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Song of Temptation

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        Taehyung always found that funerals are a bigger bore than an actual heartbreak. How many times was he supposed to listen to multiple sobbing people coming up to him? He was a great man. So many good memories. I wish you good fortune. What a bunch of bullshit. They were all gathered here with their crocodile tears for one thing and one alone. Taehyung knew it. Jimin knew it. Even Taemi knew it even though she had been zoned out for most of the event. They wanted to know who was next. As if it was some drama on the television.


              Weak fans were attempting to cool down the church; it had to be hot on the day he wore an all-black outfit. He stood at the altar, hours into the ceremony in front of his father’s dead body covered with a beautifully varnished coffin lined with gold. Tear stained and blank faces were all he could see in the midst of uncomfortable silence.


              “We have been through a bit of an ordeal for the past couple of days. No one wanted to believe it,” Taehyung shook his head for effect, even though he wanted to leave as soon as possible. “No one wanted to believe that my father could be taken down in such a manner. He was a strong man…unbreakable,”


               More empty words spewed out of his mouth with his eyes occasionally glancing up at the crowd. There was a light darkness under his eyes since he couldn’t bother setting himself up besides throwing on one of his good tuxedos. He could hear his father scolding him when his long fringe blocked most of the crowd from his vision.


              However, he could make out Jimin’s face on his left sitting in the front row. He was wearing a similar black attire as he was except with a much brighter complexion and well kept, parted hair showing off his perfectly shaped eyebrows. His face was just as blank as his speech but Taehyung could have sworn there was a twitch at the corner of his lip. But the twitch lasted too long—was that…a smirk?


              Taehyung’s speech was finished and there was a round of applause but he was only relieved that he could get off the damn altar now. It was Jimin’s turn. His gaze moved to Taemi who was still ducking her head, his heart sank. She hadn’t spoken since they confirmed their father had passed away.



              Three days before Don Kim’s funeral.



             Pictures surfaced of a tragic incident in the middle of Gangnam-gu. A sleek, black Hyundai Equus in its utmost destruction; doors were riddled with bullet wounds and the car itself looked like it was smashed into nothing but a ball. There were witnesses who came forward and said that multiple cars rammed into the Equus leaving Don Kim helpless to survive the crash. Whoever did the deed wanted the Don dead for sure.


             Baem Pa was crumbling with the death of their leader especially since neither Taehyung nor Jimin made any public announcement about any confirmation.


             The two boys tried their best to keep the news on the down low from Taemi until there was proper confirmation that their father was present in the car when it happened. Police investigated; their own PI’s went into the case to ensure that they had a highly powerful dead man on their hands.


             And they did. Three mangled bodies were scraped off of the crash; one belonged to the driver, the other to Jeon Youngjae—Don Kim’s assistant and Don Kim himself.


             “It’s not true, is it? Papa said he was reaching the mansion soon,” Taemi tried to make excuses, laughing lightly. The false hope soon disappeared however when Taehyung reluctantly had to tell her that the body was found. The night was filled with screams and relentless crying until Taemi finally fell asleep from exhaustion before Taehyung was sobbing on his own.


             Jimin would pat his head and hug him for hours until he calmed down. “A king needs to stay strong, yeah? They’re going to need you now,” He whispered in Taehyung’s ear, hand rubbing up and down his arm.




              Present time.


             Tears were dried out and all they could hear was silence; uncomfortable and loud silence. Everyone wanted to say something but no words were coming out. It was a constant feeling of helplessness. Taehyung asked if they could go to his penthouse suite instead of the Baem Pa mansion to which to no one disagreed. Mostly because Taemi still wasn’t speaking and Jimin was lost in his own world while he made the request.


               The only interaction he had with his sister today was mere gestures and the fact she was wearing his jacket as a blanket in the car. Her eyes looked droopy; it wouldn’t be too long until she was fast asleep and Taehyung wouldn’t dare interrupting her. Taehyung hadn’t seen her sleep since that night she lost control of her emotions.


               “Sungjae’s still trying to get a hold of the cameras in Gangnam-gu. If we find where the enemy vehicle came from and who they belong to then we’ll be able to track down who ordered the kill,” Jimin spoke up with a soft voice.


               Taehyung assumed he knew that Taemi was asleep. He shook his head. “Vehicles,” He corrected.


               Jimin let out a questioning hum.


              “It had to be more than one,” Taehyung’s gaze was on the window since he was tired to turn his head. “The car was literally crushed like a snowball. It can’t have been one vehicle. It was more. And I bet they planned who was going to hit which side like happy little fuckin’ kids,” He spoke through gritted teeth.


               The car went silent again for the rest of the trip since there wasn’t any further discussion about the accident. A powerful mafia boss dying from a car accident. Taehyung could almost laugh if he wasn’t exhausted. His father had been shot, stabbed and tortured in his entire lifetime yet his death had to inevitably arrive with the most regular causes in history.


               When they reached Taehyung’s hotel, all he could see were crowds of black. The security was increased tenfold after the news was confirmed since the culprit was still out there possibly lurking towards the Dons’ children. About five security guards came rushing to the door when the driver opened it. Taehyung opted to carry Taemi out of the car despite his own tired limbs protesting the action. Security circled them but tried not to get far too close for comfort; if gunshots were to occur, it would go through the guard first. Taehyung would feel bad but he was holding his sister in his arms.




                 The penthouse was two floors; both the top and bottom had a large suite. Taemi was placed in the top suite so she could have some peace and quiet while Taehyung and Jimin took the bottom.


                 “You don’t have to stay. You need sleep too,” Taehyung sat at the marble top kitchen island on the other side of the bottom floor.


                  Jimin let out a weak chuckle. “Shy suddenly, are we?” He placed two cups filled with chamomile tea in front of him and sat in the adjacent stool.


                 Coffee’s too strong. Taehyung pouted at the thought of not having coffee in his system especially after the day he had. But he assumed it was for the best since he needed some sleep. “No, no,” He finally replied. “I just thought you might want to sleep in your own bed,”


                 “I’ve slept in this suite more times than my own, Tae. Maid has the time of her life not having to clean it every single day,” Jimin took a polite sip, the steam hovering over his face. “Besides I don’t feel like going back alone,”


                  The corner of Taehyung’s lip twitched before stretching a little into a smile. “Fair enough,”


                   The silence was more comfortable now. Sipping their tea and a few second conversations about the relatives that attended the funeral. There were even some light-hearted discussions about how Taehyung’s father would have judged some parts of the funeral itself if he were there.


                   It was nice. Calming, even. His heart felt much more weightless rather panging at every given minute.


                  Then Jimin’s phone buzzed and he immediately picked it up. “Sungjae...” His expression softened before nodding. “Right, give Joon the details. He’ll know what to do,”


                  The conversation was brief but as soon as Jimin mentioned Joon he knew that someone must have been found. Namjoon was always in charge of sending details of a case to Taehyung or Jimin since he was invisible. The world had no record of him but Baem Pa trusted him; Taehyung met him once or twice but he barely spoke. He assumed that was why he was isolated.


                  “They got the camera footage and tracked one of the owners. The department sends its condolences,” Jimin met Taehyung’s gaze. “We just need Joon to gather info on the vehicles. Won’t be too long until we have them on a leash,”


                   Taehyung didn’t answer. There was that eerie feeling again. He felt like this a couple of times in the funeral when he was giving the eulogy and in the car. It wasn’t sadness because that felt different. This was far stranger. “What do we do now?” He asked mindlessly hoping maybe Jimin would be able to reassure him somehow.


                    “Besides finding Master Kim’s killers?” Jimin frowned.


                    “Yeah I mean…Baem Pa can’t be without a leader for too long, right? If news like that reaches places like Incheon we’re fucked,” Taehyung took a generous sip of his tea; it felt bitter against his tongue but it felt nice to drink something at least.


                    “I’ve scheduled a meeting for you, me and the other Baem Pa associates to properly announce that you’re taking the Don’s chair,” Jimin replied in such ease, it was beautiful to Taehyung.


                   He was always so collected and prepared whereas Taehyung could barely lift his finger without wanting to give up. Jimin was doing just as much work as him yet he was still on top of everything. “What would I do without you?” A proper smile tugged at Taehyung’s lips.


             “You probably would still be trying to tie your shoelaces by now,” Jimin chuckled wholeheartedly this time which warmed Taehyung’s heart.

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“You need to eat,” Hoseok whined weakly. This was the tenth plead and Taemi was still not budging from their curled-up position in bed. The struggle not to grab his flask and chug it down was getting stronger by every denial he got from the girl. Now he knew why so many nurses came and went trying to take care of her.


                Please, Taehyungs been such a mess lately. I need him to at least know that his sister is being taken care of, Jimin’s pleads now played in his head. Everyone had been a mess since the Don’s passing. Some of them out of grief but others were out for power. The next Don. While it was heavily obvious that the chair belonged to Taehyung, it wouldn’t stop people from kissing up to him as much as they could by force feeding him profits and empty promises. It was amazing for Baem Pa’s profits but terrible for finding loyalty.


               Taemi pushed his hand away again, annoying him further. “I’ll eat it myself, alright? Will you just leave me alone?” She grumbled.


               “Will you promise me you’ll get out of bed?” Hoseok placed the spoonful of soup back into the bowl. The sight of food made his stomach rumble a little as well but he had more jjajangmyeon in mind rather than the spread Taemi was given. “No offence, Mimi but you stink like a horse’s ass, it’s been two days,”


               “How is that not offensive, honestly?” Taemi frowned, climbing off the bed. “All of you gangsters are scum on bat shit when it comes to comforting,” She complained as she stomped into the bathroom.


               At least Hoseok got her into the bathroom, he guessed.


             “Fuckin’ teenagers,” Hoseok grumbled under his breath.


               His phone buzzed in his pocket. Since Taemi was mostly taken care of, Hoseok left the apartment with the phone pressed against his ear. “Sungjae, why’re you calling me now? Shouldn’t you be working?”


              I am, I am—I—Hoseok fuck,” Sungjae whimpered. I dont wanna believe it, I really fucking dont,


              Hoseok’s brows furrowed. “What? What the hell happened? You okay?” His back rested on the wall in the hallway next to the elevators.


              Hoseok, Tae he—I was looking at the camera footage and I-I gave it to Joon and he—fuck,” He hissed. It doesnt look good, man it just doesnt,


             “Kid, you better start fuckin’ making sense because I’m not havin’ the brightest day right now,” He snapped. The guards standing in front of Taemi’s door barely looked his way when he spoke.


             They found the vehicles and one of the owners was tracked, yeah? Well he was questioned. Jimin doesnt know yet cause I dont even fucking know how hes going to react when he sees it but—the owner said the drivers were paid by a Baem Pa man to kill the Don,” Sungjae still sounded agitated but at least now he was making some sense. Its fucking Taehyung, man—he said Taehyung hired men to kill the Don,”


           Hoseok’s heart sank when the words absorbed into his mind. “What?” His features cringed. “Do you have any idea how big of a fuckin’ accusation that is? This is the Don’s son we’re talking about,” He whispered the last few words just in case the guards were a little too alert on his conversation.


            I know, I know but therere pictures taken the day before the Dons death to confirm the accusation. He was meeting up with one of the owners in one of his clubs and whether Taehyung is innocent or not, if these go out to all of Baem Pa—”


           “They’re not going to listen to his side of the story,” Hoseok immediately walked into an elevator so he wasn’t watched on by the guards anymore.


            “Baem Pa associates don’t really take explanations very well,”


            “Look, just—you’re just—” He hissed in a breath. Nothing seemed to sparking into his mind and trying harder was making him even more blank than last time. “Joon knows yeah?”


             “Yeah, yeah,” Sungjae sniffed.


             “Well what did he say about it?”


             “He said to make sure the pictures don’t get leaked and to notify Jimin,”



             Hoseok sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “Can’t you just give it a few days before you say anything?”


            “You’re his consigliere. Should I?”


            “We need this coronation meeting to go smoothly and an accusation shot at Taehyung won’t be good for him,”


               “But—” Silence fell on the other side of the phone for a few minutes. “What if the owner was telling the truth?”


              “You listen to me. Taehyung is a lot of things but he’s not a killer. He hates killing as it is so what makes you believe that he’s going to kill his own father?” Hoseok defended.


              “Power can make a lot of people change,”


              “Not him. Just—stay quiet until the meeting. That’s an order, yeah? Sungjae? Sungjae?!” Sungjae hung up the phone before Hoseok could hear an answer from him; anxiety bubbled up inside him. There was no way it was Taehyung. It just couldn’t have been.


              For a mob prince, Taehyung was the least violent person Baem Pa had. He had people killed time and time again but never out of his own interest. It was all his father’s orders. So why would he suddenly turn over a dark new leaf? Planning an assassination to gain power for himself? It can’t be him.


              Despite that thought, Hoseok’s urge to chug some whiskey did not die down so he immediately got his flask out and took a few hard sips. He figured it would also help with dealing with the nightmare of a mob princess that was upstairs.


             “It’s not him,” He repeated to himself repeatedly until it sounded stale.

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              Coronation meeting was held a large, contemporary building in Seoul not too far away from Taehyung’s hotel. In fact, Taehyung remembered seeing the similar logo from his penthouse almost every night. It wasn’t Baem Pa’s signature snake wrapped around an arrow but rather an arrow head with Kim Corp. on it. The Kim Family invested in multiple businesses to ensure that they seemed to serve the government they were extorting from. Taehyung found this part of his family far more peaceful so he usually wasn’t nervous entering this building.


             However even without the sight of guns and blood, Taehyung still felt uneasy. It was mostly because of the gruff older males sitting at the large conference room staring at him like he was a strange creature from another land. He had the sudden urge to hold Jimin’s hand but he stopped himself. He needed to look strong in front of these people despite his stomach doing multiple flips.


             “All of Baem Pa has been mourning our king’s loss, sir. We are deeply sorry for the tragedy that’s happened,” Lee’s empty words were somewhat comforting in this situation.


             The table looked so much longer than it was when Taehyung sat at the head; Jimin stood behind him since he still wasn’t an official. Yet. Baem Pa’s current underboss, Choi Byonchol sat next to him looking much too alike to his father with the similar rough expression. Taehyung took in a breath. “Let’s not think about that right now. We all know why we’re here. The Don’s chair is empty and before that piece of news reaches enemy ears, it’s vital that we show them the line is strong as ever,” His confidence seeped in after a long time. Jimin’s encouraging words were playing through his head when he stayed over for the night. You’re the king. You can do this. You’re going to rule this city for years to come.


             Jimin’s phone rang quietly from the background and he quickly apologized before excusing himself since it was important. He gave a reassuring look to Taehyung as he walked out leaving him alone with the other officials.


            “As of now on, you will be taking orders from me. Choi will be stepping down so Park Jimin will take the reins as my underboss. If I’m not around, he will take the status as Don and I don’t want any arguments against that. Your service has more than admirable though, Choi, we’ll never forget it,” Taehyung reassured. Choi gave him a small nod despite his expression unchanging; Taehyung took it as an agreement nonetheless. “It’s highly likely that Incheon knows what’s going on in Baem Pa. It won’t be long before Haejeog Dal Pa knows that the Don’s dead and they could be taking advantage of that. But we’re not going to let that happen, are we?” Taehyung smirked, a sense of thrill rushing through him suddenly when the other officials smiled back at him.


             The door slammed open alerting everyone in the conference room. Taehyung frowned when he saw it was Jimin. The softness in his expression and the shine in his eyes were gone when he looked at him. “Jimin? What’s wrong?”


              “You—” Jimin muttered out, through his teeth. His right eye twitching a little.


              “Jimin,” Taehyung’s voice went softer now as he got off his chair.


              When Taehyung was walking closer towards him, Jimin flung out his gun and pointed it right at him. Everything happened so quickly that it took him a while to realize that the officials were pointing their guns at Jimin. “No, no, no! Stand down!” Taehyung pleaded at the officials.


              “Jimin…what’re you doing?” Taehyung raised his hands in surrender as Jimin held his shaky gun.


             “Sungjae, Sungjae called me. He told me what you did—” Jimin’s voice started to get shaky. “Your own father, Taehyung,” He whispered harshly.


             Taehyung’s brows furrowed. “What’d you mean?”


            “You know exactly what I fucking mean! You did it!” Jimin snapped, eyes glassy with tears.


            “What?” Taehyung grew confused. Why would Sungjae conjure up something like that? “Jimin, it can’t be true. Why, why would I kill my dad?” He spoke softly.


             Jimin’s bottom lip quivered. “The owner of the car that we found. His name was Kwon Youngjae, does that ring a bell?”


             Taehyung gulped. Of course, he remembered that name. It was his old driver; who would have ordered him to take part in his father’s death? “Jimin, he used to be my driver. I met him for drinks I wasn’t planning any assassination. Why would I do that in dads clubs?” He shook his head.


             “Because no one is allowed to be near you in those clubs, that’s the only place you could have planned an assassination,”


           “You can’t possibly believe I’d do this. I would never do that to Taemi,” Taehyung looked over at the officials when he heard guns click again. They were pointing at him. “I told you to stand down,”


            “Wasn’t it you who organized the Don going to the church that day?” Choi spoke up.


           Taehyung’s heart ached at the very thought of that. He was the one to suggest that he go to church for the day so he could stay in peace for the day while he took care of things. “I, I did but it’s not, it’s not what you think,” He stayed still, the muzzle of Jimins gun moving away from his forehead for a moment. “He was stressed and tired, I thought—”


            “You thought taking him down then and there would be the best for your own needs,” Jimin spat, pulling at Taehyung’s heartstrings further.


             “No,” Taehyung whispered. “Jimin, you know me. Please,”


            “The Taehyung I know would never kill someone. You’re not my Taehyung,”




            It was too late. Everyone was already settled on the idea. Choi called for guards to seize Taehyung; two men he could also recognize very well were now roughly grabbing him like a common traitor.


            They pulled him out of the room but he forced himself to twist his head around so he could spot Jimin’s face through the glass. There was no expression on his face for a few seconds until he saw his lips twitch again—it curled up a little on the side. An eerie feeling spread through him when he realised what Jimin was doing. It was that smirk again.

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It happened. It finally happened. His heart was still going through leaps and jumps even when the meeting was concluded. Jimin was being driven back to Taehyung’s hotel since someone had to break the news to Taemi. It was almost too easy looking back at the stressful few weeks that had been going on. Don Kim was breaking apart; old age probably getting to him, it was only time until he was going to die. It was sad that it had to be that brutal but Jimin kept a stiff upper lip about it. Taehyung, on the other hand was a whole different struggle. His sudden determination to be the Great Don in the meeting was laughable when Jimin knew his true colours. He knew what Taehyung wanted to do the empire and it was not saving it.


              The Don was dead and his son was now going to rot in the dark dungeon. Good riddance. Jimin looked out the window trying not to smile too hard without causing suspicion from the driver. He wasn’t exactly happy about the turn of events but there was no denying the excitement that came when he got sit on the head chair in the conference room. It wouldn’t be too long now before the news spread that he was the new Don now. No more Don Kim; Don Park was on the throne now.



             “You’re kidding, right? C’mon, Jimin that’s not funny just tell me where Taehyung is,” Taemi denied the same way she did with her fathers’ death. Except there wasn’t any smile, just a look of annoyance. She didn’t want to hear any worse news but sadly bad news wasn’t going to stop for the time being.


              Jimin stayed silent and lowered his head. “I’m sorry, Taemi. Joon and Sungjae confirmed the accusation pretty clearly, I—”


             “You’re lying, you’re lying, you’re fucking lying,” Taemi repeated.


              Then it began. The tantrum. Kicking and screaming to which Hoseok had to hold her down onto the bed just to keep her from hurting herself. Questions spewing out of her mouth about where her brother was and what he did to him but Jimin could only sigh while he thought about how to answer.


              “He’s not hurt, Taemi and I’ve no intention of hurting him,” Jimin lied through his teeth. “But you know Baem Pa’s rules. No disloyalty goes unpunished,” He shook his head.


              After the teenager was done crying herself to sleep, Hoseok pulled Jimin towards the kitchen on the other side of the suite. “You can’t possibly believe that Taehyung would kill Don Kim, right?”


             Funny. That was almost exactly what Taehyung said. “You think I would lie about something like this? I cared about Taehyung just as much as you did,” He cringed.


               That silenced Hoseok for a while. Not as long as Jimin would hope though. “We’re no better than him though, you know that,”


               “Let’s not dwell on past actions,”


              “Past, my fuckin’ ass. Everyone knows how your dad died yet no one batted an eye,” Hoseok stood tall and proud with his statement, irritating Jimin further.


               “My dad wasn’t a Don. Taehyung’s father is different,”


               “Yeah you’re right, a Don compared to a former prostitute is quite the step,” 


              Jimin let out a dry chuckle. “For Taehyung’s sex toy you sure have a lot of confidence in yourself, don’t you? He might have asked you to be his consigliere but it’s not going to change the fact that you’re no more important than the rats in the dungeon,”


             Hoseok scoffed, looking away from him. At least he was quiet now.


            There was an uncomfortable silence between them until Hoseok rubbed his face walking away from him. Jimin quickly took that as a sign to walk out of the suite. He had to admit, there was a strange feeling in his gut after saying the things he did to Hoseok. But he couldn’t dwell on it now.


            Jimin took over Taehyung’s suite for the night, looking through all his paperwork that were left unfinished; tributes, deals to sign off and other matters. Especially the paperwork that he had the misfortune to find; letters to and from the police department. At the corner of his eye, he saw a line of small pictures framed in gold to match the aesthetic of Taehyung’s office. There was a small one with his mother’s picture on it, a medium sized one with Taemi at the beach and a large one with Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok posing together. He gulped before pushing the large picture face down so it wasn’t in his sights anymore.


             “It was for the good of Baem Pa,” He thought to himself as his eyes skimmed mindlessly on the papers.




                 Three days had gone by since Taehyung’s arrest. He was hidden in abandoned warehouse just on the outskirts of Seoul going into Anyang. Days and nights of constant questioning—the main question being was if he had some secret alliance with Haejeog Dal Pa which he continuously denied. Jimin believed him for the most part. It was the one thing he could believe since Taehyung hated Seokjins’ guts. Kim Seokjin was the Don of Haejeog Dal Pa, a highly influential gang in Incheon along with his mysterious consigliere and underboss who doesn’t want to be seen.


              Taehyung persisted on staying quiet about his actions. He barely spoke to him whenever Jimin came to visit to a point where his pleading looks became glares. Plump lips were ripped and bleeding, bruised cheeks and eyes with tears staining his skin. Sometimes Jimin’s fingers twitched when he had the urge to clean his wounds.


               No guilty man would hold out this long proving that they were innocent. Taehyung was the least persistent man he knew. At this rate, he would have cracked but he didn’t.


               On the fourth day, Taehyung finally spoke. “You’re wasting time,” He choked out in a dry, raspy voice due to lack of water.


              “Why don’t you make it easier for me then?” Jimin folded his arms together; his sleeves already rolled up for another day of interrogation.


               “You found the paperwork I’m guessing?” Taehyung spit out the fresh blood in his mouth. “My discussions with the—authorities had nothing to do with my fathers’ death. I was—I was just as surprised as we all were,”


             Jimin’s straightened his position, letting out a defeated sigh. “The papers said you were bribing authorities into infiltrating Baem Pa when you take the Don’s chair,”


             “Yeah—whenever I took the Don’s chair. Not now,” Taehyung winced, looking down at his gut where Jimin had punched him a few times today.


              Jimin gulped. “That’s a pretty pathetic lie,”


             “Why is it so hard for you to believe me? I thought you knew I could do this!” Taehyung growled, coughing right after because of the force on his weak throat. The other hung his head when silence plunged into the room—it was strangely quiet. It almost made Jimin a little uncomfortable since Taehyung barely stayed silent for long. Then those damaged eyes flickered up to meet his gaze, expression softening with a weak scoff. “You don’t want me to be innocent, do you?”


             The back of his neck heated up but he hoped there wasn’t any flush on his skin that was too noticeable. “Well, finally. I was almost starting to think you were too dumb to figure it out till now,” Jimin gave him a nasty smirk. “See I realized even if you didn’t kill the Don, every single associate had no intentions of standing by your side. All of them immediately believed me and my cute, weeping face,” He pouted mockingly. “So now…” Walking over to the broken man, Jimin pulled at Taehyung’s hair, his face shining against the harsh light causing him to cringe at the brightness. “What should I do with you today?” His plump lips ghosted over Taehyung’s forehead.


              Nimble fingers slowly made its way into Taehyung’s stained shirt, creeping into it so they could rest on his warm chest. “You remember what I used to do with traitors when we interrogated together?” He could feel the other’s body tense up at the very mention. He let out a soft chuckle. “Don’t worry I’m not going to do that to you. My rats are hungry though so you better behave,” Jimin placed a small kiss in between his brows.


              Jimin turned on his heel and walked over to the steel table where all his tools rested waiting for him. “I want to do something even more—meaningful,” His fingers brushed against the cold, steel objects until he stopped over a carving knife. A smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. “This is going to hurt quite a lot…but it’s going to be so much fun,”


              Chains clanged louder than normal when he made his way over to Taehyung with the knife in hand after heating it up with a lighter. Jimin could see him struggling against his restraints a lot more than the last times he had been violent with him. Not a lot of his previous violent acts were as permanent as this however they needed someone to blame. Someone to shun in a time of grief and crisis. “You can scream as loud as you want but I’m still going to need you stay still,” Despite saying that, two guards came up to Taehyung and pinned him down so he wouldn’t budge too much.


                Jimin unbuttoned Taehyung’s shirt half way through enough for his whole chest to be exposed to him. The knife pressed against the left side of his chest, piercing into the skin with blood immediately oozing out of the cut. He could hear small groans from under his friend’s breath coupled with the bated breathing even as he was slowly carving the letter ‘T’. Six more letters to go. The curves of the ‘R’ were difficult to perfect without damaging his skin too much where the scar looked unclean. He wanted it to be clear for everyone to see Taehyung for what he was. Or wasn’t. It didn’t matter. When he did the ‘O’, Taehyung began making more sounds—weak whimpers when his head threw back almost as if he was trying not to focus on the action. Finally, Jimin’s masterpiece was almost finished. He wanted to add a nice touch by adding a small Baem Pa symbol at the end. It wouldn’t be as artistic as the tattoo artists do it on them but it was an indication of who Taehyung betrayed. This pushed Taehyung over the edge however when he began fighting against the guard’s grip which was useless.


                Jimin frowned. “Now, what did I say? Stay still or I’ll get the snake wrong,”


               “I did nothing wrong to Baem Pa!” Taehyung growled.


              “You may or may not have killed your father but that doesn’t mean you haven’t betrayed Baem Pa, Taehyung,” Jimin’s voice was terrifyingly soft even as he held the bloody knife against his chest. He grazed the sharp edge softly against the patch of skin he planned on making the Baem Pa symbol. “You really think people would want you as Don after finding your little plan out with the authorities?”  


                Silence plunged into the room once more which gave Jimin the chance to resume his art work. Blade pierced into new skin while the other letters bled down Taehyung’s stomach; he first drew the arrow pointing upwards. That was the easy part; the difficulty came when he began to draw the snake that wrapped around the arrow. A light film of sweat was all over Taehyung’s skin now along with his eyelids drooping a little from the loss of blood.


                Jimin hosed Taehyung down after taking off his work clothes; he also bandaged the work he just did on him so it could heal properly. By the time Taehyung was back in his chair, he didn’t look any fresher but there was less blood on him than their past few meetings which eased Jimin’s nostrils. Taehyung was still knocked out from a sedative so the process of cleaning up would be smoother. Once again, he ran his nimble fingers through the other’s damp hair with pursed lips; eyes flickered momentarily to the bandage wrapped around his shoulder.


                 “You’re officially my property now, Master Kim,” He smiled.

Chapter Text

          Taehyung was startled awake by a cold splash against his face and clothes; he coughed when the water suddenly went down his throat as he breathed in. The sting on his chest was still present since Jimin had carved his skin but at this point, he could learn to ignore it. The ache in his heart however every time he saw Jimin’s face these past few days were a lot more difficult not to think about.


             Tired eyes strained against the harsh light shining down on him so he could see the same face again. Except it wasn’t Jimin. It couldn’t have been him. He recognized the features all too clearly despite his vision being disrupted by his wet fringe and the terrible lighting. “Hoseokie?” Taehyung croaked out, throat itching for some water.


             “I’m so sorry, I need to hurry and you need to be quiet,”


             “How the—did—you find me?”


            “You idiots use the same damn warehouse all the time. One would think you’d have more sense than that but I guess not,” Hoseok spewed out, pulling at the chains with a wince.


             “Axe—axe on your left,” Taehyung coughed.


             Hoseok followed his instructions to find an axe with a red handle. There were still some light blood stains on the blade which the other was reluctantly trying not to look at. “I’ve never used this before,”


            “Just—do it,” Taehyung nodded weakly. He leaned to his right side and gave him enough space cut the first line of chains that were keeping him restrained. “Where are the guards?” His throat itched when he spoke but the realization hit him with a surge of anxiety. There must have been two guards taking watch outside the warehouse; the same people that pinned him down so he could be marked.


             Hoseok smashed the first line of chains giving Taehyung a sense of relief on his left arm. “Sleeping pills. No one can deny good booze especially your dumbass soldiers,” He mumbled, no sign of pride on his expression but Taehyung couldn’t help but feel proud for him.


              The second line of chains were smashed and both of Taehyung’s arms were finally free despite the long lines of chains trailing with him. Hoseok seemed to have gained more confidence because he cut the chains on his ankles much quicker. Immediately the other man dropped the weapon before wiping his palms on his black suit coat. “Take the gun off my belt and hit me,”


              The first thing that came to Taehyung’s mind was to grab the water bottle that Jimin placed on the steel table just for him to watch in thirst.  When he heard Hoseok, he moved to grab the gun but paused when his partner’s second request absorbed in his mind. “Not a chance,”


              “I need to make it look like I was attacked by you,”


              “How’re you going to explain the chains?” Taehyung glanced at the broken restraints that were still dangling from his limbs.


             “Leverage. Just trust me. There’s a car waiting for you outside and I need you to go to Incheon as soon as possible,” Hoseok agitatedly looked back at the roller doors that were still half opened before facing Taehyung once again.


              “Incheon? Are you fuckin’ kidding me?”


              “Just listen!” Hoseok hissed. “Go to Gyeyang-gu, Yangji-ro, there’s a man named Min Yoongi who works in a motor parts store. He owes me so he’ll be able to keep you safe in the time being,”


               “Hoseok,” Taehyung growled.


               “You want to pay for what Jimin did or not?”


