up the boy's cock to test the waters.

Dean shifted a little in his sleep and his muscles jerked. His body reacted to the stimulation and woke him up. "Cas?" His voice was hoarse, since he just woke up, his eyes weren't even opened yet. Castiel perched his ass up in the air, his chest flattened to Dean’s legs as he smirked to himself. Dean was adorable. He shyly took the head of Dean's cock into his mouth, praying the boy wouldn't get disgusted and leave him for trying something new. He moaned at the taste and weight of Dean's cock, sucking gently the more he took in.

Dean’s eyes snapped open at that and he looked down at Cas and let out an embarrassing moan. "Holy fuck, Cas..." Dean's voice was heavy from lust and sleep. He reached down, he wanted to cup Cas' face, but he didn't want to mess up any of the boys beautiful makeup.

Castiel smirked and grabbed Dean’s wrist, slowly pinning it back to the bed before he reached behind him and grabbed a remote. He clicked a button and his computer started playing 'Cherry Pie', causing Cas to chuckle and take Dean down his throat in one go.

"C-Cas!" Dean whined and threw his head back, the well-known song filling the room. "H-Holy fuck!" He squirmed around on the bed, leaving Cas’s heart swelling with joy. Castiel swallowed and hollowed his cheeks, trying to give Dean the best blow job he's ever had. The blue eyed boy pulled back and mouthed along the side of Dean's thick cock, kissing and sucking at the underside. He sucked the head back into his mouth and dropped his mouth down languidly, watching Dean with smug eyes, almost like a cat. Dean moaned again, the sight of Cas driving him wild. "Please..." He begged brokenly, his cock leaking large amounts of precum.

Castiel sucked as hard as he could, his eyes becoming hooded and lazy. The boy's thick lashes fluttered and covered half of his blue eyes, giving him a perfect bedroom look. Cas bobbed his head, keeping his throat relaxed. He looked up at Dean with a look that pleaded for him to cum. It screamed 'give it to me, I want to swallow it' like crazy. Dean almost screamed, waking Sam and Gabe up as he came. His cock twitched hard in Cas' throat, spilling cum into Cas’ mouth just like the boy wanted.. "Fuck!" He panted, feeling spent. He looked down at Cas. "I love you..." He mumbled. Castiel swallowed everything Dean gave him, moaning hungrily as he pulled off. "Mmm, you taste good." He murmured, patting Dean's thigh. "I love you too, but we have school, get up." He chirped, jogging to the bathroom to take his makeup off.

"No, Cas!" Dean called after him, following Castiel into the bathroom. "Keep it on."

Castiel smiled shyly, chewing on his lip and shrugging his shoulders up slightly. "Y-You like it?" He asked timidly. Dean turned on the light and looked into Cas' eyes through the mirror. "I love it. Not as much as I love you, though." He smirked. Cas giggled and swatted Dean gently, his cheeks would be bright red if it weren't for all the foundation and bronzer and highlighter and concealer. "Well hurry up, I'll meet you in the car." He teased and pulled on clothes, leaving the thong on just to annoy his boyfriend.

Dean rolled his eyes and got dressed, following Cas out to the car. "You’re amazing, you know that?." He grinned and put on his seatbelt before he froze. "Cas..." He said, his voice almost a whisper. Castiel smiled, starting the car. "Mhm?" He asked as he pulled from the driveway.

"I just- I just got dressed, went down the stairs, and came out here..." Dean looked at Cas with wide eyes. "And my foot doesn't even hurt. Its’ like it’s back to normal."

Castiel frowned and stopped the car halfway out of Dean's driveway, the car screeching to a halting stop, his head snapping over to Dean. "That's not possible." He murmured. Dean reached down and tugged off his sneaker and sock, looking down at the almost fully healed wound. "Yeah, I know..."

Castiel stared in shock before pulling Dean into a hug. "It's a miracle, I think the angels love you." He gasped happily, nuzzling his face into Dean’s shoulder.

"You are an Angel, Cas." Dean joked, kissing Cas' forehead. "C'mon, we gotta get to school."

Cas giggled and kissed Dean a couple times distractedly before finally realizing that school started in five minutes. He drove to school, a few numbers under the speed limit because he drove like an elderly. The boy pulled up to school a minute before it started, grabbing his backpack and waving to Dean. "I love you, text me if your foot starts hurting!" He chirped, running all the way into the building so he wouldn't be late.

"Love you too!" Dean called after him before he started heading to the lunchroom, since his first period was a study hall. Castiel went through the day with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. Everyone stared at him, some snickering, others shoving him on his way past. Some even drew a line over their neck in a threat. Oh this was not good. He finally sat down in the corner of the lunch room by the trash can, picking at his small container of grapes. Lucifer snatched Cas' small lunch and held it in his hand. He plucked a grape out and tossed it at Cas' face, causing him to flinch. "What a whore. You're even that make up?" Lucifer snarked with a smirk.

A lot of people went to throw out their lunch, purposely tossing their half-eaten and mushed food on Cas. Lucifer growled and stood up, grabbing a nerds lunchtray who walked past. Cas had never felt more ashamed of himself in his entire life, this was humiliating. He picked a pasta noodle off his head and grimaced before a hand fisted in his shirt. Castiel was hauled up, seeing Lucifer snarl. "You like sucking cock? Meet me at five, hm? Freak." He growled, smashing the tray right into Cas' face. Castiel yelped and jerked, getting a face full of spaghetti, cheese covered broccoli, and pudding. The whole cafeteria erupted into laughter as Lucifer shoved Cas back. "Let's put the piece-of-shit-faggot where he belongs!" Lucifer hollered and swung Cas up, his hand on the squirming boy's ass. The football team hollered and stood up, jogging after Lucifer. Lucifer carried Cas all the way to the dumpsters behind the cafeteria and threw him inside. Castiel squeaked and gagged, his eyes widening when the lid slammed shut. "Hey! Lemme out!" He yelled and scrambled up. Benny chuckled and jumped on top of the lid, holding it down with his weight.

Dean was walking through the halls, and a lot of people were crowded around their cell phones. Some were groaning is disgust, other were watching the screen, intrigued by something. He rolled his eyes when he realized it was the video and he went to the lunchroom looking for Cas. Dean looked around when he entered. "Cas?" He called to the cafeteria. A girl turned around. "They took him out back to the dumpsters..." She shrugged, before she turned to her friends again. "Shit..." Dean hissed, before running out back. "Benny! What the fuck!" He heard Cas shouting from the inside, and it fucking pissed him off.

Benny looked over and laughed, waving. "Dude, he takes it up the ass! Like a slut!" He banged on the lid, causing Cas to yelp and cough at the awful smell of the dumpster. "Finally got to see em moan though, and his dick is anything but impressive." Lucifer drawled smugly. Dean raised an eyebrow, did they not know it was Dean behind him? "Do you know who was fucking him?"

"Probably some low life who had to resort to his pathetic ass." Michael snorted, moving Benny aside. "Lemme in there, gonna teach him a lesson since Lucifer got kicked by some whore at an arcade, baby cant move." He said in a mocking tone towards Lucifer and jumped into the dumpster. "Heeerres Johnny!" Michael hollered, hauling Cas up and grimacing at the smell. Dean grit his teeth. "Let him go!" He bellowed, walking over to the dumpster.

There was a stiff thud and an echoing groan that trailed into a whine. Michael hefted Cas up and tossed him over the side of the dumpster, sending him sprawling on the ground. "C’mon Deano, punch the fag!" He chuckled and held Cas in place by his arms. "What? Do you know who was fucking the piece of trash?" Lucifer snarled smugly, stalking forward to stand in front of Dean. He knew, but he wanted Dean to say it, to admit it and ruin his own reputation.

Dean clenched his jaw. "First of all, don't call him that." He growled. "Secondly, I was fucking him, and big talk from the guy who wants to fuck him but is bitter he can't." Dean’s eyes narrowed, glaring at Lucifer.

"I don't know what you're talking about. He disgusts me." Lucifer growled, glaring right back at Dean, almost challenging him to speak a word against it.

"Really? Is that why you kissed him and tried to fucking shove your cock down his throat in the woods?" Dean snapped, holding his ground.

"I don't know where you got that, but I was out hunting with my dad." Lucifer countered. "Do you remember me, fag?" He asked lowly, wrapping his hand around the front of Cas' neck. He was almost daring him to tell the truth. Castiel squeaked and tensed, jerking back into Michael quickly. "...N-No!" He choked out, his eyes round and pleading. "That's what I thought." Lucifer purred and pulled his hand away.

Dean rolled his eyes. "You’re an ass, Lucifer." Dean sneered. "C'mon, just let him go."

Lucifer smirked and pulled Cas' ear to his mouth. He whispered something that caused Cas' eyes to widen like a scared bunny before he let go. "And the fag even wears makeup, I bet Dean just fucked him for the fun of it." He drawled and sauntered off to the end of the alley with his friends.

"Fuck you!" Dean shouted after them, before he ran past Cas, grabbing Lucifer by the shoulder and forcing him to turn. "If you’re so straight, why were you watching the livestream?"

Castiel backed up and watched Dean with a worried look. "Why the fuck was the whole school watching the live stream? Because someone fucking shared it with the rest of us saying the school freak was taking it up the ass." Lucifer spat and shoved Dean back with a growl. "Trying to be the hero, Winchester? You couldn't even catch a damn ball to get a scholarship, you couldn't fight me. I don't care about the rumors."

Dean walked forward and shoved Lucifer back. "Is that so? I thought fucking fags disgusted you? Why would you purposely go watch?" Dean sneered, looking at Lucifer with a smug look.

"So I could fucking share it with my buds, jackass. I think you're just angry that now you're a fag and everyone knows. Fuck off." Lucifer snarled and shoved Dean back into the wall. "D-Dean, let's just go, cmon." Castiel whimpered.

"I don’t fucking care if people think I'm gay, Lucifer!" Dean shouted at him, grabbing Lucifer by the collar. "You’re the one who keeps trying to fuck my boyfriend!" Dean grunted, punching Lucifer on the nose. Lucifer groaned and doubled over slightly before rounding back and punching Dean across the jaw. "I'm not trying to fuck anyone!" He snarled. "Dean! Dean please! Let's just go!" Castiel yelped, praying that Dean wouldn't get hurt. Dean hissed in pain, bringing a hand up to his throbbing jaw. "I’m tired of your fucking hypocritical ass! Is that why you fucking shoved your cock down Cas' throat the day you assholes forced me to beat him up?" Dean shot back, kicking Lucifer in the crotch.

Lucifer shouted and held his crotch, his face contorting in pain. He stood up and tackled Dean to the floor, punching him in the stomach as hard as he could. "Forced you? I think you're just trying to find someone to blame. We just told you to take a swing and you did, you bastard!" Lucifer growled. Castiel let out a tiny scream of surprise and ran forward, getting caught by the waist. Michael pulled Cas to his chest and Benny came over, keeping Cas in place as the smaller boy teared up. "Stop! L-Let him go!" Cas shouted in worry.

Deab let out a pained groan, but he managed to punch Lucifer in the nose again and flip them over. He suspected something, but he wasn't sure, but when he reached down, he confirmed his suspicions. "Why are you hard asshat? Never been this close to a guy before?" He sneered. He knew it was probably just the adrenaline running through Lucifer's body that was making him hard, but Dean made sure to yell it, so all of Luci’s football buds heard. Lucifer kneed Dean in the crotch, ignoring the grimacing or snickers from his teammates. "No, it's cause I fucked your dead-ass mom. I'm also thinking about what I told your girlfriend." He purred in retort, earning a few 'ooooooo's from his team.

"Don’t say anything about my mom!" Dean punched Lucifer, hard. "And I dont give a fuck what you told that bitch, she wasn’t even a good lay, much less a good person."

Lucifer snickered, "I was talking about your slut of a boy toy." He growled and punched Dean back, slinging him off of him. Gordon ran over and quickly helped Lucifer, punching Dean in the gut as Lucifer stood up and kicked Dean’s face. "S-Stop it! P-Please! Leave him alone!" Castiel screamed, his blue eyes glowing a little brighter. Dean’s eyes rolled back into his head for a brief moment, but he was brought back when he felt himself start to choke on blood. He turned to his side and coughed, blood flying out of his mouth and nose. "What did you tell him, asshole?" Dean said in a harsh whisper.

"Mm, nothing." Lucifer chuckled and kicked Dean in the ribs. When Cas saw blood, he immediately began hyperventilating. "S-Stop!" He yelled. "I said STOP IT!" The smaller boy screamed, but the last two words cut off into a high pitched shrill. The boy's voice shattered all glass within one hundred feet, his eyes flashing a bright blue as all of the football players and Lucifer collapsed to the floor, holding their ears and groaning in agony from the high pitched noise.

Dean curled in on himself, clutching his ears tightly. "What the fuck!" He heard someone scream, just barely over the ringing in his ears. Dean felt some blood drip out of his nose, and he wasn't sure if it was from the beating or the sound. He opened his eyes a few minutes later. "Cas?" His voice was loud in the silence.

Castiel looked like he had just ran a marathon, his chest heaving and his eyes hooded and tired. "I-I..." He whispered. The smaller boy's eyes rolled back and he collapsed in a heap on top of Michael and Benny, falling asleep almost immediately from exertion. “Cas!” Dean shouted, Cas’ vision blurring around the edges until his boyfriend disappeared in a swarm of black.

Chapter Text

Castiel woke up in his bed, his breathing erratic as he looked around for his boyfriend. "Dean!" He yelped. What if Dean didn't make it out of the back alley? Dean ran upstairs, he had been microwaving soup for Castiel. "Yeah, Cas?"

Castiel launched out of bed and pulled Dean into a hug. "Y-You're okay! Oh thank god." He said, nuzzling his face into Deans collar bone. Dean smiled a little. "I'm fine, Cas, how about you? How are you feeling?" He asked worriedly.

"Don't ask about me! I'm worried about you. You got really hurt..." Castiel murmured softly before pulling back. "Let me see your injuries.” Dean shrugged and pulled his shirt over his head. "Not that bad, Cas." Some of Dean's chest was purple, along with some blues. Castiel frowned and gently let his hand flutter over the bruises. "I'm so sorry...I wish I was strong, I could have helped..." He murmured, laying gentle butterfly kisses over his boyfriend’s injuries. "You were so hero..."

Dean blushed a little, before he hardened again. "Cas, what did Lucifer say to you?" Castiel tensed and sighed, trying to look over Dean’s body out of concern. Dean cupped Cas' smooth face in his hands. "I wanna know because I care."

Cas held a slim finger to Deans lip, sliding to his knees as he peppered kisses all over Dean’s firm abdomen. "C-Cas..." Dean’s voice wavered, wanting to give in, but he needed to know. He slid to his knees too, so he was looking Cas in the eye. "What did he say?"

Castiel pouted and his shoulders slumped. "N-Nothing, it wouldn't help. I'm just delaying the inevitable." He murmured with a sad look. “Cas, I need to know so I can keep you safe. I feel like a sucky boyfriend for all that's happened to you.” Cas' eyes glowed dimly, his emotions filling his nerves as he smiled lovingly. "You're not sucky. I'm so lucky to have you." He whispered. Dean grinned and kissed Cas lightly. "I love you, Cas." Dean really wanted to know what Lucifer had said, but he didn't want to push Castiel. Castiel kissed Dean back happily. "I love you too." He whispered before pulling back. "He just said he wanted to hear me moan like that, and he wouldn't stop until he did." Cas mumbled nervously. Dean gritted his teeth. "Cas, you've gotta let me hurt him or something I swear..." Dean growled. Castiel shook his head and timidly looked down. "N-No, please don't. I don't want you to get hurt. If we hurt him back we are no better than his own wrong doings." He said softly. Dean clenched his jaw. "What if he fucking rapes you, Cas?"

Cas flinched and looked down, taking Dean's hands in his own. "H-How about we stick together, he never comes near when we're together." He suggested softly. Dean couldn't hold it back any longer. "What the fuck was that thing you did? When they were beating me up, the thing that made us all pass out?"

Castiel tilted his head, a confused look in his eyes. "What?" He asked blankly. Dean raised an eyebrow. "That fucking scream? The thing that made all the glass shatter? The fuck was that?"

Cas frowned, shaking his head. "Dean, I never screamed. I saw you spit out blood and got really scared and passed out." He said slowly, as if Dean was speaking a different language. Dean looked confused, but then shook his head. "I musta been delirious or something..." He shrugged, before he stood up again, flexing his abs, just to be a show-off. Castiel almost purred, his movements becoming languid and seductive as he watched Dean’s muscles ripple under his skin. "Mmm, daddy." He commented quietly to himself. Dean was literally the hottest thing he had ever seen. He couldn't help it. Dean smirked. "You like this, huh?" He smirked, running a single finger over his abs. Then, Castiel actually let out a cat like purr, nodding lazily. He laid back on the floor, his arms out wide and his chest arching up. "You're sexy." Cas murmured.

"You wanna try something new, Cassie?" Dean smirked, laying down also, holding himself by an arm placed next to Cas' head, their chests not touching, but their belt buckles were grazing each others. Castiel nodded shyly, nuzzling Deans arm gently. "Anything, I trust you." He whispered.

"How about.." Dean murmured, laying down so Cas could feel the warmth of his chest. "That robber roleplay?" Cas turned bright red and stuttered. "The one where you fuck me into the counter mercilessly?" He said softly, almost timidly.

Dean nodded. "C'mon..." He leaned down to whisper in Cas' ear. "Do you remember? You're just some innocent kid going downstairs to get water in the middle of the thing you know, you're getting fucked by some guy who you didn't even know was in your house...."

Castiel shuddered, pulling Dean’s face to his neck needily. "O-Okay, should w-we start now?" He said desperately. God that would be so hot. Dean smirked, licking at Cas' neck. "Better go put on your jammies, Sweetheart." He stood up, helping Cas up. "Don't forget your glasses." He whispered, before he went to get dressed.

"W-Were gonna use lube right? A-And have a safeword?" Castiel called after Dean, sighing nervously. Dean nodded. "Of course, Cas."


Cas got up and pulled on his pajamas, looking at himself in the mirror. Okay, he was taking a shower first. The boy quickly took a shower, Dean sliding in behind him and helping him wash off. Cas giggled and blew bubbles from his hand onto Deans nose, bursting into laughter as Dean crossed his eyes to look at it. Dean grinned at the reaction he earned, kissing Cas gently and nuzzling his neck lovingly. Cas mewled and pulled Dean down for a heated kiss, his slim leg hooking over Deans hip and pulling him closer. It was a mess of slick skin sliding against slick skin, Dean pushed Cas up against the wall, grinding their hips together and elicting the sweetest sounds from his lowers lips. They got lost in eachothers bodies, staying in the shower for minutes upon minutes, until it turned into an hour later. Cas felt Dean’s lips pop from his neck, his hazy eyes trailing down from the ceiling and to Deans smirking face. “As much as I’d love to sit here and make out with you all my life, we gotta get out before we prune too much. Dean stepped back before he winked and got out. “See you soon, baby.” Dean said lowly and walked out into his room. Cas waited a couple minutes, pulling his pajamas on and peeking out of the bathroom.

Gladly, it was already dark out, so all Dean had to do was draw the curtains and sit at one of the bar stool counters and wait. He was in complete darkness, so Cas wouldn't see him anyways. he nervously popped the cap of the lube bottle as he hummed to himself.

Castiel padded to the top of the stairs and took a breath before walking to the bottom. He didn't see Dean in the room so he actually relaxed. He walked to the kitchen and made a glass of water, smiling to himself. Dean would take care of him, he didn't need to feel scared. Dean froze when he heard Castiel walk in. Quickly, but quietly, he snuck up behind the boy in the dark, pressing the smooth edge of a butter knife against Cas' smooth, clean neck. As cheesy as it was, he wanted to keep Cas safe, so other side of a butter knife it was. Dean had to hold back a grin at the innocent, fuzzy pajamas Cas was wearing. Castiel had to hold back a laugh at the feel of a butter knife instead of an actual one. This is why he loved Dean, even when roleplaying a robber, he would always be careful with him. The smaller boy tensed up, leaning his head back slightly with his lips parted. He didn't even know what to say, god he was so bad at this. Dean lowered his voice. "What are you doing here, pretty boy?" He growled, pressing the knife into Cas' neck. Castiel shuddered and whimpered, laying his head back against Dean's shoulder. "G-Getting w-water." He whispered hoarsely.

"You live here?" Dean growled. He had hoped Cas would be screaming, trying to wiggle out of his grasp, but this was good too. He knew Cas didn't have much experience with sex, especially roleplaying. Castiel tensed a little when Dean growled, his heart rate picking up. "Yes." He squeaked out, shifting slightly. Okay, maybe he didn't expect Dean to get this into it,  he felt like it was real, but he also knew Dean wouldn't hurt him. He trusted him.

Dean smirked, the hand not on the knife coming up to run over Cas' body. "How old are you? 17, maybe? And you’re wearing pj's?" Dean sneered, tugging at the hem of Cas' shirt. "You an innocent little boy?"

Castiel whimpered and squirmed, trying to move away from the hand. "It's not weird, I-it's comfortable." He said nervously.

"I asked if you’re an innocent little boy." Dean growled lowly, pushing Cas' body back against his.

"I-I'm not!" Castiel squeaked out defensively. Yeah. He was bad at this, but he was getting a little too into it.

"You sure?" Dean smirked, breathing hotly on Cas' neck. "Cause I'm pretty sure you're just a little virgin. God, you’ve probably never even jerked off before." Dean scoffed.

"S-Stop it." Cas whimpered, squirming uncomfortably in Dean’s grasp. "Let me go!"

"Or maybe I could just touch you more." Dean purred, shoving a hand down Cas' pants, wrapping a hand around Cas' warm cock. Castiel gasped and arched his back, whining needily at the feel of his boyfriends hand. "O-Oh!" He gasped.

"This is probably the most you’ve been touched, huh?" Dean smirked, before he turned them around, bending Cas over the counter. "You want me to fuck this virgin ass?" He sneered, bending over also, his weight on Cas. Castiel bit his lip, his face pressed into the counter as he nodded weakly. "B-Be gentle." He whimpered, his eyes round and pleading. Dean shrugged. "Nah, I don’t think I will." He smirked, before he stood up and yanked Cas' pants down, looking at the boy’s pale, round ass in the dim light coming in through the windows. "You're so pretty, I'll actually use lube."

Castiel squirmed. Wait, was Dean actually going to hurt him? "P-Please, please don't hurt me." He whispered pleadingly, almost forgetting that they were role playing. Dean’s voice softened to his regular one. "Of course, Cas. Do you wanna safeword?" He asked, putting a gentle and comforting hand on Cas' back. Castiel relaxed, sighing when he felt Dean's gentle hands. "N-No, that was all I needed. Fuck me into next week." He said in a sultry tone, arching his ass up for his "robber" boyfriend.

Dean let out a small whimper, before he slipped back into his robber persona. "Don’t you doubt it." He said lowly, lubing up his finger, moaning softly when he prodded a Cas hole and felt that it was loose. "You finger yourself?"

"N-No, nice a tight. Waiting for someone to come along and show me a real good time." Castiel countered needily, wiggling his ass for Dean to see. Dean smirked a little to himself at his playful boyfriend, always breaking character. "Well, you've waited long enough. Gonna fuck you until you pass out." Dean promised, before he slipped two finger ino Cas, pumping them in and out.

Castiel shuddered at the promise, his lips parting. "Ah!" He cried out, arching his back when Dean's thick fingers slid inside him. Just the thought of Dean giving him that much pleasure, oh hell yes. Dean smirked. "Ah, you like this, don't you, slut?" Dean put a third finger in, watching Cas' pink rim stretch to take him in. Cas nodded, mewling at how deep Dean’s fingers were inside him. "Mhm!" He whimpered, his hands flattening on the cool tile to hold onto something, it was useless. "Give it to me. Want your big fat dick inside me." He babbled. Dean smirked. "Anyone ever seen this cute little hole before?" Dean asked, kneeling so he could lick at Cas' rim.

"Never, daddy, never." Cas gasped, his eyes shooting open. "Oh god! Your tongue feels so good. So fucking good!" He whimpered, spreading his long legs a bit more.

"Whatd you just call me?" Deans tone was harsh, heavy with lust.

“Daddy!” Castiel whispered, rocking his hips to get Dean's tongue back inside him. Dean moaned and went back into licking Cas' hole, before he pulled out fully. "Gonna fuck you now, Baby..." He muttered, while lubing up his cock. Castiel nodded, panting lazily as he looked back at Dean. "H-Hurry up, d-daddy." He whined, wanting Dean in him right then and now. Dean smirked and shuffled forward, starting to slowly press of the tip of his cock into Cas, teasing the boy.

Cas' eyes became hooded as he moaned, rocking back against Dean. "Oh fuck, so strong and hot, want you inside me." He babbled, trying to encourage the larger boy. Dean moaned softly and pushed inside, Cas tight, hot heat surrounding him. "Gonna fuck you until my cum oozes around my dick...."

Cas groaned and gripped at the counter, Dean was so big and thick. How could he not just get lost in the pleasure? The smaller boy nodded eagerly, wanting to do anything Dean said. "P-Please, I want it so badly. Do it." He murmured, clenching around Dean teasingly. Dean moaned before he pushed in, and kept going until the v-line his hips were pressed against Cas' asscheeks. "Fuck..." He murmured, bringing a hand down and running it through Cas' hair, tugging it.

Cas' head lolled with the sensation of Dean's hand, gravitating toward it with a blissed out look on his face. "Feels so good, and you haven't even moved yet." He murmured, tipping his head back for Dean to grab. Cas would never admit it, but he liked when Dean pulled his hair, or fucking him so hard he waddled to school the next day. It was amazing. Dean smirked and pulled Cas' hair a little rougher, before he started rolling his hips, starting out slow, not wanting to hurt Cas.

Castiel jerked, his eyes glowing a dim blue as Dean's cock rocked right over his prostate. "Hnnngh!" He muffled his moan, his toes curling like they always did when Dean really put the extra effort in to nail his prostate. Dean smirked. "Want me to go faster, baby? Want me to fuck you until you can't breathe?"

Cas nodded, looking over his shoulder at Dean. "Ohhhhmmmmm." He moaned, letting out drawn out noises of pleasure. "Right there, baby. Right there." Cas murmured, completely forgetting about his character. Dean nodded, and started rolling his hips faster, fucking into Castiel with everything he had, tugging and pulling at Cas' hair to keep him in a submissive position, his chest towards the wall and his back arched down, his ass perked up. It was a gorgeous sight.

Castiel cried out, his eyes flashing a bright blue and rolling into the back of his head. "Ohhhhh my god!" He yelled. “Dean, ss-sooo good oh fuckkk." The smaller boy rambled, scrambling at the counter for something to hold on to.

Dean didn't notice the blue light shining from his boyfriend’s eyes, he was too busy fucking Castiel. "You like that, huh, slut?" Dean growled, pounding into Cas, sweat dripping down his chest. The blue eyed boy let out a choked moan in response, his mouth hanging open, slack with pleasure as his eyes got brighter and brighter the closer he got to cumming. "D-Don't you dare stop! F-Feels so fucking good." He mewled, arching his chest up and popping his ass out, his eyes fluttering shut in pleasure. Dean slapped Cas' ass with his free hand, watching the pale skin redden and jiggle. "Gonna make you cum untouched, fucking slut..." He sneered, his dick twitching deep inside Castiel. Castiel’s eyes shot open. Did Dean just...spank him? The smaller boy came with a loud scream of ecstasy, a light bulb in the living room bursting on its own as his eyes flashing a blinding blue light. Dean froze. "Cas?" He pulled out and pulled Castiel up into a standing position, turning Cas around. "You did it again."

Castiel had a dreamy look on his face, his eyes fading back to his normal ocean blue. "Mmm, I'm sleepy. I wanna go to bed." The smaller boy murmured childishly, slowly slumping forward into Dean’s arms.

Dean just raised an eyebrow. Maybe he was just imagining things. He still hadn't cum yet, but if Cas was tired, he would just go jerk off in the bathroom or something. "Yeah, Cas, sure." Dean mumbled, swooping Cas up and carrying him up the stairs, leaving the butter knife and the lube on the counter, for a soon to be very confused Gabe to find in the morning. Castiel giggled and clung to Dean, smiling lazily. "Y-You're so sweet." He purred and nuzzled Dean’s jaw. Cas frowned when he couldn't feel Dean’s cum inside him, pouting slightly. He sat up once he was on his bed and pulled Dean down. "Fuck me, you haven't cum yet." He demanded childishly. Dean grinned and shook his head. "It’s fine if you’re tired, Cas."

