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Pheonix Wings and Cute Little Things

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Fuck. Shit. God damn it.


Of course Seokjin’s inner monologue consists solely of expletives. How else can he react? “They need the design finished by when?” he inquires incredulously while his boss bares a stink eye toward his direction. That fucker can glare with all his might, it doesn’t change the fact that Seokjin wants to hear the deadline again, even though he perfectly heard it the first time.


“To. Mor. Row. Twenty-four hours. One day. Do you need me to spell it out for you?”


“No sir,” Seokjin manages to grit out. He smiles at his boss as best he can: he needs to be rewarded by karma for not throttling his little neck and punching his stout button nose in. Director Min leans in closer across the desk, shooting him a deceptively cute gummy smile. “Good it’s all settled then! I want you and your team to send me initial drafts in four hours and the finals should be in before eleven in the evening. This is the first time an idol group has ever contracted us and if we do well, we can hook in more prospectives from that market. Their idiot managers don’t even know how badly we’re overcharging,” he chuckles over his own barely legal business tactics, “you are dismissed Seokjin.”


The smaller man flicks his arm as if he was shooing away a dog; Seokjin stands up and leaves the office before he can ‘accidentally’ fall over desk and crook his boss’s head a little too far.


Once he returns to his own shithole of an office, he calls up the secretary to claim the south side conference room and arranges a meeting with his rag-tag team, the only people in this whole advertising firm who don’t make him want to claw his eyes out.





“Okay,” he starts while circling his eyes to make contact with everyone, “so boss said this client wants a design that is and I quote ‘futuristic, identifiable and meaningful.’”


“That’s the most generic shit I’ve ever heard,” Taehyung grouses, heavy brows knitting together in frustration.


“What’s the company’s mission statement?” Namjoon asks, sensible as always. It's the usual way they get started on planning a logo or design for their normal clients.


“See that’s another issue: this is for an idol group. But their label’s mission statement is ‘music and artist for healing’ if that's of any use,” Seokjin informs, not missing the way his team looks completely done already.


“Well that’s an equal load of bullshit,” Jaehwan chips in, looking toward Taehyung for conformation. The youngest blinds them with a boxy grin, causing the whole team to smile pitifully at their predicament.


Seokjin shifts through his notes once more, looking for any more disclosable information about the idol group, whizzing through all of the senseless extra information their managers sent director Min. The bastard didn’t even have his assistant filter through the worthless shit for him. Why the fuck would he care about the individual member stats? Sighing after coming up blank, he looks around the boardroom again. “Well any ideas?”


“I’m thinking clean cut, straight lines only for the design and a black and white color scheme: it’s the easiest and cheapest to reproduce for further branding purposes.” Hani, the only female of their team, suggests. It’s not much but it was surely a start.


“Yeah and now since practically all information travels online, we should definitely go for a sans serif font. It’ll help with the whole ‘futuristic’ crap they were going for as well,” Namjoon adds helpfully. The rest of the team nods in agreement.


There is no way any of them are going to get home before midnight, Seokjin surmises while he watches the team work. He takes his phone out in the midst to text Jungkook and tells him to eat dinner without him.





Seokjin walks into their shared home to the pew pew of bullets unloading from fake weaponry and his boxer-clad boyfriend yelling into his computer screen. “Jungkook? It’s past midnight, don’t you have to go in early tomorrow and prep the shop for your 7:30 client?”


“I think I fucked up hyung,” Jungkook supplies, eyes still glued to the pixels in front of him, brows furrowing in concentration. The younger is definitely a stress gamer, so his engrossment is understandable.


“So uh,” Seokjin starts as he makes his way over to Jungkook’s chair and sits on his lap, leaning a little to the side to not disrupt the younger’s view, “do you want to talk about it?”


Just then, something bad happens on the screen and it seems to piss Jungkook off, causing a groan to erupt from his throat. Pausing the game, he moves away from the keyboard, wraps his arms around Seokjin’s torso and rests his chin on the older’s shoulders.


“Remember that cop that would come in every couple of months to get work done?”


Seokjin wracks his brain trying to think through all of the stories Jungkook shared about his clients. Finally remembering he exclaims, “oh right! Officer Jimin.”


“Yup. He's the one,” Jungkook confirms rather morosely. Seokjin starts to mindlessly stroke up and down the younger man’s forearms, tracing the patterns and words of ink adorning the skin there. His day was a complete shit show with his boss ordering his team to revisit their draft four times before he was satisfied, but Jungkook is shy on his best days and terribly antisocial on his worst ones, so he’s sure his poor boyfriend’s day was probably worse.


He moves up off the younger’s lap and walks toward their sofa, knowing Jungkook will follow him there. Without further preamble, the younger sprawls across the length of the couch, resting his head on Seokjin’s shoulders. The older thinks talking about his own shitty day will coax Jungkook into spilling what is bothering him so much. Despite his taciturn nature, Jungkook is incredibly passionate about his line of work, and will go to whatever lengths he has to in order to ensure his clients got the best body art possible. Seokjin suspects he somehow gave a supposedly ‘subpar’ tattoo to this ‘officer Jimin’ (no, he is not jealous of a damn client, but if that man said anything to make Jungkook doubt his unparalleled skills, then yeah: Seokjin has a problem with him).


“Guess what happened at work today?”


Jungkook looks up, no doubt his line of sight encompassed by Seokjin’s slight double chin given the angle. “What?”


“Our team spent practically the entire day creating a two adjacent parallelograms.”


The younger snickers at that, always finding the amount of time his firm took to create logos laughable. “Well I think I just gave a policeman a mob tatt so I think I beat you.”


“Jungkook why do you have to turn everything into a competi—wait,” Seokjin’s brain finally catches up to his mouth while he eats his words. “You did what?”


He accidentally knocks Jungkook’s head to the side with his nervous jostling, causing the younger man to look pained as he cradles his head. Seokjin quickly pets through the younger’s midnight locks, sufficiently erasing the pout from his face. Jungkook sits up straighter before continuing, “I’ve been working on Jimin’s sleeve for about two years now, so when he walked in, I was about to greet him, but he was followed by this huge gruff-looking man who had a damn lotus flower peeking out of his shirt.”


“Shit,” Seokjin comments, knowing what the red lotus entails. The biggest open secret in his company is that director Min has one too, but everyone loved their job (and their safety) a bit too much to say anything about it.


“Yeah, so the big man introduced Jimin as ‘new meat’ and fuck I knew what was coming.”


Jungkook keeps his gaze down toward his twiddling thumbs, an anxious habit of his he was never able to break. “Long story short, I gave him a red lotus and the line work was fucking shit because I was so nervous.”


“Aww Kookie,” Seokjin consoles as he moved closer to the other, wrapping his arm securely around him, “I’m sure Jimin doesn’t give a damn about anything other than the fact that you didn’t blow his cover.”


Jungkook looks at him with big doe eyes and smiles. Seokjin still has immense trouble believing that the person in front of him is a full twenty‑five‑year‑old man and not a child with how pretty and youthful his face is. “Well I told you about that co-worker of mine that sucked the boss’s dick to get the promo right?”


“Yeah, you did,” Jungkook chuckles, clearly finding the story as amusing as he did.


“Well she said that he had a red lotus on his hip.”


Jungkook’s eyes comically widen. “You never told me that part,” he accuses, punching Seokjin’s arm in a joking manner except the impact is definitely no joke to the older.


“I never thought it was relevant to ‘blowjob for success’ narrative!”


“Wait, did you suck his dick too?”


“No! I just accidentally fell on to his naked lap with my mouth open.”




This time the ‘joking’ punch hurts far too much for the older to pretend it didn’t hurt. “Ow Kookie! I was kidding.”