               Taehyung stayed quiet. Those words caused a sudden burst of anger inside him more than he liked it to. “Gyeyang-gu, Yangji-ro. You sure this Min Yoongi will be there?”


              “Fucker doesn’t like moving so I’m betting my life on it. Now hit me and mean it,” Hoseoks right eye twitched.


              Taehyung was taken aback by his sudden bravery which made him wonder if he was in on it too. Taking the gun from Hoseoks belt, he instantly pointed it at the other. “Why’re you really here?”


              Hoseok frowned. “What?”


             “If Jimin had the audacity to turn his back on me then, why wouldn’t you?”


             “I’m your friend,”


             “So was he,”


             “I’m also don’t have my dick attached to Baem Pa. I don’t care what happens to it but Jimin does. Also, your sister is messing with my fuckin’ conscience so I need to keep an eye on her and all that crap while you’re gone,” Hoseok took a few ragged breaths, eyes flickering down to the gun and to Taehyung repeatedly.


             Taehyung kept the gun pointed to Hoseoks head for a few seconds before he lowered it down. “I’ll take that,” He gulped.


             When Hoseoks posture looked like he was more relaxed, Taehyung took it as a chance to swing the back of his hand against the others face. Hoseok landed on the ground with a light thud against the cement earning a few groans from him. “Right in the fuckin’ nose!” He growled.



             The sunlight pierced in his eyes causing him to hiss like a vampire brought to daylight by force. Burning eyes squinted to find the familiar Hyundai waiting for him just a few feet outside the warehouse entrance.


             His ear twitched when he heard laughter from his left; eyes travelled over to find two men barely being to stand on their two feet. “Pathetic,” Taehyung whispered, cringing at them. The annoyance quickly disappeared when one of them looked straight at him, his smile fading away into a scowl.


             “He’s out!” The guard slurred, pulling his gun out.


              Taehyung dragged his heavy feet quickly towards the car before the two realized how to use a gun again. A few gun shots rung in his ears but he didn’t dare looking back as he sloppily attempted to open the car door. The chain got stuck in between the door and a shot was fired right next to his window causing him to flinch back. It was clear they were about doze off any minute now.  


              The keys were already in the ignition which made starting the car and rushing out of the warehouse lot easier than he expected. Despite the series of shots that were still being fired at him. Taehyung attempted to drive out of the lot awkwardly ducking to avoid the shots if they managed to have a lucky one; the sound making him irritated and dizzy. Finally, the shots faded away to which he assumed was the loss of bullets or the pills kicking in which gave him leeway to drive out of there as quickly as possible.


              There was a twinge of guilt in him however thinking about Hoseok and what Jimin would do if they didn’t believe him. Jimin wasn’t kind to him and he couldn’t imagine what he might do to Hoseok. But he couldn’t think about that now. He needed to get out of Seoul just like his friend requested.


             “This Min Yoongi better be fuckin’ worth it, Hoseok,”

Chapter Text

              “Couldn’t choose a more discreet place?” Namjoon mumbled, fingers fiddling with each other as his head was lowered.


               “Churches can be quite discreet at this time of day,” The other man was sat on the row before him just so it was less obvious that they had come to the church together. “Also no one, not even people of our kind would dare disturb this house. It’s the only place our sorry souls can feel peace,”  


               Namjoon’s nerves were still getting the best of him and listening to Seokjin talk wasn’t helping for the first time. He could feel the nuns’ gaze on them from the balcony. Looking up, his heart jumped when the nun was looking their way silently; he quickly gave her a smile and a nod. It seemed to work in his favor since she walked away right after the interaction.


                “Besides, you’re the one who called me,” Namjoon could only see the back of Seokjins’ head when he spoke but he could tell that his gaze was fixed on the statue centering the altar.


                “Right uhm—we might have a situation on our hands,” He pushed his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose. “After the Dons’ funeral I found evidence of Taehyung conversing with one of the killers prior to his death,”


                 “Oh?” Seokjin turned his head slightly only enough for Namjoon to catch a glimpse of his plush lips.


                 “I knew that man too. He was one of Taehyungs old drivers…and my former boss has a bad habit of keeping very close connections,”


                “What do you mean former boss?”


                “You moon folk really don’t pay attention to the news, do you?”


                “Not new regarding you snake folk, no,” Seokjin retorted, Namjoon could almost hear a smile in his voice. “We prefer keeping to our own business,”


                “The bad news is that I had no idea Jimin would be so quick to judge his friend so I thought notifying him wouldn’t be much of a risk,” Namjoon felt a pang of guilt in his heart. How was he to know that Jimin was so desperate for the chair? He always seemed so supportive of Taehyung even before the Dons passing.


                “It’s not wise to trust anyone in this business. Even your closest friends,” Seokjin stayed silent for a moment when a couple passed them to sit on the front row. “But why’re you telling me this, Joon?”


                Namjoon gulped, lowering his head again. “Jimin is—not stable,”


               Seokjin let out a light breath, almost sounding like a weak chuckle. “Do you think we’re stable?”


               “No…he’s different. I’ve had the displeasure of seeing him work one time in Thailand. It wasn’t pleasant even for Baem Pa standards. Taehyung was lucky to have escaped,”


                “He’s escaped?” Seokjin whispered this time, lowering his head as well for a few moments.


                Namjoon hummed in agreement. “No one knows where he’s headed. I feel more terrified for the man that was present when he escaped,”


                “May God save his soul,”


               Gaze flickered up through his glasses to fixate on the statue once more. The torture depicted on it felt eerie and he could almost hear the whimpers coming off from it. Quickly, he looked down again shaking his head slowly. “I’m also here to warn you that Jimin won’t stay as quiet as the late Don Kim. He holds grudges that aren’t even his to begin with,”


               “I’m sure the boy is smart enough to know that starting a war won’t be good for his newly blooming reign. The last thing people need is causalities,”


               “What about you?” The air went thick when the question lingered in it. It was a brave question and Namjoon immediately tried to rethink it—but then Seokjin spoke up.


                “I have no intentions of starting a pointless war that’s been dead for thirty years. So long as everything and everyone related to Baem Pa stays in Seoul and does their business, Haejeog Dal Pa won’t throw anything at them,” Seokjin promised.


                Anxiety continued to bubble up inside him despite the others reassurance but at least he could rest easy when he got back. Namjoon slowly got up from the row, giving a quick glance at the statue again.


                 “And Namjoon?” Seokjin turned his head once more, chest rising and falling. “Try to be careful. I have an odd feeling that there’s something brewing. I just can’t put my finger on it,”


                 Namjoon’s expression softened. “I know…me too,” His fingers twitched as he placed dangerously close to Seokjins’ shoulder, merely brushing against it. “It was…good to see you,”

Chapter Text

           Taehyung knew Incheon wasn’t the most glamorous of places but he didn’t know it could go this bad. Seoul had its rough places but he never needed to go there so they weren’t his biggest worries. There was a significant ache in his back from sleeping in the car all night before making his way over to Yangji-ro. It wasn’t hard to find the motor store since it was the only one in the street along with other shops. They were badly kept and almost looked abandoned but he saw groups of people walking in and out happily as if they didn’t notice the gunk and litter everywhere.


           He felt slightly anxious when he saw a crowd of people in front of the store. They all seemed to have cars on their own; none like anything he would have expected to see in a place like this. Then again the motor store looked like the only thing that was clean. Taking a deep breath, Taehyung attempted to walk through the crowd to the entrance only to be pulled back by a middle-aged woman.


           “What’s a pretty boy like you doing in a nasty place like this?” The woman grinned, lipstick staining a couple of her teeth.


             Taehyung attempted to give her a fake smile before his shoulder was being pulled at. When his head turned, his nose accidently bumped into the stranger’s chest.


             “You don’t look like you’re from here,” His guttural voice made even his voice sound like a chipmunk when compared.


             “I’m looking for—uh, Min Yoongi,” Taehyung felt small amongst the crowd, holding his aching nose for a moment.


              His statement caused a small moment of silence before some of them began chuckling a little. “He wants to see Yoongi,” One of them whispered almost mockingly.


              “And why would Yoongi want to see you?” It was that same guttural voice again, sending uncomfortable chills down his spine.


              Taehyung looked up at the man, gulping. “Ho—Jung Hoseok sent me,” He declared in a meek voice.



               “Daehee,” A raspy voice called out silencing the crowd once more. All their heads turned to the entrance of the motor store. A blond man with a small build, squinting as the sunlight peeked from the shadows he was standing under. “Did you say Hoseok?” He asked.


              The woman that was leaning on him giggled. “Your secret boy leave a gift, did he?” Her comments caused a few snickers which made Taehyung feel more uncomfortable than he already was.


              “Come on, inside,” Yoongi flicked his head towards the entrance. “And I told you all to park at the grounds, I don’t want my regular customers to shit themselves lookin’ at you. Go on!” He yelled, pointing over to the large wired fence next to the motor store.


               Taehyung could spot the top of a flat roof from here which he assumed was a warehouse of some sort. Walking over to the blond man, he began to look a lot shorter as he got closer. There was a sense of confidence in him once again since the abnormally tall man was away from him. “Min Yoongi?”


               “Figure all of that by yourself?” Yoongi retorted. “And y’can’t be saying Hoseok’ name around these parts, yeah? He’s trying to keep on a down low,” He mumbled the last part before walking back into the motor shop followed by a slightly confused Taehyung. “What’d you want, kid?”


                 A twinge of frustration spread through him at the nickname. “He sent me here—said you owed him?” Taehyung took his hoodie off from his head. The motor store was smaller than he expected it to be; Yoongi could have easily been a regular cars dealer if it wasn’t for the suspicious crowd outside that seemed to move by his command.


                  Yoongis laugh rung through his ears. “I can’t believe he remembers that,” His voice slurred, fingers running through his ruffled hair.


                   Taehyung spotted something on his knuckles but he moved too quickly for him to make out what it was. “He said you could uhm—keep me safe,” He felt a small rush of embarrassment.


                   “Keep you safe, huh?” Yoongi looked back at him, pausing in his tracks. His eyes moved up and down Taehyung’s form with a puzzling expression. “You seem pretty capable of handling yourself,”


                  Taehyung was led into an office just on the far end of the store, past the counter and the short line of cars. A Bugatti, Ferrari and a Hyundai Equus. His heart sank looking at the last car; imaginative sounds of crashes rushing through his head before he forced himself to look away. A lump was slowly forming in his throat when they walked inside the office. It was untidily kept with piles of papers on each side mirroring the ones on the table centering the room. The scent of coffee and old books touched his nostrils; it wasn’t completely pleasant but it wasn’t horrid either.


                 “Don’t waste my time, kid. As you clearly see I don’t have time for personal babysitting. What did you do that made Hoseok send you here?” Yoongi leaned his hands on the edge of the table creating a surprisingly intimidating stance for a man that was smaller than him.


                  Taehyung gulped, his fingers mindlessly fiddling with each other. “I angered some dangerous people. I’m going to need your help in keeping me off their radar. Just for a while,”


                  “For a while? This is not a holiday destination, kid. Haejeog Dal Pa doesn’t take tourists,” Yoongis brows furrowed.


                 Taehyung froze at the very mention of the name. Hoseok sent him to a Haejeog Dal Pa man? Was he setting him up too? He frowned, lips parted and body going hot. “How, uhm—how do you know Hoseok?”


                 “Do you know Hoseok?” Yoongi retorted once again.


                “Yeah, he uhm—he’s my friend. Close friend,” Taehyung was lost for more words. Why didn’t Hoseok warn him about Yoongi being in Haejeog Dal Pa?


                 “Are you one of his clients or something?”


                 “He doesn’t do that anymore,”


                 “Who are you then?”


                 Shit. What was he going to say to him now? “Kim Taehyung. I uhm—slept with Baem Pas underboss and got caught. He wanted to cover up his act and made me look like the enemy so I wanna be as far away from them as possible,”


                  Yoongi raised his eyebrows. “Uh—” He chuckled. “Well…that’s very adventurous,” A sheepish smirk tugged at the corner of his lips.


                  Taehyung could feel his cheeks getting heated as he tried to look away from the others gaze. It was a terrible lie but he hoped it was ridiculous enough to be believable.


                 “I don’t really have a lot of jobs up and ready for you, Taehyung,” Yoongi picked up a few of the files on his desk and put them back down again. “But I guess it shouldn’t be so bad to have an assistant or some shit. Getting me coffee, rubbing my feet or whatever assistants do,” He shrugged.


                  Taehyung couldn’t help but lightly scoff, a small smile unintentionally tugging at the corners of his lips. “Is that a yes then?”


                  “Well I can’t let you out with those idiots ‘cause Hana was’re too pretty for that side of the gang,” Yoongi smirked before flickering his gaze down to the pile of files again, tongue darting out to wet his lips. “How’s Hoseok?”


                  Then his heart was sinking again. The last Taehyung saw him was when he punched him to the ground, barely looking back to see if he wasn’t badly hurt. His smile disappeared for the moment as he tried keep his gaze on the blond man without losing the power on his knees. “Honestly I don’t know,” His eyes twitched before he swallowed hard.


                     Silence plunged the room. Taehyung had this strange urge to see Yoongi smirk again or make some witty remark.


                     “I guess that’s that then,” Yoongi pressed his lips together before taking a breath in.


                 “Now then Kim Taehyung…care to fetch me some coffee?”

Chapter Text

        “You couldn’t take one day to resist yourself?” Jimin spat at the two guards as they hung their heads in front of him. Pathetic. Fingers curled up into fists, knuckles turning white at the force but he persisted to keep them by his side instead of swinging at one of them.


           He spotted Hoseok from the corner of his eye placing an ice pack on his forehead while his nose was being checked. The doctor couldn’t see him in a rough, violent state not when he was still fresh on the Dons’ chair. “I want these two relocated. I’ll deal with them later,” Jimin gritted through his teeth, looking over at the four suited men standing on the edge of the platform that separated his office and the living room.


           The two careless guards knew exactly what was coming to them when they resisted against their captors for a while. Both begging for their lives, faces turning red and limbs flying all over the place before they disappeared out of the suite. Their shouts were muffled now before the doctors’ voice completely drowned them out. “Your nose is going to be bruised for a while but thankfully nothing too serious. As for your head, it may hurt for a few days give or take. Just make sure to take some painkillers in moderation and no harsh activity,” He instructed. “If that’s all, Master Park I’d like to take my leave,”


           Jimin glanced at Hoseok for a moment before smiling at the doctor and leading him towards the door. “Drive safe,” He addressed before closing it. Head rested on the door for a minute as the anger bubbled in him once again; silence allowing his thoughts rush through his mind. Taking a deep breath, he spoke. “When I became Don, I thought about giving you a break if you played nicely. Don’t think I didn’t see how you’d been hiding under Taehyungs coat from me,” He turned around to find Hoseoks back facing him.


            “I didn’t hide anywhere. You just couldn’t get to me when I was right under your nose,” Jimin couldn’t help but chuckle at Hoseoks remark. “And as far as I’m concerned I haven’t done anything wrong,”


             “You haven’t done anything wrong? Letting go of a traitor sounds like a wrong thing to me,” Jimins eyes widened a little.


              “Not when he’s innocent,”


             “If he were innocent, he wouldn’t have run…even if his precious toy asked him to,” Jimin towered over him now, hands in his trouser pockets. Hoseok kept a significant frown on his face as he stared up at him. “Now, now don’t give me that look, Seokie. You know you brought this on yourself,” He reached out to brush his fingers against his jawline.


             Hoseok tried to move away but Jimin grabbed his chin to force his gaze on him. “You really shouldn’t have done that,” He cooed. “He was a traitor of Baem Pa—and you helped him escape. What does that make you, hm?” When the other stayed silent, Jimin pressed a thumb against the bruise on his head causing Hoseok to flinch and groan. “I asked you a question, sweetheart,”


              “A, A traitor,” He choked out.


             “That’s right,” Jimin sighed and released the pressure on his injury, fingers raking through his hair instead. “Unfortunately, I don’t want to waste my breath on torturing you the traditional way. I told you I’d leave you alone if you played nicely but you decided not to. Maybe you like it when I play with you,” He earned a wince from the other, a chuckle falling from his plump lips. “I have the perfect job for you,”


             Hoseok met his gaze this time when Jimin paused for a moment. A nasty smirk tugging at the corners of the younger males’ lips.


             “You’re going to be my toy now. For a very, very long time. You’re going to eat here, sleep here and you’re not allowed to walk out of his house unless it’s with me,”


               “What about Taemi?” Hoseoks voice was soft—weak. A tingle of accomplishment rushing through Jimin at the very sound of change in his voice.


              Jimin rolled his eyes. “You can hang out with the teenager if you’re that desperate. It’s not like she has anywhere to go either,” He straightened his suit.


              “And if I refuse? You know I have no problems dying if it means I don’t have to touch you,” The older male found his confidence again, it seemed. There was almost a hint of a smile at the corner of Hoseoks’ lips.


              Anger boiled in him once again but he attempted to keep a smile present on his lips. “Oh, you won’t die if you refuse. But she will,” Jimin flicked his head to the door. “Since Taehyung’s gone I don’t have much of a use for her,”


              “You wouldn’t. She’s a fucking kid,” Hoseok cringed.


              “Get her some work then? I’m sure the prostitution rings would like her,” Jimin felt chill down his spine at his own words. His teeth peeked out a little when he smiled.


              “Jimin!” Hoseok almost jumped off his seat before taking a deep breath and settling back down. “Look—I’ll do it just—leave her out of this mess, yeah?” He looked up at with pleading eyes, that meek voice was present again.


               “That’s what I’d like to hear, pet,”

Chapter Text

           It has already been two hours and Taemi was still staring at the pictures of the crash. Every angle pasted on a board over her bed. Every morning, she would just look at each shot as if it was going to scream out an answer. Her therapist told her that it was probably unhealthy but that was a week ago since Taemi last visited. Jimin had been keeping her indoors ever since her brother was taken into imprisonment.


           Taemi walked over to the roll table that had her breakfast spread when her stomach rumbled violently. She picked up one of the jam pastries and took a generous bite; her gaze moving onto the board again. Maybe if she asked someone the young girl thought. There were people who investigated her fathers’ death aside from Jimin and Taehyung.


           “Nam–Nam…what is it?” Taemi whispered to herself. “Namjoon, Namjoon,” She gasped a little, excitement rushing through her when she recalled.


            As noon broke in, Taemi finally got herself cleaned up. She had been showering in consecutive days for once instead of waiting for three days. Maybe it was progress but Taemi just assumed it was because she had to do something important now instead of laying around.



             There were two guards waiting outside Jimins penthouse suite when she padded towards it. “Shouldn’t you be in your room, princess?” A thin voice rung in her ears from one of the guards.


              Her body heated up and cooled down again, she could feel her limbs going a little numb. Slowly Taemi smiled. “I wanted to speak to Jimin for a minute. It’s about my father,”


               They shared each other a glance before one of them entered the room, closing it behind them. Taemis’ leg felt wobbly when she struggled to keep her foot from tapping against the floor. Minutes past before the guard came back out with the same empty expression. “He can spare five minutes,”


               The penthouse suite had a pleasant cologne scent lingering in the air. She could hear familiar voices murmuring from her left. Wooden bars instead of solid walls so she could see a distorted image of two figures on the other side. Hoseok walked out of the corner giving her a glance before walking over to the bedroom on the far side of the suite.


               He didn’t give her a smile which gave made her feel quite disoriented but Taemi ignored it as she walked into Jimin’s office. It was interesting how there was no privacy in his office.


               Jimin was looking at his computer screen with his lips parted before he spotted Taemi coming into the cube. “What’s going on, Taemi?” His voice was stern.


               “I need to know how I can contact Joon,”


              The males’ fingers left the keyboard and interlaced with one another on the table. His interest seemed to have peaked. “Why would you want to do that?”


              Taemis’ legs were slowly giving out with how much they were shaking so she took the liberty of sitting on the chair in front of her. “I know you seem set on Taehyung killing my father,” A small lump formed in her throat but she quickly cleared it out. “But I’d like to carry out an investigation of my own for the crash. There were multiple drivers that smashed into the car all at once and from all sides. It seems a bit…unfit to just punish one man,”


              Jimins’ lips parted further before they stretched out a large smile. “So much curiosity,”


              “When you’re trapped in your room all day, you tend to pick up hobbies,”


             “That is a valid point though. The death was initially caused by many assailants…something Taehyung pointed out before it was even confirmed which started suspicion in the first place,”


              Taemi heard a distant rush of the shower running which made her ear twitch. “I know Namjoon is the best person to help me with this investigation so if you don’t mind…”


              Jimin licked his lips. “I’ll have you know that Namjoon doesn’t like visitors very often. Or at all for that matter. I personally haven’t seen him in a year,”


              “I’m sure he can spare a few hours for me,” Taemi smiled.


             “Very persistent as well, I see,”


            “As far as I know, you don’t need any more load on your shoulders. Being a new Don is never easy, anyone with a working brain understands that. Maybe I’ll be able to help ease your mind. Especially with Taehyung being missing and all,”


             “Now how did you know about that?”


             Taemi scoffed. “I overheard your guards talking about it. They’re not very good at keeping their mouth shut or talking quietly,”


              Jimins’ brows furrowed as he rested his chin on his palm. “Your father taught you more than I thought he would have,”


             “The Don can’t have dumb children, can he?”


             “I suppose not,” His gaze pierced into hers.


            For a moment, Taemi began to feel uncomfortable with the silence that plunged into the room. Finally, Jimin spoke up again.


            “Well then you seem to have your mind made up. I’ll send two men to escort you to Namjoon this afternoon. His base is in Nowon-gu. Let me know how the investigation goes and do be patient with Namjoon. His kind of people requires an…open mind,” He gave Taemi a bright smile.




             The girl felt a sense of relief walking out of the hotel building. A black Hyundai Genesis waiting for her as the cool breeze brushed through her face and dress. Two suited men were driving her off to Nowon-gu as Jimin stated. The drive was rough and uncomfortable especially on the turns and swerves; her features winced when she felt like the contents of her breakfast was riding up.


             “Here. Water will help,” One of the men held out a bottled water in front of her.


             For a moment Taemi was reluctant on accepting until she started tasting something bitter in her mouth. She grabbed the water and chugged down generously as if to push it down. For some reason, the water itself tasted strange but she assumed it was the taste in her mouth before handing the bottle back.


             The nausea seemed to slowly pass but she began feeling lightheaded. Her eyelids were heavy; fingers numb and she couldn’t feel her legs. “I—don’t feel s’good,” She slurred. Sweat forming on her forehead and on the inside of her palms, her vision and hearing were getting fuzzy and blurry.


              “We’ll be there soon, princess,” A strange muffled voice was heard before everything went dark.

Chapter Text

           Taehyungs’ morning back ache woke him up, a groan emitted from under his breath as he shifted on the couch. Being an assistant required a lot more energy than he assumed since he couldn’t remember how long he had been passed out for. Two days went by since his chat with Yoongi and since then he only had two conversations with him alone. The man always had people to talk to, errands to run while he had to follow suit with his files in hand and the usual coffee runs. The one thing he wasn’t allowed to do was be in his office by himself which Taehyung could understand. The mess that place was in, it wouldn’t be difficult for someone to find confidential information accidentally. That thought interested him a lot more than it should have.


           “You up yet or not, mate? I’ve been sitting here for an hour now,” The unfamiliar voice made him jump a little, dry lips pouted out when he frowned.


            “The fuck, man you were watching me sleep?” Taehyungs morning voice made it sound like he was growling at the young man.


            “Believe me, I don’t like the idea either. Yoongi told me to keep an eye on you while he’s unavailable,” He generally slurped on some dark noodles.


            The scent finally touched Taehyungs’ nostrils causing his stomach to growl violently. “I don’t need a babysitter,” He grumbled, sitting up on the couch.


            “Well I’m here whether you like it or not, unfortunately for the both of us,” The other spoke with a mouth full of food. “Yoongi must’ve mentioned me once or twice,”


            Taehyung shook his head, eyes still threatening to close.


           “See that’s just so rude. You work for the dude tirelessly and the new guy doesn’t even know who I am,” The boy scoffed. “It’s Jungkook,”


              “What’re you exactly? To Yoongi, I mean,”


              Jungkook scooted closer with a cheeky smile. “His lover,” He whispered.


             Taehyungs’ eyes widened. “Oh uhm—”


             It wasn’t too long until he heard a laugh from the other. “He fuckin’ wishes. I’m just playin’ with you,” Jungkook dug through his noodles again, the same mischievous smile tugging at his thin lips. “I’m a goon. Take care of people who are out of line,’


             “I’d actually believe the lover bit more,”


             “It’s cause I’m wearing a loose shirt,” Jungkook wiggled his brows. “You better hurry before I chow down on your food too,” He glanced at the untouched bowl of jjajangmyeon on the coffee table.



               The hot shower helped ease Taehyungs’ back ache; until he felt the sharp pain on his chest. The wound started bleeding again after the way he slept. His heart jumped when he realized there were no bandages with him.


               “The fuck you need bandages for?” Jungkook asked on the other side of the door after Taehyung shouted his request.


               “Do you have any or not?” Taehyung tried to use the calmest voice he could as he used toilet paper to try and calm the bleeding down. Jimin purposely made the cut deep enough to scar which frustrated him further as he threw all the blood-soaked paper in the toilet and flushed it down.


               “I’ll get ya some,”


              Jungkook caught a glimpse of Taehyungs’ blood stained hands when he was handing him a first aid kit through the half open door. “You need some help?”


              “I’m fine,” Taehyung breathed out, slamming the door in his face. With shaky fingers’ he grabbed the antiseptic and applied it on his cut; a sharp sting causing him to groan. Eyes twitched and burned when he saw the bleeding word on his chest. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me. He repeated in his head until his lips began to quiver. Sniffling, he grabbed the gauze and struggled to wrap the bandage around his shoulder. Tears threatening to fall down his cheek as he attempted to scrub the dried blood stains from his fingers. He wondered if Taemi believed Jimin. What would she think of him now? Would she not want to see him anymore? It’s your fault! Her voice haunting his mind; fingers ruffling through his damp hair as tears fell into the running sink.


              Rapping on the door made Taehyung snap back into reality. “Mind hurrying up? Yoongi’s in his office,”


              He rubbed his eyes and nose with the back of his hand, the puffiness under his eyes were going to be hard to miss. “I’m coming,”



              Jungkook offered—or was forced to give Taehyung his clothes since it would fit nicer. They were a little loose but he didn’t expect to have the right of preference in this place. He disregarded his black hoodie since the day was too hot to be thinking about layers.


              The same regular request; coffee from his new boss but he was going to accompanied by a young stranger. Stranger to him anyway.


              “So you’re just going to be following me around like a little puppy?” Taehyung teased when they were waiting at the coffee shop for their order.


              Jungkook didn’t seem too happy about that name call since he gave him a significant frown. “I’m here to make sure you’re not some rat for Baem Pa,” He raised a brow. “Because if you are, Yoongi will let me beat you up as much as I want,” That same mischievous smile was back to taunt him again.


             “Well just letting you know now. There’s nothing good enough for me in Baem Pa to be bothering you lot,” Taehyung took the takeaway cups with a kind smile at the barista.


              “I thought Baem Pa was one of the best gangs out there,”


              The older male snickered, glancing at a slightly confused Jungkook. “Business wise, yeah. But every fucker in there is ready to blow—one chance at betraying their boss for their own good, they’ll do it,” Taehyung seethed. Speaking about the amount of disloyalty in Baem Pa left a bitter taste in his mouth.


              “You seem to know a lot about them,” Jungkooks’ shoulder brushed against his when the motor store was coming into sight.


              “Fucking their underboss comes with its perks. A lot of ‘em seem to think people like us are too dumb to know what they’re talking about,” Taehyung smirked, taking a sip of his own coffee cup. It mimicked the taste of tar which made him wonder why Yoongi liked it so much. “You don’t like coffee, Jungkook?”


              Jungkook shook his head with a wince. “Tastes like shit,”



             Taehyung heard murmurs from inside Yoongis’ office to which Jungkook suggest he stay outside while he took the coffee inside. He kept himself still standing in front of the office politely. Yoongis’ voice was irritably calm and soft which made it hard to make out what he was saying but his ear twitched when he heard something familiar.


         “Baem Pas’ been drowning our profits for months, if we don’t do something—” It sounded like he was interrupted. Taehyung lost his ability to listen closely before he chugged down another generous sip of his bitter coffee.


          Why would Baem Pa be drowning Haejeog Dal Pas’ profits? Taehyung thought their workings were mostly in Seoul and other overseas’ bases. Incheon was off limits. More important question was; how did he not know anything about this?


           Taehyung clearly didn’t put any thought when he burst open the door to reveal a highly confused Jungkook and an angry Yoongi.


            “Taehyung, what the fuck did Jungkook tell you? Stay outside!” Yoongi thundered.


             “Seriously, bro you had to piss him off before he had his coffee,” Jungkook mumbled as he grabbed his shoulder to push him out.


              “I can help!” Taehyung implored, struggling against Jungkooks’ grasp.


             “You were the underboss’ bitch, what can you do to help me?” The older males’ voice was much raspier and less calm which sent a frightening chill down Taehyungs’ spine.


             “He gave me a job, I had to work in one of their drug cartels’ for a few years. I’ve learnt enough to know how Baem Pas’ profits and shipments’ work,” Taehyung defended. It took him a few minutes to realize that he was about to help a Haejeog Dal Pa man in sabotaging his own gang. No. Jimins’ gang. Baem Pa was his responsibility now.


              Yoongis’ chest rose and fell. “Why did you keep that from me before?” There was a click sound and Taehyung realized that the male was pointing a gun at him already. “Better hurry up and answer, kid I don’t like waiting in the morning,”


               “Hey! You promised I got to kick his ass if he did stupid shit like this,” Jungkook pouted.


               “Listen, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think you wanted anything to do with Baem Pa and their business,”


               “Then you’re fuckin’ stupid for assuming without asking,”


              When Yoongi didn’t relent; Taehyung found the only way to prove himself was to show off proof. So, he did. In a matter of seconds, he pulled down the sleeve of his T-shirt. “You want to know where this came from? This—” He reluctantly slid the bandage sending sharp stings through his shoulder.


              Yoongi was now revealed with a bloodied word engraved on human skin. Traitor.


              “This is what I get for going along with shit like a quiet bitch,” A shaky finger pointed at the wound, small lump forming in Taehyungs’ throat again. “I’m fuckin’ done keeping by their rules, all it gets me is being branded like an animal,” He pulled the bandage back while his T-shirt loosely moved back onto his shoulder.