"Nooo! Fuck me!" Castiel whined, his eyes round and pleading. "If you don't I'll find ways to turn you on until you do. Never doubt the internets plentiful database of ideas." He challenged. Dean laughed. "Go right ahead, Cassie."

Cas whimpered and stood up, an idea sparking in his mind. He never thought he would use this. Gabriel bought it for him as a prank on his birthday online. But now it would just be awesome. The smaller boy padded to his closet and pulled out a box. He grabbed the large vibrator, pulling it out and waving it for Dean to see. "Mmm, haven't used this yet. Thank you Gabriel." He purred and grabbed the remote. Cas sauntered back to the bed, getting on his knees at the end of it. He rolled his hips and hummed in anticipation, tossing Dean the remote. The smaller boy winked, taking his bottom lip into his teeth as he sank down. Dean moaned loudly, before he clicked the on button, noticing that there were seven different levels of intensity. “Oh hell yeah, this is gonna be crazy.”

Castiel gasped, bottoming out on the toy. "Y-You can fuck me any time now." He coaxed, trying to convince his boyfriend to just yank him over and fuck him into the mattress. Because as much as he loved this, nothing ever felt as good as Dean. Dean shook his head. "Think I wanna watch you squirm first...." He smirked, turning the dial all the way to five, hearing the vibrator start to buzz. Cas' eyes bugged from his head, his mouth falling open in surprise as he threw his head back and jerked. "Oh Dean!” He cried out, his stomach sucking in at the sensation. Dean smirked and crawled over to Castiel, pressing the long vibrator as deep as it would go, not moving it. "You like that?" He smirked, rocking it slightly, but not pulling it out.

Cas choked on his breath, his eyes glowing a light blue. “Yes!” He wailed, trembling at the vibrations against his prostate. "Oooooohhh fuck, haah! Dean!" He babbled, his glowing eyes rolling into the back of his head. Dean smirked and turned it up all the way to seven. Eager, wanting to fuck Cas was sexy as hell, but overstimulated, fucked out, Cas was amazing.

Castiel let out a string of broken moans and sobs, almost consumed by the pleasure coursing through him. "Dean!" He screamed, the larger boy's bathroom lights shattered as Cas came, shuddering and mewling Dean’s name like a mantra. Dean heard the bulbs burst and decided enough was enough. He pulled the vibrator out of Cas and forced him to sit up. "Cas, you did it again..."

Castiel whimpered, giving Dean his best puppy eyes. "Yes, I came without you." He pouted, trying to crawl into Dean's lap so he could ride Dean’s cock. Dean shook his head. "No, Cas... You make everything go all bat shit crazy when you cum." Dean didn’t know how to explain it. Castiel frowned and tilted his head. "I-If you want I can try to stay still." He murmured in confusion. Dean shook his head again. "You know what, Cas? How about we go to sleep and talk about it in the morning, hmm?" Dean hadn't cum, while Cas had cum twice, but he wasn't about to make a huge deal about it. Castiel looked sad and kissed Dean gently. "But I want you to come, please Dean?" He whimpered. Dean sighed and nodded. "Yeah, Cas." He kissed Cas back, then pulled him into his lap, their cocks rubbing together. Castiel smiled and quickly raised his hips up, pushing Dean’s cock inside him. "Close your eyes, I'm going to make you feel good." He whispered.

Dean grinned a little and nodded, letting his eyes flutter closed. "Yeah, Cas, go ahead." He said softly. Castiel reached back and grabbed the vibrator, holding it to his hole. He turned it on to the highest level, causing his whole right channel to vibrate and ripple around Deans cock. "This feel good?" He whispered breathlessly.

Dean let out a shuddering moan, already close to his orgasm. "Y-Yeah, feels amazing..." He whispered. Cas clenched and rocked his hips, "Give it to me, I want you to fill me up." He purred, running his hand all along Dean's torso and neck and through his hair. Dean moaned softly and started rolling his hips up, slow, almost like he was tired, which he pretty much was, he could barely keep himself awake.

Castiel moaned and cupped Dean’s face. "Come on, just a little more, I'll wake you up after. Just cum for me." He coaxed needily. Dean moaned softly and came deep inside Castiel, his eyes slipping closed a few seconds later. Cas turned the dildo off and curled up on Dean’s chest, his head nestled snugly under Dean’s. "I love you, sleep well." He whispered.

Chapter Text

Dean woke up, his hands wrapped around a pillow, not Cas. He sleepily got up and went downstairs to get water, surprised to see Cas curled up on the couch. Castiel peaked an eye open and frowned in confusion. He rubbed his eyes sleepily and sat up. "Good morning, did you carry me down here?" He murmured, pulling Dean down onto the couch with him to cuddle. Dean shook his head. "Didn't carry you here, Cassie." He mumbled, before he allowed himself to be pulled down. Castiel tilted his head, "Maybe I just sleepwalked." He whispered and peppered kisses all along Dean's face. "Mmm, I love you so much."

Dean grinned a little. "Love you too, Cas." He scooted closer to Cas, both of the tall boys just barely fitting on the couch. Castiel giggled and kissed everywhere he could reach, showering Dean in attention before launching up. "Dean! It's eleven!" He yelped. Dean rolled over to look at Cas. "So?"

"School!" Castiel whined, squirming about to try and get off Dean. "I'm late! I can't have that on my record! It's pristine!"

Dean shrugged. "I can forge a note from your dad saying you got sick or something, the late wouldn't show up on your record." Dean sat up, rubbing his eyes. Castiel whined childishly, "But the nooottttes!" He whimpered.

"Get them from a classmateeee." Dean whined back, sticking out his tongue.

"Their notes aren't detailed and thorough like mine would be!" Castiel huffed, sitting up to climb off the couch. Dean rolled his eyes. "Then ask the teacher for them after class." Dean twisted his body and threw his leg over Cas' straddling him. Cas squeaked and squirmed, "No! They would mark me absent! Dean c’monnn!"

Dean smirked. "Don't wanna skip? Not even a little?" He looked at Cas with wide eyes. Cas whimpered, giving Dean his best puppy eyes. "Pleasee?" He mewled. Dean chuckled a little and stood up. "Not even a kiss?"

Castiel quickly stood up beside him, pulling him into a deep and rushed kiss. "Mmm," he pulled away. "I love you, go back to sleep." Cas murmured and kissed Dean against before dashing out the door and to his car. The smaller boy started his car up and drove to school, praying his teachers didn't notice. Dean grinned and flopped back down on the couch, closing his eyes, letting himself sleep again.


Castiel shakily clutched his phone, listening to the familiar dial tone for the ninth time. 'Leave your name, number, and nightmare at the tone. Beeeeep.' Rang out into his ear as Lucifer jostled closet door. "Lemme in you fag!" He snarled. Cas whimpered and curled farther back into the closet. "D-Dean? I-I know you're probably sleeping o-or busy b-b-but I could really use your h-help." Castiel whispered in a tiny voice, flinching at the banging on the door. The door swung open and Lucifer dropped the paper clip, growling loudly. "C’mere you freak!" He snapped and grabbed Cas' foot, dragging him out into the hallway. The football team cackled as Cas dropped his phone and scrambled towards it, getting his hand stepped on. The voicemail recorded the distant yelps as they dragged Cas down the hall, laughing when he tried to squirm from their grasp. "SWIIRRLLIE!" Michael hollered as he kicked open the locker room. The voicemail ended with a beep and went silent.



Dean had been asleep, he loved sleeping, though, when his phone rang nine times he woke up, grabbing at it sleepily. "Hello?" But the person had already hung up. Dean saw that he had eight voicemails, and he clicked on them, snapping up hen he heard Cas' scared voice.

"It’s all good now, boys." Lucifer said to his clan. "I want some time alone with the fag..." He looked at Cas like he was his prey. Castiel spluttered when Benny finally pulled his head up from the toilet bowl, his glasses sliding down his face. As the team filed out Benny smirked and dropped Cas to the bathroom floor, leaving the boy to try and clean his glasses. Cas shakily stood up and didn't see Lucifer, limping towards the bathroom door as he muttered. "S-Stupid. T-They ruined my glasses." The smaller boy whimpered and used the hem of his shirt to wipe the toilet water off. Lucifer smirked and walked up behind him. "Remember my promise, Sweetheart?" He said, his hands on Cas' waist.

Castiel yelped and jerked back, looking around wildly before he saw the blurry figure in front of him. "Get away from me!" He squeaked, shakily sliding on his ruined glasses and darting towards the door, he burst out into the hall. Lucifer ran after him and grabbed Cas' hand, tugging him back into the bathroom. "Get back here!" He growled, shoving Cas up against the wall. Cas squirmed, his eyes filling with fear as he opened his mouth and screamed, trying to get someone's attention. School ended already, no one else was around besides the team. He uselessly kneed Lucifer in the gut, trying to see past the oily substance of the toilet water on his glasses. "Leave me alone!"

Lucifer chuckled and shook his head. "Gonna make you moan, baby..." Lucifer reached down and unbuckled his pants with his free hand, before he reached for Cas' jeans. Castiel jerked, desperately trying to push Lucifer back. "N-No, no no no. G-get away from me! P-Please!" The smaller boy whimpered and rambled quickly, squeezing his legs together and kicking Lucifer’s hands back as best he could. Cas got an idea and kicked Lucifer in the crotch as hard as he could, tears pricking at his eyes.

Lucifer groaned loudly in pain, but stood his ground as he shoved Cas' pants down his thin, pale legs. "Was gonna fuck you nice and slow...not anymore." He growled, shoving Cas' legs apart so roughly that he tore one of Cas' hamstrings. Castiel let out a scream of pain, tears pricking at his blue eyes. "N-N-No! Please no!" Cas yelped and shoved at Lucifer’s chest, his glasses clattering to the floor as he desperately tried to get away from the larger boy. Lucifer slammed Cas against the wall again, before he yanked off Cas' blue boxers. "What a pretty little cock...." Lucifer murmured, reaching forward to stroke Cas' small, soft pink cock.

The blue eyed boy sobbed and shoved Lucifer back, the lights around the whole school flickering as Cas felt tears fall onto his cheeks. Where was Dean? No. That was dumb of him to think Dean got his messages, the larger boy was probably sleeping. He was a heavy sleeper, an annoyingly heavy sleeper.

"Just let it happen, pretty boy..." Lucifer murmured, starting to kiss Cas' neck. "Remember when you kissed me? God, it was fucking amazing..." Lucifer was running his hand over Cas' soft thighs and cock. Castiel shook his head, crying steadily by now. "N-No...stop it. I-I don’t want you, and I never will, stop." He babbled hoarsely, shuddering in disgust at the feel of Lucifer’s lips on his neck. The smaller boy jerked away, swallowing thickly. He felt so weak.

Lucifer took Cas' cock in his hand and started pumping it. That’s Castiel let out a tiny sob, his left leg going limp as pain settled into his muscle. He shoved Lucifer's hand away, sniffling. Lucifer growled and smashed their lips together, just as Dean rounded the corner of the hallway, seeing that. "Hey!" He shouted, running towards them.

Cas gagged, squirming desperately and Lucifer just chuckled and kept going, though, not for long, since Dean grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, punching Lucifer in the jaw, Castiel crashed to the floor, yelping in pain and clutching at his hamstring as he blindly looked around at the blurs. Lucifer snarled, glaring at Dean and punching him back. "Wanna join?" He snarked. Deans head snapped to the side. "I thought fags disgusted you?" He said back, tackling Lucifer.

Lucifer thudded to the ground, kneeing Dean in the crotch. "Does he look like a guy? No. Just wanna fuck the twink, that's all. Fuck off." Lucifer growled and threw Dean off him into a stall door. Dean groaned and took a deep breath, before he tugged off his shirt and used it to cover Cas' naked cock and thighs. "You said you were gonna make my boyfriend moan, huh? You’re gonna fucking regret it." Dean threw himself at Lucifer again, pinning the other teenager to the ground.

Lucifer raised an eyebrow and grunted when Dean got on top of him. "Yeah I was. More like scream, if you know what I mean." Cas nervously felt the shirt, watching the blurs in worry for his boyfriend. "D-Dean, l-l-let’s just go." He whimpered, reaching out blindly for his boyfriend’s hand. Dean ignored him, glaring down at Lucifer a little. "Why aren't you fighting back, huh?" He was on his hands and knees above the bully, a hand on either side of his head, his tan chest curved inward and muscled. "Just admit you’re gay, Lucifer."

"I love pussy, I just wanna see what that lil twink sounds like. You're looking a little horny if I do say so myself, gonna cheat on that fag? Cause I'll take him."

Dean sneered in disgust, bringing a hand up and punching Lucifer in the nose. Dean leaned down to snarl in Lucifer’s ear. "Leave him alone."

Lucifer groaned and jerked, punching Dean back across the face. "No." He growled. The lights flickered as Cas' breathing picked up. "D-Dean?" He whispered worriedly.

"Cas, just wait!" Dean said back, turning back to Lucifer. "Why won't you admit you’re gay, huh, fucking queer."

"Why won't you admit you're actually straight, huh? Why won't you admit you don't even love that piece of shit and you're using him to get a damn scholarship cause he's a nerd." Lucifer retorted, smirking when he saw the blinded boy freeze. The lights burst above Cas as he sobbed, causing Lucifer to jerk. "HOLY SHIT!" Lucifer hollered and scrambled back. Castiel curled up in a pained ball, crying out at the tearing feeling in his leg before he disappeared from thin air. "Pft, I win. Winchester. " Lucifer purred smugly, glancing back over to where Cas was previously. "Dude! He's fast! I fucking ripped his hamstring open at least." Lucifer whispered to himself. "Probably got strong thighs, good for clamping around your head as you eat them out, am I right?"

Dean gagged, standing up. "You didn't win shit. He doesn't like you. At all. He thinks you're a gross piece of fucking shit and he's never gonna want you." Dean smirked at Lucifer. Lucifer smugly stood up and winked. "I think I won, have fun playing hide and seek. He sobs a lot." The boy said lowly. "Gotta small dick too, kinda sad."

"My dicks so huge, it just cancels out." Dean knew it was shit, but that's all he had right now. He gave Lucifer a once over, groaning softly in disgust when he saw his boner tenting in his sweatpants bulge.

"Bet mine's bigger." Lucifer challenged, "He'd love it, doubt you could fuck him into a mattress like I could. I mean, I'm not a defender for nothing." He purred smugly and gestured to his muscled body. Dean rolled his eyes, he could not believe he was having this conversation, but Cas had run off to get help, or the cops or something, right? "You wanna measure?" He asked mockingly.

"Totally." Lucifer said pridefully, "You first, dude." Castiel popped up in the one place he felt safe. Dean’s bed. The smaller boy curled up and snuggled under the blankets, almost crying at the pain in his leg. It had dimmed, but it was still sharp and throbbing. Did Dean really not like him? He spent the whole time arguing with Lucifer and trying to get him to admit he was gay, it was kinda weird.

Dean rolled his eyes, but he had to keep Lucifer here. If Cas was bringing help, they had to be here to arrest the dick. "Yeah, sure."

"No one’s even here." Lucifer grumbled mockingly. "Gotta say, the last time someone looked at me like you are now, it was when I was dunking your boyfriend’s face in this here toilet bowl." The football player said whimsically, gesturing to the toilet that no one ever used because it was disgusting; the ominous first stall .

Dean clenched his fist and tried not to punch Lucifer in the face. "Whatever." He said, starting to unzip his pants for this 'dick measuring' or whatever it was. Lucifer smirked and unzipped his own pants. "I'm nine inches, mother fucker, thick as well." Lucifer said cockily. Castiel couldn't help but feel hurt by what he heard. Did Dean really use him for a scholarship? The smaller boy pulled a pillow to his chest, thinking for what seemed like endlessly. The more he thought about Dean, the less he realized he had appeared outside of the bathroom with Dean's pillow tucked to his chest.

"Yeah right." Dean pulled out his soft cock, jerking it a few times to get himself hard, his own cock filling up with blood in his hand.

Castiel heard Dean's voice and looked up. No. He was going to be the one to try to fix it. It wasn't fair to Dean for him to always be the one lost in his feelings. Cas tried to walk and winced, stumbling slightly before he caught himself. The boy walked into the bathroom, his eyes widening at what he saw. Were they....are they...? "Are you jerking off together?" Cas whimpered with a sad look. Lucifer smirked, not even looking at Dean’s cock yet. "Yeah, wanna come over here? I’m pretty sure our friends could use some lovin'." Lucifer said cheesily, walking over and pinning a confused and scared Cas to the wall.

"Cas!" Dean yelped, shoving his cock back in his pants. Where the fuck were the cops? "Don’t touch him." Dean pulled Lucifer off of Cas. "Let’s just go, Cas."

"W-Why were you both jerking off t-together?" Castiel asked in a quiet voice, more confused than hurt. His eyes glowed dimly, making his ocean blue eyes electric with emotion. "I-I can go, you both can stay." He murmured and turned towards the door, limping heavily with his left leg almost dragging behind him. Dean rolled his eyes. "We weren’t jerking off, Cas. I'll explain in the car." Dean followed Cas out, leaving Lucifer behind in the school bathroom.

"Call me later!" Lucifer hollered with a laugh as the front doors closed. Cas limped less and less as they got to the car, breathing raggedly from the amount of use his right leg had been through. Dean shivered a little when they got outside. He helped Castiel into the car, before he froze. "I'll be right back." He said, before he ran into the school, coming out a few minutes later, grinning a little. Castiel frowned and watched Dean with a concerned look. "Are you okay?" He asked softly, his eyes round and concerned for his boyfriend.

Dean nodded. "Yeah, Cas, fine." He started up the car and started to drive home. "You feeling okay?" He looked over at Castiel.

"You first, what did you do?" Cas asked curiously, slowly squirming his body into Dean's side. The smaller boy curled his torso against Dean’s chest, laying his raven haired head on Deans collar bone snugly.

Dean grinned a little, loving the warm feeling of Cas. "Well, I thought you ran off to get the cops, so I thought I had to keep Lucifer there so he wouldn't escape. The guys fucking obsessed with you or something." Dean snorted. Castiel nodded and smiled, looking up at Dean shyly. God he was perfect. In every way, shape, and form. "I meant a minute ago when you ran back inside." He murmured.

"Oh." Dean cleared his throat. ""He wanted to have a dick measuring contest."

Cas frowned and tilted his head. "So you ran back see who could measure their penis size faster?" He asked slowly. "That is easy. You are nine and a half inches, two point seventy three inches thick around the base when fully hardened, two point three when you aren't. You're approximately four point three four inches above average." The smaller boy listed off, his brow furrowed in confusion. "It is very easy to calculate, I just need one look. So technically I would win."

Dean almost served the damn car. "Holy shit, Cas!" He laughed. "First of all, no, it was just who had the bigger penis. And secondly, how do you know all that?"

Castiel smiled and shrugged, "You first, did you lose?" He teased fondly, placing a gentle kiss on Dean's chest. Dean whimpered a little, as Cas kissed right over a bruise, and his nerves were confused. Technically, it should have hurt, pressure on a bruise always hurt, but the pressure being applied felt good as fuck, like a cool essence spread through his chest. "D-Don’t know, you walked in."

"But you went back to measure, that is what you said, correct?" Cas asked, noticing that it was a bruise because of how Dean flinched at first. He gently laid another kiss, hating when Dean felt pain. Dean shook his head. "I went to get something, I'll show you when we get home." He mumbled softly, his already hard dick starting to perk up again. Cas smiled and laid his head back down, letting out a content sigh. "T-Thank you for coming...I-I thought you wouldn't get the messages because you sleep heavily..." He whispered distantly. Dean turned his head and pressed a kiss to Cas' hair, before he turned back to the road. "If I knew what would happen, I would have gone with you to school."

"Y-Yes, at least today is Friday. We can sleep together tonight." Castiel murmured, feeling ever the more safe in Dean's arms.

"Wanna have a movie night?" Dean asked, stopping at a stoplight. Castiel nodded, chewing on his lip fondly. "O-Okay, that sounds nice. What movie?" He asked.

"I dont know." Dean shrugged, turning into a store parking lot. "You wanna come in with me to get snacks?"

Castiel giggled, letting his fingers trail along Dean’s chest. "Yes. Let me look up good movies to watch with a significant other." He chirped. Dean grinned and parked the car, twisting his body so he as straddling Cas. "Didn't get to do this this morning..." He murmured, looking at Cas with bright green eyes. Cas gasped slightly and looked up at Dean, his lips parting in surprise. "Do what..?" He murmured, his hamstring aching numbly under Dean’s weight.

Dean shrugged and slid down, down, until he was in the tiny, cramped space between the dashboard and the seat. Reaching forward, he pulled down the zipper of Cas' jeans. Castiel gasped sharply, his cheeks turning pink. He didn't want Dean to see his ripped open underwear. That would make him seem even weaker than he already was. "D-Dean." He breathed out with wide eyes.

"Yeah, Cas?" Dean pulled he flaps apart and started pulling Cas' jeans down.

"Y-You don't have to, I-I can do it to y-you." Castiel rambled as his eyes glowed dimly. The pure emotion he felt from seeing Dean like that, it made him shudder in anticipation. Dean shook his head. "I want you to get some pleasure, Cas." He murmured softly, pulling Cas' pants down, growling a little when he saw the ripped boxers. Lucifer. He hated the son of a bitch

"B-But what about you...?" Cas whimpered, his slim hands shakily moving to bury in the short hairs at the back of Dean's head. Dean just chuckled a little. "I'll be fine, Cas. Don't worry about me..." He murmured, pulling Cas' cock out. "So pretty, baby..." He murmured. Cas turned a deep red, his hamstring feeling better and better with every touch from Dean's calloused fingertips. "A-Am not..." He gushed shyly, chewing on his lip and looking down with a bashful look. Dean brought a hand up and tilted Cas' face, so he was looking Castiel in those pretty blue eyes. "You are." He grinned. "So pretty and sweet and loving..." He murmured, starting to take the tip of Cas' cock into his mouth.

Castiel gasped, his jaw going slack at the hot wave traveling up his spine. "O-Oh!" He mewled and clutched at Dean’s head. Dean smirked and started bobbing his head slowly, wanting his perfect moment with Castiel to last. Castiel couldn't help but let out a tiny moan, his legs spreading with each dive of Dean's head. "L-Lower." He whimpered pleadingly, trying to guide Dean's head a little farther down than his cock. Dean smirked a little around Cas' cock and dipped his head lower, until his nose was pressed into the smooth, soft skin of Cas' abdomen

Castiel keened and let his head fall back. Not exactly what he wanted, but it felt nice. "N-No..oh my god..." He mewled, "Lower! I-I want it lower." The smaller boy gasped out.

Dean pulled off and chuckled. "Sorry, baby. Misunderstood you, there." He crouched down lower and spread Cas' asscheeks apart, looking at the boy’s hole.

Castiel gulped and stared at the ceiling, trying to feel where Dean was instead of see. He practically memorized the roof of the Impala, trying to not let his nerves get the best of him. Dean had an amazing tongue. If anyone even came near they would know what was going on. Dean leaned in and closed his eyes, pressing his lips to Cas' pretty pink hole, before he started eating Cas out slowly, taking his time. Cas felt a burst of pleasure zing from his abdomen, his blue eyes becoming hooded within a second. Oh god, this was his favorite thing that Dean did to him. "Dean!" He moaned breathlessly. Dean smirked and kept going, his teeth coming out every few seconds, biting and sucking at Cas' hole. "Wanna make you cum just from this..."

"Ohhhhmmmmmnnn..." Castiel hummed, his head falling back as his chest arched towards the windshield. The smaller boy's raven haired head lolled back and forth slowly, a look of bliss on his sharp features. Dean brought a hand up and buried two fingers in Cas' mouth. "Suck." He mumbled, pulling Cas' hole ever closer to him.

Castiel cried out around Dean’s fingers, his legs moving without pain to hook over Dean’s strong shoulders. The smaller boy started suckling, getting as much spit as he could onto Dean’s thick fingers. Dean smirked and started thrusting his fingers in and out of Cas' mouth, loving the view he was getting. Dean started going at it now, his stiff tongue thrusting in and out of Castiel. Castiel's legs clamped around Dean’s head, his cry muffled by Dean’s fingers. "Dean!" He choked out, rocking his hips down on to Dean’s face. Dean moaned softly, loving the feeling of Cas' legs around him. Biting his lip, Dean wanted to turn up the intensity, but he didnt know how. Bringing his other fingers up, he spit on them and slowly slid them into Casiel.

Castiel moaned and spread his legs as wide as possible. "M-More, I want more." He demanded, tugging gently at Dean’s hair as he felt himself approach the edge. "Give me your tongue, want your long, hot tongue moving inside me. Wanna clench around it." The smaller boy babbled, losing his formal grammar like he did when he was about to cum. Dean smirked and spread Cas' hole open with his fingers before he slipped his tongue in, wiggling it around. Cas cried out, his stomach sucking in desperately. "Oh fuck!" He moaned, his whole body bowing. "A-A little farther, just what I need. Just a lil deeper." The blue eyed boy whimpered needily. Dean all but buried his face into Cas' ass, licking and sucking and biting wherever he could, his fingers digging into Cas' thighs. Castiel let out a tiny, pleasure filled scream, his whole body trembling and spasming under Deans hold. "So good! Ohmygod! Ohhhh...oh my fucking god!" The smaller boy cried out in ecstasy, clutching at Dean’s hair desperately as pleasure consumed him. Cas came while he moaned Dean’s name, his eyes rolling back into his head at the feel of Dean's tongue writhing inside him. But Dean kept going, wanting Cas to ride out his orgasm with pleasure. Reaching down, Dean started to jerk himself off as he licked and sucked Cas' smooth skin. Castiel practically screamed again when Dean kept eating him out. Every swipe of his tongue or growl that emanated from the larger boy caused him to tremble and cry out. The smaller boy felt almost drunk off the pleasure Dean was giving him, his body going limp and pliable as his eyes began to glow dimly. Dean fucking loved overstimulating Cas, and he started jerking himself off vigorously, driving himself closer to orgasm as he kept his face pressed up to Cas' body.

Cas choked desperately, letting out broken moans and pulling Dean’s face as close as physically possible. He was almost vibrating with pleasure, causing Cas' eyes glowed like flashlights. It felt so fucking good. It felt like only yesterday that he was a shy virgin, not even knowing what sex was other than a way to reproduce from biology. Now he was mewling and moaning his boyfriend’s name in the front seat of his car with a tongue up his ass. "O-Oh my god! I-I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum again. It's so good. So fucking good Dean- OH MY GOD!" The smaller boy rambled, jerking violently when Dean licked over his prostate. Dean pulled away when he felt the car start up under him. "Cas?" He looked up at Cas with a raised eyebrow, his lips shiny and plump.

Castiel panted, slowly coming down from his high as he felt Dean move away. Was it something he did? The smaller boy embarrassedly hid his spit slick ass, his cheeks burning in shame. "S-Sorry, we can go home. I didn't mean to ruin it." He murmured awkwardly, trying to find his pants.

Dean shook his head. "You didn't do anything wrong, just, why’d you turn the car on? I thought after this we were gonna go get snacks?" He looked up at Cas, not mad, just confused. Cas frowned, tilting his head. "I didn't, my were in your hair." The smaller boy explained nervously. Dean nodded. "Then how'd the car turn on? The keys aren't even in the ignition." Dean’s boner was leaking all over his hand, but right now he was focused on something else. Castiel shrugged and rubbed his arms. "I-I don't know, I'm sorry, I was distracted. It must've been my f-foot or something?" He offered shyly.

Dean shrugged, and went back to slowly jerking his cock, looking Cas in the eyes as he moaned loudly, his green eyes hooded. Castiel smiled awkwardly, his eyes timid as he spoke. "D-Do you want some help with that?" He murmured, gesturing towards Dean’s throbbing cock. Dean shook his head. He ran his eyes over Cas' body. "Can’t believe you’re mine...." He murmured, coming up and sitting on the bench seat next to Cas. Cas smiled, thinking for a moment before he rolled over, getting on his hands and knees next of Dean. He looked back over his shoulder, giving Dean a soft look. "Are you sure? I don't want you to get blue balls." Castiel teased shyly. Dean smirked and got on his knees behind Cas, teasing the fat head of his cock at Cas' hole. "You sure, baby?"

Castiel nodded, biting his lip as seductively as he could. "Mmhm, always ready for you. I want you to fuck me so hard the car shakes." The smaller boy purred, looking at the fogged up windows. Dean smirked and slowly slid himself inside, before he started thrusting gently, not wanting to go too fast just yet. Castiel groaned, his head falling forward as he arched his back down, giving Dean the perfect view of his ass. "So deep, stretching me just right." He murmured to himself, his fingers curling against the leather seat.

