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Castles of Sand

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Light put down the death note he was writing in and picked up the pineapple holding his daiquiri, bringing the straw to his lips. He slurped noisily just to annoy L, his new favorite pastime on this island paradise where they'd spent the past month. Sluuuurrrrp. Light tilted the pineapple to get a bit more and slurped it even louder. SLUUUURRRRPP. He stole a glance at L, handcuffed to the wooden beach chair beside him, and smiled inwardly as he saw the other man's jaw clenched in annoyance.


He tilted his sunglasses down, "L, you've hardly touched your drink." Light motioned to L's neglected strawberry daiquiri, a cute little parasol jutting out from a strawberry on top.


"I don't like--"


Light interrupted him with a laugh. "And don't even tell me you don't like it. I saw you drink three yesterday when you thought I wasn't looking."


Damn it. L shifted in his crouch but kept staring out into the sea. "Well I don't like this one." 


Stubborn as a mule. Light slurped a bit more of his drink, settling back into his beach chair comfortably. "I don't understand why you're being such a sore loser L. You're alive aren't you?  And you'll have a front row seat for the creation of Kira's new world." He traced a lazy finger down L's sleeve. "You should be thanking me, really. I can't wait to hear that." And begging me for forgiveness on your knees. 


L shivered and leaned away from Light's touch. "Light-kun will be waiting a very long time to hear that."


Light poked him then pulled his finger back. "Oh stop being such a grouch. Look at all this natural beauty. How can you be such a killjoy in a place like this? Just admit you lost L, and we can start to have some fun."


"Never." I may respect you as a worthy adversary...even admire you...but I can never thank you for defeating me. 


Light sighed. "Well, at least drink your daiquiri. You're going to hurt Mikami's feelings. It was a very good drink." He raised his pineapple to Mikami like a toast.


Mikami looked up from the end of Light's beach chair, where he had been rubbing Light's feet and glaring at L. He grinned when Light complimented him, and went back to rubbing with renewed vigor. "I'm so glad you liked it kami! I made it just the way you like." He snuck in a little kiss to Light's big toe, then started grumbling about ungrateful grouchy detectives under his breath.


L looked down at his drink, a finger perched on his lip. Slyly, "Well if its so good make him drink it." Mikami looked up again in alarm and shot daggers at L. 


Light caught Mikami's reaction and started to giggle. He's so jealous of L. A fake warning tone, "Mikami....did you do something to L's drink?" When Mikami flushed and stammered, Light took L's drink and sipped it before Mikami could stop him. Pfffffttttt! He spit it out again, "MIKAMI!" The drink was incredibly spicy like someone had dumped a whole bottle of Tabasco in it. Well, no wonder L didn't like it. He poured the drink out onto the sand, giving Mikami a withering look as L tried not to smile behind his thumb.


Mikami froze, his bottom lip quivering a little and his hands stilling over Light's feet. Suddenly he burst into tears and plopped his forehead on Light's foot, devastated he had displeased Light. "I'm so SORRY Kami! I just can't stand to see that..." He lifted his head and pointed at L. "...that BLASPHEMER sitting there so smug and not--" He stopped when Light raised his hand.


Light sighed and set his pineapple down. "Mikami, come here." Mikami immediately crawled over to kneel beside Light, anxious but also thrilled to be nearer to him. Light cupped Mikami's face gently, "Now you know full well the only one meting out punishments is me. And you've disobeyed me now, haven't you? I distinctly remember telling you to make a strawberry daiquiri for L, not that volcanic concoction." He wasn't really mad at Mikami, in fact Light loved his little competitive jealousies with L. But this was the part of the game that Mikami loved best, so Light indulged him.


Mikami looked up at Light, starry-eyed, and nodded solemnly. "Yes kami. It is truly unforgivable." A hopeful glint appeared, eagerly, "How shall you punish me?" All the various 'punishments' that Light had inflicted on him in the past cycled through his mind and he started getting hard. 


Light smirked at him, "If I didn't know better Mikami, I'd think you were purposefully trying to get punished." He threaded a hand into Mikami's long silky hair, yanking his head back a little. Mikami inhaled sharply, his pupils opening up. Light leaned forward to whisper in Mikami's ear, "But I've got something special planned for later. You'll be very chastised by the end, I'm sure." Mikami gasped with delight and grabbed Light's beach chair in his excitement. Light released his hair, sitting back again and taking his pineapple. "But for now, go make us some more drinks. And no hot sauce this time." 


Mikami stood up hurriedly, nodding and grinning, and took Light's pineapple and L's discarded cup. "Oh yes kami, right away!" And he practically ran up the beach towards their luxurious island cabin.


When Mikami was gone, L turned to stare at Light. "He's a bit crazy, isn't he Light-kun? But I suppose you always have effect on people." He let his glance hover over Light's swimming trunks a moment too long and snapped his eyes back out to the waves. Even me.


And of course Light noticed. "Even you, L?"


"No of course not me. I mean everyone else." I'm protesting too much aren't I.


"So I suppose if I asked you to rub this suntan oil on my chest...seeing as how Mikami isn't here to do'd have no problem doing that, right? Just a nice helpful gesture from a friend." A friend I defeated and will remake as I desire. He held out the bottle of oil and L stared at it like Light was handing him a bomb.


L's heart rate sped a little. "Um...I'm sure Light-kun can do it himself." He chewed a nail, feeling a tiny pang as it reached the quick.


Light gave him a smoldering look, "Now where's the fun in that?" He waggled the bottle. "Scared?"


Yeah, actually. But I can't let you think that. "Fine." L slowly grasped the bottle, looking at it and then at Light. And I want to. 


Light smiled and laid back in the chair, sighing contentedly. "Good. Don't miss any spots."