              Silence had plunged into the room and Jungkook backed away from Taehyung a little more. Yoongi had already placed the gun on the table, rubbing his face before taking a chug of his coffee. “Right, go on then,” He mumbled.


             He took a deep breath, taking a step forward. “Baem Pa has shipments going to Japan every month, they’re their biggest asset in profits. If the buyers in Tokyo find out that their shipments aren’t there then Baem Pa loses about thirty percent of its yearly earnings,” Yoongi gave him an encouraging hum. “Since it was such a big supply, they had to keep the location a secret which means that they were keeping it here. The last place you would expect a Baem Pa shipment to be sent,”


              Yoongi finally sat down on his chair, fingers interlacing with each other. “Incheon Port. We tracked down some men there at one time but the boss said not to think too much on it,” He shook his head. “He trusts these bastards too much for his own good sometimes,”


              “Manufacturers in Baem Pa make a mansion full of supplies for shipments. More than asked for so there would be a surplus. Enough to make sales in Incheon while still pleasing their buyers from Japan,” Taehyungs’ voice was quiet as he thought. All this was kept from him for so long when he thought he knew every part of Baem Pa.


            “So if we sabotage their supplies?” Yoongis voice snapped him back into reality again.


              “Baem Pa loses a significant branch of its business. For a while until they recover again which can take another year since that’s how long it takes to fill up the shipment for Japan itself let alone Incheon,” Taehyung shrugged.


              “It’s going to delay more shipments,” Jungkook spoke up, lips parted and eyes widened.


              “Baem Pa loses money…a whole lot of it,” There was a hint of a smirk twitching at the corner of Yoongis’ lips. His eyes moved up and down at Taehyungs’ form. “You wouldn’t be that bad to have around, kid,” Then his gun moved up against pointing it at him. “But if there’s a single chance… you’re telling me this to lure us into a trap, I’m not just going to give you a cut. Do you understand?” His voice was stern and rough as his gaze burned into him.


              Taehyung could only nod quietly at him. “You can trust me,”


             “Can I kick his ass before you do that though?”

Chapter Text

          “You did what?” Hoseok asked in utter bewilderment. “Jimin, she’s a kid. How many times do we have to go over that?”


           Jimin only spared him a glance before taking a sip of water, his upper body still exposed. “She wanted to play detective so I let her. She’s seventeen so stop talking about her like she’s a fuckin’ toddler,”


           Hoseok huffed, getting off the bed and grabbing himself a glass of wine. Barely a glance given to the other male as he chugged down a few generous sips.


          “You’ve been finishing drinks a lot quicker lately,” The older male merely frowned at Jimins’ comment before filling himself up another full glass.


           Jimin didn’t need to know. He probably just wanted to comment something on his behavior somehow. That was how it was going to be. Every single one of his moves judged until he finally broke down in front of him. That was he wanted. He wasn’t going to get that satisfaction though. He wasn’t going to know how Hoseok almost completely replaced his water intake with vodka for the past few weeks.


            “You look so much nicer when you smile, honey, do it more often,” Jimin downed the last bit of the water.


           A question had run through his mind now that Hoseok wondered why Jimin agreed to send Taemi off so quickly. “Does this mean you think Taehyung didn’t kill the Don?” His heart jumped a little when Jimin stared back at him.


            “I said I’d let Taemi play detective. Maybe when she figures out that her brother is a murderer by herself, she’d start taking therapy again,”


            “And if she finds out that you’re wrong? If Taehyung is innocent, what does that mean for you?” It was dangerous territory talking about Jimins’ fate when Hoseok was under his command but someone had to ask him. Jimin was too confident about his power over Baem Pa. More than Hoseok liked. “What if she finds out you’re the one who did it?”


             Hoseok must have struck a nerve with the younger male when his hand came flying to grab his neck. “Do you think I would do it?” His voice was softer than the pressure over his throat that now restricted air to come through.


              “You—have as much potential in killing the Don as Taehyung does. Maybe even more,” Hoseok choked out, face flushing a deep red. Glassy eyes fought to meet Jimins’ fiery gaze regardless his struggle to breathe.


               A tear dripped at the corner of Hoseoks’ eye when Jimin pushed him away causing him to stumble back. “I respected the Don. He treated me like his son more than my own father did,” Jimin spoke over the older males’ coughs.


              “The Don treated you and Taehyung equally from what I’ve heard. So why is Taehyung more likely to kill him?” He croaked.


              “Why would I be more likely to kill him?”


              “Because it wouldn’t be the first time you did it,” Hoseok expected Jimin to do something worse. Beat him up or continue strangling him until he stopped talking permanently. His chest rose and fell—mind preparing him for what was to come. But nothing happened. Jimin just stared at him, halting in his place.


                “You had no idea what he was like—no fucking idea,” Jimin gritted through his teeth.


               Silence plunged into the room as a million and one thoughts ran through Hoseoks’ mind on how respond to him. For once, Jimin wasn’t smirking or giving him a witty remark. He was quiet. It was strange and uncomfortable.


               “Is there any way Namjoon can let us know Taemi is with him?” Hoseok decided to ask something to steer away from the tension in the air.


               “Email, yeah. He’s with her. She’s still out cold though,”


               “Out cold?” Hoseok frowned.


              “I did already warn her that Namjoon had strange methods when it came to communicating with real people,”


              “Looks like he’s stepping up his game,” Hoseok could have sworn he heard a small chuckle from the younger male before walking away. It must have just been in his head.

Chapter Text

           Taehyung hadn’t had sweaty palms since the first time he was ordered to negotiate with a drug lord in Singapore. He was eighteen if he remembered correctly and it ended up with him having to taste marijuana for the first time just to break the ice between them. The night ended with his head down the toilet with a fit of giggles for another hour until Jimin and Hoseok carried him to bed. Hoseoks’ nagging was still ringing in his ears. “Why didn’t you go with him?” “Don Kim said he was supposed to do this on his own how was I supposed to know the crone was going to get him high?!”


             “You need to stop zoning out like that, man you’re freaking me out,” Jungkook snapped Taehyung back from his daze, forehead furrowed in frustration.


             Shaking his head, Taehyung shifted his feet a little from the crouching position he was in. Towers of crates just before the two men; a yard of suited guards in their little pairs and trios guarding the large warehouse next to them. Yoongi insisted that he accompany Jungkook in the mission since there was still a high chance that Taehyung could be lying.


              He wanted to argue but that would only cause more suspicion. He needed to keep quiet for his own sake—Yoongi was not someone to test knowing from his previous experience now. “I just don’t get why I don’t get a gun too. What’s a dagger going to do against 9mm guns?”


              “Yoongi doesn’t trust you with guns yet,” Jungkook squinted under the sunlight, peeking over to the hidden figures in between the crates. They were all waiting for his signal except Taehyung wasn’t sure what it was yet. All he knew was that there was going to be a distraction. “Haejeog Dal Pa takes pride in their weapons and unfortunately, you still haven’t earned that privilege,”


              “He is aware that if I wanted to, I could kill you with this too yeah?”


             “You better not bitch this is a new shirt,” Jungkooks’ lifted one brow, glancing down at him making the older male feel incredibly small.


            Taehyung resisted the urge to laugh at the younger males’ overprotectiveness of the same shirt he had been wearing two days in a week now. He must have been doing this for a while since his gun wasn’t slipping from his hands. All the while the handle on his dagger was already glistening with his sweat. Heart pounded against his chest as he nibbled on his bottom lip which was already chewed on enough to start bleeding.


             “You have my back, yeah?” Taehyung studied Jungkooks’ face when he spoke. Rounded eyes shining in the daylight as pearls of sweat trailed down the side of his face—the hopeful look on his face made him seem so much more innocent. How did someone like him even get into a place like this?


             “I got your back. Don’t worry,” He reassured.



            There it was. The signal. Not a direct one but once the gunshots and distant yelling commenced, Jungkook told him to get off his feet so they could start moving towards the warehouse. The guards were not anywhere to be seen but the roller door was now open. Taehyungs’ heart knocking hard against his ribcages as he kept a tight grip on the wet handle of his dagger, peering into the warehouse. He stumbled back when a shot fired past them, the sound ringing in his ears.


              “Shit in hell,” Jungkook cursed when he caught sight of the towers of supplies. Cocaine. And mighty crap load of it. Even Taehyung was a little impressed at how much Baem Pa could produce for a couple of foreign buyers.


              Their awe was short lived when shots were fired their way making them cower down again behind the supplies this time. White powder rushing out of the holes caused by the gun shots—Taehyung felt a tinge of sadness for the waste. This was money that went to providing for Taemi, for Hoseok and even for Jimin. Twisted as it maybe it was their livelihood. Then Yoongis’ words rung in his head—this was wrong. Baem Pa was doing their business unethically; they brought this onto themselves. His father brought this on them.


              Jungkook sped across the east side of the warehouse after giving him a small black box. Except it wasn’t a box much to his stress, there was a clear C4 written on top of it in yellow font. “Damn it, Jungkook! How am I supposed to use this?” Taehyung shouted over the series of gunshots.


              “Just put it on the walls, I’ll do the rest!”


             A whine unwillingly left his lips as he scurried over to the west side of the warehouse where he caught sight of a small gap between the supplies and the wall. Taehyung quickly ducked when he heard a gunshot that was too loud to be a distant sound, cocaine brushing onto his hair. Squinting his eyes, he squeezed into the gap so he could press the explosive against the wall before ruffling through his hair to get rid of the cocaine.


             The color drained Taehyungs’ face when he saw one of the suited men pointing a gun at him. Shock gripped the strangers’ face as if he had just seen a ghost.

“You’re him,” The man spoke up. “You’re the Dons son,” His voice was shaky and Taehyung wasn’t sure if the man was excited or he may have inhaled the supply as it was leaking. It didn’t change the fact that there was someone in this warehouse that knew who he was while Jungkook was still around.


             Taehyungs’ stomach lurched when the man began to lower his gun and back away to the exit. “Don’t do it,” The younger man warned. “Please don’t do it,”


             “Master Park’ll hear about this,” He let out a chuckle as his gun was now completely lowered.


             As soon as the man attempted to run out, Taehyung tackled him. He wasn’t aware of the gun until it pressed against his side; his heart beating rapidly making his body grow warm. Shaky hands grabbed at the slippery handle of his knife and jabbed it into the others’ wrist, gun falling from his grasp. Blood sprayed through his skin all over Taehyungs’ hoodie and the side of his face causing him to pull back. He felt fingers grabbing at his hair and pulling him down before he reached for the gun, red liquid dripping from the dark metal.


            “Taehyung!” Jungkooks’ muffled voice called out.


            The man was planning on going to Jimin. Taehyung had just gotten the chance to pay for what his former friend did to him. The scar on his chest marking for something he hadn’t done. There was no way this man was getting away with it even if he was possibly bleeding to death. He needed to be sure.


             Jungkook called out again as Taehyung held the gun as tightly as he could, pressing it in between the mans’ brows. The grip on his hair loosened and tried to yank the gun off him but it was too late. The shot rung in his ears just as more blood splattered on the parts of Taehyungs’ face that weren’t stained. Eyes widened to see the strangers’ bloody features, mouth agape and a significant pierce oozing right in the center of his head.


             “Taehyung, we need to leave now! Some of them left to bring back up!” Jungkook pulled at Taehyungs’ damp hoodie sleeve, prying him off the dead man.



              His legs gave up on him forcing Jungkook to pull his limp body for the most of the way to the roller doors until Taehyung was finally able to run. The sunlight piercing into his burning eyes before he was pushed behind one of the crates. Glassy eyes flickered down to the state of his clothes; white shirt stained terribly in a crimson red color right to the tips of his fingers, darkness under his fingernails while he felt something warm in his pants. Taehyung never had to see so much blood in his life; the dirty work was done for him but now—it was all over him. He had done it. Breathing grew ragged as he felt something hard wrapped around his hand. The gun was still tightly clasped until his fingers grew loose and it dropped to the ground. Air growing thick, closing in on him as dug his fingers into his knees struggling to take a deep breath.


            “Might want to cover your ears, mate,” Taehyung could only glance at Jungkook for a few seconds. BOOM! The ground shook and his ears felt like they were about to burst.


             A constant ringing tortured his hearing; he could see Jungkook saying something to him before pulling him back to where they were hiding. Taehyung quietly went along even though his knees had little strength left in them.


             There was a small sense of relief when he sat down in the passenger car seat. But then he looked at his hands again; the sound of choking and blood spraying all over his clothes because of him. He did this. Not his henchman or a paid assassin. Him. Bottom lip quivered mirroring his hands as he let out a choked-out scream. The last thing he wanted was to cry like a scared child in front of Jungkook but there was no stopping him once it started.


             “Taehyung,” He heard Jungkook but it only made him sob more.


             Fingers running his hair, a part of his scalp burning a little more when he brushed against it. “It’s so much—” He cried out.


             “You’re already pissing me off by ruining my car seat so stop crying,” The car rushed out of the warehouse ground, jolting Taehyungs’ back onto his seat.


              “I kill, killed him,” Taehyung sniffled, attempting to wipe the blood off his fingers with his hoodie.


             Jungkook stayed silent. He didn’t say a word until they got back to Yangji-ro.




           “I swear to god, if he doesn’t get his bloody ass out of my car…” Jungkook spat at Yoongi, attempting to keep a small voice but Taehyung heard him. After all his door was open and he was sitting there frozen on what to do. He didn’t know how long he was planning on sitting there but the younger male was certainly getting impatient.


           “Alright, leave him to me. Can you just chase them away?” Yoongi gestured to his left at the workers who were staring at the scene in front of them. “And well done. We’ll talk later,” He patted the younger males’ shoulder.


           Jungkook nodded, giving a quick glare to Taehyung before yelling at the workers to go about their business.


            “Taehyung,” Yoongis’ deep, raspy voice sent a tingle down his spine. “You’ve done your job. Just come out, yeah? Come out so we can get you cleaned up,” He hesitated for a moment but placed a gentle hand on his shoulder anyway. It eased the ache that Jungkook caused a few minutes ago by trying to force him out of the car. For the first time, Taehyungs’ stubborn strength beat his.


              A stray tear fell down Taehyungs’ cheek. “He was—he was going to—I didn’t want to,” He felt weak and for some odd reason, he wanted to climb under Yoongis’ shirt as if he could protect him. He didn’t what he was going to protect him from however.


             “No one wants to. It’s just something we have to do—and you did good, kid. You kept your end of the bargain, the supplies are destroyed,” The older male’s hand slid down to his; blood contrasting greatly against his paler skin. “Now get out of the car. You’re making a scene and it’s fucking hot outside,”


              Taehyung stayed frozen for a few more moments until he forced his legs to move; he earned a light pat from Yoongi. The man oddly reminded him a lot of Jimin and how he used to comfort him. Soft voice, subtle touches on his shoulder and the back of his head as they walked to upper level of the motor store where Yoongis’ flat was. Comfort was slowly settling in now that he was back in the place he had been sleeping at for a few days now.


              However, that comfort was once again short lived when he felt his stomach lurching and twisting. Taehyung sped towards the bathroom, head drowning into the toilet as the saliva leaked from the inside of his bottom lip until whatever was left of his breakfast was forced out of him. He felt something rubbing his back but he kept his head down in the toilet as if he was going to get sick again. But Taehyung could feel it wasn’t his stomach this time; it was his chest tightening when he caught sight of the dried-up blood stuck under his fingernails. Stumbling down onto the floor, he winced at the feeling of his damp pants.


             “If it helps, Jungkook acted just like this when he had his first kill,” Yoongi was wringing a cloth before he knelt in front of him. His pale hands were clean again but only for a moment since he opted to wipe the blood of Taehyung’s hands himself. “Around a year ago—he toughened up, I’m sure you’ll get there too,” Then Yoongi asked if he could take his hoodie and shirt off. “Don’t be shy now, won’t be my first time seeing a pretty naked boy,” He smirked, giving him a playful wink.


              “Meaning you’ve done this often?” Taehyung carefully pulled off his T-shirt, placing it in the bathtub he was leaning on per Yoongis’ request. His tawny skin was now riddled with splotches of red that soaked through his clothing.


              “Like I said, Jungkook was just like this when he started out,” Yoongi kept his gaze on his own hand that was gently cleaning off all the stains on his skin.


             It was hard to believe that someone as tough as Jungkook would have been in the position he was now. Blood soaked, crying and piss leaking through his pants after being practically dragged out of the car because he was so frozen with fear.


            The gentle brushes stopped for a moment and Taehyung gazed over at the older male. His eyes fixated on the scar—the cut healed in the week he was here but now he had to live with a nasty mark. Traitor. His own family’s seal. That wasn’t even the worst part. The person who pierced his skin in the first place was his friend; someone Taehyung could trust with his whole life and he did. What a mistake that was.


             “I could have it removed for you,” Yoongi’s voice sounded so light and soft, Taehyung felt like he was melting into a sweet lullaby. “Maybe put a tattoo over it,” The cloth brushed over the mark before moving down to his arm.


             “What would I get a tattoo of?” Taehyung scoffed.


            “A moon or the moon cycle maybe. Always wanted that one,” Yoongi didn’t pause when he slipped the words in so casually.


            “You would do that on me?”


           “Did you get a Baem Pa tattoo when you were there?”


          Taehyung’s heart jumped. “Uh—yeah, it’s uh—on my back,” He turned around revealing a colorful tattoo on his right shoulder blade. A snake, red, green and white strips wrapped around a black arrow pointing up. The film of sweat of his body made the snake glisten like Taehyung had real scales embedded into him.


          “You like it?”


         “The tattoo, yeah. The gang, not so much,” Taehyung pressed his lips together but he was pleased that he made Yoongi chuckle a little.


          “Well, the bloods mostly gone. The piss and cocaine hair part you can take care of yourself,” Yoongi got up with a light groan and Taehyung followed, wiping his cheek with the back of his clean hand. “And Taehyung?”


           Taehyung hummed, blinking at the older male.


           “Welcome to Haejeog Dal Pa,”

Chapter Text

         “I’m sorry but Master Park specifically told me to keep you out of harms’ way,” Namjoon felt a bitter taste in his mouth calling Jimin that but he had to show some form of respect towards the man. His life rested on his decisions now after all. Now it seems Taemis’ life rested on his. Part of him felt bad for luring Taemi here the way he did; drugging a teenage girl to maintain secrecy wouldn’t look respectable on his behalf.


          Taemi was not pleased by his words as she huffed off the bed, pacing around the room. “That conniving piece of shit scumbag! All I wanted was to find out who killed my dad and he tries to treat me like a caged animal,” She thundered. Her jaw looked terrifyingly sharp as she spat more curses towards the new Don of Baem Pa. Saving himself from a day of a pained groin, Namjoon quietly decided to let her spew them.


           “Uhm—princess, maybe there’s a reason why you’re so curious to find your fathers’ killer,” Namjoon kept his voice soft and low, sat on the lounge chair next to the bed.


           “Because Jimin is too up his own ass to understand that Taehyung wouldn’t have done it,” Taemi paused in her tracks, eyes boring into the older man.


           “Not a lot of people can understand Jimin—not even your brother sometimes. He has his own way caring about things but that’s not the reason I was looking for,” Long fingers picked at the fabric of his trousers.  


          Taemis’ brows furrowed. “What’re you looking for then?”


          Namjoons’ hands were clammy and the back of his neck heating up. She was a smaller girl but somehow her tone intimidated him a lot more than it should have. “Maybe, maybe you’re doing this because—you’re not able to cope with the fact that your father is gone. I mean, after your mother left and then all this mess piling onto you. It can’t have been easy,”


            “Are you trying to make me cry?” Taemi folded her arms over her chest.


           “No, no,” He frantically shook his head. “I’m just saying that I think it’s time that you start talking about how you feel about this. Clear your mind of all the thoughts you’ve had for the past few days even years if you like,”


            “I didn’t come here for a therapist,”


           “I’m not telling you as a therapist. I’m trying to tell you as a possible friend,” The last thing Namjoon wanted to do was create an enemy of the girl.


           Finally, Taemi sat down with an audible sigh. “I’ve been crying for so long now, I don’t want to do it anymore,” Her voice was small now; Namjoon regretted being the one who triggered it. “I want my brother back,” The crack in her voice boiled anxiety inside of the older male. He hadn’t the slightest inkling on how to deal with a crying girl and now he willingly brought it on himself. Thankfully she wasn’t completely sobbing but he could hear the pain in her tone.


           Namjoon chewed on his thick bottom lip, shifting closer so he sat on the edge of the chair. “I have some—files that you could look at while you’re here. Maybe find something that I didn’t? Who knows fresh eyes could do the trick,” He offered her a friendly smile. Something she may not have seen yet; not a genuine one at least. “If not, it could also keep you company for a while until you’d want to do something else,”




            There was one rule in the house and that was not to enter his office. An outdated rule that old men used to hide deadly secrets but it worked like a charm for years. Taemi waited outside of the room while Namjoon fished through folders to make a collection that could keep her busy. Photographs, emails and ripped paper with scribbled notes that he made; all of them compiled neatly in a black box. Namjoons’ desk was far neater than anything Yoongis’ could be. All the files were organized in drawers alphabetically while the law books were displayed on top of them. His desk neatened to perfection with a pleasing set of files on the corner and a desktop computer on the left; not a speck of dust on any of them.


           “Here. These are some copies of the evidence I’ve gathered on Don Kims’ accident along with some CCTV footage. Make sure to keep it safe,” Namjoon handed her the box. The corner of his mouth twitched when he saw a small smile grace Taemis’ lips.


           “Thanks. I’ll let you know if I find something,”


           Namjoon nodded before Taemi walked away. His heart sank at the thought of what he just brought the little girl into. Shaking his head to himself. “I’m sorry,” He whispered.





           Taemi was quiet in her room for hours to a point where Namjoon worried she found something and ran. He asked the maid what she was doing and she quickly reassured him that she was hard at work. It was strange since for the past week, it was constant pressuring from the teenager on giving her information. Jimin had made it abundantly clear that Taemi was supposed to be drawn away from all the danger. He seemed to forget that this was where all the dangerous things were. All the blackmails, arrangements and footage came to him before anyone.


            Namjoon had a mouthful of kimchi when his phone buzzed violently against the wooden table. “Yes?” He mumbled, forcing himself to swallow the food.


             “There’s been an incident in Incheon. Baem Pas’ shipments to Japan are destroyed,”


            Namjoon almost choked, features cringing. “What—” He coughed. “What do you mean in Incheon? The shipments to Japan are done in Busan, Don Kim organized it himself,”


            “Sir he—Master Kim ordered the shipments to Japan in Incheon Port. It’s been that way for a couple of years now,”


            The man matter-of-fact tone made him feel more stupid than he already felt. More secrets. This was exactly the kind of thing that killed Don Kim in the first place. But he couldn’t think about that now. What made him more anxious was the news of the shipments being destroyed—the Japan supplies were not a small bag. “You mean to tell me—” Namjoon took a deep breath trying to calm his frustration. “…that more than a million dollars-worth of drugs has been destroyed?”


             “I’m afraid so, sir. The men were attacked—by Haejeog Dal Pa,”


             His heart pounded against his ribcages. Namjoon was too late to fix the Dons’ mess now. Haejeog Dal Pa knew that they were trespassing territory and the possibilities of what was going to happen next were not looking pretty.


            “Fuck—uh—thank you for letting me know,” Namjoon hung up the phone before dialing another number and pressing it against his ear.


           “We need to talk. In person. Be sure to let the guards know I’d prefer not be groped again,”  

Chapter Text

          The whole day was an organized mess. Meetings back to back in his schedule with the buyers in Tokyo, expressions of disappointment with the new setbacks in Baem Pa. Then the calls with all the drug dealers about possible supply recovery—no hope on their part. It was safe to say that Jimin had never seen Baem Pa in this much confusion ever since Don Kim was rumored dead. Now he had to listen to Namjoon go off, a very unusual sight since the man was usually collected. His penthouse suite had become a makeshift conference room now since there was a talk of danger for him to be out of his safe house.


          “I just don’t understand why Don Kim would keep something like this from everyone,” Namjoon whined. “Our business with Japan is one of our most important projects of the year and now everything’s gone because he didn’t notify us like he was supposed to,”


          “What about the recovery?” Hoseok spoke up, standing on his right politely. Jimin gave the older male a quick glare but stayed silent. It was a valid question after all.


          “Dealers’ can only make a quarter of the amount that the Tokyo buyers ask for in the time for the next shipment. Even then, we’d have to stretch our funding which is something we can’t afford,” Jimins’ hand rested on his chin, some of his scruff scratched against his fingers reminding him that he needed to shave soon. “What I don’t understand is how Haejeog Dal Pa found out about it,”


           “It is their territory, sir. They were bound to find out soon enough,” Namjoon spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.


           “If I remember correctly, Haejeog Dal Pa doesn’t have any overseas clients which would make Incheon Port useless to them,” Jimin defended. There was no way Don Kim would have organized something this risky without good reason. He was too intelligent for that in his opinion—there had to be an explanation.


           “They probably found a use for it now,”


            “It still doesn’t make sense. It was an explosion in the warehouse and every corner was destroyed…must’ve been well calculated,” Jimin shook his head. “Who else knows about the shipments to Japan?”


           “Everyone whose involved in it. Our dealers, the people who guard the warehouse itself and then the three of us,” Namjoon lifted his shoulders, glancing Hoseoks’ way for a few seconds before turning back to him.


            “And Taehyung,” Jimin blurted, eyes boring into Namjoon.


           The older male hesitated for a while before speaking. “Y-Yes and Taehyung,”


          “Joon, do you think there’s the slightest possibility?” Jimins’ heart jumped a little. It had been quite a while since he received a sign that Taehyung was inching closer to him. Jimin wasn’t done with his friend yet. He wanted to get more answers—more punishment. A traitor brand wasn’t enough for what Taehyung was planning to do their gang after all they had been through.


         “What would Taehyung be doing in Incheon?” Namjoon shook his head.


        “God knows but I can assume that he’s not going to be very friendly towards Baem Pa after the things I’ve learnt,”


         “You really think he would partner up with Haejeog Dal Pa?”


        “Wouldn’t be the first time he partners up with an enemy,” Jimins’ jaw tightened before he huffed out a sharp breath. “You’re probably right though. Keep a tab on it nonetheless. Whether it’s him or not, we might have a threat of war on our hands,”




         Namjoon left after an awkward silence. Jimin forget to ask about how Taemi was but Hoseok beat him to it with the vague answer that she was doing well. An hour after taking a few generous sips of his wine, Choi Byonchol arrived at the suite for his scheduled meeting.


           “Good to see you’re alive and well, Master Park,” Choi gave Jimin a respectful bow before the younger male gestured him to sit.


           “As you already know, there’s been a tragedy at Incheon Port. Apparently, the shipments of Tokyo had been moved to Incheon instead of Busan without our knowledge. Did you know about this?” Jimin rested his forearms on the table, questioning frown gracing his features.


            “Oh, yes. Don Kim ordered it that way because of the supply amount. It was far too big to be somewhere obvious and Incheon Port was not being in use,” Byonchol spoke nonchalantly as if it was a known fact for years.


           “And the reason why you didn’t inform that to me is?” He made a small attempt to give him a fake smile as if to seem respectful despite his heart pumping rapidly.


           “I assumed you knew, Master Park. The Don is usually aware of these things,” The confidence in the older males’ tone made Jimins’ blood boil to a point where his face began to flush a light red.


          “Are you suggesting that I’ve been negligent, Byonchol?”


          Byonchol merely chuckled. “I’m only stating the obvious, sir. Don Kim knew about the shipments from Incheon Port and so did I. His successors should have had that same simple knowledge,” He straightened his tie; Jimin wished it got a little tighter so he could hear him choke. “I suppose I should be lenient however. After all, the chase for the mob prince has taken…a toll on your concentration,”


          Jimins’ expression softened as he took a deep breath. The urge to punch him right in his smug face was too strong but he didn’t want Byonchol to be punished that way. He wanted to do something that sent a better example to anyone else who thought this way. “Boys!” He called out; two suited men running in with lowered heads. “Please take Byonchol to Anyang for me. Give him the starter treatment until I call you,” He seethed, a nasty smile tugging at the corner of his lips.  


          Finally, Byonchols’ face moved from smug to slightly worried. It was refreshing seeing him turn weak so quickly in front of him now that Jimin made it clear that he wasn’t going to tolerate jabs at his leadership. He spewed a few pleading words and struggled for a while but the old man had little strength to resist too much before he was practically dragged out of the suite.


           “Don’t you think he’s telling the truth?” Hoseok walked over to him, placing a hand on the edge of the table.


           Jimin shot another glare towards Hoseok. “What? You think I’m not good at this?”


          “No but don’t you think you should forget about trying to find Taehyung? He’s one man and you know him, he’s not going to do anything,” Hoseok defended. “He’s not a fighter let alone a killer,”


           “He hit you pretty good,” Jimin glanced at the mans’ form up and down.


          “I’m a prostitute, what’s that going to prove?” Hoseok shrugged.


          “Did he say anything to you before he left?” The younger male turned around in his chair, rested his elbows on the handle. The scent of the new floral perfume Jimin got him touching his nostrils giving him momentary bliss from the stress of the day.


         “No, he just left in my car,” Confusion gripped the others’ face. Jimin honestly didn’t know why he was asking these questions but he figured he might have missed something.


         “Are you sure? He didn’t offer to take you somewhere with him so you could escape me?” The tension rose now as he spotted Hoseok shifting on his two feet, moving his hand away and letting fingers lace together.


         He still shook his head, denying every suspicion Jimin was publicly making.


         “Huh, and here I thought he cared about you,”


         “Or maybe he thought I was the only person who was going to take care of his sister,” Hoseok argued.


         “But you’re not, are you? You’re here, sleeping with me,” Jimin smirked. “Come to think of it, you’ve barely asked for Taemi since she left with Namjoon,” He blurted.


         “Why’re you doing this to me?”


         Jimin smirk faded when he felt a small pang of pain in his heart at Hoseoks’ words. The reality hit him too quickly at what he was doing to the man. He wanted the bitterness to last a little longer while he was floating in a state of being as cold as possible. It was what how he was taught to be like—one needed to be cold to do what was needed. But he didn’t want Hoseok to look at him with disgust forever. “Would you rather be out there where everyone knows who you were to Taehyung? How do you think they’re going to treat you?”


        It was clear where Hoseok would have ended up after Taehyung left. Back in the prostitution ring being sold to anyone who had enough cash to spare to sleep with the princes’ former fling; the mere thought of it causing a chill down his own spine. “Don’t forget I know what it’s like to be where you are. I remember…I grew up like that,” His voice grew meek, head lowered to face the stack of files scattered all over his table.


