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Open Marriage

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Welcome to my first Gratsulu story! (Gray x Natsu x Lucy) If that's not your thing, I suggest exiting out now. Don't like it, don't read it. This is the story I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2017.

If you are not interested in gratsulu, please exit out now. Just like you have a right to read whatever story you want, I have a right to write whatever ship/story I want to. Me writing gratsulu doesn't mean I dislike nalu any less. I'm a multi-shipper and I choose to write about more pairings than just nalu. I will continue to write nalu stories, so if you want to read those that's fine, if not that's fine too. Just understand that I do this for free and I enjoy writing in general. Hateful comments or messages will be deleted or blocked, and it will not stop me from continuing this story or any other story I wish to write. Please be mature enough to leave if this story makes you feel uncomfortable. I wrote this story for me, I'm just sharing it with whoever wants to read it. I'm not forcing anyone to stay, so if you stay, that's on you. I don't have time to deal with drama or ship hate, and I won't tolerate either. If you decide to stay, I hope you enjoy the story. If at any point in time you decide it's not for you, please feel free to stop reading. I won't be offended because I know you don't have to read every story I post, just like I'm allowed to right whatever ship I want to write. 

Rated M for foul language, sexual content, and adult situations.

Additional warnings: This story will contain graylu, nalu, gratsu, and gratsulu. I will put a warning before each chapter for the pairing that will be intimate. The first half of this story will mainly be nalu with a bit of graylu sprinkled in, while the second half is gratsulu. If you couldn't tell by the title, this story will be about an open marriage between Lucy and Gray (in the beginning anyway). If you are uncomfortable with that, or any of the things I said above, please don't read. The endgame is gratsulu.

This story will be thirty-seven chapters long. The updating schedule will be every other Wednesday. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. I do not give anyone permission to repost any parts of this story anywhere. Please be respectful.

The cover was drawn by the wonderful Hokorinn and is being used with permission! I commissioned the art. You can find them on Tumblr if you'd like to see more of their amazing art!

*Chapter one contains nalu, no smut.*

Chapter One: Assistant

"And over here is the break room," Mira, the HR rep said as they walked past a room filled with tables and chairs. She smiled as she made a joke about cleaning up after himself, otherwise their 'friends' would find the crumbs and infest the office. By 'friends', she meant roaches, which caused Natsu's skin to crawl.

"Yeah, no problem." He would make sure he kept his area clean to ward off any pesky critters.

Mira continued the tour of the new office he would be working in. From what he could tell, the woman was nice. He met her briefly when he was getting interviewed the first and second time, both times for different jobs within the same company.

"Here's accounting. Talk to them if you need to get any prices for Lucy."

Natsu nodded at the mention of his new boss's name. Lucy Heartfilia, daughter of the CEO, Jude Heartfilia. She was in charge of the Hargeon branch for her father's company. Though he knew next to nothing about her, he had seen her around a few times when he worked downstairs in the distribution center. The only word he could describe her with was 'pretty' since he hadn't had the pleasure of meeting her yet.

Which seemed odd to him considering he was about to work directly under her.

"That room has the copier and fax machine. The main numbers we use are posted over it, so you don't have to memorize them," Mira said with a laugh. "Unless you really want to, that is."

Natsu gave her a smile, more out of habit than anything. Mira was nice, but she needed to work on her humor if she wanted to get a real laugh out of him.

"And last stop, Lucy's office." Mira was about to knock on the door, but froze before a frown tugged at her lips. "Oh dear, I forgot the forms I needed her to sign. Can you wait right here? I'll be back in a minute."

Natsu nodded, watching as the woman made her way back to her office. He shifted his weight from his heels to his toes as he waited, nervous and excitement bubbling in his chest. He hoped he was ready for his new job.

"No, it was time. I needed to end things with him," a female voice said, causing Natsu to raise a brow.

He looked at the office where his boss was, realizing he could hear someone's muffled voice through the door. He wondered if normal people could also hear, or if his sharp hearing gave him an advantage. Taking a step closer, he turned his head so he could hear better.

"How'd he take it when you broke up with him?" a different female asked, her voice sounding concerned or bored, Natsu couldn't tell.

"All things considered, I think he took it well. I feel better now that it's over."

Natsu realized they were talking about one of the women ending something with a man, probably a relationship. He listened further, surprised by what the first female said.

"He was suffocating me. I should have ended it sooner, but you know what they say about hindsight. I'm just glad it's over."

"Well, I'm here if you need to talk about it."

"Thanks. I appreciate the offer, Levy."

Natsu blinked, recognizing that name. If the woman speaking wasn't Levy, then that had to mean she was Lucy, seeing as they were in the boss's office.

"No problem. What are friends fo—"

"Okay, I'm back," Mira said, cutting off Natsu's concentration.

He blinked as he took a step back, hoping it wasn't obvious he was eavesdropping. If Mira noticed, she didn't say anything.

"Ready to meet the boss?" Mira asked, knocking on the door before Natsu could respond.

A moment later, a short woman answered the door. Her blue hair was pulled back into a bun, a pair of yellow glasses resting on her nose. Natsu knew she wasn't the boss since he had seen Lucy a few times. The two women looked nothing alike.

She smiled at Natsu before beckoning them in. "Hello, you must be the new assistant."

Natsu found himself smiling at his job title. It wasn't that glamorous, but it was his. Once he found out there was an opening in the office part of the branch, he went for it, wanting to get away from the smelly guys and girls he worked with downstairs. 'Seriously, did none of them know what a shower was?' He understood they sweat a lot at their job, but that didn't mean they couldn't apply some deodorant.

Natsu stepped into the office, marveling at the simplicity of it. For the CEO's daughter, her office looked pretty ordinary. She had a medium sized desk with a decent computer chair. Two bookshelves filled with various books lined one wall while a small couch lined the other. She had a few pictures up, as well as some certificates and awards. He looked past her desk to her window, surprised to see her 'view' was of another building. He thought managers were supposed to have the best of the best, but her office looked no different from Mira's aside from a few small details.

"Hello," a woman said as she approached him, her golden locks pulled back into a ponytail. Her business suit hugged her body nicely, showing off her curves without revealing any cleavage or unnecessary skin. He almost breathed a sigh of relief, worried he was going to have to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. He had seen a few too many shows and movies about the female boss who used her looks to get where she was, but as far as Natsu could tell, she was dressed more conservatively than the HR rep.

"Hey," Natsu said, holding out his hand to his new boss. The woman in front of him was the one he had see from time to time, but he had never had the pleasure of meeting her in person. "Nice to meet you."

Lucy slipped her hand into his, her handshake soft but firm. She shook it twice before releasing his hand, her smile as warm as her chocolate brown eyes. They were hard to miss, the color deep and rich. "Likewise." She looked over at Levy, her shoulders sagging as she sighed. "I wish we were meeting under different circumstances."

Before Natsu could ask why, Lucy walked over to Levy, slinging an arm around the woman's shoulders. "I wish Levy here would stick around forever."

Levy chucked as she leaned her head over, pressing the side of it against Lucy's. "If I could help run the branch and still be your assistant here, I would."

Natsu raised a brow, not following the conversation. He didn't have to ask for an explanation, Lucy producing one without anyone prompting her. "Levy here is climbing that corporate ladder. She's been training under me for what, two years?"

"Two and half," Levy said with a laugh.

"She'll be relocating to Onibus to be their assistant manager." She looked at Natsu, holding his gaze. "Which means I need someone to try to replace her." Lucy gave the woman a squeeze before letting her go. "It won't be easy though. Levy's the best assistant I've ever had."

Natsu wondered how close the two were, considering they kept joking back and forth. It made him feel more at ease, seeing they weren't too strict about office friendships. He worried he was going to have to be upright around the boss, but there was a chance he could get on friendly terms with her.

"I've been your only assistant," Levy pointed out, earning a weak wave from Lucy.

"Anyways, Levy will be training you this week before she leaves." Lucy ended her statement with a pout, casting her glance to Levy again. "You know I wish you luck though, right?"

Levy stifled a giggle, but her shoulders still shook. "Hard to tell. I swear, I'm going to end up kidnapped by the end of the week."

The words were flying out of Natsu's mouth before he could stop himself. "Is that gonna be my first task? Kidnapping her?" He saw Lucy and Levy jolt, causing Natsu to flinch. He worried he crossed some line, but soon Lucy's lips pulled into a huge smile as she let out a soft laugh.

"It might be," she said, her eyes lighting up. "Are you up for the challenge?"

Natsu chuckled as he cupped the back of his neck, wishing he had his scarf to play with. It helped soothe him when he was nervous. "I mean, depends on how much of a firecracker she is. I might not be up for the task."

Lucy laughed again, nodding as she looked at Levy. "Oh, she's definitely a firecracker. You should see her boyfriend. Guy's taller than the door! This girl over her can go toe-to-toe with him. Saw her knock him on his ass once."

Natsu's eyes widened when his new boss cussed, his excitement now outweighing his nervousness. Lucy didn't react to her own words. She kept talking as if it were the normal thing to do. "My only regret is I didn't film it. Man, I would've posted that on YouTube if I did."

"Gajeel would've hated that," Levy said, covering her mouth while she laughed. "But I would've loved it!"

"Right?" Lucy asked, grinning.

Natsu couldn't help but keep his smile on, loving the atmosphere in the room. Another reason he left the distribution section was because people down there were too dull for his taste. They didn't joke, unless it was in a passive aggressive way, and even then it wasn't funny. Every time he tried to lighten the mood down there, he was met with sour expressions and glares. It wasn't a good place for a person like himself to work in.

But in Lucy's office, he almost forgot he was there to work, until Lucy's phone beeped, bringing them back to reality.

"Oh shoot. I have that meeting soon." Lucy turned, grabbing a stack of papers off her desk while she spoke. "Levy, will you show him to his new desk. I'll be back in an hour." She tucked the papers under her arm as she looked at Levy. "Actually, probably an hour and a half. You know how much Jose loves to talk."

Levy nodded, her chuckle more formal than before. "He certainly does."

"Real quick," Mira started, holding out some papers, "I need you to sign these for Natsu."

Lucy nodded, fumbling with the pages while Mira pointed out where her signature was needed. Before Lucy left the room, she smiled at Natsu, giving him a short nod. "I look forward to working with you."

He had just enough time to tell her the same before she disappeared, rushing down the hall to go wherever she was headed. Mira showed him the conference room during her tour, so he assumed she was going there.

Natsu turned to Levy, a bright grin on his face and an eagerness to learn his new job coursing through his body. "So, what's first?"

Natsu found his job was easy enough. All he had to do was everything Lucy said, while also anticipating what she might want. Some tasks were better than others. He had to admit, he wasn't too fond of getting her coffee, but he knew being an assistant had that possibility. He had to start somewhere, and from what he could see, that wasn't the worst place to be. The pay wasn't bad at all either. It was more than he was making downstairs.

Plus, working for Lucy was sometimes fun.

Despite her being his boss, she was delightful, like a ray of sunshine that thankfully knew when to tone it down. Natsu had a hard time dealing with overly happy people who pretended like there was nothing wrong in the world, but Lucy wasn't like that. Her personality was bright with a healthy dose of reality. He admired her for that.

She had her moments of frustration just like everyone else, but it was never directed at him. He would hear her arguing with people over the phone about prices and deadlines, but when she hung up and took a deep breath, she was back to her normal self.

On those rare days when she wasn't able to bounce right back, she would ask Natsu to get her something from the cafe down the street, always throwing in some extra money for him to get something for himself too, for the trouble. There were definitely worse jobs than being Lucy's assistant.

Natsu worked hard to stay on Lucy's good side, being diligent with his tasks and going above expectations. Surprisingly, Levy left some pretty big shoes to fill, which was ironic given the girl's petite size. Still, Natsu did his best, and Lucy noticed, praising him every so often when he did a good job. He liked working for her.

The first two months of being Lucy's assistant went by without incidents. Natsu was doing better than he expected, while also having some fun at the office. He got along with his coworkers, enjoying his time spent in the break room during lunches. They would joke around and swap stories, something that didn't happen when Natsu worked downstairs.

He got to know the people he worked with, even indulging in a few pranks when the mood seemed right. Natsu knew he needed to pull it back when Erza demanded to know who changed the settings on her chair, furious that someone dared to move it an inch shorter than she had it set on. After that, Natsu didn't prank her, fearing for his life.

He had caught Lucy laughing in her office over it, sharing a knowing smile with Natsu. Later, when he asked how she knew it was him, she simply said, "Everyone else knows not to mess with Erza."

"Guess I didn't get the memo," Natsu joked, grabbing a post-it from his desk to make a 'note' of it. That earned a laugh from Lucy, which had been his goal in the beginning.

He really enjoyed her laugh.

Natsu was getting friendly with everyone in the office, including his boss. He found himself chatting with her every once in a while, but it was not as much as he liked. She was a busy woman, ducking in and out of meetings all week. When she wasn't doing that, she was on her phone or computer, keeping the branch functional.

Natsu supposed it made sense for her to be busy. She was the branch manager and the CEO's daughter. She mentioned once that she was being groomed to take over the company one day, but she said she still had a long way to go. Still, she found time to talk to him, but it was mainly during her lunch breaks.

Once or twice a week, she would invite Natsu into her office to share a meal. He tried asking her about her life, but she was good at dodging his questions, countering them with some of her own. He realized she wouldn't open up to him so easily, but he didn't let that get him down. She had a right to her privacy, so he left it alone.

However, Natsu was an open book, and Lucy loved turning his pages. She asked him about his previous jobs, then about high school. He spent days telling her about the shenanigans him and his friends got into during their teenage years, pulling a few giggles from his boss.

One day she asked him about his upbringing, causing them to spend a whole lunch talking about him growing up in different foster homes. He saw a familiar look in her eye, one he recognized as pity, but it was put to rest when he told her about his family, the one who ended up adopting him.

"Igneel's great! And Grandeeney's the sweetest person I've ever met. They're the best parents I could've asked for. Better even."

Lucy smiled at that, which in turn made him smile too. When she asked about siblings, he told her he had an older brother, but they didn't speak much. "After he graduated high school, he took off. I get a card from him on my birthday, but that's about it. It's probably for the best. Zeref wasn't much of a social person anyways. What about you? Got any siblings?"

Natsu thought she would dodge his question again, but she answered it, talking about how she didn't have any siblings, but she did have a cousin who she cared for dearly. They may have gone over the normal lunch hour, but Natsu didn't mind, and Lucy didn't either. It was the first time she opened up about her life, and since that day, she started doing it more often.

Three months into the job, Natsu found himself in Lucy's office again, chatting about the company over sandwiches. Lucy mentioned how her father wanted her to learn every aspect of the job, prompting Natsu to ask, "Even downstairs?"

Lucy nodded, a fond smile on her face. "Yup. That was my first job once I turned sixteen."

"How old are you now?" Natsu asked, his eyes widening as he waved his hands in front of him. "Never mind! Sorry I asked!"

Lucy laughed, shaking her head. "It's fine. It's not like it's some big secret. I'm twenty-four."

"Oh, cool." They were four years apart, possibly less depending on when her birthday was. "I'm twenty." He ran a hand through his pink locks, offering her a nervous smile. "But I'll be twenty-one in two months."

She cocked her head, her eyes glinting with something he couldn't place as she said, "We'll have to go out celebrating."

Natsu swallowed, feeling his face flush with heat. "Maybe," he said, not knowing if that was against company policy.

Lucy raised her brows for a second before returning to normal. "So what, your birthday's in November?"

Natsu shook his head, trying to will away his blush. "December."

Lucy smiled, her eyes narrowing a bit as she said, "But your name means summer."

He chuckled, knowing why she was smiling. "Yeah, it's ironic I guess. Can't exactly ask my birth parents what they were thinking when they named me. I wasn't even born in winter technically. It's like two weeks before."

"Huh, that's cool."

Natsu didn't know if she genuinely thought it was cool or if she was being polite. Either way, he wasn't going to ask. "My brother told me I was due on the first day of winter, but I came early."

"Oh, so maybe your name really was supposed to be ironic?"

Natsu shrugged, happy his face had calmed down a bit. Deciding to change the subject, he asked, "So, how'd you feel working downstairs?"

"I hated it," she drawled, taking a sip of her drink before sighing. "Everyone's so... bland down there. I don't get it. I tried being friendly, but it's like that job is cursed. Everyone who works there just hates life."

"I didn't hate life," Natsu pointed out as he shrugged. "I mean, I didn't like my coworkers, but the job wasn't that hard. And the pay wasn't bad either."

"Right? I made more working down there than when I started working in the office."

"What job did you do in the office?"

Lucy chewed a bite of her food as he tilted her head up, thinking over her answer. "Well, first it was a sales rep. Let me tell you, I hated that job. The only way to make good money is with commissions, but damn, I was bad at selling stuff. My father had to move me to accounting because I was actually hurting the company." She laughed, as if it was the funniest thing in the world.

Natsu laughed too, enjoying the way Lucy's eyes lit up. "Damn, well how'd accounting go?"

"Better. I worked there for a while before he switched me. I bounced around for a while until I ended up in your spot."

Natsu raised a brow, looking back to see his desk through Lucy's opened door. "You were an assistant?"

Lucy nodded. "Yup. To this guy named Mr. Capricorn." She smiled as her shoulders shook, her voice lowering to a whisper. "But between you and me, I called him Mr. Goatman in my head."

Natsu didn't know what the man looked like, but hearing Lucy call him that made him chuckle. "Why'd you call him that? Did he eat anything?"

She shook her head. "He had this white hair and this goatee thing. Man, he looked like a human-goat person. It was crazy! I wish I still had a picture of him." She pulled out her phone, her brows furrowing when she saw something on her screen. "Crap."

"What?" Natsu asked, pausing mid-bite.

Lucy took a deep breath before looking towards her door. "I hate to ask this, but could you finish your lunch somewhere else? I need to make a call."

"Yeah, absolutely." Natsu stood up, gathering his food and drink before pushing his chair towards her desk with his foot. "Everything okay?"

She shook her head. "No, but I'll handle it. Just personal stuff."

Natsu nodded, knowing that was her way of saying he shouldn't ask anything else. If it was work related he would help, but beyond that he couldn't do much. He walked out, setting his stuff on his desk before heading back to her door. As he closed it, he saw Lucy's phone pressed against her ear, her lips tugged into a frown. The door closed right after he heard her say, "I told you we're over. Don't call me again or I'll—"

Natsu stopped listening, gathering his food and drink before heading to the break room to finish. Lucy was his boss, but she was also his friend. He wanted to respect her privacy, even if the curiosity was threatening to burn him alive.

The next month went by slower than the past three. Natsu found himself distracted lately. He was able to do his work without fail, but he could have done a better job if he hadn't discovered something about himself.

It didn't take him long to realize he had developed a small crush on his boss. It was hard not to. Lucy was charming, sweet, and funny as hell. Her beauty didn't hurt, but Natsu found himself more entranced by the things she said than by her curvy body.

Yes, he noticed, he just didn't gawk at her body. She wore her suits all the time anyway, so he didn't get a great look at her form to begin with. It was all left to his imagination, which, admittedly got a little wild at times, but he didn't act on it. He knew nothing could come of his crush.

There weren't rules about coworkers dating, but he knew Lucy wouldn't go for a guy like him. She seemed like she craved sophistication and class. He had none of those things. Natsu was just her assistant and friend, nothing more, nothing less.

Despite telling himself that, he often fantasized about what it would be like to wrap his arms around her waist, or to grab her shapely hips. He knew some guys preferred thin women, but Natsu wanted someone he could hold onto, and from what he could tell, Lucy had great hips, nice and wide but not too outrageous. It made his heart race just thinking about.

He kept it professional in the workplace, not wanting to jeopardize his job or Lucy's comfort. Sure, his brain plummeted down the drain every now and then, but he didn't show it at work. Lucy was his boss, and he would show her the utmost respect.

However, he didn't expect to be tested on that as he took the elevator down, heading to the gym for employees. It was a perk of working for the company, one that Natsu took advantage of before and after he started working upstairs. He would get in a good workout after work before heading home, toning his muscles so he wouldn't lose them.

He didn't like working downstairs, but he had to admit, he used his muscles a lot more down there than he did in the office.

When the elevator doors opened, Natsu rubbed his stomach, thankful his motion sickness medication was still effective. He went towards the weights like he did every time he came down, only to freeze in place when he heard the sound of a machine being used.

He looked over, his breath hitching when he saw his boss, Lucy Heartfilia, running on a treadmill. Her hair was in a high ponytail, swishing back and forth as her body moved. Sweat dripped down her back, soaking into her sports bra. The drenched bra was barely covered by her loose tank top that clung to her body like a second skin.

Natsu's eyes trailed down, taking in the luscious curves of her body. He was right, her hips were gorgeous, the perfect size and shape to squeeze. A very crude imagine of him holding her hips from behind popped into his head, but he had to snuff it out quickly, fearing the repercussions of his crush.

A lump formed in Natsu's throat when he looked at her ass, covered in her tight spandex shorts. Her firm cheeks taunted Natsu, making his fingers twitch. He had to force himself to swallow, mouth watering from the sight.

Natsu tore his eyes away from Lucy, reminding himself that she was his boss. Friendship was the most he was going to get out of her, and that was fine. She didn't owe him anything beyond the paycheck he received for his work.

Walking over to the weights, Natsu stretched, preparing his muscles for his workout. When he deemed himself ready, he put some weight on the bar, sitting down on the bench before lifting the weight. Sweat dripped down his tan skin as he exercised, doing multiple repetitions with short breaks in between.

His muscles pulled and pushed as he exerted himself, his clothes sticking to his sweaty body to create a familiar but welcomed feeling. He loved the way his heart beat faster when he exercised, his muscles flexing as he increased his weight, pumping out hot breaths as he felt himself growing stronger.

Lucy walked by just as he set the bar on the rack, her hips swaying in a way that made his throat tighten. "Looking good," she said, giving his body a once over before turning her gaze ahead.

Natsu got tongue-tied in an instant, his head light as he sat up too quickly. "Th-thanks. Too you." His eyes squeezed shut when he realized his mistake, feeling like an idiot. "I mean, you too."

When he opened his eyes, she was looking over her shoulder, smiling at him. She winked before slowly pulling off her sweat-soaked tank top, letting him see her glistening skin. That was the last sight he saw before she entered the women's locker room, causing Natsu to gasp when he came back to reality.

Natsu panted, both from the exercise and the view he just saw. As he wiped down the bench he had sweated on, he furrowed his brows, his body reacting more than it should have from the simple sight his boss provided.

He took a deep breath as he headed to the men's locker room, one thought pounding in his mind. 'I could really use a cold shower right about now.'

Natsu had been Lucy's assistant for five months, and so far he kept his crush to himself. Of course, Natsu had to wonder if he could still count it as a crush. He spent more time than he should imagining what it would be like to kiss Lucy's lips, her neck, her... other places. Natsu wasn't a virgin. He had a few flings throughout high school and the years following. Currently, he was single, but he wasn't looking for a relationship.

'That's not true.'

Natsu sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, feeling his cheeks burn. He wasn't looking for a relationship, unless it was with a certain blonde woman he sat less than fifteen feet away from.

Kissing Lucy wasn't the only thing occupying his mind. He wanted to get to know her more, unravel the mysteries that was her life. He knew he had just scratched the surface when it came to her.

One thing that kept coming up in his mind was Lucy's status. He had enough evidence gathered to know she ended a relationship with someone, but despite that she still wore a wedding ring. At least, he assumed it was a wedding ring. It had a diamond on it and it was on her left ring finger, making it seem like Lucy was married.

However, her last name suggested she wasn't. She was still a Heartfilia, but she wouldn't be the first woman Natsu knew that kept her last name after marriage. She never mentioned a husband or boyfriend, or even a fiancé. Then again, she didn't mention too much about her personal life, just enough to keep him guessing.

'Maybe she's just holding onto the ring for the memories?' Natsu didn't know what to think. He could always ask her if she was in a relationship, but he didn't want to jeopardize his job by asking too many questions. Lucy had a right to her privacy, end of subject.

He looked over at her office, seeing her door was closed. Even if he got the nerve to ask her now, he couldn't. She was on a phone call and asked not to be disturbed. Like a good assistant, Natsu obeyed.

In the meantime, Natsu finished up with the spreadsheet Lucy asked for, clicking the 'print' button before getting up. On his way to the printer, Natsu stopped by a few coworkers' desks, asking them what they were doing that weekend. For the ones that said they were free, he invited them out, wanting to hang out with people for his birthday.

When they asked where he wanted to have it, Natsu smiled and said, "That bar down the street." He was happy he was turning twenty-one in a few days, so close to being of legal age to consume alcohol. It wouldn't be his first time drinking, but it would be his first legal drink.

By the time Natsu made it back to his desk with the spreadsheet in hand, he had six people say they would be there and two maybes. He took a deep breath, stealing another glance at Lucy's door. She was the one Natsu really wanted to invite, but he was too nervous. 'What if she gets the wrong idea?'

Natsu tried reminding himself that Lucy was the one who suggested they celebrate, but that didn't comfort him. It was two months ago when she said that. He doubted she meant it, just joking around like her usual self.

However, if she had meant it, Natsu would be ecstatic.

He busied himself with a few more tasks while waiting for Lucy's phone call to end. When it did, he found himself nervous all over again. Taking a few deep breaths, Natsu stood up, grabbing some documents before walking to the door of her office. He knocked twice, waiting for her to say he could enter before doing so.

"Hey Natsu," Lucy said, peeking up from her computer at him before her eyes flitted down. "What's up?"

"I got those papers you asked for earlier." He put them on her desk, taking up the only clean spot on the surface. Papers were scattered everywhere, a chaotic mess that no doubt made perfect sense to his boss. She didn't get her job because of her father alone, learning the job and earning her place at the top. She was organized even when it didn't appear that way.

"Oh, thanks." Lucy shuffled through them until she pulled out one, filling out the blank spots before flipping it over. She looked up when Natsu didn't immediately leave, her brow raising. "Yes?"

He forced a smile, feeling sweat bead on the back of his neck. "I um, well... I was wondering if you had any plans... for this weekend?"

Lucy pulled herself away from her desk, giving him a quizzical look. "I don't. Why?"

Natsu swallowed, feeling the lump in his throat. "I uh, it's nothing, really. Kinda lame." He rubbed at the back of his neck, struggling to keep her gaze. "I invited some people to hang out Saturday night. I-I was wondering if maybe you wanted to... join us?"

Asking her to hang out with a group of people felt less scary than asking her to hang out with him alone. He didn't have to tell her the reason, letting her decide for herself if she wanted to spend her free time with her employees.

"Is it just for people from work?" Lucy asked, causing Natsu to shake his head.

"I invited some other people."


He gulped. "A couple of my friends outside of work."

Lucy studied him for a moment before her lips quirked into a smile. "Is it that time already?" She turned to her computer, clicking a few things before her grin widened. "Your birthday's on Saturday!"

Natsu bit his inner cheek, hoping his face wasn't turning red. "Y-yup. Turning twenty-one, finally."

Lucy nodded as she clicked out of her personal flies, her eyes finding Natsu's again. "Of course I'll go."

"You will?" he asked in disbelief.

Her smile seemed that much brighter as she said, "Yup. I'll even buy you your first drink. Just tell me what time and the location. I'll be there."

There was nothing Natsu could do to stop the blush that surfaced on his face, but he couldn't bring himself to care. She said yes, and that was enough to keep him happy. "Awesome! Yeah, it's just that bar down the street. I was telling everyone seven. Is that okay?"

Lucy nodded. "Sounds perfect. Can't wait."

He smiled to himself, feeling like he won a prize by having her agree to go with him. "Me either," he said, turning around to head back to his desk, his heart pounding harder than it had in a long time.

Saturday came faster than Natsu expected. He arrived at the bar twenty minutes early, grinning like a fool when they carded him at the entrance. He was allowed to enter, but after taking a few steps inside, he realized he didn't know what to do. The obvious decision was to go buy a drink, but Lucy looked excited when she said she would buy him his first drink, so he held off, ordering a soda when he got to the bar.

The bartender raised a brow at the order, but after Natsu explained he was meeting some people, the woman nodded. She poured him his drink, sliding it to him before taking the few bucks from him. Natsu sipped his soda, anticipation and nervousness eating him alive.

He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, turning to see a flash of blonde before his vision settled on the woman sitting next to him. Lucy smiled as she waved towards the bartender, easily getting the woman's attention.

"Hey! Can I get a strawberry daiquiri and," she turned to Natsu, looking over him once before turning back to the bartender, "a fire whiskey on the rocks."

Natsu cocked his head as the bartender walked away, preparing their drinks. "Fire whiskey?"

Lucy nodded, reaching over to place her hand on his arm before giving him a squeeze. "Trust me. You look like the kinda guy who would like that."

Natsu didn't know if he should drink something with the word 'fire' in the name. His body was already heating up from her touch alone. "Okay," he mumbled, gulping as he saw the bartender scooping some ice into a glass.

When the drinks were brought over, Natsu pulled out his wallet, only for Lucy to swat at his hand. "No way, Birthday Boy! This is on me!"

Natsu chuckled as Lucy handed over the money, feeling his skin warm with a familiar blush. He swore he blushed more over the past month than he had in his entire life, even if he knew that wasn't correct. It didn't make it feel any less real.

Natsu hesitated before bringing the rim of the glass to his lips. He could feel Lucy's eyes on him as he took his first sip, his throat tightening from the liquid fire he drank. He coughed as he set the drink down, pounding on his chest. "Fuck! That's strong!"

She laughed, patting his back in a comforting way. "You'll get used to it. The ice should cool it down. How's it taste?"

"I'm supposed to taste something?" Natsu joked, causing her to laugh again. He smiled to himself as he brought the drink up to his lips again, this time taking a gulp to appease her. "This is gonna be a long night, huh?"

Lucy smiled as she dragged her hand away from his back, slowly trailing down his arm before letting go. Something devious flashed through her eyes, but it was gone after Natsu blinked. "I hope so," she whispered, starting a night Natsu would never forget.

By the time he finished his drink, a few of his friends and coworkers had arrived. They moved to a circle booth in the back, everyone yelling to be heard over the music that started up. A waitress came over to collect their drink orders, Natsu surprised when some people ordered drinks for him.

"It's your birthday," they would say, then demand he drink every last drop.

Natsu had experimented with drinking before, but never to the degree he did that night. He took shot after shot, earning a round of cheers with every drink he consumed. At one point in the night, he ended up on the dance floor with one of the girls from accounting, but the song hadn't ended before someone else wanted to dance with him. He didn't realize how much his coworkers liked him, happy he found a group of people he enjoyed spending time with.

Natsu knew he was drunk when his words stopped making sense to him. He was slurring and laughing, his actions clumsy as he sat at the booth, talking with one of his old high school friends that made the drive up to Hargeon. When he almost knocked over a drink, someone grabbed his hand, bringing it to their lap to hold it down.

Natsu looked over, surprised to see it was Lucy, her delicate fingers smoothing over his warm hand. He leaned in as he smiled, hoping his words came out clear. "Chu doin'?"

Lucy giggled as she gave his hand a squeeze, keeping her actions hidden from everyone else's eyes. "Do you need some water?" she asked, causing him to shake his head.

"Nah," he said, giving her a lazy grin. At least, he thought that was what he was doing. His face was feeling a little numb and hot.

Despite his decline for water, Lucy ordered him one. He drank it, loving the smile that surfaced on her face as he gulped the clear liquid. Hours passed and people trickled out, everyone wishing Natsu a happy birthday before they left. Erza was the last of his coworkers to leave, telling him not to drive while he was in that state of mind.

"I'mma call a cab," Natsu said, his words sounding better than before. Time and water helped ease the alcohol thrumming through his body, his head more clear than it had been a few hours ago.

He looked over, seeing Lucy was sitting about a foot away. She was typing something into her phone before pocketing the device, giving him a smile. "So, how was your birthday?"

"Awesome!" he yelled, laughing at himself. He had a good buzz going now, his body relaxed. "How's your night?"

"Great." She scooted a few inches closer, cocking her head. "Do you want some food?"

Natsu shrugged, then leaned away from Lucy on accident. She grabbed his arm before he could fall sideways in the booth, her hand staying on him even after she righted him. He looked down, swearing fire clawed at his veins were she touched him, his mouth saying things he wouldn't normally say if he was sober.

"You're beautiful tonight," he mumbled, unsure if she could hear him. He looked down at the black dress shirt she wore. It covered her breasts, but it allowed him to see her shoulders and arms. Since it was cold out, she wore jeans, but they hugged her curves and long legs perfectly.

His heart flipped when Lucy laughed, her hand squeezing his arm. "You look pretty good yourself."

He cocked his head, disbelief coloring his tone. "I do?"

She nodded, running her hand up his arm at a slow pace, brushing the pads of her fingers against his neck before finding his soft pink hair. She threaded her fingers through the locks, leaning in so he could hear her whisper.

"You have this exotic pink hair. I love it."

Her hand trailed over, her thumb tracing under his eye, right above the scar that ran up his cheek. "And these gorgeous green eyes. You have no idea what they do to me."

Natsu breathed her in as he leaned closer, hanging on every word she spoke. "What does it do to you?" Despite the buzz he felt, his words came out clear, his chest moving up and down faster as his breathing picked up. His heart beat wildly, pulsing in his tight throat.

Lucy's thumb moved again, the pad delicately tracing over his bottom lip, the urge to suck in the digit becoming more tempting by the second. She leaned in, her lips brushing over his ear as she spoke slow and softly, making sure to press her breasts against his chest. "When you look at me, it makes me feel hot all over."

Natsu sucked in a sharp breath, his body reacting to her words. "Yeah?"

"Yeah," she whispered, before giving the shell of his ear a gentle lick.

Natsu groaned, a hand reaching out to grab her waist. Lucy didn't stop him, only sighing when he touched her. He felt his face consumed with a flush, either from the alcohol or a blush, he couldn't tell.

Lucy pulled back, her lips skimming his jaw. He could smell the liquor on her breath, the scent sweet since she had been drinking fruity drinks all night, except for a shot of straight vodka she took when everyone did the same.

Natsu wasn't confused, knowing what she was doing. She was flirting with him, and he enjoyed it. He didn't think about that wedding ring on her finger, or the other things that usually kept him in check. He didn't think of her as his boss in that moment, only seeing the fierce, alluring woman he wanted.

Her lips were mere inches away from his, desire controlling his movements as he leaned in, stopping just as he felt the heat from her face on his. She didn't pull back, so he closed the gap, pressing his lips to hers.

Natsu's heart soared when her fingers weaved into his hair, applying her own pressure as she kissed him back. Their lips moved slow and deliberately at first, testing each other, getting a feel of the other's comfort. It wasn't long before things progressed, Natsu feeling her tongue slide against the seam of his lips, asking for permission to enter. He parted his lips, allowing her to explore his mouth as he melted against her.

The kiss turned hot and heavy after that, one of Natsu's hands still on her waist while the other ran through her hair, fisting the golden locks when she sucked on his tongue. He moaned, enjoying the fire that coursed through his veins. It was unlike the fire he felt from his whiskey, this one igniting desire within him. He threw caution to the wind as he deepened the kiss, needing to feel her against him.

The taste of different alcohols invaded their mouths as their tongues danced, lips sliding against each other as their eyes drifted shut. Lucy teased the roof of his mouth with her tongue, causing him to gasp against her. She did it again, making him shudder as his heartbeat sped up.

Natsu felt his cock in his pants, hard and throbbing, straining against the material that caged it. He wanted her, enough to forget where they were or who she was to him. They weren't boss and assistant in that moment. They were two adults with enough sexual tension between them to make Natsu do some things he wouldn't normally do, like slip his hand down to her thigh.

He knew if he moved a little, he could reach up and find her most intimate spot, but instead of taking that route, Natsu's hand slid around her, palming her firm ass. He couldn't stop himself from groping her, loving the surprised moan that slipped past her sweet lips. It was womanly, that fire in him burning hotter.

However, that one grope ended their kiss, Lucy shaking her head as she pulled away. They panted, chasing fresh air as they tried to regulate their breathing. Natsu felt his heart pounding, his body coursing with excitement and arousal. He wanted to keep going, but Lucy's words made it clear that wasn't going to happen.

"We can't," she breathed, cheeks as rosy as his hair. "It's against the rules."

Natsu furrowed his brows, whispering to himself, "Rules?" He remembered looking it up after he got curious. Office relationships weren't against the rules. Hell, Bisca and Alzack were married, and they met in the office. 'Maybe managers can't date their employees.' He never asked Mira, but now he wished he had. It would have saved him from making a fool of himself.

"I'm sor—" Natsu's apology was cut short when Lucy said two words that made his world stop, his blood running cold

"I'm married."

He jerked back, eyes wide and mind clearer than it was a moment ago. "What? I... I thought—" He looked down at her ring, brows furrowing as he realized he got it all wrong. Natsu saw what he wanted, which was a woman who still wore her ring despite ending things with her husband. That wasn't the case, and the more he realized it, the more confused and shocked he became. "I don't get it."

"It's my fault," Lucy said, making no effort to scoot away from Natsu. "I should have mentioned it."

Natsu nodded, his tone sharper than before. "Yeah, you should have." He closed his eyes, shaking his head. "Fuck, I'm sorry." He looked at her, throwing away the bitterness he felt over Lucy 'avoiding' that bit of information. She wore a wedding ring, and he chose to ignore it. "I thought maybe you were separated or divorced or something. I-I didn't know. I wouldn't have kissed ya if I knew you were really married. Fuck, I feel like an asshole."

Lucy shook her head, giving him a soft smile. "It's not your fault."

Even if she was right, it didn't make him feel better. "I don't know what came over me," he lied, and she saw it.

"I do." Lucy paused, waiting until she had his full attention before continuing. "There's clearly something going on between us."

Natsu blinked, shocked that his crush for Lucy wasn't a secret. "Is it that obvious?"

She nodded. "Yes." Lucy was going to say more, but she stopped when a waitress came by. Pushing aside the thick tension Natsu was feeling, he ordered some fries and another glass of water, deciding he didn't want any more alcohol tonight. He needed to get sober as soon as possible.

When the waitress left, Natsu ran his hand through his hair, feeling the difference between when he did it and when she did. He wanted her touch again, craved it, but he couldn't have it.

Embarrassment and guilt struck him hard when he realized what happened didn't just affect the two of them. Lucy had a husband, and Natsu kissing her would definitely upset the guy. 'Should I go apologize to her husband?' Natsu didn't know if that would make matters worse. Hell, he didn't even know how to find her husband. She never mentioned him.

Natsu swallowed when he thought about his working relationship with Lucy, fearing for his job. 'Am I gonna get fired now? Transferred to a different department?' He liked working with Lucy and didn't want to get moved. She was a good boss, firm but fair, and funny. He could get over the awkwardness if it meant keeping his job, as long as Lucy was okay with that too.

Before he could ask her, Lucy was clearing her throat, taking Natsu away from his thoughts. "Natsu," she started, her tone guarded. "Would you be willing to do a purely physical relationship?" His eyes widened, but Lucy didn't stop there. "There would be no romance, no feelings. Just sex."

Natsu blinked, shocked by what she was suggesting. He shook his head, feeling stunned and appalled. "Like an affair? 'Cause I'm not okay with that." He didn't want someone to cheat on him, and he wasn't looking to put someone else through that type of pain either. He liked Lucy, but he wasn't going to compromise his morals for her.

Lucy shook her head, a light flickering behind her eyes. "No, it wouldn't be an affair." She put her hand over his, the fire he felt earlier returning to sizzle over his skin. She smiled, his heart flipping at the action before dropping when she said her next sentence.

"Would you be willing to meet my husband."

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Up next, Chapter Two: The rules


Chapter Text

Chapter Two: The rules

'He's gonna punch me in the throat. I know it. He's gonna answer the door and just deck me. Fuck! Is it too late to run? I can tell Lucy I got sick and had to cancel.'

Natsu grit his teeth as he walked up to Lucy's house, ignoring the expensive looking car in the driveway that threatened to intimidate him. He knew he didn't belong there. He didn't need some vehicle reminding him. Lucy was classy, and him, well, he was wearing a button-up shirt he bought at Magnolia Mart two years ago.

What made it worse was he considered it his 'nice clothes'.

Natsu swallowed, feeling his collar brushing his throat. He hoped he looked nice enough, not that it mattered. 'There's no way this guy is gonna let me have sex with his wife. No way! This has to be some kinda practical joke. Lucy likes jokes, they make her laugh.'

Natsu sighed when he thought about Lucy's laughter, just the memory made his heart warm. It gave him enough courage to raise his fist, but he paused before his knuckles made contact with the door.

He jolted when the door opened a moment later, Lucy's lips quirking into a smile when she saw him. Natsu's heart flipped in his chest before his eyes trailed down, seeing the tight blue dress she was in. Unlike the cocktail dress she wore last weekend, this dress showed some cleavage, desire stirring within him as he wondered how soft her breasts would feel in his hands.

His resolve to meet Lucy's husband strengthened from the sight, reminding him why he was there. He was hesitant at first when Lucy suggested they start a relationship despite her being married, but she assured him it wouldn't be cheating.

They wouldn't do anything sexual until they got her husband's approval, the idea of that sounding crazy to him. Who in their right mind would let someone have sex with their wife?

Natsu knew he wouldn't be able to share his wife if he had one.

Lucy laughed as she reached out, grabbing the tie he was wearing. "You look like you're dressed for a job interview."

Natsu gave her a nervous chuckle, cupping the back of his neck. "This is... uh, this is actually what I wore for my last one, to be your assistant."

Lucy nodded, her laughter ceasing as she stepped aside, allowing him to enter her home. The first thing he saw was a small entrance hall, one way leading towards some steps while the other led to an open area. He followed Lucy down the open area, seeing the kitchen coming into view. Before he could take another step, she lifted a hand, pointing towards a doorway. "If you follow that hall, you'll find Gray."


Also known as Lucy's husband.

Until last week, Natsu didn't know this man existed, and now he was supposed to ask for something unreasonable to said man.

"Dinner'll be ready shortly. Go make yourself comfortable while you wait."

Anxiety flared in his chest when Lucy turned her back on him, heading towards the kitchen. He stood there for a moment, unsure where he should go. Natsu could hear the sound of a TV coming from down the hall, but it didn't soothe the feeling of uncertainty growing in him.

'Well, if this Gray guy is gonna punch me anyways, might as well get it over with.'

Natsu walked down the short hall, suppressing a gasp when he entered the room at the end. He clearly stepped into a home theater, plush red recliners and couch pointing towards the large TV on the wall. Natsu's TV at his apartment was thirty-two inches, but their TV had to be at least twice, if not three times that size. It made Natsu think back to Lucy's office, wondering why she kept it so plain when she had her home filled with expensive things.

Natsu felt beads of sweat collect on the back of his neck and under his arms when he spotted the head of black hair peeking out from one of the recliners. Thankfully the man was facing away, staring at the football game on the TV.

Natsu remained quiet, watching the game as he debated what he should say, but he came up short. He cleared his throat to feel more comfortable, accidentally getting the man's attention in the process. Lucy's husband looked over his shoulder, his dark eyes cold and piercing. "Oh, hey."

The man stood up, walking around the recliner towards him. Natsu's throat tightened on reflex, expecting some type of abuse for kissing this man's wife. However, the only thing Gray did was hold out a hand, offering him a smile. "Sorry about that. Got a little distracted."

'Well, fuck.' Natsu paled when he looked over Gray, one of his theories thrown out the window. He thought maybe her husband wasn't attractive and that was the reason Lucy was interested in seeing other people, but seeing Gray in the flesh disproved that idea.

Gray was a handsome man, his skin a shade paler than Lucy's with hair as dark as the night sky. His eyes were sharp, a small smile resting on his lips as he looked Natsu over, probably sizing him up as well.

He noted Gray was a few inches taller, but judging by the way his shirt fit, Gray had a similar build as Natsu. Natsu swallowed, the intimidating feeling coming back in full swing as he shook Gray's hand, hoping his skin wasn't as clammy as it felt.

Gray's grip was firm and full of power, but not too tight to make it uncomfortable. To Natsu, it felt like a friendly handshake, something he wasn't expecting. He thought Gray would try to crush his hand for revenge, but the guy didn't look the least bit upset.

"My team's winning," he said, stealing a short glance at the TV.

Natsu looked over at the game, seeing who was winning. "Oh, did you go to Crocus University or something?"

Gray nodded as he turned to the TV again. "Yeah. Me and Lucy graduated from there."

Natsu felt his stomach twist, reminded of the guy's relationship with Lucy. "O-oh? Is uh, is that where you two met?"

Gray didn't look at him as he said, "Nah. We met earlier." He looked over, his eyes darker than before. "By the way, I'm Gray." A smirk slid across his face. "But I think you knew that."

Natsu sucked in a sharp breath, feeling a chill run down his spine. "Yeah. I know now."

Gray chuckled, the sound deeper than when Natsu laughed. "Yeah, she told me she didn't tell you she was married. Guess she was vetting you to see if you'd be a good match." He sighed, running his hand through his dark hair. "Sometimes she can be a little..."

"Weird," Natsu blurted out, immediately regretting ever being born. However, instead of giving Natsu a dirty look, Gray laughed.

"I was gonna say silly, but yeah, weird works too."

Before Natsu could respond, Lucy's sweet voice sounded from another room. "Dinner's ready!"

"Let's go," Gray said, patting Natsu on the back before leading the way. "Lucy makes a killer steak."

Natsu gulped, hoping there wouldn't be any knives around. Gray seemed okay now, but Natsu didn't know how long that cool demeanor would last. For all Natsu knew, Gray could snap at any minute, getting his revenge for Natsu kissing Lucy. Part of him knew he was being ridiculous, but he couldn't help it. He had never been in a situation like this one, and no one he knew had ever been in one either.

Following Gray, Natsu found himself in a dining room, the table having ten chairs around it. He wondered how often they had people over for dinner, the table looking too big for the couple.

'Couple.' Natsu couldn't get over that concept. He had known Lucy for five months and not once did she mention she was married. No one at the office said anything about it either. To be fair, he never asked about it and it never came up, but he wished someone had said something anyway.

However, Natsu couldn't bring himself to regret the kiss he had with Lucy. Sure it was in the heat of the moment and they were both a little drunk, but he loved it regardless, wishing it had lasted longer.

When he thought Lucy was offering him the chance to have an affair, he was against it, but when she explained her relationship with Gray, he found himself curious. He always thought open marriages were rare, that he would go his whole life without encountering anyone in them.

Here he was, barely twenty-one years old and already contemplating the notion of dating a married woman, with her husband's permission of course, and also without any feelings. She mentioned rules, but didn't go into details. She said Gray would explain them, if they met. So, he showed up, prepared to get his ass handed to him, but hoping it wouldn't turn out like that.

The idea of actually being with Lucy was too tempting to pass up, as long as it was okay with her husband. Natsu wasn't okay with cheating, but as long as everyone was aware and consenting, he was willing to give it a shot.

Lucy and Gray sat down on the same side of the table. The third plate was right across from them, letting Natsu know that was his spot. He sat down, seeing the plates filled and the utensils set out. A large steak sat on the side of his plate, accompanied by some green beans and mashed potatoes. It looked delicious, but Natsu was too nervous to dig in first.

His eyes fell to the steak knife by his plate, the sight making him feel like he would sweat through his shirt, his hands shaking in his lap. His heart beat wildly and his palms turned clammy again, his eyes flitting from his plate to around the room, too scared to look at Lucy or Gray.

As Gray cut into his steak, he asked, "How was your day?"

Lucy smiled as she grabbed her glass of water, her tone carefree despite the panic attack their guest was currently having. "It was good. We got the contract I was telling you about."

"That's good."

"Yeah. I'm sure my father will like that. I'll have to call him next week. I haven't found time lately." She looked over, eyes landing on Natsu before she turned back to her husband. "I had Natsu get the office some donuts to celebrate. It put a lot of smiles on their faces. Maybe I should try bribing the downstairs people? They seem so moody every time I go down there."

Natsu listened as Lucy told Gray about her day, mentioning Natsu's name a few more times, as if he wasn't sitting across the table from them. He wondered how often she brought up his name in past conversations, but he was too scared to ask.

When Lucy asked Gray to tell her about his day, he obliged. He told Lucy about his interactions with his workers, Natsu gathering information throughout the conversation. From what he understood, Gray was a manager somewhere, but it wasn't at Lucy's branch. The way he described his day gave Natsu the impression he didn't work for the same company at all, which piqued his curiosity.

When there was a lull in the conversation, Natsu raised his hand, causing the two to laugh. "You don't have to do that," Lucy said, covering her mouth as she chewed. "We're not in class."

Natsu nodded, feeling lame as a hot blush stained his face. Gray was chuckling beside her, getting a kick out of Natsu's awkwardness. "I um, I was gonna ask," he locked eyes with Gray, that chill from earlier returning to wreak havoc on his spine, "where you work?"

Gray raised a brow before looking at Lucy. "You didn't tell him?"

She shook her head, cocking her head. "I know how you like your privacy."

Gray nodded, reaching his hand over towards Lucy. Natsu couldn't tell if he was holding her hand or thigh, or maybe doing something more perverse than that. He had to expel those thoughts, a weird feeling spreading through his body at the thought of them doing something sexual right in front of him.

He didn't know if it was jealousy, anger, disgust, or arousal. Whatever it was, Natsu wanted that feeling gone, especially since he knew he was overreacting. He didn't think they would actually do something like that.

"I work at the ice plant," Gray said, breaking Natsu out of his odd thoughts. "You might've heard of it? It's called 'Maker Magic'. Strange name, I know. I didn't pick it, my grandfather did when he started the company."

Natsu didn't have to ask. If Gray's grandfather built the company, that meant it was a family business, and if Gray was a manager at a company his family owned, it meant he was in the same boat as Lucy.

'They're a power couple,' Natsu realized, looking between them. That realization only made Natsu feel smaller, wondering why Lucy would want to have Natsu as a side partner when she already had Gray. 'Isn't he enough?'

Natsu thought they would go back to talking to themselves, but he was in for a surprise when Gray kept his gaze on him. "So, tell me a bit about yourself."

Natsu's chest tightened, unable to form words for a moment. If he were meeting Gray under different circumstances Natsu knew he wouldn't be that nervous, but at that moment he felt like he was put on display for the couple to poke and prod. "Um, what do you wanna know?"

Gray shrugged, his tone nonchalant. "Dealer's choice."

That didn't help Natsu, but he tried to please the man anyway. "Um, I grew up in Magnolia... I moved to Hargeon a little over a year ago and started working at the distribution center. You uh... You already know I became Lucy's assistant... Um... I uh, I have a cat. His name is Happy."

Gray raised a brow, but didn't comment on his cat's name. "What do you like to do for fun?"

Deeming that question easier, Natsu answered without much trouble. "I like to hike and fish. Oh! And exercise."

Gray smirked as he held back a chuckle. "Oh yeah, Lucy mentioned you frequent the gym at work." He couldn't stop his laughter when he said, "By the way, thanks for not jumping my wife in the showers. I know she can be quite the," he looked over at Lucy before his smile turned coy, "tease."

Natsu's stomach dropped, wondering just how much Gray knew. 'Did she tell him every detail?' He swallowed, trying to move past the current topic. "I-I play video games?"

Wearing an amused grin, Gray asked, "Are you sure?"

Natsu nodded, feeling silly for his lack of confidence. He knew his blush hadn't faded. In fact, it spread, covering his neck and chest, which they thankfully couldn't see. "Yeah."

"What's your favorite game?"

"Probably 'Tartaros', or 'Dragon Slayer'."

Gray nodded. He looked as if he was going to say something about it, but instead he looked at Lucy. "This dinner is amazing. Thank you so much for making it."

Lucy's brown eyes lit up as her smile widened. "No problem."

Natsu was caught in that awkward moment where he wanted to compliment Lucy's cooking too, but he was afraid it would look like he was doing it because Gray did it first. He debated what he should do, but before he could reach a decision, he heard Gray speak again.

"Natsu, what do you think of Lucy's cooking."

"It's great! he blurted out, his face growing hotter in embarrassment. He swallowed past the lump in his throat, taking his tone down a notch. "Th-thank you."

She nodded before taking a sip of her drink, allowing Gray to have the room. "Lucy loves to be complimented when she does a good job. Remember that."

Natsu nodded, wondering why Gray told him that. He wouldn't question him, still trying to wrap his mind around what was happening. To say this situation was bizarre to him would be an understatement.

The conversation switched to Lucy talking about her phone call with Levy earlier that day, taking the attention off Natsu. He welcomed it, not knowing how much more he could handle. He finished his dinner in silence, savoring the food as much as he could, wishing he wasn't so nervous. He doubted he would be that fortunate though, especially when dinner ended.

Lucy took Natsu's plate, telling him to stay seated while they cleaned up. With no wall separating the dining room from the kitchen, Natsu was able to see Lucy and Gray heading to the sink with the dirty dishes. He looked away when they shared a kiss, neither of them bothering to hide it from Natsu.

He felt uncomfortable. Out of place.

Gray cleaned his hands before heading back to the table, gesturing for Natsu to follow him. He wore a soft smile, but it didn't comfort Natsu. "Come on, let's talk outside."

Gray pulled the curtains on the wall, revealing a glass door. He opened it, telling Natsu to go first. Once Natsu stepped outside, his eyes landed on the large inground pool in their spacious backyard. He should've been impressed, but all Natsu could think was, 'That's how he's gonna do it. He's gonna drown me.'

A small part of him still suspected Gray wanted to murder him, and honestly, Natsu wouldn't blame him if he tried.

The two men sat in the patio furniture, facing the pool. The sun had already set, but their backyard was kept lit with the many lights surrounding the fence, all pointed inward. There was a moment of silence for Natsu to calm down, but that seemed pointless as soon as Gray asked his first question, making Natsu's heart rate skyrocket.

"Have you ever been tested for STDs?"

Natsu jolted, his eyes wide as he shook his head. "No."

"You'll need to get tested and deliver the proof of results before anything sexual can happen with Lucy. Got it?"

Natsu was stunned, unable to make a noise. He nodded, mouth feeling dry.

"You'll need to get it done every three to six months until the relationship is terminated." Gray looked at Natsu, his gaze intense, voice low and firm. "Because it will, eventually end. Do you understand?"

When Natsu nodded, Gray looked back at the yard, a smile resting on his lips. "There are rules for this arrangement. The rules are for our safety and comfort. Break the rules and the relationship between you and Lucy will end. Got it?"

"Yes," Natsu mumbled, finding his voice.

"Our marriage comes first. You're only going to have sex with Lucy because her and I allow it." Gray waited for Natsu's nod before continuing. "I have to approve of Lucy's extra partner, just like she has to approve of mine. We are allowed only one extra partner at a time, but you're allowed to see whoever you want, as long as you're careful."

Gray paused, letting that information sink in. "If you have sex or oral sex with anyone else, you need make sure you're being safe. Use a condom or make sure the other person is clean beforehand. Lucy's health and well-being is my main concern, please be respectful."

Natsu nodded, his voice soft. "I'll be careful." He wasn't planning on trying to hook up with anyone else. The idea of having sex with Lucy though, it made his cock twitch and his pulse race, his mind not believing it was going to actually happen. "What about with Lucy?"

"What about her?"

"I have to wear a condom, right?"

Gray chuckled as he shook his head. "No. Lucy's on birth control, but it doesn't protect against STDs. That's why you need to be clean if you're going to touch her. You can still choose to wear a condom with her if you wanna. I know I hate wearing condoms, but I wear 'em anyways when I'm with other women."

"Why's that?" Natsu asked, causing Gray to sigh.

"Lucy's the only woman I trust completely. A girl can swear up and down that she's on birth control, but the risk for me isn't worth it. I don't want an unplanned pregnancy, so I wear one just in case. Even if trust wasn't an issue, birth control isn't one hundred percent effective. There's always that small risk it won't work. It's unlikely to happen, but I don't wanna take the chance. Lucy's the only woman I want to have a kid with, but we're not ready for that."

Gray chuckled. "Nope, not even close." He looked over at Natsu, grinning. "We're not done being selfish yet. We wanna live for ourselves first before having a kid."

Natsu nodded, his heart weighing heavy in his chest. "That makes sense."

Gray started to talk, but Natsu said, "I have— Oh shit, sorry. Go on."

Gray shook his head, nodding towards Natsu. "What is it?"

"I just..." Natsu hesitated, hoping he wasn't going to offend Gray. He was having a hard time understanding why they would want to open their marriage considering all the risks. "I was wondering... What would you do if... if Lucy got pregnant from a... an extra person?"

Gray cocked his head, his smile faltering just a bit, but not disappearing completely. "If Lucy got pregnant by an extra partner? I would raise it as my own. Of course, we'd get a DNA test to see who the father was, that way if it was from an extra they could be in the child's life if they wanted to be."

Gray took a deep breath, making Natsu wonder if he was trying to calm himself down. "So long story short, if you accidentally knock up Lucy and we confirm the child is biologically yours, you have the option to be a part of their life, or you can step back. We can support a baby by ourselves if we need to, but we understand the benefit of having more love in their life, so, there's an option if you'd wish."

Gray snorted, giving Natsu a shrug. "I highly doubt it'll happen though. Lucy's on the IUD and it's like ninety-nine perfect effective. She's never had an issue with it and we don't expect her to have any later down the road."

Sighing, Gray added, "But we're prepared if it does happen."

Natsu nodded, deciding to let the topic go. He was glad Gray and Lucy had a plan in case something like that did happen. Natsu wasn't ready for kids yet either, but if he did accidentally get Lucy, or anyone else for that matter, pregnant, he would want to be part of that child's life.

He couldn't help but see Gray in a new light, admiring him for his decision. Not everyone would raise a child that wasn't biologically theirs, but Gray sounded committed to the plan if things went that way. Natsu was adopted and knew more than most that family didn't have to be related by blood.

"Anyways," Gray started, breaking Natsu out of his thoughts. "Back to the rules. Usually we prefer if there's no regular contact between the extra partner and spouse. By that I mean we don't usually pick friends or coworkers for this sorta thing."

Before Natsu could say anything, Gray added, "There are exceptions, of course. Lucy says she wants to try it with you, and I trust her. She's attracted to you, and I want her to explore that attraction. It'll be harder to keep things strictly casual, but I've dated coworkers and it hasn't messed things up, so I'm sure Lucy can do the same."

"So, it won't be a problem?" Natsu asked, his stomach in knots.

Gray nodded, leaning back in his chair. "I don't think so. The best extra partners are married people though. It's harder for them to get attached since they have their own relationship to worry about. Not saying it doesn't happen, because it has, and when it does, the relationship ends. No exceptions."

Natsu nodded, digesting the information. "So, do you both do the swinging thing?"

Gray chuckled, stealing a glance at Natsu as he shook his head. "Nah, that's not our thing. We know some people who do, but that's never made us feel full."

"You need an open relationship to feel full?" Natsu regretted the question as soon as it passed his lips, knowing it sounded offensive.

However, Gray didn't look upset as he nodded. "It's a form of consensual non-monogamy. There's a lot of ways to practice it. While we haven't tried everything, we have tried swinging and random hookups, but those haven't worked for us."

Natsu decided not to question it. If they found something to work for them, more power to them. He listened as Gray explained the next set of rules, understanding why they were important.

"Honesty and discretion are a must. If you have something going on that will affect Lucy, you need to tell her. Say you're sick with the flu, let her know so she can decide for herself if she wants to risk her healthy. She's a busy woman, she doesn't have time to get sick."

Gray snickered, getting off topic for a second. "Trust me, you don't wanna get her sick. She doesn't like taking a break when she knows there's work to get done, so she'll try to still do everything, even with a fever. Can't tell you how many times I caught her trying to work when she was supposed to be resting in bed. It's better to not risk her health."

When Natsu nodded, Gray continued. "We understand accidents happen and you're not going to be penalized if you didn't know something was going on, but if you do know something's wrong, let her know."

Gray laughed, his dark eyes looking less piercing than before. "I also don't wanna get sick, so if you tell Lucy, it lets me decide what I wanna do to. I can't really afford to get sick either."

He paused, letting himself calm down. "Discretion is a big one. Don't tell anyone about the relationship you have with Lucy. So far we've only had one incident, but we don't want to have it happen again. I'm not gonna go into details, just trust me when I say it's not fun."

Gray took a deep breath, clenching and unclenching his fists before continuing. "Lucy deserves her privacy, so please respect that. Don't go taking pictures of her without her permission, and if you insist on telling people you have a girlfriend, don't let them know it's Lucy. That's goes double for you since you two work together. She doesn't want everyone knowing about the dynamics of our relationship, so be discrete."

Natsu nodded, knowing it would be hard to keep a relationship with his boss a secret, but he would do his best for her.

"This next rule is pretty important, so listen up." Gray held Natsu's gaze, never wavering. "Don't fall in love with Lucy. You can be affectionate if she's okay with it, but leave the feelings at the door. This is a purely physical and temporary relationship. Whether it lasts a few weeks or a few months, it will end, and the less you feel for her, the better it'll be for everyone."

Gray paused, his shoulders tense as he said, "Lucy hates hurting people, and I don't want her feeling guilty because you went and caught feelings. She's had guys do that in the past, and it always ends the same. She breaks up with them. It's supposed to end right then and there, no exceptions, but sometimes guys can be dicks about it. Hell, the only reason it took her so long to propose this arrangement to you is 'cause her last extra wouldn't leave her alone after they broke up."

Gray took a deep breath, his brows pinching together. "We finally got the guy to drop it and leave her alone, but it took way longer than it should've. Just, don't fall in love with her. It'll only end up hurting you and her. And if she breaks up with you, please, just accept it? I don't wanna threaten you or anything, but I will do something about it if you purposely hurt her. Got it?"

Natsu nodded, his chest tightening and his stomach churning. "Yes, I understand." While Natsu knew he would never purposely hurt Lucy, he wasn't so sure about the other part. He would try his best to not get romantic feelings for Lucy, even if he already had a huge crush on her. He had flings with no feelings before, and they worked out alright for the most part. He was sure he could manage if he stayed levelheaded, as long as he didn't let himself get too attached to her.

"Good. Now, location is important too. Sex inside our home is okay, but under no circumstances are you allowed in our bedroom. Our marital bed is off limits. We've never had an extra partner set foot in our room, and that won't change. Lucy will arrange for places where you two can meet, whether it's at a hotel or other location. If she's comfortable it might be in our home, but not in our room. Got it?"

Natsu nodded. "Yeah. I got it." He could see why they could want to keep their marital bed sacred.

"We have four bedrooms in this house. Two of the rooms are designated for extra partners. If she chooses to bring you here it will most likely be in that room, but knowing Lucy, it could be anywhere she sees fit."

Gray shook his head as his shoulders moved, holding back a laugh. "I once walked in with her on the dining room table with her partner." He shivered at the memory, but to Natsu, it didn't look like he was disgusted with it. "I ask if you do have sex outside of the bedroom, please clean up. And, it's not a rule, but please don't do it in my gaming room. I don't want jizz everywhere."

Natsu couldn't stop himself from snorting at that thought, causing Gray to laugh. "I'm serious! Don't go coming all over my chair and shit."

Natsu laughed, tears lining his eyes when Gray shook his head, his face showing his concern over his gaming equipment. "I promise, I won't."

"Good. If you do, I'm gonna have to come to your house and—" Natsu thought he was going to say punch him or some other act of violence. Instead, Gray finished with, "—jizz all over your stuff."

Natsu cringed while laughing, taking the threat seriously. "Yeah, definitely won't. Don't worry."

"You better not," Gray warning, but his toned was colored with amusement. "Anyways, she may want to take you here, but it'll probably be at hotels for a while, until Lucy trusts you more."

Natsu felt himself nodding, wanting Lucy to trust him. If she was going to be having sex with him -that concept still blew his mind- he wanted her to feel safe and comfortable. "Okay."

"Now, I need you to understand this next part," Gray started, causing Natsu to frown.

"Shouldn't I need to understand all of it?"

Gray nodded. "You should, but this part is crucial." He paused, waiting until he had Natsu's undivided attention before speaking. "You are a supplement, not a replacement."

He let his words sink in before he continued. "By that, I mean you give Lucy something extra, but she's still mine. You are not her first extra partner, and you won't be her last. Most of the time she ends it because they get too clingy, so as long as you respect the rules, her, and our marriage, you should both have fun while it lasts."

Natsu thought about that, wondering if he was truly ready for a relationship like that. It was guaranteed to end, no matter what. The idea was weird for Natsu. Hell, the whole situation was weird. He couldn't imagine being in Gray's shoes, knowing Lucy was running wild with other guys.

'She's not running wild. Gray approves of the guys first... and it's only one at a time...' That made Natsu think back to the kiss he shared with Lucy, wondering how Gray felt about it. She told Gray. Natsu knew she did. From what Natsu could see, Lucy told Gray every little detail, and somehow Gray was okay with that?

"Are you mad at me?" Natsu asked, causing Gray to cock his head. "For kissing Lucy. Are you mad?"

"Oh. That." Gray shook his head. "No. Even if she has an extra partner, Lucy is allowed to flirt with, hug, and kiss anyone she chooses without permission, as long as she tells me about it later. The only exception is if it's a past extra partner or ex-boyfriend, but we've never had to deal with that. Once the relationship ends, it's done. Well... Okay, there's another exception. If I don't like the person Lucy's not gonna go kissin' 'em, but we rarely have that problem."

Gray looked at Natsu, giving him a smirk. "So no, I'm not mad about what happened last week. In fact, I'm happy." Natsu's eyes widened, prompting him to explain. "It's been five months since Lucy's had an extra partner. She's brighter when she has that enhancement in her life. I'm hoping this goes smoothly. I love it when Lucy's happy. I know some people in open relationships prefer not knowing anything their spouses does with other people, but we talk about it. We trust each other and don't let jealousy control us."

"Do you ever get jealous?" Natsu asked, feeling safe enough to ask since Gray brought it up first.

Natsu thought Gray would shake his head and say they never got jealous, but he was surprised when Gray nodded. "Yeah, I get jealous." Gray saw Natsu's eyes widen, causing him to chuckle. "What? I'm human, aren't I? Everyone gets jealous, even people in monogamous relationships."

Gray shrugged. "It's a natural emotion that needs to get processed like every other emotion. Sure, sometimes it's harder than other times, but when I get jealous I talk it out with Lucy until I'm better. Just like when she gets jealous of my extras. Jealousy isn't something to be ashamed about. It happens to us all."

Chuckling, Gray ran a hand through his hair. "I don't get jealous too often though. Hell, sometimes I get off on hearing some of the stuff Lucy does with other people."

Natsu felt himself flushing, realizing Gray would know everything he did with Lucy if he became an extra partner. While he considered it weird, he found himself oddly okay with the idea. It wasn't like he was going to see Gray much, or at all after that night, right?

Gray took a deep breath, as if preparing himself for something big. "And finally, we come to the last rule." He paused, whether for dramatic effect or to get ready, Natsu didn't know, but it did make him anxious either way. "Spouses take priority."

Natsu blinked, his brows furrowing until Gray explained himself.

"Say I'm on a date with my partner and Lucy tells me she needs me. She comes first. I will cancel my plans with my partner to be with Lucy, and vice versa. Don't hold it against her if she cancels plans with you if I need her. I won't abuse that. It's usually just if I've had a rough day or something comes up where she's needed. Lucy's my best friend, and when things go wrong I just want to be able to turn to her and draw from her comfort. It's nothing personal if she cancels on you. It's just how things go. Do you understand?"

Natsu didn't hesitate. "Yes."

"Do you have any questions for me?"

Oh, Natsu had many questions. "Do you have a girlfriend?" When Gray nodded, he asked, "And Lucy's okay with that?"

"Lucy spoke with her just like I'm speaking with you. Lucy has to approve of them and the extra needs to get a clean bill of health before anything sexual can happen."

Natsu bit his lip, wondering if his questions were okay. "Can I ask how long it's gone on for?"

Gray took a deep breath, his tone sounding disinterested. "Usually I don't answer questions about myself, but I'll answer this last one. The rest need to be about you and Lucy. I've been with this woman for two months so far."

Natsu nodded, changing his line of questions so he didn't piss off Gray. "What's the longest extra relationship Lucy's had?" He had no idea how long a temporary relationship like this typically lasted.

"Hmm, it was about seven months."

"The shortest?"

"A day."

Gray saw the way Natsu's brows lifted, causing him to shrug. "Some people say they're okay with the rules, then go and break them. Lucy doesn't put up with it. She'll end it if she doesn't feel comfortable." He paused, his gaze bordering on a glare.

"Please, don't make her feel uncomfortable. Just be casual about it. It's not meant to be all about the rules. Just have sex with Lucy, show her a good time, and when you're not having sex with her, just treat her like you would a platonic friend. If you two didn't work together, I'd say it's better if you don't talk to her outside of arranging for your meetups and stuff, but obviously you two are gonna talk at work. Just, keep it professional."

Gray took a deep breath, his eyes flitting to the house for a moment before returning to Natsu's. "I understand it's hard to control emotions, but try not to be jealous or insecure when it comes to Lucy. She is my wife and I'm her husband. She will always come before my extras and I will always come before hers. If you obey the rules and have fun, everything should go smoothly. Do you think you can handle all of that?"

Natsu didn't answer right away, letting himself think over it, sorting out his thoughts. Admittedly, he wanted something more than just physical with Lucy at first, but knowing she was married ruined that chance. Then the extra partner situation came into view, giving him a chance to be with Lucy, but not really. He would get to enjoy her physically, but that would be the extent of it.

Natsu had never been in a serious relationship before, and he was young, only twenty-one. He had his whole life to go find love and settle down. 'Why not enjoy this while I can?' He could show Lucy a good time, and get to have her body in return. She clearly wanted something between them if she had him meet her husband, and he wanted her, even if it was only in a physical nature.

Steeling his nerves, Natsu nodded, his voice firm as he said, "I can do that."

Gray leaned back in his chair, his shoulders relaxing as a smile surfaced on his face. "Great. Now that that's over, you mentioned you liked video games. Ever play 'Tartaros II'?"

Natsu shook his head, surprised when Gray asked, "Wanna? I have it."

Natsu wondered if every meeting with one of Lucy's potential boyfriends went like that, serious talk followed by gaming. Since Gray said not to ask questions about himself, Natsu refrained from doing so. He nodded, standing when Gray stood.

"Let's go!"

They headed back into the house, making their way to the room where Natsu first met Gray.

Lucy stepped out of the shower, her body thrumming with pleasure from her own ministrations. She loved playing with herself in the shower, especially enjoying when the water was almost scalding. Her deft fingers knew every place to touch herself to get her there, even if she preferred someone else touching her.

As Lucy brushed her hair and got dressed, she wondered how the talk between Gray and Natsu was going. Natsu seemed hesitant to enter a relationship with her, but she hoped he would say yes. She wasn't going to go for Natsu at first, but after a while, the guy grew on her. Then she had the pleasure of seeing his body in action, even if it was just to lift weights.

She had touched herself in the showers that time was well, imagining him coming up from behind her and taking her against the tile walls. Of course, if he had come on to her, she would have declined, but anything could happen in her imagination.

When Lucy was ready for bed, wearing her cotton pajamas, she walked through the house, trying to find the two men. It wasn't hard locating them, the sound from Gray's video games guiding her their way. She raised a brow when she entered the entertainment room, seeing the men sitting in the recliners, playing the video game together.

Her brows furrowed as she leaned against the door. She found the sight odd. Gray never interacted with her potential boyfriends after having their talk. In fact, he didn't talk to her actual boyfriends either. She held her tongue, deciding instead to make her presence known by knocking on the wall.

Gray paused the game before looking over his shoulder, his eyes lighting up when he saw her. "Hey."

"What are you two doing?" Lucy asked, as if the answer wasn't obvious.

Gray chuckled, her heart fluttering from the sound. "I wanted to show Natsu the new game I got. That okay?"

She nodded, a fond smile forming on her face. "Yeah. I just wanted to let you know I'm heading to bed."

Her eyes flitted over to Natsu when he stood up, the man straightening his clothes as he cleared his throat. "That's my cue to leave."

Lucy smiled, glad he wasn't trying to overstay his welcome. It was a good sign. She caught his gaze, tone soft as she asked, "Natsu, can you wait by the front door while I talk to Gray?"

Natsu nodded before giving Gray a wave. "It was nice meeting ya."

Lucy noticed the nervous energy around Natsu had faded, hoping that was also a good sign. When he was out of the room, Lucy walked over to Gray, her husband wrapping his arms around her after he stood.

"I approve," he whispered in her ear, giving her a soft kiss that sent delicious chills down her spine.

"Yeah?" she asked, gasping when he nipped at her earlobe.

"Yeah," Gray drawled, a smirk resting on his lips as he pulled back. "Kinda wish I found him first."

"I told you he was handsome," Lucy said, earning a chuckle from Gray.

"Handsome? The guy's hot as fuck." Gray's hands slipped to her lower back, fingers sliding under her shirt to play with her skin. He must have felt her shiver against him, amusement dancing in his dark blue eyes. "On a serious note, yeah, he's cool. I think you two'll have fun."

"Want me to ask if he's interested in guys?" Lucy asked, causing Gray to shake his head.

"Nah. He's yours." Gray leaned in, his lips pressing against hers.

Lucy kissed him back immediately, conveying her appreciation for his time and consideration. He had to cancel his date tonight to be there to meet Natsu, and she wanted him to know she was grateful.

Before the kiss could turn heated, Gray pulled away, giving her a grin as he brushed a few locks of damp hair behind her ear. "Go let Natsu know. Remind him about the test too."

Lucy nodded. "I will." She leaned in, breathing in Gray's minty scent as she gave him a soft kiss. "Thank you."

"For you, I'd do anything." Gray said it with so much feeling and conviction, Lucy believed him. He loved her more than anything in the world, and she loved him too, just as much. They weren't perfect, but they loved their life together, even if it wasn't traditional.

As Gray parted, he whispered, "I'll be in the bedroom when you're ready."

Lucy slide her hand over his chest as he moved away, her own whisper lingering in the air. "Feel free to get started without me. I'll be there soon."

She walked towards the entrance hall while Gray took the long way around to their bedroom, giving her some privacy with Natsu. With Gray's approval, she was free to pursue Natsu, so long as he didn't have any STDs and he was willing.

Lucy found Natsu within seconds, the man looking at one of the pictures on the wall. It was from her wedding, capturing the first kiss her and Gray shared as husband and wife. It was a day Lucy would never forget, holding it close to her heart. Of course, there was some drama with her father that day, but she didn't focus on that part, instead remembering the happiness she felt that day.

Natsu must have heard her footsteps, looking over when she approached. She stopped in front of him, setting a hand on his arm, feeling the muscles beneath his shirt. She didn't bother beating around the bush, locking eyes with him as she said, "Gray approves of you. If you want, we can start a relationship."

Natsu's tan skin turned a cute shade of pink, almost matching his hair. To put his mind at ease, Lucy whispered, "You're allowed to call it quits whenever you want to, no strings attached. This will not affect your job at all. I want to keep it professional while we're at work. Okay?"

Natsu nodded, causing her to giggle. "This is the first time I'm going to date a coworker. Hmm, I guess we'll see how it goes."

He hadn't said anything, making her worry he changed his mind. Wanting to assure him it would be fine, she removed her hand from his arm, giving him a disarming smile. "Don't feel afraid to end it when you're ready. I understand if you find someone else or it gets to be too much. This is for fun. Okay?"

Natsu nodded, his Adam's apple bobbing in the process. She wished he would say something, so she asked him a direct question, one she was going to ask regardless. "So, do you want to be my boyfriend?"

He breathed his answer, the word sounding sweet in her ears. "Yes."

Lucy couldn't help but smile, relieved and happy. She could already imagine all the fun she could have with him, so long as he was willing and healthy. She raised up on her toes, loving the fact that he was just a bit taller than her. She pressed a kiss to his lips, pulling away before it could lead to anything more. "I'm glad."

When she returned to her normal height, she tilted her head, hoping she looked adorable in his eyes. "Now, get tested as soon as you can. We can't do anything until you get a clean bill of health." She took a half-step back, silently letting him know they needed to end the conversation soon. "There's a clinic you can go to downtown. It's affordable and you get the results in a day or two."

Natsu nodded, turning towards the front door before putting a hand on the knob. "Have a good night, Lucy," he said, sounding a little awkward, like he didn't know what he was supposed to say. She couldn't blame him. While she had been through this dance a few times, this was Natsu's first time.

"You too. See you at work on Monday. Drive safe."

"Thanks." That was the last thing he said before leaving, closing the door behind him. Lucy looked through the peephole, making sure Natsu made it safely to his car before locking up.

She turned off the lights on her way to the bedroom, ready to shower her husband with all the attention he could handle. Her heart warmed at the thought of Gray's strong arms around her, but she couldn't deny she was also excited by the thought of being with Natsu as soon as he was cleared.

There was no awkwardness when Lucy entered the bedroom. She pulled off her top, smiling as she approached the bed. Gray was already laid out, naked with his cock in his hand, dripping with need. He stroked himself as Lucy climbed on the bed, hovering over him so she could give him a kiss.

It wasn't long before Gray flipped them so he was on top, smirking as he pulled off her pants and thong while leaving kisses all over her body, spoiling her with love and affection. He teased her nipples through her thin bra as he caressed her core, slipping two fingers into her wet heat.

Lucy's body ached for him, her moans filling the room as he pleasured her, not stopping until she was begging for him to be inside her. She gasped when he ran his cock against her opening, getting himself wet with her slick arousal.

"Oh god! Please!"

Gray gave her clit one last swipe before pushing against her folds, entering her with a smooth plunge. They moaned as he filled her to the brim, their bodies melding together as if they were made for each other. They moved fluidly, whimpers and grunts filling the air as they made love. Lucy cried out his name when she reached her end, Gray following after her, emptying himself in her warmth.

When he pulled out, their limbs tangled together, each wanting the comfort the other provided. They whispered love confessions and praise, sharing smiles and soft kisses as they cuddled closer.

They fell asleep in each other's arms, blissfully content with their life, even if others didn't approve or understand. It made them happy, fulfilled, and as long as it was working for them, they didn't care what anyone else thought.

Chapter Text

Chapter Three: Inventory

Natsu had to keep himself from clutching his hand into a fist, worried he would wrinkle the envelope he carried in with him. His motion sickness was nothing compared to the queasy feeling he got when he entered the elevator, staring down at his hand.

As he moved upwards, Natsu slide his finger under the envelope's flap, tugging at it to rip the paper. The elevator stopped on his floor just as he finished tearing the flap, but he was too nervous to look inside yet. He went to his desk, thankful Lucy's door was closed so he wouldn't have to see her yet.

He sat down, checking his desk phone to see if there were any messages for Lucy. While he wrote them down, he kept peeking over at the envelope, the thing mocking him for being a coward.

When he finished with his phone, he grabbed the stupid envelope, jerking the paper out so he could read it. He didn't think he had any STDs, but thinking something and knowing were two different things, and Natsu didn't know if he wanted to know.

He read over the different diseases they tested for, tension building in his shoulders as his eyes flitted up and down. Next to every one of them was a single word.


Natsu breathed a sigh of relief, but that feeling was short-lived. He had proof he was clean, which meant a physical relationship between him and Lucy could start. He had thought long and hard about if he really wanted a relationship like that. It would be close to a friends with benefits, but more complicated. He didn't know how he was supposed to feel, but he knew what he did feel.


Incredibly nervous.

The idea of having sex with someone's wife was weird, but the idea of having sex with Lucy made him flood with heat and arousal. He wanted her, but he didn't know how this whole thing would play out. How long would it last? Was he supposed to do some things boyfriends do but not others? Would she get mad if he complimented her appearance? What would she do if he decided to give her a random hug or kiss? Where was the line between physical and romance? He could easily see those lines blurring if he wasn't careful, but once again, Natsu was left wondering how careful he needed to be.

'Lucy's done this before. She'll help me figure it out, right? She doesn't want me to break the rules either, so I'm sure she'd tell me if I was doing something wrong.' Natsu frowned, realizing Lucy wouldn't warn him. She would probably just break up with him, because in a way, Natsu was expendable.

He had to remember that she was the same way to him. He was free to leave the relationship whenever he didn't want it anymore, no strings attached. She was expendable to him since he couldn't be with her long-term. Whatever they had would be temporary, but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy it while it lasted.

'I do really want to have sex with her,' he thought, remember all the times he fantasized about doing just that. 'But I don't want her thinking I want her only for her body... Or do I? I guess I should, huh? She only wants me for my body. Wow, that sounds really fucking weird. Lucy wants me for my body.' He laughed, finding that funny.

Realizing he was blowing this out of proportion, Natsu stood, taking a deep breath before he went to Lucy's office. He knocked on the door, heart pounding when he heard her voice for the first time that day.

"Come in."

When Natsu entered, he saw Lucy sitting at her desk. She peeked up from her computer for a second before her eyes flitted back to the screen. "Oh, hey. Glad you're here. I need you to do something for me."

Seeing as Natsu was her assistant, he agreed. "Sure, what is it?"

She rifled through the stuff on her desk until she pulled out a clipboard, a stack of papers attached to it. "I know this isn't your job, but I really need help." She waited until Natsu nodded before continuing. "I need you to do an inventory check. The big one is coming up next month, and I want to see how we're doing."

"I'm doing all the inventory?" Natsu asked, his shoulders falling. The distribution center was huge, with multiple rooms filled with merchandise. He didn't think it was possible for him to get it all done today, even if he skipped lunch and stayed late.

Lucy shook her head, handing him the clipboard. "Just three sections. One's in the office for our supplies, so that shouldn't take you too long. The other two are downstairs. The room numbers are on the pages. Just go through and see what we have and if there's any discrepancies. There's three other people doing the rest, but Nab, the guy who was supposed to do those," she pointed at the clipboard, "called out."

She sighed, brushing her bangs out of her face. "I'm not going to lie. It's probably going to take you a while."

Natsu nodded, seeing Lucy needed his help. "That's okay. I'll get started now." He was about to turn and leave, but stopped when he felt that paper in his hand, the one with his test results.

"Oh, umm. I didn't know how to give you this." He handed the paper to Lucy, her brows furrowing as she met his gaze.

"What's this?"

"My uh..." He lowered his voice so no one else could overhear. "My results."

Lucy's eyes widened as she looked down at the folded paper. "Oh, yeah? How'd you do?"

"I'm clean," he said, his words making Lucy smile.

"Great. I'll talk to Gray. Thank you for getting this done."

Natsu gulped, nodding as he turned away. "No problem. I'll uh, I'll get on this." He left her office, grabbing the empty envelope from his desk before heading to the room with the industrial shredder. After destroying the evidence that he went to a clinic to get checked up, he went to the supply closet, deciding to knock it out first since it was the smallest.

Natsu realized doing inventory was going to take up his whole day when it took him thirty minutes to check the supplies for the office. He went downstairs, entering the first room of merchandise. It was easily ten times as big as the supply closet upstairs.

He got to work, going through each shelf to count the items. Despite not doing anything too physical, Natsu felt his body warming up. He forgot how hot it was downstairs, the office having better air conditioners. Though, the air conditioners weren't on since it was almost winter, but that thought didn't help Natsu cool down.

Not letting that get to him, he continued his task, happy when he got the first room done, even if it took him hours to do it. When Natsu entered the second room, he paled. Not only was it bigger, there was a huge difference between the two rooms. It didn't take him long to figure out the second room's heater was turned way too high, the air hot and stuffy.

He tried turning it off, but nothing he did made the damn thing stop pushing out hot air. Knowing he had to get done with his inventory, Natsu kept counting and checking off items, hoping to finish as soon as possible so he could leave the sweltering room.

He was halfway through when he had to take his button up shirt off, tossing it on one of the shelves. It was too hot, sweat making his tank top cling to his skin. He swore he didn't burn up that much even when he exercised. He definitely wouldn't bother hitting the gym after work, not wanting to sweat again later.

Luckily for the company, the products in that hot room weren't perishable and able to withstand the heat. He kept going, finding a few discrepancies, but there wasn't anything too ridiculous. He hoped the time would go by faster by playing his music out loud, the device resting by his shirt. The thought of disturbing someone with his music crossed his mind, but he was at the far end of the warehouse. He doubted anyone could hear.

"Oh my gosh," a familiar voice said, causing Natsu to jolt. He whirled around, seeing Lucy standing in the doorway, fanning herself. "Why is it so hot in here?"

Natsu chuckled as he pointed at the vent on the ceiling. "The heater's stuck on. I tried turning it off but it didn't work."

Lucy sighed, shaking her head as she looked up. "I'll have to call someone about that."

She turned, walking outside of the room for a moment. Natsu's eyes widened when he heard the loud heater above him dwindle down until it cut out, the hot air disappearing with it. He looked down just in time to see Lucy stepping back into the room, his curious glance prompting her to answer his unspoken question.

"Override key," Lucy explained, holding out a set of keys before stuffing them in her pocket. "You need it to change the temperature. It should start blowing cool air in a second."

Natsu nodded, hoping she was right. He needed a breath of fresh air, but he didn't move a muscle when he noticed Lucy's eyes fell, landing on him. She looked over his body, eyes lingering on his chest. He knew she could see how sweaty he was, as well as unprofessional. He flushed, but he didn't know if it was from the heat in the room or out of embarrassment. "Sorry. It's hot in here."

Natsu's skin grew hotter when Lucy wet her lips. "It certainly is."

He raised a brow when Lucy turned, closing and locking the door behind her. She had to use her one of her master keys, the doors normally staying unlocked for anyone to access them.

Slipping out of her high heels caused her to lose two inches in height, but she didn't seem to mind as she sauntered over towards Natsu, hands resting on his biceps when she stopped in front of him. He didn't say a word as she trailed her hands up his arms, wrapping them around his neck before pulling him in for a kiss.

Natsu jerked back, surprising both of them. "I-I thought you wanted to keep it professional at work."

She hummed before leaning in, dragging her tongue over his bottom lip. He shuddered against her, hands gripping her hips. His cock started twitching to life, finding her body stunning, even if she covered it with her business attire.

"I was wrong," she whispered, lips brushing against his. "I think I want to," her hand ran down his body until she reached his pants, giving his hardening member a squeeze, "explore the option. How about you?"

Natsu didn't respond with words, pressing his lips against hers before thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He groaned when she stopped touching his crotch, but he enjoyed the way she splayed her hand against his chest, tugging at his sweaty tank top.

"Off," she mumbled when she took a breath of air, her lips returning to his a second later.

Natsu hated letting go of Lucy's curvy body, but he wanted to make her happy, and honestly, he had been debating taking off his tank top for the past twenty minutes anyway. They separated long enough for him to pull it off, his hair falling against his damp forehead from the action.

That drove Lucy crazy, her fingers weaving into his pink locks, tugging and fisting to earn a growl from her boyfriend. Natsu's cock hardened as he thought about his title. Though it was strange, being in the moment let Natsu see the benefits of this relationship. He was free to fuck Lucy without worrying about impressing her. He didn't have to jump through hoops to get the physical benefits of a relationship. She was the one who paved the way, practically dragging him down that road by his cock.

He didn't care how they ended up in the moment, Natsu was enjoying it, especially since he knew he was going to get some type of pleasure from this. If she changed her mind and said she didn't want to do it, he would respect her decision, but unless she did that, he was going to ravish her any way he saw fit, starting with biting at her lower lips as his hands gripped her hips again.

Lucy moaned into his mouth, her tongue massaging his as their saliva mixed. She tasted like cherries and lime, making him grin against her lips when he realized what she ate for lunch today. He enjoyed the flavor, tongue wild as he licked at her mouth. It spurred Lucy on, her nails scraping against his scalp as she whimpered, pressing her chest against his.

The sudden realization that Lucy had more to her than just her lips and hips stunned him for a moment, but he recovered like a champ. His hands slid up, fumbling with the buttons of her jacket. He tore away from her lips so he could watch the jacket fall, eyeing her breasts that strained against her button up. He knew her clothes normally fit her perfectly, but he suspected she was purposely jutting out her chest to give him a better look. Either way, he liked what he saw.

"How far can I go?" Natsu asked, fingers twitching by his side as Lucy pulled him closer.

There was no hesitation in her voice, only confidence that made his blood roar. "I want you to fuck me."

Natsu couldn't swallow, Lucy's tongue in his mouth a second later. It was raw passion, and he loved it. The fire between them spreading faster than he ever imagined. He removed her buttons one at a time, reminding himself not to rip the shirt open, even though that thought was tempting.

Once her shirt was off, Natsu palmed her breasts, feeling the soft material of her bra. He didn't have to try hard to find her nipples, the small buds hard and begging for attention, which he kindly gave.

Lucy gasped when he ripped himself away from her mouth, his lips sealing over her nipple, wetting her bra in the process. Lucy held his head in place, moaning when he started sucking.

"Can't, take this," she panted, hands releasing his hand so she could undo the clasp of her bra, forcing Natsu's face away long enough to remove the offending clothing.

"Fucking hell," Natsu muttered, hands cupping the outsides of her large breasts to give them a squeeze, his heart racing when some of her flesh spilled between his fingers. "Your tits are amazing."

Lucy's neck and chest lit up with a flush at his crude words, but Natsu didn't get a good look, too busy leaning in to take one of her pert nipples in his mouth, his hand massaging its twin so it wasn't left neglected.

"Oh god!" Lucy moaned, biting at her lower lip to suppress her sounds. "Yes!"

Natsu's sucked on her nipple, his teeth lightly teasing her, causing her to shudder with pleasure. He pinched her other nipple, earning a choked gasp from his girlfriend.

'Girlfriend.' The word sparked desire in him, wanting her to come undone from his doing.

He bit around her areola, leaving teeth indents, but not breaking her sensitive skin. Moving upwards an inch, Natsu reattached his teeth to the swell of her breast, sucking and licking to leave a bruising mark on her skin. Lucy cried out, muffling her sounds by holding her hand over her mouth, but Natsu heard her loud and clear.

It took more willpower than it should have not to say what was on his mind, knowing it wouldn't be a good move, especially since this was their first time together. So, instead of saying it out loud, Natsu thought it.


He thrust against her, wishing they had less clothing in the way so he could feel her directly. He continued to lick over her breast, then ventured up to trail his tongue over her collarbone, then neck. He didn't leave any marks there, knowing she wouldn't be able to cover them up.

His hand abandoned her other breast to fall between her legs, frowning when he couldn't give her much stimulation with her pencil skirt blocking his path. Pulling away, Natsu's fingers grabbed at her, turning her until he found the zipper to her skirt. Lucy helped him shimmy it off her body, his mouth watering when he saw her wearing pantyhose over a red thong.

Natsu didn't try to stop himself as he rubbed over her panties, feeling heat and moisture already gathering. "Fuck," he mumbled, pressing his lips to her ear, breathing against her. "Do you like this, Lucy?"

She whimpered before nodding, gasping when he prodded at her covered slit. "Yes," she moaned, the sound needy, making his cock throb in his pants.

"How much do these things cost anyways?"

Lucy furrowed her brows at the odd question, tilting her head back when Natsu found her clit, rubbing her panties against it. "C-couple of, couple of dollars, I think."

Lucy gasped when Natsu dropped down to his knees, a feral look in his eyes as he placed his hands over her core. "Sorry," he mumbled before taking hold of the thin material, stretching it until it ripped.

The huge hole in her pantyhose allowed him to access her core, his mouth covering her panties as he breathed in her scent. It was sweet and musky, driving him wild with lust.

"Damn, you smell incredible," Natsu mumbled, feeling Lucy shake as he licked over her covered core. "Wonder how you taste." He pulled at her thong, pushing it aside before he dipped his tongue into her wet folds.

Lucy's taste made his head spin, the unique flavor pulling a growl from his throat, his chest rumbling. He let go of her panties so he could grab her ass, squeezing her behind with his large hands. When he didn't get the friction he craved, he ripped her pantyhose from behind, exposing her ass so he could grab her directly.

Lucy threw her head back when he covered her clit, his tongue flicking up and down while his lips moved against her body. Her hands were buried in his hair, her thighs shaking when he assaulted her sensitive nerves faster.

He made a popping sound when he pulled away from her clit, saliva trailing between before it snapped off. Natsu was licking her pussy a second later, letting her intoxicating scent and taste overpower him.

Lucy whimpered, her voice strained as she said, "I hope we don't get caught."

Natsu's cock surged at the risk, fire flooding his veins. He hadn't thought about the possibility of getting caught in the act, but it made everything ten times hotter. The air was thick, almost suffocating, but Natsu could handle the heat. He dipped his tongue into her pussy, collecting her juices before smearing them over her clit.

"So incredible," he murmured, pulling back so he could rub the pads of his fingers against her bundle of nerves. Lucy was panting above him, her body flexing as she approached her edge. Natsu didn't give her a moment to catch her breath, his lips sealing around her clit again to drive her over, her orgasm hitting her at full force.

"N-Natsuuu!" she whimpered against her palm, trying to keep quiet. "Oh fuuuuck! Yes!"

He slipped a finger into her quivering core, feeling her inner walls contracting as it tried to milk a phantom cock. He eased another finger in, feeling her stretching from the new intrusion. He moved them in and out, slow at first, but gradually picking up speed as she rolled her hips, trying to get closer to his mouth.

Just to tease her, Natsu pulled back, a devious glint in his eyes as he only fingered her, watching as her lips parted, her hand falling to palm her breast. She was the epitome of sexy, her creamy skin glistening with sweat and his saliva.

Lucy whimpered when he hooked his fingers inside her, rubbing along her walls while refusing to do anything else. It drove her mad, but he loved it, feeling her failing to pull his head closer to her needy body.

"Natsuuu, please," she begged, voice breathless as she pouted.

"Fuck," he mumbled, unable to say no to that. He used his free hand to spread her lower lips, finding her bundle of nerves before wrapping his lips around it. He sucked and licked, every little touch making her body jerk in pleasure.

"You're dripping," Natsu murmured, pulling his fingers out of her core to see her arousal slipping down his hand. He groaned before sliding his fingers into her again, his grin turning wicked as an idea popped into his head.

Lucy gasped when he pulled his fingers out again, her head snapping down in time to see Natsu shoving his drenched fingers into his mouth, but that wasn't all. A third finger was inserted into his mouth, collecting his saliva before he removed them.

Lucy's thighs tensed when he probed at her entrance with three fingers, but she made no effort to stop him, her moan cutting short into a sob as he eased his fingers into her, stretching her core. She clamped around him in response, but that only made him keep pressing into her body.

Lucy leaned back, resting against one of the posts between the shelves. Natsu was convinced she would have fallen on her ass if that wasn't there, her eyes cloudy and lidded. As much as Natsu enjoyed a good laugh, he doubted it would have been funny if she fell.

Even if it was, it would have definitely ruined the mood.

As Natsu started fucking her with three fingers, he leaned in, tongue dragging over her clit. Breathing through his nose, he dug part of his face into her blonde curls, right over her pussy. He had to admit, he liked seeing a woman with some pubic hair, and Lucy's was perfect, neatly trimmed and a shade darker than the hair on her head.

As he ate her out, Lucy's thong came loose, trying to move back into its original position despite Natsu's tongue and fingers taking up that space. She grabbed at her panties, preventing them from sliding in the way. He rewarded her by tugging at her clit with his lips, hearing her shaky breath as she neared her end again.

Natsu licked over her nerves before looking up, flashing her a smirk that made her tighten around his fingers. "How's that feel, Lucy?" She squeezed him when he said her name, letting him know she enjoyed it, but he wanted to hear her say it.

"Nggh," Lucy moaned, one eye closing while her face burned with a hot blush. "Ama-amazing!"

Natsu nodded before thrusting into her harder, earning a choked sob. He didn't slow down his ministrations, making her body shake, her hips rocking against his mouth and fingers.

"Fuck, you're," Lucy gasped, "you're going to make me... make me c-cum! Don't stop! Please! Oh fuck! Please don't stop!"

Natsu had no intentions of stopping, his fingers working faster as his tongue did the same. His jaw began straining, but he didn't give in, bringing Lucy to another orgasm, her nails raking against his scalp as she came undone right before his eyes.

He was about to lick her again, but Lucy shook her head, her voice raspy as she spoke. "Please, please fuck me."

Natsu growled before standing up, Lucy whimpering when he pulled his fingers out of her. He grabbed her by the arm, roughly leading her to a nearby stack of boxes. Their bodies were covered in sweat, the smell of Lucy's arousal heavy in the air, but that only made Natsu hornier, a desperate desire to bury his cock into her driving his actions.

Natsu bent Lucy over the boxes, her ass exposed to him. He admired the mess he made, seeing her inner thighs covered with her dripping fluid, her pantyhose ripped in multiple places to reveal her ass and pussy. Moving her thong aside, he was able to see her soaked pussy, her lips swollen from his ministrations.

"You look so fuckin' sexy," he moaned, making sure he was loud when he unbuckled his belt, letting her know he was removing his pants. She shivered, her ass thrusting out so it was closer to him.

Natsu pushed down his pants and boxers, grabbing his erection with a tight grip before stroking himself, letting his leaking pre-cum lubricate his thick shaft. He stepped closer, touching his tip against her wet folds before slipping in, Lucy's warm wet walls stretching around his cock.

"Oh god!" Lucy cried, nails dragging over the cardboard as she held herself steady.

Natsu grunted in response, feeling her wrapped snug around his cock. Their combined fluids allowed him to start fucking her immediately, his hips snapping forward, pushing his entire length into her body.

"Natsu! Y-yes!"

"Damn," he cursed, pulling out only to push in again. "You're squeezing me! Fuck, you feel so fucking good!"

Lucy moaned when he slid in again, his cock massaging every inch inside her. She panted under him, his sweat dripping down onto her back as he picked up the pace, grip bruising on her hips as he pulled her back, making his thrusts that much deeper. He was relentless, time blurring as they moved against each other, their sounds of pleasure surrounding them.

Lucy struggled to keep quiet, moving her arm in front of her before pressing her mouth against it, her moans muffling, but it was enough to drive Natsu to fuck her harder. He pounded into her for a while, one of his hands slipping down to pinch and pull at her clit.

