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Brothers Protected

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A blinding light flashed knocked Dean backwards, causing him to buckle. He had pushed Sam out of the way to take the hit, hopefully his dad got there in time.

Dean was the big brother, he had only one job in life. Protect Sammy.

He succeeded, and now he was going to die……..

Any minute…..

Anytime now……

Dean attempted to to move, he felt off somehow. He tried to sit up, but he felt heavy and somewhat fuzzy.

He looked around his surroundings, he saw that he was in a forest. He tried to rub his face in exhaustion, but a paw came up instead of a hand.

He yelped in surprise, and shakingly stood up, he was...small compared to the wolves he’s seen. He supposed he was just a pup, his paws were goldish cream looking. Though it was pretty dark outside for him to see, he could still see fairly well.

Dean knew better than to panic, he knew that nothing would get done that way. He slowly walked deeper into the woods, blindingly following a pull.

He sniffed and immediately found a strange scent in the air, how in the world does he know to identify smells? Why is he even walking deeper in the woods, and currently still walking towards the smell.

It smelled...hurt and scared….why the hell does he know this? He paused as he heard a little cry, as well as chittering.

Dean growled, the chittering froze. At a distance, a squirrel looked around. Dean crouched and circled the little area, apparently without being seen, cause the squirrel went back to the tree.

Dean rushed forward and managed to snag the rodent and accidentally bit down, a break alerted him into dropping it in shock. Had he just...hunted?

He heard a whimper and turned his attention towards the tree, it was a little kid. Little as in a few inches little, his arm was bleeding and he stared at Dean with fearful eyes.

Dean tilted his head and attempted to communicate, “Hey, it's okay, I'm not going to hurt you.”

To the kid, all he heard was soft growls and whimpers. His answer was a confused look, “Thank the Spirit that the blasted Squirrel is gone, but now a wolf wants to eat me!”

Dean rolled his eyes and despite knowing that the kid couldn't understand him he spoke, “If I wanted to eat you, I probably would have done it. "

Dean laid in front of the tree and growled at every noise, he didn't have time to panic on how in the hell he knew what to do and how to do it...He just knew that he had to protect this kid.

He felt something pull at his back fur (or just fur?) Up to his side, now he had a better view of the kid. His hair was green and his skin brown, he had on a green shirt and brown pants.

What drew his attention were the leaves on the kid's back, and the kid seemed to be aware of that. Their eyes met and the kid gave a big grin, “Yep! They're my wings! I can't fly yet though, but when I learn I'll be bet fastest flyer ever!”

Dean smirked at the kids enthusiasm and curled gently around him, as they sat there the kid became more fond of Dean, even without understanding a single word he said.

Dean would never admit that the kid reminded him of his brother, then a thought came across.

Where were this kid's parents?

Dean nudge Bowman, as he introduced himself, as he uncurled. Bowman was confused at first but gasped, “By the Spirit! My folks might be worried sick!”

Dean sniffed the air and was a bit alarmed to find an scent similar to Bowman being frantic. Dean gave a little huffy bark and Bowman knew his idea, feeling like a horse, Dean let Bowman saddle him.

Dean began to trot towards the scents, which shifted into alarm as he grew closer. Dean stopped, feeling danger close by, but how dangerous can people smaller than a few inches be?

Dean whined, a small voice at the very back of his mind told him not to underestimate them. Bowman caught Dean by surprise by yelling, “DAD!”

An older looking guy flew towards Dean, hesitant but closer as Dean lowered himself to the ground. Bowman jumped off and ran to his father, “Dad! He save me from a squirrel and followed me home! Can we keep him?!”