Seokjin makes the mistake of smacking Jungkook’s neck in retribution which quickly leads the pair to devolve into becoming each other’s punching bags. Soon, Seokjin calls truce admitting defeat, while Jungkook smiles in victory. Thinking there’s no better time than now, since Seokjin is morally decrepit enough to use the younger’s slight winning high to his favor, he brings back the one thing he’s wanted for a while now and the source of an old argument he’s sure to rehash.


“Hey Kook?”




“Since we both are probably gonna die at the hands of a mobster because I’m sure our place is now bugged and shit thanks to your sorry ass, we can definitely get a cute little pet right?”


It’s quite amusing watching all the emotions flit across Jungkook’s face. First it’s fear at the idea of being bugged and possibly murdered before he realizes Seokjin is merely joking. Then it’s frustration at letting himself fall prey to the older’s heedless exaggerations again. The final emotion on his face is exasperation: he and Seokjin fought over this issue before already and just when the younger probably thought he wouldn’t bring it up again, he does.


“Jin, I thought we already talked about this. Neither of us are home enough to take care of another being. You barely take care of me let alone anything else.”


“Oh my god Jeon Jungkook are you seriously getting jealous over our not‑yet‑existing pet?”


“No,” the younger scoffs, getting off the couch to head toward the bedroom, “the modifier should be ‘non‑existing’ because we’re not getting a pet.”


Seokjin feels like they are going to end up sleeping on opposite sides of the bed that night. Unfortunately, he is correct.









Heavy labored breaths are all that either of them could offer after complete satiation. Eventually, Jungkook regains enough of his composure to grab a few of the baby wipes from the packet he and Seokjin keep in the topmost drawer of their bedside table. He softly grazes over his boyfriend’s thighs and puffy entrance, keeping his touches as feather‑light and loving as possible. Seokjin smiles back up at him looking immaculate and pretty: soft caramel locks splaying around the pillow in a perfectly artful halo.


They both had a really hard week and they needed this—a distraction from daily life but a confirmation of daily love coalescing into one action. After making sure Jin is taken care of and clean, Jungkook removes the condom from his softening dick and throws it out after knotting it, cleaning himself as well before snuggling under the sheets next to his warm boyfriend.


“Thanks,” Seokjin breathes out into Jungkook’s hair, “I really needed that.”


Jungkook leans up and kisses the older’s forehead. “It’s funny because I was about to say the same thing.”


After the whole fiasco with Jimin, the big man brought in yet another new recruit, and Jungkook had to act like it’s completely normal branding people with a mark they’ll surely disagree with and regret in the future. Tattoos should be art, not marks: he did not go through years of apprenticeship and estrangement from his parents just to scar people for life. He sometimes wishes his boss didn’t have allegiance with the mafia but he was the only one who was willing to give teenage Jungkook a chance at becoming the esteemed artist he is today after he foolishly left his home town in pursuit of his dream as a high school dropout.


A smile graces his face however, when he looks up toward Seokjin’s pristine face. He must’ve sensed Jungkook’s eyes on him because he slowly opens them, the beautiful almond‑shaped orbs finding his. “What?”


“No it’s really nothing,” Jungkook mutters, embarrassed at getting caught, “it’s just that, I feel so lucky to have you.”


Jin smiles really wide at that, his eyes scrunching up and the lines on the side of his face becoming more prominent with the action. Soon Jungkook feels a pinch to his cheek, skin reddening both in blush and at the slight sting caused by the older’s fingers. “Baby, you’re so cute,” Seokjin coos as he cups his face to kiss Jungkook chastely.


What starts out as an innocent joining of mouths soon turns into Jungkook sitting on the older’s lap and grinding his renewed erection against Seokjin’s. The younger is significantly further along than Jin however—his cock painfully red while the other’s just starts to find interest—but the secure grasp Seokjin has on his hips while he pushes Jungkook’s body in towards him has Jungkook vaulting toward euphoria.


Jungkook pants in exertion, thighs burning from his efforts but just as he can feel himself approach the horizon before the fall, Seokjin stilts his actions. If anyone outside of his very close (and limited) group of friends he cares about see him, they’d never think a muscled, inked up man like him is capable of the petulant whine escaping his throat. “Hey, wait for me,” Seokjin orders, voice an octave lower than before. Jungkook simply nods and patiently waits, staving off his orgasm while Seokjin painstakingly wraps his hand around both of their cocks, moving far too slowly for his liking.


When Jungkook thinks he won’t be able to keep himself from coming, the older removes his hand all together. “Hey Kookie, I have a question,” Seokjin states as if they are talking over coffee at breakfast.


“W-what is it?”


The younger is in no mood to indulge Seokjin in anything and has half a mind of just rubbing himself to completion, but his fucker of a boyfriend must’ve read his mind because he quickly encircles Jungkook’s forearms with his hands.


“Come on Seokjin just ask your damn question!”


The older has the gall to chuckle at his predicament while he mockingly smooths up and down his arms. He leans up to Jungkook’s ear and whispers, “can we get a puppy?”


“Are you serious,” Jungkook deadpans. He would have moved away from Seokjin in frustration but just at that moment, the older starts stroking him again.


“Why a-are we ta-talking about this a-again?” Jungkook stutters out between staccato breaths that match Seokjin’s actions.


“Because your judgement is slightly impaired due to all the feel good chemicals flooding your brain from the pleasure,” Seokjin answers, wrist cocking deliciously to hammer in his point. “But also,” he stops his hand once again and kisses the base of Jungkook’s neck, “why are you so against the idea of something that could make me happy? That could make us happy?”


Seokjin’s eyes implore wildly and Jungkook can’t look away as he even temporarily forgets about his aching cock. He objectively has nothing against the idea of getting a pet, he really doesn’t. And unlike what the older man thinks, he won’t be petty enough to be jealous of a little critter. Seokjin deserves the happiness, and he knows that the older man has wanted this for a while. However, his boyfriend is completely oblivious to the implications of adopting a pet together, and Jungkook doesn’t want to bring up his insecurities in the process. Seokjin is the only constant in his life and he’s scared shitless at the prospect of doing anything to change their current dynamic.


God, Jungkook really wants to explicate all of this, he hates how pitiful Jin looks right now. He definitely deserves a partner way more understanding than the emotionally barren asshole he is, but Jungkook is selfish and still clings on to Seokjin like an affection starved leech. “Hey Kookie are you still there?”


Seokjin waves his hand in front of his line of vision. Jungkook knows he should probably talk to the older about his thoughts, but instead, he lets his—as Seokjin put it—‘slightly impaired judgement due to the feel good chemicals flooding his brain’ do the talking. “Well I honestly don’t get why you’d want another puppy,” Jungkook says as he moves off of Seokjin to rummage through their bedside drawer once again, though this time through the bottommost drawer. He extracts a headband the older had bought him once: a fluffy set of black lab ears which match his hair perfectly, and fixes it on top of his head. “Why would you want another puppy,” Jungkook repeats, moving back the straddling position he was in, “when you already have this puppy?”


Diffusing arguments with sex is definitely a bad relationship tactic he doesn’t want to make a habit of, but it allows Jungkook to stop filling himself with self-deprecation for the time being. Seokjin sleeps soundly that night, a solid arm thrown over Jungkook’s torso while his breaths puffed evenly against the younger’s ear.


Jungkook’s too afraid to move his position even though his neck is jutted out awkwardly since he doesn’t want to wake his boyfriend up, Seokjin is a light sleeper after all.









“Seokjin, director Min wants you to go to his office after the board meeting is over,” the new secretary whose name Seokjin forgot informs him just as he and his team finish hashing out the details of the impending cosmetic CF they were delegated to work on. He decides there is nothing worse than working for idol groups and their illogical fucking deadlines, but the hefty commissions the team earns somewhat makes up for the insanity.


Completely immaturely, Hani and Taehyung oooooh like grade school children while he walks past them toward their boss’s office. “Fuck off, twats,” he mutters under his breath, his insult bellied by fondness. He swears those two are more immature than him most days, and that’s a difficult feat to accomplish.