Dean moaned at the view and couldn't hold back as he started fucking in and out of Castiel, his breath coming in little pants. Castiel wanted to tell Dean to angle down, to lay over his back so he would fuck into him at the perfect angle. But he didn't. It was about Dean’s pleasure. The smaller boy clenched around Dean, wiggling his ass gently just to show off. Dean leaned down and reached over, grabbing Cas' cock, starting to jerk him off. "Want you to cum, baby..." He murmured into Cas' ear.

Castiel gasped and brought his head back to lay on Dean’s shoulder. He didn't want to seem like he needed it. But god, he wanted it. The smaller boy bit his lip and shook his head defiantly, trying to see what would happen if he defied Dean's wishes. "N-Never." He murmured. Dean growled a little. "I'll just make you cum then, hmm?" Dean angled down, knowing that was where Cas' prostate was and started to pound into it, his other hand jerking Cas off at the same time.

Castiel screamed, his whole body trembling in pure pleasure as he smacked a hand up on the window. His slim hand tried to grab on and slid back down, leaving along finger marks on the drivers side. "Dean!" Cas wailed, everything about his voice echoing the euphoria he was feeling.

"Not gonna cum ‘til you do, baby..." Dean swore, his hips snapping in and out, wanting to cum so bad, but wanting Cas to cum even more. Castiel let out a string of noises, pulling Dean’s face towards his neck needily. He knew that he was already getting jerked off and fucked in the sweet spot, but he needed a little something extra. "G-Give it to me, daddy, need it. So good. Just what I needed, always what I need. Only you. Fucking suck on my neck, I want you to devour it as you fuck my brains out." The words just spewed from his mouth, feeling himself teeter on the edge of cumming. Dean smirked and nodded, biting Cas' neck, before he soothed it with his tongue, starting to suck, hard. Dean knew that the mark would be dark, so he kept going, sucking in the same place that everyone would be able to see. He wanted them to know Cas was his.

Castiel shuddered at the primal feeling. The feeling of Dean practically claiming him. He moaned better than any pornstar could even dream of, his eyes rolling back into his head as he jerked and spasmed, cumming for the second time that day. Cas grabbed at Dean’s biceps, almost passing out from the pure pleasure wracking his body. Dean came deep inside Cas when he felt the boy under him start to orgasm, and Dean’s thrusts slowed to a stop, he was breathing heavily. Reaching over, he opened the glove box and took out a juice pouch, handing it to Cas. "Here...we usually use these for road trips, but I figured you'd be thirsty." Dean mumbled, grabbing one for himself. Castiel lazily looked over at what Dean was handing him, surprised when he finally noticed he could see without his glasses. The smaller boy shakily took the juice box, clenching around Dean to tease him. "Mmm, what a man, thank you." He murmured fondly. Dean smirked, then moaned softly at the feeling of Cas tightening around him. He didn't want to pull out, he wanted to stay like this forever. Castiel rolled them over so Dean was laying down, plopping his plump ass right in Dean's lap. "Mm, hello." He said softly and rolled his hips, grinding against Dean just to see him moan again.

Dean looked up at Cas with wide eyes. "Hi." The boy blurted out, his breathing short and erratic. Cas giggled, arching his chest forward subtly. "This is an amazing juice box, really helped." He commented, sucking the apple juice through the straw slowly. Dean nodded, a soft moan slipping out of his lips. "G-Glad I could help...." God, he was like a blushing virgin.

Cas smiled seductively, reaching to his side and wrapping his slim fingers over the volume button. "Let's just..." He whispered and turned up the volume, smiling fondly when Dean’s favorite classic rock station came on. He set down the juice box and leaned down, capturing Dean's lips in a slow kiss. Dean moaned, biting Cas' lip a little as he slid his tongue into Cas' mouth. Castiel rocked his hips to the beat of the music, sucking gently on Dean’s tongue before pulling back and grazing their lips together. "Mmm, I’m in charge, you're not on top of me." The smaller boy chided and pecked Dean's lips. Dean rolled his eyes, but he loved when Cas took charge, when he was all confident in his body and mind, it as something Dean didn't see much.

"I had a dream, that we went into a sex shop, and bought some stuff, without the other seeing. And then gave each other the gifts in the end. It was thrilling and embarrassing. But it was fun, we should do that sometime, hm?" Castiel mewled, circling his hips on Dean’s defined abdomen.

Dean moaned softly. "T-There’s a sex shop over there." Dean pointed. They were at a string of stores, where all the stores were connected, and there was a sex shop right in between a shoe store and a pizza joint. Castiel smirked and looked down at Dean. "Good," he said and disappeared in thin air, his clothes vanishing along with him.

Chapter Text

Cas stumbled in front of the door to the shop, a confused look on his face. He was only thinking about going here. How was he already there? Dean snapped up. "What the fuck?!" He yelped and threw on an old shirt that was a size too small and he zipped up his jeans, stepping out into the drizzling rain. "Cas?" He called, looking around. Castiel waved from across the street, looking just as confused as he was. "H-Hello!" He called as if he was meeting someone completely new, a timid look on his face. Dean ran over. "Did I pass out or something?" He asked as he walked up to Castiel, the white shirt stretched thin across his chest.

Cas shrugged in confusion. "I-I don't know, I thought I may have slept walked or something again." He murmured, turning red at the sight of Dean’s perfectly sculpted chest. Cas ran his hands along it before winking and darting into the store. And what he saw was... crazy.

Dean followed him in and took a deep breath. "Holy shit..." He looked around at the walls and shelves full of products, for men, for women, both.... "Cas, hey!" Dean ran up behind him and pulled out his wallet. "We'll buy our stuff separately, so the other doesn't see what they bought." Dean handed Cas a credit card, that said 'Jim Smith.' "Fun thing about me, I run credit card scams." Dean shrugged, hoping Cas wouldn’t be mad. Castiel looked up at Dean with a scolding look, chewing on his lip before he jumped up and pecked Dean’s cheek. "No crazy stuff like whips." The smaller boy warned and walked off, shyly turning into the farthest isle.

"I love you!" Dean called to him with a dopey smile as thought started turning in his mind. So he was getting stuff Cas would use. Okay, shouldn't be too hard... Dean grabbed a basket and started slipping in plugs, panties. He saw a vibrator you could slip onto your tongue, and he hoped Cas would get it for him. Dean's eyes widened when he saw a huge tattoo and piercing kit, and after some inspection, he saw that it was pretty legit. It was pricey, but it was amazing, and Dean slipped it in, hoping Cas would be okay with it. And besides, the box said that if you didn't like it, all you had to do was not use the oil provided and wash it everyday and it would be gone in a month.


Castiel nervously walked to a worker, tapping their shoulder. "U-Um, excuse me, I'm having trouble this." The smaller boy gestured to the whole row of cock rings he regrettably walked into. "What do you need, hon?" The woman asked with a smile. Cas turned an even darker red. "U-Um, just to find stuff for my boyfriend." He murmured shyly, glancing around at the overwhelming amount of sex supplies. Dean better not be having that much fun with this. And now that he thought about it. He was Dean. Of course he was having fun.

The woman laughed a little. "Not laughing at you, hon, the people in here either know exactly what they want, or they have no idea. What were you thinking you wanted?" She looked at his empty basket, unlike Dean’s, which was practically full to the brim, and he almost had a stroke when he walked into the lingerie aisle.

Cas smiled and pointed at Dean when he came into view on the other side of the store. "T-That's him, I don't know what I want, do you have any popular things?"

She gave Dean a once over and nodded. "Goody for you. If I was straight, I'd try to hit that." She murmured, before she looked around he wall of cock rings. "You want one of these for you, him, or both?"

"J-Just him please, I don't know what those are exactly, more like don't trust them." Cas said shyly, smiling at the comment. "We're just messing around and buying stuff for the other as a game, i-it's not like anything else." He explained quickly, trying to make himself seem like less of a whore. She nodded and put an hand on Cas' arm. "Hey, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, alright?" She said softly, looking into Cas' eyes. "What's your name?"

"Castiel, I'm kind of new at the whole..." Castiel trailed off, "Nevermind, what are the most bought items?" He asked nervously. She rubbed his arm a little, trying to calm the boy down before she stepped away. "Cock rings are one of the most bought items." She started, gesturing around. "So, you guys are buying stuff for each other? Who’s the top and whos the bottom?"

", I'm the bottom." Cas admitted shyly, looking at all the rubber rings in front of him. There were some that were almost as big as skateboard wheels, and others the size of tiny elastic bands. It was a scary range of sizes. She nodded, before she went to the simple, metal cockrings and grabbed a few of the larger and smaller range, before she handed them to Cas. "Which one would you say is his size?"

Castiel bit his lip and glanced at the rings, almost embarrassedly taking the largest one in her hand. "T-Thank you. Is there anything else that is highly recommended?"


The woman nodded. "Do you think you guys would enjoy cuffs? Or blindfolds? Are you guys into the whole BDSM scene?"


Castiel turned redder and redder, swallowing thickly. "U-Um, handcuffs o-or stuff that vibrates is usually something he mentions." The smaller boy said, remembering times where Dean suggested things. Jo nodded. "Ok, well...." She led Castiel to another aisle, full of gags and restraints. "You could get some of this stuff, vibrators are in the next aisle."

Castiel sighed and slowly picked out a simple pair of handcuffs and a ball gag as a joke. He giggled and tossed it into his basket, walking back to Jo. "Could you help me with the um..vibrating toys?" He asked nervously.


Jo nodded. "Yeah, sure, hon." He showed him around. "You got the regular vibrators." She gestured to the wall of vibrators, all different colors and sizes. "Then you got the dual ones, where you wear it and he carries around a remote, which he can activate it at any time, given you’re in a 1 mile radius."

Castiel couldn't help himself, he immediately grabbed the dual acting vibrator, tossing it in his basket. He noticed a vibrating tongue slip and picked it up, peering at it before setting it in his basket. "O-Okay, anything else?"


Jo grinned a little, before she walked into the feminine aisle. "Are you guys into makeup?"

Castiel nodded shyly, looking over the large array of tubes and palettes and brushes. The woman grinned a little, showing Cas all the stuff they had. Eventually, they left the aisle, and she led him into dildo section. "I mean, I saw him grab a bunch from here for you, so other than that, it's pretty much it. You can get one mommogrammed to say your name, or whatever you want. He didn't know about that."


Castiel turned bright red, thinking about something funny he could get Dean. The smaller boy grabbed a collar that said 'Daddy' and giggled, tossing it into his basket. He shyly walked up to the register, taking out the card Dean gave him.

"Yo, whatcha doin in this section? Gotta special lady?" A worker drawled as he sauntered up behind Dean. Dean froze, mid-examining the panties. "Uh, got me a special gentleman."
"Oooo! Free of judgement here. Need any help?" Ash asked smugly, chewing on his toothpick. Dean blushed also. "N-Not really, sir." He said awkwardly.

"C’monnn dude! Why not! Live a little. C'mere, lemme show you the fucking machines and monster cock stuff, unless you're more vanilla. Then you're gonna wanna get a collar just for the fun of it.

Dean raised an eyebrow. "I think I will get a collar. And, if you could lead the way to this..." Dean cleared his throat. "'Monster cock stuff.'"

Ash smirked and turned on his heel. "Finally!" He hummed. "Right there are the monster cocks, even gotta vibrating one but that's a ton of whoa. There's also one that connects to a fuckinf machine but those are casshhh if you know what I mean." Ash explained lazily.

Dean smirked, thinking about his credit card,. "I have 'casshhh'." He looked at Ash. "So yes, I would love to see one of these fucking machines." He didn't want to come off as a dick, but he was just excited. Ash smirked and patted Dean on the back, guiding him into a back room before he pushed back a curtain. "Look at these beauties." He said as he showed them the newly stocked items. Dean’s eyes widened as he walked around, running his hands all over the shiny, sleek metal. "I want your best one."

Ash smirked and pointed towards a machine in the corner. "That'll be your best bet, most popular one, people always come back to buy it because of its recommendations."

Dean smirked and walked over to it, running his hands all over it. “How much?” He turned to Ash.

"Four hundred, free delivery." Ash drawled. Castiel took his bag and waited by the front door, awkwardly nodding to people who walked in.

“I'll take it.” Dean nodded, giving it a final look, knowing he was spending well over a thousand dollars, but it was worth it. “And I want all the dildos that come with it, fit with it, those monster ones you were talking about.” He said lowly. “Also, do you guys monogram plugs?”

Ash chuckled, nodding smugly. "Yep. Lemme grab the dildos." He said and walked into another room. He came out with a box and an armful full of dildos, some huge and ridged, others vibrating or bulbous. It was crazy. "You want all of them?" He asked. Dean nodded. "Indeed I do." He had no idea where he was gonna store all his shit, but he did know that his sex life was gonna get a lot more interesting. Maybe the basement? No one ever used it, and it was pretty clean. His mom got it fixed up as a toy room for Dean and Sam before she... Dean shook himself a little. "Could you guys deliver during school hours?" He wanted it to be a surprise for Cas. Ash smirked and nodded, piling the dildos into a box. "Gotcha, was your boyfriend the one in the cock ring section?" The worker said smugly. Dean blushed a little and nodded. "Yeah, probably..." He thought a little, before he pulled an old receipt out of his pocket. "You got a pen?"

Ash laughed and nodded, tossing Dean a pen from his back pocket. "Never seen someone blush so hard in my entire life." He commented casually and leaned against an upright fucking machine. Dean chuckled a little and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, he's shy." He cleared his throat, before he wrote his own name, and Castiel’s name on the paper. His hand shook a little as he wrote "Daddy's Little Boy." On the paper. "C-Could you get these written on the bases of some plugs? And a collar?"

Ash took the paper and snorted, nodding. "This is probably the least graphic request I've gotten all week." He drawled and led Dean out to the cash register, "I'll ring you up."

Dean blushed a little and followed Ash, smiling at Cas a little when he walked by. He went over to the farthest counter, so Cas couldn't see what he got, before he quickly ran to the collar section and grabbed one that was a pretty pink and had "Daddy’s Fucktoy" on it in black, cursive letters, he walked back and plopped it on the counter, blushing. Castiel bit his lip and stood on his tiptoes, craning his neck to try and see what Dean got. Ash chuckled and bagged all of Dean's stuff. "Seven hundred dollars, but imma give you a discount. Make it five hundred." He said in pity and amusement. Dean grinned a little and slid over the credit card. "So, when are you gonna deliver the..." Dean cleared his throat.

"You want it at night tonight or Monday during school?" Ash suggested and took the card, punching in numbers lazily.

"During school. So maybe eleven am? Something like that?" Dean took his spare house key out of his pocket. "Put it in the basement, don't mug me, man." Dean said as he handed it over.

"Gotcha, eleven am." Ash said and handed Dean his bag. "Have fun, I'm sure you'll be in bed until then with the Missus." He said mockingly, winking at Dean.

Dean took the two large bags and gave Ash a nod. "Thanks." He said, before he walked over to Cas. "You ready to go?" He asked, practically straining. Castiel giggled and nodded, darting out of the store. "I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life! Maybe except for when we live know." He murmured and cuddled the bag to his chest. "I got weird stuff, don't judge it." The smaller boy scolded. Dean snorted a little, looking at Cas' one, smaller bag. "I'm starting to think maybe I overshot a little."

"It couldn't possibly be crazier than what I got!" Castiel whimpered, giving Dean puppy eyes. He'd gotten a vibrating tongue slip for Dean . That had to be the most embarrassing purchase he's ever made! Dean thought about the tattoo kit and fucking machine. "We'll see." Dean shrugged. "C'mon, let’s go home, and show each other what we got, hmm?"

Castiel squeaked excitedly and ran to the car, giggling the whole way as he dove into the front seat. "Let's go let's go!" He said quickly. Dean laughed a little and put his bags in the backseat, before he slipped into the driver's seat next to Cas. "You don't wanna go out and eat first?" He teased as he started up the car. Castiel shook his head stubbornly. "No! We can order in and watch a movie. I want you to put something on." The smaller boy said cheekily and glanced inside his bag. Dean thought about all the panties and stuff he got for Cas. "Hmm..." He teased, starting to drive home, breaking the speed limit. Cas laughed and let his arm slide out the window, catching in the wind as the winds swept his hair back.

Dean looked over at Cas and grinned. God, he was in love… He was so fucking in love that it hurt when he wasn’t next to Cas. Castiel stuck his head out the window just enough to feel the wind on his face, a blissful look spreading over his features as his eyes fell closed. The smaller boy hollered, laughing in excitement as he glanced over at Dean. The smaller boy loved seeing that look on Dean's face. Like the larger boy was carefree, finally forgetting about the things he was obviously hiding. Dean winked and turned into his street, parking haphazardly in his driveway, before he eagerly jumped out and grabbed his two bags, looking at Cas with a wide smile. Castiel looked at the two bags with wide eyes, his mouth falling open slightly. They were almost bursting! The smaller boy swallowed and shyly looked up at Dean, biting his lip before he ran inside. Dean ran up to his room, before he thought better of it. "Basement." He said shortly, opening the door for Cas. After all, that's where the fucking machine was gonna be. It was nice and well lit in the basement, it had padding on the ground and a few sofas here and there. It was perfect. Castiel giggled and walked down the stairs in front of Dean, curling up on a couch. "Okay, you first." He said and thrust his bag towards Dean.

Dean grinned and opened it up, sitting on the ground in front of Cas. He got up and went to turn on the lights, before he came back, beaming when he saw he tongue slip. "Nice." He chuckled, before he pulled out all the makeup, his breath catching. "Dude, you wearing makeup is gonna be fucking sexy as hell..." He breathed out, looking at the palettes and tubes. "You're sexy as hell either way, though." He assured Cas. Cas burst out laughing and swatted Dean's shoulder. "Shut up! I know you love it." He murmured, nodding towards the 'Daddy' collar with a smug look. Dean smirked at that, jokingly putting it around his neck. "Perfect fit." He looked up at Cas from his seat on the floor. Castiel swallowed thickly and turned red, nodding shyly. "Mhm, keep looking." He said softly.

Dean pulled a couple more things out, grinning at the cockring. "Oh, shit..." He breathed out, looking a the plastic cockring. "Dude, this is awesome."

Castiel giggled and tilted his head. "Really? I don't really know what they're for, I just heard someone say one time that they are like sex torture devices. But the lady said they were really popular so I just got one in case you knew what it was." Cas whispered awkwardly. Dean shook his head and grinned when he pulled out the gag and ties. "No, these are sex torture devices." He said, looking at the cuffs. Castiel blushed deeply, chewing on his lip. "S-Sorry, she recommended those as well." He explained.

Dean looked up at Cas. "What’re you saying sorry for, Cas?" He said, confused. Cas shrugged, "You said they were torture devices. I don't fully understand or trust my knowledge on these objects." Castiel said, laughing nervously. Dean just stood up and got on the couch, kissing Cas. "It’s perfect, Cas." He murmured, before he pulled Cas down to the floor with him. "Now, c'mon, you got a lot of stuff to see." He pushed the bags towards Cas. Castiel shyly took the first bag, reaching inside to pull out...was that a furry collar? The smaller boy squeaked and laughed, looking over it to turn red when seeing the label. "Dean!" He whimpered, giving the boy puppy eyes. Dean smirked. "Daddy’s Fucktoy?" He smirked, reaching forward and cupping Cas' face softly. "If you don’t like anything, I'll more than gladly return it." He said softly. Castiel smiled and leaned into Dean’s touch before putting the collar on, winking at Dean before picking up a pair or panties. He giggled and stood up, pulling off his shirt. Dean looked up Cas with wide eyes, his cock starting to grow in his jeans. "What're you gonna do, Sweetheart?"

"I'm putting it on." Castiel purred and dropped his pants, turning his back to Dean so he had the perfect view as he slid the panties up his runner legs. The thong nestled perfectly in between his round ass, causing Cas to giggle. "Mmm, good purchase or no?" He asked, looking over his shoulder. Dean reached up and ran his hands over the globes of Cas' butt. "V-Very good." He said hoarsely. He thought about that tattoo kit, and hoped Cas wouldn't get too mad.

Castiel bent over, rocking his ass back into Dean’s large hands. "Mmm, like that?" He mewled quietly. Cas knew he had a great ass, and he loved to show it off in front of Dean. Dean nodded. "Great view, Cas..." He said quietly, grabbing the tongue slip. "Wanna try this out now or after you're done going through the stuff?"

Castiel kept his backside to Dean just to tease him. He reached down and grabbed the tattoo kit, laughing in amusement. "Mmm, thank you." He teased jokingly. Dean grinned. "You don't have to do it if you don't want to Cas, I just thought maybe you'd wanna give me a tattoo or something...?"

Castiel purred, slowly rolling and moving his hips in front of Dean's face. "That sounds hot." He whispered. Dean groaned softly, his fists clenched by his sides as he tried to stop himself from ripping the tongue slip open and using it on Cas until he was sobbing.Cas giggled, crouching and spreading his legs, as if he was giving a lap dance to someone who wasn't there. The arched his chest forward, showing off the slim cords in his back. Dean grabbed Cas' waist and pulled him into his lap. "You teasing me, baby?" He growled.

"No." Castiel mewled stubbornly, lacing his arms back to loop around the back of Dean's head. He rolled his hips, giving Dean a reverse lap dance just to edge him on.

"Got so much stuff, I could fuck you silly..." Dean whispered into Cas' ear. "Might make you wear that vibrator you bought, turn it on in the middle of class, just to watch you squirm..."

Castiel gasped and bit his lip, arching against Dean. "Do it then." He challenged quietly, grinding his lace covered ass all over Dean’s boner. Dean moaned softly, before he pushed Castiel away, reaching for the bag, pulling out the dual vibrator. He also pulled out an industrial sized bottle of lube, squirting some out on his fingers. "Gotta stretch you first, baby." He murmured, crawling over to Cas and teasing a finger at his rim. Castiel mewled and laid back, trying to wiggle his panties off. "I-Is there a bed down here?" He asked breathlessly.

Dean nodded and gestured over to the far corner. "Yeah." He slipped two fingers into Cas and started stretching the boy out, thrusting his fingers. Castiel moaned, falling back against the ground with a groan. He rocked his hips gently, loving the feel of Dean's fingers. Dean smirked and quickly stretched out Castiel, slipping the dildo inside of the blue eyed boy a few minutes later. When it was fully inside and on, Dean stood up, wiping his hands on his jeans. "Now that I think about it..." Dean started. "I dont think I'm in the mood. Let's watch that movie." Dean walked over to the couch across from the TV. Castiel stuttered and whimpered, turning bright red. "B-But...I-I'm sorry, was it me?" He asked nervously.

"Of course it's not you, Cas..." Dean murmured, getting up and picking Cas up fro the floor, carrying him to the couch and sitting him down and sitting next to him. Cas would understand in a few minutes. Castiel curled into Dean’s side, nuzzling him gently before he realized he still had the collar on. The boy giggled and kissed Dean’s bicep, turning on a movie.


Five minutes into the movie, Dean slipped his hand into his pocket and hit a button on the remote for the vibrator, turning onto its lowest of eight settings. Cas had forgotten about the plug, almost falling asleep before he jerked and gasped, looking up at Dean. "Don't you dare!" He squeaked and reached back to take the plug out. Cas was not going to let Dean win like this. He was supposed to be in charge at least once dammit! Dean grinned a little and lightly pushed Cas' hand away, not letting him take out the plug. "Watch the movie, Cas." He said casually, as if he had no idea what was going on.

Dean grinned a little and lightly pushed Cas' hand away, not letting him take out the plug. "Watch the movie, Cas." He said casually, as if he had no idea what was going on. Castiel shuddered and glued his eyes to the screen. The smaller boy smiled to himself. Dean hadn't even realized what movie he put on yet. Fifty Shades of Grey was the last movie he ever thought he would watch. But here he was.

"They should make a gay version." Dean muttered, watching the screen. Reaching into his pocket again, Dean dialed it up more, loving the power he had. Castiel bit his lip, his eyes becoming hooded as he watched the movie. His fingers clenched into fists, his eyes moving to look absentmindedly at the table. Dean looked over. "Cas, you okay?" He asked innocently, putting a finger under Cas' jaw and tilting his head up, forcing the smaller boy to look at Dean.

Castiel stared at Dean with a blissful look, a breathy noise falling from his lips. It wasn't so intense that he could cum, but it felt good, and distant enough to keep him on edge. "Y-Yes." Cas whispered. Dean smirked, looking at Cas' face. "Want me to keep you like this for a little, Sweetheart?"

Castiel growled and pulled Deans face down to his. "I want you to fuck me like a bull on steroids." He purred, giving Dean a predatory look before going back to normal. If Dean was going to tease him, he could tease back. Dean moaned softly before he chuckled. "I'd love to." He murmured, kidding Cas' ear. "But you look so goddamn sexy right now.”

"I hate that you're sexy and I can't do anything to stop you from using it." Castiel murmured, pouting grumpily as the vibrations thrummed gently inside him. Dean smirked a little, before he turned it up to six. Castiel practically felt his soul leave his body at the sudden change in speeds. He cried out, his back arching as his thighs trembled and squeezed together in effort to suppress the vibrations. "Ohmygod!" He mewled, his face turning red. Dean smirked a little. "You want Daddy to fuck you, baby?" He said softly, picking Cas up and carrying him to the bed, he could feel the vibrator still buzzing away inside of his boyfriend. Castiel was moaning and squirming in Dean's arms, his slim hands flying about to find purchase on some part of Dean's chest. "I-I...ohfuck! Mmmmhhh hnnnng. Y-Y-ah! Yes!" Cas cried out, moaning in between words and choking through his vowels.

Dean grinned and layed Cas down on the bed, before he went and grabbed the lube and a small plug with his name on it. Smirking, he also got the tongue slip. When he came back, he ripped off his clothes and jumped onto the bed, opening the package that had the tongue slip in it, crawling in between Cas' legs with it in his hand. Castiel tried to look past Dean’s head, whining impatiently. "What are you doing?" He whimpered, "I'm already stretched."

Dean shrugged and wordlessly ducked his head in between Cas' legs, pulling the vibrator out and turning it off, before he slid the tongue slip onto his tongue, clicking the switch at the bottom. It wasn't crazy vibrating, but Cas would totally be able to feel it. Castiel frowned and grabbed the package from Dean’s hand, reading it. "F-Five settings...what?" He murmured and flipped it over, trying to figure out what Dean was going to do. "D-Dean I'm s-stretched, I don't need it." He encouraged, wiggling his hips to try and move Dean up. Dean smirked and turned it up a little, before he started pressing kisses to Cas' loose hole, his tongue still in his mouth. Castiel moaned and dropped the package, his curiosity instantly leaving at the feel of Dean's mouth. "Mmm, so perfect." He whispered, praising Dean lovingly. The smaller boy watched Dean with a fond look, running his slim hands through his spiky hair.

Dean grinned a little and stuck his tongue out, pressing the small, bullet shaped vibrator to Cas' hole. Cas gasped, almost confused at what was happening. For a second he thought Dean was sneaking the plug back into him. "D-Don't need a plug!" He whimpered, his hips trying to nudge the vibrator away.

Dean grinned and started to lap at Cas' hole, the small, smooth, metal vibrator rubbing against Cas' loose hole every time. Castiel shivered as his eyes became hooded. What was that? He didn't remember buying a metal vibrator. The smaller boy tried to use his pleasure fogged brain to figure out what his mischievous boyfriend was doing. The grinning wasn't helping at all, Cas kept getting distracted by how sexy Dean looked like that.

The tongue slip was basically just a small metal vibrator with a band around it to put on your tongue, and so far, Dean was enjoying it. He moaned softly, before he brought a free hand up and started jerking Cas off, slowly. Castiel moaned quietly, nudging his hips at the vibrator again. "Don't need the plug!" He whimpered when he felt quick vibration at Deans lapping tongue. "What are you doing?" Cas whispered in confusion, trying to pull Dean’s head up so he could move the plug away. Dean brought his head up and looked at Cas, sticking his tongue out to show Cas the tongue slip and winking before he went back in on the boys hole.

Castiel's eyes shot open and his head fell back. "The vibrating tongue slip." He breathed out as if he was trying to be the first to answer a complicated math problem. The smaller boy wrapped his legs over Dean’s shoulder, trying to pull him closer. "W-Wanna feel it. I wanna know what it feels like." He murmured pleadingly. Dean raised an eyebrow at Cas. "What do you mean?" His words were lisped.


Castiel huffed, tired of Dean's teasing. He looked down at Dean and glared. "I want your fucking glorious tongue up my goddamn ass." The smaller boy demanded childishly. So yes, they both could agree. Dean created a monster when introducing a stubborn nerd to the life of sex. Dean smirked and pulled Cas' ass closer to his face and started lapping at Cas' hole again, the bullet on his tongue vibrating. Cas gasped and watched Dean with round eyes, biting his lip at the feeling. Why was Dean teasing so much! The smaller boy whimpered needily, feeling like he would exploded if Dean didn't do something.

