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Clarke had been gone for 2 months when the Commander came to Arkadia for the first time.

Raven watched from her place by the fence as Marcus walked outside to greet her. She sensed the flare of pheromones in the air, distrustful alphas filled with anger, feeling threatened by a being that was so obviously above them. Omegas that had presented so recently with the lack of suppressants moved around whispering among each other, the Commander’s scent was carried subtly by the cold wind, just enough to tickle Raven’s nose. It was earthy and clean, the smell of smooth leather, freshly cut wood and dew covered grass came with it and it made the tiny hairs at the back of her neck stand on end.

Raven knew the Commander was different, she had known from the very moment she had met her, everything that came with her, her scent, the way she carried herself, the way other alphas reacted to her. They submitted to her, and the Commander hardly needed to try. She was an alpha, but a different kind, maybe the radiation had changed her, maybe it was the reason why she was so strong, why her scent was so exhilarating and compelling.

Raven knew most omegas, even most betas would let the Commander take them, wouldn’t even attempt to resist her call, they would let the Commander use them, force them to submission in bed and any other place. The Commander was just that powerful, and that she was so effortlessly good looking didn’t help.

Raven would probably feel the same way if she didn’t hate her so much.

She watched the Commander enter Arkadia’s walls with a few of her most trusted soldiers, and instead of waiting Raven moved to the council room on her own.

Abby, and Lincoln were there, the Commander had moved to the head of the table, but hadn’t sat yet. Raven moved to sit next to Abby.

The tension could have probably been cut with a knife, after the betrayal the people of Arkadia held nothing but hostility towards the grounders.

“Commander, to what do we owe the visit?” Kane started, and Lexa moved her gaze towards him.

“It is necessary that we talk about our political state, after all, your people are still living on my land.”

“After what we did for you, you still come here asking about land?” Abby said, visibly angry. The Commander moved her eyes to her.

“You did nothing for me, my deal with the mountain men saved my people, not you. You only saved your own, and do not delude yourself into thinking otherwise.”

Abby was about to say something else when Marcus touched her arm, telling her with the gesture to be quiet.

“If the Commander really wanted us out of here she would have gathered her army and taken us out, which makes me believe that that is not what you want, am I wrong?” Marcus said.

The Commander gave Marcus an appreciative nod, obviously feeling like he was the only person with a brain in the room.

“I understand your people’s lack of trust and hostility towards me, it is justified after my decision at the mountain. However, that decision saved hundreds of my people, people that I could not sacrifice in an attempt to save yours, that would have gone against my duty. What I come to offer here today is a permanent place for Skaikru within my Coalition, with it would come the land you are staying on and the help of the other clans in your survival during the winter. In exchange you would give us your knowledge in medicine and other fields, knowledge that I’m sure is valuable enough for the other clans to be willing to help you freely. You would also be granted safe passage through the lands of the Coalition, you would be able to hunt and plant freely on the lands recognized as yours and if any other Clan dared to attack you, the other 12 would back you as it is the law.” The Commander said and Raven briefly glanced at Marcus, she knew it would be stupid to turn down the deal and she knew the grounders would come for their land if they refused.

“What would happen if we denied?” Marcus asked.

“I would give you the chance to move your people somewhere else peacefully, even though the available land is far and dead, or I would gather my army to force you out if you refused to go on your own.”

“So we either enter the Coalition or we leave.” Raven said and it wasn’t a question, but still the Commander answered her with a court nod.

“The clans won’t accept you just taking their land-”

“How do we know you won’t betray us again?”

“Our laws would prevent me from doing so, being a part of the Coalition would mean that you would become my people too, if I betrayed you I would face execution, being Commander doesn’t absolve me from the law.” The Commander said, and Marcus nodded, looking pensive.

“Coalitions break, you can’t ensure they won’t, by becoming a part of it, you would just be putting us in the middle of a bigger war once it falls apart.”

“That is true,” the Commander said, agreeing with Abby and leaving everyone shocked. “Hopefully that won’t happen, and if it does, by then you will have stronger ties with some of the clans and with them you would have higher possibilities of coming out of the fight alive than if you were on your own, if the Coalition were to fall and the Clans started fighting each other you'd caught in the crossfire anyway.”

“We aren’t willing to risk it, the only way we accept it is through an unbreakable alliance, a tie we have even if the Coalition falls, we are hundreds against thousands, and you can’t ensure that we won’t be taken out of the picture first once the Coalition falls apart. We need the permanent support of at least one of the clans, if that isn’t something you see as a possibility then we will take our chances fighting for this land. We have enough bullets to kill hundreds without going out of our camp, hopefully the rest of your people will have the good sense of leaving us alone.” Abby said, her pheromones flaring strongly.

“Abby…” Marcus started, trying to keep the woman calm, but she would have none of it. A hushed argument started between them and Raven could do nothing but stare at the Commander, whose own pheromones stayed within normal levels even after Abby’s outburst. Odd.

“There is a way.” Lincoln said, and the Commander’s eyes snapped to meet his. That was why he was in the room to begin with, to act as their advisor. Marcus and Abby’s little argument came to an end as they both turned to look at him. “An Union between the highest ranking members of two clans, through the birth of a child that poses Skaikru blood and Trikru blood for example, a permanent and unbreakable union would take place. Even if the Coalition fell, you would forever be tied to the Trikru. It would mean that you would act as one kru, sharing everything and fighting together against everything.”

“It has been a long time since an union like this has been made.” the Commander said. “The last one was made between the Blue people and the Cliff people, they came together through an union and formed the Bluecliff Clan. This union is sacred, it is old and well respected amongst the clans, it has too much meaning to be taken lightly.”

“What does it mean?” Marcus asked.

“It means compromise, reaching an agreement, working together for a greater goal, leaving the bad blood behind; it means moving forward, the start of a new beginning through blood, it means everlasting peace.” Lincoln said. “That is why it happens rarely, the clans are unable to forgive and to give each other the possibility of a new start, they prefer to stay separated and fight only for themselves. Now with the Coalition they have started to work together, it is a great improvement, but they will surely pull back and turn their back on it, if it ever stops being convenient.”

“If you were willing to do this, you will have to agree to some of the laws of Trikru, some laws that we will be open to negotiate, others that will change with time, others that for the moment will be unchangeable, if this is what you want you would have to accept it for the time being, until your people are better accepted and your leaders try to convince the leaders of Trikru to change some of their ways.”

“So we would have to take your ways as our own, that doesn’t sound much as reaching and understanding and a compromise.” Abby said and the Commander shook her head slightly.

“If we performed this union I, as leader of Trikru, would offer the following compromise: if a crime is committed between sky people, the crime will be judged under skaikru law, the opposite for Trikru, but if a crime is committed by a sky person to a tree person, the crime will be judged under Trikru law. If the crime is committed from a Tree person to a sky person, the sky people decide the punishment.”

“So, to make it short, the punishment is decided by the people the crime is committed against, so if a sky person steals from a trikru village the trikru decides the punishment, and if a tri person kills a sky person we decide the punishment. While any other crimes that do not involve both clans will be handled internally without meddling from the other clan.”

“Yes, basically, if you hurt me I decide your punishment and if I hurt you, you decide.” The Commander said.

“What about crimes committed between clans?”

“Those are handled under the coalition’s law, and those laws can’t be changed at least that the majority of the clan leaders agree, it works similarly to your democracy.”

Abby and Kane looked at each other, they knew their people wouldn’t survive the winter on their own, that they had no real training in how to survive on the lands they wer eliving in, they really didn’t know the danger they would find. They knew that it was a good deal. Most of all, they knew that if they didn’t accept, they would die fighting for the land, or trying to relocate, and they had already lost so many…

“We accept.” Marcus said, before either he or the Commander could change their minds. He offered the Commander his arm and she took it, sealing the deal with the usual grounder handshake. Proper procedures would be taken later.

“Now,” Abby said, letting out a heavy breath. “Who will marry who?”

“Marry?” The Commander asked, not following.

“It is something similar to the union, only it can be done between any member of their clan.” Lincoln explained, “we only bond with our mates, the marriage is to make it official, like a legal procedure.” The Commander nodded at the explanation, though Raven could see on the slight tilt of her head that to her it didn’t make much sense.

“I am the highest ranking member of Trikru, so the highest ranking Omega would seal the union with me.” the Commander said. “It has to be the highest ranking Omega, so either one of your leaders, the offspring of one of them, or a person who is equally important to the sustenance of your clan.”

Marcus didn’t have children.

Abby’s daughter, Clarke, was an Alpha.

