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We'll be royalty

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Dark figures approached a black, inky liquid inside a giant golden chalice. One dark figure stood out from the rest and recited an incantation. "?deen fo emit siht ni su elur lliw ohW ?dlrow latrom eht elur ot nwod emoc lliw ohw ot sa eulc a su dneS .sdog hO" To which the black substance bubbled. Once the foam cleared, in the center of the chalice was... a golden triangle with an eye at the center. The figures gasped and where taken aback. Some screamed, others cried in joy, most stared as if they had seen into hell.

"No! It cant be! Cipherous!" "This must mean a time of war is upon us!" "Someone is conspiring against the gods!" This as well as many other things where shouted in the chambers.

From all the outcry, the figure that recited the incantation squinted. A blue pinetree was fading in and out of the eye of Cipherous. "No... He is coming to... claim a human as his own surely." He barked at his underlings. "Go. Let it be known that Cipherous will be born within the next year. The people need to prepare for a new leader." With those words, the other figures where gone, off to spread word.

To think that after the rule of pyron, goddess of fire, lust, and parties, would come the rule of Cipherous, god king and god of dreams, tricks, deals, and the mind. A rule of fun, peace, and love, turning into a rule of discord, war (most likley), and fear. What a turn around.


Meanwhile, the Cipher family brings in a new addition to their family. A blonde baby boy named Bill Cipher, and not 'Bill short for William'. No. Bill as in a dollar bill. Bill was the first baby born on January 1st, 1999. His life was starting off great, and it would only get greater. Enough about him though.

Months later, on august 31st of the same year, a pair of twins is born, Mabel and Mason 'Dipper' Pines. They where born to a middle class family with two grunkles that where accomplished 'monstrologists' as they called themselves, the rest of society called them monster hunters. Little did this family know, one of the twin's lives where going to affect their society as they knew it.