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You Could Get Me In Some Trouble

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Alex knew he was friends with the assholes, but that didn’t stop him from being friends with them. His friends did some things that Alex would never do, for instance, bullying.

His friends absolutely loved to make fun of nearly everyone, even some teachers.

“Lehnsherr has a stick up his ass,” Warren grumbles as he takes a bite of his sloppy joe. “Who takes off five points for missing an accent on a letter?”

Alex glances over at Peter who’s knuckles were becoming white from gripping his lunch tray so hard. “Well maybe if you weren’t such a dumbass Warren, you wouldn’t lose points,” he says to him, receiving a punch in the arm from Warren but a small smile from Peter.

“Shut up, Summers,” he gets up from the table then, stretching out his long, angelic wings. Ironic since he’s more of a devil than an angel. “I’m going to the bathroom,” he puts his hand on Darwin’s shoulder. “You’re coming with me.”

Darwin rolls his eyes but gets up and follows Warren out of the cafeteria and to the bathroom.

“Thanks,” Peter says to Alex once they’ve left.

Alex gives him a small nod. “It’s what neighbors are for,” he takes a bite out of his apple.

Alex is grateful he has a true friend in Peter, then again, he has been his friend since kindergarten. They’ve been through everything together, even the unfortunate event of being sucked into Warren’s little clique.

“Mind if we hang out this weekend? I don’t want to be dragged off to some party at Warren’s,” Peter asks quietly, still being cautious in case Warren comes back.

“Not at all,” he looks past Peter to see Warren is back and is threatening some kid. “Oh great,” he gets up from the table and practically runs over there, Peter beating him to it.

Peter pushes his way through, trying to get Warren’s hands off of the kid. “You don’t want another detention, do you?” He tries to yank him back but Warren stands his ground.

“This prick tripped me,” he snarls at the boy in his arms.

Alex recognizes the kid, it’s Piotr, the boy who can turn into metal. He was only a sophomore, but Alex knew he could take Warren down with a single punch. “Warren, you don’t know who-“

“Shut up, Alex!” Warren pushes him back and squares up.

Piotr stands and turns into his metal form. “You sure it was me that tripped you?”

Alex is about to interject again, but Peter puts his hand on his neck and speeds them out of there and over onto the courtyard. “As much as I’d like to see Warren’s ass get kicked, we can’t get involved.”

Alex nods, knowing Peter has a point. “We should head back inside, class should be starting soon,” Peter nods and takes them back inside and over to their physics class.

“You two are early,” their teacher, also Peter’s father, Charles says. “Everything alright?” Peter and Alex exchange a look but nod to Charles. “Alright, but if you boys ever need to talk about anything, my door is always open.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Peter smiles and takes his seat in the back of the room next to Alex.

“Don’t get too comfortable, boys. You’re getting new seats.” Peter groans. “Peter, you see Alex everyday.”

“And you see Dad everyday too but you always want to sit next to him,” he retorts and Alex tries to suppress his laugh.

Charles rolls his eyes at his son. “We’ll see, but no promises.”

“It’s not like Warren’s in this class so you don’t have to sit next to him,” Alex notes and Peter nods.

“And thank god for that,” he mutters.

When class finally started, Charles had everyone stand against the wall while he pointed to seats and called people’s names.

“Peter,” he points to the desk right up front by Charles’. “That way I can keep a closer eye on you,” he teases and Peter blushes a little as he takes his seat. “Alex, you’re behind him, and Hank,” he turns to look at the brunette boy, you’re next to Alex.”

Alex knew very little of Hank, he heard snippets from Warren saying he has a weird mutation, but doesn’t know what. He has seen him in the halls, catching Alex’s eye every once in awhile.

“Alex,” Peter nudges him and he turns to look at him, seeing he’s holding up his phone. “Darwin texted me saying Warren got suspended till Monday and has detention over the weekend. Piotr kicked his ass though.”

Alex gives a small smile. “Good, finally getting what he deserves.”

“You can say that again,” Peter quickly says before turning around in his seat as Charles begins his lesson.

“Now everyone, work with the person next to you and do problems one through twenty,” he announces and returns to his desk while everyone works.

Alex looks over at Hank. “So I can do the evens if you can do the odds.”

When Hank looks at Alex, he immediately forgot what he was doing. Hank had the prettiest blue eyes Alex had ever seen.

“Sure,” he replies and looks back at his paper and begins working.

It takes Alex some effort to look away and start working, but that doesn’t stop him from sneaking glances in between problems at Hank.

After about ten minutes of working, Hank announced he finished his half. “Already?” Alex asks a little surprised. “I have about a couple more left.”

“Would you care if I checked them?” Alex shakes his head and slides him his paper. He knew he wasn’t that good at physics so he didn’t mind the extra help. “You got fifteen and seventeen wrong, but it’s just an easy fix, see,” Hank shows him where he made the mistake and fixes it for him.

“Thanks,” Alex gives him a small smile which grows as Hank looks at him and smiles as well. “You’re pretty good at this stuff, huh?”

Hank simply shrugs. “I like science so I like doing it,” Alex nods in understanding.

“I’m the same, I guess, but when it comes to video games,” he feels his cheeks burn in color slightly as he realizes how stupid he sounds.

“What games do you play?”

“Mario Kart,” Peter interjects, turning around in his seat. “Alex is addicted to that game.”

Alex lightly kicks Peter from under his chair. “Me too,” Alex turns to look back at Hank.

“Cool, you should come to my house after school, I have a whole gaming room in my house,“ Peter says. “Hell it’s the weekend, you can sleepover too if you want.”

“Sure,” Alex lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Fair warning, I am pretty good.”

Alex smirks. “Well, so am I.”

“We’ll see about that,” Hank grins and Alex feels his stomach flip.

“Alright boys,” Peter grins and turns on the TV, setting it correctly to set up their game. “Let’s see if you can beat me.”