And the other member of the council was Raven, who had being given that position because of her knowledge, because she fixed things within Arkadia, because she kept the place going. And she was an Omega.

Raven knew everyone had reached the same conclusions when she felt Lincoln, Kane and Abby’s eyes on the side of her face.

She could only think about how the Commander had ordered her torture, had ordered Finn’s death. How much suffering and agony she had endured because of her, and now she had to decide between marrying the person she hated the most, or putting her people through another war.

She deluded herself into thinking it was a decision, it wasn’t.

And she would have to carry the Commander’s children.

Raven saw red, and in seconds she was out of the council room.


Clarke was bare, laid out on Nylah’s bed, when said woman moved inside the room, staying by the door frame instead of moving all the way in. Her scent was messy, Clarke couldn’t really pinpoint what exactly the Omega felt, she frowned slightly and turned to look at her. Nylah gave her a hesitant smile, before she sat next to Clarke on the mattress.

“What is it?” Clarke asked, and the expression on Nylah’s face told her everything she needed to know. “You know I don’t want to talk about that.”

“This is different, something has been going on, I kept myself from telling you because you always react this way, but now, now I think this is something that you need to know.”

“Talk.” Clarke said with a growl and Nylah grimaced.

“People have been coming and going, whispering about a permanent alliance between Skaikru and Trikru. For the past 10 days your leaders and ours have been talking about the terms of this union, apparently our people will be joined as one under the banner of Trikru, but your people will keep independence over their internal affairs and laws. We will share resources and knowledge, my army will be your army and your weapons will be my weapons, we are joined as one and through that union we will have peace. By being a part of Trikru, Skaikru is now part of the coalition too.”

Clarke’s jaw tensed, her eyes hardening until they looked like metal.

“How did this happen?”

Niylah didn’t get to explain what an Union like this meant, when Clarke was already throwing her clothes on and out the door.


Raven tried to stop herself from crying out of anger while the Commander’s handmaidens helped her dress for the union. Her hair had been braided beautifully and she was wearing the most beautiful dress she had ever worn in her life. She didn’t think she had worn a dress before, actually.

She heard someone come into the tent and the handmaidens quickly moved outside. The scent that met Raven’s nose told her exactly who was at the door.

“If there was a way to stop this, I would do it.”

“You could leave us be and get the hell away from us.” Raven snapped, angry.

“I can’t do that and you know it Raven, you are an intelligent woman. My people would think me weak from not defending our land, they would rise against me and they would kill me.” Lexa said, her tone flat, like her death didn’t really matter.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to that.” Raven said, fixing her glare at the Commander and seeing the woman take a step closer to her.

“I am not opposed to that either.” She said, and Raven tried and failed to hide her surprise. “However, I am opposed to war, I joined the 12 clans, I keep them together. It is likely that they will fall into chaos after my passing and your people would be in the middle of it. They would either come for you for your weapons or because you are simply in the way.” Raven watched the Commander take a deep breath and her expression softened as she let it out. “I apologize for bringing you into this, for taking your life and forcing you to do something you do not want. If there was any other way, I assure you, I would take it.”

Raven nodded, her chest feeling tight. None of her people had apologized for throwing her into this mess.

“I promise that after the conception we will never have to be intimate with each other again, I won’t expect or ask anything of the like from you. I will do my best to ensure you are comfortable once we move to the capitol, and once our child is born you will be able to come to your people as often as you like. I promise I will give you as much freedom as it is possible and that this union won’t trap you.” The Commander said her voice sure and strong, her eyes reassuring.

Raven chuckled and nodded.

“What?” The Commander said, confused.

“It is said that the couple who is to be married shouldn’t see each other before the ceremony.” Raven said, watching intently as the Commander’s eyes widened, taking a step back.

“I apologize, this custom was not mentioned to me before. There is only one more thing I need from you before leaving.” The Commander said. Raven nodded, motioning with her hand for the Commander to go on.

“I need your consent, I need your permission to be intimate with you and to impregnate you now that both our minds are clear, free from rut and heat.” The Commander said, her voice completely serious.

“What would you do if I said no? we both know there is no other way.” Raven said, watching as the Commander’s jaw clenched.

“Your people would have to accept becoming a part of the Coalition without being united to one clan directly, we would risk war. However, your life is your own Raven, your body is your own and I won’t violate that. Maybe if you denied your leaders would see reason, take back their demands and join the Coalition. You still have a choice.” Lexa said and Raven looked away.

She couldn’t risk another war, she had to make sure her people made it and with Trikru’s entire support and resources they would.

“I choose to marry you, I choose to be in an union with you, I choose to be intimate with you and to carry your children. You won’t be violating me or my body. I give you my consent.” Raven said, watching the Commander let out a heavy breath, it didn’t look like relief and Raven wondered if maybe she was the one violating the Commander by marrying her.

The Commander didn’t say anything else, she gave Raven a court nod and left the tent.


A few hours later Raven was standing right across from the Commander, holding her hands and looking into her eyes as an elder from Polis said who knows what in trigedasleng. After a while he switched to english, reaching for a knife at his belt and giving it to the Commander.

The alpha reached for Raven’s hand, expertly making a shallow cut in her palm as the man continued to talk in the background.

“Through this union, more than two souls come together, two clans, two peoples, two ways of life and two cultures become one and the same. Through this union a bridge is forged, built, leading to what we wish for every single day, peace…” Raven took the knife taking the blade to the Commander’s palm. The fright of seeing a black substance bubble out made her drag the blade with more force than necessary, making the cut deeper, blood coating the Commander’s hand in a couple of seconds.
The alpha didn’t react, letting the elder put their hands together, letting their bloodied palms touch as a cloth was woven around them tying them together.

“With the conception of a child of the sky and the ground this union of blood will come to life and both clans will be joined forever.” the elder said nodding to the both of them.

They had included some of the skaikru traditions into the ceremony and because of that they would have to exchange vows.

“I vow to care for you and respect you, to provide for you, I vow to make sure all your needs are met and to give you all I can to ensure you are content and comfortable. I vow to take your needs as my own and your people as my people until I draw my last breath, until my fight ends.” The Commander said, looking into Raven’s eyes, her jaw quivering just slightly.

Raven didn’t know what to say, so she just repeated the Commander’s exact words, not meaning any of it.

The cloth keeping their hands tied together were undone and a handmaiden quickly bandaged their palms. The elder was about to say something else when the Commander stepped in.

“As a show of my respect to my partner’s culture and traditions I offer her this ring as they are usually exchanged during Skaikru’s union ceremonies.” The Commander said, as one of her handmaidens stood besides them, holding two rings over a piece of soft fabric.

The Commander took one of them, it seemed to be made of some kind of metal, intricately designed to look as two twisted vines, one of them showered with clear rocks as a bigger, dark blue one rested right on top in the center of the ring. Raven marveled in the delicacy of it as the Commander slipped it onto her finger.

Raven snapped out of it when the Commander cleared her throat quietly, tilting her head towards the ring the handmaiden was still holding, it was just a simple band, nothing special. The mechanic took it and slipped it on the Commander’s finger.

The elder nodded taking a step back.

“You may seal the union with a kiss.” He said and slowly the Commander leaned in, stopping inches away from Raven’s face waiting for some kind of approval and only moving further when Raven nodded her head.

The Commander barely pressed their lips together before pulling back.

In matter of minutes Raven had given her life to someone she didn’t love, to the same person that had ordered her partner’s execution and that same night she would have to give that person her body as well.


They were sitting on the Commander’s tent, exchanging tattoos, as it was trikru’s tradition, when someone barged into their tent.

“Heda, forgive me, she refused to wait to be announced.” the guard said and Lexa dismissed him with a wave of her hand, her eyes focused on the form of the alpha standing before them.

“Clarke!” Raven gasped, surprised, but the blonde didn’t look at her she was glaring at the Commander, pure fury and hatred shining in her eyes.

The Commander told the tattoo artists to wait outside and stood up.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Clarke snapped, stinking the whole tent with her scent, her fury and the tone of her voice making Raven flinch.

“Your people demanded this union, Clarke, it was something I could not deny. Raven was the only available candidate, the highest ranking omega in your clan.”

“Before the battle of mount weather you kissed me,” Clarke said, and Raven’s heart dropped to her stomach, “you said you cared for me and now I come back to find out you forced one of my best friends to marry you, betraying my people wasn’t enough for you, you had to betray me too, you had to ruin Raven’s life.”

“I do care about you, Clarke.” Lexa said, and Raven thought she saw her eyes glisten with moisture. “And because of that I had to make sure I would never be forced to choose between my people and yours ever again.”