Lucy's walls squeezed and convulsed, causing Natsu to near his end sooner than he expected. He held out as long as he could, giving her long and fast thrusts as he bent over, biting her hard on the shoulder when he felt her coming around his cock, Lucy letting out a sob as his name spilled from her lips.

Natsu released inside her, coating her walls as pleasure washed over every nerve in his body. His blood roared and his heart hammered, but he managed to stay quiet by biting Lucy, hard enough to leave a few, small puncture wounds from his sharp canines. Lucy didn't seem to notice, her head resting against the box as she breathed in deep, body still twitching from the aftershock of her orgasm.

Some of their combined fluids dripped out when Natsu removed his cock from her spent pussy, his voice rough as he apologized for finishing inside her.

"It's okay," Lucy breathed, sounding exhausted. She carefully peeled herself from the boxes before sitting down on the ground, Natsu taking the spot next to her. "You're clean, and I'm on, birth control, so no, issues." She had to take breaks while she spoke, clearly tired after their session.

Natsu wiped sweat off his forehead, panting as his cock softened. "That was incredible. Best fuck of my life."

Lucy looked over, giving him a lazy smile. "Yeah?"

He nodded, hyper-aware of how sticky his body was. He couldn't wait to take a nice, long shower. With as hot as his body felt, he might even settle for a cool shower. "Yeah."

Lucy didn't say any more on the subject, turning to look at the shelves of merchandise. They did their best to catch their breaths, taking a few minutes to calm down. Natsu tucked himself into his pants after he pulled them up, the material resisting due to the sweat he worked up. When he was zipped up, he leaned over Lucy's body, causing her to jolt.

"What are you doing?" she asked, voice guarded.

He raised a brow as he picked up his pen, showing her it rolled over towards them. "Hope you don't mind, but I gotta get back to work." He grinned as he stood, legs shaky and head light. He walked over to the clipboard that had fallen, wondering when he dropped it. He flipped to the correct page, letting out a chuckle. "My boss is pretty cool, but I don't think she'd be happy if she found out I didn't finish this today."

Lucy laughed, pushing her damp bangs away from her forehead before standing up. She took off her pantyhose, seeing as they were ruined anyways. "Sorry about that," she mumbled, grabbing her skirt to pull up her body.

"For what?"

"For snapping," she answered, zipping her skirt. "I'm relieved though. I thought you were going to cuddle me or something."

Natsu didn't get a chance to say anything, Lucy cutting him off before he could start. "It's good that you didn't. Shows you're willing to follow the rules."

Natsu smiled, turning away from her as he continued where he left off with the inventory, this time without a shirt. "I don't wanna make you feel weird, even if this is kinda weird already."

Lucy sighed, shrugging on her shirt. "I understand. It's not traditional, but it makes us happy."

Natsu nodded, casting her a glance over his shoulder. "That's what really matters, right?"


As she buttoned her shirt, she gasped, wiggling her hips. Natsu turned to look at her, his brows furrowed as he asked, "What's up?"

"Nothing," Lucy whispered, buttoning the last button on her shirt. "I can just feel you slipping out."

If Natsu wasn't flushing before, he was now, imagining his cum sliding out of her pussy. "Yeah?" he asked, voice breathless from the vivid image in his head.

Lucy nodded, brown eyes lighting up when she saw Natsu's strong reaction. She leaned into it, giving him what he wanted. "It's dripping on my panties," she started, walking closer to him, her voice taking on a sultry tone. "I'm going to have your cum there for the rest of the day. It makes me feel... dirty."

Natsu groaned, his heart racing again. When Lucy was close enough, he put his hands on her waist, giving her a light squeeze. "Is that bad?" he asked, voice laced with his returning need.

Lucy shook her head, her teeth pulling at her bottom lip before she released it. "I absolutely love it."

Then she pulled away, leaving Natsu aroused and frustrated. He was about to ask if she was up for a round two, but he stopped when his stomach growled, reminding him he hadn't eaten anything since breakfast.

"Oh, that's right," Lucy started, grabbing her jacket. "I came down to see if you wanted lunch."

Natsu cocked his head, remembering tasting that drink lingering in her mouth earlier. "I thought you already ate?"

Lucy shook her head, prompting Natsu to say, "I thought I tasted a limeade when we— earlier. I thought you went to eat."

Lucy's eyes widened as she shook her head again. "Oh, no. Erza brought me a drink, but that was it. I was going to wait until you were ready before eating, then well," she cut herself off, smiling. "Then this sort of happened."

"Did we break a rule?" Natsu asked, shaking his head at the absurd question. "I know we had to break a company rule by doing this here, but did we break one of your agreement rules?"

Lucy shook her head, not following. "No, why?"

"Don't you need Gray's permission before we..." He trailed off, now embarrassed over the subject. It was different when he was drunk on lust, but now that the moment was over, he was feeling awkward again.

Lucy didn't bother stifling her giggle. "No silly. We're good now. As long as we don't break any of the rules, we're free to have sex as many times as we want. I just need to tell Gray afterwards that it happened." She smiled, a faraway look in her eyes as she added, "And sometimes I tell him in detail what I've done if he wants to know. I hope that doesn't bother you."

Natsu knew Gray's comfort was going to come above his own, so it didn't matter too much how he felt about it. But thankfully, he was okay with it, as long as he wasn't there when they were discussing it. "Whatever you tell him is fine with me."

His eyes fell to her covered-chest, remembered the mark he left on her. "I never asked, but is there a rule against hickeys?"

Lucy shook her head. "Don't make a habit of it, but every once in a while is fine. Gray will understand. It was our first time. You were just being... enthusiastic."

Natsu barked out a laugh. "That's one way of puttin' it."

Lucy chuckled for a moment before looking around, sighing at the mess they made. "Well, we need to clean this up before someone sees. Also, do me a favor." She pointed towards the door. "After you put a shirt on, go outside and let me know if you can hear me."

Natsu nodded as he grabbed his tank top, cringing because it was damp with his sweat. He ended up wiping at his excess sweat with it before shoving the end into his pocket, deciding to wear his button up shirt without an undershirt. It was a dark color, so it wouldn't be too noticeable anyway.

"Do you want me to turn my music off?" he asked, gesturing towards his phone that was still playing. When Lucy shook her head, he went outside, closing the door behind him. He looked around, not seeing anyone in the area. He waited a moment before he heard it, Lucy's muffled scream through the door.

Knocking on the door, he gave her a moment before coming in, not wanting her to keep screaming when he entered. "I heard you that last time. It wasn't that loud though," he said, causing Lucy to let out a sigh of relief.

"That was about as loud as I was earlier, so if it wasn't too loud, I don't think anyone heard it."

"Let's hope not," Natsu mumbled, knowing he would feel like shit if someone found out. He didn't want anyone judging them for what they were doing, doubting others would understand, especially if he didn't fully understand it either.

"Well, are you ready for lunch?" Lucy asked, stopping him from feeling any worse about the possibility of getting caught.

"Yeah, I'm starving." He patted his belly to emphasize, walking over to grab his clipboard, pen, and phone before following Lucy out of the room. He noticed her stuffing her balled up pantyhose in her pocket, his eyes flitting down to her creamy legs. He wondered if anyone would notice she was no longer wearing them, but Lucy didn't look worried, so he let it go.

"I'll call maintenance about the heater problem. You can stop for today. No sense in you getting heat stroke over a few numbers."

Natsu grinned, shoulders shaking as he laughed. "I'm perfectly fine with that." The room had gotten better after Lucy turned on the air conditioner, but he was tired of doing inventory. He just wanted to go back to his normal job.

Lucy nodded. "And if anyone asks, I tried helping you with the inventory at the end. That's why I'm sweaty too. We ended up giving up, okay?"


The two walked towards the elevator, both moaning when they felt the cold air inside. There was no heater in the elevator, making it nice and cool.

Natsu looked over at Lucy, wondering how this gorgeous creature ended up wanting him, even if it was just physically. He wasn't sure how well their odd arrangement would work out, but so far, he was having the time of his life.

He hoped it didn't end anytime soon.

Chapter Text

Chapter Four: Conference

Warm lips trailed over Natsu's stomach, his abdominal muscles flexing when she dragged her tongue over his heated skin. He let out a hiss when her hand gripped his member. It was throbbing, demanding stimulation.

Lucy obeyed the silent command, her lips skimming along his body until she was seated between his spread legs. She kissed the tip of his cock, a teasing glint dancing in her brown eyes, then she was sucking, her lips wrapped around his member before she took him into her mouth.

A groan tore from Natsu's throat when she licked his length, the action sloppy and crude, and he loved it. She kept his gaze as she pulled up, her tongue lingering over the head of his cock before she looked down at it.

Natsu sucked in a sharp breath when she let her saliva drip out of her mouth, landing on the head before sliding down his thick member. Temptation to thrust up into that open mouth struck him, but he resisted, fisting the bed sheets instead so he could watch what she had planned.

"Do you like when I lick you?" Lucy asked, earning a nod from the man beneath her. He panted, transfixed by her every move.

"I fucking love it," he growled, seeing the way his words made her shudder.

Lucy leaned in, giving his cock long and slow licks, her eyes flitting up to him just as he gasped. He couldn't take it, but he stayed put, moaning when Lucy licked his head, the tip of her tongue probing his slit, collecting the bead of pre-cum that formed.

She was torturing him with her tongue and mouth, and he knew she loved it. He could see it in her big, beautiful brown eyes. She enjoyed his suffering. But honestly? Natsu did too.

Lucy took him in her mouth again, this time bobbing her head up and down at a quick pace. Natsu slammed his head back as a hand gripped her hair, golden locks twisting between his fingers. "Fuck! Yes! Fuck yes that feels so fucking good!"

Lucy hummed around his cock, the vibrations good, but he wanted more. She must have known he was up to something. Once he tried to buck into that sweet mouth, her hands landed on his hips, holding him down with as much force as she could muster. Lucy was strong, but if he wanted to, he could break her hold. He didn't, instead enjoying the feeling of being 'held down'.

His cock throbbed, his fingers tightening the grip in her hair as he neared the edge. He panted, sweat beading on his forehead as the air turned thicker, hotter. "Damn, almost... almost fuckin'..."

Lucy went faster, her eyes flashing to his before she ducked down, part of her hair covering her pretty face. Natsu couldn't have that, using his other hand to push the locks away, revealing the scene that drove him wild. Lucy was moaning as she took him in, her enthusiasm adding to the scene.

He loved the way her mouth took his cock like a pro, her tongue massaging him as his tip came close to entering the back of her throat. He knew at this angle, with him laying on the bed and her hovering over him, wasn't ideal for fucking her throat, but that didn't stop him from imagining how great it would feel. He didn't have to think too hard on it. He had fucked Lucy's throat plenty of times over the past six months of their odd relationship.

"Nggh," Natsu moaned, teeth clenching as he tried to hold out. "Lucy, I'm gonna... gonna—" He was two seconds away from bursting. Another thrust into her mouth, another lick was all it would take, but right before he could achieve his release, Lucy's phone started ringing, a familiar tone playing in the air.

Natsu growled when Lucy pulled off him, wiping away the excess saliva from her swollen lips. She winked before walking over to her phone on the nightstand, her voice cheery as she answered it. "Hey Gray!"

Natsu let his head fall back as he panted, frustrated and throbbing all over. He wanted to finish in Lucy's mouth, to feel himself emptying down her throat, but with every passing second he realized it wasn't going to happen, at least not right now.

Natsu watched as Lucy spoke to her husband, answering one of his questions with, "Yes, he's here right now."

That was one thing that Natsu was still trying to get used to despite being Lucy's boyfriend for half a year. He was dating a married woman, yet her husband wasn't going to hunt him down for fucking her. Sometimes Natsu didn't believe the situation he was in himself, but here he was, fucking Lucy every chance he got.

Seeing as he wasn't going to finish, Natsu tucked his hard cock into his pants, trying to will it away. He had no such luck, so he figured some work might kill his boner. He went to grab his laptop from his bag, putting it on the desk before turning the device on. He would resume his task he started on the plane.

He had been looking over the presentation Lucy would be giving later that evening. Lucy had said she wanted it to be perfect since her father would be there, wanting to impress the CEO.

Natsu shivered when a fresh memory popped in his head. Natsu had the 'pleasure' of meeting Lucy's father before they went to their hotel. Jude Heartfilia was a tall, intimidating man with eyes as black as coal. Luckily for him, Natsu had been introduced as Lucy's assistant, making the CEO uninterested in him. Natsu didn't mind one bit. He was sure to get an earful if Lucy had introduced Natsu as her boyfriend since Mr. Heartfilia clearly knew his daughter was married to someone else.

Natsu looked over when he heard his name again, seeing Lucy sprawled out on the king-sized bed. "Yeah, he didn't puke though, so that's good."

Natsu chuckled, realizing they were talking about the flight. Lucy and Gray were both well aware of his motion sickness, having mentioned it to both of them before. He spoke to Lucy more, but a few times Natsu had been over at the married couple's house and seen Gray there. It was always to have sex with Lucy in her designated 'extra partner' room, but a few times Natsu had run into Gray after they were done and got to chatting. It was never for too long, Natsu still feeling a little awkward around Gray, but thankfully Gray never said anything to make him feel uncomfortable. The whole situation was still weird to Natsu, but everything about his life felt weird anyway. He decided to lean into it instead of resist, finding himself much happier after he did that.

Natsu's stomach twisted when Lucy said, "Our flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. We have one layover."

He hated flying, but he knew it was the only way for them to get to Crocus in time for the business conference. It was mandatory for Lucy to attend, and she got to choose one other person from the office to accompany her. Her first pick hadn't been Natsu. It was Erza, but she said she was busy with her boyfriend and couldn't cancel her plans. So, Lucy chose Natsu to go with her.

Lucy didn't have to ask Gray's permission if she could take Natsu, seeing as he was her assistant and it made sense to take him, but she did have to ask permission to fool around with Natsu on the trip. Apparently they had their own set of rules between each other that Natsu had not been made aware of, but he didn't dare question it, counting himself lucky Lucy was even willing to have sex with him with Gray's blessing.

Gray had approved of her request to fool around with Natsu on the trip, prompting an almost-blowjob once they made it to the hotel. Lucy said she wanted to show her appreciation for him holding his own during the lengthy flight, and Natsu couldn't refuse her offer. Then they had been interrupted, but Natsu was getting over that. Like Gray said in the beginning, spouses took priority. He wasn't about to ruin everything just because of one neglected hard on.

While his program loaded, Natsu looked around Lucy's hotel room, wondering if his looked the same. He wouldn't know. Lucy invited him into hers once they arrived, and he didn't want to turn her down. They would be staying the night, then flying back to Hargeon tomorrow. Natsu was unsure how tonight would go, considering Lucy and him didn't spend time together outside of work and sex.

Hell, they didn't even cuddle after any intimate act, yet now they were in a different city staying in a hotel together. He once again found himself wondering where that line was drawn and what he had to do to avoid crossing it. Not only did he want to respect Lucy, he wanted to respect Gray too. They had become decent friends over the months. Sure, it was weird knowing the two of them were having sex with Lucy, probably on some of the same days too, but if Gray was okay with it, who was Natsu to judge?

Natsu glanced at his computer before looking over at the microwave on the counter, wishing he had grabbed something to eat before they went to the hotel. He needed to eat something before the conference started, otherwise he'd be starving until the party afterwards, and that was hours away. He thought about sneaking off and getting a snack from the vending machine nearby, wondering if Lucy would mind if he ate in her room.

'Am I even gonna see my room before tonight?'

Natsu was sure he would be sleeping in his own room later. If Lucy wasn't even okay with a simple cuddle -not that he had ever tried, he doubted she would want to share a bed. The idea of sleeping next to her sounded peaceful, but he knew it was dangerous. Too much intimacy was a bad thing in their case, so the less they had when they were indulging in each other's body, the better.

He was doing well to keep his feelings in check. It was hard at first, but through the months Natsu convinced himself it was for the better to not get emotionally attached to Lucy. Every time he felt more for her, he shut those feelings down, not wanting to jeopardize what they had, or Lucy's marriage.

Not only that, he wanted to protect himself from getting hurt. It was like Gray said. The less Natsu felt, the easier it would be when it ended. It was going to end, that was a definite, he just had no idea when.

Natsu went back to work, reading over what Lucy would say, wondering why she wanted him to check it anyway. Lucy was the best writer he knew. She could make a boring presentation sound halfway fun, and Natsu considered that an accomplishment. He was about to tell her she did a good job, but his voice caught in his throat when he heard a sharp inhale behind him.

Natsu looked over his shoulder, eyes growing wide when she saw one of Lucy's hands in her jeans, the zipper all the way down and part of her panties peeking out. Her eyes were closed as she licked her lips, her hips rolling to chase her fingers.

"Fuck," he muttered, eyes locking on her hand disappearing inside her jeans. He could only imagine what she was doing to herself, his blood burning from the mystery.

"And then what?" Lucy whispered, moaning at whatever Gray said over the phone. It didn't take a genius to figure out they were having phone sex, and by the look of it, she enjoyed it. Natsu's heart pounded and his jeans tightened once more, the sight of Lucy touching herself pulling a reaction from his body. He had never had phone sex before, but damn, Lucy made it look fun.

"Yeah? Ahhhh!" Her body shook as her back arched, a whimper escaping her parted lips. "Hold on, I need to get these off."

Lucy pressed her shoulder against the phone, keeping it in place while her hands pushed her jeans and panties, revealing her bare skin. She was wet, the folds of her sex glistening as she ran a finger over herself. "Much better... Yeah. Absolutely. I love it! Ngghh!"

As much as Natsu wanted to watch Lucy finger herself, he knew she deserved privacy. He closed the laptop before standing up, but he didn't make it one step before Lucy's moan made him freeze. "Wait."

He paused, looking over to see her thrusting a finger past her lower lips. "Gray, is it okay if Natsu stays and watches?" She smiled at whatever he said, an airy laugh escaping her. "Yeah, he was trying to leave... I don't know, I'll ask."

She didn't bother pulling the phone away from her face, talking to Natsu and Gray as she asked, "Do you want to watch me put on a show?"

Natsu swallowed thickly as he nodded, cock throbbing in his pants at the offer. A light flickered in her eyes as she told Gray, "He said yes. Thank you." She nodded towards the chair where Natsu was at prior, watching as he took his seat again, laptop forgotten when he put it on the desk.

Natsu didn't know what to do, so he kept his hands on his thighs, watching as Lucy pulled her finger out, only to add another one. His breath escaped as she started fingering herself, her moans filling the room.

"I wish you were here to fill me up. Your fingers feel so much better than mine."

Natsu tried ignoring the sting he felt from her comment. She was trying to stroke her husband's ego, but it was making Natsu jealous. He knew he wasn't supposed to feel that emotion when it came to Lucy, but he couldn't help it. He was right there. He would fill her up if she wanted, but it wasn't his place. She was having a moment with Gray, her husband. Natsu was just... well, he was watching their moment, like some kind of pervert, even if he got their permission.

'Lucy's so weird, but fuck, I like it.'

He reminded himself that there was no other way to enjoy Lucy. It was either be her extra partner or nothing. There were no other options. Gray was the man she loved. Natsu was just a toy she liked to play with when she could. She didn't see him as anything more than a person to fuck when they were together, and he was supposed to look at her the same way.

However, it was easier to think that way when Gray wasn't involved. When they fucked in hotels, Natsu imagined they were random strangers hooking up. It was harder when they were at her house, but he made it work by pretending she was a one-night stand and nothing more.

At the office, well, those were some of Natsu's favorites. He would fantasize about them being who they were, boss and assistant, going at it like wild animals whenever they could sneak away. In those times he imagined they couldn't be together because of company rules, and that was as far as that fantasy went. He didn't think about Lucy being married, and when he did, he forced the thought out of his mind as quickly as he could.

'I can't get jealous. I can't get mad. I can't like her beyond her physical appearance.' It was difficult, but Natsu was managing so far.

A shuddering gasp brought him back to reality. Lucy had the phone propped up with her shoulder, one hand fingering her soaked pussy while the other palmed her breast. Natsu blinked, wondering when she took her top and bra off.

She was naked, her jeans and panties kicked off the bed. Her eyes were slammed shut as her body moved fluidly against her hands, pleasuring herself like only she could. She knew her body the best, knowing exactly what it craved.

Natsu's hands curled into fists when he felt the heat rushing through his body. He was incredibly hard, his body demanding he touch himself, but he was afraid of looking like a real pervert. Watching was one thing, but touching seemed wrong, even if the idea of doing something wrong sounded so good. He looked up, seeing Lucy's eyes were fixed on him, her mouth open as she let out a moan.

"Gray," she whimpered, but her eyes were trained on Natsu. "Can Natsu touch himself?" She smiled before gasping, her hand that had been on her breast finding her clit. "Thank you." She nodded towards Natsu, letting him know Gray gave them permission.

Natsu didn't allow himself to think any further, fumbling with his jeans and boxers as he pushed them down. He spit into his palm before wrapping his fist around his cock, stroking himself while watching Lucy play with herself.

It was one of the most erotic and weirdest experiences of Natsu's life, and for a second he wondered if what they were doing was technically a threesome since Lucy was clearly getting off from both men's attention. She was using Gray's words and the sight of Natsu masturbating to pleasure herself, but Natsu didn't know if it counted.

Like he did so many other times before, Natsu pushed the thought out of his mind, choosing to enjoy the show rather than dig any deeper.

Lucy panted, whimpering as she spoke on the phone. "Imagine you're pulling my hair as you fuck me from behind! Yes! Like that! Fuck, Gray! I'm... fuck, I'm so close!"

She cried out, the sound a mix between a sob and a moan as her fingers fucked her pussy faster, her other hand rubbing up and down on her clit. "It's so hot! I need you inside me now! Fuck!"

Lucy's toes curled and her back arched as she came, her husband's name spilling from her lips as she shook. She pulled her fingers from her body, her arousal dripping and pooling on the sheets under her.

It took every ounce of Natsu's willpower to keep himself seated, wanting nothing more than to fuck Lucy's sopping core, even if Gray was still on the phone. He held back, but it was a struggle. His cock was leaking pre-cum as his body flushed. He wanted to be inside her, but his mind overpowered his body's desires.

Lucy pushed her fingers into her wet heat again, deft fingers moving in and out at a rapid pace. "Yeah? Fuck that sounds so good! Can I be tied up while you do it? Mmmmm!"

Natsu puffed out hot breaths as he pumped his cock with his tight fist, now imagining Lucy tied up, writhing beneath him. He wondered if he would get her to agree to something like that, or if she needed to trust him more. He would do anything she wanted if it meant getting to restrain her while he had his way with her, fucking her deep into the mattress as she moaned his name.

"Gr-Graaaay, I'm-I'm— Oh god!" Lucy's body tensed as she gasped, then her hips were bucking as she rode out her orgasm. "Come inside me! Please! Yes!"

Natsu watched in awe as her fingers lightly touched her clit, giving it soft rubs as her body twitched, a beautiful flush covering her face, neck, and chest. When she was done, she brought her wet fingers to her face, licking at them with slow strokes as she moaned.

"So sweet. Do you wish you could taste me?" She smiled at Gray's answer, Natsu not needing to guess to know what it was. He could smell her arousal from where he sat, and it was indeed sweet.

"How are you feeling? That's good. Awww, I'll miss you too... Hmm? Sure, she can come over. Is she spending the night?" Lucy stopped licking her fingers, resting her hand over her breast to give herself a light squeeze.

Natsu watched, speechless wondering what he was supposed to do. His hand was still wrapped around his aching cock, but he didn't dare rub himself, unsure if the moment had passed. And if it had, he figured it would be strange if he continued touching himself while Lucy wasn't 'performing' for him.

"That's fine. Just make sure she's gone by the time I get home tomorrow. I want you all to myself." Lucy was smiling, her face glowing with happiness.

Natsu didn't understand it. He tried, but he couldn't grasp the concept. Lucy was clearly talking about Gray's extra partner, but she seemed... happy? He wondered if she was happy because Gray would be having sex with someone while she was gone? Or if she was happy because Gray was happy? Natsu didn't get it, and he doubted he ever would.

'It's not my business,' Natsu reminded himself as he looked down at his cock, knowing the fun was over now. She would hang up and he would go back to work, switching roles from her boyfriend to her assistant. At least, that was what he thought.

Little did he know, Lucy had something else in mind.

"I'll call you tonight. I should be back before ten... We'll see. I'll text you if it's going to be later. Yeah, okay. I love you too. Have fun. Bye." Lucy hung up, setting her phone to the side before she sighed. She looked tired, but that didn't stop her from sitting up and looking over at Natsu.

He froze, his dick almost in his pants since he thought they were done. She shook her head at his silent question, her voice almost a purr as she said, "Do you want to keep going?"

He nodded, throat tightening when she stood. She sauntered towards him, her eyes filled with lust and desire. Natsu pulled his cock out, giving it a light stroke to smear his arousal over his shaft. With a sly smile, she climbed into his lap, not bothering to ask if he wanted it. Her mouth connected with his, their kiss starting out like a wildfire.

Natsu's arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer. Her wet pussy dragged against his cock, stoking the fire burning between them. Every touch made his heart race faster, his blood burning as she made herself at home on his lap.

She bucked her hips, rubbing herself against him, whimpering at the feeling. Natsu growled, one hand palming her ass before giving her a rough squeeze. She responded by sucking his tongue, his cock dripping with need between their bodies.

"I love how wet you get," Natsu murmured, mesmerized by the silky feeling of her gliding against his cock. "So fucking sexy!"

Lucy reached down, grabbing his member to line it with her entrance. She lifted herself up before sinking down, moaning at the way she stretched when he entered her.

"Yes!" she gasped, forehead falling on his shoulder as she took more of his thick cock in. "Oh god! You fill me up so good!" He loved the strain in her voice as she spoke, letting him know he had an effect on her, just like she had an effect on him.

Natsu was ready to burst, all that tease building him up. He held out for longer than he thought, Lucy using her leg muscles to ride his cock, her hands gripping his shoulders when she resumed their kiss. Whimpers and growls filled the air, desperate gasps and groans spurring them on.

Natsu spread her ass so she could go deeper, burying himself in her soaked pussy. Her walls massaged him, every delicious inch of him being rubbed when she went up and down. He tried holding out longer, especially when he felt her getting close, but he couldn't stop it. The pleasure was too much.

"Fuck! Lucy! I can't—" He came, hard and hot inside her, overflowing her with little warning. Her movements slowed until she stopped, resting on top of him so she could take everything he had to offer.

Natsu's lungs hurt when he apologized, disappointed in himself for not getting her off. She let out an airy laugh as she shook her head, climbing off his softening cock so she could sit on the edge of the bed.

"It's okay. I don't mind."

Natsu didn't like leaving things unfinished. He stood up, grabbing her ass before pushing her further on the bed. She fell on her back when he crawled over her, a feral look in his deep green eyes.

"Let me make it up to you." It was less of a question and more of a demand, but he gave her time to say no anyway.

Lucy nodded, panting as she shifted, getting more comfortable. "Yes, you can assist me."

Natsu chuckled at the joke, leaning in to kiss her neck. She turned her head to give him more room, moaning when his fingers found her core. He shoved two in, her pussy lubricated with her arousal and his cum, giving him no resistance. She wanted it, and she let him know it.

"Oh fuck! Yes! D-don't stop!"

Heated kisses were placed over her neck and collarbone as he moved down, until his lips found a pert nipple. He sucked on it, drawing the cutest gasps from his girlfriend.

Natsu didn't think once about the fact that she had a husband. In that moment, she was all his. He would make her scream his name, a growl rumbling in his chest.

Lucy arched her back when he curled his fingers inside her, rubbing along her wall to find her sweet spot. "How's that feel?" he breathed against her skin, feeling her shudder below him.

"Great," Lucy moaned, hands gripping his pink hair to keep his mouth against her breast. "Keep going! Please!"

He obeyed, thrusting into her pussy hard while he sucked on her breast, tongue teasing her nipple. She shook underneath him, her moans turning into choked sobs as she got closer. He felt her squeezing his fingers, preparing for her orgasm.

Natsu was tempted to stop right then and there, give her the same treatment she gave him earlier when she left him high and very hard, but he wouldn't do that. Not only would it possibly cross a line, he wanted to see her come. He yearned for the sounds she made, and she didn't disappoint.

"Oh fuck! N-Natsuu! Yes! Oh god please!"

He smirked against her breast as he pulled his fingers out, adding a third before slipping them in. Her back arched as she clamped around his fingers, eyes squeezing shut just as she let out a prolonged moan.

"NAAATSUUUUU!" She came, body writhing as he continued to finger her, drawing out her release. Her skin shined with sweat, the air thick with her arousal. He loved every second of it, wishing it could last a lifetime.

Natsu moved his mouth to her ear as he slowly thrust inside her, whispering words of praise that made her whimper, her arms wrapping around him before she let them drop to the bed, exhausted from her multiple orgasms that day.

Despite finishing not too long ago, Natsu was painfully hard, ready to go again if Lucy was willing. He was about to suggest it, but she looked over at the clock on the nightstand, sighing when she said, "We need to get ready."

Natsu frowned, not only because he wouldn't be finding another release anytime soon, and also because it meant they had to go back to work. He was having too much fun as Lucy's boyfriend, but he supposed being her assistant wasn't bad, just less pleasurable.

Natsu rolled off her, allowing Lucy to stand. She walked over to her luggage beside her bed, everything still packed away. He stayed on his back while she unpacked, pulling out two outfits from her garment bag to hang in the hotel's closet. One was a business suit, just as conservative as the ones she wore at work.

The other outfit was a simple silver dress, sleeveless but covering her entire chest and back. He hadn't seen her wear it before, but if he had to guess by the length, it would go under her knees. It was a dress meant to show she was classy but still formal. She didn't go around showing too much skin at work functions, keeping it professional.

She pulled out two pairs of heels, one shorter than the other. Natsu had to stifle a laugh when she pulled out her stockings. He couldn't count how many pantyhose he had ruined while they were getting frisky. It got so bad she started wearing stockings so he couldn't be tempted to rip them. The joke was on her, he was still tempted, but without anything hindering him from getting to his goal, he could resist the urge to tear her stockings.

Natsu snorted when he heard his stomach growl, wondering if he had time to sneak in a snack before they had to leave. He should have taken the opportunity earlier, but then he would have missed the 'show' Lucy put on. 'It was worth it. I can eat later.'

"I'm going to go take a shower," Lucy said, gaining his attention. "Will you have time to finish looking over the presentation and clean up before we have to go?"

Natsu looked over at the clock, groaning as he sat up. They had less than an hour before they had to show up for the presentations. Lucy wasn't going first, but she still had to show up on time. "Yeah, I should."

He jerked a thumb towards the laptop, giving her a grin. "Dunno why you're so worried. I can't find anything wrong with it. Hell, it actually makes it sound interesting."

Lucy smiled, her brown eyes lighting up from the compliment. Over the months Natsu realized Gray was right. She loved compliments when they had to do with what she did. Complimenting her beauty made her blush, but praising her for her hard work made her light up.

"Thanks," she said, her smile turning giddy as she turned to her bag, grabbing her shower stuff. "I shouldn't be too long. You can hop in after me."

Natsu had to bit his tongue to keep himself from suggesting they take a shower together. He had never had shower sex before, but he knew if he ever did it, he would want to take his time and enjoy it. He wouldn't be able to do that now, both of them pressed for time.

Natsu breathed heavily, still aroused from their earlier play. He nodded, throat dry as he said, "Yeah. Good idea."

Lucy raised a brow at his husky voice before turning towards him, setting her stuff on the bed to free her hands. She grasped his cock, giving him a sudden pump. Moaning, his fingers dug into the sheets, wondering if she wanted to continue their play anyway.

However, she pulled her hand away, lifting it to place over his beating heart, his skin on fire from her touches. "Maybe we can pick this up later?" she asked, her teasing tone making Natsu want to take her right then, but he grounded himself by biting his inner cheek, letting her pull away when she was ready.

Heat flooded his body as he nodded, eyes taking in every detail of her naked body he could see. He wanted her bad, but he kept still, his voice rough as he uttered a single word.



Chapter Text

Chapter Five: Not safe for work

Natsu threw another shot back, his green eyes hazy as he talked with Levy's boyfriend, Gajeel. They met when Lucy and Levy introduced them, then the two went off to mingle while the guys stayed behind at the open bar.

"How long have you been workin' for Lucy?" Gajeel asked, eyeing his girlfriend and Natsu's boss from across the room.

Natsu turned his head, seeing they were talking to Lucy's father, someone Natsu wanted to avoid if at all possible. The man looked like he could read minds with how hard he glared at some people. Natsu didn't want Jude to know he'd been fucking his daughter for the past six months despite her being happily married.

'Actually, I don't want him knowing anything about me.'

"Hmmm," he thought about the question, counting on his fingers since the alcohol made his head fuzzy. He didn't worry about getting drunk. Before he took a sip of alcohol, Lucy told him she would make sure he got to the room safely. She also asked him if he would be comfortable with her fucking him if he got drunk, to which he said, "Yes, definitely."

Natsu grinned when he found the number. "Next month it'll be a year," he said, proud of himself for not slurring. At least, he didn't think he slurred.

"That's a long time," Gajeel laughed, patting Natsu on the back. "Do ya know what you wanna do after?"

"After?" Natsu hadn't thought about it. He figured he would keep working for Lucy until he found a better job or she fired him, but he doubted the second option would happen. He was a damn good assistant, and he had no intentions of slacking off in the future. "I dunno. Guess I'll see what happens."

Gajeel nodded, accepting that answer. "Levy says Lucy's the best boss she ever had."

"I don't doubt it. Lucy's a great boss."

Natsu looked over at Lucy again, smiling when they locked eyes. He gave her a short wave before turning in his stool, facing the bar. The entire room was filled with people who worked for the company, spouses of those people, or the hotel's staff. The presentations had gone well, and now it was time to kick back and relax.

Loosening his tie, Natsu breathed easier. The thing had been choking him all afternoon. He had the option of changing, but he decided against it. He hadn't packed anything besides work clothes anyway, so there would be no point.

Lucy on the other hand, changed into her silver dress. She looked stunning, the dress hugging her curves but still leaving enough coverage to spark some imagination. Natsu didn't have to imagine though. He had seen every inch of her beautiful naked body more times than he could count.

A soft flush spread over Natsu's face, but if anyone asked, he would blame it on the booze. Lucy was gorgeous, and while they were at that hotel, she was all his. Well, almost, but it was close enough for him. He didn't have to physically share her with anyone while they were on their trip.

Natsu talked with Gajeel more about Levy's new job, asking how she was fitting in at her own branch. The subject eventually changed to Gajeel telling him about his job and how he was happier now that his girlfriend was in the same city as him.

"Not a lot of people can make long-distance relationships work, but we did pretty good. Feels better having her close though."

Natsu nodded. "I can imagine. You two living together?"

Gajeel shook his head. "Nah, she's old fashioned, ish."

Chuckling, he asked, "Ish?"

Gajeel stole a peek over at the women before whispering, "She's not fond of the idea of livin' with me before marriage, but she's okay with other pre-marital stuff. If you know what I mean."

Natsu had to hold back his snicker. "Ah, gotcha."

He didn't think anything more was going to come out of the conversation, so he switched it again. "How's—"

"You got a girlfriend?" Gajeel asked, cutting him off.

Natsu choked on nothing, clearing his throat while blinking. "Uh, um, no?"

"You dating or just not looking?"

Natsu swallowed as he shook his head, not expecting the personal questions. "I guess no looking." He snorted, shaking his head. "I meant not looking." Despite not slurring, he could tell he was getting drunk.

"Levy's got some single friends back in Hargeon if you want her to hook you up. No pressure."

"No thanks," Natsu mumbled, still unsure how that situation would go. Gray said he was allowed to be with other people besides Lucy, but he didn't have any interest in that. Lucy satisfied his sexual needs. He didn't need anything else... right?

"Suit yourself."

Natsu nodded, grabbing his drink before downing the rest of its contents, hardly tasting it now. "Thanks anyways."


Silence fell between them, so Natsu took that as an opportunity to look around. He saw Levy talking with Mr. Heartfilia, but he couldn't find Lucy. He searched, furrowing his brows when he saw her at a table, talking with a man he had never met before. Natsu knew his name, but he couldn't remember it at that moment. The man was the first to do his presentation earlier, but honestly, Natsu thought it was rather boring.

'Lucy's was the best. She actually got people to laugh when she made a joke about the budget. She's awesome.'

Natsu's easy mood quickly soured when he saw the man scooting closer to Lucy. His eyes narrowed when the man put his hand on Lucy's arm, but she didn't pull away. She was laughing at whatever he said, nodding before she tucked a lock of blonde hair behind her ear.

It felt as if a hand was gripping Natsu's neck, choking him as he watched the man excuse himself before heading to the bar. Natsu kept his gaze on Lucy, seeing her eyes falling to the table to play with her nails. He tore his eyes away from her to look at the man, watching as he ordered two drinks, one fruity and one a scotch.

Natsu turned away when the man returned to the table, but not before seeing Lucy accept the drink. Nails dug into Natsu's palms as he tried to dull the jealousy burning inside him, reminding himself he couldn't do a thing about it. Lucy didn't look in distress, and she was free to flirt with whoever she wanted to.

It was one of the rules, the same rule that prevented Gray from being upset at Lucy when she kissed Natsu on his birthday. She was allowed to flirt with, hug, or kiss anyone she wanted, as long as it didn't go any further than that. Natsu held that last part close to his chest, reminding himself Lucy wouldn't be doing anything sexual with that man. The worst it would go was kissing, but even that made his chest rumble with a growl.

"You okay?" Gajeel asked, brows pinched together as he looked at Natsu's angry expression. "You look like someone pissed in your whiskey."

Natsu shook his head, glaring daggers at the empty glass in front of him. He needed a refill, wanting to drown the image of Lucy and that guy out of his head. It was different when he knew she was with Gray. Gray was her husband, but that guy was essentially a stranger. 'Or maybe he's not. Maybe he's a potential extra partner... Maybe she's gonna dump me for him.'

Natsu took a deep breath, once again realizing it was hard to keep his feelings in check. There was nothing stopping her from leaving him for someone else. She didn't feel anything for him besides physical attraction, and the more Natsu thought about it, the more it hurt.

Of course, he knew she cared about him as a friend. He would prefer if they were better friends, but he had to take what he could get, which was occasional talks when she invited him to join her for lunch.

Lately, Natsu didn't feel like that was enough. He wanted to spend time with Lucy outside of work and sex, but he didn't know how to ask her that without scaring her off.

When Gajeel didn't get a response, he looked around, eyes finding Lucy and one of her father's executives chatting. He snorted as he turned away, mumbling under his breath, "Don't know how he does it."

"How who does what?" Natsu asked, needing something to distract him from his thoughts.

Gajeel raised a brow, then nodded towards the table Lucy was at. "I'd be pissed if Levy flirted with other guys. I dunno how Gray does it."

Natsu bit his tongue to stop himself from blurting out a question, instead taking a deep breath before asking something different. "Gray? That's her husband right?"

Gajeel nodded. "Yup."

"Why wouldn't he be pissed?" Natsu was trying to play dumb, hoping he could get away with it. He didn't have the best poker face, especially when he'd been drinking.

Gajeel raised a brow before looking at Natsu, his red eyes studying him, looking for any indication of knowledge. "You don't know?"

"Know what?" Natsu asked, feeling himself slip. Luckily for him, Gajeel didn't notice. The man was just as drunk as Natsu, if not more.

Sighing, Gajeel shook his head. "Nothing. Just trust me, Gray wouldn't be pissed. I'd tell ya why, but I shouldn't even know. Let's just forget it. Hey," he looked over at a few girls at the other end of the bar, "why not go over there and flirt with one of 'em? Just 'cause you're not lookin' to settle down doesn't mean you can't have some fun."

It was obvious Gajeel was trying to change the subject so he wouldn't reveal the arrangement Lucy and Gray had. Natsu assumed Levy told him, either on purpose or on accident. Either way, he didn't care, too focused on trying to keep his voice light to hide his aggravation.

"Why do you want me to get laid so bad?" Natsu took a subtle deep breath, hoping he would stop thinking about Lucy and that guy. He was angry, but he wasn't angry enough to go sleep with some random girl. It wasn't as if Lucy was doing anything wrong. 'Me sleeping with a random girl wouldn't be wrong either... as long as I use a condom.'

Natsu shrugged that thought away, not up for the 'chase'. He was content drinking and chatting for the rest of the night. He didn't want to hook up with a stranger.

'Besides, Lucy asked about fucking me when I'm drunk... She might still want to do that?'

Natsu shut his eyes tight, trying to get a hold of himself. He needed to stop, otherwise he was going to tear himself up. He opened his eyes when Gajeel called over the bartender, asking for a refill on his drink.

When the bartender asked Natsu if he wanted something, he asked for a water. Gajeel called him a party pooper, but Natsu ignored him. Alcohol clouded his judgement. If he kept drinking, he had a greater chance of doing something he would regret, like tell Lucy it bothered him when she flirted with other men. Lucy would break up with him, and he didn't want that.

It took Natsu an hour of sipping water to feel a little better, but he was still drunk. His thoughts and feelings were easier to manage, and with that, he was able to calm down when it came to Lucy flirting with another man. It didn't mean he had to like it, but he understood it wasn't his place to intervene.

However, he wished Lucy would intervene when Gajeel left and another man took his place. The hairs of the back of Natsu's neck rose when he looked over, seeing Jude Heartfilia sitting next to him. Natsu's eyes flickered over to the alcohol on the shelves, looking at anything that would distract him from the fact that his married girlfriend's father was sitting next to him.

Not only that, Mr. Heartfilia was technically Natsu's boss since he was Lucy's boss.

'When the hell is Gajeel coming back?' Natsu gulped, prepared to slip away, but froze when he heard Jude's voice. "What are you drinking?"

He looked at the clear liquid in his glass, feeling Jude's piercing eyes boring into him. "W-water," he mumbled, risking a peek at the man, only to regret it.

Jude was glaring down at him, as if he knew all Natsu's secrets. It was unsettling, the feeling of ants swarming all over his skin not fading until Jude turned his gaze to the bartender. "Can't handle your liquor?" he asked, causing Natsu to shake his head.

"Guess not."

Jude snorted through his nose, looking uninterested. Natsu hoped that would be the end of it. He didn't say a word, listening as the bartender took Jude's drink order before rushing off to make it. It didn't take long considering Jude ordered a scotch. Natsu didn't know why people liked drinking that stuff. It always made him want to barf immediately.

"How old are you anyway?" Jude asked, those ants returning, just like his gaze.

'Just keep calm.' Natsu swallowed, reminding himself there was no reason to be nervous. Jude didn't know what was going on between his daughter and Natsu, so he couldn't be mad. The only reason he could be mad was if Natsu was a bad assistant, which he wasn't. Steeling his nerves, Natsu said in a firm voice, "I'm twenty-one."

Jude narrowed his eyes before turning to his drink, mumbling, "Younger than the last."

Natsu raised a brow, wondering what that meant. Before he got a chance to ask, he felt hands gripping his shoulders, a familiar floral scent wafting around him. Lucy's sweet voice entered his ear a moment later, soothing every ache in his body he didn't know he had.

"Looks like my assistant's a little drunk. Natsu, are you ready to go to your room?"

Natsu looked over his shoulder, seeing the pleading look in her eyes. He nodded, whispering, "Yeah."

"I can escort him," Jude offered, but Lucy shook her head.

"It's no trouble. I'm going to my room anyways. I'm pretty tired, and I need to call Gray."

Jude made a sound that reminded Natsu of a bull, making him wondering if Jude really huffed. It didn't seem like the thing a CEO would do. Then again, Natsu had never met another CEO, so what did he know?

Natsu tried standing, but Jude's sardonic tone made him freeze. "Are you going to call him before or after you tuck your assistant in for bed?"

"Father," Lucy warned, keeping her voice low.

Natsu's eyes widened as panic flooded his system. 'Does he know?'

"What? It's not like I can't tell." Jude straightened his shoulders before glaring down at Natsu. "You should know better than to pick your assistant if you insist on carrying on like that."

Lucy's fingers dug into Natsu's shoulders, but he couldn't feel it, too focused on Lucy's sharp tone. "What I do in my personal life has nothing to do with you."

"It does when you bring work into it," Jude pointed out, but Lucy shook her head.

"I can keep my personal life and professional life separate. It's not your business. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get to my room so I can get a good night's sleep."

Natsu felt Lucy tugging on him, so he stood, his legs shaky but functional. The only thing keeping him from leaning on Lucy for support was Jude, the man's eyes narrowed at Natsu before returning to his daughter. Natsu was too speechless to form any words, watching as father and daughter hashed it out with whispers so no one but him could hear.

"Is your assistant gonna read you a bedtime story?" Jude taunted, his dark eyes slightly hazy. Natsu wondered for a second if Jude was only acting out because he had been drinking, but Natsu hadn't paid attention before, not counting how many drinks Jude had before that moment. "Or would that be breaking one of your 'rules'?" He used air quotes, the last word coming out as more of a slur than the others.

That, apparently, had been when Lucy's patience broke. She let go of Natsu, taking a step up to Jude before poking him hard in the chest. "At least when I fuck someone who's not my spouse, I get their permission first." She was seething, teeth clenched as she glared at her father. "Who are you to judge me for my decisions?"

Jude looked stunned, eyes wide and jaw dropped. He didn't say anything, so Lucy took that as her cue to storm out, Natsu following behind her. She didn't say a word until they got in the elevator, her cheeks burning in anger.

Once the doors closed, she exhaled. "That fucking asshole. It's not his business what I do in my free time. Fucking jerk. He's one to talk! Fucking his secretary while at work. Who knows how long it would've gone on if mom hadn't decided to stop by and surprise him."

She held out her hands, exasperated. "Surprise! He was a fucking cheater who got his ass handed to him. It's not my fault my marriage is working better than his. He's the one who went and ruined mom's trust. Fucking asshole."

Natsu stood in the corner of the elevator, watching as she gestured with her hands and ranted about her father. He didn't know any of the stuff she was saying, surprised to get a history lesson on her family, even if it wasn't asked for.

He didn't make a sound, too worried he would upset her if he stopped her from venting. Besides, he was too busy taking slow, deep breaths. It seemed to help with his motion sickness, because he didn't feel sick at all. Well, he felt a little woozy, but that was from the alcohol. He could deal with that.

Natsu thought about what Lucy said, a small frown resting on his lips. He didn't want to mention it was kind of hypocritical for Lucy to complain about her father fucking the secretary at work, considering that was basically what they were doing. The only difference was Gray was okay with it, but they were still breaking company policy.

Natsu sighed, already hating the idea, but he knew it had to be done. "Lucy," he started, causing her to jolt. She looked over, eyes wide in shock. She put a hand over her heart, letting out a shaky laugh.

"I forgot you were here."

"I realized," Natsu said, giving her a forced, crooked smile. It fell a few seconds later as Natsu tried to act serious, even if he felt his body swaying a bit. He didn't know where he was in his state of intoxication, but he knew he wouldn't be passing any sobriety tests now. Pushing that aside, Natsu sighed. "I wanna make a rule."

Lucy blinked, her hand dropping to her side. "What do you mean?"

"For us," he clarified, gesturing to the space between them. "I don't wanna have sex at work anymore."

Lucy hesitated, her tone cautious as she asked, "Is this about what he said?"

Natsu shook his head, a heaviness settling in his heart. It was the same one he had been getting lately every time they had sex at work. He liked bending rules occasionally, but constantly breaking them at work made him feel bad after a while. He didn't want to feel that way, so he had to make a change.

"I've been thinking it for a while." He chuckled, leaning against the wall. "We shouldn't do it anyways, and I kinda feel bad about doin' it at work... I'd be easier if we just don't do stuff like that there."

Lucy sighed before nodding. "I guess you're right. We've almost been caught too. Plus, it'd be easier separating the personal and professional if we stop."

Natsu's smile grew genuine, thankful she understood. "But I don't wanna end it, in case you thought that."

She shook her head. "I knew what you meant. It's fine, no more sex at work."

Just to make Lucy smile, he held out a hand, happy when he heard her laugh. "Deal."

She slipped her hand into his, her voice softer than before. "Deal."

When they dropped their hands, Natsu turned to the elevator door, a frown tugging at his lips. "This is taking forever."

"Oh gosh," Lucy said, giving herself a light slap to the forehead. "I didn't press the number." She clicked the '4', the elevator lifting to take them to their floor.

Natsu pressed a hand to his stomach, feeling the effects the ride had on him. He should have known earlier the elevator wasn't moving. His stomach didn't twist as much when they were staying still. 'So much for that deep breathing shit.'

When the elevator doors open, Natsu rushed out, happy to be on solid ground. He heard Lucy chuckling as she walked past him, then felt her hand brushing against his shoulder blades.

Natsu pulled out his key card for his room as they walked down the hall, but once Lucy saw it, she shook her head. "You won't be needing that for a while."

Shrugging, Natsu shoved the card back in his pocket, knowing he would have to get his bags from Lucy's room anyway. They looked around the empty hall before going into her room, not wanting anyone to see, especially after the confrontation with her father.

"Are you gonna get in trouble?" Natsu asked when Lucy closed the door, locking the latch behind her.

"For what?"

He thought it was obvious. "For arguing with the CEO?"

Lucy shook her head. "I doubt he'll even remember. He has a habit of forgetting things when he's been drinking."

Natsu frowned, wondering if Lucy thought Jude's drinking was a problem. He knew if she did, she would have said something to her father about it. Since it wasn't his business, Natsu didn't say anything on the subject.

Lucy sighed, tugging at the tie in her hair so it fell over her shoulders. She didn't look concerned, aside from the slight pinch in her brows. "That's not the first time we've had that... discussion, and it won't be the last."

"How does he even know?" Natsu asked, wondering if even that was too personal. Since it somewhat dealt with him, he decided it was worth prying. "Did you tell him?"

"Please," she said, rolling her eyes. "Like I'd want to tell him something like that." She sat on the bed, patting the spot next to her. When Natsu sat down, she explained. "It was... hmm, maybe two years ago? He came by to 'surprise'," she held up her fingers to make air quotes, "us since he was in town. I guess Gray left the door unlocked and my father walked in."

She laughed, but it was humorless. Lucy laid back on her bed, her legs hanging off the side. "Needless to say, it was bad."

"What happened?" he asked, joining her. He laid sideways, his legs curled so he could stay on.

"My father caught Gray and his partner. Started yelling about how Gray was cheating on me, really hypocritical if you ask me seeing as he, well, you know now."

Natsu's eyes widened, glad he wasn't there to witness that. "What'd the girl do?"

Lucy raised a brow. "I never said—" She cut herself off, sighing. "Never mind. Gray's partner left, didn't want to deal with the bullshit. That relationship ended right there too. I guess they didn't want to deal with it. I had to rush home and try to calm my father down. He was threatening to hurt Gray."

"Did he?"

She shook her head. "No. It was just for show. That whole blah blah you hurt my daughter blah blah shit. He didn't really care, he just wanted a reason to be mad. He looks for things like that, nitpicking at anything he finds. Anyways, I had to explain that Gray wasn't cheating and that it was all okay. That..." She paused. "That was an awkward conversation."

"So, your dad—"

"Father," Lucy said, cutting him off.

Natsu nodded. "Your father knows about the rules and stuff?"

She tilted her head back and forth. "Eh, kinda. He knows enough to get the picture. He doesn't know everything, like who are partners are and stuff. We try to keep that private, but as you can tell, that's not good enough for him. Sometimes he goes digging and finds things just to mess with us. He's only done it a few times since he found out, but usually after we fight he backs off for a while. I hope he'll keep to himself longer this time. He can be exhausting."

"How'd he know I was one?" Natsu asked, frowning.

Lucy turned her head, looking into his eyes. "I guarantee he was just fishing. He probably didn't know, but something gave it away. You're not the first person he's done that for. At parties he'll do the same thing, always trying to start something."

She brushed her face against the bed, eyes falling to Natsu's chest. "I tried throwing him off the trail today, but that didn't work."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know if you noticed. You were busy with Gajeel, but I was flirting with one of the guys from the Crocus branch."

It took Natsu every bit of willpower to simply nod and say, "Oh yeah, I saw." He was proud of himself for not sounding jealous. He wasn't as irritated as he was before, the alcohol slowly working its way out of his system. That wasn't the only thing that helped. Being alone with Lucy made him a lot more calm. "What about it?"

"I thought my father would think I didn't have a partner and was maybe looking, that way he wouldn't suspect you." She sighed. "That's why I wanted to take Erza instead. I figured it'd be easier hiding you if you didn't come."

"Sorry," Natsu mumbled, but Lucy shook her head.

"I'm glad you came. I'm having fun."

He smiled, reaching out to brush some of her bangs back so he could see her face. "I'm glad. I'm having fun too, all things considered." Despite the jealousy he felt when he saw Lucy flirting with another man and the confrontation with Jude, Natsu was enjoying the trip.

"Ah, your motion sickness and my father?" she guessed, causing him to nod.

He wouldn't mention the flirting, letting it slide. "So, what do you wanna do?"

Lucy grinned, her hand reaching out to rest on his chest. "Are you still drunk?" He shook his head. "Buzzed?"

"Yeah. I can think straight though."

"Do you want to have sex?" Lucy asked with no shame. Why should she? Their whole relationship was based on sex and nothing more anyway. It seemed pointless to be flustered about it, at least on her end.

Natsu's green eyes lit up as he nodded, only to frown a second later. "Does this count as having sex at work?" He was already regretting his new rule, even if he knew it was for the better.

Lucy shook her head, leaning in to place a kiss to his lips. Natsu responded, warm lips sliding against hers. His hand moved to her hair, fingers threading in when Lucy opened her mouth, inviting him. She didn't give him a proper answer until Natsu was knocked on his back and Lucy was climbing on top of him. "I don't think it counts. The party is over for us, meaning you're not really my assistant right now."

She unbuttoned his shirt, smiling as he loosened his tie. "Do I feel like your boss?"

Natsu shook his head, sucking in a sharp breath when her fingers trailed over his tank top underneath. "No, you don't."

"Good," Lucy said before leaning in, capturing his lips in a heated kiss. Their clothes came off one at a time, tongues massaging and teeth nipping. Lucy moaned in his mouth when he tugged at her lower lip, a fire burning deep in his lower stomach at the lewd sounds she made.

Before he knew it, they were getting tangled up in each other. Natsu gasped when Lucy lined herself up with his leaking cock, not bothering with foreplay before she was penetrating herself. He groaned, head slamming back as his fingers dug into her supple thighs. She squeezed around him with every inch that entered, a deep flush spreading over her chest.

"Fuck! You feel so good inside me," she whimpered, purposely clamping down on him.

"Damn," he hissed, nails biting into her skin. "I love feeling you stretch around me. Fuck!"

Lucy didn't give him time to get used to the feeling of resting inside her. She started lifting herself up with her thighs and legs, coming down hard to make him go in fast and deep. She moaned, the womanly sound doing wonders for Natsu's ego.

After a few times, Natsu started rocking his hips, meeting her downward thrusts. He cursed at the euphoric feeling, wishing it would never end. Lucy's body felt incredible, the two of them fitting together like an adjoining puzzle pieces. Natsu didn't think about anyone else. In that moment, it was just him and Lucy, lust fueling their actions.

Lucy bounced on his cock, mewling when his hands found her breasts, groping them before he started rubbing at her nipples. She didn't care how unladylike it looked, Lucy slipped a hand between her legs, petting her clit to bring herself closer.

Even after Lucy came, crying Natsu's name as her body shook, Natsu was still going, no signs of stopping in sight. He rolled them over, fucking her deep into the mattress with rough thrusts, her voice coming out as sobs as she screamed, "Yes! Fuck me! Natsu! H-harder!"

He obeyed, the alcohol making him last far longer than he normally would. They both used it to their advantage, fucking for what felt like hours.

Lucy lost count of how many times Natsu made her see stars, her lungs crying for air, but every breath she took turned into a gasp or moan immediately. Natsu drove into her with enough force to make her claw at his back just to keep herself grounded.

"N-Natsu! I-I—" She came again, pussy massaging his cock, but it wasn't enough to send him over the edge. "God damn!"

Lucy couldn't handle anymore, the pleasure driving her mad. She decided to pull out one of her tricks she used on Gray when she wanted him to finish, unsure if it would work for Natsu. "Moan my name!"

Natsu furrowed his brows, sweat dripping over him as he thrust into Lucy. He had been trying to finish for a while now, but no matter what he did, he couldn't find his release. He grunted before swallowing, his throat dry from panting so much. "L—" He cleared his throat as best he could before moaning, "Lucy!"


Natsu snapped his hips, his voice rough and low. "Lucy!"


He squeezed his eyes shut, feeling the fire inside him burning hotter every time he said her name. "Oh god Lucy!"


Her nails scored his back with red welts when he growled, "LUCY!"

She whimpered, but didn't stop. "Again!"

"Fuck! L-LUCY!"

He could feel himself approaching that cliff, welcoming it. He thought she was going to tell him to say her name again, but instead, she used her mouth for something else.

Natsu's hips stuttered when he felt her teeth sinking into his chest, right above his nipple. She latched on hard, the pain giving Natsu that extra push he needed. Without being told, Natsu yelled her name, causing the people in the next room to beat on their joined wall, but Natsu didn't give a single shit.


He came hard, spurting every drop he had into her abused core. She was burning inside, no doubt from the friction of their act. Her walls were still slick, arousal dripping and mixing with his cum. His body went rigid as he emptied himself inside her, his lungs filling with as much oxygen as he could take.

Natsu pulled out, rolling over so he was laying on the side of the bed. He panted, one arm slung over his face as he greedily took a break. He was exhausted, needing a moment to catch his breath.

Lucy took a moment before climbing out of bed, her legs shaking badly as she waddled to the bathroom. She had to take a shower, Natsu's cum sliding out of her and dripping down her inner thighs. She felt dirty, but she loved it.

By the time Lucy finished with her near-scalding shower, Natsu was passed out, curled on his side with his body just as naked as it had been when she left him. Taking pity on him, Lucy grabbed a washcloth, getting it damp with warm water before walking over to him. Gray complained when he fell asleep sticky and woke up with a mess, so she figured Natsu might be the same. This was the first time he passed out after, but she couldn't fault him for that. She was sleepy too, ready to go to sleep if not for the phone call she wanted to make.

When she finished wiping his cock, balls, and thighs, Lucy got ready for bed, sitting with her back against the wall while she searched through her contacts. She pressed the call button when she found Gray's number, happy when he picked up immediately.

"Hey Lucy, I was thinkin' you weren't gonna call."

"Sorry about that. I got... held up."

Gray chuckled, her heart flipping despite the distance currently between them. "Did you let Natsu tie you up?"

She snickered, shaking her head. "No, but that's a fun idea." She was hoping Natsu would've asked about it after her phone sex with Gray, but he never brought it up.

"Then what happened?"

"Natsu was a bit drunk, so—"

"So you took advantage of the side effects?"

Lucy smiled. Gray knew her so well. "Can you blame me?"

"Nah. Couldn't even if I wanted to. Do you feel good?"

"Very. And sleepy."

"Then why'd you call?"

Lucy laid down, staring up at the ceiling while Natsu quietly snoozed next to her. If it wasn't for his soft breaths, she would forget he was there. "I wanted to hear your voice."

"Aww, how sweet," Gray mocked, but she could hear the concern in his tone. "Everything okay?"

"No," she sighed, hand playing with her pajama top's hem, pushing it up her stomach only to pull it back down again.

"Did Natsu do something?" Gray asked, all traces of amusement gone.

"No, he didn't do anything." Lucy waited, hearing Gray sigh before he asked her what was wrong. "My father. He's such an ass."

"Was he drinking again?"

Lucy didn't bother trying to hide it. Gray knew about her father's tendencies to drink. She didn't consider him an alcoholic, but she knew if he didn't watch himself he could easily cross that line. "Yes."

"What'd he do this time?" Gray asked, not sounding the least bit surprised. They were both used to her father causing problems, especially when it came to personal matters.

"He found out about Natsu being my extra. He— Oh, you're not even going to believe it." Lucy sat up, shaking her head. "He had the audacity to criticize me for sleeping with my assistant. Can you believe that jerk?"

"Wow! What an asshole!" Gray snorted. "Like he's one to talk."

"Right? I mentioned that too."

"I bet you did."

Lucy nodded. "You should have seen his face when I said it too. He deserved it."

"Aside from you, obviously, Layla's like the nicest woman in the world. Who would ever cheat on her?"

"Apparently my father." Lucy made a frustrated noise. "He makes me so angry sometimes. Why can't he just mind his own business?"

"Because he has no life," Gray supplied, causing Lucy to laugh.

"True, but still. You'd think by now he'd get over himself. It's been years since he found out. Why's he still pissed about it?"

"Probably 'cause he doesn't have what we have."

"A functioning marriage?" Lucy asked, smiling when Gray agreed.

"Exactly. He ruined his marriage, now he feels the need to nitpick at what everyone else does with their lives."

"I was just saying the same thing to Natsu," Lucy said. "You should have seen his face when my father was accusing me of sleeping with him. Natsu looked like he was ready to hightail it out of there."

"I mean, can you blame him? Your father's kinda scary when you first meet him."

"I don't see why anyone thinks he's scary. He's all bark. He's not going to do anything anyways. Remember when he caught you with Jake? All he did was yell. He can't follow up on anything he says unless it gets him money or power."

Lucy thought Gray would respond right away, but there was a lull. She raised a brow in confusion. "Gray?"

"Did you tell Natsu?" He sounded concerned and guarded, something that rattled Lucy.

"Did I tell him what?"

"That I'm bi?"

"Of course not. It's not my place to tell him. If you want to, that's your choice, but he won't hear it from me." She heard Gray sigh over the line, understanding his concern. Gray wasn't open about his sexual orientation since it usually ended with him losing guy friends. It was unfair, but it was how it went sometimes.

"Good," Gray mumbled, sounding relieved.

She didn't ask why he wanted to keep it a secret from Natsu. It was Gray's decision who he told, and she would respect that. The silence over the line allowed Lucy's mind to wander back to what her father had said, a frown tugging at her lips as she whispered, "Do you think we're making a mistake?"

"What do you mean?"

"I just... I don't want to lose you," she said, feeling vulnerable, but safe at the same time. Gray was the last person who would judge her. They had been through so much together, and every obstacle in their relationship and life had brought them closer together.

"Why would you lose me?" Gray asked, the confusion clear in his tone. She could picture his face perfectly, wondering what kind of expression he was wearing. "I'm not going anywhere."

"I just worry sometimes. What if we're both ruining our marriage with all this extra stuff? I like the thrill, but I don't want to lose you." Lucy paused, taking a deep breath. "If you ever, and I mean ever want to stop, I will stop. I promise."

"I know you would," Gray said. She could hear the soft smile in his voice. It made her heart warm. "And I'd stop if you asked me too. And no, I don't think we're ruining our marriage. Not every marriage is the same, and this way works for us. Besides, it's not like we're gonna do it forever."

"That's true," Lucy mumbled, remembering when they started building the rules in the first place. They had a lot of trial and error, but they found a system that worked for them. They also decided when they would end all extra partners in their marriage, but that date was a long ways away.

"We'd stop if we thought our marriage was in jeopardy."

Lucy nodded, sure of herself and him. They were both level-headed people. They could spot danger when it came their way. "Thanks," she whispered, thankful she had such a supportive and caring husband. He was a great listener and conversationalist. She felt lucky to have him in her life.

After taking a much-needed deep breath, Lucy said, "Let's talk about something else. What are you up to?"

"Well, I was just about to head outside when you called. Me and Victoria were gonna go swimming."

"No sex in my pool," Lucy said with a flat tone, remembering the last time Gray and a girl fucked in her pool. There were a lot of things she could tolerate, but that made her uncomfortable since she frequently swam when she was home. She didn't mind him having sex anywhere else in the house as long as it wasn't in their room or in her pool."

Gray barked out a laugh. "Don't worry. We already finished in the shower. I'm not gonna be up for anything like that for a while. Your pool is safe."

Lucy nodded, focusing on part of what he said. She couldn't help but wonder if Natsu would like shower sex. She would have to ask him. "Good."

"How'd the presentation go?"

Lucy smiled, her mood lifting. "Great. I nailed it."

"I knew you would. You're amazing."

"Thank you." She felt herself brighten, enjoying the compliment. She worked hard to get where she was, doing her best not to rely on her father's name or her good looks to get her there. It was tough getting people to take her seriously, and she still struggled with it now. She was managing, doing her best to get ahead in life.

It was nice when people noticed.

"How was seeing Levy? I know you've missed her."

"Ah, it was awesome! You should have seen it! I almost tackled her in a hug."

"I did see it. Gajeel sent me a picture."

"Oh! Save it! I want to keep it!"

"Don't worry, I wasn't gonna delete it."

Lucy laid down, heart thrumming in her chest. "I miss you."

"I miss you too." Gray paused before asking, "Oh yeah, what happened when I got off the phone with you earlier? Did Natsu jump you like I said he would?"

Lucy giggled, her cheeks burning with a blush. "No, he just sat there. I had to come to him. Do you want to hear about it?"

"Hmmmm, give me the short version. You can give me all the details when I have you all to myself."

A smile curled her lips as she lowered her hand, letting it rest over her covered-core. She lightly stroked herself, not wanting to get too turned on. "Okay. Well, I rode him at first."

"Yeah? I bet he liked that."

A chill ran down her spine from his rough voice. She closed her eyes, imagining she was there telling him in person, her hand applying more pressure. "He did. Then when he finished, he insisted he get me off, so he fingered me until I came. I wish you could've seen it. His eyes get so wild when we're fucking. He's so... animalistic. It's nice."

Gray chuckled. "I'm glad you're having fun with him. No issues?"

She pulled her hand away from her body, letting the dull throbs of arousal keep her going. She didn't feel like bringing herself to completion. Fucking Natsu had been enough to satisfy her and then some.

"Nope, he's been great." Lucy looked over, seeing Natsu hadn't moved. She reached over, fingers brushing through his pink hair. She remembered the first time she felt it, surprised by how soft it was. "Oh, I forgot to tell you. So we were at the party afterwards and I ran into Matt from the Crocus branch. Do you remember him?"

"Vaguely. Is he the one with the parrot?"

"That's him. Anyways, I wanted to make my father think maybe I was looking for an extra, that way he wouldn't suspect Natsu."

"That didn't work out so well," Gray said, his tone sarcastic.

"Hey, let me finish," Lucy laughed, shifting so she could lay on her side. "Anyways, I was also trying to test Natsu, you know."

"To see if he got jealous? Yeah, I know. How'd he do?"

"Great. He didn't get bothered by it at all."

"That's good."

Lucy nodded. "I'm relieved. Usually around this far in they start to get petty and shit, then I have to end it. Maybe we should amend the rules? Make a time limit?"

Gray sounded indifferent. "I'd be willing to talk about it. Would it apply to our current extras? Me and Victoria have been goin' on for eight months now."

"Umm, maybe not current partners, but after I'm done with Natsu and you're done with Victoria, then we can set a time limit."

"Sounds fair. We'll talk about it more when you get back. Oh, I forgot to ask, was it just flirting with Matt?"

"Yup. No kisses or hugs. He just bought me a drink and touched my arm, nothing else. He's kinda boring. Talked way too much about work."

Gray laughed. "Sounds like him, if I'm remembering correctly."

"Speaking of work," Lucy started, snorting, "Natsu just made a rule for me and him."

"Oh?" His curiosity sounded piqued. "What's that?"

"No sex at work."

She heard him chuckling over the line. "You probably shouldn't have been doing it there anyway."

Lucy didn't bother holding back the whine in her voice as she played with Natsu's hair, pushing it over his eyes then brushing it out of the way. He hadn't moved since he fell asleep, but his soft snores let her know he was okay.

"I know, but it was so convenient. I got to have Natsu during the day and you at night." She paused, remembering all the times Gray would come home late because he was out on a date. "Well, most nights."

"Gray?" a feminine voice called in the background. Lucy recognized it, knowing it came from Gray's current extra, Victoria.

Lucy's eyes widened, realizing she had taken up so much of Gray's time. "Oh man, I forgot you had her over. I'll let you go."

"It's okay, hold on." Gray's voice stayed clear, meaning he didn't pull the phone away from his face as he spoke. "I'll be out there in a minute." Not a second later he was talking to Lucy again. "I can't wait to see you tomorrow."

"Me either. I'm planning on making your favorite for dinner."

"Sounds awesome. Will you text me before your flight?"

"Of course. I love you."

"I love you too."

"Have fun," Lucy said, ready to pull the phone away from her face before she stopped herself. "No sex in my pool."

Gray laughed. "Should we revise the rules on that while we're at it?"

Lucy huffed, cheeks puffing out. "If my extras can't jizz on your gaming stuff your extras can't jizz in my pool. Fair is fair."

Gray's laughter grew louder, clearly enjoying Lucy's fiery attitude. "Sounds more than fair."

"Okay, well I'm going to let you go," Lucy said, then laughed. "I have to wake up Natsu and send him to his room anyways."

"Why?" Gray asked, throwing Lucy off.

She raised a brow, thinking it was obvious. "Well, don't you want him sleeping in a different bed?"

"That's your call, Lucy. If you feel comfortable sleeping in the same bed then I'm fine with it. I trust your judgement. If you think it's too much than don't do it, but I can't make that decision for you."

Lucy nodded, knowing what he meant. He was able to keep his feelings under control with his extras, and even sometimes had them sleep over when Lucy was away, but it was always after Gray felt comfortable with it. He didn't have new extras having sleepovers since trust needed to be established first.

She smiled, already knowing her decision. "I love you."

"I love you too," Gray said, the smile heard in his voice. "Let me know if Natsu's a blanket hog."

She laughed, nodding as she rolled over towards her side of the bed. "Will do. See you tomorrow."

"See you. Good night. Sweet dreams."

"Good night, Gray. Have fun." With that, she hung up the phone, smiling as she plugged the device up to charge. She used the bathroom before turning off all the lights, finally ready for bed.

Lucy hesitated before climbing on the mattress, decided not to get under the covers since it was hot anyway. She curled close to Natsu, but kept a small gap between them. She made the mistake of leaning in a bit, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead.

Strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her flush against his warm, hard body. Her eyes widened, heart hammering as she debated what to do. Natsu's even breaths let her know he was still asleep, so it wasn't a conscious decision. It took her a few minutes before she relaxed, cuddling against his body.

She had never fallen asleep with an extra, too afraid of letting her feelings run wild. Any time she felt close to feeling more for a man, she ended the relationship, but she trusted Natsu not to break that rule. She wasn't sure she could keep up her end, but she knew she would end it once she felt anything more than friendship or lust for him.

Lucy closed her eyes, falling asleep in Natsu's arms, shoving the possible consequences aside as she enjoyed the moment.

Chapter Text

Chapter Six: Fired

Natsu arrived fifteen minutes early to work, smiling when he saw Lucy's car in the parking lot. He rode up to the office's floor, ready to start the day. However, his cheery attitude faltered when he strolled past Lucy's office, finding his boss hunched over at her desk with her head in her hands.

He set his stuff down at his desk before tapping his knuckles on the door frame of her office to get her attention. Lucy jolted as her head shot up, her eyes wider than they should have been, making Natsu's brows furrow in confusion.

"You okay?" he asked, stepping into the room. He stopped in front of her desk, looking over her appearance. Instead of the light she usually carried, Lucy seemed dim, almost lifeless. The bags under her eyes didn't help, nor did the tension she held in her shoulders. He felt silly for asking if she was okay earlier. Clearly she wasn't. "What's wrong?"

Lucy looked past Natsu, glancing at him before she gestured at the door. Natsu went to close it, returning to her desk to find out why she was being secretive. Despite the door being shut, Lucy still peered around her office before letting out a long, drawn out sigh. "I have to fire someone today."

Natsu blinked, thrown off by the news. "I thought Mira fired people." She was the lead of human resources. It made since for her to go through it, not Lucy.

Lucy huffed, shaking her head. "Mira started vacation this week, remember?"

"Oh, right." He didn't know how he forgot. She had been talking about needing a break for a while now. "Shit, that sucks. Who're you gonna fire?" Natsu's eyes rounded for a moment before he tensed. "Unless you're not allowed to tell me, then that's fine." He felt nervousness trickle in as he cupped the back of his neck. "It's uh, it's not me, is it?"

"What?" Lucy gaped before chuckling. "Of course I'm not firing you. You haven't given me a reason to."

Natsu sighed, relaxing in his spot. He didn't think he did anything to warrant being fired, but the idea of losing his job was enough to give him a little panic attack. "That's good."

Before he could say anything else, Lucy sighed. "It's no one upstairs. You may know him, it's a guy from the warehouse. His name is Nab?"

Natsu didn't have to think hard to know who she was talking about. "Honestly?" he started, unsure if he should say anything at all. "It's probably not my place, but that guy should've been fired a long time ago."

Lucy hung her head low, groaning at herself. "I know, but I didn't want to just let him go without giving him a chance to get better."

"Did you tell him he needed to work better or he was gonna get fired?" Natsu asked, deciding to take the seat in front of Lucy's desk. It looked like he was going to be in there for a minute.

She nodded. "I've told him four times he needs to get his act together or we were going to have to let him go, but..."

"But he hasn't improved," Natsu answered for her. He didn't have to guess. He worked with Nab when he was downstairs too. Nab was a good guy for the most part, but his work ethic was nonexistent. Nab took too many breaks, showed up late for work more often than not, and when he was actually working, it was much slower than what was expected of him. Natsu didn't want to be rude, but the guy was lazy, never wanting to work.

"No, he hasn't." Lucy pushed her bangs out of her face, staring down at the papers on her desk. "I was trying to handle it on my own, but my father found out about his poor performance and said I have to fire him today. He's not accepting anything else."

Natsu wanted to say that was harsh, but considering she gave Nab four warnings, he couldn't. Nab didn't have any mental or physical disabilities that excused him from working like everyone else. If Natsu was in charge, he would have fired Nab too. Sure, it would have been uncomfortable and upsetting for both of them, but it had to be done.

"When are ya firin' him?" Natsu asked, earning another groan from his girlfriend.

"I thought I'd do it this morning. If I do it after he clocks in I can still pay him for what he would've worked today. That should help... a bit." Lucy looked up at him, the confliction clear on her face. She didn't want to hurt the guy, but at the same time, she had a business to run.

"I'm sorry you gotta do this," he offered, hoping it would help. "From what I've heard, you've done everything you can. It's not your fault if he doesn't wanna work. That's on him, not you."

Lucy swallowed before nodding, her features still tense. "Thanks."

"If you need anything, just ask." Natsu gave her a small smile, thankful when she returned it.

Lucy's eyes widened for a second before she nodded. "Actually, I will need your help."

Natsu leaned forward in his seat, ready to do whatever she asked of him. "What's up?"

"I think it's ridiculous, but company policy says all people who have been terminated need to be escorted out of the building for safety reasons. I don't think Nab will do anything, but I still need to follow procedure, but, well, I really don't want to do that part either."

"I can escort him out," Natsu said, not making her ask for the favor.

"Really?" Lucy asked, relief laced in her voice. "That'd help out a lot."

"Yeah, I got it." It was a simple task, and if it made Lucy feel better, he was all for it. "Just let me know when, and I'll take care of it."

"Thank you," she whispered, her shoulders relaxing a bit. It was enough to make Natsu happy, hoping she wouldn't beat herself up over it. Like he said, she did all she could do. He knew it was going to be tough for her to fire Nab since she hated hurting people, but if it had to be done, it had to be done.

Natsu stood when he saw the door to Lucy's office open. Nab stepped out, holding a folder to his chest. Natsu didn't ask what they were, figuring they were his termination paperwork. He peeked into the office, seeing Lucy at her desk. They made eye contact briefly before Natsu nodded towards Nab, the two men walking towards the elevator.

"Do you need to get anything from your locker?" Natsu asked after he pressed the down button.

Nab shook his head, eyes trained on the elevator doors. Natsu didn't know what he was supposed to say, so he remained silent while they waited. When the doors opened, they entered the elevator, Natsu hitting the ground floor button.

He crossed his arms over his chest, feeling uncomfortable for two reasons. Not only was the motion going to upset his stomach, but escorting Nab after he was fired was awkward. However, he knew Nab had to be feeling worse. Natsu had never been fired from a job before, but he imagined it didn't feel too great.

As the doors closed, Nab sighed, leaning against the back wall. "Shit," he muttered under his breath, catching Natsu's attention. "Never thought I'd get shown the door."

Natsu bit his inner cheek, a spark of anxiety hitting him as he struggled to find something to say. He didn't want to make things worse. "Sorry about this," he started, gesturing between them. "It's uh, company policy."

Nab nodded, letting out another heavy sigh. "Yeah, I get it."

"No hard feelings?"

Natsu's chest felt a bit lighter when Nab nodded again. "We're good." Nab looked at the numbers on the screen change slowly. "Man, I fucked up."

"What do you mean?" Natsu asked, wondering if he was referring to something other than getting fired.

"I kinda saw this coming, but I didn't do anything to stop it." Nab dragged a hand over his face. "Guess I just never thought I'd really get fired."

Natsu hesitated before asking, "Do you need any help?" He didn't know how he could help, but he felt compelled to say something. He didn't know Nab that well, but they did work together for a while. They didn't talk that much, but out of all the downstairs people, Nab wasn't that bad, at least when it came to personality.

Firing him was the right decision. He wasn't a good worker.

"Nah, I'll be fine." Nab clutched the folder to his chest as the elevator came to a stop. "I got some money saved up."

Natsu nodded, waiting until the doors opened before stepping out first. "Well, best of luck to ya."

"Thanks, man."

Natsu watched as Nab exited the building, his heart a little heavy as he turned away. He understood why Lucy gave him so many chances. The job market could be ruthless, but hopefully getting fired would be what it took to get Nab's shit together. With any luck, he wouldn't be so lazy at his next job.

Natsu rode the elevator back upstairs, his stomach in knots until he got to their floor. As much as he wanted to go comfort Lucy, he had a job to do.

He walked straight to his desk, getting back to work.

The end of day came faster than Natsu anticipated. He managed to finish his work before it was time to leave, but he still hadn't shaken the feeling of uneasiness all day. He wanted to see how Lucy was doing, but she had stayed in her office all day, and the few times he did get to see her she had been all business.

Now that it was quitting time, Natsu grabbed his stuff, padding over to her office. He knocked on the door frame twice to get her attention, offering her a small smile when she looked at him. "Hey, you got a minute?"

"Yeah," she said, nodding before looking back at her computer screen. She clicked her mouse a few times before the screen went dark, her computer shutting down. "What's up?"

Natsu peeked around him, seeing there weren't a lot of people still in the office. He walked to her desk, keeping his voice low as he asked, "How are you doing?"

Lucy let out a long breath, eyeing the door before letting out a soft groan. "I feel like I made a mistake." She slumped back in her seat, worrying her bottom lip with her teeth. "Do you?"

Natsu cocked his head, wondering how Lucy possibly got through breaking up with an extra if she was that torn up over firing someone. Then again, the two were different things. A job meant stability, income, and security. Dating Lucy was all about sex, something that wasn't a necessity.

"What does your gut say?"

Lucy frowned, sighing as her eyes fell to her desk. "It says I did the right thing." She said it more to herself than Natsu, but he didn't mind, as long as she understood she made the right call. "I just feel bad for the guy."

"You told him to get his act together, and you gave him more than enough time to get better, but he didn't." When he saw his words weren't really getting to her, Natsu softened his voice. "You did all you could. Sometimes people need to take responsibility for their actions. Or in Nab's case, his inactions." Natsu furrowed his brows as he rolled that sentence around in his mind. "Is inaction a word?"

Lucy chuckled, the sound like a soothing balm to Natsu's tension. He preferred when people were happy, not stressed out or upset. "It is." Lucy took a deep breath, nodding to herself before standing. "I get your point. Thanks."

"No need to thank me." Natsu grinned, happy he was able to help in some way. "Hey, are you busy?" When Lucy raised a brow, he added, "After work, I mean?"

Lucy shook her head, looking past Natsu towards her open door. She whispered softer than before, causing him to lean in so he could hear her. "Gray's going on a date this evening, so I have nothing planned."

Natsu nodded, absorbing the information. It was still wild to him, thinking of her husband going on dates with other women and her being okay with it. 'Then again she's a married woman and I'm screwing her left and right.' Natsu pushed his thoughts to the back of his head, knowing they would only make things awkward if he voiced them.

"Wanna hang out?" Natsu asked, preparing himself for her to say yes or no. "Not as—" He paused, glancing over his shoulder to make sure the coast was still clear. Deciding it was safe, Natsu looked at Lucy, keeping his voice as soft as hers. "Not as boyfriend girlfriend, just as friends."

He watched as Lucy's lips pulled into a genuine smile, a light flickering behind her beautiful brown eyes as she nodded. "Okay, that sounds fun."

"Great." He did his best to look calm and collected, but inside his heart was beating wildly, excited and nervous to hang out with Lucy as nothing more than a friend. Sure, he liked being her assistant, and he really liked being her boyfriend, but he kept feeling like something was missing.

He wanted a real friendship with Lucy, and maybe this was his chance to make that happen. Plus, he could hopefully distract her from what she had to do today. It would be a win-win. "Want me to meet you at your house later, or..."

"Yeah, my place works." Lucy grabbed her phone off her desk, holding it up. "I need to check with Gray first."

"Of course." Natsu nodded, taking a step back. "I gotta go home and check on Happy anyways, so just text me with what he says. No pressure either way."

"I'm sure he'll be okay with it," Lucy said, dialing the number as Natsu waved goodbye.

"See ya... later?"

He waited until he saw her nod before turning, hearing the beginning of Lucy's conversation with her husband before he left her office, closing her door behind him just in case anyone was still in the office. One glance around the space let him know everyone else had gone home for the day, meaning their secret was safe again for another day.

Natsu headed towards the elevator, getting a message as soon as the doors opened for him. He peered down at it before stepping in, smiling when he saw her say Gray was okay with it.

Natsu grinned when Lucy answered the door, allowing him to step into her home. Gray was out with his extra, meaning they had the house to themselves for a while. However, instead of them heading straight to one of the spare bedrooms in her house, the two went to the entertainment room, Lucy popping in a video game while Natsu got comfortable in one of the recliners.

They ended up playing Mario Party since it was Lucy's favorite game. Natsu didn't mind, especially when she started giggling every time she got ahead of him. The two easily lost track of time, acting as friends instead of lovers. It came more natural than Natsu thought it would, but he knew he shouldn't have been too surprised. They had good chemistry before they started seeing each other, and that wasn't going to go away just because they were having sex now.

Speaking of sex, the two hadn't been intimate for a few days, but Natsu was in no rush to get into her pants. He was having too much fun being just friends with her. There was no pressure to perform well, no worries that she was going to decide to break up with him for doing or saying the wrong thing before, during, or after sex.

Being friends with Lucy was easy, because hanging out with her felt right.

"HA! Kicked your ass again!" Lucy bragged as she collected her prize, Natsu laughing at the sore winner. He was too busy watching her little victory dance to notice the front door unlocking, only realizing someone else was in the house when he heard a low chuckle behind him.

Natsu peeked over the recliner, spotting Gray walking in the room, wearing a large grin on his face. "You two having fun?"

"Yup!" Lucy turned in her chair, leaning over it to reach out for Gray. He stepped into her arms, the two sharing a kiss before she sat in her chair correctly. "How was your date?"

Natsu watched, intrigued by how casually they spoke about something others would think was outrageous. Hell, Natsu was still trying to get used to it.

Gray nodded, his smile remaining. "Good. How was your day?"

"Good and bad."

Gray had looked like he was ready to leave the room, but after hearing Lucy's answer, he went to take a seat on the couch, giving her his undivided attention. "What happened?"

Lucy sighed, eyes sliding shut as she tipped her head back. "Remember Nab?"

Gray's lips pressed into a thin line as his brows pinched together. "Is he the one who isn't working?"

Lucy nodded. "Yeah, well, I got an email from my father this morning saying I had to fire him by the end of the day." She opened her eyes, gaze landing on Gray. "I didn't want to, but I did it."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Gray didn't offer her any advice, letting her vent.

Lucy went on to tell Gray and Natsu about how the actual process of firing Nab went, the two men remaining silent as she explained how well Nab took it.

"At least he wasn't rude or anything," Gray said, causing Lucy to nod. "Still, I wish it worked out differently."

"Me too." She sighed, shifting so she was sitting sideways in her recliner, her face pressed against the cushion. Despite the conversation choice, Natsu couldn't help but think Lucy looked adorable like that. "Maybe it's good though. I think I was going to give him another chance, but if he didn't change the other times he probably wouldn't have changed this time."

"True." A moment of silence passed before Gray asked, "Is there anything I can do?"

Lucy shook her head. "I'll be fine. Thanks though." She looked at the TV where their game was still playing. "Want to join?"

Gray waved a hand in front of him, casting a glance at Natsu. "I don't wanna intrude."

"Nah, you're cool." Natsu stood, heading over to the TV stand to grab another controller. "We're almost done with this game. You can hop on the next one?"

"You sure?" Gray asked, raising a brow.

Natsu nodded. "Yeah. The more the merrier." He meant it. He didn't mind sharing his time with Lucy. He just wanted a friendship with her, but that didn't mean he wasn't open to the possibility of being friends with Gray either. Considering their odd arrangement, Natsu figured it wouldn't hurt if they hung out and got to know each other a little better.

At least, that was what he thought at the time, unaware of how much that would start to change things between the three of them.

"It'll be fun," Natsu said, a fanged grin spreading his face. He wanted to hang out with them. Besides, it wasn't like he was going to tell Gray he couldn't hang out with his wife. Not only did it not feel right, he didn't want to do that to Gray.

To lighten the mood, Natsu leaned in and mock whispered, "Maybe we can team up and take Lucy down together?"

Something flashed through Gray's eyes, but before Natsu could place it, it was blinked away. "Sure," Gray said, voice more reserved than before. He took a sharp inhale before chuckling, sounding relaxed. "We'll both need all the help we can get. Lucy beats me like every time."

Natsu laughed, handing Gray the controller before taking his seat. "I believe it! She's making me her bitch in this game."

"You should—" Gray closed his mouth, shoulders shaking as he suppressed a laugh. "Never mind."

"What?" Natsu asked, while Lucy cocked her head.

She sounded equally interested when she asked, "What were you going to say?"

Gray looked between Lucy and Natsu before snorting. "I was just gonna say you should let Lucy make you..." He laughed, shaking his head. "You should let Lucy make you her bitch in the bedroom."

Natsu's eyes widened, stealing a glance at Lucy as his face warmed up. He couldn't stop himself from blurting out the first thing that came to his mind, wishing he could take it back as soon as it passed his lips. "What does she do?"

Gray grinned, looking at Lucy for a long moment, giving her the chance to stop him. "Can I tell him?"

Lucy hesitated before nodding. "Only the light stuff."

That made Natsu's heart jump as heat flooded his body. His breaths grew shallow as he thought that over. 'So whatever Gray's about to tell me isn't even all of it? What the fuck does she do?!'

Despite appearing calm, Gray's cheeks tinted pink, showing he was affected too. "Well, she has a few toys she likes to use. Her favorite is her whip."

Natsu jolted, not expecting that. "Like a real whip?"

Gray cackled as he shook his head. "No, it's way shorter, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't hurt as much as a real whip." He shrugged as he added, "I've never had a real whip used on me before, so I'm just guessing."

Natsu swallowed hard, feeling his pants growing tighter, but he tried not to think about it. Needless to say, that was a hard thing to do. "Does... does it hurt though?"

Gray nodded, wetting his lips before glancing at Lucy. "Depends on what you ask for."

Natsu discreetly took a sharp breath, his blood running hotter as he tried to calm himself down. He needed to change the subject quickly, otherwise he would need to dismiss himself. "I see."

"You won't see my whip," Lucy said, causing Natsu to tense. He didn't know how to respond to that, so he remained silent as she continued. "In case you were worried about that."

"I-I wasn't," Natsu whispered, hoping his voice wouldn't give away his state of arousal. He was almost disappointed when she said he wouldn't see her whip. He liked things rough, and a little pain didn't sound scary. It was actually the opposite. The idea made his pulse race and his cock rock hard, exhilarated by the idea of her hurting him, as long as it wasn't too painful.

"Can..." Natsu paused, hoping he wasn't messing things up by pushing. The point of hanging out was to focus on building a better friendship between them, not discuss what Lucy liked to do to people in bed. "Can I ask why I won't see the... the whip?"

Lucy raised a brow, eyes flitting to Gray before returning to Natsu. "I only bring my... um, toys, out when I'm more comfortable."

Natsu nodded, not needing any further explanation. They had only been together for seven months. He didn't know how long it would take for her to feel that comfortable with him, but he knew one thing. He wouldn't pressure her to do something she didn't want to do. "Totally understand. That's fine."

Lucy let out a sigh of relief, grabbing her controller as she sat correctly in her seat. "Good." She took a deep breath, directing her gaze to the TV screen. "So, should we go back to playing?" It was obvious she wanted to change the subject, and neither man called her out on it.

"Sounds good to me," Gray said, looking at Natsu.

He nodded, knowing it would only make things uncomfortable if he asked more questions. Natsu looked at the screen, taking a shaky breath before saying, "Yeah. Sounds awesome."

Natsu chowed down on his slice of pizza, his belly filled with junk food and soda. If he didn't know any better, he would swear he was still in high school, hanging out with his friends after school.

After playing another game of Mario Party, the three went to the kitchen to eat dinner. Gray had ordered pizza while they were close to the end of their game, the food arriving a few minutes after they finished.

No one was surprised when Lucy won again. She dominated that game, as well as Natsu's mind. He couldn't stop thinking about what Gray said about Lucy, wondering what else she did to men to 'make them her bitch'.

Natsu wasn't a masochist. He didn't think he was anyway, but he couldn't deny he was curious. He enjoyed scratching and biting during sex, so he figured he got off on a little pain. He wasn't interested in getting off by humiliation, but he doubted Lucy was into that kind of stuff.

Then again, he had no idea she liked whipping men. There was so much more to Lucy that he wanted to uncover, but he had to take his time. He didn't want to spook her away by being too eager. He wanted her to feel comfortable not only for the fact that it was the right thing to do, but he didn't want her upset. He cared about her feelings, not wanting to hurt her in any way.

Well, he liked giving her a little pain in the bedroom, but only when Lucy was okay with it too.

'I wonder if Lucy's into spanking? Does she like tying people up?' Natsu's mind filled with the possibilities, but he had to shut that down soon after it started. He could feel the flush on his face, and if he didn't get control over himself, Lucy and Gray might start asking questions.

"Thanks for dinner," Natsu said when he grabbed his last slice, loving the overload of meat on it. It turned out Gray and him had similar tastes when it came to pizza, making him wonder what else they had in common. They clearly both liked being with a certain busty blonde, as well as shared some interest in the same types of video games.

Gray waved him off before swallowing. "No problem. It was nice havin' you over."

Just as Natsu started nodding, Gray added, "We should do this again."

Natsu stilled, eyes widening a bit as he asked, "Yeah?" He didn't want to overstep his boundaries, but he did like the idea of hanging out with Lucy and Gray more. He enjoyed spending time with them.

Gray and Lucy shared a look before nodding. "Yeah, this was fun."

Natsu had to agree. He didn't have too many friends since he moved to Hargeon, and of those few friends, he rarely hung out with them outside of work. "Alright, yeah. Just let me know whenever you guys wanna hang out." Natsu paused, directing his attention to Gray. "Or if you wanna hang out with just the two of us, I'm cool with that too."

As much as he liked that evening with Lucy and Gray, he couldn't deny he wanted a guy friend to hang out with by himself. Plus, he figured the more times they hung out, the less weird their whole arrangement would be. He didn't know if that was true or not, but he figured it was worth a shot to find out. Gray seemed like a cool guy, and Natsu wanted to spend time with him.

"Awesome. Maybe we can do something besides video games next time?" Gray started, taking a gulp of his drink before finishing. "There's an Ice Devils' game coming up. If I got the tickets would you wanna come? Lucy doesn't really like going to the games with me."

She shrugged, not bothering to deny his claim as she continued eating. Natsu chuckled at the offer. The Ice Devils weren't his favorite team, but he could root for them if it meant hanging out with Gray. "Sure, but you don't gotta pay for both. I can buy my own."

Gray shrugged, grabbing another slice of pizza. "It's fine with me either way. I'll text you details when I get some."

Natsu nodded, excitement and a little bit of anxiety bubbling in his chest. It was new territory for them, but it was also a little thrilling. Natsu was a social person, and he didn't see any harm in making more friends.

The three finished eating before Lucy and Gray cleaned up. Natsu tried to help, but they told him they had it. He thought they would ask him to leave soon, but once they finished cleaning, Lucy and Gray headed back to the entertainment room, calling Natsu's name when he didn't immediately follow.

Natsu didn't believe it at first when they asked him if he wanted to watch TV with them. He blinked a few times, confusion clouding his head as he said, "Uh, yeah?"

He took a seat on the couch while they sat in the recliners, the three going silent as Lucy put on a show. Natsu had never watched it before, but he stayed quiet so they could enjoy it. He kept wondering why they wanted to hang out with him more, but he didn't question it. Instead, he tried enjoying the time spent with them.

It took about ten minutes, but Natsu was eventually able to relax in his seat, watching the show despite not knowing what was going on for the most part. They went through two episodes before Lucy started yawning, signalling the end of the night was coming.

Sure enough, after one more episode the married couple were standing up, stretching before turning off their TV. "This was fun," Gray said with a yawn, eyes flitting to Natsu.

He was already standing as well, checking to make sure his keys were still in his pocket before glancing at the door. "Well, I should get going. Happy's probably wondering where I am."

"Thanks for coming over," Lucy said, turning to Gray as she placed a hand on his chest. "I'm going to walk Natsu to the door."

Gray nodded, placing a kiss on her forehead before he took a step back. "Take your time. I'll see you in the room."

Lucy and Natsu watched as Gray headed down the hall, the two pausing before following him out. While Gray went straight, Lucy and Natsu turned to head towards the front door. Natsu was worried he might mess things up with the goodbye since he was supposed to be nothing more than her friend today, but it went better than he expected.

Lucy waited until they reached the door before facing him, smiling as she said, "Thanks again for helping today."

"It was no problem. Sorry you had to fire Nab. At least it's over now."

Lucy nodded, letting out a sigh. "I'm sure my father will be happy with the news."

Natsu didn't dare touch that subject, not wanting to rile Lucy up. He saw how she got the last time her father was brought up, and he didn't want a repeat of it. "You did the right thing."

"Thanks. I hope you're right."

Natsu looked at the door, wondering what he was supposed to do. He couldn't kiss her goodbye like he did when they parted after having sex, but he also didn't know if a hug would be coming on too strong. He decided against touching her, even if he had the urge to.

Something deep inside him was pulling him towards Lucy, but he ignored it. He knew that feeling couldn't lead him anywhere good, not wanting to jeopardize what they had.

"See you tomorrow," Natsu said, grabbing the doorknob. "Have a good night."

"You too. Drive safe."

Natsu smiled, heart feeling a little warmer as he opened the door, giving her one last look before he disappeared into the night.

Chapter Text

Chapter Seven: It's complicated

"You'll never believe what this guy at the gym did today!"

"Try me!"

Gray set his drink down, shaking his head as if Natsu wouldn't believe the story he was about tell. "Okay, get this. He comes charging in, acting like he's tough shit. Knocking into every mother fucker that gets near him. He ends up shoulder checking me when he was walking by and told me I need to watch where I was going!"

Natsu snorted, finding Gray's reaction funny since he was imitating the other guy, trying to appear more bulky than he was. "What'd you say?"

Gray smirked, his eyes fixed on Natsu's as he said, "I told him he needed to watch where the fuck he was walking. That shit's not okay. So then he goes, 'Uh, you better watch your mouth before I pop you in the face'."

"He said that?" Natsu asked, eyes squinting from his large, shit-eating grin.

Gray nodded, laughing as he unbuttoned the top part of his shirt, stopping when Natsu raised his brow. "Oops. Anyways, so then I told him, if you're gonna talk like that, you better back it up!" Gray buttoned his shirt, shoulders shaking as he chuckled. "People are fucking stupid."

"What happened next?" Natsu asked, leaning in as he got into the story. Out of all the ones they told so far, Gray kept telling the more interesting ones, in Natsu's opinion anyway.

The two men were at a bar on the outskirts of town, only a short drive way from Magnolia. When Gray invited Natsu out, he thought it was weird that they had to go that far away, but Gray said it was the bar he frequented when he was in the mood to drink, so Natsu went along. He could see why Gray liked it, the atmosphere lively with music and dancing.

Plus, the bartenders made their drinks to perfection, which was a nice bonus.

Gray's grin showed how proud he was of his next move. "We went in the ring and I knocked the fucker out! He didn't even get a single hit in. Pussy."

"You like to fight?" Natsu asked, earning a nod.

"Yeah, it's fun. You?"

"Love it!" His heart beat faster just thinking about putting his gloves on and getting in the ring. "Can't find anyone who wants to do it though."

"We should get in the ring together! See how we stand against each other?"

Natsu, who was always down for a challenge, should have been happy by that offer. Instead, he could only focus on the downside.


Natsu's heart dropped at the thought. He had been trying not to compare himself to Gray, but with that last comment, Natsu couldn't stop himself. Gray was taller, and admittedly handsome. His arms were strong judging by the arm wrestling contest they had earlier that night. Natsu knew Gray's body was muscular too, but not overly bulky.

Gray had a weird stripping habit, letting Natsu see most of his body a few times. Luckily his boxers never came off. Natsu didn't want to know how big Gray's cock was, afraid of that competition too.