Dean finally stuck his tongue into Cas and started to wiggle it around, going deeper and deeper. And Castiel immediately regretted the noise that fell from his mouth. He wailed and arched his back, "Ohjesusfuckingchrist this should be illegal!" He babbled, his thighs clamping down around Dean’s head. The smaller boy trembled violently, trying to keep himself from cumming two seconds into Dean’s gift to him. Dean loved the feeling of Cas' thighs around him, and he scooted closer up the bed to he could get deeper into the moaning boy. Cas could feel Dean’s tongue buzzing gently, squirming around inside him like a sin. He fisted his hands in the bed sheets, moaning like a whore at the fact that Dean's tongue was vibrating.

Dean moaned into Cas' soft flesh and he let his eyes close, just enjoying the moment as he twisted his tongue and let his jaw drop more so he could lap deeper into Cas’ body. Cas clutched at Dean’s head, feeling almost awkward that he was in this much pleasure and Dean seemed so bored and serene. "I-I'm gonna cum!" He whimpered, mewls and crying out like crazy. Dean nodded and brought his hand up again, starting to jerk Cas off. "Be Daddy’s good boy, cum for me..." Dean murmured, starting his eat out Cas with sharp thrusts of his tongue. Castiel was sure that his soul actually left his body this time. The smaller boy bowed his chest to the roof as he wailed with pleasure. He clenched around Dean’s tongue, cumming with a sob of his boyfriend’s name. Dean let Cas ride out his orgasm, pulling away a few minutes later, sliding the tongue slip off and turning it off, flopping down next to Castiel on the bed. "I love you..." He murmured softly.

Cas turned bright red at how Dean just went from an intimate moment to chilling. "I-I love you too, do you want me to help?" He murmured back, glancing down at Dean’s crotch that didn't have a boner bulge like he expected. Dean shook his head. "I'm fine, Cas..." He turned to Cas. "I'm tired... it’s kinda weird, when too much stuff happens in a day, my brain just kinda shuts down, and I don't really feel anything..." Dean shrugged, "Sorry."

Castiel swallowed thickly, nodding with stiff movements and trying not to show his shame of not being satisfactory. "Okay, that's alright. You should sleep." He said and stood up. "I'll clean up," Cas whispered before quietly walking to his clothes and pulling them on.

"I'll feel fine in the morning." Dean yawned as he rolled over, his back pressed against the wall, waiting for Castiel to come back so they could cuddle. Castiel picked up the stuff they bought, feeling more and more ashamed the more he looked at what they had. He slowly put them into the closet and closed it. Cas heard Dean’s steady breathing and assumed Dean was asleep, walking upstairs to get water and shower. Dean fell asleep without Cas, and without Cas, he didn't dream. He stayed there, his arms open for Cas to slide in. Castiel ended up studying and working the whole night, even making Dean some pancakes in the morning as he chugged his second cup of coffee. The smaller boy listened to the deafening silence, the clicking of the keys on his computer and the scraping of his spoon against his cereal bowl. Something felt off about Dean, or about him. He couldn't tell.


Dean woke up, feeling a little more like himself. He did his usual morning workout before he went upstairs, the smell of pancakes wafting out the kitchen. "Gooood morning." He grinned, walking over and giving Cas a peck on the lips. Castiel blinked tiredly and grunted in return, his eyes dropping sleepily. The smaller boy typed slowly, finishing off his Religious studies essay along with his AP Robotics class essay on coding and engineering pieces. Dean looked at Cas' ten page essay and his eyebrows shot up. "Cas, did you even sleep?" Dean asked, knowing the answer. Castiel nodded slowly. "Yes, I got up before you." He murmured in a gravelly voice. The smaller boy hit the last key and saved the essays, closing his computer with a thunk.

"Cas, you gotta get to sleep." Dean said, puting Cas' arm around his neck, helping the boy up. "Let’s get you to bed, hm?"

Castiel nodded. He shuffled along side Dean and stopped, slowly tipping over. Right when he was about to fall face first into the floor he vanished in thin air, ending up face first on Dean's bed and then he was out like a light.

"Cas?!" Dean yelped, running to his room. Ok, what the actual fuck? Dean didn't want to wake Cas up, but he needed to ask the kid about it when he finished sleeping. Dean kicked off his jeans and shoes and laid down next to Cas, cuddling next to him. Castiel snored slightly in his sleep, curling his limbs instinctually around Dean like a sleepy koala. The smaller boy looked like he had been sleeping for years, his chest rising and falling heavily in time with his breaths. Dean couldn't help the smile that slipped onto his face, and he pulled his phone out of his back pocket, taking a few pictures of Cas. He was just so cute.

Castiel woke up eight hours later with the worst case of bed head he ever had experienced. The smaller boy smacked his lips sleepily and rolled over, sprawling out lazily. "Mmm, I want a cake with a giant bee on it." He murmured in his half sleep half awake state.

It was five pm already, and Dean had stayed next to Cas the entire time, except for when he went to the bathroom. He had slept a little, too, but mostly he scrolled on his phone and stared at the ceiling, just...thinking. "Your birthdays coming up, I could get you one." Dean said back. Castiel groggily opened his sleep fogged eyes, smiling when he saw Dean laying next to him. The smaller boy burrowed his face into Dean’s pillow shyly, almost bashfully at the thought of his boyfriend carrying him to bed. Dean grinned over at Cas, kissing the boys forehead. "Hey, baby. How was your sleep?" He asked softly.

Cas giggled, his heart swelling at the nickname. "Wonderful." He whispered and cuddled into Dean’s side, peppering kisses everywhere he could reach. Dean smiled, blushing a little a the kisses. Dean lifted his arm, wrapping it around Cas. "You wanna just have a lazy day today? Or at least, for the rest of today?"

Cas nodded, biting his lip gently. "Yes, that sounds amazing." He murmured. The smaller boy straddled Dean and cuddled into his chest, giggling quietly as if he were doing it in secret. Dean wrapped his arms around Castiel, before he blurted out. "Do you feel bad? About yesterday?"

"What?" Castiel asked in confused, looking up at Dean with a furrowed brow. Dean shrugged. "Do you feel...I dunno...ashamed?"

Cas shook his head, looking down at his hands. "No, I felt like you got bored and I felt ashamed that I couldn't make it enjoyable.”

Dean shook his head, smiling a little. "I could never get bored of you, Cas."

Castiel smiled at the reassurance. "Thank you." He whispered and nuzzled into Dean’s chest. "I love you. You're the best boyfriend ever." The smaller boy murmured with a happy smile. Dean grinned. "There's no way I'm the best boyfriend ever..." He kissed Cas on the top of his head. "Because you are." He cringed, knowing it was cheesy.

Cas giggled. Dean knew he loved cheesy stuff, it always made his cheeks heat up. "No you are." He whimpered and looked up at Dean with puppy eyes. "It's official because your tongue vibrates now." Cas said with a dreamy look. Dean chuckled a little, bringing a finger up and booping Cas' nose. "We've never been on an official date before..."

Cas chewed on his lip shyly. "No we haven't. I guess we've just been busy with school and drama and...vibrating tongues..." He said, breathing the words out with a lazy sigh. God he loved Dean’s tongue, and now it was three times as impressive. Dean laughed a little, before he got an idea. "How about..." He whispered. "You and me... can go to the park at night, lay down a blanket, eat a little, then look at the stars?"

Castiel smiled and scooted up, giving Dean a gentle kiss on his jawline. "I’d love that. I can even get ready for you." He murmured softly and laid his head on Dean's shoulder. Dean nodded, looking out his window. The sun was starting to fall already, since it was almost six pm. "Yeah, we could go now?"

Cas gave Dean a blank look before a grin spread over his face. He giggled in excitement and kissed Dean one more time before running downstairs to get his stuff. Dean quickly threw on some comfy clothes, grabbing a blanket and going downstairs. "Cas?" He called.

"Just one minute!" Cas called from the basement bathroom. Dean just chuckled a little and grabbed a picnic basket they had never used before and started to fill it up, throwing in stuff he knew Cas liked. He looked longingly at the beer, he was trying to quit, but it was so hard.

Castiel came down thirty minutes later with full make up, a nice pair of jeans and one of Dean's baggy shirts. "I'm assuming this was a mix of fancy and casual?" He asked, glaring when he saw Dean frozen mid way to put a beer in the basket. "Dean, as much as you tell me you can do this on your own, it's not a singular task. Put it back." He murmured and walked over. Dean blushed and put the beer down on the counter. "I-I have to go to the bathroom." He stuttered, running in and closing the door, clicking the lock behind him. He sat down on the closed toilet and out his head in his hands. God, how could he be so stupid. He would have felt bad about drinking anyway, but the fact that Cas caught him made it so much worse.

Castiel instantly felt awful. He put the beer back and walked over to the bathroom Dean was in. "Dean?" He whispered quietly. "I-I want to help, you know I do. I'm not stupid." He said, knocking on the door gently. Dean curled in on himself more, trying to take deep breaths. How he hated wallowing in his self pity, but sometimes, he couldn't help it. Castiel walked to the kitchen and grabbed a paper clip, walking back to the door. He kneeled in front of it and picked the lock, opening the door slowly. "D-Dean? Just let me help, I-I studied some of this in psychology class." He coaxed and stepped inside.

Dean was curled in on himself on the clean bathroom floor. "I tried everything, Cas." He said, his voice muffled. "I'm just so fucking weak, I keep going back to alcohol."

Cas crouched down next to Dean, wrapping his slim arms around the boy's torso. " was just one beer for a date. Most people would bring a lot. We're stronger as a team, and you know that. You haven't tried everything because you haven't gotten help from someone else. You need someone there to help monitor and slap your hand when you reach for one. Okay? I don't judge you, I have my own...addiction, and we all suffer through them. I'm going to help you, okay?" He whispered soothingly.

Dean nodded a little, his tense form starting to fall. "What do you mean? What's your 'addiction'?" Dean couldn't see Cas being addicted to anything, Cas was perfect.

Castiel shrugged and held Dean's hand. "Okay, how beer a week, and one only. You can have one as a treat on Friday, and I have to be there to watch you. You don't have to cut it off altogether, but you can't over drink. Alcohol is all about moderation." He said factually. Dean sat up and sniffled a little. "Thanks, Cas." He mumbled, pulling Cas into his lap, his arms wrapped tight around the other boy’s waist.

Castiel buried his face in Dean's neck, peppering loving kisses anywhere he could reach. "I love you endlessly." He whispered Dean grinned a little. "What's your addiction?"

Cas frowned, nosing up to Dean's pulse point. He distracted him by sucking sharply, leaving a dark purple hickey there by the end of his work. Dean raised an eyebrow. "What’re you trying to hide, Cas?" He gently grabbed Cas by the shoulders and pulled him away, looking Cas in the eye. Castiel let out a whine, his lips opening and closing like it would bring Dean’s neck back to him. "You taste good!" He complained.

Cas was obviously hiding something, but Dean decided not to push it. Instead, he pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his muscled chest. "Come and get it." He chuckled and winked.

Castiel immediately forgot about their date, a tiny purr coming from his lips. He launched forward, pushing Dean back and mouthing all along his chest. The smaller boy sucked on each ab muscle, leaving six hickeys on Dean’s stomach before he left one at the center of Dean's sternum. He was dragging his tongue along the bone until his hooded eyes noticed Dean’s nipple. Cas smiled like the Cheshire Cat, his ass rocking side to side like a cat about to pounce. "Mmmm"

Dean smirked a little, loving how he could drive Cas crazy like this. He looked at the smeared lipstick all over his chest and he tangled his fingers in Cas' hair, moaning softly. Castiel mewled, his eyes fluttering shut when Dean grabbed his hair. The smaller boy latched his lips around Dean’s nipple, sucking lazily as his slim hands felt all of Dean's muscles. Dean pushed him away, taking deep breaths. "C'mon, Cas. It’s like you’re fucking addicted to sex or something." Dean groaned and got to his feet.

Cas flinched, a look of disbelief on his face before he stood and ran away. The smaller boy ran to the basement, locking the main door behind him as he washed his makeup off jerkily.

"Cas?!" Dean called, running to the door, and starting to knock on it when he found it locked. "It was a joke Cas, c'mon!"

Cas curled up on the floor, clenching his jaw as he stared at his hands. He wasn't addicted to sex. And he thought they both liked having sex with each other. No; he was addict to self harm. "Wasn't a nice joke." He murmured, sniffling as he stood up. Why couldn't he just tell the difference between real and fake? He always ruined things because he couldn't take a joke. Castiel glared at himself in the mirror, swallowing shakily as self hate consumed him. Dean deserved better, right? He didn't deserve a whore. No, Dean said it was a joke. Was it? Yes, it was. ...Right? Castiel struggled to comprehend it, his face contorting into a look of anger at himself. Dean had to be joking, he was joking, Cas convinced himself.

Dean wiggled he doorknob. "Cas... please? Let me in?" He said softly, a hand pressed firmly to the door, as if Cas could feel it. "I'm sorry, I should have known not to say something like that..."

The door unlocked on its own, the latch clicking to the side as Cas gripped the counter so hard it looked like it would crack. He could not have sex, it was possible. He liked sex only if it was with Dean. Cas wasn’t a whore, just in love with Dean, right? His breathing picked up as a tiny voice in the back of his head said no. He was just a whore. Why else did he go to a sex shop and get a tongue vibrator for his boyfriend? God he was an idiot.

Dean let out a little breath of relief when the door unlocked and he walked in, quickly walking over to Cas. "I'm really sorry, Cas..." He mumbled, standing in front of Castiel. Cas turned and took off the collar he forgot to take off from yesterday, tossing it to the floor with a shameful look. "It's okay." He murmured. "I'm tired," The smaller boy said and walked upstairs, collapsing on the couch with a blank look. Dean looked at the collar on the floor and decided to leave it there, sighing in exasperation.

When Dean didn't come back upstairs Cas whimpered, feeling lonely at the fact that Dean didn't want to be near him. The smaller boy didn't want to sleep on a bed because it made him feel like he'd have sex with Dean. And sex was bad, right? Why did he think so much? Cas shakily raked his nails down his arm, almost unconsciously as the lights flickered. He could bake Dean a pie, and then the boy would forgive him, right? Dean loved pie. He just needed to go get ingredients and he could bake a pie and make Dean love him again. Simple as that.

Chapter Text

Castiel woke up the next day with tears he didn't even know were there on his face. Red, angry nail marks lined his arms. He slowly and sleepily stood up, walking to Dean’s room to change back into normal clothes. Cas pulled on his clack black work pants, his yellow collared shirt underneath his tan sweater vest. He looked over himself in the mirror, grabbing his spare glasses and sliding them onto his face. "I-I'm not a slut, I'm a nerd. Nerds dress like this, they don't wear collars and b-buy their boyfriends a-a tongue v-v-vibrator." He murmured to himself and flattened his uncomfortably stiff clothes. He missed Dean’s baggy shirts and sweatpants. The smaller boy combed his hair for what felt like hours, barely taming it into a neat hairstyle. Castiel stared at himself for a moment. Dean offered for him to kiss his torso, right? What did he do wrong? Was it gross? Was he gross?


Cas finally looked himself over and smiled. He looked like he did in the beginning of the school year. He didn't look like a whore. It was good. Dean would like this, he would care about him now. Cas picked up his hair brush and flattened a straying tuft a hair stubbornly, grumbling about how neatness was key to a healthy lifestyle according to a book he read. Dean woke up around that time and he walked up to his room, seeing Cas in front of the mirror, smiling to himself. "Hey, Sweetheart." Dean grinned, walking up behind him, putting his hands on Cas' waist. "You look amazing, you got something important today?" It was Sunday, maybe Cas was going to church? Castiel sighed in relief. Dean liked it, he liked him. He could do this. Cas turned and laid his head on Dean's shoulder, smiling to himself happily. "No, just putting on normal clothes." He murmured.

Dean raised an eyebrow. "You sure you're comfortable?" He asked, looking over Cas' stiff clothes. Castiel smiled and nodded, giving Dean a formal kiss on the lips. "Yes, as long as I'm with you." He murmured and walked downstairs, grabbing a banana from Dean’s fruit bowl.

Dean followed him downstairs, watching what Cas was eating and biting his tongue. Cas was already skinny to begin with, and he rarely ate. He sighed and rubbed his eyes, walking to watch TV. Castiel ended up walking to the pantry. He looked around and smiled, perfect. He could make a pie. Castiel grabbed all the ingredients he needed and set to work, kneading the dough into place and rolling it out before lining a pie sheet with it. Castiel grabbed a knife, hesitating for only a moment as he looked at the shine. The smaller boy snapped out of it and grabbed an apple, slicing it up for the inside of the apple pie.

"Babe?" Dean called, strolling in. Castiel nodded absentmindedly and hummed in response, just finishing putting the pie in the oven. "Yes, Dean?" He asked before turning around and cleaning up his mess.

Deans mouth dropped open at the pie. "Cas!" He squealed, pulling Castiel into a hug. "Ohmygod, you’re amazing!" He grinned widely, then frowned a little. Cas' smile grew and he wrapped his arms around Dean’s torso, not his neck, like usual. "Thank you, you are as well." He whispered happily. Dean pouted a little and shook his head. "You're always pulling stuff like this..." He pouted like a child. "You're always being so amazing and cool and making me stuff and I never do shit for you... it kinda makes me feel bad..."

Castiel opened his mouth, about to tell Dean about how caring he is in bed, about how he always puts Cas' pleasure first, about how he makes him feel loved. "Y-You do stuff for me as well, Dean. I just bake you a pie sometimes." He murmured shyly. Dean grinned a little and kissed Cas' cheek, before he got an idea. "You wanna take the pie to our picnic?"

Cas nodded, smiling softly at Deans suggestion. "That sounds wonderful." He said gently. "Do you want to get ready?"

"I love you." Dean murmured, kissing Cas deeply on the lips. Cas gasped in surprise, closing his mouth so Dean couldn't stick his tongue in along with his own. He wasn't a whore, he wasn't a whore, he wasn't a whore. The smaller boy gave Dean a gentle kiss and pulled back, his posture was perfect and straight. "Thank you, Dean. I love you too." He said and hugged Dean’s chest on last time before walking to the front door to grab the already prepared picnic basket.


Dean gave Cas a slight look of confusion before he went and got changed, coming back a few minutes later, fully dressed. Castiel took the pie out and let it cool down, serenely inhaling the smell of pie and sugar and apples. He knew why Dean loved this so much. The smaller boy let the pie cool and gently set it in the basket, covering it in tin foil so it would stay slightly warm. "Are you ready?" He asked Dean.

Dean nodded, and walked over to Cas. "You sure you wanna go to the park in that?"

Cas nodded quickly. "Yes, it isn't very revealing." He said with a smile and picked the basket up, walking to the car happily. Dean seemed to like him now, and that was all he needed. Dean just shrugged and locked the door behind him, whipping his phone out to text Ash to bring the machine in the next half hour or so.

Castiel got in the front seat and held the basket in his lap, humming to himself. "Get off your phone!" The smaller boy teased with a happy look. Dean stuck his tongue out and winked, before he slid into the passenger's seat, turning the car on. "You finally found your glasses, huh?"

"No, I have a couple back ups because they always get ruined." Castiel said awkwardly and drove to the park next to the woods. The smaller boy smiled and got out, running excitedly to a large open area. "It's perfect!" He gushed and looked around at the flowers blooming in the Spring air. It was so close to the end of the school year. He could finally be free of Lucifer, he and Dean could get a house and live happily together. It would be wonderful.

Dean grinned and followed Castiel out, carrying the picnic basket and blanket. "Where do you wanna set up shop?"

Castiel smiled and set the basket down where he stood. "Right here's, it's beautiful." He said happily. Dean nodded and laid out the blanket, sitting cross legged, patting the soft spot in front of him for Cas to sit.

Castiel giggled and sat down, his hands folded neatly in his lap. "What do you want to do first?" He asked curiously. They could just eat and go home, but that would be a little boring.

Dean breathed in the cool night air. "Wanna watch the stars?" He asked, reaching for Cas' hands.

Castiel nodded and laid back, watching the fading sun slowly reveal more and more stars with every minute passing by. He took Dean’s hand and laid it over Dean’s stomach, his slim hand intertwined with Deans. Dean laid next to Cas, his arm behind his head. He moved his free hand from Cas' and tried to pull the other boy closer.

Castiel moved closer, laying his head snugly against Dean’s firm chest. "I love you." He whispered softly.

"I love you too, Cas. So much." Dean said back, looking at the sky as it changed colors. Castiel smiled happily, giggling at Dean’s words. "I'm so lucky to have you. I have a surprise for you at home." He said formally. Dean grinned a little, thinking of the fucking machine. "I have a surprise for you, too." Dean grinned warmly at Cas, his cock starting to perk up in his jeans.

Cas raised an eyebrow. "Mine will be three times better. It's magical . And hootttttt ." He murmured dreamily. Dean made a small sound, his cock starting to grow rapidly. "Is it, now?"

Cas nodded. "Literally. And there are long objects that shoot out magic as well. It's awesome. You'll love it." He teased softly.

"Mmm..." Dean growled lowly, before he flipped them over and got on his hands and knees above Cas, starting to lick and suck Cas' neck. Castiel gasped and squirmed. "D-Dean! This is inappropriate!" He whimpered.

Dean kept going, chuckling lowly. "No one out here but us, baby boy." He smirked, tugging Cas' collar down so he could get to the soft skin.

Castiel let out a stuttered cry, his head falling back. "What if someone catches us!" He whined desperately. Dean shook his head. "It’s quiet out, we'll be able to hear if someone's coming from a mile away." Dean brought a hand down, rubbing Cas' crotch.

"B-But you'll think I'm a whore." Cas gasped quietly, fear in his voice at the thought of Dean disliking him again.

Dean completely pulled away, his hand lifting off of Cas' crotch. "Is that why you've been acting so weird?" Dean asked into the cool night air. "Jesus, Cas. If you're a whore, then I'm, like, a fucking brothel. I would never think of you as a whore."

Castiel whimpered and buried his face in Dean's neck. "I'm sorry, I'm bad at interpreting human social signals." He whispered quickly. "P-Please forgive me."

Dean chuckled a little and shook his head. "Don't be sorry, Cas."

Cas nodded and cuddled closer. "These clothes are so uncomfortable." He said randomly.

"Then take em off." Dean smirked, tugging at Cas' stiff collar.

Castiel giggled and swatted Dean's hand. "Not here! I have a surprise, so we can go home. I'll change while you set it up." Cas murmured and kissed Dean’s cheek. Dean chuckled a little, thinking about what he had ordered, before he stood up, holding the basket. "We forgot to eat the pie." He pouted. Cas laughed, becoming himself again as he wiggles his hips. "Eat it in the car. I want to get home and change and show you my surprise." He said and ran to the car. Dean smirked and ran to the car, not even caring that he left the blanket chilling in the middle of the park.

When Cas burst into Dean’s house twenty minutes later and smiled and grabbed a box, hiding it behind his back. "Mmm, okay, tell me when your ready." He said with a shy smile. Dean quickly plopped the basket in the dining room, seeing there was a note on the basement door from Ash, saying that it was all set up and plugged in. He quickly ripped it off and picked the key up from the doorway, tucking both things in his pocket so Cas wouldn’t see. Dean quickly changed into sweatpants, leaving himself shirtless as he ran into the room. "I'm ready."

Cas laughed and shyly handed Dean the box, rocking back and forth on his feet. "Open it. I can't wait." He said excitedly. Dean all but ripped open the box. Was it a vibrator? Or another collar.... Harry Potter? Deans face fell as he looked at the CD's. Castiel smiled and bit his lip. "I want to watch it with you. Can you set it up while I take my clothes off? These are really stiff." He asked, kissing Dean’s cheek. "Thank you, baby." He murmured and started stripping his clothes, walking to Dean’s room as he hummed.

Dean felt somewhat sad. Actually, scratch that.


He felt full on sad.


Why would Cas explain it like that? Dean grumbled a little and huffed, walking to the living room and moodily shooting in the first disk.

Castiel came back in his panties, feeling confident at Dean’s earlier reassurances. He sat down on the couch and splayed out, smiling invitingly at Dean. "What was your surprise?" Cas asked curiously. Dean looked in between Cas' legs and licked his lips. "N-Not important...." He mumbled, looking at the TV.

Castiel frowned and pulled his long limbs back off the couch, sitting in a tight ball against the armrest. "Oh...okay." He murmured and awkwardly watched the movie play. Cas couldn't help feeling disappointed that Dean wasn't going to show him. Was it his fault?

Dean struggled with his words a little. "I mean..." Dean blushed, not knowing how to explain. "It’s sexual, so... I don't know, I could show it to you when you're in the mood?"

“Of course I’m in the mood, I always am willing with you, Dean. I trust you.” Castiel said with round eyes. Dean smirked and kissed Cas deeply, before he reached into the drawer by the couch and pulled out one of Sam’s old ties. Pulling it out, he tied it around Cas' head. "Is this okay?" He murmured. Castiel pulled back and laughed, looking at the side of Dean's head thinking it was him. "Yes." He giggled and wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck. "I love you, and I trust you, but don’t accidentally kill me." The smaller boy teased. Dean chuckled a little, before he stood, helping Cas into a standing position. "Lets go..." He mumbled, kissing Cas' lips quickly.

Cas smiled and tried to kiss Dean back, whining when he couldn't see his boyfriends lips. The smaller boy felt around blindly for Dean's arm and held on when he found it. "Okay, show me what you have." He murmured. Dean nodded and led Cas into the basement, his eyes widening when he saw the fucking machine. "Holy fuck..." He breathed out, turning on the bright lights. It practically fucking shone. Castiel squinted and peered, trying to see through the fabric magically. "What is it? Do you even know what it is? You're going to jump scare me aren't you. You tricked me." Cas ranted, huffing impatiently. Dean chuckled a little and shook his head. "C'mon, I'll have to stretch you, though." He laid Cas over to the fucking machine and set him down on the padding. He spread Cas' legs and put them in the stirrups, running to the closet and getting out a nice, thick dildo, the one he could find closest to his own cock. Dean attached it with some difficulty, before he grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed his fingers up, sliding them into Cas' tight channel. Castiel giggled, trailing off into a gasp.


"You're making a lot of noise, I could probably hear your surprise from a mile away." The smaller boy teased, craning his neck to try and listen for what Dean was surprising him with. Dean rolled his eyes, grinning before he slipped in a third finger, trying to stretch Cas as quick as possible. Castiel bit his lip, trying to act nonchalant. "Y-Youuuu got me aaaa..." He murmured, listening carefully. "A pet robot that will do my every will. I heard a clink. It's over." The smaller boy prided jokingly. Dean laughed. "You wish." He snorted, curling and wiggling his fingers around, before he pulled them out, positioning the dildo at the boys stretched hole, lubing it up. "You ready?"

Castiel nodded and huffed. Dean went upstairs and got noise cancelling headphones, plopping them over Cas' ears, before he turned on the machine, giving it some time to warm up.

"Now I can't figure it out." Cas huffed and waited, finally noticing that his legs were strapped down. The smaller boy tried to moved them and tilted his head. "What?" He whispered to himself and looked down at where his feet would be. Dean waited a few minutes before he rubbed the fat head of the fake, pale cock against Cas' hole, turning the machine onto slow, noticing that it had fourteen whole speed settings, and he wanted to try them all.

Castiel mewled and gasped, biting his lip at the feeling of the cock inside him. "Mm! Dean!" He giggled, trying to rock back onto what he thought was his boyfriend. "You feel good...almost shorter." The smaller boy murmured, panting as the dildo pushed fully into and out of him in languid strokes. Dean smirked, this was turning him on more than it should have. He turned it up to the second setting, having to stop himself from cranking it up to fourteen. Cas gasped, squirming slightly as he gripped at his restraints. "Oh! A-Ah, Deeann. Y-You're so deep." He babbled, his chest and neck arching up at the deep strokes of the dildo.

Dean ran his warm hands all over Cas' chest, tweaking the boys nipples. Castiel mewled at the feel of Dean's fingers. "Oh god! M-More! G-Give it to me baby, you feel so good." The blue eyed boy babbled, his feeling of touch enhanced by his lack of sight and hearing. Dean chuckled. Cas sounded like a fucking pornstar. Dean turned it up to five and the machine hummed, before it sped up, the dildo almost looked like it was pulsing.

Cas moaned and his jaw went slack, tiny 'uh's getting forced from his lips with each glide of the dildo inside him. Dean was fucking him so different today, but it felt amazing. "Uh! Oh my- ah! Feels wonderful baby, want you to fuck my brains out. C’mon." The smaller boy rambled encouragingly, moaning more and more the closer he got to the edge. Dean smirked before he turned it all the way up to fourteen, watching as the machine started fucking into Cas with more vigor than Dean ever did.