She was answered with hard slap to the face, the strength of it making the Commander’s head snap to the side.

“Don’t you dare say you did this because of me, I am done with you and your fucked up lies, you are disgusting.” Clarke said, her face twisted with distaste and anger as she walked out of the tent.

Raven watched silently as the Commander walked back to her chair, wiping away the trail of blood dripping from her lip before sitting down and calling the tattoo artists back in.


A few hours later Raven was sitting behind the Commander in a horse, a couple of her most trusted soldiers following them into a secluded cabin in the woods. Supposedly no one knew the location of the cabin, in there they would conceive a child, staying for as long as Raven’s heat and Lexa’s rut lasted, both would be induced by a tea made by the grounders. The guards, most of them betas had to make sure no one interrupted the coupling.
When they made it to their destination the sun was already hiding over the horizon. The Commander held their bags in one hand and the door with the other, letting Raven pass before entering herself. She dropped both bags on the floor and proceeded to inspect the cabin, making sure it was properly stacked before walking back towards Raven, offering her the tea in a water skin.

“Try to be careful with my leg,” Raven said, looking down at her brace, “I probably won’t feel it during heat, but I will surely feel it after.” Raven knew the commander would have little to no self control when she entered rut, but still she would try to save herself as much pain as possible.

“I will do my best.” Lexa said and Raven nodded, taking the water skin to her lips and dawning all of its contents in one go before taking off her clothes and laying on the bed in only her underwear. The Commander did the same a few minutes later, laying down right besides her without touching her.

Raven fell asleep at some point and when she woke up everything was burning. She gasped in pain, feeling hollow and empty as she squeezed her legs, beads of sweat rolling down her neck and chest as she gasped, breathing in deeply as her senses were drowned by alpha. Raven’s eyes snapped open, her eyes staring at the body laying besides her own. Lexa was as sweaty as her, breathing harshly, her fists clenched around the furs below them as her pheromones clouded Raven’s senses. Her eyes trailed down the Commander’s toned body, watching muscles rippling under skin, watching her perfect abdominal muscles clench and unclench with every hard breath until her gaze locked on the visible tent that had formed between the Commander’s legs. Raven’s mouth watered at the sight, feeling her lower lips drip, her gut clench with emptiness as her hands reached to take the Commander’s shaft.

Raven shuddered as soon as she touched it, her fingers could barely close around it and more wetness coated the inside of her thighs as she imagined how it would feel inside of her. She pulled the Commander’s underwear down, a whine falling past her lips as soon as she saw the length of the Commander’s cock, she couldn’t resist, she needed it inside of her, she needed to be fucked. She clenched her hand around the hard shaft, rubbing up and down slowly as she moved her head to whisper in the Commander’s ear.

“Fuck me, please” Raven begged, she felt so empty, so hollow, she needed to be filled. “Please Commander, I need you inside, please.”

The next time she opened her eyes the strong body of the alpha was hovering over her and Raven understood all at once why everyone was so willing to lie at Lexa’s feet, her scent was intoxicating, her eyes seemed to glow with the brightness of her green iris, her bronzed skin was coated with a thin layer of sweat that Raven was dying to taste. Raven clenched her legs tightly to try and relieve the pain burning in her core, but the feel of the Commander’s harsh breaths hitting her parted mouth was too much to bear, she trailed a hand up Lexa’s hard back muscles, holding onto the back of her neck and then pulling down until their lips met.
White exploded behind Raven’s eyes and she thought she would come by the taste of the Commander’s mouth alone. Lexa’s kiss was dominant and possessive, her tongue pushing past Raven’s lips, groaning at the taste of the omega, as she rubbed her center against Raven’s, letting her covered cock brush over Raven’s soaked underwear.

Raven’s moans were muffled on Lexa’s mouth as she parted her legs and curled them around the Commander’s waist, forcing her to push against hers harder, her cock pushing against Raven’s stiff clit.

The Commander pulled away for a moment and a second later she had ripped away the fabric covering Raven’s chest, moving back down to suck at Raven’s pulse point as one of her hands covered one of her breasts, rubbing her palm over one dark nipple, rolling it between long fingers until Raven was left as a squirming mess. Raven threw her head back, a strangled moan escaping her mouth as the Commander started thrusting harder and faster against her clothed center, driving Raven mad with pleasure and pushing her over the edge once the Commander sank her teeth on Raven’s bottom lip tugging at it as her hips drove hard into Raven’s.

The aftershocks of Raven’s climax hadn’t gotten to pass when the mechanic felt the Commander’s hand trail between their bodies and push under her ruined underwear, long fingers brushed over her pulsing clit, drawing tight circles on it and making Raven’s eyes roll to the back of her head. A few seconds later those same fingers trailed down towards her slit, teasing her entrance as they dipped inside only to pull away a second later. Raven groaned in agony, desperate to be filled as she pulled at the alpha’s hair, forcing her down into a bruising kiss as she begged to be filled.

The alpha finally relented and thrusted her fingers hard into the omega’s chanel, making sure to brush the tips of her fingers against that special spot on the omega’s front wall. The Commander thrusted her fingers fast and hard, collecting wetness and smearing it on Raven’s clit, brushing her fingers harshly against it, pressing down on it until the omega was coming once again, cursing at the skies, nails leaving red lines down Lexa’s back as her body convulsed in pleasure, wetness coating the Commander’s hand.

Finally the Commander deemed the omega ready to take her shaft, the next thing Raven felt were the Commander’s strong arms roll her onto her front, sure hands pulling down her underwear and leaving her core exposed to the air, making the omega shiver as the head of the alpha’s cock pushed against her entrance.

“Yes, yes, yes….” Raven chanted slowly, dying to feel the Commander’s cock tear her apart, spread her walls, dying to feel her seed splash against her insides, the haze of her heat making her crave to be bred and taken by the alpha.

Raven knew the Commander was trying to be gentle, was trying not to hurt her because even if the omega was more than ready, having the Commander’s cock inside of her all at once was meant to hurt just by the size of it. Thinking about it only made the omega wetter, whimpering and trying to push her hips back so she could take the Commander’s cock, but the alpha wasn’t having it, her hold strong on Raven’s hips as she pushed her shaft inside little by little, groaning deeply at the feel of the omega’s tight, hot walls enveloping her cock, drowning it in warmth.

A long stream of moans and groans escaped the omega’s mouth once the Commander pushed all the way in, she had never felt so full, so much so that she was sure her body would break apart, her walls clenched around the hardness inside of her and she clutched her eyes shut begging the alpha to move, tearing to the ground the last threads of self control keeping the alpha together until the Commander was pounding into her, driving her hips hard and fast against Raven, her cock pushing as deep as it could go inside the omega’s chanel, reducing the omega to a squirming, whimpering mess.

As her hips slapped Raven’s backside the Commander changed the angle of her thrusts, driving her hips upwards, making the curve of her cock brush against Raven’s front wall with every thrust and pushing the omega into the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced in her life. Raven cried out, slumping against the mattress bonelessly as she tried to get some air inside her lungs. She couldn’t help but notice that the Commander was still hard, still inside of her helping her ride her climax as her walls fluttered and clenched around her shaft. Slowly, the Commander pulled out, rolling Raven onto her back and spreading her legs, stepping between them, letting Raven see her thick cock standing proudly against the air, spilling wetness from the very tip, the knot having already formed at the base. The sight made the mechanic’s mouth water, her insides ache with need and she knew the Commander wasn’t much better, she was trembling, breathing hard as she pumped her cock with her hand, staring at Raven with hunger in her eyes, but still refusing to move.

Raven knew the Commander was once again asking for consent, even though she knew that while in heat Raven wouldn’t deny. The mechanic nodded furiously, pulling the Commander down so her body was draped over the omega’s and reaching down between their bodies to hold her shaft and line it with her entrance.

“Knot me.” Raven whispered, moving her hands towards the Commander’s behind, grabbing each butt cheek and pulling the Commander’s hips down towards her, sighing with pleasure as she felt the Commander’s shaft fill her once more, wetness dripping down her lower lips as she felt the Commander’s knot nudge her entrance.

The Commander nodded and started moving her hips, her body shaking as she held herself from rutting into Raven like a mindless beast, knowing that she would hurt her.

Raven threw her head back in pleasure, clutching her eyes shut and sinking her nails into the Commander’s behind, her entrance burning with the stretch as the knot slowly pushed inside. With one final thrust of the Commander’s hips her knot buried completely in Raven’s cunt, tying them together and throwing them both over the edge. Raven released a shout, her sight going completely black as she felt the Commander’s hot cum splash her walls.