He walks into the director’s office without even knocking, not hiding his discontent. It’s supposed to be a date night with Jungkook: they were going to watch the younger’s best friend’s dance showcase and grab dinner afterward, but instead he is here cooped up in his boss’s office. He sits down on the office chair across the mahogany desk, waiting for the petite man in front of him to address the purpose of calling him over. “Seokjin, you’ve been doing really well lately,” director Min compliments.


“Thank you, sir.”


Seokjin knows there has to more than just a meager compliment the man wants to say to him, so he waits, not caring that the silence brews awkwardness.


“Well, you’ve been working overtime a lot lately, and I’m going to give you a week’s worth of paid vacation. Enjoy.”


Realistically, this is not at all what the he’s expecting from his employer, but he expertly masks all hints of surprise. Director Min must’ve been a fool if he thinks Seokjin won’t see through to his ulterior motives. “I like my team director Min and I am not willing to rotate my position when I return.”


His boss raises his eyebrows at him and smirks. “Good. Then I suppose you’d have no problem if I assign you as the project manager for our newly formed idol faction yes? Your team will stay intact as well and I’m sure they will be delighted to know their new positions when you return from your break.”


Fuck. He should’ve seen this coming. Certainly the smug fuck expected Seokjin to see right through the rotation spiel, and cornered him to accept the position he’s been offered. God, the rest of the squad is going to hate him. “Sure sir. I guess I’ll sign the paperwork when I get back.”


“That you will Seokjin. Have a nice night.”


The taller man doesn’t even bother acknowledging the other when he walks out. He spots Namjoon and Jaehwan while walking out toward the car garage and catches them up to speed with what happened. Neither are particularly happy with having their work shifted from companies to idols, but they all prefer it since they still get to work together. After he bids them goodbye Seokjin drives back to his home, finding it as empty as it was in the morning. He hates the days he and Jungkook can’t wake up together but he hates coming home to an empty flat even more.


He hopes at least Jungkook is enjoying his night out while he scrolls through Netflix to find a good movie to watch while he waits for the food he ordered to arrive.





Seokjin somehow ends up watching his third documentary on cats in a row when a tipsy Jungkook stumbles into the foyer. The younger called him briefly a while back to let him know that he was going out for drinks with his friends, Yugyeom and Mingyu. “Hey babe how was your night?”


“Jinnie I’m tired,” Jungkook slurs out, plopping on to the couch and hurling his socked feet on top of Seokjin’s lap. No matter how shitty he might find his job, being with Jungkook always makes him happier, regardless of the younger’s current inebriation‑induced stank breath. “Was the performance good?”


“Yeah man, Gyeommie killed it. He was sad you weren’t there though.”


Seokjin hums in assertion but his eyes are back on the screen where two kittens were playing with each other. Jungkook turns his wide eyes toward the screen as well. “Oh no,” he mutters rather cutely. Seokjin brings Jungkook closer to him, his sinfully see‑through white shirt hinting at all of the pretty lines and curves of ink resting underneath, along with all the hard planes and divots of Jungkook’s muscled torso as well. He’s even more upset at missing out on their date night. “Jin are you watching cat movies because you want a cat?”


Honestly, Seokjin wasn’t even thinking about their on and off argument about becoming pet owners when he started this binge watch session, but he’s an opportunist if there is any. “Yeah! Kitties are better a pet option than puppies right?”


“No!” Jungkook screeches acting appalled for no apparent reason. His eyes are still glazed in inebriation. Fuck, Seokjin really wishes he was there with him now, the younger clearly went past his limit if he couldn’t even sober up during the cab ride home. Nevertheless, Jungkook innocuously continues his tirade against cats. “I fucking hate cats! They never listen to me when I call to them,” he pouts, gesticulating wildly. He takes his feet off of Seokjin’s lap and tucks them behind his thighs, the arms crossed across his chest making him look petulant bar his bulging biceps.


“Cats don’t like me so I don’t like them either.”


This time Seokjin can’t help but snort. They’ve both been so busy with work they barely have time to go out. He’s forgotten what a menace a drunk Jungkook can be. “Yeah? Okay fine, so you don’t like cats because they supposedly don’t like you, and you don’t like dogs because they require too much care and you are hell bent on remaining my sole companion puppy.”


Jungkook doesn’t even refute the claim, much to Seokjin’s surprise, but he doesn’t comment on it. “So there was this one time before we lived together where I was at the laundromat to do laundry—”


“Yes, because I thought you were at a laundromat to do your taxes.”


“Don’t interrupt me,” Jungkook seethes while he smacks the back of the couch next to Seokjin’s head. He has a feeling the younger was attempting to aim for his shoulder but missed. Oh dear.


“Okay okay, I’m sorry,” Seokjin acquiesces, though there is no hint of apology in his tone as he tries to stifle a laugh.


“Anyway, as I was trying to say: there was this little cat that was always there.”


“Was it the owner’s or was it a stray?”


Jungkook looks positively murderous at Seokjin for interrupting him once again, but answers the question nevertheless. “I don’t fucking know, but that’s not the point! I would always be super nice to it but even when I would give it a little balled up bundle of dryer sheets or some shit, it would still ignore me.”


“Kookie, you can’t let one incident affect your entire experience with cats,” Seokjin chuckles, eyes back on the screen which displays an adorable Prussian blue fiddling with a ball of yarn. “Still. I don’t want you to get one,” Jungkook mumbles as he rests his head on Seokjin’s shoulder. The older has half a mind to just shake the other off and make him take a shower, but he instead, he shimmies his arm out between his and Jungkook’s bodies and caresses gentle strokes through the younger’s gelled up locks.


In the midst of the narrator’s soft voice discussing the dietary needs of newborn kittens, Seokjin looks down and asks, “Jungkook, why are you so against me getting a pet? It’s not like I’d make you do anything for it.”


“Because I don’t want things to change.”


“What do you mean?”


Seokjin doesn’t know if the younger suddenly shoots up and runs to the bathroom to simply escape answering his question, but when the ugly, wet sounds of dry heaving filter through the air, the older quickly rises from his seat to rush toward the toilet. Over there, he meets the sight of Jungkook pathetically clutching on to the rim of the porcelain bowl, too strung out to even wipe the gross clump of gloppy vomit clinging to the corner of his mouth. After mentally reminding himself to breathe through his mouth only, Seokjin approaches the younger man with a crumpled up wad of tissue and gingerly wipes around his mouth before tossing it into to bowl and flushing all of its contents.


“Kook, why did you drink so much tonight?”


“I don’t know,” Jungkook mumbles. He sounds positively miserable and Seokjin isn’t going to push him for more answers. He has a niggling feeling that this somehow has to with him but he can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. “And I’m sorry,” he adds quietly, getting up off the floor to gargle the disgusting taste out of his mouth. Seokjin follows suit and wraps his arms comfortingly around Jungkook’s waist. “You don’t have to apologize to me bun, I just don’t like seeing you like this. Reminds me too much of college.”


Jungkook smiles at his reflection in the mirror after spitting out the mouthwash. “Fuck I was the king of Edward forty-hands back in those days.”


Seokjin snorts in the middle of kissing down Jungkook’s neck, and the resulting effect is not unlike a raspberry, making the younger giggle at the ticklish sensation. “I thought you didn’t go to college Kookie.”


“But that doesn’t mean I didn’t go to college parties. Gyeom would always bring me to his frat parties to increase his cool points.”


“Kook you're the biggest loser I know, if anything you probably demoted his coolness,” the older jokes, “and besides that’s kinda hard to believe with your stellar performance tonight.”


The smile on Jungkook’s face falters and Seokjin wants to punch himself in the face for saying that. “Can we just go to bed Jin?”