Natsu didn't compare their physical qualities alone. He couldn't count how many times he remembered Gray was educated. The man was smart, both in books and in life. Some conversations they had were meaningless like the one with the asshole at the gym, but others had Natsu's mind boggled for the rest of the day, even after they went their separate ways. Gray was full of wisdom, and that was something Natsu couldn't beat him in.

However, one of the things Natsu thought about more often than not was how they were with Lucy. He wondered which one of them she preferred having, which one made her scream louder or cum harder.

Natsu wanted to be the best, to give her pleasure better than anyone else, but he knew there was no way of knowing where he stood unless he asked, and he didn't do that. Part of him was worried it would piss off Lucy, but a bigger part of him worried he wouldn't like her answer.

'What if Gray's better than me?'

He tried shrugging the thought away, knowing it was selfish of him to want to be better. Gray was her husband, and after Natsu and Lucy broke up, she would still be with Gray. They both made it clear this arrangement he had with Lucy would end, but he didn't know how long he had, only knowing that the countdown had begun before the relationship even started.

'I need to focus on my relationship with Lucy, not hers and Gray's. It's not my business. It shouldn't bother me if Lucy prefers her husband. There's obviously a reason she married him, and that was because she loves him.'

No matter how hard Natsu tried, no matter how much she cried out in pleasure, Natsu could never compete with love. It was useless to try.

When Natsu realized he never answered Gray, he opened his mouth, only to see Gray was no longer looking at him. He had finished his drink and was now chatting with the girl on the other side of him. Natsu couldn't hear the details of their conversation, but he didn't strain his ears to listen. It wasn't his business, and honestly, it looked more like flirting than talking.

Natsu raised his hand, grabbing the bartender's attention. She walked over, smiling as she asked what he wanted.

"Fire whiskey," he said, knowing he didn't particularly like that drink since it was so harsh, but it reminded him of Lucy, so he kept ordering it. At least it had grown on him, not being as bad as his first time, but still enough to give him a burn as it went down.

"Sure thing, Handsome." She gave him a wink before getting his order, but her flirting didn't work on Natsu.

Not only did he know she was doing it for a better tip, he wasn't interested in dating. He wasn't even interested in random hookups. The only one he wanted was Lucy, but lately he hadn't been feeling truly satisfied, not like when they first started out.

Their sex was amazing, hot and passionate and full of fun. That wasn't the problem. The problem was Natsu didn't fill full afterwards, like something was missing. He noticed it over the past two months, specifically starting after their business conference. He had tried to put it out of his head, but it kept creeping back in.

He remembered that morning perfectly, waking up to Lucy's warm scent all around him, but she was nowhere to be found. She left a note on the bed, saying she went to talk to her father and make amends before they had to leave. She had told him to get packed and eat something, and that she would meet him in the room right before they had to check out.

Natsu had wanted to wake up beside her, to run his fingers through her hair and give her a soft kiss. He would joke about their morning breath, and she would laugh. 'I love her laugh.' It was like music to his ears, no one else could compare.

But, Lucy's laugh wasn't his to hoard. She wasn't his woman. She was Gray's, he was just... using her.

Natsu's nose scrunched up in disgust, hating the idea of 'using' Lucy for her body, but that was what he agreed to before they started the arrangement. Sex. That was their whole relationship.

It was just sex, sex, sex... but...

'But... I... I want more.'

Natsu shook his head, probably looking ridiculous to the bartender who was coming back with his drink, but he didn't care. He shoved those feelings so far down he was surprised he didn't blow a hole through his foot. He couldn't afford to get caught up in his emotions. Lucy was for sex. When she wasn't for sex, she was either his friend or his boss, and it was wrong for him to want more than that.

'I should quit drinking. I only seem to have this issue when I'm drunk.' Drinking heightened his emotions, especially when he was hammered. However, Natsu was only buzzed, if that. He wouldn't think too much about it, knowing he would ruin everything if he let his thoughts go wild and his emotions control him.

He couldn't be too hard on himself. To be fair, it was hard having sex with someone for eight months and not feel something for them. Natsu was managing his feelings the best he could, and as long as he didn't act on them or make Lucy or Gray uncomfortable, he could continue with the way things were now.

He didn't know how this would affect his future relationships, but he hoped it didn't mess them up too much. He didn't want to regret the time he spent with Lucy, or the friendship he gained with Gray. He valued them both, even if they threatened to break him if he wasn't too careful.

"Hi there," a female voice came from beside him, thankfully breaking him out of his thoughts.

He looked over, seeing a stunning brunette with deep purple eyes looking right at him. Blinking, he mumbled, "H-hey."

Despite not wanting to, Natsu automatically started comparing her to Lucy, which was unfair to both women. He didn't like that he started doing it, but the more he fought it, the more it started to nag at his brain until he gave in.

The woman sitting next to him was just as curvy as Lucy, her skin fair and smooth. She had a smile that gave her just enough mystery while remaining playful, but it didn't spark the same feeling he got when Lucy smiled his way.

"Haven't seen you here before," she said, raising a finger towards the bartender, who nodded in return. "First time?"

"Yeah," Natsu said, wondering if there was a way he could have a friendly conversation with her that didn't lead to anything more. He wasn't in the mood to flirt, wanting to enjoy his night out with Gray. He realized quickly after the woman smirked that the conversation wasn't going to be innocent.

"Oh, so a virgin then." The suggestive look in her eyes gave it away. She was looking to flirt, but Natsu didn't reciprocate.

"I guess."

Natsu received his drink at the same time the mystery lady received hers. The bartender referred to her by name, letting Natsu know 'Cana' was a regular at the establishment.

"So what brings you here?" Cana asked before taking a gulp of her beer, not bothering to be ladylike about it.

Natsu's lip twitched, finding it comforting. "My buddy asked me to hang out." He leaned back to show the woman, seeing her raise a brow. Curious, Natsu looked over, sighing when he saw Gray was rather preoccupied with his new friend.

Gray and the woman were now kissing, her hands in his hair while he had his on her waist. Natsu wondered if Gray was without an extra partner or if he just wanted more fun. Either way, Natsu knew it wasn't his place to judge. If that rule didn't exist, Natsu never would have gotten to kiss Lucy eight months ago, thus leading to the odd relationship he had with her now.

"Gray?" she asked, causing said man to freeze.

He pulled away from the woman he was kissing, throwing a glance over his shoulder before grinning. "Hey Cana! What's up?"

"Not much. Just came to get a drink. You?"


Natsu looked back and forth, asking a senseless question. "You two know each other?"

"You kidding?" Cana asked, nodding towards Gray. "I'm the one who showed him this place, back when we were dating."

Natsu looked at Gray, his eyes wide. "Was she a—"

Gray nodded, cutting Natsu off. "Few years ago." He turned away from the random girl he had been kissing when she excused herself to go to the bathroom. "Man, how long's it been? Feel like I haven't seen you in ages."

"Think about six, seven months?" Cana said, shrugging. "I usually come during the day. They switched me to nights. Can you believe it?"

"Man, that sucks. At least you're off tonight. Well, it's technically morning I think. What time is it?"


"Eh, so yeah, morning." Gray looked over at Natsu, his smile never fading. "Do you two know each other?"

Natsu's head was still trying to grasp the concept that it was three in the morning. He didn't think they had stayed out that late, but the hours bled together after the first few drinks, and the endless conversations passed the time effortlessly.

Natsu shook his head while Cana said, "Nope, but I wanna."

Natsu raised a brow, wondering what that was supposed to mean, but Gray seemed to take the hint. He grabbed Natsu by the shoulder, pulling him over so he could try to whisper in his ear, but with as much alcohol as Gray had in his system, it was hard to keep quiet. "I'd say go for it. Cana was one of my favorite extras. She'll show you a good time."

When Gray pulled away, he was met with two wide green eyes, filled with shock and confusion. Though, Natsu shouldn't have been too shocked. If Gray was willing to share his wife, why wouldn't he share an ex-extra. 'Is that what they're called? I have no fucking idea.'

"Awww! How sweet!" Cana said, making it obvious she heard him. "So what do you say, Stud?"

"Natsu," he corrected, his chest tightening when she leaned closer, showing him her impressive cleavage.

"Natsu," she repeated slowly, reaching over to grab his bicep in a loose grip. "So, what do you say?"

"I... I don't know," he mumbled, feeling pressured, but knowing he could say no. However, what if Gray was testing him? Would saying no to Cana make it obvious Natsu only wanted Lucy? Was that a bad thing? He didn't know, and the alcohol coursing through his veins didn't help.

'Yeah, I should considering quitting. I can't keep my emotions or thoughts in check with this shit in my body.'

Natsu felt two large hands grabbing his shoulders before Gray's lips brushed against his ear, causing a shiver to run down Natsu's back. What surprised Natsu more than Gray touching him was the fact that he didn't mind it. In fact, it gave him a rushing sensation he couldn't place, but before he could try to figure the feeling out, Gray started talking. "Don't tell anyone, but I'm gonna surprise Lucy with a cruise trip soon. We'll be gone for about two weeks. Might be a good idea to find someone to keep you company while Lucy's gone."

Natsu's stomach twisted, both from the thought of a ship and the idea of going two weeks without seeing Lucy's smile. He wouldn't get to see her, and he couldn't call her either. Even if he did, it would have to be about work-related stuff, otherwise it would look suspicious.

A combination of alcohol, peer pressure, and insecurities over his relationship with Lucy led Natsu to mumble, "Sure." But he was anything but sure.

Cana smiled, but it didn't make his heart flip like when Lucy did it. "Great."

She downed her drink in one go, then encouraged Natsu to do the same. Gray slapped him on the back, probably in an attempt to help him, but it only made Natsu feel worse. He poured his liquor down his throat, feeling the burn spread down his chest. Natsu was jerked away just as the empty glass made contact with the bar, unable to say a word before he was being dragged to the dance floor. The bass from the music thrummed through his body, and in no time, Cana latched herself on him, arms wrapped around his neck as she danced against him, more provocative than the song called for.

He turned back to the bar, wanting Gray to help him, but the man was kissing that woman from earlier, acting as if they never parted to begin with. His attention was brought back to Cana when she rubbed herself against his crotch, a seductive smile forming on her face that made his neck sweat.

Despite only wanting Lucy, Cana was an attractive woman, and he knew if he didn't do something to get rid of his confusing feelings for Lucy, he was going to lose her anyway.

So, he decided to go with the flow, hands grabbing Cana's hips as he danced with her. He didn't plan on taking it much further than dancing anyway. He wasn't as good of a dancer as her, but he managed. However, the more Natsu moved, the more the alcohol affected his body and brain. His mind grew fuzzier, a pleasant, false sense of happiness spreading through him. It was overpowering, so much so that he didn't mind when Cana started kissing his neck. Natsu jerked away at first, unsure how he felt about it. He ended up letting his mind rest as she continued. He closed his eyes, pretending it was Lucy in his arms, and that kept him from parting from his dance partner.

Time seemed to skip around in Natsu's head after a few songs, the alcohol consuming him. One minute he was on the dance floor, the next he was in the back of the bar with his pants around his ankles. Natsu furrowed his brows when he finally came to his senses, his stomach twisting as he looked down and saw Cana reaching for his cock. She hadn't touched him yet, but she was too close for comfort. Natsu felt sick when he realized what was about to happen, immediately feeling like he had betrayed Lucy.

He shook his head as he grabbed Cana's hand, preventing her from touching him. Once she started pulling away, he covered himself with a hand, mumbling an apology as he dragged his other hand over his face. "Shit, I'm-I'm sorry. Fucking hell, I'm so sorry. I-I shouldn't have— God damn."

He heard Cana shifting, her hand grabbing his arm to pull his hand away from his face. "What's wrong?" she asked, cocking her head. She was standing now, her eyes filled with confusion "Are you okay?"

Natsu blinked a few times, wishing his mind wasn't clouded. "I... I don't think so."

"What's wrong?" she asked, concern lacing her voice. "Do you not want me?"

He shook his head, feeling like a dick as he said, "I'm... I'm not single." It was the only thing he could come up with, hating his guts when he saw the look of hurt that crossed Cana's face. He should have gone with a different excuse. That much was clear to him.

She narrowed her eyes, taking a step back. "Excuse me?! Then why'd you come out here with me?!" she asked, enraged. Her brows pinched together as she clenched her teeth, her anger coloring her tone. "You could have just said that in the beginning!" She gasped, betrayal flashing in her eyes. "Does Gray know? Does he know you're with someone?"

Natsu shook his head, deciding he could save one of them. "Gray doesn't know. I swear." He could feel himself panicking, but he couldn't bring himself to care too much about himself. He felt awful for leading Cana on. Hell, he felt awful in general from the alcohol. He shouldn't have had so much to drink in one night, and now he was paying the price. He struggled to keep up with Cana's fury, too busy trying to keep himself stable.

She crossed her arms over her chest, not looking relieved. "He better not. There's enough assholes in the world. Don't need any more like you."

Natsu bit his inner cheek, letting her get her shots in. He deserved it. He was about to let her go down on him when he didn't want it. If that wasn't being an asshole, Natsu didn't know what was. Honestly, he didn't remember leaving the club in the first place, his mind too messed up. That wasn't an excuse though, so he didn't bother defending himself.

"I'm sorry," he said, reaching down to grab his pants. He stumbled, falling against the building. He took a deep breath, concentrating as hard as he could to do the simple task, happy when he pulled his pants up around his hips. "I shoulda said something."

"Yeah, you should have!" Cana shook her head, her hands curling into fists by her side. He thought she might hit him, but she kept her hands to herself. "I feel like an idiot!"

"Please don't," Natsu begged, already feeling enough guilt. "It's my fault. You didn't do anything wrong."

"So what is it? You have a girlfriend? Fiancee?" Her eyes widened as she looked down at his left hand. "You're not married are you? Because I swear if you are, I'm going to—"

"Stop!" Natsu hollered, shaking his head. His head was still swimming with alcohol, but he could at least put her worries at ease. "I'm not, I'm not married. Sheesh, calm down."

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down!"

Natsu frowned, wishing he had done things differently. Cana seemed like a firecracker, and he liked that in a person. Maybe if he wasn't so caught up with Lucy, something might have worked between him and Cana, but that wasn't how things were going to play out, and he knew it.

"I'm not... I'm not not single, kinda."

Cana narrowed her eyes, not following his train of thought. "What the hell does that mean?"

"I—" Natsu tried to think about it, but he couldn't find a way to describe his relationship with Lucy. He completely forgot for a moment Cana had been in his place before, otherwise he could have explained it perfectly. "I... I like someone, but we're not, we're not actually together."

"Does she know you like her?" Cana asked, her glare still directed at him.

Natsu buttoned and zipped his pants as he shook his head. "No, we've just been... hooking up. No uh... no feelings allowed."

Cana's glare softened, but only for a second. "So like, friends with benefits?"

"Kinda," Natsu said, thinking that was a good way to describe it. 'Why couldn't I think of that?' He swallowed, hoping he didn't ruin her night, but it was obvious she wasn't going to be forgiving him anytime soon.

"Look, we're not..." He struggled, knowing there was a word he was looking for, but unable to find it. "Fuck, it's on the tip of my tongue. Exchange? No, that's not it. Damn. Sounds like that though. Ex... Ex..."

Cana cocked her head, her brows furrowing. "Exclusive?"

"That!" Natsu shouted, his lips pulling into a grin despite the situation he was in. "That's the word! We're not exclusive!"

Slowly, Natsu's grin faded, his green eyes growing dull as realization set in. "We're not exclusive," he mumbled, lower lip quivering. He wondered if he could blame his emotions on the alcohol, but deep down, Natsu knew it wasn't the liquor's fault. The alcohol just heightened his emotions, emotions that were already there.

"Wait," Cana started, her glare disappearing for good. "So, you didn't just cheat on some poor girl?"

Natsu shook his head, taking a deep, shaky breath. "N-no."

She sighed, shifting her weight to one foot. "Well, I guess I can't be too mad at you."

"I-I stopped you," he pointed out, but she snorted.

"If you really didn't want it I'm glad you stopped me instead of letting me do it. Then you woulda really been an asshole."

Her words brought him no comfort, the guilt eating him alive. "I'm still an asshole." He was on the verge of breaking one of the rules he agreed to, but he was trying his hardest not to give in to temptation. 'I can't like Lucy as more than a... a fuck buddy? Is that the right word?'

"Can't you just tell her how you feel?" Cana suggested, trying to be helpful. "Who knows, maybe she likes you too."

'I wish she did.' That thought alone made Natsu feel terrible. He knew he was messing up, but he couldn't stop himself from feeling the way he did. He had never been that hung up on a girl before. None of his past relationships had made him feel that happy, but at the same time, being with Lucy made him feel a little hollow inside, wishing he could have more.

Natsu swallowed before shaking his head. As much as he wished that was true, he knew there was no way. If Lucy had started feeling anything for him, she would have broken up with him. "No. She... she already likes someone, way more than me."

It should have hurt to admit that, but it didn't. Gray was a great guy, and Natsu could see how happy they made each other. He didn't want to mess up their marriage, but at the same time, he wished he could have more. "She uh, she loves him."

"Ouch. That's harsh."

They remained silent, neither knowing what to say. Natsu thought about what he was going to tell Gray when he went back into the bar. It wouldn't be so difficult if he had been with a random girl, but Gray knew Cana, and the chances of them seeing each other and talking again were high. Natsu ground his teeth, wishing he had the answers. 'Yeah, I'm done drinking for a while after this. It's not worth feeling like shit.'

"Do you want to go back in?" Cana asked, jerking a thumb towards the bar. "Gray saw us leave together, so you probably want him to know you're still here."

Natsu paled, forgetting the fact that Gray was just inside. "He saw us leaving?"

Cana nodded, not looking fazed. "Yeah. He threw you a thumbs up on our way out here."

Letting out a long groan, Natsu shut his eyes, trying to concentrate. The alcohol fought against him, making it more difficult than normal. 'Will Gray be suspect anything if he finds out I rejected Cana? Will he think I'm only interested in Lucy? Is that even a bad thing? Fuck. I don't know.' He clenched his teeth, struggling to come up with a good plan. When one finally came, he sighed, knowing it wasn't the best, but it was better than nothing.

"Can... can I ask you a really really really dumb favor?"

Cana narrowed her eyes, as if the idea of her doing something for him was ridiculous. Admittedly, Natsu could see why she would feel that way, but he hoped she was willing to help anyway. "What is it?"

"If you talk to Gray, could you lie?"

Cana shook her head, causing Natsu's stomach to drop. "Oh no! I'm not telling him we did something! If he asks, I'm telling him the truth. I'm not getting pulled into your drama." She crossed her arms over her chest, her anger from earlier returning.

"That's not what I was gonna ask," Natsu assured, wishing she would keep her voice down. "It's... actually... way dumber than that."

After holding his stare for a few seconds, Cana sighed. She gestured for him to talk, her expression turning bored. "Spit it out."

"If Gray asks what happened, or if anyone asks for that matter, can you just tell them I couldn't get it up?"

Cana blinked, her jaw going slack. "I'm sorry. Come again?"

A fierce blush stained Natsu's face, but he didn't back down. "If someone asks, will you just say I couldn't get it up. I drank too much and got whiskey dick or something?" He didn't want anyone knowing he turned Cana down, but if Gray found out he tried but couldn't go through with it due to too much alcohol, he felt like that would be a better excuse.

Cana snickered, placing hand over her mouth and nose. "Are... are you serious? You can't be serious!"

He nodded, causing her to laugh harder. "Please?" The tips of his ears burned hot as his heart sped up, making him think maybe it was a bad idea to go with that lie. He could have said anything, but a soft dick was the best he could come up with.

"What guy wants people to think he couldn't get it up?"

"Me," Natsu mumbled, but it only spurred her on. He tried regaining control over himself, but he ended up digging himself a deep grave. "Think of it as revenge if you want. Say I was as soft as a.. I don't know, a pancake?"

Cana's laughter died for a second as her eyes widened. He saw when his words registered to her, amusement flashing through her eyes as she bent over, holding her stomach as she cackled. "You... you want me telling people, you..."

She shook her head, face turning red from lack of oxygen. "Your dick was as soft as a pancake!"

It sounded more ridiculous out loud than in his head, but considering the alternative was risk his relationship with Lucy, he was willing to go with it. "Yes, please."

He had to wait until Cana finished her laughing fit, which went on for several minutes. Natsu had enough time to let his blush clear up, then come back at full force when Cana said the word 'pancake' again. It wasn't the best lie he came up with, but hey, it was embarrassing enough that it might just work.

"Oh damn, that was great," Cana said, wiping some stray tears from the corner of her eye. "Fuck, I haven't laughed that hard in so long. Thanks."

"Don't mention it," Natsu muttered, feeling embarrassed despite his dick's ability to get and stay hard. He swallowed his pride, knowing it was his fault he was in that mess to begin with. "Will you do it or not?"

She smiled, purple eyes filled with mirth. "I don't know who's gonna ask, but if they do, yeah. I'll tell them that thing was as floppy as a flapjack!"

Even Natsu couldn't stop himself from snorting at that comment. He felt the smallest bit of regret in his heart, wishing he hadn't started a relationship with Lucy. If he hadn't, he wouldn't be hung up on her, and he would be more likely to pursue women he could actually be with instead of just sexually. However, no matter how much he wanted a real relationship, Natsu wanted to stay with Lucy, even if it was just as her sex toy.

It wasn't that bad. He got to be with her, he just didn't get the emotional and romantic stuff that usually came with a relationship.

Pushing past Cana's comment, Natsu asked, "So am I forgiven?"

She shook her head, a wicked grin crossing her face. "Not quite." Before he could say anything, she added, "Buy me a few beers and we'll call it even."

"A few?"

She shrugged. "You're not the one who was about to have a dick in there mouth. I don't think you get to be negotiating, especially if I'm gonna be talking about your floppy fuckstick."

"At this rate you won't have to," he murmured, wishing he had his scarf so he could hide his face. "I'm gonna die of embarrassment. Then it won't matter."

"Come on," Cana said, walking over to pat his back. "Be a good sport and buy your new friend a drink! I earned it after dealing with your dumbass."

"Yeah yeah," Natsu said, the smallest hint of a smile resting on his lips. Despite the awful way the night turned out, he supposed it could be worse.

They walked back inside, taking a backdoor Natsu didn't remember using. He looked at the bar, frowning when he didn't see Gray. It wasn't so bad. In fact, it would be better if he didn't see Gray for the rest of the night, but a familiar face was what Natsu needed after what just happened. Not only that, Gray was his ride. It seemed foolish to avoid him.

Cana and Natsu took their seats at the bar, the latter scoping the place out, only to realize Gray wasn't anywhere to be found. 'Did he leave with that girl he was kissin' earlier?'

Natsu figured that must have been it, but then shook the thought away when he remembered the rules. Gray could kiss, but Lucy wouldn't allow him to do more than that without approving the extra partner. Plus, Natsu was pretty sure Gray was currently had an extra, but he hadn't asked.

'I wonder who started this whole thing,' he thought, thinking about Lucy and Gray's arrangement. It made more sense for Gray to initiate the idea of an open marriage because typically guys were more known to be horny, but Lucy had a pretty high sex drive. Sometimes Natsu had trouble keeping up with her, and that was saying something.

Natsu was about to dismiss all thoughts of Gray and Lucy's marriage so he could focus on buying Cana a drink, but his attention was torn when he spotted a familiar face in the crowd, dancing with a random guy.

Natsu's eyes widened when he saw the woman Gray had been kissing before, but Gray was nowhere in sight. Frowning, Natsu turned to Cana to say, "I'll be right back."

Cana raised a brow, only to earn a chuckle from Natsu. "I'm still gonna buy you a drink, just hold on." He attempted to get off the bar stool, needing a moment to collect himself. His legs were wobbly, but he was able to walk out of the bar without hitting anyone, so he considered it a win.

Warm air rushed past him when he stepped outside. It was August, meaning Natsu's favorite season was almost over. He took a deep breath, relishing in the heat before remembering he had something to do.

He scanned over the parking lot, a groan tearing from his throat when he saw Gray's car missing from where he parked. "Fuck," Natsu moaned, realizing Gray ditched him. 'He probably thought I was goin' home with Cana.'

He clenched his teeth, wondering what he was supposed to do. He figured Gray wasn't being an asshole by leaving him behind, so he could forgive him for that. Still, he was now in an inconvenient situation, but since he wasn't helpless, Natsu decided it was okay.

He headed back to the bar, ordering a soda as soon as he sat down. He didn't want to drink anymore alcohol, his mind foggy enough for one night.

"Lame," Cana said, giving him a thumbs down. "I'll have a beer, on this guy." She nodded towards Natsu, who sighed before agreeing.

How much could one girl drink anyway?

The answer?

A lot, apparently.

Cana chugged four beers like it was nothing, then burped like it was the most natural thing to do. Natsu watched in amazement and horror as she downed a pitcher of beer, needing only three breaks to breath before she was finished.

Natsu sighed in relief when Cana 'let him off the hook' for what happened earlier. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time, seeing as the woman started a competition with a man to see who could drink more shots right after. People gathered around, placing bets on them. Natsu stayed out of it, deciding to watch instead. If he were to gamble, he would have placed his money on Cana, but then he would have been broke.

The guy, Bacchus, won that competition by drinking eight shots to Cana's seven. There were no hard feelings. In fact, not twenty minutes later, the two were kissing like wild animals, not caring who saw as they lip locked.

Natsu took that as his cue to leave, paying his tab before heading out. He called a taxi, grumbling about the expensive fare he was going to have to pay since Gray stranded him. He pulled out his phone, ready to text Gray and tell him he better of had a good reason to ditch him, but he decided against it.

Natsu already did enough damaging by liking Lucy. He wasn't going to rock the boat. It was already shaky enough.

Natsu climbed in when the taxi arrived, rattling off his address before curling in the corner of the backseat. His stomach already reacted badly when he was in a moving vehicle. He knew it would be worse after drinking. It didn't help that the guy driving hit every bump on his way to Natsu's apartment, all while ranting about how Uber was ruining things for him and his coworkers.

Natsu didn't bothering pretending he was listening, instead focusing on his nausea. Fortunately for him, the medication he took earlier lasted for the ride. Natsu kept the contents of his stomach inside his body until he made it to his apartment.

He didn't get a chance to say hi to his cat, his eyes widening when he felt himself getting sick. He rushed to the bathroom, puking into the toilet as soon as he raised the lid.

"Yeah," he mumbled, feeling his body punish him for putting too many drinks in his system. "No more drinking." He puked again, feeling miserable and pathetic.

When he finished, he cleaned himself up, flushing the toilet before he went to feed Happy. He sighed when he laid on his bed, not bothering to take off his clothes. The bed was too comfortable, and he was too tired to move.

While waiting to pass out, he thought about how the night went. He knew where he could have changed things to make it better, but hindsight was 20/20. At least he could use that information for next time, though after tonight, he was going to do everything in his power to make sure there wasn't a 'next time'.

A smile surfaced on his face when he felt Happy climbing on his back, circling around twice before making himself comfortable. He sent the cat a silent thanks, now having a valid reason for not wanting to move.

"I'd disturb Happy," he murmured, eyes sliding shut.

He groaned when he realized he forgot to turn off the light, but he didn't care. Like he thought earlier, there were worse things that could have happened.

Little did Natsu know, something worse did happen, four miles away from where he was currently resting. However, since he wasn't on her list of emergency contacts, Natsu was left in the dark. He went to sleep peacefully, unaware of the pain and tears caused that night.

Natsu's brain pounded in his skull, punishment for his activities from the night before. He took a long, scorching shower before getting ready for work, rinsing his mouth out with mouthwash twice to get rid of the putrid taste clinging to his tongue.

He wore sunglasses despite the sun still rising, his ears ringing from the loud noises all around him. His lack of sleep didn't help him. He barely got two hours before his alarm went off. Why he let Gray talk him into going to the bar on a Sunday night, Natsu would never know, but he wouldn't be doing it again. That was for damn sure.

On his way to work, Natsu made a detour, heading towards the cafe down the street instead of the office. He wasn't much of a coffee drinker, but today he needed some caffeine.

'I should get Lucy something too,' he thought, ordering one of her favorite drinks and a muffin. As he waited for his order, he thought about his current situation. Sleeping helped clear his head, letting him know he was overreacting last night. His feelings for Lucy weren't that serious, and he doubted they would cause him any heartache when they broke up.

Last night he had been drunk and emotional, but now that he was sober, he was more rational, able to see the big picture. He reminded himself that he was young, that there was no need to try to find a long-term relationship now. His goals right now weren't to settle down, get married and have kids. This was the time in his life when he should be having fun, and Lucy was exactly that.


He was better off leaving his feelings at the door, not wanting to ruin the good thing he had going. The relationship was going to end anyway, so it was pointless to get emotionally attached to Lucy, even if she was an incredible woman who drove him wild and made his heart flip.

Natsu ran his fingers through his hair, scolding himself for those thoughts. He needed to keep himself in check better, otherwise he was sure to lose it.

"Natsu!" a man called, placing two cups of coffee and a bag on the counter.

Natsu went to collect his order, sighing as he headed to work. He had thought about calling out a few times, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He sipped on his drink during the elevator ride, inwardly laughing at its feeble attempt to upset his stomach.

His stomach was already twisting and churning all morning. A simple ride up wasn't going to make him puke. Besides, he had nothing in his body to vomit even if he tried, which he wasn't going to do.

He nodded towards one of his coworkers when he made it to the floor, wondering why they looked miserable. The atmosphere in the office was usually lighter, but that guy looked like someone kicked him while he was down.

As Natsu walked towards his desk, he noticed everyone had similar expressions, frowns and dull eyes surrounding him. 'I thought downstairs was bad. They look like someone died. Maybe it's just 'cause it's a Monday.'

Natsu set his drink on his desk before shrugging off his messenger bag, grabbing Lucy's treats as he turned towards her office. He knocked, waiting to hear her cheery voice.

Only, it never came.

He knocked again, a frown tugging on his lips when there was no reply. He looked around, but no one dared to meet his gaze. After setting the treats down on his desk, he pulled out his phone, pressing Lucy's contact so he could call her.

It went straight to voicemail, the twist in his stomach getting that much tighter. He was about to dial Gray, but didn't. He would just wait a while, see if she showed up. 'Maybe she's late.' Lucy had never been late since he started working there. Then again, he had never shown up to work with a hangover, but there was a first for everything.

He sat down at his desk, dialing his office phone's voicemail like he did every morning to see if there were any new messages. After the first two, a shadow loomed over his desk. He glanced up, seeing Erza standing there, her nose and eyes red while her face was paler than normal.

"Hey," he said, voice soft. He hung up the phone, deeming Erza's expression more important than someone asking about some prices. "What's up?"

"I'm guessing no one told you." Her voice was shaky, something he never heard come from Erza. When he shook his head, she cleared her throat. "Lucy won't be coming in today."

"Oh." Natsu's shoulders fell, upset he wouldn't get to see her today. "Why? Is she sick?"

Erza shook her head, sniffling before she swallowed. "There's umm, there's been an accident."

Natsu's eyes slowly widened as he processed what she said, his heart plummeting when Erza choked on a sob. "She's at the hospital."

"She's okay, right?" Natsu asked, failing to keep the panic out of his voice. She had to be alright. He couldn't imagine her not being okay.

After she delayed responding, Natsu's body stiffened. "Erza?"

Erza's head dropped, her voice barely a whisper. "I don't know. She... she's in surgery."

Chapter Text

Chapter Eight: Get well soon

Numbness and disbelief were the only things Natsu felt as he walked into the hospital. He looked left and right, not knowing where he was supposed to go. Walking up to the front desk, he cleared his throat, the lump forming in it making it hard to swallow.

"H-hi," he managed to say, green eyes dull as he looked at the woman behind the desk. "Can you help me?"

She nodded, scooting her rolling chair closer as she asked, "What do you need?"

"L-Lucy Heartfilia. I work with her. I-I don't know if you can tell me anything, 'cause I'm not a spouse or family, but... Can you tell me if she's okay?"

Natsu's voice was raspy as he held himself together. It was easier disassociating himself, that way he wouldn't freak out. He didn't deal with loss well, shutting down instead of getting angry. While he didn't think Lucy was going to die from the car crash she was in, he wasn't so sure about surgery. Erza didn't give him too many details since she didn't have them, but from what he heard, the crash was bad.

"While I can't tell you anything about her condition, I can ask if she'll take visitors. What's your name?" After he gave it, the woman picked up her phone, dialing an extension before turning away from him. "Yes, this is DeZille at the front desk. Is Lucy Heartfilia, that's h-e-a-r-t-f-i-l-i-a, out of surgery yet? Mhmm, okay, got it. Would he allow a visitor?"

'He?' Natsu wondered, his brows furrowing. He decided not to care, focusing on the other part of the conversation. If Lucy was out of surgery, that meant she was okay, right? He didn't know how he was supposed to feel in this situation. Would she be mad at him for worrying about her safety? Would he have to convince her he was acting as a friend and employee instead of as her boyfriend?

He didn't know, suddenly feeling like he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. It might risk his relationship with her if she found out he cared, but he didn't let that stop him from heading upstairs when the nurse gave him a room number. Lucy's well-being was more important than their relationship. He just wanted to see her and make sure she was alright, no matter what the consequences were.

Natsu met with the nurses on the floor Lucy was staying in, one of them escorting him to a room at the far end of the wing. Every step seemed to weigh heavier than the last as they approached the room, Natsu feeling more like he didn't belong.

The nurse knocked on the door, waiting a moment before opening it. "Mr. Fullbuster?"

Natsu heard a sniffle from beyond the door, his mind telling him not to look in unless he was allowed to. He wasn't supposed to be at the hospital, even if he had a good reason.

"Yeah?" Gray's familiar voice came, strained and broken but still holding that firmness Natsu knew so well.

"You have a visitor? Mr. Dragneel?"

"Yeah, he can come in."

The nurse nodded before stepping back, gesturing for Natsu to enter. He took a deep breath as he stepped in, eyes landing on Gray first, seeing the man's red, puffy eyes. He turned his gaze away from Natsu just as the door was being closed, Natsu following his eyes to see where he was looking.

Pain shot through Natsu's heart at the sight. His beautiful, amazing girlfriend and boss was laying in a hospital bed, wires and machines hooked up to her. He didn't know what they were all for, but just the knowledge that she needed them made his stomach roll, his heart dropping when he noticed the bruises and cuts on her face and arms.

Well, one of her arms. Her left arm was covered, preventing him from seeing the damage done. Her neck was surrounded by a brace, keeping her from moving her head, not that she could at the moment.

Natsu felt his eyes prick, the reality finally hitting him. He couldn't rely on being numb to get him through it, his emotions and feelings rushing to the surface, crying out for the woman who meant so much to him. His throat felt impossibly tight when he tried to swallow, his eyes glossing over with unshed tears.

He tore his gaze away from Lucy so he could look at the floor, realizing he wasn't ready to see her yet. Lucy was supposed to be smiling, happy. Now she was unconscious, a permanent frown resting on her busted lips.

"What happened?" Natsu asked, voice sounding foreign in his ears, like someone else asked the question. He looked at Gray, a million other questions running through his brain, but that was the only one that surfaced.

"Drunk driver," Gray said, voice threatening to crack. "He... he ran a red light. T-boned her car on the driver's side." Gray took a shaky breath, squeezing Lucy's right hand. Natsu hadn't noticed he was holding it. "Her left arm took the most damage. I didn't see it, but..."

He needed a moment, and Natsu gave him it, seeing a few tears spill down his cheeks. "I-I... The doctor, he said her bone was stick... It was sticking out of her skin." Gray choked on a sob, her teeth clenching together as he tried pulling himself together. "By the time I got here, she was already in surgery. Sh-she had internal bleeding, and... and a gash on her forehead."

Natsu looked up, seeing Lucy's bangs were pinned back, a large bandage on her forehead. He couldn't stop himself from crying no matter how hard he tried. The tears fell without his consent. He didn't care if Gray found out he liked Lucy. She was hurt, and he hurt for her.

"Wh-when?" he asked, cursing his broken voice.

"This morning," Gray answered, wiping away the tears with his jacket sleeve. "When we were at the bar. I-I got a call from the hospital, saying there... there had been an accident."

Natsu's eyes widened, his chest constricting in pain, but a small, tiny flicker of relief filtered in. He was thankful he didn't send Gray a text complaining about him 'ditching' him last night. Gray was already suffering enough. He didn't need to deal with something as petty as that.

Despite Natsu coming to that realization, Gray hadn't, mumbling as he tried to apologize. "About last night, I'm sorry I left. I, I honestly wasn't thinking about anything else but her."

"I don't blame you," Natsu admitted. "Don't worry about it. Seriously."

Gray nodded, lips pressing into a tight line as more tears flowed. He was doing well keeping himself together, but Natsu could see the pain in his eyes, the overflowing concern and love he felt for Lucy. Gray truly cared about her well-being, the guilt he wore shining through.

"You didn't know it was gonna happen," Natsu said, testing the waters.

Gray's body racked with a sob as he shook his head, eyes squeezing shut. He brought his head down, pressing his forehead to Lucy's hand. "It was stupid of me. I-I shouldn't have been drinking. I should've been there with her. Maybe I coulda stopped it from happening. Maybe, I don't know, maybe it woulda been different."

"Why was she out that late?" Natsu asked, hesitantly stepping closer. He felt awkward standing, but he wasn't sure getting close to Gray was the best idea. Still, he kept moving, taking the empty seat beside him, sitting near Lucy's waist.

Gray shook his head, his tears wetting the sheets on Lucy's bed. "She sent me a text right before it happened. I didn't think anything of it. She... she was just going out to get fucking ice cream."

The way Gray tensed made it seem like 'ice cream' was a foul term. "She, she sounded so fucking happy in the message, saying how she got a craving for m-mint chocolate, and-and how she wanted to share it w-with me when I got... when I got home, 'c-cause it's my favorite."

Natsu furrowed his brows, hands clenching into fists in his lap. "You can't blame yourself for that. You didn't know she was gonna get h—" He couldn't finish his sentence, avoiding the topic of Lucy's accident all together.

"I shouldn't have gone to the bar in the first place. If I woulda been with her, she wouldn't have stayed up that late. She-she was staying up until I got home. I told her not to, but I knew she was gonna do it anyways. If I was home, this wouldn't have happened."

Natsu tried arguing with his theory, but he was having a hard time doing it. If he were in Gray's shoes, he would have carried the same guilt. He held some, but not nearly as much as Gray did. If Natsu would have declined the offer, if they would have gone home at a reasonable time instead of stay at the bar for hours drinking and talking, Lucy's accident could have been avoided.

However, no matter how much they second guessed themselves, the accident still happened, and there was nothing they could do to change it.

"Lucy won't blame you," Natsu said, causing Gray to shake.

"She should," he mumbled, suppressing a sob. "She has every right to be mad at me."

"But she won't. Lucy's not that kinda person." Natsu flinched, wondering if he shouldn't have said that last part. What if Gray got upset at him? Gray could get angry that Natsu would dare try to tell him how his own wife would react. Natsu expected a bad reaction, but Gray only swallowed before nodding.

"I know. She's so fucking forgiving."

The way Gray said it sounded like it was a bad thing. 'He's hurt,' Natsu reminded himself. He looked at Lucy, his heart clenching at the painful expression on her face, as if she was trapped in the moment when she got hit. He couldn't imagine how much pain she was in, hoping she had been knocked out as soon as she was hit, that way she didn't remember the trauma.

A fire burned inside Natsu at the thought of someone hitting Lucy, anger and hate laced in his words. "What happened to the drunk driver?"

Gray gritted his teeth, his voice vile, like it didn't belong to him. "That fucking asshole came out of it without a damn mark. Not even a fucking cut."

Natsu's shoulders fell, feeling Gray's anger and resentment. The drunk was safe, while Lucy was laying in a hospital bed. "Did he at least get arrested or something?"

Gray nodded, but he didn't look relieved. "Yeah. I guess someone called the cops as soon as it happened. I dunno if he tried to run or not. Doesn't matter either way. The dick's in jail."

Natsu decided not to ask anymore questions, realizing the subject was touchy and made Gray angry. He looked over at the walls, the ceiling, even the machines. He was afraid to set his sights on Lucy again, the image of her hurt forever engraved in his mind. There was only one thing that kept Natsu sane, and that was the fact that Lucy was alive. Bruises faded, cuts closed up, and bones healed.

Lucy was alive, and that was all that mattered.

They sat in silence, minutes ticking by while they waited. Natsu sent Erza a text, saying Lucy was out of surgery and doing okay. Erza asked him to keep an eye on her until she was awake, to which Natsu agreed. He was going to do that anyway, but with Erza's request, he had a good excuse.

Natsu swallowed, hoping he wouldn't make himself suspicious by bringing it up, but he wanted to get it out there before Gray started to wonder why he was there. He cleared his throat, causing Gray to jolt from the sudden noise.

"I know I shouldn't be here," Natsu whispered, ignoring the way Gray furrowed his brows. "I'm acting as her coworker and friend right now, I promise. Erza wanted to come, but she had to stay and take care of the office while Lucy's—"

Natsu took a deep breath, his heart pounding in his chest. "Erza's in charge right now, so she couldn't come. Everyone wanted someone here, and I... I wanted to be here." He finally looked up, locking eyes with Gray. "I can leave if you want me to. I understand."

With no hesitation, Gray shook his head. He pulled back, keeping one hand on Lucy's hand while he wiped away the stray tears on his face. "Don't go, please. I-I know she'd want you here."

Natsu didn't know what to say. He didn't know what to feel. Everything was confusing. The only thing he knew was he wanted to stay, but it wasn't until Gray said, "I want you to stay," that he decided he wasn't pushing his boundaries. He was welcomed.

"I'll stay."

Gray nodded, a wane smile gracing his lips. "Hey, sorry about not calling you. I haven't been thinking too clearly lately. If Erza hadn't called me this morning asking about Lucy she wouldn't even know. I... I honestly wasn't thinking about anyone else but Lucy."

"I understand."

It grew silent again, Gray stroking his thumb over Lucy's knuckles while Natsu looked at her again, frowning at the marks on her delicate skin. The superficial cuts and bruises would heal soon, but he knew the deeper ones would leave scars. As long as Lucy was healthy, Natsu knew it didn't matter. Lucy would be beautiful no matter what because her soul was beautiful. Nothing about her outward appearance would change that.

It was Natsu's turn to jolt when Gray spoke again, cutting through the silence with a heavy statement. "I was scared I was gonna lose her."

Natsu saw the tears collecting in Gray's eyes, the strain in his jaw and the hurt written all over his face. He hesitated before reaching out, giving Gray a pat on the back. It caused Gray to let out a sob he'd been holding in, but Natsu knew it was better for Gray to get it out, to allow himself to feel instead of bottling it up.

It was ironic given Natsu wasn't allowing himself to feel, trying to trap and smother his emotions before they could grow deeper, but he wasn't the one needing comfort. Gray was.

Gray shook as he cried, hand releasing Lucy's so he could clench it into a tight fist. "I can't lose her. She's... she's my everything."

That struck a chord for Natsu, guilt and pain plaguing his heart. He opened his mouth, then closed it. That repeated two more times until he decided to just ask the question, even if he didn't want to know the answer. "Can I ask... If she's you're everything, why the open marriage?"

Natsu was entering dangerous territory, but he needed the answer. It had bothered him since day one, wondering how someone could love someone so much but let them be with someone else, even if it was just in a physical nature. He waited, thinking Gray wouldn't respond.

After a deep, shaky breath, Gray looked into Natsu's eyes. "It's... just what feels right." He paused, letting that sink in. "Life's too short, and we both have a lot of life we still want to experience. This, this gives us the chance to live independently and together at the same time. I have some needs that Lucy can't satisfy, just like she has needs I can't. It's unfair to expect her to fulfill every craving I have, and I'm not arrogant enough to think I can do that for her either."

Gray sighed. "If we needed to, we could stop this and be monogamous. I love Lucy, and she loves me too. We've been monogamous before, but we're both so much happier when we're open and honest about what we want."

He looked at Lucy, eyes filling with pain. "I want her to experience all of the joy she possibly can before she has to leave this world, and she wants the same for me. She's... she's perfect for me because she feels the same way I do."

Natsu listened, processing Gray's words. He had a harder time grasping the concept, but he was getting better at it, understanding more about the dynamics of their marriage. His mind was opening the longer he spent time with Lucy and Gray.

"I hear what people say about open relationships. They laugh at it, call their marriage a joke. It's the main reason we've decided to keep it a secret from the public. I don't want anyone making Lucy feel ashamed of herself, because there's nothing to be ashamed of." Gray swallowed, his brows pinching together before he relaxed again.

"We're living as honest of a life as we possibly can, and we're happy. We're not hurting anybody. We're upfront and clear with the rules in the beginning to prevent anyone from getting hurt. I understand accidents happen, but that's when it's time to put an end to the relationship and move on. Lucy has my heart, and nothing will change that. Just like I hold her heart."

Gray grabbed Lucy's hand again, treating it like it was a delicate flower. "She's my everything. I love her with every part of my heart."

Natsu couldn't say he understood fully, but it was enough for him to nod and accept. He could understand wanting more out of a relationship, but that was because Natsu wasn't getting any romance or emotional connection. He got amazing sex, but deep down Natsu knew that wasn't enough.

However, he was selfish, and not ready to let the relationship between him and Lucy end just yet. He was going to enjoy it while it lasted, even if he got hurt in the end.

He wouldn't blame Lucy or Gray for that. Like Gray said, they were upfront with the rules before it started. Natsu was the only one to blame for his feelings, even if the thought of liking Lucy seemed natural to him at this point.

Even if he got his heart broken, he couldn't even blame himself for the feelings he harbored for her.

Natsu kept his eyes on Lucy, refusing to look at either of the two men who glared at each other. Gray was still in his seat from earlier, holding Lucy's hand with a soft grip while her father, Jude Heartfilia, stood on the other side of his daughter, eyes narrowed at his son-in-law.

"What happened?"

Natsu could hear the tension in Gray's voice when he answered, the man trying to keep himself calm. It wasn't hard to see the two men didn't like each other. Natsu didn't know if it was simply because of the type of marriage they had or something deeper, and unless he wanted to ask, he wasn't getting his answer.

"A drunk driver ran into her car."

Jude scrunched up his nose at the foul odor in the air. "Was it you?"

"What?" Gray asked, rightfully appalled. "No. It wasn't me."

"You smell like you've been drinking."

Gray's teeth clenched, his tone defensive. "I was, but I didn't fucking hit her."

"Don't take that tone with me," Jude warned, but Gray wasn't having it. Unlike Natsu, Gray wasn't intimidated by those piercing black eyes.

"Then don't go accusing me of hurting my wife. I would never hurt her."

"You're already hurting her," Jude said, throwing his hands up in a vague gesture. "You're corrupting her with your sham of a marriage."

Gray released Lucy's hand as he stood up, fists clenched by his sides. His voice was dark, fueled by anger. "We love each other and we're happy. Who are you to judge?"

"I just want what's best for my daughter."

"Are you suggesting I'm not good enough for her?" Gray asked, but judging by his tone, he already knew what Jude's answer would be.

"What kind of man shares his wife with someone else." Jude directed his glare at Natsu, but Natsu didn't look up. This wasn't about him, and he knew it. He was going to keep his mouth shut and let Gray handle it, seeing as this was a family matter.

However, Natsu couldn't let Jude's next comment go, even if he tried. "Just because you're the assistant doesn't mean you need to go bang the boss at work."

Natsu glared up at Jude, hatred burning in his eyes. Lucy was injured, and all Jude seemed to care about was picking at everyone else's personal decisions. "Nothing happens at work. Lucy keeps it professional."

Instead of bringing Natsu into it, Gray scoffed, gaining Jude's attention. "You try to talk tough, but guess what? You're not fooling anyone. What kind of man cheats on his wife?"

Jude's eyes flitted up before narrowing at his son-in-law. "You cheat on Lucy every day."

"I don't. We have an arrangement and it works for us." Gray crossed his arms over his chest, not backing down.

Apparently, neither was Jude, squaring his shoulders. "What was it? The prenup said no cheating allowed, so you thought you found a clever way to get around it?"

Gray's jaw dropped before he regained his composure, though Natsu could see his exasperation show through. "Oh my god are you really bringing up that again? I told you already, I didn't marry Lucy for her money. I have my own money."

Despite his claim, Jude wasn't hearing it. "That's why you convinced Lucy to do this asinine arrangement, huh? So you wouldn't get in trouble when you started banging other people?"

Gray took a deep breath, hands slowly unclenching before coiling into fists again. "You know what? I'm done. Lucy'll probably get mad at me for tellin' ya, but I'm fucking done. There's no prenup."

"What?" Jude asked, eyes growing wide when Gray nodded.

"There's none. We just told you there was so you'd stop harassing us. Lucy knows I didn't marry her for money. It was actually her idea to say we got one in the first place since you wouldn't stop bugging her."

Jude shook his head, refusing to believe it. "Let me guess, the arrangement was her idea too? Were you not man enough for her?"

"Are you—" Gray gaped, blinking twice before his eyes narrowed. "Do you even hear yourself sometimes? Geez! What the hell is wrong with you? Your daughter gets hurt and the first thing you do is pick a fight with me? Get your fucking priorities straight."

Jude barked out a laugh, but it lacked any humor. "Oh, that's rich coming from you."

Natsu felt the back of his neck sweating. His fingers dug into his thighs, wondering if he should step in. He didn't know the whole story, but he wanted to defend his friend. Gray wasn't doing anything wrong, but Natsu didn't know the consequences of speaking out of turn. It seemed obvious Gray didn't want to involve Natsu considering how he reacted a few minutes ago, intervening as soon as he could.

Gray took another deep breath through his nose, fists shaking by his sides. "What I do in my private time is none of your concern."

"It is when it affects my daughter's future." Jude grunted, eyes so narrowed he might as well have been squinting. "She deserves better than you. I don't know how she puts up with you."

Natsu had to bite his tongue to stop himself from speaking. He hated how Jude was talking to his friend, but he was confident Gray could handle himself. He had already known he wasn't going to back down without a fight.

Gray shook his head, voice strained. "You don't know what you're talkin' about. I love her."

"Oh, I highly doubt that." Jude shivered, his nose wrinkling. "I swear, I'll never get the imagine of you sucking that man's co—"

"STOP!" Gray shouted, but it was too late. Natsu had heard enough to piece it together.

When Lucy said her father walked in on Gray and his extra, she was referring to a man, meaning Gray was—

"Why should I?" Jude asked, interrupting Natsu's thoughts.

Gray held his glare for a moment before his hands opened, the tension he was holding falling off him. He sounded exhausted when he spoke, his shoulders sagging as he looked down at his wife. "Did you really come here to argue with me, or did you want to see your daughter? Yelling at me isn't gonna make her any better. You know that."

"You're the one who doesn't know what he's talking about. If I stand back and let you ruin my daughter's life, then I'll be failing as a parent."

Despite Gray's attempt to calm himself down, that comment aggravated him. "You seem to have a loose grasp on what a parent is. You can't just pick and choose when you want to be one. And besides, you didn't start treating me like shit until you found out about our lifestyle. Does it really matter that much to you? I love Lucy, and she loves me."

"You keep saying that," Jude started, voice raising with his anger. "How can she love you while she's fucking him!" He gestured towards Natsu, startling him.

"I have nothing to do with this," Natsu growled, defending himself from Jude's accusations.

"Exactly!" Gray yelled, furious at Lucy's father. "He has nothing to do with this. Now, just mind your own business and shut the hell up!"

"Don't you dare tell me to—"

"Sir," a new, female voice came from the doorway. All three men looked at the lone nurse, her brows pinched together as she looked between Gray and Jude. "If you two don't calm down right now, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

Gray shot Jude a glare before shoving his hands in his jacket's pockets, hiding his fists. "I need a smoke anyway."

"Thought you quit," Jude said, trying to get his shots in while he could. "Or was that just another lie you told my daughter."

"That's it." The nurse widened the door, pointing towards it. "You need to leave if you're going to be hostile."

Jude's eyes widened in offense. "You can't make me leave."

"Do I need to call security? Because I will. You two have already caused enough disturbances. Now, go calm down somewhere else. This isn't a place for that kind of behavior."

Jude grumbled under his breath as he glared at Gray. "This isn't over," he warned before leaving.

Gray kept his mouth shut. It was the best option for him, the nurse leaving without telling him to follow. He sighed, shaking his head as he shook out his hands. "That guy's such a—"

"Dick?" Natsu suggested, earning a strained laugh.

"I was gonna say asshole, but yeah, dick works too."

"Fuck," Natsu mumbled, his heart pounding despite him barely participating. "I'm sorry you had to go through that. Is he always like that?"

Gray sighed, his body looking tense. "He used to just be cold to me until he found out we were gettin' married. He never really liked me, but at least we could tolerate each other. Then he found out about what we do and just—"

Gray took a deep breath. "Usually it's not that bad, but it's still bad. I think seeing Lucy like this made it worse." He looked at his wife, leaning over to place a soft kiss on her cheek. "I know he cares about her, but he has a stupid way of showing it. He used to be tolerable, then his wife left him and he's been shitty ever since."

"But that was his own fault, since he cheated?"

Gray nodded, not taking his eyes off Lucy. "Yeah. Layla caught that bastard doing his secretary." He snorted. "Pretty sure he's worried I'll take Lucy's money because that's what Layla did. Took half of everything he owned."

"Sounds like he deserves it," Natsu said, earning a real laugh from Gray.

"He did. If you ever met Layla you'd see, she didn't deserve what happened to her. Broke her heart. She really loved him, somehow. Tore Lucy up too, seeing her parent's split up."

Natsu's curiosity piqued, wondering more about Lucy's life. "How old was she when they divorced?"

"Seventeen. She was in high school when she heard the news. That's kinda what started all this."

"All what?" Natsu asked, cocking his head.

"Our open relationship. Back then we were just dating, but she made me promise if I ever wanted to be with someone else, to tell her. I mean, I had thoughts, fantasies, but I was never gonna act on them."

Gray paused, a fond smile crossing his lips. "Then a year or so into college, Lucy told me she wanted more. I was shocked at first, kinda mad, but I heard her out. She just wanted to experience someone else, just once. She kept assuring me she didn't like the person, that it was only a physical attraction."

"What'd you do?" Natsu asked, scooting to the edge of his seat.

Gray sighed. "I said no, at first. She didn't push it, didn't try to change my mind. I thought about it for a while after that, tried to figure out how I would feel if something did happen. Then, well, at the time I thought I was crazy, but I told her she could do it."

"You did?"

Gray nodded. "Yeah. There were rules, not like the ones we have now. They were simpler back then. No feelings and it could only be once. Lucy talked to the guy and he agreed. I remember how scared I was while I was waiting for her to finish. I kept calling myself stupid for letting her do it, thinking I was an idiot."

"What happened?" Natsu asked, soaking it all in, learning more about the two people who were currently the closest to him.

"She came back. I thought for sure she was going to think the other guy was better, but she came back. And then we—" A faint blush spread over Gray's cheeks, something Natsu didn't see often.

"Then we made love. You should have seen it. She was amazing, so full of energy and life. I swore I had never seen her eyes brighter than in that moment. I decided to give it a chance, and we've been happier ever since. I mean, it hasn't always been easy, but we talk about it a lot and keep it honest with each other. I think that's the only reason we've been able to make it work for this long."

Gray laughed, then sat back down, holding Lucy's hand. "The first time I had sex with someone else, I thought it was a trap. I kept thinking Lucy was going to jump in and scream at me, but she didn't. She waited for me like I waited for her. It took me longer to start enjoying having an extra. I know love is supposed to be equal, but I don't think it ever can be."

He gave her hand a squeeze, then interlaced their fingers. "I could be happy with only Lucy for the rest of my life, and I know she'd be happy with only me, but she could be happier with that supplement, that enhancement. Over the years I've come around. I enjoy my time with my extras, but of course I enjoy my time with Lucy more. It's an incredible feeling, trusting someone with your whole being. Lucy would never intentionally hurt me. She tells me everything, unless I don't wanna hear it of course, but I usually do."

Natsu wondered if there was anything Gray didn't want to hear about him and Lucy, but he kept that question to himself. Gray was opening up, and he didn't want to give him a reason to shut down.

"We've had to adjust the rules over the years, and sometimes we've had problems with extras who wouldn't accept when the relationship was over. Emotions and feelings are hard to anticipate, but we try to keep enough walls up to show that it's just physical. Lucy's the only one who has my heart, and vise versa. I couldn't imagine life without her. She's... I don't believe in soulmates, but Lucy's the closest damn thing to one."

Natsu sat there in silence, absorbing every word, turning them over in his head. After all that, Natsu found it easier wrapping his mind around the inevitable ending of his relationship with Lucy. He could see where Lucy was coming from, only wanting fun with no strings attached. She had her love, and that was Gray. She didn't need anything else from Natsu when it came to their relationship, and that knowledge helped soothe him.

Lucy wasn't just using him for sex. It was making her happier, and Natsu loved the idea of Lucy being happy. So, if he could help, he was going to. He wouldn't tell her he liked her. That would only make her uncomfortable and sad, and if he could help it, he wouldn't let her feel that way.

He would be Lucy's extra, and nothing more would ever come of it.

"Do you ever wonder if you're making a mistake," Natsu started, already regretting asking the question, but unable to stop himself.

Gray shrugged, letting out a heavy sigh. "Sometimes, but not often. We already know when we'll stop having extras, but that's not for a while."

Natsu swallowed, feeling the urge to ask when that time was. However, before he could get the words out, Gray was talking again. "Hey, I forgot to ask. What happened with Cana last night? Did you go home with her?"

Natsu's face burned in an instant, tan skin turning bright red. He lowered his head in shame, unsure how ridiculous his lie was going to sound. "I uh..." His shoulders shook, laughing more from embarrassment than humor. "We didn't end up doin' anything 'cause I... Um, well, I uh, got whiskey dick."

Gray raised a brow, cocking his head. "What's whiskey dick mean for you? I've heard of two definitions."

"It's uh, the one where you can't..."

"Can't cum?" Gray asked, causing Natsu to shake his head. "Can't get it up?"

When Natsu nodded, Gray started laughing. "Really? Damn, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that."

"Yeah," Natsu mumbled, pretending to be upset about it. "Nothing worked... So we gave up."

Gray patted Natsu on the back, still laughing. "Man, did Cana let you have it? She's kinda blunt, if you haven't noticed."

"Oh, she let me have it." That was an understatement. Natsu wanted to avoid embarrassing himself further, but Gray's laugh sounded genuine, and after the rough night he had, Natsu decided he could help him out and make him laugh more. "She uh, she called it a... a pancake dick."

Gray had to take his hand away from Lucy, covering his mouth so he wouldn't laugh too loud. "Oh shit! That's awesome!" The skin around his eyes crinkled as he smiled. Natsu found himself grinning despite his humiliation. Gray had a nice smile.

"Glad you think so," he groused, secretly happy Gray was lightening up. "She also called it a, what was it again, I think she said a floppy fuckstick?"

Gray almost fell out of his chair from bending over, gasping for air as he laughed. "I wish I was there to see that. Damn! That's worse than jizzing in your pants!"

Natsu sighed when Gray patted him on the back, recognizing it as a sign of pity. He could handle it, even if the embarrassment was awful. "I haven't done that. Guess I skipped a step."

"But seriously," Gray said, not sounding the least bit serious as he chuckled. "I am sorry that happened. I thought you'd get the other kinda whiskey dick. From what Lucy told me, you last forever after drinking."

Natsu felt his neck and chest flushing, reminded that Lucy told Gray about their sexual relations, sometimes in detail. "Guess it didn't work this time."

Natsu received one more pat before Gray removed his hand. "That sucks. Sorry."

"It's fine," he said, looking up to meet Gray's gaze. His eyes were still red and puffy from crying earlier, but it had lessened since then. "It happens."

Gray snickered as he stood, shaking his head. "Hope it doesn't happen to me."

Natsu raised a brow when Gray pushed his chair back, the question being asked before he could stop himself. "What are you doing?"

Gray sucked in a deep breath, then exhaled slowly. "I think I really do need a cigarette. Don't get me wrong, your story was great, but I'm still pissed about what that asshole said. Need something to calm me down."

Gray took a step towards the door, but Natsu reached out, grabbing his wrist to stop him. "Wait."

Natsu looked up, seeing dark blue eyes staring back at him, Gray's brows furrowing before he looked down at his wrist. "What's up?"

"I..." He hesitated, wondering if Gray was uncomfortable with him touching him. "What Jude said, it wasn't right for him to say those things. You didn't deserve that."

Gray remained silent, his eyes studying Natsu's face. Seeing as he wasn't going to say anything, Natsu decided to continue. He swallowed, hoping he wasn't overstepping when he said, "I wanted to say, I don't mind if you're bi."

Gray's eyes widened, his lips parting for a moment before he found his voice. "You don't?"

Natsu shook his head. "Nah, it's cool. You're my friend, and, and I'm not gonna stop that just 'cause of that. Doesn't matter to me who you're attracted to. Nothing to be ashamed of. Okay?"

A small smile tugged at Gray's lips as he nodded, voice soft but low. "Okay... Thanks."

"No reason to thank me."

Gray looked aside, his jaw strained as he mumbled, "I just, I guess I just thought you wouldn't wanna hang out if you knew..."

Natsu blinked a few times before his warm smile slid over his face. "Nah. I really don't mind. The thought never crossed my mind." He was telling the truth. He had never been one to judge someone over their sexual orientation, and he didn't want Gray to feel like he needed to hide who he was.

Natsu could still see the hesitance in Gray's eyes, so he tugged on his wrist to pull him closer. "C'mere."

Natsu stood, holding out his arms towards Gray. "After all the shit you've been through, I think you could use this?"

Gray almost laughed when Natsu hugged him. He wrapped one of his arms around Natsu's back, giving him a few pats before the two men pulled apart. "I wish I could get a hug from Lucy," Gray started, lightly chuckling. "But you're a close second."

Natsu snorted, not believing Gray for one second, but he didn't say anything. He sat back in his seat, leaning back as he looked up at Gray. "Now, do you really want a cigarette, or did you just want a break?"

Gray sighed, running his hand through his dark hair before dragging that same hand down his face. "A break... and a cigarette. Fuck, it's been two years since I had one." He shook his head, gritting his teeth. "But I shouldn't. Lucy'd be pissed at me."

Natsu couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sure she'd understand."

Gray's smile grew as he looked at his wife. "Yeah, she's incredible."

Pain flared in Natsu's mouth when he bit his tongue, but he had to, otherwise he might agree with Gray, and that could look suspicious. 'Or would it look suspicious if I don't think she's incredible? Fuck! I have no idea!'

Thankfully, Gray said something Natsu could openly agree with. "I hope she wakes up soon."


"Call me if she does?" Gray asked, waiting for Natsu's nod before he turned.

"Of course. Are you going far?"

He shook his head. "No. I'm gonna get something to drink from downstairs. Want anything?" When Natsu shook his head, Gray headed for the door. "I'll be right back."

Once the door closed behind him, Natsu looked to Lucy, his smile fading when he saw her discomfort. He stood, taking a step closer to her before reaching out, pausing for a moment before letting his hand settle on her cheek, the one without a scrape on it.

"Hey," he whispered, thumb brushing over her skin. "How are you feeling?" His eyes closed, taking a deep breath though his nose. "Stupid question, I know." He opened his eyes, giving her a wane smile. "Will you wake up soon? Please? You've got a lot of people worried. A lot of people care about you. I—"

Natsu swallowed, feeling his eyes prick again, his vision turning blurry with tears. "I care about you. I-I'd be an idiot if I didn't. You're... you're amazing." His watery smile grew wider. "Your smile gets me through the day. You're full of so much light, so much love. I love spending time with you, Lucy. Even when we're just at the office goofing around. I just, I don't want that to end, ever."

He let out a strained chuckle. "I mean, maybe I wouldn't be your assistant forever, but I wanna stay your friend when I'm not your extra anymore. Is... is that okay?"

She didn't respond, not that he thought she would. He leaned in, pressing a kiss to her forehead, one inch away from the bandage covering her gash. "Please get better soon. We all need that smile."

Natsu pulled away slowly, reaching down to grasp her hand, wishing she would open her eyes. He would even tell Lucy the fake pancake dick story if it made light shine behind her eyes. He bet she would get a kick out of it, but until then, he was left waiting and hurting.

'Please, wake up soon.'

Natsu jolted awake when he felt something on his arm. He looked over, blinking a few times until he made out Gray's smile. He furrowed his brows, needing a second to realize where he was. 'Oh yeah. I'm at the hospital because Lucy—'

His eyes shot over to the bed, widening when he saw Lucy's brown eyes looking back at him. She smiled, the sight making Natsu's heart warm and his eyes fill with happy tears. "Hey," he said, too excited to feel lame for his rough voice. "You're awake."

"I am," Lucy said, giving him a soft nod. Her neck brace was still on, preventing a lot of movement. "Thanks for keeping Gray company."

Natsu nodded, teeth clenching to keep them from chattering. He found himself smiling, happy to see her awake. "How're you feeling?"

"Like shit," Lucy said, laughing before she winced, one eye squeezing shut. "That hurt."

"No laughing until you get better," Gray teased, running his hand up and down her arm, the one that wasn't broken.

The pout she made had Natsu's heart flipping in his chest. "I thought laughter was the best medicine."

"You're the exception." He brought her hand up, kissing her knuckles. "Which sucks, 'cause Natsu has this hilarious story, but he's gonna have to save it 'til later."

Lucy's whine only made Natsu think she looked cute, despite the damage done to her from the crash. "Aww, but I want to hear it now."

Gray shook his head, giving her an amused grin. "Later. Consider it a reward for getting better?"

She sighed, accepting his offer. "Fine." She looked over, catching Natsu's watery gaze. "Are you okay?"

Natsu nodded, blinking away the unshed tears. "I'm fine. Just happy you're up."

"It'll be a while until I can get up," Lucy started, causing Natsu to panic. He was about to ask if something was wrong with her legs, but she soothed his anxiety by saying, "Doctor's won't release me until later."

He sighed, thinking that wasn't too bad. Looking over at Lucy, he couldn't help but want some kind of touch from her. He knew as an extra he couldn't get too affectionate, but as a friend and coworker? He thought his odds were better. However, he didn't get a chance to ask for anything, a knock on Lucy's door silencing him.

A nurse opened the door, smiling at the patient. "You have more visitors."

As soon as Lucy said they could come in, the room was flooded. Natsu wondered if there was a rule about how many people could be in one room, but the nurse didn't seem to mind, letting five of their coworkers inside so they could check on Lucy.

Erza was the first to give Lucy a hug, tears in her eyes as she said how glad she was that she was alright. A few other coworkers got to hug Lucy, Natsu's heart sinking because he couldn't exactly ask for a hug. It would be awkward and suspicious. He bit his tongue instead, deciding to be happy that Lucy was happy to see everyone.

When those five people left, another group came in, followed by another. After an hour, the room was finally silent, Natsu and Gray being her only visitors. Natsu listened as Gray talked to Lucy about what happened with her father earlier, keeping it vague so she didn't worry.

By the time the sun was setting, Gray left the room to call Jude. Visiting hours were almost over, and he said he would feel bad if Lucy's father didn't see her that day. Natsu held his tongue, thinking Jude didn't deserve Gray's kindness after the way he treated him, but he guessed Gray was choosing to be the bigger man. When Natsu thought about it more, he realized Gray's ability to forgive was a strength, something to be admired. If put in the same position, Natsu would reluctantly do the same thing, knowing family was important.

Instead of leaving, Natsu stayed behind to keep Lucy company while Gray left. When they were finally alone, Natsu hesitated before looking at Lucy, catching her staring back at him. He smiled, but it lacked his usual warmth. She reached her hands out, surprising him when she asked, "Can I get a hug?"

Natsu's eyes widened as he registered the question, fumbling to stand from his seat before he was hovering over her bed. He was gentle, arms ghosting around her in fear that he might break her. Her nose nuzzled against his neck before she gave him a soft kiss, heat and electricity flaring where her lips touched him.

"Thank you for coming," she whispered, squeezing around his shoulders with her good arm.

"Anytime," Natsu whispered back, relishing in the warmth that spread through his chest. "I'm glad you're okay."

"Me too."

Natsu wanted to tell her he couldn't imagine his life without her, but it wasn't his place. So, he gave her a kiss on the cheek before pulling away, smiling when light flickered behind her beautiful brown eyes.

Despite not saying it, he felt it. He knew deep down in his heart that there was no way he could live without her in his life, be it friend, coworker, or extra.

Chapter Text

Chapter Nine: Inappropriate for the workplace

Natsu's eyes slid shut when he heard Lucy's throaty moan. He swallowed it, breathing her in as he kissed her senseless. He had her pressed against her office wall, one hand skimming down her side while the other rested above her head. She leaned into his body, allowing him to feel her soft curves as her needy lips moved against his.

Natsu muffled his groan when he felt Lucy grinding against his cock, his thick member throbbing for attention. He wanted so badly to take her. Against the wall, on her desk, it didn't matter to him. He just wanted to be deep inside her.

However, he didn't remove himself from his pants, not wanting to break their rule. They didn't consider kissing at work as bad as having sex. Neither were taking off their clothes, so they didn't think it would count. If anything, they were bending the rule they put into place.

As long as they were both okay with it, neither minded a little bending.

Lucy ended the kiss when her phone started ringing. Judging by the heavy sigh she released after she leaned against the wall, she didn't want their make out session to end. Natsu didn't either, his heart thrumming and his body on fire. He wanted to touch her more, to feel her moving against him, but now wasn't the time. They were supposed to be professional at work, but they just couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other for too long.

While Lucy started walking towards her desk, she let her hand trail over his stomach before grazing his pants, feeling his hardness. A satisfied smile slid over her lips as she answered the phone, her voice a little winded from their heated kiss.

Natsu took her distraction as an opportunity to readjust his pants before straightening his clothes. Work would start soon, and he needed to be in his seat before anyone caught him sneaking out of Lucy's office. It wasn't unusual for him to be in there, but the less people saw him slipping in and out, the better it was for their secret.

Natsu looked over at Lucy, his eyes soaking in her beauty. No matter what she wore, she was always sexy to him. Everything from her stockings to her neatly done hair. He envisioned himself ripping at her pins to free her hair, but he was on a time out from that particular activity.

The last time he tried, he ended up jerking her hair and hurting her, so she told him he had to wait a while before she was willing to let him try again. They had laughed it off in the end, but he remembered the tears that clung to her eyes as they tried sorting out the mess he made. He didn't want to hurt her again, which was why he changed how he interacted with Lucy now that she was injured.

His eyes raked over her cast, knowing her arm was still broken. That was the main reason they started kissing at work. Since her accident, Natsu hadn't had sex with her as much as before. He didn't mind so much, as long as he wasn't hurting Lucy. The first few weeks after the accident she didn't want to have sex anyway, focusing on recovering.

Natsu hated to admit it, but he actually liked the time when they weren't just fucking as much as he liked when he was deep inside her, hearing her pleasured cries.

Since the accident, Natsu started hanging out with Lucy and Gray more. They would invite him to their house at least once, sometimes twice a week just to spend time with them. He enjoyed being around them. Their personalities melded well with each other. Plus, Natsu and Gray got to deepen their friendship, which was nice. He loved spending time with Lucy, but he had to admit, he loved having a guy friend just as much. He could roughhouse with Gray since the man could keep up with him physically.

Hell, just last week the two were wrestling in the living room while Lucy made dinner. After that, they all stayed up late watching TV before Natsu headed home. He felt better when he hung out with the two of them. He used to leave Lucy's house feeling a little empty inside when they just had sex, but after hanging out, he felt like he got what he had been missing.

He didn't know how to describe it, so he didn't even bother. As long as he was happy, he wasn't willing to question it too much further.

When Natsu considered himself calmed down, he left Lucy's office, but not before giving her a wide grin. He liked where they were now, enjoying her body and her friendship. Of course, the way he enjoyed her body had changed.

When Lucy was feeling up for sex again, he took it slow. He didn't go fast and hard like he wanted, instead trying to be delicate with her. It wasn't his strong suit. Most of the time he ended up being a little clumsy because his mind kept telling him to go rough, meaning he was actively fighting against himself while fucking her. Lucy didn't seem to mind. She kept asking to have sex with him, so he guessed she liked what he was giving her.

The amount of sex they had changed as well. They reduced the time to about once every other week, and it was always at her house in her extra bedroom. They had been experimenting with different toys lately too, allowing Natsu to play with her without jostling her around too much. He really didn't want to hurt her and make her recovery time longer. It was already dragging by slowly.

Natsu slipped into his seat, noticing no one else had arrived for work yet. It was a good thing, ensuring they kept their relationship hidden another day. He didn't want to ruin Lucy's image. She was a respectable businesswoman, and people didn't need to know what she did in her private life.

Natsu took a deep breath as he got to work, wishing he had gotten a release. His cock was softening, but that didn't stop him from wanting to take Lucy roughly against her desk like he had in the past. He didn't want to break the rule they made, but that didn't mean he couldn't have some fun at the workplace.

As Natsu went about his day, he thought about what he could do that would be special for Lucy. He wanted something that would surprise her, but also something she would definitely enjoy.

"—And she passed the background check, so I offered her the job. If she can, I'd like her to start next Monday?"

"Sounds good," Lucy said, nodding to Mira. They headed back to her office to print a file off her computer, going about their day as usual. "And you said she has experience with our software?"

"Yup. She worked at 'Love and Lucky' for two years before coming here."

Lucy smiled at the mention of her father's clothing line. As much as she wanted to work for that company, she was happy with the one she was in now. It allowed her more room to grow, whereas the other one would leave her stuck in the same position for the rest of her career.

Lucy yawned as she opened her office, allowing Mira in before her. She caught Natsu's half-smile as she passed, but she didn't comment. Not only was he busy talking with Jet, she didn't want to risk saying what was on her mind. With her luck, she might mention how handsome he looked when he smiled, and she didn't want anyone at work hearing that, especially in front of Mira.

'I should invite him over tonight,' she thought, knowing Gray would be getting home late. He had been working long hours the past few days to get ready for an inspection, leaving him busy and exhausted. 'Maybe Natsu can stay for dinner again. I bet Gray would like the company too. He could use a good laugh.'

Natsu had a way of making the two of them crack up when it was just the three of them. He had come out of his shell compared to earlier in their relationship. He was able to joke around with them more freely, which was exactly what she wanted tonight. A nice, fun night with the three of them. 'Maybe we can even rent a movie and—'

"What's this?" Mira asked, interrupting Lucy's thoughts.

She looked at where Mira was pointing, frowning when she saw a small bag on her desk. It was black with a pink lace bow on the side. She didn't recognize it, but it looked pretty. "I don't know."

Slowly, a smile crept over her face as she looked for a card, finding a tag on the pink string of the bag. She read what it said aloud, liking the beautiful font typed on the tag. "Thought you'd like this." There was no signature, leaving the person who left it a mystery.

A rush of excitement flooded her system as she turned to Mira, showing her the card. "What is it?" she asked, as if Mira would know. Without waiting for a response, she took out the black tissue paper, her fingers curling around a box at the bottom.

Lucy's mistake was not checking what her present was before pulling it out of the bag. If she did, she would have saved herself a lot of embarrassment. She didn't even get it all the way out before Mira's eyes widened, recognizing the picture on the box.


Her voice echoed around Lucy's office, traveling out the door and into the main work space. It wasn't hard for everyone to hear her, alerting them that something as wrong.

Lucy recoiled at Mira's outburst, her smile wiped from her face when she turned to her friend. "What the heck?" She didn't get a response, Mira's eyes glued to the object in Lucy's hand.

She looked down, her heart sinking when she finally realized what she was holding. The rectangular box had an image of a vibrator on it. Lucy gasped as she held it away from her, wondering who would drop a vibrator off in her office.

Before she had a chance to think about it, her employees started filling her office, all trying to see what caused Mira to scream.

"What's going on?" Jenny asked.

Jet looked around the floor, unaware of the toy in Lucy's hand. "Did you see another spider in here?"

All eyes landed on Lucy before moving to the box. Lucy could see the recognition flashing over their faces, her cheeks burning with a blush as she scrambled to hide it. Putting the vibrator behind her back hadn't done any good. People had seen it, and the ones who hadn't were quickly filled in by the hushed whispers.

Erza stepped up, snatching the box from behind Lucy to inspect it. She shook her head, looking up at the crowd. "Who thought it was a good idea to send this to Lucy?!" She raised the box in the air, letting everyone have a good look at it. "This is highly inappropriate!"

"Erza!" Lucy scolded, trying to grab the box away. She was unable to do so, Erza's height giving her the advantage. "Drop it!"

While Lucy tried to get the vibrator back, everyone else started talking, trying to figure out where it came from. When Lucy finally grabbed the box, she clutched it to her chest, refusing to let anyone else touch it. She was embarrassed enough already. She didn't need Erza waving it in front of everyone's faces.

Lucy looked around the room, wishing they would stop discussing her gift. She was ready to throttle whoever had the bright idea to drop a vibrator into her office until her eyes locked with Natsu's, seeing the fear written on his face.

Her shoulders fell as it dawned on her. She asked a silent question with her eyes, stomach twisting when she saw his slight nod, confirming he was the one who gave it to her.

While she appreciated the gift, she knew he shouldn't have given it to her at work. Lucy didn't know how to handle the situation. She had never been in one similar, and the more time she didn't do something, the more time her employees had to make assumptions.

"Who would give her that?"

"Was it someone here?

"It's not appropriate for the workplace."

Those hushed comments were bad, but Erza didn't make it any better by saying, "At least they got you the deluxe version. It's way better than the basic model."

"Erza!" Lucy didn't know who to be more mad at. Natsu for putting her in that position or Erza for putting in her two cents.

"Who sent it?" Mira asked, changing the subject back to the one Lucy didn't wish to discuss. She didn't know how she was going to get out of it, and her heart only tripled its speed when Mira started looking over the employees.

Lucy's eyes shot to Natsu's, seeing his face coloring with a deep flush. It was obvious to her it was Natsu's gift, but that blush was a dead giveaway. Thinking fast, Lucy blurted out the one person she knew could get away with giving her a gift like that.


Everyone, including Mira, looked at Lucy. She felt sweat beading on the back of her neck, but she couldn't back down now. She slipping the vibrator back into the bag, hoping that would help diffuse the situation.

"Gray stopped by earlier," she lied, constructing a story in her head on the spot. It was easier than it should have been. She had an active imagination. It helped most when she wrote stories in her spare time, but she would gladly use the skill if it got her out of this mess. "He must have left it here when I wasn't looking?"

The people around her didn't look convinced, one of them even saying, "I didn't see Gray in here today."

"Me either," Erza added, her brows furrowed as she looking over Lucy's face.

"He didn't stay long," she said, trying to sound convincing. "Just in and out, real quick."

When that didn't seem to work, Natsu cleared his throat, finally speaking up. "I think I saw him..." The attention was taken off Lucy for a moment as they gazed at Natsu, waiting for more. "Was it around lunch time?"

Lucy nodded, thankful he was backing up her fake story. "Yeah. He was here for a minute or two."

"Maybe that's why I didn't see him," Droy, a heavyset man, said, scratching his cheek. "I wasn't paying attention."

"You're always distracted when you eat," Jet laughed, elbowing Droy's stomach.

"Can you blame him?" Sherria asked, smiling at Droy. "Even I wanted that sandwich."

While people started talking and laughing, Lucy moved. She stuffed the bag into her desk, thinking she had gotten away with it. When she glanced up, she noticed a lot of eyes on her.

"Yes?" she asked, as if she didn't already know.

A hint of suspicion laced her voice as Erza asked, "So you're sure it was Gray?"

Lucy nodded, feeling her ears turning red as she continued to lie. "It had to be him." She didn't dare glance at Natsu, not wanting them to suspect him as the culprit. Honestly, Lucy hadn't expected Natsu to give her a gift in the first place. Sure, sometimes he surprised her with treats and coffee, but never anything that would last more than a day. Not only that, the gift was very personal and intimate.

She already knew she would be thinking about Natsu when she used it, regardless of if he was there or not. She wanted to ask him why he got it for her, but she could take a guess. They hadn't been having as much sex lately, but that was because he was scared he would hurt her during due to her injuries.

'Maybe he wanted me to get off without the threat of bodily harm?' She didn't think Natsu would hurt her, accidentally or on purpose, but she liked that he cared so much about her safety. He could be pretty rough in the bedroom, but she loved that.

Lucy felt a delightful surge of warmth spread over her chest at the thought of using Natsu's gift on herself. She had to admit, he had done a damn good job on picking it. They had been using a few toys lately, and Natsu must have wanted to expand their selection.

Lucy forced a smile on her face, happy when Mira and Erza seemed to believe her. The other employees looked like they were easing into the idea too, some even whispering how they wished their spouse would do something 'fun' like that.

Lucy couldn't deny it. Natsu was fun, inside and outside of the bedroom. He was full of energy and had a fiery personality that couldn't be matched. It had taken a while before he was willing to be himself with her, but she was happier with him now than she had been when they first got started. She would be lying if she said she was only attracted to his body. His upbeat attitude was something she couldn't get enough of.

And hopefully she wouldn't have to give it up anytime soon.

"As your HR rep," Mira started, giving Lucy a stern look. "I have to say it's not okay for Gray to bring you a gift like that here."

Lucy nodded, understanding completely. She hoped Natsu was listening so he wouldn't do it again. If he wanted to get her a gift like that, he could always give it to her outside of the office.

"But as your friend," Mira continued, a giddy smile crossing her face. "I want to say I hope I get someone like that one day. You and Gray are so perfect for each other."

Lucy's smile turned genuine, thinking about Gray. They got along great and complimented each other well. Sure, they had their arguments just like every couple, but their strong line of communication kept them happy. Lucy loved Gray, even if their relationship wasn't the most traditional.

Her eyes flitted towards the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of Natsu. However, she only saw the back of his head as he left her office, probably to continue working since other employees started leaving.

Her chest clenched for a second, sad her relationship with Natsu was going to have to end eventually. She had a lot of fun with him, especially after they started building a stronger friendship. Lucy enjoyed hanging out with him outside of the office and outside of their relationship. He had a way of making her laugh and feel carefree, and she liked that about him.

Lucy bit her inner cheek as she turned towards Mira and Erza, knowing she needed to stop thinking like that. It would only lead her down a road she couldn't take, and she wasn't willing to risk her marriage by letting those thoughts grow.

Natsu was just for fun.

That was it.

Lucy swallowed, hating the ill feeling spreading through her body. Despite knowing she was right, she couldn't help but feel wrong. At first she didn't mind thinking of Natsu as nothing more than an extra, but his role was slowly changing in her life, and she didn't know if or when those lines between assistant, extra, and friend were going to blur.

She found herself letting her guard down more around him every day, and she knew if she didn't get a grip on her emotions, she was going to have to end things. Gray was her priority, and she wasn't going to throw away the life they built together.

She refused to let that happen.

Lucy took a deep, reassuring breath. She shoved those thoughts about Natsu so far down she almost stumbled in place. Things were great how they were now, and she didn't want that to change.

"Lucy?" Erza asked, waving her hand in front of Lucy's face.

Jolting back, Lucy placed a hand over her racing heart, her eyes growing wide. "What?!"

Erza and Mira laughed, both having watched Lucy zone out a minute or two ago. "You okay?" Mira asked, placing a hand on Lucy's shoulder.

She nodded, gulping as she stood straighter. "I'm fine. Just thinking."

"Are you thinking about that toy?" Erza asked, waggling her eyebrows. "If I were you, I'd ask Gray to get you the extra attachments. They'll be more than worth it."

Lucy couldn't help but laugh, though it had a nervous hint to it. "I'll be sure to let him know," she said, patting her burning cheeks before moving towards her computer. "Y-you still need that document printed?"

Mira nodded, snickering with Erza while Lucy got to work. "Yes, please."

Lucy couldn't be more happier when she handed the paper to Mira, watching as her and Erza finally left her office. Though, they had to get their last few comments in before returning to their professional selves. Lucy could handle a little teasing, especially now that it was over. She sat at her desk, breathing a heavy sigh before pulling out her phone.

Natsu was going to pay for what he did, but she also wanted to reward him for his excellent gift. She typed out a message, a smile quirking her lips as her heart sped up.

You'll get your punishment later.

Lucy bit her bottom lip as she waited for a response, her breath hitching when her phone vibrated in her hand. She looked over it, warmth spreading down her stomach before pulsing between her legs. She wanted to test out that toy as soon as she could, and judging by his message, he wanted the same.

Natsu: I can't wait.

Natsu hissed in pain when the end of the riding crop hit his bare ass. He clenched his teeth, body tensing as he let the sting set in. "Fuck," he mumbled, head falling forward when Lucy rubbed her soft fingers over the spot, caressing his ass as her lips ghosted over his back.

He was standing, arms raised above his head in the handcuffs she had set up. For the past few months, Lucy had used them on him once or twice when she brought her toys out, showing him just how dominating she could be.

Of course, she had her own limitations. She couldn't do as much since one arm was in a cast. Her other injuries had healed, but the broken arm was still holding her back. However, when he was bound and she was in charge, he couldn't tell she was holding back.

"Do you want another?" she whispered, her voice sinful and thick with lust.

He nodded, pleading as he tried leaning into her touch, only to grunt when she moved away. "Yes!"

He didn't see the next one coming, only feeling the stinging pain when she struck him again, this time on the other cheek. "God! That's good!" he roared, hands clenched into fists as his cock twitched, pre-cum leaking from the tip. He was beyond aroused, loving the pleasurable pain she brought.

"Holy fucking shit!" Natsu groaned as she coiled her hand around his cock, giving him a sudden pump. "Nggh!" She tore her hand away before he could buck, wanting more than she was giving.

He inhaled a sharp breath when he felt her place the tip of the riding crop against the base of his back, feeling her delicately trail it up his spine, causing him to shiver. She leaned in, pressing her chest against him as she moaned, "Such a naughty boy, bringing me something so dirty to work."

Her words made him growl, enjoying that dominating side of hers. He didn't surrender control to anyone before he met Lucy, but she could take the reigns if she continued to make him feel that good.

Lucy moved the riding crop around to his front side, dragging it against his thigh before brushing it against his erection. He knew she wouldn't hit him there, but the threat in his head made him gasp.

Lucy took her sweet time as she pulled away, her good arm stretching so she could unlock the handcuffs above his head. They were designed to release when she pressed a button, the resounding click making his anticipation build.

"I think you've been punished enough," Lucy started, releasing his second hand.

Natsu almost protested, wanting to say he liked it when she struck him, but he had to admit his wrists were getting a little sore. He knew his back and ass were red from her whipping him, but it was worth it. The pain was erotic, increasing his blood flow and releasing more endorphins. The rush of pleasure he felt when he was at her mercy was enough to leave him wanting more.

Turning to face her, Natsu saw the smirk resting on Lucy's face, wondering what she was up to.

"I think it's time for your reward."

His fingers twitched by his side, his body flooded with heat and desire. Despite his excitement, Natsu had to ask, "Reward for what?" As far as he knew, he fucked up by giving her that gift at work. He didn't count on her being happy he got it for her in the first place.

Lucy turned, bending over to give him a great view of her ass. She was just as naked as him, allowing him to see her glistening lower lips peeking out between her thighs as she reached into the bottom drawer of the dresser in the corner. She stood, turning around to show Natsu the vibrator he bought her, still in the box.

"I want you to use it on me."

That was all she had to say before he was springing into action, deciding it was his turn to play the dominate role. Lucy giggled as Natsu picked her up with one arm, hoisting her up to carry her to the bed. He carefully placed her in the center of the mattress, grinning as she gasped when he pushed her legs apart. His fingers dug into her supple thighs, letting her feel his raw strength before he leaned down, placing kiss after kiss on her belly before traveling higher.

As he teased her nipples with his devilish tongue, Lucy pulled the vibrator out of the box, fumbling with the plastic and cleaning care instructions before she found the pack of batteries that came with it. Natsu's pulse jumped when he heard the vibrations after she clicked one of the buttons, grinning to himself when she turned it up, testing the different levels.

"Oh wow," she murmured, entranced by the impressive speeds. As much as she wanted to experiment on herself, she wanted to give Natsu that honor more. "Here."

Natsu looked up, seeing her handing the device to him. He got off her, sitting between her legs as he inspected the toy. It wouldn't be the first time he used a vibrator on her, but it was the first time it was one he got. He set it on the lowest vibration, placing it over her wet folds before sliding it along her slit.

Lucy hummed as she relaxed on the bed, letting Natsu take care of her. His free hand wandered over her body while the other directed the vibrator, running it up and down her pussy before focusing on her clit. She caught his wicked grin when she jerked, unable to stop herself from moaning as the toy pulsed against her bundle of nerves. "Oh fuck!"

"You're so damn beautiful," Natsu growled, eyes roaming her squirming body. She flushed under his gaze, her blood running hotter as she leaned into every touch he supplied. She had to be careful, otherwise the fire that was Natsu would end up consuming her.

Sometimes though, she didn't think that would be so bad.

"Aaaahhhhh! Na-Natsuuuu!" Lucy writhed under his ministrations, her thighs tensing as her heart sped up. She let out a pleasured scream when he switched the vibrator to one of the highest settings without warning, causing her to come undone in front of him, unable to stop her ragged breaths as she jerked wildly.

"OH YES! God! Fuck yes! Nnnggh!"

Lucy clenched her teeth before gasping, letting the waves of pleasure crash over her. Her skin tingled as her muscles ached deliciously. She almost thought she couldn't take anymore, but Natsu never relented, guiding her to another orgasm with their new toy.

"N-Natsu! Oh fuck!"

Natsu smirked, loving the way she crumbled under him. He leaned down, licking her breast before popping her nipple into his mouth, letting his tongue swirl around the sensitive bud. She cried out, nails digging into his biceps. He hadn't noticed when she started gripping him with her good arm, too distracted by the lustful look in her eyes and the sheen of sweat clinging to her skin. She was a goddess, and he intended on making her feel that way by worshiping her body.

When they first started using toys, Natsu had been unsure, but he grew used to them quickly after he saw how wild they made Lucy. She had an unbeatable sexual energy about her, and she allowed him to see every part of her, including the way she moved when a toy was used on her. He didn't think she would feel that open with him, but he had earned her trust, and he wasn't going to let her regret that.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" he taunted, grinning when she nodded hard. He decided he wanted to get her off by toy alone. Natsu could satisfy her now, but also let her keep some sexual frustration for Gray later. He was sure Gray would appreciate that.

Natsu pulled away from his delectable girlfriend so he could get into a better position. He handed the vibrator to her, seeing the confusion in her brown eyes. "Play with yourself," was all he said before gripping her thighs, pulling her to the edge of the bed.

She let out a cute yelp, not expecting the change in position. Natsu didn't hesitate to spread her thighs, giving him a great view of her pussy, her lower lips dripping with arousal. He said nothing as he started stroking himself, nodding at her to start.

Lucy's chest flooded with excitement as she realized what he wanted to do. She wet her lips, readjusting herself a bit to get closer to him before leaning back. Her casted arm laid limply over her chest so she could knead a breast while the other hand controlled her vibrator, a guttural moan tearing from her throat when it made contact to her clit. "Fuck!"

"Yeah," Natsu groaned, heat burning his veins as he pumped his thickness, pre-cum making his tight fist wet enough for his movements to be effortless. He grabbed her thigh as he stepped closer, almost hovering over her as he stroked himself to her.

"Nggh!" Lucy couldn't stop herself from getting caught up in the moment. She enjoyed when Natsu was confident, and telling her to masturbate while he touched himself to her was enough to get her fired up. She tweaked a nipple as she moaned, her eyes locked on Natsu's the entire time.

Lucy took pleasure in watching him, and judging by how hard his cock was, Natsu enjoyed watching her just as much. She didn't hold back her moans, letting them stroke his ego much like he stoked his cock. She wanted him to fuck her hard with it, but she had to admit, she loved what they were doing a lot. It was too fun to pass up, the temptation to be naughty together overpowering her.

"Rub yourself against me?" she begged, moving the vibrator up a bit, giving him access.

Natsu groaned before leaning in, running the tip of his cock against her entrance. He could feel the vibrations, though they were faint. He didn't bother stopping himself from thrusting into her core a few times, loving the choked sobs escaping her as he filled her. He didn't finish inside her, instead pulling out so he could continue touching himself. He was so much slicker with Lucy's arousal clinging to his cock, pulling a deep groan from him as he tightened his grip.

Lucy whined at the loss of contact, but her moans never stopped. They increased as she changed the speed of the vibrations, setting it to the highest level. She was a goner after that, her back arching as she screamed. "OH GOD YES!" His name spilled from her lips, making his blood boil and his muscles tense.

Natsu's breath hitched as she writhed. He stroked himself faster while trailing his free hand over her body. She was gorgeous, body twisting and jerking as pleasure racked her. His hand gave the head of his cock fast and purposeful touches, allowing him to come faster than he planned. "Damn!"

Natsu cursed as he came, his cum spurting over her hand, vibrator, and stomach before he was able to direct himself, his next shot landing on her glistening pussy. "Fuck, that's good!"

He gave himself long, slow strokes as he emptied everything he had to offer on Lucy, a feral growl ripping from his throat when Lucy turned the vibrator down low before rubbing his cum over her pussy with it. He wished he had a picture of the moment, but his memory would have to do. Natsu's hand smoothed over her skin as he watched her coat herself with his cum, her eyes almost sparkling with glee. He knew she liked things dirty, and that face meant he made her happy.

Natsu couldn't help but smile, letting out a chuckle as he placed both hands on her thighs, thoroughly exhausted yet satisfied. "That was awesome."

Lucy's eyes lit up more as she nodded, a lazy grin spreading over her face as she struggled to get up. He could see she was tired as well, but she managed to get up with his help. "Yeah it was."

Natsu didn't think much about it as he leaned down, capturing her lips in a soft kiss before pulling back. She lingered before realizing he wasn't going to continue. With a sigh, she streched, accepting their fun together was over.

They moved about the bedroom, grabbing and exchanging clothes to get dressed. "We need to do that again," Lucy said, slipping on her soaked panties. They had been wet since she got her gift from Natsu, her anticipation and excitement keeping her aroused for hours until they could be alone.

Natsu nodded, not minding one bit. "Yeah, absolutely."

He tossed on his shirt and jeans, letting his shoes sit there while he walked over to Lucy. Her back was turned to him, unaware of the amused grin sliding on his face. He gently placed his hands on her waist, feeling her freeze under his touch in surprise. When she started relaxing, he struck, fingers devilish as he tickled her sides, laughing as she started squirming.

"Natsu!" she screamed, her own laughter shining through her confusion. "Ahhh! What are you— Gah!"

Natsu snickered as he tickled her, loving the way she wiggled. She turned her head sideways, revealing her large smile. Seeing as she wasn't upset, he continued, chuckling when tears started clinging to the corner of her eyes.

Lucy was very ticklish, and he started taking advantage of that lately. In fact, the more comfortable they got with each other, the more they shared casual touches. He loved where they were in their relationship now, and he hoped it wouldn't come to an end anytime soon. He was having too much fun with Lucy.

Natsu finally released her when he thought she had enough. Her face was beet red from laughing so much, and she still needed to get dressed. He chuckled as he made his way across the room, snatching his socks and shoes while Lucy recovered from the tickle session. She shook her head as she caught her breath, but she didn't scold him for his childish behavior. In fact, she had a content little smile on her face, and that only made Natsu's chest boom with warmth he couldn't quite describe.

Instead of dwelling on it, Natsu finished getting ready before they left the room, heading towards the kitchen. He thought they would part ways like normal, but once Natsu caught a glimpse of dark hair in the dining room, he knew he couldn't just slip away that easily.

"Hey Gray," he said, catching said man's attention.

Gray looked over his shoulder at Natsu before giving him a nod. "Hey."

Natsu glanced at the laptop in front of Gray, realizing he was doing work. He knew Gray had been busy lately, but he hoped they could still hang out soon. They had plans that Friday, and he would hate to postpone them. However, if Gray had to cancel, Natsu would understand. Gray and Lucy were busy people, and their careers were high on their priorities.

Gray turned back to his computer, one hand fishing in an open bag of chips by his computer as his other hand typed something. "We still on for the movies Friday?"

Natsu grinned, seeing Gray was still planning on hanging out with him. He had fun with Gray, enjoying his company and conversations. "Yup."

Natsu and Lucy didn't see Gray's smile as he nodded. "Cool. See ya then."

Natsu looked at Lucy, giving her good arm a soft squeeze before pulling away. "Thanks for inviting me over. See you tomorrow."

Lucy gave him a nod as he backed away, watching as he headed towards the front door. "Drive safe."

"Thanks. Have a good night, both of ya."

"You too," Lucy called while Gray said, "G'night."

Once Lucy heard the door close behind Natsu, she sauntered over to Gray, bending down so she could rest her chin on his shoulder. She glanced at his computer, seeing he was going over some spreadsheets. "I wish you didn't have to bring your work home," she whispered, coiling her arms around his chest.

Gray sighed, leaning back to press his cheek against hers. "I know, but it has to get done."

She nodded, knowing all-too-well what that was like. People demanded and expected so much out of them because of their positions at their companies, but sometimes it wore them thin.

"Were we being too loud?" Lucy asked, hoping they didn't distract him from his work.

Gray shook his head, grabbing her hand to lead it towards his crotch. Her fingers gripped his erection on impulse, moaning at the hardness concealed in his pants. She knew he got off on the stories she told about her and Natsu, but she didn't expect him to get so aroused listening to them playing within earshot.

Lucy turned her head, burying her nose into her husband's neck before breathing him in. "Please say you can take a break?" She had fun with Natsu, but she really wanted to be fucked.

Natsu had only teased her with a few thrusts, but she would be lying if she said she didn't want to feel that warmth inside after he finished. She still had Natsu's cum smeared against her body, but after talking with Gray in the past, she knew he didn't mind that one bit. In fact, it always seemed to turn him on.