L stood up and sat cross-legged beside Light's chair, biting his lip anxiously as he stared at Light's tanned chest, the lines of his muscles, the perfectly smooth golden skin. The two rosy nipples, becoming erect as the wind blew over them. Stop that, this is Kira! He held the bottle upside down over Light's chest and squirted some oil there, then started to spread it around. His skin is so soft. Pale fingers glided through oil and rubbed slow methodical circles across Light's chest, starting at his collarbone. 


Light watched L from behind his dark sunglasses. He's concentrating so intensely, like I just asked him to solve some case. He really needs something to do. "There's something terribly poetic about you sitting on a beach with Kira at the end of the world, rubbing suntan oil on his chest, isn't there, L?" Terribly satisfying actually.


L looked up, his concentration broken. His expression darkened and he rubbed a little rougher. "You only beat me because of supernatural forces. Those shinigami." He looked back down, moving his hand along after realizing he'd been rubbing the same spot for the past minute. Quieter, "There was no way for me to predict that."


Light laughed, thoroughly enjoying having his very best frenemy kneeling beside him, grudgingly massaging his chest. Maybe not so grudgingly. "You just didn't consider all scenarios, L, all the potential complications. That was a mistake. And now Kira's broken your perfect winning streak." Light touched L's hair softly, letting it fall through his fingers lazily. He whispered, "I defeated you, L. For the first time ever, you lost. Just admit it, and we can move past it. You made a mistake and I won."


L grit his teeth, standing up abruptly. He snapped, "Light-kun can finish the rest himself." He jumped back into his chair and wiped his hand on a towel angrily, then placed his hands on his crouching knees, fingers digging into them. 


Light was about to say something to L but was distracted as a wave crashed onto the sandcastle Mikami had built for him earlier, wiping out half of the intricate creation. And he heard a sad noise from behind him from Mikami, who had just returned with their drinks. Light reached over and took his pineapple from Mikami's tray and started slurping noisily again. "Sorry Mikami. But a castle built with such fickle materials and poor planning was never meant to last. Build the next one a bit further from the waves, plan for the rising tides. Support it with a few shells maybe." He looked over at L who was staring at him, still fuming. "Gotta plan for all those annoying contingencies, isn't that right L?" He slurped innocently, then gave L a little wink and a grin.


A flicker of something passed over L's face, but his shoulders relaxed a little, and he gave Light a tiny smile. You annoying charming bastard. "I suppose he should plan for castle-storming demon crabs too? Perhaps the moon may change its orbit of the Earth and pull the tides differently."   


Light laughed, "All contingencies, L." He took L's new drink from Mikami's tray and held it out to him. Come on L, no sense in being stubborn forever. I want us to have fun together in this new world.


L sighed and took his drink and slurped it loudly too. His eyes widened a little, "Its really good." He slurped some more. It really is. 


Mikami looked down at Light's half-oiled chest and made a face of shocked disapproval. "Kami, don't tell me you tried to put that oil on yourself!" He flung the tray away and fell to his knees, busying himself fixing this horrific disaster that would never have happened if HE had done it. Sullenly, "You could have just waited for me kami. You know I always do a perfect job."


Light looked over at L, who was blushing a bit behind his daiquiri. "Thank you Mikami. Yes, I'm not sure what I was thinking, asking L to help me. I suppose you should just do it from now on."


Mikami gasped and turned to glare at L, imagining those cold awkward fingers touching HIS kami--and doing a piss-poor job on such an important task! Any task that kami asks for is important enough to be done perfectly.


L flushed at the thought that Mikami was actually better than him at something. Even something so stupid as this. 


Light extended his arms and folded them behind his head. "I really am going to have to find something useful for you to do, L. Mikami cooks, cleans, makes the drinks, amuses me, gives good foot massages, and is competent at suntan oil application." Mikami's smile got brighter with each compliment until he was bursting with pride. "And what do you do around here L?"


Mikami giggled, "Mope."


"I am not moping." L slurped some more daiquiri, pouting but starting to feel the alcohol spread its welcome glow through his limbs. Quieter, "I don't mope."


Light barked a laugh. "You most certainly do mope and I wish you'd give it up already. Now tell me something you can do around here. Other than skulk around plotting my death."


L shot him a look, and there was a tiny bit of hurt in his eyes. I'm not plotting your death, Light. I know I've lost. I just can't bring myself to say it to you yet. He sighed and turned his gaze out to the ocean again, "I know I could build a better sand castle than that pathetic mess. One that might last." Designs and plans darted through his mind. I need a project. Something to do. Light knows I'm unhappy when I'm not working on something. 


They all turned to look at Mikami's crumbling sandcastle, which had been beat down mightily by the lapping waves. Light nodded, "Be my guest." Get those gears turning again L, and maybe...have a little fun, my friend. "I suppose you'll need those cuffs off." He dug into his pocket and tossed the key to L. "Probably overkill anyway. I mean, it is a private island. Not too many escape options." But he knew L wouldn't try to escape even if there were options. He had nowhere to go, nowhere that was really safe, now that Kira and his followers ruled the world. And the demand for his kind of problem-solving had dried up in the face of Kira's justice. Wammy's had been disbanded, with most of the students joining Kira, and Watari had disappeared seemingly into thin air.


Mikami had finished fixing the oil and scowled a little at L, rolling his eyes. "There's no such thing as a permanent sandcastle. They all fall down eventually." He settled back to rubbing Light's feet again, quietly resenting L but not letting it show to Light.


L unlocked the cuffs while imagining his turreted creation, beautiful in his mind. And Light gazing down at it appreciatively. I'll impress you Light, just wait. "Not if you plan for all contingencies." And he leapt up out of the chair, making his way down to the ocean's edge to try to find a seashell exactly the color of Light's eyes.