The older kisses his neck for real this time. “Sure baby, but first you need to drink a lot of water, brush your teeth and have some aspirin. Hangover theory might’ve been proven to be a load of bullshit but the real deal is unfortunately just around the corner for you.”


“Ugh cut the business jargon, how would you like it if I just spewed shit like ‘this canvas got a shitty blowout done by a scratcher but wants to do a cover up in black and grey’?”


Seokjin chuckles at his boyfriend, walking with him to the kitchen to pour them some water. “I’d accurately deduce that you’re talking about a client who wants a new tattoo over an old tattoo.”


Jungkook scowls but doesn’t retort with anything better, begrudgingly drinking the water and downing the pill. The older kisses him on his nose in apology, not wanting Jungkook to hold a grudge over him. He tells Jungkook he’ll wait for him in bed and falls asleep without realizing that the younger never joined him.









“Bro, this looks fucking amazing.”


“Thanks, I’m glad you like it.”


“No seriously, when I heard Yongguk was out I wasn’t sure if I should trust you, but you’re making me eat my words man. No wonder he took you as his apprentice.”


Jungkook blushes at the high compliment, eyeing the wrapped up tattoo of an intricately shaded compass on his client’s neck. When his boss left for the US to go to an ink expo, Jungkook had been livid: he has to deal with all of the older’s clients as well as his own. Since Yongguk is far better known than him, he also has a larger list of important clients, whether they be higher ranking mob members or celebrities. However, if Jungkook can expand his own clientele by making good impressions, it will make all of this added duress worth it. “No problem Jay. If you ever need any more work done, I’m happy to help you out as well if bossman is too busy.”


“I’m going on an international tour next week so no more work for me in the meantime, but I’ll definitely hit you up in the future Jungkook,” Jay replies as he offers his hand to shake.


Jungkook takes it and smiles with a certain confidence that can only be caused by the pride he has in his craft. After he and Jay exchange a few more pleasantries and he reminds the singer on how to take care of his new ink, he bids the other goodnight, finally finishing all of his work for the shift to close up the shop. He saunters over to the door, locks it and turns off the glowing neon OPEN sign. Then, he proceeds to throw his rotary machine and coil into the autoclave, slipping on another pair of neoprene gloves to sanitize his work station by wiping down the leather seat and countertops while he waits for the cycle to finish.


Deeming all of his shop closing tasks complete, Jungkook double checks the locked door and goes out the back toward his Yamaha bike to ride it home. He knows Jin has the whole week off because of a forced vacation—no matter how many times Seokjin rationalizes why his boss would do that, Jungkook doesn’t understand why anyone would willingly pay someone to stop working—so he’s looking forward to the tasty home-cooked meal his boyfriend promised to make.


As he keys in his code, he is greeted by the gorgeous sight of Jin in nothing but a pair black boxer briefs, his muted pink apron, and the tantalizing smells of sautéed veggies and grilled meat. “Oh good, Jungkookie you’re home! Can you please wash up quickly and then come out here to prepare the side dishes?”


“Sure thing,” Jungkook replies as he takes off his helmet and practically jets into the bedroom. His haste is rewarded with a loving kiss from Jin once he returns all freshened up and ready to help. Jin frowns at him while he looks up and down his body. Jungkook simply stands there in silence, allowing his boyfriend to blatantly check him out. Usually, he’ll cower at the intensity, but he is in a good mood and simply soaks up the attention. The older grins at him before leaning in and practically brushes his pouty lips against Jungkook’s.


The fucker simply smirks, taunting the younger to go for it, to cave in, but Jungkook knows better than that and simply fixes the other man with a challenging stare of his own. Before he can track the limbs, Seokjin’s oven-mitted hands clamp on to the edge of Jungkook’s shirt and throws it over his head as the cloth flutters haphazardly to the ground. “There, that’s much better Kook.”


Oh. So it’s going to be one of those nights of cooking, Jungkook surmises. He really misses Jin, he misses this, he misses the intimacy. There is a glimmer of that latent love that they’ve been having so much trouble expressing lately.





It has been a while since Jungkook and Seokjin are able to clear up enough time to go out, but with Yongguk back at the shop and Jin’s last few days on break, the older promised Jungkook dinner at that new sushi place they’ve been wanting to try out for over a month. “Kookie, I need to know why my coworker texted me to tell me she saw my boyfriend on Jay Park’s Instagram,” Seokjin mentions, cheeks puffing out from the food. The glint in his eyes shows that he already knows why—it isn’t too hard to put two and two together—but Jungkook’s ecstatic that his boyfriend is giving him a chance to brag.


“Well, he came by the shop earlier this week to get a tatt that bossman was supposed to do, but he trusted me to do it in his absence.”


“It’s the big one on his neck right? Hani showed me the picture where you’re standing behind him with the tattoo gun.”


“It’s a tattoo machine. And yeah, it is,” Jungkook replies, never failing to correct Seokjin over the proper terminology. “Our secretary has been getting a lot of calls from people who want to get an appointment with me because of it.”


He feels Seokjin reach over from underneath the table and give his lower thigh a little squeeze. “It’s so nice seeing you this happy. I’m so proud.”


Jungkook blushes, embarrassed that these types of comments still make his heart buzz after spending so long with Seokjin, the king of sappy remarks. Rather than responding with something intelligible, he opts to stuff his face full of the sashimi in front of him, his haste making him forget to dip the pieces with the sauce so he gets another piece to dunk it in before stuffing that into his mouth as well. Seokjin merely offers him a knowing grin, and they continue to eat in comfortable silence for a few minutes.






Seokjin looks up from his meal, licking the ends of his chopsticks before putting them down, eyes wide with inquiry. Jungkook nervously shuffles around in his seat, toying with the business card that is sitting in his back pocket from his last hour at work that day, weighing him down like a stone at the bottom of a pond. Settling his resolve, he picks it out of its confines and slides it toward the older. Seokjin peers over at it, expression confused as he waits for Jungkook to explain himself.


“An older man came into the shop today and asked for me even though he didn’t have an appointment. I was on my lunchbreak but I cut it short so I could see him.”


Seokjin tsks at him, always one for berating him for skipping meals. Jungkook rolls his eyes but they both are aware Jungkook loves the fact that Seokjin cares about him enough to disapprove of the action. “Stop that, Jin. I'm eating now see?”


Jungkook finesses a bead of wasabi on top of a tempura roll and wolfs it down. “Anyway, as I was saying,” the he continues once he scarfs about seventy percent of the roll, “I agreed to see him for a tattoo consultation but I wouldn’t be able to do any work on him unless he wanted a flash tatt. He nodded and asked me to bring over my portfolio—which is normal enough, a lot of clients do that.


“So I let him browse through my work, but this man is literally looking through every damn page! Usually people just look through the first few pages but not this guy. He takes about twenty minutes to look through that shit and then I had to tell him I could only give him like, ten more minutes of my time because I had to get prepared for my next client. So then he’s all like ‘son, I’ve got a proposition for you. How would you like to work in your own shop?’ and I was totally caught off guard so I didn’t say anything. He dropped his card and told me to call him to talk about it.”


Jungkook finally allows himself to breathe after recounting everything to his boyfriend. Seokjin takes another few seconds to process everything until he breaks out in a wide grin, pearly teeth and all, before happily exclaiming, “that’s amazing Kook!”


“Yeah it is,” Jungkook agrees, but his tone is far too lackluster to compare to Seokjin’s enthusiasm. The older immediately catches on to Jungkook’s apprehension and the gentle warmth of Seokjin’s hand returns to the top of his leg. “What’s wrong Jungkook? You’ve wanted to run your own shop practically ever since I met you.”


“I did…I do. It’s just that—”


“You don’t want things to change.”


Jungkook looks up, slightly bewildered that Seokjin knew exactly what he was thinking. The older smiles at him again, but this time it’s far more reserved and tinged with a wistfulness that Jungkook can’t place. “Yeah,” he agrees once again, unsure of how to continue the conversation. Fortunately, or unfortunately—Jungkook can’t decide until the words that are at the cusp of Seokjin’s mouth come out—the older clearly has more to say.