Gray nodded, saving his work before closing his laptop. "What do you wanna do?"

Lucy hummed, stroking over his cock, wishing her other arm wasn't so useless, otherwise she could undo his pants easily. She didn't mind making him wait too much. It was fun teasing him.

Gray on the other hand, didn't want to wait. Once he finished with his laptop, he turned, capturing her lips while he unbuttoned his pants. He groaned when her hand wrapped around his cock, giving him slow, sensual strokes before pulling him out of his pants.

Lucy ended the kiss, her tongue dragging against his lips before meeting his hungry gaze. "Do you want to use my new toy on me later?" she asked, her voice breathy as she pumped his cock.

Gray grinned, taking a shaky breath. "The one Natsu gave you?"

She nodded, seeing lust fill his dark blue eyes. "Would you like that?"

Her answer came in a fierce kiss, one that stole her breath away. Her knees almost buckled as she leaned into him, wanting to take his mind off work for a while. He deserved a break after working so hard.

Gray was the one to break away from her swollen lips the next time, his mouth covering her neck to leave slow, soft kisses up and down her throat, just the way she liked. She was putty in his hands in no time, moaning as his lips and tongue moved against her sensitive skin.

"Bedroom?" she asked, eyes shut and mouth parted as she breathed heavily, loving how attentive he was to her needs.

Lucy thought when Gray pulled back he would usher her to head to the bedroom, but instead, he said something she wasn't expecting. "I um," he started, brows furrowing in concentration. "I was actually wanting to talk to you about something..."

Lucy blinked, concern rising in her chest as she pulled back a few inches. "What's up?"

Gray hesitated, his voice rough as he whispered, "It's... about Natsu..."

Lucy bit her inner cheek, not wanting to show too much of a reaction. Despite that, she couldn't conceal her small frown, worried Gray might say he wanted her to break up with him. She enjoyed Natsu's company, and she wasn't ready to let him go just yet. However, if Gray asked her to, she would end things with Natsu immediately.

"It's nothing bad," he said, noticing her shift in mood.

Her shoulders relaxed as she nodded, relief washing over her. Gray was still good with Natsu, but that fact left her with a question. "What about him?"

Slowly, a soft blush worked its way onto Gray's cheeks. He kept her gaze, but to her, it looked as if he was embarrassed to do just that. When he opened his mouth, he paused, his teeth grinding for a moment before he took a deep breath. "I uh... I was actually wanting to try something with him."

Chapter Text

Chapter Ten: Fantasy

"I'm sorry," Natsu said, shaking his head as his brows furrowed. "I think I misheard you."

Lucy chuckled, her lips trailing down Natsu's neck, leaving soft kisses in her wake. "It's just a fantasy he wants to try. You can say no if you want."

Natsu closed his eyes when Lucy sucked on his pulse point, his arousal throbbing for the attention she denied. He took a deep breath, chest flushing from her actions and her words. "He doesn't really want that, does he?"

A gasp escaped his parted lips when Lucy dragged her tongue up his throat, her teeth nibbling on his earlobe before she whispered in his ear. "He's wanted it before. He just hasn't found the right man," she rubbed her right hand over his crotch, "for the job."

Natsu tried thinking clearly, but Lucy's ministrations made that difficult. "And I'm the right guy?"

She nodded, teeth grazing his throat. "You are. He wants to watch," she slipped her hand into Natsu's jeans, cupping his erection through his boxers, "as you fuck me."

"Damn," Natsu hissed, heat flooding his body. Despite the pleasure she gave him, the logical side of his brain made a valid argument. "I dunno... He wouldn't get mad?"

Lucy stroked him through his pants as she pulled away from his neck, leaning in so she could plant a lingering kiss on his lips. "I can't say no, because we've never tried it before. But if he changes his mind, he'll just leave the room."

Natsu swallowed, trying to imagine what it would be like if her husband watched them fuck. He couldn't deny the idea turned him on, but at the same time, he worried about Gray's feelings. 'He said he gets off on Lucy describing what she does with other men. Why would watching make him upset?'

Natsu moaned when she pushed his boxers down, pressing her thumb against the tip of his cock before drawing small circles, smearing his pre-cum. "Fuck, that's good."

Lucy pulled her hand out of his pants, undoing them so she could take them off. She brought her hand up, keeping Natsu's gaze as she spit in her palm, smiling when Natsu groaned.

"Nggh," he groaned when she started stroking him with her wet fist, his veins burning as pleasure coursed through his body.

"You can think about the offer," Lucy said, giving his lips a quick kiss before sinking down to her knees. She looked up at him, batting her eyes. "No rush."

Natsu watched as she sucked his cock, keeping her left arm close to her body since it was still in a cast. Her injury was the reason he was still being careful with her, not giving her everything he had. She was healing nicely, and it wouldn't be too much longer until her arm was out of that cast.

Natsu growled as he came in Lucy's mouth, watching as the sexy minx swallowed every drop, even licking his cock clean to make sure none was wasted. He offered to finish her off, but she only smiled and shook her head.

"You need to get home and I need to start dinner," she said, giving his cheek a soft, lingering kiss.

Natsu fixed his pants, head feeling light from the spectacular blowjob. He looked over, seeing Lucy was already at the door, waving for him to follow. The two left her extra room, finding the rest of the house quiet. Gray wouldn't be home for a little bit, meaning Natsu wouldn't get the chance to say goodbye before he left.

Him and Lucy shared one last kiss before he made his way to her front door. He used the time he drove home to think about the bizarre request Lucy and Gray presented to him. He would at least consider it, but he still worried it was a bad idea.


Natsu's eyes went wide as he clicked out of the website, his heart beating wildly in his chest. 'Is that what he wants to do?' He couldn't believe it. Natsu had finally wrapped his mind around fucking Gray's wife, but to do it in front of him? He didn't know how he felt about it.

Natsu had done some research into the fantasy, trying to make an informed decision. He had found a word associated with the act and went from there, looking up 'cuckolding' to figure out if it was something he wanted to do. He read articles about it, as well as watched a few porn videos, but he hoped the porn was exaggerating things. Natsu didn't want Lucy trying to humiliate Gray while she fucked him. It wasn't something Natsu was comfortable with.

There were a few other things he noticed while doing his research, most of them unsettling. He read that husbands who wanted to be cuckolded usually had small dicks who couldn't satisfy their wives. Most of the videos showed the husband being submissive, some going as far as to service the other man by sucking his cock or licking his asshole.

Natsu knew he didn't want either of those things happening, only wanting Lucy touching him, and even then, he wasn't so sure about rimming, seeing as he had never done that. He didn't think down for anyone who was into any of the stuff he had watched, but he wasn't sure it was for him.

However, one of the things that struck Natsu as the weirdest, yet strangely arousing thing was what he saw at the end of one of the videos.

The guy came inside the wife, then instead of the camera cutting out, it kept recording, capturing a scene where the husband started eating out the wife. In other words, he was eating the other guy's cum. Natsu didn't know how he felt about that, but as long as he didn't have to eat anyone's cum -besides Lucy's, he was fine with whatever.

Out of all of them, the humiliating thing was where Natsu drew the line. It looked awkward and rude, and Natsu wanted no part in that. Gray was his friend. He didn't want to humiliate him.

Pulling out his phone, he typed a text message to Lucy, frowning when he pressed send. With the cuckolding, you're not gonna make fun of Gray during, are you?

He didn't have to wait long for a response, his phone vibrating a minute later. He checked the message, sighing in relief.

Lucy: No, hes not into that. He'll just be watch. We may talk to each other, but only if you're okay with it.

Natsu swallowed, unsure if he was okay with that or not. Maybe. As long as it's nothing humiliating.

Lucy: By the way, he's not into cuckolding. It's more like hotwifing. Have you heard of that before?

Natsu didn't get a chance to answer, Lucy sending him a link a moment later. The first part of the name gave away what type of website it was, letting Natsu know he would be watching a porno. She told him to watch that video, Natsu's cheeks burning as he clicked the link.

He watched, thankful there was no humiliation involved. The husband was recording, encouraging his wife to suck the other man's cock. Then it cut to the guy fucking the wife, the husband staying quiet during. Natsu swallowed, his cock begging for attention the longer he watched the video. It was erotic, something he could see himself enjoying, especially because there was no degrading talk.

After a few minutes, Natsu gave in, pushing his shorts down so he could stroke himself. The video went on for twenty minutes, the wife and guy switching positions a few times. The husband said a few things throughout, but nothing humiliating was said between the married couple. That gave Natsu some relief. If things went down similar to that video, he could try it.

Natsu nearly came at the end of the video, not expecting that surprise ending. The girl was on her back, the guy between her legs so he could eat her out, but her moans were muffled due to the cock shoved in her mouth. Natsu guessed it was the husband's since the camera was now staying perfectly still, resting on something to capture the moment.

Natsu grunted when he finished, cum spurting over his fingers. He panted, trying to calm himself down with no luck. He didn't know if Lucy was psychic or not, but she texted him as soon as the video ended.

Lucy: Tell me what you think when you finish it.

Natsu didn't respond right away, going to take a long shower while he thought about what he just witnessed. The hot water helped soothe his muscles and his mind as he tried making the best decision.

'Gray wants to do it... He's wanted to do it, but he hasn't felt comfortable with any of Lucy's past boyfriends. That must mean he really trusts me if he wants to watch me bang his wife. Would he want to join in like the end of that video? How did I even feel about that?'

Natsu tried imagining it, picturing his head buried between Lucy's legs while he ate her out. That wasn't too hard. He had been between her luscious thighs plenty of times. 'I could always just keep my head down if they do that? I could pretend she wasn't sucking Gray's dick with me right there?'

Natsu found it hard to believe he could pretend something like that wasn't happening. 'What about Gray seeing me naked? I hadn't thought of that. He'd see everything. He's bi... Does that mean he'd find me sexy?'

Natsu shook his head. 'That's wrong. Just because Gray's bi doesn't mean he would automatically find me sexy. Hmm. Do I want him to think I'm sexy? Would that make it weirder? Fuck, it's already gonna be weird. I might as well just go along with it. If I want to stop I know Lucy'll let me back out.'

Natsu nodded to himself, making his decision. When he finished his shower, he went back to his phone, taking a few deep breaths before he typed out a message, completely ignoring Lucy's earlier question.

I'll do it. Just tell me when and where.

He sighed when he pressed send, heart threatening to beat out of his chest. He jolted when he got a message, hesitating before he clicked to see her reply.

Lucy: Great! I'll talk to Gray. Thank you so much!

Natsu set the phone down, his mind spinning with all the different possibilities this one decision held. He hoped he would enjoy it. Even if he didn't, he hoped he at least didn't regret saying yes.

He didn't know what he would do if he put his friendship with Gray at risk just for the sake of a fantasy.


The big day was set two weeks later, giving Natsu time to back out if he wanted. Lucy assured him he could say no at anytime, even after they got started. He would hold her to that, wanting to feel as comfortable as possible, especially considering this was the first time he would be 'performing'.

Lucy liked putting on 'shows', but Natsu was inexperienced, not knowing how he would feel being watched. He tried to put that part out of his mind, focusing on the fact that he would get to be with Lucy. He didn't know if she meant to, but since he agreed, she hadn't touched him once during the time leading up to the big day. He suspected she did it on purpose, but without asking, he had no way of knowing.

He knocked on the door, panic filling his mind when Gray answered. The man smiled as he stepped aside, inviting Natsu in as if he wasn't about to watch him fuck his wife. 'Maybe that's a good thing,' Natsu thought as he stepped in, making his way to the kitchen where Lucy was. 'The more casual the better?'

Lucy poured her and Gray a glass of wine, smiling when she saw Natsu entering. "Still not drinking?"

He nodded, mumbling as his nerves set in. "Y-yeah."

She took no offense, putting up the bottle before handing Gray his glass. "I thought it might help us relax," she said, taking a sip.

Natsu swallowed, doubting there was anything he could do to relax. He was willing to go along with the act, but that didn't mean he wasn't nervous about doing it. He looked over at Lucy, breath catching when he realized she was in a short thin robe, the bottom cutting off right at her upper thigh.

His throat tightened, eyes lingering over the cleavage, the robe parted enough for him to see she was wearing something black underneath. His eyes flitted to her throat, imagining himself sucking, licking, and biting her. He could already hear her gasps in his ear, his pants growing tighter at the thought of ravaging Lucy soon.

Reality struck him, Natsu turning to see Gray's eyes on him. He had been caught staring at Lucy, a flush immediately spreading over Natsu's face.

"Sorry," he tried, but Gray was already shaking his head.

"It's okay. I promise I don't mind."

Natsu nodded, remembering he was acting her her extra right now, not her friend or assistant. He would be fucking her soon. It was only natural to want to look over her beforehand. It helped get him in the mood, lessening the anxiety, but not enough to make him relaxed.

"I think we should go over the modified rules now," Lucy suggested, waiting for the men to nod before continuing. "The safe word is 'red'. If at any point you don't feel safe or comfortable, say it. Everything will stop and we won't resume unless that person is okay. Got it?"

They nodded.

"Next," she started, turning to Natsu. "Gray and I have discussed what he'd like to see. Will you follow my instructions?"

"Is any of it..." He didn't know what word to use, the only one coming to mind being 'weird', but he wasn't going to say it.

"We've done everything before, so the actual acts won't be anything new. Okay?"

Natsu nodded, some of his stress melting off. If they weren't doing anything new, that meant that borderline-threesome with Gray taking Lucy's mouth and Natsu taking her pussy wasn't going to happen. "Yeah, okay."

"Is it okay if Gray talks to me?"

Natsu pressed his lips into a tight line, shrugging being his only answer. He looked at Gray when the man spoke, keeping his voice as normal as possible. "I'll be asking her things like if she likes what's happening to her, or I might tell her to do something specific?"

"Like what?" Natsu asked, feeling a shiver run down his back when Gray smiled.

"Well, I really like when she touches herself in front of me, so I might ask her to do that when she's riding you."

"Riding me?" Natsu asked, throat going dry as his cock twitched. His fingered curled automatically, wanting to grip her hips as she rode him.

Gray chuckled, giving Lucy a sheepish grin. "Oops, guess he knows the position now."

Lucy's shoulders shook as she suppressed a laugh, reaching a hand out to touch Gray's arm. Her eyes lit up, turning to Natsu with a soft smile. "Oh, and there's going to be a surprise at the end."

Images of that porn he watched surfaced in his head, wondering if that meant they were going to do something new anyway, but Lucy shook her head, as if guessing his thoughts.

"It won't involve you at all, unless you want to watch." She turned to her husband, running her hand up his arm to his shoulder. "I just want him to take me afterwards, if that's okay?"

Natsu felt dizzy as he nodded, the situation becoming overwhelming, but he wasn't quitting now. He wanted to make Lucy and Gray happy, even if the way to do that was a little weird to him. He could get over that. Besides, as long as he was only touching Lucy, he didn't see any downside besides a little embarrassment from being watched in the act.

"There's not gonna be any recording, right?" Natsu hadn't finished his question before they were shaking their heads.

"No. Not at all," Gray assured, taking a gulp of his wine.

Natsu nodded, glad there wouldn't be proof of it. "That's good."

"Any other questions?" Lucy asked, making Natsu almost snort.

He had a lot of questions, but only a few he could voice out loud. "Are you gonna be walking around... Or on the bed or anything?"

Gray shook his head. "I'll be sitting in the corner until you're done with her."

Natsu swallowed, fire burning in his belly. "What if—" Natsu bit his lower lip, unable to finish the question.

"What if what?"

He took a deep breath, hoping he wouldn't offend Gray. "What if... you get mad?"

Raising a brow, Gray said, "I'd probably leave." That answer made Natsu's shoulders tense, causing Gray to sigh. "Look, just do what you normally do with Lucy. I'm just there to watch and maybe say a few things, but it won't be anything bad." He smiled, dark blue eyes filled with sincerity. "I'm sure you've had fantasies before?"

When Natsu reluctantly nodded, Gray continued. "This has been one of mine for a while, but I've never trusted any of Lucy's extras with something like this. Hell, your the first one who even knows I'm..." His voice trailed off before he sighed.

"I dunno if you've noticed, but I don't go around telling people secrets about myself that easy. I trust that you'll respect my wife and show her a good time while I watch. I also trust you to be discrete. You're the longest extra she's had, and there's a reason for it. You're trustworthy."

Natsu felt his heart drop, knowing he wasn't worthy of Gray's trust. He liked Lucy, a lot. He was able to hide it well, thus making them think he was only in it for the physical aspects. It was why he lasted eleven and a half months with Lucy, two weeks away from reaching a year.

Natsu couldn't believe it. Not only was it Lucy's longest time with an extra, it was his longest relationship, and he hadn't even had a proper date with her once. However, he knew the risks when he started. There was no one to blame but himself if he got hurt.

"You really want this?" Natsu asked, voice firmer than before. When Gray nodded, he took a deep breath. "Then let's do it."

Gray and Lucy smiled, setting down their drinks so they could head down the hall towards the spare bedrooms. Lucy led the way, her robe sliding against her ass with every step she took. Natsu knew she was getting off on the attention alone, making him happy she was already having a good time.

Lucy opened the door to her extra room, the one Natsu had been in countless times before. The lights were dimmed, the mattress stripped of any blankets or pillows, just like it always was. The less personal the space, the easier it was to disassociate themselves.

On the wall was a window, but the curtains were large, covering it from every angle. There was a lone dresser pushed in the corner of the room, the contents filled with a multitude of toys they could use on each other. His cock throbbed in his pants, wondering if she was going to bring any toys into their play.

Natsu looked over when Gray separated from them, taking a seat in a chair in the corner of the room, facing the foot of the bed. The chair was always there, but Natsu never put much thought into it before. He assumed it was another prop they could use that they hadn't gotten to. Now he realized what it was for, even if this was its first real use.

"Natsu, will you undress me?" Lucy asked, the question sounding far more innocent than it should.

He looked over at Gray, seeing his dark eyes watching their every move. Natsu jolted when Lucy's good hand grabbed his wrist, guiding it up until she placed his palm on her chest, right over her breast. "Pay attention to me."

Natsu nodded, rubbing his hand against her before reaching down, grabbing the tie that held her robe closed. It was in a loose knot, coming undone with a soft tug. His breath hitched when he saw the lingerie she wore, beautiful breasts held up by a red and black bra. She knew those were his favorite colors, the panties that hugged her curves matching perfectly.

"Fuck," he breathed, fingers skimming over the straps, loving the contrast between the dark color and her pale skin.

He helped her remove the robe, the sleeve over her left arm resisting at first. She still wore her cast, but after months of seeing it on, it became normal. It didn't mean he was happy she was in it, but he had gotten used to the sight, working around it so it could heal without interruption.

Lucy wrapped an arm around his neck, arching her back so she was closer. He grabbed her hips, feeling the supple curves beneath his fingers. She was womanly, having enough body so he could push and pull on her. He loved her figure. He couldn't count how many times he had touched himself to her memory while he was alone at his apartment.

"Kiss me," she said, and her wish was his command.

He pressed his lips to hers, eyes sliding shut when she tilted her head to deepen the kiss, Her lips moved against his, her tongue swiping at the seam of his mouth, entering once he parted it.

Natsu groaned when she sucked on his tongue. It was a weakness he wasn't ashamed of. Lucy learned his body well over the past year, and she used it to her advantage, keeping him distracted while her husband watched, enraptured by the sight before him.

Lucy hadn't been the only one taking notes over the course of their relationship. Natsu's hands grasped her ass, pulling her flush against him. She moaned when he thrust his tongue into her mouth, dominating her and the kiss. He rolled his hips, creating a delicious friction between them, his covered-cock rocking against her panties.

Lucy tugged on him, leading them to the bed. When the back of her legs hit the edge, she fell, taking him with her. Natsu crawled over her, one hand palming her breast while the other kept his weight off her. He tore his lips away from her mouth, trailing them over her jaw then down her throat. She arched into him, sighing heavily when he licked over the crook of her neck. His teeth grazed her, but he didn't bite, instead sucking on the tender area.


Pride surged in Natsu was he went lower, pulling at the cup of her bra as he went. He held the cup down, exposing her breast to him. He blew his hot breath over her nipple, watching in fascination as it hardened, but not enough to satisfy him. His lips wrapped around the pink bud, Lucy crying out when he flicked his tongue over it.

While removing the clasp in the back, Natsu sucked, causing her to moan. He was transfixed by her noises, not noticing the sound of a buckle coming loose or the sound of a zipper pulling down. Natsu dragged his teeth against her breast, smirking when he heard her panting under him. He loved driving her wild, the woman making the best noises in bed.

He would rate her moans as the best noise he had ever heard, but that spot was permanently reserved for the sound of her laugh.

Speaking of hearing her laugh, Natsu leaned over, grabbing her right hand to hold it against the bed, her palm facing the ceiling. She sucked in a sharp breath when his finger touched her skin, her body squirming when he lightly moved the tip against her vein.

She giggled, the sound making his cock leak pre-cum. She was ticklish all over, but that was his favorite spot to play. She gasped when he pressed an open-mouthed kiss to her wrist, his tongue teasing her before he resumed his earlier mission, kissing his way down to her stomach.

Lucy's legs spread when he dipped his tongue into her belly button, not spending long there before he found the waistband of her panties. He tugged, grinning when she lifted her ass, assisting him in removing them.

Natsu took a deep inhale when he leaned towards her core, her arousal thick in the air despite them just beginning. He used two fingers to spread her lips, loving the glistening pink skin that greeted him.

Instead of diving right in, Natsu placed a kiss to both sides of her inner thighs, smiling when she started squirming, wanting him to touch her already. He wouldn't give in so easily, wanting to tease her for a minute longer.

He breathed against her, watching as her body reacted with a shiver. He kissed the spot directly above her clit, hearing her whine when he moved upwards to brush his nose against her neatly trimmed hair. She was great at keeping up with herself, and her effort was greatly appreciated.

"Natsu," she pouted, hips rocking to tempt him to touch her. "Please?"

How could he possibly say no to that?

Natsu dragged his tongue over her slit from top to bottom, head spinning at the intoxicating taste. Lucy bit back a moan when he dipped his tongue into her core, sampling her natural juices before he was moving up. Right before he was going to touch her clit, he went back down, hearing the frustrated whine coming from his girlfriend.

Taking pity on her, Natsu captured her bundle of nerves between his lip, giving it a rough suck before he was licking her. Lucy's breath hitched, her hips thrusting on impulse. Natsu continued to play with her clit, shifting so he could bring two fingers to her core.

He pushed past her wet folds, easing his fingers in as he assaulted her with his tongue. She whimpered when he pulled at her clit with his lips, her voice airy when she begged, "Do it again!"

He did, earning a tug on his hair, making him wondering when her fingers threaded through his pink locks. She tightened her grip when he pulled his fingers out, only to gasp when he shoved them back in. She was soaked, dripping with need.

Natsu covered her clit with his mouth, giving her broad strokes with his tongue that drove her towards the edge. He sped up his fingers, rubbing along her walls to create more moisture. She was warm inside, her body reacting to the pleasure coursing through her system.

He looked up, catching her gaze, brown eyes hazy with lust. They closed a second later when she moaned, head thrown back against the mattress. Natsu slowed the thrusts into her, her hips bucking to increase the speed.

"What do you want, Lucy?" he asked, voice rough and dark.

She whimpered, pulling at his hair to get him to lick her again. "F-faster," she gasped, core clenching around him when he did as she asked. When he started dragging his tongue against her clit, her thighs shook, her breathing turning labored as Natsu pushed her closer and closer.

"Ahhhh!" Lucy cried, body moving against his mouth in a fluid motion. "Yes! Fuck yes! Right there!" She held his hair tight, making sure he couldn't pull away, not that he was going to. He swirled his tongue against her while pulling out his fingers, earning a choked sob when he pushed three back in. It wasn't long before she was coming again, his name spilling past her heavenly lips.

Natsu looked up with a feral gaze, eyes narrowing when he noticed she wasn't looking at him, but behind him. Without thinking, Natsu turned, eyes growing wide when he saw Gray sitting in the corner, his cock in hand as he stroked himself to the scene in front of him.

Natsu quickly looked away, his face flushing at the sight he just witnessed. For a moment, the only thing he could think of was, 'He definitely doesn't have a small cock.' If anything, Gray looked like the same size as him. Knowing he wasn't going to figure out how they measured up against each other, he decided to put the image out of his head so he could focus on Lucy.

However, before he could open his mouth to lick her again, he heard Lucy's breathless voice. "Up. Now."

He gulped before pushing himself up, watching as Lucy climbed off the bed. She didn't hesitate to drop before him, kneeling on the ground a second later. Her brown eyes were clear, but the deep flush on her face let him know she was still aroused. She licked her lips, mouth parting so she could say three words that made Natsu burn inside.

"Fuck my face."

Natsu's jaw dropped, his cock throbbing at her crude choice of words. He looked over at Gray, seeing he was no longer stroking himself, keeping a firm grip around the base of his cock. He was waiting, eyes locked on Lucy.

"Are..." Natsu started, causing Gray's eyes to flit to him. "Are you sure?"

Gray looked back at Lucy, his chest rising from his labored breathing. Lucy's hand gripped Natsu's hip, tugging on him so he would look at her. She raised herself up with her thighs, her hand moving to rub over the bulge in his pants. "Yes, we're sure."

Natsu gulped, letting out a shaky breath as he nodded. "Okay," he whispered, undoing his pants before letting Lucy pull them off, taking his boxers with them. He kicked his shoes off, shrugging his pants to the side.

To avoid looking silly, Natsu pulled off his shirt, letting it drop. He was naked, tan muscles flexing when he felt Lucy's lips on the side of his cock, his breath hitching when he looked down at the goddess.

"Fuck." Natsu's eyes shut for a moment, enjoying the way Lucy's tongue traveled over his length. She licked at his pre-cum, smearing it against her tongue and his head before her lips wrapped around him, taking him into her pretty little mouth. He groaned when her nails dug into his hip, keeping him grounded while also giving him enough pain to be pleasurable.

He opened an eye, seeing the enthusiastic woman sucking his cock like a pro. A string of curses escaped his parted lips as he panted, hand falling on her head of gold hair so he could coil his fist in the blonde locks. She took him deeper, the tip of his cock hitting the entrance to her throat.

Lucy pulled back, taking a gulp of air before thrusting his cock into her mouth again, loosening her jaw and relaxing her throat. "Fuck, fuck! God damn!" Natsu moaned when the head slipped into her tight throat, white spots dotting his vision as she bobbed her head back and forth. His grip tightened in her hair, but it only made her go faster, tears collecting in the corners of her eyes as she serviced him.

Natsu's hips started moving forward, gentle at first until he built up his speed. Lucy stopped moving her head, Natsu's hand keeping her still while he did exactly what she asked him to do.

He fucked her face, and he loved every second of it.

"Such a good girl," he praised, fisting her hair as he thrust harder, her hand tugging at his hip so he wouldn't stop. He had no plans of it, growling as he neared his release.

However, right as he teetered on the edge, Lucy pushed at his hip, pulling herself off his cock. An urge to grab her head and make her finish the job surfaced, but he ignored it, panting as his cock twitched with need. Saliva dripped down his length and Lucy's mouth, her breaths more like gasps of air as she swallowed, soothing her sore throat.

Her swollen lips were too tempting. Natsu fell to his knees, wrapping an arm around Lucy before pulling her against him. He kissed her, tongue thrusting to steal her breath away. His nose scrunched for a second at the taste of himself, but he ignored it in favor of pleasuring Lucy, one of his hands finding the apex of her thighs before sliding two fingers into her soaked core.

Lucy's hand weaved into his hair, pulling him close as she pulsed around his fingers. The more he rubbed along her walls, the sloppier their kiss got. Soon she was whimpering against his lips, mouth parted as she shook. His free hand massaged her breast, thumb brushing over her hard nipple.

His plan was to get Lucy off again, but she pulled back, hand coming down to grab his wrist. She shook her head, chest heaving as she tried to speak. "Not... yet..."

Natsu curled his fingers inside her, repeating the motion a few times. "Why not?" he asked, voice dark and laced with greed.

She swallowed, brown eyes alluring and holding every ounce of his attention. "I want to... come with you... inside."

Natsu groaned, removing his slick fingers so he could grab Lucy's thighs, hoisting her up. She squeaked, using her good arm to wrap around his neck so she wouldn't fall backwards. He sat on the bed, mouth connecting to her throat as his teeth sunk into her skin, loving the mewl she made. He didn't bite hard enough to leave a mark, but it got a reaction out of her, so he counted it as a win.

"You wanna ride me?" Natsu asked, hot breath fanning over her skin. His eyes focused for a moment on the man in the corner, seeing Gray touching himself once again, clearly enjoying the scene. Natsu didn't think twice as he sunk his teeth into her neck again, pulling a whimper from Gray's wife.

"Yes! Please!"

He saw Gray's smirk before Natsu closed his eyes, grinning to himself. He was quickly getting over the awkwardness, finding he enjoyed putting on a show. He could see why Lucy got off on it.

Natsu scooted back before laying down, keeping Lucy on top of him. She looked dazed as she maneuvered herself, turning around so she was facing the edge of the bed. Natsu had a great view of her firm ass, his hands grabbing each cheek to spread them, revealing her sopping pussy and tight puckered hole.

Natsu left her ass alone. Despite them being together for almost a year, neither one of them brought up the subject of anal. He figured if Lucy wanted it, she would say something. Seeing as he hadn't had it before, he didn't think he was missing out on much. Instead of playing with the tight ring of muscles, Natsu dragged his fingers over her wet folds, already imagining himself sinking into her glorious pussy.

He hoped Gray was enjoying himself. Natsu couldn't wait to show his friend how much he loved fucking his wife.

Lucy lifted herself up, spreading her legs so she was straddling him reverse before lowering. Natsu held the base of his cock, teeth clenching when her body encompassed every hot inch of his length. He felt her spreading, her core pulsing and clenching as he filled her.

"Oh fuck," she moaned, eyes sliding shut as the delicious burn overwhelmed her. She looked at Gray, locking eyes with him before her eyes dipped, watching as he stroked his long cock. His cheeks were flushed, lips parted as he masturbated to their show. She clenched hard around Natsu, causing him to groan from beneath her.

While keeping her eyes on Gray, Lucy lifted, her inner walls dragging along Natsu's cock to create a pleasurable friction. She felt two warm hands on her hips, Natsu's grip bruising as he bucked up, pulling a choked sob from her.



Lucy kept her arm in a cast by her side, hoping it wasn't too noticeable as she spread herself, letting Gray see every inch of her front as she rode Natsu's cock. She was unsure at first if having Gray watch would be a good idea, but judging by his reaction, it had been a good decision. He was entranced by the sight of her fucking Natsu, his fantasy being fulfilled.

Natsu rammed his cock in and out of Lucy, panting when she met his thrusts. The lewd sound of their slick bodies slapping together was captivating, his heart racing while a fire burned deep in his soul. He felt his thighs and arms ache, but he ignored them. He was having too much fun to stop now, mercilessly fucking into her to drive her to the brink of no return.

"Oh! Oh yes! N-Natsu! FUCK!"

She came around his cock, walls clamping and massaging his cock. Natsu threw his head back, eyes slammed shut as he held out, wanting his own release but knowing it would be better if he made her come at least one more time. Lucy deserved to feel that pleasure.

Plus, he wanted to make the experience great for Gray too. It wouldn't be any fun if he finished too soon.

"Does that feel good?"

Natsu's eyes snapped open when he heard Gray's voice. He didn't look over, but he did listen, the fire in his belly burning hotter at the idea of Gray talking to Lucy while his cock was deep inside her.

"Yes! Feels so good!" She whimpered, her hips rolling to create a fluid motion, her pussy gliding over his cock.

"Does he fill you up?"

Lucy nodded, but it was hard to tell with her moving up and down. She gasped, unable to answer with words. "Ahhhh!"

Gray's chuckle was dark, sending a shiver down Natsu's spine. He was tempted to look over, but he figured he would let Lucy and Gray have their moment. Besides, he was busy trying to keep up his fast pace, bucking up into her wet heat.

"I'll take that as a yes." Gray paused, his voice growing thick with need. "You look gorgeous, bouncing on his thick cock."

Natsu moaned at the lewd words, thankful Lucy's moan was much louder, drowning his out. Her pussy clenched around Natsu as she asked, "Do you like watching?"

Natsu swallowed when he heard Gray's reply, his thrusts turning frantic. "Yes."

Natsu barely heard Gray tell Lucy to touch herself, his blood roaring in his ear, preventing him from hearing much of anything, but could definitely hear the gorgeous woman on top of him.

"Almost there! Ahhhh! Don't stop! Please! I'm almost, almost—"

He heard Lucy's cries when she was near her next climax, Natsu not able to hold out for much longer. He pounded into her, feeling exhilarated and sated. When he felt Lucy coming around him, he didn't resist, letting himself topple over that edge so he could join her.

"Fuck! LUCY!"

Natsu came, filling the small space between the tip of his cock and the back of her core. When she was full, it started overflowing, Natsu keeping his cock rested deep inside her as trickles of cum spilled around the base of his cock. They were both sticky, sweaty, and dirty, but neither minded. Their sex was usually raw, full of carnal desire and passion. They didn't have time to worry about what kind of mess they made.

Lucy pulled off him, clenching so he wouldn't spill from her body. She laid on the bed, giving Natsu a soft, lazy smile. "You might want to move," she said, one hand resting on her stomach while the other remained by her side. Before he could ask why, she added, "I don't mind if you stay, but it might get crowded."

Natsu looked up, seeing Gray was standing at the foot of the bed, not a shred of clothing on his body. Natsu's eyes widened, unaware that he was staring as his eyes fell, landing on the sizable cock in Gray's hand. Now that he was up close, Natsu could see just how big Gray really was.

His cock had to be longer than Natsu's, by an inch or so if he had to guess. His cock was slighly curved, the girth not as thick as Natsu's cock, but still good for spreading. Natsu had no doubt Gray used his length to his advantage.

"You can do one of two things," Gray said, pulling Natsu's attention back to his face. There was a salacious grin resting on his lips, his head tilting while his dark eyes danced with amusement. "Leave, or stay. The choice is yours."

Natsu opened his mouth, but no words came out. He climbed off the bed, eyes flitting to Lucy, who was centering herself on the mattress. Natsu watched as Gray moved to hover over her, his lips connecting with hers in a slow and sensual kiss.

"You were amazing," Gray murmured, one hand tracing the curves of her body before bringing it back up, cupping her cheek. "So beautiful and sexy."

Lucy smiled, lifting her head so she could kiss her husband.

Natsu took a few steps back, debating what he should do. He had the option of leaving, and admittedly it was what he planned to do when he finished with Lucy, but he would be lying if he said he wasn't curious.

'It's like watching porn,' he tried convincing himself, almost stumbling when he went to sit down in the lone chair, the one Gray was previously in.

He watched as they kissed, each petting the other's body with slow, deliberate motions. Natsu felt hypnotized, not wanting to move from his spot. They looked so intimate, so caring as they kissed and touched. However, their careful movements soon ended, showing Natsu just how dirty they could both be.

Natsu's eyes widened when he saw Gray moving down Lucy's body, getting dangerously close to her spent pussy. He held his breath when Gray was mere inches away, thinking there was no way he was going to go down on her after that. Natsu's cum was seeping out of her, mixed heavily with her arousal.

Gray didn't hesitate, leaning in to press his open mouth against Lucy's womanhood, lapping up the mess Natsu made inside her. Natsu's breath hitched. He was left stunned, too shocked to move a muscle as he watched, wondering what the hell was going on in Gray's head right now.

'My cum is clean, free of any disease... And Gray's probably tasted cum before if he's been with men... Maybe he's, maybe he's not thinkin' of it as my cum.' Natsu watched as Lucy moaned, her fingers threading in Gray's dark hair as her hips rocked against his face.

'But what if Gray is thinking of it as my cum? What if... what if that's a turn on for him?' The idea of Gray eating Natsu's cum because it was his cum gave him a weird, hot sensation all over his body, spreading through every limb. He stayed still, mesmerized by the scene in front of him, vaguely wondering if that was how Gray felt when he was watching Natsu and Lucy go at it.

"Oh fuck!" Lucy yelled, heels digging into the mattress as she writhed beneath Gray. "Yes! Ahhhhhh! I love that! Yes yes yes! Right there!"

Gray pushed Lucy's thighs further apart and lifted them, his head lowering to lick further down. Lucy gasped when she felt his warm tongue prodding her asshole, her pussy clenching around nothing as she nodded. "Gray! Fuuuuck! Yes! I love the way you lick my ass! Feels so fucking good!"

Natsu's eyes shot wide open, jaw dropping as a dark flush surfaced on his face. His forehead burned, sweat beading over his naked body. He didn't realize Lucy liked getting her asshole licked. It was news to him, but that was partially his fault. He had many opportunities to bring it up, yet he never did.

As Natsu watched the married couple play, he couldn't help but think back to his research done when he thought they wanted to try cuckolding. Gray wasn't lacking in the size department when it came to his cock, and from what Natsu could tell, he wasn't submissive either. Not only that, Gray had no trouble satisfying his wife, getting her to scream and moan louder than Natsu ever had, but instead of getting angry, it only put a fire in his belly, determined to do better so he could get Lucy like that.

He had done some research on hotwifing after Lucy brought it up. It was when a man wanted to see another man pleasure his wife in front of him. There was no humiliation involved, only fun, dirty sex that left everyone satisfied. It was something Natsu could get behind, liking the idea of helping both Lucy and Gray at the same time while also getting his own pleasure taken are of.

Natsu's attention was captured when he heard Lucy's gasps. Her body alternated between shaking and tensing as she came, crying out Gray's name as he prolonged her orgasm by sucking on her clit. Before she came down from her natural high, he was inside her, stealing her breath away with the rough thrust into her gushing core.

Natsu swallowed past his dry throat, finding it odd how much he liked watching Gray's cock disappearing into Lucy again and again. His fingers twitched, but before he could think of why he felt the need to touch something, he focused on the lewd noises echoing in the room.

Natsu could hear the fluid inside her, Natsu's cum and Lucy's arousal lubricating her walls. He watched, speechless as Gray made her come again, as if it were the easiest thing in the world to do.

Gray wasn't finished with Lucy yet, driving into her with long thrusts to pull moan after moan from the woman below him. He moved a hand between them, rubbing at her engorged bundle of nerves as he taunted her, speaking loud enough so everyone in the room could hear him.

"You're so hot inside," Gray moaned, hips snapping against hers. "Did Natsu do that to you? Hmm? Did he get you all hot inside?"

Natsu didn't think his body could burn any hotter, but it did. He knew he got off to dirty talk, but he never imagined Gray could pull the same reaction out of him. He breathed out a heavy sigh, trying to keep himself from moaning as Lucy shouted her answer.

"Yes!" Her hand clutched his shoulders, her voice high and strained. "He did!"

"I loved watching you fuck him. You especially looked good on your knees, choking on his big cock. Bet you liked that, didn't you?"

"Fuck," Natsu whispered, transfixed by the dirty words coming from Gray and Lucy's mouths. His breathing turned labored as he struggled to control himself.


Their words had an effect on Natsu, his cock twitching as he grew aroused. He thought he would have been upset watching Lucy fucking another man, but it was quite the opposite. He found he loved the sight, but he knew it helped Gray was the one fucking her. He trusted Gray, not that it really mattered who he trusted or not. He had no say in who Lucy shared her bed with.

Natsu's hand moved to cup his half-hard cock, fingers brushing over his sticky skin. Lucy's juices and his cum clung to his member, reminding him that Gray was currently pounding into Lucy with that substance lubricating him, his thrusts frantic as he neared his climax.

Sweat glistened over Gray and Lucy's skin, the two moving against each other as they kissed. Natsu could see and feel the love and trust radiating from them, a yearning for that feeling weighing heavy on Natsu's heart. He pushed that thought aside, focusing on the two people in front of him as they met their end, screaming each other's names as Gray spilled himself inside Lucy.

"Oh wow," Lucy cooed when she regained her composure, sounding delirious as she mumbled. "I feel so full."

Gray kissed her forehead, smiling down at his wife. "Good. You deserve it." He kissed her again, whispering to her. "I love you, Lucy."

"I love you too."

Natsu watched as Gray pulled out, cum dripping from her swollen lips. Natsu wasn't sure whose cum it was, or if it was a mixture of both men. His eyes followed the movement, shifting to Gray when he stepped off the bed.

The two men made eye contact, Gray's cheeks burning with a blush. He nodded towards Natsu, his voice rough and deep. "If you wanna fuck her again, go for it. I'm gonna go take a shower." With that, Gray left, not saying another word.

Natsu stared at the closed door for a long minute before turning his gaze towards the bed, jolting when he saw Lucy staring back at him, desire in her brown eyes.

Her chest heaved as she panted, legs spread shamelessly to reveal her quivering, overflowing pussy. She brought her hand down, fingers separating her lower lips so he could get a better look of her core, her smile dazed as she swallowed.

"Do you want me?" she asked, her voice firm despite her disheveled appearance.

He squeezed his hand as he growled, feeling his hard member. Lucy was insatiable today, and he didn't want her feeling unfulfilled. Besides, seeing her like that sparked a need to dominate her, to ravish the woman who drove him mad.


Her fingers pulled away from her core, brushing against her clit. "Come get me." She rolled over, sticking her ass in the air for him to see.

Natsu looked back at the door, making sure it was really closed before walking towards her, the mattress shifting as he climbed on. He rested a hand on her supple ass, eyes falling to her lower lips, dripping with semen. He swallowed hard, wondering why a sight like that was such a turn on.

He grabbed his cock, bringing it to her core. He rubbed himself against her folds, Gray's cum smearing over him. "Oh fuck," he moaned, shuddering at the sensation.

"What?" Lucy asked, but he shook his head.

"Nothing." Natsu didn't want to admit how good it felt, warm and slippery against his heated skin. Taking a deep breath, he pushed against her body, sliding in with little resistance. "Fucking hell," he mumbled, amazed by how incredible she felt. She was hot and soaked, his mind blanking for a second as the feeling took over.

Natsu held her tight as he started to move his hips, groaning at the euphoric feeling her body provided. It took longer for him to come the second time, but they both used that to their advantage.

Lucy's body was extra sensitive after everything that had happened to her, making it easier for Natsu to make her cum. He slid along her walls, feeling their combined fluid mixing inside her. He shuddered at the feeling. He thought he should think of it as wrong, but he couldn't. For some reason, it just felt right.

He fucked her hard and fast, letting out a throaty growl when he came inside her a second time, not expelling as much cum as before, but still enough to make him shiver, his forehead resting on her shoulder before he pulled out.

Natsu fell on his back, body protesting any movement. He was exhausted, his muscles sore and eyelids heavy. He felt Lucy shifting, but he couldn't look over, using all his energy to stay awake.

"I'm beat," Lucy mumbled, causing him to chuckle.

"Me too."

His eyes flitted down, seeing his cock softening, a milky substance lingering on his skin. As soon as he thought it might have been Gray's cum, he sighed, hoping he wasn't a pervert for liking what happened.

More so, he was hoping there might be a possibility of them doing it again, if everyone was okay with it.

He laughed when a wild idea popped into his head, causing Lucy to look over, her brows furrowing. "What?"

"Nothing," he lied, knowing he was being ridiculous. "Just a thought."

"What is it?"

Seeing as the situation couldn't get any weirder, Natsu decided to let her in on the little joke. "Have you ever heard of an indirect kiss?"

"Yeah?" Lucy gaped when she figured it out, laughing despite her lack of energy. "Are you trying to say you indirectly fucked Gray?"

Natsu shrugged, feeling the knots in his back and shoulders. "Something like that. Just thought it was funny."

"You're silly."

He let her have it, not able to argue anyway. Looking down, he saw her good arm, the angle preventing him from seeing the one in a cast. "How's the arm?"


Natsu nodded, happy her recovery was going well. "That's good." He yawned, not wanting to move from his spot. "Hey, I gotta weird question."

"What's up?"

"Can I take a nap here?" He turned his head, seeing the confusion in Lucy's eyes. "I don't feel okay to drive right now. Too tired."

Lucy nodded, slowly sitting up. "Thank you for being honest. I'll leave you alone." She grabbed her lingerie and robe, not bothering to put them on as she made her way to the door. "Get some sleep. You earned it."

Natsu gave her a weak thumbs up, eyes shutting before she was opening the door to leave. He passed out in under a minute, exhaustion overwhelming him.


Natsu stumbled as he got dressed, cringing at the dried sweat and fluids on his body. He didn't know how long he was asleep, but he was ready to go home and shower, wanting to fall asleep in his own bed while cuddling his cat.

His plan was to sneak out undetected, but that was foiled when he ran into Gray, literally. The man was coming around the corner, Natsu smacking against him. "Sorry," he mumbled, cheeks burning in an instant. He swallowed, hoping it wasn't noticeable.

"My bad, didn't see you there." Gray stepped out of the way, heading towards the refrigerator to pull out a bottle of water. "How'd you sleep?" Natsu wondered how Gray was able to keep his voice so casual after what happened, but he didn't dwell on it.

"Good." Natsu hesitated before taking a few steps forward, knowing it would make things more awkward if he just left without saying goodbye.

"Feel any better?"

He nodded, eyes finding the door to Lucy's extra room, remembering what transpired between the three earlier that day. "Yeah." He paused, waiting to see if Gray would say anything else. When he didn't, Natsu sighed. "So uh, about what happened."

"What about it?" Gray asked, twisting off the cap before taking a large gulp. He raised a brow when Natsu didn't finish, tilting his head an inch to the side. "Do you regret what happened?"

Natsu shook his head, voice strained as he said, "No, that's not it. It's just... This isn't gonna, I mean, things aren't gonna be weird between us, is it?"

Gray didn't answer right away, instead keeping Natsu's gaze as the seconds ticked by. He sounded hesitant when he spoke, as if he didn't want to know. "What do you mean?"

"Like," Natsu struggled for words, "we're still gonna be friends, right?"

Gray's dark eyes seemed to lighten as he nodded, a chuckle vibrating his chest. "That was the plan. Why? You rethinking our friendship?" Despite the friendly banter, Natsu could see the tension in Gray's shoulders. It wasn't too hard to spot, seeing as the man was walking around without a shirt on.

'So Gray does get nervous too. He's just better at hiding it.'

"No, just worried it was gonna get awkward."

Gray shook his head, giving Natsu a warm smile. "It's only gonna get awkward if we let it. I'm fine, happy even with what happened. If you never wanna talk about it again, I'm cool with that. Remember, honesty is crucial."

Natsu nodded, chest constricting. "Yeah. Um, I don't know if I wanna talk about it later or not."

"That's fine. I'm okay with it. If you want to, you can bring it up. I won't say a word."

Natsu felt relief, until Gray added, "Except I did wanna say one thing. That was..." He smiled, his shoulders relaxing. "That was perfect. Better than I hoped." Gray raised his water, chuckling. "And that's all I'm gonna say about it."

Natsu couldn't help but laugh, happy Gray wasn't mad at him. It was one thing to fantasize and another to act it out. He didn't want to lose his friendship over something like that. Gray had become one of Natsu's best friends over the last year. He couldn't imagine losing him, just like he couldn't imagine losing Lucy.

Natsu was also glad Gray didn't bring up the cum eating. He didn't know how he would handle that, still trying to sort out his own thoughts on the act.

Gray set his drink down before going to the pantry, pulling out a few ingredients. "I'd invite you to hang out, but you reek of sex."

Natsu barked out a laugh, not doubting Gray for a second. "Yeah. I need to go shower."

"Wanna come over this weekend?"

Natsu nodded, already looking forward to it. "Yeah. I don't have any plans."

"Cool. I'll text you about it later."

Natsu took that as his cue to leave, giving Gray a wave before heading to the front door. "Have a good night!"

"You too! Drive safe!"

Natsu left the house with a soft smile on his face. He felt confused, happy, but above all, Natsu felt satisfied with how things turned out.

If they asked him to do it all again, he would definitely say yes.


Chapter Text

Chapter Eleven: Company party

"What are you doing sitting by yourself for?"

Natsu glanced up from his phone, smiling when he saw Erza looming over him. She took a seat at the other side of the picnic table, a plate of food in her hands.

"Oh," he looked around, seeing the empty spaces. "Guess I didn't notice everyone leave."

"How would you? You've been on your phone since we got here."

"I have not," Natsu groused, knowing Erza was right. "I'm just waiting on a message. Gotta keep checking it."

"What's the message for?" Erza asked, then shook her head. "None of my business."

Natsu sighed, thankful she wasn't going to press. There were two things he was waiting on, neither of them things he wanted to share with Erza. He was waiting to hear back from the admissions office of Hargeon Community College. He wanted to know if he would be able to take night classes while also maintaining his full time job. He had only told Lucy and Gray he was thinking of going to college, not wanting to share the news with others unless he could actually get in.

The other thing he was waiting for was to hear about Lucy's condition. He hoped Lucy would text him when she was on her way to the party. Today was the day she was getting her cast removed, and he was excited to see her smiling face. She had been complaining about the thing for months, but the doctor's finally said it was time to take it off.

Well, they were going to wait another two days, but someone else canceled their appointment, allowing Lucy to go in a little early to deal with it. That was the reason she wasn't in attendance to the party she wanted to throw.

"What'd you think of the desserts?" Natsu asked, looking over at Erza's plate.

She picked up a chocolate chip cookie, her lips twisting before she shrugged. "They're alright. You know what would have made it better?"

"Strawberry cake?" Natsu glanced at Erza's face, seeing her squinting her eyes at him. "What? You eat it all the time."

"You eat those spicy chips all the time. You don't see my complaining."

"No, but I sure hear it," he mumbled, dodging when she tried to swat at him. "Be nice! It's a party!"

Erza shook her head as she chuckled, her eyes roaming around the area. "Too bad we're missing our host. How long does it take to get a cast off?"

"Not sure." Natsu looked towards the parking lot, not seeing Lucy's car anywhere. "I'm sure she'll get here soon."

"Here's hoping." Erza started eating her cookies, Natsu returning to his phone to check his messages.

When he saw he received none, he pocketed the device, sighing as he looked up at the sky. It was clear aside from a few clouds, the sun high in the sky and the birds chirping away. It was a nice day to be outside, and Natsu was glad he was spending it at the park instead of the office.

"So tell me," Erza started, catching Natsu's attention. "Are you dating?"

Natsu raised a brow, a shit-eating grin sliding on his face. "Why? You asking me out?" He knew she wasn't, but he liked teasing her and his other co-workers whenever he got the chance.

Erza laughed, not bothering to shake her head. She knew Natsu was aware of her long-distance boyfriend. Not only that, the two were good friends, not a hint of romance or attraction between them.

"I have a friend who's looking. Thought you might be interested?"

Natsu shook his head, scratching the itch on his nose. "Sorry. I'm not really dating."

"What does that mean?" she asked, cocking her head. "Don't you want to get out there?"

He smiled, Lucy's face coming to mind. "Nah. I'm pretty happy now."

Erza shrugged, fingers hovering over her plate until she picked up a cupcake. It wasn't strawberry, but it did have pink icing. "Are you sure? I think she'd be great for you. She's your age and loves video games."

Natsu resisted the urge to snort. "That doesn't mean she'd be great for me." Before Erza could take that as offensive, he added, "Thanks though. I'm happy where I'm at now."

Erza didn't look offended, nodding at his words. "If you change your mind, let me know. I have a few other friends who might be interested."

"You'd trust me with your friends?" Natsu asked, raising a brow. "You wouldn't even let me use the copier when I first started. Said I'd mess it up."

"That was then. I didn't know you. Besides, I think you've matured a lot in the last year and a half."

"Has it really been that long?" Natsu did the math in his head, eyes widening as he mumbled, "Man, it really has. A year and eight months. Weird how fast the time went by."

Erza nodded. "It is. I've been there for... I think this September it'll be five years."

"Damn. Any thoughts about moving up in the company?"

"At this time, no. What about you?"

Natsu pulled out his phone, sighing when he still hadn't received a text. "No, haven't thought about it." It was a lie, but he couldn't tell her the truth without also letting her know he wanted to go to college to get a degree in business. He wanted to do something with his life. Being Lucy's assistant was great, but he didn't want to do that forever.

"If you ever do, you can use me as a reference."

Natsu blinked at the offer, stunned for a moment. "Really?"

She nodded. "You're a bit silly, but you work hard. I'd be honored to recommend you."

Natsu smiled, happy to have such nice coworkers. He didn't regret leaving the downstairs to work in the office, enjoying the livelier atmosphere. "Thanks. I appreciated it. I can be your reference if you ever need it, but I don't know how valuable it'd be. I'm just an assistant."

"You know you're more than that." Erza's words made Natsu tense, but she didn't notice. "You help us out when you can. People notice when you go above and beyond. Lucy's lucky to have you."

Once again, Natsu tensed at Erza's wording, not realizing what went on in Lucy and Natsu's alone time. He wouldn't be the one correcting her though. Erza started talking about one time Natsu helped fix a broken printer, but her words cut out when she saw something past Natsu, a smile pulling at her lips. "Looks like she got it off."

Natsu glanced over his shoulder, eyes flitting until they found what Erza was talking about. He grinned, happy to see Lucy entering the park. She didn't send him a message, but seeing her face was enough to make him not mind.

She was beautiful, just like always. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail, a summer dress adorning her body. He looked at her arm, seeing it didn't have the cast anymore. After seven long months, Natsu was relieved to see it gone. Her arm had healed, meaning her injuries from that accident were mended, for the most part.

Lucy had some new scars to show for it, but she hid them as best she could, using her bangs to cover the sliver of a scar left over from the gash on her forehead. The person who stitched her up worked magic. Natsu wished that same person was around when he got his cheek sliced open. His scar was jagged and angry, but he had grown accustomed to it.

And judging by the fact that he still got Lucy as a partner, he guessed it wasn't hindering him when it came to attention. It had faded over the years, blending in with the rest of his features. Natsu didn't notice it anymore when he looked in the mirror, but for a while, that was all he saw when he looked at his reflection.

Natsu wasn't insecure about a lot of things, but that had torn him up inside for a while. 'At least I've accepted it. It's just part of me.'

Natsu got a better look at Lucy's arm as she walked closer, noticing it was slightly smaller than her other one. She had said the doctor warned that she would lose muscle in it, as well as have the hairs on her arm darken and thicken for a while until they lightened up. He didn't mind, as long as Lucy was happy and healthy, which she now was.

Natsu's smile brightened when he noticed Gray jogging behind Lucy to keep up, holding a camping chair and cooler. He slung the chair's strap around his chest before reaching out, seizing his wife's hand as they approached.

Natsu couldn't help but think Gray and her looked good together, like they belonged beside each other. Natsu's smile slipped a bit, wishing he could hold Lucy's hand like that.

He had been inside her so many times, but he had only held her hand a few times, and it was never for long and never in a romantic way. He longed to hold her, hug her, but he had to keep the affectionate stuff to a minimum. Natsu felt like he was skating on thin ice now, seeing as their relationship was now fifteen months old.

It was unheard of for Lucy, her longest relationship before him being seven months. Natsu didn't know how much longer he could keep his growing feelings a secret, but he hoped he wouldn't screw everything up. He was playing a dangerous game, but so far he was managing, even if it grew difficult with each passing month.

"Hey guys!" Lucy greeted, her smile just as gorgeous as ever. "Are you enjoying the party?"

"Yeah. It's great." Natsu shared a knowing look with Lucy before his eyes slid over to Gray's. He grinned, nodding towards the man. "How's it goin'?"

"Good. We woulda gotten here sooner, but the doctors were taking forever." He raised up Lucy's newly-healed arm, smiling at it. "All better now."

Lucy flushed as she tried tucking her arm back to her side, Gray chuckling before leaning in. He placed a kiss on her cheek, her blush growing darker from the attention.

"Anyways," she started, resting her head on Gray's shoulder for a moment, "I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves. Make sure you eat up. There's plenty to go around." With that, Lucy and Gray left, going to talk to more people.

Natsu looked over at the table with food. He already ate a plate, but he was open to getting more later. He had arrived early with Erza and a few others to set up the party, but Natsu thought it was more like a company picnic than anything.

Lucy wanted to give everyone a nice treat, so she told everyone at the branch they could either come spend their Friday afternoon at the park or stay and work. Everyone ended up showing up, the branch closing early that day to make up for the lack of employees.

Lucy mentioned that her father wasn't too happy with the idea, but she was in charge of her branch, meaning she called the shots as long as it didn't hurt the company. She assured Natsu she wouldn't get in trouble when he asked, so he let it go.

If he could avoid it, he would never talk about Jude Heartfilia. The man bothered him to no end, and that was from two bad encounters. He didn't know how Gray put up with it, but the man was sticking by his wife's side, through thick and thin.

Lucy and Gray finally circled back to Natsu's table after an hour of mingling. Erza had went somewhere else by then, leaving the three of them all alone. From afar, it looked like three adults just chatting, but if anyone were to get too close, they'd hear a conversation that would make their brows raise.

"Gray has a business trip next weekend. Do you want to spend the night at our house?" Lucy asked, discussing their plans as if it were the most innocent thing to do. "We could test out that new mattress?"

Natsu chuckled, nodding as he said, "Sure. Sounds fun." He turned to Gray, seeing him playing with Lucy's fingers. "Where's the trip at?"

"Clover Town. I'll be there Friday til Sunday. You can stay both nights if you want. Dunno what you'd do about Happy though?"

"I'll probably just stay one night." Natsu looked at Lucy. "If that's okay?"

She nodded. "Yeah, sounds perfect. I can use the other day to catch up on my reading. I've been so bad. It's been what? Five weekends in a row where I haven't read?"

Gray tore his hand away from Lucy's to lay it against her forehead, snickering at her confused look. "Hmmm, I thought maybe you were sick. The Lucy I know never goes more than a few days without reading."

She smiled, reaching over to cup his cheek. Gray melted into her touch, the two of them sharing a long, slow kiss, their lips sliding against each other as a soft hum sounded from Lucy.

Natsu wished he could say he gave them privacy, but he didn't. He kept glancing at their connected lips, his heart racing at the thought of kissing Lucy in public. He knew he couldn't, but that didn't settle the urge. He wondered what she tasted like right now, if she was wearing lip gloss or if her lips were wet because of Gray's saliva.

Natsu thought back to the night of the 'hotwifing', the night where they shared Lucy, taking her within minutes of each other. The memory was fresh in his mind despite it being months after the act. It sparked a deviant side in him, one that pushed the boundaries he was accustomed to. He hadn't mentioned it to Lucy or Gray. In fact, since that day, neither of them had brought that night up with Natsu.

He wouldn't admit he wanted to do something like that again, maybe even going further next time. The vivid image of Lucy sucking on his cock while Gray rammed her from behind came to his head, his imagination fueling his crude desires. He didn't think he could bring it up. It was a fantasy, and sometimes it was better to keep things locked in his head than mention them.

Or maybe he was worried if he mentioned it, they would make his fantasy come true. Natsu didn't know if he was ready for something like that, so he kept quiet, letting it remain in his mind where it was safe.

"You gonna play some of the games?" Gray asked, startling Natsu enough to cause him to jump. A wiry grin took over Gray's face. "You okay?"

Natsu nodded, his heart rate increasing. "Y-yeah. Fine." He wouldn't admit that he was sporting a chubby in his shorts. He took his mind off his sexual thoughts, knowing now wasn't the time or place. Hell, he shouldn't have been thinking about those sort of things anyway, but his mind kept circling back every so often.

"So?" Gray cocked his head, white teeth gleaming as he smiled. "Whaddya say? Wanna play?"

Natsu sucked in a sharp breath, his mind filling with lewd thoughts that could be considered as 'playing'. However, he knew that wasn't what Gray meant. He cleared his throat, seeing amusement shining in Gray's blue eyes. "Uh, sure. Yeah."

"Great." Gray looked at Lucy, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. She leaned into his touch, her smile soft. "How about you? You wanna play?"

Natsu ignored the growing issue in his shorts, his eyes flitting around the park. Looking at his coworkers helped ease the sexual tension he carried, none of them sparking the same reaction that Lucy -and lately Gray- had caused. He had no idea what was going on with him, but he hoped he came to his senses soon, otherwise he might go crazy.

"You heard the doctor. He said to take it easy."

Gray placed a kiss on her bare shoulder. "I meant like the lighter games. Didn't you say they were gonna do stuff like egg tosses?"

"Oh, right. Hmm. My arm's still stiff," Lucy said, rubbing her arm. "I think I'll just watch. Maybe next time."

Natsu looked at her arm, eyes widening for a second at the large scar on it. It was worse than he expected, but he guessed after having her bone break through the skin, Lucy would have some heavy damage. It didn't make him think any differently about her, but it did make Natsu's stomach twist, not able to imagine how much pain she had been through when it happened.

Luckily she said she didn't remember the crash, her memory jumping from leaving the grocery store to waking up in the hospital. All things considered, it was better that way. He preferred her not remembering the pain.

Her open fracture resulted in surgery to put her back together, using metal and screws to put her bones where they were supposed to be. Speaking of which...

"Are they gonna take that rod outta your arm now that it's healed?"

Lucy shook her head. "No, probably not. The doctor said if he did remove it it wouldn't be until much later after the bone's stronger. But if it doesn't cause me any trouble then they'll leave the stuff in."

Natsu raised a brow, thinking that was odd. "Oh, okay."

"It could cause damage to her arm if they go back in and remove it. It's better to leave it in if it's not botherin' her," Gray explained. "Can you feel the stuff now?"

"I'm not sure," Lucy said, frowning down at her arm. "Everything feels really weird without the cast on."

"That's understandable. Don't stress over it." Gray leaned in, Lucy closing the gap to press her lips against his.

Once again, Natsu found himself wanting to kiss her too. If she let him, would she want a rough and passionate kiss, or something soft and slow like the one Gray was giving. He focused on Gray's lips, wondering if they were soft or chapped, if he was the one who dominated the kisses or if Lucy took the lead. For a split second Natsu wondered what it would feel like to have Gray's lips on his, but he dismissed that thought before he had time to explore it, not wanting to think of his friend like that.

'Too late,' Natsu thought, remembering all the times he touched himself in the comfort of his own home while imaging sharing Lucy with Gray. However, that was the first time he imagined himself touching Gray, aside from their combined fluids rubbing over his co—.

"I'mma go take a walk," Natsu said, excusing himself. He didn't wait for a reply, heading towards the trail that went around the park. It wasn't long, two miles tops, but Natsu went anyway, needing a break to clear his head.

He berated himself for thinking such crude things about his friend. He walked down the path, not able to calm his racing heart until he reached the halfway point. He started feeling better, his thoughts clean and his nerves dying down from the breath of fresh air and exercise. They worked to take his mind off his troubles, but he should have known it wouldn't have lasted long.

The sound of dirt shuffling caught Natsu's attention. He thought it was a runner, so he stepped to the side to allow them to pass. When the footsteps slowed down, he glanced back, eyes growing wide when he saw who was jogging up to him.

"Hey!" Gray shouted, his voice winded from his run. "I was hopin' I'd catch up."

Natsu cursed his luck. Just as he got his mind under control, Gray had to show up. He couldn't be rude and tell him to buzz off, so he nodded when Gray asked if he could walk with him.

For a minute, they walked in silence, half a foot between their swaying hands. The sounds and smells around him kept Natsu out of his head, but that all changed when he glanced over at Gray, seeing the beads of sweat collecting on the back of his neck. It reminded of him of that night, watching as Gray and Lucy went at it in front of him, not holding anything back.

Gray had even eaten Natsu's cum, something that made his cock twitch every time he thought about it. The more he remembered it, the more he found himself liking it, wanting to see it happen again.

Natsu watched as a bead of sweat dripped down, disappearing into Gray's shirt. He knew what Gray looked like naked now, nearly every inch of his skin exposed that night. Despite being attracted to women, Natsu couldn't help but admit that Gray had a really nice body. He could see why Lucy would enjoy it, his toned muscles flexing every time he thrust into her.

Natsu swallowed, discretely adjusting himself because he was no longer calm, his cock half-hard as his memories supplied him with enough images to keep him up. He caught himself staring at Gray's lips again, wondering how they would feel. 'If we kissed, hypothetically speaking, how would it be? Would Gray like it? Would it be soft or rough?'

When Natsu thought about a rough kiss between him and Gray, he lost it. He stopped in place, head lowering as he breathed heavily, his chest constricting and hands clenching into fists. He wasn't supposed to think like that, but he couldn't help it.

No, he could. He just didn't want to. He wanted to imagine Gray kissing him, thrusting his tongue into his mouth. 'Would Gray kiss me like Lucy does? Would he suck on my tongue and make me moan?' Natsu didn't know, but he had a strange urge to find out. He tried pushing the thoughts down, but he couldn't bring himself to smother them completely, his curiosity burning like a wildfire.

Gray's footsteps came to a halt when he realized Natsu stopped. He walked back, eyeing his friend. "You okay?"

Natsu shook his head, looking up at the sky, only to find it covered by trees. He looked around, seeing trees surrounding them, making the area dark and secluded. Natsu wished they were in the open, not trusting himself with this privacy.

Gray stepped closer, placing a hand on Natsu's shoulder. "What's up?"

Natsu didn't want to admit how strongly that simple touch felt. A spark of electricity shot through him just as a shiver crawled up his spine. He sucked in a long breath, imagining Gray between Lucy's legs, licking his cum out of her sopping pussy.

"God damn," Natsu mumbled, that fire inside him burning hotter when Gray squeezed his shoulder.


"I..." He looked up, eyes fixating on Gray's lips before looking into his dark eyes. He couldn't. He shouldn't. However, he didn't try to stop himself from whispering, "I— Can I... Damn. Can I try something?"

Gray raised a brow before nodding, confusion apparent in that sea of blue. "Sure," he said, voice hesitant.

Natsu gulped, raising a shaky hand to place it on Gray's shoulder. He held it there for a moment, heart pounding and blood rushing. His brain screamed for him to stop, that it was a mistake. He ignored it, loosening his lips before he leaned in an inch.

Gray's eyes grew wide, causing Natsu to jerk back. "Never mind!" he shouted, turning around so he couldn't see Gray's reaction. "I-I figured it out."

Gray wasn't interested in whatever Natsu was trying to do. Hell, Natsu wasn't even sure if he was interested in it. He was just... curious.

'Gray and Lucy keep saying life is all about experiences. Maybe I let that get to my head.'

"What'd you figure out?" Gray asked, voice surprisingly calm given what just happened.

Natsu squeezed his eyes shut, feeling like an idiot when he said the first thing that popped into his head. "I was uh, trying to figure out what color your eyes were." It was one of the stupidest things he had ever said, and Gray pointed out why a second later.

"We've been friends for over a year and you don't know my eye color?"

"I do," Natsu mumbled, his face burning with a blush, embarrassed by the rejection, whether it was intentional or not. He didn't want to admit it to himself, but it hurt. He had started to put himself out there, only to see just how much Gray wasn't interested in him. "I just, I thought maybe I saw somethin' else in there."

He kept digging, making his hole deeper and deeper. If he kept going, he wasn't going to be able to climb out. 'Serves me right for thinking of my friend like that. I deserve to look like a fool.'

"Like what?" Gray asked, confusing Natsu for a moment because he forgot what he had said before.

He thought over it, replaying the awkward conversation in his head until he remembered. "I dunno, maybe some green?" Yup, there was another shovel full of dirt he just tossed over his back. He didn't want to come clean, fearing Gray's reaction if he knew what Natsu was really about to do.

'Was I really going to kiss him?' If Gray hadn't reacted, he probably would have. 'I... I think I was.' Natsu didn't know what was going on with him lately. Before the three of them shared that night together, he hadn't thought of another man in any type of sexual way, and now he was fantasizing about kissing him! He had to do something to keep himself from screwing up his friendship with Gray, knowing he wouldn't be able to recover if the man found out how confused he was.

Relief flooded Natsu's chest when Gray spoke again, sounding as if he bought the lie. "Oh, cool. Did you see any?"

Natsu shook his head, nails digging into his palms to keep his voice steady. "Nope. It was just my imagination.

'My stupid fucking imagination, getting me in trouble.'

Before Gray could say anything else, Natsu turned, walking past Gray before shouting, "Wanna race?!" He was off, not waiting to hear if Gray agreed or not. He just needed to get out of there to clear his head again, only this time, he hoped it stayed that way.

He didn't look back, unaware of the smile on Gray's face, the man knowing far more than he let on.

Natsu ran across the grass, reaching his hands out to catch the football flying through the air. He stopped when he caught it, turning before throwing it in the direction it came from. He hadn't played football since he was in high school, and even then it was only for fun with his friends.

Someone in accounting brought the ball, so they decided to toss it around while the games were set up. Some of Natsu's coworkers had their kids show up after school let out, giving them more players to work with once they got started.

Natsu heard someone tell him to go long. He ran, eyes focused on the ball, not looking where he was running. He didn't know if Gray didn't see him coming or if he thought he was going to get out of the way. In the end, it didn't matter. Natsu crashed into Gray, the two men falling to the ground while Natsu clutched the ball tight in his hands.

On his way down, he couldn't help but think, 'Well, I got something right. I caught the ball.'

Gray pushed Natsu off him after they landed, barking out a laugh at Natsu's clumsiness. "Geez! Watch where you're goin'!"

Natsu sat up, a chuckle escaping him as he nodded. "My bad. Didn't see ya."

Gray stood, holding out a hand. Natsu didn't think anything as he accepted it, feeling the rough texture of Gray's palm. He pulled him up, giving Natsu a pat before heading on his way. Natsu breathed out a sigh of relief, thankful Gray wasn't on to him. It was as if earlier never happened, which Natsu was more than okay with. He had let his thoughts get the better of him, but he hadn't done anything that couldn't be explained.

His explanations were shit, but Gray bought them, and that was all that mattered.

After a few more hours of playing, the party came to a close. Natsu played a few games, watching the ones he didn't participate in. He ate more food and talked with people, enjoying the day of no work.

When it was over, Natsu stayed late and helped clean up. He overhead Gray saying he had to go, Lucy and him sharing a kiss before he whispered something in Lucy's ear. Natsu saw her eyes go wide before she looked back at her husband, a surprised look crossing her features. "Are you sure?"

Gray nodded, eyes flitting at Natsu. He smirked, a knowing look dancing in his eyes.

Natsu turned away quickly, heart hammering as he tried to figure out what Gray had whispered to Lucy. 'What if I was wrong? What if he knew I was tryin' to kiss him? Is he mad? Is he telling Lucy to break up with me because of it? Shit! I didn't think about it enough! What if I fucked everything up just now! It was only gonna be a kiss! I was just curious, nothing else. Fuck! I fucked up. I'm gonna lose my friend and my girlfriend over some stupid curious thought.'

While Natsu was mentally tearing himself apart, Gray was whispering in Lucy's ear again, a shiver running down her spine. "I trust him," he said, giving her a kiss that made her heart flip.

"If you're okay with it, then yeah. I'm good. I'll be home in time to make dinner."

"Take your time," Gray said, giving her a hug before he left.

Lucy looked over at Natsu, seeing he was now folding chairs, his shoulders tense and his jaw strained. She raised a brow, wondering why he looked so stiff. From what she could tell he had a fun day, but she didn't question it yet, waiting until after they were done cleaning up before she approached him.

"Hey," she said, tapping his shoulder.

Natsu tensed at her voice, hesitating before turning around. "Oh, uh, hey."

"Are you okay?"

He nodded, but she wasn't convinced. "Did something happen?"

"What makes you say that?" he rushed out, green eyes flashing with panic.

She blinked, then looked around. "What's wrong?" Her eyes widened when she remembered what Natsu had told her and Gray a week ago, her voice lowering as she asked, "Did you get bad news from the college?"

Natsu's lips parted, but before he could answer, he set the chair in his hand down before pulling out his phone. He frowned after tapping it a few times, looking up at her as he pocketed the device. "No, no news yet. I um..." He looked down, brows jumping before he glanced at her again. "I caught my hand in a chair," he said, holding up his left hand. It didn't look injured, but she took him at his word.

"There's nothing else going on?"

"Nope. Promise."

Lucy stared at him for a long moment, reading his features. She didn't want Natsu to start lying to her. If he did, she was going to have to consider breaking up with him. Extras needed to be honest, just like she needed to be honest.

Her heart hurt for a second, knowing she wasn't being honest with herself, but she released that feeling, taking a deep breath to help it dissipate. She decided to do the same with Natsu's odd behavior, knowing he didn't owe her an explanation for everything. He was allowed to be in a bad mood.

A warm smile surfaced on her face, kindness reflecting in her brown eyes. "I'm sorry to hear you got hurt. Can I help?"

Natsu kept his guard up for a second before sighing, shaking his head. "Nah, it'll be fine. I'm just overreacting."

Lucy's fingers twitched by her sides, wanting to reach out and soothe his hand, but knowing she couldn't touch him like that in public. Without turning her head, she looked around, deeming it safe to talk. "Anyways, I wanted to tell you something."

"What's that?"

"I asked Gray if I could bring you back to the house for a quickie, and guess what he suggested."

Natsu's body went tense, causing Lucy to furrow her brows. "Is something wrong?"

He shook his head, Adam's apple bobbing as he said, "No. Go on."

She ignored the nagging voice in her head that told her to press him for a better explanation. "Okay, well, when I asked, he said I should go to your place. It seems weird that it's been what? Fourteen months and I still haven't seen your place."

"Last Tuesday made it fifteen months," Natsu mumbled under his breath, but she heard him.

"Wow, that's crazy." She remembered back to her conversation with Gray when her and Natsu shared a hotel room in Crocus. They considered making a new rule. After they finished with their current extras, they would set a time limit on how long they would date an extra. They decided against it, knowing it was better to go with the flow than overcomplicate it. Extras rarely made it past a few months, only the good ones lasting a while longer.

Gray was no longer dating Victoria, breaking up with her when she found someone she wanted to have a real relationship with. He was dating a new woman now, the relationship starting one month ago. Lucy didn't know how long it would last, but she hoped her husband was having fun with her. She was certainly curvy enough to get Lucy's blood pumping, so she knew Gray would have his fill.

"Anyways," Lucy said, getting back on topic. "You don't have to if you don't want. I get it if you want to keep your place separate from what we do."

Natsu's eyes grew wide. He nodded, clearly nervous, but still willing. "Okay, yeah."

"Great. He said we can take our time too, if you want. I wouldn't mind. Text me the address," she snorted, "unless you want me looking through your personal file."

"I'll text ya," Natsu assured, taking a deep breath. "Was um, was that all Gray told you?"

Lucy nodded, her head cocking as she said, "Yup. Why?"

"Nothing, just curious." He took a step back, cupping the back of his head as he gave her a sheepish grin. "Guess uh, guess I'll see you soon?"

"Yeah. I need to stop by the office, but I'll text you when I'm there."

"Sounds great. Gives me time to uh, to— See you then!"

She watched as Natsu went towards the parking lot, her eyes lingering on his nice ass for a moment too long before sighing. Something was bothering Natsu, but considering she wasn't being honest with herself, she could let it slide.

Everyone was entitled to a secret or two.

Chapter Text

Chapter Twelve: Instruction manual

Natsu rushed around his apartment, dirty clothes and dishes in his hands. He groaned when he tossed a handful of socks into the sink, cursing as he pulled the soaked clothes out of his soapy water.

If he knew Lucy was coming over today, he would have cleaned earlier. His apartment reflected his 'single' life. He rarely had guests over, and none of those people he cared about impressing. Lucy was the first besides his parents that he wanted to clean for, trying to give the impression that he kept his place tidy.

It was a facade, but he could live with it. It wasn't as bad as some of the other things he kept hidden.

Happy watched as his owner went back and forth, picking up any mess he could find. It shouldn't have taken long to clean up considering they were in a studio apartment, but Natsu was struggling to make it look presentable.

Natsu ran down the stairs to the dumpster, tossing in a bag of trash before heading back up. He did a final check of the place, smiling when he couldn't find anything gross or dirty. It was perfect timing, a knock sounding on the door a minute later.

Smiling down at Happy, he said, "Wish me good luck." Natsu answered the door, his smile turning nervous as he ushered Lucy in.

She took a few steps in, eyes scanning the small area. Turning to the left, Lucy was met with his kitchen. He saw her looking over his counters, probably checking for dirty dishes or crumbs. When she found none, she turned to him, giving him a warm smile. "Can I get a tour?"

Natsu nodded, closing the door behind. "You can put your purse anywhere."

After she hung it on the door's knob, they began. "Here's the bathroom," Natsu said, opening a door. She peeked inside, furrowing her brows as she sniffed the air freshener he used. "It's cinnamon," he admitted, causing her to laugh.

"Why am I not surprised?"

He didn't answer, instead leading her further into his home. Opening another door, he showed her his laundry room. The washer and dryer were built into the same machine, stacking on top of each other. He gestured to the left, letting her look at his small dining room table with two mismatched chairs.

However, Lucy wasn't looking at his table, her eyes glued to the stuff decorating his wall. She walked up, lips parting as she took it all in. "What are these?"

Natsu stepped beside her, his eyes roaming his wall. He hadn't thought anything of it at first, seeing it every day. He realized now it might seem strange, sticking so many things up to display. "Memories." Pictures and trinkets lined the wall, each holding a memory for Natsu. "I collect things."

Lucy laughed, her tone teasing. "I think it's called being a hoarder."

'I want to hoard you.'

He cursed himself, knowing he couldn't do that to Gray. Hell, he couldn't do that to Lucy either. She deserved to be free, not hoarded by someone she didn't even feel affection for.

Pushing those feelings aside, Natsu pointed at the closest thing, a fond smile taking over his lips. "This was from sixth grade. We took a field trip to the aquarium."

"Why'd you keep a rock?" Her fingers ghosted over the smooth black rock that was placed on a shelf, careful not to touch it.

"I found it right after I met one of my best friends. I wanted to remember that day, so I kept it." He picked it up, thumb smoothing over the surface. When he put it back, he sighed. "Haven't talked to the guy since middle school, but he was still a great friend. I like keeping things to remember my good memories."

Lucy pointed to a post-it tacked on the wall, raising a brow. "That's my handwriting. Why'd you keep this?"

Natsu chuckled, cupping the back of his neck as he felt himself sweat, nervous once again. "That's uh, the first time you made me get you something at that bakery. You wrote down your order so I wouldn't forget."

"Yeah? But why'd you keep it? That doesn't sound like a good memory."

He shrugged. "I think it is." Natsu hesitated, deciding it wouldn't be too bad if he told her the reason behind it. "You shoulda seen the way your face lit up when I brought you that coffee. It um... it made my day."

"Awww," Lucy cooed, putting a hand on Natsu's shoulder. "You're so sweet."

There was nothing he could do to stop the blush from appearing, his cheeks tinged pink. "Yeah yeah."

"Are these your parents?" Lucy asked, changing the subject by pointing at a picture frame.

He nodded, smiling at the couple. "My birth parents. I don't remember anything about them though."

"I see where you get your good looks from," she teased, looking at the man with short pink hair, next to his wife with wavy black locks.

Natsu grinned, snorting as he said, "Yeah, that's also where I get my ridiculous hair." He ran a hand through his hair to emphasis. "Zeref's lucky. He got our mom's hair."

"I like your hair," Lucy said, reaching out to thread her fingers through his pink locks. Their fingers brushed against each other, but neither moved immediately, fingers lingering before they pulled back.

Natsu cleared his throat, nodding towards the picture next to his birth parents. "That's Igneel and Grandeeney. They're the ones who adopted me and my brother."

"I think it's amazing when people adopt," she murmured, eyes locked with the picture. "They must have a lot of love."

A soft smile pulled at Natsu's lips. "They do. They treated me like their son since day one. They didn't make me feel like an outsider."

He stared at the picture, memories surfacing in his mind. Some bad, but mostly good. Families weren't meant to be perfect, but the Dragneels loved each other with everything they had. Natsu never had to wonder if his parents loved him. He could feel it in his heart.

He pointed to a picture higher up, one of him and his brother when they were kids. Zeref rarely smiled, especially for photos, which was why Natsu cherished that memory. "That's my older brother."

"When was that taken?"

"I was eight. We went to the lake for the day. A crab pinched my dad's foot. My mom was gonna help him out, but once she saw us laughing she went to take a picture instead." Natsu barked out a laugh. "Igneel was pissed, but after he saw the pic he was happy. He ended up eating the crab as revenge. He doesn't even like seafood, but he wanted to," Natsu used air quotes, "'assert his dominance'."

"He sounds silly," Lucy said, hand resting on the small of Natsu's back, feeling the toned muscles beneath his shirt. "Just like you."

Natsu grinned, happy to be compared to Igneel. He was his role model growing up. "Thanks." He almost said he hoped one day they could meet, but he kept that thought to himself. Lucy wasn't meant to get close to him, and meeting his parents seemed like a big step.

"What's the bow tie for?" Lucy asked, inspecting the red material. It had a different shade of red staining the corner of the bow, but other than that it looked to be in good shape.

"Senior prom." Natsu shuddered, causing Lucy to raise a brow. "Horrible night."

"Do tell," Lucy said, her entire focus on him.

After a long sigh, Natsu nodded. "Okay, well one of my friends had just been dumped by her boyfriend. I asked what I could do to make her feel better, and she said she wanted to go to prom with me. You know, just to make her ex jealous, nothing else."

Natsu shook his head before putting a hand on his forehead. "Well, I didn't know this, but I guess she had a crush on me or something. I said I'd do with her, I mean, I was already going anyways to hang out, so I figured why not?"

Lucy's small smile let him know she could sense the trouble was coming, and she was right. "So, we get there with our other friends, things are going okay. Then she sees her ex with some new girl, gets pissed, then decides she wants to get drunk off this shit Tony, he's another guy I hung out with, brought. Anyways, when she was shit-faced, I tried to take her home so she wouldn't make more of a scene, but—"

"She was making a scene?"

Natsu closed his eyes, picturing it in his head once again. "Yeah. She started calling her ex a douche in front of everyone and tryin' to pick a fight with his new girl. It... it got pretty messy." He never was able to wash the punch stain out of his shirt when he got splashed, his 'date' trying to toss it at the clueless girl his ex decided to bring. He wasn't able to return his rented tux, instead having to buy it since the stains wouldn't come out.

"I finally convinced her to get in my car and go home, but halfway there she started crying about unfair life was and how she wished her ex wasn't such an asshat." Natsu chuckled despite thinking about that horrible night. He had to agree, the guy she chose wasn't the best, but then again, who was he to judge?

"I pulled over to try to talk to her, but I barely put the car in park before she tried coming over to my side of the car."

"What do you mean?" Lucy asked, brows furrowed.

Natsu crossed his arms over his chest, remembering her unwanted advances. "She tried kissin' me and gropin' me, but when I told her no, she didn't stop." He looked at Lucy before glancing at the bow tie.

"She wouldn't stop no matter what I did, so finally I just got out of the car and called her mom." Natsu squeezed his eyes shut as he slowly breathed. "I felt bad. I didn't wanna call her parents and let them know she was drunk, but I didn't know what else to do. Her dad ended up showing up to take her home."

Natsu slowly opened his eyes, gaze unfocused on his wall of memories. "I really don't know what else I coulda done. I didn't like her like that, and I wasn't gonna let her do that shit drunk anyways, so..." His voice trailed off, letting Lucy know he was done.

His head snapped towards her when he felt a hand on his back again, this time rubbing small circles against his shirt. He tried ignoring the fire that burned where she touched, loving any intimacy she was willing to give. He pretended like he didn't notice, afraid if he said anything she would stop. He craved her touches, starving for affection.

"I think you did the right thing," Lucy said, offering him a small, kind smile. "I know if I was in that situation, I'd rather be in trouble with my parents than do something I'd regret with a guy, and I'm sure she would have regretted it."

Natsu snorted, not bothering to keep the sarcasm out of his voice. "Oh, thanks."

Her smile widened, her brown eyes softening. "You know what I mean. She was drunk, like you said. She wasn't in complete control of her actions, so she might have been mad at you if you took advantage of the situation."

Natsu nodded, understanding her reasoning. "Yeah."

A beat of silence passed between them before Lucy's hand froze against his back. "Wait. I thought you said you have good memories up here. That doesn't sound good."

With a deep sigh, he looked back at the bow tie. "I said I like collecting good memories, but I have others too. This one reminds me not to do stupid shit." He shuddered, not wanting to think about how things would have turned out if he decided to let her touch him how she wanted. He knew he would have regretted it, and that was enough for him. "The bow tie stays. It keeps me in check."

'For the most part.'

Lucy giggled beside him, her hand moving until she wrapped her arm around his back, hand lightly gripping his waist. "Tell me another memory."

He looked down, seeing the light flickering in her brown eyes. If she wanted to learn more about him, he was going to help her. He went through his pictures, rattling off dates and events, pointing out different items that each held a unique story. Some made Lucy laugh, others had her silent, a dull look taking over her eyes.

He didn't like that look, so he tried to stay away from bad memories. He knew he could toss the items that made him sad, but they were precious to him regardless, like the necklace dangling from a hook. His birth mother had been wearing it when she died. It was the only thing he had left of his mom besides a photo.

"You said they died in a house fire?"

Natsu nodded, fingers brushing over the silver locket. Inside was a picture of Natsu and Zeref, both when they were babies. "My mom died of smoke inhalation... My dad—"

He couldn't finish that sentence. Lucy didn't force him.

They stayed quiet for a long minute, Lucy rubbing along his side as she stepped closer. Natsu didn't think as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulling her against his side. He swallowed, blinking back the unshed tears. He didn't think about his birth parents too much, having more bad memories than good.

Despite not knowing them, he loved them. They were family, and family was the most important thing to him.

He drew comfort and support from Lucy, heart warming when she wrapped her arm around his front. It might have been from the side, but she was hugging him, and that meant the world to him. No matter how many times they had sex, Natsu craved that shred of intimacy, wishing there were no rules preventing it.

Gray's face flashed through Natsu's mind, causing him to let go. He knew he was crossing a line, and Lucy was too. They separated, eyes on the wall. For a while, neither said anything.

The silence was broken when Lucy gasped, their eyes falling down to see Happy bopping his nose against Lucy's ankle as he sniffed her. Her eyes lit up as she bent down, grabbing the feline to pull him into her arms.

"This is the infamous Happy?!"

The skin around her eyes crinkled as she smiled, holding him close to her chest as she gave him a light hug. The cat squirmed a bit, shifting until he wasn't on his back anymore. Lucy scratched under his chin, Happy melting against her as he started to purr.

Natsu couldn't blame him. He loved being pressed against Lucy's chest too, but for different reasons. He kneeled next to her, running his hands over the blue fur, fingers touching Lucy's.

"He's so cute!"

Natsu smiled, the tension he carried in his shoulders lessening. "Yeah. He's greedy too."

She snickered as she looked into Happy's eyes, her voice softening as if she were talking to a child. "Is Happy greedy? You want all the pets?"

Natsu laughed when Happy rubbed his face against Lucy's hand, silently coaxing her to continue petting him. "I'm tellin' ya. He'd let you pet him all day if he got the chance."

"Sorry buddy," she said as she set him on the ground, "I can't give you that chance." Her eyes found Natsu's, a deviant glint shining in them. "I'm going to be too busy petting your owner."

Natsu snorted, shaking his head as Lucy giggled. "You know, you've said some pretty weird things, but that has to be the weirdest."

"Oh come on. Like you haven't said anything weird ever?"

"I didn't say that. Just stating a fact."

She raised a brow. "And that is?"

"That you're weird."

While she muttered something under her breath, Natsu stood up, holding out a hand to help her up. Once they were on their feet, he continued with the tour, deciding it was better to leave his memories alone for now.

"And this is my living room," Natsu said, turning so he could direct her attention to the couch pushed against the wall, facing his TV. It was placed on a stand at the foot of his bed. Since he was in a studio apartment, the only doors were to the bathroom, laundry room, and closet. He had curtains to separate his 'bedroom' from the living room if he wanted privacy, but he rarely used them.

Lucy walked towards his bed, pushing her right hand into the mattress to test its firmness. Natsu didn't think anything of it, letting his eyes roam Lucy's body without shame. He knew they were going to start soon. It was the only reason she was over. If they hadn't gotten caught up in his memories, he figured they would have been close to finishing up if not done by now.

"What's this?" Lucy asked, bending over.

Natsu was too distracted staring at her ass to notice what she was picking up, grabbing the corner of a magazine that stuck out from under his bed. She inspected the cover, a large grin gracing her lips. "Huh. I figure you'd use the internet like everyone else."

Natsu furrowed his brows, walking forward until he was peeking over Lucy's shoulder. His eyes went wide as he reached around her, trying to take the magazine away from her. It featured an array of nude and scantily clad women, something Natsu didn't want Lucy seeing. She held it out, turning it to the side before flipping through the pages. The centerfold came out, Natsu's blush feeling like fire consumed his face.

"Give it back!"

"No way! This is awesome!" She squirmed when he wrapped his arms around her, trying to grab his magazine. She turned the pages, giggling when he resorted to tickling her sides, her hips jerking to get away. "Am I going to find any mysterious white stains?"

"N-no!" Natsu wrapped a strong arm around her waist before throwing her on the bed, taking advantage of her confusion by snatching the magazine from her fingers. He held it behind his back, his heart beating wildly from getting caught.

"So, what kind of pictures do you like best?" Lucy asked, moving to her back. She spread her legs, her dress dipping between her thighs to cover her panties. "The teasing kind?" she asked, hand bunching up the hem of her dress. She pulled it up, revealing her creamy inner thighs. "Or do you like the full nude ones?"

Natsu bit his inner cheek, eyes trained on Lucy's movements. He gulped, feeling mortified as he admitted, "I don't look at the pictures that much. I-I... I got it for the articles."

Lucy laughed, shaking her head. "That's what everyone says."

The tips of his ears burned as he brought the magazine in front of him, turning the page he had frequented since he bought it. His hands shook before he gave it to Lucy, unable to meet her gaze. "It's true. I... I like to read the stories people send in."

Lucy stared at him for a moment before looking down, her eyes flitting over the first few lines before her brows raised, her lips parting as she looked up at Natsu. "You've read this?"

He nodded, throat feeling tight.

"Did... you touch yourself to it?"

Natsu swallowed, his voice as strained as his jaw. "Yeah."

Her eyes fell to the page again, her voice soft as she read a paragraph out loud. "Her body writhed as I sampled her pussy, her moans muffled due to the tongue thrusting into her mouth. Musica took off his pants, replacing his tongue with his dick, fucking Elie's sweet mouth while he pulled at her hair."

Natsu's throat tighten, loving the way the crude words spilled off Lucy's tongue, a tongue he wanted traveling all over his body. She swallowed, taking deeper breaths as she read further down the page. "Every time I pushed into her, she took more of his cock into her mouth. She whimpered like a bitch in heat, the sound driving me crazy. I rammed into her harder, emptying my load in her tight cunt."

Lucy took a shaky breath as she looked up at Natsu, licking the bottom of her top teeth. "You're into..." He thought she was going to say threesome stories, but she went with a different approach. "You're into that sort of language?"

Natsu felt his skin warm. Her reading turned him on. It wasn't so much the words, but the fact that it was Lucy saying them. He could feel himself hardening, aching to be touched by her soft hands.

"Kinda," he confessed, rubbing the back of his neck. "Only when I read it. I don't think I'd like it in real life."

Lucy nodded, her eyes falling to the page again.

"This is..." Her voice trailed off as she continued to read. "Unexpected."

Natsu hesitated, his mind racing as he asked, "Good unexpected... or bad?"

"Oh," Lucy looked up, "definitely good." She scooted back on his bed, laying her head against his pillow as her eyes flitted over the page. "You can lay down too, if you want."

Natsu didn't need to be told twice, easing himself on the bed before shifting closer to her. He rested his head on the edge of his pillow, trying to figure out which story she was reading. There were three on the two pages she had open, her mouth parted as her teeth teased her bottom lip.

His question was somewhat answered when she folded the magazine, letting him know she was either reading the end of the second story -about a woman 'thanking' a firefighter for saving her life, or the third story -featuring a woman who was curious about experimenting with another woman for the first time.

Natsu jolted when he felt Lucy's hand on his wrist, pulling up his left hand towards her face. "You said you hurt your hand," Lucy started, brushing the pads of his fingers against her bottom lip, causing his breath to hitch. "Which fingers?"

Despite his fingers feeling fine, Natsu held up two, watching as she nodded before giving them a light kiss.

"I want to make them feel better while I read." That was all she said before his fingers slipped past her lips, her tongue running up and down them as she thrust them into her mouth.

Natsu groaned, a jolt of electricity running straight to his cock. She didn't let that stop her, licking between the two fingers before swirling her tongue around them. Natsu imagined her doing the same to his cock, a fire burning in the pit of his stomach. She set the magazine aside, pushing her dress up until he could see her pretty blue panties.

She withdrew his fingers from her mouth, her voice airy as she gave him a command. "Finger me."

Natsu didn't deny her, shifting so he was between her legs, his hands pushing her thighs wider apart before hooking a finger under her panties, pulling them aside so he could touch her directly.

Lucy hummed when he dragged his fingers against her slit, her saliva mixing with the moisture that gathered on her folds. He pushed his fingers in, a heavy sigh escaping her. Natsu watched her face instead of her core, thrusting his fingers into her to get her to react.

She did, moaning while she bit her bottom lip. Her hips bucked, a silent plea to go faster. He aimed to please her, especially after she discovered his reading material and didn't shame him for it. Considering all the things Lucy was in to, he would be surprised if she judged him for something like that.

As if reading his mind, Lucy asked, "You like to read stories?"

He nodded, curling his fingers inside her to get her to whimper. He couldn't decide which sound he liked best, all of them getting his heart racing.

Lucy reached down, grabbing his wrist to still his actions. His eyes were locked with hers, a pink brow raising to ask a silent question, wanting to know what she was doing. She turned his wrist until his palm was faced up, her core squeezing around his fingers in response.

"Do this thing," Lucy said, using her hand to show him what she wanted. Her fingers imitated a beckoning gesture, back arching when he did as told. Her head hit the pillow hard, gasping as he went above and beyond, going hard and fast to push her closer to her first climax.

"If you'd like," Lucy's fingers fisted his blanket as her thighs began to shake, "I can write you something?"

Natsu gulped, his mouth going dry at the thought. His cock surged in his shorts, his head nodding before his words left his mouth. "I'd love that."

Lucy looked down, giving him a wink before grinning. "I can't wait."

Natsu moved between her legs, his fingers turning inside her. It pulled a few whimpers from his girlfriend, but the real prize was when he leaned down, his lips sealing around her clit. He lapped the nub, tongue lathering it with enough attention to get her toes curling. Her core tightened around his fingers as she moaned, eyes squeezing shut. "Fuck!"

Natsu's eyes widened, wondering if that was too loud. He hadn't brought any women to his apartment before, so he didn't know if his neighbors would hear Lucy and complain. He decided not to worry about it too much. He had never heard his neighbors fucking, so either the walls were thick enough or no one around him was getting laid.

He moved his lips and tongue against her clit, kissing the sensitive nerves, saliva dripping down to mix with her arousal. He pinched her clit with his lips before flicking the tip of his tongue against her, his fingers moving quick inside her, letting her reach her natural high.

"Natsu!" she moaned, her heels digging into the mattress while Natsu removed his fingers so he could sample her core. She was soaked, her juices dripping onto his blanket. He didn't pay it any mind, not thinking about the consequences later.

He gave her inner thighs kisses, feeling them twitch beneath his lips. "What would you write about?" he asked, teeth giving her skin a nip, causing her to jolt.

She reached down, fingers weaving into his soft pink hair. "I'm not sure," she said, tugging his hair to lead him to her core again. "Any suggestions?"

Natsu had too many ideas to list, his throat feeling raw as he said the one he wanted more than any others. "An instruction manual."

Lucy let go of his hair, her brow raising as she lifted herself up. Natsu let go of her panties, letting them rest against her wet folds, his eyes hesitating before tearing away from the seductive sight. "What?"

Lucy's shoulders shook as she smothered a laugh. "I'm the one who should be asking 'what'. What do you mean you want an instruction manual?"

Hearing the words out loud made Natsu realize how silly his request sounded. It made perfect sense in his head since he had often thought about it, but it was the first time Lucy heard of it. "I uh, I want to know what you, you know, like."

"What I like?" Lucy asked, cocking her head.

He nodded, feeling a blush spread over his face. "Like, I wanna know how to make you..." His voice faltered as he searched for words, not wanting to sound weird.

"Natsu, we've been together for over a year. I'm sure I can handle whatever you're thinking. Just try me."

She had a point. After being together for fifteen months, he should be able to be honest with his desires, as long as they remained about sex and nothing more. "I wanna know how to please ya, make you come better."

"Come better?" Lucy asked, furrowing her brows. "What do you mean? You make me come a lot."

Natsu swallowed, his throat feeling tight and his cock throbbing painfully, begging for attention. He had to adjust himself, the action not going unnoticed by Lucy. "I want you to really come. I want it to be better than what I'm doing. I... I want to know how to make you specifically come the best."

Lucy gave him a nervous grin, a blush of her own coating her chest. "Come the best?"

He sighed, dragging a hand over his face, realizing too late that it was the one he used on Lucy. Her arousal clung to his skin, his mind buzzing when he took in a deep inhale. "I'm not the best with words," he admitted, but Lucy already knew that.

"Clearly." She sat up, kneeling in front of him. "I think I understand though. You want to know exactly what I specifically like, not just how to make women in general come?"

He nodded. "Yeah."

She smiled, wrapping her arms around him. "How about I write you something else."

Natsu's shoulders went slack, disappointed that Lucy wouldn't fulfill his request. He didn't think it was asking too much. He wouldn't have suggested it if she didn't offer to write him something, asking what he wanted to read about. He opened his mouth, ready to apologize in case he offended her, only to gasp when Lucy pressed her lips to his, stealing a kiss.