The alpha continued to rock her hips against the omega’s, riding their shared peaks with the little movement their union allowed.
Raven was finally calm, her body sated, her heat relieved for the moment as the alpha’s knot rested inside of her, a gentle curve forming on her belly as the alpha’s seed settled inside, Raven hummed in content, her instincts to carry pups flaring as she settled her fingertips on her belly, she knew it was almost impossible for her not to get pregnant during a heat.

Gently the Commander rolled them so she was laying against the mattress with Raven’s body atop her own, they would be tied for a few hours.

Raven settled her head against the Commander’s shoulder, the haze her heat put her in clearing just slightly as she saw drops of black trailing down the Commander’s cheek, coming from her lips.

“You didn’t bite me.” Raven said, a statement filled with wonder. The Commander’s eyes remained closed, having obviously bitten her lip.

“No.” She said simply.

“Why?” Raven asked, her eyelids dropping with exhaustion.

“I promised you you’d be free, you are your own, Raven.” The alpha said, her breathing evening out as she fell asleep.

Her words echoed in Raven’s head.

The rest of the week was spent in a similar fashion, having sex until Raven’s heat was over. At the beginning the omega didn’t care much, sex was natural, a craving of their bodies, a necessity for the reproduction of the species, a form of enjoyment, too. She hadn’t cared, just as she hadn’t cared with Bellamy and with Wick, they were just there for her pleasure, to calm the ache in her body. Lexa, the Commander, had done the exact same and at the same time it had been different, even if all of Raven’s previous experiences had been with alpha’s too, being with the Commander had represented a game changer. Bellamy, Wick, even Finn, they were takers, they cared only about their own pleasure, they wanted to take and posses and dominate, and the Commander, being and alpha too, was a giver, was careful, was controlled even when deep into her own rut, only letting herself go when Raven had asked her to. And ever after the coupling, when most alphas would just go, the Commander would stay, draw her a bath, apply salve in the bruises and scratches she couldn’t stop herself from leaving in Raven’s body. Raven had never felt as satisfied sexually, had never come so hard, had never being cared for in such a way. And still, once the haze of her heat left and her body no longer craved to be taken and bred, the Commander stopped being the object, the body that gave her pleasure and became the person that had executed her previous partner, her best friend, Finn.

In the darkness Raven lay awake, breathing deeply as she reached for the knife the Commander always left under her pillow. And once again she saw herself behind Arkadia’s walls, watching the person she loved the most die right in front of her eyes. In a matter of seconds she was straddling the Commander, pressing her own knife against her throat. Green eyes opened to look up at her and the alpha didn’t move, she just looked up at Raven with a blank expression on her face, Raven pressed the knife harder, drops of black blood spilling down the Commander’s neck, the alpha still didn’t react, she wasn’t afraid.

“Why are you not doing anything?” Raven said, her voice clouded with anger.

“Because I am not really the person you are angry at, and you are probably already carrying my child, my death wouldn’t matter because with the child’s birth the union between Trikru and Skaikru will be sealed.” The Commander said.

“Of course I am angry at you, I hate you because you killed him!” Raven said, pressing the knife even harder, black drops continuing to drop down the Commander’s neck.

“No, he sealed his fate the moment he shot 18 innocent people, and you are angry because he did all of that for someone else, for someone who isn’t you. You are angry because the man you loved became a monster, a murderer for another woman, because he died for her because he gave up his life to make sure she would be okay. You are angry because he did all of that for someone who isn’t you.” The Commander said, watching tears fall down the omega’s cheeks. “I just enforced the law and I’d do the same for anyone that committed the same crimes as him, that is what I must do, my job, and you know you cannot blame me for that.”

Raven looked down at the Commander’s eyes, watching how light and clear, how calm they were as they stared up at her. And she knew right then and there that she was right.

“You are angry at him because he is gone, because he left you, and because he ended up like that because of his own decisions. I didn’t take him away from you, he knew what he was getting into when he decided to shoot at those people, he was an honorable man that knew and accepted he would have to pay for his mistakes.” the Commander said, tentatively reaching up to wipe away the tears falling down Raven’s cheeks. “It is okay to be angry, to miss him. It is okay, I understand, and if you feel like I deserve to die, to pay for ordering his execution then do it, kill me.” The Commander said, looking straight into Raven’s eyes. “Do it, kill me.” She said once again her clear eyes looking into Raven’s bloodshot ones, until the omega could only look away to escape her gaze, dropping the knife and falling into bed, giving her back to the Commander as she clutched the furs closer to her body, sobbing quietly into her pillow. The Commander didn’t say anything else.

Not an hour had passed when they both heard something outside, a second later the Commander was the one straddling Raven covering her mouth as she slowly reached a hand to the bag placed on the floor besides the bed taking two shirts out and a pair of pants, shrugging on the shirt and giving the rest to Raven. The mechanic put the clothes on quickly and went to stand up but the Commander pushed her back down, laying her body over Raven’s as she closed her eyes. The mechanic got the hint and closed her own eyes, trying to pretend she was asleep as she reached her own hand inside the bag next to the bed, taking a gun and hiding it under the furs.

Raven tried to breathe through the thundering beat of her heart as she felt a rush of cold air enter the cabin, meaning the door must have been opened. She couldn’t hear anything but her own breathing until a poorly placed step made the wooden floor creak loudly and the Commander sprung into action, throwing her knife at a man standing by the door, it sunk with a tud in his eye socket and he dropped dead to the ground, two more rushed inside and towards the Commander, they were huge, easily a head taller than the Commander and covered in hard armor.

Raven watched the fight from the bed, the Commander was weaponless as the two men attacked her with long knives, they were all too close to each other and Raven knew that if shot at them and they moved she could hit the Commander, her musings where suddenly stopped when a third asaliant came from behind her and pulled her off the bed, throwing her to the ground, Raven blindly pointed to the figure hovering above her and shot, a splash of blood hitting her in the face as the man fell backwards with bloody hole in his cheek.

The sound of the gunshot was enough to distract the men fighting Lexa, giving her enough time to grab the arm of one of her opponents and sink his own knife in his neck, the other one rushed to attack her but she pulled the body of his companion in front of her, using his body as shield and then pushing him against the one still standing. The man stumbled with the weight of his dying companion, and by the time he pushed him away Lexa was ready blocking his next attack with her arms and punching him hard in the face, feeling his jaw give away under her knuckles as he stumbled back dazed. Raven watched as Lexa kicked at his knees, making the man fall to the ground and allowing Lexa to wrap her arms around his neck and snap it.

The Commander walked up to Raven, looking her up and down quickly to make sure she was okay. Raven did the same, finding a wet spot on the Commander’s shirt. One of the attackers had gotten to cut her, leaving back a slash over the Commander’s lower right side, close to her belly button.

“You are hurt.” Raven said, reaching to inspect the wound more closely when the Commander moved her hands away.

“It is just a flesh wound, we must go, this men weren’t here looking for a fight, they are assassins and they planned to kill is in our sleep, there might be more waiting outside and if they took out all of my guards we are in grave danger. Go get the bags, put on my armor and reach Arkadia through your radio, tell them to send back up.” Raven did as she was told while the Commander tried to look out the window without being noticed, tying her sword around her hips and putting on her pants and boots, later taking her knife and putting it inside one of them.

“I can’t see anything outside.” the Commander said, walking back towards Raven.

“I spoke to Kane, he is sending the rover, they will be here as fast as they can.” Raven said, taking a peek out the window herself. “Maybe they didn’t send anyone else.”

“It would be unwise not to have a backup plan. This cabin is surrounded by trees, I’m worried about archers, they could try to shoot at us when we try to go for the horse, we need a distraction. I’ll go run north, you take the horse and ride towards Arkadia as fast as you can, do not take the path, it is too open, stay close to it but inside the cover of the trees.” Lexa said, walking towards the door when Raven pulled at her arm.

“You are not running to your death right now, if I didn’t kill you, they are not allowed to do it either. Is the front the only way out of the cabin?” Raven asked.

“No, but they think it is. There is a tunnel in the back that leads to the barn, the problem is that they would be able to see us as soon as we leave, we need them to be looking the other way. That assuming that they don’t have people in the barn already-” Lexa was cut off by the entrance of another attacker, Raven shot them before they could come closer to them, it was a woman and with a few changes she could probably pass as the Commander herself.

“Give me your sash and your coat.” Raven said as she pointed at the woman with her gun. “Now, you, how many of you assholes are still outside?”