“I always beat you,” Alex teases. “And I’m sure Hank will too.”

“I’ll beat you both,” Hank grins and Alex laughs.

“You’re all cocky,” they all turn to see Wanda standing in the doorway. “Peter, Dad wants to talk to you.”

Peter gets out of the beanbag chair he was sitting in and walks towards the door. “Don’t start without me,” he warns before walking out of the room.

“Do you wanna play with us, Wanda?” Alex asks. “We have extra remotes if you want to get David and Lorna in too.”

Wanda shakes her head. “I’m going to Angel’s house for the night and Lorna and David are both at a friend’s house. Enjoy your guys night,” she says before leaving.

It’s a little awkward after she left, just Alex and Hank sitting quietly in the room.

“Do you mind if I ask you something?” Hank asks, breaking the silence.

Alex smiles a little to hide his nervousness. “Depends.”

“How come you two, well, aren’t like Warren?”

Alex feels a rush of anger. “Did he hurt you?”

Hank shakes his head and Alex feels himself calming. “I’ve just seen how he acts.”

“Peter and I aren’t apart of that,” he sighs. “We just don’t know how to exactly get out.” Hank nods in understanding. “If he bothers you though, just let us know, okay?”

“Thanks, but, I’m pretty sure I can handle Warren,” he gives a sly smile. “All the guy is is just tough talk and a pair of wings.”

Alex laughs. “You’re right about that.”

“Sorry about that,” Peter says, returning into the room and taking his seat. “Dads are going out so they gave me the whole pep talk about drugs and alcohol and all that.”

“If only they knew drugs were Mario Kart,” Alex sighs and receives a pillow being thrown at him from Peter. “What?”

“It’s your drug,” he teases and turns back to the TV and sets up the game. “Get ready to be beaten.”

About an hour into the game and a box of pizza consumed, Hank beat them both. “I don’t mean to brag, but I told you so.”

“You didn’t tell us you were a beast at this game, McCoy,” Alex laughs. “Next round, I’m going to win.”

“I’m going to grab some twinkies,” Peter announces before returning not even a second later with half of a twinkie already consumed.

“You just ate four pieces of pizza, how are you still hungry?” Alex asks and Peter shrugs.

“My metabolism is a fast as me,” he shoves another twinkie into his mouth. “Want one?” He asks with his mouth full.

Alex shakes his head at him and sets up the next round, determined to beat Hank this time.

When he doesn’t, he receives another ‘I told you so’ from Hank. “Yeah, yeah. Rub it in.”

“I’m sure you’ll beat me, one day,” he smirks.

Alex playfully rolls his eyes and glances over at Peter. “And he had a sugar crash, no surprise there,” he pokes his arm, receiving a snore.

“Well he did eat a whole box of twinkies,” Hank notes. “Should we move him? He’s not going to be comfortable when he wakes up.”

Alex nods and gets up to stretch. “You take the head, I’ll grab the feet,” him and Hank slowly lift Peter up and carry him upstairs. “I’m surprised how light he is.”

“Me too,” Hank admits as they enter Peter’s room and rest him on his bed. “Where do we sleep?”

“The floor,” Alex goes over to Peter’s closet and takes out some extra pillows and blankets before pulling out the extra mattresses under his bed. He hands Hank a pillow and blanket before setting up his own bed and getting under the covers. “Comfy?”

Hank nods and stares up at the ceiling. “Thanks, for this. If you haven’t noticed, I don’t really have a lot of friends.”

Alex looks over at him. “Well, you have two now,” when Hank looks at him he smiles. “Peter’s my only friend really, and I guess his siblings are too, and I guess my brother, but he’s my brother. You are too now, Hank.”

“Thanks, Alex,” he smiles at him before looking back up at the ceiling. “Goodnight.”

“Night,” Alex looks a couple minutes longer before closing his eyes and going to sleep.

The smell of pancakes and bacon fill the room, stirring Alex out of his sleep. “About time you woke up,” Peter grumbles. “I forgot how much of a deep sleeper you are.”

“How could you forget?” Alex smirks and gets up. “I’m literally here every other night.”

“And I’m hungry every second,” Peter retorts. “Sleep well?” He asks Hank who nods.

“One of you was snoring.”

“Peter,” Alex laughs. “He always does.”

Peter nudges him and speeds out of the room. “It was you, Alex, but I won’t tell Peter,” he smiles at him before heading after Peter.

Alex smiles to himself and shakes his head, walking after them both and downstairs where he’s greeted by a table full of breakfast food.

“These Hank,” Alex sticks a fork into a pancake and puts in on a plate before handing it to him. “Are the best pancakes you’ll ever have.”

“Thank you, Alex,” Erik gives him a small smile. “Good to know someone around here likes them,” he glances at Peter who had half of one already sticking out of his mouth.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like them,” he finishes off the pancake in his mouth before putting another on his plate with more bacon. “I just like Dad’s because he puts chocolate chips in them.” Erik laughs and ruffles Peter’s silver locks. “Dad, I’m almost eighteen.”

“And you still can’t cook,” he notes and Peter shoves some eggs in his mouth.

“He doesn’t need to cook, he can survive off of twinkies,” Alex teases.

Peter extends his hand out in Alex’s direction. “Exactly.”

“This happens almost every time I’m over,” Alex tells Hank who laughs.

“I wonder what mornings are like at your house then,” he teases.

“Just Alex’s little brother going on about his little crush since kindergarten,” Peter interjects. “He’s has this crush on this girl for eight years and he still hasn’t asked her out.”

Alex shoves a piece of bacon into his mouth. “He will, I’m making him ask her to homecoming.”

“Speaking of, I was thinking we all hang out again that night,” Peter offers. “I know Alex and I won’t have dates, but what about you Hank?” Hank shakes his head and Alex feels himself smiling. “Good, we should all hang out again then. Get away from Warren too.”

“Sounds good,” Hank agrees. “Alex?”