Their lips moved fluidly, her tongue dragging against his bottom lip before she sucked it into her mouth, giving him a light nibble. He groaned when she tugged, the fire in his belly burning hotter. When she pulled away, she leaned in, lips skimming against his ear.

"I'll write about one of my fantasies," Lucy said, tongue coming out to trace the shell of his ear before she dipped the tip into his ear. His hands gripped her hips, not realizing how much he would enjoy that. Her voice was husky when she spoke again, desire laced with her tone. "How about I give you that instruction manual in person."

"What do you mean?" Natsu asked, voice rough and low, bordering on a growl.

She chuckled, hot breath fanning his ear. He squeezed her tighter, her curvaceous body keeping him grounded. "I'll tell you how to make me come hard and strong, right now."

Natsu nodded while she pulled back, a filthy grin surfacing on his face. "I'd fucking love that."

She smiled, leaning in to give him a quick kiss, pulling away before it could get heated. "I thought so. Are you sure you want to though? You may want to do something different than what I want?"

Natsu wrapped his arms around her, pulling her flush against him, this time pressing his lips to her ear. "Tell me what to do, and I'll do it." He paused, debating if he should give her that kind of permission before he made up his mind. He wanted her to experience pure pleasure, so he added one more word, sealing the deal. "Anything."

Lucy pushed at his chest, his arms falling back to his side. She lifted her dress, tugging it off before laying it on the floor, careful not to wrinkle it. Next to go were her panties and bra, Lucy not bothering with teasing as she stripped herself naked. She stole a peek at him, gesturing towards his body with a finger. "Take those off."

Natsu almost ripped his shirt as he pulled it off, fumbling with the rest of his clothes. When he was naked, he sat in front of Lucy, waiting for her second command.

"Lay down."

Natsu did as he was told, furrowing his brows when Lucy took his pillow from under his head, her smile devious as she whispered, "This'll only get in the way."

Remaining silent, Natsu watched as she smoothed her hands over her thighs, slowly dragging her them up, gliding over her hips, stomach, then breasts. She gave herself a squeeze, humming at the faint pleasure. Her fingers parted before coming back together, her pert nipples caught between her index and middle fingers on each hand.

A deep sigh escaped her as she tugged at her nipples, her stomach flexing with every breath. She brushed over her nipples a few times before smiling down at Natsu, saying she was ready to begin. She waddled towards his head, instructing him to keep his arms down while she got into position.

She straddled his face backwards, grabbing his hands to put them on her ass. "Eat me, nice and slow. Don't just focus on the clit, I like it when you eat me out too."

Natsu nodded before spreading her ass, gaining better access to her dripping core. He didn't have to lean in, Lucy lowering herself so he could reach her. He started with her lower lips, licking them before thrusting his tongue into her core. Lucy moaned softly above him, her hands massaging her breasts.

She took pleasure in him being delicate with her, taking his time as he sampled her core. When she felt like he deserved a treat, she shifted, making it to where he had to focus on her clit due to the new angle.

"Use one finger to play with me. Don't penetrate, just go in an inch or so. I like the teasing feeling."

When Natsu did as she said, she grasped his cock, feeling his hot breath against her clit before he sucked it into his mouth, tongue lavishing her nerves. She stroked him from head to base, spreading his pre-cum over his heated skin. His cock was shoved in her mouth a moment later, causing Natsu to growl against her body.

She moaned when his finger traced her slit, then dipped in to play with her entrance. She rewarded him with a deep thrust into her mouth, her hips bucking and tongue stroking.

Lucy had to pull up when she felt herself getting close, her legs shaking and tensing over and over until she met her end. "Fuck! Y-yes! Keep going! Don't you dare stop!"

Natsu kept licking and playing, his chin, mouth, and nose drenched in her arousal. For a moment he thought he might drown, but he had to admit, it wouldn't be a bad way to go. He prolonged her orgasm, rewarded when his name spilled from her pretty lips. He felt himself flushing deeper, but he didn't stop, continuing until she told him she was wanted something else.

Lucy crawled off him, taking a deep breath as she tried regulating her heartbeat. She gave Natsu a lazy grin, moving closer so she could kiss him, tasting herself on his lips. She grabbed his arms, giving them a tug to convey her desires. He wrapped her in a hug, pulling her close enough for her to climb onto his lap. He thought she was going to ride him, but she didn't.

She continued the kiss for a few minutes, a hand between them to give Natsu slow, loose strokes. She wasn't done with him, wanting to make it last as long as possible.

When Lucy was satisfied with the kiss, she moved, thinking aloud which position she wanted, knowing exactly what she was doing to the man who heard her. "Hmmm, I could have him bend me over the side of the bed. I do like the way that feels. Or I could lay on my stomach on the bed. That always hits the spot. Or maybe sideways? If he puts enough force behind his thrusts it'll leave me breathless. I do enjoy that."

Natsu couldn't stop himself from moaning at her words. They all sounded perfect, his cock giving him angry throbs, needing stimulation. He wanted to be inside her, ravishing her however she liked. He bit his tongue, not wanting to say anything and ruin the moment. Lucy was in charge, and honestly, he liked it.

Dominance suited her, even if he preferred to be the one in control.

"How do I want him to finish?" Lucy asked herself, capturing every shred of attention Natsu had. She tapped her lips, the corners quirking up in a smirk when she saw he was watching her, green eyes sharp and focused on her face. "I know he likes it when he comes on my face or breasts, but this is about what I want."

She smiled, turning her head so they were making eye contact. Despite that, she spoke as if he wasn't there. "I think I'll have him come inside me. It makes me feel all warm inside. Yeah. I'll have him do that. Hope he likes it too."

Lucy didn't ask him, but he nodded anyway, loving the idea of filling her with his cum. He no longer dreaded going to the clinic every few months, knowing it was the reason he got to enjoy Lucy's body. They didn't have to worry about any diseases, and Lucy's birth control prevented any unwanted pregnancies. No matter how many times he came inside her, they were protected, and to Natsu, that made the sex that much hotter.

"Do you know what position you want?" Natsu asked, voice rough, anticipation threatening to eat him alive.

Lucy chose to delay answering him, running her hands over her body once more, tweaking her nipples in the process. "Yes. I do."

Natsu's fingers twitched, wanting her to answer so he could do what she wanted. The only reason he didn't push harder was because he knew she was toying with him, getting off on teasing him. He let her, completely at her mercy.

But he loved it.

"Are you sure you'll do exactly as I say?"

Natsu almost groaned, wanting to be inside her instead of going over something they just talked about. He nodded, voice gravelly but firm. "Yes, absolutely."

Light danced behind her eyes as she got on all fours, sauntering towards the center of the bed. Natsu thought she was going to have him fuck her from behind, but she turned over, laying her back against the bed with her legs spread. He wondered if she wanted to do it in the missionary position, and if she did, he wasn't going to think anything negative about it.

In all honesty, he couldn't figure out why the position was criticized as being boring. He figured the people doing it weren't using the position to its fullest potential.

He thought Lucy would tell him to get between her legs, but she had other ideas. "Stand at the edge of the bed."

Natsu followed her orders, standing to the side. Staying on her back, Lucy moved her head near the edge he was at.

She pulled her hair tie out, letting her golden locks spread over his blanket. She smiled up at him before parting her lips, her voice almost a whisper. "I want you to fuck my face while you play with my breasts, specifically my nipples. Nothing too rough. Just some light pinching and pulling. I really like when you roll them between your fingers, so do that too. I don't want you coming in my mouth, so if you get close, slow down. I just want to taste your cock while you play with me for a few minutes. Okay?"

Natsu nearly gasped, stunned by her request. He nodded, heart hammering and flush spreading as he took a step closer to her, watching as she opened her mouth.

"Put it in."

"Fuck," he groaned, shocked by how turned on he was, and she wasn't even touching him! He grabbed his cock, stroking over the velvety skin before bringing it closer to her mouth, pushing it past her lips.

He felt her tongue working over him the instant he was inside, causing him to moan before he leaned over, hands cupping her breasts. He kneaded the flesh, her mouth massaging him as he gave her light thrusts, letting her tongue do most of the work.

She swallowed around his cock, whimpering when he tugged at her nipples, trying to apply even pressure on both of them. He grew bold with every muffled moan, thumbs brushing over her peaks before he pinched them.

Natsu loved when she moaned around his cock. The faint vibrations were good, but he liked the fact that they were both experiencing pleasure at the same time better. He felt closer to her, sharing in the euphoric feeling. Before when they were like that, he could pretend there was no one else in the world, but lately when he had her alone, he couldn't help when his mind drifted, wondering what Gray would do if he were there.

Would he watch as Natsu thrust his cock into Lucy's mouth, or would he come over and join, eating Lucy's exposed pussy while Natsu teased her nipples? Natsu didn't know the answer, but he knew one thing.

They both excited him, often the fantasy alone making him come by his own hands. He hated the idea of Lucy with another man, unless that man was Gray. But for now, Natsu was going to succumb to his own little world, one where it was just him and Lucy.

And Happy, but that was only because he could hear his cat scratching at his couch again, but Natsu was too focused on Lucy to stop what they were doing and scold his cat. A few more scratch marks wouldn't hurt anything.

Natsu looked at Lucy's legs, seeing her lower half squirming against the bed. She would clench her thighs together before spreading them, her ass pressing into the mattress when she arched her back. Everything she did was mesmerizing, and that included the dirty sounds she made as she sucked his cock while her head was hanging off the edge of the bed.

Lucy tapped on his thigh, causing him to stop. They didn't discuss what that meant, but he ended up doing what she wanted in the end. Once his cock was removed from her mouth, she reached her hands up, Natsu helping her get on the bed since she said her head was feeling light.

She breathed heavily, fingers playing with her clit and wet folds, eyes fixed on Natsu's. He wanted to taste her again, but when she told him to climb on, he obeyed. "Rub yourself against me slowly, make sure you get yourself nice and wet."

"Fuck," Natsu whispered, eyes piercing as he looked at her. "Have I told you how much I love when you talk dirty?"

She grinned, her tongue wetting her lips before her eyes flashed down her body, silently telling him he should do as she asked. He nodded, taking hold of his cock to thrust against her slit, collecting her arousal. Her scent was heavy in the air, the smell intoxicating. Heat crawled over his neck and chest when she moaned, enjoying the way he rubbed against her bundle of nerves with the tip of his cock.

Natsu's member moved effortlessly against her slit, his heated skin coated in her juices. She grabbed his hips, giving him a tug before her hands rested on her breasts, waiting for him to start.

Natsu sucked in a sharp breath as he eased into her body, her arms wrapping around him, pulling him closer. His thick cock stretched her, filled her. He didn't wait, giving her a quick thrust before Lucy shook her head. "Go slow."

He furrowed his brows, thinking the command was odd. She always told him to go faster or harder, never slower. Still, he obeyed, amazed when her inner walls squeezed him, causing him to moan. His hips moved slow, giving her short thrusts until the pads of her fingers dug into his back, keeping her nails from scratching him.

"Make them long and slow," she whispered, gasping when he did just that. She leaned up, lips parting as she exhaled. Natsu closed the gap, pressing his lips to hers. The kiss was short-lived, Lucy ending the kiss so she could say, "Kiss my neck."

Natsu sealed his mouth around her neck, his teeth grazing her throat, prepared to give her a light bite. "No teeth. Just kiss with your mouth open." He pulled his teeth back, tongue and lips running against her skin as he thrust into her body.

"Mmmmm," Lucy hummed, her hands moving to his lower back so she could feel his movements as he entered her. "Longer."

Natsu didn't know if she was talking about his thrusts or his kisses, so he made both of them longer, lips lingering over her skin before he kissed another part of her neck. He moved his cock slowly, pushing every inch into her before pulling out again, enjoying the way her walls massaged him and her moans filled the air. She squeezed when he sucked on her skin, tightening around his member.

"Ahhhhh! Yeah!" she whimpered. He could feel her swallow against his mouth. "Just like that, Natsu!"

He kept the same pace, placing open-mouthed kisses all along her neck and shoulder. He felt heat pooling in his lower stomach, wanting to come out, but he held strong. The pace helped him last longer, minutes ticking by as they got lost in each other.

Natsu worried she wasn't going to be able to finish since he wasn't touching her, but he worried for nothing. Lucy's walls started convulsing around him, her moans growing louder and deeper as she neared her climax. "Oh fuck yes! Yes! N-Natsuu!"

She came around his cock, his breath picking up as he resisted the urge to follow her off the cliff. He wanted to make it last longer, but if she said the word, he would let go, knowing he was at her mercy, only doing as he was told.

At least, that was what he tried to do, but some urges were too hard to resist.

Lucy's hands grabbed his firm ass, pulling him to make sure he was giving her every inch he had. He reached down, grabbing her right wrist to hold it above her head. She didn't tell him to, but he did it anyway, feeling her squeezing him in response.

Natsu was lost in the moment, his thoughts leaving as he moved against her body, the two working together to create as much pleasure as possible. She gasped and panted, his lips moving to hers, kissing her. She let him do it, tongues teasing each other, keeping the pace as slow as his thrusts.

Natsu's hand found hers, their fingers intertwining without a second thought. He moaned when he felt Lucy tightening around him. She was getting close again, her body heating up as the delicious friction between them stoked their fire.

Natsu pulled away from the kiss so he could touch his forehead to hers, looking down into her beautiful brown eyes, seeing something he hadn't seen from her before. Usually he saw lust, a heavy need to be with him in her deep brown eyes.

However, he swore for a moment he saw adoration. He shook the thought away before it had time to form, knowing Lucy wouldn't look at him like that. She was just using him for his body and the fun he provided, nothing more.

He meant nothing more to her than a fun time, but to him, she was turning into his everything.

Natsu kissed her as she started tightening around him again, clenching and loosening repetitively as she neared her end. Natsu moaned, the sound deep and throaty, his voice raspy as he said, "Lucy, I'm not... I can't hold it."

"Come with me."

And so he did, Lucy's orgasm causing him to find his own release, spilling everything he had into her body. His hips moved, thrusts shortening as he emptied himself. Their lips stayed together, the kiss not ending until they were both climbing down from their natural highs.

By then Natsu had already been hit with a revelation, one that shook him to the very core.

For the first time in his life, it felt like he had just made love, and that scared him. He wasn't supposed to do that, but he couldn't bring himself to regret it, and with the way Lucy kissed him, he didn't think she regretted it either.

Although, that was wishful thinking. He knew to her, it was just fucking, and he was fine with that. He wasn't happy, but he understood. Her heart was in Gray's hands, and there was nothing Natsu could do about it. He could only enjoy the moments he spent with Lucy, this being one of them.

Despite their spent and sweaty bodies, Natsu stayed on top of Lucy, arms wrapping around her as he kissed her deeper. Lucy allowed it, running her fingers through his messy hair.

His heart flipped in his chest when Lucy pulled him closer, then rested a hand over his chest. He wondered if she could feel how fast his heart beat, unaware that his heart was now hers, even if she didn't want it.

Natsu could no longer deny his feelings to himself. He wanted to say those three words, feeling them deep in his bones, yet unable to voice them.

'I love you.'

His heart ached, wanting, no, needing to hear her say them back. He would have to live with the disappointment that followed, knowing she wasn't going to say them. Hell, he knew the thought never crossed her mind. This was about sex and nothing more. The closest he would get to love with her was platonic, but he craved more.

So much more.

However, he wasn't going to tell her. It would make her uncomfortable, and he didn't want that. He wanted Lucy happy, so he figuratively kept his mouth shut, groaning against her lips when she sucked on his tongue.

Everything she did drove him wild, but in that moment, Natsu felt at peace. Their kiss was slow and sensual. It was the most intimate kiss they had ever shared, and part of Natsu hoped it wouldn't be the last one like it. He enjoyed the passion and energy behind their normal kisses, but he couldn't deny how right their kiss then felt.

It made his heart soar and his blood burn, his feelings rushing through his body now that he wasn't trying to bottle them up. He had denied it for so long, pretending all he felt for Lucy was a little crush, but that was over.

He loved Lucy, but he couldn't have her.

Lucy ended the kiss, her chest heaving as she caught her breath. She gave Natsu a sheepish grin before sliding her hand down the side of his face, her palm pressing against his scarred cheek. Leaning in, she gave his lips a soft peck before whispering, "I need to go."

He held back a sigh as he nodded, rolling over so she could be free. As soon as she was out of his grasp, Natsu's heart sank and his shoulders went slack. He couldn't help but think about Gray and what he would think if he knew Natsu's true feelings.

'How the fuck could I do this to them? They laid out the rules before we even got started. I know how this is gonna end. Why... why did I let it go this far? Why did I let myself fall in love with someone else's wife.'

Natsu remained quiet while she got dressed, eyes following her. 'I should end it now, before it gets worse. Lucy'll take it well.' That thought only made his heart hurt more. 'Of course she'd take it well. She doesn't like me like that. I bet... I bet she'd even be happy to end it with me. Then she can find someone new. She'd probably like that. I wonder how bad it would feel seeing her at work and knowing I can't be with her anymore. I.. I don't want to think about it.'

When Lucy was dressed, she went back to the bed, leaning over so she could give Natsu a soft kiss, lingering over his lips for a few seconds before pulling back. She cleared her throat, tugging at the hem of her dress. "This was fun."

Natsu smiled, but he hurt on the inside. 'Fun. This was just fun to her.' He didn't know why that upset him. Lucy didn't owe him anything. His feelings for her was his own responsibility. Her and Gray were upfront and clear in the beginning. This arrangement was going to end, and Lucy wasn't going to fall in love with him.

Natsu sat up, not bothering to cover any part of his body. She had seen him naked too many times for him to be shy now. "Want me to show you out?"

She shook her head, chuckling. "I'll manage." Turning, she looked over her shoulder, her smile just as bright as ever. "See you Monday."

Natsu's smile strained, but he did a good job at hiding it. He knew by Lucy's words that meant he wouldn't get to see her that weekend. He would be all alone with his thoughts and feelings, both of them being too dangerous to deal with.

"Yeah. See ya. Drive safe."

"Have a good weekend," Lucy said, already heading towards his front door. He heard her open it before clicking the lock, his words faint as he mumbled.

"You too."

And then she was gone, the air around him growing cold in her absence.

He turned on his side, staring at the wall until his eyes squeezed shut. It was no use, he would feel the tears forming, the stinging sensation reminding him of his stupidity. 'I wasn't supposed to like her... I wasn't supposed to love her.'

Yet, he did. And no matter how hard he tried, Natsu couldn't regret loving Lucy.

As cliche as it sounded, she was the first person he thought about when he woke up, and the last person he thought about when he went to sleep. That was nothing compared to how many times she popped into his head during the day, or the way his heart skipped a beat when she smiled at him.

He found himself smiling at the image in his head until he pressed his nose against the blanket, his heart plummeting when he smelled it. Lucy's scent was embedded in his blanket, clinging to his pillow.

He had survived so long because he was able to distance himself from Lucy emotionally. Disassociating himself was easier when they were in her extra room. Those times had an impersonal atmosphere to them, but now—

Natsu inhaled, his fingers gripping the blanket as he clenched his teeth, trying but failing to rid himself of the tears behind his eyes. Her scent was everywhere, reminding him of his mistake.

'I wasn't supposed to fall in love. I broke their rule. I'm such a fucking idiot.'

Tears slipped past Natsu's closed eyes, his throat growing tight as a lump formed. His fists shook in anger and self hatred, but he couldn't bring himself to move away from the blanket.

He wanted to keep smelling her sweet scent, even if it chipped away at his bruised heart. Natsu allowed himself to cry, letting his excess emotions flow out of him with every tear. Despite knowing the right thing to do was to break up with Lucy, Natsu didn't do it. He was too selfish.

He figured as long as he kept quiet about his feelings, it wouldn't hurt Lucy or Gray. He could suffer in silence, enjoying the moments he had with Lucy until she decided she didn't want him as an extra anymore. Natsu hoped that day was a long ways away, but he knew it could come at any minute.

He didn't know how he was going to handle it when it happened, but he hoped he would be able to pick up the pieces of his heart when it did. He wouldn't ask her to reconsider. He wouldn't pressure her for more.

He would accept it, even if that wasn't what his heart yearned for.

Natsu wanted so much more with Lucy, but he could never have her like he wanted. She was married, and Natsu was nothing more than a temporary boyfriend. Their relationship had an expiration date.

He just didn't know when their time was up.

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Chapter Thirteen: Anniversary

Lucy: Go to the front desk and give them your name. They'll give you the card to get in. Room 132. Be there at 8. I have a surprise for you.

Natsu took another look at the message before pocketing his phone. He adjusted his backpack, his schoolwork weighing heavily on his shoulders. His plan for the night was to go home after class, but he couldn't resist when Lucy said she had a surprise, his curiosity burning.

He slid the key card into the slot, opening the door to room 132. He hesitated before pushing the door open, not sure what he would find. His heart thrummed at the possibilities, but most of them were unobtainable.

Natsu wasn't foolish enough to believe Lucy's surprise had anything to do with today's date. She hadn't done anything for when they hit one year together, so he knew nothing was happening today, despite it marking one and a half years of dating.

It meant a lot to Natsu, but he figured Lucy didn't know what today meant. Still, he would enjoy her company regardless, basking in the energy and light she provided when he was with her. He found himself happier when he was around his two closest friends, whether Lucy and Gray were together or he was hanging out with them one on one.

Stepping inside, Natsu saw the lights were on. He didn't have to look hard to find Lucy, the busty blonde standing at the edge of the hotel bed, a big black bag in her hands. She set it down, offering Natsu a warm smile, but his eyes flitted from her face to her body, sucking in a deep breath when he saw her adorned in a dark red nightgown. The cups over her breasts were the only part that he couldn't see through, the rest of the short nightie making her creamy skin and shapely thighs visible through the red lace flower patterns.

Natsu looked to her thighs, the hem of the nightie brushing against the tops of them. He wanted to run his hands up and down her legs, pushing that red material up to get a better look.

His blood roared in his ears at the sight of her panties, the material covering her sensitive area. As much as he liked when she wore thongs, he couldn't deny he loved when she wore something with a little extra coverage. It allowed his imagination to play, and with that, came more ideas on what they could do during their alone time.

Natsu's eyes found hers again, seeing the intent behind them. She pushed her long blonde hair behind her shoulders, exposing more beautiful skin. Arching her back, she pushed out her chest, making her cleavage look bigger. He thought she was silly. She already had a generous chest. Any more and he wouldn't know what to do with them.

When she spoke, her voice felt like velvet, gently caressing his ear despite being a few feet away. "I have a surprise for you."

He gulped, watching as she sauntered towards him, closing the door to the room before taking his hand. She led him to the edge of the bed, her fingers giving him a squeeze before she let him go. "Sit down."

Natsu did as he was told, entranced by the goddess before him. He set his backpack on the floor, his eyes fixed on Lucy the entire time. She went to that black bag, pulling out a stack of papers. His first thought was that she brought him to the hotel to make him do paperwork for the office, which didn't make sense, but he had to admit, it would've been a surprise.

Not a happy one, but a surprise nonetheless.

When he accepted the pages, he glanced over them, seeing Lucy's handwriting on notebook paper. He was about to ask if she wanted him to type her notes, but his voice caught in his throat when one of the words registered in his brain.

He looked over that sentence, cheeks growing hot as he realized what he was reading. His eyes flashed to the first line, starting at the beginning so he wouldn't miss a single part.

His pulse jumped at the descriptions on the page, imagining them in his mind. He couldn't believe what he was reading, shocked Lucy actually did it. She wrote smut for him, just like she said she would a few months back.

While he read the dirty words Lucy wrote, he felt her undoing his pants. He helped shrug them down, but he couldn't bring himself to tear his eyes away from the naughty scene he read. Without looking, he knew his cock was as hard as a rock, that thought being proven when Lucy wrapped her lips around the tip, taking him into her mouth.

He groaned as he read, one hand resting on her head while his eyes flitted over the papers. Some of the things she wrote were acts they had done before, but others weren't. He had to close his eyes when Lucy massaged his balls while licking his cock, his mind needing a break from the smut. If he didn't, he was going to find his release before they started.

Natsu continued reading her story, loving the balance between crude and intimate words. The story was filthy without being raunchy, something Natsu admired in her writing. He opened his mouth to tell her that, but a moan slipped out instead, Lucy driving him wild with the way she took his cock deep in her mouth.

His breath caught when she pulled up, her lips and tongue focusing around the head. Her tongue trailed around it before she moved downwards, giving him soft licks to his balls. She moved up, tracing the underside of his length. By the time he was finished reading her story, he was leaking with need, his cock twitching and heart racing.

When he set the story down on the bed, Lucy looked up, her lips skimming across the side of his cock. "What'd you think?" she asked, not bothering to remove her lips from his heated skin.

Natsu nodded, head feeling light as he said, "I loved it." There were three mini stories splayed out over the pages, each one dirtier than the last. The first was about him and her fucking behind a bar, something they had never done, but he believed it could happen with how she wrote it.

The second was one he wanted to reread when he got home alone. It was about her, him, and Gray, the two sharing her like they had before, the only exception being at the end. Instead of Gray joining after Natsu finished, he was fucking Lucy's face. Natsu swallowed thickly when he read over that part, wanting to ask if Gray would ever be okay with trying something like that. It would be a good way to explore his odd feelings he had lately without alarming Gray too much.

The third... well, that wasn't something Natsu ever expected to read, especially coming from Lucy, but he couldn't deny it got his blood boiling in a delicious way. He had never thought about that, but reading Lucy's story made it sound enjoyable.

She really had a way with words.

Lucy's hand grabbed the base of his cock, holding him still while she licked at the tip, keeping his eye contact during. His breathing turned labored as her tongue swirled around the head. She gave his cock a soft kiss before pulling an inch away. "What'd you think of the third one?"

The blush that surfaced on Natsu's neck and chest matched his hair, his voice strained as he spoke. "It was... different," he admitted, looking down at his neglected cock. Her hand was holding him, but she wasn't moving. He wanted her to continue with her blowjob, but he knew she was getting off on the idea that he read her smut. He wanted to please her more than himself, so he tried telling her the truth.

"But... I kinda liked it."

That was a lie. He really liked it, but he didn't want to sound too eager. Natsu had never heard of guys bragging about that sort of thing, so he didn't know how Lucy would look at him if he told her the complete truth.

Lucy gave him a slow stroke up, his fingers slipping through her golden locks. As her hand moved down his cock, she asked, "Would you ever want to try something like that?"

"Depends." Natsu swallowed, petting her head in an attempt to coax her to continue. He craved her touch, desire and need pooling in his lower stomach. He watched her reaction with sharp eyes, thinking he had her figured out. Her line of questioning had him guessing where the night would lead, but he wanted to see if she was up for it. So, he whispered, "If it was with the right woman."

Lucy's lips wrapped around the side of his cock, gliding against his length. He sucked in a sharp breath, almost growling when she pulled her soft lips from his member. She licked over the slit on his head, collecting the bead of pre-cum that formed, taking a moment to swallow the salty droplet.

"Am I the right woman?"

Natsu was transfixed on the sight, almost missing what she asked. He nodded, unable to stop the moan from bubbling up when she swiped her thumb over the tip of his cock. "Yes," he confessed, heart threatening to break through his rib cage to get closer to Lucy. She was the right woman for everything, even if he couldn't keep her, couldn't cherish her like he wanted.

Instead of saying something that would spoil the mood, he whispered, "I'd do it for you."

A smile graced Lucy's lips as she gave his cock another pump, her tongue teasing his head. "I was hoping you'd say that."

She stood, her hands sliding against his bare thighs before she worked to remove his jeans and boxers. They were wrapped around his ankles, something Natsu hadn't noticed before. He had been too distracted by the sexy minx in front of him, giving him physical and mental stimulation.

When his clothes were pushed to the side, Lucy returned to the big black bag she was playing with earlier, her hands pulling it open. "The stories were only part of your surprise." She reached a hand in, Natsu's eyes growing wide when he saw what she pulled out.

He blinked, stunned silent by the dildo she handed him. It was in its package, the thing looking just as real as any other cock. He looked at the description, pulse increasing when he read it was six inches long, shorter than his dick. He didn't know about the girth size when reading since he never measured himself around, but he looked at the dildo, seeing it was thinner than himself.

He swallowed, fingers ghosting over the package. He wondered what it felt like, if it was made out of a hard plastic or something else. He had been in sex shops before, but he never seriously considered buying or even feeling a dildo. Why would he? He had a perfectly good cock between his legs. He never thought to get something extra.

Then again, he never thought he'd be an 'extra' either.

"You can open it," Lucy said, startling him. "The store doesn't do refunds on toys, so it's okay if you want to feel it first."

Natsu gulped, realizing that idea was tempting. He wanted to feel it if he was honestly considering letting Lucy use it on him. Pulling at the seams of the package made the plastic come apart easily. It was possible to close again if he wanted to seal it, but for now, he left the pieces open.

Natsu hesitated before poking at the side of the dildo, shocked when he felt a smooth and fleshy texture. He looked at Lucy, a questioning glint in his eyes.

"It's made to feel like a real cock."

He looked back at it, throat feeling tight and heart hammering. He couldn't imagine the thing fitting inside his body, but he knew it could if he was prepared. He had never had or received anal sex before, but he knew it was possible.

Natsu set the package beside him, taking a deep breath to soothe his nerves. It didn't help.

"You... you really wanna do that?"

Lucy didn't look offended, simply cocking her head. "If you don't want to do it, just say so. I won't pressure you, okay? Do you not want to?"

Natsu looked down at the fake cock, his mind buzzing with thoughts. "It's not that, just... this is unexpected."

"We don't have to." He knew she meant it. Lucy wouldn't pressure him into doing anything he wasn't comfortable with. He trusted Lucy to make him feel good, and she hadn't disappointed him yet. With some consideration, Natsu made his decision.

His eyes lingered on the dildo, his resolve strengthening. "I... I wanna try." He looked at her, seeing the smile on her face.

She nodded, eyes fixed on his. "We'll only go as far as you want. Okay?"

"Yeah, okay."

Lucy turned to her bag, pulling out a few more items. She handed him a weird bulb thing with something sticking out of the end, holes punctured around the tip. She explained that before they got started, Natsu would have to thoroughly clean himself. She instructed him on how to do the anal douche, then sent him to the bathroom to take care of himself.

He ran the shower water while he prepared, feeling embarrassed about the process of getting himself completely clean inside. For added measures, he jumped in the shower afterwards, using the small bar of soap the hotel provided to clean his genitals and backside.

After he was done and dried, Natsu came out of the bathroom, a red flush covering his bare chest and a white towel wrapped low on his hips, letting Lucy see his pink happy trail.

Natsu looked at the bed, seeing a new contraption laying next to the bag. The only time he had seen one before was in sex shops, but he had never seen one used. Lucy's strap-on was black with dark purple lace layered on it. It had a few straps attached, making Natsu curious, wondering how it fit on her body. He looked at the center of the front, seeing the dildo from earlier secured with a ring, attached with snaps to the strap-on.

Natsu gulped, thinking about fitting that thing in his ass, the idea sounding painful. He had never stuck anything foreign up there before, not even a finger. However, Lucy appeared confident when she picked the strap-on up by the cock, keeping it between them as she spoke.

"This is your dildo. I won't use it on anyone else but you. Gray has his own."

Natsu's fingers twitched, imaging Lucy spreading Gray's legs. She wondered if he liked Lucy fucking him in the ass more than other guys. Then again, Natsu wasn't even sure Gray let other guys fuck him. He had never asked, and he was too scared to do it, worried he would offend his best friend.

Still, that didn't stop Natsu from blushing, his cock hardening at the thought of Gray bent over the bed with Lucy behind him. At the time, Natsu hadn't thought much of Gray's body past the fact that he was fit, but now thinking about it, Gray had a nice ass for a guy. He imagined Lucy liked playing with him, just like Gray liked playing with Lucy back.

Lucy's voice brought Natsu back to the present, her smile as she continued explaining. "The anal douche was new too. Even though I clean everything after every use, it's more sanitary to not share. This cock hasn't been used before. It's brand new. I have the receipt if you'd like to see when I purchased it."

Natsu shook his head, feeling his heart race. "I'm good. I believe ya."

"I didn't know what size you'd be able to take. They have much bigger ones, but I think six inches is more than enough for your first time. I don't even have to go all the way in. I'll just do what you're comfortable with."

Natsu bit his tongue, preventing him from saying he didn't think there could be any comfort in having something jammed into his ass, but he stayed silent, not wanting to startle Lucy. He nodded, voice rough as he asked, "What do you want me to do?"

She smiled as she set the strap-on down for later. "Lie on your back in the center of the bed."

Natsu looked at the bed, seeing a pillow at the head and one in the center, covered by a towel. He didn't bother asking, figuring that was for his back. However, after he laid down, Lucy tugged at the pillow, waiting until Natsu lifted his hips before settling it under his ass and lower back.

His legs spread when she pushed on them, making him feel exposed from the new position. She crawled between his legs, fingers touching his cheeks. He swallowed thickly, feeling her spreading him to reveal his asshole. He already felt a bit uncomfortable, but not enough to stop. Anything new was bound to feel weird at first. He just had to try it to see if he actually liked it or not, then he could decide what he wanted her to do with him.

"Is it okay if I give you a rimjob?" Lucy asked, her warm breath fanning against his sensitive skin.

Embarrassment clouded his mind, his blush burning hot as he thought over her request. He had cleaned up and showered, but was it enough? He would hate for her to be disgusted, but she sounded like she wanted.

And honestly, the curiosity was burning him far more than his embarrassment. He squeezed his eyes shut as he nodded, palms pressing against the tops of his thighs. "Yes."


Despite expecting something, Natsu jolted when he felt Lucy placing a kiss under his balls. She trailed down, lips feathering over his skin until she reached his puckered hole. His fingers curled when he felt something hot and wet prodding him, the flat of her tongue running over his asshole.

Natsu sucked in a sharp breath when she did it again, trying to figure out if he liked the sensation or not. It was strange, but not painful. In fact, the more her warm tongue worked over his body, the more relaxed he felt. That was, until she spoke, bringing him back to reality.

"I can taste the soap you used."

Natsu's forehead and ears burned in embarrassment, hoping she wasn't upset. "Sorry."

Lucy's tongue lapped over him, the tip of her tongue flickering over the tight ring of muscles. "Don't be. I'm happy you washed up." She pressed her mouth against him, tongue moving wildly against his hole. His fingers tensed against his thighs as his cock twitched, the stimulation giving him a wave of pleasure.

She used her fingers to spread him wider while her lips gave him a kiss, her tongue poking at his body once more before she pulled back an inch.

"How does this feel?"

When Natsu opened his mouth, he let out a heavy sigh, not realizing how much he wanted to get that out. "Good," he said, voice soft and eyes hooded. "It's kinda... relaxing."

Lucy gave him another lick, sending jolts through his body. "That's good," he added, his hole twitching, anticipating more from her mouth.

He felt something dragging around his asshole, but it didn't feel like her tongue. Since she didn't bring anything with her, he assumed it was a finger, the digit rubbing along his skin, made wet by Lucy's saliva. "Your ass is hairless."

Natsu paled, not expecting that. His pulse raced as he fumbled for words, saying the first thing that came to his mind, even though it was an obvious lie. "I shaved."

Lucy giggled, her finger continuing its exploration of his bare asshole. "You don't grow much body hair, do you?"

Seeing as he had been caught, Natsu sighed. "No."

"That's okay. I like it." Lucy moved her hand around his leg so she could reach his cock. Instead of touching his member, her fingers threaded through his dark pink curls that surrounded the base of his dick. "As long as you have hair here, I'm happy."

She went back to rimming him, her warm tongue and wet lips giving him a nice, soothing pleasure. It wasn't as wild as when she sucked his cock, but it felt good regardless, the pleasant sparks streaming through his body.

When Lucy decided she was done, she pulled back, admiring her work before moving to grab a few things from her bag. Natsu watched as she set them out, making him wonder what else was in that mysterious bag of hers.

Lucy opened a bottle of lube, using what looked to be a plastic syringe to extract some of the water-based lubricant. She explained that she was going to use a lube injector on him. "It'll keep you wet on the inside so it keeps feeling good. This helps it get deep inside. It shouldn't hurt. It's smaller than the tube for the anal douche you just used."

Natsu took a deep breath before relaxing his lower half, allowing her to insert the lube injector into his ass before pushing it in deep. He swallowed at the weird feeling, thankful it didn't cause him any pain. She was right. It was thinner than the anal douche's tube, which had been almost the size of his finger.

She squirted out a little lube every time she pulled the injector out, thoroughly coating his passage, ensuring he wouldn't get dry while they were playing. It was crucial to make sure he was lubricated since the dildo didn't produce any pre-cum like a real cock did.

Lucy pulled the injector out, setting it on a different towel before putting a glove on her right hand, squeezing some lube on her finger before rubbing it over the digit. Her brown eyes found his, a smile resting on her lips. "Can I finger you? It'll loosen you up so it doesn't hurt later."

Natsu nodded, his stomach tensing when he could no longer see her finger. He felt the tip touch his asshole, his body automatically clenching. Lucy was patient, waiting until he relaxed before rubbing more lube on him. "Can't have too much," she said before slowly applying pressure to his hole, his tight ring of muscles giving way so she could push an inch of her finger into his body.

She held still, waiting while Natsu breathed deeper, his flush darkening at the compromising position he was in. His body relaxed, but she didn't move, her free hand touching the inside of his thigh, massaging it. "Tell me when you want more."

Natsu knew taking that cock up his ass was going to be more of a challenge than what he had faced so far. She hadn't really begun and he was already sweating, his mind telling him it wasn't too late to quit. He knew he could end it whenever he wanted, but the thing was, he didn't want it to end.

Lucy's story made receiving anal sex sound like a pleasurable thing, and he wanted to feel that way. He could always get off with a simple handjob, but now that the idea was out there, Natsu wanted something new. He wanted Lucy to take him, he just had to work his way up there first.

"Now," he whispered, trying to breathe evenly as she pushed her finger in deeper. Natsu couldn't stop his body from clenching a few times, causing Lucy to pause until he relaxed again.

Natsu released his breath when she stilled, telling him all of her finger was inside him. He clenched, feeling Lucy's digit inside his body. He nodded, not knowing what happened next. Lucy answered by pulling a few inches out, only to thrust back in.

"Fuck," he grunted, nails digging into his thighs. If that was only a finger, he couldn't imagine what a six inch dildo would feel like.

"Want me to stop?" Lucy asked, but he shook his head.

"No. Keep going." He wasn't going to call it quits so soon. He had been punched in the face, kicked in the balls, and fallen off his roof back home more times than he could count. Natsu was good with handling pain. He could handle a finger up his ass too.

With a newfound determination, Natsu pulled his hands away from his thighs, setting his palms on the sheets as he breathed, relaxing his body so Lucy could finger his asshole.

She moved her finger in and out, pressing gently on his walls to help loosen him. The excess amount of lube helped, no pain coming from having her finger him. The worst he felt was some discomfort, but it faded with every soft thrust.

"I think you're ready for two," she said, pulling her finger out of his body so she could lather another with lube. He groaned when she pushed the two fingers into his ass, sweating as she stretched him. "Is it too much?" she asked when her fingers were halfway in.

Natsu shook his head, voice raspy but strong. "I can do more."

Lucy nodded before pushing, stretching Natsu as she filled him with her fingers. She rested a moment when she was completely inside, letting him get used to it before she started making small thrusts. She pushed on his ring of muscles in an attempt to loosen him, preparing him for what was to come.

"How's that feel?"

Natsu grunted in response as her fingers dragged against his walls. "Not bad, but—"

"Not good either?" Lucy asked, doing her best to part her fingers to loosen him. When he nodded, Lucy said, "Let me see if this helps."

With her free hand, she reached up, grasping his cock. It had softened a bit, but after a few warm strokes, it hardened. Pleasure trickled through his system, a breathy sigh escaping him as he closed his eyes. His brows furrowed when Lucy started pumping her fingers into him again, but it was more bearable now that she was touching his cock, rubbing his member with a loose fist.

He winced when she twisted her fingers inside him, working on stretching him all around. It felt like she was looking for something, her fingers rubbing against his passage.

Natsu's head slammed against the pillow when she found it, her fingers stroking the firm bulb of tissue. His toes curled and his hands fisted the sheets, his teeth clenching as he let out a deep moan. She didn't give him a break, her fingers still playing with that spot while her other hand pleasured his member.

"There it is," Lucy whispered to herself, seeing the milky fluid dripping from his cock. She smeared it along his length, making sure she didn't rub his prostate too hard or fast, otherwise she might hurt him.

"Fuuuuuck," Natsu moaned, his breath shaky as pleasure crashed over him. The stretch started feeling good, making him crave more. Without asking, Lucy obeyed. While stroking his cock, she pulled her fingers out, rubbing another one with the lube around his puckered hole before she pushed three fingers into his body, widening his passage and making him whimper.

"Y-yeah, fuck!" Natsu didn't understand how it could feel so good, but he wasn't complaining. She gave him slow thrusts, letting him get used to the new feeling.

"If you can take this, you can take my cock."

Natsu clenched at her dirty words, nodding as he panted. His body was flushed, cock dripping with need as she stroked his length. She spent a few minutes using three fingers before she went back to two, focusing on his prostate again.

Natsu growled, fingers tangling with the sheets. When she asked if he was ready, he nodded, voice hoarse as he said, "Yes!" He needed more. He needed her.

He felt empty when she removed her fingers from his body, tearing off her glove before taking off her panties and nightie, revealing a thin bra underneath. She kept it on, then pulled the strap-on up her long legs, securing the straps around her thighs and hips.

Lucy applied lube to the dildo before adding more to his asshole. She frowned when she looked around, getting off the bed so she could stand. "It'll be easier if you bend over."

It might have made things easier, but it made Natsu feel more exposed. He was on all fours on the bed, his ass sticking in the air while his arms moved to wrap around a pillow before burying his face in it, trying to soothe the burn from his flush. He felt the bed dip when Lucy climbed on, followed by a delicate hand on his ass cheek before she spread it, letting her see his hole.

Lucy added more lube to his ass, fingers teasing the puckered ring. Natsu flushed when he felt himself bucking backwards, urging her to finger him again. She didn't, but that didn't take away the slight embarrassment he felt. When she finished teasing him, her hand moved against his backside, a hum sounding from her as she gave him a squeeze.

"You have such a nice ass."

Natsu's hole twitched at her words, anticipation thrumming through him. He was nervous, his heart racing and his mind telling him to stop, but he wanted it to happen. He wanted Lucy inside him, even if part of him thought that idea was still weird.

"Remember to breathe evenly and relax," Lucy instructed as she scooted closer to him. "This won't feel good if you clench."

Natsu nodded, some pink locks sticking to his sweaty forehead, but he left them alone. He didn't want to move, too anxious to start. "Yeah."

Lucy used both hands to spread his cheeks before one of her thumbs rubbed over his ass, smearing the lube around. "Just in case you decide you don't want to finish, just say red and I'll stop. Or if you want to slow down or try something else, say yellow."

She smiled, thumb still swiping over his asshole. "Trust me, I'll stop if you say it."

"Still weird that you use traffic colors." Natsu shook his head, chuckling despite the situation. "Just sounds weird."

"That's the point of a safe word," she pointed out. "It's a word you're not going to shout in pleasure. If you say it I know you don't want whatever's happening to you. It lets me stop so you don't feel worse. Don't be afraid to use it. I mean it. If I do something you don't like, or it gets too intense, say a safe word and I'll stop. Okay?"

Natsu did his best to shrug, thinking it was still odd. "Yeah, I got it."

He wondered if he would need to use the safe word. Would Lucy push his boundaries, taking things further than he ever thought imaginable? His cock throbbed at the threat, loving the idea of experimenting.

He was brought back to reality when Lucy pressed the blunt end of her dildo against his hole. Sucking in a sharp breath, he turned his head, letting his face rest against the pillow while he focused on relaxing his body. He gasped when she pushed in, the head penetrating his ring of muscles. She moved another inch in before stopping, letting him get used to that.

Natsu ground his teeth when she gave him a rest, breathing heavily as the burn of being stretched spread through him. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't pleasurable either. Her hands ran over his back and thighs, coaxing him to loosen up, to let his guard down. He had to admit, it was hard to relax. The cock was bigger than two fingers, but she was right when she said if he could handle three, he could handle her cock. It wasn't as wide, but it felt fuller.

Lucy pulled out an inch before pushing in, her cock sliding against his walls. It wasn't until she was halfway in that he felt a jolt of pleasure, the stretch starting to feel somewhat good. She worked slow, easing her cock in inch by inch, sinking further into his hot body.

She added more lube when she pulled out, keeping just the first two inches inside his ass. The additional lube helped, making the pumps into his body easier.

Natsu let out a ragged breath when he felt her thighs on his, letting him know she was completely inside him. His face was flushed, his throat feeling raw from panting. His heart beat wildly in his chest, a direct result from the foreign object in his ass. Lucy gave him time to adjust, something he was grateful for. His walls involuntarily clenched when she moved, her hand reaching around to stroke with cock a few times, easing his discomfort.

Natsu nodded after a minute, his body relaxing. "I think I'm ready."

While Lucy pulled out at a slow pace, Natsu groaned, taking some enjoyment from the feeling. She left an inch in, not letting his ring of muscles close.

Lucy drizzled more lube on before placing her hands on his hips, her voice gentle but firm. "Back up on me. Let me see how much you can take."

Natsu thought it was obvious. His body had been able to take everything she had to offer, but he realized that wasn't what she was talking about. She meant pace and roughness, something Natsu knew she needed to know. He took a shaky breath before moving his hips backwards, moaning at the feeling of being spread again. He went slow, knowing he had to take his time.

When he was about halfway, he stopped, pulling forward, only to push back again. Lucy tapped on his hip after a few thrusts, getting the picture. She imitated what he could handle, giving him short, slow thrusts to get him used to it. She peppered his back with kisses when she leaned over, whispering words of praise for only him to hear.

"You're doing great, Natsu. Remember to relax. That's it. Feel how much easier it goes in when you relax?" She gave his heated skin a kiss before easing in another inch, making the thrusts a little longer. "You got this. See? You're taking my cock so well. I'm impressed. You're so sexy. I love watching my cock disappear inside your tight ass."

Natsu's cock throbbed painfully, the ache soothed when Lucy started touching him again. She didn't give him enough to cause him to finish, but it added to the growing pleasure that came from getting fucked in the ass. As the discomfort faded, pleasure took over. He found himself thrusting backwards to meet her hips, taking her full cock within a few minutes.

"Damn" Natsu buried his face into the pillow as he groaned, the feeling of ecstasy increasing with her speed. He cursed into the pillow, only coming up for air when Lucy asked how he was feeling. "Good," he moaned. "So fucking good."

She gave the base of his cock a squeeze before pumping him with her fist. "I'm glad." Kisses were placed on his back as she fucked into his body, pulling moans and lewd sounds from the man under her. Sweat clung to his skin, but she didn't seem to mind the salty taste as she ran her tongue against his back. Everything she did made him enjoy it more, and he knew she was enjoying every reaction she pulled from him.

After a few minutes, Natsu's legs started to shake. Lucy noticed, slowing down her thrusts as she ran a hand over his thigh. "How're you feeling?"

"Great," he replied, voice low and strained as he bit back a moan.

"And your legs?"

"Kinda huraaaah! Fuck!" Natsu squeezed around the dildo in his ass, white spots dotting his vision as he neared his end. He wasn't ready yet, wanting Lucy to fuck him for a while longer. "Legs... k-kinda... hurt."

"Do you want to switch positions?"

Natsu thought about it for a moment, deciding it would be nice to get off his knees. He nodded, clenching his fists as Lucy withdrew herself from his body. While he turned, she used a wet wipe to clean the cock. She stopped him from moving by placing a hand on his ass, using another wipe to clean him before letting go.

She disposed of the wipes in the wastebasket under the desk, then grabbed the bottle of lube to apply a fresh coat to her cock. "Put the pillow on the edge of the bed."

Natsu stood, feeling his shaky legs. He had the urge to use the bathroom, but instead of acting on it, he did what Lucy asked, pulling the towel-covered pillow until it was on the edge. When instructed to lie on his back with his butt on the pillow, he was a little more reluctant, but he followed her orders in the end.

The new position left him feeling exposed and vulnerable, Lucy able to see every facial feature he made. At the same time, excitement rushed through Natsu's system. He would see Lucy thrusting into him, something he was craving but couldn't get in his last position.

"How are you doing so far?" Lucy asked, rubbing up and down his thighs, soothing the burn rushing through his body.

He nodded, head feeling light but the smile on his face was undeniable. He was enjoying what she did, even if it wasn't something he thought he would ever do. He had always thought that getting fucked in the ass wasn't masculine, but now he could feel he was wrong. Nothing had changed since before he entered that hotel except the ways he received pleasure had been widened. He didn't feel less like a man after being taken by Lucy, only pleasured and slightly embarrassed, but that had more to do with her seeing his ass than anything.

Lucy pushed on his knees to spread and bend them before putting more lube on his puckered hole, his ass twitching for more stimulation. He felt unbearably empty, needing Lucy to fill the void she created.

As Lucy added more lube to her cock -like she said before, they couldn't have too much, she asked, "Do you want this?" She stroked over the dildo slowly, her tone teasing as the blush on her face darkened. Her brown eyes were sharp, as if peering straight into his soul. He hoped she couldn't, otherwise she would be disappointed to find out about his feelings for her.

And the strange feelings he had caught for Gray as well.

Instead of speaking about his thoughts, Natsu nodded, his body flooding with heat at the confession. "Yes. I want it." His voice sounded different to his ears, giving away the desperation he felt. He wondered if it was a turn off for Lucy, but she moaned at his tone, her teeth gnawing at her bottom lip as she stepped closer.


With that, Lucy pushed into his ass, causing him to moan at the sensation of being filled, stretched. It was addicting, his cock twitching as she buried herself deep inside his body.

Lucy didn't give him as much time to adjust seeing as he was already prepped. She thrust into him, starting off slow but gradually getting faster. Leaning in, Lucy kissed Natsu's chest, right over his rapidly beating heart. Her tongue dragged over his nipple, drawing out a string of curses as her hips picked up speed.

"You're so sexy," she moaned, causing him to pant, not bothering to hold back his sounds of pleasure. "You sound almost like Gray when I fuck him."

Natsu closed his eyes, picturing Gray in his place. Only, instead of Lucy being the one between Gray's legs, it was Natsu, his grip tight on the man's thighs as he thrust deep inside him.

"Fucking hell!" Natsu clenched his teeth, trying to get the thought out of his head. It wasn't that he didn't want to think about it. Quite the opposite, in fact. He loved the idea of being in that position, a little too much. He wasn't supposed to think about Gray like that. Natsu had never considered himself gay or bi before he met Gray, further confusing him. He didn't know if he was just curious, or truly infatuated with his friend. Either way, he had to stop thinking like that, otherwise he was going to complicate things more than he already had.

"Sorry," Lucy whispered, fingers tracing over his chest. "I shouldn't talk about him now."

Natsu shook his head, unable to stop himself from blurting out, "It's okay! I like it!"

He dared take a peek at her, seeing the deep flush on her face and the smirk pulling at her lips. It looked as if she was just as turned on as he was by the comparison, so she wrapped her hand around his cock and gave him a light squeeze while keeping his gaze. "You should hear Gray's moans when my cock's inside him. He sounds so fucking good. So desperate for more."

"God damn!" Natsu breathed heavily, his cock throbbing as he pushed forward, trying to take more of her cock into his ass. "Fuck! Nggh!"

His imagination ran wild, picturing Natsu on the bed with Gray pushing into him. If Lucy's cock felt that good, he wondered if the real thing would feel better. Natsu let out a groan, remembering how big Gray was. He had only seen it once, but it was a good enough view for Natsu to remember.

'I bet Gray would know how to use his cock on me to make it feel this great!'

"Shit! Ahhh!"

"Do you like this?" Lucy asked, pulling back to add more lube before pushing in again. Just for added measures, she allowed her spit to fall from her lips to land on his opening, Natsu moaning in response to the crude sight.

Her hips snapped, her hand running over his abdominal muscles as she said, "You didn't answer the question. Do you like this?"

"I fucking love it!" he confessed, hooking his legs around her to keep her closer. The longer she fucked him, the better it felt. Plus, knowing how much Gray enjoyed her cock made it all the better. It was yet another thing they had in common.

"Keep going, please!"

Lucy obliged, hovering over Natsu so she could kiss his chest, only to be surprised when Natsu leaned up, his warm fingers sifting into her hair before he pulled her in for a searing kiss, his tongue thrusting into her mouth so he could taste her. He swallowed her moans, legs pulling her so she fucked him faster.

While they kissed, one of Lucy's hands went between them, grasping his throbbing cock before stroking him, her hand still wet with lube. He groaned at the pleasure, lips and tongue moving against hers, drawing out a whimper when he bit her bottom lip a little too rough. She didn't stop the kiss, instead working to dominate him while her hips moved, the dildo sliding along his walls.

Pre-cum leaked over Lucy's fingers as she rubbed him. He had enough sense to admire the fire in her eyes as they kissed, his heart pounding as she brought him closer to his end.

"Fuck! God fucking damn!" Natsu threw his head back as he purposely clenched, loving the delicious friction it caused. There was little resistance with her thrusts, the lube and stretching making his body accepting of the object in his ass. He grabbed Lucy to hold her close to his body as he growled, sent over the edge with a cry of her name.


His cum spurted between them, droplets landing on her chest and his stomach. Her fingers were covered with his essence, but she didn't mind as she slowed her thrusts until she wasn't moving her hips, settled comfortable between his legs.

Waves of pleasure crashed over him with every mini release after the first one. Natsu panted hard, hair plastered on his sweaty forehead and body buzzing from the intense orgasm. What made him more shocked was the fact that she hadn't stimulated his prostate during. The dildo wasn't thick enough or didn't go in at the right angle to properly pleasure the nerves there. It made him wonder how much more intense his release would have been if she had, but he wasn't going to ask.

He was too busy gasping for air, his lungs burning from the struggle.

Lucy waited until she was calm before standing up, Natsu's arms falling by his sides with no effort to move them. She looked over his flushed face and hazy eyes, seeing the spent and pleasured man beneath her. She smiled, clearly happy she was able to make him enjoy it.

Lucy pulled out slowly, whispering how amazed she was by how much he took. "I didn't think you'd be taking all of it, but you proved me wrong. I'm glad you did. You did great."

Keeping her sticky, cum-covered hand away from her, Lucy grabbed the fake cock, holding it still while her other hand loosened the straps around her. She shrugged the strap-on off, then walked to the bathroom to start some hot water.


After releasing the fake cock from her strap-on, she put the dildo in the sink, letting the water soak it until she was ready to clean it. She washed her hands before returning to the main room, seeing Natsu still panting on the edge of the bed. She smiled, happy to see him sated.

"You should go to the bathroom. I know I usually do after anal."

Natsu nodded, struggling to get on his feet before he padded towards the bathroom. She didn't watch him, giving him privacy until the door was closed. She heard him turn on the shower again so she couldn't hear what he was doing, letting her get on with her next task without distraction.

Lucy used a clean towel to wipe over her stomach, then changed into a shirt and skirt. Before she started dating Natsu, she would have worn leggings under, but now she wore a pair of stockings, ensuring they wouldn't get ripped by the impatient man.

However, Lucy had to admit, it was hot when Natsu acted on his impulses. It was one of the reasons she kept him around for so long. Sex was always exciting with him, the man full of raw energy and passion. She couldn't seem to get enough.

Her heart hurt at the thought of their relationship ending one day, but it was a reality they would eventually face. Extras weren't meant to last forever, just giving another supplement to enhance their lives. Either her or Natsu would end the relationship, even if part of Lucy -a part she denied even to herself, didn't want the relationship to end.

Lucy pushed the thoughts out of her head as she finished cleaning up, leaving the smutty story on the desk for when they were finished at the hotel. She turned to look at the bathroom just as Natsu emerged, wearing a new towel once again. She allowed him a moment to get dressed before bringing him back to the bathroom, showing him how to properly clean the dildo.

"I buy the soap from the sex shops. They always have toy cleaner." She washed the dildo with soap and water, then patted it dry with a towel. When she finished, she sprinkled powder over the fake cock, rubbing it in to ensure it would last longer and keep its realistic texture.

When it was clean and dry, Lucy put it back in its original package, then slipped it into a small brown bag. "Make sure you keep it safe. It's yours now, no one else will ever use it."

Natsu nodded slowly as he accepted the bag, putting Lucy's story in next to it. He thought about asking what happened to the dildo when their relationship ended, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He didn't want to think about the end, or bring it up to her.

"If you ever want to use it again, just let me know."

Natsu nodded, his head feeling light. He looked down at her body, wondering if she was satisfied too, or if she wanted more. "Do you need me to take care of you?"

Lucy shook her head, a coy smile on her ace. "I like feeling hot and bothered sometimes." She placed a hand on her chest, giving him a wink. "Walking around with wet panties makes me feel dirty."

Natsu groaned at her words, setting the bag down so he could grab her waist. "Okay, now I really wanna help you with that." He kissed her, happy when she let him lead her to the bed, staying on the opposite side from where they played a moment ago.

Not bothering to take it slow, Natsu had her lay on the bed while he pushed up her skirt and removed her panties. Lucy giggled when he tossed them behind him, a sly grin on his face as he spread her legs. Just as she said, she was hot and bothered, her lower lips glistening with arousal.

He popped two fingers into his mouth, wetting them with his saliva before bringing them between her legs. Natsu's fingers pushed into her core at the same time Lucy stripped herself of her shirt and bra. His mouth attached to a breast, tongue lashing against her as he moved his fingers within her pussy.

"Oh fuck! That's good!"

Natsu sped up, wanting to get her off soon to thank her for earlier. He didn't think anyone else would have been so thorough and gentle like she had been, and he wanted her to know he appreciated it.

Plus, he could get her worked up for Gray later. She was sure she was going to tell him all about what happened between them in the hotel, and he hoped Gray got off to it. The thought of Gray getting turned on by Lucy fucking him had Natsu moaning.

Lucy's fingers weaved in his hair as she tugged on them, urging him to give her other nipple the same treatment. He felt her walls clenching, preparing itself. He sucked and nibbled on her breasts, adding a third finger into her pussy when she asked for it. He fingered her fast and hard, loving the moans and wails that escaped her parted lips.

She was coming within minutes, her hands gripping his hair and shoulder hard enough to give Natsu some pain, but he kept moving and licking, smiling when she found her release, crying out his name as her body spasmed.

He loved the light flickering behind her glossy eyes, lust and pleasure thrumming through her body. "There," he mumbled, swallowing at the beautiful sight before him. "Now you're really wet."

He pulled away, knowing if he didn't they would keep going. As much as he wanted to continue, he knew Lucy wanted to get going, so he allowed her time to recuperate without any 'distractions'. Besides, he had some homework he had to do, otherwise he was going to fall behind in class despite it just starting.

Lucy laughed as she ran her hands over her body, soothing the urge to keep going. Reluctantly, she stood, getting dressed once again. She grabbed her black bag, filled with miscellaneous items before walking up to Natsu, giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for the great evening."

Natsu chuckled, lifting a hand to run his fingers through her hair. A year ago he wouldn't risk such an intimate action, but after being with Lucy for a year and six months, it felt natural. Plus, Lucy didn't seem to mind. "The pleasure was all mine, princess."

Her pearly whites showed as her smile widened, giving him a sweet giggle before pulling away to head to the door. "The room's paid for until tomorrow morning if you wanted to stay. If not, just turn in your key at the front desk."

"I'll do that. I'm gonna shower first though."

Lucy nodded. "Sounds good to me. See you tomorrow for dinner."

Gray and Lucy had invited him over to hang out, and he was already looking forward to it.

"Yup," Natsu said, watching as she reached for the door handle. "Have a good night. Tell Gray I said hey."

"Will do, and you too." She pressed down on the handle, then paused. She looked over her shoulder, her mouth parting but no words escaping. A few seconds ticked by before a soft blush spread over her features, her eyes avoiding his as she said, "Oh, and Natsu?"

He raised a pink brow. "Hmm?"

"Happy anniversary."

Natsu's eyes widened as his smile slipped from his face. He was frozen for a moment, unable to think. Slowly, a grin surfaced, realizing she really had said that. He nodded, heart warming as a weight lifted off his shoulders. He felt lighter, better.


'She remembered.'

He couldn't believe it, a calming feeling spreading over his body. He hadn't felt that happy in a long time, even when he was having sex with Lucy. In that moment, he felt like the thing between them wasn't just about sex. He knew it wasn't true, but it didn't stop him from feeling that way.

Natsu hoped she couldn't hear the pure happiness in his tone when he responded, not wanting her to know how deeply her words affected him.

"Happy anniversary, Lucy."

She left without saying another word. Natsu wished he could say he didn't mind, but he did. When he was left alone, reality set in, the agreement he made with her and Gray coming to mind, reminding him that it didn't matter how happy Lucy made him.

She was still married.

And he was just an extra.

He swallowed, trying not to let it bother him. He was happy a minute ago, but that was a fleeting feeling.

Natsu sat down on the bed where Lucy had sat, hand running over the spot she was laying on. He couldn't keep this up forever, but he would hold out for as long as he could. He enjoyed spending time with Lucy, and he didn't want to risk losing his friendship with Gray over a break up. He loved where his life was right now, even if it caused him some heartbreak.

He thought it was worth it.

He thought they were worth it.


Chapter Text

Chapter Fourteen: Cancelled plans

"Right there! Oh fuck yes!"

Lucy moaned as Natsu gripped her hips, his tongue sliding against her neck before sharp teeth nipped at her sensitive skin. She arched her back, her large breasts pressing into his chest. He growled when he felt her hand wrap around his cock, giving him firm but slow strokes, avoiding the head to build the fire in his belly.

He rocked his hips, trying to increase the speed, but it was fruitless. Lucy loosened her grip, much to Natsu's dissatisfaction. When he stopped moving, her hand resumed its pumps, teasing him by touching under the head of his cock, but before she swiped her fingers over the tip, she was moving her hand downwards again.

He groaned as he sucked on the throat in his mouth, hearing a heavy sigh from the person below him.

A dark chuckle entered his ear, cock throbbing as a deeper voice asked, "Do you want more?"

Natsu pulled back, his brows furrowing when he realized Lucy wasn't with him anymore. He stared into dark blue eyes before leaning in, capturing those chapped lips in a heated kiss.

Gray's grip tightened on his cock before increasing the speed, fingers collecting pre-cum to smear over his member. Natsu's grasp on Gray's hips turned bruising when he felt his bottom lip being tugged, Gray's teeth abusing the flesh before releasing it.

"I love the sounds you make," Gray whispered before seeking out Natsu's neck, peppering it with kisses while his hand stroked that thick cock.

"Damn!" Natsu groaned, gasping when he felt Gray's teeth connecting with the crook of his neck. He didn't bother saying what he wanted Gray to do, uttering a single word to give him permission.


Once Gray bit down, Natsu roared, hips snapping to chase that tight grip. He felt hands on his back before they moved around him, fondling his chest and abdominal muscles. A soft giggle sounded behind him before Lucy placed a kiss on his bare shoulder, opposite from the one Gray was at.

"I think he likes it," she whispered, Gray responding with a grunt.

Natsu moaned as they worked to pleasure him, Gray's hand rubbing his cock while Lucy turned Natsu's head, planting a searing kiss on his lips. He was a goner after that, heart racing and blood burning.

He didn't have time to warn them, the coil deep in his stomach snapping, his cock twitching before he found his release, soaking Gray's hands and stomach with his essence. Natsu panted, eyes squeezed shut as he rode out his high. He didn't notice when Lucy stopped kissing him, only opening an eye when he heard her moan.

Looking down, Natsu saw Lucy's tongue running over Gray's abs, collecting Natsu's cum before swallowing it. He groaned, hand landing on her bare ass before shifting his fingers to her exposed lower lips, feeling her arousal leaking out.

Natsu was just about to suggest they both take her now, but when he looked at Gray, the man started singing, the voice not belonging to Gray in the slightest. What was more bizarre was the beat playing around them, sounding suspiciously like a song.

Just as Natsu realized he was dreaming, he woke up, eyes squeezing tighter as his hand started hitting at his nightstand, trying to find his phone so he could turn his damn alarm off.

He managed to make it snooze, giving him five more minutes of peace before he had to get up for work. However, peace wasn't something he received.

Natsu cursed himself when he reached down, feeling the throbbing erection in his boxers. He knew blaming it on morning wood was futile. That wasn't the first time he had a similar dream, and if experience taught him anything, his hard on wasn't going to go away naturally.

'At least I didn't cum in my sleep... again.'

Natsu buried himself under the covers before pushing down his boxers, hand gripping his cock to start rubbing himself. It wasn't hard to picture his dream, his heart racing as he imagined the married couple pleasuring him. His favorite dream so far had been when they were both on their knees, each one taking turns licking him until they both started doing it at the same time.

Now that the thought was in his head, Natsu was cumming within minutes. It was a good thing too, his alarm going off again right after he finished.

Natsu kicked off the covers and turned off his alarm, not bothering to put any clothes on as he headed to the bathroom to clean up. A few months ago, Natsu would have felt ashamed for his dreams, but with as many as he was having lately, he couldn't bring himself to feel anything but aroused.

In his defense, they were just dreams. They weren't hurting anyone as long as Natsu kept them locked away in his head. He wouldn't act on them, knowing Gray and Lucy would think he was weird. At least, he assumed they would. He hadn't brought up the subject of a threesome, and he wasn't planning on it.

He was fine keeping his fantasies just that, fantasies. There was no reason to make the relationship between him and Lucy anymore complicated than it already was. Besides, Natsu wasn't into guys... that he knew of. He had never been with a man, so he couldn't honestly say if that statement was true or not. Until he experienced it for himself, he wouldn't know.

However, if the reactions he got from those dreams was any indication, Natsu couldn't say he was straight. Maybe bi-curious? He had no idea. He didn't like labeling things, so he kept it as it was.

Natsu had become sexually attracted to Gray after a while. He wasn't sure when it started, but he figured it was around the time Gray and him shared Lucy that one night. The attraction he felt towards Gray was manageable. As long as he didn't make Lucy or Gray uncomfortable, he considered himself doing well.

That was what he told himself anyway, not realizing how hard it was going to be keeping his feelings to himself as the three of them grew closer. He was willing to take that risk, thinking he had everything under control.

He didn't know how wrong he was.

"Natsu! You wanna join us?" Jet asked, patting Natsu on the back. "We're gonna meet up after work for some drinks. You should come."

The offer was tempting, but Natsu had other plans. He would be spending the evening at his place, a certain blonde boss of his keeping him company for a while. "Sorry, can't make it."

"Why not?" Dray asked, peeking up from his sandwich. He was sitting across from Natsu in the break room, most of the employees on lunch.

Natsu wished he was in Lucy's office, but he couldn't eat with her every day or it would be suspicious. Three or four times a week he ate lunch with everyone else. He loved spending time with Lucy, but he also enjoyed hanging out with his coworkers, even if some of them were too nosy for their own good.

"Busy," Natsu answered, not able to think of an excuse yet. He was deciding what he could say in case they wanted a better explanation.

Jenny leaned over, nudging Jet with her elbow as she pretended to whisper. "That's code for hanging out with his secret girlfriend."

Despite her being correct, Natsu chuckled as he shook his head. "I told you, I don't have a girlfriend." No matter how many times they asked, he wasn't giving in. He had been dating Lucy in secret for one year and eight months. He wasn't going to ruin that over some peer pressure.

"Come on, just give us a hint," Droy urged, smiling at Natsu.

Natsu ignored the piece of meat stuck in the guy's teeth, figuring he would get it later. "I don't have a girlfriend."

"Boyfriend then," Jet said, shrugging. "We don't judge."

Jenny, Droy, and a few other coworkers nodded, letting him know they would be cool if he were into men. Natsu sighed, his shoulders shaking as he held in a laugh. "You're relentless. Why don't you go bug someone else, like Erza?"

All eyes went to the redhead, seeing she was about to take a bite of her cake she brought from home. She raised a brow before shaking her head. "Don't bring me into this. It's obvious you have someone in your life."

"What?!" Natsu asked, eyes growing wide as panic set in. "What makes you say that?!"

Erza tapped on her neck as she said, "I saw that hickey last week."

Natsu's heart dropped, his shoulders sagging as he mumbled, "I... I thought my scarf covered it?"

Erza barked out a laugh, grinning before she took a bite of her cake. She waited until she swallowed, not bothering to stifle her laughter. "I was bluffing. Glad to see I still have it."

"What?" Natsu asked, voice soft as he pieced things together in his head. "So, you didn't see anything?" Humiliation struck him when she shook her head.

"So," Jenny started, waving in front of Natsu's face to get his attention. "Who's the lucky lady?"

"Or man," Jet added, looking just as interested as everyone else.

Natsu's throat tightened when he caught a glimpse of Lucy's reflection in the microwave on the back counter. She was walking by, probably not listening to her employee's conversation. Knowing he couldn't tell them the truth, he made up a story that was halfway believable.

"It was a one-night stand." He gulped, seeing the mixed expressions on his coworkers' faces. "I uh, I didn't get her name."

"Natsu," Erza scolded, her eyes narrowed at him. "I'm disappointed in you. What if you broke that poor girl's heart?"

Natsu snorted, waving her off as he formulated his lie. "I don't think she was heartbroken. She approached me and said she wanted something casual. I figured, why not?"

While a few people nodded in understanding, Erza asked, "So, you're not dating anyone then?"

He shook his head, hoping the conversation would change soon. However, Erza seemed to like the topic they were on.

"Would you like me to set you up then? I have two friends that are still single." She paused to get another piece of cake on her fork. "I think you'd really like them."

Natsu suppressed a cringe, wishing she hadn't offered. He wasn't interested last time, and he wasn't interested now either. "No thanks," he mumbled, hoping he wasn't offending her or her friends. "Not really looking for anything serious right now."

Erza nodded, returning to her cake. "That's fair."

Natsu sighed in relief, glad it was over. Before anyone had a chance to pursue the topic of Natsu's love life more, he asked, "Who's ready for the weekend?"

That seemed to do the trick, the break room filling with conversations about plans his coworkers had, the attention slipping away from Natsu with every passing second.

Natsu watched as the elevator doors closed, the last of his coworkers leaving the office for the day. He made up an excuse about staying a few minutes later to finish his paperwork, but it was a lie. He had finished twenty minutes ago, but he wanted to wait for Lucy to finish her stuff.

He looked over, seeing her door was open. Her voice flitted through the air as she spoke to someone on the phone. Her tone sounded cheerful, but Natsu could hear the strain in it, his boss clearly exhausted and wanting the call to end.

"Yes, well that's what I told them, but they haven't switched it over yet... Maybe by next week? It's hard to say... Yeah... I know... I just— Oh hey, I need to get off. My husband's calling me. Can I call you on Monday to sort this out? Okay, thank you. Bye. You have a nice weekend too. Okay, bye."

Natsu heard the smile in Lucy's voice when she answered her cellphone, making him smile with her. "Hey! How'd the meeting go?" There was a pause before her tone changed, Natsu's brows raising when she spoke again.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Me? It was fine. I was about to head to the dragon's den."

Natsu's eyes looked down at his desk for a moment, a blush surfacing on his cheeks. That was the code she used to refer to his apartment. She had been there several times since the first. It was hard on Natsu in the beginning, but he was getting used to her scent lingering in his apartment after she left.

"Really?" Lucy asked, bringing Natsu out of his thoughts. "No, it's no trouble. I can cancel if you need me."

Natsu frowned, hoping things were alright with Gray. He didn't have all the details, but if Gray was asking Lucy to cancel her plans with him, that meant Gray was having a bad day and needed her there. Natsu understood, not wanting to take either way from the other. Sure, Natsu was a little upset he couldn't hang out with Lucy tonight, but he could get over it. He just hoped Gray felt better soon.

"Are... are you sure?"

Natsu heard Lucy's chair rolling back, followed by the sound of papers shuffling on her desk. He wondered if that meant she was getting ready to leave. With any luck, he could get a quick kiss in the elevator on the ride down since there were no cameras in there.

"Okay, I'll ask him... I'll be home soon... I love you... Bye."

Natsu didn't know what she was going to ask, but he figured it was going to be directed at him. 'She could be referring to her father? Or maybe one of their other friends?' He didn't know, but he would find out soon.

Lucy emerged from her office a few minutes later, her bags in one hand as she walked towards Natsu's desk. She looked around, whispering after a scan of the office. "Did everyone leave?"

"Yup." He nodded before standing, gathering his things so they could leave soon. "So, guessing I'll see you Monday?"

Lucy shook her head, her voice holding the lingering confusion she had after her phone call. "Actually," she paused, brows furrowing for a second. "Gray asked if you wanted to come over. He said he'd like to see you too, if that's okay?"

"Yeah," Natsu said, not having to think about it. He enjoyed hanging out with Gray, whether Lucy was there or not. The fact that Gray requested to see him only made Natsu's chest fill with an emotion he couldn't quite place, but if he had to guess, he would say it was a mix of relief and confusion. "Is Gray okay?"

Lucy nodded, her lips pressed into a tight line before she sighed. "He said he had a really bad day at work today, and wanted to see us. We should get going."

"Are you sure he wants me there?" Natsu asked, trying to control the lightness in his chest. He hadn't experienced that lighthearted feeling in a while, but he couldn't deny how good it felt. He felt needed, but he wanted to make sure he wouldn't be imposing."

"Yeah, absolutely. He wants some downtime with us. I'm kinda surprised though. This... this hasn't happened before." Lucy adjusted her bag's strap on her shoulder before peeking around the office, making sure they were still alone.

"Good surprised or bad?"

When Lucy's eyes met his again, she shrugged. "Not sure, honestly. I guess good. It must mean you're a great friend if he wants you over." A small smile graced her lips. "I wouldn't mind the additional company. I usually cook him his favorite meal and we watch a movie of his choosing when this happens. You're more than welcome to join if you want."

"You really don't mind?" Natsu asked, scooting his chair in before they headed towards the elevator. He was ready to help. If there was any chance he could make Gray feel better, he was going to take it.

Lucy shook her head. "I don't. I need to stop by the store to get some things, but you can head there now, if you didn't have other plans."

"Nope, didn't make any besides you comin' over."

Lucy nodded, gesturing for him to follow her. "So does that mean you'll hang out with us?"

Natsu grinned, already looking forward to the evening with his two best friends. "Yeah. Sounds fun."

Fun was an understatement.

Natsu was about to burst at the seams from laughing so hard, listening as Gray told them about his ridiculous day. He didn't mean to laugh at first, but Gray had started it, almost rolling out of his chair when he described how every little thing went wrong.

"So then I think I'm finally done with this horrid day," Gray started, shaking his head as he chuckled. "Then my pen broke and I got ink on my shirt. Had to throw it out, so I was shirtless for the last ten minutes. Our HR lady almost scolded me again for not wearing a shirt, but at least this time I had a kinda decent excuse."

Gray lifted up his clean shirt, revealing the smeared ink stain on his skin. "See? Fucker bled right through. And it's hard as fuck to scrub off. Thought I was gonna rub a hole in my skin!"

Natsu knew he should have paid attention to the ink and nothing else, but he couldn't stop his eyes from flitting over Gray's chest, admiring the toned muscles and pale skin. His fingers twitched, but nobody noticed since they were too busy focusing on Gray's ink situation.

Gray lowered his shirt, sighing. "Today, today was just not my day."

"Sounds like it was rough," Lucy said, holding more sympathy than Natsu. She only chuckled a few times, mainly when Gray mentioned a bag of ice ripping and spilling on his lap. He explained why an employee was holding it so close while he was sitting, but it didn't make it any less humorous.

Apparently, the lady wanted to show Gray how the new label would look on the bags of ice, but the bag was ripped a bit, deciding to wait until it was hovering over Gray before it gave way.

"It was," Gray agreed, nodding at his awful day. "But it's over, finally."

"Did you decide what movie you wanna watch?" Natsu asked, wiping away a stray tear from his eye. He hadn't laughed that hard in too long.

Gray raised a brow as he looked at Lucy, prompting her to answer the silent question. "I told him what I usually do to make your days better."

Gray tilted his head back in recognition. "Oh, okay. Hmm, I haven't thought of any. Any suggestions?"

"Can't go wrong with dragons," Natsu mumbled, laughing when Gray shook his head. "Figured I'd try."

"You and dragons. I've never seen someone as obsessed as you are."

Natsu shrugged. "You should meet my dad then. He's way more obsessed than me."

Gray snickered while Lucy suppressed a laugh. "Doubt it. Did he go out and get dragon scale tattoos?"

Natsu looked down at his torso, but his shirt prevented him from seeing what Gray was referring to. It had been a month and a half since Natsu went to get his first tattoo, deciding to go big his first time around. His left ribs and upper thigh was covered in ruby dragon scales, the outline of the tattoo made to look like his skin had been ripped to reveal the scales.

It cost him a pretty penny, but Natsu thought it was worth it. The adrenaline he felt while getting the tattoo had been addicting, Natsu already thinking of what he could get next time.

Chuckling, Natsu said, "No, but I'm sure he would if he thought of it first."

He considered lifting his shirt to show them his tattoo again, but it was unnecessary. They changed the subject soon after, talking about Lucy's day until going to Natsu's, which to him, wasn't as interesting as theirs.

After they finished eating, Lucy offered dessert. They still had cake left over, but Natsu had to pass. He was too stuffed, but he said he might be hungry again after the movie.

The cake in question was one of their creation. They made it last weekend with the help of an internet recipe and some imagination. Gray said he had a delicious cake with one of his clients he took to lunch, and thought Natsu would enjoy it. So, Gray got a recipe online and got to work.

Not wanting Gray to do all the work, Natsu offered to help. A small smile tugged at his lips as he thought about that afternoon they spent together. For a while, the two worked in comfortable silence, both preparing their dessert. However, things were never peaceful between them for long.

While passing by, Natsu accidentally got cake batter on Gray's arm, and from there, it was all downhill. To be fair, Natsu shouldn't have laughed at Gray's surprised expression when it happened. That might have been the fuel behind the fire in Gray's eyes as he smeared icing on Natsu's nose. It had quickly escalated into a battle of food, both trying to mess up the other's hair and face with globs of batter and icing.

The fight would have gone on longer, but Lucy came home to witness Natsu on top of Gray, trying to smash his handful of food in Gray's face. They had earned a harsh scolding from her, mainly because the kitchen floor was covered in a mess. But, when the air was cleared, the three cleaned up before getting to work, bringing that cake to life.

That was a memory Natsu held dear to his heart. He ended up taking a picture of the cake to be printed. He hung it on his wall of memories where it belonged. He was tempted to take the serving knife, but he resisted, knowing he was sure to get in trouble with Lucy if she found out. It wouldn't have been long for her to find out anyway, seeing as she came over to his apartment every so often.

Natsu and Gray cleaned the table and dishes while Lucy went to the entertainment room, picking out a movie since Gray said he didn't care what they watched. Natsu washed while Gray rinsed, setting the clean dishes in a rack to air dry. When they finished, they headed to the room, the screen showing the main menu of the movie they were going to watch.

"Jurassic World?" Gray asked, taking a seat on the couch.

Lucy nodded, sitting next to him, taking up the middle seat. "Yup. I thought it was a good compromise."

"Lemme guess, the dinosaurs are close to dragons, and you know I enjoy the movie anyway?"

She nodded, earning a kiss to the forehead from her husband. "Great choice."

"The second one is coming out this Friday," Natsu said, running his fingers through his pink locks as he tried figuring out where he would sit. He wanted to sit by Lucy, but the two recliners were empty. "We should all go see it?"

"Sounds awesome," Gray said, nodding towards the spot on the couch beside Lucy. "Sit down. We don't bite."

Blood shot down to Natsu's crotch at that statement, his dream filling his head. He remembered how real his dream felt, especially when Gray bit him as he stroked his cock. Heat crawled from his chest upwards, Natsu taking the seat next to Lucy before they could see his growing blush.

Gray was handed the universal remote, turning the lights off after he pressed play. Natsu breathed a sigh of relief, settling into his spot on the couch while he let his heartbeat calm down. The movie was a great distraction, taking his mind off his fantasies.

At least, that was what he thought.

Lucy leaned back in her spot, kicking off her shoes before pulling her legs onto the couch. She had them bent, her arms wrapped around them as she watched. Natsu stole a few glances at her, his mind falling into the gutter when he wondered how it would feel to finger Lucy on that couch. They hadn't done anything in the entertainment room to respect Gray, his 'no jizz on my stuff' rule taken seriously by the two of them.

Natsu imagined running his hand down her inner thigh, slipping his hand into her short shorts to access her core. His imagination went wild, just like his dreams. In his head, Gray was going in from the other side, both men playing with her lower lips to get her juices flowing. He wondered what it would feel like if they both pushed a finger into her wet heat, her phantom moans filling his ear.

However, his fantasy disappeared as soon as he heard screaming on the TV, the genetically engineered dinosaur attacking two kids in weird sphere vehicle. The thought of riding in one of those things had Natsu swallowing, not wanting to get sick while they watched. He was glad when the dinosaur destroyed the vehicle, letting him relax for the time being.

While watching a swarm of dinosaurs attacking from the sky, Natsu's attention was pulled away from the TV when he heard Gray whisper, "How's that new lotion you've been using?"

"Great," Lucy whispered, Natsu watching as she offered her husband a hand. "Feel how soft my hands are."

Natsu turned his head so he could look at the screen, ignoring the urge to feel her hands for himself. He wanted to hold her hand, but he had no excuse he could use. He was content with going without, but he found out luck was on his side.

Or better put, Gray was on his side.

"Oh wow," Gray mumbled, caressing her hand. "Hey Natsu!"

Natsu jolted, looking over to see Gray grabbing Lucy's other hand to bring it closer to him. "Feel how soft Lucy's hands are."

Natsu blinked a few times before looking down, seeing the offered hand. He hesitated before accepting it, letting his fingers brush over the soft skin. Lucy shifted her hand so he could bring it to his lap, one hand in each of their grasps.

Natsu continued to gently stroke her hand with his thumb while he watched, giving himself a few minutes to enjoy it before he released her hand. He knew it was better to not get too attached, otherwise it would hurt worse when they had to break up.

When he let go of Lucy's hand, she brought it to her lap before shuffling towards Gray. She leaned on the man's shoulder before twisting her body, extending her legs to drape over Natsu's lap. He held his breath for a moment, wondering if she was going to move. When she didn't, he settled in, placing his hands on her legs while his eyes remained on the TV.

The three continued watching the movie until it ended, no one saying anything about the position they were in. If they didn't mind, Natsu sure as fuck didn't mind. He was happy to spend time with them, and being intimate with Lucy while Gray was okay with it only made things better.

When the movie finally came to an end, Natsu stretched his arms, waiting until Lucy got up so he could do the same with his lower back. He wondered if he should get going soon, but that thought was dismissed when when Gray said, "Tonight would be a great night for a swim. What do ya say?"

Before Natsu knew it, he was being given a pair of Gray's trunks and told to change. He thought about declining the offer, but the thought of spending more time with them had him heading down the hall to get dressed. Not only that, he wanted to see Lucy and Gray in their swimsuits. That alone was too tempting to pass up.

He changed in no time, barely needing to adjust the strings in the trunks. Him and Gray had similar builds, and this wasn't the first time Natsu ended up in Gray's clothing, though most of the time it was due to Natsu messing up his with their play fights.

Natsu made his way to the backyard, seeing Lucy was already swimming in the large inground pool. Gray was off to the side, rinsing off before jumping into the water.

Natsu didn't have to be told, going to the outdoor showers to rinse off. After getting wet, he went to the deep end, doing a cannonball when the area was clear. Emerging from the water, he heard Gray and Lucy's laugh, both of them heading towards him before splashing him with water as revenge for him splashing them.

It wasn't long before Natsu and Gray were challenging each other to competitions, Lucy acting as the referee. They swam laps, Gray beating Natsu by a few seconds. However, he dominated the holding their breath underwater contest by twenty-seven seconds. Then the two men 'fought' in the water, both trying to dunk the other or escape from being pulled into the deep end.

Natsu couldn't wipe the smile off his face even if he wanted to, loving the time spent with the two. He could call them his best friends, knowing besides his family, they were the closest people in his life. When the relationship between him and Lucy was over, Natsu hoped he could remain friends with them, not wanting to lose them forever.

"I think I need a break," Gray said, climbing the ladder to get out. Natsu was right behind him, wanting to relax after their latest 'fight'. Lucy stayed in, grabbing an innertube to float on.

Natsu rinsed off before taking a seat on a plastic lounge, sprawled out so the could air dry. He didn't know if he was getting back in later, but he figured he could try to dry off now just in case he was done for the night.

Gray pulled his chair closer so they could talk, bringing up the topic of Natsu's tattoo since it was easy to see with his shirt off. "What's your next one gonna be?"

Natsu shrugged, hand sliding over his new tattoo to get the water droplets off. "I was thinkin' of something on my back? Like make it look like there were wings coming out that got cut off?"

"Sounds brutal," Gray said with a laugh. "But cool. You want me to go with you when you get it done?"

Natsu nodded. "If you want." Gray had gone with him twice when he got his first tattoo done. Since it was so large, they had to do it in three separate appointments. He didn't regret it for a second, loving the pain that came with getting his ink.

The two men relaxed in their chairs, watching as Lucy kicked her feet to travel back and forth in the pool. Gray started talking about when they had it installed, saying Lucy spent every chance she got in the pool for a few months. "Even when it got colder she was out here. She didn't stop 'til she got sick."

Natsu snorted. "That sounds like her." She was sweet, but sometimes the woman could be hardheaded, but that was one of the things he loved about her.

"It was cute though. She's adorable when she gets a cold."

Natsu nodded, keeping his mouth shut. He had seen Lucy with a cold during the winter months. Despite him wanting her to be healthy, he couldn't deny she looked cute with her nose and cheeks red and her voice stuffy.

He remembered running to the store once to get her soup while she was working from home, not willing to take a break from work despite her cold. It was a miracle she didn't try to go to the office during those times, but she was adamant about not getting anyone else sick by going into the office.

"When'd y'all get the hot tub?" Natsu asked, changing the subject.

After Gray got done explaining, they fell into a comfortable silence, content with watching Lucy swim. Gray waited until she was at the far end before clearing his throat, saying something that startled Natsu.

"I heard Lucy took it up a notch. She must really trust you."

"Huh?" Natsu asked, furrowing his brows.

Gray didn't meet his gaze, eyes fixed on Lucy. "The... the strap-on."

Natsu's eyes widened, his throat feeling tight. It had been months since that happened, and neither Gray nor Natsu had mentioned it before. Honestly, Natsu thought Gray wouldn't bring it up since it was more personal than their normal sex, but Natsu should have known better. Gray was full of surprises.

"Oh, right."

There was a long pause before Gray said, "If you don't wanna talk about it, that's fine. Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything."

Natsu shook his head. "I'm okay, just didn't expect that. But, yeah. I guess she did take it up a notch." He wouldn't have worded it like that, but he supposed it fit.

Gray nodded, stealing a glance at Natsu before his eyes returned to the pool. "I was kinda surprised she asked you to do it. I'm the only one she's ever done it too. Well, before you anyways."

"Has she ever wanted to do it to other guys before?" Natsu asked, slowly stepping further into the conversation. He wasn't ready to pull out yet, wanting to explore the topic. Being on the receiving end had opened Natsu's mind to the possibility of doing other things, but he was still unsure if he anything more would ever come of it.

Gray shook his head, not bothering to keep the information to himself. "Nope. She's never said anything about it before, but when she told me she wanted to ask if you would do it, I asked. You're the first. Er, I guess second."

Natsu nodded, well aware that Lucy had used a dildo on Gray before. What he wouldn't give to see that in person. "Well... I'm uh, I'm glad she asked."

"Gotta say," Gray started, a small chuckle making his head bob before he looked at Natsu. "I was more surprised you said yes. Didn't peg you for that kinda guy."

Despite the embarrassment he felt, Natsu couldn't help but laugh. He appreciated a good pun, even if it was at his expense. "What can I say? Lucy, she made it sound... fun."

He lost count of how many times he had read the stories Lucy wrote for him. Sometimes he would put off real life just so he could revisit those pages.

Silence fell over them again, Natsu looking between Gray and Lucy twice before settling his gaze on his tattoo, fingers ghosting over the scales. "It uh, it wasn't bad. I um... I thought it would hurt more."

His face burned with a blush, but he figured it was safe to talk about with Gray since he had been through the same thing and more. He knew Gray had been with other men, but that didn't mean he was ever on the receiving end. He didn't want to ask, too afraid of offending his friend with a personal question like that.

"Were you sore after?" Gray asked, eyes sliding over to Natsu's face before dropping to the tattoo as well. When Natsu slowly nodded, Gray added, "Yeah, I figured. I was sore after the first time Lucy did it to me."

Natsu swallowed thickly, wondering if he was overstepping his boundaries. He berated himself in his mind, knowing that was a stupid question. Of course he was overstepping, but the curiosity threatened to consume him.

"Can I ask you a... a really personal question?" Natsu looked up, catching Gray's eyes lingering over his tattoo, not giving it another thought. He figured Gray was just admiring his ink, nothing more. "If you don't wanna answer that's fine. I get it."

Gray met his gaze, shrugging. "Shoot."

Natsu took a deep breath, then another. His fingers curled as he tried to figure out the best way to ask, but he didn't know anyway to make it sound less personal. Gulping, Natsu asked, "How—" He shook his head, hoping he wouldn't mess the question up. "Does... does it feel any different than a... a real—"

Gray nodded, cutting Natsu off. "Yeah. It does."

"Which um..." Natsu closed his mouth, deciding not to ask. That question was too personal, but somehow Gray already knew what the question was.

"The real thing."

Natsu's eyes widened as he tilted his head to the side. "What?"

Gray didn't flinch, answering the unspoken question as if it were the most mundane question in the world. "The real thing is better, but Lucy's cock feels good too."

Natsu sat there speechless, trying to come up with a response. He didn't know what to say, absorbing the information before turning it over in his mind. If what Gray said was true, that meant a real cock felt better than what he felt when he was with Lucy. Did Gray mean physically it was better, or did it depend on the person he was with to make it better.

Natsu wished he could ask, but his throat was too dry to speak. Instead, he nodded, turning slowly until he was looking upwards at the sky, seeing the sun setting in the distance.

He wouldn't be surprised if Gray thought the conversation was over, but the truth was, Natsu was trying to word his next question. There was no way to make it any less invasive, so he decided being as blunt as possible was probably the best bet. "Hey, um... I got another one."

The small smile tugging at Gray's lips had Natsu relax a bit. He had seen Gray get angry when their fights turned too rough, and he had enough shouting matches with his friend to know when he was really angry. If Gray didn't want to talk about this subject, he would shut it down.

"What's up?"

Natsu tore his eyes away from Gray, hoping that would allow him to think clearly. He couldn't help but picture Gray with other men, those their faces were in the shadows since Natsu had never seen any of Gray's boyfriends. If Natsu was being honest with himself, he would realize the burning sensation in his chest was from jealousy, but he blamed the feeling on his nerves. He wasn't ready to face the truth in his heart yet.

"Have you ever... taken—" Natsu wondered if that was the right word, but he didn't know how else to say it. "Um, someone first?"

"Taken someone?" Gray asked raising a brow. "You mean like take someone's virginity?"

When Natsu nodded, Gray said, "Well, in high school a girl gave me hers..."

"That's not what I meant." Natsu resisted the urge to close his eyes, knowing it wouldn't make him more courageous. He had to push through the embarrassment, or end the conversation there before it got too awkward. "I meant like, a guy's?"


Natsu was scared to look at Gray, but he forced himself to steal a glance, shocked at what he found. Instead of Gray looking enraged by the personal question, he looked... shy.

Gray's face, which was normally pale, was now dusted with a soft blush. Natsu was ready to back down and take his question back, but when he saw Gray open his mouth, Natsu couldn't find it in him to say a word.

"Well, no." Gray paused, eyes sliding over to Natsu's to hold his gaze for a long few seconds before he turned his head towards the sky, leaning back in his chair. A small smile graced his lips, one that confused Natsu for a moment. "But, I can't imagine it'd be much different. I would just be... extra gentle, you know?"

No, Natsu didn't know.

But part of him wanted to.

"I'd take it slow, make sure he's enjoying it."

Gray's words sent delicious chills up and down Natsu's back, making his chest rise and fall faster as his heart rate increased. The trunks he wore started feeling a little tight as Natsu imagined it, wanting those strong hands petting his body instead of the roughhousing he was used it. His cock swelled as the lewd thoughts fueled his desires, but he had to stop himself, otherwise he was going to give himself away. He hoped Gray didn't notice, and if he did, he didn't say anything about it.

Gray took the silence that came next well, ending the conversation before it could grow more personal. After a few minutes, Natsu looked over, his voice low and rough from suppressing his need. "Thanks, for answering."

Gray nodded, his smile remaining. "Anytime. I won't judge if you have more questions."

Natsu swallowed as he turned his head, mumbling to himself. "Good to know."

Before any conversation could get started, both men looked at the pool, hearing water dripping as Lucy climbed out. She squeezed the excess water from her hair, letting her wet strands cling to her shoulder when she pulled them over.

Natsu had a hard time not admiring her body, her white swimsuit clinging to her soaked skin. He wished he could see more, but the pads in her top were thick enough to conceal her, making his imagination work to fill in the gaps.

Her smile was large as she nodded towards the house, swaying her hips as she started walking away. "I'm going to take a shower."

"Want some company?" Gray asked, causing Lucy to stop.

She looked over her shoulder, sending her husband a wink. "Do you want to join?"

Gray's smile turned wicked. "Actually, I thought maybe Natsu could hop in with you. Ya know, conserve water and shit?"

Lucy stifled a laugh as she shook her head, eyes flitting to her extra. "Do you want to join me?"

Natsu looked at Gray, his brows furrowed as he asked, "Are you sure?"

Gray nodded, gesturing for Natsu to get up. "Absolutely. I'm feeling much better now anyways. Go have some fun."

Natsu wanted to say he was having fun hanging out with them, but he couldn't deny how horny he was. He wanted to fuck, and this was the perfect opportunity. "Okay, yeah."

Natsu stood, taking a few steps towards Lucy before he froze. He swallowed at the thought running through his head, his brain telling him it wasn't a good idea, but everything else in his body screamed for him to do it. He stood still for a moment, debating what he should do. It would be easy to ignore the urge, to go inside with Lucy and fuck her without any complications, but that wasn't what Natsu wanted in that moment.

He wanted more, and all he had to do was be courageous, and he could get it.

"Hey, Gray," Natsu started, trying to keep the eagerness out of his voice. He was going to ask if Gray wanted to join them. He could only imagine how hot it would be having the two of them in the shower, even if he couldn't put too much focus on Gray without tipping them off. Just having him there would be enough to heighten Natsu's sexual experience, but when he opened his mouth to ask, he chickened out at the last second.

"Do you wanna watch?"

Natsu almost flinched when he saw how wide Gray's eyes grew at the question. He didn't know what Gray was thinking, but he wished he did, that way he knew if he should lean into the question or back off. Though, Natsu was proud of himself for asking. It wasn't what he wanted, but it was better than nothing.

Gray's eyes flitted to Lucy's before they found their way to Natsu's again. His expression was unreadable until he said, "Uh, sure... If you're okay with it?" It was only then that Natsu could see a hint of excitement on Gray's face, and that only made Natsu happier he asked. It was last minute, and no one had time to prepare what would happen, but the three were close, and if at any point in time someone didn't feel comfortable, all they had to do was say so and it would stop.

Natsu released his breath, nodding slowly as he allowed a smile to spread on his face. There was no point in hiding his excitement now, seeing as Gray was on board with the idea. He stole a glance at Lucy, seeing her cheeks tinged red but her eyes full of light. Everyone was okay with what was about to happen, and Natsu would be a fool not to enjoy it.

"Yeah. I think it'd be fun."

Instead of going to her master bathroom in her bedroom, Lucy led them down the hall towards the guest bathroom, turning on the hot water before pulling off her swimsuit.

Natsu's cock was hard before he got into the bathroom, watching as she peeled the material off her soaked body. He looked over at Gray, seeing the man leaning against the sink while watching the two of them. Natsu almost asked him to go in first, but then remembered Gray hadn't agreed to joining, only watching.

Out of the two of them, Lucy was better at performing, but that didn't mean Natsu wasn't going to try to give Gray a good show. He turned his back to Gray, keeping his eyes on Lucy as he untied the strings of the trunks. When he first got undressed in front of Gray, he had been worried, but now Natsu had a newfound confidence, a goal in mind as he shed his clothes.

He wanted to turn Gray on, wanted him to like what he saw.

Natsu pushed the trunks down his legs, unable to stop the flush on his chest and neck as he bent over slightly to free his legs. The trunks were damp, trying to stick to his skin, but he got them off as smoothly as he could manage. He didn't know if Gray's eyes were on him or his wife, but that didn't discourage Natsu.

He kicked the trunks aside before stepping into the tub, Lucy keeping the shower curtain open despite the water that would spray out. It wouldn't flood the bathroom, but it would cause quite the mess to clean up afterwards. Nobody seemed to care as Natsu pressed Lucy against the wall, giving her a hungry kiss as the water heated up.

He pulled back when she pushed against his chest, smirking at him as she ran her hands over her curvaceous body. "Wash me?"

Natsu couldn't refuse, grinning when he was handed a soapy bath sponge, not needing instructions to know what to do. Starting at the top, Natsu washed Lucy's shoulders and neck, mesmerized as the suds graced her body. He made sure to keep a gap between them, allowing Gray to witness as he cleaned her body very thoroughly.

Natsu took his time on his way down, making sure to scrub her arms and back before turning her around to get her chest. Instead of using the sponge, Natsu used his hands to clean her breasts, his fingers brushing against her hardened nipples, pulling the cutest gasps from her.

He chose then to look over at Gray, finding the man entranced by what he saw. Natsu swore his cock throbbed at the sight, his nervousness fading at the look of desire in Gray's eyes.