The woman didn’t say a word and Raven nudged her wounded shoulder with her gun.

“Tell me or I will put another hole in your head.” Raven said.

“You are going to kill me anyways.” The woman said.

“I’ll swear on my life that I will let you live if you tell us.”

“There are three archers with their eyes on the front door, three more with eyes on the barn, there is no way out, they will shoot you on sight.”

“You will uncover the path for us.” the Commander said, catching up to Raven’s plan and forcing the woman to put on her clothes. “My houmon will keep her word and let you live, but you must run south as fast as you can, you will make it if you run fast enough.” Lexa said, pulling the woman to a standing position and then pushing her out the door. As soon as the archers saw the black coat and the red sash they started shooting, a second later Lexa took Raven’s hand and pulled her into a run on the opposite direction.

“Lexa!” Raven snapped, “my leg!”

The Commander threw Raven over her shoulder and kept on running, letting out a loud whistle a second later. Arrows instantly started coming their way and Raven instantly covered her face, she could see the archers atop their horses following after them cocking their arrows and the shooting. Thankfully it was dark and in the mass of trees they couldn’t get a clear shot.

After a few minutes of arrows flying over their heads Raven understood why Lexa had whistled, why she had drawn attention to them, a horse was coming their way, the Commander’s horse. The animal slowed down just enough to keep up with them, but Lexa couldn’t get Raven on it with the arrows flying towards them, her continuous zig zagging among the trees was the only reason why they hadn’t gotten shot already, they needed another distraction.

“I’m going to blow them up!” Raven said over Lexa’s harsh breathing, reaching a hand to the bag hanging from the Commander’s shoulder and pulling out a grenade, a second later she was throwing it as hard as she could towards the three horses following them.

Shouts and screams flooded the air as the attackers were thrown off their horses, getting hurt by shrapnel and the splintering wood of trees that had fallen during the explosion. Lexa stopped in the middle of the commotion to throw Raven on the horse’s back and then climb on herself, they knew there were still other 3 attackers that hadn’t gotten caught in the explosion and that would soon catch up to them. Raven righted herself on the saddle just as the Commander put the horse into a fast gallop.

Raven allowed herself to breathe for a moment, thinking that they would make it, when the Commander suddenly yelped in pain, Raven turned to see an arrow protruding from the alpha’s shoulder, its tip soaked in black blood. She looked over that same shoulder to see the 3 remaining attackers riding towards them, all of them getting ready to shoot, the Commander prompted the horse to go faster, guiding it left and right to try and avoid the arrows flying at them. Raven knew that they wouldn't make it if she didn’t do something.

“I can try to shoot them, but I can’t aim right if you are making the horse move like that.” Raven said, taking the gun and pointing at the attackers from over Lexa’s injured shoulder. “When I tell you to you slow down, I will shoot and right after you will move out of the way in case some of them take aim at us, okay?” The Commander nodded and Raven aimed.

“Hit the rider or the horse, the animal will throw them off if you hit it, don’t aim for a perfect shot.” Lexa said and Raven nodded.

“Now!” Raven said, Lexa slowed down and kept the horse steady as Raven fired three shots in quick succession.

Two bullets hit one of the attackers, making him fall off his horse, the other missed it’s intended target but hit the front of the horse instead, the animal collapsed and threw the rider off as Lexa had predicted. The Commander instantly moved their horse out of the way but it was too late and an arrow sank on their horse’s back side. The horse stood on its hind legs, neighing in pain and throwing them both off its back. Raven felt the Commander’s arms curl protectively around her body right before they crashed against the ground.

The remaining attacker caught up to them, having run out of arrows and raising his sword. The Commander barely got to duck just as the man slashed at her head while passing right beside them, he pulled the horse reins into a sharp turn, charging at them with a scream just as the Commander threw her knife, it sunk in his chest and he fell off the horse, lifeless.

Both Raven and the Commander sat on the floor breathing for a few moments. The mechanic knew the Commander had broken her fall with her body so she slowly crawled up to her.

“Are you okay?” Raven asked, watching as the Commander broke the shaft of the arrow on her shoulder, pulling it out and throwing it to the ground, blood quickly started bubbling out.

“Yes.” The Commander said, even if she was obviously hurt. Raven ripped at her shirt and quickly put pressure on the wound, asking Lexa to hold the fabric in place over the exit wound as she ripped more of her shirt and held another piece over the bleeding entrance wound on Lexa’s back. She then curled another long piece of fabric under Lexa’s armpit and tying the knot over her shoulder to be able to keep the pieces of cloth covering the entrance and exit wounds in place.

Raven checked the Commander over, noticing the blood stain in her shirt from earlier had gotten bigger, she pulled the shirt up and stared at the slash there. It wasn’t a flesh wound and it probably needed stitches.

The Commander felt Raven’s heated glare and tilted her head slightly to the side, shrugging her good shoulder.

“It isn’t bleeding too much.”

Raven rolled her eyes at the response and crawled towards the closest fallen assassin, looking through his stuff until she found the grounder version of a first aid kid. She cleaned the Commander’s wound to the best of her ability and then covered it up, keeping the gauze in place with a bandage she tied around the Commander’s waist.

Raven then stood up, wincing and groaning, her leg burning with pain, falling of a horse had obviously made worse her already bummed leg. Lexa was instantly at her side, holding her upright, Raven ignored her and looked around. Where the fuck were they?

“We are far away from the path, we have to get close to it fast for your people to find us.” Lexa said, taking the reins of one of their attackers’ horses and helping Raven climb up before climbing on herself, she then gave Raven a blanket she found in one of the saddlebags. “Winter is close, the night is cold.” Lexa said, taking a water skin out of the same bags and sniffing at it, she took a sip confirming that it was only water before giving it to Raven. “Take some water, calm yourself, you are safe.”


They had been riding for what felt like an hour, trying to find the path towards Arkadia, and the sky was getting lighter, when Raven felt the Commander suddenly shudder against her back. The mechanic turned to look at the alpha, swallowing her concern when she found her sweaty, lips deadly pale, eyes hazy. Raven reached a hand up, touching the Commander’s cheek with hesitance and finding the skin under her palm scorching hot.
“Assassins often coat their blades and their arrows with poison.” The Commander said, another painful shudder wracking her body. She then pulled the horse to a stop and reached around it to empty the contents of her stomach, once she was done she looked back up at Raven, looking already dead. “I’m going to fall unconscious soon enough so I’m going to tie myself to you, make sure my body is returned to Polis and don’t worry about your people you are carrying my child, once it is born the union will solidify, you just have to keep them safe, okay?” the Commander didn’t wait for Raven’s response she just took some thick ropes from one of the saddle bags and and tied herself to Raven’s body. “You need to take the horse reins, just keep going as we are, we are close to the path already, it will be easy for your people to find you. Don’t be afraid, everything is going to be okay.” The alpha reassured and Raven was completely baffled.

The Commander was dying and she didn’t even care.

“You are about to die and you don’t care.” Raven said and the Commander slowly lolled her head to look at her, a second later she was vomiting over the horse’s flank again, looking even paler than before. “You are about to lose your life and you don’t care.”

“I can’t mourn over something I never really had, I never had a life. I’am just a vessel for the Commander’s spirit to achieve its purpose, when I die it will move on and someone will take my place.”

“But what about your child? don’t you want to know them?” Raven asked. The Commander stayed silent for a few seconds and Raven’s neck was aching for being turned the way it was for so long.

“They will be better off like this.” Lexa said, her body shuddering almost violently against Raven’s once again.

The mechanic swallowed hard, looking forwards, her brain fighting to catch up with the fact that the woman behind her was dying.

“Is there something you want me to tell them when they are born?” Raven asked, figuring that she should keep the Commander talking for as long as possible, keep her alive for as long as possible.

“Tell them that I wanted to be a horse trainer and breeder when I was young, or a house builder, and in my dreams my pups always had a house, up in the trees…” the Commander said, trailing off, her head slumping against Raven’s shoulder. The mechanic didn’t have the heart to shrug her off.

“What else?” Raven said, trying to keep her voice from shaking.

“Tell them that I would want them to listen to you, always. I always listened to my nomon, she was gentle with me.”

“Maybe I could take our child to see her, would you like me to do that?” Raven asked, feeling Lexa shuddering more violently as a choked up yes fell from her lips.