“My house though.”


After breakfast, they all played a quick round of Mario Kart before heading home. “Thanks again you guys. I’ll see you Monday.” Hank says before getting in his car and driving off.

“Alex?” Alex looks away from where Hank’s car was to look at Peter. “Where did you go?”


Peter looks at him with a little concern. “I asked if you wanted to play another round before you left.”

“I think I’m okay, thanks,” he gives him a pat on the back. “Maybe you should play by yourself, get some practice in before I beat your ass again.”

“You mean before Hank beats your ass again,” he teases before heading back inside.

Alex walks across the lawn over to his house, finding Scott seated on the couch, planted in front of the TV. He walks over to him and ruffles his hair before sitting down next to him. “You okay?” Scott nods, not looking away from the TV. “Scott,” he turns his chin to see both of his eyes are closed and he has a black eye.

“I’m sorry. I know Warren’s your friend and all but he was bothering Jean and I had to help her I-“

“Scott, did he hit you?” Scott gives a small nod. “Where are your glasses?”

“He stepped on them, I didn’t get a chance to blast him though,” he replies a little weakly.

“I’ll be right back, okay?” Scott nods and Alex heads into the kitchen, digging out a bag of frozen peas before looking for an extra pair of Scott’s glasses.

He found the extra pair of the red lensed glasses in the garage before going back over to Scott and handing them to him. “Did Mom And Dad see?” Scott shakes his head. Alex gives him a side hug. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, actually,” he slides his glasses on and turns to smile at Alex. “Jean gave me her number because of it and we’re hanging out tomorrow.”

Alex smiles and shakes his head. “Still be careful though, okay? And stay away from Warren.”

“I thought he wouldn’t hit me since I’m your brother,” he mutters. “Guess I was wrong.”

Alex makes a mental note to hit Warren exactly like he did to Scott. “If you ever have to blast him, don’t be afraid to.”

Scott laughs. “Since I have your permission, don’t have to tell me twice.”

When Monday comes around, Alex could tell Warren was in a mood coming back from his suspension. “So you know that loser McCoy? Heard you two were having a little sleepover with him.”

“Yeah and?” Alex says defensively. “He’s cool.”

“Yeah,” Peter agrees.

Warren looks up and glares at Alex. “You should stop hanging with him and tell your brother to shut that mouth of his.”

“You know damn well Scott can blow your chi-“

“Hey, let’s all go to Sean’s party tonight,” Peter quickly says. “He said his parents are going to be out of town for a whole week. Seniors only.”

Warren looks away from Alex to smile at Peter. “I’m in.”

“Same here,” Darwin agrees. “Peter, make sure your sister goes and brings Angel.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Peter sighs. “Alex, you coming?”

Alex shakes his head. “I’m doing something with my parents tonight. Can’t.”

“Bummer,” Warren replies flatly and continues to talk about the party to Darwin.

Alex excuses himself and starts to head off to class, smiling when he sees Hank at his locker. “Beast,” Hank’s head turns and gives Alex a sly smile.

“Is that my new name now?” Hank teases, closing his locker and walking to class with Alex.

“You busy tonight? Everyone’s going to this party and I don’t want to go so I was wondering if you’d want to hang.”

Hank smiles. “That sounds great. Where should we go?”

“I was thinking an arcade, you may be able to beat me at Mario Kart, but I don’t know about skeeball,” he teases as they walk into the classroom and take their seats.

Peter soon breezes in after them. “I need to figure out a way for me to get grounded tonight.”

Alex rolls his eyes at him. “Peter, just don’t go.”

“I already said I was! Warren will chew my ass if I don’t go!”

“Language, Peter,” Charles says behind him.

Peter whips his head around. “Dad, please, please ground me tonight,” he pleads.

“Alright,” he agrees, giving him a weird look. “You’re grounded then. No phone or video games for the rest of the night.”

Peter breezes over and hugs him. “You’re the best, Dad!”

Alex shakes his head at him and turns his attention back to Hank. “We can go right after school if you’d like.”

Hank smiles and nods. “Looking forward to it.”

Alex stares at Hank with amazement. “Why am I not surprised you beat me at skeeball?” Hank simply shrugs and smirks. “What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?”

“Guess you’ll have to wait and see,” he walks over to the air hockey table. “I’ll let you know now, I’m not good at this.”

“You say that, but I don’t believe you,” he teases and starts the game, which Hank beats him at. “Remind me to never gamble against you.”

Hank and Alex both laugh, a smile resting on their faces as they look at each other. “Hungry? I was thinking we could go to the diner across the street.”

“Love to,” he smiles and walks out with him and across the street to the diner.

They get seated and a booth and both order a burger with fries and a chocolate milkshake.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something,” Hank says a little quietly, making Alex’s heart beat faster.


Hank shifts a little in his seat and looks up at Alex, his blue eyes meeting his own. “Are you a mutant?”

Alex is a little disappointed in the question, but breathes a sigh of relief. “Yeah, I shoot plasma beams from my chest. You?”

“Yeah, I transform into an actual beast,” he mutters.

Alex suddenly feels a wave of guilt for calling him that. “I’m sorry,” he says quickly. “I didn’t mean to offend.”

“You didn’t at all,” Hank smiles at him reassuringly. “It’s a good name for me though.”

Alex nods. “How come you’re not in that form sometimes?”

“I take pills to suppress it, otherwise, I’d probably kick Warren’s ass most days.”

Alex laughs lightly. “What I’d do to see that, but I understand.”

“Thanks,” he gives him a small smile just as their food arrives.

As they eat and talk, Alex found himself falling more and more for Hank. He always had the most interesting things to say, whether it was him ranting about something sciencey, then giving a timid smile and apologizing for his rant, then continue to rant about something else.

Alex took up on more details of his face too. Hank had the most perfect looking lips Alex had ever seen. They were pink and plump and Alex wished he could feel how soft they were against his own.