Castiel screamed in pleasure, his whole body jerking and straining in ecstasy. "OH DEAN!" He wailed, cumming all over himself instantly. The smaller boy trembled, moaning endlessly as the dildo pounded his prostate. Dean started jerking his raging hard cock, and let the dildo keep fucking into Cas, smirking as the boy writhed around. Castiel's back arched and he stopped making noise all together, his eyes rolling back at the insane feeling. The dildo was reaching unexplored placed inside him, pressing over his prostate on every lightening speed stroke inside him. It was driving him mad. "Deandeandeandean!" He choked out quietly, almost vibrating with pleasure as his voice cracked to life in a loud wail. The lights flickered and Cas' chest turned bright red, his skin flushing to match his now pink face.

Dean moaned gutterally and came into his hand, turning off the machine, watching as it slowed to a stop, still buried deep inside of Castiel. Castiel collapsed back to the padding, his breathing ragged and his eyes hazy. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmnnnn." He groaned, his thighs trembling in exertion. Dean grinned a little and pulled off Cas' headphones, along with the blindfold. "Did you like your surprise?"

Castiel squeaked, his eyes widening at the sight of his boyfriend. "Dean?" He asked in confusion, if Dean wasn't inside him, what was? "I'm not even looking down there until you explain, that better not be Lucifer." He scolded. Dean chuckled a little. "Just look down... please?" He begged, he wanted Castiel to see it, first. Castiel whimpered and slowly trailed his eyes down to look. His blue eyes almost bugged out of his sockets as he jerked. "Oh my god! You didn't!" He yelped in surprise. Dean smirked. "I did..." He ran his hand over Cas' chest, scooping up some of the cum and sticking it in his mouth, moaning at the taste. Cas shuddered and gasped, biting his lip. "I-It costs so much! How did you even get it here?" The smaller boy began to ask thousands of questions, "I thought it was you! Don't trick me like that!" He whined, turning red at the fact Dean must've been watching him.

Dean shrugged. "Got it delivered while we were out, and sorry, Cas, I thought you'd like it..." Dean blushed a little, looking down. Cas smiled, a new fire in his eyes. "I love it, it's perfect. Thank you, Dean." He whispered lovingly. "I want more, want to see what it can do." The smaller boy challenged with a smirk. Dean smirked and trapped Cas' lips in a deep kiss, turning it on while Cas was distracted, turning it right up to fourteen.

Castiel screamed against Dean’s lips, his back arching and his eyes rolling back. "Oh GOD!" He wailed and came instantly, shuddering as the dildo fucked in and out of him in a blur. Dean sat back and watched. Hmm...maybe he could try it on himself? Have Cas watch? He'd only been fucked twice, both by Cas, but this Dean watched, wide eyed, as Cas came untouched, his cum spurting everywhere. Castiel choked and moaned and wailed when the machine kept whirring, his body going limp and pliable. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum it's so good!" He whined, clinging to the restraints on his wrists. Cas felt like he was going to pass out, or his soul would leave his body. Either of the two was definitely going to happen at this rate. When he saw Dean start to jack off again, Castiel groaned and let out a high pitched moan, his cock giving a valiant effort to release a small amount of cum onto his already soaked chest and stomach. The smaller by let out a sob, shaking as the machine kept going and going. He couldn't take it anymore. Castiel slowly slipped into oblivion, his blue eyes rolling back and slipping shut at the overwhelming amount of pleasure.

Dean let the machine keep going for a minute or so, before he turned it off, sliding the dildo out of Cas and picking the boy up, carrying him to his room and laying Cas down on his bed, getting a rag and wiping the boy down. Castiel's sex hair was crazy, almost damp at this point. His jaw was slack and his limbs limply spread on the bed. He looked fucked out. Dean couldn’t help but moan softly, pulling out his phone and snapping a picture of Cas, not even thinking about how mad the other teen would get. Dean slipped into bed with Cas, cuddling next to him.


Castiel woke up thirty minutes later, his arms curling around Dean instinctually as he blearily looked around. "Mmmm, where am I?" He murmured hoarsely.

"Home..." Dean mumbled back, turning over to kiss Cas softly. Cas groaned tiredly, giving Dean a slow, lazy kiss in return. "I feel like I got hit by a train." He complained quietly. Dean chuckled quietly. "But in a good way, right?"

"It feels like my ass was hit with a train." Castiel grumbled, nuzzling Dean in a yes. Dean laughed again, wrapping his arms around Cas. "Was it too much?" Cas groaned in response, curling around him like a sleepy koala. "Shhh, it's late. Let me sleep." The smaller boy scolded tiredly. Dean nodded and let his eyes slip closed, too. "I love you." He breathed out.

"I love you too." Cas whispered, tucking his head under Dean’s chin before falling asleep. Dean woke a few hours later, seeing it was almost six am, giving them an hour to get ready for school. He reached over to shake Cas awake, freezing when he saw the harsh nail marks un and down Cas' arms. Castiel hummed when he felt Dean shift. His whole body magnetized back to Dean’s side, his arms and legs curled around Dean’s torso and waist to keep him close. "Mmmm."

"Cas... Cas!" Dean hissed. "Wake up, we have school." He tried shaking the boy awake. Castiel mewled tiredly, but once he heard school he was up like he had been shocked away. The smaller boy zipped around, pulling on his jeans and ran hoodie. "We have to go!" He yelped and sprinted downstairs, thinking they were late.

Dean chuckled and followed Cas. "Dude, we have an hour." He called to the boy trying to find his backpack. Castiel slowly stopped in his tracks, looking at his phone. "Dean! You made it seem like we were late!" He whined, swatting Dean as he walked past. Dean grabbed Cas' arm and pulled him back as Cas tried to walk by, and Dean practically dragged him over to the couch. "We have to talk." Dean said, sitting next to Castiel. Cas squeaked and looked at Dean in confusion. "Why?" He asked. Did he do something wrong? Or did Dean have plans for tonight? Dean took one of Cas' arms and rolled up the sleeve of the hoodie, revealing the long, thin, red lines. "Thats why."

Castiel jerked his arm back and yanked the sleeve back down. "I-It's fine, I-I just get anxious sometimes and I unconsciously do that." He mumbled truthfully and stood up. Dean stood up, too. "It’s not healthy, Cas. You're hurting yourself."

“It’s not like you gave a shit last night!” Castiel snapped defensively. Dean groaned inwardly, this is not how he wanted this conversation to go. "I'm sorry."

Cas smiled and wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck, pulling him into a hug. "Don't be, I love you, and I love you because you're caring enough to ask." He whispered, peppering kisses all along Dean's neck and face. Dean grinned a litte, wrapping his arms around Cas' waist. "I love you too, Cas. And it hurts me when I see you hurting yourself."

Cas jumped up, wrapping his legs around Dean’s strong waist. "I don't want to hurt you." He murmured, pecking Dean's lips before deciding he wanted to do it again, and again. Dean held Cas' ass firmly in his hands, so Castiel wouldn't slip. "I love you so much..." Dean whispered softly, kissing Cas back.

"Mmm, I love you too." Cas mewled, his eyes becoming hooded at the feel of Dean's hands. He kissed Dean deeply, almost completely forgetting that they now had thirty minutes to get to school. Dean moaned softly into the kiss, feeling a boner start to rise in his jeans. Quickly, he let Cas down. "Hey, Cas, I love you, but the bus is gonna be here in, like, a minute."

Castiel giggled and kissed Dean one last time, grinding his abdomen against his boner just to coax it to life. "Mmm, I forgot you were going on a field trip for auto shop." He murmured, kneeling down to mouth at Dean’s clothed cock. Cas deemed it hard enough and stood up, cheerily smiling. "Have a nice time, Dean. I'll miss you, call me when you can." He said lovingly, kissing Dean nice and slow to cut off his complaint. Dean whined a little when he pulled away. "I still don't get why we have to have an overnight trip for four fucking days..." He groaned. "What are the possibly teaching us?"

Castiel laughed, nuzzling their noses together. "You're going to that car convention, Dean." He chided fondly.

"But overnight?" Dean groaned, grinding his boner against Cas. Castiel finally understood, giggling happily. "Mmm, and I'll be lonely without you too, but I promise, it'll be Friday when you get back, we can do all we want after." He purred, kissing Dean one last time. "Have fun!" Cas said and jogged to his car. Now he had five minutes to get to school. Dean groaned, before he grabbed his bookbag and his overnight bag and waited by the curb for the bus that would take him, and the rest of his auto shop class, to the car convention. Castiel drove to school and sighed, getting out of his car. A week without Dean would suck, but he could get through it. Dean got onto the bus and slumped in the first empty seat he could find, before he closed his eyes, missing Cas already.

Chapter Text

When Castiel got to school, he heard noises and looked up, seeing Lucifer obviously beating someone up with his friends live streaming it. The smaller boy ducked his head down, darting past before stopping in his path. It was a kid . Castiel's eyes widened and he quickly started running over from across the parking lot. The unfortunate freshman, Alex, was curled in on himself, he blows to his stomach forcing out little grunts of pain and sobs as Lucifer kicked the shit out of him.


"P-Please stop..." Alex begged, coughing up blood. Cas ran up and punched Lucifer right across the face, surprisingly sending the boy sprawling to the floor.

Alfie got onto the bus a few stops after Dean, smiling a little to himself when he saw the older boy sitting alone. The freshman slipped in next to the senior who was half asleep. Alfie had gotten into auto class as a freshie, which was rare, but Dean had been the only one kind enough to show him around, and since the first day of school, Alfie’s crush on the older boy grew and grew.

People on the bus slowly started turning on their phones, laughing and yelling at their screens. Dean sat up when he noticed Alfie next to him. "What's so funny?" He asked, looking around he bus.

Alfie shrugged and got a notification, showing the video to Dean grimly. "I'm so glad I'm not there today." He murmured. Dean’s stomach twisted, and he felt bad that he was happy for a second that the boy on the ground had blonde hair, so it wasn’t Cas. "Do you know him?" Alfie nodded and put his phone away, "Yeah..." He murmured.


"OH MY GOD!" Someone yelled. "THE NERD PUNCHED HIM!" Dean pulled his own phone out when he heard that, opening the livestream. Alfie scooted closer to him, so he could see Dean’s phone, too. A little too close, but Dean didn't say anything. He felt sick, though, watching the scene play out before him.

"L-Leave him alone!" Castiel’s voice squeaked through the speaker, pulling the shaking boy to his chest protectively. "He's fucking screwed." A boy chuckled.

Michael finally got out of the shock of seeing the slim boy punch that hard and raised his phone, showing Cas with a smirk. "Lookit what we have here! You had a free ticket today!" He teased. Cas clenched his jaw and turned the boy to him. "Go to the nurse, okay? She'll fix you right up, good as new." He said gently and nudged the kid towards an opening in the crowd around the flagpole. Alex nodded and shakily ran away, clutching his stomach, groaning weakly. Lucifer turned to Cas with a growl. "Back for more, fag?" He growled, making Dean clench his fists.

Castiel stood taller, his grip tightening on his backpack straps. "No. I was keeping a thirteen year old from getting permanent damage to his liver." He said calmly. Lucifer rolled his eyes, before he rolled up his sleeves. "Well, to me, looks like you took his place!" Lucifer lunged at Castiel, dragging the boy to the wet, metal flagpole. Dean made a growl in the back of his throat. Castiel squeaked and stumbled, gripping at Lucifer’s wrist. The football team laughed and stepped closer, making some room for Michael to step in. "Fuck 'em up!" Gordon yelled.

Dean watched, hating the fact that he couldn't do anything. And was Alfie moving closer? Dean barely knew that kid, but Alfie was always asking Dean questions and stuff. Lucifer hooked Cas' hood to the hook, usually used for the flag, and started cranking it, moving the boy up the flagpole, until his feet left the ground. Castiel yelped, his hands scrambling at the collar of his hoodie. He wheezed and kicked his feet around. He could breathe, but it wasn't easy. "Hey!" He gasped out and squirmed. The football team laughed and Benny picked up a rock, tossing it at Cas' side. Castiel flinched and jerked, his face scrunching up in effort to not cry out. Lucifer smirked and threw a couple more stones at Castiel. "Like this, fag? You and Dean are into some kinky shit, aren't you?" He smirked.

Castiel shook his head, yelping when a rock hit his stomach. "Let me down!" He yelled, stretching his feet to try and touch the floor. Cas was only a couple inches off the ground, he could slide out of his hoodie, but he wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"Take off the hoodie then. You've got to be wearing a t-shirt or something, right?" Lucifer grinned as he chucked another stone. Castiel tensed and jerked as the stone hit him in the chest. He yelped, causing Michael to laugh. Michael handed the phone to Benny and chuckled, stepping over to Cas. "Take the fuckers backpack, he's gotta have homework we can use. I'll salute America." Michael drawled and pulled the rope, hoisting Cas up another foot.

Lucifer walked over and yanked Cas' backpack off of him. "I know Dean’s not here for the week." He whispered while pretending to have trouble with Cas' backpack. Castiel tensed more and more and swung, punching Lucifer across the cheekbone on instinct. "Stay away from me!" He snapped fearfully, his eyes like a deer caught in headlights.

Lucifer chuckled a little, rubbing his cheek. "Won't be saying that after I've fucked you into the bed, huh, Sweet Pea?" Lucifer strode away to rummage through Cas’ backpack.

Benny laughed as Michael pulled Cas up to the point where he was almost halfway up and jogged after Lucifer. Benny ended the livestream and followed behind just like the rest of the team. The crowd stared at Cas for a few seconds before dissipating to their own classes. "Is it bad I kinda wanna see them fuck?" Someone chuckled and turned off their phone. Dean gagged and turned around in his seat, facing the rest of the bus. "Who said that?" He barked out angrily.

A sophomore tensed and ducked his head down in between the seats. "Shit! Is that Dean Winchester?" He hissed to his friend across the aisle. The other kid nodded and gave a pitying look, grimacing. "Yep."

Dean pushed Alfie out of the way so he could get to where he heard the noise. He plopped down next to the cowering kid. "Was it you?" He asked, his voice light, almost joking.

The sophomore sighed in relief when he realized the toughest kid in school wasn't gonna gut his insides through his ass. "Yeah.." He chuckled and sat back in his seat. The boy's friend got out his camera and instantly began filming secretly.

Dean’s face hardened. "Don't say that ever again." Dean reached out and grabbed the boys collar tightly. "Got it?" He hissed, not wanting to hurt the kid too bad. He was only fifteen or sixteen. The boy yelped and breathed raggedly, his eyes widening. "Hey! It's the truth! W-Why do you care?" He squeaked, swallowing thickly.

"He's my boyfriend, asshole." Dean growled, shaking the kid a little, just to scare him. The sophomore instantly raised his hands. "D-Dont hurt me man! L-Lucifer literally just said he was gonna fuck him, I just commented!" He yelped.

Dean froze. He hadn't heard that part. "Whatever." He rolled his eyes, before he somewhat threw the kid, going back to his seat with the eager freshman. Alfie immediately sat closer to Dean's side, his eyes alight with excitement. "That was so cool!" He said quickly. Dean grinned awkwardly. This kid was Sam’s age. Why did Dean feel like the age gap was so big?

As soon as the bus pulled up kids filed out and ran to their assigned rooms in the hotel. Alfie grabbed his bag and waited for Dean. "Cmon! We're roommates!" He chirped, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"Great." Dean grinned. He liked the kid, Alfie reminded him of Sammy, all excited and shit. Dean, of course, was completely oblivious to Aflie’s crush on him. Alfie bit his lip and walked glued to Dean’s side the whole way to the room. He set his bag down on one of the twin beds, grinning happily. "Well, it's night time, so we could watch a movie?" He suggested. The bus ride to Illinois was forever.

"Sure." Dean nodded, plopping his overnight bag on the bed. "Do you shower at night or in the morning?"

"At night." Alfie said with a soft smile. "C’mon, I'll take a shower and you can get ready in the bathroom to make it quicker, just don't peak." He teased and jogged to the bathroom. Dean raised an eyebrow. "No, it’s fine. I shower in the morning, so it works out great." Dean went over to his bag and got out his night clothes and toothbrush.

"Well that's no fun! Just come brush your teeth or I'm not waiting for you during the movie." Alfie called and stripped with the door open, turning on the shower. He stepped in the shower and left the curtain partially open, his hand snaking down to his dick for a moment. Dean shrugged a little. He and Sam did this all the time, so he figured it was okay. Dean strode into the bathroom and made a face when he saw himself in the mirror. He needed to sleep more, he had, like, fucking ditches under his eyes. And the bright green he was so used to was a little dull. He wet his toothbrush and put on the toothpaste, starting to scrub at his already white teeth.

Alfie was sure a few mewls slipped from his teeth's death grip on his lip, but he couldn't care. The younger boy finished "showering", or jerking off, and stepped out, grabbing a towel as he walked out into the room. "Wanna watch a rom-com? I love those." He said happily.

Dean heard the boy jerking off loud and clear, but he decided not to bring it up. He teased Sam about it once or twice, but he wasn't gonna do that to some kid he barely knew. Dean’s eyes looked over Alfie’s half naked body, before he cleared his throat, starting to change into his night clothes. "Sure." He said, while stripping off his shirt.

Alfie perked up when he noticed Dean staring. The boy dropped the towel and changed into a tight fitting pair of underwear before sitting cross legged on the edge of Dean's bed. He turned on Titanic, deciding it was cheesy enough. "Let's go." He chirped.

Dean raised an eyebrow after he pulled on his oversized sleep shirt. Usually, Dean slept in only boxers, but he wasn't trying to scar the kid. At least with the t-shirt, his chest and most of his thighs were covered. "You sure you remembered everything?" He gestured to the boys mostly naked body.

"Yep!" Alfie said and nodded. "I usually sleep in this. Hope you don't mind." He murmured, chewing on his lip, ironically, almost the exact same way Cas does out of habit. Dean nodded. "Nah, kid. It’s fine." He instinctively warmed up to the boy, his mind reacting to the gesture someone he loved did. Alfie was exactly like Cas, hair, eyes, gestures and shy personality; he loosened up around him because it was like he had his boyfriend here with him. Alfie scooted closer to Dean and laid back on the pillows, playing the movie with a smile. During the drawing scene Alfie bit his lip, turning nervous in Dean’s presence.

Dean got up to turn the light off, before he climbed back on his bed, putting his arm around the smaller boy’s shoulders. "Is this okay? It’s just, you remind me so much of my little brother." Dean grinned awkwardly. Alfie lit up, his heart exploding. "Mhm." He murmured, chewing on his lip bashfully. He nodded and curled into Dean's side, laying his head on Dean’s strong chest. The larger boy was so muscular, his cock was probably huge as well.

Dean grinned a little. Without even knowing it, Dean’s cock was slowly filling up with blood. Alfie acted so much like Castiel that his body was having a bit of a difference telling the two apart. Alfie tried not to gasp, watching the bulge swell and grow before his eyes. Dean liked him too! The movie credits rolled over the screen and Alfie fell asleep, or more like pretended to fall asleep, his arms curling over Dean's chest in a cuddle.

Dean as practically half asleep at this point, too, his boner digging into Alfie’s calf. Dean reached over and grabbed the remote, turning the TV off. It was late, and the lights were already off, and Dean felt like he was a few seconds from passing out. He tried to shake Alfie awake, to tell the kid to go to his own bed.

Alfie grumbled in his "sleep", rolling on top of Dean's chest. He straddled Dean’s hips and sleepily nuzzled Dean’s chest, refusing to move. Dean rolled his eyes a little, his eyelids feeling awfully heavy. He ignored his boner pressing into Alfie’s ass and he let his eyes close, Alfie somehow even smelled like Cas...


Alfie burst into the hotel room and bounced around, falling back onto the bed. "That was so fun!" He squeaked and stretched languidly, staring at Dean with a lazy smile. Dean chuckled a little and closed the door behind them. In the last few hours, he had gotten closer to Alfie. "So, how'd you get into cars?" Dean asked, taking his jacket off and hanging it on the coat rack.

"My older brother Michael." Alfie said with a sigh. "He's an asshole, I hate him." The smaller boy murmured and rolled onto his stomach.

Dean flopped onto his own bed, looking over at Alfie. "Michael on the football team? And he got you into cars?" He grinned, before he stood up, grumbling a little. Dean hadn't had time to take his shower in the morning, so he had to do it now, so there would be warm water for Alfie. Alfie nodded and watched Dean curiously. "We gonna shower now?" He asked, biting his lip shyly. Dean pulled his shirt off. "I'm gonna shower now, its only 5. You shower at night."

"I don't have to just at night!" Alfie complained, looking over Dean’s torso. He licked his lips and chewed on his lip, smiling softly. Dean didn't notice, he was too busy unbuttoning his pants. "You're gonna shower after me, then?"

Alfie nodded and ran his hands over his chest absentmindedly. "Mmhm, have fun."

Dean nodded, grabbing a towel. "Sure." He nodded, before he peeked his head out. "Are you hungry? I'm hungry, can you order me a piece of apple pie?" Room service was covered by the school, they told them that before. Dean went in and stripped off his boxers before he got into the shower, scrubbing down his body.

Alfie quickly got up and ordered pie, along with some chocolate and strawberry milkshakes for ambiance. He waited at the door until they came and set it up on the table, giddily waiting for Dean. Dean came out ten minutes later, his hair dripping and his muscular chest gleaming with water, the white towel wrapped firmly around his waist.

Alfie chewed on his lip, admiring Dean’s chest as his dick swelled. The larger boy was so hot. "I got strawberry and chocolate." He murmured shyly and nudged the glasses towards Dean’s empty plate.

Dean grinned. Cas loved strawberry and chocolate. Sometimes he couldn’t decide between the two flavors, so he got two milkshakes instead. It was adorable when he did it. "Thanks, kid, I just need to get dressed." Dean said, walking over to his duffel bag, not even caring that Alfie was a few feet away as he stripped his towel. He was starting to feel closer and closer to the other teen. Alfie let out a tiny moan, Deans ass was awesome. The smaller boy giggled, fixing his hair subtly.

Dean pulled on his clothes after smearing on some deodorant, going to sit at the table. "Which ones yours?" He looked at the two milkshakes.

"I don't know! I just love them both." Alfie whispered happily, nodding toward them. "You choose, we have one more day left until the overnight bus ride."

Dean reached for the strawberry one, giving Alfie a grin. "Thanks, kid." He wrapped his full, pink lips around the straw. Alfie took the chocolate one and wrapped his own around the straw, suckling seductively. Almost giving the straw a blowjob. But Dean didn't notice, he was too busy moaning around the piece of pie in his mouth. "This is fucking amazing..." He groaned.

"Amazing pie for an amazing person." Alfie said softly, smiling in admiration at the older boy. Dean blushed. "Thanks." He said after his bite of pie. "Its only 5:30. Wanna go out or something?" The hotel was in the city, and the chaperones said that if you were a senior, you could go out freely. Alfie nodded quickly, "Yeah! Let's go to this cool place I saw on the drive here!" He said excitedly. Dean chuckled a little. "You wanna shower, first?" He asked the younger boy as he polished off his piece of pie.

Alfie giggled and nodded, dashing towards the bathroom. He trailed his fingertips over Dean’s shoulder as he ran past. Dean grinned at the younger boy, playing around on his phone, waiting for Alfie to come out so they could go. Thirty minutes later, he raised an eyebrow at the bathroom door. "You alright in there?" He called. Alfie swung the door open, smiling confidently as he flaunted his make up. "I'm ready." He purred and trailed a slim finger down Dean’s jaw. "Let's go." The smaller boy winked and swayed his hips as he walked out of the hotel room.

Dean raised an eyebrow. The fuck? He just shrugged it off though, and tried his best not to look at the boys slim legs and round ass in the tight jeans. Damn, Cas is definitely rounder, I wish he was here, Dean thought. "Where did you say you wanted to go?"

Alfie smirked and walked backwards as he led Dean down the hallway. "A sex store, I've always wanted to go visit one. It seems thrilling." He said in an airy voice, running down the hallway and perking his ass out as he opened the hotel door. Dean almost choked, and he had to run to catch up with the four year old. He opened his mouth to say "I have a boyfriend."  but he shrugged it off. What's the harm, it wasn't like Alfie was into him or something. "You got cash?" Dean asked, walking in the cool night air with Alfie. Alfie turned around and nodded, biting his lip. "C’mon." He said and ran to the shop. He opened the door and walked inside, shyly looking around at the stuff inside.

Dean followed him in, blushing. "What are you planning on getting? Something for your girlfriend?" Alfie was straight, right? Alfie shook his head. "No, I'm not into girls. Why would I wear makeup?" He teased and gestured to his whole get up. "How about this?" Alfie teased and waved a dildo at Dean jokingly. Dean shrugged. "Guess I should've seen that coming." He grinned, before he looked a the dildo. "I have that same one at home." He mumbled absentmindedly.

Alfie gawked and burst out laughing, tossing the dildo to Dean. "That's kinky." He teased and ran into the depths of the store.  Dean caught it and put it down, before chasing the boy. "Alfie!" He laughed, the items passing by him in a blur. Alfie stopped by the collars, turning towards Dean and putting one on. "How does it look?" He purred seductively. Dean read the filthy words on the collar, panting a little, since he was out of breath. "Don’t you got a boyfriend?"

Alfie shook his head and smiled lazily. He walked into the next area and giggled at the extensive amount of lingerie, walking past a set and staring at it. Dean picked up the soft, stretchy lace and tossed the white ensemble at Alfie. "Bet you'd look good in this." He teased. Alfie blushed and took the outfit, running to the changing rooms. He looked at himself in the mirror, admiring the white collar with strings attached to the neckline of a corset. The small boy looked at the panties, biting his lip.

Dean didn't actually expect the boy to change into it, but he wasn't about to stop him. Deans phone started vibrating, call from Cas, but he sent it to voicemail. For some reason, he got the idea that Cas wouldn't like what he was doing, even though it was totally non romantic. Alfie didn't like Dean in that way, and Dean liked Alfie like a little brother. Alfie was probably the most innocent person Dean knew. Alfie walked out and leaned against the door frame, biting his lips sensually as his gaze flitted down. "Does it look good?" He whispered in an airy voice.

"Uh-" Dean's breath caught in his throat. "Y-Yeah, it does." He said, his voice thick, his eyes running over Alfie’s slim, baby soft body, pure, clean of scars, unlike Cas'...and as soon as Dean thought that, he felt like a piece of shit. Alfie smiled and pulled on his shirt and pants. "Good to know." How about you buy it with the tags and I'll meet you at the hotel?" He offered, handing Dean his card. "Thanks." He murmured and ran back to the room. Dean nodded. "Yeah, sure." He gathered up the tags and the collar, going up to the front desk and purchasing them, taking his time with walking back to the hotel. This wasn't cheating... right?

Castiel sighed, curled up on Deans bed as he facetimed his boyfriend again. God, Dean hadn't talked to him for three days and he missed him. Maybe he was busy? Dean was alone, so he pulled out his phone, answering Cas' call and trying not to look too guilty. "Hey, baby." He grinned down at his phone, his face illuminated by the streetlights.

Castiel perked up and smiled. "Hello! I-I missed you, I just wanted to say goodnight." He murmured softly, watching his boyfriend like he was here laying next to him.

"I missed you too, Cas." Dean said warmly, strolling into the hotel, hitting the elevator button. "But this car thing is fucking awesome." Dean said excitedly. "Not as awesome as you, of course."

Castiel giggled, burying his face in the pillow before he pulled his face back up. "Mmm, you're flattering me." He whispered. "It's my birthday know, and the best present is you coming home. It's been so boring." Cas said shyly. Dean gave Cas a sad smile. “Sorry, Sweetheart, but you know that I'd much rather be with you." Dean said as he walked out of the elevator, going to his room and putting in the key. Alfie watched Dean open the door, smiling shyly at the boy. "Hello." He whispered and dropped his robe, revealing himself in just panties. The smaller boy walked over and pushed Dean back onto the couch, crawling on top of him.


Deans breath caught in his throat, he was so shocked. The room was dimly lit and rose petals were thrown everywhere, where had the kid even gotten rose petals? Dean look a deep breath, and the smell of essential oils and candles filled his nose. "A-Alfie..." He said, dropping his phone next to him, forgetting about Cas. "Oh my god.." Dean said softly, running his hands over Alfie’s smooth, pale skin, and he almost felt like a virgin.