“But you’re at least considering the offer right?”


Unfortunately. It is definitely unfortunate that Seokjin asks him the one question he wants to avoid for as long as possible.


“Kookie?” the older probes when silence is the answer to his previous question.


Jungkook looks around the restaurant, it was practically empty when they were seated but now there are only two empty tables remaining. The rest house families with whiney children, groups of friends laughing gregariously together, white collar workers drowning in alcohol to make the awkwardness dissipate with the liquid courage, and other fellow couples: the straight ones being overtly affectionate while the gay ones covertly touch each other where they assume eyes won’t follow to keep up the impression of friendship.


It is too much. There are too many people. Jungkook feels sweat forming under his fringe and his hands get clammy rather quickly. It’s truly a testament to their time spent together, the way Seokjin calls over a waitress to pack their food so they can take their leave quickly. Once they are packed and ready to go, Seokjin swiftly pays and slips his shoes on half way to expedite the time it takes for them to get to his car.


After they get in, the older allows himself to lean across the console and grasp Jungkook’s hands together, pulling the clammy ones close to his chest. “Kook? Are you okay?”


Jungkook hates the carefulness in his voice, he hates the concern that is laced with pity. Nevertheless, he knows Seokjin is only coming from a place of love, so he duly nods. Light kisses are pressed into his cupped hands, the little bit of chap stick transferring on to Jungkook’s fingers. Seokjin notices as well and rubs his thumbs into the parts where the residue is and smooths it out for him. “Kookie, it’s only me and you here, no one else; it’s okay now. We can talk about this when we get back home.”


With one last resounding squeeze, Seokjin lets go and starts to drive back home, trying to cut corners and shift through lanes as swiftly as he can.





“Show me the business card again.”


Jungkook gets up from his comfortable blanket cocoon in front of the television to retrieve that little thing that has essentially ruined their meal. Part of him regrets telling Seokjin about it but he oddly feels far more at ease even though the tension is still rife in his gut. Gulping in a few consoling breaths, he slugs toward their bedroom to get the small 85 by 55 rectangle and hands it to Seokjin, eagerly accepting the space the older created for his body against his chest. His brows furrow the longer he stares at the card. “Wait Kookie, Lee Seunghyun? Like, the Lee Seunghyun?”


“Am I supposed to know who he is?”


Seokjin opens his mouth to say something, but clearly rethinks it and closes it again. He waits another thirty seconds or so before answering. “Well he’s a pretty well-known investor, he even has his own firm, Yuri Holdings. The man’s fucking loaded and kinda crazy, but it clearly works for him. The last time I checked, he even bought the rights to manage Cristiano Ronaldo’s events if he ever came to the country. I worked with him on a promotional event for his bar restaurant and other branding stuff.”


Jungkook lets the information sink in as he smushes further into the older’s body. Seokjin tightens his grip around Jungkook’s shoulder, bring the two of them even closer together. “I still don’t want to do it,” the younger counters in a small voice.


A sigh escapes Seokjin’s mouth, frustration clear by the way his thick brows knit together under his fringe. Jungkook looks away the moment his boyfriend turns over to meet his eyes, and Seokjin hooks a finger underneath Jungkook’s chin to bring him to eye level. “Give me one good reason as to why you shouldn’t do this,” he gently coaxes, all previous traces of frustration gone and replaced only with the utmost care. Typically, Jungkook doesn’t like being treated like glass, but there’s something about the older’s tone that make him relax and express his thoughts.


“Yongguk needs me in his shop, I don’t think he’ll take it well if I just left because some hotshot investor wants to whisk me away.”


“Isn’t he the one that worked on your back piece Kook?”


Jungkook nods, though he really doesn’t understand how that’s relevant to the current conversation. “He gave it to you for free as well right?”


“Jin where are you going with this?”


“What I’m trying to say is,” Seokjin starts to retrieve his arm from around Jungkook’s shoulder and shimmies back a bit in the couch, spreading his legs slightly and pats his lap, prompting the younger to swing a leg over and straddle the older man. It is far more difficult to escape Seokjin’s eyes from this angle, and Jungkook knows that’s exactly why his boyfriend wants him to be seated on top of him.


“What I’m trying to say is,” he repeats once again, encasing Jungkook between his arms, “that Yongguk did that for you because he was proud of you. He respected the trust you put into him to give you a tattoo without even consulting with him. He gave you the wings on your back, not because you are an angel or something basic like that right? Tell me again why he gave them to you.”


Jungkook smiles fondly at the memory. He remembers the day very well, Yongguk grinning at him once the grueling eight-hour session was over. He remembers the initial shock when he first laid eyes on the grayscale wings that went from the tops of his shoulder blades all the way down to the small of his back through the paddle mirror his boss held for him. “He gave me wings because he said after I went through a lotta shit, I still came out strong. That these weren’t angel wings, but phoenix wings.”


“Because you rose even after you burned to the ground.”


“Yeah, sure. Something like that.”


Seokjin skitters his hands up and down the span of his back, over where the wings would be, to make the younger shiver at the sensations. “I know it doesn’t really mean much, but I think the wings are my favorite work on your body.”


“Really?” Jungkook quirks his eyebrow, mischief written all over his face, “I could’ve sworn the outline of the rosebush on my hip is your favorite since you love coloring it in so much with hickeys.”


Scoffing, Seokjin simply rolls his eyes. The younger doesn’t mind, he knows his boyfriend isn’t lying about the phoenix wings being his favorite. “You know,” Jungkook begins, still swimming in the memory of the day he got that piece done, “even though we didn’t tell him or make it obvious or anything, Yongguk knew we were together.”


“Really? You never told me he knew I was your boyfriend back then.”


“Yeah, he secretly told me he approved.”


“Well who wouldn’t approve of me? Have you seen my face?”


They both break into giggles as Jungkook softly punches Seokjin’s shoulder in retaliation. “Anyway, he was right.”


“Right about what?”


Before answering, Jungkook leans down and kisses Seokjin delicately. The taste certainly isn’t the best, with the way both of their breaths are fishy due to the sushi they ate, but Jungkook is far too lost in the sensation of Seokjin’s mouth caressing his own to care. Slowly breaking away and offering the older a smile that hopefully looks as genuine as he feels, Jungkook answers, “he was right about you being really good for me.”


Seokjin kisses him back again, clearly having way more self‑control than Jungkook since he has no issues keeping the kiss short and chaste. “I’m honored that you agree with him Kook. But do you get why I brought this up?”


He does. Jungkook nods in assertion, truly grateful that the older knew exactly what to say in order to make him feel better. “You brought it up since bossman gave me that piece as a result of completing my apprenticeship. He wouldn’t be angry if I opened my own shop.”


“Not at all Jungkook. He would be so proud.”


Seokjin leans in toward Jungkook’s body and brushed his lips against the younger’s ears while he whispers, “I’m so proud.”


Jungkook tries move his head away and bury it into the crook of Seokjin’s neck but the older manages to stop it from happening by hooking his fingers right underneath Jungkook’s chin, forcing him to hold eye contact. They keep their gazes steady for about another five seconds or so before Seokjin pulls the younger toward him and captures his lips in a slow, languid dance. Jungkook brings his hands up into Seokjin’s hair and starts to play with the short strands while the older tilts his mouth to deepen the kiss further.


Reluctantly, Seokjin releases his mouth from Jungkook’s in order to gasp in some well-needed gulps of air, looking completely winded from the encounter: cheeks all rosy and lips red and spit‑slicked. Just before either of them can talk, a loud, gurgling rumble erupts from Jungkook’s stomach, his body clearly not agreeing with his choice to skip a meal and then eat sushi. Seokjin guffaws at the embarrassed squeal his boyfriend gives, slowly pushing the younger man off him so he can properly hunch over to laugh even louder.