He also kept getting lost in his eyes, no surprise there. There were as bright as sapphires and as deep as the ocean.

“Sorry if I’m boring you,” Hank gives that damn smile again, snapping Alex’s attention back.

“You’re not at all.”

Hank looks a little confused. “Are you sure? You look like you’re zoning out.”

Alex quickly shakes his head. “I’m not at all, I’m just…” he sucks in a breathe. “Your eyes are just very blue.”

“Oh, thanks,” he blushes a little. “They turn a yellow-green in my beast form.”

“That’s really cool,” Alex beams. “I’m sure you look great.”

Hank lets out a small laugh. “I wouldn’t say great, but thanks. I could show you sometime.”

Alex smiles. “I’d like that and maybe I can show you mine.”

When the bill comes, Alex offers to pay. “How about,” Hank sets down a ten. “We split it?”

“Fine, but next time, it’s on me,” he smirks and sets down a ten as well before walking out of the diner with Hank.

Alex would like to think this is a date, but it probably isn’t, considering Hank possibly only sees him as a friend. He lets out a sigh, unaware of doing so.

“Everything okay?” Hank asks him, stopping in his tracks, just a few feet away from their cars.

Alex looks at him, just now noticing the height difference. Hank has at least five inches on him, making Alex look up at him. He opens his mouth to say something, but he didn’t know what to say.

“I-we-if you want,” he stammers and Hank smiles. “Do this again.”

“I’d like that,” he steps closer and leans down, making, Alex’s heart start to beat faster in his chest, and presses a kiss to his cheek. “Goodnight, Alex,” he walks to his car then and drives off.

Alex feels like he’s floating on a cloud as he drives home. “Why do you look so happy?” Scott asks when he sees him.

“Doesn’t matter,” he says quickly and walks over to Scott, examining his face. “How’s your eye?”

“It’s fine. It’s a real hit with Jean, she hasn’t stopped talking to me since!” Scott enthuses. “I’ve already asked her to homecoming and she said yes!”

Alex smiles at him and ruffles his hair. “Took you long enough,” he leaves him be and goes upstairs to his room, flopping on his bed and smiling up at the ceiling. He closes his eyes and replays the night over and over in his head, Hank being the last thing on his mind before he falls asleep.

When he wakes up, he’s being shaken awake by Scott. “Get up, Alex! We’re going to be late!” Alex turns to look at the clock to see it’s almost seven.

He tosses Scott his car keys. “I’ll be down in five,” he quickly gets out of bed and grabs some fresh clothes before taking the quickest shower he’s ever taken before bolting downstairs to his car and driving him and Scott to school.

Alex parks the car and heads inside with Scott, thankful he has ten minutes to spare before class started. He makes a quick stop at his locker, then heads to class.

He feels his blood run cold when he feels an arm wrapped around his shoulder. “Missed you at the party, Alex,” Warren grins. “I was thinking I’d tell you all about it at lunch, just you and me though.”

“Okay,” Alex agrees and shrugs out of his grip. “I’ll see you then,” he quickly strides into his class, trying to ignore the knots already forming in his stomach.

After his fourth period, Alex walked out of class to find Warren already waiting for him. “We’ll eat under the bleachers, we’ll be alone then,” he grins and leads Alex outside.

His gut was clenching more and more as they made their way outside and sat down on the grass under the bleachers. “So what happened at the party?” Alex asks, hoping he doesn’t sound nervous.

Warren stares down at the grass and starts to pick at it, his face starting to get serious. “I met someone,” he mutters. “We were about to hookup but I just couldn’t go through with it, something was telling me that it had more potential than a hookup.” Alex nods in understanding. “So I gave them my number and we have a date this weekend.”

Alex gives him a small smile. “That’s great, man. I’m happy for you.” He doesn’t know who would ever date Warren, but he’s glad he found someone, maybe he’ll be less mean.

“This stays between us, got it?” He says more threatening, proving Alex wrong. “You cannot tell Peter or Darwin or anybody, got it?” Alex nods. “Good, we're done here,” he gets up and brushes the grass off from his jeans before walking away.

Alex gets up too and starts to head back inside, heading to the cafeteria to grab some food, considering he hasn’t eaten all day. After getting his lunch, he sits at the usual table, thankful that Peter is the only one there. “Where’s Darwin?”

“Sitting with Angel, he finally got the guts and talked to her,” Peter says with his mouthful.

“How was being grounded?” Alex asks, starting to eat his own lunch now.

Peter shrugs. “Not bad, actually. I hung out with Lorna and David the rest of the night, then when Wanda came home she had the biggest news.”

“Which is?”

Peter leans in closer and quickly looks around before talking. “You know my cousin, Kurt, right?” Alex nods, Kurt was also a senior, he had a few classes with him over the years. “Well, Wanda walked in on Kurt and Warren cuddling, who would cuddle with Warren?”

Alex shrugs in reply. He knew Kurt was way too nice for Warren, but that’s his relationship. “Just don’t bug him about it,” he mutters before taking a sip from his water.

“How was family night?” Peter asks, making Alex smile as he thinks of Hank.

“It was good,” he says simply. He would tell Peter, but just not yet.

Peter nods and they both finish off their lunch and head to class. Alex smiles as soon as he sees Hank, writing away in his notebook. Alex takes his seat next to him, his smile fading as he sees a bruise on Hank’s cheek.

“Please tell me you kicked his ass,” he says to him, starting to clench his fists.

Hank looks at him and gives him a small smile. “Didn’t have a chance to, it happened so fast, but I’m okay.”

Alex shakes his head and gets out of his seat and starts to walk out of the room. “Alex, where are you going? Class has started,” Charles says behind him but Alex ignores him and continues walking out.