        He saw Hoseoks’ expression softened. “Jimin…”


       “I know you don’t think of me as much of a friend as you did Taehyung. But please understand that I’m not just doing this for pure pleasure,”


        “That’s what it seems like,” Hoseok lowered his head.


       “I didn’t know how else I was going to keep you here. Where it’s safe,” Jimin did his best to emphasize on the last word because of how powerful it must sound to Hoseok. It was all anyone wanted—to be safe especially in a place like Baem Pa.


        Silence plunged into the room letting the thick tension linger. Both men stood quietly in the same positions they were in. The past couple of weeks had been glares, fights or empty silence because neither Jimin nor Hoseok had much to say to each other besides the hatred that they built in the time Taehyung was around. It was due time that changed. Hoseok needed to learn how to trust him and Jimin didn’t have anyone else to trust it seemed. Better to trust someone who is controlled by him than someone who had their own free will to look out for.


          “It’s not…so bad here to be honest,”


          Jimin eyes widened at Hoseoks’ words.


        “I mean aside from the part that I’m stuck in the same fucking suite for the rest of my life,” The sassy comments stayed the same but this time it made Jimin give him a light smile.


        “I promise it’ll feel better in time,” Jimin stood up, the two only inches apart from one another. “So long as you promise you’ll stay with me?” He whispered, eyes filled with desperation.


         “I promise,”




           With no underboss to assist, it became Jimins’ full responsibility to organize a response to the destruction of their Japan supplies. Another meeting the next morning as he left Hoseoks’ warm body back in the penthouse suite. He finally opted to go to Kim Corp. and hold a meeting there with the associates. Haejeog Dal Pa would have to answer for what they had just cost Baem Pa.


         The conference room was filled with the scent of coffee and cologne that must have been popular in the fifties. Jimin unbuttoned his coat to sit comfortably on the head chair, the same position Taehyung was in around two weeks ago. It was exasperating but the memory of him still caused a jolt in his heart.


          “Haejeog Dal Pa has made a clear act of war. There has been a lot of confusion on the matter which won’t be repeated, I assure you. I also want to make it abundantly clear that I am not some relieving Don that you can choose to walk all over,” Jimins’ voice was stern as he gazed at each of their faces. They didn’t look any younger than Byonchol was which heavily reminded him that Jimin may need new associates. These people only looked at Don Kim with respect, not him or Taehyung. “I am your boss now and anyone who doesn’t see it that way will have the same fate as our dear former underboss,”


              Jimin gestured towards one of the boys waiting politely at the corner of the room who immediately walked out. It wasn’t too long until Byonchols’ grunts were heard and he was thrown on top of the table, making a few of the associates stumble back at the horrendous sight. The old man only in his white boxers with bruises all over his wrinkled, tawny skin as he was bent over hopelessly, mouth covered with his socks.


            “Master Park, Choi Byonchol has been a trusted advisor of Baem Pa for as long as you were alive,” Dojung stood up from his seat, eyes widened and mouth agape at the view before him.


             “Which makes him think that he can undermine my ability to lead,” Jimin argued. For once, the younger male didn’t feel strange when Byonchol looked so destroyed. If it were Taehyung or Hoseok there would be something there halting his determination but now—absolutely nothing. Now Jimin felt powerful. He ruled Seoul and everyone would do well to learn that sooner than later.


              “You can’t do this, he was like a brother to your father,” Once again, the same man gained so much confidence to speak to him in the manner that he did.


              Jimin narrowed his gaze at him. “Would you like to be in his place?”


             He finally went quiet, lowering his head.


            “Loyalty is fickle. I need to make sure I don’t have any enemies lurking about—especially when they could be right under my nose,” Jimin gritted through his teeth, glaring at the struggling half-naked man. “Kill him…Dojung,” His gaze flickered over to the other male.


            The same shocked expression gripping Dojungs’ features again.


             “I need you to prove to me that you can be loyal,”  

            Dojung was shaking so much, it made Jimin want to laugh but he kept himself suppressed. He could spot the other associates’ faces and he knew that it was working. It wasn’t going to be easy going against him.


            When the older man was handed a gun, it was wobbly as Byonchol was forced to be pinned down against the table. Jimin could have sworn he saw tears falling from the corner of his eye which pleased him further. Then he saw it. Red liquid splattered from Byonchols’ forehead as his shaking body turned into nothing but a limp pile of skin. A small jump in his heart but it was beautiful—so beautiful he had to close his eyes for a minute, a smile gracing his plump lips. The blood landed onto Dojungs’ clothes as the two guards holding Byonchol quickly dragged him away before he stained the table. Dojungs’ chest rose and fell as his tan skin turned a little red before he met Jimins’ gaze.


            All the younger male did was smile brighter. “Good onto Haejeog Dal Pa,” Jimin cleared his throat, straightening his coat as the rest of the associates settled themselves back onto their chairs as if nothing happened. “Yesterday, I was given details to an arsenal on the outskirts of Incheon where Haejeog Dal Pa keeps the bulk of their weaponry. I need a small group, nothing too obvious to infiltrate the arsenal and blow it to bits— just like they did to our precious supplies. If we plan an attack there, then Kim Seokjin will do well thinking twice about provoking Baem Pa the way he did. Have I made myself clear?”


           The obedient nods and agreements from all his dogs were all he needed.


          “Good. Let’s see how our moon folk like C4,”

Chapter Text

           Two weeks of silence from Baem Pa since Byonchols’ body was posted all over the news. It was censored but no amount of blurred technique could hide the humiliation behind it all. Taehyung had the unlucky chance to spot it on the front page of the newspaper in front of the café while everyone else walked past them. He had learnt in the time he was with Yoongi that people who are loyal to Haejeog Dal Pa do not take interest in things going on with their ‘friends’ in Seoul. To keep up appearances, Taehyung had to do the same as he forced himself to look away from the stack and back to the motor store when doing his regular coffee run.


           Today was the same but the newspaper was already replaced with something else less interesting. Taehyung made it a habit now to be as quick as possible for his boss’ coffee knowing he could easily point a gun at someone if his patience was tried without it. Boss. He could scarcely believe that he was being pushed around like a dog this past month but he welcomed it. This was all he had to do. Get Yoongis’ coffee, organize a couple of meetings for him and chat with him—which now became his personal favourite hobby. There were so many stories the man could go on about when he was tired, just falling into a deep three-hour sleep. Taehyung found it oddly calming. People were a lot—closer here at Haejeog Dal Pa.


            “He’s at Bangchuk-ro?” Yoongis’ voice was grumbled in his morning raspy tone.


            Jungkook didn’t glare at Taehyung when he walked in this time which seemed like progress. Ever since Yoongi started inviting him to missions, he earned a full blown silent treatment from the younger male. He expected the worst that Jungkook may have found who he was but then he would be dead by now. It must have been something else.


            “All tied up and ready for you,” Jungkook responded, digging his hands into the pockets of his red hoodie.

           “What’s happening?” Another glare from Jungkook as Taehyung brought the question up.


          “Jungkook found a survivor from the warehouse blast and he’s being held up in Bangchuk for questioning. But he wants to talk to someone with more authority apparently,” Yoongi quickly took a generous sip of his coffee, looking unbothered at the heat of it. “You ready, Taehyung?” Both of their eyes flickered over to him making Taehyung anxious.


           “Uh—why do I have to be there?” Long fingers fiddled with each other as he took a small step back. Taehyung didn’t want to look like a small, scared child in front of them but that was exactly what he was right now. It wasn’t unusual for Yoongi to invite him to things like this but if this was a survivor from the blast than it was a Baem Pa man. A man with the potential to recognize his face.


           “Yeah, I agree we can do this ourselves,” Jungkooks’ sudden annoyance towards him was starting to come useful.


           “I need you to be there because I have a job for you so no arguments and start the damn car,” Yoongi ordered, glancing at both Taehyung and Jungkook.


           There was only so long Taehyung could argue with Yoongi before melting into his orders. It was almost liberating being the one just bowing his head and taking orders for once. He could imagine the burden on Yoongi, trying to organize things in his mind every step of the way; it was no wonder the man could barely sleep, living on coffee for the rest of his days. This still didn’t change the fact that Yoongi said he had a job for him. What could he possibly do in the warehouse?



            Taehyung was made to sit politely in the back seat while Yoongi and Jungkook mumbled away in their own little conversation. Jungkook was still pretending he didn’t exist when he started asking Yoongi why he wanted Taehyung to be there. This was a regular occurrence where Jungkook would start conversations, excluding him and Yoongi would be the one to include him back in somehow. Taehyung even had the gall to suspect that Jungkook may just be jealous of him. Yoongi was warming up to him a lot more than anyone had foreseen since he was a hard man to get comfortable around.


           The car jolted to a stop, startling Taehyung awake since the drive was a lot longer than expected. All the buildings were now gone and replaced with dry fields, a couple of warehouses lined up with each other while black Lexus Sedans parked outside.


           “I didn’t know you bought Japanese cars,” Taehyung squinted in the sunlight attempting to look at Yoongi as they walked out of the car.


           “How would you know? Yoongi still makes me drive a damn Hyundai Kona,” Jungkook actually replied to his question this time.


           “And you will continue to do that because it’s an amazing vehicle,” Yoongi nagged. “I love all kinds of cars. It’s my job, remember? Can’t be restricted to just one kind so some friends of mine decided to lend me these for a price,”


           “That is?”


          “My cars. I lend them customized ones for their races in Tokyo,”




          The light conversation didn’t last as long as Taehyung wanted to when they had reached the roller doors to the warehouse. Guards were lined up in front of the warehouse, black T-shirts and jeans with sunglasses. Casual but intimidating all the same and Taehyung wondered they needed all these guards for Yoongis’ arrival. Jungkook roughly pulled the doors up causing an irritable thud against his ear drums and possibly Yoongis’ too since he saw him wince a little.


          The sight in front of him was too familiar. Darkness everywhere, only a few lights shining down especially one reflecting against the figure tied up to the chair. He was still wearing a white dress shirt which was now sticking to his skin while the ends of his trousers were burned off. Taehyung kept his distance from the figure, staying in the shadows while Jungkook and Yoongi made their way closer to the man. Damp hair was all he could see until Jungkook pull at the strands to reveal his face.


         Taehyungs’ heart jolted. Out of all the people Jungkook could fish out, it had to be Lee Ji Yong. He was one of the associates’ sons; his father would not be quiet after hearing he was present in the attack let alone a hostage for Haejeog Dal Pa.


          “What’s this about you staying quiet, kid? You know that never ends well,” Yoongis’ gruff tone sent chills down his spine. He sounded so much softer when he spoke to him or Jungkook. Then Taehyung felt cold. This was what he sounded like to enemies; what he would sound like to him if he ever knew.


           Ji Yong gave him a bloody smile before spitting right onto Yoongis’ shoe. The simple action caused a rush of anger through Taehyung as he sped towards the man and swung a fist right onto his nose. Not even Jungkook saw him coming as he stood staring with his mouth agape. His knuckles pounded because of the force, standing behind Ji Yong immediately to face Yoongis’ faint grimace. A strange feeling pulsed through his veins hearing the mans’ groans and panting—because of him. He knew it wasn’t fear; he remembered that feeling all too well. No. This was excitement.


          “I asked for authority,”


         “The underboss is as much authority as you’re going to get— especially since you haven’t given us any reason to keep you alive,” Yoongi looked almost like an angel when his blonde hair reflected against the light.


               Wait. He was the underboss? Heart pounded against his ribcages as the thrill of punching Ji Yong passed swiftly away. What the hell did Hoseok get him into? Did he know about this the whole time? Fingers gripped onto the chair making the man shiver a little which brought him back to a more comfortable reality. Ji Yong couldn’t see him which meant he was safe for the time being.  


               “What’d you want to know?” Ji Yong grumbled.


              “That’s better. Are there any other secret warehouses that our serpent friends are hiding from us?”


              “Incheon Port was the only location Baem Pa could access. We were told by Don Kim that Haejeog Dal Pa wasn’t making use of it,”


             “Regardless, it was a breach of territory which stands as a threat of war. Is that what your Don wants?”


            Ji Yong scoffed, aggravating Taehyung further. “Baem Pa could crush Haejeog Dal Pa if they wanted to without a fucking war. You know why Don Kim hasn’t attacked you yet? Because he pities your gang and your pathetic excuse for an underboss,” He spat.


            Jungkook also seemed to have lost his last nerve when he moved to grab Ji Yongs’ throat; the veins in his arms popping wildly. “One more word,” He threatened.


           “Get the fuck out of my face, kiddy,”


           Taehyung was burning and Jungkook looked like he could crush Ji Yongs’ throat with one more squeeze but Yoongi pulled him away. “Not you,” The older male whispered before moving his gaze to Taehyung. “Taehyung, it’s time for your job,”


            “What am I supposed to do?” He simply asked for instructions. Taehyung already knew what he was going to do and for once, he was looking forward to it.


            “I need to teach you how to make a cleaner kill. With a gun this time so you don’t come home in such a mess,” Yoongi smirked, fishing out the handgun from his holster and held it out to Taehyung. “Look him in the eye and do it,” He nodded towards Ji Yong.


          Taehyung didn’t dare looking at Jungkook even though he could feel his burning glare on him. Padding over to Yoongi, shaky fingers curled around the grip attempting to hold it steady but it still swayed in his grasp. His heart beat rapidly against his chest making him feel like it was about to rip out. Eyes burned onto Ji Yong now; red and teary with anger. All the things he said to Yoongi and Haejeog Dal Pa. How fucking dare he? Baem Pa didn’t have half as good men as Yoongi.


         Yoongi guided Jungkook back so they were out of sight and all Taehyung could see was his target.


          Confusion gripped Ji Yongs’ expression as he stared at Taehyungs’ face. Recognition soon followed by subtle disgust at where he was standing right now. His gun raised pointed at one of the men that used to take his orders at one time. Though not once did Ji Yong make him feel as secure as Jungkook did. Glares and all, Jungkook kept him safe from every person that dared teasing him about being Yoongis’ puppy.


           “You shouldn’t have insulted my boss,” Taehyung muttered. His eye catching the fresh cut on the others’ nose from the punch he threw; the gun stopped wobbling now as he pulled on the safety.


           Ji Yong huffed, nostrils flaring before he winced maybe because of the new injury. “Your father would be ashamed of you,”


          Tears clouded his vision as Taehyung swallowed thickly; the mention of his father causing his knees to go weak. Hopefully the two men behind him couldn’t see them shaking.


          “It’s a good thing he’s not here then,” He whispered, a small tear falling from his cheek when he pulled the trigger. A bullet right through Ji Yongs’ head making his body limp as the sound rung in his ears.




          “That didn’t go very well,” Jungkooks’ voice echoed across the warehouse.


        Taehyung wiped his tears with the back of his hand; the weight of the gun feeling much heavier now.


          “We’ll keep it quiet for now since it doesn’t seem like Baem Pa planned on something big here,” Yoongi slurred, ruffling through his hair. “Taehyung?” He called out.


           Taehyung immediately turned around with a dumbfounded expression, gun held loosely in his aching hand.


           “Can I have my gun now?”


          “Huh? —Oh yeah of course,” Taehyung handed the weapon with both his hands to Yoongi.



         As they walked back to the Kona, Jungkook pulled Taehyung back while Yoongi kept moving. The line of guards was now making their way back to the Sedans. “What was he saying about your father?” He questioned.


         Taehyung couldn’t take another one of his heart jolts anymore since it was starting to tire him out. This time however, he didn’t shake or had the urge to play with his fingers. “I worked at the drug dens, remember? Had sex with the underboss? They’re not really open minded about that kind of stuff,” He shook his head.


         Jungkooks’ gaze moved up and down his form. “Right—makes sense,” He mumbled before pulling him along towards the car. A sense of relief rushed through him that the conversation didn’t last very long.




               “He really pissed you off, didn’t he?” Yoongi chuckled, taking a sip of his soju.


              Taehyung insisted on taking a shower although he wasn’t as messy as before so now he was sitting on his couch, damp hair and a robe over his pajamas as the two men had their dinner. “No one can talk to you like that,” Taehyung spoke through a mouth full of jjajangmyeon.


             “Leaders will get that a lot…all the time actually,” Yoongi nodded to himself.


             “Every time?”


            “Even from your own men,”


            “How do you deal with that though?”


            “Sometimes it’s not as bad, just banter and complaints. But other times when they’re causing trouble, you do exactly what you did today. It’s heavy work but no one wants disloyal people especially in a business like this,” Yoongi stuffed his face with a pork cutlet which warmed Taehyungs’ heart. He was finally eating something fully instead of sipping coffee to stop himself from being hungry.


             Taehyung licked his lips, black bean sauce tingling his taste buds. He wished he had people like Yoongi by his side; how much easier would it be to have someone guide you? He fought with his father so much that he never got the chance to learn a lot from him. Then again, maybe that wasn’t so bad. Especially after all the things he learnt about him; the secrets, lies and the betrayal.


              “Loyalty is fickle,” Taehyung mumbled, playing with the noodles. “You never know who to trust,”


              “Who do you trust, Taehyung?”


              Taehyung scoffed. Who couldn’t he trust would have been an easy question. “I had a friend–he was the one I always talked to about my troubles. Every time I would have a fight with my dad, he would console me. Every time I missed my mother, he would try to make me laugh. I trusted him with my life— everything. I would’ve given up anything for him if he asked, cared about him,” He gulped. “Then he sold me out,”


              “Was—he the reason you have that mark on your chest?” Yoongi nodded towards him.


               All he could do was hum attempting to smile to ease the tension. It was all quick and painful when thinking about hating Jimin for the rest of his life. But to remember that he loved him once made it so much more agonizing. Even if the scar on his chest healed someday, there was no telling when Taehyung would be able to look at Jimin the same way again.


              “Hey,” Taehyung felt a hand on his shoulder, warmth surging through him. “If it helps, you can always trust me. ‘m too sleepy all the time to plan on being disloyal,” Yoongi smirked.


              Taehyung couldn’t help but laugh until his heart hurt. Yoongi was the most comfort he has had in so long but now he was the one being disloyal. He lied about who he was and how he got here. If Jimin ever found out that his property was being hidden in Haejeog Dal Pa, he would come straight for them. How would Yoongi look at him then? He let out a deep breath trying to relax himself.


              “Come on, you can sleep in my bed tonight,” Yoongi cooed.


             “Oh no no, you already can’t sleep as it is. It’ll get worse on the couch,” Taehyung shook his head.


             The older males’ eye bags were getting darker because of all this mess with Baem Pa topped off with the fact that he just never stopped working. But he heard Yoongi snicker.


             “Who said I was sleeping on the couch?” Yoongi smiled brightly this time. Taehyung didn’t think he could ever get tired of seeing all these different emotions radiating off him. “Hope you like being the little spoon,” He teased.


              “I love it,”

Chapter Text

          Taemi finally learnt the name of her nurse, Sungmi after a couple of weeks of barely speaking to her. Days and nights were washed away by trying to put broken puzzle pieces together; different ways to put it all together and theories that just didn’t add up. It was exciting at first since it kept her mind off her troubles but now it seemed that everything she was distracting herself from came crashing down tenfold. Now she knew exactly how her father died, the footage she continuously watched replaying in her head and haunting her in her dreams. Did her father scream and cry in pain? Had he died instantly? It was all rhetorical questions now because Taemi was too tired to know the answer.


           A pained moan echoed through the room as she saw Sungmi stumble onto the floor; Taemis’ blankets were still left to made. The younger girl got up and walked over to her nurse, worry gripping her expression. “You alright? Maybe you should get some rest,” Then Sungmi grabbed her hand roughly. Breath hitched in her throat as Sungmi forced her hand open and pressed her own palm against it as if she wanted to give her handshake.


         It was odd until Taemis’ fingers were curled around a small, hard object.


        “You need to get out of here as soon as possible. He’s lying to you,” Sungmi whispered hastily. Taemi was so close to the woman, she could spot all the wrinkles near her mouth and eyes making her look more distressed than she already seemed. “Remember the alphabet. And please for your own safety leave this house,”


          Namjoon called out from downstairs causing Taemis’ heart to jump as she kept the object close to her chest. Sungmi straightened herself up again before neatening her blanket and walking out of the room. A small glance was directed her way until she finally disappeared from her room leaving Taemi shaking where she stood.


          A USB now in her hand with a hasty warning to leave the house immediately. What was so bad that she had to run? Whatever was in the device, it wasn’t supposed to be caught seen with her especially by Namjoon. She heard his voice downstairs a couple of times but she assumed that he wouldn’t disturb her out of courtesy.


             Her laptop was finally opened after a week of being abandoned as Taemi quickly stuck the USB into the port. Every beep and alert made her jump thinking it was Namjoon walking in. Her body felt hot until it flushed cold as her sweaty fingers ran over the keyboard typing in the password. A window opened with only one folder in it. Don Kim. Chest rose and fell as she clicked on the folder opening an array of documents; all of them had different dates. 11/10/15. 09/12/16—29/12/17. That was when her fathers’ accident happened. Taemi clicked on the word document and frustration rushed through her when she only saw a series of numbers. This could be the key to her finding out who killed her father and the damn thing had to be coded.


            Then she remembered what Sungmi said. Remember the alphabet. What would the alphabet have to do with this? Taemi squinted her eyes looking at the first few numbers. 41514 11913. There was a space between the two number sequences which she assumed may have been two different words. “The order of the alphabet,” A sense of excitement burst inside her as she quickly got out a notebook and pen scribbling the numbers on it. “4 is D,” Taemi mumbled to herself, looking back and forth from the screen to the paper. “15—O—14—N,”


           She dropped the pencil on the paper when she figured out the first series of codes. Don Kim. The corner of Taemis’ lip twitched a little before her eyes skimmed down to the other sequences.


           “Taemi!” Namjoons’ voice boomed causing her to frantically close everything and jump back onto her bed with her phone in hand.


           Namjoon walked into the room with a blank expression on his face. “Have you eaten anything yet?” His dress shirt was loose on his body, untucked and buttoned down a little.


          “Yes, yes I have,” Taemi gave him a large, fake smile. “Is there something you needed?”


           “Well Sungmi said that you were feeling a little unwell,” The older male took a step forward.


          Taemi made the painful realization that the USB was still stuck in the laptop and Namjoon was getting too close to it. “I was for a while but I feel a little better now,” She nodded, trying not to seem too eager to get rid of him.


          “That’s good. I know this investigation could have gotten a little too much for you—especially since you haven’t had someone to talk to yet,” He dug his hands into his pockets, taking another step forward. “Is there anything you want to talk to me about? Something— that’s been troubling you?”


           Taemi shook her head, lips pressing together. “It’s nothing you can understand,”


           “I know what it’s like to lose my parents at such a young age,” Namjoons’ voice softened. It sounded so welcoming at this moment.


          Her gaze flickered up meet his. Maybe he would be good to talk to but after what Sungmi said, Taemi wasn’t sure about having Namjoon near her. “I really don’t feel like talking right now. My main priority is seeing my brother again,” Taemi tightened her jaw.


          Namjoon merely nodded and turned on his heel. Taemis’ heart stopped for second when the man paused again right in front of her laptop. “Let me know if you need anything from me,” He spoke one last time before finally walking out of the room.


          Taemi still felt disquiet about the fact that Namjoon may have spotted the USB but she couldn’t worry about that now. She was getting so close to finding out more about her fathers’ death, she had to risk being in danger for a little while. Rushing back to the study table where her laptop was, Taemi began shaking at the thought that the document may have disappeared.


          Thankfully there was still the series of numbers that she could peacefully look at now. Taemi padded over to the door and locked it this time just in case Namjoon decided to barge in again. It wasn’t natural for him to just walk in; he usually knocked after he called out her name. But she couldn’t worry about that now. Letting out a long sigh, Taemi opened her notebook again.


         Her pen slipped a few times with how much her palms were sweating as she counted the numbers in her head and scribbled them down. It was getting much hotter throughout the day, sweat making her clothes stick to her skin and Taemi hadn’t realized how long she was at this until she heard her stomach rumble. But then it was done. It was half a page long of a message. Taemi didn’t think to read the statement until she was done so now she placed the pencil down and skimmed through. Her stomach lurched at what she just read.


—Don Kim will be attending church early morning on twenty-ninth December. The streets will be empty which makes it the perfect time to pursue. This needs to be done immediately for Taehyung to carry out his plan but make sure he does not find out anything about this. He is not aware of this operation and it is best to keep it that way to ensure a smooth succession. You have been his loyal worker for years now so do this one task before retirement. Know that this is for the good of the gang. Don Kim has aged. He has become weak and hot headed. It won’t be too long until he brought us to the dust. It’s time for new blood. Long live Baem Pa.—


           Taemis’ fingers trembled as the excitement inside her rot into fear. Namjoon did it? She stumbled off her chair as her bottom lip quivered. The thought of living in her fathers’ killers’ house for this long sickened her to her very core. Weak knees shuffled to the bed where she grabbed a hold of her phone and quickly looked for Hoseoks’ number. Her fingers shook violently, accidentally clicking other names until she finally moved to Hoseok.


            Every breath she took was shaking and trying to keep herself calm seemed impossible now. What would she even say to him?


            “Taemi?” Hoseoks’ voice brought a sense of relief.


           The younger girl couldn’t help but let out a sob. “Hoseok…” She coughed, sniffling as a few tears fell down her cheek. “I—I want t’come home,”


           “What? What’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?”


          Taemi whined. She didn’t want to answer any questions right now. Everything was so muddled in her head that it made her dizzy. “I want, I want to leave. Please, please just take me home,” She cried out but put a hand over her mouth to make sure she didn’t make too much noise. “I don’t want to–be here, I wanna be with you. I don’t like it here, please,”


           There was silence on the other phone which caused her heart to jump. “Hoseok?” She whispered harshly.


           “Yeah, yeah I’m here. I’ll—I’ll talk to Jimin about getting you back home, okay? Just stop crying for me. We’re getting you back as soon as we can,” Hoseok reassured.


           Taemi nodded frantically, wiping her nose with the sleeve of her top. “Okay,” She sniffled. “Please hurry,”


           “Will you tell me what happened?” The older male spoke again after a moment of silence.


          As much as Taemi wanted Hoseok to quickly get someone to fetch her, she had to admit having him to talk to was comforting. Especially now that she realized she wasn’t safe here. “Hoseok, I—I found out who did it,” She whispered, small body shaking as her free hand gripped at the blanket.


          The comfort was short-lived when the line cut off and Taemis’ breath hitched. “Hoseok?” No response. She threw her phone on the bed before trying to take deep breaths. All Taemi could do now was curl up into a ball as if it could shield her from the dreaded place she was in. This whole time; he was right in front of her. Trying to be her friend. Taemi couldn’t help but feel disgusted at herself for believing that someone like him would want to be friends with her.

Chapter Text

           Yoongi was already out for the day when Taehyung just started getting last nights’ food thrown away. Taehyung felt the weight next to him disappear at around five am which meant the older male had two hours longer sleep than usual. “Just get some rest today, it’s not much to do.” He said before walking out. It started becoming painfully obvious how similar Yoongi and Jimin were in terms of their kindness. The reminder of Jimin also slapped him in the face that he was lying to the man who welcomed him so well. All morning Taehyung was filled with anxiety. What if Yoongi walked in one day with a gun pointed to his head again? The look he would have on his face when he realized he was sleeping next to an enemy.


          Taehyung was given a new black hoodie from Yoongi, much more comfortable and soft on a cool day. His old one was folded in a cupboard somewhere looking more grey than black with the amount of dirt that caught onto it. This was the longest he had ever gone without wearing a suit. It was strange at first but now he found solace in them.


          Clock struck 11:00 when Jungkook stomped upstairs with the same glare thrown at him as Taehyung was sat on the couch. “Get up,” His voice sounded angrier than it did uninterested.


           “Did something happen?” Taehyung asked, standing up from the couch.


          Worry gripped his features until Jungkooks’ fist came flying across his jaw causing him to stumble onto his bottom to the cold floor.


           “What the fuck?!” The older male growled. Glaring at him was one thing but trying to beat him up was just aggravating now. As far as he knew, Jungkook had no reason to be doing this to him. “What’s wrong with you?” Taehyung struggled to get up to his feet.


            “What does Yoongi see in you that’s so special, huh?” Jungkook seethed.


             Taehyungs’ confusion faded slightly now that he realized why Jungkook had been so cold towards him. He was jealous. “I can control my temper better, it seems,” He was digging his own grave right now since Jungkook could knock him down with a few more punches.


            “Yoongi’s too soft for you now to realize you could be a fucking spy or something but I’m not. So, save your breath from any lying and tell me what you want with him,” Jungkooks’ fists were tightly curled in causing his knuckles to go white. Taehyung worried one of his arm veins might pop open with the way it was showing off.


            “I don’t want anything with him, Jungkook,” Taehyung wasn’t lying this time. He didn’t want anything from Yoongi. He had already given him enough. If Yoongi decided not to meddle with Baem Pa ever again, Taehyung wouldn’t care so long as he would be on his good side. It terrified him how much he became attached to the older male. “Please, can we just talk normally? I don’t want to fight,” He had his hands up in surrender attempting to calm the hot headed man down.


             Another punch thrown right on his lip. His body leaning against the wall on the left side of the couch. Taehyung tasted something metallic when his tongue stuck out; fury seeping through his veins at the younger males’ stubbornness. With a growl, he pounced on Jungkook with his hands wrapping around the others’ neck until they both stumbled to the ground. Taehyung straddled him for a moment, showering punches on the boy until his cheek and lip were bleeding. Jungkook pushed him off with his leg. Taehyung crashed back almost hitting his head on the coffee table, he spotted his knife from the corner of his eye. As soon Jungkook was about to get up to jump on him, Taehyung hastily grabbed the knife and lunged first. His body collided with Jungkooks’ when the younger let out a scream. The knife now jabbed through his palm while Taehyung pressed down his other hand to keep him still.


           Taehyungs’ breath hitched when he saw the blood oozing through his hand after hearing Jungkook whimper. “Look at me,” He held the younger males’ chin, forcing him to meet his apologetic gaze. “I’m sorry I had to do this but you need to listen. I don’t want Yoongi to risk his life for me in any way, I want him safe just as much as you do,”


            “And what if you have to make a choice? To protect Yoongi or your own ass?” Jungkook spoke in between ragged breaths. “So many people want to hurt him now,”


            Taehyung sighed, swallowing the lump in his throat. “My ass is worth nothing compared to his. He’s my friend—just like he’s your friend,” His fingers curled around the knifes’ handle and pulled it out of his hand causing Jungkook to let out a pained cry. “Come on, I’ll help you clean it up before you bleed to death. No more fighting,” He muttered.