“I don’t know if she is still alive, but we used to- used to .... live in a little village near the border with the Glowing forest clan. There is a house by the lake surrounded by flowers, it has beautiful carvings on the front, I helped nontu make them. You should take our pup there during the winter, the lake freezes and one can slide on the ice, it is fun.” Lexa said, her voice shaking. She reached over the horse to vomit again, but then she couldn’t straighten herself, she remained slumped to the side pulling Raven with her.

The mechanic pulled at one of her arms, bringing the Commander back into position amd making Lexa wrap her arms around her waist.

“What else?” Raven asked once she felt the Commander rest her head back on her shoulder, this time she could feel the burning skin of her forehead pressed right against her neck.

“Tell them to be careful and to not go out alone after sundown. Tell them that in my dreams my pups were always nice people, were always loyal, strong and kind hearted. Tell them that I would have liked to teach them how to swim and ride horses and climb trees because I like doing that, I would have liked to play with them, to chase after them. I would have liked to hold them.” Lexa said her voice getting weak towards the end, her body completely slumped against Raven, her breathing getting laboured, a wheeze following every breath.

“What else?” Raven asked and the Commander didn’t answer, fear closed up the mechanic’s throat until she heard the Commander mumble close to her ear.

“Tell them I would have liked to take them to the ocean… I would have liked to hold their hand and walk with them…” Lexa moved one of her hands and placed it gently over Raven’s belly. “Tell them I am sorry for leaving them and that I love them very much.”

Right then Raven heard a familiar sound, the rover, and she kicked at the horses sides, making it break into a sprint towards the sound, just as Raven got to see the vehicle it accelerated, the engine roaring and scaring the horse, which started trying to run away wildly, only held back by Raven who pulled forcefully at the reins. The horse then started to jump, trying to throw them off as Raven held on for dear life, but Lexa’s dead weight fell backwards, pulling Raven with it. The Commander’s body crashed hard against the ground and Raven’s body crashed against her front, knocking the air out of her lungs.

Raven, flat on her back on top of the Commander scrambled to get off her, fighting to untie the rope and moving off of the Commander as soon as she made it. Raven then knelt by her side, Lexa was completely unconscious. Raven was trying to wake her up when people from Arkadia ran to her side.

Lincoln, Bellamy, Octavia, Clarke.

“Heda!” Lincoln gasped.

“What the hell happened?” Clarke asked reaching her hand to touch Lexa’s neck, checking her pulse.

“She got poisoned, the assassins had their blades and arrows covered with poison and she got hurt.” Raven said.

“What about you? are you okay?” Octavia asked, putting her hand on Raven’s arm.

“Yeah, I just can’t believe I’m going to be a widow so soon.”

“When was the last time she was conscious?” Clarke asked.

“Just now, until we fell off the horse, she fell on her back, maybe she hit her head.” Raven said, and Clarke reached to feel Lexa’s head, when she pulled her hand back there was a smear of black blood on it. Right then all of Lexa’s limbs were pulled tight towards her body.

“She is going to have a seizure, help me roll her onto her side!” Clarke said, hands reached to grab at Lexa and managed to roll her right before her body started to seize, limbs pushing and pulling in all directions. Black blood and spit started sputtering out of her mouth and trailing down her cheeks she had probably bitten her tongue.

“Lincoln, where can we find the antidote?” Clarke asked, desperation clouding her tone as she looked at them man over Lexa’s seizing body, she knew that the Commander would die soon if they didn’t find a way to fight the poison.

“Assassins usually carry the antidote on them in case they hurt each other by accident, or incase they want to take someone back as prisoner instead of killing them.”

Raven looked up, pointing the way Lexa and her had come from, a second later Lincoln broke into a sprint towards the forest.

“Bellamy, Miller, set camp here, those clouds aren’t looking good and we need to stay close for when Lincoln comes back. O, keep an eye out for trouble and radio back to Arkadia, tell Kane we need back up and my mother.” Everyone left to do as told and Raven and Clarke stayed kneeling by Lexa’s side, it had been at least 3 minutes, if it didn’t stop soon the Commander would have irreparable brain damage from the seizure.

At last it stopped and both Clarke and Raven looked down at the Commander expectantly, she wasn’t breathing.

“Come on, come on, come on.” Clarke murmured under her breath, cursing when the Commander’s breathing didn’t restart itself. The blonde pushed Lexa onto her back, tilting her head back and parting her mouth before reaching down and pressing her lips against hers, breathing air into her lungs before pulling back and starting chest compressions.

“28. 29. 30.” Clarke counted out loud as she moved back down to blow air into Lexa’s lungs. “Breathe, damn it!” she screamed as she pressed her hands harder against the Commander’s chest.

Raven stayed on her knees, eyes wide, her hands on her belly as she thought about her child growing up alone with only one parent, not getting to experience everything Lexa wanted to do with them. She thought about them asking about their other parent, not being old enough to understand what death means, she thought about explaining to a little kid that their mother had died trying to protect them and keep them safe. Would her child feel guilty for the rest of their life? Raven didn’t notice she was crying as she stared at Clarke’s hands incessantly pressing down on the Commander’s chest, Clarke would either bring the Commander back, or kill her by breaking apart her chest.

After a few seconds Raven noticed Clarke was crying too, and she knew then why the blonde had been so hurt by the betrayal, why she had taken it so personal. She was in love with Lexa.

After what seemed like an eternity Clarke brought her fist up in the air, bringing it down as hard as she could towards the Commander’s chest. Lexa’s back arched up and she gasped, her eyes opening just a crack as she coughed.

“Lexa?” Clarke asked gently, placing a hand on the woman’s shoulder.

“Clarke?” The Commander responded, a drop of wetness hit her face and Clarke looked up, the sky was completely dark and rain was starting to form.

Clarke, reached under the Commander and gently picked her up, laying her down inside the tent Bellamy and Miller had just put up, it wasn’t too comfortable but at least she would remain dry.

“Clarke,” Lexa gasped, reaching for the blonde’s hand, “You have to take care of Raven, make sure the child is safe, please.” Lexa said, shaking.

“It’s fine, you are going to be fine.”

“Clarke, please.” Lexa said, her eyes widening as her limbs tensed, painful spasms wracking her body.

“Okay, okay I will, I promise.” Clarke said and the Commander seemed to calm down. When Clarke looked up her eyes met Raven’s.

“Do you think she will make it?”

Clarke thought about the high fever, the seizure, she thought about the rain and how Lincoln hadn’t come back, she thought about how her heart had already stopped once.

“I don’t know.”


Clarke was carefully stitching the deep slash wound on the Commander’s abdomen, the bandages that had been covering it were soaked through with blood and the Commander’s shirt was completely ruined, same as the top part of her pants.

“She could have bled out from this wound.” Clarke said, finishing the long line of stitches, if the wound had been just a little bit deeper Lexa would be dead already.

“She said it was just a flesh wound, wouldn’t let me help with it.”

“Of course she said that.” Clarke said, cutting up the rest of the bloodied and torn shirt and taking care of the arrow wound on Lexa’s shoulder.

The Commander’s chest was heaving with her labored breathing, drops of sweat dripping between the deep lines of her abs, and down the valley between her breasts. If she hadn’t been dying Raven probably would have found the sight very hot, she noticed how Clarke starred a little, too.

There was bruising already developing over the Commander’s ribs and chest, the former could have been because of the times they had fallen off the horse, both times the Commander had broken Raven’s fall with her body.

Clarke moved her hands over the Commander’s ribs, touching gently, checking for broken bones.

“Nothing seems broken,” Clarke said and Raven stared at the bruising that had started to develop over the Commander’s sternum, the one Clarke had caused in her desperate try to bring the Commander back to life.

“You love her.” Raven stated, and Clarke looked up at her. The blonde clenched her jaw and looked down at Lexa, her face softening.


“You hate her, too.”

“No.” Clarke denied, trailing her fingers down Lexa’s cheek. Lexa’s eyes were open, glazed, looking up at nothing, she had been talking in trigedasleng for some time, muttering things, names, she was hallucinating and her fever continued to escalate, another seizure would come soon enough. “I hate the decision she made, I do not hate the person that made it, I don’t think I could if I tried. I understand her and she is the only person that understands me.”

“In the tent, you said things… you hit her.” Raven said and Clarke turned to look at her with a bitter smile on her lips.

“I came back to find the woman I’m in love with married to someone else, what else was I supposed to do?” Clarke said, shrugging her shoulders.

“You know you can still be with her, this is a political marriage, we didn’t mate or anything and I don’t have feelings for her, so I wouldn’t care.” Raven said.

“You are carrying her child, Raven, and you will fall for her eventually.” Clarke said, her gaze lost on Lexa’s face.