Alfie smiled and kissed Dean deeply, murmuring against his lips. "Scarless, just like you said when you bought me this." He said teasingly. Castiel watched with a shocked look, tears beginning to fall down his face. This was not happening. Dean wasn't cheating. It was fine. Dean smiled against Alfie’s lips. “Scarless and smooth…” He murmured, his hands snug on Alfies waist. “So pure... clean.”


Castiel let out a sob as the clock struck twelve. “Dean?” He whispered, his voice breaking as his heart ripped in two. “I-I…”

Dean didn't hear, just grinned a little more, starting to kiss down Alfie’s neck. "You a virgin, baby?" He mumbled softly, breathing in Alfie’s pure scent.

Castiel screamed and hung up, tears streaming down his face like a waterfall. He stood up, his heart beating rapidly as he tried to calm himself down. The smaller boy took a shaky breath and threw up on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably at what he just saw. He wanted to puke and scream and cry until the day he died.

Dean looked up at Alfie with wide, green eyes. "Do you want me?" Yeah, sure, it felt kinda weird asking a kid Sam’s age that, but hey, what was he gonna lose? There wasn't a single thought in Dean’s mind that whispered 'Cas'.

"Who was that?" Alfie asked and stared at Dean’s phone in confusion. Dean was pulled out of his lusty headzone. "Shit." He hissed, grabbing his phone, but Cas had already hung up. "Shit...." He breathed out, throwing his head back against the couch, looking at the ceiling.

"What?" Alfie asked in confusion. "I-I'm not ready for sex...I'm fourteen. B-But in a couple years...if we date." Alfie suggested shyly. Dean raised an eyebrow. Great. "Get off of me." He said lowly, kind of scared he'd punch the kid in the face.

"What? D-Did you just want me for the sex?" Alfie asked in a tiny voice, scrambling up with a scared look. Dean got up also, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands. "You know what, kid. Kinda." He groaned, looking at his phone, hitting Cas' number. Oh god, he was in some deep shit now. He felt his stomach drop when he was sent straight to voicemail. “C’mon Cas...pick up…”

"I-I'm fourteen you pervert! I-I bet you just date people who look young!" Alfie yelped and ran into the bathroom, quickly changing before he ran out of the room. Dean rolled his eyes. The kid put on fucking panties, what was Dean supposed to think? You were supposed to think about Cas, Dean thought. "Damn." Dean hissed, before hitting Cas' number again, he wouldn't stop until Cas picked up.

Castiel hung up again as he stumbled down the stairs to the kitchen, searching for something to help the hurt go away. It was his damn birthday. No one would care if he was gone though. Gabriel had Sam and Dean had a mother fucking kid. He sobbed and picked up a large knife, looking at the shining blade and the pointed edge. He didn’t want to die, he really didn’t. But he just couldn’t do it anymore.

"Shit..." Dean had no idea what to do. It’s not like he could steal a car and drive back to Kansas. And even if he did, it would take hours. Pulling out his phone again, he called Sam. Sam picked up, holding Gabriel to his chest. "Hello?" He drawled in annoyance. "What's the favor that you need, your tab is adding up."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Where are you?" He did not have time for Sam’s games.

"At the arcade with Gabe, why?" Sam asked, rolling his eyes like he knew Dean was doing now.

"Get home, now. I dont give a fuck what you're doing, I think Cas is going to try and kill himself." It made Dean sick to his stomach saying the words out loud.

"What..? Why would he be doing that?" Sam asked loudly, sprinting out the front doors.

"I cheated on him with a fourteen year old." Dean blurted out, pacing the room. Sam froze in his tracks, his heart stopping. "Dean...I'm fourteen." He said slowly. Dean rubbed his face. "Yeah, I know, Sam." He felt like he was going to throw up.

"You may be my brother. But it doesn't mean I'm proud to be yours." Sam growled and hung up, racing as fast as he could to Dean’s house. He burst through the door and stopped dead in his tracks, swallowing thickly. The smaller boy slowly pulled out his phone and called Dean, his eyes filling with tears. Dean had been on edge the entire time, hating himself. He jumped when his phone rang and he picked it up. "Cas?!" He almost shouted into the phone.

"D-Dean..." Sam whimpered, staring at Cas with a look of horror.

"What, does Cas not want to talk to me?" Dean tried to joke, his hands shaking. Gabe ran up behind Sam and took one look before he ran away again, vomiting on the sidewalk outside.

"I-I don't think Cas can talk right now." Sam said slowly in a strangled voice, staring at the wheezing boy who had a knife sticking out of his chest.

"What do you mean?" Dean clearly knew what Sam meant, but there was no way in hell... he couldn’t have lost Cas in a blink of an eye. Castiel let out a strangled wheeze, his eyes lazily moving to Sam. "P-Pull it out." He gasped, not able to do it himself. Sam shakily took a breath, throwing up right where he stood.

Dean's hands were shaking so much, he dropped his phone. "S-Sam... please don’t...don’t tell me that he's..." Dean couldn't even talk. Sam slowly pressed the FaceTime button, holding the phone at the floor at first. "C-Cas. You know I can't do that. It's going to be okay, okay? You'll be okay, we're gonna get you help." He murmured soothingly and gestured to Gabriel. Dean's hands shook so hard he almost drop his phone. "Sam, let me see him." He said hoarsely.

"You don't want to see him. Gabriel, call the cops, as long as we don't remove it he can have a chance." Sam explained quickly and set the phone down. Castiel wheezed, his eyes widening. "N-No! No...please, please let me die. Please. I can't take it anymore. I can't." He sobbed, reaching for the knife. "No!" Sam yelped and grabbed Cas' hand, placing it back at his side. Gabriel quickly nodded, pulling out his own phone and dialing the police, talking to them hurriedly. "I said let me see him." Dean repeated firmly, trying to keep back all his tears.

Sam picked up the phone, glaring at Dean before he turned the camera around. "I hope that fucking kid was worth it." He growled, propping the phone against the door frame before crawling closer to Cas. Castiel let out a sob, his breathing becoming short and shaky. "'s okay. It's okay, just breathe. Slowly, okay? You'll be alright." Sam assured, stroking the sweaty boy's hair with a mournful look. Gabriel hung up. "They'll be here in a few minutes, make sure he keeps breathing." He assured Sam, before he left to stand outside. If he saw his older brother like this...he knew, he fucking knew something would snap inside him. Cas had already been through so much, and he prayed every day he would find his happy ending, but seeing him like this made him want to scream at god until his face turned blue.


Dean watched the grisly scene before him, before he grabbed his overnight bag and ran out. Yeah, he was stealing a car to drive to Kansas. Dean went out into the parking lot and got the more average looking car he could find, before he ripped off the license plate and broke in, hot wiring the car in half a minute, surprised with how he could do it with his hands shaking so much. "I'm coming, Cas." He whispered, before he drove away.


Sam nodded and cradled Cas to his chest, taking deep breaths. "In time with me." He murmured. "H-He was p-perfect an-and pure." The smaller boy whimpered, tears slowly spilling onto his pale face. "He was s-scarless. A-And he wasn't a-a whore." Cas sobbed, trying to reach for the knife. Sam felt a tear fall onto his face, glaring angrily at the phone as he spoke. "You're perfect, Cas. You'll find someone who sees that." He said slowly.

Castiel whimpered, his eyes becoming more and more grey than blue. He looked over at the phone in confusion, his breath hitching when he saw Dean. The smaller boy teared up and let out a mix of a scream and a sob, a look of pain on his face. "I-I'm sorry!" He wailed with anger and self hate. Dean jumped a little. "What could you possibly be sorry for, Cas?!" Dean all but screamed back, finally letting his tears fall as he got onto the highway, and according to the GPS, he wouldn't be there for four hours.

"T-That I'm not younger!" Castiel sobbed, "Th-That I'm not a virgin and slim a-and f-fucking pure!" The smaller boy yelled, his voice becoming hoarse as his face scrunched up in pain. "Y-You can go date them. I-I bet they'll d-ditch you on their birthday and g-go fuck a child in panties that they bought for you!" He wheezed out, his hand flying up to grip the handle. Dean got him the same set, and the fact that it was the same made his stomach clench in emotion.

"Cas don't!" Dean screamed in fear, swerving the car. "I swear to fucking god, you do it and I'll crash this damn car, Cas!" Dean swore.

"Why would it matter?" Castiel whimpered, his eyes becoming hooded and his voice becoming weak. “You don’t have the right to say that to me. You have no fucking right to threaten me like that!” He shouted weakly, his lip quivering in anguish. Dean broke down, tears pricking at his eyes. "I'm sorry." He whispered brokenly, starting to speed the car up.

"You can't even come up with a reason?" Castiel asked brokenly, his heart hurting more than his chest. "W-What was their name...?" He wheezed out.

"Alfie." Dean whispered, turning into the freeway. God, he needed to be there now, not in four hours like the GPS said.

Castiel sobbed and let his head fall back, his face scrunching up in anger at himself. Maybe if he was Alfie…maybe if he was Alfie Dean would love him again? "D-Dean, pull the car over." He murmured, reaching for the phone. Dean shook his head, the tears in his eyes finally trailing down his face. "Can’t." He said shortly, not even caring that he was breaking the speed limit.

"Pull it over, I want to talk to you." Castiel whispered hoarsely. Dean shakily nodded and exited off the highway, pulling over. He looked at the phone, his hands itching to drive again.

"I-I love you." Cas sobbed, weakly taking the phone. "I forgive you," The smaller boy whispered gently, smiling the best he could. "I want you to go back and date him, I want you to live happily. I want you to live the life I wouldn't have given you successfully. And i'm going to give you a chance to live that life." He whispered, wrapping his hand around the handle off screen. "H-He isn't scarred, and he’s pure, as pure as an angel. G-Go to him. You don’t need me, no one does. I’ve been beaten and poked and prodded and done things I would have never done before I met you, and I just get treated like a damn pet by everyone I meet. One that can be cast aside. Go to Alfie, Dean, just live the life you need, the life you want. Cause it’s obviously not with me in it." Castiel wheezed, yanking the knife from his chest.

"NO!" Dean screamed, grabbing his phone like that would do something. "C-Cas...p-please...  That's my baby, please tell me he’s okay...that’s my baby." He sobbed, tears running down his face in rivers. Dean put the car into gear and started driving again, not even caring that he could barely see through the tears. "Cas, no...p-please..." He sobbed, just as the ambulance pulled up.

Castiel wheezed shakily, trembling as people rushed in and scooped him up. The smaller boy dropped his phone, the knife clattering down in front of it as he was laid out on the stretcher. Castiel disappeared from thin air, causing everyone to gasp and start yelling. "Where'd he go?" Sam yelped, scrambling towards the phone.

"Did he disappear again?" Dean asked thickly, running a red light.

"W-What did you mean again?" Sam squeaked, looking around like he had just seen a ghost. "Cas just fucking died and disappeared into thin air. Degraded himself and asked why you did it, and you didn't deny anything bad he said about himself. You had a chance to redeem yourself and you fucking let him die knowing you thought he was a PIECE OF SHIT!" Sam yelled into the phone angrily his chest heaving as his emotions got to him. "How many times did I have to clean up your messes for you to get it through your THICK SKULL THAT CAS WASN'T OKAY!" He hissed hoarsely. "You just couldn't keep it in your pants could you? How many times did you think of Cas while you tried to have sex with a fourteen year old? How MANY TIMES. DEAN."

Dean let out a pain filled scream into the car, not sure how to express the intense emotion he was feeling. "SHUT UP!" He screamed, swerving the car into the side of a building, smashing the van against a concrete wall.



Dean woke up a day later, squinting his eyes as he looked around. "Hello?" He said, his voice wrecked. There was a nurse checking his vitals and he grabbed her arm, tugging her closer. "C-Castiel Novak..." Dean choked out. "Is he here? Is he admitted?" Dean squinted, trying to see better, but the harsh light was hurting his eyes, all he could see was the mop of black hair.

The nurse smiled and gently took Dean’s hand off their arm, setting it back by his side. "Patience." They whispered and stared at the screen.

Unshed tears sprung to Dean’s eyes. "N-No, please.." He said shakily. "Tell me, please, I have to know, please..." He begged them, his voice shaky.

"Patience, love, he will be fine." The nurse whispered, stroking Dean’s hair back in concern.

"I love him..." Dean started sobbing pitifully. "And I just..,. I fucking ruined the only good thing I'll ever have..."

"I know you did, now get your head out of your ass and sleep like I told you too, Dean Winchester." The nurse whispered, smiling fondly.


Dean whimpered softly and let his eyes close. "If he is here... he probably doesn't want to hear from me...But can you tell him I love him? And I'm sorry, like, really fucking sorry?" Dean mumbled as he started to fall asleep. "Actually, dont. I've messed up his life enough, I don't want to ruin it more."


"Always a coward..." The nurse murmured, tilting Deans face to look at them. "Say it to my face, Dean.." Cas whispered, his thumb stroking his cheekbone.


Dean's eyes opened blearily. "Cas?" He said, before he frowned a little. "I'm on drugs, you're not here..." Dean felt a little stupid talking to something from his imagination.


Castiel giggled in amusement, biting his lip as he watched Dean. "You talk in your sleep, and you're actually very smart when you don't act so dumb. I heard your dream apology, and you're lucky I’m undyingly forgiving. Now sleep." Castiel said softly, kissing Dean’s forehead before he moved to leave.


"I love you..." Dean called hoarsely. "And I hope you... the real you, is okay..." Dean mumbled before he fell asleep, snoring softly. Castiel sighed, smiling as he watched Dean. He died, it was true, and fuck; it hurt. All he remembered was a stabbing ache in his chest, his vision going foggy and pale, his heart aching more than any part of his body did. Then he was standing in front of a woman at a white desk. God, Cas learned the weirdest things, he was taught and nursed to mental health. And then in a flash, he was back, standing in front of the hospital Dean was in with an idea of what he needed to do. Castiel tried erasing Alfie’s memories out of pure desperation, hell, even his own, but he didn't succeed on the later, and he didn't even know if he erased Alfie’s memories correctly.

Dean curled up a little. At first his dreams were perfect, him and Cas living a life together... but then the only thing that he could see was Cas, on the floor, covered in his own blood, the knife sticking straight up. Dean started to scream Cas' name in his sleep, his heart monitor going off the charts.

Castiel quickly ran over, trying to remember all that they had told him before he placed his fingers on Dean’s forehead, appearing by Dean’s side in his dream. He quickly waved his hand, sending them to Dean’s room.


Cas watched as Dean kneeled down in from of his beat up self, trying to coax him to take his pants off in the most platonic way so he could clean his thighs. "You've come a long way." He whispered.

Dean sniffled and shook his head. "I just beat up my best friend..." He tried to keep his tears back. That had only happened a few months ago, but Dean looked years younger than he had when he rammed his car into the side of a building.

Castiel smiled, watching as the scene unfolded in front of him. "As much as I hate to say this, I want you to date Alfie, I want you to be happy." He murmured, "You look so...unhappy now." Castiel murmured as he watched Dean slowly guide him through his first time. "I always look back on this when im angry, or sad. I tell myself that everyone has a rough relationship, there's never a smooth one. I'm willing to keep trying, but I don't think you are."

Dean watched also, watched his choppy, uncertain movements. "I don't want Alfie, Cas, at all. He was a, fucking, cheap alternative to what I really wanted..." Dean tried to explain, he never knew how to convey his emotions right.

"How do I know you wont go off and do that again...? I'm scarred, impure, what happens if you find someone like Alfie?" Castiel said, trying to pretend his voice didn't crack with sadness. Cas watched himself feel his prostate struck for the first time, his former self's head thrown back in the pillows as he wailed. He had never seen himself like that, it was honestly kind of beautiful, although he'd never admit it. This was their first time together, when Dean took him home and cleaned him up. It was out of guilt and concern, yet they ended up here, in a similar situation. Dean fucked up again, and Cas was dying to forgive him to save himself the pain.

Dean opened his mouth and closed it again. "I was young and dumb, Cas... You really think I'm gonna do it again? After all that's happened?" Dean grabbed Cas' hand and pressed it to his forehead. "Do your thing, Cas. See how much I love you, because God knows I don't know how to say it."

Castiel shook his head, moving his hand to lace in Deans hair. "I'm not like Alfie, I don't want to hear it, or see it. I want to feel it, Dean. I want to feel that you love me in my very soul." He whispered with round eyes, searching Dean’s own for an answer that Dean wouldn't give him.

Dean reached forward and placed a hand on Cas' chest, and he would forever swear that he felt energy flow from his body into Cas'. He was almost straining to pull up all his love for Cas and transfer it into this ‘aura’ Cas wanted. "Feel that?" He whispered.

Castiel's eyes became hooded, his free hand lacing through Dean’s before he pulled Dean’s forehead to his own. As soon as their heads touched, something that felt like electricity flowed through them. "We are... profound, Dean. You are everything that is righteous and good, loyal and brave. No matter how much you hate yourself... I will love you more than my entire life on an axis. When you leave me, my world is gone. I won't ever let you fall, ever ." Cas whispered, slowly locking their lips together. Dean nodded, before everything disappeared.


Dean thought he woke up that second, but really it was many hours later he snapped awake. "Cas?" Was the first word out of his lips. The nurse looked up and smiled, scribbling on her notepad. "He just left, sweetie. You healed in a day! That must be a miracle." She said as he handed Dean his forms.

"Where is he?" Dean asked, filling out the forms quickly. "Is he coming back? Did he hear me say sorry?" Dean still wasn't sure if what he had dreamed was real or not. The nurse sighed and chuckled, shaking her head. "If his attitude had anything to do with his response, you’re getting an asswhoopin tonight." She chided and took the forms when Dean was done. “You’re free to go.”

Dean quickly nodded and stood, groaning softly at the ache in his bones. Seeing his phone of the headstand, he reached for it, glaring a little when it was shattered and unusable. Maybe it was meant to be that way. Dean limped out, looking around. "How am I supposed to get home?" He asked into the empty parking lot.

As if on command Cas honked the horn of Dean's impala, sitting in the front seat with a look that screamed, 'you're not moving me even if you try'. He smiled, waving shyly as he looked down at his hands. Cas wanted to be angry, but he couldn't, it was too hard on himself to be angry.

"Cas...." Dean breathed out, before he ran to the car, tripping a few times. "Cas.... Cas... Cas..." He kept repeating, sliding into the passenger seat looking at Castiel with wide eyes. Castiel smiled and acted like nothing had happened, driving to his house. "Yes, Dean?" He asked calmly a few minutes later, pulling into the driveway.

"I love you." Dean tried to put as much emotion into those three words as he possibly could. He was looking right at Cas' his breathing shallow.

Castiel turned to Dean and smiled without a response before stepping out of the car. He walked to Deans side of the car and calmly nodded. "Open the door and stand in front of me." He said. Dean nodded, eager to do whatever Castiel said. He opened the car door and stood in front of Castiel.

Castiel smiled fondly for a few moments before a look of anger spread over his features. He slapped Dean right across the face, standing stock-still as he watched Dean’s head snap to the side. "I'm coming on every one of your field trips, trips, and you won't spend a moment alone unless I know your alone until you are proven innocent." He said sternly, using his demanding voice that he would usually use during sex when Dean was teasing. Castiel punched Dean across the face again when he brought his head back up and opened his mouth to say something. The blue eyed boy’s chest was heaving as he stared at Dean, all of his hatred for his boyfriend spilling out in a tidal wave.

Dean grinned a little and brought a hand up to his flaming cheek. "That all you got, Novak?" He teased gently in a raspy voice, biting his lip.  Castiel couldn't help but feel his heart warm up, that was something he loved about Dean, his charisma. He raised an eyebrow and launched forward, tackling Dean to what would've been the sidewalk if he they didn't magically fall onto the bed. "God, you're lucky I love you." He growled and wrapped a hand around the underside of Dean’s jaw firmly. "If you do anything but look at only me like that again, i'll castrate you." The smaller boy scolded with a serious look, making Dean look him in the eyes. Dean nodded, looking at Cas with wide green eyes. "This is awkward..." He said quietly. "I just got a boner, but you just said you'd castrate me?" Dean’s smile was growing wider.

Castiel huffed out a laugh, trying to stop himself from smiling. "Stop it! I’m not done with you yet, Winchester!" He said, nuzzling their noses together as his eyes saddened. "Did you mean it?" The smaller boy whispered.

"Mean what?" Dean whispered back, feeling the little puffs of air that Cas was breathing out on his face.

"That I'm scarred and impure...and that my skin isn't soft..." Castiel whispered with a look of pain on his face. Deans hatred for himself grew a little when he heard that. "You are scarred, Cas... but its what makes you beautiful." He cringed a little at the cheesiness. "As of pure, you're the most pure person I'll ever know..."

Castiel closed his eyes, "B-But do you mean never look at me like that..." The smaller boy said hoarsely.

Dean shook his head. "You're right. I dont. I looked at him like he was a piece of meat, I just wanted to fuck the kid. I looked at him with lust. I look at you with love..."

Cas flinched and sat up, "You wanted to have sex with him..." He whispered, trying to stop the feeling of his broken heart.

Dean sat up, too. "He didn't mean anything to me, Cas." He tried to explain quickly. Castiel quickly slapped Dean across the face again. "Do you want me to go have sex with Lucifer and facetime you? Huh? Tell him that he's sober and smart? I can tell him he's everything that you feel you're not and then fuck him right in front of you. I won't like it, at all, but it'll show you what you're saying to me." Castiel snarled and stood up, tears welling in his blue eyes.

Dean clenched his jaw, tears welling in his own eyes. "Sorry I can't be sober and smart for you, Cas." He said shortly, before he went downstairs into the kitchen, grabbing a knife. Castiel froze and ran after Dean, "Dean! I think you're perfect! I was saying those are your insecurities." He explained quickly, grabbing Dean’s hand that held the sharp object.

Dean held onto it tight. "No, Cas, let me show you how much I love you." He said, before carving a deep C into his arm, followed by an N, not even caring about the sharp pain. "Do you believe me now?" He breathed out, blood dripping off of his arm.

Castiel sucked in a sharp breath, tears spilling onto his cheeks. "D-Dean! W-Why'd you do that...?" He whispered, and pulled Dean’s arm to his mouth, kissing the wound and trying to summon the power to heal it. He hasn't exactly mastered that yet. Dean was a little woozy from seeing his own blood spilled. "I needed to convince you that I loved you..."

Castiel whimpered, cupping Dean’s arm and squeezing his eyes shut. "Kiss me, don't ask questions, I draw power from your energy." He said, trying to focus. Dean nodded and pressed his lips to Cas', love flowing through him.

Cas gasped, his eyes glowing blue as he healed Dean's arm. The smaller boy didn't pull away, needily kissing Dean like his life depended on it. "I love you, I love you, I love you so much. Don't leave me ever again." He whispered, slowly hitching his leg around Dean’s hip and pulling himself up.

"Never, never gonna fucking leave you, Cas." Dean mumbled, pushing Cas against the fridge, his hands on Cas' ass, making sure Cas would stay up. Castiel let out a sob, pulling Dean’s face closer as he twined their tongues together. "I may or may not have erased Alfie’s memory of you, don't complain or i'll slap you again." He gasped between kisses, his slim hands fisting in Dean’s hair.

"Good." Dean muttered. "For both things." He teased a little, pulling away, breathing a little hard. "I want you to tattoo me."

"If you do you're tattooing 'hey there blue eyes' above your cock so I can look at it when I suck you off vigorously after." Castiel challenged, pulling Dean’s face to his neck demandingly.

Dean nodded seriously. "Anything you fucking want. You're the only one who'll be seeing my body for the rest of my life." Dean swore into the soft skin of Cas' neck.

Cas nodded, biting his lip at the feeling of Dean’s breath fanning over the soft, sensitive skin there. "Good, and then youre getting my handprint on your arm, the arm I grab while you fucking my brains out." The smaller boy whispered, running his hand up Dean’s left arm before gripping his upper bicep tight.

Dean nodded. "Anything you fucking want, Cas." He said lowly, kissing Cas' neck. "We've got a lot of ink, and I've got a lot of skin."

Castiel shuddered, gasping in surprise. Not having Dean touch him for four days, technically six, made him feel touch starved and sensitive. "Can I tattoo an ancient Indian design on your chest?" He teased breathlessly, arching back against the cool metal.

"As long as it doesn't go over my heart." Dean murmured, his tongue licking Cas' sweet smelling neck. "That’s where I want you to write your name. One of the many times you write your name on my body."

"O-Oh my god! Do that again..." Castiel mewled, rocking his whole body up against Dean.

Dean smirked and kept licking, his pink tongue lapping Cas' neck. loving the little sounds Cas was making before he pulled away. "Tattoos now. I can't wait that long. Want your mark on me."

Castiel wanted to growl and pull Dean’s face back, his sensitivity off the charts, but he sighed and smiled playfully. "Slap my ass." He said playfully. Dean chuckled a little and shrugged, slapping Cas' ass nice and firm, feeling the soft flesh in his hand.

Castiel groaned and immediately flew them to the basement, trying not to act like he enjoyed Dean groping his ass. "Get the stuff." Cas said and made a space on the floor for Dean to lay down.

"Holy shit." Dean breathed out before he got the tattoo kit and stripped down to his boxers, pulling out all the bottle of ink before he laid down. "First one..." He whispered, and pressed Cas' hand to his heart. "Your name. Right here. Any color you want."

Castiel smiled, kissing Dean’s nose before he straddled Dean and prepared the tattooing needle. "So tell me...was my ass better than his?" He asked nonchalantly, giving Dean a side eye. Dean bit his lip. Cas was not gonna let this go, was he? Dean thought, not aware that Cas could hear his thoughts. "Your ass is fucking perfect, just like you."

Castiel chuckled, rocking his hips gently. " I look better in the outfit?" He asked cheekily, starting with black ink for an outline and attaching it to the end of the tubing.

Dean nodded. But you look even better in nothing, Dean thought to himself loud and clear, tensing a little when he heard the needle start to whir. Cas hummed, smiling at Dean. "Who exactly looks better in nothing?" He teased. Dean's eyes widened. "Castiel." He breathed out, amazed with Cas' powers.

"Correct answer," The blue eyed boy murmured, slowly and carefully drawing his name in calligraphy right over Dean’s heart.

"What color are you using?" Dean asked, pouting when Cas wouldn't let him see.

"Now I’m using blue," Castiel said, his tongue sticking from the corner of his mouth in concentration as he filled in the letters. It was perfectly shaded, looking almost like graffiti by the end of it.

"Pretty." Dean mumbled, his fists clenching as the tiny needle poked into him over and over again. Castiel sat up and sighed, smiling at the tattoo. "Perfect." He murmured and kissed it, trailing his way up Dean’s body.

"I can't even see it, and I know it’s amazing." Dean grinned, pulling Castiel up into a hug. "You're such an amazing artist. Want you to do more, so many more."

Castiel buried his face in Dean’s neck. "I know, but not right now, I want to punish you in a nice way." The smaller boy whispered, wrapping his arms over Dean’s shoulders. "Take me to the bed."


“Oooo, gonna spank me, tough guy?” Dean asked jokingly, standing and holding the back of Cas’ thighs to keep him close.

"Smack my ass again and we will end up in your room with a blink of an eye, tough guy." Castiel teased back, giggling and biting his lip shyly.

"Is that so?" Dean smirked, before slapping Cas’ ass. Castiel zapped them to Dean’s bed, laughing as he fell back into the pillows. "Get the cock ring." He said lowly, snapping his fingers and making his clothes disappear. Dean nodded and got both of them from the closet, before he came back, getting back into bed with Cas. Cas stretched out, spreading his legs and languidly laying back like a porn model would. "Who’s sexier?" He asked teasingly. Dean growled deep in his throat, looking over Cas' body. "You, you, always you..." He dove in on Cas' neck once again.

Cas gasped, jerking in surprise. "D-Dean!" He giggled, trying to move Dean back. He loved these moments with Dean, when the larger boy would just shower him with attention and not listen to him while Cas was trying to explain something or be in charge.

"Yeah, Cas?" Dean asked when he pulled away, his plump lips slick with his own spit. Castiel's eyes darkened and he laid back, showing off the hickey Dean just gave him. "Put that cock ring on and fuck me like that fuck machine." He demanded, arching his body up in offering for Dean. Dean pouted. "Don't want the cock ring, Cas." He whined, just wanting Cas to slap him or some shit.

"You're not supposed to want it, it's a punishment." Castiel mumbled and relaxed back into the bed, sighing. "We can just fuck...I guess." He said sadly, waving his hand and teleporting them back to the basement floor. He kind of wanted it to be something more. Something that would bring them together.

Dean shook his head a little. "No, Cas, I as just trying to be a brat..." He assured Cas, starting to kiss his neck. "C'mon, take us back.." He murmured softly, slapping Cas' naked ass. The neck kissing and ass slapping caused Cas to gasp, listening to Dean’s command almost instantly as he landed back on the bed. Cas let his head fall back, moaning lightly at the feel of Dean’s mouth.