           Jungkook was quiet for the past hour as Taehyung treated his wound. The bleeding had stopped and it was just the matter bandaging it up while also constantly giving the younger male apologetic looks. He didn’t mean to lose control in that manner; it became a habit for him to work with a knife or a gun when he was angry. It wasn’t the best lesson he had learnt in his journey with Haejeog Dal Pa.  


          “I’m sorry,” Jungkook finally murmured, his eyes fixed on his wound. “Yoongi’s the only thing close to family I have left. I don’t want him to get hurt,”


           Taehyung shook his head. “I would’ve done the same thing—maybe not the punching part but the protective part,” He pressed his lips together.


          “It’s just— ever since Namjoon took Hoseok into Baem Pa, he’s been—a lot more vulnerable to things. He usually didn’t welcome people so easily,” Jungkook lowered his head further, sticking his tongue out to his wounded lip. “I thought you were taking advantage of that,”


          Taehyung was slack-jawed by the others’ statement. “Why did Namjoon take Hoseok in?” He bravely asked although he wasn’t sure if his heart could take the answer.


          “For some reason, he said it would be good for the Dons’ son to have someone like Hoseok next to him. Yoongi didn’t like the idea of it—hated it actually—was pissed off for weeks after he left,” Jungkook shook his head. “He didn’t always run on coffee every single day, you know. He used to sleep and eat well when Hoseok was around even with his schedule. Got too attached and now he can’t live properly without him,”


          Taehyungs’ heart sank. “Was— was Hoseok happy here?”


         “Oh yeah, a lot,” Jungkook smirked to himself. That was the first form of a smile Taehyung had seen on the other man since he met him. “Always smiling. I even miss it sometimes. He used to work at the café Yoongi gets his coffee from,”


          He was happy here. Namjoon took him away from it for his sake. Taehyung was blind to how much his power caused pain to others. Hoseok smiled around him too—he couldn’t even bother to notice that he must have been sad on the inside. He was too busy looking for a warm body to hold at the end of a hard day. His heart ached. Taehyung wished Hoseok said something but then, how could he? Haejeog Dal Pas’ name would have left a bitter taste on his tongue if he so much as mentioned it back at that time. Before Taehyung even knew who Yoongi or Jungkook were.


            Hoseok had a nice life here—and he sent him here instead of running away himself. The man could have easily come back to Yoongi and continued his life onwards but no. He let him escape with his life while he was possibly suffering god knows what from Jimin.


           Taehyung took a deep breath as the lump in his throat grew. This wasn’t right. He was practically stealing the life that Hoseok deserved more than him. Yoongi still wasn’t eating or sleeping properly—he couldn’t bear it. “Do you think–Yoongi would like it if Hoseok came back?”


           Jungkook scoffed. “Like it? Fucker would jump to the heavens. But—Hoseok’s bound to Baem Pa, we can’t do anything about it,”


           “Maybe…one day, he could come back,” Taehyung met Jungkooks’ slightly confused gaze. “After all I never imagined myself stabbing then treating an angry man from Haejeog Dal Pa but here I am,” He teased with a smirk.


           Jungkook kicked him playfully, a chuckle passing his lips. “One day he could come back yeah,” He smiled to himself for a while. “Are you gonna stay?”


          “I mean—for as long as you and Yoongi want me to,” Taehyung nodded.


          Jungkook gave him a soft smile. The most genuine Taehyung had ever seen; it made his heart warm.


          “We want you to,”

Chapter Text

            The last thing Hoseok needed on top of everything else was Taemi begging him to take her back home. Jimin was keeping him under lock down, nothing to occupy him other than a few bottles of wine and whiskey. This morning was the same; waking up naked, smelling of urine while his head pounded violently against his skull. Every time he was too drunk to be next to Jimin, he would lay him down on the bed in the bottom floor rather than the master bedroom upstairs. It was fine for the first month where Hoseok could keep himself contained but the bottle numbers grew and his sanity shrunk. Once again, he woke up having to drag his tired and aching body to the bathroom cleaning himself of all the sweat and piss so he could dress himself up for Jimin.


           Hoseok insisted on cleaning his mess up himself but the maids were already getting to it before he could protest. They had been doing for some time now so he guessed they were used to it. The thought made his stomach lurch. Then he realized he had to run to the toilet again, sinking his head in. Great. Now all he could taste was his stomach acid—then again, he couldn’t remember the last time he ate something to actually vomit them out.


           A black suit and dress shirt was already prepared for him now on the bed upstairs. Jimin must have wanted him to go with him somewhere otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered.


           Hoseok had never been a fan of makeup but this time with the condition of his eye bags, he would need some coverage to keep up the appearance. He didn’t know what Jimin showed him off as but he just went along since he couldn’t escape anyway. Now Taemi felt unsafe too—but what safety would she get here? Jimin would have her ready for punishment if Hoseok made the wrong move. None of them were safe. Yet somehow Hoseok found solace in being next to Jimin. If he kept next to him and listened to him quietly then nothing happened to him.


           He kept the first few buttons of his dress shirt open per Jimins’ request. His freshly cut hair seemed to style by itself, a small part to the side while his dark bags were now patted down with some light coverage. His lips were dreadfully dry and chapped but nothing a little tinted lip balm couldn’t fix. Taemi should be alright for a night. It wasn’t like Namjoon had any sinister plan for her—at least it wouldn’t be worse than Jimin.




            An hour past and Hoseok had downed three glasses of whiskey to keep him sustained for a few hours. He couldn’t be seen downing too many glasses in front of whoever Jimin was going to. Although three glasses were a torturously low amount for him, he also wasn’t the best company when drunk now. Hoseok was never violent before but the stories Jimin heard of him throwing things when intoxicated would not look nice in public.


           Jimin picked him up in his black Hyundai Equus with a small compliment that he looked presentable. Hoseok felt a surge of accomplishment when hearing it but he tried to hide his smile.


            “What’re we doing?” He asked politely. Jimins’ gaze stayed on the window; the light creating a beautiful shadow on his features.


             “Meeting with Kwon Jungkeun. Good Baem Pa man, Don Kim talked highly of him. He’s one of the few people I can trust right now especially after the drama with Byonchol,” Jimin sounded grim. The soft toned boy that once used to sweet talk Taehyung into serenity now spoke of only death and destruction.  


             Hoseok merely nodded. He wanted to ask who exactly the man was but if it was someone that Don Kim trusted then it was someone Jimin trusted. That was all he needed to know. Although the curiosity was killing him. “Uh—Jimin—there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you…”

             Jimin hummed, gaze now flickering to the older male. “What is it?” His brows furrowed causing Hoseok to grow anxious.


            He sounded stressed making Hoseok reluctant to speak about Taemi since it didn’t sound like an easy topic. She said she found something and that could only mean something about Don Kims’ death. Why did she want to come home though? If Jimin could have killed Don Kim then why would she want to come to him? That meant it wasn’t Jimin.


             “Hoseok? Are you drunk now, what is it?” Jimin flicked his fingers over Hoseoks’ eyes, startling him back to reality.


             “No, no not drunk. It’s nothing,” Hoseok shook his head relaxing back onto the leather seat. “I was just thinking about some things,”


             “Well, let me know when they come together,” Jimin was annoyed, he could tell by the small huffs in between his words. Hoseok didn’t like that. He wanted him to go back to complimenting him again.



              Thankfully, they arrived to the club not too long after their awkward conversation. Four Horsemen. Fitting name for a dark club. The entire building was blackened with neon lights making it stand out greatly from the other blocks. Jimin took a hold of his hand sending tingles down Hoseoks’ spine as they walked into the futuristic looking building.


             There were two levels. The bottom being the enormous dance floor, people grinding against each other under the flashing lights; stools and tables scattered at the corners with strangers licking each other’s  necks. The bar on the right side was a large circle; multiple bartenders shaking and pouring, in the middle a crystal centerpiece that displayed all the range of alcohol that anyone could dream of. Hoseoks’ fingers twitched as his mouth watered at the sight of all the options.

             Jimin must have noticed it when he immediately pulled him away from it. Past the dancing drunkards and the horny strangers, there was a dark staircase. Two of the guards behind them walked up first while they followed. Hoseoks’ grip on the others’ hand tightened a little when his vision was almost completely cut off.


           “Scared of the dark, baby?” Jimin cooed, his breath hitting his ear causing a shiver down his spine. At least he wasn’t annoyed at him anymore.



            Finally, they came to a door where a buff suited man opened it, leading them into another dark room. Except this one was being illuminated by more neon lights and a beautifully lit up aquarium on his left. A plump man with a striking fur coat sat on the large couch just in front of the aquarium; his hat covering most of his face but he could spot a smile when he met their gaze. “Master Park! What a pleasant visit. I haven’t had good company in an achingly long time,” The man got up from the couch and walked over to Jimin who now let go of his hand. Much to Hoseoks’ disappointment.


            “Jungkeun,” Jimins’ toothy smile shone white in the dark. “It’s good to see you again,” He glanced back at Hoseok. “This is my consigliere, Jung Hoseok,” Hand came behind Hoseoks’ back and gently pushed him forward.


            Hoseok tried not to look too dumbfounded before giving Jungkeun a smile and a nod instead of a full bow. Jungkeun seemed to be fine with it as he nodded back.


            “You must know that I’m not only here for a mere visit though,”


           “Of course not. Baem Pas’ business never stops and it won’t stop now either. What did you need me for, son?” Jungkeun gestured them to sit down on the couch next to his. Three couches were present in the room with a table in the center; the stench of cigars and the unbearable scent of whiskey hitting his nostrils. He sat down beside Jimin politely while the other sat closer to Jungkeun so they could discuss. Fingers played with the fabric of his trousers when Jimins’ voice distracted him.

             “It’s about our friends over in Incheon. I’m sure you’ve already heard about the secret stash that Don Kim had on their port,”


             “Ah, yes the supplies to Japan. Sly bugger Kim,” Jungkeun chortled. “Haejeog Dal Pa are stepping their game, it seems. But we’re going to top them, aren’t we?”


             “As we always have. There will be an attack on their arsenal as we speak but I feel as though it won’t be enough,” Jimin leaned forward. “Tell me, Kwon is there anything Don Kim may have discussed about the moon folk when Taehyung and I weren’t present?”


             Jungkeun sighed looking out to the large glass window in front of him. Hoseok followed his gaze for a moment, he saw the line of DJ’s on the other side of the club. “Well there was the conquest fiasco he was planning in 2013. You and little prince weren’t properly of age yet so Kim kept it on the down low. I do seem to be remember him giving the plans to it—Youngjae!” Jungkeun called out after a moment of thought.


            A scrawny young man with glasses too large for his face came scurrying towards Jungkeun with a worried expression on his face before he bowed down. “Yes, Master Kwon,”


           Youngjae almost reminded him of a smaller version of Namjoon.


          “I need you to find me 2013’s Kim Corp files; associates meeting with Don Kim at uh—Octo—No, September. Make sure to send it to Master Park as soon as possible,” He then gestured him back which Youngjae obeyed quickly. Jungkeun faced Jimin again with the same, friendly smile.


           “What’s this about a conquest?” Jimin asked.


          Jungkeun leaned forward. “A purge—to infiltrate and take over Haejeog Dal Pa so Incheon could be ours,”

            Hoseoks’ heart jumped. Don Kim wanted to take over Haejeog Dal Pa all along. Why didn’t Jimin find all this secrecy strange?


            “Sounds like a big conquest. Haejeog Dal Pa may be small but their strength and supplies—”


             “—would be very useful to Baem Pa. There was no intention to destroy their supplies. Not all of them anyway. Their cars are too priceless and their weaponry goes up to ten arsenals at different locations,” Jungkeun gushed.


            Hoseok didn’t have lean forward to notice the small smirk from Jimin. He gulped down the lump in his throat. Jimin was not going to turn down this idea by the looks of it. Not only were Yoongi and Jungkook in danger now Taehyung was in the mix too and Jimin had no idea. Oddly, Jimins’ lack of knowledge on Taehyungs’ whereabouts were slightly comforting.


            “So if Baem Pa takes over Haejeog Dal Pa…” Jimin leaned back now, relaxing onto the chair. His smile was too obvious to miss.


            “Baem Pa rules all of Kor—” A shot fired through the glass window, going past Jungkeun to the aquarium. The water gushed out of the broken glass along with panicked fishes of all colours and types flowing out.


             Hoseok and Jimin were immediately made to duck while Jungkeun was now limp on the couch; the guards attempting to shake him awake but it was no use. It was only quiet for a second before the shooting began again ringing in his ears. He felt a hand grip at his arm; it was Jimin thankfully pulling him out of the room so they were out of range from whoever was shooting. The men with them rushed in front of them shooting through the now broken window, three of them stumbling to the ground already while the others hid in different parts of the room.


             “Take this,” Jimin breathed out, holding his hand and making Hoseoks’ fingers curl around a cold metal object. Hoseok became slack jawed as he frantically shook his head at the younger male. “For now, Hoseok, I need some backup,”


              “Jimin, I, I don’t know how to shoot a gun,” He shook his head again, his sweaty hands shaking as he felt something wet on the ends of his trousers. A fish floating past his feet and down the stairs.


             Jimin didn’t say anything but shoot down a man that was hurdling towards them up the stairs. Hoseok was pulled down the stairs, slipping a few times and landing on his bottom; it was almost if they just slid down a water slide by the time they came to the bottom floor. More shooting began and both men jumped behind the wall next to the stairs, resting their backs on it. Their hair damp and their guns slippery while the shooting calmed down.


            Silence. Hoseoks’ chest rose and fell as the anxiety burst through him causing his fingers and knees to quiver. The rush of cold from the water wasn’t aiding anything either.


            “They’re going to be distracted by shooters on the top level,” Jimins’ Adams’ apple bobbled before he began breathing heavily. “None of them are coming towards us so we can make a run for it,” He peeked from the wall. “Hopefully, none of us die tonight,”


            “If we do, I’m blaming you just so you know,” Hoseok snapped. As much as he craved Jimins’ approval, he was annoyed that he was dragged along with him in this meeting. All for a purge that could kill people he cared about. His friends. His confidence died down shortly when he began feeling nauseous again—shit not now. It had been too long since Hoseok had anything to drink. Why couldn’t he have had one more glass of whiskey before he came here?


           “On my count, we’re going to speed to the entrance, yeah? One—two—three,” Jimin sped off and Hoseok followed soon after. The water on the floor slowed them down but they managed to get halfway of the dance floor.


             Shooting rung in his ears again which made him run faster; he caught the centerpiece at the corner of his eye. Then one of the shots were directed at them causing Jimin to duck down. Hoseok immediately followed suit, wanting to hold Jimins’ shirt but he was a little too far away.


             Hoseok took a deep breath, nausea and anxiety surging through him as his body flushed hot then cold. He was hiding behind a turned table so it acted as a shield for the two of them. Peeking through the table, he caught one shooter facing them. Hoseok quickly moved back down and faced Jimin who seemed a lot more collected but with the way his forehead wrinkled, he knew he was stressed too. “There’s one shooter,” He whispered.


            Jimin peeked over for a second before facing him, giving him a small nod. It was almost like a flash of lightning when he moved up again and shot thrice before sliding down again. “We need to get out of here quickly. You’ll be right behind me?” He asked, eyes widened with hope.


           Hoseok nodded quickly. He pressed his foot firmly on the ground to be ready.


          Jimin counted again and before he knew it himself, they were speeding off to the entrance. The glass doors were closed much to Hoseoks’ annoyance. Jimin rushed over and struggled to push them open. From the corner of his eye, Hoseok spotted a figure peeking out from the bar counter; the silver object in his hand shining against the neon lights. Hoseoks’ stomach jumped as he lunged towards Jimin. Another shot fired. A sharp pain stung him on his thigh as he cried out before being dragged out of the club by Jimin.


          The driver was already speeding to the entrance, driving into the sidewalk itself. Jimin practically pushed Hoseok into the car which made him groan in pain but he still tried to shift away. The younger male ducked in when the shots were fired on the roof of the car almost hitting Jimin on the head. Immediately, the driver shot off bumping into a few cars as they both kept their heads down under the windows.



           At least one good thing came out of this dreaded meeting and that was they were both in a getaway car after backup was called up. One of the many bad things was that now Hoseoks’ thigh was bleeding like a storm and his nausea only worsened by the sight of blood.


            “Send a call to the private doctor now! I want him at the penthouse ready,” Jimin ordered to the driver.


            The stubborn pain made Hoseok whimper as his face was now pressed against Jimins’ stomach. His head pounded against his skull more than anything he had ever felt on the morning he woke up hungover. “Jimin…”


            “I’m here,” Jimin muttered, pushing Hoseoks’ fringe out of his forehead. “Why the hell did you do that?” He whispered.


            Honestly, Hoseok had no idea himself. And he was too lightheaded to think too much into it right now.




            Before Hoseok was aware, he felt prickles on his thigh. Prickles suddenly turned to sharp, searing pain causing screams to pass his lips. When he tried to struggle out of it there were restraints keeping him down. Something leathery keeping his hands bound and two hands pressing his body down. Blurry vision exasperated him further as his breathing grew ragged.


            “Is there anything you can give to get rid of the pain?” Jimins’ voice echoed in his ears. He was the one holding him down.


            “Master Park with all due respect, he’s already suffering from a dangerous alcohol dependence. I don’t want to risk him getting addicted further to anything else,” The doctor argued.


            Hoseok couldn’t help but feel just as annoyed as Jimin probably was. If there was something that could help with the pain that he wanted to have it. He wanted to speak up to protest but the man could barely hold his head nor open his eyes for too long.


            “Doc, he tried to save me. I don’t wanna see him like this, just give him something,” Was Jimin—worried about him?


            “I can give him Dilaudid but just one dosage and that’s it,” Everything was silent for a moment. That was until Hoseok felt a sting on his inner elbow. For a minute, nothing happened and he still felt that annoying pain on his thigh. Then slowly the pain floated away and his body was filled with comforting warmth—comfort Hoseok hadn’t felt before. No amount of whiskey or wine made him feel this way. It was blissful. “No more than that. If you value the life of your friend,”


           Hoseok didn’t hear any answer from Jimin but he didn’t care. He just wanted to revel in his new-found bliss for a little while. There were tugs and pricks on his thigh while his eyelids drooped; the feeling taking over his body, loosening it as he slowly drifted away to sleep.











            Soft brushes against his hair woke up him instead of the ghastly stench of urine. Hoseok tried to move his legs but he felt a sharp jolt of pain on his left thigh, reminding him that he was hurt. Throat dry, lips chapped as tired eyes weakly flickered up to see who was soothing him so calmly. Shock gripped his expression when he saw Jimin. The skin under his eyes dark and his hair ruffled; the sweater hugging his upper body made him look a lot more innocent.


                 “Jimin?” Hoseok croaked.


                 “Why did you do that, Hoseok?” Jimins’ voice was stern but his touch was soft. It was highly confusing. “You could’ve died,”


                   “So could you,” He coughed. Finally, he felt something cold in between his lips, the liquid tasted strange and bitter making him wince visibly when he swallowed.


                    “It’s water,” Jimin placed the glass back onto the night stand behind him. “You still shouldn’t have done that. Least of all for me,”


                    “Why not for you?”


                   “I thought you hated me,”


                  “Doesn’t mean I want you to die though,” Hoseok struggled to keep his eyes open still as he felt the nausea seeping in slowly. “Besides— I only hate you because I think you’ve gone mad,”


                  “How so?”


                 “This. All of this. The sudden change of personality and goals. Betraying Taehyung, trying to follow in Don Kims’ footsteps,” Hoseok sighed, shaking his head. “You weren’t always like this, Jimin, you had kindness and compassion. Who turned you into this?”  


                 Silence plunged in the room. There was the soft hum of the air conditioner creating ambience but it was soon drowned out by Jimins’ voice. “I did. I had to for the good of Baem Pa,”


              “Since when do you care so much about the good of Baem Pa?”


             “I have nothing else, Hoseok,” Jimin muttered. “My dad he—he tried to turn me into him. Working as a sex toy all my life so I could pay for him,” He shook his head. “He wasn’t a good man. Not like Don Kim,”


            “Don Kim was a good man?” Hoseoks’ brows furrowed, gazing up at the younger male. All he could remember were the times he stressed the living daylights out of his son for years.


            “Better than my father. At least he had some care for Taehyung and he treated Taemi well. I was born in Baem Pa, I— grew up looking up to him and following him,” Jimin lowered his head, playing with the fabric of Hoseoks’ T-shirt. “Baem Pa is the only thing I have left. Taehyung wanted to take that away from me,”


            “What do you mean?”


           Jimin met his gaze now, there was a sense of sadness behind them that Hoseok couldn’t understand. “Taehyung wanted to give Baem Pa off to the authorities. He wanted to get rid of Baem Pa. I mean I knew he wasn’t a big fan of being Don but—destroying everything his family built is just—I can’t imagine it,”


           Hoseok, Taehyung and Namjoon were the very few people that knew about ‘the deal’. It was organized not too long ago; Taehyung entrusted Hoseok out of all people with the news but not Jimin. Now he understood why. Jimin loved Baem Pa too much to see it crumbling down back to square one. The thing was that without Taehyungs’ deal, Jimin was now surrounded by disloyal associates as he tries his hardest to glue together an already broken empire. The man was blind to anything that meant Baem Pa had to go back to being a small gang in Seoul instead of the biggest criminal syndicate in the country.


            Hoseok stayed silent however, placing a hand on Jimins’ thigh as a form of comfort. “It’s okay. Baem Pa will be okay, I promise,” He reassured.


            Jimin gave him a smile before leaning in and pressing a light kiss on the top of his head. “I owe you a favor now for being so brave for me,”


            Excitement rushed through Hoseok at the mention of a favor. He could easily ask for his freedom, to be able to walk out of the suite freely. Then he realized that his leg was useless now for the next few weeks so he was going to be indoors anyway.


          Taemi. “There is one thing I need to ask,” Hoseok looked up at the younger male. Jimin hummed as a response. “Taemi. She wants to come back home, could you send over an escort?”


            Jimin chuckled. “Namjoon’s boring the shit out of her, is he?”


            “Uh actually—she said she found something on Don Kims’ death,” Hoseok gulped seeing Jimins’ frown. “It sounded really important,”


            Jimins’ smiled faded. “I’ll send over an escort today,”

Chapter Text

        Taemi nibbled on her bottom lip, worried eyes searching for anything that she needed before she got back home. Sungmi had given her meals and some directions back to Seoul; she was kind enough to let Taemi know that she was in Busan. Baem Pa men were too good at keeping secret places from their authroties. Hoseok hadn’t gotten back to her since last night which worsened her anxiety. What if he didn’t think to help her because he thought she was lying? Taemi wished it was a lie.


         Zipping her duffle bag, Taemi placed it inside the cupboard just in case Namjoon wanted to question why she had a bag all packed. If he had the potential to kill someone that powerful than what difference would she make?


         Her heart jumped when the doorbell echoed through the house, the girl immediately padded over to the door and cracked it open. Namjoon was already answering the door revealing two suited men. One of them had an obvious tattoo on his neck while the other took off his sunglasses and gave Namjoon a smile.


         “We’re here to pick up the princess,” He addressed. “Master Parks orders,”


         “What’s the problem?” Namjoon didn’t sound pleased.


        Taemi was irritated by the fact that Jimin wouldn’t let Hoseok come over and take her home himself. What could he possibly want with him right now?


         “He has reason to believe that the princess will feel safer around people she knew better,” Hoseok and Jimin didn’t yet know what Taemi found out. Maybe if they did, they would have brought more men but the call got cut off too early.


         There was silence downstairs for a few moments before she heard Namjoon chuckle. “You really expect me to just hand over the former Dons’ daughter without any clarification of who you are?”

           That wasn’t good. Namjoon didn’t believe them. That would be brave to Taemi if he wasn’t the person she was running away from. What if he knew that? He went this long being out of sight from everyone, managing to kill the Don without a single soul suspecting him. If he knew that Taemi found out, then she wouldn’t be alive for long either. Her breath hitched in her throat as she closed the door, body growing cold.


           She could get out of here by herself. Sungmi gave her instructions on how to go from Busan to Seoul, she must have known that Namjoon could get suspicious. With unsteady breaths, Taemi ran to the cupboard and grabbed her bag.




           Oh, god. Quickly, she kicked her bag next to her bed and stood in front of it; Namjoon knocked on the door calling out her name again. Taking a deep breath, she padded over to open it.


          The older male had a worried expression on his face. “Are you alright?”


          Her heart was pounding so fast she worried Namjoon might hear it too. Then she shook her head bravely. “No! I’ve been stuck in this godforsaken room for weeks now. I want to go out and do something,” Taemi demanded, holding her chin up.


          “This place is as safe as any, Taemi, you know that,” What a comforting lie. “You can’t be walking around anywhere, if anyone recognizes you—”


          “—my brother might not be a Don but that doesn’t change the fact that my wishes deserve some amount of respect over here. Let me tell you again… I want to do get out of this house. I want—to do something other than obsess over who killed my father,” Taemi lowered her head, pouting. “It’s starting to hurt too much,”


            Namjoon sighed audibly. Hopefully that meant it was working. “Alright. You can go out for a couple of hours to clear your head—with a guard,”

           Taemis’ jaw tightened, gaze flickering up to meet his. “I can work with that,”





          Great. How was she supposed to get rid of the guard now? Taemi asked if they could go to a café around Bansong-ro saying that it had her favourite tea there. The guard gave her a puzzled look but took her there regardless. It was the only place she remembered that had a train station nearby.


          The drive was far more stressful that she imagined. Her bag was stuck in the cupboard somewhere but she had her USB, her phone and some cash held with her. Taemi decided to put the USB and money in her bra praying that no one would have the audacity to try and find it there. Then it struck in her already aching chest.


          If Namjoon found out that his USB was missing, then he would know that Taemi was the one who took it. Or worse, Sungmi. She was still there vulnerable to anything he might do. The car halted to a stop and the lights from the café burned her eyes; thoughts about Sungmi and her fate had to wait for now.


          “We’re here, ma’am,” The guard opened his door first before walking around to guide her to the café.


          The shop looked decent thankfully with two baristas working behind the counter and only one customer drinking quietly in the far corner. Taemi kept her phone close to her chest; she hoped the grip on the device would help her fingers from shaking.


          “Peppermint tea please,” Taemi spoke quietly, giving the barista a small smile before he disappeared behind the large coffee machine. The guard stood next to her completely alert of his surroundings, looking here and there as if there was some threat about to approach. “There’s literally no one here, you can calm down and order something if you want,”


           “Your life is valuable, ma’am. Can’t risk it,” He barely gave her a sideways glance.


           Taemi raised her eyebrows. “Didn’t know there were actually decent men in Baem Pa,” For once, she didn’t have the time or patience for an alert guard. If there was some way Taemi could sneak out of here without him knowing.


          Eyes quietly searched around the café until she spotted a familiar round blue circle with two figures stamped on a door. “I want to go to the ladies’ room,” She announced knowing that the man wouldn’t be able to follow her once she went in.


           Her knees were growing weaker by the minute; what if the guard decides to barge in when she takes too long? I’d be long gone then she thought. She threw some water over her face to get rid of how hot it had become, looking at herself in the mirror. Taemi couldn’t remember the last time she properly looked at her reflection. Her eyes were deep with bags, stubborn dark spots on her jawline while her chapped lips had a pink tint stuck to the skin.


          There was a window on her right that led out of the standalone café. The lights of a train swooshing past in the blink of an eye causing a rush of excitement to pass through her. She wasn’t too far from the station. Keeping the tap running, Taemi grabbed her phone and placed it inside her bra as well so it would make it easier to climb out through the window. At this moment, the girl was seriously considering to buy herself more pants with pockets because doing this kind of work with a dress was exasperating. At least Taemi hoped she would never have to do this again.


         Her heart jolted just as her feet did when she sped towards the train station. Whipping the cash that now gave off an odd warmth against her cold palm, she handed it at the counter; tapping on the surface as he prepared her ticket.


         6:40 pm. The train was on platform 4 which already seemed to be arriving so Taemi shot off again, the cold rush of wind making her eyes incredibly dry.




         The loud growl made Taemi’s knees go weak but she forced herself to move faster to the train. She slipped in through the doors; the announcer gave out their final warning that the doors were closing which gave her a sense of comfort. That was until Taemi spotted the guard running closer. Closer. The door slid much too slowly. The guard held his hand out enough for him to slip in but the door shut causing him to stumble back.


          Taemi could finally let out a deep breath of relief, her eyes cold as ice and her entire form was trembling on the leather seat. But the train was moving now and the guard moved farther away, looking bewildered. Taemi was now left with her dreaded thoughts again of the killer who was lurking in the luxury of Baem Pa.

Chapter Text

           Nimble fingers grazed over the navy-blue velvet lining that cushioned the luxurious handgun. Yoongi had been having this created since Taehyung successfully completely his mission in Bangchuk-ro. He had to admit, he looked much better with a gun in his hand then a knife. Jungkook received his first custom-made gun from him after he did his first clean mission so Taehyung deserved the same treatment whether he was a goon or not. Black grip, the Haejeog Dal Pa logo—the moon cycle engraved onto it with a gorgeous silver barrel, an obvious T next to the safety topped off with gold details on the muzzle and trigger.


         When he heard footsteps, Yoongi quickly closed the box before turning on his heel to see Taehyung bringing his daily coffee. “Ah, just the man I wanted to see,” He walked over to the younger male with the box in hand.


           “Uh—what is it?” Taehyung placed the tray on the coffee table as Yoongi lounged on the couch, placing the box next to it.


           “I have a gift for you,” He leaned back, one leg rested on his knee smiling up at the other. Taehyung still seemed confused by the furrow of his brows but he sat down next to him regardless.


           Taehyung placed his hand over the box, shifting it towards him before staring at him expectantly. Yoongi nodded towards the object with a smile to encourage him to open it.


            With a large smile, Taehyung opened the box. The sight of the gift made his smile fade away slightly which made Yoongi think that maybe he wasn’t too proud of it. “Is it alright?” He asked, worried.


             “Oh yes, yes. It’s—I don’t really get personal gifts like this,” The younger male spoke breathlessly causing Yoongi to smile now.

             Yoongi could still remember the smile on Jungkooks’ face as well when he first got his gun. Hoseok refused to have a gun so he gave him a necklace instead—nothing too obvious, it was merely a gold star pendant. He wanted a moon but with him being around Baem Pa it would have been too suspicious even if it was a piece of jewelry. Yoongi wondered if the other man still wore it. Taehyungs’ small chuckle made him push those thoughts away for a minute.