“I would never.”

“You will, mark my words.” Clarke said and the look in her eyes gave no room for discussion.

They cleaned Lexa up with some wet rags and together dressed her in a clean shirt, covering her up with warm blankets against Clarke’s better judgement, Lexa’s skin was burning, but she kept muttering about being cold, her body shaking.

A couple of hours passed when they heard the rumble of a second rover and a few minutes later Abby Griffin was entering the tent with bags of medical supplies in her hands.

“Mom!” Clarke said, relieved. “She was poisoned, she has a slash wound on her lower abdomen and an arrow wound on her left shoulder. She has a very high fever, she has been hallucinating for the last couple of hours, she had a seizure too and her heart stopped, she also has a head wound and a lot of bruising around her spine and ribs.” Clarke recited as Abby moved to examine the Commander herself.

“She vomited three times too, and she was having some kind of spasms.” Raven provided.

“There is also the blood loss.” Clarke said and Abby nodded, hooking the Commander up with an IV that would provide her with fluids and the like, checking her pulse and her pupillary response.

“Seems like all we can do for her is keep her stable as everything else is being caused by the poison and won’t get better until we get the antidote, by her state I would say she only has a few more hours left. I will give her something to help her replenish the blood she lost and I brought some cold compresses to try and keep her fever down, we must try to avoid another seizure at all costs.” Abby said, and both Raven and Clarke responded with nods.

The rain continued to fall upon them when the Commander started to cough and splutter.

“She is going to be sick” Clarke said, curling her arms under Lexa’s back and pulling her into a sitting position as her mother moved closer to them with small surgical container. Clarke only hoped that would be enough.

It ended up being just fine, as Lexa didn’t have anything in her stomach and so she didn’t have much to expulse, she just ended up dry heaving painfully and coughing.

Abby helped Clarke lay her down carefully and reached out to feel her pulse, she was keeping track of the beats by looking at her watch when the Commander suddenly grabbed her hand, looking up at Abby with wide and wet green eyes.

“Nomon…” She whispered, tears trailing down her cheeks, “em laksen, nomon.” Lexa whispered. “Sis au.”

Clarke gasped, her eyes wide, filling with tears. After a few months living with the grounders she had managed to grasp some of their language, just enough to understand what the Commander was saying.

Abby went to pull away and a sob escaped pass the Commander’s lips.

“Nomon, nou ban ai au, em laksen” Lexa said, looking up at Abby with tears on her cheeks.

“What is she saying?” Abby asked, knowing by Clarke’s reaction that she had understood what the Commander was saying.

“She thinks you are her mother, she’s telling you she is in pain and she is asking for help. She is telling you not to leave her.” Clarke said watching her mother’s eyes soften.

The Commander of the 12 Clans, the alpha of all alphas, was crying and asking for her mother in her deathbed. Abby knew there and then that the mighty Heda was deep down just a girl, like her daughter.

“What can I say to comfort her?” Abby said, moving closer to the Commander and brushing her hair away from her forehead gently.

Clarke moved closer to her mother and started whispering in her ear.

“Chil au, ai yongon, ai yu gada in. Yu gaf in chil au, ste yuj.” (Calm down, my child, I’ve got you. You need to relax, be strong.) Abby said, repeating the words and watching as the agony on the Commander’s face eased slightly.

“Ai gonplei ste odon. Ai hod yu in, Nomon.” Lexa whispered, squeezing Abby’s arm on more time before her eyes rolled back in her head. Clarke cursed, rushing to push the Commander onto her side as her limbs started pushing and pulling in all directions, her body seizing uncontrollably.

Abby moved towards her bag, taking something she hoped would stop the seizure and then injecting it into the Commander. It didn’t work and once again they were forced to wait the seizure to end on its own, rolling the Commander onto her back once it was over. Abby hovered over her, putting her cheek close to Lexa’s mouth to feel her breathing, there was none.

“Clarke, start chest compressions.” Abby said. The blonde rushed to do as she was told as Abby kept her eyes on the watch, her fingers pressed to the Commander’s wrist.

After three sessions of 30 compressions and 2 breaths the Commander remained completely lifeless, green eyes open and staring at the roof of the tent, body limp and weightless, face completely devoid of color.

“She is gone, Clarke. It is time to stop.” Abby said and Raven froze in place, hands curled protectively around her belly, eyes stuck on Lexa’s blank face.

“No!” Clarke snapped, baring her teeth in a growl as someone pushed inside of the tent. It was Lincoln, completely soaked and holding a clear flask in his hand, his face falling at the sight in front of him.

“He’s got the antidote, Lexa. You are going to be okay, just wake. the fuck. up!” Clarke said, knowing there was still time, accenting each word with a forceful hit against the Commander’s chest.

“Clarke!” Abby snapped, “that’s enough!” she said, pulling at Clarke’s shoulders.

“NO!” Clarke screamed, bringing both fists down against the Commander’s chest, feeling her heart fall apart inside her own ribcage.

Lexa gasped a second later and Clarke fell back on her behind, feeling completely exhausted.

Abby moved towards the Commander checking her over and pouring the antidote down her throat, making sure the Commander managed to get it all down.

“She will need more doses, I got as many as I could from the gona I found in the forest, it should be enough to save Heda.” Lincoln said, the doctor nodded, asking him to tell the rest to bring the stretcher inside as she set Lexa up with an oxygen mask.

Moments later they were all back in the rovers making their way to Arkadia in the pouring rain, followed by the gona that had come to protect their Commander.

When they got to Arkadia they found Indra pacing outside the gates. A camp of grounders already waiting outside.

Clarke jumped outside the rover, going straight at Indra and not letting her get a word out.

“We need to get something to cover her up, keep her dry!”

Indra nodded, ordering her gona around, watching as they cut up a tent and held the fabric it was made with on both sides, holding it up over their heads as Bellamy and Miller carried the stretcher out of the rover, they then moved quickly to Arkdia’s gates.

Abby shut the doors on Raven and Clarke’s faces, telling them to let her do their jobs and to go.

Clarke and Raven looked at each other briefly, not knowing what to say.

“I am going to talk to Indra, give her an update.” Clarke said.

“Okay.” Raven said watching the blonde walk away and staying by the med bay’s door for a while before going back to her room.


Hours later Raven was startled into awareness by a knock on her door. She had fallen asleep after cleaning herself up and changing into fresh and clean clothes, she moved up and towards the door her leg killing her all the while.

When she opened the door she found Abby staring back at her.

“I would like to give you a check up.” the doctor said, and Raven nodded following Abby towards the med bay.

Once they got there Raven looked around trying to get a look at Lexa, but not finding her anywhere.

“Where is she?”

“In a private room, we already gave her another dose of the antidote and her fever is steadily going down, I would have liked to give her some blood, but hers is different she will have to replenish it on her own which means that she will be weak for a few days.” Abby said as she guided Raven to Lexa’s room, grabbing the tablet near the bed and reading some things from it. “The head wound was nothing serious, same as the bruising around the spine, there is just some swelling, it will be bothersome for a few days but it should go away soon.” Abby said, gently touching Raven’s arm so she was standing at Lexa’s side, the doctor moved forward to untie the hospital gown, moving it out of the way so Lexa’s chest was on show, Raven grimaced. “On the other hand, these will cause a lot of pain and discomfort for the best part of the next month. It isn’t uncommon for ribs to break during CPR, specially knowing that the Commander had to endure long sessions of CPR in a very short amount of time. Clarke used the right technic, I taught her myself, and it isn’t uncommon for ribs to break, when her methods got more… forceful… I knew at least some ribs would break or crack, it isn’t life threatening, but she needs a lot of rest and breathing might cause her pain for a while.” Abby said, turning her face slightly to look at the mechanic. The only thing Raven could see was the agony and desperation on Clarke’s face as she lowered her fist over Lexa’s sternum. “I personally wouldn’t have continued CPR after the third failed try, given that the heart failure was being caused by poison, but there was still time and the chance of neurological damage is not too high. Her body went through a considerable amount of trauma, you will have to be very delicate with her.”

“Me?” Raven said, turning to look at Abby.

“You are her wife.” The doctor said and Raven could only stare blankly.


Three days passed and Raven could feel the tension building up, Abby had said neurological damage was unlikely, but the Commander hadn’t woken up and they had a whole army of grounders at their doors.

Raven tried to push thoughts of her wife away from her head as she fiddled with a bunch of tech trash the grounders had found around, trying to see if at least some of it was still salvageable.