A clearly irritated Jungkook harshly smacks Seokjin’s ass in reprimand before slamming the door to the bathroom, though even the damn exhaust fan isn’t a loud enough noise to counter the ugly chuckles. Jungkook sorely wishes his asshole of a boyfriend would just choke on his own spit.


Despite all the ill feelings he’s having toward Seokjin in the current moment, Jungkook is immensely grateful that he comforted him when he needed it and was able to convince him to at least look into this offer from the investor. Seokjin’s right: change doesn’t have to always be a bad thing.


By the time he finishes his business and makes it to bed, Seokjin is already cocooned into his side of the bed, round metal-rimmed glasses glinting in the lowlight from the bedside lamp while his glazes over what looks like notes from his job. “Jin, you can always look over your notes before your meeting, you should sleep now.”


The older seems too engrossed in his notes to even react to Jungkook pouncing on the bed like an overexcited puppy, but just when a pout starts to form upon his mouth Seokjin glances up and smiles warmly at him. Acquiescing to Jungkook’s demand, he places the neatly stacked notes on the side table and clicks off the lamp once the younger man shuffles under the comforter.


There are several seconds of blissful silence, almost lulling Jungkook to a peaceful slumber. Right before he can slip under however, Seokjin ruffles forward and throws his thigh over Jungkook’s waist and forces one of his arms on to the older’s lower back.


“Guess those shitake mushrooms gotchu really good huh?”


Jungkook groans at the poor attempt at cheap humor. “Fuck you Seokjin: poop jokes aren’t funny, you ass hat,” he grumbles out while he tries to detangle himself from Seokjin’s body. All he manages to do is turn his body away from the other.


“Hey, we did have mushrooms as a side dish! And besides I’m not making any poop jokes,” Jungkook can hear the fucking lie in the tone of his voice, “they’re too crappy anyway.”


“I swear to fucking god, Jin I’m gonna kick you in the balls so hard you won’t be able to jerk off for a week if you don’t stop this right now.”


Feeling Seokjin halt all movement at the threat is immensely satisfying, and Jungkook’s glad he is facing away from Seokjin so the older can’t see the grin playing out on his face. “Stop smiling like an idiot, Kook. Your face is gonna get stuck like tha—oomph


Okay, so he compromises. Instead of what he set out to do, he merely elbows the older in his chest. “Goodnight Jin.”


Seokjin argues back with some cheesy line about shooting his elbow straight through his heart but Jungkook falls asleep before the sentence was even over.









Seokjin isn’t the biggest fan of company galas but given his position, he knows it will reflect badly if he doesn’t show. Besides, he is used to attending these types of events since youth, his father never hesitated bringing his beautiful wife and not one but two sons to show off his perfectly crafted family. Jungkook, who has pretty much insinuated growing up on the wrong side of middle class, hates these things more than words can explain.


“Why the fuck do I need cuff links?”


Gnawing irritation colors Jungkook’s voice as he struggles to clip them on. Seokjin merely chuckles under his breath before moving away from the mirror to help his boyfriend with the cuff links. Despite the way he is complaining, Jungkook’s eyes widened once he looks Seokjin up and down. The older knows he looks damn good in his attire and simply let his boyfriend appreciate his efforts. “As much as I love the feeling of you undressing me with your eyes, I need to work on your hair Jungkookie.”


Jungkook groans in frustration but still allows Seokjin to walk him to the dresser in front of the mirror, saturating his hands with hair wax before running it through Jungkook’s thick locks. After several minutes of fiddling with the stubborn midnight strands, Seokjin somehow manages to form a halfway decent pompadour. His own hair is styled back as well, though he opted for a side-parted swept back look instead.


Once they are both deemed ready, they wait for the company car to come pick them up. While they wait on the sofa, Jungkook questions, “why can’t we just take your car like before?”


“Because director Min thinks my car is a ‘piece of shit’ and he doesn’t want me to embarrass the company in front of our new benefactors.”


“Well I can see how a custom paint job can deter someone from seeing the value of your car.”


“Hey pink is a wonderful color!”


“But doesn’t the hotel have a valet service?”


“Jungkook just don’t question his logic.”


The younger merely shrugs but the nonchalance doesn’t last for long with the way he comes closer to Seokjin. Once they are sitting so close they can practically be conjoined twins, Jungkook leans in and whispers, “on a scale of ‘doesn’t matter’ to ‘fired on the spot,’ how horrified would your boss be if we showed up on my bike?”


Seokjin snorts inelegantly. “I swear that man has Spidey senses or some shit. He’d be able to tell I’m not in the company car and he’d fire my ass before we even get to the venue.”


That quip gets a nice set of melodious giggles from Jungkook, and the older is happy he finally seems to get his mind off of how much he despises these functions. Seokjin’s phone pings, the automated text for the car popping up on the lock screen. Getting up and glazing over his appearance one last time in the decorative mirror on top of the side table, he beckons Jungkook to follow suit.


Once in the car, they are stuck in a limbo between sharing goofy faces and attempting not to laugh and off color touches and attempting not to react. All in all, Seokjin is excited for the night since Jungkook’s far less moody than he anticipated.


Climbing out of the car and tipping the driver, Seokjin waits for Jungkook to come around to the other side and walk side by side. It’s a little sad that he has to restrain himself from grabbing the younger’s hand, but he can’t take the risk, he’s already sure absolutely no one buys the roommate excuse he’s been going with for all these years.


Plastering on a pretty, fake smile for the masses, Seokjin weaves through the crowd of middle aged socialites, looking back every now and again to make sure Jungkook doesn’t lose his way. The poor man has such a tight grimace on his face even someone dense like Namjoon’ll be able to tell he feels uncomfortable.


Finally getting to their designated seats—which thankfully are far away from the little podium up front: looks like hating the boss at least has some perks—Seokjin is delighted to see that most of his team is there as well. Taehyung smiles grandly at them and promptly gets up to greet the pair. “Seokjin, Jungkook! You finally got here.”


He hugs them both swinging one arm over each of them. Though Jungkook doesn’t particularly mix well with most of his co-workers, he gets along with Taehyung the best, probably because they are the closest in age and Tae is so sociable and well-liked that even Director Min claims he is the only one on Seokjin’s team he can tolerate.


Out of the corner of his vision, he spots a dashingly handsome man peering over Taehyung with a fond smile. The youngest team member notices Seokjin looking toward his guest’s direction and motions at him.


“Hey I want you guys to meet my uh—friend—Bogum!”


Both Seokjin and Jungkook bow politely and greet the person who is clearly Taehyung’s boyfriend. So far, it seems like everyone has arrived except for Jaehwan, who’s usually late anyway. Truthfully though, Seokjin is totally fine with the fact that his coworker and former roommate isn’t here yet. Hate is a strong word, but Seokjin’s pretty sure Jungkook comes pretty close to feeling that emotion when it comes to Jaehwan.


After greeting Hani and Namjoon as well, he and Jungkook sit down and wait for the last guests to trickle in before Director Min starts talking about whatever bullshit charity accomplishments the company has made over the year. Expertly pretending to actually give a crap about the world when in fact, he’s simply a high-ranking chair member of the NGO raking in the cash his company is ‘donating’ into his own pockets thanks to the government’s lax tax cuts for charities. Fuck him and his stupid gummy smile that has everyone fooled.


He sees Jungkook fiddling with the little appetizers set in front of him, but his boyfriend looks calm otherwise. Seokjin can’t help but affectionately squeeze his muscled thigh, trying to convey everything he can’t say in front of other people. Jungkook jerks at the action and bites his bottom lip in a failed effort to stop his lips from quirking up.


“Ayo Seokjin!”


He turns around at the source of the voice and gets up to enthusiastically hug his friend, using Jungkook’s thigh as leverage to get up. “Jaehwan, you’re here. What’s your excuse for being late this time?”