             “It’s beautiful,” Taehyung smiled brightly at the older male. His smile faded away again afterwards confusing Yoongi further—then he shifted. The boy seemed to have taken a breath to say something before Jungkook came rushing upstairs; a worried expression gripping his features.


             “The arsenal in Wondang-dong was attacked last night!” Jungkook announced, resting his hands on his knees to catch his breath. “Baem Pa just confirmed war, Yoongi. What do we do?”


             Yoongi growled, shooting off the couch; he rubbed his face in frustration. How could he not have predicted that? There should have been more guard at the arsenal. “Most of our weapons were in that, we can’t hold them off without them,” He muttered, breathing growing unsteady.


             “We could talk to the Don,” Taehyungs’ voice made both Yoongi and Jungkook turn their heads. His plump lips made him look more dumbfounded but he seemed confident about his statement. “I mean—if— Baem Pa is attacking back; we should discuss this with him. Don’t, don’t you think?” The male glanced at them both.


              “He’s right. Seokjin has to be aware of this,” Jungkook agreed with Taehyung which came to a great surprise to Yoongi.


              Taehyungs’ suggestion seemed to make sense the most. Yoongi had planned on protecting Haejeog Dal Pas’ territory but he didn’t think about the fact that Baem Pa could potentially know the location of their other supplies. He let out a deep sigh, eyes flickering over to the coffee on the table and grabbing one of the cups. “Alright then. We’re going to the fucking Don now,”








              It was an hours’ drive to Geomdan-dong where Seokjins’ house was. A recluse just like him but his preference was far more luxurious. Beautiful house settled in the middle of nowhere with gorgeous gardens and heavily guarded as if they were visiting the mayor. The gates opened for their car after seeing Yoongis’ face and they drove into the long driveway that led to the mansion. There were jungles around them to keep them secure while a large courtyard separating the gates and the actual house.


             Seokjin in his black turtle neck and suit, glasses perfectly framing his face as he stood politely for them to come out of the car. Yoongi had forced the two younger men to be dressed in decent attire. That meant pants, shirt and a coat over top for the cold weather. Jungkook wasn’t too happy about that but he managed to be a good sport about it for the time being.  


             “You’ve been quiet for too long, Yoongi. I missed your clever retorts these past few months,” Seokjin offered a friendly smile. They both knew exactly why Yoongi was quiet but at least he had the sense not to mention it to everyone present outside.


             “Good to see you too, brother,” Yoongi pressed his lips together to make up for a proper smile. The older male before him was better at pretending to smile at times like this.


             The living room as they entered wasn’t much different than the last time Yoongi stepped foot into it. Scent of roses, the kitchen filled with marble finishes and a large glass window from one end to another to show off his large plain of green land, with ponds and fountains for his morning walks. Seokjin stood close to him while Jungkook and Taehyung followed behind. “You’re alright, yes? I know when Hoseok left—you haven’t been the same,” He whispered. This was one of the reasons Yoongi didn’t come here often since Seokjin worried for him far too much for his own good. They had to carry on business as usual so the only way he could do it was away from as much as possible. But right now, there was no choice and Yoongi was too tired to argue.


              “I’m fine, thanks,” Yoongi replied. “That’s not what I’m here for though,”


             “But of course not,” Seokjin gestured them to sit on the circle of couches. A special large chair lined with silver adorned in blue velvet, like the one in the box Taehyungs’ gift was in. “You’re here about Baem Pas’ recent attacks. It seems our serpent friends weren’t very happy about losing their precious drug supply,”


             “We need to increase security on our other locations,” Yoongi sat down in the couch next to the chair while the two younger men stood behind him.


            “Unfortunately, that’s not going to stop bombs very well. Baem Pa might not be doing well in business but their firepower is surpassing ours,” Seokjin shook his head.


            “If this Don Park knows about one location then it won’t be long until he tries to find out more. We can’t just sit there and let them get on with it,” Yoongi argued.


             “Definitely not. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of options left. My father warned me once that Baem Pa would try to break the peace somehow. Snakes are a worthy representation for those people he said,” Seokjin scoffed.


             “So what? We just—surrender?” Yoongi winced. The very thought of letting Haejeog Dal Pa crumble under Don Parks’ was making him shake with anger.


             Seokjin nodded aggravating him further.


          He leaned forward slowly. “You can’t do that; you know you can’t. We’ve gone so long, Seokjin. They can’t win now after all that’s happened,” Yoongi pleaded.


          “That was before this Don Park showed up out of nowhere. Yoongi, I know you want to keep your friend safe but if we keep attempting to fight back it will cost us a lot. Our weapons are our strongest asset and we lost most of it,” He knew what Seokjin was saying was smart. Baem Pa had the force to take them over but the gang had lasted so long on their own, Seokjin never bowed down to Don Kim. Not unless there was a mutual deal between them because one Don shouldn’t have too much power over a country. “Haejeog Dal Pa—” The older male sighed. “—needs to back down,”


          “No,” Yoongis’ heart jumped at Taehyungs’ sudden interruption.


          Taehyung was already walking up in front of Seokjin, his form trembling a little by the looks of his fingers.


         “What’re you saying, boy?” Seokjins’ voice was calm but Yoongi could tell that the man was exasperated by the younger males’ manners. “Where did you get him from?” He glanced at him.


          “He’s just—”


         “My name is Kim Taehyung, sir,” Taehyung took his gifted gun out and placed it on the coffee table in front of him; bowing his head and going down on his knees. “I’m—my —fathers’ name is Kim Jukan…the late Don of Baem Pa,” He gazed up at Seokjin, eyes reddened already.


           Both Yoongi and Seokjin froze in their seat. Yoongi felt his chest was cutting open as he stared the younger male. A figure sped from the corner of his eye and he saw Jungkook grabbing Taehyung by the collar, veins popping out of his forehead.


            “Please—please listen to me,” Taehyung pleaded, his features wincing in pain. “I have a way you can infiltrate Baem Pa!” He tried to struggle out of Jungkooks’ grasp.


            “Let him go, boy, let him speak,” Thankfully Seokjin started speaking calmly before Yoongi did because he was still trying to keep his shaking fists to himself. Jungkook pushed him off, glares burning onto the other male before storming off to the corner. “What do you know?”


            “Around a year ago—I devised a plan, a deal with the officials in the police—extortion in the exchange of assistance for a purge in Baem Pa,”


           “Why would you organize a purge on your own gang?”


          “Like you said—the entire gang is a bag of snakes. I needed loyalty and strength in my gang when I became Don not outdated traitors,” Taehyung glanced at Yoongi for a moment before bowing his head again. “One of my partners disagreed on the idea and I was falsely accused of my fathers’ death just so he would have a good enough reason to dethrone me,” He finally looked up at Seokjin whose expression hadn’t changed since Taehyung revealed himself. “If there’s anyone who wants Baem Pa to stand down more than you, sir, it’s me. I have no quarrel with Haejeog Dal Pa—you have a gang I’ve learnt to respect,”


          Yoongi scoffed, getting off the couch. “Let me kill him now, will you? I’m done listening,” He pulled his gun out from his holster and immediately pressed it against Taehyungs’ forehead. The younger male didn’t move, just looked up at him; eyes were glassy and red, silently pleading to him. Yoongi tried to keep his gaze on the gun instead so it would be easier to pull the trigger.


            “Brother—” Taehyung whimpered.


           “Don’t fucking call me that,” He spat.


            “Yoongi, not now. The man is surrendering which means he can prove useful to us,” Seokjin was too calm for his liking. He wanted the older male to order the kill; why won’t he make it easier? “I’ll have him sent to Bangchuk-ro and we’ll decide what to do with him then. I want the man alive, that’s an order,”


            Yoongis’ jaw tightened until it hurt, hands beginning to shake before he turned away from the man. An audible sigh passing his lips as he attempted to calm himself down. His vision was getting blurry as he attempted to steady himself by holding Seokjins’ chair, his back facing everyone else. Seokjin called on a few guards to carry Taehyung away and Jungkook followed clearly wanting to finish whatever he was going to start.


            “He knelt down,” Seokjin spoke up.


           “That doesn’t fucking mean anything,” Yoongi huffed.


          “No man of his power kneels in front of someone, even to save his life,” Seokjin jerked his head forward. “How long has the boy been with you?”


           “Two months, I think,” Yoongi shrugged. “I—I can’t believe I didn’t realize it until now,” He pressed the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb.


           “You’d think he would die first before trying to help. Spies are usually sworn to protect whoever they’re working for—but this boy, this prince is giving us an entire plan on destroying his own gang,” Seokjin almost sounded like he was complimenting Taehyung. “Highly curious, don’t you think?”


           “With all due respect, brother, why the fuck are you gushing about him?” Yoongi finally turned to face Seokjin, rage burning in his gaze.


           “You wanted power over Baem Pa, well there’s our key to it,” Seokjin relaxed back onto his chair seeming unfazed by his anger. “We’re not going to find anything better than him,”


           Yoongi shook his head. “No, fucking no. We’re not working with that fucking snake in this. I’m going to find another way out of this if you’re not going to,” He stomped out of the living room to the exit before Seokjin could say another word.


          Walking out of the mansion, he had another car waiting for him to take him back to Gyeyang-gu. Yoongi could barely keep his hands steady at this point. “Why did you send him here, Hoseok?” He whispered to himself.


           The main question that lingered in his mind however was: why did Taehyung surrender?  

Chapter Text

             Hoseok woke up to an empty bed again on the lower level but this time he could spot Jimin buttoning up his dress shirt in front of the large mirror. Jimin must have noticed his shifting because he smiled at him through his reflection. “There’s some food coming for you soon,”


            “Where’re you going?” The older male croaked, eyelids still closed as he attempted to sit up. It wasn’t the easiest task with a weak thigh but he managed to get back against the headboard, his arms now aching too from holding his weight.


             “The plan for attack on Haejeog Dal Pa is underway,” Jimin sounded utterly pleased with himself. “Jungkeun did one noble thing for Baem Pa before his untimely death. Remind me to give him a proper funeral,” He glanced back at him, eyes beaming with glee.


             Hoseok didn’t know someone could be this happy after being attacked at a club. Speaking of the club, that reminded him. “Jimin, aren’t you curious about who attacked us that night?” He reached over to the grab the glass of water; immediately regretting since his thigh shot back a sharp pain causing him to hiss.


            “I have people investigating, although there is speculation that it could be Dojung trying to pay back for Byonchols’ incident,” Jimin spoke nonchalantly, folding up the sleeves of his shirt and walking over to the older male. “That’s not my worry right now. You were making a big fuss last night, are you sure you don’t want another dose?”


           “Jimin…” Hoseok shook his head, the mention of a dose made him tingle inside. Oh, how wonderful it would be to feel that warmth again. Hoseok didn’t think about alcohol much since Jimin kept it far away from him but either way, he tasted something so much better. No amount of whiskey could bring that much warmth. He wanted more of it—but he couldn’t say it. “I—the doctor said it was addictive,”

            “You were screaming in pain, Hoseok. I felt so helpless, I don’t want to see you like that again,” Jimin whispered, brushing away Hoseoks’ fringe.


            Hoseok barely remembered what he was doing last night but he could feel the exhaustion of it. “What if I—” He whimpered.


             “—you won’t. It’ll feel better. You know it will,” Jimin nodded in reassurance.


           The pain in his thigh grew more prominent almost as if it was calling out for the drug. The drug that could potentially ruin Hoseoks’ life—more than it already was. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to get one more dose. Just to feel that warmth one last time but no more. Hoseok nodded at the younger male which made him eagerly get up from the bed and walk over to the dresser on his left. A small box in the first drawer where Jimin must have kept a few doses just in case he wanted one. The doctor would not have been happy about that.


            “One—one dose,” Hoseok repeated to himself. He couldn’t have another. The bullet wound would heal so he shouldn’t have to take it for too long.


            “That’s right, baby,” Jimin cooed, carefully taking the syringe out.


           Hoseok hated the amount of excitement he felt when he saw Jimin filling up the syringe, pushing the air out of it afterwards. At least this meant he could take a nap in peace now rather than the nightmare that was last night.


          As soon as the needle pierced through his skin, it was all bliss afterwards. That beautiful familiar bliss that nothing else could give him; all the pain he felt in his thigh and his head now floating away. A long breath passed his lips as Jimin packed everything back up, giving him a small kiss on the forehead.


          “Isn’t that much better now?” Jimin smiled.


             “What—exactly did the plans say? What’re you doing?” Hoseok breathed out.


            “There are three major locations in Incheon where Haejeog Dal Pa create their supplies, their factories. Since Don Kim didn’t want to damage their supplies too much, we can do the next best thing to leave the gang helpless,” He disappeared inside the walk-in wardrobe next to the dresser where he came out with a black jacket.


           “I thought Jungkeun said that their cars were priceless. Would you really destroy their factory?” Hoseok was still in bliss to be worried about the fact that Jimin was confirming the attack on Haejeog Dal Pa.


           “Not destroyed but infiltrated in a way. Haejeog Dal Pa hasn’t yet made a response to our attacks which means that they must not be aware of our plans,” Hoseok could hear the smile in Jimins’ voice. “It gives us the advantage to take them over. Think about it—I’ll be ruling this entire country when this is done,” Jimin looked over at him, beaming. “This time next morning, we’ll rule this entire country,”


            We. Jimin was planning on ruling Baem Pa with him. He was pleased by the idea, smiling at the younger male except he wasn’t sure if it was for what he said or it was the Dilaudid. “That sounds nice,” Then the thought hit him. “Wait, are you going to the attack?”


           “Well of course I am. Their drug factory is a highly admirable building apparently,” Jimin straightened his jacket so it neatly draped over his shoulders.


           “Isn’t it too dangerous? What if you get hurt? We can’t risk what happened at the club again,” Hoseok argued, even though anxiety bubbled in him at the thought that he may talking back too much.


           “Nothing is going to happen to me. I’m the king,” He teased with a smile. It didn’t appease Hoseok but he smiled back either way knowing that he couldn’t say anything that would convince him.


           Jimin grabbed his cheeks and pressed a kiss on his chapped lips. “I’ll be back soon,” He walked over to the living room. “Make sure to behave until I get here. I might feel in a highly celebratory mood,” Then he disappeared into the hallway leaving Hoseok alone with his thoughts.








              Hoseok didn’t know how long it had been since his last dose but he knew he wasn’t feeling as good as he did before. The food that was deliciously eaten in lunch now being regurgitated on the bed before the nurses had to clean him up like a sick child. His thigh starting bleeding through his bandage, due for a change. One of the older nurses helped him take a shower so it was easier to clean the wound out instead of soaking in his own gunk. It would have been a good pamper session if the nausea and sweating wasn’t bothering him so much. The sheets were changed and bed made for him to snuggle into again with clean clothes but he still didn’t feel comfortable. It was clean but the nausea still lingered, his head pounded and his body switched from hot to cold forming sweat beads on his forehead. Hoseok used some crutches so he could move to the couch instead despite one of the nurses telling him to lie down. He didn’t want to lie down; he felt too stuffy under the blankets.


            A loose sweater over his thin form, he relaxed onto the couch, fingers shaking and his good leg moving up and down. Hoseok didn’t know why he felt like this, he was fine for most of the day. Then he realized why he was fine for so long as his eyes flickered over to the dresser where Jimin kept the box. He knew there were more doses in there that the younger male kept for his sake but they promised that it was going to be one dose. But it was right there. His bliss was so close.


            The temptation got worse when the nurses left asking them to call out if he needed anything else. Maybe the nurses didn’t know about the doctors’ warning so he could ask them give one dose. But it was too late, they already left and Hoseok was left swaying himself to distraction.


           It had only been a few minutes—or an eternity to Hoseok when a guard peeked into the room. “Uh—Hoseok, there’s someone here to meet you,” He sounded oddly reluctant for a man guarding the penthouse.


          “I am the fucking first lady of Baem Pa, don’t you watch the news? Honestly I come all this way…” Taemi stomped in, anger twisting her young features. She clearly wasn’t having the best day; her hair was in a mess, the skin around her eyes were dull, lips chapped and her black dress caught with dirt at the ends. Her brows furrowed when she saw him. “What happened to you?”


            “A long story,” Hoseok mumbled. At least her harsh words distracted him from his cravings for a little while. “And you?”


           “A long day which would’ve been better if these idiots could recognize me for once!” Taemi shouted at the closed door now, possibly hoping for the guards to hear. Her chest rose and fell as she let out a deep breath. “Where’s Jimin?”


          “There’s…a big battle about to happen tonight, didn’t Namjoon tell you?” Hoseok winced. Jimin might not want Taemi to be involved but expected some decency for Namjoon to inform her. It seems as though the teenager was not happy about hearing the mans’ name because she froze.


           “That—fucker—I wouldn’t expect him to tell me a single thing,” Taemis’ eyes went glassy. What the hell did Namjoon do to her?


           “Taemi, did Namjoon—hurt you in any way?” Hoseok would never suspect Namjoon for hurting a harmless girl. At least he hoped so since the man wasn’t someone who showed off much of their personality.


           Thankfully Taemi shook her head. “But—I wasn’t lying when I said I found something on my fathers’ death,” The girl dug into her dress and pulled out a small object; a USB which confused Hoseok further. “These are files from Namjoons’ computer; details of all the cases in Baem Pa including my fathers’ death. At first I thought it was just more evidence on who could have been involved in the accident but—” She bit down her bottom lip.


           “What? What is it?” His nausea pricked at him again; Taemis’ distraction didn’t last as long as he had hoped it would.


           “Hoseok—these were orders—orders to kill Don Kim. In Namjoons’ computer. He wanted to kill our father so Taehyung could—go through some deal of his,”


           Then Hoseoks’ stomach sunk. Namjoon was the one who did it all along. Everyone just shot glares at Taehyung immediately—even Jimin. “Did Taehyung—know?”


           Taemi shook her head, bottom lip quivering. “Namjoon did it behind his back,” Her voice cracked. “Taehyung—Taehyungs’ innocent. No one believed him and now I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing,” She sniffled.


           He did. Hoseok knew where Taehyung was but there was this restlessness inside him that prevented him from telling her. If he told her where Taehyung was, what different would it make? Jimin would still want to go to war with Haejeog Dal Pa regardless of Taehyung being there or not.


          “Hoseok, if there’s anything you know about where Taehyung could be. Please…I want him back,” She pleaded.


         “I can’t do that,”


        “Why not?”


        “Because—what makes you think he’d be safe here? Jimin won’t step down from being Don, he would just go back to torturing your brother again. It won’t make a difference,” Hoseok lifted both his shoulders.


         “Not if he knows Taehyungs’ innocent,”


        “Don’t you get it? Your fathers’ death isn’t the only thing Jimin wants Taehyung to be punished for. This deal that Namjoon was protecting him for—” Hoseok lost his train of thought for a moment when his eyes went back to the dresser. “—he was going to— can you please get me the black box from the dresser? My—painkillers are in there,” He had to have something, it was too much to think about the pain and the situation on his hands right now.


          Taemi nodded and sped over to the dresser, grabbing the black box and placing it on the coffee table. When she opened it, her gaze was not pleasing to see. Her brows furrowed as she shot Hoseok a suspicious look. “What is this?” She asked, aggravating Hoseok more.


          “Just fill up the damn syringe,” Hoseok snapped before quickly giving the instructions on how to fill it up. He didn’t mean to do this to her but she was holding the very thing he had been desiring for the past hour. Maybe Taemi noticed that by the way he was practically drooling over the sight of it. “The deal—the deal Taehyung made was to lay a purge on Baem Pa so he could rebuild when he was Don,”


         “Isn’t that a good thing?” Taemi paused her actions for a moment, the needle was already placed on the syringe. Can’t she go any faster?


         “Huh? Not for Jimin, no. Laying a purge on Baem Pa meant losing everything that Don Kim and his—predecessors built. He didn’t want to risk that,” Hoseok kept glancing at the syringe then back at the girl hoping that she wasn’t noticing how desperate he looked. 


        “Hoseok, why didn’t you say all these things before?”


        “What would my word do, huh? I’m nothing in Baem Pa,”


       “You were important to Taehyung!” Taemi snapped.


      “Why do you think I sent him to Incheon instead of running away?! I could’ve gotten out of this fucking place once and for all but I didn’t. I could’ve gone—back home and now I can’t…ever. I’m stuck here with—him,” Hoseok felt the tears burning in his eyes. He couldn’t remember the last time he thought about home again; ever since Namjoon sent him here, he kept a strict rule to never think of it.


        Taemis’ mouth was agape, the syringe placed back in the box now making Hoseok stifle a whine. “Taehyungs’ in Incheon? Why did you send him to Incheon, Hoseok? I thought you said you were from Seoul,” Her voice was far deeper now eerily mirroring her brothers’. “Hoseok, answer me!”


         Hoseok jumped a little before shaking his head. “I’m not—from Seoul. I—I sent him to Incheon to a friend of mine because I thought he would keep him safe,” A tear streamed down his cheek, his head was lowered. “I didn’t expect any of this to happen. I thought—I thought they didn’t meddle with Baem Pa,” He gripped at the roots of his hair. “I just thought he could keep him safe, please believe me, Taemi. I’d never let anything bad happen to Taehyung,”


         “Hoseok…” Taemis’ tone was much softer now as she knelt down in front of him, placing a small hand on his thigh. “What’s Jimin going to do?” Gaze piercing into him now; filled with desperation. This was a little girl asking to find her brother. But Jimin wouldn’t be happy…he was so close.


          “I—he—he’s going to hurt me,” Hoseok sobbed out.


         “Hoseok,” Taemi sounded rougher.


        “I can’t!”


        Then Taemi got up, grabbing the small vial that held his precious liquid. With a tightened jaw and burning rage, she held it up. “Don’t think I don’t know what this is, Hoseok. This is that fucking morphine shit that gets you acting nuts,” Her hands were shaking but it didn’t look like fear; the teenager had reached her last straw. “You are going to tell me what Jimin is going to do and you are going to warn my brother or so help me you will never get a taste of this again,”


         Hoseok winced at the sight of the vial held so carelessly by the younger girl. He wanted to get off the couch and pounce on her for trying to destroy the one thing that was giving him peace. He had to help her. It shamed him that he was helping her for a small vial that held all the happiness he could find. With shaking shoulders, he nodded. “Jimins’ —going to attack the drug factory of Haejeog Dal Pa along two other major factories. Your brother will probably be—involved…” He took in sharp breath to control his sobbing.


           “Why would he be involved?” Taemi still held the vial up confidently.


          “Because the man I sent him to is —powerful in Haejeog Dal Pa. If Taehyung is with him then—for sure he could be involved,” Hoseok sniffled.


          Finally, Taemi relaxed with the vial holding it more carefully and placing it in the box again much to Hoseoks’ relief. “Is there any way you can contact this man so they can be warned about the attack?”


          Hoseok sniffled again before nodding. “I have—I remember the number,” Almost immediately Taemi handed him a phone but the older male gave her another look of desperation. “Taemi—the, the vial—please,” He muttered in subtle shame hearing Taemis’ disappointed sigh. Why did he feel like the child in this situation?


          Taemi filled up the syringe and pushed out the excess air from it. Hoseok had to guide her for most of the way on tying the strap around his arm and then finding a vein. He felt disgusted with himself for making young girl do this for him but once the bliss kicked in, all those feelings wiped away slowly.


           “What did Jimin do to you?” She mumbled.


           Hoseok’s heart dropped despite all the bliss surrounding him but that soon was muddled away too.





            Taemi waited silently after packing up the syringe and throwing the needle away while Hoseok dialed the number to contact Yoongi. He wasn’t even sure if Yoongi remembered him after they lost contact with each other. Heart pounding against his chest as if he was talking to his crush with a touch of fear that he might not even answer. But then he heard him.


            “Hoseok?” Yoongi sounded breathless like he was just running but oh, hearing his voice brought so much excitement into his gut.


             Hoseok let out a breathy chuckle, his eyes welling up with tears again. “Yoongi…” He placed his other hand on the phone; the sudden urge to hug the person on the other side of the phone now.


             “You’re alive…thank god. Are you okay?”


             “Define okay. I’m alive though—” Hoseoks’ eyes flickered up to Taemi who was giving him a hopeful look. “Yoongi, where’s Taehyung?”


             There was silence on the other side of the line.




            “You sent a fucking mob prince to Haejeog Dal Pa. Why didn’t you warn me properly?”


            “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know what else to do. Everything was such a mess here with the Don passing. I knew you’d be able to keep him safe,”


            “Well, the idiot decided to come clean in front of the fucking Don. He’s being held in a warehouse as we speak and I don’t know what Jungkooks’ doing to him but I can’t say he’d have his pretty face intact,”


             “No, no Yoongi you need to make him stop. You need Taehyung,” Hoseok was at the edge of his seat.


           Hoseok saw Taemi gulp. He could imagine that she was thinking the worst by his words.


            “Why the hell would I need Taehyung?”


           “Listen, Jimin is planning on attacking your drug factory tonight, that big one in Daegok-dong… Don Kim had been planning that when he was in power. Taehyung doesn’t want war, Yoongi. It’s my fault he’s there in the first place,”


           “Still doesn’t explain what use he has to me,”


          “Taehyung has a deal with the authorities that could take Baem Pa down once and for all. I was there when the meeting was held, he was planning a purge with Namjoon. He wants Baem Pa to stand down and be rebuilt from scratch,”


            “He was telling the truth?”


           “Did he tell you that?”


          “Yeah, fucking knelt in front of Seokjin and everything,” Yoongi sighed. “Are you sure he’s going to help?”


           “His little sister is waiting for him here… trust me, he’s going to do whatever it takes. He’s a better man than most in Baem Pa so I’m putting my bets on it,”


          “Yeah—unfortunately, I know that,”


           Hoseok stayed silent for a few moments, thinking over what to say next. “Yoongi…” He gulped. “Do you think—I’d be welcome back home?” Eyes ached with tears again at the question. Would Yoongi welcome him back after what he turned himself into? “I mean, even after everything—”


            “You’re always welcome here. Don’t ever think otherwise, yeah?”


           A sense of relief rushed through him before nodding, a small tear falling. “Okay…be careful,”


           “You too, star,”

Chapter Text

           Back in a stinking warehouse again. It was almost as if nothing changed sitting here in the dull light with bleeding cuts and bruises all over his face and body. But it did change. Everything changed. Taehyung no longer felt angry—he felt sad and guilty. The more punches Jungkook threw at him, the more Taehyung could see the hurt in his eyes. I trusted you. The last time he was in a position like this, he was the victim. Now he was a traitor.


           Yoongi never visited him which for both their sakes seemed to be a good decision. Taehyung still couldn’t figure out how he was going to face him. Remembering the way, he treated him all this time, there was sickening sink in his gut wanting to go back in time as if this never happened. He should have just kept quiet about the deal and become Don like his father wanted. Haejeog Dal Pa and Baem Pa would have been separate with their quiet grudges and none of this would have happened.


          Taehyung jumped at the sound of the roller door opening, expecting Jungkook to throw another punch about any minute now. Except it wasn’t Jungkook this time. “Yoongi?” A sharp pain on his cheek when the older male threw a punch of his own but he didn’t protest.


          “I should’ve fucking known that story was a lie. Your hands are soft as fucking pillows; you can’t stand the sight of blood, you fucking pissed your pants killing your first man! Only a spoilt fucking brat would do that,” Yoongi growled, raking his fingers through his hair as if he was going to pull them out.


          Taehyungs’ bottom lip quivered as he lowered his head in shame, eyes twitching as they welled with tears. He didn’t argue against Yoongi because it wasn’t a lie what he was saying. Being in Haejeog Dal Pa was the most work he had ever done compared to Baem Pa and he grew up there. One would think he would be trained fully in field work but no, his father had people to do that for him because it was quicker and cleaner. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I just—I just thought maybe gaining your trust would—help me take Baem Pa down. It was selfish,”


           “Yeah it was,” Yoongi spoke breathlessly. “You played me and I went along with it like a fucking idiot. All because I couldn’t deny Hoseoks’ name—such a fucking idiot,” He muttered under his breath.


          Taehyungs’ head shot up now, lips parted. “It’s not your fault. And—and it’s not Hoseoks’ fault either. Baem Pa is—a mess, a big mess none of us knew what we were doing,”


           “Clearly—because your dumbass friend Jimin is planning an attack on Haejeog Dal Pa tonight,” Yoongi gritted through his teeth. “Hoseok called,”


           Taehyungs’ heart leapt at the familiar name. “Is he okay?”


          “Didn’t say much, probably running on borrowed time but now we know where Baem Pas’ going to strike,” He bit down his bottom lip, shaking his head. “And I can’t believe I’m saying this but— I think you might be a big help in making sure they don’t get Haejeog Dal Pa,”


          Taehyung’s brows furrowed. “But Seokjin—”


          “—he cares a lot about casualties, he doesn’t want his soldiers to lose their lives over this kind of thing. Thinks that Baem Pa was going to get Haejeog Dal Pa eventually but you are going make sure that never happens,” Yoongi pointed. “What do you need to confirm this deal?”


           “I—I have the approval for it, I just need to tell them where to organize the raid. There’s going to be an entire squadron where they will arrest the Don and every Baem Pa man involved. Or in this case…both Dons’. I have to be arrested too so I can give instructions on how to carry out the purge,” Taehyung gulped. When he was organizing this deal, he didn’t think about the fact that he would have to spend a small amount of jail time in his mission. “Of course, there will be some changes to Jimins’ sentence,”


          “What about the rest of us? Hoseok and your sister?”


          “Hoseok will be given full pardon because he was a victim in the matter, so will my sister. As for Haejeog Dal Pa…” Taehyung sighed. “We never have to see each other again,” He averted his gaze, biting down his bottom lip.


           Silence plunged into the room as Yoongi shifted in his position, walking over to Taehyungs’ restraints and untying them. His limbs feeling oddly lighter than last time now as he slowly brought them onto his lap, shoulders aching.


           “This plan of yours better work, kid or you’re dying first,” Yoongi threatened, throwing the rope on the floor. He merely starting walking to the roller doors which indicated to Taehyung that he may want him to follow which he quickly did. Legs wobbled as he walked but soon, the younger male got used to it and caught up with Yoongi. Although now Taehyung had to suffer an hour of disappointed silence until they got back to the motor store.










             “What do you mean that isn’t good enough?!” Yoongi yelled through the video chat while Seokjin kept his calm demeanor. Yoongi had called Seokjin to inform him of the deal and the promise Taehyung made on staying away from Haejeog Dal Pa; that idea hadn’t pleased the Don very much however.