He knew Warren’s schedule, so it was easy to find him. He walks into his German class, stopping Erik in the middle of his lesson. “Alex, what are you-“

Alex ignores him and strides over to Warren, punching him right in the eye. “That is for Scott!” He sucker punches him just as he stands. “That’s for Hank!” He grabs him by his varsity jacket and pins him against the wall. “Don’t you lay a hand on them ever again!”

Warren spits in his face, getting some of his blood from his nose on Alex’s face. “Getting a soft spot for the loser, McCoy?” Alex knees him in the gut then before he feels himself being pulled back.

He turns to see Erik has now separated them both by some metal in their clothes. “Alex go to the office, now! Warren, head to the nurse’s office and get yourself cleaned up,” he lets them both go.

Alex gives Warren a final glare before leaving the room and heading to the office. He knew he already got suspended, but it was worth it.

“Alexander Summers!” His mom yells from downstairs when she gets home. “Come down here right now!” Alex makes his way out of bed and heads downstairs. “You got suspended, for a week!”

“I know, I’m sorry,” he says to his mother. “It was the kid that gave Scott a black eye.”

“Alex!” Scott says from the couch.

Their mom turns to look at Scott, starting to exam his face. “What am I going to do with you two,” she shakes her head.

“It wasn’t his fault, Mom!” Alex says defensively. “The guy is a total ass!”

“Language, Alex,” his father says, now coming into the room. “Since you’re suspended, you’re also grounded. No phone for a week and you can’t go next door,” Alex sighs and hands him his phone before heading upstairs.

It wasn’t until the next day when Alex heard a knock on the door. It was early in the morning, his parents already went to work and Scott to school.

He goes downstairs and opens the door, a little surprised to see Hank. “Hey,” he smiles. “Aren’t you going to be late?”

“I have a study period for my first two classes, so I have time,” he gives a small smile. “Look Alex, I don’t need you fighting my battles for me. I can handle myself.”

Alex feels his heart sink to his stomach. “I just thought, after the other night-“

“It was one night, Alex,” he feels a lump starting to form in his throat. “It didn’t really mean anything.” Alex gives a small nod. “I’ll see you Monday,” Alex closes the door then and heads upstairs, staring up at the ceiling.

That night did mean something, to Alex at least. He thought it would mean something to Hank too, but he guess he was wrong. He feels his eyes sting with tears and rolls his eyes at himself.

He will not cry over this. He will not cry over some boy who he has already fallen so hard for. He will not cry, but he is.

Alex stayed in his room the rest of the day, not going down to eat dinner when everyone got home either. He pushed Scott away, telling him he just wants to be alone.

It was later that night when he felt a breeze enter his room. “Go away, Peter,” he mutters into his pillows, not even having to look up to notice the speedster. “I want to be alone.”

“Well too bad,” Peter sits down at his desk chair. “I know you got suspended and all, but you did a good thing, Warren had it coming.”

Alex turns over to look at him. “Hank’s pissed at me, I’m grounded for a week. So worth it,” he says sarcastically.

“So? By the time your suspensions over, so is being grounded. Besides, Hank will realize what you did for him.”

Alex rolls his eyes at him. “Don’t you get it, Peter? Hank wants nothing to do with me.”

“I don’t understand-“

“Of course you don’t. You’re too fucking stupid to understand anything,” he turns back around to face his wall.

“Just because you and Hank are fighting doesn’t mean you can take your anger out on me, Alex,” he can feel his glare on him. “I’m your best friend, I’m trying to help you so help me understand.”

Alex turns back around and glares at him. “You’re not my best friend. Get out.” Peter leaves his room, leaving Alex alone.

It was a slow and lonely week for Alex, but it was finally over and he returned to school. He was dreading every second of it, of course.

He ate lunch by himself under the bleachers. He didn’t bother going to the table since he knew it’d just be Peter and he couldn’t see him right now.

He was already dreading going to physics too, showing up to class right before the bell rang. As soon as he sat down, he avoided looking at Hank and Peter and stares out the window instead.

“Hank, do you want to hang out after school today? Just you and me?” He hears Peter asks.

“Yeah, sure,” Hank agrees.

Alex rolls his eyes. “You’re such a fucking child, Peter.”

“Excuse me?”

Alex turns to glare at him. “You heard me.”

“You wanna go, Alex?” Peter stands up then.

“You don’t have the fucking guts,” Alex stands up too, glaring at him. Peter raises an eyebrow and throws the first punch, but Alex blocks it with his fist. “Gotta be quicker than that, Peter.”

Peter takes him by the arm and flips him over, making him land on the ground. “I think I got it,” he smirks and punches him in the face.

Alex grabs him by the leg and makes him fall to the floor before sitting on top of him, punching him in the face as well.

“Boys!” Charles walks into the room then, running over to the both of them and getting Alex off of Peter. As soon as Peter stands, he quickly punches Alex again. “Enough! Both of you, office! Now!”

Peter shrugs out of Charles’ grip, wiping the blood from his lip with his hand. He glares at Alex one more time before speeding off to the office. Alex grabs his jacket before he leaves the room.

When he arrives in the principal’s office, he sits down across from the desk, and next to Peter. “What happened?” Principal Mactaggart asks them.

Alex crosses his arms over his chest and huffs. “Just Peter being the immature boy that he is,” he mutters.

“Well maybe if you weren’t such a di-“

“Enough,” she says firmly, cutting off Peter. “I don’t know what has gotten into you boys lately, especially you, Alex, but I want no more of it. Saturday detention, both of you. Now go to the nurse’s office before you both start getting blood on the carpet.”

Alex leaves first, feeling the slight breeze of Peter beating him there. They both sit in the waiting room, Alex glaring down at the ground, Peter glaring at Alex.

“Thanks for ruining my weekend,” he spat.

Alex rolls his eyes. “Not like you have a life anyway,” he mutters.

“Hank told me what happened,” Peter says, making Alex look up at him. “Is that why you’re pissed off?”

“Stay out of it, Peter. It’s not your business.”