“Shouldn’t you be perched at your wife’s bedside?” Someone asked by the door and Raven internally eye rolled.

“Funny, O.” Raven said, not looking away from the object of her interest, the younger omega moved to sit by her side, propping her elbows on the table.

“You still smell like her.” Octavia said, sensing the smell of alpha covering Raven like a blanket.

“Would be weird if I didn’t.” Raven said under her breath.

“Yeah, that would be expected from marrying the most powerful alpha around. It’s weird, I never pictured you to be the marrying type.” Octavia said. “Not a bad choice though, she is hot, I would totally let her play with me.” the omega finished and Raven’s eyes snapped to look at her, seeing in the mirth on Octavia’s eyes that she was messing with her.

“It isn’t funny, O.”

“You have been locked up in here for days, Raven, I’m just trying to get you to talk about it. You were forced to marry someone you hate, now you have to carry their pups, and given her state you will probably have to face that on your own, because she went and probably got herself killed. It’s a lot, and I just want to let you know that I am here and that you aren’t alone, if she dies you won’t be on your own with the baby, aunty O is here to help.” Octavia said, her eyes softening as she smiled at Raven.

“Thanks, that means a lot. I never imagined myself with children, you know?” Raven said, looking down at her work again, avoiding Octavia’s eyes. “My mother was usually drunk or drugged and I basically grew up on my own, I don’t really know what I am supposed to do with a pup of my own.”

“I don’t think anyone really knows what to do in the beginning, everyone just sort of figures it out as they go, and maybe you didn’t have the best role model, but you are great Raven, you aren’t your mom, and your kid will be lucky to have you to look up to. You just have to be there for them and go from there, you are brilliant, you’ll know what to do.” Octavia said.

“What about, Lexa? What if she wants to teach them how to gut a man or how to snap someone’s neck?” Raven said, not knowing if the grounder lifestyle was what she wanted for her child.

“You will cross that bridge when it comes, you will probably talk to her, try to get some sort of agreement.” Octavia said, “do not worry about that yet, you still don’t know if she is even going to be there.”

Right then the door opened and Clarke came inside.

“She is awake.” the blonde alpha said, “she is asking for you.”

Raven and Octavia shared a look and moments later Raven was walking towards the med bay.


Raven and Clarke entered the med bay to find the Commander standing by the bed, putting her clothes on with her jaw clenched.

“What the hell are you doing?” Raven asked, her eyes moving from Abby to Lexa as the doctor put her hands up.

“I tried to keep her in bed, she obviously decided to ignore me.” Abby said, watching as Lexa finally managed to pull her pants all the way up. The alpha let out a sigh, her eyes moving briefly to Clarke and then settling on Raven as she moved closer to the omega, grabbing her elbow carefully and looking at her up and down.

“Are you okay?” The Commander asked, her eyes intense as they looked at Raven. “Did the doctor see to you? Did she do something about your leg?”

“I’m fine, my leg is fine, as fine as it always is.” Raven said, putting a hand on the Commander’s abdomen and pushing her back slightly. “You are supposed to be in bedrest, you are hurt.”

“I already rested for three days.” The Commander said, managing to put her shirt on and ignoring the pain with a clenched jaw, beads of sweat were starting to form on her forehead from exertion.

“Being unconscious doesn’t count as resting.” Clarke said, her voice sharp, and Raven winced as the room started to stink of alpha. “The only reason you are even standing is because a cocktail of pain meds is in your blood right now.”

“I can manage the pain on my own.” The Commander said, shrugging her black coat on and moving closer to Raven once again, feeling the fabric of her bomber jacket with her fingers and frowning.

“We are entering winter, this type of clothing won’t suffice.” The Commander said, shrugging off the coat she had just put on and giving it to Raven, the mechanic took it, watching drops of sweat roll slowly down the Commander’s neck, she was already looking like she was going to pass out, Raven sighed, she had probably married the most stubborn person on earth. The mechanic sighed again, feeling Clarke’s anger building up and knowing both alphas would butt heads soon if she didn’t do something.

“Can you leave us alone for a moment?” Raven said and Abby nodded, pulling Clarke, who hadn’t made a move to leave, out of the room.

“Now, can you please sit down?” Raven asked and the Commander just continued to put on her clothes.

“Lexa,” Raven said, and the alpha turned to look at her. “My leg is hurting and I want to sit, I want you to sit with me.” Raven said, sitting on the alpha’s bed and smiling to herself when the alpha sat next to her. Lexa was a giver, Raven had noticed, and she would do what the mechanic wanted if that would make her happy, it was the same as when they were in bed together.

“Do not worry, in Polis my healers will take a look at you, maybe there is something they can do for you, we have people who give massages too, they will ease the tension in your muscles. We have to go soon, I will get a gona to help you with your things, just the necessary things, do not bother with clothes, I will provide them for you.” Lexa said, motioning to stand up again when Raven put a hand on her leg keeping her in place.

“I need you to listen to me.” Raven said, staring into Lexa’s eyes and making her voice as serious as she could. “You are hurt, you just woke up from being poisoned, your heart stopped twice which means you died twice and right now youre looking like you are seconds away from passing out.”

“I assure you I am strong enough to-” Lexa began but Raven cut her off.

“This is not about strength, no one is doubting your strength. I know you do not give a shit about dying, but things aren’t the same as before.” Raven said strongly, quickly getting annoyed at the Commander’s stubbornness. “I am your people, and this child is your people, whether we wanted it or not we are family now and we belong to you, to Lexa, not just to the Commander, this child will care about you and your health and your death, they won’t give a fuck about your spirit moving on and all that bullshit, they will only understand that you aren’t there and that will hurt them, do you care about this child?” Raven asked taking Lexa’s hand and putting it over her belly.

“Yes.” the Commander said, looking down at the place her hand was touching.

“I am asking Lexa, not the Commander, do you, Lexa, care about this child?”

“Yes,” Lexa said, looking up at Raven. “I do care about them, Raven.”

“Okay, then I need you to stop your
bullshit, and start caring about your life and that includes taking care of your health after almost getting yourself killed. I might hate your guts with all my heart, but you are my partner now and we are having this kid together, so you need to be alive, you need to be healthy, did I make myself clear?”

“Yes, I apologize, I didn't mean to upset you.” Lexa said.

“It’s fine, just lay down I will go get Abby.”

“Do skaikru usually talk among each other in this manner?” Lexa asked and Raven thought she saw amusement in her eyes.

“Not all of them, but I do, and you are my wife, so I will talk to you however I want.” Raven said, arching an eyebrow at Lexa.

“You might do as you please, wife, just refrain yourself from doing so in public, I doubt you’d want me executed for letting my partner talk to me in such a way. You might do so when we are in private.” Lexa said and Raven nodded.

“Deal.” The mechanic said walking away and then bringing Abby back with her.

A few minutes later the Commander was back to sleep, which wasn’t surprising after the stunt she had just pulled. Raven stayed sitting by her side, reading the notes Abby had made on the Commander’s chart.

“How did you get her to stop being an idiot?” Clarke asked, standing by the door.

“Reminded her that she has a baby to think about, a baby that won’t feel any better after I explain the spirit thing, they will just care that she’s dead.” Raven said.

“What do you know about the spirit?” Clarke asked, sitting besides Raven.

“Not much, while she was dying she was telling me not to worry, that she was just a vessel and that her spirit would move on to another and we would be safe because after the child’s birth the union couldn’t be broken.” Raven said. “I do not know if she was being oddly religious or if she really expected me to believe the spirit thing.”

“She was being serious, Lincoln told me that the children with nightblood were taken to Polis to be trained and that they were taught that their lives belonged to the spirit, to the flame, and that their only purpose and reason to exist was to either bare the flame or die. Commanders aren’t allowed to have mates, or children, at least of course that it has some sort of political gain. She really believes her life holds no value, all her life she’s been taught that she is replaceable.” Clarke said, her eyes dark as she looked down at Lexa. “Lincoln said that she’s the Commander that has lived the longest.”

“How long?”

“Seven years, the lifespan of a Commander had been four years and a few months, Lexa will apparently double that by the time your child is born.”

“If she makes it, you mean.” Raven said. “I wonder how many assassination attempts she has survived.”

“Three, according to her newest bodyguard.” Clarke said, pointing at the huge grounder that was standing by the door. “He is one of the replacements for the gona that died at the cabin.”

“Three assassination attempts in just this year?” Raven asked, shocked. Clarke turned to look at her.

“Three assassination attempts in the past 2 months, Raven.” Clarke said, and the mechanic understood then why the Commander had told her their child would be better off without her.