             “While this is a well thought out plan, if there is an attack on our drug factory we need to understand that our resources will be scarce. Baem Pa has to make payment for the damages…and I mean payments that are consistent,”


            “What did you want, sir?” Taehyung asked politely, standing behind Yoongi at he sat on the chair in his office. After everything his gang had put them through, he thought a few favors would be called for.


             “It seems you need drug supplies for your friends in Japan, yes? And we need weaponry to make up for our lost arsenal. You said you wanted peace between Baem Pa and Haejeog Dal Pa. A trade link is the best way to do it, I tend not to trust verbal promises alone,” Seokjin fixed his glasses in the most graceful way he had ever seen, glancing down for a moment before facing Yoongi again.


            A trade link between two gangs. Yoongi didn’t look all too happy about the idea and Taehyung was reluctant. Dons partnering with each other usually never ended well in the past.


           But this wasn’t like anything other Dons have done, maybe Taehyung and Seokjin could change that with this partnership. It wasn’t like he had any choice in the matter since his agreement was the only way they could carry on with the purge.


          “I’ll accept that, sir,” Taehyung nodded.




          The male hummed, almost as if he was nodding off to sleep. “I can live with a trade,” Yoongis’ expression didn’t change but he pressed his lips together and nodded at his boss. “Let’s get on with it, shall we? Call up your boys,” He stared at him now.


          Taehyung was given a burner phone to contact the officials so it wouldn’t be tracked by anyone. Yoongis’ motor store had to be as concealed as possible regardless of their arrangement. Heart jumped across his chest when he heard a woman’s’ voice before he quickly asked for the police commissioner.


         “Who is this?”  He sounded suspicious which aggravated Taehyung a little; a useful emotion with people who were getting paid by him.


         “I think you should recognize my voice by now, Kwon. You still remember our arrangement, don’t you?” Taehyungs’ voice switched to more confidence. He couldn’t sound like a scared child with him especially if he wanted this deal to go underway smoothly.


          “Oh yes, sir,” That sounded much better. That meant Jimin didn’t get to him yet—maybe his former friend became too engrossed into Haejeog Dal Pa to look into his deal.


        “Really? No secret alliance with the traitor that’s sitting on my chair? We’ve been having a lot of those lately,” Taehyung seethed.


         “Of course not, sir, I assure you. I have no loyalty or interest towards Park, he puts Don Kims’ legacy to shame,”


         The commissioner was exaggerating but Taehyung could tolerate it for now. “Good. Because we have a location. I need a raid approved in Daegok-dong, Incheon and I want it organized tonight—make sure you send a decent squadron. I want this done quick,”


          “Incheon, sir?”


         “Yes. Do we have a deal, commissioner? Be sure not to disappoint me otherwise you can say goodbye to your precious title,”


         “Yes, Master Kim. Of course, I’ll see to it right away,”


         When Taehyung hung up the phone, Yoongi spoke again; voice sounding less violent which calmed the younger male down.


         “So that’s what you sound like as a Don,” He could have sworn that Yoongi was smirking a little but it must have been his imagination.


          “Not a Don yet,” Taehyung mumbled. “The raid will be ready by tonight,”


         “Hope you have your piss proof pants on, kid because this is going to get ugly,” Yoongi teased.


          “I can do ugly…what I need is a padded vest when Jungkook finds out,”






         As expected, Jungkook was not pleased by the idea of letting Taehyung help them and even took his time to throw a few punches at the man with his good hand. The hand that Taehyung stabbed still wasn’t working the best and that was proven over the few incidents in the warehouse; Jungkook would accidentally punch him with his bad hand and then get terrible bleeding afterwards.


         “How could you still work with him?!” Jungkook yelled, face going red with anger as his knuckles were bleeding just as much as Taehyungs’ face.


          Yoongi sighed, lips pressing together making them curl up at the ends. There was a small blood splotch on his white T-shirt as well from trying to push Jungkook. “I don’t want this as much as you do but he’s the only one that can help us right now. Haejeog Dal Pa is in danger, who better to help us than our enemy’s’ leader?”


          Jungkooks’ eyes widened in disbelief, shaking his head before tightening his jaw. “I am not working with him,” And he sounded highly convincing when he said so. Taehyung knew how long it took for him to properly welcome him into the gang which would explain the frustration he felt now finding out his gut was wrong.


           “Well you’re going to have to ‘cause it’s an order from the Don, Jungkook. You want Haejeog Dal Pa to bow down to Baem Pa?” Yoongis’ voice raised but not enough to consider as yelling.


           “No but—”


          “Then we have no choice. This is the deal Seokjin made and this is what we’ll stick to—I don’t trust Taehyung either but I trust him to go through with this nobly,” Yoongi stared at Taehyung now making his heart jolt but he quickly nodded to confirm the older male’s alibi. He didn’t want to betray the two men any more than he already had.


           Jungkook glared at him again—round eyes red and glassy as he looked like he was struggling to breathe. “None of this is fucking noble,” He mumbled. “When—When do we have to go?” He kept gaze down this time, fists uncurling.


            “Before the sun sets, I need a few of our best men stationed in the drug factory and keep your head low. Taehyung will give out a signal to the police when they arrive there. As soon as they arrest Taehyung and Jimin, I need you out of there, you understand?” Yoongi put a hand out and placed it on Jungkooks’ shoulder which he surprisingly flinched away this time.


           “Get to the car in an hour,” Jungkook mumbled to Taehyung before storming out of the room, slamming the door to a point where he feared the glass would break.


          Yoongi heavily sighed. “That went better than I thought,”


          “I think my lip is going to be permanently broken now and I don’t know if that’s possible,” Taehyung wiped the corner of his lip with his thumb, red splotch on his palm now before he cleaned it off with a paper towel.


          “At least he didn’t kill you,” The two men shared an awkward silence for a moment before Yoongi sighed again. “Bring my boy back, yeah?”


          “I will,” Now that was a promise that Taehyung would die trying to keep.

Chapter Text

         The last time Jimin was this excited about a mission was when he and Taehyung led a raid in Busan when they were seventeen. It was terrifying but the thrill that rushed through him when Don Kim complimented them on their victory was too glorious to forget. While now he couldn’t get Don Kims’ compliments, Hoseoks’ comfort at the end of the night would suffice with the thought that he was officially running this entire country. Who would have thought the princes’ dog would be leading one of biggest criminal syndicates known to the world?


           Sun hid behind the mountains making the sky present a pinkish hue as Jimin was driven to the drug factory in a black Hyundai Kona followed by a long trail of vehicles like it behind him. A suit was probably not the best fashion decision but he didn’t expect a lot of fighting from Haejeog Dal Pa men. Besides he had a gorgeous Desert Eagle safely kept in his holster that would surely take down enough men for his liking if they stood in the way.


          As they drove towards the factory, Jimin was in awe at how big the building was; albeit the design wasn’t interesting but it was bigger than what he thought Haejeog Dal Pa was capable of. Was this why Don Kim was so interested in taking them down? They could easily match Baem Pas’ mass production if they tried. A grey and white monster of a building, three large roller doors in line; he could imagine all the machinery inside it. 


          When the car came to a halt his men were already stationing themselves outside of the building to ensure their surroundings were clear. There were only two Haejeog Dal Pa men outside on the far end of the building who were disposed quickly before Jimin was given the signal that they were clear to go in. His heart and stomach jumped in glee when he was finally able to breathe in the cool air outside, the pinkish hue in the sky now fading away to darkness. Although Jimin was later told to be put on a mask since there would be strong scents inside the factory that could mess with his senses.

           Around thirty soldiers were at his disposal, ten of them were stationed outside to guard the perimeter while the other twenty were to go inside with him. The roller doors opened. Jimin heard the distant humming of machinery from inside but nothing else. When he peeked inside, there was no one to be seen but large crates stacked in massive shelves; on the far side were glass panels that showed the magnificent machinery that made whatever they supplied here. There must have been workers around. Four men were sent inside to check the perimeter and only minutes later, one of them ran in saying it was clear. The rest of them walked with caution.


         Jimin was being guarded by two soldiers as they walked into the building, Desert Eagle held firmly in his hands. Four other soldiers scattered across the storage quietly making their way onto where the machinery was. He padded over behind the tall tower of crates with one solider in front of him while the other watching his back.


         The first shot fired causing him to flinch. Groans and yells from the right side of the building after seeing one of his men fall limp onto the floor. A thud emitted behind him making his ears twitch; Jimin turned around to see his soldier holding his throat which was now spurting out blood before he dropped right in front of his feet. A stranger glaring at him with a bloody knife in his hand. Jimin held his gun up and quickly pulled the trigger before they could pounce on him. He was pushed by something heavy on his back causing him to stumble; his other solider was now curled up a fetal position holding his left thigh.


        “It’s an ambush!” Jimin heard someone call out.


        Gunshots fired relentlessly now from all sides leaving Jimin confused as to where to move. Something grabbed his shoulder, his heart leapt as he struggled to put his gun up in sheer panic.


        “Follow me into the factory area, sir,” The man was already sweating and bleeding from his head.


          Jimin was led past another few towers of crates before a figure jumped from the top right in front of them.




        Jimin didn’t think much of it and just sped on to the door on the far end; shards and pieces of glass scattered on the floor from the shooting. Wet gun now loosely held in his hand, he kicked the door open aiming it at the machinery in case someone decided to jump at him.


         The door closing made him jump a little but silence plunged too soon for his comfort. Where were the four men that came here? Even the machines stopped humming and all he could hear were the distant gun shots from the storage area.


         A light film of sweat sticking to his body as he looked around the room frantically back to the door that led to the storage. One more glass panel broke through and the bullet hid one of the machines; at the bottom of it was a small garden of green plants that he could only assume was used for cocaine. Jimin looked back at the door again, hoping for someone to walk in to stand beside him. But there was no one. No protection around him. He was alone.


        “You didn’t it was going to be that easy, did you?” A familiar voice echoed through the room followed by a click, his stomach sank when he felt something hard on his head. Eyes closed for a moment making him hear his pounding heart clearer.


         “Taehyung?” Jimin slowly turned around only to be met with a gold muzzle right in between his forehead and the face of the man he never imagined to meet again. “Out of all places…you decide to shame your father more,” He gulped, ripping off his mask so he could be met with the strong scent of chemicals and a hint of perfume.


         “It’s not like you left me a choice. You named me a traitor already,” Taehyung pulled on his hoodie to show off the mark on his tawny skin. “Remember?”


          Jimin never thought he would be looking at the face of his friend and not recognize who he was anymore. There was no glint in his eye, no soft pout on his lip or a fond smile—nothing but a rough and troubled face looked back at him. “You’ve just confirmed your true colors then…working with the enemy once again,” He glared at his form; eyes grazing up and down.


          A boom echoed from the storage room mirroring the sound of the roller door as more gun shots caused the glass panels to shatter. There wasn’t supposed to be any back-up for them—at least none he organized. Maybe Namjoon stepped in. The corner of his lips twitched at the thought. “Guess your men won’t stand a chance soon anyway by the sound of it,” He confidently stated, his grip on his gun firm again as he waited for a group of Baem Pa men to rush in any minute.


            Jimins’ thrill soon faded when he saw the corner of Taehyungs’ lip curl upwards, his eyes softening. “You sure they’re your men? …cause all I’m seeing from here is my good old friend, Kwon giving me a hand,” He teased, glancing behind him.


             No. It can’t end here. Jimin went pale, his body freezing as he glanced down at the gold muzzle again. Taehyung was supposed to be the one being punished—after all that he had done, it didn’t make sense to him. His body grew hot with anger at how the events seemed so muddled in front of him since it was planned so well in the past few days. One of the most loyal Baem Pa men he knew died for it and now it was in vain.


            “You can quietly give over the chair to me, Jimin. It doesn’t have to end like this,” Taehyung reasoned which didn’t help the rage seeping through Jimins’ veins. He was so close to getting the entire country under his feet. “We were friends once,”


            He loudly scoffed. “What? You actually think we’re going to be friends again?” Jimins’ chin quivered, voice cracking. He could see the others’ eyes going glassy too. Could they ever go back to being friends again? These past few months of betrayal, back stabbing and threat of war. No one comes out of things like this unchanged.


             “No,” Taehyung spoke the truth.


            “Then shoot me already,” Jimin shook his head. He had no intention of rotting in a cell with his thoughts after all they had been through.


           “I can’t do that either,”


           “Why not?” Jimin didn’t want to sound like he was whining but the sound of shouting was getting closer. The police were almost done with all his men.


            “Because I can’t…” Taehyung whispered, tears welling in his eyes. “Don’t you get it? —I just can’t,” Slowly, he lowered his gun down so Jimin could properly see his face. “Like I said we were friends once…some things we just can’t change,”


           Who knew that Jimin would see him so broken—because of him? Jimin caused this pain and suffering. The others’ gun was lowered now. Taehyung was vulnerable in front of him. The man was reluctant for a second before bringing his gun up only to have it knocked out of his hand, sending a sharp pain on his palm. “Fuck!” Angry eyes searched for the assailant to find a young man standing behind Taehyung, gun pointed at him with the muzzle sending off a light breath of smoke.


         He didn’t look much older than Taehyung and him with blood splotched on his white T-shirt and his hair matted to his sweaty forehead. The man also didn’t look entirely happy which Jimin expected by the looks of him.


           “I hope you two have been enjoying your chat because I have been slaving trying to get rid of four fucking guards with one good hand so…thanks for nothing,” He sassed, patting Taehyung on the shoulder before running off to the other side of the factory through a back door.


           Jimin was confused for a moment as to why he left Taehyung alone before the door smashed open behind them. His instinct was to get his gun but it was shot off his hand and now nowhere to be seen. Men in uniforms swarming into the factory with large guns and shields surrounding the two men while one of them shouted out orders for them to get down on the ground. Jimin looked back at Taehyung, catching his stare.


          Taehyung stayed silent, throwing his gun on the floor and kicking it away gently before slowly placing his hands over his head. As soon as he knelt on the ground, an officer came towards him and placed his hands behind his back. Handcuffs clinking uncomfortably in his ear solidifying the reality of the day a little too much.


          When Jimin wasn’t listening to orders, he was forced on the ground so he could face his former friend again. Taehyungs’ eyes were red and pained causing a strange ache in Jimins’ chest but he pushed it away. Maybe focusing on the police officer reading his rights would help his distraction but didn’t. All it reminded him was that, it was all lost now. Baem Pa was done for.







            Jimin and Taehyung were placed in a secure van together. Jimin didn’t have the energy nor care to speak or protest about anything for the first half an hour they were being driven. How did Taehyung even know about the factory? How did all of this get out of his grasp so quickly? He was going to make Baem Pa legendary and now it was all gone. He kept his head down like Taehyung did but he wanted answers before they were separated. “How did you find out?” He spoke from under his breath loud enough for the both to hear.


            Taehyung sighed, staying silent longer than Jimin liked. “Do you really want to know?” 


            “Just… tell me,” Jimin was getting impatient. 


            Silence once again making his fingers curl up into fists but then Taehyung spoke. “Hoseok helped us with the locations. The man who took me in was a friend of his so they had contact with each other,” Now he wished he didn’t.


            Jimin stiffened. No. Not Hoseok. “No…” He shook his head, forcing a smile. “No, he was good. He was happy…he was—” The male felt sick to the stomach remembering how he told Hoseok exactly where and when he was going; his forced smile fading away. He trusted him—he was going to trust with so much more. “I was going to—I thought he was happy…” He spoke breathlessly.


            “Doesn’t feel good when it’s turned around, does it?” Taehyung sounded like he was taunting him again which aggravated the other.


             The van jumped a little from a hump giving Jimin the alert to pounce on the man. “You corrupted him, it’s all your fault!” He growled, pulling at his collar so they were merely centimeters apart. Anger burned through his entire being at the thought of Hoseok helping Taehyung once again over him. Jimin thought that the tables had turned—maybe Hoseok was turning to his side now but no. Everything was a mess. One of the police men slammed on the barrier yelling at them to stop but Jimin barely glanced at the man; furious teary eyes burning into Taehyung instead.


             “I didn’t live with him for the last two months! What makes you think I did anything?” Taehyung argued. “Don’t blame me for your own fucking crime,” He yanked out of his grasp causing the other to stumble back in his own misery.  


            Jimin cringed, tears falling down his cheeks as he pulled at the roots of his hair despite his restraint hands. “Hoseok…” He whispered, sniffling loudly.


            How could everything end so quickly?

Chapter Text

             It had been a year since Taehyung had his last conversation with Jimin. In the duration of his sentence, his former friend made it a goal not to talk to him especially when the news had spread that Kim Namjoon was the one who killed Don Kim. Taemi was to be thanked for the confirmation just a few weeks after she was taken in by the police along with an injured Hoseok. There were minimal visits mostly because Taemis’ caretakers thought it best not to contact him far too often. This was one of those rare days when he got to see her again; on the day of his release.


            Per his agreement with the authorities, Taehyung was let out of prison after sending every piece of information he could making sure the purge was concluded. Baem Pa was now cleaned of its traitors for the time being and he could take his place back as Don with the resources he needed to rebuild again. Not without the help of Seokjin who was given the right to take care of Baem Pa facilities while Taehyung was unavailable.


          The attacks in the club Hoseok was injured in turned out to be Namjoons’ doing to get rid of Jimin—of course, it didn’t turn to the way he had planned. Taehyung hadn’t yet the chance to let it sink in that the man who killed his father was right there in hiding and no one decided to investigate. Aside from his sister who seemed to be the only person from Baem Pa that was loyal to him alone.


          Tired eyes squinted a little in the sunlight, the heat bringing him comfort as he looked forward at the all too familiar Hyundai Kona through his long fringe. Jungkook picked him up from the prison—the one person from Haejeog Dal Pa who was in contact with him since the arrest. Thankfully now it wasn’t dangerous for the younger male to be driving around in Seoul since Haejeog Dal Pa and Baem Pas’ underlying trade link was already underway. Yoongi always kept quiet however which forced Jungkook to be the messenger in between.


           He was finally away from the shadows of the building behind him; he didn’t even bother to look back at the hellhole again before walking over to the van.


             “Had fun?” Jungkook teased, with a faint smirk.


            Taehyung scoffed, slamming the car door shut and throwing his duffle bag on the back seat. “If you call sharing a cell with a former pimp then yeah, fun. Seokjin even offered a therapist for me during my sentence to keep my sanity somehow,” A nice woman with nice words to spew out to him but it could never sate Taehyung by any means. He would tell her about how he grew up, how his mother left them after Taemi was born, his fathers’ passing and then everything Jimin did—also the deeds that he did. There were a lot of things. Things that Taehyung wasn’t sure would be resolved easily by just talking to a stranger.  


             “None of us are sane, mate,” Jungkook finally drove off with a chuckle. He tapped on a takeaway in the cup holder to alert Taehyung. “It’s tea this time,”


            For once, tea sounded like heaven with the food he was made to eat for a year. Cold hands curled around the warm cup, melting the iciness of his skin from the morning chill before taking a polite sip.


            “Have you spoken to anyone recently?”


           “Not for a month. Hoseok got drawn in again and took a dose a few weeks ago—doctors were not happy about that,” Taehyung remembered Hoseok doing well with rehabilitation, taking alternatives and then moving on to recovery. But there were always weak points where he would jump back into his dark path again. The sun was still making the trees and buildings glow as it rose, the car swiftly passing them. “I’m going to visit Taemi today…at my dad’s grave. Haven’t seen that at all, hope they didn’t fuck anything up,” He took another sip. “You can just drop me off there,”


           “Nah, I can stay,” Jungkook shrugged. “Don’t really have much to do anyway,”


          “You sure? Driving me around all the time doesn’t seem like the type of thing you’d like to do,” A soft smile tugged at the corners of Taehyung’s lips.


         “Don’t forget I babysat you for two months. I can take a few more days. Besides who else is gonna drive you back here when you visit him?” Jungkook kept his eyes on the road as he spoke.


         Taehyungs’ stomach dropped, looking over at the younger male. “What do you mean?” His voice was small. There was no way Jungkook meant Jimin, why would he think such a thing?


          “Come on. I did hear you back at the factory that night, you know,” Jungkook met his gaze, no sense of humor on his expression which meant he was serious about his assumption. “You don’t just let things like that pass quietly. I wouldn’t if Yoongi ever did that to me. I’d want—”


          “You’d want what?” Taehyung tilted his head.


         Jungkook pursed his lips together, brows furrowing possibly in thought. “Some closure,” He glanced at him again. “There just had to be some closure…otherwise it’s going to eat you alive whether he’s hidden in jail or not,” The younger male shook his head.


          Taehyung was speechless for a moment, looking out the window at the passing buildings. How could one ever get closure after what happened? It seemed easier just to stay away from the prison once and for all. Jimins’ sentence would go for ten years before he would be thrown back into the streets again. Taehyung had made a silent decision to himself that he may take him again and keep him restrained under Baem Pa manor. That was the plan and it was all laid out in his head. Talking to him seemed too much work for him. “I’ll think about it,” He mumbled.


         Jungkook didn’t seem convinced but he stayed quiet nonetheless much to Taehyungs’ comfort as they drove off to the cemetery.









           The sun was brightly up in the sky now, Taemi crouched down in front of the tombstone which Taehyung mirrored as she placed a white lily on top of the grey tombstone. “Where is he?” He didn’t have to look at his sister to know who she was talking about.


            “Anyang. Slowly being taken care of and he’s not dying any time soon,” Taehyung kept his gaze on the gun metal letters. Respected Leader. Beloved Father. That was one word for it, he thought. He wasn’t exactly the most loving father in the world but he had his moments.


           “Good. Don’t want him to die just yet,” Taemi got up from her position, chocolate hair shining gold under the sun. “And Hoseok?” She squinted her eyes to look at him.


           Taehyung stood up as well with a sigh. “He’s—getting by,”


          “Can’t you take him in?” She shook her head.


           “I would love to but I’m barely allowed to see anyone from Baem Pa who was involved pre-purge. Commissioner said it was too risky to be seen together too many times. I even have limited time with you as it is,” Taehyung jerked his head towards his little sister. Licking his lips, he thought for a moment before speaking again. “How’s the new place?”


          Taemi didn’t seem to like the question since she averted her gaze. “Apartment’s pretty good, nice view, good nurses. Applied to an online college since I can’t move around much.,” She quickly answered.


          “I meant with you, Mimi,”


         Taehyungs’ heart sank seeing his little sisters’ eyes glassy and slightly red. It didn’t hit him yet the amount of separation they had to go through this past year and many more years to come.


         “It’s…” Her eyes twitched. “Lonely…really lonely,” Taemis’ chest rose and fell as she lowered her gaze for a moment. “I kind of thought that—if I found out who killed papa and you came back… everything would just… go back to normal. But then everyone left before I knew it. I became more alone than I was when I started,”


         The older male bit down his bottom lip to stop it from quivering. With all the land power, he regained, Taehyung hadn’t felt more powerless than he did now. “You know I want you to stay with me more than anything,” He whispered, placing a hand on Taemis’ shaking shoulder. “It’s just too dangerous for us now. Maybe—maybe in a few more years,” He gave her a reassuring smile. “We could spend a lot more time together,”


          Taemi nodded before walking closer and burying her face into Taehyungs’ chest. The sudden warmth that spread through the older male couldn’t match any feeling. He rested his chin on the top of her head, closing his eyes for a moment to relish in the hug while it lasted. He didn’t know when he would be able to do it again.


            “I’m gonna miss you,” She sobbed out, sniffling.


            “Me too,” He muttered, kissing the top of her head.


           They stayed that way for a few minutes until Taemi had to get moving; she was led away by one of her nurses much to Taehyungs’ disappointment. He was left to look at his fathers’ tombstone with a weakened heart and eyes burning with tears.


          Taehyungs’ father was a strong man and he knew that; he saw that every single day of his life wondering if he would ever be the same. Haejeog Dal Pa is a danger to Baem Pa, Taehyung. All those warnings and yet still Taehyung was lured into the gang—and what was worse was he now disagreed with everything his father told him about Haejeog Dal Pa. He wondered what his reaction would be if he found out that Haejoeg Dal Pa was helping Baem Pa rebuild itself again. Kim Seokjin may not seem like a strong man but he knew why that was. It was because he was a good man, he kept his people safe which in turn earned him eternal loyalty. This quality tended to look like weakness in front of harsh people like his father.  


           Hoseoks’ mind and heart were tortured but he still managed to be loyal to Haejeog Dal Pa once more. Taehyung admired that more than anything.


            Now, seeing his fathers’ name on a tombstone sent a strange tingle in Taehyungs’ gut. It was almost as if he wasn’t just seeing his father anymore. He was Don Kim. The man who lied to his partners, tried to drown a gang of its profits, forced Taehyung to loathe the most respectable people he’s known and muddled Jimins’ head with ridiculous ideas. Taehyung was looking at the name of the real culprit who caused this mess in the very first place. Not Namjoon, not Jimin—it was his father.


          “You have no idea how much I hate you,” Taehyung muttered. “All the pain and suffering you’ve caused and for what? So that I could fix it for you?” He shook his head. “What Namjoon did was wrong and he’s being punished for it—but I can’t say you didn’t deserve it, dad. But I do hope you rest in peace for what it’s worth,” Kissing the inside of his two fingers, he pressed it against the top of the tombstone as his final goodbye before he walked towards Jungkook’s Hyundai Kona.











             The rehabilitation center was a half hour drive which consisted of Jungkook and Taehyung talking about the street race that went on in Seoul last night. When they reached the building it immediately gave off an eerie vibe but Taehyung forced himself to walk in anyway.


           Digging his hands into his long black coat, he gave a nod to the receptionist who didn’t seem entirely happy to see him. Apparently, it wasn’t ‘healthy’ for Hoseok to be seeing him since he would influence him. The same thing the nurses said to him about Taemi, it was almost as if Taehyung was a disease of some sort. He ignored it nonetheless and told them it was only going to be a few minutes.


           Room 206. Taehyung was led in by a short nurse with a small mole on her nose much like his; she quietly called out for Hoseok inside the room.


          Hoseok looked like he was blankly staring at the wall with his knees to his chest before he shot up and smiled at Taehyung. “You’re out,” He looked like he was about to burst into a cheer.


          Taehyung walked over to the older male; at least his smile was back now. The last time he saw him, there were heavy bags under his red eyes and he was walking around in crutches. “How’ve you been?” He scanned the room quickly. The room made his stomach sink and slightly angry at the people who ran this place; it was small with a bed that barely fit in it, pathetic nightstand and a tiny TV with a bathroom on the left. He wanted desperately to take him back to his penthouse suite again.


           “Better,” Was all he could say and Taehyung could take that for now. Hoseok patted on a space in front of him on the bed which he immediately sat on. “It got a bit hard these past few weeks but I’m feeling okay again,”


           Taehyung nodded. At least that meant Hoseok wasn’t taking any more doses. The last thing he wanted to add to his urge to take him back was seeing that he wasn’t getting better here. “They treating you alright here?”


           Hoseok could only shrug, looking down at his fiddling fingers. “It’s alright. No one bullies me, I guess. It’s more me that’s the problem,”


          “Why is that?”


         “There’re times when I—want to go back—to Jimin,” He whispered, gaze still lowered. “I want to go back to him—but—at the same time, I don’t,” Hoseoks’ brows furrowed. “It scares me sometimes, Tae. I don’t even know what I’m thinking,”


          “I know,” Taehyungs’ eyes twitched. Hoseok didn’t deserve any moment of this suffering; he was too good hearted. How could Jimin break someone this good? “I wish–there was something I could do to help. I wish I could take you with me somewhere to forget about him,” He whispered.


           Hoseok shook his head with a kind smile that only made his heart sink further. “No, you did it. Baem Pa is yours to rebuild again–you have your home back,”


          “It’s not home without you in it. You’re so important, Hoseok…please always remember that,” Taehyungs’ lips curled up as he brushed his thumb against the others’ chin. “I kind of wish that maybe—things would be different,” He scoffed. “Sometimes I even want Jimin back too. We were a good team once,” Tears burned at his eyes again at the very thought of Jimin—he didn’t like that. He wanted to be angry with Jimin, it was so much easier that way.


          “If by good team you mean getting into trouble with your father every fucking time or almost getting killed by an angry drug lord in Singapore…” Hoseok retorted making Taehyung laugh. Hoseok smiled back at him, placing a hand over his letting their fingers intertwine. “Then yeah—we were a pretty good team,” He muttered.


           There was a comfortable silence between them as Hoseok played with Taehyungs’ fingers almost making him fall asleep with how calm he felt. “Do you think—we’d ever be okay again? After all this?” Taehyung could spot the hopeful glint in Hoseoks’ eyes.


           The question had lingered in his mind long before Hoseok brought it up. Almost every day in the cell, he would think about it. Would they ever be okay again? Would they be able to go back to the fun-loving three boys who got into trouble far too many times? Would Hoseok look at Jimin again without feeling fear? Will Taehyung be able to face Jimin at all?


          Then he met Hoseoks’ gaze, giving him a faint smile. “I don’t know,” He shook his head. “But we can try to get close to it, I guess,”


          For some reason, that vague answer gave more comfort to both men than anything had in the past year.


Chapter Text

            “Our Tokyo dealers will be receiving their drug supplies in a matter of a few days. It took convincing but I think with the extra rations we’d be able to strengthen the trade link again…” Chulsoon announced blandly while glancing at his files momentarily before facing Taehyung again.


           Yet another meeting he had to listen to about righting the wrongs of Baem Pas’ previous Dons; apology emails to their partners, a cars dealer in Singapore, a drug lord in Tokyo and a weapons dealer in China. Taehyung tried to keep his emails sounding as different as possible until he felt his fingers losing the first layer of their skin. Prison life almost seemed a lot easier than this.


           Jimin had been engrossed in the workings of Haejeog Dal Pa so much that he started to forget his business with his other clients; the very reason Baem Pa came into the power in the first place. Last week, there was a brawl in Busan’s drug den because of the lack of payments being spread around since Baem Pa had to stretch their finances to make up for Tokyo’s lost shipments a year ago. Taehyung had to dig into profits from the clubs to ensure that a fight like that didn’t occur again which kept them quiet enough for the time being.


          His bottom ached having to sit on a leather chair for weeks on end listening to complaints, writing letters and signing approvals. Eyes moving to the large glass window on his right, chin rested on his fingers as he silently admired the view of the city leading up to the radio tower; Chulsoon continued giving the details of the drug smuggle to Japan.


          Finally, the Tokyo shipments were made up for but they had to add extra supply as an apology for the loss in the past year. The Kim Corp. building was one of the few possessions that the police allowed to let stand after the purge along with Baem Pa manor, due to its prestige and his personal penthouse. Baem Pa currently had to run on one drug den, two arsenals, the two clubs around Seoul and the support of Haejeog Dal Pa which made the Tokyo shipments much harder to manufacture considering its mass.