The sponge traveled south, Natsu purposely skipping over her intimate areas so she could get them. He didn't know the correct pressure to use, worried he might hurt her if he scrubbed too hard.

When he finished, he handed the sponge to Lucy, keeping his eyes on her face as she washed the parts of her body Natsu didn't get. His hands grasped her shoulders, feeling the slippery skin beneath his fingers.

"Do you want me to get you?" she asked, holding up the sponge a moment later, new soap added so he could get clean too.

As much as he wanted to feel her hands all over his body, Natsu was growing hornier by the second, and it wouldn't be long before the water lost its heat. He shook his head as he took the sponge, roughly washing himself to get it over with. Lucy chuckled as she rinsed off, calling it how she saw it.

"So impatient."

He couldn't disagree, knowing it would be a waste of breath. When Gray chuckled at Lucy's comment, that only made Natsu smile, happy the three of them were together... kind of.

What he wouldn't give to have just one night of passion between them, but he didn't want to risk everything for something he might not even get. He didn't know if Gray found him attractive, or if he was even okay with a real threesome. Still, the fantasy stayed in Natsu's head, and what they were doing now would be enough to supply his desire for a long, long time.

Once he finished cleaning himself, they rinsed off, making sure every bit of soap was gathered at their feet before draining out of the shower.

Natsu looked at Lucy, holding her gaze as he asked, "Now what?" There was a hint of lust in his voice, his intentions clear. If that wasn't enough, his cock was still erect, begging for attention, which she supplied.

Her hand wrapped around his length before giving him a pump, smiling when he let out a strangled moan. "Now, you make me dirty again."

Natsu didn't give her time to stroke him again before his lips were on hers, caging her wet body against the tile wall. His fingers slipped between her legs, teasing her while she whimpered into his mouth. He didn't need to do much prepping, able to feel Lucy's arousal against the water. Her fluid was slippery, encouraging his fingers to trail along her sex before penetrating her.

Natsu fingered her rough and quick, his mouth connecting to her shoulder so he could bite her. He barely remembered to let Gray watch too, Lucy's moans filling the room, making it hard for him to think.

When Lucy came on his fingers, Natsu moved, turning her around so her breasts and face pressed against the wall. He looked over his shoulder, eyes falling to Gray's crotch when he noticed the trunks were no longer there. Instead, the sight was replaced by Gray pumping his own cock, his eyes hazy as he nodded to Natsu, silently telling him to get started.

Natsu panted, already turned on beyond belief before he got started. He looked back at Lucy, a growl rumbling in his chest when he placed a kiss on her shoulder. He grabbed the base of his cock, rubbing it against her slit before pushing in, her body graciously accepting the intrusion.

"Oh fuck!"

"God damn!"

Natsu was thrusting soon after, thick cock spreading Lucy's inner walls to send waves of pleasure through both of them. One of his hands braced himself against the wall while the other held her hip, keeping her in place while he fucked her from behind. There was nothing delicate about it, both moaning as the hot water sprayed over their body, rinsing off their sweat while Natsu took Lucy with rough thrusts.

"Yes! Ahhhhh!" Lucy's pussy squeezed Natsu as she came, her walls massaging every inch of him. He kept her still, not allowing her knees to buckle under the intense pleasure. "N-Natsu! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes!"

He didn't stop, grunting as his hips snapped, cock sliding against her convulsing walls. He prolonged her orgasm, holding out for a few more minutes until he met his end. In his defense, there was nothing he could do to resist when he heard the filthy words spilling from her lips. Them combined with Gray watching were too much for him to handle.

"Natsu! Fuck! I want you! I want you to come inside me! Please! Fill me up!"

Natsu moaned as he obeyed, hot white ropes coating her walls, filling her to the brim with his cum. His nerves were on fire as he gave her three short thrusts, making sure her body took everything he had to offer.

He didn't wait before pulling out, watching as some of his cum slipped down her thighs towards her legs. Natsu watched in fascination until Lucy moved, her legs wobbly as she got under the direct line of water again, rinsing off what just happened.

She was panting, chest flushed as she ran her fingers over her lower lips, pushing a finger in before pulling it out. The action managed to get a lot of his cum out, but he knew there was still some lingering inside her. Natsu looked over, seeing Gray's cock still erect, but he was no longer touching himself.

Just as Natsu was about to suggest Gray take his place, he watched the man pull his trunks up before making a quiet exit, signalling he was done for the moment. Natsu didn't worry. With any luck, Gray would have her tonight after he left. The thought of Gray fucking Lucy with some of his cum still inside her made his cock twitch, but he was too exhausted to go again.

Not only that, it was getting pretty late. He needed to head home and give the married couple their privacy.

Natsu replaced Lucy under the stream of water when she deemed herself suitable, stepping out of the shower to wrap a towel around her body. She didn't say a word as she left the room, letting Natsu have the shower to himself while she went to get dressed.

He didn't have much to clean up, rinsing whatever sweat he worked up before washing his cock and the area around it. Chuckling, Natsu wondered if he was going to smell like the soap they were using, noticing it said lavender and vanilla. While it wasn't his favorite scent, it wasn't bad.

Natsu cut off the water before grabbing one of the many towels in the guest bathroom, drying off as much as he could before pausing. He couldn't get dressed in Gray's trunks again, but his clothes he wore earlier were in the extra room.

After some debating, Natsu squeezed the water from Gray's shorts, hanging them to dry on the curtain rod. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he opened the door, peeking out to make sure the coast was clear. When it was, he headed to the extra room, not wanting them to think he was parading around naked in their house. Despite their odd relationship/friendships, Natsu didn't want to disrespect them.

He got changed, going back to the bathroom to wrap Gray's trunks in the towel before heading to the laundry room. He had been over enough times to get the basic layout of the house, the only rooms hadn't ventured in being the master bedroom and bathroom.

Natsu dropped the damp items in a laundry basket before looking through the house, finding Gray and Lucy in the kitchen. She was wearing fuzzy pajamas, the sight making Natsu think she was adorable. Gray on the other hand sparked something more deviant inside him, the only clothes the man wearing being a pair of pajama pants that rested dangerously low on his hips. Gray's erection pressed against the material, leading Natsu to believe they would be going at it as soon as he left.

Natsu did his best not to stare, smiling at the couple before giving them a nod. "Great hanging out with you guys." That was an understatement. He had a fantastic time, and he couldn't wait until they could spend time together again, with or without sex involved.

Lucy and Gray returned the smile, offering him a wave as Lucy said, "Anytime."

Gray snorted, wrapping an arm around Lucy's shoulders to give her a sideways hug, but his eyes remained on Natsu. "She means it, anytime."

Fighting a blush, Natsu showed himself out, wishing them a goodnight. He locked the door from the inside, ensuring it was secure before closing the door behind him. He walked to his car with a huge grin on his face, thinking his life couldn't get better.

Sure, he was in love with a woman he couldn't have and sexually attracted to her husband, who he also couldn't have, but those things couldn't bring Natsu down tonight. They had an odd dynamic, but they made it seem normal and comfortable. Natsu couldn't help but feel glad he decided to give being Lucy's extra a shot.

He was a lot happier when he was with them.

Chapter Text

Chapter Fifteen: Halloween- Part One

"Glittery bats?" Natsu asked, shaking his head at Erza. "Halloween's supposed to be about scary things. Not glitter."

Erza raised a brow before looking over Natsu's costume, her tone accusatory. "Says the man dressed as a firefighter. Those aren't scary."

"No, but they fight fire, and fire can be scary." He looked at his costume, seeing the loose, thick pants hanging off him. If it weren't for the suspenders, they would have fallen down. He ditched wearing the jacket, deeming it too warm in the office for such things. Under the suspenders was a tight black shirt, showing off his sculpted muscles and lean figure.

He could say he wasn't trying to impress anyone tonight, and that would technically be true. Natsu wanted to impress two individuals tonight, both close to him in their own way.

Natsu's head titled so he could stare at the decoration in Erza's hand again, sighing in defeat. "Eh, guess a little glitter wouldn't hurt."

He walked away, hoping that was enough to stop talking about his costume choice. Despite his love for fire, he had a bad relationship with it. He got over his fear of it a long time ago, not wanting the death of his parents to make him afraid.

Sometimes he got overwhelmed, but he managed well. Dressing as a firefighter was his way of coping, knowing if it weren't for the brave men and women who arrived that night, he wouldn't have made it out either.

Of course, Natsu's costume wasn't like the uniforms firefighters in real life wore. His pants came down low on his hips whereas a real uniform would have come past his stomach. His was modified to look 'sexy', and honestly, Natsu didn't mind one bit. Two of his favorite people would be showing up soon, and he wanted to look good for them.

"Are you drinking tonight?" Jet asked, carrying in a box full of liquor. He set it on the break room's counter before pulling out a few bottles to put in the freezer.

"I dunno," Natsu said with a shrug, grabbing some caution tape to decorate the door. "Probably not." It had been a little over a year since his last drink, and he was happy with his decision. He hadn't gotten into any trouble as a result, so the safe thing to do was stay away from that liquid courage.

"Oh come on! What happened to that fun guy we used to know?" Jenny asked, giving him a wink.

He chuckled, scratching at the back of his neck before turning away from her. "Not sure. Think he made too many bad decisions while drunk."

Natsu listened as Jenny and Jet talked about the fun night there were going to have, but this time, Natsu was going to participate. Even if he didn't drink, he would enjoy his evening at the office. They were having a party for those who wanted to stay after work. The only rule was if you were drinking, you either needed a ride home or caught a cab. No exceptions.

Natsu continued setting up, his ears perking when he heard Lucy's voice from down the hall. She left for a meeting before Natsu changed into his costume, so he was looking forward to seeing her reaction.

His excitement doubled when he heard a deep voice accompanying hers, the familiar sound sending a welcomed shiver up Natsu's spine. He looked over, spotting Lucy and Gray walking past the break room door. They didn't look in, too busy making their way to her office while holding large bags. He figured it was stuff for the party, his suspicions confirmed a few minutes later when Gray walked into the break room, holding two bags of food.

Natsu grinned when Gray made eye contact with him, his excitement only doubling as Gray's eyes glanced down over Natsu's costume. Gray stole a quick peek before he was back to work, bringing his bags towards the tables that had been set up already.

When Gray wasn't looking, Natsu glimpsed over his friend's costume before getting back to work. His heart raced as he pictured his best friend in his head, his costume blowing everyone else's out of the water.

Gray was a handsome man, but he looked downright sexy dressed as a mobster. Instead of buying a costume from a store, Gray wore a real suit, with pinstripes and everything. Natsu couldn't lie to himself. He hoped Gray's stripping habit would kick in tonight. He wouldn't mind getting a peek at his body if the opportunity presented itself, but if it didn't, he would be happy looking at Gray in his devilish costume.

"How's it going?" Gray asked, startling Natsu out of his thoughts. A large hand was placed on his shoulder as Gray hooked his arm around his back. It was a friendly gesture, but it still got Natsu's blood pumping.

"Great," Natsu said, forcing himself not to lean into Gray's touch. He wouldn't admit out loud that he had grown to crave Gray's affections, even if they were platonic. It started with fantasizing about Gray in a sexual way, but over the months Natsu recognized how he felt about the man. He had developed feelings, and while they weren't as strong as the way he felt about Lucy, they were enough that he couldn't ignore.

However, just because he admitted them to himself didn't mean he was going to spill the beans. Things would get messy if they found out he was in love with Lucy. He couldn't imagine how chaotic it would get it they found out he liked Gray too.

At least loving Lucy made sense. They had been together for a year and ten months. Natsu was shocked she hadn't broken up with him yet considering the length of their relationship, but she didn't comment on the time anymore. Aside from their one and a half year anniversary, she didn't bring it up, and Natsu hadn't either.

If Natsu were in Gray's shoes, he would have been suspicious, but Gray was a better man than him. He trusted his wife and her extra, even if Natsu didn't deserve it.

"Sorry about your grade," Gray said, causing Natsu to furrow his brows.

It took him a moment to remember the messages they had sent to each other that morning, when Gray asked how his latest test went. He had gotten a 'D' on it, but that was mainly because Natsu couldn't get his head in the game. He had waited until the last minute to study, and by then, it was too late.

"Oh, yeah." Despite being down about it this morning, Natsu had no one to blame but himself. He shrugged lightly, hoping Gray wouldn't think he wanted him to move his hand. "I shoulda taken it more seriously. I'm sure I'll do better next time."

"If you want someone to study with," Gray started, sliding his hand off Natsu's shoulder slowly before sitting on the edge of the table, all without taking his eyes off Natsu's. "I'm available. You can come to our house or I can go to yours?"

Natsu had to bite his inner cheek to fight off a blush. He had only had Gray to his house a handful of times, and it was always to play video games. Natsu had one game Gray didn't have, but Natsu had the slightest suspicion Gray was avoiding buying the game himself just so he had an excuse to come to Natsu's apartment. However, Natsu always dismissed that thought, deeming it silly. Gray was just a good friend, and that was all there was to it. Gray had no hidden motives, and it was better if Natsu accepted that before it got his thoughts more muddled.

"That's be great, actually." Natsu didn't have to fake his smile, happy at the idea of Gray coming over more, especially if it was to help him get ahead in school. He had to admit, he thought it would be easier. Natsu wasn't sure why he thought going back to school would be a piece of cake, but if he could go back and warn his past self not to enroll, he probably wouldn't. Despite it being challenging, Natsu was having fun. Not only that, he had a sense of self-worth when he did good on his tests and homework. He was accomplishing something, no matter how small.

"I forgot to tell you, my teacher said he'd give some of us a retake on Monday, if you wanna help me this weekend?"

Gray leaned an inch back against the table, his dark eyes trained on Natsu. "I'd love to. How 'bout I come over Saturday? I can bring some food and we can knock it out?"

Natsu had to resist the urge to nod too quickly, wanting to appear normal. "Thanks," he said, now nodding since he deemed himself safe. "That'd help a lot!" He couldn't help but feel warmth in his heart. Gray cared enough to check up on him, even if it was because they were friends and nothing more. That small gesture went a long way, and he hoped Gray knew he appreciated it.

"Now," Gray started, flashing Natsu a grin. "Since we're all dressed up and ready to party, do you wanna drink with us tonight?"

Natsu cocked his head, surprised Gray would ask. He had forgotten when the last time Gray asked if he wanted to drink, but he knew it was at least half a year ago at least. That alone had Natsu wondering if he should. "Do you want me to?"

Gray nodded, standing up next to Natsu. They stood close, but neither moved away, the two frozen in time for a moment while Natsu contemplated his decision.

"It'd be fun if you did, but I'm not gonna force ya."

Natsu licked at the back of his teeth, weighing the pros and cons. He knew drinking was risky because he got emotional, but he had known about loving Lucy for a while now, and he had accepted that he had feelings for Gray, so it wasn't as if the alcohol was going to tear him up inside.

Slowly, Natsu nodded, wearing a smile of his own. "Sure, I'll have a drink or two."

"Awesome!" Gray pat him on the back before walking off to set something up. "Looking forward to it!"

Natsu returned to his task, his heart thrumming and his smile wide. He could tell he was going to have fun tonight, with or without alcohol.

Two hours and four drinks later, Natsu confirmed his earlier thoughts. He was having a great time. He sipped on his Jack and Coke while watching Lucy and a few other coworkers dancing, but his eyes didn't stray from the beauty in red. She was dressed as a devil, a fire flickering in her eyes.

As a fireman, it was Natsu's job to douse the flames, but he couldn't bring himself to do it, too transfixed by the sway of her hips. His eyes dipped down to her legs, seeing them wrapped in black stockings. He understood why she wanted to wear them. Despite them being adults, they were still at a company party, and Lucy's red dress was dangerously short. While he hadn't caught a glimpse of her nice ass, he did see the tops of her stockings, but only when she bent down to pick something up.

His eyes flitted to her chest, seeing her large breasts covered by her corset top. If it weren't for the lace adorning the front, he would have gotten a good look at her cleavage. He was okay with the tease, knowing whatever he could see, others could see as well. He didn't want his coworkers ogling her, even if he was no better.

Natsu's vision of Lucy was cut off when Mira stepped in the way, the HR rep wearing a demon costume. While Lucy's was sexy, Mira's was terrifying. Her make up made her look like a demon possessed her. Even the fake scar on her face looked real. Natsu thought it was badass, especially since Mira was talking in a deeper voice than usual to get into character.

Turning his attention to the table, Natsu saw Gray and Erik talking. Natsu listened in, hearing how Erik couldn't stay too late because he wanted to get back to his wife and kids.

"When are you and Lucy plannin' on starting a family?" Erik asked, the question accompanied with an elbow to Gray's ribs.

Natsu's eyes slowly widened as he considered the question. The longer he thought about it, the more his heart dropped. If they had kids, there would be no way they'd let Natsu continue being with Lucy. Not only that, they would become too busy for their regular hang outs, thus etching Natsu out of their lives little by little.

He watched with bated breath, holding back his sigh of relief when Gray barked out a laugh, shaking his head. "Not for a while. Maybe a couple years? We're not in any hurry."

Natsu took a gulp from his drink, letting the alcohol buzz around his system. He now worried about the day they would want to start a family. He had no problem with Lucy and Gray having children, but he worried it would be the perfect excuse to end the relationship.

Despite knowing it was going to end eventually, Natsu wanted to hold out for as long as possible, so hearing they weren't going to try for years eased the tension in his chest.

'I'm a selfish asshole,' he thought, but he couldn't bring himself to change his mind. He wanted more time with them.

Natsu's eyes wandered a few times after that, glancing at his co-workers before his eyes fixed on Lucy again, watching as she danced with the girl Mira had brought. He swore Mira said it was her little sister, but he couldn't be sure. By the time she had introduced them, Natsu had been two drinks in, and the alcohol was much stronger this time around since it had been a long time since his last drink.

He chuckled to himself when Lucy purposely danced weird, the woman making his heart hurt in an amazing way. She was beautiful, inside and out. He wished he could tell her that, tell her how much he cared for her, but his lips had to stay shut, otherwise he would ruin everything.

Natsu turned back to Gray and Erik, but he didn't notice the other man there. Laying his head on his arm, Natsu stared at Gray, his hooded eyes flitting from Gray's face to his lips, an ache burning in the back of his head to figure out if Gray's lips were soft or rough.

'I gotta get some air,' Natsu thought, standing up to leave the room. However, his drunk mind forgot where he was heading as soon as he entered the office. He stood there for a moment, eyes widening when he realized he had to go to the bathroom. Natsu figured that was the reason he got up in the first place, his legs carrying him towards the restrooms so he could relieve himself.

It was a good thing Natsu was the only one in the restroom, otherwise someone would see him fumbling with his costume. He struggled to work the zipper, so his mind told him it would be easier to shrug off the suspenders, letting his pants drop all the way.

While it helped him pee better, it made it difficult for Natsu to get dressed again, his legs wobbling as he pulled the suspenders up and over his shoulders. He laughed at himself, part of his brain rational enough to see how silly he was being. Still, he didn't regret drinking. The alcohol made him feel good, even if it was a false sense of happiness.

"Hope Happy doesn't miss me," Natsu mumbled, thinking about his cat for a moment before he managed to wash his hands. He used too much soap, the sink filled with suds before he rinsed it all away.

Natsu left the bathroom, his hand sliding against the nearest wall to help him stay up as he made his way back to the break room where the party was being held. He saw someone approaching, his body moving closer to the wall to give them room to pass by, but instead of doing that, the person stopped a few paces in front of him.

Natsu blinked, his eyes falling down to the costume to see a the pink leopard print. He immediately recognized it as Jenny's costume, his eyes flitting up to see most of her face, her eyes covered in a pink mask. He wasn't sure what she was dressed as, but he didn't question it.

"'Sup?" he asked, blinking through the haze in his brain. He could feel the alcohol thrumming through his system, making his reaction time significantly reduced.

"What are you doing all alone out here?" Jenny asked, cocking her head before leaning against the wall like Natsu. She smiled, her blue eyes clouded from her own drinking.

Natsu didn't have time to wonder if drinking at a company party was a good idea before Jenny scooted closer, her tongue clicking to catch his attention. "How come you and I've never..." If Natsu didn't understand what she implied, the crude gesture she made with her hands filled him in.

He snorted, shaking his head at the woman. Sure, she was attractive, but she wasn't Lucy. 'Maybe that's a good thing?' he wondered, knowing Jenny didn't have the same rules and arrangements that Lucy had. If he wanted, he could date her for real and not have to worry about keeping his feelings in check.

Despite how tempting the offer seemed, Natsu didn't want her. Jenny and him had nothing in common besides working together. Even their conversations at work led him to believe they weren't well suited for each other, so he had to let her down gently.

"Guess shome things doon work out?" His speech wasn't that great, but she seemed to understand him since her first reaction was to pout.

"Well maybe we should change that?" She stepped forward, tripping on nothing to crash against his chest. He almost fell backwards, his hand gripping the door frame to Lucy's office so he wouldn't fall on his ass. Jenny grabbed his suspenders, trying to keep herself up.

Natsu sighed as he put his hands on her hips, holding her steady. Both of them had too much to drink, but he had enough sense to keep himself grounded. He didn't want to make another drunken mistake, and that was exactly what Jenny would be.

A mistake.

He didn't want to use her like that just to get over his feelings for the two people he couldn't have. It wasn't fair to her, even if she seemed to really want something more between them. Natsu was trying to be nice, but his eyes narrowed when he felt a hand on his thigh, inching its way towards his crotch.

He pushed her back, now wondering if she tripped herself on purpose. "Sorry, nope can do."

"Why not?" she asked, fingers curling into the large pockets of his pants.

"Office romances," Natsu said, losing his train of thought halfway through his sentence. He blinked, eyes widening when he picked it back up. "They aren't good idea."

"That's not true," Jenny tried, batting her eyes at him. "Look at Bisca and Alzack. They worked out."

"Doesn't usually," Natsu muttered, thinking about him and Lucy. Even if Gray hadn't been in the picture, Natsu was sure a relationship between him and his boss wouldn't have worked out. There was too much involved, and it was hard keeping those things separated. He was once again glad they chose to stop having sex at work. It was best for both of them.

"Well, who said there needed to be any romance?" Jenny asked, winking at Natsu.

'Her and her damn winking...'

"It could be purely physical, hmm?" Jenny's lips curved into a smile. "What do you say? We're both good looking and young. Why not go at it for one night?" She leaned in, whispering, "I won't tell if you won't."

That offer sounded less appealing than actually dating. He was already in a relationship like that. He wasn't trying to make a collection of people he couldn't have feelings for.

Natsu shook his head, unable to say anything. He wasn't sure which part made her more upset, the woman huffing as she whined. "I thought you were single?"

Natsu bit back a groan, not wanting to get into that again. He thought his coworkers finally gave his love life a rest, but he was clearly wrong. "It's... complicated."

Jenny snorted, moving to stand up straight. Once she was on her own two feet, he let go of her hips, but her hand stayed on his pants. "What are you? In high school? How complicated is it?"

Natsu perked up when he saw someone behind Jenny, his eyes catching a glimpse of Gray peeking his head out of the break room. Just as he thought Gray was going to come get him, the man disappeared, taking Natsu's hopes of getting out of the situation quickly with him.

'Damn it Gray. He probably thinks I'm hitting on Jenny or something. Fuck.'
"So?" Jenny asked, needing to repeat herself since Natsu forgot what she was saying. "How complicated?"

"Pretty," he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck. Natsu looked down before stumbling a step back, forcing Jenny to let him go. He still had to lean against the wall, his legs feeling heavy and light at the same time.

Jenny didn't look convinced, her brow raised as she asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Natsu tilted his head back and forth as he thought over the question. "Kinda?" He looked past her, seeing another coworker walking towards them. He locked eyes with Sherry, but before he could say anything, Jenny stole his attention by shaking her head and laughing.

"You never mentioned a girl before. How long?" Jenny asked, crossing her arms under her chest, making her breasts appear bigger.

Natsu clenched his teeth as he debated his answer. "Not... long." It was a lie, but Jenny couldn't tell.

"Hey Natsu, Jenny," Sherry greeted, her smile forced as she stopped beside them. She looked over them, her voice a little strained as she nodded to her left. "Why are you two out here? The party's that way."

Natsu didn't get a chance to explain, Jenny taking the lead. "Natsu here was telling me about his complicated girlfriend."

"Your girlfriend's complicated?" Sherry asked, furrowing her brows.

"That's not—" Natsu shook his head, wanting the conversation to end so he could get back to the party. He didn't care too much about the party itself. He just wanted to sit down, his head spinning and legs feeling more unstable by the minute. He knew he should have stuck with beers, but his earlier self had decided liquor was the way to go, thus chipping away at his motor skills.

"She's not compli...cated, the relashionship is." He didn't know if that made it sound better or worse, but he didn't care. His slurring definitely didn't help, but he couldn't do much about that.

"Sounds like you could use a break from that?" Jenny said, reaching out to grab somewhere on Natsu's pants.

He wasn't sure where she was aiming since her hand never connected, Sherry saving the day by wrapping her arm around Jenny's arm before pulling her towards the party. "Come on, let's go party!"

"But—" Jenny's gaze was set on Natsu, a pleading look in her eyes. It didn't affect him, a smile growing on his lips as he watched Sherry drag her away.

"I heard Hibiki wanted to dance with you."

"Really?" Jenny changed her tune, not casting Natsu another glance as the two women made their way back to the break room.

He sighed, taking off his red helmet to run a hand through his hair. He blamed Jenny's behavior on her drinking since the woman didn't talk to him much outside of the occasional chat at lunch. He wouldn't hold anything against her, knowing alcohol affected people differently.

After stretching his arms, Natsu headed back to the party, finding his earlier seat occupied by the woman who made his heart skip a beat. Lucy smiled when she saw him enter, gesturing for him to sit next to her. He did, but not before downing the rest of his leftover drink, feeling the alcohol circulating through his body.

"Are you okay?" Lucy whispered, leaning in close but not close enough to make anyone suspicious. "Gray said he saw you in the hall with Jenny?"

Natsu nodded, but he wasn't sure which he was agreeing to. He supposed they were both true, so he killed two birds with one stone. "Uh, yeah."

"Are you and Jenny..." Lucy didn't finish her sentence, but she didn't need to. He could see she was curious, but instead of letting her dwell on it, he put her mind to rest.

"Nope. Nothing." As if that wasn't enough, Natsu added, "You don'ts gotta worry."

"I wasn't worried," Lucy rushed out, her voice growing higher than usual. "You're allowed to... You know, if you want." She squirmed in her seat before taking a deep breath. "Gray just said he thought you looked like you needed help, that's all. Okay?"

Her voice was more clipped than he had heard it in a long time. She only used that voice when she was upset at someone, which further confused Natsu. If he didn't do anything wrong, why did she sound like he had?

"Oh... Um, 'kay." Natsu closed his eyes for a moment, snapping them back open when the world started spinning. He decided then he should slow down his drinking. It wasn't just affecting his motor skills, it was affecting the way he perceived people. If he was sober, he was sure he wouldn't have mistaken Lucy's tone for an attitude.

At least, that was his thoughts, not able to see the jealousy in Lucy's eyes as she turned away, rejoining the conversation Gray was in.

It took a moment before Natsu was able to push aside the little incident in the hallway and his short talk with Lucy. He wanted to have fun, knowing the night was just getting started. There was no time to dwell on complicated matters.

He just wanted to have a good time.

Luckily for him, his earlier drinks were able to let him relax without thinking too hard about his troubles, imaginary or not.

Natsu waved as the doors to the elevator closed, the last group of his coworkers leaving the office. Once he heard the elevator moving, he went back to the break room, tossing his red helmet on a table before grabbing what was left of his mix drink.

He chugged it before throwing the plastic cup away, deciding to clean the rest of the break room despite his hazy mind. He couldn't say he was drunk, a light buzz humming through his head. The party had gone off without a hitch, everyone enjoying their time until the clock struck ten.

While taking one bag of trash out to the hall for the janitors to get tomorrow, Natsu stole a glance at Lucy's office, seeing the door was closed. He knew she was in there with Gray, the two sneaking off right before everyone left. Natsu gave them privacy, knowing he would get to have Lucy some other time.

When Natsu deemed the break room clean enough, he went to his desk to get his keys. However, he didn't make it to his desk, eyes glued to the open door of Lucy's office. His brows furrowed as he peeked in, wondering why they opened the door. He assumed it meant they were done with whatever they were up to, but Natsu was wrong.

"Fuck, that's it," Gray moaned, fingers threading through Lucy's blonde locks.

Natsu wasn't too shocked to find Lucy on her knees, her mouth thrusting on Gray's cock. The two had a decent amount of alcohol between them and the office was almost empty. The only other person was Natsu, and he didn't think anything bad about what they were doing.

However, he realized they weren't prepared for what they were doing. Natsu turned around, closing the blinds in the office before making his way back to the open door. He figured if they were going to fool around, it was better to eliminate the chances of someone watching. Lucy's blinds in her office were already closed so he didn't need to bother with them.

Natsu opened his mouth, watching Lucy suck on her husband's cock for another half minute before saying, "I'm gonna go."

Gray looked up, a smile tugging on his lips. His dark blue eyes were glossy, but they managed to fix on Natsu. "You can watch, if you want." Gray's head fell as he tightened his grip in Lucy's hair, causing her to moan around his cock. "What do you say Lucy? You want Natsu to watch you?"

Lucy hummed as he pulled away from Gray's member, hazy eyes finding Natsu's before she smiled. "Stay?"

She waited until he nodded before returning to her husband, a hand stroking his cock where her mouth didn't reach. Natsu leaned against the door frame, mesmerized as Lucy's head moved forward and back. He wondered if that was how she looked when she was servicing him, the thought of her pretty lips wrapped around his cock making his body pulse with need. It wasn't long before his member was hardening, lewd thoughts and the scene in front of him spurring him on.

Natsu's eyes drifted to Gray's face, watching the pleasure washing over his features when Lucy started deep throating him. His hand pressed over his crotch, feeling his erection through his loose pants. He didn't do more, not wanting them to think he was weird, even if that idea was silly. Considering they were performing in front of him, he doubted they would think he was weird for touching himself to it.

Lucy pulled her head back, saliva and pre-cum trailing down her chin before she took Gray in her mouth again. Natsu pressed against his erection harder at the dirty thoughts popping up in his head, wondering how Gray's cock tasted. He had never tasted another man's... anything, but he couldn't deny how turned on he got just thinking about it.

Natsu's cock throbbed when Gray turned his head, mischievous eyes locking with his. Before he could try to pretend he wasn't staring, Gray parted his lips, his voice silky as he said, "You should touch yourself."

Natsu swallowed thickly, hand rubbing upwards before slipping into his pants. Holding Gray's gaze, he cupped his erection through his boxers, giving himself a squeeze to dull the ache, but it came back immediately. He stroked himself, feeling the damp spot where his pre-cum stained his boxers, but he didn't care. He couldn't get over the depth in Gray's eyes or the way his body flooded with anticipation, welcoming the unknown that lingered around them.

Natsu muttered a curse when Lucy stood to undress, letting her costume pool around her heels. She wasn't able to stand for long, Gray's hands grabbing her hips to guide her to her desk. He couldn't help but remember a few times he took Lucy on her desk before they called it quits while in the workplace. He couldn't count how many times he wanted to throw that rule away and fuck her nice and hard in her office, but overall he was happy they had that boundary. It kept them mostly professional while clocked in.

Natsu moaned as he stroked his cock, leaking fluid over his fingers with every pump. He didn't worry about them hearing him, Lucy's cries of pleasures and Gray's muffled sounds drowning him out. Gray rammed into her, the sight making Natsu's pulse race and his heart beat out of control. He wanted to run his hands through Lucy's hair and touch Gray's abdominal muscles, transfixed on them as he watched Gray snap his hips, thoroughly enjoying his wife's body.

Lucy's breasts moved with every thrust, her body spread out for them to see. She was a goddess among men, even when she was sweaty and writhing beneath someone. Natsu watched Gray's hands sliding over that body, his breath hitching as he wished he could do the same.

Natsu heard the whispered sweet words accompanying their love making, wishing just once he could whisper those three words to Lucy, but he couldn't. He knew it would not only ruin the mood, but also wreck the relationship. He had to hold them in when she was around, fearing his own feelings.

"YES!" Lucy screamed, papers flying off her desk when she moved her arms outwards, grasping one of the ends for dear life as Gray pushed her against the smooth wood. "Gr-Graaaay! Right there!"

"You like that?" Gray asked, gripping her hips as he increased his speed.

Lucy let out a sob before nodding, her voice hoarse as she moaned, "Yes! I love it!"

Gray smirked, giving Lucy a rough thrust before groaning. "Good."

Natsu tried timing his pumps with Gray's thrusts, but he was too inebriated for that. His brain wasn't as fuzzy as it had been during the night, but his body wasn't cooperating as well as it normally did. He blamed it on the alcohol, but it wasn't enough to get him to regret drinking. He had fun tonight, and alcohol would become a helpful excuse later on in the night.

Their breaths quickened as the room turned heated. Natsu thought they would be coming to an end soon, but Gray stopped mid-thrust, his eyes hooded and lips pulled into a wicked smile.

He leaned in, whispering in Lucy's ear, but his eyes were set on Natsu the entire time. Natsu didn't know if Gray meant to or not, but he didn't whisper quietly, allowing Natsu to hear everything.

"You know what I'd really love to see?"

Lucy whimpered in reply, squirming beneath him. Her hands went to his waist, trying to coax him to continue, but Gray remained still. Gray let out a dark chuckle before breathing into her ear, the action causing her to moan while her nails dug into his sides.

Natsu didn't blame her one bit. Everything Gray did was mesmerizing, the man in a league of his own. Natsu hadn't stopped stroking himself, his eyes locked on Gray's in a hungry stare, almost forgetting he was supposed to keep those feelings hidden.

"I'd love to watch you choke on Natsu's fat cock while I take you," Gray said, giving Lucy a slow and long stroke before stilling again. His hands slid to Lucy's thighs, giving her a squeeze while his lips skimmed her ear. "What do ya say?"

Lucy moaned before nodding, her legs wrapping tighter around Gray's hips. With a smirk, Gray pulled away, his voice now directed at their viewer. "Care to join?"

Chapter Text

Chapter Sixteen: Halloween- Part Two

"You know what I'd really love to see?"

Lucy whimpered in reply, squirming beneath him. Her hands went to his waist, trying to coax him to continue, but Gray remained still. Gray let out a dark chuckle before breathing into her ear, the action causing her to moan while her nails dug into his sides.

Natsu didn't blame her one bit. Everything Gray did was mesmerizing, the man in a league of his own. Natsu hadn't stopped stroking himself, his eyes locked on Gray's in a hungry stare, almost forgetting he was supposed to keep those feelings hidden.

"I'd love to watch you choke on Natsu's fat cock while I take you," Gray said, giving Lucy a slow and long stroke before stilling again. His hands slid to Lucy's thighs, giving her a squeeze while his lips skimmed her ear. "What do ya say?"

Lucy moaned before nodding, her legs wrapping tighter around Gray's hips. With a smirk, Gray pulled away, his voice now directed at their viewer. "Care to join?"

Natsu was unable to deny that offer, his legs carrying him towards the desk before his brain could keep up. Even if he was sober he wouldn't turn it down, but while he was partially inebriated, he decided to play into that role seeing as it would only benefit him.

Natsu didn't get a chance to ask how it would work, watching Lucy turn her head towards him when he got closer. She kept one hand on Gray's body while reaching the other towards Natsu, wrapping her arm awkwardly around his ass as her mouth opened wide.

Without removing his pants, Natsu pulled out his cock. He needed to push his boxers down and fold back the flaps to his pants after unzipping them, but it was manageable, even with him being buzzed. His hand stroked through Lucy's soft hair before he guided himself to her waiting mouth, his eyes shutting for a moment when he felt her hot breath on his skin.

"Oh fuck," Natsu muttered, his cock sliding between her wet lips. He tilted his head back when her tongue rolled against his head, Lucy giving him a soft suckle before she took more inches into her mouth.

Natsu looked at Gray, watching the man resume his fucking, Lucy's body graciously accepting him as moans bubbled in her throat. Natsu reaped the benefits, enjoying the vibrations surrounding his cock as Lucy lapped over him, her mouth never leaving his member.

She breathed through her nose, occasionally loosening her mouth around him to whimper, but her tongue stayed on him, pleasuring the sensitive nerves while her fingers raked against his clothing. He thought about letting his pants fall to the ground, but he worried it would cause a trip hazard. He wasn't at his most coordinated, and he didn't want to make a fool of himself in front of either Lucy or Gray, especially when he wanted to bring them nothing but pleasure.

Lucy physically and Gray mentally.

Natsu gave Lucy's mouth soft thrusts, not wanting to hurt her or make her jaw sore. She took his cock like a champ, her tongue running along his length as her lips moved up and down his shaft. He groped her breasts, fingers teasing the hard buds to pull more lewd moans from the woman beneath him.

He glanced at Gray, catching the smile resting on his face as he pumped into Lucy's body, his long cock slick with her juices. Natsu had to clench his teeth, worried he might moan at the sight. They were seductive, Lucy and Gray fitting together like missing pieces of a puzzle. Natsu didn't know where he fit into their world, but he was happy they made room for him, even if he didn't belong.

Natsu's hands ran against her flushed skin, skimming over her stomach before he found his way to her pussy. Gray still had a tight grip of her hips, pulling her every time he slammed forward, making his thrusts that much deeper. He knew Lucy's appreciated it, her moans growing louder and longer with every push into her body.

One of Natsu's hands squeezed a breast again, merely palming her erect nipple while the other went to her core, Lucy's clit engorged and waiting for stimulation. Natsu's fingers brushed against the nub, a moan slipping from his mouth when Lucy clamped around his cock, making her mouth tighter as she sucked his cock.

His breathing grew deeper as he rubbed her bundle of nerves, watching her body jerk in response. Natsu stole a peek at Gray, seeing him fixed on Lucy's face. That gave Natsu a boost of confidence, his fingers playing with Lucy's clit since Gray wasn't paying attention. He pretended it was all for her benefit, which some of it was, but Natsu had hidden motives to his actions.

Natsu's fingers moved to spread Lucy's lower lips wide, giving him a better view of the nice cock sliding in and out of her. He pushed the limits a bit, allowing his fingers to dip inward, his breath stilling when he felt something else against his fingertips. He almost moaned when he saw Gray didn't stop, instead increasing his speed as he fucked Lucy, all while Natsu's fingers touched his cock, even if just a little.

He had never touched another man's cock before, but he was glad the first one was Gray's. It wasn't much, only a tease if anything, but Natsu knew he would be thinking about it for the months to come.

'So sexy,' Natsu thought, wanting to wet his lips as he watched Lucy buck her hips all while her mouth was wrapped around his cock. She had stopped sucking as much, merely licking the head when Natsu resumed playing with her clit. Touching Gray was something he would never forget, a memory he would keep locked away for more private times.

He wondered if he could get away with more, if blaming the alcohol was enough to convince them he wasn't thinking straight. Natsu moaned as Lucy lapped over his cock head, pleasure coursing through every nerve in his body. He wanted to ask if he could lick her clit while Gray was still thrusting into her, but he kept his mouth shut, knowing that would be crossing a line. Not only was he not drunk enough to ask, he didn't think they would buy his excuse of not thinking. Instead, he enjoyed what he had, which was two gorgeous people next to him, all receiving unmeasurable pleasure.

"Fuck! Lucy," Gray moaned, leaning closer towards his wife. It caused his dark curls above his cock to brush against Natsu's hand, but he didn't jerk away, instead relishing in the closeness. "I'm close."

Natsu heard Lucy's shuddering breaths before her mouth went still, her eyes squeezing tight as her legs shook. He looked at Gray's face, seeing his expressions change as he neared his end. Gray gave Lucy five more thrusts before he stilled, the two of them moaning as he finished inside her. Natsu licked his lips, fingers teasing Lucy's clit as he watched them, seeing their deep flushes and dazed eyes.

Natsu pulled away when Lucy let his cock slip from her gaping mouth, her chest rising and falling quickly as she gasped for air. Gray gripped the base of his cock, withdrawing from Lucy's spent body before rubbing more cum along her swollen, glistening folds. He was softening, but that didn't make his cock look any less appetizing to Natsu, who was wishing they could keep going. He hadn't finished yet, and his cock throbbed, yearning for more pleasure.

Gray leaned over, giving Lucy's chest a single kiss before he stood to his full height. Natsu prepared himself, knowing the show was over and Lucy might not be okay with a second round. He knew it was a possibility, but he was pleasantly surprised when Gray stepped back, eyes finding Natsu's before nodding towards his wife.

"Do you want her too?"

Natsu's eyes fell to Lucy, seeing she was looking at him. "Please?" she asked, her needy tone making his cock surge.

He nodded, head feeling dizzy and light as he walked towards Lucy. Gray stepped off to the side, out of Natsu's line of sight. Looking down, Natsu saw her dripping lower lips, the sight making him want to take her right then and there, but he wanted to play with her first.

Lucy moaned when he handled her, making her move so she was bent over the desk, her ass sticking out in the air. Her pussy was visible between her legs, the pink flesh beckoning Natsu closer.

He heard Lucy's breath hitch when two fingers dragged along her slit, his fingers teasing her sensitive clit before slipping them into her core. He shuddered when he felt Gray's cum mixed with Lucy's arousal, his mouth watering as he imagined what it would taste like on his tongue.

He kneeled behind her, one hand pressing against a cheek to gain more access while his other hand was busy pleasuring Lucy, two fingers fucking her body while his thumb swiped over her engorged bundle of nerves when he pushed inwards.

"That feels good," Lucy sighed, body pushing back against his hand. She whimpered when he twisted his fingers inside her, taking his sweet time. Lucy grew antsy, hips bucking backwards to make him go faster, earning a chuckle from her boyfriend. He was having too much fun teasing her.

He increased his speed when she started squirming, her walls clenching around his fingers. His lips quirked into a grin as he pulled his fingers out, loving the way she whined at the loss of contact. He knew she was close, but he didn't want her coming yet, knowing it would build her up for later.

Natsu looked down at his fingers, seeing the milky fluid clinging to them. It was thicker than when he usually fingered her, knowing Gray's cum was the cause. He knew he shouldn't have, but he couldn't stop himself from bringing his fingers to his mouth, slipping them past his lips. His green eyes widened at the salty and slightly bitter flavor, but that didn't stop his cock from throbbing, loving the taste.

Before he could get too invested in indulging in one of his ultimate fantasies, he heard Gray suck in a sharp breath behind him, his voice following a second later. "Did... did you mean to do that?"

Realizing his mistake, Natsu pulled his fingers out, already missing the flavor. Acting more intoxicated than he was, Natsu shook his head, looking behind him to find Gray. They locked eyes, Natsu purposely keeping his hooded as he blinked. "No, I... I forgot."

His tongue licked the inside of his mouth, relishing in the taste. He felt Lucy shifting against his hand, trying to see what was going on behind her. "What?" she asked, voice airy.

Natsu bit back a groan, wanting to bring his fingers to his lips but unable to do so. He looked down at his fingers, feeling Gray and Lucy's stare on him.

"How," Gray started, causing Natsu to panic. He thought Gray was going to ask how he forgot something like that, but instead, Gray asked something more enticing. "How's it taste?"

Natsu swallowed, feeling Gray's cum thick in his throat. "Honestly..." He paused, pretending like he was debating it in his head. He loved the taste, and knowing it came from Gray made it even better. He didn't say that though, trying to play it off as not a big deal. Shrugging, Natsu said, "Not bad." He looked at Gray again, hoping he appeared drunk. "Is that weird?"

Natsu saw Gray's Adam's apple bob as he gulped, a deep flush spreading over his chest. He looked past Natsu to Lucy before his eyes returned to the kneeling man. "I... No, I don't think so... Um, Lucy?"

Natsu didn't get a chance to enjoy how flustered Gray looked, his head turning to see Lucy's reaction. She shook her head, brown eyes glistening with lust. "Me neither. It's actually pretty hot. Do you think it's weird, Natsu?"

He took a deep breath, smelling a sweet and slightly musky scent coming from her, attributed from her activities with Gray. "No," he mumbled, his fingers seeking her core again. Spreading her wet folds, Natsu leaned in, dragging his flat tongue along her slit. She jerked in response, a soft moan causing his blood to boil.

Natsu threw caution to the wind as he covered her opening with his mouth, his tongue lapping to collect as much of the flavor as he possibly could. He groaned when Lucy moaned, hands spreading her ass so he could dive in deeper, tongue reaching into her body, enjoying her wet heat.

"So naughty," Lucy moaned, legs shaking as he built her up. She looked behind her, seeing Gray watching Natsu's movements, his eyes locked on the man eating his cum out of her sopping pussy.

Natsu moved a hand to rub his fingers against her clit, actions sporadic to sell his 'drunken' state. He wanted it as an excuse in case they had anything negative to say afterwards, but he hoped they wouldn't. If Gray could eat his cum, he didn't see why they wouldn't be okay with Natsu doing it in return. Besides, Lucy seemed to love it, her cries growing louder as he pushed her near the edge.

He just hoped Gray was okay with it too, the man being silent behind him.

"Oh fuck! Na-Natsu! Ahhhhhhh!"

Her voice echoed through his mind as he licked everything she had to offer, loving the overwhelming taste in his mouth. When he first met Lucy, he had no idea what kind of messes they were going to get into, but he was glad he made that leap, enjoying the wild ride he was on despite its twists and turns.

Once Lucy finished, Natsu stood, shrugging off the suspenders to let his pants fall. He pushed his boxers down and pulled his shirt up, not bothering to remove either as he lined himself with Lucy's core, growling when he thrust into her. He wasn't halfway in before Lucy jutted her ass back, the sensation of being filled making her whimper.

"God damn!"

Natsu couldn't get over the feeling of her spreading, loving it every time he entered her. He gave her a few seconds to adjust before he was pulling out, his nerves tingling as his length slid against her soaked walls. "Fuck, why do you always feel so fucking good?"

Natsu didn't give her a chance to answer, rocking his hips so he could push into her again, leaving her breathless. He fucked her fast and hard, knowing he would last longer due to the alcohol in his body.

Lucy gripped onto the side of the desk as he pounded into her, his mouth placing messy kisses on her back before he pulled up, grabbing her hips before driving into her faster than before.

Lucy was reduced to a moaning mess, her words fumbled and not making any sense. As long as she didn't shout 'no', 'yellow', or 'red', he wouldn't stop or slow down.

"Oh god yeeees!" Lucy screamed, her walls clamping tightly around his cock as she came.

Natsu wished he could follow after her, but he wasn't close enough yet. Just as he was about to start moaning her name repetitively so he could finish faster, Natsu saw something moving in the corner of his vision. He looked up, seeing Gray taking a seat in Lucy's chair, his hand cupping his wife's cheek before he leaned in to kiss her.

"Fuck," Natsu mumbled, bending over to plant his lips on Lucy's bare shoulder. The salt from her sweat wasn't enough to deter him, his teeth scraping against her skin before applying pressure.

Lucy moaned into Gray's mouth, muffling the sound as Natsu bit her. He left a deep red mark, his blood burning when he pulled back to admire it. Biting was one of his biggest turn ons, and he was happy Lucy allowed him to do it so often. His eyes flashed to Gray, happy he was okay with it too. He gave Lucy a rough thrust, hearing her whimper while Gray ran his fingers through her messy hair.

Natsu's hands skimmed Lucy's body as he pushed into her core, her tight walls gripping him with every thrust. She was the drug he never wanted to give up, but it went well beyond physical touch alone. He loved being with her intimately, but it was who she was that drove him so wild. She was a breath of fresh air, the light he couldn't reach but was always there to comfort him, keeping his heart warm.

Natsu's heart jumped when he felt something on Lucy's back, his eyes darting to the foreign feeling before they rounded. Gray had put his hand on Lucy's side, massaging her skin as he kissed her deeper. His eyes were closed, but Natsu figured Gray would have known he bumped hands with him even without sight.

Despite that, Gray didn't move his hand, keeping it there while Natsu's thrusts grew shorter. He looked down at their hands again before his eyes fixed on Gray, seeing he wasn't trying to retreat. Natsu took a gasp of air before resuming his long thrusts again, his hands gripping at her sides, trapping a few of Gray's fingers in the process. Gray said nothing, didn't pull away or react at all. While Natsu wished he could entangle their fingers together, he settled for what was happening, knowing it was better than he was ever going to get.

That was the furthest their intimacy was going to go, and even if that hurt, Natsu still wanted to savor every second of it.

Lucy's walls tightened around Natsu when Gray started pulling at her hair with his free hand, her body pulsing from the extra stimulation. Natsu groaned, nails digging into her supple skin as he reached new heights. He had never seen anything hotter before in his life, and he doubted anything would top that.

Natsu didn't need to moan Lucy's name, his cock twitching inside her as he found his end, hunching over her to bite at her shoulder on the other side. He could hear their lips smacking and Lucy moaning, the sound engraving itself in his head. His fantasies were sure to get stronger now, images of their time together fueling his secret desires.

As Natsu was wondering if what they did was considered a threesome or not, he heard footsteps in the distance, but his brain was too busy filling with erotic images to realize that sound was a bad thing.

"Oh my god!"

Natsu's head snapped towards the opened door, seeing Sherry standing there, her eyes wide and lips parted. He pulled out of Lucy, not bothering to enjoy to sight of his cum dripping from her body as he struggled to pull his boxers and pants up, the heavy material not wanting to work with his weak grip.

Sherry covered her eyes, her head shaking as she screamed, "I'm so sorry! I-I didn't see anything!"

Lucy stood, her legs wobbly as she grabbed her costume, pulling it up over her body. She didn't bother grabbing her soaked panties, the flimsy material tossed in the corner of her office. She shifted her clothing as she let out a strained, nervous chuckle. "Well, we know that's a lie." Lucy tried making the situation more humorous than embarrassing, but she failed, but neither Natsu or Gray was going to call her out on it.

"I'm sorry!" Sherry let out a squeak, sounding like a mouse.

"What are you doing here?" Natsu asked when he fixed his suspenders, dressed but uncomfortable. He could feel the wetness on his softening cock and thighs, Lucy and Gray's flavor dried on his lips. He licked them, tasting it again, even if it was now faint.

"I forgot my stupid house keys," Sherry groaned, as if it were the biggest mistake she made in her life.

"You can look now," Lucy said after Gray shrugged on his shirt and jacket, making him decent enough from behind the desk. Natsu stole a peek, seeing his bare thigh and ass from the side. He wished he could steal a glance at Gray's cock, but it was hidden between his legs, probably exhausted from their earlier activities.

Sherry hesitated before peeking through her fingers, making sure they were all dressed before dropping her hands. She sighed, gesturing towards her desk. "I had to come back for them. I took a stupid cab because I was scared of drinking and driving, but I wasn't thinking about grabbing my keys because I wasn't getting in my car, then I heard something weird so like a dumbass, I came to investigate, only to find," she raised her hand up towards the three adults in Lucy's office, "I don't even know what I found."

Natsu's shoulders fell, guilt filling his chest. He felt bad for Sherry. She was flustered, not expecting the scene she witnessed. He could only imagine how confused she was, walking in on Lucy's assistant fucking her while she kissed her husband.

He stifled a groan. Despite it not being the time to think about such things, the thought of what they did popped into his head, his cock twitching in response. He was too spent to get it back up, but it was for the best. After being caught, he doubted Lucy would want to go another round. It was getting late too. They needed to get home to sleep for the workday tomorrow.

'Why'd Halloween have to be on a Thursday this year?'

Instead of explaining what Sherry stumbled upon, Lucy said, "Please don't tell anyone what you saw?"

Sherry nodded, her fingers pinching the bridge of her nose. "Trust me, I'm not telling anyone." She shuddered. "I want to forget as soon as possible."

Natsu accidentally chuckled, causing Sherry to direct her attention to him. She shook her head, telling him, "You weren't kidding. It is complicated."

Natsu nodded, but she wasn't looking at him anymore. Her focus moved to Gray, her tone cautious as she asked, "You're okay with that?"

Gray looked at Lucy, waiting until she nodded before imitating the motion. "Yes, we have an arrangement."

Sherry shook her head. "I don't get it, but hey, not my life." She jerked a thumb towards her desk, taking a step back. "Okay, well, I'll uh, I'll see you tomorrow."

Just as Sherry shivered, Lucy blurted out, "How about you take tomorrow off?"

"What?" she asked, causing Lucy to nod.

"Enjoy a long weekend," Lucy said, her voice strained. "You'll be paid for tomorrow, of course."

Sherry nodded, turning around to head towards her desk. Once she grabbed her keys, she jingled them so they could hear, her face as pink as her hair as she mumbled, "See ya Monday."

They waited in silence, listening to Sherry's footsteps. Natsu held his breath when he heard the elevator door open, letting out a relieved sigh when the doors closed. He wished he had been listening while he was inside Lucy, then they could have tried to hide what they were doing.

Looking back on it, Natsu realized closing and locking the door would have been a great help. If anything, Sherry would've thought Lucy and Gray were in her office. While it would have been frowned upon to have sex in the office, it was easier to explain than Lucy fucking her assistant in front of her husband.

Natsu couldn't wrap his mind around that thought, knowing he would be masturbating to the memory the next chance he got. However, he did feel bad for Sherry. That must have been quite the sight to see.

'At least it wasn't Jenny,' Natsu thought, thankful it was Sherry who walked in. Knowing Jenny and the state she was in when she left, she might have asked to join. That would have been a hard limit for Natsu, not wanting to share either Gray or Lucy with another person, even if he knew he had no claims over either one of them.

That didn't stop him from getting jealous. Hell, he was jealous Gray had an extra he didn't know about. Natsu knew it was none of his business, and that was the main reason he hadn't said anything about Gray's extra. Still, he was curious, wondering what kind of person Gray sought out.

The only thing he knew for sure was that Gray loved Lucy, so Natsu wondered if Gray tried to find people like Lucy, or if he wanted something different in his extra partners. Natsu wouldn't be voicing those questions, knowing it would make Gray suspicious, and that was one of the last things he wanted.

The last thing he wanted as Lucy to leave him, but he couldn't do anything to stop that. He could only prolong it, which seemed easier as the months drifted by.

"I'm gonna catch a cab," Natsu said, pulling out his phone to dial the number.

"Mind if we split one?" Gray asked, standing up to reveal his naked lower half. He didn't bother covering his cock as he walked the short distance to his pants before grabbing them.

Natsu tried to keep his peeping discreet, his face feeling hotter as he glimpsed at the man's firm ass and strong thighs. "That's fine," he mumbled, clearing his throat before talking to the cab company. After ordering one, he hung up, telling them they had about twenty minutes before someone would be in the area.

"So, does anyone think Sherry will spill the beans?" Natsu asked, deciding that needed to be addressed. Lucy and him worked with her, and it was bound to get awkward if she didn't let it go.

"She seems like a nice girl," Gray said, buttoning his pants. "I think we'll be fine?" He looked at Lucy before adding, "She was nice enough to get Jenny away from Natsu. I think she's nice enough to keep this secret."

Natsu blinked, letting Gray's words settle in. 'They knew Sherry helped me with Jenny? I didn't tell them that... Did... did one of them send Sherry to go check on me?' He didn't get a chance to ask, the subject being changed once again.

"Sorry if anything tonight made you uncomfortable," Gray said, moving to lean against Lucy's desk. His posture was relaxed, but his brows were tense, waiting for Natsu's response.

He shook his head, offering a small smile. "No, that was... awesome." Natsu felt embarrassed admitting it, but he knew he shouldn't have been. He was in a safe place, Lucy and Gray more open than any other person he had met before. If there was anyone he could admit his fantasies to, it would be them. "I had fun."

"That's good to hear. Maybe next time we can reverse roles?"

'Next time?'

Natsu's eyes widened, surprised Gray came out and said that. Though, to be honest, Natsu loved that idea. "You want me fucking while she's sucking you?"

Although he knew that was what Gray meant, his dirty mind couldn't help but picture something else. He imagined himself leaning over, his mouth wrapped around Gray's gorgeous cock while Lucy was behind him, using that strap-on like it was her own cock. That thought alone had Natsu's cock twitching again, his heartbeat increasing as he pretended that idea was on the table.

It wasn't, but he couldn't complain without arousing suspicion.

Gray nodded, unaware of Natsu's newest fantasy. "I think that'd be hot. What do you think?" he asked, eyes finding Lucy before he held a hand out.

She walked closer, allowing Gray to grab her to pull her against him. She was facing Natsu, fitting between Gray's legs while his arms wrapped around her waist. Her costume was wrinkled and her the red horns on her head were crooked, but that didn't make her look any less sexy, the goddess stunning no matter what she adorned.

"I think that sounds great," she said, a smile working its way on her face.

Gray hummed before moving his hand down, pulling up the hem of her dress up to reveal she hadn't put her panties back on. They were tucked into her purse, ready to be brought home whenever the cab arrived.

Gray's fingers slid against her folds, earning a breathy sigh from Lucy as he massaged her core. "She's so fucking wet."

Lucy snorted, her cheeks rosy as she asked, "Well, what did you expect? You both came in me."

Natsu didn't mind how flustered he was getting considering they were wearing blushes themselves. He watched as Gray slipped a finger into her core before dragging the wet digit against her clit, his movements slow and deliberate.

"I like the arrangement we have," Gray said, resting his chin on Lucy's shoulder before turning his head, his lips brushing against her hair. "Are you sore?"

"A little," Lucy admitted, mewling at his touches. "That feels good."

Gray looked up at Natsu, his dark eyes glinting with secrets Natsu wished he could have. He nodded for him to come closer, his fingers still playing with Lucy's body. "Wanna help?"

"Help with what?" Natsu asked, hoping it was what he thought it was.

His body thrummed with heat when his hopes were confirmed, Gray's smile devious as he said, "Making her feel good."

When Natsu nodded, Gray whispered, "C'mere."

Once Natsu started walking towards them, Gray gave him instructions on how they would please Lucy. "Lightly massage her nipples and breasts. You should kiss her neck too. She likes that. Nothing too aggressive, just soft pecks and stuff."

Lucy jutted her chest out when Natsu stepped up, his hands covering her breasts before he moved to kiss her neck. He touched her over her dress, the material dulling her sensitivity, but Natsu assumed that was the point. This wasn't to get her turned on and ready to go again. It was purely for pleasure, winding down from the crazy night the three of them had.

Lucy's heavy sighs increased the longer they touched her, both men attentive and generous, making sure to apply just enough pressure to make her feel good without trying to send her towards the edge. Natsu was getting stimulation himself, Gray's arm brushing against his crotch as he played with Lucy.

Natsu rested his head on her shoulder, his hair brushing against Gray as he placed kisses along her neck. He could smell both of them, their scents making his heart yearn and his blood boil. If he could just tell them how he felt, he would be complete, but his lips remained sealed, not wanting to ruin the moment. Having sex with them hadn't felt as intimate as what he felt right now, which was pure affection and intimacy, unrivaled by anything they did before.

If only that moment could last a lifetime, but it couldn't. Natsu's phone started ringing, letting them know their time was up. He reluctantly stepped away, his cock half-hard as he answered the phone. It was the cab driver, saying he was outside of their building.

"We'll be down in a minute. Thanks." When he hung up, he glanced at the married couple, watching them move against each other. Gray still had his hand between her legs, two fingers lightly fucking her while she rubbed her ass against his crotch. Natsu smiled, hating to make them stop, but they had to go. "Cab driver's here."

"Okay," Gray said, pulling out his fingers, drenched in their combined fluids. "But first, I think Lucy should clean my fingers?"

She opened her mouth without hesitation, allowing Gray to push his fingers past her waiting lips. She sucked the digits into her mouth, savoring the flavor with a long moan.

Natsu swore he would pass out from how hot that was, his mind almost blanking before he remembered they had somewhere to be. "Come on you two deviants. Let's get going."

That earned a laugh from his best friends, both of them pulling away from each other before gathering their things. Natsu snatched his stuff from his desk on the way out, leading them towards the elevator.

The ride down wasn't nearly as bad as he thought it was, his motion sickness eased by the distraction of Lucy kissing him on their way down, her tongue tasting like all of their cum mixed into one. Natsu let her take the lead, pushed against the wall while she dominated the kiss.

Before the elevator came to a stop, Lucy started kissing Gray, giving him a taste of his own. Natsu's breathing turned labored as he thought about his saliva on Lucy's lips, now transferred to Gray's. When he agreed to be Lucy's extra, he never, not in a million years, pictured their relationship developing into this. However, he didn't regret it for a second. He felt the most alive when he was with them both, and he wouldn't trade that feeling for the world.

As soon as the elevator opened and the cold air swept in, Lucy snapped out of her daze. She wrapped her arms around herself, shivering as she said, "It's so cold!"

Gray held her close while Natsu grabbed the door, the three exiting the building before piling into the cab.

Unlike the ride in the elevator, nothing distracted Natsu from the trip to his apartment complex, his stomach rolling. He didn't feel that strong buzz anymore, the alcohol having worn off on its own. He felt the smallest dizziness, but it was nothing compared to earlier.

When they reached Natsu's place, he went to pull out his wallet, but Lucy shook her head. "We'll cover the fare."

"Oh, thanks." Natsu gave a weak grin, his hand fumbling for the handle before opening the door. Once on solid ground, he could think better, his stomach calming as it saw he wasn't in any danger.

"Thanks for hanging out with us," Gray said, a sly grin resting on his lips.

Natsu chuckled, grabbing the edge of the door as he nodded. "No problem. We should do it again, real soon." He hoped they understood what he meant. It was obvious now they weren't opposed to him joining in their fun, and if they wanted to try it again, he was down.

Natsu looked at the driver, giving him a normal smile. "Thanks for the ride." That was the last thing he said before closing the door, giving them a wave before turning towards his building.

He wore a toothy grin all the way to his room, the memories of their activities fresh in his head. He would hold onto them for a long, long time, taking pleasure in the taboo acts that happened between him and his two best friends.

Chapter Text

Chapter Seventeen: Unexpected Visitors

Natsu grinned when he heard a knock on his front door. He strolled across his apartment, not bothering to put on a shirt or look through the peephole. He was expecting Lucy any minute. He swung the door open, ready to greet his girlfriend.

However, his voice caught in his throat when he saw who knocked on his door, realizing they weren't Lucy. Natsu's eyes widened as he gaped, unable to say anything as the two adults made their way past him to enter his home.

"It's so cold out there," Grandeeney said, brushing her hands over her arms.

Igneel rubbed his gloved hands together as he nodded. "I told you he'd keep his place warm. Feels like July in here."

Natsu turned slowly, watching as his parents headed to his living room, making themselves at home by sitting on his couch. His brain stopped working for a second, stunned by their unexpected visit.

"Wh-what are you guys doing here?" he asked, throat tightening when they didn't respond immediately. He stood at the open door, waiting for some type of explanation. They needed to give him one fast. Lucy was bound to show up soon, and he didn't want them to see each other.

After Igneel pet Happy a few times, the man looked up, smiling at his son. "It's been months since we last saw you. We thought we'd pay you a visit."

Natsu's eye twitched. He tried keeping his voice level, but it came out strained. "You couldn't have called?"

Grandeeney stood, walking over to Natsu. "Sorry. We wanted to surprise you and take you out to dinner. Do you already have plans?"

"Well, no," Natsu mumbled. He couldn't say his married girlfriend was coming over so they could fuck. He knew that was inappropriate, and it would lead to questions he didn't want to answer. Not only that, he didn't want his parents to judge him for his decisions. They were open-minded, but even they had their limits. "Let me just make a call."

As Natsu pulled out his phone to cancel on Lucy, he froze, the sound of the elevator dinging down the hall catching his attention. His chest constricted as he peeked outside of his apartment, eyes growing wide when he saw Lucy walking towards him. He panicked, not sure what he was supposed to do.

"I'll be right back," Natsu blurted out, slamming his door shut, causing an echo in the hall. He knew they'd ask about his strange behavior when he went back in, but he could deal with that later. Getting Lucy as far away from his parents was his first priority.

"Natsu?" Lucy started, but he cut her off before she could say more.

"You can't be here."

She blinked, stunned for a few seconds before cocking her head. "You said it was okay for me to come over, didn't you?"

Natsu cringed, teeth clenched tight as he nodded. "I said that, but things changed. You gotta go." He didn't want to sound rude, but it came out that way.

Lucy narrowed her eyes as she crossed her arms over her stomach. "What's going on?"

"I—" He didn't know what to say. 'Should I just tell her my parents stopped by? Would that freak her out?'

"Just be honest with me, Natsu." She tightened her arms around herself, nodding towards his apartment. Her voice was hesitant, as if not wanting to ask the question. "What? Do you have a girl over or something?" She paused, her eyes falling to the side before she forced herself to look at him again. "You... you don't have to hide stuff like that, just next time let me know so I don't come over."

Natsu shook his head, ignoring Lucy's expression as he worried about her reaction to seeing his parents. He swallowed thickly as he scrambled for something to say. Just as he decided to tell her he would explain it to her later, the door to his apartment opened, two heads popping out to see what was going on.

Natsu stiffened, unable to move while Lucy looked past him to his parents, recognition flashing through her eyes. "Oh," she gasped, looking back at Natsu with wide eyes. She dropped her arms, her shoulders relaxing as she said, "You didn't tell me your parents were coming."

"Hi," Igneel said, giving Lucy a wave.

She waved back, her voice polite and sweet. "Hello." Her eyes flitted to Natsu's, waiting for him to say something.

"I can explain."

She nodded, her lips quirking into a grin. "Okay, let's hear it."

"I..." Natsu peeked over his shoulders, seeing his parents weren't going to give them any privacy. He grabbed Lucy's arm, bringing her down the hall towards the elevator. His parents were still staring, but he doubted they could hear. "I didn't know they were coming by. Can we reschedule?"

Lucy chuckled, her brown eyes flickering with light. "It's fine. Sure, what works for you?"

"I dunno when they're leaving," he mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.

"Well I can't come over too late. I have that video call tonight."

"With your father?" Natsu asked, causing Lucy to nod.

"He's the one who goes out of the country yet I have to bend over backwards to accommodate his time zone." She shook her head. "Anyways, I'll be in the office later letting him see the warehouse. I guess he wants to change the way we organize down there? I have no clue. He's not exactly the easiest to understand."

Natsu nodded, remembering the few times he spoke with her father. "I know whatcha mean."

Lucy took a deep breath, her shoulders tense from thinking about her father. "So, I guess we can't do anything to relieve some stress?" She looked down the hall again, but Natsu didn't turn around.

"Don't think so. They didn't tell me how long they were stayin'. They wanted to go to dinner though." Natsu bit his tongue, wanting to ask Lucy if she wanted to go with them, but knowing it wasn't a good idea. The point of their arrangement wasn't to get close, and dinner with his parents sounded pretty damn close to him.

"I'm starving," Lucy mumbled, pulling out her phone. "I think I'll order something and pick it up on my way to the office."

"I thought that wasn't until later?" Natsu asked, cocking his head.

Lucy nodded. "It is, but Gray's hanging out with his friends tonight, so the house is empty. I'd rather prepare at the office than sit by myself." She sighed. "I really need to get a dog or something. They can keep me company when you two are busy."

Natsu swallowed down the new pain radiating in his heart before it could take over. He knew Lucy didn't mean it like that, but he took her words to mean she could replace Natsu with a dog. He was just someone there to kill time with while she couldn't hang out with her husband. 'She didn't mean that. Stop being dramatic.'

"Looks like we have company," Lucy whispered, causing Natsu to jolt.

"What?" He turned, paling when he saw his parents walking down the hall towards them. Natsu should have known they wouldn't be patient. His parents were always a little too nosy. He knew it was because they cared, but sometimes it didn't feel that way.

"Hi," Grandeeney said, holding out a hand when she was close enough. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Grandeeney, Natsu's mom."

Lucy took her hand, giving it a firm shake. "I've seen you on Natsu's wall. He speaks highly about both of you. Pleasure to finally meet you."

Igneel stepped up, holding his hand out. Once he had Lucy's hand in his, he said, "I'm his dad, Igneel. And who might you be?"

"Lucy." She didn't give her last name or the relationship she had with Natsu, keeping it simple. However, the Dragneels were curious by nature, even if they weren't blood-related.

"So how do you know our son?" Igneel asked, letting go of Lucy's hand.

"He's—" Lucy started just as Natsu spoke.

"She's my boss!" he rushed out, wanting to nip whatever was happening in the bud. "She was comin' by to ask if I could come in later for a special project, but I said no 'cause you guys came over."

Grandeeney's eyes widened as she looked between the two. "This is Lucy?" she asked, focusing on that part instead of the others. "You've mentioned her before, but you forgot to tell us how beautiful she was."

Natsu groaned, covering his face with a hand before dragging it down. "Mom! She's my boss! I'm not supposed to think of her like that." He looked at Lucy, seeing the blush forming on her cheeks. "I'm sorry."

She shook her head. "You're fine."

Despite her words, Natsu felt himself worrying. He didn't want his parents to be the reason Lucy broke up with him. He played his part well, changing from secret boyfriend to assistant, doing his best to treat Lucy as his employer and friend, nothing more.

"When do you need to be at work?" Igneel asked, causing Lucy to look at her phone. "Hmm, in about three and a half hours. I wanted to get some things done before my video call."

"Video call?" Grandeeney asked.

Lucy nodded. "My father wants to check on things at work, and since he's in another country right now he wants me to video call him so he can see for himself what the place looks like."

"You can't just send pictures?" she asked, but Lucy shook her head.

"No, he's not the most trusting. If it's a video I can't doctor it."

Grandeeney nodded before looking at her husband. The two of them grinned, as if they were in on a little secret together. When Grandeeney turned to Lucy again, her smile grew. "We were just about to go to dinner with Natsu. Would you like to join us?"

Natsu shook his head, knowing that was a bad idea. "She's probably busy, aren't you Lucy?"

Instead of agreeing with him, Lucy looked down at her phone. "Actually, I might be free. Let me call someone real quick, then I'll let you know." She turned as she dialed the number, no doubt calling her husband to ask if he was comfortable with the idea.

That made Natsu panic. 'What if Gray thinks I'm overstepping my boundaries. Fuck! He's gonna say no or worse, tell her to break it off right now. Damn it! Why didn't she just say no? Why would she even want to have dinner with my parents?'

He could feel his heart hammering against his chest, his fear doubling when Lucy turned around, flashing him a smile while still on the phone. She whispered something to Gray, then hung up. When she reached Natsu and his family, she said, "Looks like I can make it. Where were you thinking of going?"

Natsu felt his heart sink, trepidation flooding his body. He couldn't see how they could all spend an evening together without putting a strain on their secret relationship, especially with the scheming look his parents shared. He already knew it was going to end badly, but Lucy looked excited to eat out, and he couldn't bring himself to disappoint her.

Sighing, Natsu turned to his parents, accepting his defeat. "I know a place."

The drive to 8-Island was painfully awkward for Natsu. He rode with his parents while Lucy took her car, but part of him wished he was with her. The main reason he decided to ride with his parents was to lessen their suspicion, but he felt it was too late for that. The other reason he rode with them was because he missed them, wanting to spend time with his parents, he just wished it was on a different day with different company.

Several times Natsu thought to text Gray and apologize, but he knew that would make things worse. 'If I apologize then he's going to know something's wrong. If I play it cool and get through this everything'll be fine. Just gotta stay cool.' It was easier said than done. Out of Lucy's two lovers, Gray was the only cool and collected one.

Natsu's relief when he got out of the car vanished when he saw Lucy strolling up. He was too distracted earlier to notice her outfit, realizing she was dressed for a quick fuck. Despite the cold November air, Lucy was wearing a pair of thick stockings and a dress.

Despite the dress being modest enough for dinner, Natsu knew it would be easy to get her out of it. She had worn it before for him, and experience let him know the quickest way to pull it from her gorgeous body. His mind envisioned him running his hands up her thighs, feeling the difference between the material of her stockings to the creamy smooth skin.

His mouth watered thinking about it, but he couldn't act on his desires, his parents and the public space making that impossible.

As they walked to the building, he faintly wondered if he would get away with touching Lucy under the table, but he dismissed the thought. Not only was it too risky, it was rude to his parents. It had been too long since he last saw them, and he wanted to catch up. It would have been easier if Lucy wasn't there, but he wasn't going to ruin everyone's good moods with his worries.

Besides, having Lucy around didn't make him unhappy, he just wanted to continue being her extra, but he didn't think that was possible if his parents spooked her.

When Natsu sat down at the table, he couldn't help but feel out of place. He had countless dinners with his parents, but never with another woman present. Even when he dated in high school, he didn't bring his girlfriends home. They were never serious enough to meet his parents, so he didn't bother.

Not only was he worried about that, he had gone out to eat with Lucy and Gray a few times, but never without her husband. He didn't know what to expect, but knowing his parents, he should have been more prepared.

After giving their drink orders, Igneel turned to Natsu, a furrow to his brow as he asked, "So why all the way out here?"

"Huh?" Natsu asked, looking around to figure out what his dad meant.

"I think he means why you chose this place," Lucy said, shifting in her seat. She was sitting next to him, Grandeeney across from her and Igneel across from Natsu. "There's another 8-Island in Hargeon."

Natsu shrugged, hoping he didn't look odd. "The other's food tastes different. This one's better."

It was a lie, but he didn't care. He wanted to go to the 8-Island on the outskirts of Hargeon, the halfway point between Magnolia and his town. He didn't want to risk anyone spotting him with Lucy, knowing that was a surefire way to end whatever was going on between them.

Igneel nodded, his tone suggesting he believed Natsu. "Oh, okay."

"So, Lucy," Grandeeney started, directing the attention to said woman. "What's it like working with Natsu?"

"He's a great assistant," Lucy said, flashing him a smile before looking at his mother. "You should be proud. Everyone loves him at the office. He's always up to help someone if they need it. Honestly, I wish I could keep him as my assistant forever, but I know he's ready for bigger things, I'm just waiting until a better position opens up in our branch to promote him."

Natsu's eyes widened as he looked over, surprised by her words. She hadn't told him she was considering moving him around, but he would be lying if he said he wasn't interested. He liked being Lucy's assitant, but he was getting complacent. He wanted a challenging job, one with more responsibilities and rewards. Of course, he was going to wait until he was done with school before bringing anything up to Lucy, worried he would bite off more than he could chew.

However, hearing her praise made him smile. Clearly Lucy thought he was ready for a step up, so maybe he should think so too.

"Would you transfer him to another branch?" Igneel asked, catching Natsu off guard. He hadn't thought about that, but he supposed it was possible. He didn't want to move, especially since he wouldn't get to see Lucy or Gray as much. If it was far enough away, he would have to break off his relationship with Lucy for sure. What they had was supposed to be purely physical, so it didn't make since to keep a long-distance relationship without feelings.

It just didn't seem practical.

"If I can avoid it, no," Lucy answered, sounding just as charming as ever as she smiled at Natsu's dad. "He's too valuable to give up this soon. As long as he's willing to stick around, I want to keep him."

Natsu knew she meant her assistant, Natsu, and not her boyfriend, but he couldn't help but imagine it the other way. Her words made him blush, but he hoped no one would pay him any mind, Lucy and his parents dominating the conversation.

Natsu saw the way his parents smiled more, clearly liking that answer. He held back a groan when Lucy asked them what he was like as a son, his skin crawling as his parents started telling stories about him as he grew up.

Of course, they chose only the embarrassing ones.

"I had to come to his school because of it. I swear, I never thought the teacher would call and say Natsu brought a snake to school. I mean, who does that?"

"Me, apparently," Natsu muttered, vaguely remembering the incident. He was in elementary school at the time, and he thought having a snake would be cool. It wasn't his fault one of his classmates decided to tattle on him.

"What about the time the cops brought him home because they thought he was firing a gun in the park?" Igneel added, further embarrassing Natsu. "Him and his friends thought it would be a good idea to put dry ice in water bottles. I guess when they sealed the cap it made them explode. Cops were called because people said it sounded like gunfire."

"Why'd you do that?" Lucy asked, making him tense when he felt her hand on his knee. She smoothed it up his leg slowly, the touch on the border between friendly and dangerous.

He did his best not to look down, not wanting to bring attention to her movement. Clearing his throat, Natsu said, "We didn't believe the YouTube videos. We wanted to see for ourselves."

She giggled, the sound soothing some of the tension in his body. "And it worked?"

Natsu nodded, peeking at his parents before looking at Lucy. "Yeah. Sounded just like a gunshot. We made five bottles explode before the police came out."

"Did you get in trouble? That didn't show up on your background check."

Igneel was the one to shake his head. "No, cops let him and his friends off with a verbal warning. You should ask Natsu to show you the video if he still has it."

Natsu groaned, shaking his head at his dad. "I deleted it. You guys kept making fun of the way my voice cracked in it."

His parents didn't bother holding in their laughter. "Well can you blame us?" Grandeeney asked, offering her son a kind smile. "You sounded so excited."

Natsu grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. He felt Lucy give his leg a squeeze, waiting a moment before changing the subject. "So, how'd you two meet?"

Natsu listened to the familiar story, sipping on his drink while Lucy nodded along. As if on cue, their food arrived once Igneel finished explaining, Natsu's mouth watering at the savory steak on his plate. After taking a few bites, he realized it wasn't as good as when Lucy or Gray cooked, but that didn't stop it from tasting delicious regardless.

He thought things had settled, but he was wrong. Just as he was swallowing a bite, his father spoke, asking a question that made Natsu choke on his food. "So, Lucy. Are you single?"

"Dad!" Natsu yelled, not caring if he disturbed the people around him. He slammed his wrist against his chest three times while coughing, the food hurting as it went down. "You... you can't ask her stuff like that!"

He turned to Lucy, a pleading look in his eyes. "I'm sorry. You don't have to answer him."

Igneel and Grandeeney looked at each other, their brows furrowed as they shrugged at each other, not seeing the big deal in asking such a question. "Why can't I ask her?"

"It's uh..." Natsu scrambled for a valid answer, coming up short. "It's too personal."

"It's not too personal," Lucy assured, smiling at Natsu before looking at his parents. "It's okay. I'm married."

Grandeeney nodded, unfazed. "Well, he's a lucky guy."

Igneel nudged his wife, giving her a playful smile. "Or she." He turned to Lucy to smile.

Lucy laughed, shaking her head. "You're fine. Gray's a guy."

"Gray? Why does that name sound familiar?" Grandeeney pressed her lips together as she thought.

Natsu decided to give her the answer, not wanting the conversation to stay on Lucy's husband for too long. He felt awkward enough. He didn't want to make it worse. "He's the guy I told you about last time we talked. Remember? Me and him went hiking one weekend?"

"Oh, that's right," Grandeeney said with a nod. "You never told us he was your boss's husband."

Natsu swallowed. "It... didn't come up." Plus, Natsu didn't see Gray as his boss's husband. He was one of his best friends, who also happened to be married to the woman he was in love with.

"Fair enough." His mom looked to Lucy. "How long have you been married?"

Lucy grabbed her drink, waiting until she answered before taking a sip. "Coming up on six years." After setting down her drink, she asked, "What about you two?"

"Twenty-seven years."

Lucy's eyes widened, her lips parting as she said, "Oh wow. That's a long time."

Grandeeney nodded, her voice as soft as her smile. "It goes by faster than you'd think. Enjoy it."

Lucy squeezed Natsu's leg again, the action confusing him as she said, "I will."

'Is she saying she'll enjoy her time with me since it's gonna go by faster than she thinks? Probably not. I'm overthinking it.'

Natsu pushed the thought out of his mind, deciding to focus on his parents instead. He didn't know when the next time he would get to see them again, so he changed the subject, hoping to talk about them.

He asked how things were going in Magnolia, shocked to hear Igneel's answer. In Natsu's opinion, that should have been the topic they were discussing in the beginning.

"Great. Things at the shop are going well. Just hired Zeref to help out. He's gonna work for me 'til he gets a better job. I told him—"

"Wait! Zeref's back?" Natsu blinked, unable to process that. "When?"

"Hmm, been about a week or two? He's staying with us until he gets on his feet."

"Why'd he come back?" Natsu asked, wondering why they hadn't called and told him. "Why isn't he here?"

"He wanted to, but he had to go to Onibus for a job interview today. I guess he knows one of the ladies there from school and she's trying to get him a job there. What was her name again?" Igneel scratched the back of his neck as he thought.

"That's not important," Grandeeney said, shaking her head. "The point is, he's back in town for now. He wanted to wait until he got settled before telling you he was home." She narrowed her eyes at Igneel. "But I guess the cat's out of the bag now."

Igneel held his hands up in a mock surrender. "Oops. My bad."

"Do you think he'd want to see me sooner?" Natsu asked, a hopeful tone to his voice. He hadn't seen his brother in person for years. Despite them not being close, he still cared for his family.

Grandeeney nodded. "I told him you'd be home for Thanksgiving. You're still planning on coming to town, right?"

Natsu nodded, pretending he wasn't realizing that. He had forgotten he made plans to visit home during the holidays, but that worked out well. "Yeah. That... that sounds good." Thanksgiving was about two weeks away. It would give him time to mentally prepare for seeing his brother again.

"Great. I think it'll be good to get the family back together for a day." Grandeeney pulled out her phone, showing Natsu a picture of Zeref wearing scrubs, handing candy to some kids trick-or-treating. "Doesn't he look so much older?"

She put her phone away, her head tilting as she said, "You know what? I forgot to ask. How was your Halloween?"

Lucy and Natsu both choked on their food, coughing and gasping for air as they tried to get control of themselves.

"We had a company party," Lucy managed to say, taking a gulp of her drink to clear her throat.

"Pretty tame, just some talking in the office. Not that interesting," Natsu added, his face burning red, but he hoped they would write it off as an effect from nearly choking at the table. "So, tell me more about how Zeref's doing."

Natsu breathed a sigh of relief when the subject was successfully changed, Natsu and Lucy keeping quiet so they didn't arouse suspicion. It worked, but that didn't stop Natsu's heart from pounding or his palms from sweating, the man panicking until the end of their meal.

They said goodbye in the parking lot, Grandeeney and Igneel deciding to head home since they weren't too far away from Magnolia. Natsu gave them each a big hug before following Lucy to her car, saying he was going to the office with her to prepare for the video call. His parents didn't insinuate they were going to do anything else, allowing Natsu to breathe easy as they drove back into town.

While holding his stomach, Natsu mumbled an apology, hoping it wouldn't be weird he brought up what just happened. "Sorry about that."

"It's fine," Lucy assured, reaching over to pat his thigh. She gave him a small frown, her hand moving to his head so she could run her fingers through his hair. "How are you feeling?"

"Sick," he moaned, his head resting against the cool glass of the car. Usually he only had his motion sickness to worry about, but his heart weighed heavy, a sense of dread washing over him. He didn't want to bring it up, but he had to ask. He needed to know she wasn't going to break up with him over what happened. He didn't think she would since nothing bad occured, but he still worried.

"Please," he paused when they went over a speed bump, "don't let that affect things between us?"

Lucy smiled, letting her nails lightly rake against his scalp before playing with the short hairs by the nape of his neck. "Don't worry." She waited until she stopped at a red light, leaning over to cup his cheek. When he turned, she tugged, Natsu leaning in so she could give him a gentle kiss to the lips.

When she pulled back, she put both hands on the steering wheel, her eyes on the road as she said, "I won't."

He almost asked what she meant, forgetting the earlier question he asked until she started driving again, the feeling of his stomach twisting reminding him of his worries.

When she turned instead of driving straight, Natsu looked over, his brows furrowed as he said, "I thought we were headin' to the office?"

She shook her head, smiling to herself. "Nope. We're going back to your place." Lucy didn't bother looking over as she drove, a little smirk playing on her lips. "The warehouse is as good as it's going to get. Besides, I really wanted to spend some time with you today. I need to blow off some steam before that video call. Is that okay?"

Natsu nodded despite his heart sinking. Lucy wanted to use him for sex to make herself feel better, but he wasn't much better. If it meant she would stay with him, she could use him all she wanted.

"Natsuuu! Fuck yes! Do it again!"

Natsu's nails dragged against her back, leaving red welts as she rode his cock. Her body moved fluidly against him, Natsu's hips bucking to meet her downward thrusts. He groaned at the euphoric feeling, his heart warming when Lucy leaned in, placing her lips on his.

The two barely kissed, too busy moaning as she continued to ride him. His hands shifted to her ass, spreading her cheeks so he went in deeper. She whimpered, the sound making his body thrum with pleasure. She was beautiful, her skin glistening with sweat as her lips brushed against his.

He flipped them, loving the squeak that escaped her parted lips before it turned into a prolonged moan, her walls tightened around him as he snapped his hips, cock sliding in her soaked core. He lost count of how long they had been joined, time standing still as they moved against each other.

Natsu's mouth sought her neck, wishing he could bite her and leave marks, but he knew Lucy didn't like any visible hickeys. He moved lower, mouth covering her shoulder before biting down, earning a choked sob from his girlfriend as her walls tightened around him. She was so much more than just a girlfriend in his mind. She was the woman he loved, the woman who unknowingly held his heart.

He yearned for her to return his feelings, to love him just as deeply as he loved her. If he pushed the world out of his mind, he could pretend it were true. As he thrust into her, he imagined her saying those words to him, the ones that made his heart race and his head light. Natsu gave her skin a kiss over the mark he left her, vowing to protect and love her for as long as she would have him.

In his mind, they were together without rules, without limitations. It was a world where he was allowed to love her and be open about it, where Lucy was in love with him and Gray, and they were all okay with it.

"I love the way you feel around me," he murmured, warm breath fanning against her flushed skin.

Lucy gasped when he licked her neck, her legs wrapping around his thighs to pull him closer. "Nggh! Yes! I love the way you fill me!"

Natsu swallowed before placing messy kisses on her throat, feeling her pulse beneath his lips when he lingered. Having her with him felt right, like she was meant to be his. He pushed into her deep, feeling the connection between them. His logical side retreated, letting his fantasies take over.

In his mind, Lucy felt everything was right too.

"Fuck! Lucy!" He slowed down, memorizing every detail around him. Her heavy breath etched itself in his memory, her nails scraping at his ass as she pulled him towards her. Her scent filled his nose, his mind fogging more than any alcohol could. She was everything in that moment, and he couldn't stop himself from letting her know, saying those three words he was never supposed to say to Lucy Heartfilia.

As he pushed her over the edge, he followed, his heart soaring and body flooding with a comforting warmth as he whispered, lips ghosting over her ear.

"I love you."

For a blissful moment, Natsu didn't think about the consequences of his actions. His nerves buzzed with pleasure, his heart beating wildly from their physical activities and his confession. To Natsu, everything was perfect, but reality came crashing down hard when he pulled out of Lucy, her body rolling away before he could embrace her.

When she stood up without delay, Natsu realized his mistake. He closed his eyes, pink brows pinching together as he tried to keep his heart from dropping, but it was no use. He wished he imagined it, that the words hadn't been spoken, but when he opened his eyes and saw Lucy's expression, he knew she heard him clearly.

He stood, mind blanking on what he was supposed to say. He followed Lucy's example, shrugging on his boxers while she got dressed as quickly as she could. She didn't bother putting on her stockings, shoving them into her purse while she shook her head, her face filling with a flush that didn't make Natsu's heart flip.

He recognized that flush, knowing it meant she was angry, and he didn't have to guess who that anger was directed at.

He swallowed, feeling the lump form in his throat as he tried to speak, but he didn't know what he could say. Denying what he said was one option, or he could lie and say he didn't mean it, that he was caught in the moment. He swallowed again, but it only made his throat feel tighter.

"Lucy," he breathed, hearing the strain. His voice would crack soon, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. His heart sank when she stopped, her eyes snapping to his while she dropped her shoe, waiting for him to say more.

Natsu struggled, his mouth opening and closing a few times as he tried to find what she wanted to hear, but he couldn't say anything except the truth, even if it didn't make things better.

"I'm sorry. I just—"

"You love me?!" Lucy yelled.

He flinched at her tone. She sounded like she didn't believe him, as if she were accusing him of a crime she didn't want to accept. She had to have known something like that would happen. They had crossed too many lines, doing things from cuddling after sex to sending sweet messages to each other when they weren't around.

Hell, they would buy random gifts for each other, and that wasn't counting the time they celebrated their one and a half year anniversary. And that had been almost six months ago. Natsu was surprised he hadn't slipped up before. He knew he wasn't supposed to feel anything for her, but he couldn't deny it to himself, and honestly, he didn't want to deny it to her.

"Yes," he whispered, seeing the way Lucy tensed, as if he threatened her. She looked scared, her brown eyes blown wide and her lips parting. He swore if he made too sudden of a movement she would flee, but he didn't want her leaving him. Not now, not ever.

"I... I love you, Lucy." As he spoke, his eyes pricked, tears blurring his vision. He had make her uncomfortable, something he never wanted to do. He could see the guilt on her face, but he assumed it was because of his confession. He was unaware of the secret thoughts and hidden feelings inside the woman he loved.

Lucy shook her head, tears brimming her eyes. "You idiot," she muttered, hands clenching into fists by her side.

Natsu flinched, his heart dropping as his bottom lip quivered. "I know."

"You, you ruined everything!"

Natsu swallowed thickly, his tears falling, trailing down his face. He nodded, accepting whatever she gave him, even if it made his heart crack and his stomach twist. "I know." He tried to stand tall despite it all, keeping his body from shaking as he waited for her to respond.

"If you didn't say anything, I could just pretend it wasn't real, but now that you went and said it—" Lucy wrapped her arms around her, her body racking with a sob she couldn't hold back.

Natsu had to fight his urge to comfort her, knowing the last thing she wanted was his touch. He didn't think Lucy was going to say anything else, but she surprised him by mumbling the words he had longed to hear from her. However, instead of bringing him comfort, they made him feel sick.

"I... I love you too."

Natsu's eyes widened, disbelief clouding his mind. "What?"

"You heard me!" she seethed, pained by her own words. "I love you, but, but you shouldn't have said anything!" Her fists shook as she tried but failed to keep herself composed. "You weren't supposed to fall in love with me!"

Natsu didn't say anything for a moment, letting the uncomfortable silence consume them. His chest hurt, anxiety and heartache making him feel physically ill. He wanted to throw up, hating the anger and sadness coloring Lucy's features.

"How could I not?" he mumbled, knowing he was making a mistake by speaking. If his own common sense wasn't enough, Lucy's glare certainly let him know he was supposed to keep his mouth shut. However, he ignored those two things, speaking from his heart.

"You're... you're amazing, Lucy." He scrubbed at his face, but his tears didn't stop falling. He swore he felt bile rising in his throat, but he swallowed it down. He didn't have time to get sick.

"We have so much fun together, and we really click. I just... We've been together for almost two years. How was I supposed to not fall in love with you... I'm sorry if it hurts, but it doesn't change how I feel. I... I love you..." He couldn't bring his voice above a whisper no matter how hard he tried, the fight in him disappearing when she only frowned.

There was no point in fighting. It was a battle he couldn't win, a battle he didn't want to win since he knew what would happen if he came out victorious.

Lucy pressed a trembling hand over her face, failing to hide her tears from him. "I should have ended it sooner," she mumbled, her voice reflecting the pain she felt. "I shouldn't have let it go on this long. I knew it was a bad idea. I knew it, but did I listen to myself? No, and this is where it got me."

Her fingers curled, nails indenting in her skin. "Fuck!" she screamed, making Natsu jump. She dropped her hand, her eyes narrowed at him. "Did, did you really have to say it?!"

Natsu's hands shook. He wanted to feel numb so he couldn't hurt, but part of him welcomed the pain. He knew he deserved it for breaking the rules. If he would have ended it once he started feeling more for Lucy, she wouldn't have developed feelings for him too. He was ready to shoulder all the blame.

He nodded, answering her question. "I'm sorry," he offered, but it brought her no comfort.

Lucy shook her head before taking a deep, shaky breath. When she stared at him, her voice turned low but firm. "I'm breaking up with you."

Natsu stared back at her, his mind unable to comprehend what she said for the first few seconds, but slowlly, the truth set in. He knew this day would come, but he wasn't prepared. He couldn't handle the overwhelming pain that came with losing her, especially since he knew she was hurting too. Hurting Lucy was never his intention, but he knew it was a possibility. That only made the guilt sting worse.

Natsu didn't say anything, so Lucy continued, trying to reason with the silent man. "I'm sorry, Natsu, but I love Gray too. I'm not going to leave him for you."

"I know," he whispered, unable to raise his voice. He nodded, tears slipping down his cheeks. He could feel a headache forming from crying, but he didn't fight it. "I would never ask you to, and..." He took a deep breath, but nothing helped him feel better. "I don't want you too. I-I want... I want you with Gray."

'And me.' He wished there was a way they could both be with her, but he knew that was impossible.

The silence was deafening, his blood roaring in his ears. His voice sounded like it was coming from someone else when he broke the silence, his stomach twisting as he tried to swallow.

"I... I understand, we can't... we can't be together, but—" Natsu wiped at his face, clearing his vision enough to see Lucy's watery eyes. He knew he didn't deserve to ask her, but he couldn't stop himself. He needed to feel her against him, even if it was going to cause both of them pain.

"Can... can I hug you, one last time?"

Lucy suppressed a sob, her arms coiling around herself. He thought she was going to say no, and he wouldn't have blamed her if that was her decision, but she loosened her arms a moment later while nodding. "Y-yeah."

They walked around his bed, not hesitating to wrap their arms around each other, holding onto the other as tightly as they could. Natsu cried harder, his body shaking as he breathed her in for the last time. "I love you," he mumbled, feeling her squeeze him tighter.

"I love you too."

Those words he longed to hear made him feel worse, his mind picturing Gray in his head. Instead of the charming smile Gray usually wore, his face was angry, a mix between disappointment and betrayal. Natsu's heart fell, sorry he caused his two best friends so much pain. What was worse was knowing Gray didn't know yet, but it wouldn't be long until Lucy told him every detail from tonight.

Natsu closed his eyes, holding Lucy closer as he hated himself for what he did to them. He shouldn't have agreed to be Lucy's extra. He shouldn't have wormed his way into their lives. They were better off without him, but if he had the chance to go back in time, he knew he would do it all again. Maybe he was stupid, maybe he was selfish. Either way, he didn't want to imagine his life without them, even if it was in everyone's best interest.

The hug lasted too long and too short at the same time, Natsu knowing they needed to separate but wanting to hold her forever. Their hands clutched the other before they pulled away slowly, knowing they couldn't be together anymore.

Natsu had to respect Lucy's marriage, and she had to go back to her husband who she loved. It would have been different if she was married to someone who was abusive or bad for her, but she wasn't. Gray was a great guy, a man who loved and cherished his wife. Gray deserved Lucy, and Lucy deserved Gray.

There was no more room for Natsu now that the truth was out there, but he had no one to blame but himself.

"So," Natsu whispered, watching as she put her last shoe on before grabbing her purse. "This is... goodbye?"

Lucy shook her head. Tears remained in her eyes as she gave him a watery smile. "We'll still see each other at work."

Natsu didn't think his heart could hurt worse, remembering he would have to see Lucy almost every day after that, constantly reminded of what he couldn't have. "Yeah," he mumbled, knowing he wouldn't be able to do that. He couldn't torture himself like that. The only logical answer was to leave, so he would. "See you then."

He watched as Lucy walked to the door, his throat feeling raw as he said, "Lucy."

She turned around, her eyes pleading for him to do or say something, but he couldn't. He had crossed too many lines. He couldn't cross another one, even if his heart screamed for him to go after her, to fight for her. He couldn't do that to her, and he couldn't do that to his best friend. Gray trusted him, but that didn't mean he should be punished because Natsu couldn't follow a simple rule.

With a heavy heart, Natsu whispered, "Good luck with your video call."

Lucy's brown eyes dulled as she nodded, her body turning as she grabbed the door knob. "Thanks."

And then she left, leaving nothing but a shattered man and her scent behind.

Natsu didn't know how long he stared at that closed door, selfishly hoping she would come back. When twenty minutes passed and she didn't, he broke down, kneeling beside his bed while clawing at his blanket. Despite knowing he shouldn't, Natsu felt love for Lucy pumping through his body. He couldn't turn it off like a light.

He loved her, and that wasn't going to just go away.

Natsu forced himself to take a shower, washing off the shame he felt, but it wouldn't come off. No matter how hard he scrubbed, he felt guilty for putting Lucy in that situation. Not only that, he abused Gray's trust.

He was supposed to show Lucy a good time, but he fucked up by falling in love with her. He fell in love with someone else's wife.

Natsu's body was still damp when he threw on his clothes. He pet and fed Happy before grabbing his keys, hating himself as he left his apartment. He expected a punch to the face or a kick to the groin for what he did, but he knew he deserved it.

Either way, he needed to go find Gray and apologize. Lucy would be heading to the office now, meaning he would have time to talk to Gray alone. If Gray didn't want to see or talk to him, Natsu would understand. However, he hoped Gray would hear him out.

He wanted to clear his conscious, even if he didn't deserve it.

Chapter Text

Chapter Eighteen: Broken Rules

Natsu slowed his car as he entered Lucy and Gray's neighborhood. He felt worse than the first time he went to their house, something he thought he could never top. Shame and guilt plagued him, his mind telling him he shouldn't have let things go that far. He knew better, but he didn't listen to logic.

He thought he had his emotions under control, but he was wrong.

Natsu pulled to the curb of their house, thankful Lucy's car wasn't there. He figured she left for her video call, but after what happened, he wouldn't be surprised if she canceled.

Staring blankly at the dashboard, Natsu realized he hadn't thought of what he could say to Gray. He had been hellbent on seeing Gray that he forgot to come up with anything aside from that he was sorry, and he doubted Gray wanted to hear that.

Honestly, Natsu knew Gray wouldn't want to see him at all. It was the reason he took the long way to his house, trying to work up the nerves to get that far. He swallowed, hands clenching the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white.