“Just because he doesn’t like you back, doesn’t mean you should lash out on your friends be-“

“We’re not friends!” Alex gets up now, causing more blood to drip from his nose, which he thinks is broken, onto his shirt. “You don’t need me, Hank doesn’t need me, and I certainly don’t need you,” he storms out of the nurses office.

Of course with his luck, he runs into Warren on his way back to class. “Summers-“

“Look Warren, I don’t give a flying fuck about what you have to say. Break my nose even more than it already is now if you want, I don’t care.”

Warren looks confused but then starts to laugh. “Christ, who beat me too it?”

“Peter.” Warren laughs even harder.

“Peter beat your ass? Didn’t know he had it in him,” he shakes his head, still laughing. “Anyway, I wanted you to know that I forgive you. I’m deciding to turn over a new leaf.”

Alex barks out a laugh. “I’m sure you are,” he pats his shoulder as he walks by him, going back to class.

He’s not surprised to see Peter already returned, an ice pack presses to his lip to reduce the swelling Alex caused. Alex grabs a couple of tissues for himself before taking a seat. He leans back in his chair and presses the tissues to his nose.

He feels eyes on him and he turns to see Hank is looking at him. “What?”

“You should get your nose looked at.”

Alex rolls his eyes, feeling the hurt rise up in him from the last time he spoke to Hank. “Why do you care, Hank? You made it perfectly clear that you don’t give a shit about me.”


“What? What more could you possibly say to me. You don’t want anything to do with me and I don’t want anything to do with you. Have fun with Peter,” he gets up just as the bell rings and leaves.

Alex stayed in his room the rest of the day, mainly just to hide his broken nose from his parents. He didn’t need to be punished anymore, he already had to deal with spending two hours to many stuck in a room with Peter on Saturday.

He spent most of his days alone, eating lunch under the bleachers. He didn’t talk to anyone, not even Scott on their drives to school.

He never felt more alone in his life. Yes, he did push everyone away and kept more to himself, but this was different. Alex felt like he could disappear and no one would seem to notice, or care.

He hated to admit it but he cried himself to sleep most nights. He missed Peter especially. He didn’t mean anything he said, Peter was his best friend ever since they were five.

He missed Darwin, they weren’t that close, but Alex still liked him nonetheless. Hell, he even missed Warren, who claims he’s going to change.
Alex would like to believe him, but he doesn’t want to stick around to find out.

Most importantly, Alex missed Hank. He was still hurt he didn’t reciprocate his feelings for him, but maybe Alex will get over it someday and they can remain friends.

He doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t know how to fix it, he doesn’t know if he can even fix it.

Alex stopped eating and drinking, he just wasn’t hungry. All he could do was sleep and that’s all he really did when he got home, and occasionally cry, but one needs to know that.

It wasn’t until the following Thursday when Peter talked to him. “You look like hell,” he says, eyeing over his puffy red eyes with bags under them and his pale complexion.

“Fine,” he mutters, but he did feel like hell. His head was killing him, making it hard to concentrate or focus on anything. He felt emotionally drained, he felt as if a part of him was missing, like there’s this big empty hole needing to be filled, but it won’t.

Alex leans back in his chair, massaging his temples, not even realizing Charles called on him and asked him to come up to the board. He stands, a bit too quickly, and starts to feel lightheaded. Someone says his name, he’s not sure who, but before he knows it, he’s coming face to face with the floor and passes out.

Alex opens his eyes to see fluorescent lights staring back at him. “Where am I?” He rubs at his head and slowly sits up.

“Nurses office,” Scott replies. “You passed out.”

“When was the last time you ate something?” He turns to see Peter and Hank are also in the room.

“Don’t remember,” he mutters and turns his attention back to Scott. “They didn’t call Mom and Dad, right?” Scott shakes his head. “Let’s go home,” he tries to get up but Scott pushes him back down.

“You can’t drive, Alex.”

“He’s right,” Hank chimes in. “You already passed out once, who’s to say you won’t again?”

Alex rolls his eyes. “I’ll be fine.”

“Can you stop being so stubborn? You passed out, Alex! Things like that are serious!” Scott exclaims. “Stop treating this like it’s nothing! Something could have seriously happened to you!”

“You make it sound like I was going to die,” he mutters.

Scott stands up then, Alex swears he can see a tear fall down his face. “You could’ve!” He storms out of the room, Peter goes after him.

“Whether you like it or not, Alex,” he turns to look at Hank. “We all care about you.”

“Well don’t.”

“For god sakes Alex, can’t you see that Peter clearly misses you? You think you’re the only one affected by this? It’s not the same without you, Alex. Now stop wallowing and come back to us.”

Alex sits up more and glares at him. “You have no right to tell me what to do, Hank. Do you have any idea on what you do to me? You make me feel like I’m more than who I’m put out to be. I don’t even know you that well but you seem like you’re the only one who truly gets me. So sorry if I’m heart broken. Sorry that I wish we could be more than friends but I’m constantly reminded with the reality it will never be like that,” he feels his eyes sting with tears. “If I want to cry myself to sleep every night thinking of you and Peter and how alone I feel, then I have every right to. If you think that I’ll get over this in a second just because you told me to,” he shakes his head. “You clearly don’t know me, Hank. Stop trying to act like you do.”

“Alex, that’s not what I meant-“

“Of course it’s not,” he looks up as he tries to prevent the tears from falling down his face. “Just leave me alone, Hank,” he hopes out of the bed and walks out of the room.

“Where are you going?!” He hears Hank call behind him. Alex ignores him and continues to walk out.

When he gets to the parking lot, he sees Peter consoling Scott by his car. “Give me the keys, Alex,” Peter says to him. “I’m driving you both home.”

“Fine,” Alex tosses him his car keys before getting into the passenger seat.

Peter starts to drive off when him and Scott, who was staring out the window avoiding looking at Alex, get in the car.

“How come you never told me,” Peter says to Alex quietly. “About liking Hank?”