Dean smirked lightly, before he pulled away. "I can wanted something else, something more?" Dean and Cas were forever bonded. Castiel turned red and nodded, bashfully looking away. "I-I guess I was thinking that if I was in charge we could try something new instead of 'just fucking' like you and Alfie would’ve." He murmured.

Dean sat up and cupped Cas’ cheek. "You're in charge, then. What do you want me to do?"

Castiel shrugged, looking at his hands. "I dont know, Im not that sexually creative." He said embarrassedly and stood. "We don't have just didn't seem to touch me that much after him..." He whispered. Dean shook his head. "I haven't even seen you that much after him, I wanted to wait until the time was right to have sex." Dean murmured, holding up the vibrating cockring and the metal one. "Which?"

Castiel shyly started to smile. "That one...the metal looks painful." He said softly, not knowing that it vibrated. Dean shrugged and slipped it on his hard cock. "You want it on or off?"

"On, when you're inside me." Castiel whispered, laying down slowly next to Dean. Dean nodded and prodded two fingers at Cas' hole, starting to stretch him out. Cas gasped, his legs spreading automatically for Dean as he bit his lip. Yeah, he was definitely more sensitive. Dean smirked and shuffled closer o Castiel, his cock brushing Cas' tight rim.

Castiel suddenly flipped them over with ease, his hands pressing Dean’s chest back so he was pushed into the pillow. "Let’s play a game." He whispered seductively. Dean looked up a Castiel with wide eyes and nodded. "Whatever you want, Cas..." He breathed out, his chest heaving.

"Question before we start..." Castiel said and pulled Dean’s forehead gently to his own. "Why did you do it..?" He whispered in broken confusion. "Just tell me the truth, tell me why."

Dean's eyes closed. "I don't know, Cas. I was gone, and I missed you, and..." Dean's voice sounded strained. Castiel closed his eyes, "And he was like me?" He asked softly.

"Not even close to you..." Dean mumbled.

"If he comes near you again I'll slap him into next week." Castiel warned, smiling as he kissed Dean's nose. "Now...I'm going to teach you to keep it in your pants. What's your favorite stripper song?" The smaller boy purred and stood up. Dean shakily nodded, before he managed to choke out. "Cherry pie..." He was almost painfully hard.

Castiel chuckled and snapped his fingers, Dean’s phone started playing cherry pie at full volume as Cas ran his hands over his chest. "Am I better than him?" He asked absentmindedly, "I can take away the scars now, you know. I can make myself pure." Cas murmured, waving his hands down his body. The silver lines all over Cas' thighs slowly disappeared, the skin healing and leaving him flawless, just like Alfie was. Castiel knew that he shouldn't have to do that, but he wanted to be perfect for Dean. He wanted Dean to love him. Dean shook his head, running his hands over Cas' smooth thighs. "Bring them back..." He looked up at Cas. Castiel playfully swatted Dean's hands away. "Ah ah! No touching." The smaller boy teased, "Tell me why I should bring them back." He purred lowly, crawling into Dean's lap.

"B-Because they show that you've been through so much...that you went through dark times, and you made it out..." Dean looked over Cas' body with wide eyes. Castiel's breath hitched and he rolled his hips, grinding against Deans stomach teasingly. "Y-You like them?" He asked in confusion, bringing them back with a snap of his fingers.

Dean nodded, watching as the scars came back. "They're beautiful..." He mumbled. "Sorry I didn't notice before."

"You didn't like them before?" Castiel asked sadly, "All those times you called me sexy, or beautiful, or perfect. You just saw me as broken, and scarred and ugly. Impure." He whispered, his eyes searching Dean's before he stood up and stopped the music.

"I never saw you as unpure or any of those wrong adjective, Castiel." Dean stood up, grabbing Cas' arm so the smaller boy didn’t leave. "I just dont.... you know I can't talk for shit Cas, not the way you can." Dean struggled to explain.

"I can get pregnant." Castiel blurred out. "T-They said I'm an angel, and that I can get pregnant. I-If you love me, stay with me, marry me, have children with me. Die with me." The smaller boy choked out, his eyes filling with unshed tears. "You don't have to fix what you did, but you have to promise forever loyalty."

Dean frowned a little. "Cas... you're an angel. You cant die. I don't want to die and leave you alone...."

Castiel flinched and jerked away. "So what? Is all this really too much to do to be with me? Everything can die, Dean. I knew what to ask when the Angels explained." He rambled, the tears falling onto his face. "W-Why can't y-you just l-l-love me? I d-don't know why I-I'm so repulsive to e-everyone." The smaller boy started crying as he jerkily wiped away the tears with the back of his hand, his confident posture shrinking.

"Cas, no..." Dean shook his head, pulling Cas closer to him. "I do love you, so much, and I don't wanna imagine life without you, ever..." Dean fumbled over his own words, not even knowing what to say. Castiel jumped up, wrapping his arms around Dean’s neck and his legs around his waist. "T-Then love me, Dean Winchester. ‘Chick flicks’ and all." He whispered pleadingly. Dean nodded, kissing Cas deeply with a broken and desperate noise, trying to show all his love. Cas moaned softly, sucking in a breath through his nose at the emotion behind the kiss. He buried his hands in Dean's hair. "I want to have your kids. G-Give me your children, p-please? L-Let me have your children." The smaller boy murmured against Dean's lips, gripping at Dean’s shoulders and muscles. Dean shakily nodded, moaning. "Want a little girl, Cas?"

Castiel nodded, clinging to Deans shoulder. "I want her to have your eyes." He murmured Dean chuckled a little. "Nah... I like bright blue better.." He mumbled, slapping Cas' ass lightly. "C'mon, let's go to the basement..."

Castiel mewled and flew them to the basement, landing back on the bed. "D-Dean.." He gasped, pulling Dean closer. Dean smirked. "You want me to fuck you full of my children, Cas?"

Castiel nodded, spreading his legs and wrapping his arms under them, pulling them obscenely wide. He had been stretching over the past few days, trying to give Dean a surprise for when he got home. The smaller boy pulled his legs up and over his head, folding himself into a pretzel. "So full my stomach extends." He purred. Dean looked down and his mouth dropped open, moans tumbling out. "Cas..." He breathed out, his cock letting out small blurts of precum. "Holy fuck..."

Castiel giggled, loving his boyfriends reaction. "C'mon, you know you wannnna." He teased. Dean reached forward, running his hands all over Cas' body, his fingers pressing against Cas' exposed hole Cas whined, his eyes round and pleading. "Put the cock ring on if you're going to tease." He huffed.

"On you or me?" Dean smirked, leaning down and pressing his lips against Cas' hole. Castiel gasped, his hole unclenching for Dean’s tongue. "Y-You!" He squeaked. Dean laughed, before he got up and got it, coming back with the tongue slip, also. Castiel waited patiently for Dean, bringing his legs back down when he came back. "Tell me you love me." He whispered.

"I love you, Cas, so goddamn much.." Dean mumbled before he slapped a hand over his mouth. "If you're an angel, does that mean God is real?"

Castiel giggled, shaking his head. "You're adorable. Kiss me." He murmured, pulling Dean down flat against him. Dean grinned and kissed Castiel deeply, his hand coming down to play with Cas' rim. "You want me to fuck you full of children?"

Castiel mewled and pulled Dean closer, grabbing at the backs of his thighs. "Yes." He gasped, laying back.

"Good boy." Dean smirked, leading his cock to Castiel's stretched hole. "Do you love me, Cas?" He asked quietly.

"I love you more than life..." Castiel said softly, his hands slowly floating up Dean’s chest and cupping the bolts of Dean’s jaw. "I love you so much, so so much." The smaller boy started babbling with teary eyes. Dean grinned. "I'd give my life for yours, Cas, any day." He swore, kissing Castiel deeply, starting to push himself inside. Castiel gasped and pulled back a bit, his eyes locking on Dean’s as he held onto his shoulders. "I love you..." He said brokenly. Dean smiled. "Love you so much more than you can ever know..." He whispered, stopping when he bottomed out inside the boy. "Still wanna adopt though, give kids a good home."

Castiel nodded, a look of heartbreak and bliss and just pure love on his face. "Y-You really love me?" He asked in a tiny voice, his cheeks flushing red at the feeling of Dean inside him.

"Of course I fucking love you, Cas." Dean grinned a little, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the scar on Cas' chest. Castiel's chest flushed red, smiling down at Dean. "You can m-move." He murmured. Dean smiled a little, starting to roll his hips slowly. "You remember our first time?" He whispered.

Castiel gasped, his pupils dilating. "Y-Yeah..." He moaned. Dean smirked a little. "Me too." He grinned, his cock reaching deep inside of Castiel. Castiel let his head fall back, breathing heavily as he groaned. "S-So deep..." He breathed out in awe.

"Good boy...." Dean mumbled, coming down to mouth at Castiel's neck. Castiel let out a shaky moan, clinging to Dean’s bicep as his slim hand slid into his hair. The smaller boy could tell that Dean was trying to make him feel good, to make him feel loved. And god was it working. He offering his neck to Dean’s mouth, his chest rising and falling heavily at the sensations. "Mmmm, I-I love you." Cas gasped.

"L-Love you so much..." Dean breathed out, his cock pulsing inside of Castiel, and he reached down and turned on the vibrator on the cock ring, letting out a shuddering moan. Cas cried out in surprise, his legs scrambling from the bed to Dean’s waist.


Dean’s cock was buzzing.


Cas wrapped an arm around Dean’s neck and one flattened down his back, his slim hands trying to find something to hold on. "Ohmygod! Deaaaan..." He moaned, his head pressing farther back in the pillows. Dean smirked a little and started to speed up, letting out little moans every once in a while, loving how deep he was in Cas.

Castiel squirmed, his mouth hanging open in pleasure as he let out little whines and mewls, his heels digging into Dean’s ass desperately, feeling the muscle shift and move underneath them. "P-Please...f-f-fucking hell!" He gasped, clinging to Dean like he was a life raft the deeper Dean thrust into him. Cas could feel Dean’s cock throbbing and buzzing away inside him, it wasn't a vibrator or a fucking machine. It was Dean, Dean was reaching untouched places inside him with every stroke; Dean loved him.

Dean threw his head back and moaned, feeling like he was about to cum, but he was pulled back from the edge by the cockring. "Cas..." Dean whined, snapping his hips faster. Castiel mewled loudly, desperately trying to guide Dean's hips with his feet so he could make him see stars. The smaller boy cupped Dean’s face, his thumbs lined up with Dean’s cheekbones. "I-I want you to watch me cum, I want you to look into my eyes and see what you do to me. I-I want you to think I'm beautiful and that I'm better than Alfie ever will be-" He babbled, cutting himself off as his eyes shot open. "I love you..." Dean whispered. "There! There there there!" Castiel cried out, a look of pleasure spreading over his face as he trembled. "I love you so much." He mewled, his gaze locked on Dean’s. Dean grinned and leaned down, kissing Castiel deeply, his cock still pulsing inside of the boy. “Like that baby?”

Castiel whimpered at the teasing, kissing Dean back lovingly. Dean would be Dean, no matter what. And he was one hell of a tease. That's probably one of the reasons he loved him so much. Dean pulled away slightly, looking at Castiel with wide eyes. "Can I cum now?" He asked.

Castiel's lips parted and he closed his mouth, nodding with a smile. "Yes." He said shyly. Dean quickly pulled out and ripped off the cockring, burying himself as deep as he could inside of Cas, before he came hard, moaning and whimpering Cas' name.

Castiel smiled and nuzzled Deans neck, encouraging him softly. "I love you." He whispered, running his hands down Deans back.

"I love you too..." Dean breathed out, his cock pumping out semen into Cas. "You think that one stuck?"

Castiel chuckled, swatting Dean gently, "I don't know." He murmured, his eyes fluttering closed as he prayed that it did. He always wanted a child of his own, but he knew it was also hard to get pregnant.

"I think it did...." Dean murmured, kissing Cas' smooth stomach before he pulled out, breathing heavily. Castiel frowned and smiled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. "I-I'm assuming you're tired, you just got in a car wreck." He mumbled.

"Not tired at all, Cas." Dean smirked, before he rolled back on top of Cas, shivering a little, feeling Cas' hand on his bare body. Dean would never tell anyone this, but he was insecure, mostly about his stomach. He went to the gym four times a week and he ran a few miles everyday in practice, but there was a stubborn line of fat that would not budge, and Dean hoped Cas couldn't feel it, and if he did, wouldn't think it was too gross.

Castiel gasped, biting his lip as he smiled timidly. "Y-You should rest, I don't want you to over stress your body." He murmured I'm concern, cupping Dean’s face.

"You haven’t cum yet..." Dean murmured, kissing his way down Cas' body. Dean sucked in, bringing his stomach up closer. Sure, it hurt a little, but his fat was less prominent.
Reaching Cas' cock, Dean slipped it into his mouth, sucking softly as he brought a finger up to Cas' hole.

Castiel felt waves of insecurity coming from Dean, and he frowned, pushing Dean back gently. "What's wrong?" He asked, holding Dean’s jaw in his slim hand. Dean shook his head and tried for a smile, which looked fake as hell. "Nothing, Cas, I'm fine." His voice as a little strained by how crushed his insides felt, but anything for Cas.

Castiel rolled them over so he was on top, laying with his chin on Dean’s chest. "Tell me, you know I won't judge you." He murmured, drawing soothing circles on Dean’s pectoral muscles.

"It's just..." Dean sighed a little. "I don't like it, Cas. I want to be perfect for you." Dean let himself relax and he looked at the small pudge with disgust. Castiel slowly began to smile, sitting up so he could look down at Dean’s small amount of pudge on his stomach. The smaller boy giggled and leaned down, kissing all over Dean’s stomach. "Why don't you like it? I love it."

Dean rolled his eyes, sucking in again. "You don't have to lie to make me feel better, Cas."

Castiel swatted Dean's hipbone, glaring at him when he sucked in. "Do I look like I'm lying? I never said anything because I do love it. It's a part of you. I'm not going to go out and find someone with abs that look like they hurt to have and ask if they're a virgin and tell them they're perfect. I love you Dean, all of you. You're imperfections are beautiful, if you were perfect you would be completely boring and not fun to be around. You're everything to me." Castiel whispered, teasingly dipping his long tongue in Dean’s navel.

Dean moaned softly, running his hands through Cas hair. The constant emphasis of his mistakes hurt, but he deserved it. "I don't understand. Why me, Cas? You could get any guy you wanted, any guy who was skinny and muscular and hot and smart and sober..." Dean started to list.

"I want you Dean. I want a smart, funny, protective, strong, righteous, caring, charismatic, stubborn, wonderful man. And I found him. And I'm never letting go." Castiel cut Dean off, taking his cock into his mouth. Dean moaned, at the praise and at the feeling of Cas' mouth around him. "I don't deserve you, Cas..." Dean murmured, his cock twitching in Cas' mouth. Castiel hummed, glaring at Dean as if to silence him. He sucked and bobbed his head, trying to get Dean to harden. Dean rolled his eyes a little at Cas’ demanding looks before he went back to moaning softly, his cock getting hard again in Cas' mouth. "Cas, it's fine, you don’t have to..."

Castiel sucked hard, hollowing his cheeks to try and show Dean that he wanted to. Dean moaned shakily, his cock pulsing in Cas' mouth. "Fuck...." He whispered, throwing his head back. Cas smugly grinned around Dean’s cock, snapping his fingers. He closed his eyes as the profane lyrics filled his ears. The smaller boy pulled off and snapped his fingers, putting himself in the outfit Alfie had worn as he purred and stared at Dean.

Dean let out a small chuckle at the song before he let out a quiet whimper, looking at Cas dressed in white lace. "Fuck..." He whispered, his cock letting out a blurt of precum. Hump me, fuck me, Daddy better make me choke rang out through the basement, and Dean couldn’t help but smirk at the clever mind of his beautiful boyfriend. Castiel raised and eyebrow and crossed his arms. "I think you're attracted to this outfit. Not the person." He said with an amused tone.

Dean nodded, running his eyes over the white lace, his mouth dropping open. "Makes you look so sweet and innocent..." He mumbled, reaching down to jerk himself off. Castiel burst out laughing, turning around and bending over seductively so Dean could look at his ass. "So you only liked Alfie when he was wearing this?" He teased, trying to mask the hope in his voice. Dean nodded. "You know I feel like shit for that, Cas...." He murmured.

"I do to, Dean." Castiel said lowly, "You didn't answer my question."

Dean opened then closed his mouth, not knowing what to say, since he knew that whatever he said, Cas would probably get upset.

"Tell me. Just say it." Castiel sighed, "I want to know. You know I have the right to know."

Dean just shrugged a little before he said. "I never liked him, Cas, but I hadn’t seen you in days, and he just stripped down and I didnt know what to do..."

"What was his hair color." Castiel asked bluntly, turning to look at Dean with a curious look, almost trying to peer through his soul.

"Brown? Almost black?" Dean shrugged. "And he fucking smelled like you, Cas..."

Castiel moved forward and sat in Dean's lap. "And his eye color?" He asked softly.

"Blue." Dean breathed out, looking into Cas' bright blue eyes. Castiel reached up and cupped Dean’s cheek. "And his height?" He asked, his blue eyes searching Dean's green ones.

Dean shrugged lightly. "I don't remember. 5'5, maybe? He was small, smaller than Sammy.... Younger than him, too..." Dean’s stomach churned in disgust. Castiel frowned, remaining quiet for a moment. "I believe I will stop, you're internal conflict shall be enough of a punishment." He murmured, his thumb brushing Dean’s cheekbone. "Your amygdala must have assumed it was me. Even though I am 5'8." Cas inquired curiously, squinting at Dean.

Dean nodded a little. "No, but, Cas, he smelled like you and acted like you and even though he was getting a little too close I didnt wanna say anything and hurt the kids feeling and-" Dean rambled, getting out all the stuff that had been pent up. Castiel listened, cutting him off with a quick kiss. "Calm down. What are you trying to say?" He asked, laughing slightly in amusement.

Dean took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. And I should've stopped him when he got too close." Dean decided not to bring up their trip to the sex shop. Castiel raised an eyebrow, "Dean, you might as well just tell me everything you're keeping secret while I'm in a forgiving mood. I can feel your hesitation. I'm not an idiot." He said stubbornly.

"We went to a sex shop." Dean blurted out, wincing a little. Castiel raised his eyebrows farther, almost like an intrigued mother. "Did you now?" He asked.

Dean nodded, and he whimpered quietly. "And he was wearing a lot of makeup, and he just reminded me of you, then he put on the thing you're wearing and asked if he looked nice and I said yeah and then I was walking to the hotel when you facetimed me, and I swear I didn't know that he was gonna do... that."

Castiel listened, smiling more and more. "It was your amygdala!" He stated happily, almost yelping the sentence in relief and excitement. He launched forward, tackling Dean back to the bed in a hug and a fit of laughter. Dean laughed a little, too. "What do you mean, Cas?" He asked, surprised Cas wasn't mad.

Castiel giggled hysterically, rolling so Dean was on top of him as he hugged him like a koala. The smaller boy threw his head back, laughing happily. "Your amygdala, Dean!" He squeaked. Dean laughed also, loving how happy Cas was. "Explain, please."

Castiel pulled back, his hands coming up to pinch together in an almond sized gap. "S-So this is the size of the amygdala! It's a part of your brain. The size of an almond. It's responsible for primal and instinctual reactions. Such as fear. When you saw Alfie wearing makeup and drop his robe, your brain linked the make up, hair, eyes, smell, outfit, and personality to me. So it made you think you were attracted to him the same way you are to me. It was your brain was telling you that you that it was me. You still love me!" Castiel squeaked happily, rambling nerdily as he cuddled Dean close, smiling so hard his face had to hurt.

"Of course I love you, Cas." Dean mumbled, holding Castiel tight. "I'll always love you..." Dean grinned a little, too, glad that there was an actual reason for why he did what he did, other than he was a douche. He was fucking glad that he had a nerd boyfriend who would be more concerned with the science behind it instead of the big picture of ‘I almost cheated on you’. Cas deserved better, so much better, but damn anything to hell that thought Dean wasn’t going to try.

"As much as I love your brain, I'm painfully hard. And I happen to love your dick. So I want you to fuck me so hard that I can't even breathe. I'm so happy." Cas babbled, pulling Dean flat to his chest. "If you don't fuck me like an animal right now i'll ban sex for a year." He warned demandingly. Dean grinned a little, but the more he thought about what had almost happened with Alfie, there was something nagging him, something he forgot. "Sam!" He yelped, jumping off the bed. "Sorry, Cas, but I need to talk to him, please."

Castiel yelped when he tumbled onto the bed, landing face first on the mattress. He groaned and rolled over, his brow furrowing. "Okay." He mumbled and stood up. "No sex for a year." Cas joked with a smile.

Dean pouted a little. "I'm sorry, baby..." He murmured, pulling Cas into a deep kiss. "C-Can you come with me? I'm scared to go alone..." Dean admitted, his stomach churning. Castiel grinned ferally and touched Dean's forehead. They popped up in the playroom, Cas in full clothing, and Dean...Dean was wearing nothing. Cas grimaced when seeing his little brother underneath Sam, the two obviously dry humping.

"Oh my god!" Dean said when he saw the two boys. "OH MY GOD!" He curled in on himself when he realized he was naked. Castiel snickered, glancing at Dean out of the corner of his eye. Sam jumped and quickly stopped, looking over his shoulder at Dean. "Dean?" He asked in confusion.

"Heya, Sammy." Dean stood up straight, his hands over his dick, the rest of his near perfect body on display. Sam stood up, his eyes wide. "I-I thought you were in the hospital?" He asked slowly. Cas moved and sat down on a chair, letting his eyes rake over Dean's body as his boner strained against his pants. He hadn't cum for like an hour, or at least it felt like it. Technically close to a week, if he counted waiting for Dean to come home.

Dean shrugged. "Healed in a day. Almost like I've got an Angel or something..." He tried to joke, before his stomach twisted, he was honestly scared to face his little brother. Sam didn't say anything at first before he stepped forward, pulling Dean into a tight hug. "I thought I lost you." He whispered. Dean hugged Sam back, not even caring that he was naked. "I'm sorry..." He whispered into Sam's mop of brown hair. "It's all my fault..."

Sam pulled back. "Oh yeah, that reminds me." He said with a calm face. Sam grabbed Dean’s nipples in between his pointer fingers and thumbs and twisted, giving him a purple nurple twice over.

"Jesus!" Dean jumped back with a yelp, his hands over his nipples. "The hell was that for?"

Sam smirked and Cas and Gabriel burst into laughter. "You deserved it." He said smugly, his eyes softening. "I'm glad you're okay." He murmured.

"I deserved a lot more than that." Dean muttered, walking back over to Sam. "You okay, kid?" He asked softly. Sam nodded, grinning and lightly punching Dean's arm. "You're okay and home safe, that's all that mattered." He said. Dean smiled, shrugging. "I'm fine." He nodded, punching Sam back. "So what were you and Gabe up to in here?"

Sam glared, giving Dean his bitch face as he crossed his arms. "Nothing, now why are you naked?" He asked, gesturing to Dean’s dick that he forgot to cover.

"Cas and I were having sex." Dean said bluntly, winking at Cas across the room. Castiel raised an eyebrow and smugly sat back, smiling at Dean with a teasing look. Sam frowned, "Dean, Cas still hasn't shown up... They couldn't find him..." He said slowly. Castiel frowned and stood up, a confused look on his face. "What?"

Dean laughed a little. "Very funny, guys." He rolled his eyes and walked over to Cas, wrapping his arms around Cas' waist. "He's right here." He walked behind Cas, putting his head on Cas' shoulder.

Castiel leaned into Dean's body, smiling contently. Sam looked back at Gabriel and sighed, looking back at Dean. "'re hugging air.”

Chapter Text

"There's literally nothing there...I know you're grieving, but there’s a different way to go through it." Sam explained softly. Dean just rolled his eyes. "Haha, got me." He said sarcastically, kissing Cas' neck, his hands running over Cas' body. Castiel let out a shuddering moan, arching back into Dean languidly. Sam sighed, a sad look on his face. "You can grope your piece of air, we will be here, when you're ready to talk, okay?" He said with a pitying look.

Dean rolled his eyes a little more angrily this time, glaring at Sam. "You know what? Now you're just being a douche, c'mon, Cas." Dean grabbed Cas' hand and started walking out. Castiel walked after Dean, ignoring the weird feeling in his stomach. Why couldn't Sam see him? "D-Dean...wait." He murmured.

"Yeah, Cas?" Dean turned to face Cas. Castiel went back into the room and walked over to Sam, who was looking at Gabe with a helpless look. He stood right in front of him. "Can you see me?" He asked. Sam and Gabe didn't say anything, just grabbed their remotes with a shrug and started playing their video games. Castiel grumbled and reached forward, grabbing Gabe’s headset before he threw it off. "S-Stop it! I'm right here!" He squeaked in annoyance, waving his arms in front of his brother. Gabe’s head snapped up when he felt the headpiece fly off of his head. "The fuck?"

Cas looked up at Dean with a scared and desperate look. "Y-You can see me right?" He yelped and scrambled over, standing in front of Dean with wide eyes. Dean nodded. "Of course I do, Cas..." He said quietly. "Maybe it's just your powers acting out?"

Castiel relaxed, nodding with a grim look. "They are quite annoying. I don't know how to control them that well." He murmured. The smaller boy jumped up and wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck, his long legs wrapping around Dean’s waist. "Let's go." He whispered.

Sam gave Gabe a look as he watched Dean pretended to pick someone up and kiss them deeply before walking to his room. “God...I haven’t seen him like this since mom.”

Castiel moaned and pulled Dean closer. "Ignore them, they don't know about me yet. Do you want to take me up on my previous offer?" Cas asked softly.

"What would that be?" Dean grinned as he walked to his room. Cas huffed. "F-Fuck me dammit! It's been a week since I came!" He whimpered. Dean smirked. "Well of course. You just had to ask." He smirked and led them inside his room, pushing Cas up against the wall. "We've never done this before, hmmm?"

Castiel gasped and shook his head, grasping onto Dean’s shoulders. "N-No." he breathed out, staring into Dean's eyes softly.

“You wanna?” Dean smirked, reaching down and squeezing Cas’ ass through his clothes. Castiel whined and nodded, watching Dean with a dazed and awed look. "Please, I haven't been filled for days!" He pouted dramatically. Dean smirked and leaned forward, nibbling at Cas' neck. "Make your clothes disappear, baby."

Castiel mewled in surprise, his head falling back to thunk lightly against the wall. His clothes vanished as he swallowed thickly, arching into Dean with need. Dean smirked and pressed a few fingers to Cas' slick hole, loving how easily they slipped in. Castiel moaned, rocking down onto Dean’s thick fingers desperately. "P-Please!" He whimpered, his eyes sad and pouty.

Dean shakily nodded and led the head of his cock to Cas' hole, slowly sliding himself inside the boy. Castiel let out a moan, his voice raising an octave halfway through it. His lips parted as his eyes fluttered shut, a look of satisfied bliss on his face. "Ohhh yesss..." The smaller boy gasped to himself.

"Fuck..." Dean hissed, squeezing the meat of Cas' ass as he started to thrust his hips, his slick cock sliding in and out of the boy pinned to the wall. Castiel let out little 'uh's and pants, moaning at the feeling of Dean fucking him against the hard surface. He gripped at Dean’s muscled shoulders, his head lolling to the side in pleasure.

"'M I hittin’ your prostate, baby boy?" Dean smirked, pushing himself closer to Cas until their chests were pressed together, Dean grinding upwards into Castiel eagerly in an attempt to nail Cas’ prostate. Castiel started to shake his head no and immediately mewled, squirming about as he tried to find his sweet spot. The smaller boy trembled, his face and chest turning red. "Dean!" He cried with desperation.

"Yeah, baby?" Dean smirked, leaning forward, kissing Castiel deeply.  Castiel almost didn't hear Dean from the pounding in his ears and the searing heat coiling in his abdomen. He whined when Dean’s hips stilled, pinning his light frame to the wall with ease. "Tell me where to thrust, baby..." Dean purred.

"I-I don't k-know, try a different angle." Cas gasped out shakily. Dean twisted himself a little, starting to thrust into Cas differently, hoping it felt good for him. “Let go, baby...” Dean whispered, starting to mark Cas up.

Castiel mewled, arching into Dean in appreciation. "R-Right! U-Upward at a f-forty five degree angle." He rambled nerdily, staring into Dean's eyes with an awed look. Dean followed Cas instructions and thrusted upwards at the new angle with a purpose to please.