"What can I say?" he asked, not expecting an answer. "Fuck... I fucked up so bad. Gray's not gonna wanna talk to me. Hell, he's not even gonna wanna be my friend after this."

Natsu closed his eyes as he lowered his head, forcing himself to breathe even. He didn't want to lose his two best friends, but he knew he didn't deserve them. He had broken their rule, and he had hurt Lucy. Not only that, he betrayed Gray's trust, and Natsu couldn't forgive himself for that. He didn't bother trying.

"He's gonna punch me if I go up there... I know it." He shook his head, almost growling as he thought, 'I'd deserve it. I'd deserve it and so much more.'

Natsu slowly opened his eyes, staring at his lap. He felt his shoulders falling, defeat setting in. "I should just leave. Just leave town now. I'll grab Happy and go. I... I can worry about getting my shit later. I just need to leave. I need to—"

Natsu jolted when he heard tapping on his window. His head snapped to the passenger side, eyes blown wide when he spotted Gray standing outside his car. His arms were crossed over his chest, his dark blue eyes threatening to pierce into Natsu's soul. He was pinned by that gaze, one that used to bring comfort to him.

Now it only made him feel cold.

Gray's lips tugged into a frown, his eyes narrowing before he nodded towards the window. He watched, no sympathy on his face. Natsu couldn't react for a moment, stunned by what he could only assume was anger written on Gray's face. He didn't like how serious Gray looked, but considering the circumstances, he was lucky the man was willing to even look at him.

Natsu sucked in a sharp breath before fumbling with the window controls. lowering it a few inches. He opened his mouth, but nothing escaped, his throat feeling as if someone filled it with sand.

"Come in," Gray said before taking a step back, turning to head to his house.

Natsu couldn't move, paralyzed and honestly a little frightened. He didn't know what to expect, but he knew if he didn't move soon, that invitation to come inside might get revoked.

When Gray opened his door and disappeared inside, Natsu flinched, realizing it was now or never. He rolled his window up before getting out of his car, his stomach still in knots despite him standing on solid ground. Gulping, Natsu closed his door, his footsteps heavy as he trudged up the path leading to the front door.

He hesitated before entering the house, feeling more unwelcome than he ever felt before. Natsu peered around the entrance area, but Gray was nowhere in sight. After closing and locking the door behind him, Natsu walked towards the kitchen, noticing a light in the entertainment room. When he peeked in, he saw Gray walking inside, moving to sit in one of the recliners.

Natsu reluctantly entered the room, his heart beating wildly against his chest as his palms started sweating. He resisted the urge to cup his neck, his hands staying by his sides despite feeling awkward and out of place. Everything about him felt wrong, knowing he didn't belong in the same presence of the man he had called his best friend. Gray had trusted him, and he abused it.

"Have a seat," Gray said, motioning to the couch without turning back. Natsu had a hard time reading his voice, unsure what emotion was dominant.

Natsu swallowed hard before walking forward, taking a seat before his eyes flitted around the room, avoiding Gray's. His lips parted, mouth feeling dry as he whispered, "Did... did she tell you?"

Gray waited for as long as it took before Natsu finally made eye contact with him, not wanting to talk to the side of his head. He nodded, his voice low. "She did." It had been a hard conversation, one he wished they never had to go through. He didn't expect to see Natsu so soon after the incident, but he would be lying if he said he never wanted to see him again despite what happened.

"So," Natsu started, his heart sinking as he imagined Gray's disappointment. He spoke more to himself as he mumbled, "You know."

Once again, Gray nodded. The room stayed quiet for a few beats, neither saying anything, waiting for the other to break the ice.

Natsu was the first to slump forward, clenching his teeth before dragging his sweaty palm over his face, feeling like the world's biggest jackass. "If you wanna punch me, go ahead. I won't stop you." He knew he deserved far worse, but he hoped Gray would settle for less. He knew Gray to be an understanding guy, but everyone had their limits.

Instead of taking him up on that offer, Gray leaned back in his chair, his eyes trained on Natsu. "Why?"

Natsu didn't know what Gray was asking. Was he wondering why he wouldn't stop it or why he could punch him. He shook his head, pink brows furrowing as he muttered, "Look, I feel like shit. I... I fucked up and broke your rule. I'm just..." He almost dropped Gray's gaze, but he held strong, knowing his friend deserved more respect than that. "I'm so fucking sorry. I really am."

He felt his eyes prick, his hands beginning to shake until he coiled them into fists on his lap. Guilt racked his body, making him want to punch himself for his mistake. He could handle physical pain. It was the emotional pain he had troubles dealing with.

He knew he shouldn't have fallen in love with Lucy, but he did. What made it worse was Natsu couldn't bring himself to regret it. He didn't see it as a mistake, but that didn't mean it was okay.

After a long, dreadful pause, Gray placed his arms on the armrest, his voice smooth as he said, "Lucy broke the rule too."

For a moment, Natsu could only feel confused. Why wasn't Gray screaming at him? Why did he sound calm when he should be upset? Natsu imagined Gray would act different after finding out what happened, but Gray continued to surprise him.

It almost infuriated Natsu, wanting to be punished for his actions.

Gray sighed, his eyes falling to his left hand while his thumb played with his wedding ring. His eyes were hooded, taking a moment to think about the days him and Lucy said their vows. They had promised never to lie to each other, but no one was perfect. Honestly though, Gray was more upset Lucy lied than fell in love with someone else. If she had told him about her feelings, they could have worked through them. Instead, she kept them to herself, letting them boil under the surface.

He knew how frustrating it could be keeping one's feelings to themselves, experiencing it first hand. Lucy may have lied, but she wasn't the only one who broke their vows. Gray had some secrets of his own, and he was ready to let them out.

"Lucy broke the rule," Gray repeated, eyes flitting up to land on Natsu. "But I don't want her feeling like shit either."

Natsu's eyes widened, his features growing tense. He didn't know what he was supposed to say, so he let Gray fill in the silence, their eyes never wavering from each other.

"And she does. She was crying the whole time she told me what happened at your apartment, and about her feelings for you all this time."

Natsu tried swallowing the guilt, but it was useless, the feeling spreading through his entire body. He didn't have to think too hard to imagine Lucy crying, the memory fresh in his mind. She had looked torn up over their break up and confessions, and he didn't think there was anything he could do to make up for it.

She was devastated, but he didn't want her feeling bad. He hadn't expected Lucy to feel the same way for him, so he figured Gray wasn't expecting it either.

"I won't ruin your marriage," Natsu muttered, teeth gnawing at his inner cheek to force himself to keep eye contact with Gray. It was difficult, his mind screaming for him to turn away. "I... I wasn't trying to feel that way about her. I promise."

Gray nodded before resting his head in one hand, his elbow prompted against the armrest. His fingers weaved into his dark hair, a fond smile surfacing on his face. "It's hard not to fall for her," he admitted, remembering the first time he felt in his heart he loved her. "She's incredible, and she has a lot of love to give."

His thumb still played with his wedding band, a faraway look in his eyes as he spoke. "She's smart, hardworking, beautiful, funny, witty as hell, and amazing in bed."

Despite all his efforts, Natsu couldn't stop himself from flushing, wondering where Gray was going with all that. His unspoken question was answered soon enough, startling him down to his very core.

"I understand why you fell in love with her, just like I understand why she fell in love with you."

Natsu flinched, only hearing part of what Gray meant. "She told you that part too?" he asked, his chest constricting. He couldn't imagine how mad Gray felt inside, knowing his wife fell in love with another man. Natsu never wanted to hurt their marriage, but he didn't see how that could be avoided now that the truth was out.

Natsu planned on disappearing, but they would have to live with what happened more than he would. He could move on, try to find some alternative happiness away from them. They could only turn to each other, but he didn't know if that would be harder now since Gray knew.

Gray still wore that small smile, which didn't make sense to Natsu. Why was he smiling? What did he have to be happy about? Was it because he knew Lucy chose him and not Natsu? If so, Natsu could let him have that one. He had done enough damage, and if Gray felt the need to smile through the pain, he wasn't going to stop him.

Nodding, Gray took a deep breath, his eyes flitting down to his ring before looking back up at Natsu. "Yeah, she did. She told me everything." It was hard for him to understand her at first, Lucy's voice too shaky as she explained what happened. After giving her time to calm down, she had told him what went down, expecting punishment like Natsu had.

While Natsu kept requesting physical violence, something Gray didn't do out of anger, Lucy asked if he wanted to leave her, if he was angry with her. She expected him to hurt her emotionally, but he couldn't do that to her.

Emotions were tricky things, and he wasn't going to punish her for feeling them, even if sometimes they stung.

"Even if she didn't tell me," Gray continued, readying himself for Natsu's reaction when he told him the truth, something he had been holding onto for far too long. "I could tell she loved you."

Natsu jolted, his nails scraping against the material of his jeans. He didn't know what to say, his mind blanking and throat tightening. "Wh-what?" he managed to ask, convinced he had heard Gray wrong.

"I knew she loved you," Gray said, letting that hang in the air for a moment before adding, "And I knew you loved her too, before tonight."

"How?" he asked, failing to understand.

Gray didn't mock him for asking questions, knowing it must be a shock to hear it. "I could see it in her eyes, the way she looks at you." He paused, snorting to himself. "I could see it in your eyes too. You've been in love with Lucy for a while now, haven't you?"

At first Natsu couldn't bring himself to feel anything besides disbelief, but soon anger flooded his veins as he narrowed his eyes. "You knew?" He waited until Gray nodded, confirming what made no sense to Natsu. "Why didn't you stop us before it got this far?!"

He didn't care that he yelled at Gray, frustrated at him for not saying anything. If he had, he could have saved everyone the heartache. No one had to get hurt if Gray just spoke up.

'It's not his fault,' Natsu reminded himself, though he didn't want to listen to the voice of reason. He took a deep breath, shaking his head as he dropped his head in his hands, staring at the ground. "Sorry," he mumbled, his voice lost, his thoughts dominating everything around him.

It wasn't Gray's fault they were in this mess. It was Natsu's, and Lucy's. Hell, it was all three of their faults for not saying something. They all knew something was up, but no one said a damn thing. He chose not to end things with Lucy when he started feeling those strong emotions for her, just like Gray chose to keep his mouth shut when he saw Lucy and Natsu falling in love with each other.

Natsu knew his reasons for keeping quiet, wanting to drag out the relationship for as long as possible before their inevitable end, but he didn't know Gray's reason. Why hadn't he stopped Natsu from falling in love with his wife, or vise versa. Natsu couldn't grasp that concept, so he forced himself to look up, his voice laced with hurt and confusion as he asked, "Why didn't you say anything before?"

"Honestly," Gray started, pausing for far too long before he sighed. "I thought about bringing it up a few times, but every time I was going to, I changed my mind. I loved seeing how happy Lucy was, and I saw how happy you were too."

Natsu didn't know what to think, his face blank as he asked, "Why did it matter if I was happy too?"

"Because you're my best friend," Gray said, his tone genuine. "Besides, I knew, well, I trusted you weren't going to try to steal Lucy away from me or anything like that. I saw how much you were struggling with it, so I knew it was eating you up inside."

"It was," Natsu breathed, shocked Gray had noticed. He thought he kept himself under control, but if anyone was to notice aside from Lucy, it would have been Gray. They had grown close over the years, sharing memories with each other while building new ones. Some days it felt like he spent more time at their house than his own place, but he enjoyed being with Lucy and Gray. The time spent with them separately was great, but when all three of them were together, it was even better.

"Plus, I had my own selfish reason for not saying anything," Gray whispered, causing Natsu to furrow his brows.

"What reason?" Natsu asked, trying to guess. He couldn't see any benefit to having Lucy fall in love with him, other than creating heartache for everyone involved. He didn't see why Gray would be okay with Natsu falling in love with her, especially when they were regularly engaging in sexual activities. It made no sense to him, and unfortunately Gray wasn't ready to reveal his reason just yet, letting Natsu stew in his head.

"How long were you planning on letting the relationship go on?" Gray asked, no hint of anger in his voice. "Were you planning on eventually telling Lucy your feelings, or just waiting until things ended?"

"I was waiting," Natsu answered, guilt suddenly coming back in full force. He thought about all the opportunities he had to end the relationship, but he couldn't do it. He thought loving her in silence was better than nothing at all, but now he realized he didn't do the right thing.

None of them did.

"I didn't know when things were gonna end," Natsu added, fingers curling against his legs, not yet forming fists. "I thought... I thought if I just didn't say anything, we could keep going until Lucy got bored of me. I... I honestly never thought she'd feel something too."

Which was a stupid idea. She had been with him just as long as he was with her. They let their friendship bleed into their relationship, and both of those sometimes mixed with work. While the professional relationship was the least tainted of the three, it wasn't enough to separate Natsu from his feelings, and apparently the same could be said about Lucy.

He wondered when she started liking him, but he stopped that thought before it took bloom. He didn't want to imagine, knowing he had already made his decision about how to deal with everything. It might be the cowards way out, but he needed to leave. He needed to get out of their lives before he caused more damage.

"You don't have to worry about me," Natsu whispered, forcing himself to talk louder so he didn't have to repeat himself. Every word felt like a stab in the chest, but he pushed forward, knowing it had to be done. He didn't want to part with Gray on bad terms, even if there was no way around it.

"I'm gonna leave the company, and Hargeon for that matter. I can move back to Magnolia..." Even as he said it, Natsu felt sick. He didn't want to run away. He wanted to be with Lucy and Gray, but that wasn't possible. Lucy now knew that he loved her, and Gray didn't know he liked him. There was no reason for him to stay but his own selfishness, and he couldn't do that to either of them.

"You guys would never have to see me again. It..." He swallowed past the lump growing in his throat, heart stinging as he tried getting a hold of himself. He didn't want to leave, but he didn't see an alternative. Natsu took a shaky breath, finishing his painful sentence. "I'm gonna just leave. I think that'd be best."

Natsu didn't know what to expect, but Gray standing up wasn't anywhere on his mind. He flinched when his friend stood, more surprised than anything. He didn't think Gray was going to punch him. If he had, he would have done it already.

Gray took a few steps forward, sitting down next to Natsu on the couch before turning towards him. "Best for who, exactly?"

Natsu opened his mouth, but he remained speechless. His pulse jumped when Gray tilted his head, resting an arm on the back of the couch near Natsu's shoulder. His voice didn't hold any trace of anger, his dark eyes softer than they had been before.

"I know Lucy wouldn't be better," Gray said, holding every shred of Natsu's attention. He could see it in his eyes, Natsu trying to figure out what Gray was doing. Admittedly, this wasn't how things were supposed to work out. He had planned to do something else when it came time, but he was good at improvising.

"She would be losing on of the men she loves. I don't want her to hurt like that." Gray's eyes flashed down to Natsu's lap, debating if he should grab his hand or not. In his original plan he had, but Natsu seemed too tense now. Deciding against it, Gray returned his gaze up, his smile soft but small. "And I know I wouldn't be better either. I'd be losing one of my best friends, and I don't want that."

No matter how hard Natsu tried, he couldn't understand what Gray was saying. The words made sense, but he didn't know why Gray was using them. 'Why would he care if Lucy was 'losing' a man she loved? She's supposed to love Gray and no one else. What the fuck is he talking about?'

Natsu narrowed his eyes in confusion, suspicion seeping in. He was ready to questing what Gray was saying until he heard a long sigh coming from him, his smile dropping a bit before he muttered under his breath, "Fuck it."

That was when Gray reached over, gently grasping one of Natsu's hands. He tensed, almost jerking it away on instinct. While he didn't move away, he did feel his hand give slight trembles, feeling the trepidation the longer he went without knowing what was going on in Gray's head.

Natsu didn't fight when Gray pulled it over to him, thumb brushing over Natsu's knuckles. Natsu had dreams where Gray came on to him, but Natsu refused to believe that was happening in real life. Gray wasn't interested in him. Clearly he was just messing with him, right?

'I'm just confusing what he's doing. He's just... upset. That's it. He doesn't know what he's doing.'

Only, he did. Gray decided to go for it. If he was going to do it, better do it the way he planned. He had fantasized about how he could seduce Natsu, but in his head it was much smoother than this and before anyone revealed how they felt. He was saving it for when Lucy and Natsu hit two years together, but they didn't quite reach that mark, caving into their feelings right before.

Gray could roll with it. He had been preparing himself for things to go down, and now that they had, he had to act fast or they were going to lose Natsu forever. He cleared his throat, blinking slowly before he said, "Lucy's heart is full of love. I'm sure we could all make something work."

Natsu's jaw loosened as his brows pinched together, his voice barely a whisper as he asked, "What?"

Gray waited a moment, seeing if Natsu was going to react badly. He didn't pull away from Gray's touch, nor did he look disgusted by the idea. Of course, there was a chance Natsu didn't understand what he meant, so he decided to make himself explicitly clear.

"What if there was a way you could stay with Lucy, even though you love her."

"I..." Natsu shook his head, not following. "I don't think... I don't think that's possible?"

Gray took a chance, scooting closer. He rested Natsu's hand on his thigh, holding it there for a few seconds before letting go. Natsu jerked back an inch before pausing, deciding to keep his hand there. He didn't apply much pressure, his palm almost ghosting over Gray's jeans.

"I have a confession to make," Gray started, his heart racing as he remained still. He was known to be cool and calm in most situations, but something about Natsu got him riled up in the best ways. He felt close to him, closer than he ever felt with any other guy. Hell, aside from Lucy, Natsu was the closest person to him. He knew so much about him, and they got along great. He had yearned for more than friendship between them for too long, and now it was time to see if Natsu wanted the same.

Fantasies were one thing, but real life was a whole new level. He knew Natsu had a thing for him, but did he actually want him, or was it just a fantasy?

"I've um, I've been entertaining the idea of having another threesome with Lucy." Gray almost stopped when he saw Natsu's eyes widening, but he pushed through regardless of the embarrassment. He could feel a flush working its way over his chest as he spoke, his nerves rattled.

"But I haven't found the right girl I want to share with her."

Forgetting where his hand was or what lead up to the conversation, Natsu's jaw dropped. He blinked a few times, shocked as he asked, "Lucy's been with another woman before?" His voice was higher at the end, disbelief coloring his tone. She hadn't told him that before.

Gray nodded, ignoring how warm and right Natsu's hand felt on him. "Yeah. Back in college, she experimented. It's been years since then though."

Sighing, Gray leaned against the back of the couch, pleased when Natsu turned more so they could be facing each other. "I broke up with my last girlfriend not too long ago. I wasn't considering her anyways. She was, uh, well..." Gray snorted. "She was getting too clingy. Not something you want in an extra. I've had a few clingy girls now that I think about it... Maybe I attract the wrong people. Well, they're not wrong, just not suited for being an extra. It's hard keeping feelings out of it. You should know."

When Natsu flinched, Gray clenched his teeth. "Sorry, didn't mean any offense." Shaking his head, he mumbled, "I'm getting off topic. Anyways..." He moved closer, Natsu's hand accidentally drifting up to Gray's upper thigh since he didn't put much pressure down. Gray doubted Natsu noticed. His eyes were fixed on him, an intensity behind them as he clung to every word Gray spoke. "What I'm trying to say is, I don't want another girl this time."

Natsu stared, his shoulders going slack as he tried to comprehend what Gray was implying. 'I can't be hearing him right. There's no way he'd want me to... Does he?' He couldn't imagine it would be too different from the times they had shared Lucy before, though there was no purposeful contact between him and Gray, at least on Gray's end.

Did that mean Gray wanted to touch him as well? Natsu's heart pounded thinking about it, his fantasies and dreams lingering in the back of his head. His mouth felt dry as he breathed, hoping Gray wasn't playing some cruel game with him. If he was looking to humiliate Natsu by admitting he wanted something between them, Natsu wouldn't stand for it. His emotions were all over the place tonight, and he didn't know how much more he could handle before he snapped.

"Are... are you saying what I think you're saying?" Natsu hoped he was, even if that had the potential to create more problems. He didn't know if the reward was worth the risk. Things were already messy. He couldn't imagine how much pain everyone would feel if things got worse. Not only that, he had no idea how Lucy would react. There was a good chance she would shut it down, and he couldn't blame her.

If he were her, he wouldn't want to see him again after what happened earlier. Still, hope remained in his chest, wanting to be with the two of them in any way he could, so long as he didn't hurt them in the process. They had been welcoming and warm with him, and deep down Natsu knew he didn't deserve either one of them, but he wanted them. He longed for them so much it hurt.

Finally, Gray nodded, his smile widening just a bit as he set a hand over Natsu's, pressing his palm against his thigh. "Instead of you leaving, why not, join us?"

Natsu couldn't talk, too flabbergasted. It was one thing to imagine, another to have it happen in real life. Gray didn't let Natsu's silence bother him, fingers sliding against the back of his hand as he continued. "We can see how it feels, then go from there."

Shrugging, Gray added, "If it's weird or uncomfortable, we can figure something else out." He chuckled. "Hell, I still trust you and Lucy. Call me naive, but I know she's not gonna leave me for you, and I can tell you don't want that either. Do you?"

Natsu shook his head. "No. I don't."

Gray nodded as his hand trailed up Natsu's arm, taking note of the fact that he didn't flinch away. "You just want more from her, right?"

Natsu nodded, stomach in knots and anxiety swarming in his chest. He soaked in Gray's words, imagining a life where they could be together, even if before it had only been a fantasy.

"If Lucy doesn't want us three together, I'm fine with you two continuing what you have, separate from me. Her loving you doesn't mean she loves me any less. I truly think it's possible to love more than one person at a time, and I think it's possible for everyone to be happy if we come to agreements. Are you interested in anything like that?"

"Yes," Natsu said without hesitation.

"Good. I'm open to the other idea. It might just be a one time deal, or it might be more? Who knows 'til we try. I'm willing to have an open mind if you are?"

Natsu nodded, aware this time when he squeezed Gray's thigh. "So, if everyone's okay with it," he took a deep breath, "you think we can all be..."

"Together," Gray supplied, the corner of his lip twitching into a smile. "I've never tried dating someone with Lucy before, but I'm not opposed to the idea, if we had the right person."

Before Natsu could ask, Gray added, "And I think that's you."

Natsu's throat felt too tight to speak, but Gray helped him out, setting his hand on Natsu's shoulder. "You're the only person I've ever considered sharing Lucy with in that way. I trust you to be good to her, and I'm not gonna lie, I... I like you, if you haven't noticed?"

Natsu shook his head. "I haven't," he breathed, voice raspy. "I didn't think you'd... you'd like me like that."

Gray's hand moved, his fingers teasing the short hairs near the nape of Natsu's neck, making him shiver. Gray didn't stop, giving Natsu goosebumps from his light touches. "I didn't want to be too obvious." He slid closer, their thighs touching, but Natsu didn't budge. "Can I do something?"

Natsu gulped, hoping that something involved their lips. He couldn't stop his eyes from flitting down once, silently begging Gray to lean in and kiss him. He had fantasized about it too many times, the urge to steal a kiss for himself growing stronger by the second.

Natsu let out a heavy sigh when Gray's fingers slowly threaded through his pink locks, Gray's voice turning husky as he whispered, "They're so soft. I've been wanting to do that for a while now."

Anticipation thrummed through Natsu as he leaned in an inch, staring into those inviting dark eyes. "Since when?"

Gray's fingers raked against Natsu's scalp, sending another shiver down his spine. He had Natsu's complete attention as he parted his lips, voice low as he confessed, "Since you tried to kiss me in the park."

Natsu gaped, unable to say anything for a moment as he processed that. "You... you knew?!"

Gray nodded, not bothering to hide it anymore. "Yeah, I knew." He loosened his lips before asking, "Do you still want to kiss me?"

Natsu felt himself nodding, his hand on Gray's thigh squeezing him as he failed to control his pulse. He gulped, clearing his throat before taking a shaky breath. "Yes."

Gray smiled, waiting a second before leaning in. He stopped when his lips were hovering over Natsu's, waiting for him to make the next move. It gave Natsu an out, but he didn't want one.

Closing his eyes, Natsu closed the gap between them, pressing his chapped lips against Gray's. The kiss was hesitant at first, each testing the waters as they applied more pressure.

Gray's eyes slipped closed before he tilted his head, parting his lips to overlap Natsu's for a second. He gave Natsu's bottom lip a soft tug, hearing him take a deep breath through his nose.

Gray was the first to pull away, much to his surprise. A question lingered on his lips, begging to be asked. He hesitated, eyes hooded as he watched the blush dust over Natsu's cheeks. "How was it?"

"Different," he answered immediately, unsure how else to describe it. Everyone kissed in their own way, but there was one thing Natsu was sure of. "But I liked it."

"Do you want to try again?"

When Natsu nodded, Gray leaned back in, sealing his lips to Natsu's as he relished in the feeling coursing through him. It was light, warm, and safe. He put more of himself into the kiss, that pleasant feeling in his chest growing stronger.

They separated a few times, Natsu taking the opportunity to whisper, "I've wanted to kiss you for so long."

Gray smiled against his lips before cupping Natsu's cheek. "Me too."

He kissed Natsu with more eagerness, the thought of holding back slowly subsiding. Natsu wanted it just as bad as he did, his lips sliding against his as he hummed at the contact. Gray dreamed of the day they would kiss, and although he didn't imagine it would follow the events that took place, he couldn't deny the truth.

His heart felt warmer now, and he didn't want that feeling to fade.

Natsu was the first to let out a soft moan, the sound spurring Gray on to take the kiss further. His tongue pressed against Natsu's lips, not waiting long before Natsu invited him in. The kiss turned heated after that, Gray not wasting time to explore his mouth.

Natsu moaned when Gray thrust his tongue in deep, his blood pumping faster as his hand come up to cup the back of Gray's neck, holding him close. His tongue began massaging Gray's, the two working together to give each other pleasure instead of fighting for control. At least, that was how it started out.

Gray groaned when Natsu sucked on his tongue, the sound sending delicious jolts through Natsu's body. He felt those soft lips gliding against his own, knowing these were the lips Lucy kissed almost daily.

His cock hardened despite not receiving any stimulation, his fantasies and reality blending as he got what he had wanted, the chance to kiss Gray so freely. His hand weaved through Gray's dark hair, fisting it as his tongue slid against his.

Natsu knew they were getting carried away too fast, but he couldn't bring himself to pull away. His heart was mangled from breaking up with Lucy, but he didn't want to end the kiss with Gray. Leaving town would be harder now, but if Gray was right and Lucy agreed to his bizarre plan, he might not have to leave. He wanted to make things easier on everyone by disappearing, but if they could stay together in some form or another, Natsu wanted to try it.

He wasn't ready to let go of Lucy or Gray, even if his mind told him it was the best option. His heart on the other hand wasn't listening to logic.

"Fuck," Natsu mumbled against Gray's lips. He didn't think he was going to enjoy it was much as he did. He had never been with a man before, but he wasn't opposed to the idea, as long as that man was Gray. He could feel the differences between him and Lucy, but he loved the diversity.

While Lucy's face was soft, Gray's jaw was hard, his lips firmer as they moved against Natsu's. He could feel the faint stubble on his chin that had grown since that morning, something he never felt on Lucy. One of the things Natsu loved most was the differences in their sounds. While Lucy would whimper and let out cute moans, Gray's voice was deeper, sending chills racing up and down Natsu's spine.

He didn't want the moment to end, his need for more encouraging him to place a hand on Gray's shoulder, pushing him back on the couch. Natsu didn't let their lips separate, hovering while Gray shifted beneath him to get more comfortable. Natsu nipped at Gray's bottom lip, loving the groan that tore from the man's throat. He couldn't confuse Gray with Lucy even if he wanted to, which he definitely didn't.

Natsu took his time feeling Gray's shoulder and bicep, loving the way his muscles flexed under his fingers. He kissed Gray for another minute before pulling up, his eyes hazy as he admitted, "I've had dreams like this." He was living one of his fantasies, the one where he was on top of Gray, the two caught in an endless kiss.

Gray's voice was airy, lust filling his eyes. "Yeah?"

Natsu nodded, leaning in to capture Gray's lips once more. He relished in the feeling, heart warming but mind buzzing. He knew things with Lucy weren't settled, that she was still hurting, but there wasn't much he could do now. He didn't want her to hurt, but he also wanted to enjoy kissing her husband, as crazy as that sounded.

Gray closed his mouth, ending the kiss long enough so he could whisper, "Is Lucy in your dreams too?"

Natsu swallowed, his teeth catching his bottom lip before abusing the flesh. He didn't want to freak Gray out, but he felt safe enough to tell him the truth. "Not all of them."

Gray kissed him, hand pulling at Natsu's hair to bring him closer. This lips slid as their tongues played, both men groaning when Natsu turned his head, kissing Gray from a different angle. They enjoyed all of it, their covered erections pressing against the other's crotch, but they didn't move their lower halves, knowing it would take things too far.

When Natsu pulled up for air, Gray took the opportunity to ask him a question that had been lingering in the back of his mind for for the past two weeks, wondering just how drunk Natsu really was that night.

"At the Halloween party," Gray started, feeling Natsu tense against him. He didn't let that stop him, his burning curiosity spurring him on. "Did you... did you know you were eating my cum?"

Natsu hesitated, his eyes boring into Gray's as he struggled to answer. Knowing that Gray willingly ate his cum before, he figured it was safe enough to admit. "Yeah. Is..." He gulped, feeling sweat beading on the back of his neck. He didn't know if it was from anxiety or their kiss, both of them making his heart race. "Is that okay?"

Gray nodded, nails dragging against Natsu's scalp. "Yeah. It was fucking hot."

Natsu kissed him again, heart soaring at the feeling. Not only that, he was relieved Gray accepted that answer, knowing in his heart it was something he had wanted for so long. When he had his chance at the party, he had to take it, not regretting a single second of tasting Gray's essence.

Gray groaned against his lips, his tongue retreating to his mouth so he could talk. "Tell me about your naughtiest dream."

Natsu flushed, burying his face in the crook of Gray's neck so he couldn't see his red race. "It's embarrassing," he moaned, the fantasy popping up without any problems. He couldn't count how many times he touched himself to it, the lewdness of it making him hot and bothered anytime it surfaced in his mind.

"Good." Gray let out a dark chuckle, his head nudging Natsu's until he moved a little. Once he had enough room, Gray pressed his lips to Natsu's neck, giving him a gentle kiss while his hands settled on Natsu's hips, gripping him rougher. "Tell me."

Natsu moaned when Gray's lips parted, placing open-mouthed kisses on his neck. His blood rushed to his face, making his flush darker, but it wasn't enough to render him speechless, just flustered.

His eyes shut tight as he explained, his cock growing impossibly hard at the fantasy. It was a struggle not to thrust against Gray, his member pulsing, begging for stimulation. "We start out standing next to... next to each other. We're really clos— oh fuck!"

Gray sucked on Natsu's throat, over one of the tapered ends of his scar. "Sensitive here, huh?" Gray asked, his tongue dragging along the jagged flesh.

Natsu nodded, needing to suck in a deep breath to calm himself enough to continue talking. "Y-yeah."

"Tell me more," Gray instructed, teeth nibbling on the scar, making Natsu pant above him.

"Lucy's on her knees in front of us," he whispered, imagining it in his head. "We... we each take turns... take turns feeding our dicks to her."

"Damn," Gray groaned, his hands slipping into Natsu's shirt, feeling the hotness of Natsu's skin directly. "That does sound dirty." His mouth moved against Natsu's neck again, hoping he would describe it in more detail.

"Yeah," he breathed, heart pounding against his chest. He didn't have time to wonder if Gray could feel it, his mind playing the next scene. "It gets worse though."

"How so?" Gray asked, amusement and lust laced with his tone.

"We wanted, fuck it's so dirty." Natsu moaned when Gray's teeth sunk into his neck, his cock throbbing for attention. "Please keep biting me," he blurted out, moaning when Gray applied more pressure. He cursed under his breath when he felt Gray's teeth and tongue moving against the spot, marking him with a dark hickey. It was enough to make Natsu whimper, something he didn't normally do.

Biting had always been a weakness for him.

"We wanted to see how much she could take," he mumbled through the pleasure, brows furrowing as he swallowed. "So, she... she tried to take us both at once."

Gray groaned against his neck, one hand slipping into Natsu's jeans, resting on the curve of his ass. He didn't keep it there long, pulling back so only a few fingers stayed in his pants, but it was enough to make him throb painfully. He never imagined their first kiss would be so hot and heavy, but Natsu was like a dragon, taking what he wanted.

"How'd she do?" Gray asked, licking over the mark on Natsu's throat. There was no way he could cover it unless he used his scarf, the dark red circle unmistakable.

"Pretty good," Natsu whispered, his voice turning raspy from lack of air. "She got both heads in, but she could only take a few, fuck, a few inches before it was too much."

Gray gave Natsu a rough suck below his hickey before releasing him, his lips pulled into a smirk as he said, "I'd love to see how much she could take in real life. Wouldn't you?"

Natsu moaned, his blood boiling and cock surging. "Yes! Fuck yes!"

"We should ask her if she will," Gray mumbled, his words causing Natsu to shiver.

"I'd love that!"

"You know what I'd love?" Gray whispered, his voice dripping with need. He pulled himself up, giving Natsu's ear a kiss before his lips brushed against his skin as he spoke. "I'd love to see if you can take my cock in your mouth."

"God damn," Natsu groaned, those lewd thoughts giving him the last push before he couldn't hold it in anymore.

His hips rolled, feeling Gray's cock rubbing against his pants. Gray let out a moan as he moved his hands to Natsu's chest, giving him a push. Natsu went willingly, sitting up while trying to catch his breath. He didn't need Gray to tell him where he went wrong, realizing his mistake.

Despite that, Gray shook his head, his voice rough as he said, "We can't break the rules. Nothing past kissing." Snorting, Gray shook his head, scooting back to put a gap between them. "We probably went past that already, damn."

Natsu worked on calming himself down, his cock straining against his jeans, begging to be released. He couldn't do it, knowing Gray was right. They had gone past kissing, but that didn't stop him from enjoying what happened. He wanted it to happen again, and again. His blood was rushing through his body, his head light and body on fire.

Gray panted, swallowing as he let out a long exhale. "Fuck. I see what Lucy was talking about." He looked up, locking eyes with Natsu. "She told me you were a great kisser, but damn, that got me all worked up." He went to grab at his shirt to loosen it, only to realize it was discarded, lying on the floor. He raised a brow, mumbling to himself about when that could have happened.

Natsu waited until he was finished getting dressed before clearing his throat, catching Gray's attention. "Those kissing rules still apply even though I'm an extra?" His eyes widened as his shoulders fell, his heart sinking into his stomach. "I mean," his voice lowered, "used to be an extra." Lucy broke up with him, meaning he wasn't with her anymore. As far as she was concerned, he was just her assistant and friend, nothing more.

Gray nodded, taking on a similar tone. "Yeah. Lucy hasn't approved of you as my extra partner." He blinked, letting out a humorless laugh. "Though, honestly we've never had the same extra partner."

Furrowing his brows, Natsu asked, "What about the threesome? In college?"

Gray shook his head, wiping at the sweat on his forehead. "That was a one time thing. We didn't set any real rules for it. After we finished, that was it." He shrugged. "This is different."

Gray looked down, the corner of his lip twitching into a half-smile when he saw Natsu's erection hadn't gone down. As much as he wanted to continue where they left off, he couldn't, knowing it was violating the rules. Even if Lucy and Natsu broke one, that didn't mean all the rules were suddenly invalid. He had spoken to Lucy and forgiven her for what she did, even though she insisted he should be angry at her.

He couldn't be angry at her, knowing she was happier with both Natsu and him in her life. He knew a while back that she was feeling something deeper for Natsu, but he didn't say anything even though he should have. Honestly, Gray liked having Natsu around, even craving his presence more.

It was wrong of him to let it go on when he knew better, but Gray wanted to see how far it would go. He harbored a little disappointment towards Natsu and Lucy at first for letting it go on, but he couldn't blame them. Natsu wasn't like any other extra they had in the past. He clicked with both of them, and Gray wanted to keep him around.

So, he didn't say anything, letting their feelings grow. He was going to wait before asking her if she wanted to try a threesome between them. If that had worked out, he was going to suggest them trying a relationship between the three, but Natsu had confessed, messing up Gray's plan.

He wanted to save everyone the heartache, but some things couldn't be helped.

Taking a deep breath, Gray ran his hand through his hair, giving Natsu a smile. "I want to ask Lucy tonight if she wants to try all three of us. Do you want to be there when I ask?"

Natsu gulped, his heart constricting at the hope of having Lucy and Gray with no restrictions. He nodded, voice strained as he said, "Absolutely."

Chapter Text

Chapter Nineteen: Honesty

Lucy rubbed at her arms as she walked up to her house, seeing most of the lights turned off. Gray was probably getting ready for bed, which meant the likeliness that he wanted to talk would be low. They both had work in the morning, and she knew he valued a good night's sleep.

The video call with her father had gone on longer than she anticipated, putting her home at midnight. Not only did he want to check the warehouse, he wanted to talk to her about her personal choices.

In other words, he wanted to scold her for how she lived her life.

Lucy had bit her tongue while her father went on and on about the value of marriage, something she scoffed at once she hung up. He was the worst person to receive marriage advice from, and if she hadn't been in such a sickening mood, she would have told him off.

Lucy didn't tell him about breaking up with Natsu. It wasn't his business. Plus, she didn't want to hand her father additional ammo to use against her. He had enough already, no need to help him try to bring her down more.

"I'm home," Lucy called out when she entered the house, locking the door behind her. She headed to the entertainment room before noticing all the lights were off. "Gray?"

"In here," he said, his voice coming from their bedroom.

Lucy put her purse and coat on the kitchen bar, deciding to deal with those later. She walked to their bedroom, hearing running water the closer she got. 'Is he running a bath for himself?' Gray usually took showers, but he wasn't opposed to a bath every now and then, especially after a stressful day.

Lucy's shoulders fell, wondering if he was going to take a bath because of their conversation earlier. She thought they would have fought, and she wouldn't have blamed him if it turned into a heated argument, but he had been understanding over the entire situation.

That only made Lucy's guilt worse. She had fucked up and he said he forgave her without so much as raising his voice at her. Then again, he was always kind with her, even when they had their disagreements there was also respect between them.

Lucy hadn't respected him when she allowed herself to fall in love with Natsu, the pain in her heart radiating at the thought of her now ex. She hadn't been fair with him either, yelling at him for doing the exact same thing she did. Tomorrow morning she would apologize in the office before they returned to their normal routine, him being her assistant and her the boss.

Transferring Natsu to a different branch was now an option, but she didn't want him to leave. Even if she couldn't be with him, she wanted him around. It was selfish and cruel, but Lucy didn't know what else to do.

'Transfer him. It'll be better for both of you.'

He wouldn't have to deal with working for his ex, and she wouldn't have him there to remind her of her greatest mistake. Though, she didn't consider loving Natsu a mistake. It was wrong and shouldn't have happened, but it did, and she could already see herself falling in love with him if they had tried their relationship over.

To say Lucy's thoughts were everywhere was an understatement, her mind racing with different ways things could have gone down, but all led down the same road.

Lucy loving two people, but that wasn't fair to either of them.

'Would Natsu even want to transfer?' Lucy thought as she entered the bedroom, seeing the bathroom door closed. The water had stopped running, but Gray was nowhere in sight. She figured he was in the bathroom, preparing for his bath. She went to grab a change of clothes to shower down the hall in the guest bathroom, but stopped when she reached the dresser.

Lucy took a deep breath, hit by another emotional wave. She wanted to get a grip on herself, but she couldn't. She had messed up, and there was nothing she could do to erase what happened. Not only that, she still didn't want to erase it, which only made her feel worse.

'I'll ask Natsu tomorrow if he wants to transfer... Or at least move to a different position at work. I'm sure we can find a spot for him somewhere else, that way we won't be working with each other so much.'

Honestly, they shouldn't have been working so closely if they were in a relationship, but Lucy had ignored the warning signs and dived right in. Her infatuation with him turned into something real easier than Lucy ever imagined, but she couldn't have Natsu and Gray, and if she had to choose between them, she would pick Gray.

He had been with her for years, through hard times and good times. She wanted to be with him, not out of obligation, but out of love. He was her companion, her best friend. And while she could see those things in Natsu, it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe in another life they could be together, but this life was messy, and loving two people sounded risky. That had the potential for twice the amount of heartache, but also twice the amount of bliss.

Lucy shook her head, forcing herself to give up on those fantasies. There was no way she could continue what she had with Natsu while staying with Gray. They made rules years ago to prevent problems in their marriage, but she didn't listen when her heart started yearning for both of them.

"Lucy?" Gray asked, light pouring into the room when he opened the bathroom door.

She turned around, ready to greet him before her eyes dipped down. He was naked, the only thing covering him being a towel wrapped around his hips. Drops of water beaded on his skin, rolling down to disappear into the cotton. Any other time she would have smiled and complimented him on his devilish good looks, but guilt only plagued her, her lips curving into a frown.

As she opened her mouth, Gray shook his head, closing the gap between them to place a hand on her shoulder. "Don't," he whispered, leaning in. A soft kiss was pressed against her cheek, his voice calming. "Don't say it."

He knew her too well. She wanted to apologize again, but he didn't want to hear it. Lucy swallowed, her heart dropping as she replayed the events of the day. She still couldn't understand why Gray wasn't mad at her. She broke their most important rule. She couldn't imagine how much that hurt him.

What made it worse was he knew about it. He had told her he saw it coming. When asked why he didn't stop her from seeing Natsu earlier, he said he wasn't worried about her feelings, wasn't threatened. He even asked her if she was sure she wanted to break up with Natsu. That had been the biggest shock to her.

She hadn't hesitated, saying yes she did. While she wished there was a way she could be with both, she couldn't do that to Gray. He was just saying it to make her feel better, she was sure of it. She couldn't do that to him, or drag Natsu through more pain. He had been through enough as well.

Her heart stung when she pictured Natsu's toothy grin in her head. She got too close to him. She should have ended it as soon as she started feeling something for the man, but she didn't. She told herself if he could have a purely physical relationship with her, she could do the same. Then he went and confessed, and there was no way she could ignore her feelings after hearing them reciprocated.

She had to end it, but it still hurt.

"I told you," Gray mumbled, wrapping his arms around her. Lucy didn't complain about him getting her clothes wet, his strong arms distracting her from the dampening fabric around her. "I forgive you. Don't beat yourself up about it."

"I made a mistake," she whispered, voice strained as she tried to keep herself composed. Her stomach knotted up, her hands shaking as she brought them to his back. "I let it go on... too long."

"I don't think it was a mistake," Gray said, smoothing his hand against her hair. "I promise, I'm not mad at you for loving him. And I'm not mad at Natsu either."

Hearing his name made her swallow thickly, feeling her eyes prick as they filled with tears. She shook her head, but Gray didn't budge. He whispered soft words in her ear, his hand brushing through her golden locks.

"Don't feel bad about loving him. Please. I understand. I'm not mad."

Gray pulled back after a minute, wiping away the stray tears that fell down her cheeks. He gave her a small smile, nodding towards the bathroom. "Come here."

Lucy followed him, getting rid of the new tears that formed. Her eyes widened when she saw the bubble bath he had made. The water was still clean, meaning it wasn't what he just used.

"Go ahead," he cooed, hands falling to her waist. "Enjoy."

"B-but—" She closed her eyes, shaking her head. "I don't deserve it." Her heart felt like it was caught in a vise that was slowly tightening with every passing second. She took a step back, her lower lip trembling. Him being so kind to her was almost sickening. If he wasn't going to be upset with her, she at least didn't want him pampering her. Why wasn't he angry? Why didn't he seem to mind her betrayal? It made no sense to her, but she couldn't bring herself to ask him to stop.

"Yes," he whispered, placing a hand on the small of her back to keep her in place. "You do. Lucy, there's no reason to be upset. I promise."

"How can you say that?" she asked, throat dry and chest constricting. She didn't think she deserved forgiveness, but Gray hadn't made her feel bad about what she did. All the guilt was coming from herself, punishing her for those stupid feelings she had.

"I'll explain soon," he said, giving her temple a kiss before gently guiding her to the tub. "Just take a nice hot bath. I'll be waiting when you're done. Take your time."

Gray left without answering her unspoken questions, walking out of their bedroom with the towel still around his hips. She didn't bother asking where he was going, figuring he deserved privacy if he wished for it. She figured he wouldn't be up much later anyway, seeing as it was past when they usually went to bed.

She sighed when she looked at the bath, knowing she didn't deserve his kindness. Still, she had a long, stressful day, and he went through all the trouble of making it, even using her favorite soaps to make the water smell heavenly. She was planning on showering anyway, why not just use the bath instead?

After closing the door and stripping, Lucy lowered herself into the tub, moaning at the hot water engulfing her. Half an hour later, she was drying herself off, her tense muscles finally loosened. She brushed her damp hair before blow drying it, not wanting to go to bed with wet hair and be uncomfortable.

Lucy wrapped a towel around her body before opening the door to get clothes. She raised a brow once her eyes fell on the bed, seeing Gray set out two different outfits for her, both resting on either side of her robe. On the left was her cotton pajamas, consisting of a white shirt and pink shorts. On the right was a pair of silver and black lingerie, the ones Gray bought for her twenty-sixth birthday.

Instead of feeling happy at the memory, Lucy frowned, remembering how many times she thought about wearing that exact set for Natsu. She never did, always deciding it would be weird and somehow crossing a line. She looked between the two, knowing what Gray was doing. He was asking her a silent question, wondering if she was in the mood to play or go to bed.

While sleeping and getting this long day over with sounded tempting, Lucy grabbed the lingerie, wanting to express how much she loved her husband. She wanted to make up for the mistake she made, even if deep in her heart, she couldn't call it a mistake. Gray hadn't either, which only confused her. When they made the rules they both firmly agreed on that one without hesitation. So why, after everything that happened, was he now accepting of her feelings for another man?

'He said he'd explain later,' Lucy reminded herself, wondering what kind of explanation he could possibly come up with that would make sense.

Lucy hung her towel up to dry before slipping on the bra and panties, mixed feelings swirling in her chest. She pushed past the confusion and guilt, focusing on the love and arousal she felt for her husband. Every time she wore that particular set, she couldn't help but feel sexy. Gray had done well in his selection, the lingerie giving her that extra boost of confidence she needed.

'If things between me and Gray are going to get better, I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and move on.' It was the only way for them to heal. She had to get over her feelings for Natsu. It wouldn't happen overnight, but that couldn't stop her from trying.

Lucy grabbed the robe before looking for Gray, wondering why he wasn't in the room yet. She worried she might find him alone and upset, her husband known for putting up a tough front. She wouldn't forgive herself if she found out he was truly hurting and just hiding his pain from her for her sake. He deserved to feel whatever emotions he felt, and if he needed support, she was there for him.

'I need to be open and honest with him from now on. And with myself. I kept denying what I was feeling, but I can't do that anymore.' Their marriage was only going to have a fighting chance if they had an open line of communication and mutual respect for each other. She wanted things to work out with Gray, and him not leaving showed he wanted the same.

Honestly, Lucy considered swearing off extras all together. This situation had rattled her to her very core, her heart broken and marriage at risk. It wasn't worth the fun. Not anymore.

When Lucy left the bedroom, she spotted Gray heading towards the living room. It confused her, seeing as they barely used that room except to entertain company. She followed him, hand resting on the ties of her robe, ready to discard them. However, as soon as Lucy rounded the corner and entered the living room, she froze, eyes blown wide at what she saw.

Gray was sitting on the couch in nothing but his boxers, but he wasn't alone. Two familiar green eyes flitted up, widening upon seeing Lucy staring right back.

Natsu opened his mouth, whispering low enough so only Gray could hear. Gray turned his head, his own surprise written on his face as he looked up to see Lucy standing there. "Oh, done already?"

"What's he doing here?" Lucy asked, her hand gripping at her robe, trying to make it cover more of herself. It was a useless task, the robe cut short on purpose. It was meant to be teasing, not concealing.

Natsu flinched at the bite in her tone, already feeling unwelcome. He made a move to stand, deciding it was too soon to spring this on Lucy, but Gray's hand gripped his wrist, easily pulling him back down on the couch.

"I asked him to be here," Gray said, hand staying on Natsu's despite the man not going anywhere. "We need to talk."

For a moment, Lucy couldn't think. She had no problems coming up with thoughts, but that was the problem. Her mind was racing, so fast she couldn't process anything. She leaned against the frame opening the living room to the dining room, trying to make sense of things.

'Does he want to punish me now? Was his earlier reaction nothing more than a trick to get my guard down?'

Lucy shook the thought away, knowing Gray wasn't cruel. He had to have a good reason to have Natsu here, though for the life of her, she couldn't see it. She took a deep breath, stepping forward to sit in the armchair facing them. She made a point to keep her hands in her lap, preventing any accidental peeks up her robe.

She waited, wanting Gray to explain what was going on. Her silence said enough for Gray to nod, knowing he needed to say something or she was going to dismiss whatever he had planned.

"I like Natsu," Gray said, breaking the awkward tension floating around the room. He decided to be direct, tired of hiding how he felt.

Lucy's jaw went slack, her eyes flitting between the two men before she paled. "You, what?"

"I like him," he repeated, hand slipping into Natsu's hand, pleased when he interlaced their fingers. "I have for a while now, but I thought it'd be better if I kept it to myself."

Gray paused, letting that sink in. "I now know that was the wrong way to go about things, and in an attempt to be completely honest with you, I want you to know I like him and want to be with him too."

Lucy felt her body swaying forward, her head heavy as she failed to understand where this was coming from. Sure, Gray had said Natsu was hot, but he never mentioned liking him as more than a friend. She looked at Natsu, realizing now that made no sense. He hadn't so much as hinted he was attracted to men, and now here he was, holding her husband's hand and accepting what he said without so much as a peep.

"How..." Lucy started, unsure where she was going with that. She shook her head, eyes slamming closed as she breathed deeply. "You like him?"

She slowly opened her eyes, seeing Gray nod. Lucy turned to Natsu, her eyes narrowed and her tone accusatory. "And you like Gray?"

The soft flush that had been on Natsu's face since she first walked in deepened, turning into a light red. He swallowed before nodding, pulling Gray's hand into his lap. "Yes."

She noticed Natsu was the only one fully dressed, even wearing his shoes. Her eyes raked over his body, stopping once she got to his neck. Lucy's mouth parted, her voice gone as she looked at the dark hickey on his tan skin.

For less than a second, Lucy wondered who Natsu hooked up with after they parted ways, knowing she hadn't left any marks on his neck. Then something clicked in her head, her eyes flashing over to Gray's before asking, "Did you two...?"

She couldn't finish her sentence, but she didn't need to. Gray answered immediately, his tone cautious and calm. "Yes, we kissed."

Lucy shook her head, ready to get upset at Gray. Hickeys weren't the same as just kissing. He had broken a rule, but she decided not to call him out on it. After the mess she made, she could get over him going a little too far, as long as that was the furthest it went.

She didn't have to ask, Gray confirming her suspicions. "We kept our clothes on the entire time. It was nothing more than a make out session that got a little out of control. I promise, we didn't do anything else." He glanced at Natsu, feeling his heart warm despite the tension coursing through his body at the awkwardness of their conversation. "We have kissed a few times since then though."

"When was the first?" Lucy asked, needing to put a hand to her head. She almost wanted to pinch herself, knowing she must be dreaming. She hoped he didn't say when she was still dating Natsu. She didn't know how she was supposed to process everything, and knowing Gray went and kissed her extra made her head spin more.

"Tonight was the first time," Gray answered, easing her worry. "We've kissed four separate times, the last being while you were in the bath."

Lucy knew she should have been upset, but she couldn't help but feel a little turned on by the thought of them kissing. She knew how wild Gray got when he was with someone who could handle his strength, and Natsu wasn't shy to being rough when needed.

She had to dismiss those thoughts immediately, not wanting them to cloud her head. It was already a mess up there. No need to make it worse with inappropriate thoughts.

"So, are you asking me if he can be your extra?" Lucy asked, her heart hurting at the idea of Natsu moving on so quickly. She wondered how long Natsu had feelings for Gray, and why she never noticed anything suspicious between them.

'He did eat Gray's cum, and they do like to wrestle... And they spend a lot of time together too...' Lucy would have thought back to any time she thought they had gotten a little too close, but her thoughts were interrupted when Gray cleared his throat.

"No, um, I had something else in mind actually."

"Let's hear it," Lucy said, trying to keep an open-mind. It was the least she could do. She knew Gray wasn't an unreasonable man. If he wanted something, she could do him the simple favor of hearing him out.

"You and Natsu were about to hit two years soon," Gray started, unknowingly causing another stab at Lucy's heart. She really had let it go on too long. "I was planning on asking you two then, but, well, things didn't work out that way." He sighed, squeezing Natsu's hand for support. "I was going to ask if you two wanted to try a real threesome."

"We've had threesomes before?" Lucy said cautiously, her brows furrowed. Her heart beat a little faster, surprised he wanted them to be intimate again. She had thought after the first time, he would have been satisfied, but then Natsu asked if Gray wanted to watch later on. The Halloween party had been somewhat planned, but they had discussed merely letting Natsu watch, nothing more. While she didn't regret them going further that night, she thought it would have been the last time, but she had been wrong again.

Gray shook his head, turning more towards Natsu as he said, "I wanted one where everyone touches, if that makes sense."

When he looked back at Lucy, he saw the recognition in her eyes. She was a bright woman. He knew it wouldn't take her long to figure it out. "What do you say?" he asked, giving her a small grin. "Would you be up for that, to see where it leads?"

"Where... Where would it lead?"

Gray didn't bother toying with her, saying directly what he wanted. "If a real threesome works out between us, I was hoping we could bring Natsu into our relationship."

Before Lucy had a chance to respond, Gray continued. "If you wanted to try, tonight could be a test run, see if we're even compatible together. I know we've only tried sharing a partner once, but I'm hoping if this all works out, we could make it a more permanent option."

"I don't understand," Lucy whispered, wanting to pull her legs under her, but knowing she couldn't without revealing herself under the robe. She knew what Gray was saying, but it didn't make sense. She felt blindsided, but then again, that was how she thought Gray felt earlier when she finally came clean about loving Natsu.

'If we had all just been honest none of this would've happened. Or would it?' Would Gray still be suggesting a threesome between them? Or more? She didn't know how that would work, all three of them in a 'permanent option'. Did that mean he wanted the three of them to date, or for her and Gray to have the same extra?

"Would..." Lucy bit her bottom lip, silencing herself. "Never mind."

"Go ahead," Gray said, his voice soft.

When Lucy shook her head, Gray sighed. "Just tell me what you're thinking. We gotta be honest with each other."

Lucy nodded, remembering how crucial honesty was. Just because she messed up by not telling Gray how she felt didn't mean she could keep holding things in. "What does permanent mean to you?" She worded her question carefully, needing to know where he was coming from. She didn't want to misunderstand and get hurt, or worse, hurt someone else.

Gray's smile grew, his hand slipping from Natsu's to rest on his knee. He felt they were getting somewhere, hopefully in the direction where Lucy was willing to give it a try. "If it works out, I'd like us all to be together, without rules."

'No rules...'

Lucy couldn't respond for a moment, needing time to collect herself. She couldn't deny she had imagined what that might look like, trying to picture the three of them together without having to worry about keeping their feelings in check or crossing a line with the other.

Honestly, it sounded too good to be true, which was what she wanted to tell him. There had to be a catch, right? He was basically suggesting they all have their cake and eat it too.

"I don't want you feeling like you have to do this to make me happy. You don't." She took a deep breath, calming her nerves. "Now, knowing that, are you sure you want that?" Lucy asked, eyes flitting between Gray and Natsu, needing to know how they both felt.

They nodded without hesitation. She wondered how much they talked when she was gone, what all they discussed. Did Gray call Natsu over after the break up, or did he come over on his own? She wanted to ask, but she could do that later. Right now, she had other questions dominating her mind.

She looked at Natsu, still surprised to find out he liked Gray. She couldn't keep her question to herself, asking, "Since when do you like men?"

Natsu cupped the back of his neck, a flush rising on his skin as he let out a nervous chuckle. "Well, uh..." He looked at Gray, shoulders relaxing as he stared at the man. He was safe here, able to share his feelings without judgement. With that in mind, Natsu breathed out a sigh of relief. "Not sure you can really say I like men." He paused, a small smile resting on his lips. "I've only felt this way about Gray."

Lucy took a deep breath, looking to her husband. "How'd he tell you?"

Gray snorted, shaking his head. "He didn't have to. I already knew."

That answer only confused her. "How?" How was he more perceptive of others feelings and she couldn't see what was happening right in front of her the whole time?

Gray jerked a thumb towards Natsu, his voice full of amusement. "Remember that picnic thing after you got your cast off?" He waited until she nodded before continuing. "He tried to kiss me."

Lucy gaped at Natsu, unable to figure out what she was feeling. Part of her was jealous he tried kissing her husband while they were together. Another part of her was in disbelief, but she knew Gray wasn't lying to her. She closed her eyes for a moment before slowly opening them, clearing her head. "Tried to?"

Natsu nodded, his Adam's apple bobbing as he gulped. "I uh, I..."

Gray rubbed Natsu's back, his smile soft and warm. "You can be honest. No one's gonna judge ya."

Steeling his nerves, Natsu nodded again. "Ever since the first time we kinda shared you," he looked at Lucy, "I started getting these dreams and stuff."

"What kind of dreams?" Lucy asked, seeing Natsu's blush darken. His answer only made her body pulse before it warmed up.


He swallowed, eyes falling to her legs. He meant it to distract him from the confession, but he couldn't help but want to run his hands over her smooth skin. Her robe wasn't doing him any favors, the thing resting high on her thighs, revealing her long legs to him and Gray. "I um, I kept thinkin' what it'd be like if all three of us..." He trailed off, leaving the rest to Lucy's imagination.

"So, then you tried to kiss Gray?" she asked, seeing Natsu hesitate before explaining.

"I chickened out. Made up some excuse and didn't talk about it again." He laughed, but Lucy heard the nervous tone. "Can't even remember the excuse I used."

"I do." Gray brought his hand to Natsu's shoulder, giving it a squeeze. Lucy's fingers twitched, wishing she could touch Natsu too, but she resisted, unsure how to proceed with that was happening in front of her. They were close, but seemed unreachable at the moment. Her mind was filled with conflicting thoughts and feelings, needing more clarity from them before she made any final decisions.

"You said you were tryin' to see if there was some green in my eyes."

Natsu covered his face with a hand, groaning to himself. "Was it really that lame?"

Gray nodded, a grin spreading his lips. "Oh yeah. I knew exactly what you were tryin' to do."

Natsu narrowed his eyes, his tone defensive as he asked, "Then why'd ya look freaked out?"

"Because I was," Gray admitted, tightening his grip on Natsu's shoulder in case he fled. He didn't, but Lucy thought he might have too. "You were Lucy's extra. Aside from staring at my dick once, I didn't think you'd be interested in me." He chuckled, shaking his head. "And I honestly thought the dick staring was 'cause you were comparing."

"I kinda was," Natsu muttered under his breath, but they heard him.

"Figured as much." Gray moved his hand to rub at Natsu's back again, causing him to lean into the touch. "Anyways, after you ran off, I started thinkin' more about it." He leaned in, not hesitating to capture Natsu's lips.

Lucy watched in awe as they kissed, heat flooding her body in an instant. For a moment, she forgot about her pain and the pain she caused, entranced by the sight of them together. They looked good, complimenting each other in a way she never thought possible. Lucy hadn't watched Gray kiss other people many times, and she hadn't seen Natsu kiss anyone besides her. Their lips melded against each other, a soft hum coming from Gray before they parted.

Natsu's hand lingered on Gray's chest after they separated, feeling his rapid heartbeat. Gray didn't take his eyes away from Natsu's, talking as if he were the only one in the room. "I liked the idea of you wanting to kiss me. I already thought you were hot as hell, but that made me want you even more."

He turned to Lucy, holding her gaze. "I hope you see I'm serious when I say I want to try this, with all of us. We can sort out the messy details later. The short version is I want you two right now. I've been thinking about it for months, and Natsu has too."

Natsu nodded, his fantasies fresh in his head. Gray said they would try to convince Lucy to give it a try, and he hoped she agreed. Everything wouldn't be perfect if they were all together, but he felt in his heart it would be a step towards real happiness, and he wanted that for all of them above all else.

Gray smiled, hand still moving against Natsu's back as he added, "If it doesn't work out, that's fine. At least we gave it an honest shot. If you wanna keep seeing Natsu after this separately, I'm fine with that too, even if I'm not involved with you two's relationship."

"If that happens," Natsu cut in, his chest tightening at the thought of rejection. "I still wanna be with Gray too. I dunno how it'd work if we all dated separately, but I really don't want to lose either of you."

"I... don't know what to say," Lucy whispered, her heart a mess.

She loved the thought of being with both without restrictions, but could it work? Or would it put a strain on everything until they all broke apart. While she didn't want to jeopardize her marriage, she couldn't deny the offer was beyond tempting. She wanted to be with both of them more than anything in the world, and if there was a chance it could work between the three, she wanted to find out.

Gray looked at Natsu, Lucy doing the same. "I like Natsu, and you love him. I think we can make it work if we're honest about what we want." His smile softened, speaking more to Natsu than anyone.

"I'm not gonna fool myself into thinking you can fit into a certain role. I don't expect you to like us the same. I know how you feel about both of us, and that's okay. I'm not gonna sit here and say you gotta love us equally. Maybe something will spark later, but I'm perfectly fine with us liking each other. I think that's enough. Do you?"

Natsu nodded, hand resting on Gray's hand before giving it a squeeze. "That's great with me."

Gray licked the back of his teeth, leaning in to give Natsu a peck on the lips before pulling back. He gazed into those deep green eyes, his hand sliding against Natsu's thigh, causing him to shiver. "Do you still wanna try this?"

Natsu murmured as he looked past Gray to Lucy. "If she's okay with it, yes."

"What do you say?" Gray asked, looking over his shoulder to his wife. "We can talk about what we want out of a relationship later, but for now, would you be willing to have us both? If we do, you have to give it a real chance. That means letting go of whatever guilt you're holding on to. It's just going to make it hard for you to enjoy it."

"You're both really okay with this? Honestly?" Lucy asked, waiting until they both agreed before taking a deep breath. "Then, yes. We can give it a try."

She didn't know if she was making a mistake, or if they were starting the next chapter of their lives together. All she knew was something was going to change between them tonight, whether it be good or bad.

But deep in her heart, she prayed it would be good.

Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty: Together

Gray stood from the couch, walking over to Lucy. "C'mere," he said, holding out a hand to help her up, not that she needed it. As soon as she was on her feet, he grabbed the back of her thighs, hoisting her up.

A soft gasp escaped her before Lucy wrapped her legs around his hips. She wasn't thinking as her eyes flitted over to Natsu who had stood as well. He walked behind them with a small grin on his face as they made their way to the master bedroom, somewhere Natsu had never been before.

He hesitated before stepping past the threshold, eyes flitting around to look at their decor and bedding. It was a large room, almost the size of Natsu's living room and bedroom combined at his apartment. His smile widened when he saw they had a huge bed, but it would soon be crowded as they all climbed on.

By the time they entered the room, Gray and Lucy were already kissing, his tongue thrusting into her mouth to steal her breath away. Lucy's hand tangled in his dark locks, desire pooling in her lower stomach as he set her in the center of the bed near the edge.

Gray pulled back, turning so he could grab something from the dresser. Him and Natsu had discussed a few of their fantasies that involved all three of them without going into too much detail. This was one near the top of his list, and he honestly thought there was a good chance Lucy would agree to it.

Natsu stood next to Gray, eyeing the piece of material in Gray's hand before it was tucked in his waistband for later. Gray decided Natsu was overdressed, a devious smirk working its way on his face as he trailed a finger down Natsu's chest, wanting his shirt gone now so he could admire his tan skin.

"I think we should take care of these clothes. What do you think?"

Natsu nodded, hands grabbing at the hem of his shirt before tugging it upwards. Lucy had a front row seat as Natsu shed his shirt, her eyes falling to see Gray toying with Natsu's button and zipper on his jeans, intentionally taking his time to drive both her and Natsu wild. He slowly pulled the zipper down, giving Natsu room to breathe.

His cock wasn't as hard as it had been earlier, but he was getting there. Watching Lucy and Gray kiss had been exciting, but having Gray's hands rubbing over his boxers was far better.

"Damn," Natsu mumbled, feeling his cock swell under Gray's touch. It was the first time another man had purposely touched his cock, unless he counted the somewhat contact at the Halloween party.

Now that he knew Gray had a thing for him back then, he was starting to wonder if it was an accident or an opportunity for him. Either way, Natsu was loving the contact, his breathing turning labored as Gray squeezed the outline of his cock, sizing him up.

"Feels so much bigger than I remember," Gray whispered, leaning in to capture Natsu's lips. He melted into the kiss, eyes sliding shut as Gray continued stroking him through his boxers.

Lucy's eyes widened as her mouth parted, unable to make a sound as they kissed in front of her. Their movements lacked familiarity, both still getting used to the way the other kissed. A soft moan rumbled in Natsu's chest when Gray rubbed over the tip of Natsu's cock, a wet spot forming from his pre-cum.

She watched, her shock slowly fading as the seconds ticked by, desire and hunger soon taking its place. She swallowed thickly when Natsu put his hands on Gray's hips, his grip bruising, holding onto Gray for stability.

Lucy licked her lips, wondering what kind of pleasure they were feeling. Gray had told her before a man usually gave the best handjobs and blowjobs simply because they knew the best way to please a cock since they had their own to experiment on. Lucy wondered if that was true for Natsu as well, if he was experiencing an incredible handjob without even having direct contact, yet.

Lucy squeezed her thighs together, the pulse between her legs growing. She was wary at first, but she could see they meant business. It was impossible to get rid of all the guilt and hurt she felt, but she had more motivation to put it out of her mind for now, wanting to lose herself in the moment.

If they were trying to see if things could work, she would go along with whatever they had planned.

"Gray," Natsu moaned against his lips, nails digging into his hips. "Fuck, that feels awesome." He used just the right pressure to keep Natsu on edge without letting the fire burn out of control. Natsu was panting, wondering what other pleasures Gray could give, and if Natsu would get the opportunity to return those pleasures.

Gray's lips skimmed against Natsu's, a sly smile surfacing before he pushed his tongue into Natsu's mouth, tasting his unique flavor. He was all fire and passion, but still managed to make Gray's heart feel warm and safe.

Natsu was his best friend, someone he trusted and admired. Despite Natsu concealing the truth about his feelings for Lucy and him, Gray wouldn't hold it against him. He hadn't let that interfere with his marriage, and that made a huge difference to Gray.

Three guys Lucy had as extras had tried to do that, going behind his back to try to steal her away from him, and every time Lucy had put them in their place before breaking up with them. Natsu hadn't tried to take her away, hadn't tried to convince her to leave Gray. He just wanted to keep spending time with her until she was done with the relationship, and Gray was thankful for it.

Natsu didn't want to break them up. He just wanted his own kind of happiness, even if it caused him emotional pain by keeping those feelings locked up. Gray had felt his share of jealousy and insecurity, but he always talked himself out of it, reminding himself they didn't do it with malicious intent. They just let their hearts be captured by the other, nothing more, nothing less.

When they separated, Natsu gave Gray another kiss, this one short and sweet. He pulled away, lidded eyes finding Lucy while Gray cleared his throat, holding up the item he had tucked away in his boxers. He wanted to keep exploring Natsu's body, but there would be other times for that. Even if Lucy didn't agree for them all three to date each other, Natsu already said he wanted to be with Gray too, together or separately from Lucy.

While Gray spoke, Natsu shrugged off his shoes, socks, and jeans, deciding to stay in his boxers like Gray was. "Can I use this on you?"

Lucy's eyes were fixed on the silk blindfold in his hand. Her body thrummed with anticipation, her pulse racing as she nodded at the unknown. She allowed him to wrap the soft material around her eyes. He was careful with her, adjusting it so it was comfortable without letting her see what they were doing. Gray had dreamed of them playing with Lucy while she couldn't see, wanting her to writhe while they had their way with her.

"Now lay back and enjoy," Gray instructed, waiting for her to get in position before he climbed onto the bed. He motioned for Natsu to follow, watching as the mattress sunk under his weight, the two on either side of Lucy.

Gray smiled when his hand slid against her thigh, pushing her robe out of the way. His eyes darted up, seeing the hunger burning in Natsu's eyes, but the man wasn't looking at Lucy. No, he was staring at Gray, his bottom lip caught between his teeth as a flush made its way onto his face.

Natsu's eyes soon turned to Lucy when she let out a heavy sigh, reacting to the hand moving up her leg. He joined Gray, massaging her thigh, her muscles loosening and body relaxing. He wasn't sure how far he should go, or if Gray wanted him to do things a certain way, but he was willing to go along with whatever they had in mind, so long as it involved the three of them.

Lucy sucked in a sharp breath when Gray's hand slipped between her thighs, spreading her legs so he could look at her. A small patch of moisture gathered on her panties, but he wanted her soaked. He dragged a finger over her covered slit, his thumb pressing against her clit before drawing slow circles on her nerves.

She found herself spreading her legs, allowing him better access. Gray's heart felt lighter, relieved she was letting them play with her. He had her wear the blindfold for two reasons. The first being to fulfill a fantasy, Gray dreaming of the two of them ravishing Lucy while she couldn't see.

The second was for her benefit. He wanted her to feel pleasure without guilt over who was touching her. He worried she would be hesitant with Natsu, afraid of offending him or making him jealous, but Gray hoped having her vision removed would be a good warm up for the real thing. It would let her disassociate a bit, something he thought she could use.

Gray on the other hand, loved everything he could see. Natsu was shirtless, letting Gray get a good view of those rippling muscles and that vibrant red scale tattoo adorning his skin. His fingers twitched, wanting to run his hand over every dip and curve of Natsu's abs. He imagined how good it would feel dragging his tongue against that tan skin, how Natsu might moan if he sucked on a bronze nipple. He wanted it all, but he couldn't rush, otherwise it would all be over too soon.

Gray leaned over, whispering something in Natsu's ear. The man nodded, moving between her legs while Gray continued toying with her core. Lucy took a heavy breath when she felt someone's hot breath fanning against her inner thigh, not a moment passing before he placed a kiss to her flesh. She whimpered when he sucked at her inner thigh, surely leaving a mark behind judging by the way he used his teeth.

She couldn't tell the light touches from each other, but she had been with both men long enough to recognize their patterns. She guessed Natsu was between her legs, meaning Gray was the one removing his hands from her body. She almost whined, wanting to know what he was up to. Before she could ask, Gray's hand touched her waist, a jolt of electricity sparking through her system.

She arched her back when he trailed his hand up her stomach, her teeth clenching when he avoided her breasts on his way up. She thought he was going to continue to tease her, but she was proven wrong when she felt his hand snake around her back, fingers playing with the clasps of her bra.

The material went slack against her when he got it undone, the two working together to remove the offending clothing. Lucy felt cool air brushing against her nipples, the pink buds hardening in an instant. Natsu was still between her legs, peppering her inner thighs with kisses until it was his time to join.

Lucy moaned when she felt some stimulation on her chest, something brushing against her nipple. She tried reaching out for them, but her wrists were seized instantly, the man pulling them above her head. She whimpered, her core pulsing at the lack of control. She loved surrendering it, but only when it was with someone she trusted.

Gray moved her wrists so he could hold both with one hand, keeping his grip loose since she wasn't resisting. Sometimes she liked when he was a bit rough, but for that moment, Lucy enjoyed the gentle touches better.

"Do you like this, Lucy?" Gray asked, confirming her earlier beliefs that he was the one touching her. His warm tongue dragged over her breast, relishing in the softness. He flicked over her nipple, causing her to whimper.

"Yes," she sighed, heat tinging her cheeks, turning them a darker shade of pink. Pleasure sparked through her, but it wasn't enough to push her towards the edge.

Just as the lips on her thighs disappeared, she felt the bed shifting beneath her, her brows furrowing as she wondered what Natsu was doing. She didn't get a chance to say a word, a low and rough voice causing her body to tremble.

"What about this?" Natsu asked, scorching lips latching onto her other nipple before giving her a rough suck.

Her gasp turned into a moan when his tongue played with her sensitive bud, Gray's mouth attaching to her neglected breast. Their tongues lavished her, making her back arch and her body flood with heat. She jerked in pleasure, but she didn't want them to stop, their mouths making her see stars despite her eyes being closed.

They pulled away after a minute, Lucy forcing herself to smother her pout. The blindfold was removed, her eyes blinking a few times to adjust to the low light in the room. She looked at each of them, seeing the burning desire in their eyes. She swallowed, reminding herself they wanted this and she needed to let go of her guilt. It wasn't going to work between them if they couldn't move on. She had to push forward, even if the wound in her heart was still fresh.

Gray and Natsu smiled, each working together without saying a word. Gray moved to kiss her, stealing her breath away while Natsu leaned in, hand splayed against her stomach while his lips sought out her skin.

Her eyes closed when she felt lips on her chest, moved down the swell of her breast. She moaned into Gray's mouth when a hot tongue ran over her nipple, chapped lips sealing around the bud to spoil it with his tongue.

Lucy let her legs stretch as a hand trailed down her stomach, past Natsu's. She whimpered when Gray's fingers brushed over her panties, not bothering to tease her as he pushed aside the material, a finger slipping past her folds.

Lucy clenched around the invading finger just as another hand grabbed her other breast, hot hands belonging to none other than Natsu. He squeezed her before taking her nipple between two fingers, rolling it to make her whimper. Her legs shook as pleasure crashed over her body, the attentive men tending to almost all of her needs.

"Oh yes!" Lucy moaned once Gray pulled away from her lips, thumb massaging her bundle of nerves while his finger dragged along her walls. She gasped, throat feeling dry as she opened her eyes. Gray was smirking while Natsu's eyes weren't visible, his pink bangs shielding them from her while he lapped at her breast.

Her head fell back when Gray inserted another finger, her arousal making him slide in easier. She hesitated before running her fingers through Natsu's hair, worried she would upset Gray. She quickly used her other hand to grab Gray's shoulder. She pulled him closer, humming when his lips connected with hers.

Lucy's heart pounded as a light feeling spread over her chest. In the back of her head, Lucy knew they were playing a dangerous game, that any wrong move could end up hurting one or more of them. However, she didn't stop their touches, craving every bit of comfort and warmth they provided. She had a hole in her heart from tonight, and she wanted them to fill it with their affection.

Lucy whined when Natsu parted with her breasts, her eyes opening as Gray withdrew from their kiss. Her voice died in her throat when she saw Natsu pull Gray in for a messy kiss, her body surging when she felt Gray's fingers still thrusting inside her.

Once the kiss ended, both men looked down at her, her eyes flitting from one to the other, anticipation now thrumming through her system. Natsu's eyes were fierce, making her heart flip as he brought his hand down to the apex of her thighs, spreading her legs so Gray could go deeper. She held his stare for a few seconds before turning to Gray, moaning when he gave her a rough thrust.

"Ahhhh," she moaned, clenching her teeth to suppress the sound. It didn't do any good, both men grinning at her noises.

Natsu leaned towards Gray, kissing his neck while Gray's other hand came down to touch Lucy, fingers teasing her waist before moving up towards her breasts. Just as he was going to reach her nipple, he pulled back, smiling at the pout that took over Lucy's face.

"So cute," Gray mumbled, hand adjusting his covered cock so it was upright.

Lucy followed the movement, wetting her lips as she reached towards him. Gray went willingly, letting her push his boxers down before twisting her upper half a bit. He groaned when her lips wrapped around his cock, pausing for a second before she took him deeper in her mouth.

She heard both Gray and Natsu moaning, though she didn't know why Natsu made that noise. Lucy focused on massaging Gray's length with her tongue while pumping him in and out of her mouth, loving the way he rocked his hips to get more in. Sucking Gray's cock was something she was familiar with, bringing her an odd sense of comfort despite the bizarre situation they found themselves in.

"Fuck yes," Natsu hissed, stealing Lucy's attention. She tried looking over without pulling away from Gray, only able to see Gray's arm moving back and forth. The bed dipped as Natsu scooted closer, the tip of his flushed cock entering her peripheral vision. A new wave of arousal hit Lucy when she realized her husband was stroking Natsu, the thought making her clench around Gray's thrusting fingers.

"Hey Natsu," Gray moaned, fingers raking against Lucy's scalp before gripping her hair. "Wanna see if Lucy'll fulfill that fantasy of yours?"

Lucy heard Natsu growl, his hand on her thigh squeezing her as he spread her leg further, enough to make it burn in a delicious way. "Do ya think she would?"

Lucy furrowed her brows while stilling herself on Gray's cock, her eyes flitting up, but she couldn't see anything past Gray's belly button from her awkward angle. She wanted to ask why they were talking as if she wasn't there, but her question seemed pointless when Gray pulled back, his cock slipping from her mouth.

"I don't think it'd hurt to ask." Gray withdrew his fingers from her core, bringing them up to insert one into his mouth. He moaned at the flavor before slowly pulling it out, holding Lucy's gaze as he offered the other finger to Natsu when he was done.

Natsu grasped his wrist so he couldn't move, taking the wet finger into his mouth to taste Lucy's arousal. Not only was the taste intoxicating, having part of Gray inside him felt exhilarating, but it wasn't enough. He craved more, but he knew they were far from done yet. He would get an opportunity to taste more of them, hopefully beyond tonight as well.

Lucy couldn't help but get embarrassed by the sight of Natsu sucking on Gray's finger. Judging by their sounds, they enjoyed it, but it still made her self-conscious, wondering what she tasted like. She sighed in relief when Natsu finished with Gray's finger, scooting backwards to get up.

Gray took Lucy's hand, guiding her to stand next to him while Natsu made his way around their bed, making sure to discard his boxers first. She had a hard time wrapping her mind around the fact that someone else was in their bedroom, a place that had been off limits to anyone but her and Gray since they moved in.

Lucy let out an 'eep' when Gray wrapped an arm around her, pulling her flush against his body without any warning. She was silenced with a kiss, his tongue thrusting into her mouth so she could taste herself. She let out a strangled moan when she felt hands on her hips, Natsu's fingers squeezing her with a tight grip.

She was left lightheaded when Gray ended the kiss, his voice like silk as he whispered in her ear. "Will you get on your knees?"

Lucy nodded, unable to talk as she followed his command. The two men moved in front of her, both naked and rock hard, their lengths right in front of her face.

She wanted to ask what the fantasy was, but her question was answered when Gray told her to open wide, the two men scooting close to push their cocks into her mouth at the same time.

Lucy did her best to take in as much as she could, only managing the heads at first until they stepped closer together, angling inwards. Tears collected at the corners of her eyes as she took in an inch or two from each of them, her lips stretching to accommodate the new intrusion.

"God damn," Natsu muttered, pushing himself further into her mouth before pulling out, letting Gray take over. "Fuck, that was hot!" She couldn't take as much as he thought in his fantasies, but seeing it come to life was so much better than he ever dreamed.

"Lucy's mouth is incredible," Gray moaned, shifting the hair out of her face. He smiled down at her, giving her mouth long but slow thrusts, feeling the way she swallowed around him.

Feeling left out, Natsu stepped behind Gray, hands running along his sides, trying to get familiar with his body. He had a lot of catching up to do, his nose brushing against Gray's back before his lips skimmed his skin. Natsu swallowed before stepping closer, feeling his cock press against Gray's firm ass.

Heat flushed through his chest, his heart beating wildly as he imagined how they would have sex. He didn't know who would be the giver and receiver, hoping he might get a chance to try both. He could discuss it with Gray later, deciding tonight to only try things that didn't require much preparation.

Besides, Natsu wanted to savor every moment instead of rush into things. The anticipation was almost as delicious as the actual act.

Natsu breathed deeply against Gray's back as his hands moved downwards, cupping his ass. He didn't apply much pressure, simply exploring more than anything. He waited to see if Gray would protest, but when he didn't, Natsu gripped him, hearing the hitch in Gray's breath from the contact.

Gray pushed his butt towards Natsu before thrusting forward, making Lucy take more of his cock. He did it again and again, letting Natsu get used to the rhythm. Natsu peeked around, seeing Lucy taking Gray's cock like a champ, saliva dripping down her chin as she swallowed around the thickness in her mouth. He knew from experience how heavenly her mouth felt, knowing Gray was enjoying himself.

"So beautiful," Gray murmured, hand cupping Lucy's cheek before he moved it back to her hair, helping pull her towards his cock with every thrust.

"She is," Natsu agreed, peeling himself away from Gray before kneeled behind Lucy. He wrapped an arm around her, his hand dipping between her legs. She jerked in pleasure when Natsu focused on her clit, two fingers massaging the sensitive nub while she bobbed her head on Gray, increasing the speed. Neither guy stopped their ministrations, relishing in the staggering moans that resonated in Lucy's throat, unable to escape since her mouth was occupied.

Her thighs trembled as she neared her edge, almost choking as she took the tip of Gray's cock into her tight throat, bathing in the praise that fell from his lips.

"Fuck! That's it! You're so fucking good with your mouth. So fucking sexy!"

Lucy hummed around his cock, feeling his member twitching in her mouth just as her inner walls convulsed, wishing she had something inside her to clench around. She thought Gray would finish in her mouth, but he ripped away from her, hand squeezing the base of his cock so he wouldn't be undone that quickly.

Natsu's fingers played with Lucy's bundle of nerves while she tensed in his arms, her chest heaving as she sucked in precious air. She rode out her orgasm, letting Natsu prolong it by spoiling her clit and kissing her neck. A whimper sounded from her when he nipped at her shoulder, teeth sinking in as he ran his fingers over her wet folds, feeling her dripping arousal.

When she came down from her natural high, Natsu stroked her inner thighs, feeling her quiver beneath him. The two looked up at Gray, seeing his hazy eyes settle on the bed before turning to them.

"How do you want it?" he asked, eyes focused on Lucy.

She couldn't help but shrug, not knowing how they should proceed. She didn't want to give the wrong answer, hoping he could make the decision for them. "What do you want?"

Gray looked at Natsu, cocking his head. "I should probably be asking what you're comfortable with?"

Natsu continued to pet Lucy's thigh, fingers brushing against her sex every so often. Fire coursed through her veins with every subtle touch. His firm chest pressed against her back, keeping her steady while she caught her breath. She felt his chest vibrating as he spoke, his rough voice making her body tingle.

"Can I touch you?" he asked, fingers twitching against Lucy's body. Natsu wet his lips, resting his chin against Lucy's shoulder while keeping Gray's gaze. "Please?"

Gray grinned, nodding as he stepped towards the bed. "Yeah. How 'bout you lay down up here?"

Natsu stood, but before he could lay down, Gray reached over, hand wrapping around his cock. He pumped him with a loose fist, pulling a filthy moan from the man. Natsu's movements were halted while he let Gray work him over. Gray's eyes flitted to Lucy, his smile turning devious. "Do you want his thick cock in your pussy?"

As soon as guilt tried to take over, Lucy took a calming breath, reminding herself Gray wanted this too. They were all consenting adults, knowing the consequences of their actions. She nodded, her core clenching at the thought of Natsu filling her. "Yes," she whimpered, eyes fixed on Gray's hand stroking her former extra.

"Good. Take off your panties. You won't be needing them." He looked at Natsu, hand still giving him long and slow strokes, causing him to groan in pleasure. "Get on the bed."

Gray reluctantly let go of Natsu's length, letting him get a sense of clarity. He crawled onto the bed, his heart pounding as his excitement built. Once on his back, Natsu saw Gray offering the same hand that had just been used on him to help Lucy up. Gray kissed her once she was on her feet, seeing a sense of comfort washing over her from his familiar touches.

Gray ended the kiss, lips pulling into a smile as he placed a hand on Natsu's head, fingers twisting with his hair delicately. "I wanna see you ride him." He didn't bother acting like he didn't want it. He was setting them up, putting them in place to satisfy his cravings. He enjoyed seeing them like this, surrendering to their carnal needs with each other.

Lucy nodded, suppressing the moan that begged to escape. His hand smoothed over her ass as she climbed on the bed, both men's hungry gazes soaking her in. She straddled Natsu's hips, facing them. She hesitated, wondering if they wanted her to start yet. Her question was answered when she felt something touching her womanhood, her eyes darting down to see Natsu rubbing his throbbing member against her wetness.

"Ready?" Natsu asked in a husky voice, eyes glossy as he positioned his tip against her entrance. He waited until she nodded, lifting his hips to enter her.

Lucy moaned as the ache in her core was soothed, Natsu's cock spreading her inner walls. She lowered herself, her body swallowing him, reveling in the heat he gave her. A hand gripped her hip as he pushed her further down, grunting when he filled her to the hilt.

Lucy let her eyes open when she stopped moving, wondering for a second when she closed them. She blinked, looking down to see her former extra, only to marvel when she saw his other hand wrapped around Gray's cock. Her husband stood at the edge of the bed with one knee on the mattress, leaning over Natsu.

Her core clenched around Natsu from the sight, causing him to hiss at the sensation. He looked up at her, his predatory gaze making her tremble before he turned his head to Gray's cock.

She thought he was ignoring her, but she was proven wrong when Natsu's hips bucked, urging her to move. Lucy placed a hand on Natsu's chest while the other braced itself on the bed, her thighs working to lift herself from his cock. Before he could pull out, she lowered again, pleasuring racking her body as his member slid against her walls.

Lucy moaned, head falling back as she increased her speed, not bothering to hold back. Her nails skimmed Natsu's chest as she rode his cock, her body left exposed for either man to see. Moans and grunts filled the warm air, their bedroom heating up despite the cold November air outside.

She looked down, watching as Natsu stroked Gray's cock, his mouth parted as he swore. Pre-cum dripped from Gray's tip, sliding over Natsu's fingers to glisten their skin. Lucy didn't think anything could be more sexy, her walls squeezing Natsu as she thrust herself up and down.

A hot flush coated Natsu's chest, his mind foggy with lust and pleasure. He didn't think about it as he tugged on Gray's cock, needing to know what he tasted like when he wasn't mixed with Lucy's arousal. Gray took his silent hint, stepped closer so Natsu could reach, his tongue hesitant as it peeked out of his mouth.

His tongue dipped against the slit on the head, collecting a trail of pre-cum. He moaned, loving every bit of it. He wasn't so crazy about the actual flavor of Gray's semen, finding it salty and slightly bitter. His heart pounded and blood burned more from the idea of tasting Gray, the thought bringing up the countless wet dreams and fantasies he had that involved just the two of them.

"Fuuuuck," Natsu muttered before wrapping his lips around Gray's cock, the feeling foreign but welcomed. He was unsure how to pleasure Gray, letting his lips slide against his member while keeping his mouth tight around him. Gray's hand held the base of his cock to keep it in Natsu's mouth, allowing Natsu to run his hand over Gray's thighs, even if it was an awkward angle. He still wanted to touch him.

His other hand helped Lucy ride him, moaning when she squeezed him again. Her pussy was unlike anything he had felt before. No matter how many times he had been inside her, he never got tired of it.

Natsu's heart stung, remembering their break up hours ago. His hips started snapping upwards, driving the memory out of his mind. They would all need to talk later to sort out their feelings, but right now, he wanted to enjoy the moment. Not only was it his first real threesome -something he never thought would happen to him, it was with the two people he desired more than anyone else in the world. He couldn't imagine replacing them, hoping he wouldn't have to.

He didn't want to get his hopes up, but the idea of them all three being together sounded too good to be true. Still, he held onto that little shred of hope, his heart warming as he pounded into Lucy and took more of Gray's cock in his mouth.

Everything felt surreal, his pulse racing and nerves sizzling. His body was overheating, but he welcomed the fire, using it to fuel his actions.

Gray kept a hand on Lucy's shoulder while the other stayed on Natsu's head, fingers weaving into his soft hair. He moaned, giving Natsu some tips to help him improve his technique since it was his first blowjob. "Use your tongue to lick." When Natsu obeyed, Gray closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of Natsu's tongue dragging against the underside of his cock as he thrust into his mouth. "Yeah! Like that!"

It wasn't the most skilled blowjob Gray had ever received, but it was definitely one of his favorites just because it was Natsu giving it. Not only was Natsu giving it his all, that hot mouth of his was perfect for fucking, the heat unlike any other. He would have fun exploring all the things Natsu and him could do together, while also teaching Natsu along the way. He was up for the challenge, up for the adventure.

And he hoped the three of them could be in it together. He didn't mind sharing, as long as it was with them.

Gray leaned in to kiss Lucy, feeling her enthusiasm as she thrust her tongue into his mouth. Their lips slid until Gray ventured across her jaw towards her neck, pushing away the hair clinging to her sweaty skin before giving her open-mouthed kisses. He made them slow and deliberate, just like she loved them. He knew she had to be clenching Natsu's cock when she gasped, the mouth on his cock vibrating as Natsu hummed around his arousal.

Gray cursed against Lucy's neck before latching on, giving her a rough suck. Her hand pressed against his chest. For a split second, he thought she was going to push him away, but instead she teased his nipple with her fingers, pinching the small bud before rolling it.

He pulled away from Lucy's skin long enough to moan, "Fuck yes!" His mouth was on her a second later, nipping at the crook of her neck.

Natsu stopped moving his head when Gray thrust in deeper, letting the man above set the pace. He loved the feeling of Gray in his mouth, even if sometimes he felt like gagging. It was odd, but he wanted more of him. He never imagined he would suck a cock before he met Gray, but now he could say he rather liked it, even if it was a bit strange having something so thick and long pushing into his mouth over and over again.

He hoped Gray was enjoying himself, Natsu trying his best to please. He found Gray's balls, unsure if he should touch them before deciding there was no harm in it. He carefully massaged them, feeling the hand in his hair tighten as Gray let out a filthy moan. It was enough to spur Natsu on, taking in another inch of Gray's delicious cock while his eyes looked up, fixed on the couple kissing above him.

Natsu's hand cupped Lucy's ass, spreading her to go in deeper. Heat flooded his body as she rode his cock, her tight walls sending jolts of pleasure down his spine with every thrust. Her walls tightened, urging him to move his head. Everything going on around him was overwhelming, but he wanted every bit of it. He tried moving faster, rougher, tried lapping every inch of Gray's cock he could reach. He just wanted to please them, in any way he possibly could.

"Damn! Almost... there..."

Gray's hips snapped forward just as Natsu leaned in, his length dragging against his tongue as the tip touched the opening of his throat. It wasn't enough to be considered deep throating, but that combined with Lucy's teasing fingers was enough to send Gray over the edge, his cum spilling into Natsu's hot mouth.

Natsu's eyes went wide, not expecting him to finish in his mouth. He felt Gray's cock throb, pulsing as he emptied himself. Not knowing what to do, Natsu held still, allowing his mouth to fill with that hot, thick liquid. He could taste it everywhere, the salty, bitter flavor invading his senses. He loved it, his own cock aching as Gray pulled out, a trail of cum leaking over Natsu's lips and cheek.

"So fucking sexy," Gray murmured, caressing Natsu's clean cheek before sitting on the bed, panting as he ran a hand over his chest and abs. "Swallow," he said, making Natsu moan at the command.

He obeyed, swallowing his thick cum, feeling it clinging to his throat on the way down. The taste remained for a while after that, his mouth feeling dry and wet at the same time. Natsu panted when he was sure most of it was down, eyes hooded and pulse racing.

"Now," Gray started, looking at the cum remaining on Natsu's cheek before glancing at his wife. "Kiss her."

Lucy leaned down, hovering over Natsu before licking the trail of cum on his face, the lewd action making him groan. The angle of penetration changed, Natsu not able to go in as deep as she pressed her chest to his, her lips sealing against his mouth before her tongue forced its way in.

Dirty thoughts filled Natsu's head as Lucy's tongue moved in his mouth, tasting Gray's cum as she fucked him, her pussy massaging his cock with every pump. His hips bucked, pumping into Lucy faster as they moaned at Gray's flavor, Natsu's tongue spreading what remained of Gray's cum in his mouth.

Lucy pulled away, moaning before her forehead rested on Natsu's chest, creating a gap between them as Gray reached around Lucy, hands groping her generous breasts.

"Yes! Aaahhhhh! I'm— I-I'm co—"

Her core clenched as she moaned, Gray's thumbs swiping over her pert nipples. She didn't stand a chance, crying out as she came around Natsu's cock, wave after wave of pleasure invading her body. She wasn't off cloud nine before she felt Natsu's heat filling her with his release, Gray placing kisses on her back as she rode out the euphoric sensation.

Their bodies went slack after the rush subsided, Natsu not minding the additional weight on him. He hadn't felt that content in, well, he didn't think he ever had felt like that in his life. Despite knowing things could shatter if they did or said the wrong thing, Natsu was happy, his heart feeling whole as his best friends panted above him.

Gray was the first to move, helping Lucy climb off Natsu's softening cock. Natsu watched in amazement as Lucy was placed on her back, Gray's head disappearing between her legs to 'clean' her of the excess cum.

'My cum.'

That caused Natsu to shiver, loving how adventurous Gray was in bed. He was exhausted, wanting to close his eyes, but he couldn't bring himself to look away. He didn't want to miss a second of Gray's tongue dipping into Lucy's sex, pulling out his essence. Gray slowly lapped at her, allowing her to relax without getting her worked up.

When Gray deemed her clean enough, he pulled back, knowing there was still some cum deep inside her that his tongue couldn't reach. He moved to Natsu, his deep gaze fixed on his eyes before it fell to his softening cock. Gray leaned down, easily spreading Natsu's legs with no resistance. He took his member into his mouth, giving him soft sucks and licks, cleaning him as well.

That had Natsu sighing heavily, running his fingers through Gray's dark locks. "Fuck," he whispered, wondering how good it would feel if he was erect and Gray put more pressure on him. He enjoyed the gentle touches, much more than he thought he would. Natsu usually preferred things rough, but Gray's mouth was heaven on Earth, and he didn't want to leave.

Once Gray pulled off Natsu's cock, he sat up, a small blush on his face now that the dust had settled. They were panting, naked, and slightly sweaty. No one knew what to say for a moment, all just trying to catch their breaths while hoping someone else would take the lead.

"Should... we get cleaned up?" Lucy suggested, earning a nod from the two men.

Without a word, the three worn out adults shuffled about the house, Lucy taking the bathroom while Natsu and Gray went to the guest bathroom down the hall.

Natsu's face burned with a flush as he washed his cock with a small damp towel, deciding he could take a shower later. While Gray cleaned himself off, he looked over, wearing a similar blush.

"Do you wanna spend the night?"

Natsu nodded, his throat feeling tight as he mumbled, "Yeah, I'd really like that." He paused, wondering if that was overstepping, which was silly considering everything they just did. "Do you think Lucy'd mind?"

Saying her name brought a smile to his face, shocked by what transpired between the three of them. The two other times they 'shared' Lucy were nothing like what just happened. Natsu felt a deep connection to the two of them while they were together, this time not feeling ashamed for his thoughts and feelings. It would be great to feel that way every day, but he didn't know what the future held, keeping hope alive in his chest as the two men walked back to the master bedroom.

Gray asked Lucy if Natsu could spend the night once they got back, a sleepy Lucy nodding her head as she crawled into bed, hiding under the sheets. Natsu waited, unsure where he should be until Gray lifted the blankets, a soft smile on his face. "Go on."

Natsu swallowed, his anticipation high. They were about to step into a new level of intimacy, and he wanted to savor the moment. He slipped into bed, sliding over towards Lucy. He hesitantly wrapped an arm around her middle while Gray came in after him, turning off the lamp on his nightstand before tucking himself against Natsu's backside.

Natsu welcomed the strong arm draped over his waist, his eyes sliding shut as a peacefulness seemed to wash over him. He felt Gray's breath on his back and Lucy's hair on his shoulder, both their bodies pressed against him.

Their breathing was the only thing that could be heard, but as the minutes ticked by, Natsu's heart started pounding louder, blood roaring in his ears. It wasn't until Gray cleared his throat that everything went silent, Natsu waiting with bated breath for him to speak.

"We can talk about everything in the morning. Okay?"

Natsu gulped, hearing Lucy's content sigh as she snuggled closer to Natsu, resting a hand on Gray's arm. "Yeah, sounds good."

Natsu nodded, allowing himself to smile as he whispered, "Yes."

The three passed out after a few minutes, exhaustion weighing them down. They had a long day and went through too many emotions. Natsu wished he had known this was an option earlier, wanting to spare everyone from the pain they felt. However, given the knowledge he had at the time, Natsu couldn't see it going any smoother, happy he ended up with his two best friends regardless.

They didn't know if a relationship between the three of them would work, but it was worth finding out.

Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty-One: His first time

Natsu's eyes slipped closed as he breathed Gray in, feeling their lips brush before they met in a kiss. Everything was slow at first, neither rushing despite the excitement coursing through their veins. It had been roughly three weeks since the three of them started dating, and Natsu was ready to take things to the next step.

When they first got together, he thought it may take longer to get comfortable with the idea, but he was caught up in the fun of starting a new relationship, wanting to experience as much as he possibly could. He knew in his heart what he wanted, and Gray was more than happy to oblige.

Natsu was ready to have sex with Gray, even if part of him was nervous it would hurt. He kept reminding himself about Lucy, remembering her using her strap-on with him. It hadn't hurt then, and Gray promised to be careful, especially since Natsu wasn't used to that type of sex. He was ready to find out himself if Gray had been telling the truth so long ago when he said the real thing felt better than a dildo.

Natsu groaned when Gray thrust his hips against his, their cocks hard and eager for more. Only the thin material of Natsu's boxers separated them from touching. Gray had already discarded his clothes, as well as Lucy, who was running her hands over their bodies. He had asked her to be there, wanting both his partners with him for this.

The preparations were already set, the lube injector filled, the wet wipes out, and the towels nearby. The only thing left to do was get them worked up before it was time to start, but honestly, Natsu felt ready to burst if they didn't get on with it. The anticipation alone consumed him, making him crave more.