“Accident over by the bridge.”


Seokjin chuckles at the blatant lie. “Isn’t that what you used last time?”


“Hey it was real this time! It was so bad I’m sure it’s on the news.”


Under his breath, Jungkook murmurs fucking boy who cries wolf though Seokjin has enough tact to not react to it in front of Jaehwan even though he’s sure his friend heard it. They both sit down, Seokjin beside Jungkook as usual and Jaehwan next to him. “Hello Jungkook, nice to see you again,” Jaehwan says good-naturedly. He definitely felt Jungkook’s hostility in the past but he’s good at keeping up image as well. Jungkook unfortunately, wears his emotions on his face so his discontent at seeing the other is quite obvious.


“Likewise,” Jungkook spouts, casually rejecting Jaehwan’s outstretched hand by twirling his glass of champagne before sipping it. Seokjin prevents himself from rolling his eyes at the immaturity, but opts to squeeze the younger’s thigh again. This time, the harsh manner he clamps his hand laces the unsaid warning for Jungkook to at least pretend to be civil.


Seokjin forgets that another reason Jungkook hates these galas is because he has to sit through a cordial dinner with Jaehwan, Seokjin’s former college roommate, ex-boyfriend and best friend. Before the awkwardness can brew any longer, Director Min starts his predictive speech, signaling everyone to quiet down and give him their undivided attention.







“What the hell was that?”


Seokjin’s tone is terse and he’s pretty angry. He contemplated if bombarding Jungkook with questions the second they walk through their door was good idea on the car ride back home, but all of his reservations disappear when Jungkook attempts to shut the door in his face.


“Sorry Seokjin, I didn’t see you were right behind me.”


The older groans in frustration, tugging Jungkook’s elbow as the younger tries to walk away toward the bedroom. Seokjin can’t just let his behavior slide, he needs to talk it out now. “You know full well what I meant Jungkook. You pull this shit every damn year, but at least you tried to be chill about it. But today? What the fuck was that?”


“I don’t have to fucking go to your stupid functions you know.”


Jungkook plops down childishly on the couch and works his socks off, throwing the balled up pair on to the floor. “Why are you saying that like I force you? I ask you every time!”


Seokjin’s anger is barely in check at this point. He stalks out in front of Jungkook and looks down at him with his next words, the position matching the admonishment. “Why do you agree to go every year if you are just going to get jealous and petty over something completely nonexistent? Do you not trust me or something?”


Jungkook looks up through his lashes, guilt‑stricken puppy eyes meeting his own. Just when he thinks he’s going to get a well‑deserved apology, Jungkook pulls the rug from under him and switches his demeanor completely.


“Is that what you want to hear Jin,” he gets up off the couch, leveling his eyes with Seokjin’s. “You want me to say that I’m an insecure jealous little bitch huh? You want me to say I'm a pathetic petty brat who is fucking shit at emotions?”


Seokjin should’ve sensed that there was something more going on with Jungkook. Before he can refute any of the things Jungkook said, the younger’s lips start to tremble and his shining eyes get wetter. Humiliated by his reaction, Jungkook buries his head into Seokjin’s shoulders and sobs, tears seeping into his coat.


Shushing him with gentle pats to his head, Seokjin maneuvers both of them back to the couch and allows Jungkook to keep his head tucked away in his shoulder a little longer. When he feels the younger calm down a bit he starts to apologize before Jungkook puts his finger to his mouth. Seokjin resists the urge to playfully nip at it sensing now is most definitely not the time. “I really am sorry. I do I—”


“It’s okay baby take your time.”


Jungkook has a hard time getting his thoughts out and is generally quite reserved. Seokjin is willing to wait however long it takes for Jungkook to work through whatever he wants to say in his mind first. It’s always a risk bringing that particular pet‑name out of the bedroom since depending on Jungkook’s mood, he takes it as a patronizing term rather than an endearment, but the soft sound of contentment allows Seokjin to relax. He wants to touch Jungkook and comfort him but he’ll let the younger do everything at his own pace.


“I don’t want to make you feel like I don’t trust you.”


When Seokjin turns to look at Jungkook, the younger swiftly gazes downward, keen to avoid eye contact. It hurts the older to see Jungkook this spooked and clammed up, and he can’t help but blame himself for letting the anger get the better of him.


“It’s okay, I don’t feel like that. I said that in the heat of the moment.”


Despite his goal to let Jungkook initiate physical contact, Seokjin feels the need to be as close to Jungkook as he can before he says his next words. He twists his torso and swings his arm around the other’s shoulders, awkwardly planting his face sideways against Jungkook’s sternum, but the soft floral scent is comforting and he tightens his hold. “I’m sorry too. I let my anger get the best of me and made you feel bad. I’m so sorry Kookie.”


Jungkook must feel the awkwardness of their position as well, so he places his warm hands around Seokjin’s waist, prompting him to straddle his lap. Once they are both more comfortable, Jungkook offers him a little watery smile, clearly accepting his apology. He wraps his arms tightly around Seokjin’s waist, so tightly that the older has to lean his head into Jungkook’s shoulder. The younger moves one of his arms up Seokjin’s back, not stopping until he can scratch the hairs at the nape of his neck.


“The reason why I hate seeing Jaehwan,” Jungkook whispers into his ears, “is because he reminds me of everything I’m not. And I can’t help but always feel like I’m not good enough for you. I know it was wrong of me to tell him to ‘fuck off’ during the gala.”


Seokjin faintly registers that this is the first time Jungkook said Jaehwan’s name and instead of ‘your ex’ and the older wonders if Jungkook had some sort of closure after his outburst today. Continuing on to massage his neck expertly, Jungkook moves forward with what he wants to say. “I know I’m a bad boyfriend and I should really try to meet you in the middle with things that you want to do. I feel like shit when I shut you down on the stuff you want to do because I don’t know h-how to deal, how to d-deal with them.”


Jungkook starts to cry again, but it’s not the same type of frantic sobbing like before. The younger gets overwhelmed easily in tough situations, and though in public he reels himself back, in front of Seokjin, he allows himself to be completely open. The older fondly remembers when Jungkook cried asking him if he could move in for a couple of weeks since he got evicted from his apartment. He hasn’t moved out since and Seokjin can’t help but feel proud of how far his boyfriend came from that day till now.


Seokjin places a soft, but meaningful kiss at the base of Jungkook’s neck. He feels the younger’s chest push into him every time he breathes and he lets the rhythm calm them both. “Baby, you aren’t a bad boyfriend at all,” Seokjin croons into the junction between Jungkook’s shoulder and neck, “I’m genuinely so lucky to get to be with you. Sure, it sucks sometimes when you shut down things I want to do, but Kookie—”


Rustling a little in Jungkook’s hold, the older straightens himself up. Seokjin is momentarily distracted and forgets that he has a point to make. Jungkook peers up at him through darken eyelashes, tear tracks still glistening over ruddy cheeks, staring at him with so much ardent care, he doesn’t know what to do with himself for a moment. Finally getting over his mental pause, Seokjin continues.


“—there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, I could ever want more than you.”


Jungkook smiles for the first time since they entered the house, and the sight fills Seokjin with so much irrevocable happiness that he feels the need to giggle in glee. Jungkook experiences the shift in mood as well and joins him. He wraps his strong arms around Seokjin’s shoulders and reels him in for a much needed kiss.


Time stops when their lips meet. Nothing else matters when the two of them are together like this. Seokjin is far too cynical to be a believer of superstitions, but he’ll put everything aside and gladly submit to any god who is responsible for bringing Jungkook to him. The younger shyly peaks his tongue out against Seokjin’s lips and delves right in when the older opens his mouth invitingly.


Breaking the kiss in a fit of smiles, Jungkook kisses Seokjin’s nose before moving back to catch his breath. “Seokjin?”