"Ohmygod!" Castiel yelped, clinging to Dean at the abrupt pleasure. He let out a girly moan, his eyes rolling back so his iris' showed halfway. "Fuuuucckkk yes." The blue eyed boy whined. Dean leaned forward and pressed his lips to Cas, somewhat open ones, loving the feeling of Castiel.

"Fuck me...fuck me like an animal, Dean. F-Fuck me good, I want you to fuck me. Fucking fuck me...f-fuck me" Castiel rambled against Dean's lips, hazily rocking his hips against Dean as his grammar slowly slipped away. Dean smirked and shoved Cas against the wall harder as he fucked into him wildly, sweat sliding down his neck. Castiel screamed girlishly, his mouth and eyes open wide as he arched and trembled against Dean. The smaller boy wailed in appreciation, his prostate almost weeping at the pounding from Dean's cock. "DEAN WINCHESTER! OH MY GOD!" Cas screamed in ecstasy, choking on a high pitched moan as he came.


"Dean! Stop jacking off!" Sam hollered down the hall, "You sound like a girl!"

Dean rolled his eyes and slammed his hips forward. He came deep into Cas with a low moan, filling the boy he loved up with his cum. Castiel slumped against Dean, his eyes glowing slightly. "D-Deann..." He sighed lazily, a satisfied smile on his face.

“Cas...” Dean whispered, kissing his deeply, his arms wrapped around the boy when Sam walked in. When Sam walked in, Dean couldn’t help but growl in aggravation. Sam blinked in confusion when he saw Dean hugging air, grimacing at the sight of his naked older brother. "Dean...I want to help, you know I do." He said coaxingly. Cas giggled and looked up, slowly wiggling his way from Dean’s arms. The boy wobbled a bit before he stood and lazily stood in front of Sam. Dean rolled his eyes. “Shut up, Sam.” He said, standing on unsteady legs as he watched Cas, confused on what he was about to do. Castiel turned towards Dean, bending over in front of Sam and spreading his legs, wiggling his ass as he stared at his boyfriend. "Mmmm..." He hummed and dropped back on his haunches seductively. Cas stood slowly, running his hands up his thighs and stomach before he walked behind Sam, trailing his fingers on his shoulder. The boy kept his eyes locked on Dean’s in a challenge, almost screaming for him to come and be possessive. Some of this was also pay back, but he wouldn't admit it to himself.

Sam frowned and swatted at his shoulder for a moment, glaring at his brother. "Dean, Cas is dead. He stabbed himself through the chest. There's no way he could have survived. No human could have unless they had immediate medical attention. Which he didn't. It's unexplainable...he's just.. gone." Sam explained slowly, trying to get his brother to stop fantasizing Cas was still there.

“I’m not fucking imagining him, Sam!” Dean huffed, grabbed a pillow from his bed to cover up his dick.

"Prove it, Dean! I can't stand seeing my older brother in this much pain, it's hard for me too you know!" Sam snapped, frowning when he felt a body melt to his back. "Gabe, cut it out!" He grumbled as he stared Dean down.

“You DO feel him!” Dean smirked. “That’s not Gabe, Sammy, that’s Cas.” Dean has a victorious smile on his face. Sam grumbled and felt the body back away. He turned around and pointed at the air. "See? It was Gabe and he left, because you're disturbing both of us!" Castiel giggled in amusement, walking back to Dean and flattening his back to the boy's firm chest languidly, his hand burying in Dean's sandy blonde hair. Dean cleared his throat. “Well, I don’t know what to tell ya, Sammy. I see Cas and you don’t.” He shrugged, putting his hand on Cas’ waist.


Sam growled in annoyance, walking up to Dean. "Is that him, huh?" He asked sharply, pointing to where Dean was holding air.

“Hey!” Dean said, pushing Cas out of the way. “Are you trying to hurt him, asshole?”

"No! I was trying to see if he was there! And he's not! You're hysterical!" Sam yelled angrily. Castiel stumbled and bit and looked around, trying to find a way to make himself known. He stuttered and grabbed a sheet from Dean’s bed, putting it on top of himself and standing in the doorway with wide arms. "C-Can you s-see me now?" He squeaked worriedly. Dean pointed. “Look, Sammy.” He just hoped that Sam could see Cas, too.

Sam glared and crossed his arms, turning to see a figure standing in the doorway. "This isn't the time, Gabriel!" He snapped and marched out, pushing the figure back a bit before slamming the door. Cas yelped when he stumbled back into the hall, standing with a dejected look. The smaller boy looked around and quickly ran downstairs. Sam turned back to Dean. "Dean, be rational, stop saying Gabe is Castiel, you need to snap out of it for god's sake!"

“You know what, Sam?! Even if he wasn’t real, what’s the harm in me still seeing him?! I fucking loved him, I don’t understand why you can’t just let me have this!” Dean yelled angrily. Sam sighed, glaring in rage. "Do you ever think about me? Do you think that maybe Cas was like a brother to me when you weren't?" He yelled back. The door burst open and Cas ran back with the sheet on, standing with his back to Sam and his front to Dean. "I-I think I found a way!" He squeaked pridefully.

“What?” Dean quickly asked, ignoring Sam’s look of anger. He would do anything to prove to Sam that Cas was really there. Castiel pulled the sheet off slowly, smiling shyly as he stood in the white lingerie set. "I-I'm really hoping he doesn't suddenly see me, you know?" He whispered nervously, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“What do you mean, Cas?” Dean could see Cas in the lingerie set, but he had no idea what Sam saw.

"I don't want him to see me in this! If he sees the l-lace and stuff I-I'm fine." Castiel said and bit his lip. Sam was staring in almost shock at the floating white corset and panties, almost trying not to splutter and grow a boner at the same time. "What the..." He said slowly. Dean smirked a little at his younger brother. "You were saying, Sammy?"

Sam squinted and stepped forward, peering at the floating articles of clothing before he grabbed onto the panties, pulling them back from the air in confusion, but they only snapped back to place. He grumbled and grabbed the underwear, his eyes widening when he grabbed a firm object. Dean tried to not feel too jealous as he watched Sam feel Cas' ass up. "Feel anything, Sammy?"

Sam frowned in confusion, pulling back slightly to slap the object in front of him. Two seconds later he felt a harsh slap to the face, his head whipping to the side.

Dean laughed a little, Castiel huffed in disbelief and glared at Dean, swatting his chest in a warning. "I can't believe you just let him grope my ass." He grumbled and walked to Dean's bed, splaying out. The corset was up just enough so his hipbones were always visible, the sharp bones pressing against the constricting vest. Sam shook his head quickly and stood up, clearing his throat. "I have no clue how you did that." He murmured in defeat.

"It's cause he's there, Sam." Dean gestured to the bed, his cock growing behind the pillow when he ran his eyes over Castiel's body. Castiel got on his hands and knees, biting his lip and rocking his ass to entice Dean. Sam looked over at the now floating corset, watching the panties sway back and forth before he cleared his throat. "So you're telling me...that Cas is... twerking...right now?" He asked slowly, almost begging Dean to say no.

"Uh....." Dean’s cock continued to grow as his eyes followed Cas’ ass helplessly. "Maybe?" He whined. Castiel winked at his flustered boyfriend, fisting a hand in the top of his hair and lolling his head back as if the hand was pulling his head up. He rocked back seductively like he was fucking himself on an invisible cock, the look on his face fake, wanton pleasure. "What the fuck is he doing now?" Sam asked in confusion, almost still startled by the invisible boy's appearance. Dean left out a soft moan. "N-Nothing." He said, wanting nothing more than to fuck Castiel into the bed. "You can go now."

"Dean, I'm not leaving you like this, okay? We can figure out what's wrong with...Cas, or at least what's wrong with the both of us." Sam explained, unable to see the way Cas rolled his eyes back, mocking an orgasm. Dean pushed Sam out the door.


Sam yelped, stumbling back in surprise. "Dean? We need to figure this out. Don't shut us out, okay?" He asked and tried to step back in the room.


Castiel stood up and walked over, standing next to Dean like nothing had happened. "Dean, don't be mean." He scolded worriedly, glancing at the younger boy.

"I'm fine, Sammy!" Dean rolled his eyes and closed the door, turning to Castiel with a look of a predator on his face. "Gonna make you pass out."

Castiel squeaked and started running away, laughing hysterically. "Stay away from me!" He yelped. Dean smirked and jumped on Cas, laughing also and tickling Castiel's sides. Castiel squealed, squirming desperately as he laughed. The smaller boy rolled away from Dean and giggled, laying face first on the bed while he panted and tried to catch his breath. Dean laid down next to him, breathing heavily. "Whaddya wanna do?"

"I think you mentioned passing out." Castiel teased, sticking his tongue out. Dean chuckled a little, rolling on top of Cas. "Hmm...I don't know if I'm in the mood for rough sex..."

Castiel looked down and nodded, "Yeah, sorry, what would you like to do?" He asked shyly. Dean chuckled a little. "Let's have fun with it, Cas!"

"Have fun with what?" Castiel asked in confusion.

"Sex!" Dean grinned, sitting up. Cas laughed and sat up alongside Dean. "How would one 'have fun with it'? It's a verb." The smaller boy asked curiously. Dean laughed a little and shrugged. "I don't know, Cas. I just wanna do something... Fun. Make this different."

Castiel sighed and took out his phone. "You know I'm not sexually creative." He teased and typed something in. Dean leaned over and pecked Cas' cheek. "What are you typing?"

"No clue. Stop looking." Castiel murmured absentmindedly, turning his phone away from Dean. The smaller boy suddenly disappeared, appearing in the basement. Dean chuckled and ran downstairs after the boy. Castiel rummaged through the closet, turning deep red at the sight of all the dildos there. He quickly closed the door and backed up like nothing had happened. "Hello!" He squeaked when Dean came in.

"Hey." Dean said, walking to the couch and flopping down. He leaned back and looked over the large room. "Glad we've got this whole place to ourselves." He looked around and noticed that the bottle of lube had decreased a significant amount. "Cas, you didn't use the lube while I was gone, right? So who did?"

"I'm assuming your brother used it to jack off with my brother, which I am going to have to be the bad cop and restrict them. They can make out and stuff, but it's probably not good for them to be having sex until they are sixteen." Castiel said formally, leaning against the closet.

"Oh, let them live, Cas!" Dean chuckled, looking back at Cas. "It's kinda hot to think about, no?" He said, just to see Cas' reaction. Castiel paused, a look of disgust rippling over his face as his nose scrunched up. "I prefer not to think about fourteen year olds in that way, thank you." He snapped with a grossed out tone. Dean chuckled, tossing a pillow at Cas. "Just joking, babe." He said, looking down at his boner. Cas raised an eyebrow and zapped up in front of Dean, pushing him quickly back to the couch. They ended up landing on the bed before he crawled down Dean's body, sucking at the 'v' of his abdomen.

"Fuck!" Dean gasped out in shock and lust, his cock popping up.

"P-Please...Jesus Christ you're a minx." Dean gasped, thrusting his hips up, his cock coating Cas' pretty pink lips with precum. Castiel smirked and seductively stood up, he slowly untied the corset and dropped it to the floor, his swollen lips parted breathlessly. The smaller boy sexily dropped to his knees, his hands resting on Dean’s thighs as he tipped his head back slightly, his mouth open in invitation. Dean watched with wide eyes, his cock throbbing with need. "Fuck, Cas..." He said breathlessly, before he brought a large hand up and ran it through Cas' black hair, his muscles rippling.

Castiel practically purred, feeling powerful and sexy when Dean was turned on by him so much he could barely think. "Fuck my mouth, daddy." He murmured, licking the head of Dean's cock. Dean let out a small whimper, before his hand tightened in Cas' hair and pulled him towards his dick, pressing the fat head of his cock against Cas' bottom lip.

Cas grinned and let his jaw go slack, his mouth engulfing the head of Dean's cock before he tightened his lips, waiting for Dean patiently. Dean moaned a little before he bucked his hips up, going teasingly slow. Castiel moaned, his eyes drooping lazily as he sucked what Dean gave him. The smaller boy's head would have lolled to the side if not for Dean’s strong hand holding him in place. Dean started pushing Cas' head up and down, loving how pliant the boy was. Something had been bugging him, though, and he pulled Castiel off of his cock, he needed to talk to him.

Castiel whined, sticking his tongue out in an effort to bring Dean’s cock back in his mouth. He wrapped his lips around the very tip of his cock, suckling needily. Dean pulled him off. "C-Cas, how do you feel about.... recreational marijuana?" Dean didn't know how to word it. Castiel tilted his head, spluttering in confusion before he stood up. "Marijuana?" He asked quickly.

"Yeah...." Dean winced a little, wishing he was better with words.

"What about it? It's a drug, it kills people, Dean." Castiel said, his eyes searching Dean's in a plead for answers.

"I know that, Cas..." Dean mumbled, thinking about the edibles and blunts he had under his bed. Lucifer had given them to him when they were still friends, and Dean hasn't had the balls to use them. Castiel backed up immediately and held out his hand, his face steeled over. "Give them to me." He said firmly.

"What?" Dean asked stupidly.

"You wouldn't bring this up unless you had some. Give them to me. All of them." Castiel said again, almost dangerously calm.

"Cas!" Dean whined, sitting up. There had to be at least one hundred dollars worth of drugs. Couldn't he at least sell them? Cas paused, his jaw clenched. "It's me or drugs, Dean. I won't ask again." He said slowly, his eyes filled with something akin to fear.

"Okay, okay." Dean put his hands up in surrender, before he got up and started walking to his room, hoping Cas wouldn't follow him. Hey, he wanted to try it. Sue him. Castiel crossed his arms and watched, his eyes boring into the back of Dean's head of try and guilt him. He was going to trust Dean this time, to build up more trust between them again.

Dean pulled the baggie out from under his bed, pulling out a blunt. He rolled it around in his fingers, trying to come to a decision. On one hand, he wanted to try it, but on the other hand, he didn't want to upset Cas again. Dean decided to shove it back in the bag and run downstairs before he could change his mind.

Castiel smiled hopefully when Dean came in, a hint of pride and love on his face. The smaller boy ran over and took the bag, throwing it over his shoulder to confiscate later before he jumped up, squealing happily. "You actually did it!" He yelped into Dean’s neck, hugging him like he was a giant teddy bear. Dean chuckled a little, rubbing Cas' back. "Of course, Cas."

"I knew I could trust you." Cas murmured, sighing in relief. The smaller boy clung to Dean’s shirt and shoulder blades, smiling like he was the happiest boy alive. Dean grinned a little more. He felt better that he had given Castiel everything and not taken anything for himself. "You wanna sleep now?" He yawned.

"Mmm, sure, but I have a question." Castiel whispered and hopped down, walking towards the closet.

"Yeah?" Dean asked, pulling his boxers on and turning to Castiel. The smaller boy went inside and came back out, holding a monster cock in one hand, and a giant ribbed dildo in the other. He grinned smugly and lazily waved them at Dean. "Were you planning on keeping these to yourself?" Cas teased. Dean blushed a little as he imagined those stretching out Cas' pink hole. "N-No, but I thought we could work up to th-them..."

Castiel purred and licked the ribbed one, letting his tongue drag over each ridge languidly. The smaller boy turned back around and tossed them back to their box, walking back over to Dean. "Last one to the bed has to fuck the other." He sing-songed and disappeared, landing flat on Dean’s bed with a thud.

Dean chuckled and rolled his eyes, running upstairs to his room, opening the door to find Cas on his bed. "Howdy." He winked. Castiel purred like a fucking tiger, baring his teeth slightly just to tease Dean. He loved when Dean would flirt like that. The smaller boy spread his legs invitingly, arching back with a sigh. "Mmm, let's go to sleep." He said and rolled over, pulling the pillow closer.

"Mmm, let's not." Dean growled, closing the door behind him as he strode over and flipped Cas onto his back, forcing his legs apart. "Gonna fuck you so hard, you know that?" Dean smirked a little as he whispered lowly into Cas' ear, kind of wanting to roleplay tonight.


Castiel mewled, trying to wrap his legs around Dean’s waist, but he wanted to moan at how Dean's large hands pinned his legs out flat to the bed. "D-Dean..." He gasped needily, biting his lip at the thought of Dean pounding him to the point where he had to limp through the school hallways tomorrow.

"Yeah, baby?" Dean smirked, leaning down to nip and suck at Cas' neck, pulling his boxers down to free his cock at the same time. Castiel opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by a shaky moan, his hands fisting in Deans hair. It felt so good when Dean sucked on his neck, like tiny stars were bursting in every nerve there. Dean sucked harder and pressed the head of his cock to Cas' stretched hole, sliding in. Cas cried out, his neck arching up at the mix of pleasures. He grabbed onto Deans shoulders, biting his lip in anticipation. "F-Fuck!" Castiel whimpered.

"I'm gonna do just that." Dean smirked, before he started snapping his hips in and out, not giving Cas any time to adjust.

Castiel's eyes bugged out of his head, throwing his head back in surprise at the quick change in pace. "O-Oh my god! D-D-Dean! Ohhh- AH!" The smaller boy rambled, a choked up look on his face as he gasped and mewled. Dean smirked and angled upwards, where he knew Cas' prostate was. "Not gonna be able to walk." He promised, pounding into the boy underneath him, grunting.

Castiel practically screamed, spasming under Dean as he trembled in delight. "Deaaan!!" He wailed. The smaller boy had a dreamy, dazed, fucked out, euphoric look on his face. He let out tiny 'uh's alongside each thrust, his face and chest turning red at the sudden burst of pleasure and dominance from Dean. Dean moaned softly and reached down, jerking Cas off. His plan was to make Cas cum as many times as possible. Castiel let out a girly moan, desperately grasping at the sheets and fisting them in his hands as he came. The smaller boy trembled and shuddered, flattening back against the bed in a pile of pants and sweat.

Dean slowed down a little, giving Cas a minute to breathe before he started up again, pounding into Castiel with everything he had, sweat rolling down his tan and muscles chest as he flexed, keeping up the fast and steady pace. Castiel cried out in surprise, almost sobbing in pleasure as his prostate was fucked into over and over. The smaller boy felt like a searing heat was taking over his whole body in a matter of seconds, his eyes rolling lazily into the back of his head. "Ohhhhh fuck fuck fuck! Deannnnnn! Ah! P-Please!" He whimpered, moaning over and over again each time Dean's cock slid inside him.

"Want more already?" Dean smirked, his cock throbbing inside of Castiel as he came, not letting up his thrusts, jerking Castiel off with his slick hand.

Castiel looked like he had just been electrocuted, his mouth open and slack, his eyes rolled back as far as they would go. It felt so fucking amazing, he couldn't even wrap his head around it. The smaller boy came right with Dean, his body arching and trembling under the pleasure Dean was giving him. "D-Dean! F-Fuckkk! D-Dean W-Winchester!" He whimpered and babbled brainlessly, his blue eyes glowing, reacting to Dean's cum like it was born to do it. Dean smirked and pulled out, looking at Cas' gaping pink hole leaking cum. "My good boy." He whispered, before he kissed Cas thigh and left to get them some water. Closing the door behind him.

Castiel groggily rolled onto his side, his hand gently laying over his stomach. The smaller boy snuggled up, pulling the blankets over him and nuzzling his face into the pillow. Dean stumbled through the dark hallway, accidentally knocking something over, waking Gabe up with the noise. Gabriel jolted up and whined, walking out into the hallway. He squinted into the darkness and felt around. Dean heard Cas walk out of his room and he turned and stride over to him, putting a hand on his boyfriend's waist.

Gabriel squeaked, Sam felt bigger almost. The smaller boy leaned up and pecked Sam's cheek, smiling. "Are you okay?" He whispered tiredly.

Dean nodded, before he turned and pushed Cas to the wall, smashing their lips together in a heated kiss.

Gabriel giggled and moaned, kissing back enthusiastically. A minute later Sam and Cas both stepped out into the hall, blinking at the darkness. Sam flipped the lights on and froze, his mouth falling open. Castiel on the other hand glared and crossed his arms.

Dean's eyes fluttered open when the lights turned on, expecting to see Cas' bright blue ones, but when he saw Gabes light brown ones, he jumped back, wiping his mouth. "Oh my god!" He yelped out, looking at the teenager who was still pressed against the wall. Gabriel opened his eyes and gagged intensely, doubling over and wiping at his mouth and tongue with desperation. "EWWW!"

A small laugh came out of Sam as he watched the two teenagers rub their mouths like five year olds. Castiel sighed and dropped his arms, rubbing his stomach absentmindedly as he watched. "I hope you learned your lesson." He teased fondly.

Dean gave Gabe an awkward look and walked over to Castiel. "Sorry." He blushed, kissing Cas' neck. Castiel moaned softly, tipping his head back at the kiss. "Forgiven. You’re just gonna have nightmares." He gasped out smugly. Dean smirked and nuzzled Cas' neck, his lips tickling the sensitive skin there.

"S-Stop it!" Castiel giggled, swatting Dean teasingly. Gabriel watched hesitantly, seeing Dean nuzzle the air. He slowly backed into his room, his jaw clenched as he remembered his older brother.

Dean chuckled a little and kissed Cas again, before he took Cas' hand, leading him to his room. "C'mon Cas."

Castiel followed Dean inside, jumping on his back happily. "Mmm, love you." He whispered.

"I love you, too." Dean grinned a little and closed the door behind them, tossing Castiel on the bed. Cas laughed and thudded back, his face turning red at the playful motion. Dean jumped on the bed with Cas, bombarding him with kisses all over his face and chest. "I love you so much."

Cas was immediately thrown into a fit of giggles, squirming under Dean’s attention. "Deeean! Stop itt!" He whined. Dean chuckled and got on top of Cas, tickling him. "We're gonna go watch the sunrise tomorrow." He told him.

"But homework!" Castiel squeaked, laughing and jerking uncontrollably. His face was almost as red as a tomato, he was wheezing and giggling hysterically.

"Cas!!!" Dean whined, his hands running up and down Cas' sides. "I won't stop til you say yes!"

Cas squealed and slapped Dean's hands, gasping for air. "Okay! Okay! S-Stop!" He yelped.

"Are you gonna go with me tomorrow?" Dean asked, slowing his hands down, but not by much.

"Yes!" Castiel gasped out, grabbing Dean's hands to still them. Dean finally stopped his hands, reaching over and setting an alarm for five am. "We're gonna have a picnic and it's gone be awesome." Castiel smiled and nodded, pulling Dean against him. "Yes. It will." He murmured. Dean grinned and laid next to Cas, letting his eyes flutter closed.

Chapter Text

In the morning Cas woke up and groaned, curled up on the kitchen floor of Dean's house. He blearily looked up, jerking awake when he realized he hadn't actually died.

"Cas?!" Dean called from upstairs as the sound of his alarm stopped. "Where are you?" Dean ran downstairs, wearing only boxers. Castiel groaned and rolled over, facing the ceiling. "Here." He grumbled and sat up.

"You need to stop doing that." Dean bent down and helped Castiel stand. "On the bright side though, just enough time for you to help me set up the picnic basket."

Castiel huffed and nuzzled into Dean’s arms sleepily, pretending to go back to sleep so he didn't have to work. "Mmmm." He hummed. Dean chuckled a little. "Go take a shower, it'll be done by then."

Cas giggled and kissed Dean’s chest before disappearing, taking a shower and feeling his stomach absentmindedly. He must've gained some weight. Dean quickly set up the basket, making sure to bring pie. He even brought along some sparkling water. He wanted it to be perfect. He went upstairs and got changed, waiting for Cas.

Castiel came out dressed in a tan hoodie and jeans, his usual outfit. He smiled and walked over, raising up his jacket. "Look!" He squealed happily, pointing at his formerly concave stomach. It wasn't much, but it was something.

At first, Dean didn't understand, but as soon as he did, he took in a sharp breath. "Are you..?" He whispered. Castiel bit his lip and rubbed his now slightly rounded stomach. "I don't know...but I hope." He murmured and pulled the jacket back down.

"Me too." Dean ran a hand through Cas' wet hair. "Now, c'mon, the sun is gonna rise any minute now." Dean grabbed the basket and a blanket, getting his car keys and walking out the door. Castiel giggled and ran outside, jumping into the front seat with a smile. The size of his stomach changed quickly, it made him wonder how long it would actually take for a baby, if they even had one. Dean got into the car, too, trying to seem cool and collected. "Not much time." He mumbled, turning the car on. Castiel smiled and nodded, resting his hand on his stomach. "That's fine." He murmured and leaned his head on Dean's shoulder.

Dean sped most of the way. He was rushing because he wanted it to be perfect. He laid down the blanket on the sort grass, setting up the food. "C'mon!" He chuckled a little. Castiel giggled and ran after Dean, jumping and landing on the blanket with a happy look. He laughed and curled up, patting the other side of the blanket for Dean to come sit. Dean sat next to him and looked into the distance, the sky starting to tinge with pinks and orange.

Cas laid his head on Dean's chest, his breathing evening out when the sky slowly changed from a variety of colors. It was soothing. He cuddled closer, his eyes falling shut as he slept unknowingly.

Dean watched with wide eyes, breathing in the cool morning air. He ate a piece of pie, before he woke Cas up. "Cas, we have to go..." He hoped Castiel didn't notice his shaky voice. Castiel grunted and woke up, frowning at the tone of Dean's voice. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing." Dean smiled a little. "We have school, though."

Castiel groaned and rolled over, pouting moodily. "No." He huffed stubbornly. Dean chuckled. "Cas...." He mumbled, pressing kisses to Castiel's soft neck. Castiel let out a sudden moan and sat up, his face bright red in embarrassment. "I-I'm up!" He squeaked and scrambled to stand up. Dean smirked. "C'mon. I can't be late to school again." He got up.

Cas giggled and gathered the blanket, eyeing the food for a moment. He slowly leaned down and shoveled a few pieces of cheese into his mouth before taking off to the car. Dean laughed and got into the car with Cas, groaning when it wouldn't start. "Fuck." He rolled his eyes and got out, opening the hood. "Cas, can you come out here?!" Dean called.

Castiel whined and clambered back out of the car, walking over with a sleepy look, his slim hands buried in his hoodie pocket. Dean laughed leaned forward, pressing a kiss to Cas' cheek. Rolling up his sleeve, Dean tried to put his hand in a small space, but it didn't fit. "Cas, there's something stuck in there, and the car won't work. Can you take it out?" Dean was surprised his voice was working.

Castiel glared moodily and stuffed another bite of pie in his mouth. "I'm a poet and scientist! You're the car seducer!" He whimpered, licking the cherry filling from his lips. Dean rolled his eyes. "Cas, your tiny hand will fit in there! Mine won't!"

Castiel whimpered and clutched the pie closer like someone would hold a baby. He leaned forward, sliding his hand in between the crevice. "I don't have tiny hands, they are just thin." He muttered grumpily, twisting his arm to reach farther. Dean chuckled a little. "If you feel something in there, pull it out. It's probably just a screw or some shit." Dean's voice was steady, but his hands kept shaking. The ring wasn't fancy, it was just a silver ring with a blue stone. On the inside, it said "Angel." It just reminded Dean of Cas, so he got it.

Castiel grunted and felt around, pulling out a small shaped object. He reached behind himself and handed it to Dean, going back to search unknowingly. Dean felt the ring being pressed into his hand and he had to hold in a groan of pain when Cas hadn't realized what it was. ((SHIT WHATS HE GONNA DO NOW?))

Castiel sighed and pulled his greasy hand back, looking up at Dean with a bored look. "Dean, I don't understand!" He pouted, forking another bite of pie into his mouth hungrily. "I'm not technical." Cas murmured around the crust. Dean nodded." I think you got it out. Let's go." He would do it later. Castiel tilted his head and nodded, shrugging before he went to the car and grabbed a piece of cheese from Dean’s basket. Dean got into the car and turned it on, sighing a little. "Let's go home." Maybe he could order pizza with Cas and put it on the pizza?

Castiel frowned and tilted his head, "Dean, we have school." He said teasingly.

"Oh, right." Dean nodded and backed out of the parking lot, starting to drive to their school, the ring heavy in his pocket.

Castiel chuckled, and by the time they got to school, Cas had eaten about everything in the car that was edible. He groaned and slouched back, sighing as he opened the door. "School suddenly sounds awful." He muttered. Dean pulled into the school parking lot and turned to Cas, chuckling a little. "You good to go to school?"

Cas nodded and rolled from the car, barely catching himself on his feet before he grabbed his bag. "I'll get you from auto shop, okay?" He suggested lovingly.

"Sure." Dean nodded and got his own bag, walking into school, going to his auto shop class. Dean had completely forgotten about Alfie, until he saw the kid sitting in the seat next to Deans, waving excitedly.

Alfie hadn't even remembered Dean's admissions, or what happened. It was blanked out. Almost like it was erased. "Hey!" He