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Miraculous Advice

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ConcernedMum42: Hello, is this how I talk to an agony aunt?

AuntieMoth: No, my username is just this because I wanted it to be!

AuntieMoth: Yes this is how to get some advice for your stupid life.

ConcernedMum42: It’s about my son

AuntieMoth: He can’t be worse than mine

ConcernedMum42: I’m scared to let him do all the things he wants to

ConcernedMum42: What if he gets caught up in a bad crowd?

AuntieMoth: Trust me on this one, let your son do whatever he wants

ConcernedMum42: Seriously?!

AuntieMoth: Yes!

AuntieMoth: If you don’t, he might form an alter ego and run around the city at night in a really tight leather cat costume!!!

ConcernedMum42: That’s....

ConcernedMum42: Oddly specific?

AuntieMoth: It can happen!!

ConcernedMum42: I’m going to go now...

AuntieMoth: Beware the puns!

AuntieMoth: THE PUNS!!!!

*Dedicated to my friend who broke her arm today (piggybacking is dangerous)*