Alex turns to glare out the window. “I don’t like him anymore so it doesn’t matter. Hank McCoy is a fucking tease who led me on.”

“I’m sorry,” Peter says sincerely.

“It’s fine,” he mutters in reply. “I’ll get over it.”

Peter lets out a small laugh. “Bullshit.”

Alex laughs too, knowing Peter is right. “Yeah,” he looks away from the window to look at Peter. “I’m sorry, about everything. I didn’t mean any of it, Peter, I swear.”

Peter turns to look at him and smiles. “I know,” he pulls into Alex’s driveway, Scott running out of the car and into the house as soon as Peter parks. “You should talk to him,” Alex nods in agreement and they both get out of the car.

Alex walks over the front of the car and pulls Peter into a hug. He only hugged him once before and that was in kindergarten when Peter broke his arm after climbing a tree and falling off of it. “You’re my best friend, Peter. I love you man.”

Peter laughs and gives him a squeeze. “Love you too, Alex. I think I’m going to cry, you’re so sentimental it’s getting to me,” Alex playfully rolls his eyes and pulls away.

“Sorry about your lip,” he says eyeing it.

“Sorry about your nose.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s broken,” Alex laughs. “I’ll cover for you, if you need.”

Peter smiles at him. “Thanks, but I’m pretty sure Dad saw me punch you, so I’ll be grounded.”

Alex nods and gives him another quick hug before walking towards his door. “See you tomorrow, Pete.”

“Eat something, Alex,” Peter gives him a warning look. “Or I’ll break your nose again.”

Alex shakes his head and laughs, heading inside. He heads upstairs to Scott’s room and knocks on the door. “Can I talk to you?” He hears a muffled ‘Go away’ from Scott. “Please?”

He hears the lock click and the door opens a little, revealing some of Scott’s face. “What?”

“Can I come in?”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, Scott. But I’m okay, I promise,” he gives him a small smile. “You’re the best little brother I’ve ever had.”

Scott rolls his eyes under his glasses. “I’m your only brother.”

“Exactly, that’s what makes you the best,” Scott rolls his eyes again but opens the door more and hugs Alex. “Did you get taller?” Alex asks, noticing how he comes up to his shoulder now instead of his waist.

“Puberty, dumbass,” he mutters into his shirt but smiles. “I love you, Alex.”

Alex smiles down at him and presses a kiss to his brown hair. “I love you too, Scott.”

Scott pushes him off of him and shudders. “I hate when you’re sentimental, it’s creepy,” Alex laughs. “Now go eat something, we don’t need you passing out again.”

“I’ll order pizza for us both, sound good?”

Scott smiles. “Sounds good.”

By the time their parents came home, Scott and Alex were in the middle of watching a horror movie when their dad came and turned off the TV. “Charles and Erik are coming over with Peter to discuss what happened today in school.” Alex nods in understanding, knowing they’re in for a real punishment.

Scott was sent up to his room when they arrived, everyone else met in the den. “I want to know, who through the first punch?” Charles asks, looking at Alex and Peter who were seated next to each other on the couch.

“I did,” they both say together.

“I attempted to punch Alex first, but he blocked it and then I flipped him over and punched him first,” Peter admits. “I threw the first punch.”

Erik sighs and looks at them both with disappointment. “You both know better than this.”

“May I ask why you two were fighting?” Alex’s mom asks.

Alex and Peter both exchange a look. “It’s a long story, and it doesn’t matter anymore because Peter and I are all good now and it won’t happen again,” Alex says to the adults. “No more fighting, from either of us, from now on.”

Charles looks at them both warily as if he’s reading their minds to find out the truth, he probably is, then smiles at them. “Alright, well I’m glad you boys worked it out. We should be getting back, it’s getting late,” Erik nods in agreement, taking Charles’ hand when he stands. Peter already speeds himself back to his bedroom. “And Alex, tell your parents the whole truth?” Alex sighs and nods, telling his parents once Charles and Erik leave.

“You passed out!” His mother practically yells. “Alex, you need to take better care of yourself! Do you know how serious that could’ve been?!”

“Mom, I’m fine I-“

“There’s no excuses for this, Alex! Now go upstairs and wait in your room until I call you down to eat dinner!”

Alex knits his eyebrows together in confusion. “But I just ate-“


“Okay, I’m going,” he gets off of the couch and heads upstairs, smiling to himself.

The next morning, he gets up and heads downstairs to be greeted by a table full of breakfast food. “What’s the special occasion?”

“You needing to eat,” his mother says and sits him down.

Alex dives in, suddenly realizing how hungry he was. Scott was overjoyed when he saw all the food and began eating as much as Alex was too.

When it was time to head off to school, his mother gave him and Scott both a brown paper bag. “Mom, you didn’t-“

His mother hushes him and pulls him into a quick hug, dragging Scott in on it too. “I love you two,” she presses a kiss to both of their heads. “Now drive safe.” She lets them go and Scott bolts off to the car, Alex gives her another hug.

“I love you, Mom,” he pulls away from her when he sees his dad walk in the kitchen and he hugs him too. “I love you, Dad.”

“Love you too, Alex,” he gives him a light squeeze. “Go before you’re late, or before Scott honks the horn at you,” Alex laughs and pulls away, giving them both smiles before leaving the house.

When he gets in the car, he ruffles Scott’s hair. “You’re going to mess up my hair!”

Alex rolls his eyes before driving off. “I’m pretty sure Jean doesn’t care what your hair looks like, Scott. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

“Well yeah, but I still want to look good.”

“You always look good, you look like me,” he receives a light punch in the arm. “What? You do.”

Scott rolls his eyes at him and gets out of the car once Alex parks it. Alex gets out as well, heading to his locker go put his lunch in it. As soon as he closes it, he sees Peter standing there, smiling at him.

“I got us out of detention tomorrow!”