         “Don Seokjin has requested an audience with you this afternoon, sir. It’s about Don Kims’ case,” Chulsoon sounded reluctant to have mentioned the case but it was the one piece of news that made Taehyung sit upright and meet his gaze.


          “Of course, schedule a meeting for me at 4:30 at the Rose Chapel. No one is to disturb us,” He glanced over at his guard who gave him a reassuring nod that their surrounding will be secure. Even without Jimin, there were still angry clients who didn’t like the idea of Baem Pa downsizing itself and only attending to the ‘important’ people. When Taehyung glanced at Chulsoon again, he still looked reluctant to say something. His brows furrowed. “Is there anything else, Chulsoon?”


           Chulsoon jumped a little before nodding with a dumbfounded expression. “Yes sir. Master Jung—he sent a personal message that he had left the clinic and gone to—uhm—the—”


           The mention of Hoseok made Taehyungs’ heart pound against his chest. Why was he being so reluctant? “Speak up now, I don’t have all day,” He attempted to keep his voice calm.


           “Sir, he said he had gone to the—nice a-assholes’ shop? Sir,” He addressed again making Taehyung chuckle. “That was his message exactly, sir I didn’t—”


           “–oh no, it’s fine. I know who he’s talking about,” Taehyung smiled. It had been far too long since he had even caught a glimpse of Yoongi or the mention of him ever since Jungkook spoke of him.


             The last time he had even seen Jungkook was when he was visiting Incheon Port to look at the repaired warehouse.


              “Yoongi doesn’t hate you, you know,” Jungkook grabbed his hand just outside of the Hyundai Kona after they left the warehouse. “He’s just terrible at talking to people. Maybe if you—spoke to him first,”


             Taehyung only shook his head. Asking him to talk to Yoongi was one thing but actually doing it was another problem. “I can’t, alright? If he doesn’t wanna talk to me then I just have to respect his wishes,” He shrugged.


            Jungkook scoffed, averting his gaze. “One day sooner or later, it’s going to get to you. Just remember that,”


          Jungkook was not entirely pleased with him ever since that day since Taehyung now made it a mission not to speak to people. Part of it wasn’t his fault exactly since he was crowded with every unfinished task that was left when he was arrested. Everything had to be resolved before he delved into personal matters otherwise this whole operation would have gone to waste.


          “That’s very good news,” Taehyung replied Chulsoon, nodding to himself. This meant Hoseok was well enough to go back to Yoongi and that was the first good news he heard in months.


           Chulsoon didn’t seem to know the importance since he still had that confused look on his face before he gathered all his paperwork from the large conference table. “Sir, Kwon Jungkeuns’ son is also… here,” He muttered, his body lowered down as if in a permanent bow in front of him.


           Taehyung looked up at Chulsoon, eyes burning into him with a slight hint of rage. Jungkeuns’ son survived the purge? With a deep sigh to calm himself, he spoke once again. “Let him in,” He didn’t glance at his secretary merely glared at the surface of the table while Chulsoon rushed out of the room.


          Kim Jungkeuns’ club was one of the buildings that didn’t survive the purge ever since the shooting that almost killed Hoseok and Jimin and succeeded with Jungkeun himself. His son was supposed one of the first people to have been rotting in jail but here he was now being led to the conference room by two armed Baem Pa guards. The man looked far too calm for Taehyungs’ liking.


           “Sungkeun…have to be honest, I didn’t expect you to last the purge of all people,” Taehyung gave him a bitter smirk. His insides boiled with anger when he heard the man chuckle.


           “Oh you unleashed a damn good one though, Don Kim. I was highly impressed by the detail of it. I just had to congratulate you in person of being rid of all the scum in Baem Pa…” Sungkeun pressed his lips together for a moment. “…and to ask you what you intend on doing with Park Jimin after his sentence is finished,”


            Taehyung’s brows furrowed. “And why are you concerned about my plans with Park Jimin?”


            “Because he’s the reason my fathers’ dead, Master Kim. If he weren’t present in the club, it wouldn’t have been attacked,”


           “From what I know, your father helped in the attack of Haejeog Dal Pa. When I got my chair back he was going to be punished either way,” Taehyung spoke in a matter-of-fact tone knowing very well that Jungkeun got lucky when he was killed in the club. He had the plans for the attack on Haejeog Dal Pa all along and he openly gave it to Jimin despite knowing he forced Taehyung off the chair.


           “My father is loyal to the Don whoever that may be. You of all people should understand the risk one must take to stay alive… even if it means helping an enemy,”


           Taehyung hated that Sungkeun was tugging at his own past but he was right. These weren’t just desperate times for him or Hoseok—everyone involved in Baem Pa was forced to follow orders to make sure they were safe. Taehyung however, still wasn’t convinced that Jungkeun would have given Jimin the plans just out of fear for Jimin. “Your father also had a worrying hatred for those in Haejeog Dal Pa,”


           “It was a different time then,” Sungkeun shook his head slightly, he looked he was denying it in his own head instead of being sure.


           “It was a year ago. I can’t risk enemies of Haejeog Dal Pa to taint the trade link we have developed,”


           “So then this means you don’t know what to do with Jimin?” He challenged.


          Taehyung sighed, trying to ease the burning fury inside him. He was unsure as to why he was getting so angry quickly since Sungkeun was asking a valid question. But whatever the man was asking now meant that he had to think about Jimin. Remember all the things he had done and then find punishments that would see it fit which then he would have to attend. Jimin was in prison which made it easier not to think about him often but the reminders never stopped. His voice taunted him while he struggled to sleep at night, it was as if he was still winning the war.


          “At the moment, he is serving his sentence and it’s not going to be another nine years until he gets out. If it eases you, you can have a day with him to do whatever you wish but for now…” Taehyung got up from his chair. “I need you to get out of my office and hope I don’t see you again,”










            “Churches give me the damn creeps,” Jungkook mumbled, ruffling through his hair as he parked in front of the large white building, lounging into the car seat. “You go on in and scream if there’s something wrong,”


            “I’ll keep that in mind,” He said, stifling a laugh. Taehyung was feeling stuffy under his black turtle neck as he got out of the car under the midday sun.


           The Rose Chapel looked like it was glowing amongst the colorful gardens and beautiful green grass contrasted with the men standing in alert just outside with their black attire. It was if he was reliving his fathers’ funeral again. Thankfully that wasn’t the case when he was met with an empty church—well, almost empty as he saw the back of someones’ head sitting on the third row. Staying silent, he padded over to the row and glanced at the man properly to be met with a friendly face before sitting down next to him. None of them spoke to each other for a few minutes before Seokjins’ voice made his ears twitch.


           “Are you a holy man, Taehyung?” His voice was calm as always. Taehyung wondered how someone with so many responsibilities could be so controlled of himself while he himself felt like his brain was going to burst.


           “Depending on the day, maybe,” The younger male shrugged.


          “I suppose a man of your stature would find life quite difficult with strong religious beliefs,” Seokjin gave him a kind smile, his eyes glimmering through his glasses.


           Despite his tired state, Taehyung couldn’t help but smile back at the man. “What did you need from me today?” He glanced back at the candles that were lit in the front. Most of them were melting away, wax leaking over the wooden shelves while others looked like they were just newly lit.


           “This is a delicate matter, I must warn you,” For the first time, Seokjin sounded reluctant making Taehyung look back at him, confusion gripping his own features. The older male always spoke as if he had plans running in his head every second and it was all working for him. But now he looked a little worried. Almost agitated. “It’s about Kim Namjoon,”


            Taehyung took in a long breath immediately trying to calm the anger that slowly burned inside for a moment, averting his gaze back to the candles. “What about him?” He tightened his jaw.


             Seokjin shifted in his seat a little. “There was something that I haven’t told you yet and it’s…one of the reasons why I didn’t have you killed that day when you confessed,” He took a deep breath of his own, silent but Taehyung could see his chest rise and fall. “Namjoon…had been contacting me. We were contacting each other for two years to keep a watch on Baem Pa. Believe me, I had no intentions of putting an end to Don Kim but Haejeog Dal Pa was being stripped of its business. We were losing a lot of money because Don Kim was meddling into our territory so I had to make a deal with someone on the inside. In those two years, Namjoon grew to be a very good friend of mine,”


             Taehyung wasn’t sure if he was angry or not at this piece of news. He certainly wasn’t surprised that Namjoon must have been going behind their back somehow after all that he had done. He couldn’t get too angry at Seokjin for trying to protect his territory since his father did invade it unethically. All he could say was—“Why are you telling me this?” Brows furrowed as his gaze now pierced onto the older male. “You’re not saying…I’m supposed to let him go? I know what he did was out of loyalty for me but it was extreme,” He hoped that wasn’t what Seokjin was suggesting.


            “No, no. Namjoon deserves punishment for the murder he committed; none of this would have happened if he hadn’t just kept himself contained. But…might I ask–for a visit?” Seokjin gave him a slightly apologetic look.


            “A visit?” The request seemed so simple yet Taehyung felt a heavy sink in his heart. Visits could turn into anything; Hoseoks’ ‘visit’ to him in Anyang ended with him running to Incheon. He wouldn’t believe Seokjin would do something like that but times had changed. Taehyung believed anything was possible. Nevertheless, Seokjin was an ally of his—an ally he had come to trust with his own gang while he was away and he had kept it protected. He nodded. “I’ll be talking to him next week so you can accompany me,” Taehyung did trust Seokjin but there was no way they were going to be left alone in Anyang.


             Seokjin seemed to be pleased well enough by the agreement as he gave him another one of his kind smiles. “Thank you. You’ve proven yourself to be a better Don than most in Baem Pa these past couple of months,” He relaxed onto the chair once more.


              Taehyung scoffed. “Honestly it’s a pain in the ass already. No wonder they all end up turning into grumpy alcoholics by the time they’re forty,” He joked, smirking over the older male who let out a laugh.


              As the laughter faded and silence plunged into the room, Seokjin quickly broke it with the last question Taehyung wanted to be asked. “Have you spoken to Yoongi recently?” He looked over at him.


             “Uh—” Taehyung stammered, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. “No,” He shook his head, heart sinking again. “No I haven’t,” Gaze was lowered to watch his absentminded fingers as they meddled with each other.


             “He asks about you,”


             His face felt hot suddenly as he looked up at Seokjin. “Does he?”


            Seokjin nodded. “We both know the weight on your shoulders right now. He cares for you more than you think,” He grinned, placing a comforting hand on Taehyung’s shoulder. “I must go now. I’ll see you in Anyang in a few days,” He got off the bench and the younger male followed, letting Seokjin walk out first.


             Great. Now all he could think about Yoongi. That was two people now that told him to talk to his friend. Could he even call him his friend after not talking to him for more than a year?


            This was getting a lot harder and confusing than Taehyung expected it to be.











          These drives with Jungkook were getting far more normal than Taehyung presumed it would be. They seemed to make it an activity of theirs to talk to each other about Incheon and Haejeog Dal Pa on their trips. Conversations Taehyung loved dearly since it meant he wouldn’t have sit at a boring conference room instead admire the change of scenery as the vehicle moved. Time felt so much more well spent in the Hyundai Kona.


           This was one of those days; cooler and slightly gloomy as they headed towards Anyang to the warehouse where Namjoon was held. The warehouse that Taehyung was once held in; he thought it would make a good example of what he had suffered when Jimin kept him here.


           They were having a brief conversation about how Hoseok was and Jungkook said that he got sick from time to time but other than that, he was doing well. Hoseok even got himself a part time job at the café again to make a living for himself and keep his mind off things. For some reason, Taehyung was the one who was reminded of Yoongi without Jungkook even so much as mentioning him.


         Maybe Jungkook was right. All this would eat at him soon and now he could feel it.


             Seokjin’s Lexus Sedan was following Jungkooks’ Kona as they finally arrived at the warehouse that Namjoon was being held in. Three guards were present outside of the building with vacant stares and Taehyung quickly informed them that they would take a few minutes so they could stay instead of following them in.


             Taehyung would have been grateful for a turtle neck but instead he went for a regular white dress shirt and black jacket. Seokjin seemed to always wear the same thing with his black turtle neck and coat except this time he suspected it was because of todays’ cold weather.


            Namjoon was still in the same place he had left him; wet, bloody and half-conscious while breathing heavily. Taehyung hadn’t done anything to him that wasn’t done before to himself aside from the traitor mark that was on his chest. That was more Jimins’ specialty. And now he was thinking about Jimin. This day was not turning out to be the luckiest for him.


          “Joon, you have a visitor!” Taehyung called out.


          The other didn’t answer or move for a few minutes.


          “Namjoon,” Seokjin called out softly which immediately caught Namjoons’ attention as he looked up at the man with his cracked lips parted.


          Taehyung could have sworn he heard Seokjin let out a shaky breath but he stayed quiet, keeping his head down. He moved back into the shadows of the warehouse so the two could get some form of privacy.


          “Is this— another torture method?” Namjoon croaked out, glaring at Taehyung.


          “I asked him for a visit, Namjoon,” Seokjin defended immediately. “I wanted to see you for myself instead of listening to ridiculous rumors,” He shook his head in disbelief, gazing at the broken mans’ form up and down. “Why did you do this to yourself?”


           “I protect Baem Pa from its dangers. That’s my job, always has been,” Namjoon sounded all too confident for the position he was in. But now Taehyung felt an odd sink in his stomach hearing those words.


           “So Haejeog Dal Pa is a danger to Baem Pa suddenly, is it?” Seokjins’ seemingly simple question seemed to render Namjoon speechless as he lowered his head. “I thought I said specifically that we wouldn’t meddle in your business if you didn’t with ours,”


            “I wasn’t able to predict Jimin usurping the chair nor Hoseok aiding Taehyung in that manner—” Namjoon glanced at Taehyung for a moment.


           “—then now you should realize that playing God isn’t as easy as you think,” Seokjin took a deep breath. “I hope you know the dangers you’ve put so many of us in, Namjoon,”


           Namjoons’ head shot up and shook. “I didn’t mean to do that. You have to understand, Haejeog Dal Pa wasn’t my target. Don Kim was a disease on Baem Pa I—”


           “He was also the father of two children and a mentor to a mad usurper. You started the game well but you played it poorly,” There was a pause, an eerie silence plunging into the room as the two men stared at each other. Then Seokjin shook his head. “Now you need to suffer the punishment for it,” Without so much as a glance at Namjoon, he turned on his heel and walked over to the roller doors again.


          “Will I ever see you again?” Namjoon called out, desperation in his voice that Taehyung had never heard before.


           Seokjin paused, lowering his head. “Not for a while,” Then he looked up to meet Taehyung’s gaze; there was no anger in his eyes which confused him. No hatred either; it was sadness and pain. “Whenever Master Kim sees it fit,” He answered again before finally exiting the warehouse.


           The light outside of the warehouse burnt Taehyungs’ eyes as he squinted to adjust to it; gazing moving to Seokjin who was breathing in the fresh air. “You okay?”


           Taehyung saw a smile grace Seokjins’ lips which confused him further. He was just sad a moment ago, what happened? “I haven’t felt this relieved in months,” His smile was directed at the younger male now.


            While Seokjins’ smile always showed kindness, this smile gave him a strange feeling. Who could be relieved after talking to the friend who put them in danger? How was that possible? “With all due respect, how are you relieved?” Taehyung’s brows furrowed but the older male seemed unfazed by his question.


            “For a year, Taehyung, I’ve been pining over what I could say to Namjoon after this mess blew over. To know that he was partially responsible for my gang being attacked is a heartbreak difficult to express to just anyone,” Seokjin glanced back at the closed roller door with the same strange smile. “So I expressed the heartbreak to Namjoon himself. If anyone should know about it, it’s the friend who hurt you. Otherwise you’d be left on your own thinking about what you could say to them and only getting more miserable,”


             Now Taehyung understood why he felt so strange by all of this. Seokjin and Namjoon weren’t too different between the problems he had with Jimin and Yoongi. Jimin hurt him and he hurt Yoongi. They weren’t talking but Taehyung could feel the tension around them despite their distance; all the conversations that replayed in his head at night, some of them ending with sobs and some of them ending with him with a gun pointed to his head. None of them seemed pleasant to him. But now Seokjin had painfully reminded him that it wasn’t going to stop. Taehyung was going to keep making scenarios in his head, breaking apart his soul until he talks to the people concerned.


             He felt a hand on his shoulder draw him back to reality, facing Seokjins’ smile again. “Think about it, Taehyung,”















            Two weeks had passed with Taehyung spending his days stuck in the conference room; today involved signing a weapons shipment to China which got them enough money to develop their arsenal. His conversations with Seokjin had only been through video chatting and Jungkook was in Busan keeping an eye of Haejeog Dal Pas’ drug runners. The two gangs had now fully partnered with each other in their businesses which was celebratory to a few but dangerous to some; both sides Taehyung understood.


            His energy was now running on coffee and limited hours of sleep; there was always something keeping him awake. Meetings early in the morning, contracts to sign or the fact that he was actively avoiding both Seokjin and Jungkooks’ advice on trying to talk to someone. Someone being the two people he was particularly trying to avoid.


           For the first time in a fortnight he could have a few hours in his penthouse suite to rest. Walking through the threshold, the immediate scent of vanilla touched his nostrils along with the sound of something sizzling on the stove. Taehyung walked towards the kitchen with furrowed brows, only to be met by the pleasant and desperately missed sight of Hoseok frying sausages on the stove. “Yep, I knew it. I’m going crazy,” He joked, thinking that the sight before him may be a hallucination.


          He heard Hoseoks’ chuckle ring in his ears like beautiful music. “No unfortunately that’s not till another thirty years or so,” The older male looked to be in better shape than he was, eyes bright and ready, clean clothes and a smile that was hardly seen just a year ago. “I know it’s not the safest to be here right now but—you’ve been quiet, I was worried,” Two plates were set on the kitchen island with steamed vegetables which were being filled with two delicious sausages that were still sizzling on the plate.


         Taehyungs’ stomach growled violently at the sight of proper home-cooked food. “You’re always welcome here,” He smiled at the plates, taking his jacket before padding over to the kitchen island. “Besides Jungkooks’ been doing his thing around Busan without any trouble and we both know he usually attracts the bulk of it,”


          The rest of their conversations mainly consisted of the two eating peacefully together but Taehyung welcomed it gladly. For a few moments, there was no responsibility or anything required of him. Nothing but the comfort of a friend and warmth of the food pleasing his aching belly into satisfaction; he couldn’t help but smile to himself with a mouth full of food. Taehyung never expected to have these moments again since his father never seemed to do so in his reign. He could hardly imagine Jimin doing that in his small time as well. Despite having the luxury of a penthouse suite, Taehyung found himself missing the coziness of Yoongis’ flat, eating jjajangmyeon late at night and Jungkook finding every moment to tease him just for a laugh. It was so much simpler living that way; simpler yet dangerous. This life was safe but difficult. He wanted Hoseok to stay here longer but he knew that his happiness was not in Seoul but in Incheon.


            “There is another reason why I came here,” Hoseok muttered, breaking the comfortable silence. “I hate to ask but I just have to—have you talked to Jimin?”


            That question bore more weight than it did the last time he was asked it. Taehyung found it harder to answer as the time went on so he kept silent, looking at the leftover lettuce on his plate instead.


           “Taehyung—I don’t want to talk to him as much as you do but—I’m not allowed to tell him all the things he did wrong,” Hoseok shook his head. “You on the other hand have the chance to let him know,”


            “He should have that much common sense to know,” Taehyung grumbled, averting his gaze from the man as he placed his fork down on the plate.


           “But is that good enough to keep your mind at ease?”


           Now Taehyung was speechless. Was his mind at ease? Even after the big victory of getting his title back and bringing his gang from the ashes, Taehyung knew that there was always that feeling of something missing. He hoped Hoseok would be able to fill it with these visits or driving with Jungkook would do the trick but no—this was a hole far deeper than any activity can fill. “My mind hasn’t been at ease since my dad died, Hoseok,”


           He felt Hoseoks’ hand over his, warmth spreading in his form at the touch. “You once said to me that we can try to be close to okay at the very least,” His eyes softened as Taehyung finally decided to meet his gaze. “Then try…not just because anyone asked, because you know it’s not going to go away until you do,”


           For the first time, Taehyung hated Hoseok. He hated that the man was right. All of them were; Jungkook, Seokjin and every little thing annoying thing that reminded him of what he had to do. His heart pounded against his chest to a point where he thought he was going to fall out and present itself on the empty plate. The words spewed out of his mouth with reluctant courage…


           “I’ll talk to them tomorrow,”
















              Why did he say tomorrow? Oh, Taehyung dreaded this too much to handle his shaking knees. Jungkook had to push him awake from his trance when he sat inside the car with a blank stare for too long. He could spot the familiar large building from the corner of his eye; heart grew heavy and stomach lurched, he felt like he was going to be sick.


             “You’re not fucking up my car again. Blood was hard enough to get off, can’t imagine the stink of vomit for the next fifty years,” Jungkook cringed in disgust as if he was visualizing the situation before shivering. While Taehyung was still thinking about how he was going to walk inside the building, his chest rose up and down at an unsteady pace. Something the younger male must have noticed. “I’ll be here waiting after you’re done. It doesn’t have to take too long,” Jungkook reassured, finally placing a hand on his shoulder and giving it comforting squeeze.


            When Taehyung got the courage to walk out of the car, he was met with an unfamiliar guard who immediately showed off his bad mood. But Taehyung kept a calm exterior even though every muscle in his body wanted to run back to Jungkooks’ car again so they could forget this ever happened. You promised Hoseok, he thought. The loud buzz made him jump as the gates slid open for him to enter, feet padding over across the gravel yard to the entrance of prison which was also guarded heavily. One of the guards recognized him and was suspicious of his visit but he immediately stated that he wanted a brief conversation with Jimin; it could be recorded if they wished it so. Taehyung had no intentions of talking to the man let along planning some deep scheme with him.


           Past the grey hallways, muffled sounds of yelling prisoners ringing in his ears uncomfortably, Taehyung was led to a visiting room with glass partitions. All the booths were empty today which scared the man further. This meant he was going to be alone with Jimin without other peoples’ murmurs to distract him. Taking a deep breath, he walked over to the booth in the middle and sat down trying to calm his trembling fingers down.


          A buzz made him jump again as the door on the other side of the booth opened, revealing an exhausted Jimin with an orange jumpsuit. Lips were dulled out, red eyes sagged a little with the bags under them and his face paler than Taehyung had ever seen him. The other male sat down quietly, trying to avert his gaze as if he didn’t want to face Taehyung which was a feeling he shared. But this had to be done one day. Jimin was the one who picked the phone up first before Taehyung followed with a dumbfounded expression on his face.


         “How’s the first few months out of prison?” Taehyung was almost thankful for Jimin to start the conversation, despite how dreadfully cracked his voice was.


         Taehyung shrugged. “Can’t say I miss sleeping next to my toilet, honestly,” Fingers twiddled with the line to stop them from shaking so much; there was a strange urge to comfort Jimin somehow in the state he was in. He would have done it when Taehyung was distressed at one time. Glassy eyes twitched as they moved up to meet Jimins’ gaze now that he was finally looked straight at him. “How—How’ve you been?”


         Jimin scoffed, shaking his head with a sad smile. “You don’t have to pretend to care,” He muttered. “Say what you want to say,” Silence plunged into the room as Taehyung thought about what to say. What did he want to say?


         Then Taehyung took a breath to speak the painful truth that he had been losing sleep over to say. “The problem is that I do,” He saw Jimins’ expression soften and his lips quiver. His heart felt heavier every breath he took as the thoughts that once rushed through his mind, now being spewed in a painful cracking voice. “I care about you…a lot. You were like family to me,” Taehyung jaw tightened as he bit down his bottom lips to stop it from shaking. “You think you can just throw me from my home and expect me to stop caring about you just like that? It’s not as easy. Even when you pointed a gun to my head, I cared about you. Everything you did, you put Hoseok through pain, you used my own fears against me, you—sent my sister away to the man who killed our father—”


          “—no,” Jimin shook his head, a small tear escaping his eye. “I didn’t—I didn’t know Namjoon was the one who did it. I didn’t want to hurt her,”


          “You told Hoseok you were going to send her to the prostitution ring if he didn’t sleep with you,” Taehyung hissed.


          “I did that to scare him, Taehyung. You know I wouldn’t do that to her,” Jimin cringed, whispering now.


         “Just like how I knew you would never go behind my back and take my chair?” Taehyung forced out a chuckle. “More than that, you had to go as far as to torture me as if I was your sworn enemy. Marking me a traitor before I could even get my side of the story,” Brows furrowed in disbelief at all the memories that were playing in his head now breaking his heart all over again.


         “I didn’t want to lose Baem Pa, Taehyung. Your father—your father did so much to bring the gang to where it was and—I—I just couldn’t see it brought down,” Jimin frantically shook his head. “He always told us all the struggles he went through to bring to where it is. I couldn’t let it happen and—when the opportunity arose, I just—reacted, I thought it would save Baem Pa,” He sobbed out, his voice growing squeaky and cracked. “I needed to prove myself as a leader. The only way I could do it was to scare them so I—tortured you—and Hoseok,”


         “All you had to do was trust me,” Taehyung sniffled. “You would have been my partner, just like how we planned,” He quickly wiped the tear the fell down his cheek with the back of his hand.


         There was a silence between them but it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was a silence where the both could breath for a few moments, thinking over what they had just said to each other. Taehyung was finally faced with the reality of his friendship with Jimin.


         “I’m sorry, Taehyung. I really am,” Jimin breathed out, sad eyes fixating on his gaze.


         Was this what he was waiting for? An apology? Is this what he wanted? —No. Taehyung wanted the glass partition gone, he wanted Hoseok, Jimin and Taemi back with him when they were happy. But were they happy? Hoseok would have never reunited with Yoongi, Taehyung would not have seen Jimins’ true loyalties with his father and Taemi would have been stuck in this sickening business as a child.


         They were happy. But that time had to pass someday and Taehyung had to leave it behind.


           “I understand…I can’t forgive you for anything you’ve done. But I understand,” Taehyung muttered, nodding at the man.


          That statement alone seemed to ease Jimin as his chest fell in a sigh of relief.


         “My sentence is ten years…will—you be deciding what to do with me after that?” Taehyung saw Jimin gulp as if he had a fair idea of what he was going to face next; he didn’t like the thought of that. As much harm as Jimin had done, Taehyung would never have the courage to kill him let alone order someone to get it done.


         “Two months changed a lot of things for us…who knows what I’ll decide in ten years,” Taehyungs’ lips curled up as he placed his index finger against the glass. “I still need to figure what I’m going to do without you first,” There was a warmth in his chest when Jimin placed his index finger against the glass as well with a hint of a smile tugging at his lips.


         “See you in ten years then,”
















           Back at an empty penthouse suite again. Hoseok stayed over for a couple of days, calm dinners, cheeky conversations and just simply relaxing which Taehyung already began missing. Much to his Chulsoon’s surprise, he decided to order jjajangmyeon up to his room since he had a desperate craving for it. The view of the city keeping him company as he sat on the kitchen island looking at each of the lights that he had seen many times before. Eyes wandered around his suite as if to find something interesting that he could look at or pick up; until his mind started wandering with it.


           Maybe getting a puppy would liven the place up. Or a wife. Dons had wives and children so that would be a good decision. Children in the mob industry…Taehyung was shaken back to reality at the phone ringing; his heart leaping which his body mirrored as he reached to grab the device. “Hello?” He spoke through a mouth full of food, black bean sauce making his lips glisten.


           “Hey! Come on! Uh—Taehyung hey!” Hoseok harshly whispered at something before addressing him, sounding a tad nervous. “Hope you’re not busy,”


         “Uh—no, actually. I’m just eating,” Taehyung replied, confusion gripped his features. “What is it?”


          “Well—I have someone here who wants to talk to you,”


           Taehyungs’ eyes widened as his stomach sunk. Really? Now?  “You know what, I am quite busy with a—speech,”


          “You write speeches? God help your audience,” That was not Hoseoks’ voice. Taehyung could recognize that deep, raspy voice anywhere and he wasn’t sure how he felt about it. “And uh—hey,”


          He almost stumbled off his kitchen stool, walking over to the large glass panel window to let the view keep him distracted from his nerves. “Hey…how—how are you?”


          “Hoseok made me do this ‘cause apparently, you’ve been stressed,”


         “I’m fine,” Taehyung quickly lied. “You don’t need to worry about me,”


         “Oh—right then…I’ll—see you later, I gue—”


        “No!” He yelled a little louder than he wanted to but this was a chance to finally talk to Yoongi. As nervous as he was, Taehyung didn’t feel so lonely at this moment knowing that there were people who knew he existed. He cleared his throat. “I have been a little stressed. Being Don is not as easy as my father made it look all those years and after seeing Jimin, I’ve—kind of been forcing stuff on myself,”


        Yoongi hummed almost making him fall into a calm sleep. “Well the last thing I want you to do is lose sight of your health. Take it from me of all people, it takes a toll on your mood for a long time,”


        “I’ll do that,” Taehyung muttered, nodding even though the older male couldn’t see him. “Also…” His heart pounded against his chest. “…I’m sorry—for everything. I never meant to hurt you that way, you made me feel welcome. I didn’t want to lose that so I lied. I hope you can forgive me,” Like he did to Jimin, Taehyung didn’t expect anything from the man but he was glad that the truth was out in the open now. Slowly, the weight on his head seemed to lift as time passed and he felt like he could breathe again.


         “You’re not gonna lose me, Taehyung. Just remember that,”


         Taehyung sighed in relief. “I’ll take it,”


          “Besides Jungkook seemed to warm up to you these past few months so I can’t deprive him of that joy either,” He could hear the smile in Yoongis’ voice as he spoke.


           The younger male couldn’t help but chuckle. There was that comfortable silence again as the conversation now lightened, making Taehyung feel freer than he ever did even when he was let out of prison. This was real freedom to him. “Yoongi?”


           Yoongi hummed in response and Taehyung couldn’t hold his excited smile back despite no one watching him.


           “You wanna get some coffee?”


            He heard a chuckle from the other end of the call. “Fuck no. Hoseoks’ gonna kill me, he’s giving me some coffee cleanse whatever that is,” Taehyung heard Hoseok yell in agreement from the background but couldn’t make out what he was saying.


            Taehyung was glad that Hoseok was finally happy again. It made him feel a lot less worried about him being alone; he knew the people he cared about were going to be safe. They were about as close to okay as they could get right now.


            “But yeah…I’ll see you at the motor store tonight, kid,”

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