“I’m sorry about that time we were at the mall and I didn’t let you get the pink comforters because I thought they would look tacky.”




It’s random and confuses Seokjin, but Jungkook goes back to kiss him again and he forgets all else.


“I’m sorry for not letting you get that Mario Luma plushie because I knew you were going to use it as an accent pillow on our couch.”


Seokjin barks a laugh at that. “You know me so well.”


Jungkook goes back to kiss him again, and Seokjin decides he’s a big fan of these types of apologies. After apologizing over little things that they’ve gotten into arguments about before, some things that Seokjin doesn’t even remember, Jungkook’ll plant a kiss, only pulling back when they need to breathe.


This time around though, things go a little differently as Jungkook retreats his arms from either side of Seokjin’s body to loosen his tie unbutton some of his shirt. “I like where this is going,” Seokjin quips with a mockingly greasy smile.


“I’m just unbuttoning this because it’s getting hot you perv,” Jungkook seethes, but the hint of a smile shows that he’s joking too. “Seriously though, I’ve got something else to say but I just wanted to get comfy beforehand.”


“It’s fine, I like it better when I can see your tattoos anyway.”


“Your tatt kink is a little weird Jin.”


Seokjin shoves Jungkook’s shoulder. “I didn’t mean it like that, you brat!”


“I know,” Jungkook giggles, bopping Seokjin’s nose before shuffling his legs under the older’s weight and wiggling out of his suit jacket as well.


“You know, I can get off if your legs are falling asleep Kook,” he starts to lift himself up but Jungkook stops him by hugging around his torso once again. He isn’t anything if not stubborn.


“Anyway,” Seokjin continues, “the reason why I like it better when I can see them is because, then it’s more like I’m talking to the real you.”


Once the words are out, he realizes how stupid they sound, but Jungkook looks genuinely elated so Seokjin doesn’t scramble to take them back. “I like that,” Jungkook whispers cutely, running a knuckle affectionately against Seokjin’s cheek.


“So, I think we should go back to the mall and get those pink comforters you want.”




“Yep. And we should get at least two Luma plush toys so that we can actually utilize them as accent pillows.”


“You're kidding!”


“Nope. We can get that smoothie machine I said was going to be a waste of money.”


“Have I ever told you how much I love you Jungkook?”


“You still wanna go to that water park you wanted to go to last summer?”




Jungkook looks surprised. Seokjin wouldn’t shut up about the place after he saw his friend Sandeul and his family post photos of their time there on Facebook. He quickly explains why he’s changed his mind while brushing through Jungkook’s head with one hand.


“They don’t allow for any visible tattoos because they can be ‘disturbing for children’ or some bullshit like that.”


The anger is apparent in his tone and Seokjin doesn’t want to bring down the mood, so he waves it off and offers Jungkook to continue. The younger however smirks in mischief and says, “that’s okay Jin, I can just buy a full body swim suit and let it torture you a bit when I get all wet in it.”


Seokjin gives him a dead look, but ends but breaking into a smile anyway. He pinches Jungkook’s arm in retaliation, however, causing the younger to smack his back jokingly.


“We can also get a pet.”


“Wait what?”


Seokjin loves to see Jungkook caving in and allowing them to buy and do things he always deemed to be worthless, but becoming pet owners is no light decision. Jungkook isn’t taken aback by Seokjin’s reaction however, and moves forward with his reasoning. “Jin, I feel bad about denying you this for so long because I know how long you’ve wanted a pet. I…I didn’t want you getting a pet before because well, our dynamic is gonna change since we’re going to be responsible for another being. Also, I thought once you could receive love from it, you’d realize how I pale in comparison.”


It breaks a little piece of Seokjin’s heart so see Jungkook so insecure about their relationship even after so long, but all it does is further prompt him to smother the younger with his body. “Seokjin!”


Jungkook tries to shake him off but he is completely hopeless as Seokjin utilizes their position to his advantage and clamps his legs around Jungkook’s thighs to quell the movement. After a few more seconds of playing around, Seokjin stops squeezing.


“Kookie, this is a really big decision you know that right?”


“Don’t you dare patronize me Seokjin,” Jungkook warns. His face still smiles to show that he’s not that serious but the way his eyes steel gives away how he feels about this. Seokjin presumes Jungkook’s thought about this enough to at least be able to comfortably discuss it.


“I’m not patronizing you Jungkook, I just want you to really consider it. Do you even know what pet to get?”


Jungkook eyes go adorably wide and Seokjin chuckles; count on Jungkook to come to a decision without even hashing out any of the details. “Well I thought you were going to do everything for it so you get to decide what to get,” he argues indignantly.


“Hell no! I only said that to get you on board, there’s no way I’d be able to take care of it completely myself, what if it needs something and I’m at work,” Seokjin counters with a pout, “besides, getting a pet isn’t as easy as just snatching up a comforter set. We would have to choose the type of pet, research how to care for it, buy all of the accessories, buy food and create a care schedule or something.”


“Shit that is a lot of work.”


Jungkook sounds resigned, and Seokjin wants to bring that sparkle that was there moments ago back. His own eyes light up when an idea strikes him. “Kook, how about this: you pick the type of pet you want, then I’ll do all the research needed and we can both go pick it out together.”


“Why do I have to choose?”


“I want us both to take part in this decision and I know you don’t want to be on research duty.”


Jungkook thinks it over for a moment, tongue adorably sticking out of the corner of his mouth while his eyes go a bit unfocused while he’s lost in thought. “Damn you’re good at this.”


“At what? Delegating tasks? Babe, it’s what I do for a living.”


“Really? I just thought you and your snooty crew sit around a table and have a cockfight over who’s more ‘right’ like school children.”


Seokjin knows it’s in jest, but that doesn’t stop him from being dramatic, acting offended as all hell. “Hey brat! I didn’t trudge my ass through six years of schooling for my career to be made into a mockery!”


“But Seokjin, you never said I was wrong either,” Jungkook singsongs while wearing a shit‑eating grin. Seokjin merely lifts an eyebrow at the challenge. If Jungkook is going to fight dirty with his words, he’s going to play dirty with actions. He promptly moves his fingers to pinch Jungkook’s nipples, the thin silk shirt making them very easy targets.


As expected, Jungkook squawks a little, eyes seething with annoyance as he tries to cross his arms in front of his chest in a defensive position. Seokjin waits for an opening and wheedles a sneaky hand through the opened buttons and pinches one of them directly. Not thinking it through nearly well enough, Seokjin finds himself flung onto the floor after Jungkook’s thighs buck up at the impact. After five seconds of pure terror—Jungkook can get frighteningly competitive over the most random little things—Seokjin calms down as the younger throws his head back and cackles gregariously.


“You know I’m sensitive there! Don’t do that,” Jungkook grumbles, although, his eyes and mouth are already transforming into a smile.


“That’s all the more reason to do it Kookie, you know that.”


Helping Seokjin up, they both giggle their way to bed, too lazy, tired and emotionally drained to change their formal attire. He knows he’ll end up yelling at Jungkook the next morning, blaming him for causing the pair to wrinkle their designer attire. Then Jungkook’ll be petty enough to lock the door when he showers (unfortunately alone) even though Seokjin makes it very clear he needs to use the bathroom pronto. They’ll probably apologize during breakfast and indulge in some make-up kisses, and perhaps even exchange blowjobs if they have time.


The fact that Seokjin feels like he understands their dynamics well enough to plan out their morning makes him guffaw loud enough to wake Jungkook from his burgeoning slumber. “Jin what the fuck is so funny? Go to sleep,” he slurs out, half his face buried into the plush pillow beneath him.


“Nothing babe, goodnight.”


Jungkook grunts in response and rolls toward Seokjin, balling himself up into the older’s body. Seokjin thinks he kisses him on the head but he’s out cold before he can be certain. They both sleep completely sound for the first time in a long time.