Alex’s eyes go wide. “How?”

“Dad talked to the principal saying since it happened in his class, he’ll take responsibility for it and gives us a punishment, in other words, he says we just have to do this project together by Monday and we’re off the hook!”

“You’re coming over then, my mom has been making a shit ton of food too,” he laughs when he sees Peter’s face light up. “Come on, we should get to class.” Peter nods and they part ways, both of them heading to their class.

When it was lunchtime, Alex headed to the cafeteria, taking his seat back at the table. Warren gives him a small smile when he sits down. “Good to have you back, Alex.”

“Thanks, Warren,” he smiles. “Good to be back.”

Peter joins them, a pile of food on his lunch tray. “I am starving.”

“You’re always starving,” Darwin says, joining the table with Angel. “Guys, this is Angel, my girlfriend. Angel, that’s Alex, Peter as you know, and Warren.” Angel gives a small wave before sitting down with them.

A blue puff of air appears, and Kurt is suddenly next to Warren. Warren smiles at him and wraps his arm around him, pressing a kiss to his head.

Alex feels a small lamb of jealousy but looks away, starting to eat the lunch his mother packed him. He eats till he gets full, giving Peter the other sandwich his mom packed him.

“Are there more of these at your house?” He asks, taking another bite out of the sandwich. “Because I’m going to eat some when we get there.”

Alex laughs. “They’re all yours, Peter.”

When lunch concludes, Peter and Alex head off to physics. “You okay?” Peter asks him before they enter class.

“Yeah, why?”

“Just checking,” he gives him a small smile before taking his seat.

Alex takes his seat behind him, starting on the practice problems Charles put on the board. All he needed to do was focus on physics and he would be okay. He didn’t need to look next to him, all he needed to do was keep his eyes on the board and focus.

He could feel Hank’s eyes on him. He knew if he looked into those beautiful blue eyes again, he’d be sucked back in, but he can't have that. He needs to get over Hank.

One glance he told himself. He will look at him once and then that will be it. Alex looks out of the corner of his eye at Hank to see he looks a little sad. Alex is about to ask him if he’s okay, but the bell rings, dismissing them and Hank nearly jumps out of his seat and gets out of there.

Alex couldn’t shake that image of Hank out of his head. He was too mean to Hank that day, but that was just the hurt talking.


“Yeah, sorry. I just zoned out for a sec,” he gives Peter an apologetic smile before getting back to their project. They were connecting physics to Mario Kart.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Peter asks, not letting the subject go.

Alex looks away from the notebook and back up at Peter. “Have you spoken to Hank recently?” Peter nods. “Is be okay?”

Peter shrugs. “I mean, yeah, he’s okay. He’s just...yeah.” Alex nods in understanding, knowing whatever it is Hank told him is between him and Peter.

“Has he mentioned me at all?”

“Yeah, he hasn’t stopped asking about you-” Peter quickly stops himself. “You didn’t hear anything.”

Alex’s eyes widen and he feels hope resurface inside of him. “Peter, what else did he say?”

“I can’t tell you! Just talk to him yourself!”

Alex rolls his eyes and sighs. “Fine. Let’s just finish this project so we can actually play some Mario Kart.”

As they finish working, Alex still couldn’t help but let him mind wander and wonder what Hank exactly said to Peter.

Alex went to school early Monday morning, in hopes he’d see Hank. He goes to the hallway where his locker is, breathing a sigh of relief when he sees him there, taking books out of his backpack.

He walks over there, chewing on his lower lip as he feels his stomach start to flutter with butterflies. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Hank gives an awkward smile before closing his locker and leaning against it. “Alex, look, about what I said-“

“It’s okay, Hank. I’m sorry I really overreacted and I’m sorry about what I said to you the other day and I was hoping we could still be friends,” he gives him a small smile.

Hank takes a deep breath. “Alex, I lied. That night at the arcade, it just wasn’t one night, and it meant something to me, you mean something to me. I like you, Alex, and I’m sorry I made you think otherwise,” he takes another step forward. “I promise I’ll make it up to you,” he reaches for his hand. “If you’ll have me.”

Alex stares down at their hands, to see Hank’s is now touching his. Alex moves his hands to intertwine their fingers before looking back up at Hank and smiling. “Walk with me to class?”

“Of course,” he gives his hand a squeeze before they start walking, giving Alex a kiss on the cheek before letting go. “I’ll see you at lunch.” Alex smiles at him and for the rest of the day.

When lunchtime came around, Alex sat with Hank in the cafeteria, and everyone else. “Glad you two made up,” Peter smirks and Alex rolls his eyes. “You’re still coming to my place Friday night, right? If you two want to go, I understand.”

“We’re still coming, Peter,” Alex smiles.

“Good, just don’t make out or fuck in front of me,” he says casually as he starts to eat his lunch.

“We’re civil, Peter,” Hank smirks. “We’ll just wait till you’re asleep,” Alex starts to laugh and Peter chokes.

“If none of you are going to homecoming, we’re all hanging out,” Warren chimes in a little threatening. “What? I can beat all your asses at fucking Mario Kart.”

Alex swings his arms around Hank’s shoulders. “Good luck beating this one, he is a beast at anything.”

“I’m not that good, I just happen to beat you at nearly everything,” Hank smirks. “Your on, Warren.”

“Summers, your boyfriend just made a deal with the devil,” Warren smirks. “Friday night, Peter's house, be there.” Hank shakes his head and laughs, taking Alex’s hand and giving it a squeeze.

That Friday night when everyone was asleep, after Hank beat Warren at two rounds of Mario Kart, Alex and Hank had their first kiss.

It was everything Alex ever imagined. Hank’s lips were as soft as they looked and he felt like his insides were tingling as they kissed.

On Valentine’s Day the following year, they told each other they love each other (Hank said it first) and promised each other they’d still be together after high school.

They both kept their promises by moving in together a few months after graduation, and married a couple years later.