His member throbbed the longer Gray rubbed himself against him, creating a delicious friction that had Natsu's blood burning. Natsu's large hands gripped Gray's ass, pulling him harder against him, needing to feel it all. He loved having Gray's cooler skin beneath his fingers, kneading the flesh while moaning into Gray's mouth. He couldn't get enough, feeling intoxicated on the man above him.

"Someone's eager," Gray whispered when their lips separated, a smile quirking the corners of his mouth. He didn't let Natsu get a word out before he covered his mouth again, tongue thrusting into that wet heat. Natsu moaned in response, his tongue moving against Gray's, the two enjoying the freedom that came with being together.

Natsu no longer had to hide how he felt, able to thoroughly enjoy every moment without fear of rejection. As far as he knew, they were all on the same page now, and he was grateful for it. He didn't want to imagine his life without them, both of them making his heart feel complete.

Although, as heartfelt as the moment was, no one could prevent the raw passion that soon took over, Natsu and Gray growing more aggressive with their kissing and touches. It wasn't anything dangerous, the two men preferring things rough. Natsu moaned when Gray grabbed his wrists, pulling them above his head as he held them there.

Natsu cursed under his breath before Gray stole another kiss, his hips bucking to chase the hardness that would soon be buried inside him. He didn't struggle against Gray's hold for a minute, enjoying the feeling of being pinned to the bed.

That was, until he wanted to be on top, Natsu breaking free of Gray's loose hold before flipping them. He was careful not to hurt himself in the process. He had something currently embedded in him, and too much movement caused pain.

Deeming himself okay, Natsu leaned in, earning a groan from Gray when he attached his mouth to his neck, giving him a rough suck. He bit down, loving the feeling of Gray's skin between his teeth, knowing it was turning an angry shade of red when his teeth and tongue started running over the tender spot.

That was one thing Natsu really liked about being with Gray. He didn't have to hold back like he sometimes did with Lucy. He feared he may hurt her on accident, but Gray could handle more aggression, more pain. He could bite Gray harder, dig his fingers into Gray's skin with more vigor. Gray could take it all, even dishing it back, which Natsu absolutely loved.

He still loved being with Lucy too. He could see and feel the differences between his partners while appreciating them both for it. They were unique, and he got the pleasure of being with both of them, physically and emotionally.

Natsu didn't know how long they kissed, but eventually they separated, both wanting to move on to the next step. He allowed Lucy and Gray to pull his boxers off, both rubbing his erection a few times before they got to work. Lucy grabbed the lube injector while Gray set out the pillow and towel, instructing Natsu to sit on it.

Only when Natsu laid over the pillow and spread his legs did his partners see what he was hiding, their eyes widening at the glass anal plug in his body. The base stuck out, flared enough so it couldn't accidentally slip all the way in.

Gray couldn't help himself, fingers circling around the base before giving it a tug. Natsu responded immediately, moaning as the plug pulled at his ring of muscles. He had experimented on himself over the past week, using his new toys to loosen him up in preparation for today. At first he thought it was merely a good idea, something to help everyone out, but Natsu had grown to like his plugs for his own pleasure.

Three times last week he used them by himself, keeping one in his ass while stroking his cock, imagining his two partners with him. He was happy with his purchase, and the longer Gray played with that toy in his ass, the more excited he got about what they were going to do soon enough.

"He's dripping," Lucy whispered, hand loosely circling Natsu's cock before giving him a soft pump. It wasn't much, but the intense feeling of Gray playing with his ass combined with that was enough to pull a long groan from Natsu. He was on cloud nine, and he never wanted to leave.

Pre-cum slid down his aching cock, lubricating Lucy's hand as she applied more pressure with her strokes. She tried timing her hand with Gray's actions, the man entranced as he pushed and pulled at the base of the plug, teasing Natsu's hole.

"How long has this been in?" Gray asked, one hand on the plug while the other worked to spread Natsu's cheek, giving him a better look. He admired Natsu's hairless ass, the sight making him ache. His own cock strained for attention, yet went ignored. He wanted Natsu fully prepared before he got his, that way they both felt nothing but pleasure.

"Since I got here," Natsu breathed, his voice thick with need. A flush had surfaced on his chest and neck, but Gray only thought he looked beautiful like that, spread out for him and Lucy to play with. Natsu moaned, the sound sending shivers through Gray's spine. "So, th-thirty minutes?"

Gray hummed, happy to hear Natsu took this seriously. He was going to prepare him with just his fingers, but this was better. Not only did it make Gray's pulse race, it was sure to loosen Natsu up better than his fingers ever could. He got a good look at the bulb in Natsu's ass every time he pulled on it, seeing it wasn't a small plug. Gray doubted Natsu got one that was as thick as himself, but it would help ease the discomfort when he penetrated him.

Just thinking about it made Gray's cock twitch. He couldn't count how many times he imagined taking Natsu. Hell, the first night he met him, Gray indulged in a short fantasy, one where Natsu was pinned against a wall, graciously accepting his cock from behind. He had dismissed it early on, assuming nothing would ever happen between them. It wasn't until about a year went by and Gray started seeing the curiosity in Natsu's eyes. That was when his fantasies got out of control.

He knew he should have told Lucy to break up with Natsu as soon as he suspected they had feelings for each other, but he couldn't kill his own curiosity, wanting to see how everything played out. Was it wrong? Probably. Was it dangerous? Absolutely. The only reason he allowed them to carry on was because he trusted both of them, knowing their feelings wouldn't rip them away from him. It was a risky move, but he was glad it happened the way it did.

Well, that wasn't completely true. Gray had hoped he could bring up the idea of a relationship between the three of them before Lucy and Natsu broke up, that way no one had to get hurt. He didn't want to see his best friends sad, but he knew there was nothing he could do to change that now.

He could only enjoy the outcome of everything, wanting to be with the two people who made him happy.

"Is this the biggest size you have?" Gray asked, twisting the plug, earning a choked sob as Natsu's head flew back. His toes curled so hard Gray thought they might break, but it was all from pleasure, not pain.

Natsu nodded, panting as he tried pulling himself together. The pleasure was high, every nerve in his body sensitive. It helped that he took care of himself right before heading over to their house, that way he could hold out longer. However, he was already looking forward to coming again, only this time, he wanted Gray in his ass instead of some toy.

Gray squeezed a finger between the plug and Natsu's ass, causing the man to jerk at the unexpected pressure. His eyes shut as he groaned, not bothering to stop himself as he dug his fingers into the sheets. "Oh fuck! Fuck!"

"Do you like this?" Gray asked, moving his finger around the plug, further stretching Natsu's hole.

He nodded, his face flushing a few shades darker than his pink hair. "Nggh! Yes!"

When Gray withdrew his finger, he heard a slight whine from Natsu, but he didn't pay him any attention. It wouldn't be long until he was moaning again, a smirk sliding on Gray's face as he grabbed the flared end of the plug, pulling it further than he had before.

"Ooooooh god!"

Since the part closest to the base was the thickest, it stretched Natsu's opening, causing him to groan as Gray focused on that part, ensuring his boyfriend would be nice and stretched before they fucked. "So beautiful," he whispered, bringing a smile to Natsu's face.

Despite being horny enough to drool, Natsu was having the time of his life. He had fun playing with Lucy and Gray, and their combined touches mixed with praise made everything perfect.

Things only got better when Lucy slipped Natsu's leaking cock past her lips, her tongue sliding along his sensitive skin. Natsu swore he could finish without being touched at all, but that wasn't how he wanted things to end. He had fantasized far too long about having Gray deep in his ass to finish now.

Gray loved every filthy moan passing through Natsu's parted lips. He looked like a warrior, toned tan muscles glistening with sweat. He had fought with Natsu enough times to feel the raw power hidden inside that body, threatening to burst. Speaking of bursting, Gray had to wrap his hand around his cock, needing some contact or he was likely to explode.

His dark blue eyes raked over Natsu's form while Lucy took him deep in her mouth, the two working to spoil their boyfriend. He was happy they ended up together. Natsu complimented them. He enjoyed hanging out with him as well as the fun stuff they did behind closed doors. Whatever they were up to, Gray found himself happy, and he knew Lucy was happier too.

"I'm glad you went with glass," Gray said, pushing the plug all the way in before pulling again. He loved hearing and seeing Natsu's reactions. He could see why Lucy enjoyed having sex with him so much. He was all fire and passion, even if he was on the receiving end of pleasure. "I bet it was cold when it went in you, huh?"

Natsu nodded, biting his lower lip as he bucked his hips backwards, trying to get more of the plug inside him. He wished he had one bigger, or at least longer. 'I'll have Gray in me soon enough,' he thought, moaning when Gray twisted the plug once again.

"Good. Glass ones feel awesome, right? They're so hard," Gray started, earning a moan from Natsu. "But you know, I think you'd like some of the kinds I have."

Natsu's head spun, imagining Gray using toys on himself. He knew Lucy used a strap-on with him occasionally, but he didn't think past that. With no shred of embarrassment, Natsu asked, "What's your favorite?" He cursed the desperation in his voice, hearing how needy he sounded.

Grinning, Gray said, "It's a silicone plug that vibrates. It can make me come without even touching my dick."

"Fuck," Natsu whispered while Lucy hummed, both loving that answer.

Aside from it being made of silicone, it was the perfect toy. He wished he could use silicone lubricant with it, but it would get ruined. Silicone lubricant broke down silicone toys. It was best to use water-based lubricants with those, which was why Lucy and Gray had a well stocked supply of both toys and lubes for all occasions. It was the same with most of their dildos. It was a shame they couldn't mix some with others considering silicone stayed slippery longer.

That was one of the reasons Gray was happy to see Natsu had a glass plug. It could be used with any lube and it was sure to last longer than other toys since it was made out of a durable material. As long as they didn't drop it from great heights onto a hard floor, it was nearly indestructible.

At least, Gray hadn't had any of his glass toys break, but he was careful with them.

Just like he was careful with Natsu when he withdrew the plug completely, going slowly so it wouldn't cause pain. Natsu let out a long sigh when the thing was completely removed, Gray hoping his partner didn't feel too empty afterwards. Then again, if he did, Gray would make that feeling go away.

Despite Natsu being prepared for anal, Gray couldn't help but want to play with him as well. They had experimented with fingering over the past few weeks, but it was never for long and always with one finger at a time.

Gray remembered last week when they really got into it, him worshiping Natsu's cock while he had a finger thrusting in and out of his ass. The sounds Natsu made had to be one of his favorite things about that time, loving the praise and empowerment as Gray serviced Natsu's cock with his mouth and hand.

Gray lathered two fingers with lube, tracing them around Natsu's puckered hole before pushing inward. His body accepted it easily, giving Gray some relief. Natsu was prepared physically, but there was always more room to play.

"That feels good," Natsu whispered, resting his head back as he let Gray penetrate him. It was about the same width as the plug, but not as rounded, giving Natsu some relief. He enjoyed the way Gray went slow at first, increasing his speed with every thrust into his body.

Before Natsu knew it, he was a moaning mess, caught up in the pleasure of Gray finger fucking him and Lucy sucking on his thick cock. He didn't want to, but he had to put his hand on Lucy's head before threading his fingers through her hair, giving her a soft tug to get off.

When she pulled up, she wore a grin, her lips swollen and wet from her saliva and his pre-cum. "Ready to come?"

He nodded, breathing heavy to control himself. He didn't want to finish yet, but they had a way of driving him up a wall in the best way.

When Gray saw Natsu's nod, he slowed down, making sure to avoid his prostate or else they would be cleaning up a mess before the real fun began. He fingered Natsu until his breathing evened out, wearing a soft smile when he pulled his fingers from his ass. "How're you feeling?"

"Amazing," Natsu said, not bothering to hide how he felt. Two years ago, he never dreamed he'd have anything pushed into his ass, and now he couldn't wait to accept his boyfriend's cock. His life had certainly changed since meeting Lucy and Gray, but he couldn't be happier they let him in their lives, especially when he could have them both at the same time.

Lucy leaned down, kissing Natsu and swallowing his moans. He had one hand on the back of her neck, holding her in place while his other hand gripped at the base of his cock, not wanting to come yet.

Gray liked testing his boundaries, adding a third finger to really stretch Natsu out. That caused him to growl, back arching and inner walls clamping around the intruding limbs. Gray didn't stop, thrusting into Natsu a few times to get him good and ready. It wouldn't be long before he began.

Gray switched back to two fingers, fucking him for another minute or two before deciding Natsu had enough. When Gray stopped, Lucy pulled away, the two admiring their disheveled boyfriend for a moment. He was aching, his body flushed and cock twitching with need. Natsu's breathing came out in heavy pants, his eyes hazy, driven by desire. Gray couldn't wait to be inside that hot body, and Lucy couldn't wait to watch.

Gray used a wet wipe on his hand, cleaning his fingers. He used a fresh one on Natsu's ass, using delicate swipes so as not to irritate his sensitive skin. Once clean, Gray using the lube injector on Natsu, making sure his passage was nice and wet for him. He knew there couldn't be too much of the slipper substance. He couldn't help but poke the tip of his finger into Natsu's ass a few times, watching his boyfriend squirm the longer he teased him.

"Fuck, are you gonna fuck me or just play with me all day?" Natsu asked, some bite in his tone. He need Gray inside him, a burning passion threatening to consume his very soul if Gray didn't dull the roaring flames.

Gray grinned, loving the fire behind Natsu's eyes. He coated his cock in lube, moaning as he positioned himself between his boyfriend's spread legs. "Still okay with no condom?" Gray asked, stroking his cock, hot liquid pulsing through his veins.

Natsu nodded, his voice more needy as he whispered, "I wanna feel you. All of you."

That answer made Gray groan, the urge to just take Natsu surfacing, but he shut it down. He wanted his first time to be good, special, and rough sex could wait until they were more used to each other, physically and emotionally.

Despite wanting it, Natsu clenched when he felt the tip of Gray's cock press against his ass. It was a strange sensation, one he would have to get used to.

Gray wasn't ready to penetrate him yet, but he worried when he saw Natsu's resistance. "Do you still want this?"

"Yeah, just..." Natsu took a deep breath, reaching his hands out. One found Lucy, her fingers intertwining with his own while his other hand wanted Gray, his chest warming when Gray grabbed his hand. "Kinda scared."

"We don't have to do this today," Gray said, offering Natsu a kind smile. "I promise, I won't be mad or disappointed. I'm only gonna like it if you're having fun, so if you think you're not ready, that's okay."

He leaned in, kissing Natsu's hand before turning it around, his lips skimming his wrist, sending small pulses of pleasure through his nerves. "I'll wait."

Natsu shook his head, knowing he wanted this. He took a deep breath, reminding himself he was safe in their hands. "I'm ready. I'm just kinda scared it's gonna hurt." He hooked his legs around the back of Gray's knees, keeping him from leaving.

"Remember to relax," Gray said, moving Natsu's hand to rest on his shoulder. He shifted closer, stroking his cock over the crack of Natsu's ass, teasing his body. "It'll feel good if you trust me and relax."

Natsu nodded, thinking back to the time Lucy fucked him with her strap-on. He had been nervous then too, but it had worked out. If he could handle that, he was hopeful he could handle Gray's cock.

Gray was longer and thicker, though not freakishly thick. If he were, Natsu would have reconsidered letting Gray take him. He wondered how Gray would handle his cock, seeing as he was thicker than his. 'It'd probably be easier for Gray since it wouldn't be his first time with another man...'

Natsu put those pesky thoughts out of his head, focusing on Gray's dark eyes as he slowly relaxed his muscles, readying himself for Gray. He nodded, voice barely a whisper as he said, "Go ahead. I want it."

Swallowing, Natsu squeezed Gray's shoulder, a smile spreading over his face. "I want you."

With that motivation, Gray pushed forward, his head spreading that ring of muscles, gaining entry into Natsu's body. Gray moaned and Natsu gasped as more of Gray's cock entered, giving Natsu a full sensation he never thought he'd feel. Gray was much bigger than anything else Natsu had ever received, his mouth parted as he panted, head thrown back as a groan tumbled out.

Gray almost stopped, but Natsu held his shoulder, keeping him from retreating. While the feeling was different and much more filling than anything he had before, Natsu couldn't deny the underlying pleasure working its way in. He didn't feel pain, merely discomfort, but he knew that would fade once he got adjusted.

"More," he moaned, shamelessly spreading his legs wider, opening himself up for Gray. "Please."

There was no arguing with that. Natsu's need was written all over his face, his cheeks flushed and his eyes hooded. Gray pulled back an inch, only to thrust more of his thick cock into Natsu's ass. He was hot inside, hotter than anything Gray had ever experienced. It made his body want to melt, to mold against the man who drove him wild.

"Ahhh!" Natsu squeezed Lucy's hand as Gray pushed deeper inside, every thrust serving to bury more of his cock into Natsu's ass. He was much hotter than the anal plug and Lucy's dildo. It was even hotter than Gray's fingers, his member filling him, stretching his walls as it throbbed. "Fuck! Fuck, you feel huge!"

If Gray hadn't been overwhelmed, he might have chuckled. Instead, Gray groaned, hands splaying over Natsu's chest and stomach, feeling the muscles tensing with every push into his body. "Shit! You have no idea how good you feel."

Dark locks fell into Gray's face as he moved his body closer, hands pressing against either side of Natsu to keep steady. He moaned at the euphoric feeling, every nerve in his body buzzing. He swore his blood was nothing more than liquid fire, burning hotter the longer he stayed in his tight ass.

"So fucking sexy," he moaned, licking his lips as he gazed at the flustered expression growing on his boyfriend's face. "How's it feel?"

Natsu gasped, his chest heaving as he panted. Sweat started surfacing on his forehead and shoulders at first, his heart rate accelerating at an alarming rate. He felt alive. He felt free. It was a bizarre feeling, but he wanted it to last forever.

Natsu growled when he felt Gray's hips, his cock completely inside his burning body. "Damn," he moaned, nails digging into Gray's shoulder, trying to catch his breath. "Didn't think you'd get it all in."

Gray barked out a laugh, a grin sliding over his face as he leaned in, placing a single kiss on Natsu's chest, right over his heart. He looked up, eyes feral and dangerous, but that only made Natsu want him more.

"Not gonna lie, I didn't know if I could either." He had never fucked a virgin ass aside from Lucy's, and that had taken a few tries before he was finally able to give her the whole thing. Natsu took Gray's cock like a champ, but he had a feeling the man's pure determination was a contributing factor.

Natsu was stubborn, but to be fair, Gray was too.

"Mind if I start?" Gray asked, needing to feel the delicious friction against his cock. He loved the pulsing of Natsu's body, the heat and tightness, but thrusting was what he really wanted. Luckily for him, Natsu nodded.


Lucy smiled as she climbed behind Natsu, still holding his hand so he had something to squeeze, which he did with almost every thrust. She carded her fingers through his hair, doing her best to keep him relaxed. She enjoyed the sounds coming from both her men, her body buzzing with excitement as she let her eyes roam over their bodies. She looked from Natsu to Gray, then between to see where they connected.

She wished she could take a picture, to capture the beautiful moment. Since they hadn't discussed it prior, she didn't bother entertaining that thought any longer. If their relationship was going to work, they needed respect, trust, and communication. Those three things needed to be used, otherwise the three of them wouldn't last.

"Shit," Gray moaned as he thrust forward, the copious amount of lube helping him slide in and out without any snags. He was glad they used so much, making it a better experience for the both of them. He rolled his hips, loving the filthy moans he pulled from his boyfriend's parted mouth.

Natsu closed his eyes, breathing heavily as he felt Gray's length rubbing against his walls with every thrust. The longer he fucked him, the less he felt the need to squeeze Lucy's hand for support. When pure pleasure started coursing through his body, Natsu released her hand, tracing over her body to figure out where he was since he couldn't see.

Lucy helped him, guiding his hand to her core before he pushed two fingers into her wet heat without warning. He heard her soft moans mixing with Gray's deep ones, Natsu's sounds a cross between a grunt and growl when Gray fucked him nice and deep.

While Natsu wished Gray would go harder, he understood his boyfriend wouldn't. They agreed his first time should be careful, that way Natsu wasn't scared of anal sex. It was a new experience for him, and one bad experience could ruin the act.

Natsu didn't want that, so he relished in Gray's slow and long strokes, his insides burning in the best ways. He cursed when Gray wrapped a hand around his cock, giving him a few pumps before leaning in, his lips pressed against Natsu's flushed chest.

Natsu wanted to kiss him back, but then Gray's lips wrapped around his nipple, and he couldn't bring himself to think about anything but the strange and euphoric pleasure crashing over him in waves.

He hadn't come yet, but he didn't have to in order to roar, toes curling and body tightening around that thick cock in his ass. "Fuck! Feels so fucking good!"

"Good," Gray mumbled before lapping over Natsu's nipple again, stealing a glance up to see Natsu's fingers thrusting in and out of Lucy's soaked core, her own hands busying themselves with her breasts.

Gray moaned, his heart warm and chest light, happy they were all getting along so far. They were still trying to figure out their rhythm, trying to balance between the three, but it never felt even. He was sure they would get there one day, but for now, he was enjoying the ride, loving their little adventure.

"Graaay," Natsu hissed, his voice full of air and need. "I wanna be on top."

Gray raised a brow before lifting up, giving Natsu a cautious glance. His hips stilled, body pulling up while keeping his cock firmly rested in Natsu's tightness. He threw Lucy a look, seeing she was just as confused. Before either could ask if he was sure he was ready for that next step, Natsu caught his breath.

"I wanna try riding you."

"Oh." Gray blinked, not expecting that. His lips parted, staring down at his boyfriend, thinking he looked absolutely fuckable right now, especially with his flushed cheeks and fiery eyes. Natsu was an unusual man, but that was one of the things Gray liked about him. He was fun to be around. "Y-yeah! If you're sure?"

When Natsu nodded, Gray slowly pulled out, knowing it would hurt it he just yanked out. Natsu immediately felt empty, but he ignored the feeling for now, knowing it wouldn't last long. The three of them moved, Gray removing the pillow from play, resting his ass over the towel while Natsu straddled his hips.

Lucy stayed to the side, unsure where she should go until Gray reached out, taking her hand to pull her close. He had her rest right above his head, giving her a smile before saying, "I wanna watch him until he gets the hang of it, then I want you sitting on my face. Okay?"

She nodded, sucking in a shaky breath as anticipation thrummed through her veins. While biding her time, she slowly ran her finger over her wet folds, feeling her arousal coating the tip of her finger. Watching her men fuck was one of the wildest and most erotic things she had ever witnessed, and Natsu had turned it up a notch, taking dominance despite being on the receiving end.

Natsu licked his lips, finding himself happier now that he was in control. He could manage the speed, the roughness of the thrusts, everything. He used a few fingers to hold Gray's cock in place, feeling the slickness on his skin from lube. After a few deep breaths, Natsu lowered himself down, stopping when he felt the blunt end of Gray's cock touch his ass.

Nervousness fluttered up, but that didn't stop him from sinking down, surprised by the immediate difference the new position made. He moaned, feeling it easier to take Gray's cock when he controlled the penetration. He reached behind him, grabbing his ass cheeks to spread himself, letting Gray's cock slip into him with less resistance.

"Oh fuck," Natsu whispered as Gray's cock filled him again, reaching deeper from the new angle.

Gray clenched his teeth as he felt that tight heat consume him, his hands gripping Natsu's thighs as pleasure flushed through his system. A deep groan tore from his throat when Natsu lifted himself for the first time, Gray's cock sliding against his walls.

"So... good!"

Natsu nodded before letting himself fall again, his cock leaking as he took on a slow rhythm. He looked down, seeing the dark lust hazing Gray's eyes. He leaned down, careful not to let his cock slip out as he kissed him, moaning when Gray's tongue immediately pushed into his mouth.

"You feel amazing," Gray mumbled against Natsu's lips, moaning when the man purposely clenched around his arousal.

Natsu was panting, his lungs burning for more air, but he didn't want to part from Gray for long. "You too!"

Natsu's tongue slipped into Gray's eager mouth while his hips moved, finding a comfortable pace. It wasn't too fast, Natsu still getting used to the feeling. Fire climbed up his body with every thrust, that feeling only intensifying when Natsu pulled away and leaned back. He saw Lucy and Gray both looking over his body, admiring every inch they could see. At that moment, he felt invincible, able to conquer the world if he wanted to.

Gray reached up, hand dragging against Natsu's pec before he wrapped his fingers around his throat, feeling every shallow breath Natsu took as he gave him a light squeeze. It wasn't enough to hurt, but it was enough to get Natsu's pulse racing, his blood roaring in his ears as he let out a sultry moan, one that made even Gray flush.

"How're you doing?" he asked, wanting to feel the vibration from Natsu's words against his palm.

Natsu didn't disappoint, making Gray's cock throb as he moaned, "Amazing! Feels awesome!"

With every thrust downwards, Natsu grew in confidence. He didn't mind when his cock bobbed from the motion, or the blush that definitely covered his chest, neck, and cheeks. He only cared about the connection he felt and the pleasure washing over him as he rode Gray's cock like a natural.


Natsu tilted his head back, eyes sliding shut as he gyrated his hips, making short but fasts thrusts. He loved the groans spilling from Gray's lips, but he liked what happened next even more.

He looked down when he felt the bed shifting, Lucy climbing over Gray's head to silence him. Pleasure soon crossed her face as Gray's tongue ran over her dripping sex, his mouth pressing against her wet folds while tasting everything she had to offer. She was soaked and needed stimulation, and Gray loved to satisfy his partners.

Natsu felt Gray's hand around his neck loosening until it fell to Natsu's crotch. That strong hand wrapped around his cock, slowly pumping him, letting his pre-cum make his skin slick.

Lucy, worked up from watching Natsu and Gray go at it, didn't need long before she was coming undone. She whimpered as she approached the edge, tipping over once Natsu reached out, grabbing the back of her head to pull her close, their lips melding together in a heated kiss.

Natsu's tongue invaded Lucy's gaping mouth as her body shook, Gray's tongue flicking her clit like his life depended on it. The three were moaning and panting, all overwhelmed with pleasure.

When Lucy regained her senses, she kissed Natsu back, causing him to groan before she pulled away. Lucy fell to the side of them, gasping for air as her hands ran over her body, her eyes staying on the sight of Natsu riding her husband in sheer ecstasy.

Natsu gripped Gray's shoulders when his boyfriend started sitting up, a strong arm wrapping around his back to hold him close. His hand slipped from between them, tugging on that soft pink hair to direct Natsu's lips to his. Their kiss was uncoordinated and messy, but neither cared, both moaning as they moved against each other. They were lost in their own little world, caught up in the pleasure burning between them.

As much as Gray wanted that to last forever, he felt greedy, desiring more. He was the first to end the kiss, his voice dark and rough as he said, "I want you on all fours."

Natsu moaned, his ass clenching around Gray's cock as he nodded his head. He was drunk on lust, happy to make Gray's wish come true. When he tried lifting off Gray's cock, he found his thighs burning, worn out from bouncing up and down so long. Lucy and Gray helped him off, a gasp slipping past his lips as Gray's cock withdrew from his body. He didn't know if he would ever get used to the sensations of a cock entering or exiting his body, but he hoped he would get to find out.

Natsu took Gray's place on the bed, digging his elbows into the mattress as he lowered his head, his ass sticking in the air for Gray to enjoy. He moaned in comfort as his muscles relaxed, but he would soon be worked up again. Gray crawled behind him before laying his hands on Natsu's ass, ready to fuck him again.

"I love how tight and hot you feel," Gray said, sliding his cock up and down, teasing Natsu's hole.

Natsu jutted back without thinking, wanting Gray inside him now. He hadn't finished, and his cock was throbbing, begging for release. "Fuck me," he begged, not caring how he sounded. "Fuck me, Gray!"

Gray gave him what he wanted without much delay, adding more lube to the mix before pushing into Natsu's eager body, a groan tearing from his lips as he slid his cock against his tight ring of muscles. He didn't wait long before picking up the pace, the two moaning as the heat built up between them.

Up until then, Natsu didn't realize Gray hadn't stimulated his prostate while fucking, relying on the stretch and massaging to pleasure Natsu. It was only when Gray started experimenting with his thrusts that Natsu realized it, pure pleasure shooting up his spine when Gray found what he was looking for, positioning his body so he could hit that hidden sweet spot.

"Oh god!" Natsu clenched his teeth, his body tightening as Gray hit it again and again, rhythmically sliding against his prostate to drive his boyfriend crazy. "Gray! Gray! Graaay!"

Natsu's hands curled over the sheets, his face pushing into the bed to smother his cries of pleasure. His orgasm hit him before he realized it, every nerve in his body sparking as he came on the towel beneath them, his body pulsing and tingling all at the same time. Everything buzzed from one of the best climaxes of his life.

The euphoric feeling of Natsu's ass clamping around his cock wasn't enough to make Gray stop. He wasn't done with Natsu, pounding into him from behind, using his tight grip on Natsu's hips to pull him back with every thrust. He knew he was going to take it slow at first, but Natsu felt too incredible wrapped around his cock, his tight heat making his body surge. His right hand left Natsu's hip before crashing down on the man's ass, hearing the unmistakable sound of skin slapping skin and Natsu's dirty moans.

"You like me fucking you?" Gray asked, his voice airy as he panted. He felt the sweat sliding down his chest and back, but he didn't give a single fuck. Natsu was all he could think about, a smile spreading his lips when Natsu came up for air, the man sounding just as breathless as he felt.

"Yeeeessss! Feels am-amazing!"

Gray moaned, another surge of pleasure coursing through his body. "You like my cock filling you up?"

His voice cracked as he shouted, "I love it!"

Natsu didn't care that he already came. His body was extra sensitive, but having Gray buried deep inside him felt too good to stop now. Besides, he wanted Gray to come inside him, craving that intimacy they had been lacking. He wasn't sure, but he swore he could feel Gray was close, the throb in Gray's cock giving it away.

"Damn," Gray muttered, dark bangs hanging over his eyes. Natsu started bucking backwards with every thrust, surprising Gray while also taking his breath away. He felt his resolve crumbling, warmth pooling in his lower stomach as his muscles began to tense. "Oh fuck! I... I can't hold out!"

Gray grit his teeth as he fucked Natsu with everything he had, hearing the man beneath him moaning, feeling him writhing in ecstasy. Natsu took every inch of Gray's cock like he was made for him, his body burning for more, and Gray was there to deliver.

He gave Natsu three more powerful thrusts before he felt the tension in his body snap, his hips grounding into Natsu's backside as he filled him with his release.

Natsu's eyes widened at the strange feeling, his cheeks flooding with heat as he blushed. He had wanted it, and he was happy Gray finished inside him, but that didn't make the wet, hot feeling any less weird. He was sure he would get used to it eventually, a soft, lazy smile surfacing as he rested his head against the bed, panting out hot breaths.

He had done it.

He had sex with Gray, and he absolutely loved every second of it.

Gray pulling out of his ass was something else, Natsu immediately clenching. He feared Gray's cum would seep out, part of him wanting to keep it in a while longer, just to hold onto that feeling, that bond.

Natsu didn't expect Gray's arms to wrap around him, turning him to pull him into a tight embrace, neither minding the sweat clinging to their bodies. He moaned when Gray kissed him, his raven locks tickling Natsu's nose as his lips skimmed his, breathing him in for a moment before firmly pressing against his mouth.

Natsu parted his lips, allowing Gray's tongue to push inside, the two coming down from their natural high. Natsu was a bit sleepier than Gray after, his body aching in a delicious way as the sweat started to dry on his heated skin.

He needed to visit the bathroom to take care of the semen in his ass and hop in the shower to wash himself, but for now, all he cared about was the connection he felt with Gray as their lips melded together. Everything felt... right.

Gray's hand slid into Natsu's messy hair as he pulled away, holding him close. "That was amazing," he murmured, dark eyes still cloudy, his smile soft but vibrant. "How do you feel?"

"Incredible," Natsu answered, not bothering to feel embarrassed for the moment. He held Gray just as tightly as he was being held, a sense of safety and comfort surrounding him. They still had a ways to go before they were in love, but if Natsu was being honest with himself, he had already started falling before they got together.

"Yeah?" Gray asked, causing Natsu to nod.

"Yeah. You made it feel good."

Gray's smile widened as he kissed the corner of Natsu's mouth, eyes fluttering closed for a moment as he soaked him in. He had wanted it for so long, his heart beaming now that he had him. Part of Gray was still scared of the unknown, still holding back in their relationship, but in that moment, he felt nothing but contentment. His worries were put on hold, his happiness spreading through his body.

"I'm glad," he said, eyes opening to gaze into that endless green. He wasn't sure if he said it before, but Natsu's eyes were mesmerizing, so deep and strong, able to put Gray in a trance if he wasn't too careful. "Did it hurt?"

Relief took over when Natsu shook his head, whispering, "No."

Gray's lips pulled back as he grinned, his nose bumping against Natsu's. The two were in their own little world, wrapped up in each other. Natsu was the first to speak after half a minute of silence, his tone teasing as he whispered, "You were right. The real thing feels better."


Both men looked over, seeing Lucy's arms crossed over her bare chest, a small smile resting on her lips. "I see how it is."

They chuckled, seeing she wasn't actually offended. "Not to say you're not good too," Natsu said, the woman shrugging in response.

"It's okay. I like the real thing better too."

Smiles spread over their faces before Natsu took a deep breath. He pulled away from Gray's arms, still clenching his body. "I'mma... I'm gonna go to the bathroom, then I'll help clean up."

Gray waved a dismissive hand, standing up himself. "I got it. You go relax."

Natsu nodded, hurrying to the guest bathroom. The faster he cleaned himself, the faster he could rejoin his boyfriend and girlfriend. His grin stayed on his face, his heart feeling fuller than it had in a long time. He had sex with his two best friends, his two partners, and he couldn't be happier.

While Natsu was off to clean himself, Gray took care of his own mess, using a wet wipe on his cock before washing his hands in their master bathroom. He would take a shower soon, but first, he wanted to make sure Lucy was properly taken care of.

He tossed the used towel into a hamper before rejoining Lucy on the bed, his hand trailing up her bare thigh as he hovered over her. "Did you like watching us?" he asked, fingers searching, finding her core with ease. He dragged a finger against her folds, feeling her soaked skin. She was worked up, whimpering when he brushed against her engorged clit. "Such a dirty girl," he said with a dark grin.

"I can't help it," she whispered, breathlessly. "You're both so sexy."

Lucy moaned when he pushed and swirled his thumb against her clit, using just the right amount of pressure. He knew her body well, knew how to get her riled up and how to tease his princess.

"Mind if I finish you off?" he asked, leaning in to kiss her shoulder. His fingers prodded at her sex, Gray smothering a snicker when he felt Lucy trying to buck her hips, wanting to get closer. "Is that a yes?"

"Yes," she moaned, allowing him to push her down on the bed. She watched as Gray crawled between her legs, his bangs covering the devilish glint in his eyes.

He wasn't ready to come again, but his mouth and tongue worked perfectly fine. He hoped Natsu would join when he got back.

Until then, Lucy was all his.

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Negotiation

Natsu thought it was going to be a typical Friday. Lucy and him got off work, he swung by his apartment to check on Happy, then he went to Lucy and Gray's house to hang out with them.

The relationship between the three of them had been going on for a month and a half now, and while they still had some adjusting to do, they were all getting along relatively well. The connection was amazing, the sex was fantastic, and Natsu had never felt happier.

That was, until he found out where he really stood in the relationship.

Natsu was lounging around on the couch with his head in Lucy's lap, staring at his phone. A movie was playing on the TV, but he was busy looking at job openings in the area, debating if he wanted to switch career paths.

While he loved working with Lucy, he had to admit, it felt strange now that the three of them were together. He spent a lot of time with Lucy, but not as much time with Gray. Not only that, he was getting restless in his current position, wanting more challenges. Lucy had taken the news well when he said he was considering leaving. She only asked that he gave her a two week's notice so she could look for his replacement.

If Natsu didn't have bills to pay, he would consider being a full time student, but rent and food weren't cheap, and he was still making payments on his car. Natsu was looking for something part time so he could continue going to classes every few nights, feeling accomplished for doing something extra.

Gray had been with them a moment ago, but he stepped out of the room to answer a phone call. When Natsu heard footsteps approaching, he assumed Gray would reclaim his spot on the couch under Natsu's legs and they could go back to watching TV, but neither of those things happened.

Gray stepped in, heading towards one of the recliners where his jacket laid on the back. He cast Lucy a glance before asking, "Did we have any plans for tonight?"

Lucy hummed for a second before shaking her head, running her fingers absentmindedly through Natsu's hair. "Nope. Why?"

Gray nodded, shrugging on his jacket before slipping his feet into the shoes he took off earlier. That caught Natsu's attention, his brows furrowing because he thought the three were going to spend the evening hanging out together, inside.

"Loke called. He's in town and wants to hang out."

"Oh yeah?" Lucy continued playing with Natsu's hair, not reacting to the news. "For how long?"

"How long he's in town or how long he wants to hang out?" Gray asked, pulling out his phone to tap at it.

"I meant in town, but I guess both. Were you wanting to bring him here or stay somewhere else?"

Natsu put his phone on the ground so he could give their conversation his full attention. A strange, ill feeling began spreading through his chest. He tried ignoring it, telling himself it was nothing. However, he couldn't focus on anything else, his curiosity getting the better of him. 'Who's Loke? And why does Gray wanna hang out with him instead of us?'

He couldn't recall hearing about this Loke person before, but considering Lucy was nonchalant about it, he couldn't be bad. He listened, eyes flitting up to Gray to see the smile on his boyfriend's face.

"He's leaving in the morning. Guess he's driving through to Clover Town and wanted to hang out and get a drink with me while he's here. We'd probably be out a few hours. I was thinking of going to his hotel if that's okay with you?"

Natsu's heart dropped, realizing he was right. Something was wrong, but his brain refused to put the pieces together. He didn't want to think that was actually happening. It hurt just entertaining the thought.

Lucy nodded, offering Gray a warm smile. "Yeah, that's fine. Just text me if you're going to stay the night that way I don't wait up for you?"

Natsu's stomach twisted, his arms and legs feeling numb as he slowly sat up, shocked eyes moving between Lucy and Gray, hoping he was misunderstanding what they were talking about. 'He's not gonna—'

"Yeah, I'll text you if I do." Gray leaned in, giving Lucy a kiss to the lips before pulling back. He caressed her cheek, looking at her with love and adoration, but it only made Natsu sick to his stomach.

He didn't want to confirm what he was thinking, but when Gray turned to give him a kiss, he couldn't stop himself from asking, "Who's Loke?"

Gray jolted for a moment, as if the question caught him off guard. Instead of kissing Natsu like he planned, he stood so he could answer him properly. "He's a friend. We met in college."

Natsu felt his chest constricting, his mind telling him to keep his mouth shut. He didn't want to know the answer, but he couldn't stop himself from asking, his throat feeling tight as he pushed the words out. "So... you're just hanging out?"

Natsu paused, waiting for Gray to answer. His heart started pounding harder for every second Gray remained silent. He didn't want to, but Gray was leaving him no choice, forcing him to ask the question. His fingers dug in his jeans as he asked, "You're not gonna have sex with him, right?"

The silence that followed was deafening. Everything around Natsu seemed to fade except for Gray, his heart falling when he finally answered.

"Well, maybe."

Natsu's shoulders fell as he stared at Gray, his mind blanking for a moment, trying to protect himself from the pain that tried penetrating his heart. Gray looked at Lucy for guidance, but she offered none, only turning to face Natsu while he processed what he heard.

Natsu tried swallowing, but it didn't work, his throat feeling blocked. "Aren't..." He coughed, the back of his eyes pricking as reality trickled in. He couldn't believe it, refused to think it, but that didn't help. Gray was dressed to go out, to meet up with a man Natsu had never met before to go have—

Natsu's eyes narrowed for a second, anger seeping in. "Aren't you gonna ask me if I'm okay with... with that?"

Gray blinked, eyes widening a bit as he started shaking his head. "Uh, I didn't think..." His voice trailed off as his head stilled, waiting for Natsu to respond.

Natsu managed to swallow, but it hurt. However, that pain was nothing compared to the pain radiating in his chest. Betrayal was an ugly feeling, something that easily tore away at Natsu's mind within seconds. He hadn't felt that much emotional turmoil since his break up with Lucy. He thought the three of them getting together would be the end of his pain, but he realized he was wrong.

"If... if I wasn't here right now, would you've even told me you were going out with some other guy?" Natsu asked, hating the way Gray answered the question so easily.

"Well, yeah. I woulda told ya."

"Before," Natsu started, seeing the way Gray flinched. "Would you have told me before you went?"

Gray's silence said it all. And with that, his heart cracked, a deep hurt he didn't know he could feel taking over, consuming him. "Really?" he whispered, voice threatening to break. His eyes widened when Gray didn't say anything, anger flooding him, mixing in with the pain he felt. "Really?!"

His yell caused Lucy and Gray to flinch, neither expecting his outburst. Lucy raised a hand to place on Natsu's shoulder, but he stood up, backing away so they couldn't touch him. His eyes narrowed as he shook his head. "You're not being serious right now, right? Tell me you're just fucking with me."

"What's the big deal?" Gray asked, taking a step closer to Natsu. He lifted a hand, but Natsu jerked away.

"Don't touch me," Natsu warned, knowing that was the last thing he wanted. He needed reassurance, not news that his boyfriend didn't respect him as a partner. However, Natsu couldn't process that hurt into words, instead letting his anger fuel him.

Gray narrowed his eyes, standing his ground. "Don't yell at me," he said, the strain in his voice letting Natsu know he was holding back. That didn't matter to him, his emotions clouding his judgement.

Natsu clenched his teeth, his hands curling into fists. He didn't know what he was supposed to say or do. The man he was giving his heart to was talking about sleeping with some other guy like it was nothing. Like sex didn't mean anything.

Natsu's eyes slammed shut, remembering that was exactly what Lucy and Gray were used to. It was what Natsu was meant for originally. Lucy and him were supposed to have meaningless sex and nothing else, but they both messed up and caught feelings. He didn't want to feel guilty again. He was trying to get over that, but the sickening feeling came rushing back, making an emotional cocktail he wasn't ready to deal with.

Regardless of how he felt, he knew he shouldn't yell at Gray. He had to talk it out, be open and honest, but as soon as he opened his mouth to tell Gray he was sorry for yelling, Gray spoke, saying something that riled Natsu up again.

"Just calm down."

"Don't tell me to calm down!" Natsu's eyes snapped open, seeing Gray stepping closer again while reaching out. Natsu held up his hands, growling as he said, "And don't fucking touch me!"

"Don't, yell," Gray said, stepping in front of Lucy.

Natsu looked over at her, seeing her tense body and wide eyes. Natsu's body went lax for a moment when he realized what was happening, his breath hitching before he shook his head. "No," he whispered, the guilt overwhelming every ounce of him. "I'm... I'm not gonna hurt her." He was pissed, but he would never take his anger out on a partner. He felt offended Gray would ever think that.

"I know that," Gray said, keeping his voice firm. "I know you won't hurt her, but I'd rather her not see you like this."

Natsu clenched his teeth, his face and chest burning. He swore he couldn't breathe, the air feeling too thin. "I need to get out of here." Natsu walked past Gray, heading towards the back of the house. He was reaching for the door to the backyard to grab some air, but Gray's voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Natsu, we need to talk about this."

"There's nothing to talk about," Natsu mumbled, his fingers curling around the knob. He knew he was shaking, his thoughts and emotions conflicting within him. He needed comfort, but he wouldn't draw that from Gray or Lucy in that moment.

Natsu didn't know what to do with himself besides leave, but honestly, he didn't want to leave. He wanted things to go back to the way they were before Gray got that phone call. He had been a lot happier before he ever heard that other man's name, the one Gray wanted to see.

The one Gray wanted to fuck.

Natsu felt the anger simmering inside him, taking in shallow, shaky breaths. "I... Gray I can't do this."

The pause that came after tore Natsu up. The question Gray asked didn't help either. "You can't do what?"

"I don't know," he whispered, looking at Gray. "This... this isn't what I wanted."

"What do you mean?" Gray asked, his tone soft but uncertain.

Natsu ran his hands through his hair before gripping the ends, wondering how things had escalated so quickly. He just wanted a nice evening with his boyfriend and girlfriend. He didn't want drama. He didn't want to feel jealous and insecure, all because Gray was interested in hooking up with some guy. Not only that, he had played it off like it was nothing, like it was okay.

Natsu didn't want to have those feelings of doubt, wondering if he was really ready to be in a relationship with both Lucy and Gray. They said they would try to see if it could work, and so far it had. However, Natsu wasn't okay with Gray hooking up with other people. He didn't want either of his partners to be with other people.

Swallowing, Natsu shook his head, wishing he could put into words what he was feeling. He wanted things to work between the three of them, but sometimes it was hard getting them all on the same page. It was harder when it came to just Natsu and Gray since they were the new ones building a relationship. It was fragile, needing more nurture and care than their relationships with Lucy.

Natsu was in love with Lucy. Being with her came easy, but he was taking his time with Gray. He didn't want to force his feelings, letting them come naturally. Natsu didn't think the answer to things was letting Gray be with other people. It made unwanted feelings infect Natsu, weighing him down.

He took a deep breath, trying but failing to keep the bite out of his voice as he spoke his mind. "Gray, I... I don't understand."

"What don't you understand?"

"Why..." Natsu swallowed, unsure if he wanted to know the answer. "Why didn't you even ask me?" He knew that wasn't what was bothering him the most, but he wouldn't voice the other problem yet, too scared to find out. "You asked Lucy. You... you didn't even look like you thought about... about me."

Gray looked conflicted, but that didn't take away the pain Natsu felt when he heard Gray say, "I didn't think I needed your permission."

It was like a stab to the heart. Gray wasn't taking him seriously in their relationship. It made Natsu feel like he wasn't a real partner, like he would never be a real partner. He covered his mouth with a hand, fingers digging into his skin as he tried to hold back the sick feeling spreading through his body.

"Gray... I-I don't want you fucking some other guy."

Something flashed through Gray's eyes, but Natsu couldn't place it. He wanted reassurance, but he didn't get it.

"It's just one time," Gray started, but it did nothing to comfort Natsu. "I've been seeing him on and off again for years. Hell, I knew him before I even met you."

Natsu dropped his hand, not understand why Gray didn't see he was hurting him. "Gray... You're not even listening to me." He didn't feel respected. He didn't feel like a valid member of their relationship. They weren't even public about their relationship. To everyone else, Natsu was just a close friend, nothing more.

Sometimes he wondered if that was all he was going to be. Some fuck toy for them to mess around with on the side. At least in that moment, that was how he felt, and Gray was doing nothing to change his mind about it.

"Natsu, this has nothing to do with you."

That was enough to make Natsu's heart drop.

He blinked, trying to see past his blurred vision. His bottom lip trembled as he turned, not wanting Gray to see him cry. He prided himself on being physically strong, but in that moment, he didn't feel strong at all. "That's the problem. You think— I... can't. I can't do this." Natsu shook his head, grabbing that doorknob again. He twisted it, trying to leave. He didn't know where he was going, but he needed to get away.

However, before he could leave, Gray grabbed his wrist, pulling him away from the door. Natsu didn't resist, his teeth clenching as strong arms wrapped around him, warmth seeping into his skin when Gray pulled him against his chest.

Natsu rested his head on Gray's shoulder, unable to stop the first tear from falling. He didn't sign up for this. He just wanted to be with Lucy and Gray. He didn't understand why Gray was making it complicated. Life was already complicated enough. Their relationship was complicated as hell, but they were trying to make it work.

Natsu wanted to be with them, but not if it was going to cause him that much heartache, not if Gray wasn't going to treat him with respect.

"Am I not good enough?" Natsu asked, hands curling into fists my his side. He refused to hug Gray back, still angry at him. "What's he got that I don't have?"

"Natsu," Gray whispered, his soothing voice not lessening the pain. "It has nothing to do with that. The fun I have with him doesn't take away the fun I have with you."

Natsu pressed his forehead against Gray as he struggled to breathe, choking on a sob as he failed to calm down. That was the worst answer Gray could have given him. Instead of comforting Natsu, it only made him think their relationship was about having 'fun'. Sure, he liked the fun they had, but he wanted intimacy, he wanted a strong connection. He didn't want their entire relationship to be about sex, but that was the way Gray made it sound.

His heart pulsed in his throat as pressure pushed at his temples. He wanted to tell Gray that answer made him feel worse. Not only had it hurt him, Natsu didn't want to hear Gray referring to sex with another man as 'fun'.

In Natsu's mind, what Gray wanted to do was cheating because he clearly wasn't okay with it. He didn't agree to share Gray with anyone besides Lucy, but thinking that in his head made him realize they never had that discussion. They never sat down and went over those types of boundaries. In all honesty, Natsu didn't think it needed to be said. He thought they were all on the same page, but he was wrong.

"I thought," Natsu started, gritting his teeth. "I thought we weren't gonna fuck other people."

Gray paused, speaking from the heart, which only hurt Natsu more. "We never agreed to that... And besides, I wasn't thinking about Loke at the time."

Natsu was ready to push Gray away, but he didn't lift his arms. They felt dead and heavy. Everything in his body felt dead and heavy. "If you didn't think about him he can't be that important to you." He didn't bother removing the venom from his tone, angry at Gray for thinking for a second this was okay.

"Natsu..." Gray's voice tapered off, leaving them in uncomfortable silence until Natsu spoke up.

"Is it 'cause he's more experienced?" A pang shot through Natsu's heart as he asked the question, terrified of the answer. He wasn't as experienced as Gray was, and if Gray had been seeing this other guy on and off again for years, he had to be more up to Gray's speed.

Natsu was a novice, every time learning something new. He sometimes fumbled with his words or made mistakes in the bedroom, but Loke probably made things easy for Gray. They probably didn't have to try hard to make it work, whereas Natsu was still trying to get used to the differences between fucking Lucy and getting fucked by Gray.

Natsu hadn't even been able to give during sex because he was still learning and wasn't ready for something like that yet, always being on the receiving end. He wanted to wait until he felt more comfortable before he fucked Gray, but now he feared he waited too long. 'Gray got bored and wants someone else.'

"That's not why I want to see him," Gray said, squeezing Natsu tighter against his chest. "I'd want to hang out with him even if sex wasn't on the table. He's a good friend of mine, Natsu. Besides, I don't like him like I like you."

Natsu wished the tears would stop flowing, but he couldn't will them away. "Then... why can't you just hang out, and not have sex?"

Gray sighed, making Natsu's heart drop further, his stomach churning violently. "Because, I might want to do that too, and I'd like the freedom to make that decision." He pulled away, and Natsu reluctantly let him. They locked eyes, dark blue with watery green. "Natsu, it's just sex, just for fun. What I do with him and what I do with you are completely different."

Natsu shook his head, trying to be honest. "It feels the same... for me." Natsu's shaky hands wrapped around himself, needing comfort he wasn't getting from his boyfriend. "I don't want you having fun with some other guy. I..." His heart threatened to crack again, being completely honest. "I want a real relationship with you."

"What does that mean?" Gray asked, narrowing his eyes.

Natsu almost snorted, thinking the answer was obvious, but apparently Gray didn't think so. "I don't want you out fucking other people. That doesn't feel real to me."

Gray's eyes widened before he took a half-step back so they could really look at each other. "So you think what me and Lucy had wasn't real then?"

"What?" Natsu gaped, wondering why Gray would come to that conclusion. "No! You're twisting my words and you know it."

Taking a deep breath, Gray closed his eyes, collecting himself. He didn't want to fight with Natsu, but he didn't want to back down either. Part of him was stubborn, angry Natsu was trying to control him. He didn't even feel like having sex with Loke anymore, but he didn't want to lose whatever fight they were having. He knew in the back of his mind he was in the wrong, but he couldn't admit it.

Gray slowly opened his eyes to stare at him, face like stone as he soaked everything in. He looked at Natsu's eyes, seeing just how much hurt and pain he had caused. His shoulders fell, stomach churning at the sight. He never wanted to make Natsu feel bad, but... that was exactly what he was doing.

When he opened his mouth to speak, his voice sounded cautious, calculating, worried he had to choose his words wisely. Honestly, he hadn't been listening to Natsu, not really. He had heard the words, but he was stuck in his ways, wanting Natsu to give up and let him do what he wanted. He realized it was wrong, and he needed to fix this now or he was going to lose Natsu.

No amount of pride was worth losing Natsu.

"And in order to get that real relationship, I can't see other people?"

Natsu nodded, knowing in his heart what he wanted. He wanted Lucy and Gray, and he wanted them to only want each other and him. Natsu didn't know if that made him selfish or greedy, but he didn't care. He wanted them all to himself, just the three of them.

"To me, this relationship isn't just about sex," Natsu said, his voice strong and firm. "I want you! The guy that makes me laugh, the guy who pushes me to be better, to challenge myself." His face was red hot and his heart was beating wildly, but he didn't care. He needed Gray to see, to understand him. "This relationship is already difficult enough with three of us! I don't understand why you're trying to make it harder?! I want you! Not just sex!"

Natsu took a deep breath, finally adding, "And if you just see me as someone to have sex with, then I don't wanna continue whatever we have. I thought this was about more, but if it's not, then please, tell me now."

He had done sex with no romance, and he hated it. At first it was fun, but the lack of emotional support and connection left him feeling empty. He wasn't going to stand for that in a real relationship, and if that was all Gray could offer, Natsu would have to move on.

It would be painful, but it would be less painful than getting hurt like this.

Gray nodded slowly, wishing he had handled the situation better. "I'm realizing now that we should've had this talk a while back." Their conversation the morning after the three of them got together had been short and to the point. They agreed to try dating, but they didn't set up rules, no guidelines. They were winging it, and that had been a bad decision.

Gray ran his hand through his hair, keeping it there for a moment before dropping his hand with a sigh. "I didn't know you'd react like this. I thought you'd be okay with me having recreational sex with other people."

The air left Natsu's lungs in an instant, leaving him standing there with a burn in his chest. He struggled to find his voice, his vision blurring again as more tears formed, the pain in his body too much for him to bear. "Have... you?"

"Have I what?" Gray asked, raising a brow.

Natsu didn't want to ask the question, his body feeling physically sick just thinking about it. "Been with... with other people?"

Gray's eyes widened a bit before he shook his head. "Since we all started dating? No, I haven't. Loke was gonna be the first."

Natsu nodded, his knees feeling weak as he hugged himself tighter. That was the only good news he received since hearing about Loke, but it didn't relieve any of the pain. Natsu assumed Gray hadn't been with anyone anyway, so confirming it wasn't as sweet as it could've been.

"Don't go," Natsu whispered, almost wishing Gray wouldn't hear him. Judging by the way his face paled, Gray heard him loud and clear.

"What?" Gray blinked, the confusion wiped from his face, replaced by something Natsu couldn't place. "Are you telling me I can't go? Or that you just don't want me to?"

Natsu gripped his sides, trying to give himself some physical pain. He preferred that over emotional turmoil. He could locate and control that type of pain, but in that moment he didn't know how to soothe the hurt in his heart. "Does it make a difference?" Natsu asked, voice soft and weak. He felt pathetic, wishing Gray could see how much he was hurting him. "I don't want you to go."

Gray dragged a hand over his face, mumbling something under his breath that Natsu missed. "Is there any part of you that would be okay with me going?"

Natsu closed his eyes, not wanting to see Gray's face anymore. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was practically begging Gray not to go, but it wasn't enough.

'I'm not enough.'

"Fine," Natsu whispered, trying but failing to blink away the tears. "You win. Go out with him. Fuck him for all I care." Natsu wanted to raise his voice, but he couldn't. He felt weighed down. He felt defeated. "I'm... I'm gonna go."

Natsu lowered his head before opening his eyes, blinking a few times before he could see well enough to walk. He tried taking a step around Gray to go get his stuff, but he couldn't. Gray had moved in his way, capturing him in his arms.

"I can't let you leave like this," Gray said, holding Natsu against him.

Natsu made no effort to touch him back, his head turning away when offered a shoulder to cry on. It was obvious to Natsu that Gray didn't care if he was hurting him or not. He didn't want to accept Gray's help while he still wanted to fuck another man.

"You know," Natsu started, unsure how his voice was coming across. He only spoke, not bothering to raise his volume or enunciate his words. If Gray didn't hear him, that was his problem, not Natsu's. "I'm mad you want some other guy, but you wanna know what makes me more angry?"

Gray didn't respond, prompting Natsu to explain. "You weren't even gonna ask me. You weren't gonna tell me either. I'm trying to make this work between us, but you're treating me like an extra."

Natsu swallowed, forcing himself to finish. "I... I honestly thought you'd take me more seriously when we started dating since there was no rule about feelings. Gray—"

Natsu sucked in a sharp breath, not wanting to admit what he was about to say. "I know I'm not gonna be as equal as you or Lucy. You two are married, and I'm just your boyfriend, but... I thought we were gonna... I don't know, work towards something real. Gray, I-I really like you, and I don't feel comfortable with you having sex with... with other people."

Gray remained silent, but Natsu didn't know if that was a good thing or not. Without looking at Gray's face, he had no idea what was going on in his head. The only thing Natsu knew was that Gray's breathing had become shaky and that his arms were still wrapped around his body.

"Gray... I'm... I'm scared I'm gonna lose you. What if you end up liking this guy more than me. I-I don't even know how you feel about me." That was a lie. He knew, but in that moment, he had doubts.

"I like you," Gray said, his voice causing a chill to run down Natsu's spine, but he couldn't tell if it was welcomed or not. "And, I want a real relationship between the three of us. I just, I guess I didn't really think about everything it would include when we started dating. We never really sat down and talked about it... We were just seeing if it could even work before deciding anything."

Natsu swallowed, biting his inner cheek to stop the tears from flowing. They were basically experimenting with their three-person relationship before they decided if it was going to work or not. The relationship was young, not even two months old. They were still trying to get a feel for each other, even if most of the time things felt good between them.

"I care about you Natsu. I just wanted to spend some time with Loke and maybe hookup." Gray's words made Natsu flinch, that pain flaring in his chest. "But I'm not going to have sex with him. I honestly didn't think you'd care this much."

"Of course I care," Natsu said, pulling back. He tried to steady himself by grabbing a wall, but Gray kept his arms around him, not letting him escape. "You're my boyfriend, and I really like you."

Gray nodded, his expression tense. "Maybe you and me need more time together," he suggested, moving his hand to rub Natsu's back. "We need to strengthen our bond."

Natsu didn't hesitate to nod, wanting a stronger connection between them. When it came to the relationship between the three of them, him and Gray were the weak link. Both of them were in love with Lucy, and held Lucy's love in return. Those bonds were strong, but Gray and Natsu were just starting out.

Sure, they had a good foundation of friendship, but they couldn't force themselves to fall in love overnight. It took time and patience, and Natsu didn't think the answer was to have Gray fuck some other guy, especially when Natsu wasn't okay with it.

"I..." Gray frowned. "I honestly think I put too much focus into sex." It was a way to relieve stress and feel better about himself, but it was also meant to be a way to bond with someone he cared about, and years of extras had messed up his head, made him value sex less than he should. "I need to work on that. I... I can see that now." He didn't want to be that guy, the one who fucked for the sheer fun of it. He hated the shame and guilt swirling in his chest at the realization that it took Natsu crying to understand how much he had screwed up. "I wanna focus on us more, not just the fucking."

Natsu nodded, knowing he wanted that too. He loved their sex, loved learning new things, but he wanted to be with them far more because he cared about who they were. Sex was great, but he didn't need it to feel connected to them. "I'm glad, thanks."

Gray shook his head, more guilt filtering into his heart. "Please don't thank me. I... I hurt you, and I'm sorry." He clenched his teeth, feeling like an asshole. "I'm so fucking sorry, Natsu. I promise, I'll be better."

The next words Natsu spoke made the tightness in Gray's chest loosen a bit, but it wasn't enough to cast away his self-loathing. "I believe you."

"I won't have sex with Loke," Gray said, his words finally helping. Natsu let his arms drop to his side before he grasped Gray's shirt, thankful he finally got it. "I still want to hang out with him, but I promise I won't have sex."

Natsu nodded, accepting that compromise. "Y-yeah, I get it." He found himself seeking comfort in Gray's arms, wrapping his own around him to get closer. He didn't want to argue with Gray. He just wanted things to be okay again.

"I... I trust you," he whispered, believing Gray when he said he wouldn't have sex with that other guy. Gray was an honest person, which was why it was so hard hearing how much he wanted to fuck Loke.

That thought only made Natsu feel guilty, wondering if he was ruining Gray's night by denying him the chance to have sex with another guy. It was a strange feeling, but he didn't want to change his mind. Still, he couldn't help but ask, "Are you mad at me?"

Gray offered Natsu a soft smile, using one arm to hold him secure while the other cupped Natsu's cheek, fingertips sliding up into his soft hair. "No, I understand now. I'm sorry I made you feel like you were just an extra. I guess I'm not used to this type of relationship, but that's no excuse for how I treated you. I'm sorry."

Natsu swallowed, his eyes stinging as more tears formed. "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have yelled at you." He squeezed his eyes shut, unable to face him as he added, "And I'm sorry if you thought I was gonna hurt you or Lucy. I promise I would rather hurt myself than ever do that to either of you."

Natsu opened his eyes when he felt a pair of soft lips on his forehead, heat trickling into his heart as Gray spoke, lips brushing against his skin. "I'd rather no one gets hurt, and I know you'd never hurt us. I just didn't want her to see you angry."

Natsu nodded, understanding Gray's reasons now that he had a clearer mind. Anger wasn't controlling him, letting him make his own decisions that weren't fueled by his emotions. "Was I overreacting earlier?" he asked, regretting the question as soon as it left his lips.

However, Gray's answer eliminated that regret. "I don't think so, now that I know where you're coming from. I honestly didn't take this relationship as seriously as I needed to, and I'm sorry for that. I want you, Natsu. I've wanted you for a while now. And if making this work means I don't have sex with other people, then that's fine."

Natsu chuckled, but it lacked any humor. "Well, I'm fine with you and Lucy, obviously."

"Obviously," Gray repeated, the small smile heard in his voice. "But besides her and you, I don't need to have sex with other people. I'll tell Loke tonight that nothing can happen."

"Is he going to be mad at me?" Natsu asked, wondering why he cared what Loke thought, especially since he had never even met him.

Gray shook his head. "Not when I explain how much I like you. Loke's a good friend, he'll understand." Gray smoothed his thumb over the scar on Natsu's cheek, smearing his tears in the process. Endless blue eyes looked into Natsu's, as if he could truly see into his soul. "I really do like you Natsu. I'm sorry I made you feel this way."

"Are... are you going to be mad at me?" Natsu asked, seeing Gray's brows furrow in confusion. "Because you're having to hold back... for me?"

Gray must have realized what Natsu meant, his eyes softening as he shook his head. "I'm fine, I promise." He carded his fingers through Natsu's hair, fingers twitching against his back. "Can I hug you?"

Natsu nodded, allowing that warmth to flow back into him when Gray tightened his hold around him. "When I get back tonight, can we sit down and talk about this? We need to negotiate the terms of the relationship, that way this doesn't happen again."

"I'd like that," Natsu said, burying his face into the crook of Gray's shoulder, seeking comfort and support. It was something they should have done in the beginning, but the three of them were new to that type of relationship. They were bound to make mistakes along the way. But as long as they worked through those mistakes, they had a fighting chance.

"Are you gonna be okay while I'm gone?" Gray asked, rubbing Natsu's back.

Natsu reluctantly pulled away. He wanted to ask Gray to stay with him, but he understood he had someone waiting on him. While Natsu didn't like the idea of Gray hanging out with someone he used to have sex with, Natsu knew he couldn't stop him. Gray was allowed to have his own friends, and if he said nothing was going to happen, Natsu had to trust him.

"Yeah. I'll be fine."

"I can keep him company," Lucy said, causing both men to jolt. They looked to their side, seeing Lucy standing there, her hands cupped in front of her. "Sorry to intrude, just wanted Natsu to know he didn't have to be alone if he didn't want to be."

Natsu nodded, knowing he didn't want to be by himself. Just the thought of spending time with Lucy was enough to give him some strength. Not only was her presence calming, seeing her offer her support meant the world to him. He hoped that meant she didn't hold his outburst against him, but even if she didn't, he owed her an apology.

"I'm sorry I yelled in front of you," Natsu said, eyes locked with hers. "I'll do better to control myself next time I get upset."

Lucy nodded, offering him a smile. "Apology accepted." She turned to Gray, stepping closer to him to hug him. "Don't stay out too late. If you need a ride or anything just let me know." As she pulled away, she asked, "Is it okay if Natsu spends the night tonight?" She looked at Natsu, reaching out to place a hand on his arm. "I think it'd be best if he stays here."

"It's okay with me," Gray said, eyes flitting to Natsu. "I'd actually prefer it, if you're okay with it too?"

Natsu nodded, knowing he didn't want to go home while their conflict wasn't resolved. They all needed to talk about boundaries and rules, and he wanted to do that sooner rather than later. However, Gray had to get going if he wanted to spend time with his friend.

Natsu swallowed down the bitter feeling he got when Gray hugged him goodbye, taking deep breaths while reminding himself that Gray wasn't going to betray his trust.

The time in between Gray leaving and Gray coming back seemed to last forever. At first, Lucy tried to assure Natsu that Loke was a good guy, and that nothing would happen between him and Gray if Gray said no.

"Am I overreacting?" Natsu asked, but Lucy said she couldn't make that call.

"It's not my place to say. I can see where both of you are coming from." She told him that she understood why he didn't want Gray to see Loke, but she also explained that Gray had been seeing Loke on and off again for years because Loke moved to a different country after they graduated college. Whenever he came to town, the two would meet up.

"He's never needed an extra's permission before to see Loke, so he probably didn't think of asking anyone else but me. You're not an extra, but this is still new to him. To all of us, really. Please be patient with him. I know he'll honor your wishes."

While Natsu believed her, that didn't mean he wanted to keep talking about Loke, especially when Lucy asked if Gray should just invite the guy over instead of them drinking somewhere else. Natsu turned down that idea immediately. He had no interest in meeting Loke at that time.

Maybe the future would be different, but Natsu was firm in his decision for that evening. The only people he wanted to see were Lucy and Gray, no one else.

After that, Lucy did her best to take Natsu's mind off it, but nothing worked. Even after they ate dinner and went back to watching TV, Natsu still couldn't shake Gray from his head.

Lucy tried distracting Natsu with intimacy, but Natsu stopped her after a few minutes of kissing. He couldn't get into it, not wanting to use Lucy like that. Lucy took it well, offering instead to cuddle Natsu to make him feel better.

While the closeness helped soothe the sting in his heart from the fight he had earlier with Gray, he still wasn't able to completely relax. He laid there on the couch with Lucy, wondering what the future held for the three of them. He held her against his chest, one arm wrapped around her waist.

Despite the turmoil in his heart, he couldn't help but think he was lucky. For the longest time he thought he was going to lose Lucy, but here she was, in his arms. Confessing his love for her had changed everything, but instead of it making things worse, it ended up being better in the end. Natsu never would have guessed that Gray would be okay with Natsu and Lucy continuing their relationship even though they broke the rules, but he was glad Gray was understanding.

Remembering what led Natsu to that moment made him feel guilty, his stomach twisting as the ill feeling spread through his body. Gray had trusted Lucy not to leave him for Natsu, and Gray trusted Natsu not to steal Lucy away from him. Gray had known the two were in love with each other before they confessed, and yet he still let them continue dating, even though there was a chance things could have ended badly for Gray.

With a heavy heart, Natsu pulled out his phone, typing a message to Gray. He didn't know if he would regret sending the message or not, but he knew Gray deserved the benefit of the doubt. If Gray said sex with Loke wouldn't affect their relationship, he was going to choose to believe him.

I've thought about it, and if you promise it's nothing more than meaningless sex, I give you permission to sleep with Loke. I won't be mad at you if you do it. I trust you.

Natsu didn't get a response back, but he tried not to let that bother him, instead focusing on the beautiful, loving woman in his arms.

Natsu was a lucky man. He didn't want to, but he could share Gray, as long as it was just one night. Gray had been generous to share Lucy with him for years. Natsu could afford to repay the same kindness, just this once.

Natsu heard the door unlocking half past eleven. Lucy and him were still in the entertainment room, the woman asleep in his arms. Natsu wished he could have fallen asleep too, but he was wide awake, terrified that he had made a mistake by giving Gray permission to have sex with another man.

Natsu swallowed, gently shaking Lucy to wake her. He didn't want to face Gray alone, needing all the support and comfort he could get. He felt her stirring in her sleep before her eyes fluttered open, her voice rough from lack of use. "Natsu?"

He hesitated, only able to speak when he heard footsteps coming down the hall. "Gray's home."

Recognition flashed through her hazy eyes as she nodded, using Natsu's help to sit up. He was right behind her, turning when they both heard Gray's voice.

"Hey, I'm back."

"How was your night?" Lucy asked, stretching before placing a hand on Natsu's shoulder. He welcomed her touch, leaning into it.

Gray wore a lazy smile, tired and buzzed from the night out. "It was good. Left my car at the bar, caught a cab."

Lucy nodded, knowing they would have to retrieve his vehicle in the morning. It was inconvenient, but much better than risking him driving while under the influence. "Glad you made it home safe."

Gray's smile widened a bit. "Loke said hi."

Natsu felt his heart fall, seeing the smile on Lucy's face. She was a good judge of character, and so was Gray. 'The guy can't be that bad if both of them like him... Right?'

Gray looked at Natsu, hesitating before saying, "He said hi to you too."

"Oh," Natsu said, keeping his tone nonchalant. He paused, wondering if he should ask the question that plagued him ever since he sent that message, but he couldn't bring himself to ask. Part of him didn't want to know.

Gray nodded, taking off his jacket before setting it over the recliner. "Yeah." He looked at Lucy while slipping off his shoes. "He grew his hair out again. Looks silly."

"Is it like a lion's mane again?" Lucy asked, not realizing the two of them were making Natsu feel excluded. He had no idea what they were talking about, but he didn't push for an answer. They had their own friends and life. He was just trying to find his place among them.

"Yeah. It's out to here." Gray gestured with his hands how long Loke's hair was before chuckling. "Last time I saw him it was shorter than mine."

Natsu listened as Gray and Lucy talked about what Loke had been up to, his patience wearing thin, but he didn't interrupt them. His heart hammered as his palms grew sweaty, but he didn't say a thing, waiting until they addressed the elephant in the room.

"So, how'd Loke take it when you told him you didn't want to have sex?" Lucy asked, unaware that Natsu had sent the text.

He opened his mouth to correct her, but Gray cut him off. "Pretty well. I let him know once I got there that way he didn't get the wrong idea." Gray's eyes flitted to Natsu, his smile turning soft. "After I explained our new relationship, he said he understood." Gray chuckled. "But, he did make me be his wingman."

Natsu's eyes widened, thankful Lucy spoke up since he lost his voice. "Really? Who'd he go home with?"

"Some shy woman at the bar." Gray grinned, keeping his gaze on Natsu. "Actually, her hair was almost like yours, but hers was a lighter pink."

Natsu felt his throat lock up, but he managed to ask his question, even if his voice was strained. "So, nothing happened?"

Gray's shoulders fell, the hesitation making Natsu uncomfortable. He went to sit on the armrest of the recliner, facing both Natsu and Lucy, but his gaze remained on his boyfriend. "After I told him we couldn't do anything with each other besides be friends, we hugged, and..."

Gray took a deep breath. "And we shared one last kiss, but that was it. He was the one who started it, and I didn't kiss him back, but... I didn't stop him either. I'm sorry if that makes you upset. I can promise you it meant nothing and it won't happen again. I've been feeling guilty about it since it happened, even after you gave me permission to sleep with Loke."

"Wait, what?" Lucy's eyes widened as she looked back and forth from her boyfriend to her husband, left out of the loop. "When did that happen?"

Gray furrowed his brows, casting Natsu a questioning glance. "You didn't tell her?"

Natsu shook his head, swallowing as he grabbed Lucy's hand, needing a lifeline. "I didn't." He squeezed her hand, lowering his voice as he mumbled, "I sent Gray a text saying he could have sex with Loke."

"But you didn't sleep with Loke?" Lucy asked, needing confirmation from Gray.

He nodded, placing his hands on his thighs as he looked at her. "I didn't. The furthest was one kiss, but..." He shook his head. "Even that felt like too much after our fight. I'm sorry, Natsu," he said, standing up to walk towards the couch.

Gray kneeled down in front of Natsu, pausing before he set a hand over Natsu's. When he didn't flinch away, Gray continued. "It didn't mean anything, but I'll understand if you're mad at me. I... I did want to say that I'm kind of glad it happened."

Natsu tensed, not liking the sound of that. Before he could let his thoughts spiral out of control, Gray spoke again.

"It made me realize how much I don't want meaningless touches anymore. I want something deeper." Gray squeezed Natsu's hand as he gazed into his eyes, giving him his undivided attention. "I think I was scared before to give this relationship my all, and that's why I was so quick to accept Loke's offer to hang out. You were right, I... I wasn't taking you seriously, and that's no one's fault but my own. I accept full responsibility."

Gray paused, his Adam's apple bobbing as he gulped. "If you'll let me, I'd love to give this relationship a real shot. I promise I'll show you the respect you deserve. Natsu, I want you."

He stole a glance at Lucy, giving her a smile. "And you too, of course." When she nodded, he turned his gaze back to Natsu. "So, what do you say? Do you think we can try again?"

Natsu bit his inner cheek as he nodded, turning his hand so he could hold Gray's. "Yeah," he whispered, throat tight and chest heavy. "I want to be with you." Despite him not feeling like they ever ended things, he said, "We can try again."

Gray smiled, leaning in for a hug. Natsu allowed it, wrapping his arms tightly around Gray, soaking in the comfort and warmth. He didn't like fighting with the people he cared about. Play fights were one thing, but knowing he was in an argument with one of his partners made Natsu feel wrong, like half of him was gone while the other half was upside down. He didn't know how to explain it, but he knew he never wanted to feel that way again.

"I forgive you," Natsu mumbled, hoping Gray heard him. "For kissing him. I forgive you."

Gray squeezed him tighter, his voice strained as he said, "I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

When Gray eventually pulled back, the real discussion began, the three of them moving to the dining room so they could all face each other. Natsu and Gray sat on opposite ends towards the corners while Lucy sat at the head of the table, a pen and a pad of paper in her hands.

"Are we all agreed to close our relationship for the time being?" she asked, looking between her two men.

Natsu nodded, followed by Gray. Lucy jotted down the rule, stating they wouldn't be intimate with anyone else besides the three of them. It wasn't a permanent rule. If the three of them agreed to change it at a later date, they could. However, considering how delicate and fragile their new relationship was, they decided it was best to close it so they could focus on each other.

"What about the rule where we can flirt and kiss whomever we want, as long as we tell each other about it?"

Natsu wrinkled his nose, not liking the sound of that. Lucy and Gray saw his expression, not letting it get swept under the rug.

"What are you thinking, Natsu?" Lucy asked, keeping her tone as neutral as possible.

Knowing he had to be honest, Natsu said, "I don't like the idea of you two kissing other people... And I don't wanna kiss anyone else."

Gray nodded, turning to Lucy. "I'm okay with not kissing other people too. Natsu, would you be interested in revisiting that rule at a later time?"

Natsu swallowed. He didn't like how formal Gray was speaking, as if they were going over a business negotiation. Regardless, he answered as honestly as he could. "I'd... be open to talking about it later, but I can't guarantee I'd change my mind."

"That's fair," Lucy said, jotting it down. "I also agree. I can go without kissing other people." She paused, tapping her pen on the paper twice before asking, "What about flirting? I'll say now that I think it's healthy to flirt a little here and there as long as it's harmless."

Gray nodded, leaning forward in his seat. "I agree. I don't find anything wrong with a little flirting, as long as it's harmless."

Natsu was the only one not immediately agreeing. They gave him time to think it over, his mind running through different scenarios. After a minute or two of silence, Natsu sighed. "How about... you can flirt, but not when I'm around. I'm not comfortable with seeing it, but I do wanna know if it happens. I don't want all the details, but I do wanna know, I guess. Does that sound fair?"

"Absolutely, Gray?" Lucy asked, earning a nod from her husband.

"That sounds fair to me."

Natsu took a deep breath, his hand gripping his arm. "Sorry I get jealous."

"Don't be sorry," Gray said, offering a kind smile. "It's normal to feel jealous. We're all humans. Me and Lucy get jealous too. We just can't let it fester. That's why talking about it really helps. We should start talking more about what we're feeling. I think it'll help out a lot."

Lucy nodded, tuning to Natsu. "I agree. You?"

Natsu knew that was a good idea, even if sometimes talking about feelings could be hard. "Yeah. I'll try to talk more."

"I have something else," Gray started, eyes flitting to Natsu. "It's not really a rule or anything, but we need to start going on more dates with just the two of us. What do you think?"

While Lucy nodded, Natsu took a deep breath, feeling his face warm with a soft blush. "Yeah. I'd like that." He wanted things to work between the three of them, and in order to do that, all their relationships had to be strong. He was willing to do the work, as long as they were right alongside him.

If the three of them came together and worked towards the same goal, he had no doubt they would be an unstoppable force. They just had to make sure they were on the same page.

Gray and him had to build their bond, otherwise the relationship wouldn't hold together. He already felt a connection with Gray, but he wanted more, he wanted love.

"How about one night a week you two go out on your own?" Lucy asked, earning nods from both men. "Natsu, I don't know if you want to or not, but I think it'd be better if you started spending the night over here more often."

Natsu blinked, surprised by the offer. "How often?"

"Maybe at least twice a week? We can gradually increase it. It just seems like we don't get to spend a lot of time with you outside of work." Lucy looked at Gray, a sympathetic smile gracing her lips. "And Gray doesn't even get to see you then. Plus, if you're serious about finding another job, there'll be less time with each other. I think it'd be better for all of us if you come over more. Is that okay?"

Once again, Natsu nodded. "Yeah, I can do that. I'll have to check on Happy at least once during that day, but other than that I have no problems."

He would miss Happy on those days, but his cat was able to handle a little alone time. It wasn't as if he was going to be away for days at a time.

"Great." Lucy looked back and forth between them before saying, "We need to have an open line of communication. We should try to avoid what happened earlier by catching it before it escalates. So, we need to be more open and honest. Got it?"

Natsu nodded, feeling embarrassed over how things turned out earlier. He hadn't meant to lose control, but he was hurt and angry, and people did stupid things when they were upset. He had to work on his temper and communication, that way it wouldn't happen again.

Lucy set her pen down, gaining their attention. "Okay, well, I can't think of anything else to talk about now? Do you?" She looked between the two, seeing them shake their heads. "We should just all make sure we're getting as equal amount of time together as we can to make sure no one feels excluded. Natsu, I understand it'll be harder for you since Gray and I live together, and Gray, I know it'll be hard for you too since Natsu and I work together for now."

She sighed, giving a soft laugh as she said, "It might be easier if Natsu just moves in with us and Gray starts working at our branch."

Natsu and Gray's eyes went wide, but Lucy was already laughing louder, shaking her head. "I know we're not ready for that, and Gray actually likes his job. It wouldn't be right to make either of you switch." She changed the subject before they could dwell on it. "If there's nothing else, I think we should all get to bed. It's pretty late."

Gray stood next, eyes falling on his boyfriend. "Yeah, I'm feeling tired too. Natsu?"

Natsu got up, taking a mental check of himself. His body was tired but his mind wasn't. However, he knew laying in bed with his two partners would be cozy, usually lulling him to sleep quickly. He nodded, following them to the bedroom to get ready for their nightly routines.

Once they crawled into bed, they snuggled around each other, no one trying to initiate sex. Natsu was glad. He wasn't in the mood to be intimate, his heart still recovering from the turmoil it faced earlier.

Natsu gave Lucy and Gray a kiss goodnight before burying himself under the covers, clinging to Gray's body while Lucy spooned him from behind. They hadn't figured a sleeping arrangement yet, but they were working on it, trying to find a happy medium for everyone. Usually when Natsu spent the night, he took the middle spot. He loved it, surrounded by his two favorite people.

Natsu knew they had more to discuss, that all their problems weren't magically solved after one conversation. However, he was hopeful, thinking they had a real shot at making this relationship work out.

They just needed honesty, respect, communication, trust, and teamwork.

It was a lot, but it was necessary to have a healthy relationship. 

Chapter Text

Chapter Twenty-Three: Movie night

Gray huffed when he heard his phone vibrating beside him on the couch. His eyes were glued to the TV, watching as his character dodged flaming arrows while also dealing out some damage of his own when permitted. He had no intentions on seeing who was calling, but once he lost enough health to die, Gray figured he might as well check.

He paused the game as soon as he respawned, mood soured by his defeat. He had watched Natsu get through the same section the night before with no troubles, making the loss more painful.

Gray set his controller down before swiping his phone, surprised to see his dad calling. He quickly clicked the green button, answering it as he cocked his phone. "Hello?"

"Hey son! Glad I caught you!" His father's voice came through loud and clear, a smile heard in his tone. "Your mom's making plans and wanted to know if you and Lucy are comin' by for the Fourth of July?"

"What?" Gray asked, knowing that was a little over four months away. "Why're you making plans that soon?"

"I know, I know. I told your mom it was too early, but she said the boat rentals fill up fast around the holiday and she wanted to put our name down now before they're all gone. She wanted to take a boat out and watch the fireworks this year."

Gray's lips twisted, immediately thinking of a certain someone's motion sickness issue. He paused, mulling over what he should say. He wanted to tell his family about Natsu, but it still felt too soon. They had only been dating for three months, and although things were going relatively well between the three, he didn't want to mess things up by moving too fast.

Then again, the holiday was a while away, meaning they had time to work up to that point.

"I..." Gray stopped himself, running a hand through his hair before sitting up straight in his recliner. He swallowed, bracing himself for his dad's reaction. "Actually, there's something I need to tell you about." Gray took a deep breath, reminding himself his family wasn't going to be hateful towards him. For the most part, they were understanding. Sometimes it just took a bit before they came around, but they always accepted him in the end.

"What is it?" Silver asked, making Gray's heart beat a little faster as anxiety crept in.

He had to push away the bad memory threatening to pop up, knowing him and his dad had grown past that. They were better now. There was no reason to hide who he was anymore.

"It's more like a who." Gray's eyes fell to the floor as he picked at the hem of his shorts, trying to calm his nerves. "You know how me and Lucy have our... our extras?"

The private life was kept secret from most, but after Jude found out about their arrangements, Gray decided to tell his parents. He kept it from his brother and sister for a while after that, but told them a month or two before Lucy started dating Natsu. They had been shocked, his dad asking him five different times if he was sure that was the type of relationship he wanted. He assured his family he was happy with how things were going, glad when they all accepted him and his lifestyle.

They did mention it wasn't something they imagined him doing, but if he was happy, they would support him.

Silver hesitated, his tone more cautious as he said, "Yeah. That still working out for you?"

Gray was about to nod but caught himself. His dad couldn't see him over the phone, and his partners were somewhere around the house. Lucy had said she wanted to tan since it was abnormally sunny for the beginning of March. He had no idea where Natsu was after he went to get a snack, but if he had to guess, he was probably outside with Lucy.

"Yup. I actually have some news about that," Gray started, fighting a grimace. "I just, I dunno how you're gonna take it."

"Should I sit down or get your mom?"

Gray thought about it for a second before asking, "Is she home?" When Silver said she was, he added, "Can you get her too." If he was going to tell them, he would rather do it once.

"Sure. Hang on."

Gray waited until they were both on the line, knowing when they switched his dad's phone to speaker mode. He took a deep breath, steeling his nerves. "You remember how I'm... I'm bi, right?" It was a pointless question since he knew the answer, but he asked to start the conversation.



Gray wiped one of his sweaty palms against his shorts, wondering if telling them over the phone was the best idea. He almost chickened out, but the thought of bringing Natsu with them to his parents' house made his heart flip.

He wanted them to meet the man he was falling in love with, knowing they would love him too. He was a great guy, and Gray wanted to show them how happy he was making both him and Lucy.

"Well, long story short, we made one of Lucy's extras," he gulped, "our partner, if that makes sense."

The line went silent, Gray's ears straining to hear any slight sound he could detect. He swallowed past the lump forming in his throat, hoping he hadn't upset them. Despite it being his life and his decision, he still wanted his parents approval on some level, especially when it was with something so personal.

Gray jolted when he heard his mom's voice over the line, Ur's tone hesitant as she said, "I'm sorry, I don't understand."

He was afraid of that, figuring they would have a harder time wrapping their heads around it. "He was just Lucy's boyfriend... but now he's our... boyfriend."

He swore the silence that followed was ten times worse. Gray knew they were working it out, probably more surprised than they had been when he first told them about their extras. Lucy and him had never shared an extra before, never even discussed the possibility before Natsu walked into their lives.

When he heard his mom's voice again, he thought she was going to be confused again, but her question wasn't so far off.

"Like a threesome?"

Gray's face burned with a blush as his shoulders shook, suppressing a nervous laugh. "K-kinda," he mumbled, embarrassment seeping in. "It's uh, it's a lot more than just physical stuff. We're both actually dating him, like a real relationship." He didn't want them thinking it was just a sex thing.

While he was happy having sex with the two of them, he enjoyed the emotional development too, especially after he started putting his all into the relationship. The weekly dates helped strengthen his bond with Natsu, and having their boyfriend spend the night more often helped everyone out.

Things were about to get a little rough since Natsu was about to start a new job next week, leaving Lucy's company at the end of the week. The transition was going to be weird, but Natsu had found a good paying job with morning hours. While it was more physical than his job as Lucy's assistant, he was eager to start his new adventure. He didn't know how long he would work at his new job, but Lucy and Gray were there, ready to support whatever decision he made.

While Gray waited for his parents to respond, he shut down his gaming console, deciding he would swim after their conversation, whether it went good or bad. Swimming usually took his mind off his problems, especially when the water was cold. He had no idea if the sun warmed their pool, but either way, he was going for a dip soon.

"How long have you been... with him?" his dad asked, his question making Gray sigh in relief.

It wasn't a bad reaction if he said so himself. If anything, it sounded more accepting than he thought his dad would be. He knew it was a lot to take in, but he hoped he could count on his family's support and love.

"Little over three months now." He didn't mention how long Lucy had been with Natsu separately, that time spanning over two years. He could save that for another day. They were already going to need time to process what he had already said.

"Is this a temporary thing like the extras?" Ur asked, her tone unreadable.

Gray headed into the kitchen, leaning against a counter as he stared at the fridge. No one was around, making him believe his partners were indeed outside. "No. We're um, we're not going for temporary this time."

"So," Silver started, sounding confused. "The goal is to stay with this third person... forever?"

Gray didn't know if they were accepting the news or not, but at least they hadn't started yelling. "Ideally, yeah." That alone was scary, but Gray had to work on his fears. He didn't know what the future held for them, but life was short and he wanted them both. They were worth the risk, Gray feeling it in his heart. "I mean, if it doesn't work out it doesn't work out, but so far it's been going great."

He didn't mention the small tiffs they had over the three months, or the big fight he had with Natsu over Loke. They were all unique and weren't always going to see eye to eye, but talking things over and being respectful of others opinions and feelings went a long way.

He smiled, his heart warming at the thought of being with Lucy and Natsu. He felt complete when he was with them, wishing he had said something sooner so they could have been together earlier.

"What's his name?" Ur asked, making Gray's smile widen. It didn't sound like his mom was opposed to the idea.


Gray wondered if his father would remember him mentioning him before. He almost barked out a laugh when his dad asked, "Isn't that the guy who's always tagging you in those dumb videos?"

Holding back a snort, Gray nodded. "Yeah. If uh, if you wanna look at his profile you could do that... Only if you want." Natsu had most of his personal information set to private, so only his friends could see, but he shared a lot of silly videos that he couldn't resist tagging Gray and/or Lucy, wanting them to see them. They were mostly 'fail' videos, earning a cheap laugh here or there.

Instead of replying to that, Silver asked, "Where'd you two meet him?"

Gray's smile turned crooked, hoping they wouldn't think anything bad of it. "He uh, well, he was Lucy's assistant at work. He's about to quit though and work at this rental truck company."

Gray didn't both telling them about Natsu's job, saving that for another day as well.

That pesky silence came back, but this one lasted shorter than the others. "Oh?" Ur paused before adding, "That's... interesting."

Gray sighed, deciding 'interesting' wasn't the worst word that could be used to describe it. "He's a great guy. Really fun to hang out with. I'm sure you guys would like him if you met him."

Gray flinched, wondering if they would catch his not-so-subtle hint.

They did, Silver hitting the nail on the head. "Are you wanting to bring him with you two for the Fourth of July?"

Gray's pulse raced, his teeth clenching together as he tried to figure out if his father was upset or not. He knew it was a lot to process, but his parents were accepting people for the most part. Placing an arm around his middle, Gray nodded, his throat tight as he said, "If that's okay with you guys. If not, I understand."

He anticipated the pause, but it didn't help ease his nerves. He fidgeted, waiting for one of his parents to say something. Finally, Silver cleared his throat, causing Gray's body to tense.

"I mean, if this guy is part of your life now then yeah, he can come too. I guess we should meet him anyways."

Gray sighed but his muscles hadn't loosened. "Thanks," he mumbled, mentally preparing himself for his parents meeting Natsu. It wouldn't be a few months, but it was better to get ready now. He knew how nerve-racking it could be meeting parents, but this was a special case. It wasn't every day someone introduced their third partner to their mom and dad.

"Still don't know how you do it though," Silver murmured, loud enough for Gray to hear him. "I couldn't share your mother with anyone."

Ur giggled while Gray froze. He thought that was a bad sign, but before he could get defensive, his father spoke again, letting some of his stress fade. "But, if you're happy, we're happy."

"That's right," Ur said. "So, are you coming by on the fourth or sooner?"

Gray shook his head, but no one except Happy saw, the little blue cat staring up at him as he walked into the kitchen. "I'll have to check our schedules, but we might be able to come a few days sooner. I'll let you know when I book a hotel." Gray bent down, petting Happy's back before smiling at him, snorting when he bumped his head against Gray's palm.

"Nonsense. You tw— three can stay with us. There's plenty of room," Ur said, causing Gray to swallow.

"I dunno if that's a good idea..."

However, his mom wasn't listening to him. "Don't waste your money. I'll have one of the guest rooms ready for you."

Knowing it wasn't going to do him much good arguing with her, Gray nodded, accepting defeat. "Yeah, okay."

"Well, that was what I called you about," Silver started, his tone letting Gray know he was trying to end the conversation. "Anything else new going on in your life?"

"Nope. Same old, same old." Gray could mention the two new additions to his household, Natsu and Happy spending more time at their house instead of his apartment, but he figured he'd save that for later. He doubted his parents wanted to know about the newest step in his relationship.

"That's good I guess. I'll talk to you again tomorrow about the new branch opening. We gotta go pick up Cadence and Jack in a few minutes."

Gray smiled at the mention of his niece and nephew. "Oh, tell Meredy and Lyon I said hi, will ya?"

"Can do," Silver said, his smile heard in his voice once again, giving Gray a sense of relief. However, that faded when his dad asked, "Speaking of little ones, you and Lucy still planning on having one in a few years?"

Gray chuckled, knowing his dad couldn't resist bringing the subject up. He had gone from subtle hints when him and Lucy first started dating to straight up asking when they were going to start trying. Gray always told them later, but later was approaching quicker than they knew it.

"Yeah, the plan hasn't changed." He wasn't sure if Lucy would want to change it since Natsu was now with both of them, but he could ask another day. They had a while until they had to have that talk.

Gray stood, walking towards the patio door to peek in on the woman who would one day carry his child. He almost laughed when he saw Lucy writhing on her back, a head of pink hair buried between her spread legs. Judging from what he saw, sunbathing was Lucy's second priority now.

"Hey, I gotta go," Gray rushed out, feeling heat make its way to his cock. He didn't want to talk to his parents while he watched his boyfriend eating out his wife.

Gray laughed at that thought, knowing their relationship wasn't the most tradition, but he enjoyed what they had anyway.

"Oh, okay. Yeah. We'll talk to you later," Silver said, Ur saying goodbye after him.

"Talk to you guys later. Love you." Once Gray said his goodbyes, he hung up the phone, making his way to the bedroom to grab his swim trunks.

"Graaaay," Lucy moaned, causing Natsu's brows to furrow.

He pulled his lips from her clit, hearing her whine in protest just as his feral eyes spotted Gray walking towards them. He smiled, Lucy's arousal staining his lips. Leaning in, Natsu gave Lucy's wetness another lick, loving the flavor.

"Thought you were gonna tan?" Gray laughed, sitting next to Lucy's head. She tried reaching for the waistband of his swim trunks, but he swatted her hands away, giving her a grin. "Not right now."

"Are you sure?" Natsu asked, loving the intoxicating scent that came from Lucy's pussy. "She tastes so fucking sweet. You should join."

Gray reached down, hands palming Lucy's breasts. She let out a strangled moan, back arching to get closer to his touch. Natsu took it upon himself to wrap his lips around her clit again, tongue swiping over the engorged nub, causing Lucy's hips to jerk.

"Yess!" she moaned, one hand gripping at his pink locks. "Feels so good!"

Despite Lucy and Gray assuring them their neighbors didn't spend much time outside, Natsu couldn't help but worry someone would hear them. However, that wasn't enough to pull him away from Lucy's slick core, one of his fingers trailing along her wet folds before pushing the digit in, twisting it to earn a whimper from the goddess.

"How many times have you come so far?" Gray asked Lucy, seeing the blush stained on her chest.

"I lost track," she confessed, eyes screwing shut as he pinched her nipples, the pink buds already hardened.

Natsu gave her clit a long lick before smirking, watching Lucy quiver between them. "Three," he answered, thrusting his finger in and out of her, feeling her clenching around him. "I swear she's gonna pass out at this rate." They had started not too long ago, but already Lucy was soaked and begging for more.

Gray lightly rubbed the tips of his fingers against her nipples just as Natsu resumed licking her core, causing the woman to go rigid as pure pleasure washed over her.

"Ooooooh fuck! Yes! Mmmmnmmm!"

Natsu couldn't help but chuckle as he came up for air, grinning like a fool at Lucy's flushed face. "Make that four."

Gray pulled away from Lucy, giving her forehead a kiss before walking past Natsu, ruffling his hair. "I'm gonna go for a dip," he said, Lucy's moans follow as he made his way to the diving board.

Natsu lost track of Gray's movements after that, his attention on Lucy's spasming body. He heard Gray swimming in the pool beside him, probably doing laps in the chilly water. Natsu didn't like when the water was that cold, but Gray enjoyed the cooler temperature.

Natsu was sliding his thick cock into Lucy's sopping entrance when Gray walked by, his body dripping wet as he leaned in to press a kiss to Lucy's parted lips. He swallowed her moan as Natsu filled her, loving the delicious stretch that came every time he fucked her.

Natsu growled when Gray kissed him next, the two men thrusting their tongues into the other's mouth as his hips snapped, hearing Lucy's whimper and Gray's groan. When Gray pulled away, Natsu tried to kiss him again, but the wink Gray gave let him know he would have to wait.

"I'm gonna go shower," Gray said, turning to head to the house. "Then I want a turn."

Lucy nodded while Natsu fucked her harder in response, the woman a moaning mess from the heavy foreplay. He leaned in, stealing a kiss from her as he palmed one of her breasts, kneading it with a rough hand.

Lucy's nails dug into his back as he increased his speed, her voice turning into a choked sob when he brought her to completion again. He wasn't done with her yet, throwing her legs over his shoulders as he pounded into her, hoping the ground wasn't hurting her back. She didn't complain, moaning, "H-harder!" right before she came again.

Natsu didn't last too long that time, her core feeling too good wrapped around his cock. He let out a guttural moan as he emptied himself into her. While he was still giving her body light thrusts, Gray stepped out of the house, wearing nothing but a towel over his wet body. He hadn't bothered drying off, apparently wanting Lucy as soon as he could have her.

Natsu pulled out of Lucy's dripping pussy, admiring the glistening pink flesh that leaked with his cum and her arousal. He assumed Gray was going to fuck her next, but seeing her so worn out changed his plans. She gave out a content sigh as she curled on her side. She was close to passing out, but that didn't stop her from enjoying the view as Natsu stepped in, the man grinning as he said, "Looks like you're all mine."

Gray grabbed Natsu's arms before pulling him towards him, letting him hover over as their lips met in a heated kiss. He could taste Lucy's arousal on Natsu's lips, his hand curling around his cock as he gave himself lazy strokes, letting Natsu's tongue delve into his mouth. Natsu's hands trailed over Gray's chest and stomach, until he replaced Gray's hand with his own, his pumps more frantic and needy. 

Natsu helped muffle Gray's moans of pleasure, enthralled by how much power he had over Gray at that moment. What made his blood rush wasn't that he would dominate Gray, it was that the man was letting him, trusting Natsu in every way. He kissed his way across Gray's chin before skimming downwards, loving the hitch in Gray's breath as he moved.

Natsu dragged his lips against Gray's neck, making his way back up to his ear. He breathed deeply, feeling Gray shiver as he moaned, "Can I suck your cock?"

Gray nodded, unable to refuse that offer. He watched with a hooded gaze as Natsu crawled between his legs, hand gripping the base of his cock. "Fuck yes!" Gray moaned after Natsu slipped the head past his lips. He took as much of Gray's cock as he could in his mouth, his hand pumping whatever didn't fit.

Natsu took pleasure in the groans tumbling out of Gray, his own body surging when he felt Gray gripping his hair. He loved things rough, especially hair pulling, biting, and scratches.

"Damn! That's good!" Gray put pressure on the back of Natsu's head, forcing him to take more. "I love how hot your mouth is!"

Actually, he loved how hot everything about Natsu was. He thought about every inch of that gorgeous body of his, wanting to feel him, all of him. He didn't want to be impatient, but he wanted more from Natsu, but he wasn't going to make him uncomfortable